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'cause young blood is different

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seokjin quite likes jungkook.

he especially likes him this way, he thinks with a wry grin.

"if you come," he pants, rolling down and stifling a moan when he's met with a particularly sinful suck against his rim, "noona will be, hah, so disappointed in you, baby. don't you want to make noona proud? show me what a big boy you are."

a strangled sound from below, high-pitched and desperate, and jungkook licks into him with renewed vigour, tongue hot and needy. seokjin doesn't miss the way his cock jumps in the confine of his pants, outline thick and pulsing and wetting a steadily growing patch at the front.

seokjin's got jungkook right where he wants; writhing underneath him, knees propped up and shirt bunched right up under his arms, palms splayed flat over his own pecs and trapped beneath seokjin's hands. he's stuck with nowhere to go and nothing to do but lie still with his head between his boyfriend’s heel-clad legs and work his mouth over seokjin, letting him push into the wet heat of his tongue repeatedly.

it's absolutely filthy, the way jungkook just takes what seokjin will give him, eats him out and lets moan after moan tumble past his lip and rumble into seokjin. the way he's helpless, abs clenching and legs trembling as seokjin rocks himself onto his boyfriend.

he doesn’t miss the way jungkook’s hands slip and shake violently against his chest, trying to pry away from the hold seokjin has on them, but seokjin doesn’t let up, puts all his weight into his own palms to keep jungkook still and pushes his ass back down over that filthy mouth of his.

“you like this, don’t you?” seokjin rolls his hips back and forth, and jungkook’s tongue follows, chasing and desperate. “could so easily, ah, throw me off, but you like being a little bitch for noona.” another helpless hiccup, and seokjin throws his head back, lacy kimono slipping down his shoulder and pink cock peeking through the slit of his garment.

the way jungkook keens below him and kicks a leg out when seokjin presses down just a tad bit more forceful, entire body pulled taught, has seokjin swiftly raising himself up and turning around, backing up until he’s sitting with his ass flush against jungkook’s clothed cock and his thighs bracketing his waist.

jungkook sobs, and seokjin laughs, breathless and giddy as he brushes sweaty bangs from his forehead.

his boyfriend’s not quite there, chest heaving beneath him and eyes glassy with want, cheeks flushed pink and embarrassed and treacherous to how much he loves this. now that his hands are free he can’t seem to figure out what to do with them, fists clenching open and closed on his chest. his mouth is slack and red and completely ruined, the mix of saliva and lube coating his lips shiny and wet.

he looks absolutely wrecked, and all this, just for seokjin; it brings a rush of pleasure coursing through his veins.

“such a baby,” he coos, leaning forward to brush a thumb over his boyfriend’s lips, and he hears him suck in a sharp breath. “almost came in your pants just from eating me out, and we haven’t even started.”

“m’not a baby,” jungkook protests weakly. seokjin smiles when he feels hands settle over his waist, lifting the hem of his kimono up an inch and letting the top of his thigh-highs peek through. “m’not, i’m twenty-two, i—”

seokjin doesn’t let him finish; swiftly moves his hand from jungkook’s mouth up into his hair, fingers slipping between dark locks and pulling tight. he’s unforgiving when he hauls him into a sitting position, and jungkook lets him, gasps as he’s cut off and pulled back to look up into seokjin’s eyes, back arching slightly and eyes watering.

“twenty-two,” seokjin repeats, mocking pout on his face, feeling jungkook tightens his hands around seokjin’s waist, silk folding between his fingers. “think you know everything; that you’re an adult. but you’re just out of college, barely out into the world.” he gives another harsh yank, baring jungkook’s neck further back, and he doesn’t miss the way his boyfriend’s adam apple bobs harshly. “you’re just a little boy, aren’t you?”

seokjin grinds down, relishes when jungkook whines and bucks back up into the touch, heat pooling into his gut slow and intoxicating. he hears jungkook’s breath stutter when he starts kissing at his neck, nose brushing over his jaw.

“just a scared, little baby,” seokjin continues, licking at the glistening skin, “who can barely hold on when i tell him to.”

