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Iida added All Might Jr, Uravity, Zuko, knuckles, electabuzz, Alien Queen, tentacool, sugar spice, Prince Charming™, Snow White, duct tape dude, o shit waddup, Edgelord, bassic, Momo, karate kid, Invisible Girl and grape grabber to the chat


Iida: I thought it would be a good idea to keep track of the class in a group chat. Please only use this chat for school related matters or emergency situations.

Uravity: good idea iida!!!

Iida: Thank you, Uraraka.

Alien Queen: a group chat??!! h e LL YEAH

electabuzz: YOOOOOO

knuckles: yooOOOOOO

Iida: ..

Iida: This is not school related matters.

electabuzz: we’re in school my dude

knuckles: wheres blasty mcsplodes tho

Iida: I did not have him on here.

knuckles: lmao k hold on


knuckles added Explodokills to the chat


Explodokills: what the fuck is this

Alien Queen: a party


Explodokills left the chat


duct tape dude: why is he like this

electobuzz: idk man


knuckles added Explodokills to the chat


Explodokills: NO


Explodokills left the chat


knuckles: duuuude


knuckles added Explodokills to the chat



knuckles: hell yeah

Explodokills: FINE

electabuzz: yikes

Explodokills: i will end you

bassic: Yikes™

electabuzz: why is kiri the only one with blasty on here

knuckles: because he tolerates me

Explodokills: go to hell shitmuffin

Alien Queen: he actually isn’t the only one

Alien Queen: the whole #team bakugou has him on here

duct tape dude: hell yea

Explodokills: go die

Alien Queen: that means ‘i love you’ in bakagou

electabuzz: bAKAGOU

Explodokills: thaT’S FUCKING IT


Explodokills left the chat


knuckles: ugh


knuckles added Explodokills to the chat


Explodokills: let me LEAVE YOU DIPSTICK

knuckles: nah



Invisible Girl: im reading through the nicknames in the chat and im honestly laughing so much whO’S SNOW WHITE

Alien Queen: it’s obviously kouda???

Invisible Girl: O H

Snow White: (❁´◡`❁)

Alien Queen: !!! ( ´ ▽ ` )b  

Invisible Girl: is sugar spice a spice girls reference

sugar spice: yes

Invisible Girl: yEAH

sugar spice: the spice girls are queens

Alien Queen: agreeeeed

Inviible Girl: amen to that

Alien Queen: sugar spice is satous spice girls oc

Invisible Girl: lmAO

Invisible Girl: btw kiri did you style your hair like knuckles on purpose or did it just accidentally look like knuckles and you embraced it

knuckles: pal

knuckles: knuckles is my hero and my inspiration

electabuzz: what a fucking nerd

bassic: says the guy who’s basically pikachu’s bastard human son

knuckles: asdfghjjl omF G

electabuzz: jirou w h Y

Alien Queen: talking about looks,,,,

Alien Queen: honestly ive been wondering abt this a lot

duct tape dude: what

Alien Queen: like

Alien Queen: is kiris hero outfit meant to look like bondage gear or did that just happen

Alien Queen: it looks kinky as hell either way

Momo: How lewd

bassic: lmAO YOU’RE RIGHT

duct tape dude: im fucking yelling

knuckles: n o  w h y  w o u l d  y o u  s a y  t h a t

sugar spice: hate to break it to you but she’s kind of right


bassic: what WAS the intention

knuckles: i wanted to look cool and manly

bassic: k

Alien Queen: k

duct tape dude: k

electabuzz: k

sugar spice: k

Prince Charming™: k

Invisible Girl: k

Uravity: k

Edgelord: k

o shit waddup: k

All Might Jr: k

knuckles: g u y s

duct tape dude: u sure u didnt want to have the tits out

knuckles: fuckIGN


duct tape dude: sounds like an excuse to have the tits out and show off the abs

electabuzz: dw man you have some good abs

duct tape dude: yeah man you have a great body

Invisible Girl: lmao that’s gay

duct tape dude: it sure is

electabuzz: full homo

duct tape dude: gay as hell 11/10

knuckles: why are you like this

duct tape dude: you’re the one who basically cried because bakugou was so manly

knuckles: asdhjg sTOP

All Might Jr: well if it’s any consolation, i think your costume is really cool kirishima!

knuckles: aw thanks man

duct tape dude: im honestly not complaining i mean it IS as hot look kiri

electabuzz: tbh what’s up with lots of ppl in our class being hot as hell in their hero outfits

duct tape dude: like todoroki?

elecabuzz: yeah

Zuko: i literally wear a baggy jumpsuit

duct tape dude: yeah and that’s unfair because you fucking pull it off either way and look hot

Zuko: um

Zuko: thanks?

electabuzz: just take the compliment katy perry

Alien Queen: kATY PERRY

Alien Queen: WHAT

bassic: ,,i fucking get it and im choking

Zuko: ..?

electabuzz: katy perry,,, you know,, she sings the song hot n cold??

Alien Queen: O H

duct tape dude: holy shit

Edgelord: Omfg



Zuko left the chat


duct tape dude: tbh same

electabuzz: why wont he accept the truth


electabuzz added Zuko to the chat


Zuko: end me

bassic: same

knuckles: same

duct tape dude: same

electabuzz: same

Edgelord: Same

tentacool: same

sugar spice: same

All Might Jr: same

karate kid: same

Invisible Girl: same

Alien Queen: same

Uravity: same

o shit waddup: same



bassic: who the fuck left their phone in the classroom

duct tape dude: whoever it is obviously can’t answer if they forgot their phone

bassic: i know but someone is calling and kirishima and kaminari are dancing and lip syncing to the ringtone

duct tape dude: what

bassic: literally

bassic: it’s the fucking circulation meme

bassic: you know

Uravity: i’m more worried that they know the lyrics to the entire song

duct tape dude: i can’t beLIEVE they’re memeing without me

duct tape dude: im omw

Invisible Girl: lookatthemgo.mp4

All Might Jr: i’m kind of impressed

duct tape dude: btw doesnt satou like circulation memes

Invisible Girl: you’re the meme dude you’d know

bassic: that’s true

Uravity: the case is kind of cute actually? like pastelly?

Prince Charming™: is it spAARKLY thought ;^))

Uravity: no

Prince Charming™: noo because my phone case is The sparkliEST

o shit waddup: good for you

duct tape dude: pastelly? sounds like satou’s phone tbh

bassic: btw i have bluetooth speakers i'll keep playing songs it looks like kiri and kami are going to keep dancing

Invisible Girl: bless

Alien Queen: asdfghjk aizawa just entered the classroom, saw kiri and kami and left lmAO

Invisible Girl: are we going to talk about kiri’s body rolls

duct tape dude: yes let’s

Alien Queen: who knew my boy could move like that

Invisible Girl: well bakugou didnt know

Alien Queen: why are you saying that

Invisible Girl: because he just entered the classroom and is staring in shock

duct tape dude: he’s blushing

Alien Queen: omg he IS

bassic: hah gay

duct tape dude: i agree it is gay

Alien Queen: i feel bad for the parts of the class that aren’t here rn they’re missing out

Invisible Girl: but that’s why we’re writing about everything happening in the chat duh

duct tape dude: kiri just noticed baku staring and winkED

duct tape dude: the homosexuality in this room is strong even if bakugou just growled and walked away

Alien Queen: when will those idiots do something about their feelings

bassic: to be fair kiri is flirting a lot

duct tape dude: yeah i mean what dude walks up to his classmate and demands that he rides him that’s not very straight or subtle


bassic: i was going to say that i’m impressed he did it with a straight face but it wasn’t really straight was it

duct tape dude: t r u

knuckles: G U Y S

knuckles: asdfgfjn don’t talk about this in the group chat what hte fuck hE’S IN IT

Invisible Girl: but we hAVE to

electabuzz: also it doesn’t matter if we talk about it the chat it’s not like you’re subtle in person if he hasn’t realized that you’re flirting with him already he probably needs to read it

duct tape dude: oi bakagou if you read this go and be gay with kiri

knuckles: ASDFGHJK ST O P

knuckles:  i’m subtle

Alien Queen: honey you wouldn't know subtle even if it punched you in the face



Iida: I made this chat so we could keep each other posted on homework, not so you could use it during class. Please refrain from using the group chat for these.. worrying.. discussions.

electabuzz: lmao k

Chapter Text

electabuzz: do y’all ever just like,,, stop for a moment and rethink all your life choices and wonder what the fuck led you up to where you’re now

duct tape dude: what the fuck are you talking about

bassic: are you stuck charging someone’s phone again

electabuzz: not this time

bassic: so what is it

electabuzz: my hand’s stuck

duct tape dude: ??

bassic: where


electabuzz: in a fence

duct tape dude: um

knuckles: dude are you alright

electabuzz: depends on your definition of alright

electabuzz: im not injured,, if my wounded dignity doesnt count

bassic: i didnt think you had any dignity to start with


tentacool: do you need help

electabuzz: y e s

tentacool: omw text me where you are

electabuzz: thanK YOU

bassic: also i’m kind of surprised your small brain can handle a word such as definition

electabuzz: ouch

duct tape dude: why is your hand stuck in a fence though what’s the story here

electabuzz: i saw this fence and thought “hey i wonder if my hand fits”

electabuzz: so i tried

electabuzz: now im stuck

bassic: useless pansexual

electabuzz: no im like a multipurpose pansexual i can even charge phones

electabuzz: hella useful

bassic: yet your hand is stuck in a fence because you needed to see if your hand could fit

bassic: everyday i think you can’t get more stupid but you keep surprising me

bassic: it’s almost impressive

electabuzz: you think im impressive

bassic: impressively stupid

electabuzz: ouch

duct tape dude: who even thinks “yeah idk if my hand will fit but iMMA TRY” like

duct tape dude: cmon man

bassic: well obviously short circuit over there

duct tape dude: honestly

duct tape dude: short circuit shouldve been your hero name my dude

electabuzz: alright fuck you bro

duct tape dude: when and where

electabuzz: right here right now

duct tape dude: nah sorry man not when you’re stuck in a fence i dont wanna walk that far

bassic: lmao

electabuzz: asdfgjkj

tentacool: almost there

electabuzz: my hERO

electabuzz: shouji is the only one i can trust in this fucking class

electabuzz: and kouda

Snow White: 〳 •́ ﹏ •̀ 〵

electabuzz: see he’s too good

Snow White: (❁´◡`❁)


All Might Jr: hey guys?

Alien Queen: yeah

All Might Jr: we should name the group chat

Uravity: i agree!

Iida: A very good idea, as expected from Midoriya.

knuckles: that’s a great idea!!

knuckles: but what tho

electabuzz: we need something that describes our class

Explodokills: a bunch of assholes and kouda

knuckles: asdfgh

bassic: i hate to agree with bakugou but it’s kind of accurate

electabuzz: we need more flare in the name that’s to plain

Explodokills: A Bunch of Assholes & Kouda™

electabuzz: bye

Prince Charming™: How about….. Aoyama’s Angels~~  ☆☆☆

bassic: no

knuckles: no

electabuzz: no

Prince Charming™: ;^( ☆

Edgelord: How about

tentacool: babe don’t go for anything dark and edgy that’s just you

Edgelord: Whatever

Alien Queen: ASDFG BA  B E


tentacool: a while ago

electabuzz: anD YOU DIDNT TELL US

Edgelord: We felt no need to tell everyone about our new relationship

tentacool: what he said


Edgelord: Well thanks

tentacool: thanks

bassic: alright so now that we’ve made clear that their relationship is queer

bassic: we still need a name for the chat

electanuzz: aizawa’s idiots

bassic: no that’s just you and kirishima

knuckles: b ye

bassic: lmao

Alien Queen: oooo i got it!!!!


Alien Queen changed the chat name to Dysfunctional Super Family™


electabuzz: tbh that’s accurate

Alien Queen: ty i try

knuckles: we ARE like a family

Explodokills: no we’re not you fucking idiot

knuckles: aw dont be like that ;^(

Invisible Girl: if we’re a family does that mean aizawa is the dad

duct tape dude: and would that mean present mic is dad 2?

Invisible Girl: what

Alien Queen: pls tooru everyone knows aizawa and mic are gay and in love

duct tape dude: yeah

All Might Jr: WHAT

electabuzz: midoriya pls

electabuzz: it’s as obvious as kiris crush on bakugou

knuckles: i donT HAVE A CRUSH ON BAKUGOU

duct tape dude: whatever makes you sleep at night i guess

All Might Jr: .. i never noticed

Alien Queen: it’s fine we still love you

bassic: i heard that present mic is the one who gave aizawa his hero name

electabuzz: that’s a better love story than twilight

Alien Queen: ANYTHING is a better love story than twilight

Explodokills: what the fuck do you mean with a crush on bakugou

electabuzz: exactly that

knuckles: NOTHING

Alien Queen: kiri i hate to break this to you but he can read the convo honey

knuckles: asdfgh reMOVE THE EVIDENCE

duct tape dude: he has already seen the evidence


Explodokills: you’re serious

Alien Queen: yeah he actually has a crush on you man even though no one of us can figure out why

Explodokills: shut the fuck up

knuckles: aSHIDO

knuckles: B YE


knuckles left the chat


duct tape dude: he ded

Explodokills: what the fuck

electabuzz: go afteR YOUR MAN??

