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Stare at the Sun

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Alex knew she should put an end to Maggie’s advances but it was really hard to pry away from the Omega when she was panting against her mouth and moving her center so torturously against her bulge.

“Maggie”, she tried to put some distance but Maggie’s scent attacked her senses making the normally composed Alpha a puddle of mess as she found her hips moving in time with the Omega’s.

Eyeing the hallway with concern, her mind might have been a fuzzy mess but she was still alert enough to be cautious.

“We should stop”, she said weakly.

Her mind was screaming to end it but her body wasn’t receiving the message and when their eyes met, Alex knew she was a goner. Maggie’s eyes were dark, full of want and need, making Alex gulp at the sight.

Maggie’s gentle yet strong arms wrapped around her, bringing their bodies closer together.

“Please”, Maggie’s voice was heavy while she connected their centers.

The Alpha shut her eyes and felt her dick get even harder. The fabric keeping her tucked was starting to become uncomfortable, making Alex’s fingers itch to unbuckle her belt.

“I need you Alex”, Maggie pressed her mouth hotly against Alex.

Alex could feel the desperation in the kiss and when she pulled back, Alex could see it was more than just Maggie’s hormones behind her actions.

The Omega wanted to feel close to Alex and if Alex was being honest with herself, she needed this too.

When her jet was spinning out of control, Alex thought she was going to die. The idea of leaving Maggie, of never seeing or touching her again, it pained her more than the thought of dying.

Not wasting anymore time, Alex unzipped Maggie’s pants before unbuckling her own. They worked as one, Maggie pushing her pants down and stepping out of them while Alex lowered her own, enough to free her cock.

Glancing down, Alex saw Maggie’s shaved pussy and her dick jumped excitedly. She wasn’t sure how long she admired Maggie’s glistering lips but the Omega wasn’t in a patient mood and instantly wrapped her eager hand around her stiff member.

Alex bit her lip and groaned when Maggie stroked her with urgency. The Alpha watched as Maggie’s slender hand worked it’s way up and down, her touch addicting and hot, working Alex up in no time.

Only a few more strokes and Maggie was guiding Alex to her opening while hooking her leg around the Alpha’s waist. Alex felt herself slip into warmth and moaned.

“I need you”, Maggie repeated and crawled at the front of Alex’s uniform.

Never to disappoint her mate, Alex buried herself in one go. Maggie bit her lip and threw her head back, a soft thump was heard when her head connected with the wall behind her. Alex’s chest rose and fell, allowing herself a few seconds to enjoy the fluttering of Maggie’s walls before she began to move.

Her thrusts were short and sharp, Maggie’s chest jumping with every drive. The Omega’s mouth was wide open, moans filling the corridor while she clung to Alex’s shirt uniform.

“Danvers”, Maggie moaned out while she kept up with Alex’s quickening thrusts.

Every time Alex slipped inside, tight walls greeted her and she had to concentrate in order not to burst. It was then, when Alex kept on hitting Maggie’s soft spot while trying not to spill her load too fast that she heard noises down the hallway.

Alex tore her eyes from the mouthwatering sight and glared towards the direction of the voices. She sniffed the air and moaned at Maggie’s smell, it was so rich and sweet but along with it came two more smells, two Alpha’s, and she snarled knowing they belonged to the people making their way down the corridor.

The thought of someone seeing Maggie so exposed, it made her Alpha growl possessively. The footsteps that echoed down the hallway immediately halted and Alex unleashed a large amount of pheromones, scaring off the two Alpha’s.

She made sure to stink the entire corridor, ensuring that nobody would want to venture this way. Turning back to Maggie, Alex hadn’t even realized her hips stopped moving but that didn’t stop the Omega. Maggie just continued where Alex left off.

Alex watched as Maggie brought her center up and down, her pussy lips gliding along her shaft just right. Not wanting to break the moment, Alex stayed still, allowing the brunette to take what she needed. Maggie braced herself on Alex waist and worked her hips forward and backwards with an urgency Alex didn’t even think she could match.

Honestly, Alex was content with just watching Maggie. The way her hair cascaded down her shoulders. Her mouth slightly parted. Her eyes screwed shut in concentration. It was such a beautiful sight. All of it was enough to tighten her balls but she wanted to hold off until Maggie reached her peak.

But the brunette’s walls were becoming too much, milking her ever time they sucked her in.

“Shit Maggie, so good. You feel so good”, Alex breathed heavily.

Maggie held on tighter. “I thought I lost you.”

Alex’s heart dropped at the way Maggie’s voice broke. “I’m here. We are here. I’m not going anywhere.”

Maggie’s breath hitched and she threw her head back with a loud moan as her hips doubled their effort. Alex slumped forward when Maggie’s silky heat pulsed around her and she too tipped over the edge as Maggie rode out her orgasm.

A wave of pleasure worked its way up her shaft and burst through the tip, unloading everything she had into awaiting heat. It seemed to last forever, as Maggie continued to suck her in over and over again.

The blinding sensation eventually came to end as the Omega’s movements slowed down. Alex pulled back and cupped Maggie’s face. There were tears streaming down the Omega’s face and a lump formed in the back of Alex’s throat.

“I’m okay. We are together”, Alex said while bringing Maggie’s hand to her chest. “You feel that”, Maggie nodded, “it’s beating. I’m alive.”

“I don’t know what I would have done without you”, Maggie whispered through tears.

“And you never will”, Alex promised.

She pulled out of Maggie and without saying a word, Alex redressed them. Once fully dressed, Alex pulled Maggie into her arms and held her for dear life. She sighed happily, safe and sound, in Maggie’s arms.


James came outside to watch the crack of dawn, hoping it would provide some sort of distraction but without any sun in sight, James was left to deal with his thoughts and to make sense of his emotions.