“n-no,” jungkook gasps petulantly, childishly, despite the position he’s in; seokjin raises his head, and is met with jungkook’s gaze, a touch defiant behind the haze that lingers, and oh, does seokjin love this. “i’m a grown-up, i can—ah!”

seokjin smirks as jungkook jolts, hips thrusting at the harsh pinch over his nipple through his shirt. he does it again, and jungkook shakes against his relentless touch.

“you can what, jungkook? hm? make noona feel good? with this,” another push against his cock, another moan rising into the air, hands squeezing at seokjin’s sides, “little cock of yours? this measly little thing?” jungkook’s cheeks are cherry red with shame, eyes squeezed shut and lips bitten bruised.

when there’s no answer, seokjin gives another sharp tug at his hair, leaning over him; tightens his hold enough for it to burn as his boyfriend reflexively jerks away from the sensation, blinks teary, wide eyes open.

“well?” he prompts, shaking jungkook lightly. “can you? can you take care of noona?"

jungkook moans and nods eagerly, and seokjin, satisfied, pulls back and lets go. leaves his boyfriend’s lap, slinks off the bed to stand before him, heels clacking against the wood floor of their room.

“get up,” and jungkook hastily complies, scrambling to stand up. seokjin grins at the show of obedience. “take your pants off.”

he watches silently as jungkook obeys, fumbles with the zipper of his pants before chucking them and his underwear off, lets them pool at his feet and steps out of them as he’s left with just his shirt on. his cock bobs free and dark pink, head slick with precome, and seokjin hums.

he steps forward, until he’s pressed flushed against jungkook and feels the heat of his cock against his own through the fabric of his kimono. he’s already a little taller than jungkook, but with the added height of his heels, he looms over him. like this, jungkook looks so much more vulnerable, mouth parted and eyes fluttering upwards as seokjin slips a hand down to scratch at the v-line peeking below the hem of his shirt.

“here’s what you’re going to do, handsome,” seokjin breathes against jungkook’s mouth, feeling his boyfriend’s stomach jump under his touch. “if you want to prove to me how well you can give cock, how grown-up you are, you’re going to have to follow noona’s rules.”

jungkook listens, eyes wide and pupils blown, and seokjin quirks his lips upwards. he grabs his boyfriend’s hands, brings them down to slide over his thighs, grazing over nylon and then skin until they slip underneath his kimono and settle over his bare cheeks. jungkook follows easily, cupping and spreading the flesh with a groan.

“pick me up,” seokjin orders, knowing jungkook is helpless but to obey.

the force with which he hauls him up, forearms bracketing the back of seokjin’s thighs, has one of his heels tumble off his foot and clack against the floor, and seokjin is quick to kick off the other one before squeezing his calves against jungkook’s hips. he slides his hands up his chest, until they rest right above his pecs, fingers splayed beneath the wrinkled fabric of his shirt.

“my, what big boy muscles you have, jungkook-ah,” he mocks, and jungkook flushes furiously. seokjin grins, because oh, is this going to be fun. “let’s see how long they hold up, shall we?”

“what—” jungkook shifts around, bracing one arm beneath seokjin’s ass and the other slinking upwards, fingers tracing over his spine in molten patterns. “what did you have in mind?”

seokjin grinds forward, effectively trapping his own hardening length between them, and jungkook bucks into nothing when the head of seokjin’s cock slips through the slit of his kimono, pressing onto his chest hot and heavy and smearing a trail of precome.

“you’re going to fuck me like this.” seokjin revels in the way jungkook’s eyes immediately glaze over at the words. “you’re going to hold me with those big muscles of yours, show me how big and strong you are, and you’re going to fuck me into the wall, see if you're able to fill me up nice and good.” he gives a light pat against jungkook’s cheek. “how does that sound, baby?”


a smack cuts across the room, and jungkook’s head whips to the side, eyes stunned and breath ragged. seokjin rubs over the cheek he’d just hit, ruddy and scorching and lovely.

“what was that?” he asks, tone mocking. “one more time, handsome.”

jungkook gulps, eyes glossy; he’s so far gone, eager to please, and a stab of heat bursts through seokjin’s core.

“n… noona.” seokjin hums, pleased.

