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Para Para Paradise

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Just a week had passed since Falulu’s revival concert and her leaving Parajuku with Unicorn.
In the middle of Paprika Academy’s playground, standing on a box so she could draw more attention, Dorothy West announced:

- Hey kids~ Would any of you like to buy an original, genuine Paradise Coord? You can’t get one of these anymore! Place your bids, place your bids!
- Dorothy! - Interrupted Reona - What are you doing? That’s YOUR Paradise Coord! You can’t just sell that!
- Why not? If I find someone interested on it who offers a good price, what’s the problem?
- B... But it’s special!! You can’t just sell it on the playground, it’s a legendary coord! It’s something we earned, you earned it! Are you really going to throw it away like that?
- But Reonaaa, I’m not throwing it awaaay I’m doing business. Besides, how is it special now? Everyone on Pripara received a copy of it after we saved Falulu, having one is just not as cool anymore! Selling it, on the other hand, gives it a very fine use, ehehehe...
- What about the emotional value of it? The memories it holds, all those good times, the... the...
- I’ll give you 1000 pen for it - Said a little girl
- 1000? Offer me at least twice that or get lost!
- Dorothy!! - Said Reona
- What!? You were just telling me about how valuable it is but you want me to sell it just for 1000 pen!?
- No, not that! I mean, why are you trying to sell it to the younger kids? They haven’t gotten even their pritickets yet!
- Ex-act-ly! See my plan? These little kids weren’t there at Falulu’s funeral- I mean, Falulu’s revival concert, so they couldn’t get their own Paradise Coord like everyone else there. SO, if they want to have one for when they are finally able to enter Pripara, their only chance to get is to buy it from ME! Brilliant, isn’t it?
- Well, you’re right but... I mean, no!!
- I offer you 3000 pen for thy product, devi! - Said a small pesky girl
- It’s yours kiddo!
- Oh Dorothy! - Sighed Reona - I just hope you won’t regret this later...

[Year and a half later]

- What’s wrong Dorothy?
- AGH REONA... I’M SO MAD I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS. I looked at pamazon and look!! The price of the Paradise Coord goes over 30000 pen!! That’s TEN times more than what that kid gave me!!! AGH, HOW COME!?
- Tension relax Dorothy...
- I just don’t! Get it! Why is it more expensive now?
- Well uh... It’s... It’s not that weird I think...
- What do you mean?
- Well, you sold it right after every idol in Parajuku received one for free. It's been a while now, so a lot of new idols have received pritickets from back then
- SO?
- So well, new idols mean that the ones who received it for free aren’t the majority anymore, and it’s a rare item now. In some years it’ll probably be even more expensive
- That’s IT Reona! You’ve got it!!
- ...I do?
- Of course!! We have to wait a couple of years, no, maybe five, or even SIX, and then look again at the prices in pamazon, THEN we can put YOUR Paradise Coord on sale, maybe even an international sale! Imagine how much money we could make! Oh dang, maybe we could even try to find some advertisers for it. Maybe try to buy the Paradise Coords that Shion and SoLaMi SMILE have and sell them in a few years?? Imagine Reona!! Imagine how much we could earn like this!! We’d be covered in dough; we would never have to work like this!
- Dorothy... Dorothy, please, please stay in school...