Explodokills: WHAT


Explodokills: and do what?? punch him???

bassic: yes

Explodokills: what

bassic: punch him in the face. softly. with your mouth.


Alien Queen: he likes you and you obviously like him back sO GO GET SOME


duct tape dude: we’re talking about feelings

duct tape dude: have you heard of those

Explodokills: fucking hilarious soy sauce face

duct tape dude: k


Explodokills: i’m not fucking doing it

duct tape dude: alright man don’t do it

Explodokills: don’t fuckiNG TELL ME WHAT TO DO

electabuzz: did he just go offline

duct tape dude: yeah he did

duct tape dude: i think he’s actually doing it

Alien Queen: guess we’ll wait then




electabuzz added knuckles to Dysfunctional Super Family™


electabuzz: did bakugou sweep you off your feet bro

duct tape dude: or are we going to have to punch him

bassic: yeah bc it’d be so sad if we had to punch bakugou

knuckles: i have a boyfriend

electabuzz: HOLY SHIT WHAT

bassic: no way

Uravity: NO WAY

Alien Queen: DETAILS

Alien Queen: i need to knOW EVERYTHING

knuckles: ait so he texted me and told me to meet him right and i was like 100% sure he wanted to fight me

knuckles: and i get there and he’s just all stiff and awkward and is like “were you joking”

knuckles: and im there like?? joking about what??? until i realized he was talking about my gay feelings and like holy shit i couldnt lie when he was looking at me all awkwardly like wtf

knuckles: but i didnt wanna freak him out and i almost said i think im in love with you but instead i said “i think i’m in,, like with you”

electabuzz: IN LIKE WITH YOU

electabuzz: SAME

knuckles: so he just walked up to me and i was ready for a punch in the face for real and then he stops,, kisses me on the cheek and says “i think im in like with you too” boy i was sWOONING in a really manly way


electabuzz: who wouldve thought bakugou could be Soft


knuckles: i hAD TO

Explodokills: im breaking up with you

knuckles: no man no takebacks

electabuzz: yeah man you’re IN LIKE aren’t you

duct tape dude: bakugou how does it feel to have positive feelings towards another person

Uravity: bakugou admitting he can feel other things than anger and disgust towards another person?? what’s next? admitting he tolerates our class?

bassic: the day he admits he tolerates the class is the day we know for sure that the apocalypse is near

Explodokills: i hate this fuckign family

Chapter Text

knuckles: guys im sobbing

knuckles in a v manly way

electabuzz: what’s up

knuckles: you know how bakugous hand sweat basically is what makes all the explosions

electabuzz: yeah

knuckles: i held his hand and i had to use my quirk on my hand bc he kept accidentally creating rly tiny explosions


Momo: Perhaps that could be used in battle?


duct tape dude: you should try

duct tape dude: for science

Explodokills: he’d be in the fucking way you idiots


Alien Queen: but like,, if holding hands is enough?? maybe if you hugged? you could carry kiri

knuckles: fuck that’d be so manly

knuckles: and hot

knuckles: i mEAN WHAT

Explodokills: he’s still be in the way

bassic: ride a bitch’s back like yoda on luke

electabuzz: IM CHOKING BYEE

Explodokills: it’d make it harder to navigate when im in the air if im carrying someone

knuckles: are you calling me fat

Explodokills: muscles are heavy you idiot

electabuzz: asdfghjk

knuckles: was that like?? a compliment?? on my muscles??

knuckes: boi im swooning

electabuzz: tone down the homosexuality

knuckles: never

electabuzz: fair

Alien Queen: isnt it kind of hard to navigate in the air with only explosions tho i dont get how you’re doing it baku

Explodokills: that’s because i’m better than you idiots

duct tape dude: “this bird keeps itself in the air by sheer force of anger alone.”

electabuzz: Did you mean: Bakugou Katsuki ?

Alien Queen. ah yes that makes more sense

Explodokills: GO FUCK YOURSELF


electabuzz: im bored y’all save me

Alien Queen: we’re all in the same class eVERYONE are bored pLS

knuckles: tbh cementoss is a cool dude but his classes are very

electabuzz: boring

knuckles: yeah that

knuckles: well at least his handwriting is good

knuckles: present mic will be the end of my dyslexic ass

electabuzz: well at least you have a boyfriend who also happens to be smarter than he looks

Explodokills: excuse you what the fUCK DID YOU SAY

electabuzz: it’s written text you don’t have to ask you just have to read it again

Explodokills: i will murder your ass someday

Alien Queen: that’s not very heroic

Explodokills: murdering his idiot ass IS an heroic act

Explodokills: that fucking idiot is a danger to society

Uravity: says the one with the exploding hands

Explodokills: FUCK OFF

duct tape dude: i still dont get how kiri managed to get baku to tutor him

Explodokills: he’s so stupid it almost hurts

knuckles: babe no


electabuzz: is bakugou blushing

Alien Queen: sure looks like it

duct tape dude: awhh he’s not used being called babe

Explodokills: GO DIE

electabuzz: lmao

Invisible Girl: i just passed todoroki and he was wearing headphones and he probably had really loud music on because they leaked

Alien Queen: omg!! what does our local katy perry listen to

Invisible Girl: well

Alien Queen: tell meee

Invisible Girl: everytime we touch by cascada

Alien Queen: no for real

Invisible Girl: it was liteRALLY CASCADA IM NOT JOKING

Alien Queen: ASDFGHJKL

Alien Queen: i mean same who doesnt like cascada

Alien Queen: but omF i expected ice queen to listen to something edgier

duct tape dude: like what, bad boy by cascada?

Alien Queen: lmAO yeah

Zuko: ..

Alien Queen: omg you guyssss since we’re talking about songs

Alien Queen: if you had a theme song what would it be??

Alien Queen: mine would be wannabe by spice girls

Invisible Girl: aaaay i love me some spice girls!!!

electabuzz: who dOESNT love some spice girls

Invisible Girl: a fair point my friend

Invisible Girl: u can’t touch this is my theme

knuckles: ayyyyy

Uravity: and we’ve already established that hot n cold by katy perry is todoroki’s theme

Zuko: i mean

Zuko: i can’t even deny this

Uravity: mine would be shooting stars by bag raiders ;^)

duct tape dude: GOOD MEMES MY GAL

Alien Queen: omg yessss!

o shit waddup: crazy frog in the house

electabuzz: ASDFGHJK B Y E

Alien Queen: brb crying

tentacool: i had forgotten about the existence of crazy frog

duct tape dude: omf i have a great one

duct tape dude: me

bassic: is it the fucking duck tales theme song cover where they sing about duct tape

duct tape dude: YOU KNOW IT

bassic: amazing

electabuzz: i mean

electabuzz: it IS you

duct tape dude: ikr

electabuzz: bakubro’s should be bang bang bang by bigbang

bassic: get your filthy kpop away from this chat

electabuzz: asdfghj

Explodokills: who the fuCK are you calling bakubro

electabuzz: well

electabuzz: obviously you

electabuzz: duh

Explodokills: i wouldnt fucking have a kpop song as theme

electabuzz: oh?

electabuzz: what would your theme song be then pal

Explodokills: people equals shit by richard cheese

electabuzz: holy shit

Alien Queen: lmaO THAT’S PERFECT THO

Edgelord: I have one

Alien Queen: i stg tokoyami if you say bring me to life by evanescence im leAVING


Edgelord: I suddenly don’t have a song at all

tentacool: babe pls

Alien Queen: asdfgOMF

Alien Queen: can’t you pick something? happier???

Edgelord: Wake me up maybe

Alien Queen: what

Egelord: Wake me up maybe

Alien Queen: arE YOU KIDDING ME

electabuzz: is that a fucking mashup of bring me to life and call me maybe

Edgelord: There are a few more songs in it but essentially, yes

duct tape dude: tfw ur emo as hell but still wanna have a good time

Alien Queen: you know what i’ll just accept this because that’s an annoyingly GOOD mashup

bassic: i was going to suggest back in black but y’all got this

Alien Queen: lmAO

karate kid: kung fu fighting - carl douglas

Invisible Girl: i would’ve been disappointed if you didnt pick that one

bassic: juke box hero - foreigner

Momo: A suiting choice.

bassic: thanks

bassic: hbu?

Momo: I’m not sure, but perhaps Pure Imagination

Alien Queen: nice!!!

Momo: Thank you!

Prince Charming™: Mine would be German Sparkle Party~  ☆


bassic: you’re not german

Prince Charming™: No, but I sparkle a lot ☆☆☆☆

bassic: fair enough

sugar spice: pour some sugar on me -  def leppard

Alien Queen: holy shit

sugar spice: ikr

tentacool: x gon give it to you

knuckles: n i c e

sugar spice: how about you kouda?

Snow White: (・へ・)

Alien Queen: hmmmm

Alien Queen: how about reindeers are better than people for frozen!!!

Snow White: ( ´﹀` )b

Alien Queen: asdfgjh you’re precious

bassic: y’all

bassic: i have one for kaminari

electabuzz: yooo

bassic: 7, the element by vitas

bassic: bc i imagine that’s what your brain is like when you short circuit


electabuzz: why you gotta be so rude

electabuzz: dont you know im human too

bassic: lmao

electabuzz: i wouldve denied this song but it’s catCHY as hELL

duct tape dude: it could also be i’m not gay by j. pee

bassic: accurate

electabuzz: gUYS

electabuzz: i came here to have a good time and im honestly feeling so attacked right now

grape grabber: booty wurk - t-pain

bassicl: ew

Invisible Girl: LEAVE

knuckles: dude

knuckles: no

All Might Jr: gonna fly now

knuckles: the theme from rocky??

All Might Jr: yeah

Uravity: tbh

Uravity: that’s kind of perfect

Alien Queen: aw man i thought you were going to pick zero to hero from hercules

Uravity: omG

All Might Jr: ..

All Might Jr: i mean

Alien Queen: ikr

knuckles: true survivor by david hasselhoff


bassic: kiri

Alien Queen: honey

bassic: you couldve taken ANYTHING

knuckles: yes

bassic: and you chose a song by david hasselhoff

knuckles: yes

bassic: omF WHY


Alien Queen: many things

knuckles: i cant hear you over how amazing david hasselhoff is

bassic: dont tell me he was your childhood crush


knuckles: do you want me to lie

bassic: OM F G KIRI

knuckles: i have had many childhood crushes and david hasselhoff was one of them alright let me live my life knight rider was a masterpiece

Alien Queen: kiri

Alien Queen: knight rider wasnt a masterpiece

knuckles: i caNT HEAR THE HATE

duct tape dude: isnt true survivor the song from kung fury

knuckles: YEAH MAN IT IS

duct tape dude: i’ll admit

duct tape dude: that movie is a cinematic masterpiece

Explodokills: what the fuck is a kung fury

knuckles: BA B E  NO

Explodokills: what

knuckles: you uncultured swiNE

Explodokills: what the fuck

knuckles: this is the trailer

knuckles: kung fury is a 30 minute cinematic masterpiece

knuckles: it has kung fu, action, vikings, dinosaurs and a funky 80s soundtrack

knuckles: and david hasselhoff is in it

Explodokills: why am i not surprised you know about something like this


knuckles: im coming over there and we’re going to watch kung fury this is an emergency

Explodokills: whatever

electabuzz: that’s bakugou for “sure babe pls come over”

Explodokills: remind me why i havent killed you yet

electabuzz: bc you’re looking for a way to do it without it being actual murder bc that aint very heroic

Alien Queen: omg guysss i know a song for the villains!!! you know the handsy dude??

duct tape dude: the one with the hand fetisch? yeah im kinkshaming

Alien Queen: his hand fetisch is not relevant

Alien Queen: THIS SONG IS THO!!

tentacool: is it we are number one

Alien Queen: yEs!! but this really lit remix


Iida: This is not school related matter! Also, please don’t use this chat in class!!

Uravity: hey guys i know what iidas theme song would be

electabuzz: what

Uravity: running in the 90s

duct tape dude: bye

Iida: I don’t understand what’s going on.

duct tape dude: just

duct tape dude: embrace the memes

Chapter Text

Invisible Girl: guys i think i saw a ring on a necklace around aizawas neck today

Alien Queen: whAT

duct tape dude: what kind of ri n g???

Invisible Girl: WHAT DO YOU THINK???

Invisible Girl: it rly looked like a wedding ring

Alien Queen: no wAY

duct tape dude: n o  w a y

electabuzz: tbh i have a hard time imagining aizawa being married to someone????

bassic: i was sure he was single

bassic: i mean when was the last time that man showered

knuckles: to be hair i think he does shower bc his hair looks clean but messy???

bassic: yeah maybe


All Might Jr: didn’t you say you thought aizawa was gay with present mic??