He stared down at the pill in his hand. The pill that was handed to him by Winn. Promises of things getting better, spluttered out of Winn’s mouth as he happily gave him the pill, but James optimism seemed to be missing at the moment.

Smelling Lucy nearby, James clenched the pill in his hand and turned towards his mate. He tried to smile but the edge of his mouth barely moved. Normally he found comfort in her presences but as she came to stand next to him, it just felt painful.

It was even more painful when she chose to remain standing instead of sitting next to him.

“James”, she began but whatever came next seemed to get lost.

He knew this wasn’t easy for her.

“Nothing I can say will make this any better. I betrayed you, in the worst possible way. I’m so sorry, I never meant to hurt you”, Lucy said and he heard the pain behind each syllable.

James knew her father was behind it all but even before her father intervened, James had noticed her drifting. It wasn’t just her ruts but the way her eyes followed Omegas. It made him feel like he wasn’t enough.

He sighed before turning to her and when his eyes landed on her, it broke his heart. She was crying. He could count the amount of times he had seen her cry in one hand and it spoke volumes to him.

He reached out with his hand, inviting her to sit next to him. There was unwillingness on her part and James pleaded with his eyes causing Lucy to eventually relent.

She sat next to him and James took the time to study her. Her eyes were red and her nose was puffy but she still looked so beautiful.

“Your rut is gone”, he whispered while brushing away a tear.

She cast her eyes down in shame and he was reminded of the small object on his palm. James unclenched his hand and stared at it.

“What’s that?” Lucy eyed the pill.

James brow dipped while he picked it up with his fingers. “Back on her planet, Lena created this pill to help couples like us”, he explained. “It suppose to imitate pheromones. In our situation, if I take it, I would let out Omega pheromones. It would help, with your ruts.”

Lucy shook her head. “No. We don’t need it.”

James placed the pill in his palm. “I think we do.”

“I know what you’re thinking and you are more than enough”, Lucy scooted closer.

James closed his eyes at her words and couldn’t help but picture Lucy with the Omega. His heart dropped and he pushed away the images along with the feelings attached to it. “The only reason you aren’t still stuck in your rut is because you were with an Omega.”

More tears streamed down Lucy’s face. “James”, she whispered desperately.

“I’m not looking for a fight”, he quickly explained. “I want to salvage our relationship.”

Lucy’s eyes glowed with renewed faith.

“You say I’m enough and I believe it but there something missing and I think this pill will help us find it”, he said. “I know you Lucy, I know you better than most and I know you never would have done something like that. What your father did, it’s unforgiveable”, he paused, thinking of the man. Thinking of all the things he wanted to do to him. “I’m not saying everything is great between us because they are not but I’m not walking away.”

Lucy nodded and sniffed. “Even before this, I knew things weren’t going well and they were mostly coming from me but I refused to accept it. I refused to acknowledge it and for that, I’m so sorry. I never should have allowed it to get to the point where my father took advantage.”

James nodded, knowing how difficult it was for Lucy to ask for help. “I love you Lucy, that hasn’t changed.”

Lucy smiled, teary eyes shinning. “I love you too.”

The sound of boots hitting concrete had James turning his head and when his eyes landed on Sam Lane, James hand clench and his blood boiled. He advanced on Sam but Lucy held him back, taking a hold of his arm.

Sam snickered at the display and let his scent drift towards James but it had no effect on the Beta. “Your Alpha scent wont work on me”, James smiled victoriously. “You aren’t so tough without your men by your side doing all your dirty work.”

Sam’s smile faltered and turned serious. “I did what any good father would have done.”

“You went against your daughters wishes and made her suffer. What kind of father does that?” James shook his head, wanting nothing more than to punch him in the face.

“I ended her suffering!” He shouted, his entire body shaking before his pleading eyes turned to Lucy. “Surely, you can see that Lucy.”

“What you did – “, she gritted out before sighing. “I have to live with that for the rest of my life. You put me in a situation that could have cost me everything, all because you think I need to be with an Omega. I’m more than just an Alpha”, she spat. “My heart, my everything wants James and either you accept that or stay out of my life.”

Her father’s face twisted in anger. “I don’t accept it. Lane’s shouldn’t be with Betas. You are coming home with me and that’s the end of it”, he advanced on Lucy but James stepped between them.

However, before anyone could take another step, the Queen’s voice reached their ears.

“Specialist Lane, I’ve been looking for you”, Kara walked up to them and eyed the trio with concern.

Sam instantly straightened his shoulders. “Your Majesty”, he bowed. “I was just about to make my way to you in order to discuss strategies on locating and bringing an end to the Kryptonians.”

Kara chuckled unamusingly before speaking. “That won’t be necessary Specialist Lane.”

Sam looked confused. “I don’t understand.”

“In fact”, Kara continued not acknowledging Sam’s confusion. “I’m relieving you of your duties and putting you under arrest for your crimes against Daxam.”

“Excuse me?”

“You suggested and were complicit in forming a military strategy that sent hundreds of soldiers to their death”, she finished with fire in her eyes.

“Your Ma- Majesty”, Sam stuttered.

“You will be sentenced for your wrongful doing and hopefully your time spent in a cell will help you reevaluate other areas in your life where you committed wrong doings”, Kara finished by looking over at Lucy.

Sam gulped and when two guards came up behind him, he made no move to stop them from taking him away.

“Thank you, Kara.” Lucy said.

“Of course”, she smiled at them. “Are you guys okay?”

Lucy turned to him and James took a hold of her hand. “We will be.”


In the distance, the sun rose slowly, ushering in a new day and for Lena, it felt like a new beginning. Holding on to the balcony rails, Lena quietly observed the rising sun while exhaustion threated to overtake her but her mind wouldn’t rest, not when there was so much that needed to get done.

For the most part, Daxam was intact, the force fields mostly holding on strong and keeping any damage to a minimal but there were still parts of Daxam that needed to be rebuild and people that needed to be relocated. She thought of the slums and already had projects in mind to improve the living standards.

