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Brendon Urie imagines & ficlets

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"Mmm," you agree. "We should...oh, shit, the cake! Still want your surprise, hon?"

He nods, tries to get up, manages it on the third go as you both giggle.

"I do believe I have something for you that you just ate, and another that you haven't eaten in quite a while..."

His brows furrow as you smooch him more, standing, hands on the other's ass. You kiss his neck, and give him a little swat. "Could give you some nice birthday spankins too." He smacks you back with a "fuck, yeah." You kiss his shoulder, then widen your stance to kiss his nipples, rubbing his ass. "And tons of kisses. Don't think I've forgotten those other plans too. Fuck, you make me feel like Liz Phair, Sophie B Hawkins...Heather Nova and Lil Kim rolled into one."

"Till my dick is blue, huh?"

"Well, at least till I suck and rub all the blue raspberry lube off your dick." You kiss his grin, and give him another swat. "I'll get the cake."

You come back almost skipping, tits bouncing. "Close your eyes B..." you say slyly and he obliges, getting bouncy too. You fork some off and tell him to open up, slide it in. "Good?"

"Mmmhmm...salted caramel? With whipped cream inside?" He grins. "I've not eaten this in a bit huh?"

"I'd tell you to open your eyes but it's kind of redundant..." You kiss the corner of his mouth as you give him some more. He licks his lips, and your tongue follows, then slides in, finding his. "It is good. Want more dick?"

He laughs at that. "Yeah, but if it's a big one, might need your help finishing it off."

You straddle his lap after settling the plate next to you. "Gotta leave room for pussy after eating all this dick, too," you giggle.

His hands slide over your pelvis, thighs, fingertips finding your wetness, playing over your labia. "Fuck..."
You caress his hair as you kiss over his neck. "Go on, eat that dick honey..." Somehow you don't feel utterly ridiculous.

Brendon is *shocked* at that suggestion, so *shocked* his jaw drops, plump lips wide open. You slide a finger inside, let him suck, before replacing it with cake. He grabs your hip, pressing your wet heat over his mostly limp cock. You taste some, then kiss him, pushing it into his mouth as you hump him subtly. He's so playful.

"Could also save some of each for later...Get a part with chocolate on it next." You give him more, and he likes it even better, hamming it up, licking and moaning softly as you giggle and bounce a little. You take a big bite for yourself and move onto the next cake. "You did such a good job eating that dick, sweetie, how 'bout some pussy next?" You've no shame whatsoever.

"Do I get both?" He waggles his eyebrows, rocking up against you, hand slipping between to gather up some wetness, brushing over his lips before licking, then sucking them, eyes heavy.

"Hell yes..." You stand up, and he spreads you more with his fingers, licks over you, soft, both breathing deeper, as your hands card through his hair. You press him a little more into you, and he grabs your ass, rocks you over his tongue more, and fuck, you're dizzy, legs threatening to give out. He focuses on your clit and around it, both making little moans, sucks in as much as he can get to, gentle, then firm, then rolls his tongue over it as he sucks, guided by your hands and your rubbing on his mouth. Your eyes shut, trembling, gasping, buckling, but he's got a hold of your ass. You manage to come, but it's not as strong as it would be if you weren't worried about falling and hurting yourself, or at least making a damn fool of yourself. You still wouldn't be as silly as your boy.

You settle down, head on his shoulder and he pets over your back and ass, slipping between your cheeks, just idly massaging, and you fucking love rubbing over him, all of him, on his thigh this time. "Gonna get yourself off again?" he whispers, hand in your hair bringing you in for kisses. You both taste like the both of you. You add tongue, and jesus fuck. His mouth is a fucking gift. All of him is.

"Think I'll just keep feeling good...mmm." You bounce on his thigh, then switch back to circles. Slow, slippy circles. Feeling a little sleepy, rubbing a knuckle over your lashes. That just means you need more sugar. "Ready for more pussy?" you say, snorting at your own cheesiness.

He just kisses you again, swats your ass. "Darlin', I'm ready for either kind."

You grab the other plate. "Look at this pretty pussy," you chuckle, winking. "Even sweeter than mine...but less bush."

"Chocolate pubes huh?" he asks. You nod, dip your finger along it, and pop it in his mouth. "And strawberry." You fork some, and give him that. "Fuzzy peaches too. Fits."

"Should we save the swedish berry clit for last, or d'you want it now?" You feed yourself some, then him and he moans around it, just getting fuzzy peach outer labia. Then strawberry inner labia.

"Can I just lick the clit for now?" Your naughty boy. You get off him so he can lean over, lick soft over the inner labia, kiss the clit, lick it too, and just that is turning you on more. You grab the other plate, and he switches seamlessly to the other, mouthing over the tip, then what's left of the shaft, then the one ball that's left. Digs his tongue in until he gets whipped cream, "mmm"ing happily, then back to the vulva.

"Eating them both like a fucking champ," you sigh, cheeks sore from grinning, snatch tickly and achy. "So good at taking both, B..." He looks up, smiles...almost sheepishly, then beams, licking his lips, so you go for it. "Such a good boy..." He nods, biting his lip. You kiss over his face. "Such a good little bi boy. My sweet boy. And it's your birthday!"

You feed him more, and he moans around the fork. "This one tastes even better. Makes me want to lick the fuckin plate." You give him more, then kiss him, sharing it. You have to agree. You feed him more, and his hands go between your legs again, one stroking over your thighs and mound as the other rubs two gentle fingertips over your clit and surrounding lips. You put the rest on the other plate, put it on the table, and hold the free plate up, and he fucking does, slow long licks.

"Jesus, Bren...I'm supposed to be teasing you..."

The air is heavy with it, your scents and what you both want more of. "Think I know something else that should be eaten..."

"Fuck, yeah," you sigh, rocking against his hands, kissing him. The cakes're not the only thing made for eating, ready for that mouth of his... "Ready for the real thing? Sure you can handle all this eating?"

He grins. "Think you can handle it?" And he flips you over to your pleasantly surprised noise, spreads you, thighs up at your breasts, and dives in, sucking on as much of your cunt as he can, then adding his soft tongue to your clit. It doesn't take long before you are so fucking turned on again, rolling into it and gasping. He brings you off, but as another approaches, he pulls away panting.

"Please don't stop, B," you moan, fingers instinctively stroking over and around your clit as he watches.

"Gonna get yourself off?" You nod and mmm; him stopping had set you back a bit, but...whoa. "Fucking do it, and I'll get back in there." Challenge welcomed. You get your legs in the air so you can tense better, hold your breath to hurry it along and it hits within a minute, legs giving out, trembling. He spreads you again, licks over you this time, bottom to top, over to the other side and down, then over the middle, circling over your clit, then stilling once you're desperate again, letting you do the work. Another bursts through you, convulsing, and you need to buck up, softly tug his hair to get his tongue off your clit. He finds it again, but just gives a couple soft kisses before pulling away.

"Fuck, want you to suck me too," he moans. You're reminded of your plan, getting up quick, legs almost giving out, him catching you, kissing your breasts and petting your thighs as you hold yourself up by his shoulders, lightheaded. You manage to make it to the bag you'd set aside. Blue raspberry lube sounds like a great plan. So does the bullet vibe, and a couple other toys. His eyes, smile, whole damn face lights up. He bucks into your slick hand as you kiss him, straddling his thighs, then grabs your ass to get you spread over his dick, both rocking into it, still avoiding your clit. It'd be too much there, but not lower where you're aching for more, where you're sliding along his tip.