Alien Queen: yeah i ship it and im pretty sure they’re dating but?? i didnt expect them to be married????

Invisible Girl: i mean we don’t even know for sure that it’s a wedding ring it could just be a ring

All Might Jr: maybe we could ask aizawa?

bassic: midoriya

bassic: reread your sentence and think about it

All Might Jr:

All Might Jr: maybe we could ask present mic

bassic: lmao

electabuzz: but like

electabuzz: how

duct tape dude: do you expect one of us to just walk up to the dude and be like “hey man are you and aizawa gay and married??”

All Might Jr: i mean

All Might Jr: yeah

bassic: he’d probably answer tbh

electabuzz: we don’t even know for sure that they’re dating tho

Alien Queen: haven't you seen the way aizawa looks at mic

electabuzz: he looks slightly slightly annoyed

Alien Queen: i mean you’re not wrong

Alien Queen: BUT

Alien Queen: IT’S A SOFTER LOOK!!!!

electabuzz: idk pal,,,,

Alien Queen: we need to get to the bottom of this

Alien Queen: we need a spy

electabuzz: who could be a spy tho

duct tape dude: well we have one person who can listen through walls and we have one invisible person


electabuzz: shit ur right

duct tape dude: i usually am

Invisible Girl: we could be on the lookout for a matching ring on mic???

Alien Queen: yeahh!!!

Invisible Girl: his neck speaker thing might make it hard if he has one on a chain like aizawa tho

karate kid: but he wears fingerless gloves right?

Invisible Girl: yeah???

karate kid: wouldn't a ring fit and be successfully hidden underneath fingerless gloves

Invisible Girl: oooooh!!!

Alien Queen: so we start off by figuring out how to make mic take of his gloves??

electabuzz: make our local flamethrower light them on fire

Alien Queen: asrfasgsdlkgj KAMI

electabuzz: @Zuko whaddaya say


Zuko: you want me to light a teacher on fire

electabuzz: just his gloves

electabuzz: but yeah i guess


Zuko: what the fuck is wrong with you

bassic: do you want the list

electabuzz: rudE


Zuko: i wasn’t going to

Uravity: good to know that my best friend’s future husband isn’t completely insane


Zuko: future husband???

Uravity: i’m going to have to spell it out for you two one day and i’m not going to be happy about it

Zuko: i have

Zuko: no idea what you’re  talking about

Uravity: the worst part is that i honestly believe you

electabuzz: asdfgh rip todo

Alien Queen: operation mic-absolutely-cares-about-ruggedly-enigmatic-narcoleptic-aizawa is GO


bassic: that’s way too long

Alien Queen: operation macarena for short

bassic: operation maCARENA

electabuzz: holy shit

Invisible Girl: how long did it take to figure out a combination of words to make that abbreviation

Alien Queen: not too long!!!!

Alien Queen: i asked yaoyorozo!! she’s like an encyclopedia!!

Momo: An encyclopedia is.. maybe a bit too extreme to say..

bassic: nonsense

bassic: you know rly much it’s kind of impressive

Momo: Oh! Thank you Jirou!

electabuzz: why do you never compliment me like that jirouuuu ;^(

bassic: bc u suck

duct tape dude: lmaooo burn kami

electabuzz: nah todo is the one that burns

Zuko: how about you encyclopedon’t

duct tape dude: encycLOPEDON’T

electabuzz: holy shiT TODO

Zuko: what

duct tape dude: dude that’s genius

Zuko: oh

bassic: oh my god yao change ur nickname

Momo: Sure, why not


Momo changed nickname to Encyclopedon’t


bassic: amazing

duct tape dude: soooo

duct tape dude: operation macarena is go?

Alien Queen: YEAH!

electabuzz: how are we doing it if we can’t light ‘em up

Uravity: and i thought bakugou was the pyromaniac

duct tape dude: looks like we’ve been bamboozled

Explodokills: i’m not a fucking pyromaniac

Uravity: no we just established that apparently kaminari is the pyromaniac

electabuzz: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

karate kid: maybe if we start with observation to try to find an opening and then develop the plan as we go?

Invisible Girl: sounds good!!!!

Alien Queen: hell yeahhhhh!!

Alien Queen: GUYYYYS

electabuzz: what


electabuzz: hell yeaH

Alien Queen: @bassic

bassic: what

Alien Queen: you have stuff right!!!

bassic: karaoke stuff? yeah

Alien Queen: K A R A O K E  N I G H T

Alien Queen: WHO’S IN??

duct tape dude: sign me uP

electabuzz: YEAHHHHH

tentacool: sounds fun

Edgelord: Why not

All Might Jr: sounds great!!!

Uravity: oooooh!!! im in!!

o shit waddup: i also want to join

Encyclopedon’t: Karaoke sounds fun!

knuckles: yeaHHHH


karate kid: niceee i’m in

Invisible Girl: woooooo karaoke!!!

Iida: This sounds like a great bonding experience with the class!

Alien Queen: woaaaaah even iida is in!!

Prince Charming™: My time to shine~

Zuko: i guess i’ll also join

All Might Jr: !!!

Uravity: keep it in your pants

All Might Jr: what

Zuko: what

Uravity: what

electabuzz: lmao

Explodokills: this sounds like a stupid fucking idea

electabuzz: shut up you hobgoblin

knuckles: did

knuckles: did you just call bakugou a hobgoblin

electabuzz: yeah

knuckles: asdfghj

Explodokills: go die

Alien Queen: i’m assuming you’re also joining then bakugou!!!

knuckles: yeah he’s joining ;^)

Explodokills: what the FUCK kirishima i didn’t agree to join

knuckles: come onnnn man

Explodokills: no

knuckles: duuuuude

Explodokills: no way in fucking hell

knuckles: do it for meeee

Explodokills: fINE

knuckles: nice

electabuzz: woah

knuckles: ;^))

Alien Queen: oh my GOD


bassic: there is no way in hell aizawa will agree to that

All Might Jr: i think we might have to invite ectoplasm if we invite aizawa and present mic….

Alien Queen: why??

All Might Jr: ectoplasm loves karaoke

Alien Queen: omfg

duct tape dude: wouldnt it be better to NOT invite the teachers that have the power to stop the karaoke night tho

Alien Queen: o shit ur right

duct tape dude: yeah i am

Alien Queen: but for real though!!!

Alien Queen: karaoke in the common area on friday then??

duct tape dude: sounds like a plan


Invisible Girl: guys

Invisible Girl: i don’t think we have to worry about figuring out who aizawa is dating anymore

duct tape dude: damn operation macarena had a short lifespan


Invisible Girl: alright so i went to a grocery store to buy a pack of ice cream right!

karate kid: an entire pack of ice cream?? for what

Invisible Girl: bc reASONS

Invisible Girl: aNYWAY

Invisible Girl: so im there right!!! anD suddenly!!!!! i spot aizawa and some blond guy shopping together and they’re both in super casual clothes and if i hadn’t heart the blond guy speak i wouldn’t have figured out who it was BUT

Invisible Girl: it was present mic!!!!!

Invisible Girl: they were in civilian clothes and i don’t think ppl know about aizawa enough to recognize him and i don’t think ppl recognize present mic when he’s super dressed down right!!!! so they were just there minding their own business!!!!!

Invisible Girl: i saw a ring on mic’s hand!!!! and the ring on aizawa’s necklace was visible and VERY matching!!!!!

Alien Queen: OH MY GOOOOOOOD!!!!!!

duct tape dude: holy shit

Alien Queen: I WAS RIGHT!!!!!


electabuzz: HEY GUYS


knuckles: KAMINARI N O

Explodokills: I’LL KILL YOU

electabuzz: I KNOW TWO GAYS

bassic: you know more than two gays

electabuzz: well yes but that’s beside the point rn bc I KNOW TWO GAYS AND THERE’S THIS THING THAT HAPPENED RIGHT

knuckles: asdfghjkKLADFSNG DO N ’ T


duct tape dude: alright you’ve piqued my interest

Alien Queen: pls keep going kami

bassic: yeah tbh im suddenly very intersted in where this is going

Explodokills: S H U T  U P

electabuzz: alright so y’all know how i’ve been doing these short videos right????

Alien Queen: your vines?

electabuzz: they’re not rly vines tho vine is dead

Alien Queen: touché

knuckles: bRO STOP

electabuzz: alright so i was going to pull this prank on kiri right

knuckles: N O

electabuzz: and barge into his room and wake him up to see how he reacts right???

knuckles: DUDE DON’T DO THIS

duct tape dude: this is honestly so entertaining pls continue

electabuzz: honestly im not going to explain it

knuckles: thANKS



Alien Queen: !!! SEND

Explodokills: HOE DON’T DO IT

electabuzz: WakeUpSleepyHead.mp4

Explodokills: OH MY GOD


electabuzz: worth it


electabuzz: I T  I S

duct tape dude: OMF G GUY  S

bassic: L M A O



electabuzz: dude

electabuzz: did you just

electabuzz: call me an egg

knuckles: sO WHAT IF I DID

electabuzz: how can someone as pure and good as you be w bakugou

Explodokills: i wouldnt call him pure after last night


duct tape dude:

Alien Queen:


electabuzz: dude

Chapter Text

Invisible Girl: aaaaa you guyyyyS

Alien Queen: !!!!! what

Invisible Girl: i woke up w a rly bad cold and i shouldnt be around ppl bc i dont want you to get sick!!!! im going to miss the karaoke! ;^((

Alien Queen: OH NOOOO ! ;’’(

Alien Queen: asdfghj we could change day????

Invisible Girl: no!!! just do it tonight and then we can do it more than once!!!

Alien Queen: sounds like a plan!

Invisible Girl: can someone at least like

Invisible Girl: keep me posted in the gc w what’s happening

Alien Queen: yesss!! that’s a great idea!! a great way to save the best moments

bassic: or get blackmail material

Alien Queen: yeah or that

electabuzz: should i be worried

bassic: idk depends on how much of a fool you’re going to make out of yourself tonight

bassic: so considering it’s you

bassic: maybe a little worried

electabuzz: it’s like you have NO faith in me

bassic: i have a lot of faith in that you’re going to make a fool out of yourself

electabuzz: jiroUuuU


electabuzz: asdfgh i feel like this day can’t pass quickly enough

Alien Queen: yeah!!! im hyped for the karaoke night!

Alien Queen: btw !!!! @Snow White will you be there?? you didnt say anything when we were talking!

Snow White: (❁´◡`❁)b

Alien Queen: yayyyy!!

Snow White: \( ´ ▽ ` )/

duct tape dude: omf i have so many songs i wanna sing

Alien Queen: sameeee

electabuzz: if no one sings backstreet boys w me i will be personally offended

knuckles: dw dude i got u

duct tape dude: hell yeah

All Might Jr: i’m always up for backstreet boys

sugar spice: you can count on me as well

electabuzz: niCE

Iida: Please don’t use the chat during class.

electabuzz: dude you’re also doing it

Iida: It’s my job as class president to tell you to stop.

electabuzz: k


bassic: it’d be great if some ppl could come and help me carry down all the stuff

bassic: @Uravity @tentacool @sugar spice @All Might Jr

bassic: send help

electabuzz: whY didn’T you @mention me??

bassic: bc im pretty sure i could beat you in arm wrestling

electabuzz: asdsfgHKL

knuckles: she’s right tho


knuckles: me, sero and ashido went to buy snacks bro

electabuzz: why is no one asking for my help

bassic: you can come over here and charge my phone


electabuzz: why are you like this

bassic: i have like 5%

electabuzz: omw


Alien Queen: alright!!! karaoke night is about to start and we’ll try to keep you posted w what’s going on tooru!!

Invisible Girl: you guys are the best!!!

Alien Queen: me, sero, uraraka and aoyama are starting this up w YMCA!!!

Invisible Girl: ni c e

duct tape dude: and after that kirishima wants to sing i’ll make a man out of you from mulan

duct tape dude: ojiro joins

knuckles: let’s be real tho

knuckles: everyone are going to be singing

knuckles: it’s impossible to not sing along to that song

duct tape dude: touché

electabuzz: and after them

electabuzz: me, kiri, sero and midoriya are going to sing i want it that way by backstreet boys

Invisible Girl: N I C E


Uravity: im sobbing

Alien Queen: asdfgh saME

Invisible Girl: wHAT AM I MISSING

Uravity: you know how gay and in love todo and deku are right

Invisible Girl: everyone knows

Uravity: they’re singing This is Me

Invisible Girl: FROM CAMP ROCK???