“that’s more like it. now, what do you think? want to make noona feel good?”

yes,” jungkook hisses, already shifting to accommodate him, and seokjin moves with him, grinning.

in a few swift steps, jungkook carries them away from the bed and shoves seokjin against the wall with a grunt, fingers pushing into the flesh of his thighs and trapping him; it brings a renewed rush of arousal to seokjin. he wraps his legs around jungkook's waist and slots his arms around his neck as his boyfriend steadies them.

this close, seokjin can feel jungkook’s heartbeat against his own ribcage, beating wild and thudding. he sees his pretty skin flushed all over and damp, mouth still slack and wet with lube, dirty all over. most of all, he can feel the scorching heat of jungkook’s cock against his backside, heavy and wanting.

seokjin raises an eyebrow; rolls downwards, loving the surprised pleasure that flickers across his boyfriend’s face, mouth parting in a silent moan.

"well?” he slips a hand under jungkook’s shirt, nails leaving little marks across his spine. “get to it, handsome.”

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when jungkook pushes in, slow and teeth gritted, seokjin sighs out quietly, tries not to make a peep and instead plays with a lock of hair at the back of his boyfriend’s head.

jungkook eventually bottoms out, and when seokjin meets his eyes, they’re dark and half-lidded, lower lip being bitten raw with the effort it takes for his boyfriend to hold back and keep seokjin up. he feels hands brushing up and down the back of his thighs, jungkook’s arms flexing with the weight and added effort.

it feels incredible, but seokjin’s not about to let jungkook know that, his boyfriend looking at him with something equal parts hopeful and hazy with pleasure. not without first playing around a little bit.

“is that all you’ve got?” he pouts, and revels in the way jungkook’s face falls. “my, my, so i was right. baby jungkook has a matching baby cock and can’t take care of noona. what a shame.”

he can feel the violent twitch of jungkook’s cock within him, rubbing at his walls; feels the small spurt of precome dribbling and wet inside, and seokjin’s grin grows sharp at the knowledge.

“no,” jungkook whines, and in one small heft, pushes seokjin up against the wall further, caging him in. “n-no, i can, please—” he tries to thrust up, jostling them around, but seokjin swiftly tweaks at a nipple and tugs at his hair in warning, and that shuts jungkook up very quickly, back curving forward with a low groan.

“did i say you could move?” seokjin asks softly, and jungkook sucks in a breath, shakes his head no. seokjin rubs at his nipple a little gentler, now, and he can feel the tremors racking up his boyfriend’s spine, hands at the back of his thighs in a death grip, nails scratching over his thigh highs. “come here.”

he pulls the collar of his kimono downwards, letting his shoulder slip through while his other hand tugs jungkook towards him, letting him latch onto his neck. jungkook lets himself be tugged around, pliant like a puppet, and seokjin sighs when his boyfriend presses against him, mouthing at his neck and shoulder line in soft nips. this way, his own cock is trapped between them, rubbing against silk and cotton and relieving some of the pressure mounting within him.

jungkook, however, can’t seem to help himself, and seokjin feels him give small, staccato jerks up into him, shallow little rolls of his hips as he continues to paint bruises over the skin of seokjin’s neck. he can feel the little whimpers rolling off his tongue with every upward push he gives, breath hot and wet against him, and oh, that won’t do now, will it.

“just listen to yourself,” seokjin coos, gasping at a particularly harsh suck. “look at you, you’re like a dog. noona’s little, pathetic, eager puppy. just want to come, don’t you?”

jungkook keens at the comment, muffled and low, but he doesn’t stop his movements, and seokjin tsks.

“answer noona, handsome.”

when jungkook lifts his head, seokjin is hit with the way his eyes shine dark and wanting, the way his cheeks look juicy red and plump. he can feel his heart thump against his own ribcage, quick and hard, sees the sweat lick down the side of his neck with the self-restraint he tries to exert. seokjin grins.

“what a pretty blush,” he murmurs, letting one finger brush up and down the side of jungkook’s face and loving the way it reddens further at his words and touch. “do you want this?” an eager nod.

“i want this, n-noona—”

he’s still embarrassed about the name, isn’t he. seokjin leans down, lets his finger fall under jungkook’s chin to grip it tight and mold his lips against his boyfriend’s. he feels more than he hears the relieved sob following it, jungkook letting him take and take, mouth pliant and all too willing beneath his. when he pulls back, there’s a string of saliva connecting their lips, so he picks it up with a finger and taps it to jungkook’s lips, letting him suck and swirl his tongue languidly around the digit.

