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Brainwashed Attraction

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Ever since the UA sports festival Ojiro couldn’t help wondering why Shinsou chose to brainwash him during the Cavalry battle. He had to approach him for some specific reason. Was it just because he seemed easy to answer Shinsou’s question and thus be brainwashed? Was it because he looked strong? Would he have been instrumental in his team? Ojiro couldn’t help but wonder.

He had entered UA’s cafeteria, looking about for what line he wanted to stand in to get his lunch when he spotted the general studies student ahead of him in line. Ojiro immediately got into the same line and kept tabs on Shinsou. Today was his opportunity to ask him! He made it well out of line before Ojiro could make it and momentarily lost him. Ojiro walked around the room twice, looking to no avail. His tail twitched in slight annoyance and from his slightly pouty mood, that he couldn’t find the brainwash quirk.

“Looking for someone?” The deep voice came from behind, and Ojiro felt his breath on his tail.

“Shinsou!” Ojiro couldn’t help the jump in his voice as he suddenly turned around to see the taller man before him. Of course he didn’t know if it was out of amusement or not, but Shinsou controlled him for a second, just enough to move a step back and Ojiro follow. Apparently it was to get out of the way for a group of students passing. He was snapped back and his tail itched to slap the guy in the face. “It’s a weird feeling, please stop.” Ojiro frowned. Shinsou simply smiled.

“You were all frantic I had to intervene.”

“I was looking for you.” He answered honestly. Shinsou looked surprise, the strange smile faltering.


“Mm,” Ojiro nodded. “Do you want to eat together?” Really, he wanted to ask right away, but politely eating lunch first would be the best way to ease into the conversation. He stood holding his tray of food, waiting for a few quiet moments for Shinsou to wrap his head around the situation – because why would someone from 1A, from the Hero Course, want to eat lunch with him? He glanced towards his friends curiously looking on from one corner of the cafeteria, definitely wondering about the situation no doubt. He looked back at Ojiro who looked at him hopefully.

“Okay.” How could he refuse someone so eagerly waiting for a response? And the one actively asking him? Shinsou turned, his tray in one hand, other hand in his pocket, and walked to find a singular table where they could sit off. They passed some of Ojiro’s classmates and he nodded to them in passing, knowing they were a little confused and no doubt Hagakure would be the first to pry once he got back to class.

They found a nice small two-seater table and sat down across from each other and began to eat. It felt completely normal, both stealing glances as they ate in relative silence. Ojiro found it nice company compared to the loudness of the group he typically was with.

“How are your classes?” Such a mundane topic to ask about, but Ojiro didn’t know how to gently ease into the topic he wanted to discuss. It centered around Shinsou’s quirk and he wouldn’t want to seem rude.

“You’re really asking me about general studies when you have the hero class?” Shinsou held a deadpan look which really resembled Aizawa’s face, Ojiro noted.

“Yes?” Ojiro looked a little confused, tip of his tail moving with his head as he tilted it. Shinsou couldn’t help but impulsively think it was a little cute. “I’m not sure what general studies includes but it has to be just as difficult as the hero class.”

“Hm.” Shinsou stared at Ojiro before he resumed his lunch. “It’s alright.” It was strange to have a normal conversation. But he knew there had to be something more. Why did Tailman approach him? “What’s your ulterior motive?” Ojiro nearly spit out his juice.

“Ah…” He sighed, rubbing the back of his neck. “I was hoping to ease into it…”

“It’s obvious you wouldn’t talk to me out of the blue or ask me just for lunch.”

“It is nice though.” Ojiro interjected. They stared at each other until Ojiro couldn’t take it and looked down at his empty tray and half empty juice. “I just wanted to ask why you chose me that day.” Shinsou stared longer, waiting for a more specific description. “At the Cavalry battle during the sports festival – why did you choose me to be a part of your team? Was it just because it would be easy to brainwash me or is it because I would’ve actually been useful?” Ojiro looked up from his juice to stare at Shinsou.

Shinsou was caught off guard with the fact that Ojiro looked like he had been agonizing about this thought for a while. He felt like he had to give him a serious answer. So, he took a moment to analyze how that time went before the Cavalry battle, when he was choosing who to manipulate.