Uravity: Y E S


electabuzz: midoriya is giving demi lovato a run for her money

duct tape dude: todoroki tho

Alien Queen: is it just me or does it feel like midoriya and todoroki could fit into the Main Character and the Main Love Interest in basically any disney or nickelodeon show

electabuzz: OH SHIT UR RIGHT



o shit waddup: if this doesn’t make them realize how gay they are for each other i don’t think anything will

Uravity: bakugou looks so annoyed this is hilarious

electabuzz: he’s saying something to kirishima omg what are they going to do

Alien Queen: the song just ended and bakugou yelled FUCK YOU DEKU and grabbed kiri’s hand and dragged him to the mics

Invisible Girl: omg

Invisible Girl: what are they singing!!!!!

duct tape dude:


Alien Queen:



o shit waddup: breaking free from high school musical

Invisible Girl: YOU’RE JOKING

o shit waddup: nope

Invisible Girl: who sings troy’s part???

o shit waddup: bakugou

Invisible Girl: omfG

Uravity: i think bakugou is trying to prove they’re the alpha karaoke couple

Alien Queen: lmAOO UR RIGHT

electabuzz: are we going to talk about the fact that baku isn’t looking at the lyrics at all

All Might Jr: bakugou loved hsm when we were younger

All Might Jr: so i’m not surpried at all

duct tape dude: this is the kind of quality information i want

Uravity: so heyy midoriya how’s it going in todoroki’s lap

All Might Jr:

All Might Jr: there were no seats

Uravity: k

duct tape dude: k

electabuzz: k

Invisible Girl: k

Edgelord: k

tentacool: k

sugar spice: k

Prince Charming™: k

bassic: k

Encyclopedon’t: k

karate kid: k

Alien Queen: k

o shit waddup: k

All Might Jr: g u  y s

Uravity: if you haven’t already asked him out please do us all a favour and DO IT

duct tape dude: don’t let your dreams be dreams

duct tape dude: just do it

bassic: we’re getting kind of tired of your pining

All Might Jr: we’re not piNING

Iida: You kind of are.

electabuzz: EVEN IIDA AGREES

Iida: Of course I do, I’m not blind.

All Might Jr: asdfghjGHUJKLHGYj

All Might Jr: ALRIGHT
Alien Queen: !!

All Might Jr: i’m doing it

Uravity: YESS

Invisible Girl: omg #drama what’s happening

Alien Queen: midoriya just grabbed todo’s hand and pulled him out of the room

Invisible Girl: FINALLY

electabuzz: alright so are we going to talk abt how gay baku and kiri are being

Alien Queen: is that anything new tho

electabuzz: tbh not really

duct tape dude: baku has a nicer voice than i imagined

Alien Queen: yeh tru

Invisible Girl: who’s singing the next song??

Alien Queen: me and satou!!!

Invisible Girl: omg what are you singing

Alien Queen: wannabe by spice girls

sugar spice: heLL yeAH


duct tape dude: alright update

duct tape dude: ashido and satou rly nailed the spice girls thing

Invisible Girl: niceeee

duct tape dude: after that all the girls and Me sang girls just wanna have fun

Invisible Girl: and you??

duct tape dude: im a slut for that song

Invisible Girl: tbh same

duct tape dude: and rn kiri and kami are singing motherlover by lonely island

Invisible Girl: ??

duct tape dude:

Invisible Girl: omF

bassic: i’m almost impressed that they know all the lyrics

Alien Queen: bakugou looks like he’s suffering

duct tape dude: kami is killing those justin timberlake parts

Uravity: they also tucked in their shirts and pulled up their pants rly high they look ridiculous

duct tape dude: #vogue


Alien Queen: kouda just agreed to sing!!!!

Invisible Girl: omg !!!!

Invisible Girl: what is he singing???

Alien Queen: holy shit

Invisible Girl: circle of life from lion king

Invisible Girl: dAMN???


duct tape dude: and he’s nailing that swahili what the fuck

Alien Queen: well damn the more you know

duct tape dude: yooo guys midoriya and todoroki just came back btw

duct tape dude: and boyyy has it been a while

electabuzz: ;^)))

All Might Jr: hey guys

Alien Queen: you were gone for a long time you guys ;^))))

Zuko: time is a social construct


electabuzz: omf

Alien Queen: holy shit

Alien Queen: you two look kind of,, messy

bassic: are you boyfriends yet

All Might Jr: i have a boyfriend!!!!!

Uravity: F I N A L L Y

duct tape dude: kami you owe me money

electabuzz: fuck could’ve you two wait another week

Zuko: ..


Uravity: iida is going to sing!!!!

Invisible Girl: woah!

Alien Queen: everyone are having such a good time I’M having such a good time

Alien Queen: we’ll have to have another karaoke night so tooru can join!!!!

Invisible Girl: yes pls!!

Invisible Girl: now tell me what iida is singing

Uravity: ..

Uravity: you know the,,, opening theme to victorious??

Invisible Girl: the nickelodeon show??

Uravity: yeah you know this


Invisible Girl: that is

Invisible Girl: not what i imagined that he’d sing

bassic: he’s really feeling it tho

All Might Jr: it’s a very catchy song though

Uravity: agreed

knuckles: GUYS

electabuzz: WHAT

knuckles: bakugou just agreed to sing something by himself

electabuzz: HOLUYSHIT??

knuckles: YEAH

knuckles: he won’t tell me what though so i guess we’re about to see???

duct tape dude: n ic e

Uravity: he looks so bitter

Invisible Girl: i can imagine

duct tape dude: o SHIT

electabuzz: holy shit???

knuckles: isn’t that,,,,

duct tape dude: it’s

duct tape dude: fuck this song by schaffer the darklord

duct tape dude: you know

duct tape dude: this

bassic: i’m like

bassic: kind of impressed that he actually can rap????

duct tape dude: is there sOMething that bakugou CAN’T FUCKING DO??

bassic: besides being a decent person?

electabuzz: lmAO jiROu

electabuzz: for real tho this is getting kind of annoying did he give up being a nice person to become good at basically everything

duct tape dude: kind of seems like it

All Might Jr: no he has never been a nice person so he didn’t give anything up

electabuzz: ahAHA wHAT A BURN THO


duct tape dude: we just witnessed something legendary

Invisible Girl: OMG WHAT DID I MISS

duct tape dude: alright so

duct tape dude: shouji

electabuzz: fuCKing sHOUji

duct tape dude: yEAH

Invisible Girl: what did he do omg don’t leave me hANGING

duct tape dude: he sang bohemian rhapsody

Invisible Girl: ?? isn’t that a kind of normal karaoke song tho

duct tape dude: no hagakure you don’t Understand

duct tape dude: he sang bohemian rhapsody

duct tape dude: while uSING IS FUCKING QUIRK

Invisible Girl:

Invisible Girl: don’t tell me he,,

duct tape dude: he multiplied his mouth on all of his tentacle things and didn’t only sing the song he alsO DID THE CHORUS

duct tape dude: at the same time

Invisible Girl: holy shit

duct tape dude: i’m honestly shook

electabuzz: same????

Alien Queen: who knew shouji could sing like that

Edgelord: I did

Alien Queen: yeS but you’re The Boyfriend i would’ve been disappointed if you DIDN’T know

Edgelord: True

Invisible Girl: tokoyami are you going to sing anything???

Edgelord: Yeah i have a song

bassic: is it bring me to life

Edgelord: nO

Alien Queen: is it something by linkin park


Edgelord: ..No

Alien Queen: i bet it was something from linkin park but you just changed your mind

bassic: how can one person be this edgy

Edgelord: Guys please

bassic: what song is it tho

Edgelord: You’ll soon know

duct tape dude: todoroki is going to sing something first tho

Invisible Girl: alone?? of his own free will???

Alien Queen: yeah we were also surprised we have no idea what he’s going to sing tho

electabuzz: ok he picked a song wAIT FOR IT

duct tape dude:


duct tape dude: are you fucking kidding me

electabuzz: i can’t fuckiNG BELIEVE

bassic: i

Alien Queen: holy shit

Invisible Girl: WHAT SONG IS IT???

electabuzz: ice ice baby

Invisible Girl: i

Invisible Girl: are you fucking joking

electabuzz: i wish i was

duct tape dude: i kNEW he was a memer in disguise

duct tape dude: i could feel it in my soul

electabuzz: alright tokoyami is up time for the big reveal

bassic: if it isn’t linkin park it’s probably green day or tokyo hotel

Alien Queen: lmaoooo

electabuzz: wait

electabuzz: i don’t recognize this song

Uravity: oh my god i dO!!!

electabuzz: what song is this???

duct tape dude: holy shit i also know

bassic: isnt this that one good song from one of the bratz movies??

Uravity: yeah!!! it’s So Good from Bratz Rock Angelz!!!!!


duct tape dude: im honestly a little shook that tokoyami is singing this

Uravity: it’s such a good song though!!!!

duct tape dude: i mean yeah it is this moment in the movie is fucking Iconic™


duct tape dude: kirishima is about to sing and he did finger guns to bakugou and then winked im kind of worried

Alien Queen: wait a sec i know this beat

Alien Queen: lmAO KIRI

electabuzz: FUCK


duct tape dude: o shit soRRY

bassic: boom boom boom boom by vengaboys

duct tape dude: you know

duct tape dude: and he’s singing it TO bakugou

electabuzz: tbh if their relationship had a theme song it’d be this

Uravity: bakugou is blushing so much omf

duct tape dude: well yeah i’d also be blushing it kiri was doing body rolls while looking me dead in the eyes and singing thAT

bassic: dude that’s gay

duct tape dude: we’re all a little gay

electabuzz: no i’m pretty sure kirishima is a Big Gay

duct tape dude: asdfghjk bRO

electabuzz: also

electabuzz:  the “boom boom boom boom i want you in my room” part in this song is so fuckign funny in this context i’m,,,

Invisible Girl: i’m not even there but i’m laughing so much

Uravity: so are we

bassic: o shit todo seems to get ready to sing something again

Invisible Girl: no way???

Alien Queen: seems like he’s having a good time!!!


Invisible Girl: O SHIT THAT’S GAY

All Might Jr: omg guys pls,,,,

Iida: I have a feeling Todoroki is about to sing to you, Midoriya.

Uravity: same

Alien Queen: ok and now we’re waiiiiting for it,,,,

Alien Queen: OH MY GOD

electabuzz: LM A O

knuckles: i never thought i’d get to see todoroki singing call me maybe

knuckles: but i’ve been proven wrong


electabuzz: YEAH HE IS

duct tape dude: and he’s like Really into it

knuckles: go hard or go home i guess???

electabuzz: nah that’s just you

knuckles: lkjhgfasgju


bassic: i’m going to do it

Invisible Girl: do what

electabuzz: should we be worried

bassic: i’m going to sing thuderstruck by AC/DC

Encyclopedon’t: That’s amazing

electabuzz: oMf

Alien Queen: NI C E

Alien Queen: also!!

Alien Queen: tooru we’re going to stop w the updates everyone are v into it

Alien Queen: sorryyy ;’(

Invisible Girl: omg no it’s okay!!! i’m going to bed either way my fever is making me rly tired!!!

karate kid: jesus christ take care of yourself!!

karate kid: do you need something? i can come and leave it in your room

Invisible Girl: aaa ojiro you’re the best!! it’d be great if someone could get me a water bottle or something i dont wanna move

karate kid: i got you

Invisible Girl: thanks you’re the beeeeest!!!

Alien Queen: hurry up so you don’t miss we’re all in this togheter!!

Chapter Text

Alien Queen: guyyys!!

duct tape dude: whaddup

Alien Queen: if you guys wrote autobiographies what would they be called???

Alien Queen: mine would be Aliens Are Real: an autobiography by an alien

electabuzz: omfg

Uravity: omg that’s such a fun question!!!

Uravity: mine would be “defying gravity”

Invisible Girl: oh my god is that a wicked reference!!!

Uravity: it sure is!!

