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deep blue sea

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Aaah what a beautiful sunny day and perfect to not do anything and stay in his king size bed all day . that what namjoon ( a young 23 old man from a rich family and a Rapper but that's just one his hobbies which his give it his all so he wont be forced to work for his old-man . he was good at it and everyone loved his work) . decided to do. tell a young very annoying boy was bouncing on his bed screaming about a trip to the beach house which hoseok he childhood friend owned . he really like taehyung the weird happy boy but at this moment he could kill him and tell everyone he never saw him .

*hyuuuuung. everyone is going and jungkookie said he wont go if u didn't go and if he didn't go jimin wont go and ill be alone .* the blond boy who is taehyung whined still bouncing on namjoons bed . namjoon is close with his six friends but he wasn't that willing to exchange his sleep for a trip with a screaming at everything bubbly hoseok and his grumpy sleeping all the time boyfriend yoongi which is a savag and like to burn namjoon at any giving chance . and a cocky teenager who wants to be good at everything and still be a little baby but wont confess his feelings for his crunch jimin . and to think of it jimin was a nice calm kid he was cute too so namjoon didn't complain about him . but when the three of them jimin kookie and tae wore in one place you can say goodbye to calm and peace . and there is taehyung who sometimes act like he is from another dimension.other than that all they wore his friends and he wont triad them for the world .
after what seemed to be ages of begging and promising that he will behave and he wont ever ask anything from namjoon the older gave into those big puppy eyes of his .and that how tae wins all arguments. that evening namjoon packed every thing he will need which wasn't that much since hoseok had everything in his( dad) beach house ready for them he only needed some clothes . he drove his car to jungkooks house to pick him and jimin up tae was already with him since he packed and out everything in namjoons car then woke him up . namjoon really need to know how that kid do it all and how can he have access to everything .after that he meet with the rest and start there trip after yoongis nagging about how he need more sleep .

after some time they arrived at house and settled down . *seokie im hungry get me food * yoongi whined as he settl him self on hoseoks lap earning a kiss and *eat me * as a respond everyone rolled their eyes at the lovey dove couple and the teenager boy blushed like hell running to his room in the process . namjoon ordered some food for everyone since he was hungry as well . after dinner everyone went to their room to sleep but namjoon wasn't feeling tired so he went for a walk on the cold sand .he really liked the sound of the waves and the cold breeze touching his skin. he sit down in the sand and lost track of everything going deep in his thoughts that's when her started to hear a what seemed to be a song he felt like he know the song be he couldn't know it at the same time the voice was mesmerizing and smooth calming and addicting . namjoon kept listening to the sound that was apparently coming from the water. was their someone swimming at this late at night in this cold water? or was he was just imagining things ?.
Namjoon felt something dragging him to the sound he needed to know the source of it .the sound was calling him it needed him .namjoon got up and walked in the water not given a damn about the cold or the waves crashing on him .the sound was getting closer and namjoon was going deeper and deeper into the water but he wasn't able to find anyone no matter how hared he searched .namjoon was freezing and tired. the smooth calming voice still called for him he felt sleep and began relaxing in the water and losing his breath .he felt himself going slowly under water closer to the sound .*yes i made it i well find who is calling for me.* namjoon thought to him self .but that didn't last as he felt something pulling him away from the sound and out of the water a hard slap on his face woke him up and forced him to struggle to get back on top of the water but he couldn't he was far deep in the sea . his eyes widen as a boy was holding him and dragging him away from the sound that was getting louder. namjoon was looking at him he was shinning under the moon light with big beautiful eyes and plump lips that now wore attached to his own lips they were soft and warm . he let the boy kissed him and apparently he was giving him air that he needed . after a moment of what seemed to namjoon like he was dead and went to heaven ended by him floating on the water able to reach the ground and stud up tell water reach his chest . the boy was still holding his waist and looking at him in the eyes .
*who r you ? what happened ? what was that ? * as soon as namjoon managed to catch his breath his started to ask but the boy didn't answer him he just pushed him out of water as the sounds got sharper like screams . namjoons brain didn't process what was going on but he trusted the boy who saved him and went out of water looking back to see the beautiful boy keeping a eye on him as the waves got rougher but he managed to get out and flop down on the sand seeing the eyes of the boy still on him and when he was assured he is save he swim away and namjoons eyes got bigger as he was a big fish tail .wth was that boy a fish ? did a fish kiss him ? is he dreaming or is he dead for real ? namjoon didn't believe what he saw he closed his eyes the sounds wore gone and so is his sanity for sure .