“I know that look”, Lex said behind her.

She turned to him and saw a small smile forming on his face.

“It’s the same look you get when you start a new project at L-Corp”, he continued.

She cast her eyes down and smiled at the reminder of L-Corp before turning her attention back on Lex, sighing happily at the sight of him. “I never thought I would see you again.”

He sighed heavily before turning towards the view. “There were plenty of sleepless nights where I would stay up till the early mornings driving myself crazy, not knowing what happened to you or whether I would ever see you again”, he closed his eyes at the declaration. “I wouldn’t let myself rest until I found you.”

“You never stopped searching”, she whispered. Love and appreciation blooming in her chest.

He shook his head, eyes softening with love. “Never.”

“How did you find me?”

He cast her an uneasy expression before answering. “I knew Roulette was behind it but she had left Earth without a trace. I had a feeling Maxwell knew more than what he was saying. So I paid him a little visit”, he trailed off.

“Lex”, Lena said in warning.

“He got what he deserved Lena”, a stern look formed on his face and she knew whatever she said would fall on deaf ears, “but not before selling out Roulette’s whereabouts.”

Lena mind flashed to Maaldoria and her time there.

“But it wasn’t as simple as jumping on a ship and searching for you”, he continued and Lena nodded, knowing very well that Earth didn’t possess that sort of technology. “So I hired the most brilliant minds and led the team. I couldn’t stop, not until the ships were built”, he moved closer, taking a hold of her hands. “I’m so happy I found you.”

Lena’s eyes softened. “I missed you so much.”

His eyes shifted, looking very concerned. “Did they hurt you?”

Lena shook her head. “No, I was well kept. I think it was part of the appeal for future buyers.”

Lex’s eyes flashed dangerously and his jaw tensed. “I read the paper work.”


“When I got the ships up and ready, I flew straight to Maaldoria but when I got there, it had been mostly destroyed. I found Roulette’s body in her office”, he told her and a part of Lena felt a bit of sadness for the woman but it was overshadowed by the part that felt the Beta woman deserved her fate.

“After searching the room, I found the paper work saying you were sold off to the royal family of Daxam. That’s when I searched the universe for Daxam and ran into Alex”, he told her. “The royal crest on the side of the flight jets, I had seen it when I looked through the paper work.”

“Thank you for saving Alex, it means the world to Kara”, she thanked him and saw a mirth appear in his eye.

“I never thought I would see you with an Alpha, let alone mated to one”, he smiled.

Lena cast her eyes down shyly, thinking of Kara. “I never thought I would feel this way, honestly.”

“She must be really special.”

She smiled brightly, thinking of her Alpha. “She’s so loving and warm, a heart full of compassion. She kept me safe Lex, she kept all of us safe”, she pointed at the city. “She’s extraordinary.”

“She sounds wonderful and it sounds like you are very much in love”, his eyes shone with happiness. “It looks good on you.” He squeezed her hands. “I really want to get to know Kara.”

Lena’s heart expanded. “I would love that.”

Lex eyes shifted downwards before he looked back up, Lena tilted her head with a frown, not understanding the sadness in his eyes. “Does this mean you won’t be returning with me?”

Lena exhaled at the question before her eyes scanned Daxam. Something pulled at her heart. “When I took over L-Corp, I wanted my company to be a force for good. I wanted to make the world a better place.”

A ghost of a smile appeared on her lips before continuing. “Now I find myself in an unexpected situation in which I’m the Queen of Daxam. Millions of people are going to look to Kara to make Daxam a better world and I want to be a part of that.”

Lex smiled at her words. “They are in great hands.”

“I think I can do some good here Lex, I think I can make some positive changes.”

“You will Lena, I know you will”, he reassured her. There was a small pause before he added. “What about L-Corp? It’s your baby Lena, I don’t know anyone else who can run it.”

Lena thought of her company and all the good it can still do. “I’m not going to abandon L-Corp. I still believe in it and think it has plenty of potential and growth.” She paused, thinking of her company. “It needs someone that shares my vision and can handle the high demands.” The edges of her lips curled upwards. “I know the perfect person to take over as CFO. Her name is Samantha Arias. She lives in Metropolis with her daughter Ruby. Tell her, the job is hers.”

Lex smiled and gave her a nod at the request.

A soft knock on the balcony door pulled both of them away from their conversation. An eager Kara bounced behind the door and gave them a short wave when they turned to her. Lena’s face instantly reacted to the sight of her mate, her lips quirking up with excitement.

She waved her in and Kara walked onto the balcony.

Lena took Kara’s hand and pulled her forward. “Kara, I want you to meet my brother, Lex.”

Kara beamed at the introduction. “It’s a pleasure to meet you. I want to thank you for the help you provided my army and for rescuing Alex, I’m forever in your debt”, she finished while extending her hand.

Lex eyed her hand but instead of shaking it, he bowed. “Your Majesty, I’m forever in your debt for keeping Lena safe and with your permission, I wish to stay and spend time with my sister.”

Lena smiled at the comment and Kara perked at the news. “Of course, you and your crew are more than welcomed.”

Lex smiled warmly. “Thank you and speaking of my crew, I should really go check on them”, he finished with a bow and patted Lena’s shoulder lovingly on his way out.

Once the balcony door closed, Lena couldn’t wait any longer and tugged Kara down, pressing their lips together. Soft lips touched her own and Lena inhaled deeply at the tingle that erupted around her mouth, a hum resonating deep in her throat when Kara pressed their bodies close.

For a while, their mouths remained still, both afraid of moving and breaking the magical moment but it wasn’t enough for Lena and she began to move desperately. Wanting every inch of her lips to touch Kara’s.

Eventually they parted and Lena instinctively sought out her Alpha’s scent and inhaled deeply, a calm spreading through her body at the familiar scent.