Invisible Girl: n i c e

Invisible Girl: “my hero name makes me sound like a fantastic four member but i’m not: the novel”

duct tape dude: lm ao rip

karate kid: “i’ve been asked what kind of animal my quirk is supposed to look like and i honestly have no idea it’s just a tail”

Invisible Girl: omfg

o shit waddup: “hippity hoppity get off my property”

electabuzz: HOLY SHIT

duct tape dude: F UCK  

Alien Queen: lmAO

bassic: bassically bass boosted

Invisible Girl: amazing

All Might Jr: “I’m alive, but at what cost?”

duct tape dude: are you okay man

All Might Jr: well

All Might Jr: i’m alive

All Might Jr: but at what cost

duct tape dude: we l p

Prince Charming™: I Can’t Stop Twinkling!~

o shit waddup: no one is surprised

bassic: or it could be

bassic: “i got lost on my way to a reversed harem anime”

Alien Queen: ahahaAHAH oh my goD

duct tape dude: “anything can be solved with duct tape and violence”

electabuzz: same

knuckles: accurate

electabuzz: “ive been mistaken for a human!pikachu cosplayer more than once: the novel”

knuckles: lmAO

knuckles: “holy fuckles here comes knuckles: an autobiography by a dude who’s, in fact, not knuckles”

duct tape dude: you would

knuckles: i really would

duct tape dude:  guys i know what bakubro’s autobiography could be called

Alien Queen: omg what

duct tape dude: How to get away with murder: A very explosive autobiography by Bakugoing to Katsukill


electabuzz: are we going to talk about

electabuzz: fucking  bakugoing to katsukill


Explodokills: go fuck yourself


Explodokills: i like it

Alien Queen: lmAO


Alien Queen: your hero name could be katsukill

Explodokills: fuck off black eyed peas

Alien Queen: oh

Alien Queen: oH MY gOD????

bassic: bl a c k  e y e d  p e a s

electabuzz: holy shit

duct tape dude:

karate kid:

karate kid: explain

duct tape dude: art

karate kid: alrighty then

electabuzz: wot in explanation

bassic: dude that meme is kind of old

electabuzz: i dont think the wot in tarnation meme could ever lose its charm

duct tape dude: attaboy

electabuzz: <3

duct tape dude: <3

electabuzz: wot in flirtation

Explodokills: i will fucking murder you if you keep going with that meme it’s so fucking shitty

electabuzz: wot in intimidation


electabuzz: wot in annihilation


electabuzz: yeah i better run

electabuzz: in the 90s


Uravity: jesus christ i just heard a high pitched scream and an explosion is bakugou throwing a hissy fit again

electabuzz: i memed to hard

Uravity: hate when it happens

duct tape dude: truly a tragedy

duct tape dude: for the record

duct tape dude: the high pitched scream was kaminari

electabuzz: shHHHhH

Uravity: holy shit

Explodokills: talk shit get hit

duct tape dude:

duct tape dude: you could make a religion out of this

bassic: sign me up

Alien Queen: isn’t that perfect for kami w all the electronic stuff going on??

duct tape dude: lmao nah kaminari is worthless when it comes technology

bassic: he can’t even keep himself from short circuiting how do you think he handles technology

electabuzz: i came here to have a good time and im honestly feeling so attacked right now

o shit waddup: isn’t bakugou chasing you

electabuzz: he sure is

Uravity: so

Uravity: you’re literally attacked right now


electabuzz: y’all know what im just going to let bakubro kill me rn

duct tape dude: rip


knuckles: y’all know when you just

knuckles: skip laughing completely and start crying instead bc that’s me rn

All Might Jr: yeah

Invisible Girl: we’ve all been there

All Might Jr: but to be fair i cry a lot

knuckles: it’s cool man we still appreciate you

Explodokills: i fucking dont i fucking hate you deku

knuckles: well

knuckles: midoriya

knuckles: i appreciate you enough for both me and katsuki

All Might Jr: !!!

knuckles: now


duct tape dude: god is dead and we killed him

electabuzz: ah yes

electabuzz: the sound of my people

knuckles: end me ive been listening to this on repeat for over three hours

bassic: asdfgjjsfkjk wh y

knuckles: i have a headache

bassic: n o   f u c k i n g   s h i t   y o u   i d i o t

bassic: why would you do this to yourself

knuckles: i did it for the memes

electabuzz: relatable


duct tape dude: WHATS GOING ON


knuckles: KA M I  NO

electabuzz: KAMI YES

duct tape dude: i’m intrigued

All Might Jr: same?

electabuzz: alright so

electabuzz: omf

electabuzz: i got a snap from kiri right

knuckles: do n ‘ t  t e l l  t h e m

electabuzz: im telling them

knuckles: uncOOL

electabuzz: alright so

electabuzz: i got this snap from kiri right??

electabuzz: i open it

electabuzz: and what do i freaking see

bassic: im going to take a wild fucking guess and say that you saw kirishima

electabuzz: correct

electabuzz: but omf

electabuzz: dude was lying on his bed and w the cam in an angle so you could see his ass right

knuckles: why won’t you let me live this down

electabuzz: i’ll give it to you bro

electabuzz: you have a rly nice ass

knuckles: leave me to die

electabuzz: his sweatpants were low on his hips and he wasnt wearing a shirt for the record

duct tape dude: sounds hot

electabuzz: sure was

duct tape dude: full homo?

electabuzz: full homo.

knuckles: l e a v e

electabuzz: not before i tell them the best part

knuckles: fuckING

Alien Queen: oh my god!! what!!!

electabuzz: “babe come over, im bored”

electabuzz: he meant to send it to bakugou

duct tape dude: PFFT HOLY SHIT

Alien Queen: LM A O  SMOOTH

bassic: please tell me you got a screenshot

electabuzz: you know it ;)

knuckles: N O

electabuzz: holyfucklesherecomesknuckles.jpeg

knuckles: KAMINARI WHY

duct tape dude: aalright that IS hot



knuckles: yeah he does

Alien Queen: @Explodokills

Alien Queen: why havent you added me on snap????

Explodokills: bc i dont want to snap w any of you fucking losers

Alien Queen: ;^(((

electabuzz: ;^(

duct tape dude: ;^(((

Uravity: ;^[

Explodokills: shut the fuck up

bassic: hold on

bassic: doesnt that mean he made a snap only to chat w kiri

electabuzz: HOLY SHIT THAT’S GAY

knuckles: kami i hate to break this to you

knuckles: but we’re pretty fucking gay

electabuzz: touché

Explodokills: im going to murder everyone here

electabuzz: oh no babe ;^((((

duct tape dude: babe whyy ;^(

Uravity: how could you do that to us babe ;^((

Alien Queen: we’ll be sad ;^(

bassic: our hearts have been broken ;^((((



duct tape dude:

Alien Queen:

bassic: Uravity:

electabuzz: did

electabuzz: did you just call us dildo factory rejects

Explodokills: YES I FUCKING DID

Uravity: i’m not sure if i’m supposed to laugh or cry

Alien Queen: both

duct tape dude: bakubro you need jesus

electabuzz: we all need jesus

duct tape dude: fair enough

Zuko: so we can do what?

Zuko: pray the gay away?

electabuzz: F CUCK

Chapter Text

duct tape dude: alright so

duct tape dude: why the fuck is bakugou wearing high heels

duct tape dude: im not judging or anything y’all do your thing but i feel like there’s a story this time

All Might Jr: i’m also kind of curious??

Uravity: ;^)

duct tape dude: omf what did yoU DO

Uravity: he was talking about how he didn’t understand “why the fuck” i was wearing high heels for my hero costume and then remembered that momo does the same thing right

Uravity: and i said that some people just like it and in my case there’s a purpose for the heels

Uravity: he didn't look like he believed me

electabuzz: i usually say i dont like where things are going but im loving where this is going

bassic: same

Uravity: so i said

Uravity: “well, i understand you’re not strong enough to walk and fight in heels but that doesn’t mean that others aren’t”

All Might Jr: oh

electabuzz: om g

duct tape dude: genius

Uravity: so now we’re here

Uravity: and bakugou is wearing heels

Uravity: also for the record the first thing he did was falling on his face

electabuzz: HOYL FUCK

Explodokills: FUCK OFF

Explodokills: im going to fucking prove that it isn’t that hard

Uravity: you looked like a fawn taking its first steps

Encyclopedon’t: I think it’s very brave to try to use heels when you’re not used to it!

Explodokills: i dont’ need your fucking pity

duct tape dude: lmao

electabuzz: btw where’s kiri how does he feel abt the heels

electabuzz: @knuckles

knuckles: im so fucking gay and i dont know what to do w myself

All Might Jr: same

Uravity: same

bassic: same

o shit waddup: same

knuckles: for real tho i probably wouldnt have been able to handle the heels in general but w that killer combo of skin tight jeans???

knuckles: you could make a religion out of that

electabuzz: you’re so fucking gay

knuckles: i really am

knuckles: i can’t believe THAT’S my boyfriend

duct tape dude chill w the gay

knuckles: i’d let him step on me and i’d be happy about it

electabuzz: om f

duct tape dude: c h i l l

All Might Jr: you should probably not say that in this chat where he can see or he might  actually do it

knuckles: @Explodokills

Explodokills: what

knuckles: i’d let you step on me

Explodokills: what the FUCK is wrong with you

All Might Jr:

All Might Jr: well then

Explodokills: go fuck yourself deku

All Might Jr: nah i’ll ask todo abt that :)

duct tape dude: W O W

electabuzz: D AMN  MY  B O I

bassic: holy fuck



Explodokills left the chat


knuckles: babe no


knuckles added Explodokills to the chat


Explodokills: i hate everyone and everything

duct tape dude: we know you do honey

Explodokills: go fuck yourself

duct tape dude: aw c’mon Babe let me love you

Explodokills: i’ll fucking kill you

duct tape dude: i’d embrace it

knuckles: adgkkjhfsg sero no

duct tape dude: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

electabuzz: can we talk abt the fact that i had no idea bakugou owned non-baggy pants

Alien Queen: sAme!!!

knuckles: he has two styles of pants

knuckles: baggy enough to fit another person in there or skinny enough to look more or less painted on

electabuzz: daaamn

Explodokills: fuck you

knuckles: when and where

electabuzz: WOW



bassic: i also heard it

electabuzz: who the fuck tho

o shit waddup: well i know who

bassic: omg who

o shit waddup: todoroki

bassic: what

electabuzz: what

duct tape dude: what

Invisible Girl: n o  w a y

Alien Queen: ???!!!

o shit waddup: he has been unfocused and jumpy the entire day and i was going to ask him something and put a hand on his shoulder and he just

o shit waddup: screeched

bassic: we’re talking about the same stoic and cool guy right

bassic: THE todoroki shouto??

o shit waddup: why would i lie about something like this

electabuzz: TRUE

bassic: i can’t believe

Uravity: i can confirm that it in fact was todo

bassic: holy shit

Uravity: i didnt think it was possible for a person to blush that much so quickly

electabuzz: i honestly didnt think it was possible to startle Elsa like that

Alien Queen: E L S A

o shit waddup: he was busy staring at midoriya which is why he was unfocused

Alien Queen: ???? that

Alien Queen: is the cutest thing ive heard in my entire life????

Uravity: the most stoic guy brought to his knees by none other than our local ball of anxiety

o shit waddup: in more ways than one

Alien Queen: OH MY GOD TSUYU

duct tape dude: im shook how is out entire class this queer

knuckles: we’re on the right track baby we were born this way??

duct tape dude: did you just

duct tape dude: do a lady gaga reference

knuckles: yes

duct tape dude: the alpha gay is here

All Might Jr: are you sure bakugou isnt the alpha gay

duct tape dude: o shit you’re right

Uravity: kiribaku is the alpha gay couple in our class tbh

Iida: To be fair

Iida: You and Tsuyu are quite gay as well.

Uravity:  we lp

bassic: class prez has spoken

Uravity: i mean yes we are but are we really Gayer Than Kirishima and Bakugou

Iida: ..

Iida: Maybe not.

karate kid: if it’s a competition about being the gayest

karate kid: what about shouji and tokoyami???

Edgelord: Because we’re not walking pride flags.

Alien Queen: nahh you dress in all black soooo

Edgelord: Touché

duct tape dude: is anyone going to say anything abt “kiribaku”

Uravity: easier than to say both of their names

duct tape dude: very true

Alien Queen: i kind of imagined it’d be bakushima??

Uravity: both works just fine

electabuzz: im so fucking annoyed

duct tape dude: whaddup

electabuzz: it’s impossible to get a bad pic of todoroki

duct tape dude: ?

electabuzz: yEAH i was looking through group pics of our class and like??? even when the rest of us look dumb he’s there looking perfect it’s annoying as hell

duct tape dude: holy shit you’re right


Alien Queen: todo is That One Ridiculously Photogenic Friend™

electabuzz: i feel like it’s my mission to get a bad pic of him now

electabuzz: @Invisible Girl

electabuzz: hagakure we need your help

Invisible Girl: oh no

electabuzz: c’mon it’s for a good cause

Invisible Girl:’s not really a good cause kami

electabuzz: we could always pretend

electabuzz: it’s for a good cause bc it’d make me feel better abt myself

bassic: just because there are more bad pictures of you than good ones doesn’t mean you have to drag other people down

bassic: it’s extra easy when you short circuit

electabuzz: i caN’T HELP THAT

Uravity: you guys do realize that’s he’s IN this chat and can see this right


electabuzz: fuck ur right

Uravity: yeah i am

Zuko: don’t take pictures of me

All Might Jr: i’ve seen bad pictures of him

electabuzz: wHAT

All Might Jr: snapchat streaks aren’t always pretty

electabuzz: PLEASE tell me you have screencaps

All Might Jr: no

All Might Jr: only the pretty ones

electabuzz: you fucking useless gay

All Might Jr: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

All Might Jr: im a weak gay w a pretty boyfriend what can i say

electabuzz: midoriya you do realize you’re also the pretty boyfriend right

All Might Jr:

All Might Jr: what

electabuzz: dude

electabuzz: you’re pretty

electabuzz: i’d date you 11/10

electabuzz: full homo

duct tape dude: agreed

karate kid: yeah

Iida: Yes.

sugar spice: eyup

Snow White: ⸜( ˙˘˙)⸝

electabuzz: see even kouda agrees

All Might: !!!!