“mm, that felt good, didn’t it. you want more?” seokjin continues softly, heat stirring with every one of jungkook’s pushes up inside him, jungkook who hasn’t relented completely and still seeking pleasure without permission; the tip of his cock barely grazes his prostate with every movement. “so why don’t you beg for it.”

and that makes jungkook still, eyes widening a little. seokjin takes that moment to wrap his arms back around his shoulders, pressing his thighs as hard as he can against jungkook’s waist and brusquely clench around him, squeezing on his cock. he absolutely adores the hiccupping moan he gets in return.

“well?” he arches an eyebrow, grinning silly. “you wanted to prove to me you’re not a little boy anymore. you know, big boys aren’t afraid to beg once in a while. so come on.” he roams a hand at the back of his boyfriend’s neck, pulling at a few locks and twisting them around his finger. “beg.”

jungkook licks his lips, takes a shuddering breath.

“please—” he says, but it’s meek and he’s looking down and that’s not what seokjin wants. he pulls harder, their eyes meeting and the haze is back in his boyfriend’s gaze, lips trembling and cheeks redder than ever.

“what was that? a little louder for noona, handsome.”

“n-noona. noona, please let me fuck you,” and oh, are those tears seokjin sees peeping out the corners of those lovely eyes of his? “i’ll, i’ll do anything, i’ll be so good, please,” jungkook gasps, shuddering with every word and pushing, crowding seokjin against the wall and fingers spreading beneath his thighs. seokjin feels pleasure rush downwards at the show his boyfriend is giving him.

“alright, baby. fuck noona. fill me up nice and good, mm?”

jungkook gives a relieved hiccup, loud and desperate and he immediately sets up a rhythm, hard and unrelenting as he slides his cock in and out of seokjin, slick squelches rising in the room while he holds him up against the wall. seokjin bounces back on him, his own straining length trapped between them and brushing over skin and fabric with mind-numbing friction.

it’s lovely, but he’s not quite got jungkook exactly where he wants; just one last push.

“i think you can do a little better than that, can’t you?” seokjin clucks his tongue, mock-disappointment lacing his words, and he knows he’s getting there when jungkook lets out a frustrated sob, pushing into him faster and deeper and making his back thud against the wall. “or were you just all talk, when you said you were a big boy who could take care of me?”

jungkook looks up then, mouth parted as he pants and his eyes pleading, shining and glossing over with shame.

“n-no, noona, please—”

“it’s a pity, you know,” seokjin continues as if he hadn’t heard his boyfriend speak. jungkook’s cock hits his prostate dead on and he jolts, swallows back the moan that threatens to bubble out. “could just as well leave you here and fuck myself on a dildo and i’d get better pleasure than from this.”

the best sex is always when jungkook gets a little angry. when he gets a little humiliated, pushed around until he can’t take it anymore and goes rough and forceful with the need to please seokjin, and tonight is no different. seokjin smirks to himself when he sees that flash of anger spark through jungkook’s eyes, and there it is. here we go.

“no one, nothing can fuck you better than me,” jungkook snarls, grip bruising and hurting over seokjin’s thighs, nails biting his skin. “just me. just me,” he adds, words laced with desperation.

“so show me, handsome.” seokjin punctuates his words with a roll downwards, and jungkook moans low. “fuck noona like you mean it.”

and that’s it; jungkook lets go, jerking his hips forward and it’s brutal, cock pushing against seokjin’s prostate with every thrust and seokjin finally lets himself moan out loud, head falling back against the wall and cock weeping messy and pretty between them.

“oh, fuck—”

jungkook fucks him filthily, rough and unforgiving and seokjin can feel the heat rising around them, feels the silk of his kimono gliding across the sweat on his back with each thrust. jungkook pushes him into the wall quick and hard and seokjin meets him every time with his own downward thrusts, rolling his hips as much as he can in small circles.