“I’m so proud of you”, she whispered along Kara’s ear.

Her Alpha brought her closer. “I couldn’t have done it without you. You gave me the courage to finally stand up to my mother.”

“You always had the courage, I just helped you find it”, Lena said. “Daxam is in good hands now.”

Kara looked away from Lena and got a far off look on her face. “Growing up, I always imagined this day. I thought about all the changes I would make.”

“What did you imagine?”

A small smile appeared on Kara’s face. “A world with equal rights and opportunities. A world without fear”, she said wistfully before her mood turned serious. “A world without slavery”, she whispered and looked down.

Lena frowned, not understanding Kara’s sudden mood change. “What’s wrong?”

Kara exhaled deeply before her eyes, full of anguish, met Lena’s. “You aren’t a slave anymore. You are free to go.”

A sharp pain hit Lena. “You want me to go?”

Blue eyes began to water. “Of course not, I want you by my side but your life was taken from you and it would be selfish of me to keep you from it. I want to give you back everything that was stolen from you.”

A warmth spread through Lena’s body. “That was my life but my new life is with you. I’m not going anywhere.”

The Alpha’s eyes rose with hope. “Really?”

“I think you are going to do some amazing things and I want to be a part of it. I want to rule by your side.”

The glistering in blue orbs all but disappeared, making way for a brightness that could rival the sun. “It would be an honor to have you by my side.”

Lena face couldn’t help but break out into a smile before their lips connected again. Seconds later, Kara pulled away and dropped her head onto Lena’s shoulders. By the way the Alpha’s body sagged, Lena knew her Alpha was exhausted and felt her own body crumbling as well.

“Let’s go to bed”, Lena mumbled against Kara’s hair and felt the Alpha nod against her shoulders.

She chuckled softly, gently pushing the Alpha’s body away from hers and guided her towards the bed. Once they reached the mattress, Kara quickly settled on top of it, opening her arms for Lena. Lena crawled onto the bed and pressed her back against Kara.

Feeling Kara’s arms wrap protectively around her stomach made Lena sigh and she closed her eyes at the feeling, finally resting next to her mate.


The day of the coronation arrived and servants spent most of the day preoccupied with hanging up decorations and preparing vast amount of food. Normally servants loathed whenever the royal family held celebrations, the long hours making it unbearable, yet this time around, there was a pep to each one of their steps.

The news of Kara’s crowning excited many and they all went about their duties with a smile on their faces. Smiles that widen when they were told, mere hours before the coronation took place, that they had the day off in order to join in on the celebration.

Each happily took off their aprons and crowded outside the courtyard, mingling among themselves. Less than an hour later, many turned heads at the guests that filtered into the palace. Servants had become familiar with the members of the elite but there didn’t seem to be a member in sight, instead they were met with a wide range of people from all over Daxam.

They all huddled together and awaited the entrance of their new Queen and her mate.

While everyone keenly awaited their grand entrance, Kara and Lena stood by the entrance, content with just holding each other.

Lena’s arms were wrapped around Kara’s neck while the Alpha’s fingers played with the brunette’s hair. She gently pushed Lena’s hair behind her shoulder and smiled brightly when she saw the mating bite.

“What’s with the smile?” Lena asked with a smirk.

Kara smile grew even bigger. “I’m happy.”

Lena hummed at the response before leaning forward and attaching their lips. Kara inhaled when their mouths met and breathed in the wonderful feeling. She was beyond happy to have Lena by her side.

She thought of the new chapter they were going to venture into. She thought of all the Daxamites that were looking to her for change and it suddenly became very overwhelming.

Pulling away from the kiss, the Alpha sighed at the doubts that suddenly and quickly creped up. Lena must have smelled her distress because within seconds, a calming aroma engulfed her space.

“What’s the matter?”

Kara sighed before tightening her hold on Lena. “I’m afraid I’m not going to live up to people’s expectations.”

“You are going to live up to every single one of their expectations”, Lena said while looking up at her with green eyes full of certainty.

Kara wanted to believe her but there was this nagging feeling. “What if I fail them?”

Lena shook her head. “You won’t fail them.”

“You can’t know that”, Kara responded stubbornly.

“You didn’t fail me”, Lena said sternly. “When I first arrived I was so scared and alone. I was brought to a planet that was unfair and cruel but you came along and gave me so much hope. You have no idea how much they look up to you. You are a symbol of hope and you are going to do great things for Daxam and even greater things for your people”, Lena smiled, her eyes sparkling with admiration.

The truth of Lena’s words shone brightly in her eyes and it cast a light on Kara’s darken thoughts. “I can’t wait to do all those things with you by my side”, the Alpha said and felt her doubts disappear.

Lena’s face rose with a happiness that Kara hoped to create every single day for the rest of their lives and when the trumpets blared on the other side of the door, Kara was more than ready to tackle the next chapter, with Lena next to her.

“Are you ready?” Lena asked.

When the doors began to creak open, Kara broke off their embrace with a smile, took a hold of Lena’s hand, and raised it between them, before facing the now fully opened doors.

Hundreds of eyes were looking at them and only the strength of Lena’s words pushed her to take the first step. The trumpets sounded louder as she crossed the foyer and she felt her own heart match the vibrations of the instruments.

The thump behind her chest only magnified when she eyed the red carpet that seemed to stretch for miles. Kara saw her father waiting for her on top of the podium and on reflex, she straightened her back and raised her chin before slowly making her way down the red carpet.

Faces upon faces greeted her along the long path and it warmed her heart when she saw nothing but support in their eyes. The warmth only seemed to blossom when she neared the podium and saw her friend’s proud faces, the proudest among them, belonging to her best friend, Alex.

Coming to a stop by the stairs, Kara looked up and saw her father and brother waiting for her. She ascended the stairs, along with Lena, and felt her excitement double with every step she took.