Zuko: why is izuku blushing like hell

electabuzz: because we’re telling him he’s pretty

Zuko: good

Zuko: he needs to hear that more often

electabuzz: fuck

electabuzz: i want me a partner like that


duct tape dude: it’s been days how is bakugou still going w the heels

karate kid: didn’t he use a pair during hero training today??

bassic: how did he even get a pair that looks exactly like his boots he wears w his hero costume in such short notice

knuckles: he told hatsume mei about the bet

electabuzz: ah

electabuzz: that explains everything

Uravity: the best part was when aizawa saw him and the heels and just

Uravity: nodded

bassic: he accepted his fate long ago

Uravity: also

Uravity: it wasn’t even a bet i just told him he couldn’t do it so he wants to prove me wrong

electabuzz: the boy wants to be the best there is in Everything

duct tape dude: don’t let your dreams be dreams

duct tape dude: just do it

electabuzz: i hate how that motto actually works for bakugou because it seems like the bastard literally can do anything???

duct tape dude: i think i know something he couldn’t possibly know how to do

electabuzz: what

duct tape dude: crocheting

electabuzz: TRUE

electabuzz: there is no fucking way he knows how to do that


electabuzz: ..

electabuzz: kiri

electabuzz: he doesnt know how to crochet right

knuckles: well

knuckles: you know my scarf???



knuckles: guys

knuckles: it has tiny explosions on it who do you think made it

electabuzz: i give up.

Chapter Text

electabuzz: i officially want to fucking die

Explodokills: finally

electabuzz: you shut ur face you’re the re a s on

Explodokills: good

knuckles: i saID we were so r r y

Explodokills: im not

knuckles: alright no he isnt but im sorry enough for the both of us

knuckles: b r o  pl ease

duct tape dude: omg waddup

electabuzz: sorry wont take away these mental scars

duct tape dude: wh a t

knuckles: i m   s o   s o r r y

duct tape dude: what happened???

electabuzz: these twO

electabuzz: were getting it on

electabuzz: in thE KITCHEN

electabuzz: im happy for you but wh y  would you do that in our sha r e d  ki t c h en

electabuzz: like?? are you serious?? right in front of my salad????

knuckles: we weren’t getting it on

electabuzz: so it was, what? a good ol’ game of tonsil hockey???

electabuzz: a platonic saliva exchange???

electabuzz: i didnt need to see my bros sucking face

duct tape dude: yi k e s

Explodokills: lmao

electabuzz: im scaRRED FOR LIFE

electabuzz: im not even upset because im Sad and Single i just didn’t need to see this

knuckles: i’M SORRY

electabuzz: i need to get some kind of revenge

knuckles: oh no

electabuzz: but me being Sad and Single makes it difficult

electabuzz: o shit wait

electabuzz: sero

duct tape dude: yh

electabuzz: wanna make out for the greater good?

duct tape dude:

duct tape dude: sure thing

knuckles: o  m f


electabuzz: just you wait

knuckles: wh a  t???

electabuzz: ;^)

duct tape dude: ;^)

knuckles: i have a really bad feeling about this

electabuzz: ;^))


knuckles: oh

knuckles: oh no

electabuzz: ;^)

duct tape dude: ;^)

Iida: Is there a specific reason Kaminari and Sero have started making out whenever Bakugou or Kirishima enters a room?

Uravity: read the chat history

Iida: Oh.

knuckles: guYS I SAID WE’RE SORRY


sugar spice: i thought i knew fear

sugar spice: then i got to know sero and kaminari are dating


Alien Queen: our local memers have fused to become One Big Memer™

Invisible Girl: are they dating tho

Uravity: they’re making out everywhere so i think so???

bassic: tooru is kind of right tho

bassic: they’re doing it to get revenge on kiribaku


Uravity: please tell me they’re dating by now

Alien Queen: @electabuzz @duct tape dude

Alien Queen: are you dating??

electabuzz: no

duct tape dude: nope

Uravity: seriously??

electabuzz: yeah

duct tape dude: anything for the memes

bassic: have y’all considered dating each other maybe??

electabuzz: no not rly

duct tape dude: nah

Uravity: well maybE YOU SHOULD

electabuzz: @duct tape dude hmu if you wanna date a piece of shit

duct tape dude: i volunteer

electabuzz: alright cool

electabuzz: in that case

electabuzz: yes we’re dating

duct tape dude: eyup

bassic: just like that???

duct tape dude: yup

Invisible Girl: i feel like i just witnessed some back alley deal

karate kid: same

sugar spice: same


Explodokills: hold on

Explodokills: the two idiots are dating now?

Alien Queen: you think everyone are idiots you need to be more specific

Explodokills: the one with the tape and pikachu’s bastard son

Invisible Girl: lm a o

Alien Queen: yh they’re dating

electabuzz: yeah man

Explodokills: well fuck me gently with a chainsaw

duct tape dude: yikes

Alien Queen: baku do you even know all the names of the ppl in the class


Alien Queen: i take that as a no

Invisible Girl: do you know our quirks tho???

Explodokills: well you’re fucking invisible

Invisible Girl: no shit sherlock

Explodokills: no i dont know your shitty names or quirks

Alien Queen: aaaaaAA bakugouuuuU we’ve introduced ourselves and our quirks tons of times!!!!

Explodokills: i didnt hear




electabuzz: why is bakugou doing the thing where he stares at nothing but it looks like he’s staring into the camera like he’s in The Office


electabuzz: that’s,,, not anything new

Alien Queen: nO i know

knuckles: .. guys

Alien Queen: what!!

Alien Queen: o kiri tell ur boyfriend to be nicer

knuckles: no no,,, that’s,, not it

knuckles: @Explodokills can i tell them?? they should probably know,,,

Explodokills: fine whatever

Alien Queen: tell us what!!!

knuckles: i mean you could also do it??

Explodokills: no fuck off

knuckles: alrighty then

Alien Queen: tELL US WHAT??

Explodokills: that’s literally what he’s abt to tell you

Explodokills: you dumb fuck

knuckles: alright so!!

Alien Queen: omg just tell usssss

knuckles: katsuki is hearing impaired

knuckles: mild hearing loss rn right?

Explodokills: yeah.

Alien Queen:

Alien Queen: what

electabuzz: i expected many things but this is not what i expected

duct tape dude: wait what

All Might Jr: kacchan is????

electabuzz: since when?? wt f

knuckles: bakuuuu pls explain this i cant

Explodokills: basically

Explodokills: quirk goes boom often. apparently the ears aren’t meant to handle the sound of explosions everyday.

electabuzz: but u can hear us tho

Explodokills: im not completely fucking deaf you idiot guess why he said mild hearing loss

electabuzz: ait but,, what does that mean

Alien Queen: and!!! you hear us when we talk to you but you said you couldnt hear when we introduced ourselves!!!!

knuckles: ooo i can answer this one

knuckles: basically. baku’s hearing isn’t great right. and because of this it’s extra hard to hear when a lot of people are talking at the same time bc he can’t pick up what’s being said.

Explodokills: and you fucks always speak and yell at the same time

knuckles: ive realized that when baku yelled “hAAAAH??” and sounds rly annoyed

knuckles: it isn’t just him trying to be intimidating

knuckles: he probably didnt hear what you just said

duct tape dude: holy shit???

Alien Queen: so that’s,, what you meant with that you couldn’t hear it.

Explodokills: yeah.

Alien Queen: oh my gOD iM SO SORRY?? omg that was so rude of me soRRY

bassic: is that why you’re yelling all the time

All Might Jr: he has always been yelling so i dont think so.

Explodokills: go fuck yourself deku.

electabuzz: is that why you get super pissed when ppl speak when we’re in class tho

Explodokills: that and the fact that you’re disrupting the fucking class

electabuzz: fair enough

Encyclopedon’t: Wait, excuse me, this might be rude to ask but

bassic: can’t be as rude as bakugou in general

electabuzz: ^^^^

Encyclopedon’t: If you’re already hearing impaired, does that mean it’ll gradually get worse?

Explodokills: yeah.

Encyclopedon’t: Oh.

electabuzz: wait so

electabuzz: you’re actually going to be deaf

Explodokills: which fucking part of “does that mean it’ll gradually get worse” and “yeah” didnt you understand asshat

electabuzz: but,,,,

electabuzz: oh.

electabuzz: this is a lot to process at once

bassic: be careful so your brain doesnt short circuit

Encyclopedon’t: How many knows?

knuckles: me, teachers and his family and now you guys

bassic: how do you even keep track of all this kiri

knuckles: bc im the best boyfriend ever and im v caring

electabuzz: tbh i dont have any arguments against that claim

duct tape dude: same

Alien Queen: same

Alien Queen: i feel kind of shitty for thinking baku was being rude and just ignoring people when he doesnt know things that has been said when he Literally couldnt hear it

knuckles: dw he sometimes ignores ppl even when he clearly heard what they said

Alien Queen: asdfgh weLL

Alien Queen: im still sorry bakugou even thought i had no way of knowing!!!!

Explodokills: whatever.

knuckles: but guys!! there’s a cool thing tho!

Alien Queen: what!!!

knuckles: present mic has deaf parents and knows sign language so he showed me and baku where to start learning to sign!!

Alien Queen: WOAH you’re learning sign language????

knuckles: well yeah he’s going to need it later and i want to be able to talk to him,,

Alien Queen: #dedicatedboyfriend

duct tape dude: im shook how are you such a good boyfriend

bassic: i was literally thinking the same thing

Alien Queen: we should ask mic to teach the entire class some signs every now and then!!!!!!

Uravity: oh!! that’s a great idea!!!!

Invisible Girl: aaa that’d be cool!!!

electabuzz: ait i dont want to make fun of anyone but

electabuzz: imagine deaf bakugou

electabuzz: signing really aggressively instead of shouting

Explodokills: i fucking will

o shit waddup: we know.

duct tape dude: im going to learn sign language only to know when bakubro is insulting me

electabuzz: relatable.

Chapter Text

electabuzz: guys ive realized how urgent it is that we make mic teach us some sign language

Alien Queen: i mean i agree!! but why did you just realize it??

electabuzz: baku looked me in the eyes and signed something and then walked away

electabuzz: kiri was there and started laughing but won’t fuCKING TELL ME WHAT HE SAID

Alien Queen: omg!!! that’s cr ue  l

Uravity: baku is a bad influence on the Pure Angel that is Kirishima Eijirou

electabuzz: save my pure son from the goddamned be a s t

knuckles: i’m a few months younger du d e

electabuzz: could as well be a baby

knuckles: omf

electabuzz: i still dont know what you see in bakubro

Explodokills: go die in a fucking fire

electabuzz: see what i mean??

knuckles: noo but baku is a sweet guy!

Explodokills: don’t fucking call me sweet

Explodokills: im fierce


Invisible Girl: oh my god what is going on im 1 floor above the common area and i can still hear kami laugh hysterically

karate kid: speaking hearing things from 1 floor above

karate kid: we can hear those explosions is kaminari al i v e

Explodokills: not for much longer


Explodokills: if it wasn’t because of the fucking laws in the country

Explodokills: i would’ve blown you to pieces

electabuzz: lmao the only blowing you get probably has kirishima involved

karate kid: and you’re at it again

karate kid: do you Actually Want To Die?

electabuzz: no no but i like Living on The Edge™

Alien Queen: do you know who else likes living on the Edge??

duct tape dude: i know what you’re going to say but please say it

Alien Queen: tokoyami!!!

Edgelord: Gdi.

duct tape dude: im honestly impressed that we havent burned down these dorms yet y’all

Uravity: well NOT thanks to bakugou, kaminari or todoroki

Zuko: i’m still sorry about that

Uravity: sorry won’t bring back that potted plant

Uravity: what did it ever do to you???

electabuzz: y i k e s

duct tape dude: omg she’s angry what did you DO todo

Zuko: …

o shit waddup: he sat next to one of ochako’s plants and midoriya kept giving him compliments and he just

o shit waddup: got flustered enough to start a fire

o shit waddup: literally

Uravity: >;^/

duct tape dude: HE CK THAT’S SO FUNNY THO

electabuzz: looks like even the elite can Fuck Up

Invisible Girl: om g  speaking of elites fucking up!!!

Invisible Girl: i don’t think i told everyone about this but a few days after the sports festival i saw snipe slip and fall down a set of stairs

electabuzz: w ha  t

Invisible Girl: i laughed right out and ran in the other direction bc i didnt want him to realize it was me!!!

All Might Jr: he just??? fell??

All Might Jr: just like that????

