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Brendon Urie imagines & ficlets

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Ten days away now. Fuck, he doesn't think he can come today. He calls you anyway, asking you to touch yourself, saying he'd love to see you spread, wetting your fingers, letting him suck on them but not actually get his mouth on you--

"What if that's teasing me more than it is you?"

Brendon swears under his breath.

"Wish you were with me to make good on that, B...Touching myself right now...Thinking about how your lips and tongue and fingers would feel...fuck. Your sucking mouth sealed around my pussy. Miss your nose rubbing over me too. That soft cock, whether it's the length or the head going up n down and in circles over me...ohjesus. Get my slick all over you, honey. Cup and pet and stroke you..."

"Damn y/n, I was trying to dirty talk to you about my mouth on you, but you so beat me at this game."

You laugh, tell him he can keep on talking about using his mouth. "Feels so good on me, B, you suck n lick me so well. Love when you bury your face into me, or open up wide and suckle. Can't keep still when you do it--but I usually can't around you anyway--want to fucking hump your face...ohfuckBfuckgonna..." You coming so quick into the call turns him on even more...he's totally gonna stroke himself...his dick is tired but...fuck. Breathes deep as he strokes over his mostly limp dick, balls, perineum, opening...

"Gonna come for me, baby boy? Gonna stroke your gorgeous cock for me--all of you is gorgeous--when you can finally eat me out too? C'mon Bren, shit. Sick of waiting...not being able to touch and kiss you and feel all of you with all of me. Think I'll fly out there so I can sit on your face."

"Fuck," he moans. "Yeah, book a flight to our next city; I'll meet you at the airport. Bet we won't even make it out of there. Maybe I'll drag you into the bathroom, lock the door, get you on the counter--"

"You'll take my pants off, but I won't be wearing any underwear, and I'll be grabbing your hair to pull you to me--fuck, B, fuck." You come again, his heart bursting at how desperate you are for him.

"Fuck, baby girl, want to feel those thighs squeeze my head as you come. You won't let me stop, even if there's someone knocking, security trying to get in, will you? Dirty girl."

"Shit, Bren, god. You'll suck me firmer, tongue massaging over me making me let out such a deep moan. Give my ass a slap because you're so glad I got noisier..." He remembers your truism: In this household, spanks are thanks. "Both of us wanting to be heard...Tug your hair and clench your head to me as we're both moaning... Love you moaning with your mouth full of cunt. Feels n sounds so fucking good..."

"They come in, and I just keep going...letting them see how good I am to you, how turned on you get, how you look when you come--"

"Fucking hell...wouldn't be able to stop myself from coming in your mouth again, and he'd realize what a terrible husband he'd been, because he hasn't gone down on his wife in so long, hasn't seen his wife get like my...deliciously naughty boy gets me, and--" You stop, swearing coming again.

"And what? Ask for a lesson? Invite us into their bed to show them?"

"Oh god, Brennndonn, you little--" And you're coming yet again. Fuck, he can't not try to get off now.

"Want to hear my moany boy..."

He's only half hard, but so fucking aroused...thinks his dick can't get that hard...bets he can come like this though, like he has with you a couple times. And that's not including the ones that happened from prostate stimulation, or snuck up on him throughout his life, especially with certain drugs. When he was feeling so good, but his penis was doing its own thing, hanging out, or coming and going, or half way there, or like with ecstasy, has dick unable to trap a damn bit of blood, but ecstasy ever an appropriate name. He couldn't get enough of anything--juices, skin, little and not so little noises, touch, taste, smell, looking at each other, arousal that washed over him endlessly, the occasional orgasm--on ecstasy, wanting, melting and slowly, gently bursting for everything...

"Not even hard, y/n...but I could...especially if you were here."

"You're whispering more than usual babe...Did you sneak off?" You let out a quiet fuck at his yes. "I'd tell you to let go, that I want to hear and see it all, want to hear my sexy, noisy boy, but you've probably got people in the next room. Love my little exhibitionist, but it must be awkward timing to show it off, huh? Damn, you must've been desperate for me. Did you sneak off? You're supposed to be working?"

"Yeah, but really, miss you so much, god, can't wait to taste you. Want you all the time...especially when I can't have you for weeks."

"I know baby, soon."

"Wanted to do this. Best destresser ever." You're both panting still, and he can tell you're still touching yourself. "Fuck, y/n, gonna come again? Let me hear it. Then let me hear it in person. I meant it. Love you and that delicious pussy too much. Please come." You both giggle breathlessly. "And then come some more." He totally waggles his eyebrows as he says it.

"Oh, B, I don't know...only if you can promise me at least a half dozen orgasms. You can do that, can't you baby?" Teasing him like the minx you are, knowing full well he can and will.

"Only a half dozen? Thought we were going for the double digits."