Once they reached the top, Mon-El approached her and kneeled, submitting to the stronger Alpha in the family. She nodded down at him with a smile, accepting his submission. Choosing not to challenge her for the throne. He smiled up at her before standing and walking down the stairs to join the others.

Mon-El’s departure gave her a clear view of the pedestal upon which the crown sat. She gulped at the sight, imagining all the weight that accompanied the royal item.

Her eyes stayed glued on the object and it wasn’t until her father stepped into her line of sight that her focus shifted to her father. A warm smile graced his face and he took a step forward before speaking.

“Under Rao’s light and guidance we stand and welcome the new Queen of Daxam and her mate, the Queen Consort”, his voice resonated all throughout Daxam. “On this day, we bestow the crown upon her head, if she is willing?”

“I am willing”, she said, readily.

He smiled at her quick response before turning away from her and making his way to the pedestal, taking hold of the crown. Once the crown was in his possession, Lar Gand gestured for her to step forward. She turned to Lena, their eyes met with matching smiles, and she gave Lena’s hand a gentle squeeze before letting go.

Breaching the gap, she kneeled before the crown and felt her father hover the crown above her head.

“Do you promise to uphold the crown?

“I do.”

“Do you promise to put your people and Daxam’s needs before your own?”

“I do.”

He moved the crown downwards, only slight, not yet placing it on her head.

“Though we go forth alone, our soul unites us under Rao’s gladsome rays. We’re never lost, never afraid for we shrink not under the Sun of Righteousness. Rao binds us to those we love. He gives us strength when we have none and in the darkest places, he guides us. For Rao sees all, feels all. His love eternal. Rao, protect us, so that we might protect others and we shall rise, a fire in his hearth, burning and free.”

Kara quietly recited the words, gaining strength from it.

“I, the former King of Daxam, bestow all ruling rights and name my daughter, Her Majesty the Queen of Daxam”, he finished by placing the crown on Kara’s head.

“Rise”, Lar Gand said, his face stretching with so much happiness. “People of Daxam, I now present to you, the newly crowned Queen of Daxam. May she reign for years to come!”

Her father presented his throat before falling to one knee. Kara inhaled at the gesture before turning to the crowd and watched as one by one they bared their throat and fell to one knee. But when she saw Lena about to kneel an uneasy feeling settled in her stomach and she signaled for Lena to stop.

She pulled Lena next to her. “You are my equal Lena. You stand beside me.”

Lena’s eyes widen with joy while her face stretched with happiness. Kara took a hold of Lena’s hand and guided her to the other side of the podium. Nearing the edge, she heard Lena’s breath hitch. The view was spectacular, millions of people stood in the streets and when they caught sight of them, a loud cheer erupted.

Kara felt goose bumps erupt on her arm as they all presented their throat and fell to their knees. Standing on top of the hill, overlooking her people, each one of them looking to her for safety and prosperity, Kara vowed to do what was best for them, until she took her last breath.


It’s been hours since the coronation ended but Lena hadn’t even noticed, far too preoccupied with familiarizing herself with their guests.

Growing up, Lena was used to having to entertain guest, but back on Earth, she was always stuck having to talk with power hungry investors but tonight was a different experience.

Tonight, Lena found herself taking too much joy in getting to connect with the people of Daxam. It was such a rewarding experience for Lena but the best part of it all was being able to see Kara so carefree.

In the past, Kara had always been so guarded, afraid to anger or disappoint her mother, but tonight the Alpha sounded and looked so much lighter, the weight of being watched by Rhea, gone.

Saying their farewells to a young mated couple from the city of Yanu, Lena and Kara began to make their way towards the back area of the courtyard, knowing that’s where their friends awaited them but before they could get very far, a young Beta approached them.

“Your Majesties”, he bowed. “May I please get a minute of your time.”

“Of course”, Kara smiled sweetly.

He smiled warmly at them before walking over to an older woman and guiding her towards them. The woman was an Omega, maybe in her late eighties, with the warmest smile Lena had ever seen.

The woman reached for Kara’s hand, which the Alpha readily gave, and held it tight while she tried to bow but Kara stopped her movement, kneeling in front of the woman.

“Please don’t”, Kara shook her head. “It should be I that kneels for you.”

The woman smiled so lovingly, it made Lena’s own cheeks spread.

The older Omega cupped Kara’s face. “Your Majesty, I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for my family. We’ve never had much and living in the slums, it can take its toll on even the strongest wills. People were dying in the streets. Pups weren’t making it pass their childhood”, the woman exhaled shakily.

“While your mother refused to give us any aid, you never forgot about us”, the older Omega continued with tears in her eyes. “You give me so much hope, not just for myself but for my grandson”, she said while looking over her shoulder at the young Beta. “I know that in your hands, he will have a better life.”

The older woman caressed Kara’s face with her fingers, making the Alpha smile brightly. “You have no idea how much happiness your words bring me. Thank you so much for being here and believing in me.”

The older Omega smiled warmly before placing a short kiss on Kara’s forehead then turned her eyes on Lena. It startled her a bit, not being used to people looking at her like she held all the answers.

“I was there, in the slums, when you guided us all to safety”, the woman told her and Lena ducked her head shyly. “You acted so courageous. A true leader. A true Queen”, the older Omega told her and Lena felt like everything fell into place.

“Thank you”, she whispered.

The older Omega let go of Kara’s hand and reached for her grandson. He was there in an instance, helping her in her steps. Lena quietly watched as the grandson led his grandmother to a chair nearby before returning to them.

By then, Kara was already on her feet, smiling so gently at the older Omega.

“Thank you for taking the time to meet my grandmother. It’s been a long-life wish of hers to meet you, Your Majesty. She wouldn’t stop talking about this day, of getting to meet you and your mate”, he smiled over at Lena.

“The pleasure was all ours”, Lena said.