Invisible Girl: yEAH

Invisible Girl: he was doing something on his phone and then i think someone called because cotton eye joe blasted rly loudly and he was startled and slipped!!!

bassic: this is fucking,,, surreal

All Might Jr: … so even the pros can do something like that huh

All Might Jr: maybe snipe has some sort of condition where he startles at loud sounds

All Might Jr: but that’d make no sense because he shoots guns!!

electabuzz: … dude

All Might Jr: could it be so ordinary that he just slipped like a normal person

Uravity: @Zuko kiss him to make him stop

All Might Jr: but,,, a pro hero?? is that possible?

All Might Jr: it can’t be,,,

All Might Jr:

Alien Queen: HE ACTUALLY DID IT!!!

duct tape dude: lm a  o

duct tape dude: for for real

duct tape dude: can we take a moment to just,,, appreciate the idea of a badass looking dude like snipe falling down a set of stairs to cotton eye joe

tentacool: art

duct tape dude: truly

duct tape dude: [upbeat country music playing in the distance as an extremely lethal dude wearing gas mask and a cowboy hat tumbles down a set of stairs]

Invisible Girl: i can happily tell you that the stuff that you’re imagining??

Invisible Girl: it’s exactly what happened

electabuzz: legendary


Alien Queen: guyssss im bored!!

Explodokills: so? go fucking do something then

Alien Queen: bakuuuuu ;’((((

Alien Queen: ppl!!! we could play fmk!

Invisible Girl: fmk??

Alien Queen: fuck marry kill duhh

Invisible Girl: OH

Edgelord: No.

Alien Queen: .. kiss marry kill?

Edgelord: Better.

Alien Queen: alright guyssss let’s play kiss marry kill!!!!

electabuzz: hell yeah im in

duct tape dude: sign me up

Edgelord: Why not.

tentacool: i guess i’m also joining then

Invisible Girl: yeAH!

Uravity: me and tsuyu are in!

bassic: hell yeah

Encyclopedon’t: What are the rules..?

Alien Queen: YOU DONT KNOW??

Alien Queen: basically someone will ask give you 3 different ppl and you’ll have to decide who you’d kiss marry and kill!

Encyclopedon’t: Sounds fun!

karate kid: i’m also in

knuckles: me and katsuki are in!!!


knuckles: i’ll kiss you if you join???

Explodokills: fine.

electabuzz: #whipped

Explodokills: i’LL FUCKING KILL YOU

All Might Jr: me and todo will join!

Prince Charming™: Ooo sounds fun!~

sugar spice: sign me up!

Alien Queen: alright since it was my idea i’m starting!!

bassic: fair enough

Alien Queen: sero!

duct tape dude: hell yeaH

Alien Queen: kiss marry kill: ectoplasm, blood king and cementoss!!

duct tape dude: jesus christ

duct tape dude: alright so,,, kissing cementoss would be like kissing a brick wall right??

electabuzz: i guess??

duct tape dude: ive heard that ectoplasm likes karaoke and he seems like a chill dude so i’d marry him

duct tape dude: i’d kill blood king

Invisible Girl: rip

electabuzz: so you’d kiss the brick wall???

duct tape dude: i guESS??

Alien Queen: lma o  oh well!! your turn!

duct tape dude: uraraka!

Uravity: yeah!

duct tape dude: midnight, the weird medusa lady or mt. lady

Uravity: hmmmmmm

Uravity: i’d kiss midnight, kill mt. lady and marry uwabami!

Uravity: uwabami is,, rly hot

o shit waddup: agreed

Uravity: i’d prefer to kiss you tho tsuyu! <3

o shit waddup: <3

Uravity: alright! my turn…

Uravity: bakugou!

Explodokills: uGHHH fUCK

Uravity: endeavor, best jeanist and present mic!

Explodokills: kill endeavor

electabuzz: jesus christ that was fast

Explodokills: he’s a dick

Explodokills: oh fucking fuck can’t i kill them all

knuckles: nah man play the game!

Explodokills: fuck

Alien Queen: no,, kiss!! lmao


Explodokills left the chat


knuckles: duuuude


knuckles added Explodokills to the chat


Explodokills: kiss mic and marry jeanist

Explodokills: i’d probably kill myself first tho

knuckles: yikes

knuckles: your turn dude!


knuckles: if you don’t know the name just describe them

Explodokills: electric idiot

electabuzz: you know my name

knuckles: lmao

Explodokills: hound dog, 13 and edgeshot

electabuzz: who the fuck is edgeshot


electabuzz: i honestly have no idea

Explodokills: no. 5 hero of them all

electabuzz: ooo shit that guy

Explodokills: how the fuck can you memorize the bee movie script but not know the fucking no 5 hero

electabuzz: look you DO remember things abt me!! aww honeyy!!

Explodokills: go die in a hole you useless meatsack

electabuzz: lm a o

duct tape dude: that’s the thing w kami

duct tape dude: he has a shit memory but a terrific memery

Explodokills: i fucking hate this family


Chapter Text

electabuzz: do you guys remember the dog of wisdom

duct tape dude: how could i ever forget the dog of wisdom

electabuzz: ait but

electabuzz: have you heard the remix

duct tape dude: ..

duct tape dude: there’s a remix

Alien Queen: ??

electabuzz: it’s not just A Remix

electabuzz: it’s a series of

electabuzz: 2 remixes

bassic: please tell me you’re joking

electabuzz: would i ever joke about something like this

bassic: shit



duct tape dude: art

bassic: i can’t fucking,, believe

duct tape dude: om fg wait hold on is that the same person who made That One spooky scary skeletons remix

electabuzz: y e a h   i t   i s

duct tape dude: a legend

electabuzz: i love how they just keep making meme music even though they’re hella good like

electabuzz: once a memer always a memer

duct tape dude: amen to that

duct tape dude:

duct tape dude: if denki was a youtuber ^^^^

bassic: accurate

electabuzz: g u y s

duct tape dude: you should be honored i wouldnt compliment people like that if i didnt appreciate them and their memes

duct tape dude: you meme a lot to me

electabuzz: holy shit that’s gay dude

duct tape dude: dude

duct tape dude: we’re dating

electabuzz: shit ur right

electabuzz: you meme a lot to me too

duct tape dude: <3

electabuzz: <33

bassic: i found a video with sero as a youtuber

duct tape dude: SHARE


duct tape dude: ,,,, holy shit

duct tape dude: ,,, im honored

sugar spice: to be fair

sugar spice: sero you’re exactly the kind of person who’d put down a stupid amount of effort to make good memes

bassic: especially w the 80s aesthetics

duct tape dude: im so honored y’all that video is me

electabuzz: im also a memer but i get the dude w a nose recorder playing all star and hanta gets the dude who made a legit music video about memes w all the 80s aesthetics

bassic: an accurate description of your relationship

duct tape dude: ^^^^

sugar spice: ^^^^^^

All Might Jr: ^^^^^^^^

Zuko: ^^^^^^^^


All Might Jr: …. but it’s true

duct tape dude: lmao

electabuzz: im wounded

duct tape dude: but imagine us in an alternative universe tho denki

duct tape dude: im the cool youtuber who does things

duct tape dude: and you’re the shitposter and vlogger

duct tape dude: and we’re boyfriends doing stupid things together

electabuzz: shit,,, that’s perf

duct tape dude: ikr

bassic: the only inaccurate thing about this is the fact that sero isnt cool

duct tape dude: ouch


electabuzz: shit guys i found an amazing video im yelling


knuckles: dude,,,,,

duct tape dude: is this revenge for the nose recorder thing

bassic: hold on that’s the saME YT CHANNEL IT’S THE NOSE RECORDER GUY

duct tape dude: D EN K I



Alien Queen: I M   B L A M I N G  Y O U




duct tape dude: y’all can you chill w the beef?? go vegan or smth

Alien Queen: om f  s e r o

karate kid: dude… kami... it’s 2017

electabuzz: yeah this video was released 2017

karate kid: yeah but….. dude

duct tape dude: idk if i want to cry or laugh

bassic: you’re doing both

duct tape dude: yeah

duct tape dude: it’s just a little much to realize ive been rick rolled in 2017 by some guy playing on a $1 ebay piano

bassic: rip

Invisible Girl: kami!!! you should probably run!

electabuzz: whaddup

Invisible Girl: can’t you hear the sound of explosions coming closer

electabuzz: oh shIT

electabuzz: b r b

sugar spice: rip

bassic: rip

duct tape dude: rip

duct tape dude: @Explodokills don’t kill my dumb boyfriend

bassic: yh it’d be a challenge to find someone that stupid again

duct tape dude: this is where im supposed to defend him right? i can’t

bassic: lmao

bassic: i just found a through the fires and the flames cover on otamatone

electabuzz: whAT

electabuzz: LINK????


duct tape dude: my new ringtone

electabuzz: du d e  i was going to have it as my new ringtone wtf

duct tape dude: we can match

electabuzz: no i’ll be more confused than i already am

duct tape dude: ah shit we can’t have that

duct tape dude: i can take the vid jirou send ft. me if i was a youtuber

duct tape dude: im not addicted to memes im addicted to you

electabuzz: awwww ba b e <3

duct tape dude: <3

bassic: there was a time i thought kaminari was straight

duct tape dude: lmao

grape grabber: …. he isnt?

electabuzz: dude,,,

electabuzz: which part of me and hanta being boyfriends did you miss

grape grabber: i thought you meant in a no homo way

duct tape dude: we were making out as soon as baku and kiri entered a room

grape grabber: no homo???

electabuzz: d u d e

grape grabber: but boobies!!!!! the girls in our class have such fine bodies!!!

duct tape dude: we don’t appreciate the way you’ve been harassing girls in our class btw

grape grabber: what???? i havent been harassing anyone!!!

duct tape dude: dude,,,,,

Explodokills: what he’s trying to fucking say is that you’re a disgusting piece of shit who needs to learn how to fucking respect women

knuckles: i wouldn’t use those words but i agree

All Might Jr: same

Zuko: same

sugar spice: same

karate kid: same

duct tape dude: same

electabuzz: same

Edgelord: Same

tentacool: same

Prince Charming™: same!~ ☆

Snow White: !! 〳 •́ ﹏ •̀ 〵b

Iida: I agree.

grape grabber: boys being boys…????

Explodokills: “boys being boys” my fucking ass you gotta respect women

bassic: i never thought bakugou was a feminist


Explodokills: im an asshole but misogyny is too fucking messed up

Uravity: amen to that

Uravity: especially the part about you being an asshole

Explodokills: fuck you

Explodokills: i’ve been waiting for this fucking day


grape grabber was kicked from the chat



duct tape dude: i can’t believe mineta was expelled


duct tape dude: amen to that

electabuzz: are we going to ignore the fact that bakugou just said “shit gobbler”

bassic: yh we’re too hyped about mineta being kicked out

Zuko: what’s a mineta? never heard of it.

Uravity: same

o shit waddup: idk but it sounds like a mistake

Alien Queen: for real tho!! are we having a party?

electabuzz: hell yeahhhhh

All Might Jr: if we have a party we need to invite shinsou as the honorable 1-A student!

Alien Queen: ofc! he’s basically already in the family!!

Invisible Girl: i mean!! a spot in the class is technically open rn??

bassic: kick out a Terrible Purple Boy and get a Great Purple Boy

bassic: sounds like a good deal

All Might Jr: you know what this means

Uravity: what!

All Might Jr: it’s time to invite a Good Purple Boy to the chat

knuckles: shinsou!

All Might Jr: yeah!!


All Might Jr added dont @ me  to Dysfunctional Super Family™


dont @ me: oh

All Might Jr: welcome to the family shinsou!!

Uravity: welcome!

Invisible Girl: welcome!!


Explodokills: oh no not this asshole

dont @ me: oh no not THIS asshole

electabuzz: wow look at that he’s already in the family

Chapter Text

electabuzz: i hate the word moist

karate kid: why are you just,,, saying that out of nowhere

electabuzz: because the word moist is a mistake and should be removed

Explodokills: just like we did w that tiny grape fucker

electabuzz: tru

duct tape dude: amen to that

electabuzz: what was his name??

duct tape dude: idk man??

karate kid: alright for real tho

karate kid: what’s the problem with the word moist

electabuzz: JUST LOOK AT IT

electabuzz: SAY IT

electabuzz: LIKE,,,,, iF you say moist and look someone in the eyes it’ll be a bad time for everyone involved

electabuzz: it’s like,,,,,

electabuzz: sexual but not sexy

bassic: tbh there are many words that sound kind of sexual even if they arent

electabuzz: anything can sound sexual if you set your mind to it

Explodokills: stop sexualizing the fucking vocabulary


duct tape dude: guYS I FUCKED UP

bassic: what did you do omg


Alien Queen: whAT DID YOU DO!!!!!

duct tape dude: i was going to send a text to denki and i,,,,,, fucked up

Alien Queen: who,,,,, did you send it to,,,,,,

bassic: and,,,, What did you send

duct tape dude:

“me: what’s up my fuckwad biiiitch ;^)))
mom: HANTA


bassic: LM  A O


Invisible Girl: F A V

duct tape dude: im a dead man

knuckles: i can’t fucking believe

Uravity: hhhhhhh you guys!!!!

o shit waddup: ?

duct tape dude: sup?