“I thought you were strong and would be useful, yes.” Shinsou finally answered. “Could definitely hold me up – and upon learning that you continued to go even in the last minutes you weren’t brainwashed it was a surprise you kept going.”

“Regardless, we were a team.” Even if Ojiro couldn’t completely remembered it all. “Though it was a sly move.” Ojiro said with a huff, though he wasn’t saying it was bad for Shinsou to have used his quirk.

“Much easier to control instead of shouting out which way we’re going and all the plans for everybody to hear.” Shinsou countered.

“That is true.” Ojiro couldn’t fight that logic, because yeah it had given Shinsou a little advantage in that aspect. “You didn’t have to announce the moves we were going to make.” He still wished he could’ve remembered most of it. He knew when he spoke to Midoriya about how he had found out he had been conscious enough to be able to see and tell everything, it was just like static television and now control over himself. Ojiro couldn’t even remember a thing up until he had been jolted. So it was interesting to learn Shinsou could control someone and they were conscious of what was happening. But was it just willpower, based on the situation, or the strength of the person’s mentality?

“Exactly.” Shinsou said simply and finished eating. “Was that all you wanted?”

“Well, yes.” Ojiro answered and sipped the rest of his juice. He wasn’t completely satisfied though. His quirk did interest him, but the general studies student was intriguing to Ojiro. He was an interesting person. “I’d still like to eat with you some time if you’re free.” Ojiro said then, leveling his eyes with Shinsou, tail flicking curiously and in wait.

Shinsou really didn’t know what was going on through the hero class student’s head. He wanted to mingle with him? It wasn’t like they were friends. He had even brainwashed him, yet here he was asking about the why he chose to brainwash him, and once he learned the reason, further wanting to interact with him. He was odd.

“Oh, I’m Ojiro Mashirao.” Just in case he didn’t catch his name during the sports festival. Shinsou regarded him carefully.

“Shinsou Hitoshi.” He responded. Ojiro smiled and for a second Shinsou was blinded by the smile before him. “Hey, Ojiro,”

“Yes?” Immediately Ojiro felt his brain go fuzzy as Shinsou stood up and collected both trays from them. He turned, hiding the little grin on his face from Ojiro, Ojiro staring blankly at Shinsou’s back, under his control.

“Way too easy… See you around.” Ojiro snapped back and sputtered a bit as Shinsou got rid of their trays and left, his friends from general studies having finished up and followed after him to chat. Ojiro huffed a little bit of a small smile set upon his lips. At least, he had made an attempt that had worked.


Midoriya was the first to get to him when he got back to class, Hagakure close behind.

“So you ate with Shinsou today.” Hagakure’s smile could be heard in her voice, the first to speak up even though Midoriya beat her.

“What happened?” Midoriya asked curiously.

“Nothing, we just talked because I had a question.”

“Yeah?” Midoriya looked relieved with a soft smile. “That’s nice.”

“You looked really happy there though,” Hagakure nudged Ojiro and his tail slunk down to cling to his leg – a clear tell of his slight embarrassment.

“He just agreed to see me again.”

“That sounds like you like him!” Hagakure teased loudly and Ojiro felt even more embarrassed. At least Midoriya was feeling the second hand embarrassment and waved his hands in Ojiro’s defense.

“Probably just means lunch! Right, Ojiro?”

“Yeah,” Ojiro nodded. “Just trying to meet people outside of our class. We got to meet a lot of talented people outside of our class at the sports festival. I’m just curious on what they’re learning.” Midoriya nodded his head in complete understanding.

“That’s true; we might even see them coming in at some point too. They were good opponents.” Midoriya praised them and Ojiro nodded. “I want to learn more about their quirks. How are they best in certain battles? Do they have limits? If partnered up what would they do best? —” Midoriya began his mumbling, quickly absorbed in pulling his notebook out to flip through all the notes he had taken on everybody else’s quirk at the sports festival. As he mumbled Ojiro could feel the sweat beading at his brow. Midoriya could get very into his hobby which was a little creepy at times. But he couldn’t deny he had the same curious thoughts over Shinsou. He wanted to know more.