“Yes, please, if you and your family need any assistance, we would be more than happy to help you”, Kara told him.

“That’s very gracious of you, Your Majesties”, he said before bowing and making his way back to his grandmother.

Lena watched him leave and the memory of the warmth and sincerity in the older Omega’s voice caused something to pull at her heart. It was something she had only felt on a few occasion. The day she opened the Luthor Children Hospital or when L-Corp was praised for it’s contribution to the community, that pull was there.

Lena and Kara stood in silence until Lena turned to Kara and saw a thoughtful look on her mate’s face.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

Kara exhaled before turning towards her with a gentle smile. “Yeah. Everything is finally okay.”

Lena smiled with a nod then tugged on her Alpha’s sleeve. “Come on, let’s go see our friends.”

Lena led the way and the two finally reached their friends and family. Lena saw Lex and Winn seated next to each other, deep into conversation, most likely exchanging ideas on new inventions, if the glim in Winn’s eye was anything to go by.

James and Lucy were off by the side, pressed close together. Lena smiled at the couple when they raised their glasses in her direction.

Eventually they came to a stop and Lena wasn’t the bit surprise when Alex and Maggie stood in front of them. She knew her Alpha would naturally gravitate towards Alex and she smiled as she watched the two friend’s meet half-way with a hug.

“I couldn’t have done it without you”, Kara said as they pulled away from their embrace. “You are the big sister I never had. You guided me and showed me what real strength was. All those years of your love and support, I owe you so much.”

The normally composed guard blushed and her eyes began to water. “It was all you”, Alex said while pointing at Kara’s heart. “Seeing you up there. I’m so proud of you.”

It must have been difficult growing up under Rhea’s thumb so Lena was grateful Kara had someone like Alex, someone so selfless and caring, to help her through all those years.

Kara’s movement caught Lena’s eye and her eyebrows knit when the Alpha dug into her uniform pocket and brought out a pin. Kara held it up to Alex and Alex looked at it with apprehension.

“Are you sure?” Alex asked.

Lena watched the interaction with confusion, not understanding the significance behind the pin.

“I can’t think of anyone else more qualified and capable than you to lead my army. You’ve earned this Alex and it would be an honor to bestow this title on you”, Kara spoke while stretching out her hand.

A light bulb went off in Lena’s head and she thought back to first meeting Alex. She remembered how nervous Alex had been when explaining one day she would be the leader of the Daxam army. It seemed like Alex still had some reservations about the title.

“You deserve this Danvers”, Maggie and Alex shared a look while the short brunette intertwined their hand and that’s all it took, one supportive look from Maggie and Alex was accepting the offer.

Kara beamed and stepped closer to her best friend. “First Charge Alex Danvers, I give you the rank of Principal and Sole Leader of the Daxam army”, she clipped the pin on Alex uniform.

Once the pin was clipped on her uniform, Lena saw no hesitation from Alex, just pure purpose and joy.

Maggie touched the pin with a small smile. “You did it.”

Lena stepped forward. “I want to thank you, both of you, for everything you did. If it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t be standing here.”

“Yes, thank you”, Kara agreed. “Maggie, what you and your father did for Lena, I could never stop repaying you. “

Maggie waved it off. “Think nothing of it.”

“I think a great deal about you Maggie. The bravery and leadership you showed when the invaders arrived, that’s the type of people I want in my army”, Kara told Maggie.

Maggie’s mouth opened but when no sound came out, she quickly shut it before looking around, trying to find something in the faces of Lena, Kara, and Alex.

“It would be a pleasure if you joined the royal guard”, Kara clarified her intentions.

“Are you serious?” Maggie said in disbelief.

“Alex told me she’s been teaching you fighting techniques and with a little more training, I know you will excel during the trails, so what do you say?”

Maggie’s dimples shone but instead of answering, she looked over at Alex.

Alex smiled softly, gently taking Maggie’s hands into her own. “You were meant for this. It’s in your blood.”

“What about pups?” Maggie asked.

“Remember what I said, you aren’t in it alone. We can have it all Maggie. You have so much potential. You are more than just a house Omega.”

Maggie was all teeth and dimples while turning to Kara. “Yes.”

Everyone smiled and laughed lightly, Maggie’s excitement becoming contagious.

“How about we celebrate with some drinks?” Kara offered.

“I never say no to drinks”, Alex replied receiving a groan from Maggie.

“Danvers, don’t over do it.”

“I’m off the clock babe”, was Alex response. “Where’s Lucy? I think it’s time for a rematch.”

Overhearing her name, Lucy looked over at them with a grin and it was James turn to groan. Lena smiled at her friend’s antics but when they walked to the bar, she stayed behind. Lena gave Kara a reassuring smile when she saw the Alpha’s questioning look.

“I’ll catch up”, she replied and eyed Winn.

Kara followed her line of vision and nodded with a warm smile before making her way to her friends. Turning to Winn, Lena smiled when she saw the Omega already walking towards her.

“Your Majesty”, he bowed with a smirk.

She laughed lightly. “I don’t think I’ll ever get used to people calling me that.”

“Queen Lena of Daxam. It has a nice ring to it”, he said with a smile.

She cast her eyes down at his compliment.

“How does it feel?”

Lena inhaled at the question. “It’s overwhelming.”

He bumped his shoulder with hers. “You guys are going to do great things.”

He smiled at her, waiting for some sort of reaction but all she could do was eye him quietly. Eventually his face scrunched when he noticed her somber expression.

“What’s the matter?”

She felt her chest contract, from pain or happiness, she wasn’t too sure and when she opened her mouth to say the words, she found herself unable to say them. Guilt rose up her throat and she scolded herself for being selfish. Just last night Kara was ready to give her up, if it meant her happiness. Lena wasn’t going to be selfish with Winn, no matter how much it hurt.

