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A New Normal

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I won't forget you.

Life was a cruel trick. Just when it seemed that things would be normal, that they could move on and grow and prosper, something else had to hold them back. Barely two years after Calamity Ganon’s defeat, and Zelda was sick - something Impa feared would come. The realisation that her mother died of the same mysterious illness wasn’t anymore reassuring. Fate was cutthroat, and their souls were only puppets for some higher powers, battling it out among the stars.

But they had learned. They were scientists now, evolved, and intrigued. There had to be a way to avoid a completely unnecessary death. After all, Link had survived a hundred years in stasis using ancient technology, so surely, if they applied that with today’s knowledge, they could improve upon it?

At least, that was the idea. Purah was the one to spearhead the mission, making various changes and adjustments to the shrine of resurrection, still buried atop the Great Plateau, and still very much… alive. At least that’s how it felt. Link hated going back in there, but it was necessary. Zelda was growing weaker with each passing day, and he couldn’t lose her, not again.

According to Purah’s calculations, the process of revitalizing Zelda would take two years. It sounded like hell, but it was certainly an improvement over a century, so they ran the math and began preparations. The princess was transported to the shrine immediately, frail yet strong, impressively confident in her resolve that she could overcome the memory loss. In truth, no one knew whether or not she would be affected in the same way Link was. It was nothing but a necessary risk.

I’ll dream of you.

Maybe her confidence was nothing but a show to reassure herself. After all, Link was already dead by the time he reached the shrine. He didn’t remember succumbing to death anymore than he remembered being placed on the stone tablet, but it was different for Zelda. It took two days of laying in the cool water for her to lose consciousness; two sleepless days and nights in which Link didn’t leave her side. It was like waiting for her to die, but knowing she would be back. He tried to stay cheerful for her. But he was terrified. Alone, again.

Don’t leave me, okay?

You’ll always have me.

I promise.