Over time the two had begun to eat lunch regularly together. Sometimes it was in the cafeteria, and other times they explored to other venues, away from prying eyes. Shinsou sometimes liked to eat alone and in quiet peace, and he ended up sharing his favorite secluded spots with Ojiro. It was nice, just to talk. Shinsou would talk about general studies, and Ojiro would talk about what was going on in the hero course. And on rare occasions Ojiro would get the guts to ask Shinsou about himself, Shinsou would return the questions to him too, and they were opening up. They were truly becoming friends.

Undeniably something else was brewing too. For Ojiro, he couldn’t help but be captivated by Shinsou. He was incredible, smart, and trying so hard to be in the hero course. (He was handsome too.) For Shinsou, Ojiro was…different. He was open and kind, and could be very blunt with Shinsou if he tried to bullshit him or mess with him. He wasn’t afraid to challenge him, and he looked at him with respect. Plus, Ojiro could be incredibly cute with the way his tail betrayed his emotions when he tried to be stoic.

Regardless, neither approached the growing feelings between them. Not because they didn’t want to, but because they weren’t sure where they were headed. At the very least, it prompted them to meet outside of school. Ojiro was the one who first invited Shinsou out, asking if he was interested in seeing a movie. It wasn’t stated as a date, but when they both met up with nerves, it was pretty much considered one silently. They continued to meet up for movies, meeting up to eat lunch or dinner, and sometimes they met up at the library to study together too. Just mini little dates without stating it. They were nice, and both parties enjoyed the other’s company. Their meetings became frequent, and soon the two were seeing each other every day, even on weekends. If it wasn’t possible they’d send a text (they had exchanged cell-phone numbers) or wave to each other in the hallways.

Their first kiss wasn’t planned. They were sitting on the rooftop, sitting shoulder to shoulder, eating lunch. Ojiro had made a pretty funny remark and Shinsou couldn’t hold back his laughter. Both smiled to the other while they laughed; and when the laughter died they stared at each other, the air tensing up with built up emotion. Before they realized it, they had leaned in and gently brushed their lips together in a simple kiss. It lingered before they both pulled back. Ojiro was the first to blush and quickly turned his head to the side, tail coming up to hide his face slightly. Shinsou rubbed the back of his neck, cheeks pink, eyes cast to the side.

“Do you…want to go out?” Shinsou spoke up after a moment of silence.

“Yeah,” Ojiro simply responded, leaning against Shinsou’s shoulder more.


They were sitting together, softly chatting while they sat with a mixture of Class 1A and the general studies class Shinsou was in. It was a wonderful mixture of both their friends and today, despite mainly talking to just one another, they had decided they wanted to be around their friends. Both parties friend groups understood that the two liked each other’s company and it was fun to mingle with each other. As they ate though, Mina and Hagakure approached them both. Mina slammed her hands on her hips and Hagakure slammed her hands down on the table beside the two. Everybody was startled and looked up at the two girls.

“Ojiro! Shinsou!” Hagakure practically shouted. It was easily seen both seemed to have business with them and sweat shown on Ojiro’s brow in worry over what it was about.

“Yes?” Ojiro answered.

“We just have to know–” Hagakure spoke up adamantly, arms flailing (which was seen via her sleeves going crazy.)

“Are you two dating!?” Mina exclaimed, loud enough for the whole cafeteria to hear them. Immediately Ojiro’s tail curled around his leg and he went from staring at them to his food. Shinsou paused for a bit before he turned his attention to his food silently.

The whole table erupted in chaos. Neither had denied it.

That was how everybody found out they were dating, though it wasn’t like they had been keeping it a secret to begin with.


“Do you want to come over?” Ojiro looked up from his ramen over to his boyfriend, both eating lunch.

“Come over?”

“Yeah.” Shinsou stated simply, still focused on eating his food. They had been officially dating for three months now and Shinsou had been over to Ojiro’s house once to meet his family – who adored Shinsou and had called him such a handsome man – but Ojiro had yet to go home with Shinsou. He felt his heart quicken, tail moving to his leg embarrassingly.

“Sure, that sounds like fun.” Ojiro smiled to Shinsou. Shinsou nodded.

“Then, today – since it’s Friday.” Ojiro nodded in agreement.

“Mm – sounds good.” There was a sneaking suspicion inside though that made him nervous and equally excited.