“You’re free Winn”, she nearly chocked on the words

Winn looked even more confused. “What do you mean?”

“We aren’t slaves anymore. You are free to go”, she told him and watched his face turn serious. “Lex is leaving in a few days. You are more than welcome to join him.”

Winn looked thoughtful, casting his eyes down and she fidget as the silence between them stretched.

Eventually he looked up with a smile. “Why would I leave now? Things are just getting interesting.”

Lena threw her arms around his neck and he wrapped his around her waist. “Wait”, she said and slightly pulled away. “What about your life back on Earth?”

Winn shrugged. “I honestly didn’t have much of a life back on Earth but here, I have you and everyone else”, he finished with bright eyes.

Lena laid her head on his chest. “I’m happy you are staying.”

He placed his chin on the top of her head. “I’m happy I’m staying too.”

Lena pulled away and smiled up at him before gesturing towards their friends. The two friends made their way to the group and rest of the night of full of laughter and love, each of them taking joy in being around love one’s.


5 Years Later

The strong pheromones emitting from the large royal bedroom escaped through the cracks and spread through the nearby corridors. One whiff had guards and servants scurrying the opposite direction, nobody daring to come anywhere near the bedroom, afraid to get caught up by the royal couple’s heat and rut cycle.

Even though they were near the end of their cycle, it didn’t lower the mated couple’s enthusiasm and anyone within ear shot, could hear their grunts and moan, with the faint sound of the bed frame creaking.

Inside the room, Lena laid completely flat against the bed while her head rested comfortably on a pillow, her head turned ever so slight to the left in order to take in much needed breaths, while a very eager Alpha moved at a fast pace behind her.

Kara was straddling the Omega’s behind, driving into Lena’s stretched and dripping center. The bed below them jumped from their movement and Kara was afraid the foundation beneath them might give out but that didn’t deter her actions.

In fact, it spurred her on and the sounds her Omega was making was like sweet music to her ears causing her hips to buck with new found energy in order to create more beautiful sounds.

The increase in tempo caused Lena to start crawling at the sheets and Kara smiled smugly before running her hand up and down the Omega’s back, eventually coming to settle on top of Lena’s firm butt.

Kara bit her lip while her eyes trailed Lena’s ass. It was so round and every time she disappeared into Lena’s cunt, ass cheeks jumped enthusiastically. She wasn’t sure how long her eyes stayed glued but when Lena pushed back with a whine, Kara knew her Omega needed more.

She braced herself with one hand, lifted her right leg, and pushed in, only fitting half her length.

“Oh fuck”, Lena screamed out at the new angle.

Kara moved Lena’s hair to the side, revealing the mating bite and growled while she buried her dick. A low moan rumbled in her throat as she worked her length and by the way Lena hugged her hard member, Kara knew the Omega was about to come undone but their current position wasn’t working for the Alpha.

She wanted to see Lena reach release. Watch her as she threw her head back and opened her mouth wide to unleash a loud moan.

So with whatever little willpower she possessed, Kara drew out of the inviting heat. She watched as her cock reappeared from Lena’s pussy, coated in wetness. She reached down and played with her shaft, wanting to get off with Lena’s wetness all over her but she stopped herself at Lena’s whine.

She smiled down at Lena before pressing light kisses on Lena’s back, all the way up to her neck. She nibbled at the mating bite before hovering her mouth next to Lena’s ear.

“I want to see you”, she whispered.

Lena chuckled and grinned before turning around. Kara eyes instinctively fell on Lena’s chest.

“You just want to see my breasts”, Lena raised her eye brow.

The Alpha ducked her head shyly, knowing the Omega had caught her staring. “They are very nice”, Kara whispered before dipping down and taking a nipple in her mouth.

Lena’s hand comb through her hair and Kara circled the nipple with her tongue.

“They are pretty distraction, aren’t they?” Lena teasing tone reached her ear.

Kara smiled against the perked nipple and nodded in agreement before devouring it with her mouth.

There were plenty of times when Kara found herself hypnotized by the tantalizing flesh. She stopped counting how many times her eyes would drift to Lena’s chest. The low cut dresses and blouses sure didn’t help.

Releasing the nipple with a loud pop, the Alpha eyed the round mounds, wanting to feel their weight in her palm but before she could reach out, Lena tapped her shoulder.

Kara gulped at the dark look in Lena’s eye and an excitement ran through her when she saw the mischievous smirk playing on Lena’s lips.

Lena pushed her breast together. “I want you between them.”

Kara was temporarily paralyzed by the request and only moved when she felt her dick twitch at what was being offered. Shaking away the cloud of lust, Kara planted her knees on either side of Lena’s torso and position her tip underneath Lena’s breasts, in between the valley.

She pushed forward, Lena’s wetness still coating her shaft, providing great lubrication as her dick grazed soft skin. Moan after moan escaped her parted lips as her cock disappeared between two round tits. She groaned when Lena pushed them further together, creating such a wonderful friction.

And when her tip finally poked out, Lena’s tongue was waiting. The Omega’s wet tongue lapped her head with so much hunger, a surge of arousal shot straight to her balls.

“Fuck”, she blurted out while throwing her head backwards.

But it wasn’t enough, Kara wanted to feel more of Lena’s mouth.

So the Alpha kept on pushing upwards until her head was resting blissfully inside Lena’s mouth. Lena closed her lips and moaned before sucking it greedily.

“Rao Lena, you are so good that baby”, Kara praised.

The Omega plump lips massaged her shaft while her tongue lapped her tip. It was such a sexy sight, watching her Omega take so much joy in tasting her. The way her face contorted with pleasure and her lips glided up and down the tip, Kara almost felt herself burst at the scene.

Retracting her dick from Lena’s mouth before she exploded, Kara instead focused on moving up and down, between the Omega’s breast. The blonde Alpha panted heavily, not believing what was happening. She grinned, loving how even after five years, Lena was still surprising her in the bedroom.

