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Brendon Urie imagines & ficlets

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He could get too much dick in his mouth even with his lack of gag reflex, even the times he tried in high school with a couple guys even though only the second guy was pushy. Jack was only three times and he stopped with him. He learned to lay back and let Brendon work after he pulled off, tears welling up, feeling overwhelmed, used, worried Jack would make fun, thinking he should be able to, wanted to make him feel good, be good... But he got... soft with him, apologized, saying he thought you were supposed to, weren't you? What the hell porn had he seen? Even the assholes in school didn't talk about it as bad as that... The guy was supposed to mostly let her work her magic, hand and mouth, not try to shove down her throat or hurt her. He didn't think Jack been rough like that with someone because the seventeen year old had said he'd never had his dick sucked, had only touched a girl over her underwear, dry humped. Soon playing with his hair, pets even, rubbing him over his pants, squeezing it, undoing his pants, sliding in... He managed to get his tip in, kissing, and licking, jerking him, as Jack stroked him.

He kissed Brendon, tongues too, went down on him after the third time, until he was close, jacking him though it, and holy shit, kissing him again as he came, rubbed it onto Brendon's skin, dick, making him come a second time, which was unusual since he started ejaculating. Then Jack changed at school, called him a fag, ignored him, laughed about him with other guys, even though they had been friends before. It was the second time that happened. He got pushed around a lot, but he wasn't going to put up with a friend doing that, still call him friend, even when they fucked around. Only after that did he wonder... was it something he'd seen, or had someone done that to him?

The third guy was giving three times, only receiving once because his dick in Brendon's mouth or vice versa weirded him out, especially the taste, feel, of giving. Dicks and balls didn't taste as good as clit and pussy, but he still could get lost in it. He was really down with doing it with him, but he didn't want to weird him out, and Trevaughn felt bad getting but not doing it back at all too. Kissing was out too, even though he was really into jerking off together, jacking each other, humping. It did give him more chances to see on Tre's face how good everything felt...

The first, Eric, was dozens. Spring Break, a tipsy ninth grade Brendon kissed tipsy eleventh grade him, said half joking, half serious he ought to at least give him a hand job considering all the dates they've been on: rides, concerts, booze and weed he knows he doesn't pay half of. He hoped it didn't come off like he was saying he owed him; that was gross, holding money or even friendship over someone to get sex things from them. Like he'd be saying Eric was too shitty to get someone freely, when he totally could. Could with Brendon too. He wanted to because he liked his company so much, liked him, wanted to do stuff like that... Eric, shy but still giggly, asked him if he meant it, admitted he'd done stuff before, with his cousin, even more embarrassed about it being a guy than his cousin. That Brendon wanted to touch him like that, had thought about even doing it without getting it back, feeling him, hearing him, watching the pleasure on his face when his own head wasn't at his waist instead, or he wasn't watching his dick in his hand, was... yeah, ok, that's why he said it.

He got touchy, wrestly, Eric doing it back. He kissed his neck, heard and felt his gasp, trailed his hand over his belly, rested on his belt, nervousness hitting him, Eric saying he didn't have to, which made him rub over him there, feeling his heat, wondering if it would feel like his when he got it out. The first time, he finished himself off, it taking a few minutes even though he was so turned on, because he was anxious too, weirded out, and... Eric wanted to see it. Not sure what to do, wondering why Eric was asking him to jack himself, try to slide over the tip, play with his balls, like he murmured suggestions for him to touch him, and he eagerly complied both times. It wasn't the same as how he did, like Eric had a foreskin that he asked him to slid over the tip, over and over, rub that skin too, and it made them both shake, especially Eric, and was so... fuck. He usually did the length mostly, but this was stronger... Eric cupped his balls, kept rubbing them, when he was close, held everything when his own hand slipped away as he came down, and he felt self-conscious about Eric being almost... two inches bigger than him, thicker too. The second a couple days later, Eric touched him back before he got off first, encasing his whole dick within his fist.