It was late afternoon when they got to Shinsou’s apartment. The walk had been rather short, Shinsou surprisingly living close to UA and in his own apartment in a complex in the city. He didn’t exactly have family nearby so he lived alone so he could attend UA. Ojiro was impressed by the studio apartment. It was clean, well-kept obviously, something he learned about Shinsou – he was very neat and organized with everything he had.

The small kitchenette held everything he needed and was stocked with food and the pantry was stocked with snacks. Shinsou made tea while Ojiro sat in the living room floor at the small table. The bed was behind him, a bookshelf to his left by the wall and a window that was above Shinsou’s desk. In front of him was a few drawers and a tv stand with a tv perched onto it. They had shed off their jackets and ties by now to be a little more comfortable.

“We can watch tv.” Shinsou suggested as he handed Ojiro his tea and sat beside him.

“Yeah – did you have homework to finish?”

“Nah, I’m good for the weekend.”

“Same.” Ojiro said and they relaxed as they turned the television on and watched whatever they could.

For the next while they chatted while watching movies, snacked on chips, and at one point they had even watched the news. Regardless though, Ojiro could feel everything tensing up. He looked at Shinsou, sitting shoulder to shoulder with him. He knew Shinsou brought him here, probably invited him for an ulterior motive. They had been dating a while…they had only kissed, hadn’t even made out yet, and Ojiro couldn’t help but be interested in it.

“Shinsou, do you want to–” As soon as Ojiro turned his head Shinsou’s lips were upon him. Immediately their heads tilted, lips moving against the other’s in a tantalizing dance. Shinsou’s tongue swiped across Ojiro’s lips and he opened his mouth, both groaning as they tasted each other. Shinsou’s hand moved to Ojiro’s hip and the other stayed on the ground to support him. Ojiro used his tail to keep himself up right while a hand gripped Ojiro’s shirt and the other moved over his cheek to into his messy hair.

Their kisses heated up and by this point they had migrated from the short table with their drinks on it to Shinsou’s small bed. Ojiro lay beneath Shinsou, rocking up into his body as Shinsou pressed him harder into his mattress. Ojiro moaned when Shinsou let his hand trail up the length of his tail, a full body shudder taking over him. The make-out session grew hotter, the air between them tense with sexual desire. It was very obvious that it was heading in one direction. Both boys did not slow down, understanding where it was going and if one wanted to stop they would say so.

Shinsou had effectively nestled his way between his legs and laid flat against him, crotch-to-crotch, chest-to-chest, letting Ojiro feel the weight of his body. Slowly his mouth moved to kiss the side of Ojiro’s neck, and he tilted his head so the boy could kiss further. Soft purple kiss marks the color of Shinsou’s hair began to flower across his skin excitedly. Shirts began to be undone, pushed and pulled away from bodies eagerly. The pants took time to get off, but when they were off both marveled at the other in their underwear. Shinsou wore boxers while Ojiro wore special boxer briefs due to his tail. Shinsou’s hands went to Ojiro’s waist band and his hands shot out, holding onto them.


“Hm?” Shinsou immediately paused, he looked up at Ojiro in confusion.

“I…” Ojiro’s face flushed, tail curling around his leg and one of Shinsou’s, keeping them from moving. “I’d like to,” He looked down Shinsou’s body to the bulge trembling beneath the fabric. “I want to suck you off.” He licked his lips. Shinsou was surprised, never having imagined something like that would come to reality so quickly.


They maneuvered around into new positions. Shinsou sat on the edge of his bed, underwear off, and Ojiro sat between his legs on his knees, also naked, tail unable to sit still behind him as he leaned in face to face with Shinsou’s cock. His cheeks heated up, taking in the color, enjoying the view of the angry red tip leaking.

“You don’t have to.” Shinsou warned Ojiro, not wanting to pressure him into feeling like he had to. “I’m fine if we don’t do anything.”

“I want to do something.” Ojiro said, opening his mouth and immediately taking as much of Shinsou into his mouth as he could. His dry lips caught on the sides and as he pulled off, he licked them, beginning to drag his tongue along the sides, making them wet so he could slide easily.