Being nuzzled in Lena’s bosom, Kara hummed at the softness, her hips unable to stop moving. Everything was so soft and with a few more bucks of her hips, the Alpha felt her knot forming.

“Get inside of me”, Lena commanded while she eyed the growing knot.

The brunette let her tits fall to the side and Kara pouted at the lost of visual but the prospect of being inside the Omega, had her tip coating Lena’s torso with wetness.

“That was so hot”, Kara commented before settling herself between Lena’s legs and crashing their mouths together.

She pushed her tongue into Lena’s mouth before nibbling on her lower lip.

“Your knot is forming”, the Omega said. Her eyes no longer green, just a dark black of want and need.

Kara heard the urgency in the words and pushed, bottoming out in one go. Her knot was forming and it was pushing against Lena, it throbbed painfully and Kara wanted to lock with her mate.

“I want you to take it all”, Kara ordered, a primal side emerging.

Lena smirked before arching her back upwards. “Don’t I always. Aren’t I always a good Omega? And take and keep everything you give me inside of me.”

Kara moaned at the words and pushed her knot further inside. Lena’s core vibrated around it, practically sucking it further in.

“I never let one drop go to waste”, Lena continued. Her voice raspy and dripping with arousal. “I wouldn’t dare let my Alpha’s cum go to waste.”

Kara pitched her hips upwards and locked herself within the Omega. She watched as Lena threw her head back, her eyes rolled back and she let out a hoarse cry. Seconds later, Kara buried her face in Lena’s neck and groaned out her release.

Hot seed burst from her tip and into Lena, it felt like it would never end as blinding pleasure ran up and down her body. And by the way Lena arched and moaned, her orgasm was just as intense, maybe even more so.

Eventually they both came down from their high and Kara brimmed when she looked down and didn’t see her load trickling down smooth thighs.

“See not one single drop escaped”, Lena purred.

Kara smiled down at Lena, not being able to imagine the last five years without her. It’s been quiet the adventure and every day with the beautiful brunette was a blessing. Tucking a strand of hair behind Lena’s ear, Kara heart melted at the gentle smile forming on Lena’s face.

She loved Lena more than she thought she could ever love anyone. Staring into green eyes, Kara saw her future. Saw every single moment. And it was full. And wonderful. It was happiness.

A gentle sigh escaped her lips and she laid her head on Lena’s chest. Content in the arms of her mate, Kara’s eyes fluttered close and she fell asleep with the sound of Lena’s heartbeat.


A warm gentle breeze drifted into the room causing Lena to stir. Her eyes slowly opened, alive and searching. The first thing she noticed was the balcony door open and immediately, she realized Kara was no longer asleep next to her.

She pushed herself upright and reached for her robe. Once her naked form was covered, Lena swung her legs to the side and her feet made contact with the floor. Her strides were long and within seconds, she had reached the entrance of the balcony.

Emotions that could only be described as pure joy lodged themselves in her throat. Kara stood next to the rails with their daughter in her arms. The Alpha gently rocked the newborn, being so gentle and careful.

She was singing a lullaby Lena had heard many times before but each time, it still took Lena’s breath away. The Omega slumped against the door frame, her emotions weighing heavily.

She placed her hand on her chest, as if it would somehow keep her heart from expanding beyond repair.

Lena inhaled at the image of her Alpha with their daughter, under the moonlight.

She thought of everything they had to endure in order to get to this point. She thought of the five years and all the changes they have made. Things hadn’t always been easy.

There were many against change. A lot of people invested in the business of slavery. Many who couldn’t accept Omega’s as equal and other’s that felt not all Daxamites were created equal.

But none of that deterred them, in fact it only fueled their desire to bring more changes.

It started small. Accepting Omega’s into the royal guard program. Providing better living conditions for people that lived in the slums.

Banishing slavery and cutting all connections with slave trading companies. Most importantly, shutting down production of advance weapons and trying to reverse the harm it caused on the sun.

While there were many against change, surprisingly, there were more in favor of change.

The people of Daxam celebrated the royal couple and wellness in Daxam had never been higher.

Deeming her time by the doorway too long, Lena crossed the distance and instantly felt at home next to her family.

“My father brought her because she was fussing a lot”, Kara said while smiling down at their daughter. “Maggie must have been knocking for hours to get one of us to wake up. She looked pretty upset. I told her you were to blame for tiring me out”, she chuckled softly.

Lena let out a bemused laugh thinking of a peeved Maggie. Alex had been right, being a guard was in Maggie’s blood. The Omega impressed many with her skills and was appointed Lena’s sole protector.

“She missed her mommies”, Lena gently played with her daughter’s hair.

“Want to hold her?”

Lena nodded and Kara carefully placed their daughter in her arms. Lena instinctively cradled her close.

“Mommy missed you”, she whispered.

“She quieted down when I brought her outside. I think she likes the light and sound of the city”, the Alpha said.

“I think it’s your company she loves”, she told Kara.

“It’s your company we love”, her mate replied before placing a gentle kiss on her lips.

“I love you” she whispered against Kara’s lips as they pulled away.

Kara pushed her glasses up and smiled shyly before throwing her arm over Lena’s shoulder. “I love you too. I love both of you, more than anything.”

Lena dropped her head on Kara’s chest and turned towards the city. Right here and now with her daughter in her arms and Kara next to her, Lena had all the pieces for true happiness. When she looked at her family, she was home.

Her daughter slightly stirred in her arms and her eyes dropped down to the bundle of joy.

Lena thought about everything they had accomplished and everything they will accomplish and sighed happily.

They were creating a better world. Creating a world their daughter would be proud to rule.

And she will rule.

One day she will take the throne, the first Omega ruler, and she will rule with the same compassion as her mothers, bringing hope to so many.

She will be Kara and Lena’s living legacy.

The End.