*omg what happened to him ?why is he here and like this ?* hoseok said worrying
*is he dead ? can i have his car* yoongi said while he checked his pulse
*HYUUUUNG HOW CAN U BE THIS COLD TO HIM . JOONIE DON'T DIE ON ME * tae screamed over namjoonis body . namjoons groaned and rubbed his face squirming from the sun burning him .* what happened ? where am i ?* he managed so say sitting up to look at his friends .they r all looked worried about him and confused . * i dont know man i was out for my morning run then i saw laying in here * hoseok told him as he helped him get up and into the house .* i must of have falling asleep while i was out there * he faked a smile not wanting to tell them what happen they will think he is crazy or something .
namjon took a shower and went to his room and layed down thinking of what happened last night .was it real or just a dream where he saw the most beautiful boy he could ever see . 2 day after in one warm summer evening jimin and hoseok said they wanted to play a game so everyone agreed to spend the time laughing and enjoying them self with games and drinks and snacks. they heard the door bell and jungkook was forced to go open the door and see who is it . shortly after he came called everyone *jhope ( the name he liked to call hoseok) hyung you have a guest * jungkook shouted to them . everyone hurried to the door to see a tall handsome young man with a chocolate cake in his hands a warm smile on plump pink lips and a soft pink hair and big pretty eyes that namjoon could swear on everything he could imagine belong to the same boy that saved him but this time he had legs not a fish tail . namjoon jaw dropped at he pushed paste the others to get closer to the man in the door . yoongi looked at him in wtf face *YAH namjoon we all know he is super handsome and hot but cant u keep it in ur pants and act normal ?* jhope laughed at that comment and went back to welcoming their guest * hi im hoseok but everyone call me jhope * he said with a big heart sharp smile as he draged the boy insideto the living room followed by the others introducing them self leaving namjoon not able to talk just looking at him with a shook . *hi nice to meet u all im jin kim seokjin . me and my mom just move here and she wanted me to give u this cake * jin said as he smiled at them .the maknae line jimin kookie and tae took the cake thanked him and run to the kitchen so they can taste it . namjoon now was looking at jin and yoongi smacked his head *stop scaring him you perv * . jin giggled and got up from the sofa * i need to now i hope u enjoy the cake * he bowed and turned around walking out of the house .yoongi run to the kitchen to eat as well leaving jhope and joonie alone .* r u OK joonie u seem strange lately ?* jhope asked with worry in his voice .* yeah yeah im OK its just i feel like i have meet him before* joonie sighted and rubbed his face .

that same night joonie was asleep when he heard that same voice singing he got up and went out side going in the direction of the sea again his mind was telling him no but his body was moving against his own will . what was happening to him? why is he following this sound into the sea again? is he going to die this time ? he thought to him self as he walked closer to the water . hearing the voice calling
come to me baby boy
come to me my little toy
ill make u feel the joy
all the enemy's can be destroy
ill give u all the things u need
ill make u the true king with no greed
come to me i plead .