“Shit.” Shinsou cursed, looking down at Ojiro as he took him back into his hot, wet mouth. His hand moved to ruffle Ojiro’s hair with his grip, lightly gripping it, holding himself back as Ojiro sucked him off. Ojiro was so embarrassed – he had recently practiced on popsicles just because he had been fantasizing about this lately – so he was able to take him down to near his base. He stroked what he couldn’t fit and he squirmed at the arousal running through his own system.

“Fuck,” Shinsou cursed again, overtaken by Ojiro’s skill as he flicked his tongue against his tip and then slid right back down. His hand shook in those pretty blond locks, enjoying the blowjob greatly. He gripped his hair tighter. “Damn – Ojiro,” He groaned and Ojiro couldn’t help but moan around him.

The switch was flicked – and suddenly Ojiro’s hands dropped to sit on his thighs. He wasn’t in control anymore. Shinsou had brainwashed him. Shinsou began to fuck into Ojiro’s mouth, using the hand in his hair as leverage to move him. The pace was set fast and Ojiro couldn’t respond, feeling every sensation as Shinsou just used his mouth, fucking it hard and pushing him so far down till his nose brushed his pubes – till he pushed all the way inside and came. The switch flipped again, just in time for Ojiro to swallow everything Shinsou gave him.

“Hah…” He breathed out in satisfaction before he realized Ojiro was still deep throating his cock and he had just come down his throat. “F-Fuck, sorry!” He pulled Ojiro off him quickly, leaning forward to make sure he was okay, hands touching all over his face to make sure he hadn’t just destroyed his boyfriend. “I got too excited and–”

“I need you.” Ojiro said, eyes glazed over in want. He had never expected Shinsou to use his quirk like that, and he probably didn’t even realize he had brainwashed Ojiro into feeling everything but unable to move, to just take Shinsou fucking his mouth. Shinsou got hard so quick from his words, he almost fainted from blood loss. Ojiro easily slid from the floor to Shinsou’s lap, grinding their members together. Messily they kissed, Shinsou touching the underside of the sensitive base of Ojiro’s tail, making him jolt and moan. Hands slid over plump ass cheeks and Shinsou could hardly keep himself from pushing two fingers between his cheeks and right in. After all, his lover seemed rather urgent for him.

Ojiro’s head fell back as he moaned, sweat already beading at his brow. “Hurry Shinsou… don’t go easy, I’ve done this part before.” Ojiro admitted, not even shy about admitting to it, too focused on the pleasure Shinsou’s long fingers were coaxing from his insides. He didn’t even care about his fingers being a little dry, he just wanted Shinsou. Shinsou moved Ojiro onto his back, making sure to kiss along his chest, nipping at his nipples while he stroked the base of his tail and rubbed his fingers while he thrusted his fingers inside.

“Shinsou, please,” He whined, hips shifting, moving for more, wanting so much more, body begging for it. Shinsou nodded finally, leaving his teasing behind to line his tip up with the pretty pink twitching hole. Ojiro gripped at Shinsou’s shoulder with one hand, the other laid by his face, clutching the pillow. His cheeks were stained red with heat and sweat, hair sticking to his forehead. Shinsou thought Ojiro looked like the epitome of sexy. Ojiro was thinking Shinsou looked just the same – his hair even wilder than normal and amazed it stayed out of his face.

“Ready?” Shinsou asked and Ojiro nodded excitedly, unable to wait any longer.

The first initial penetration was a little difficult. Not because it hurt, but because Ojiro’s insides wanted to clench down hard around Shinsou when he wasn’t even all the way in yet. It was such a pleasant feeling of being stretched, and he had been turned on thoroughly so there was no pain. Shinsou had done pretty damn well in prepping him. Fully seated Ojiro rocked his hips. “It’s okay, don’t pause, just move please.” He begged Shinsou, looking up with eyes that said ‘if you don’t hurry up I’ll fucking force you to with my tail.

“As you wish,” Shinsou leaned down to pull his lover into a hot kiss before he pulled his hips back, dragging his dick out to the tip before he thrusted all the way back in. Ojiro moaned hotly. “Yeah,” Shinsou grinned at the face Ojiro made of pure bliss. “I love that face you’re making right now. Show me more, Ojiro.” Shinsou growled low, and he began the onslaught of fucking his boyfriend into his bed, intent on making sure it smelled like them for a while.