He lost count of how often they screwed around while sneaking out at night, in the afternoon, even sometimes when Eric drove him to school. Getting off with hands, mouths, touching themselves, humping when they were able to lay out, dick to dick, between their pelvis, thighs, wrestling playfully, getting a dick on the belly, chest, in the mouth, mouth on the neck, nipple, lips... Rolling Brendon on his belly, asking... just humping between the asscheeks, is that ok? Rocking his dick a bit on his cheek, thumb sliding, rubbing soft, and... wow. Easily offering it back when he only gasped, hesitated answering, and yeah, that's all ok. Anxious but excited when Eric got some vaseline, saying it still wasn't for... you know... but spit might not be enough, especially if Brendon did it back. He did need more wetness, saliva, than Eric. It probably would feel better. And you shouldn't put your mouth on it like you do with privates, he thought, the thought of doing it, getting it, both gross and turning him on at the same time, like when it was in porn. Eric covering him, panting and moaning in his ear, skin rubbing slickly there, sweatily elsewhere. When he realized with Leah and Amanda girls could do that too with their cunts...

It went on for nearly a year. Wondering how good that foreskin must feel to Eric, how his tip was so slick and almost squishy, darker, softer than his. The later guys were all cut too, and he sometimes remembered. He also kept touching his hole when he was by himself too, mostly keeping it on the outside like Eric, but sometimes sliding a finger in shallowly, rocking, circling...

Pussies had an appeal, a puIl over him in themselves. Fucking gorgeous. Made to be touched, kissed, licked, sucked, rubbed, humped, to grind anywhere and everywhere on someone, to make girls feel good. With dicks, he had to be into the guy to be into the dick. Otherwise they were funny dangly eh things.

The feel was the best: in his hand, slipping in and out of his mouth, sliding over his tongue, getting it all wet, drooling for it, moaning around it, rubbing his lips over it, balls too, sucking, licking, rubbing... even rocking on his, his balls, between his thighs, asscheeks, pelvis... And how he got them: panting, swearing, pleading, shaking when he focused on the tip, especially frenulum, rolling their hips into it. Petting and holding and grabbing him, under him, on their backs, upright, on top of him. Telling him they're close, that they need to come, please, god, fuck, Brendon... Kissing him, hugging, squeezing, petting him, when they can. He loved getting them noisy, telling them to let go, let him hear it, surrender to it, to him, with him. Them jacking him, him humping them back, rubbing on the bed, touching himself, asking them to jack themselves so he can see it, sucking him before, after, or during... God, he could get lost in 69ing...

It would be higher if it didn't have to be oral, but even most who considered that to be sex didn't consider other stuff to be, even if people were coming. Depending on who asked, he'd say a couple in high school, because he didn't want to lie, and often didn't want to confess there were several guys. One more in high school and a couple turn downs. The guys on tour he did stuff with, even to the point of sex: dicks involved, hands, rubbing on each other, wanting to come, and doing so with three of them, one of them a few times.

He sometimes thought about finding male fans who were into him, knowing from comments at shows, posters, online stuff, that some were. Like many of the female ones who he sometimes hit it off with and even had sex with. Not nearly enough for most of the guys to not think he was gay and had sex in ways they'd think were weird and probably still gay, even the ones who were actually into women too, loved giving head, feeling and seeing them there, seeing women come a lot. He knew people would think that way different than the girls, and even the guys from other bands and friends of friends that became his friends too. The male fans didn't get backstage, invites to bars and whatnot either, and for good reasons (could be dangerous, violent) as well as stupid homophobic ones.

He got more opportunities with gals, especially now. His fill and then some, in both good and bad ways. But never too much of her and her pussy with a girl he liked, wanted to with, orally or in any other way. Even when his tongue, jaw, ached, lips felt raw, he still wanted a mouthful. Not that he didn't take breaks if needed, even though sometimes she had to stop him, remind him he could stop, especially if it kind of hurt, or if she couldn't handle any more stimulation on any part for a bit. Those just meant he could get back to it later. And he still wanted her on him, feeling her with his hand, only mound and outer lips if she needed a break, her riding his tummy or thigh or ass, on his dick, rubbing over her, only sliding inside if she commanded it or pressed him inside.