Namjoon felt a hand drag him back and a pair of soft lips on his snapping him out of that sound effect. *didn't your parents ever teach you not to follow stranger's with candy . Or in this case a nice voice? * the same boy from before jin was standing next to him holding his wrist and looking at him *what's going on and why am I following the voice? * namjoon said as he grab the jin looking into his eyes for answers * I don't know what are u talking about but it's not time for swimming * jin surged and freedom him self from namjoons grip. Jin eyes got wide as he saw a big wave coming at them with a loud scream namjoon covered his ears as jin pushed him away from the sea to the sand . The water hit jin and namjoon rushed to help him after he realised what happened only to be surprised by a beautiful boy with a beautiful fish tail that glowed in the moon light with poke and white . He was sitting in the water. *it was true after all of didn't Imagen u * namjoon said happily as he got closer to jin *you r a fish a big pretty fish * namjoon couldn't believe it he had to touch the boy to make sure . Jin gaved him a confused look but snap iatrogenic I'm at the ^u r a big fish ^ remark *I'm not a fish you dumb human I'm a MEIRMAN the * he screamed the last part earning a more loud laugh from namjoon . Jin did know what was wrong with the other why didn't he run from him or call him a monster . Namjoon touched jins tail feeling it soft and a little slippery at his hands . *u r really hot but I didn't know someone who could be even hot when he is a fish * namjoon winked at him and jin blushed but managed to say that he wasn't a fish .
Jin and namjoon kept talking tell his tail dried and he had his legs back . The tall shirt he was wearing coverd him but still he blushed at the way namjoon looked at him . Jin explain that the mermaids use their sweet voice to lower men into their trap . And that he had to kiss him so the other won't try anything on him since jin didn't like the idea of killing humans for joy .namjoon felt him self falling for the boy with everyday he was with him . Jin visited namjoon everyday and got to know more about him and the rest of his friends.


One day jin was in namjoons bathroom cleaning him self after playing with the maknae line and getting marker all over him . He was tempted by the bathtub so he decided to take a bath no one was going to find him he already told them he will clean him self . So he got in the warm water making his tail turn red and orang from the warm water and his hair turn red . He started singing with his sweet angel voice. Soon after he got out of the tub still singing the door swing open and namjoon was pinning him to the wall kissing him roughly holding both of his hands on top of his head and gripping his waist hard with his other hand . Jin legs wore shaking he didn't full get control over them yet so he let namjoon hold him and slip his tongue in his mouth earning moans from jin .

Namjoon lifted him with ease and put him on his bed still attacking his neck with kisses and bits leaving red and purple marks. His hands roamed all over jin making him moan and whimper. *j-joonie ...* jin moan as he felt namjoon s hard member grind on his hard on .*I can't hold it anymore . U kept calling me * namjoon said between sucking and kissing the boy beneath him .*then pls don't hold back in want to feel u inside me * jin was begging namjoon to stop teasing him and fuck him right away . Namjoon didn't need to think twice he took his clothes off and spread the boys legs and thrusting roughly into his tight heat after preparing him jin was a moaning mess he loved the rough and hard thrusts of namjoon and every praise and dirty word he whispered in his ears *u r so fucking hot for me baby so tight and perfect for my cock * namjoon said between thrusts .jin moaned and ached his back as he felt namjoon hitting his prostate *aah fuck .... yes yes ... right there ..* he grips the sheets and moan as namjoon thrust deeper faster and rougher abusing his prostate his moved his hand to stroke jins dick earning a loud moan from him *j-joonie I'm. ..... I'm. ..cuming...* he managed to say with a voice almost like a scream * that's. . It babyboy cum for me show me how much ur pretty cock can drip form * with that jin came in namjoons hands and all over his stomach clutching his asshole over namjoonis cock making him cum after some hard thrusts . Namjoon layed next to jin catching his breath . *t-that was hot af jin * he said trying to Catch his breath. *ik I'm good at this * jin giggled as he kissed namjoon *mermaids use their voices to have sex with men then kill them * namjoon eyes widen at that remark *wait what * jin laughed and kissed him * well i wont kill u coz I love you and I'm not one of those evil mermaids * namjoon growled and bit jins lip as he kissed him * well idc as long as I'm with you u can do what ever u want with me * he made jin straddle him as they had their makeout season.

*can't they like fuck with out making the maknae horny af * yoongi said as he curled in jhopes lap pointing to jungkooks pants . Which made jungkook whine and run to his room like he always do .