Their moans melded together in the hot heat of their own little world. Shinsou didn’t even care if his neighbors heard them or not. He just wanted to give Ojiro the best pleasure he has ever witnessed. Shinsou grunted as Ojiro squeezed around him. “Feels so good,” Ojiro whined, gripping the pillow and his arm wrapped around Shinsou’s neck tightly, lightly clawing at his back. Meanwhile his tail had a deep impression into the bed, curled around one of Shinsou’s legs lovingly. His legs wrapped around his hips, breathing hard as Shinsou changed up his angels.

“Damn you’re so good, I can’t… hold back… Mashirao.” Ojiro shuddered at the way Shinsou said his name, eyes rolling a bit as he hit his prostate, moaning sharply.

The switch flicked. Again.

It was like Shinsou had snapped, just like he said unable to hold back. Ojiro’s arm went limp and ended up slipping from Shinsou’s shoulders to flop above his head, and his legs were limp yet still hugged Shinsou’s hips. Shinsou’s grip tightened, almost bruising, on his hips, and suddenly the pace became brutal. After a moment Shinsou moved one hand to grip both of Ojiro’s wrist in his hand above his head. Ojiro couldn’t move, feeling in that haze again but he could feel every thrust, every time Shinsou’s tip ground right into his sensitive bundle of nerves. He couldn’t move an inch and all he could do was keep his mouth open as every moan was pulled out of him uninhibited. Just like the mouth fucking, Shinsou’s pace was unforgiving and completely unrestrained, pounding into Ojiro’s ass as he grunted and groaned like an animal.

Ojiro fucking loved it.

Something about being completely unable to move in his boyfriend’s grip, unable to move or squirm away, having to take Shinsou’s love however he gave it to him. It turned Ojiro on greatly and he moaned louder. Everything but Shinsou was simply static noise in the background and his orgasm was coming so fast. He couldn’t clench his muscles to stave it off, it was coming fast and powerful, and all Ojiro could do was let it come. Shinsou grunted and suddenly they were both coming. It was like a hot white static wave as he came while brainwashed, Shinsou filling him up as they both orgasmed together.

The switch turned off and Ojiro panted, body quaking at the sudden after shock of the immense pleasure Shinsou just blessed to him. Their breaths mingled as Shinsou rested his forehead against his shoulder, muscles screaming at him. Slowly Shinsou pulled out and flopped to the side, pulling Ojiro to him. “Fuck I did it inside I’m sorry.” Shinsou apologized meekly, though it had felt way too good to pull out and he had heard no protests.

“It felt good Shinsou, don’t apologize.” He spoke softly, worn out now. “But…a shower later would be nice.” Shinsou chuckled and nodded, rubbing Ojiro’s lower back near his tail lovingly.

“Yeah, I’ll carry you there.” He spoke softly. However, they waited, giving themselves a moment to relax and enjoy the aftermath of their first time together. A few short moments passed before,

“Y’know Shinsou…” Ojiro started softly, panting as they laid together in his bed, Ojiro on his side, nestled up to Shinsou’s side and half draped over him with Shinsou’s arms around him.

“Yeah?” Shinsou answered, rubbing his thumb in a circle against his shoulder. Ojiro drew a lazy pattern on Shinsou’s chest.

“If…you want to brainwash me like that again…I wouldn’t mind.” Shinsou quirked an eyebrow up, looking down at Ojiro who was avoiding his eye, face red. A big smile tugged at Shinsou’s lips.

“You want me to use my quirk in bed?”

“I…I…if it happened, then it’d be okay.” Ojiro sputtered out. Shinsou kept quiet for a minute before he poked his cheek.

“You got a kink about my quirk?”

“I do not!” Ojiro flushed, head turning to look up at Shinsou who was sporting the largest smirk he had ever seen. Shinsou leaned close to him again.

“Be careful with that express permission…what if I used it right now and just fucked you even harder, manhandled you to the wall – and right in the middle of fucking I switched off the switch and you’re right in the hot heat of being fucked?” He spoke low. Ojiro moaned, hips shifting against Shinsou’s leg.

Hitoshi.” Shinsou shuddered and he rolled onto his side, hand sliding down his back, down past the base of his tail.

“I’ll give exactly what you want,” They began to grind together, bodies heating up and Ojiro was weak. “Answer me Mashirao.”