“mm, doing, ah, doing so well, baby, doing so good for noona.”

everything is wet, seokjin feeling the mix of lube and precome slip out whenever jungkook pulls back before thrusting back in with slick sounds, spreading filthy over the both of them. when he slips his hands down to grip at jungkook's arms, he can feel his biceps bulging, muscles taut as jungkook holds him up against the wall.

noona,” jungkook gasps, breath ragged and eyes glossy and seokjin squeezes around him, revels when he gets a whimper in answer. “noona, noona, noonaah—”

jungkook pushes in impossibly closer, erasing whatever little space there was left between them, and seokjin is left trapped with no way to move, feeling warmth cage him all over. his boyfriend’s thrusts are growing sloppier and shallower until seokjin feels him bite at his shoulder with a drawn-out whine and the spurts of come that suddenly coat his insides, warm and messy and filling him up with his cock pulsing heavy and seokjin moans at the sensation. jungkook’s come before seokjin could, body taut and trembling against him.

before seokjin can do anything, jungkook swiftly pulls out, grabs seokjin’s backside with intent and hauls them around, pushing seokjin back on the edge of the bed before kneeling between his legs and propping them over his shoulders. seokjin doesn’t have time to process anything before jungkook swiftly pushes the hem of his kimono aside and takes him in one go, thumbs going to spread him open and brush against his slick hole while he sucks him off.

seokjin’s back arches from the mattress, pleasure engulfing him and moans spilling from his lips as jungkook doesn’t let up, whimpers along as he keeps bobbing his head up and down seokjin’s length and pushes a thumb inside him, spreading the mess of lube and come around.

“baby, fuck, keep going, you’re doing s-so well for noona, ah—!”

jungkook whines in assent, spurred on as he swallows around seokjin and pushes another finger inside him, and seokjin is so close, reaching forward with one hand to grab at jungkook’s hair and tug with every suck over his cock.

“almost there, h-handsome, almost—” and when seokjin lifts his head, legs shaking around jungkook, it’s to see jungkook looking right back at him, spit dribbling down from his mouth and over his cock, lashes wet and shirt rumpled to hell, and that coupled with one final graze to his prostate is all it takes for seokjin to come, letting go with a strained yell and his hips jerking up into the heat of jungkook’s mouth, come spilling past his lips. he hears jungkook choke and gag around him as he shakes with his release, stomach clenching until he’s panting and letting go of his boyfriend’s hair, letting his head fall back against the mattress and closing his eyes.

he feels jungkook slip his fingers out of him, cock slipping off his lips with a soft pop and hears the bed dip around him. a shadow looms over him as his boyfriend slowly crawls above him. there’s a nose brushing against his jaw, lips gently kissing along his chin and up his cheek, and seokjin grins tiredly.

“noona,” he hears mumbled over his skin, jungkook nuzzling into him and his thighs pressing against his sides as he lowers himself to lie atop seokjin. seokjin brings a hand up to slide under his boyfriend's damp shirt and rub over his back.

“such a good boy for me, jungkook-ah.” the kisses don’t let up, jungkook pressing them wherever he can. “did so well, i’m proud of you. hyung’s proud.”

he brings a hand to cup jungkook’s face just as jungkook sags against him, relieved and smiling shy, and it’s over. seokjin flutters his eyes open and is met with red cheeks and a pink mouth. they’re both dirty as all hell, chests sticking to their own tops and sweaty all over, not to mention the mess of come and lube below. seokjin doesn’t mind; that just means they can bathe and clean up together.

“you know i don’t mean those things, jungkook-ah, right?” he always asks after, and jungkook always answers in kind, but seokjin likes to make sure.

“i know, seokjin-hyung.” jungkook presses a small kiss to his lips, backing up with a blush. “i know you don’t mean any of ‘em. it just—i don’t know. it feels good in the moment. to hear it. even if it’s kind of mean. besides,” and jungkook smirks at this, “we both know my cock’s not that little anyway.”

seokjin huffs a laugh out, grinning wide at the smug look his boyfriend is giving him. “you got that right.”

jungkook smiles big and happy at the admission, nose crinkling, and he goes back in for another kiss, lazier and deeper than the first. seokjin lets him, opens his mouth for his tongue to push inside, curling warm and comforting with a small hum.

for all the fun seokjin likes to have with his boyfriend, he has to say his favourite moments are these ones, when they’re sated and relaxed; with jungkook soft against him, smiling against his lips and their heartbeats against each other’s.