Uravity: do you guys want to watch cars 3 w me and iida?? or well,, actually the entire trilogy??

duct tape dude: ,,,,, for the memes right?

Uravity: …. no iida is rly excited about it because he hasn’t had the time to watch the 3rd one yet and i can’t do this alone send help

duct tape dude: class prez,,, likes,, the cars movies???

Uravity: have you seen his collection of cars socks???

duct tape dude: holy shit no what

electabuzz: no wa y

Uravity: yes way!!!!!

Uravity: he has those socks w like,,, lightning mcqueen??

Uravity: @All Might Jr deku!!! the picture!!!

All Might Jr: !!!!

All Might Jr: whAT picture

Uravity: r ea d the conversation you fool

All Might Jr: oh THAT picture!!

All Might Jr: i dont have that one im pretty sure shinsou is the one who has it

All Might Jr: @ dont @ me

dont @ me: which part of my name is hard to understand

All Might Jr: we need That One picture of iida!!

dont @ me: oh that one

dont @ me: alright hold on i think i have it somewhere

All Might Jr: it’s such a good picture

dont @ me: it sure is

duct tape dude: should,,, we be worried??

electabuzz: im kind of worried

Uravity: no no!!  this will probably be one of the purest things that has been sent in the chat dont worry!!

duct tape dude: alright now im intrigued

dont @ me:

dont @ me: there you go

All Might Jr: from our disney marathon!!

Uravity: there it is!!

duct tape dude: IM YELLIGN

duct tape dude: BEST BOY

bassic: im sobbing that is the best thing ive ever seen

bassic: thank you iida for being so pure

Iida: Why did you send that picture of me??

Uravity: to show off your rad Cars socks and shorts!!!!

Iida: Oh! Do you like them? :-)

electabuzz: yes iida

electabuzz: we Love them

bassic: ^^^^^^

duct tape dude: ^^^^^^

Iida: Thank you! I am quite fond of them myself!

duct tape dude: i bet you are

electabuzz: also,, wait did shinsou take that picture

dont @ me: yeah

electabuzz: did y’all invite Him to a disney marathon but not us???

All Might Jr: it was his idea

Alien Queen: you like disney??

dont @ me: i love disney

Alien Queen: GOOD

duct tape dude: anyway are y’all having a Cars marathon because sign me up???

Iida: Yes!

Iida: You are welcome to join! :-)

electabuzz: babe are you for real

duct tape dude: #DoItForHim

electabuzz: fa i r

electabuzz: alright i also want to join

electabuzz: #DoItForHim

bassic: i’m in #DoItForHim

Uravity: @everyone join our Cars movie marathon tonight!!! #DoItForHim

Alien Queen: hell yeAH

Prince Charming™: Alight then!~

Edgelord: Why not

tentacool: sign me up

sugar spice: im in!

Snow White: !

Zuko: alright

Encyclopedon’t: That sounds lovely!!

o shit waddup: you know im in

Invisible Girl: me and ojiro are joining!!

knuckles: me and bakubabe are joining!


knuckles: pls

Explodokills: fuck no

knuckles: do it for me??


Explodokills: fine

electabuzz: #whipped

Explodokills: do you have a death wish

electabuzz: nah man

bassic: is anyone going to comment on the “bakubabe”

Explodokills: i’ll kill you

bassic: lmao k

Iida: Who are you referring to when you say “him” and what are you doing for him?

duct tape dude:

duct tape dude: you’re so pure im going to cry

Iida: I do not understand what you are talking about.

duct tape dude: you dont have to you only have to know that we all love and appreciate you

Iida: I love and appreciate you guys as well! :-)

Uravity: <3

All Might Jr: <3

dont @ me: <3

duct tape dude: <3

o shit waddup: <3

sugar spice: <3

tentacool: <3

Edgelord: <3

Zuko: <3

Encyclopedon’t: <3

bassic: <3

electabuzz: <3

Prince Charming™: <3

knuckles: <3

Alien Queen: <3

Invisible Girl: <3

karate kid: <3

Snow White: <3

knuckles: @Explodokills

Explodokills: there’s no fucking way im joining you idiots with this fucking heart spam

electabuzz: well at least you tried kiri

knuckles: hold on

duct tape dude: ..?

knuckles: wait for it

electabuzz: should we be worried

Explodokills: <3

Alien Queen: OMG!!!

bassic: that’s,,, a lot of explosions


duct tape dude:

duct tape dude: @knuckles are you alright


electabuzz: i think he’s dead

Edgelord: He was truly a brave man.

electabuzz: amen to that


knuckles: @Explodokills babe cook something for me im dying

electabuzz: wow look at that he’s alive

duct tape dude: and already asking his boyfriend for favors

Explodokills: no

knuckles: bakuuuuuu ;^((((

Explodokills: no im fucking busy

knuckles: babe

Explodokills: hell no

knuckles: honey

Explodokills: do you want to fucking die

knuckles: katsuki


Explodokills: fine

duct tape dude: holy shit

Explodokills: die

duct tape dude: i can’t believe bakugou is such a softie

Explodokills: i’ll kill you

duct tape dude: k

bassic: i always forget that bakugou actually can cook

bassic: like,, you’d expect a person to run out of things to be good at

dont @ me: he sucks at being a decent person

bassic: HA

duct tape dude: lmao

knuckles: he’s getting better

dont @ me: k

knuckles: aaaaaa he’s making curry im so in love with this boy

duct tape dude: hah gay

knuckles: ikr

electabuzz: why do you always make me feel like a bad boyfriend baku ur like boyfriend goals

electabuzz: or more like

electabuzz: bakugoals

duct tape dude: BAKUGOALS

duct tape dude: im lauGHING

duct tape dude: i knew there was a reason i started dating you

electabuzz: <33

duct tape dude: <33

duct tape dude: also kami

duct tape dude:  i love you even though you can’t cook for shit

electabuzz: awh babe ily2

duct tape dude:  also baku if you’re already cooking for kiri can’t you cook something for me as well

Explodokills: no

duct tape dude: at least make enough for me of what you’re cooking for kiri????

Explodokills: no.

duct tape dude: c’mon man be a bro

electabuzz: be a bakubro

duct tape dude: ^^^^^^

Explodokills: how about you fucking bakuGo Away

electabuzz: holy shit


Alien Queen: iida should get a fun name to match with the rest of us!!!!

Uravity: yeah!!!

Iida: I am not sure….

electabuzz: i vote for speedy gonzales

duct tape dude: alright but consider this

duct tape dude: lightning mcqueen

Alien Queen: PERF!!!!

Iida: ..

Iida: Well I guess I can change nickname to that. :-)


Iida changed nickname to Lightning McQueen


Lightning McQueen: :-D

Chapter Text

electabuzz: i need to introduce my favorite band of all time

duct tape dude: do share

electabuzz: man they’re such an Ultimate Fav

duct tape dude: maybe even

duct tape dude: Plus Ultra Fav?

electabuzz: you know it ;^)

duct tape dude: o shit do share


duct tape dude: i have no idea whats going on there but I Approve

bassic: the synth is lit

electabuzz: ikr


duct tape dude: you know their songs are actually catchy i expected you to send something Really Fuckign Strange

electabuzz: m.o.v.e is my fav band i stg

duct tape dude: the guy who’s painted like flowers and kind of dancing around in the 2nd video tho

duct tape dude: the chameleon dude

duct tape dude: i relate to him

electabuzz: same

Alien Queen: same

bassic: same

don’t @ me: same

Alien Queen: shinsou!!!!

don’t @ me: me!!!!

bassic: omg

Alien Queen: im glad you’re feeling welcome to the family

don’t @ me: im

don’t @ me: glad,,, to be here

don’t @ me: i guess

Alien Queen: <3

Uravity: !! <3

All Might Jr: <3

Invisible Girl: <3

duct tape dude: <3

electabuzz: <3

knuckles: <3

Lightning McQueen: <3

don’t @ me:

don’t @ me: <3

Lightning McQueen: I just remembered why I recognized the songs you sent, Kaminari! Those are intros and endings to the Initial D anime! :-)

electabuzz: yeahhHH they are!!

electabuzz: wait hold on holy shit how do you know that

Lightning McQueen: My brother is a huge Initial D fan

electabuzz: tensei?? as in?? the ingenium

Lightning McQueen: That would be him, yes.

electabuzz: holy shit

Lightning McQueen: I am fairly sure that he used to listen to the soundtrack, or at least Running in the 90s, in his helmet while fighting villains.

electabuzz: yOOoOO??

duct tape dude: wait a fucking second

duct tape dude: hold oN


Lightning McQueen: No.

duct tape dude: wh aaa a t

Lightning McQueen: That’s already a function in most of the helmets! It’s mainly for communication, but it can be used for music!

duct tape dude: no fucking way

Lightning McQueen: Yes way! :-)

duct tape dude: imagine listening to running in the 90s on repeat while fighting thatd be lit af

Lightning McQueen: My brother made a Running in the 90s playlist that he used! I can send it to you if you’d like! :-D

duct tape dude: yES PLEASE

Lightning McQueen:

duct tape dude: yo,,, wtf,,,,,

duct tape dude: that’s like,,, more than 30 different versions of running in the 90s

Lightning McQueen: As I said, he is a big fan of Initial D as well as Eurobeat!

electabuzz: i have so much respect for your brother dude

duct tape dude: yeahhhh man he seems like such a cool guy wtf

Lightning McQueen: I will let him know that you think that! :-D


Explodokills: fuck you eijirou

knuckles: for what

Explodokills: for making me feel things

knuckles: aww babe <3

Alien Queen: aaaaaawww!!!!!

electabuzz: ,,,, aww??

Alien Queen: yeah!! AWWWWWW!

electabuzz: he just said fuck you to kirishima what are we awwwwwing about

Alien Queen: you uneducated fool!

Alien Queen: ‘fuck you for making me feels things’ means ‘i love you’ in bakugou!!!


duct tape dude: sparring with uraraka is an Experience™

bassic: did she beat the shit out of you

duct tape dude:

duct tape dude: no,,,,

Uravity: ;^)

bassic: lmao

Uravity: nahh! we were pretty even!

bassic: sounds like you beat the shit out of him

Uravity: not like todo at the sports festival at least!!!!

duct tape dude: please dont bring that up im scarred for life

Zuko: i’m still sorry about that

duct tape dude: anyway everyone already knew it but i just needed to give yall a reminder that uraraka is a badass

Uravity: !!! <3

duct tape dude: imma go hit the showers

electabuzz: don’t punch too hard

duct tape dude:

duct tape dude:

fuckt tape dude: de nk i  hol y  f u  ck

Uravity: oh my god

bassic: lm a  o


electabuzz: do y’all ever take a moment to appreciate how gorgeous momo is

All Might Jr: everyday tbh

Uravity: yes

karate kid: yes

Edgelord: Of course

Zuko: yeah

knuckles: yeah!

Prince Charming™: Naturally!~

o shit waddup: who doesnt

electabuzz: fair point

duct tape dude: alright so like i totally do

duct tape dude: but you never tell me that and im your boyfriend wtf denki

electabuzz: hanta

electabuzz: babe

electabuzz: you’re objectively speaking not nearly as gorgeous as momo

duct tape dude: rude

electabuzz: but i also know i cant get me a girl like that so i lowered my standards and now im w you

duct tape dude:

duct tape dude: i came here to have a good time and im honestly feeling so attacked right now

o shit waddup: sero are you sure that YOU arent the one that lowered your standards to end up with kami

duct tape dude: shit ur right

duct tape dude: thanks tsuyu

o shit waddup: no problem

knuckles: if it’s any consolation

knuckles: i think you’re pretty darn cute sero

duct tape dude: it’s not any consolation because you’re dating the hottest dude in the class

knuckles: lmao

All Might Jr: i also think you’re cute sero!!!!

duct tape dude: says the other guy who’s not only fucking adorable himself, but is also dating the prettiest guy in the class

duct tape dude: but hey you know what

duct tape dude: i’ll take it

duct tape dude: thanks y’all for being better than my boyfriend

electabuzz: you know ily hanta

duct tape dude: ily you fucking nerd

bassic: hah gay

bassic: also,,, wait hold on

bassic: are y’all appreciating momo without me ????

electabuzz: i assumed that you’d join

duct tape dude: yeah pal were your momo senses tingling

bassic: shut the fuck up

electabuzz: i still think you should do something about your obvious crush on momo

duct tape dude: and make me feel even worse when all my friends are dating hot people and im stuck with a pokemon

electabuzz: who tf are you calling a pokemon

duct tape dude: you

duct tape dude: im calling you a pokemon


Encyclopedon’t: Who’s in the chat?

bassic: nO ONE

o shit waddup: jirou i hate to break it to you but she can see the chat history

bassic: shhhhHHHhhhH

Encyclopedon’t: You.. have a crush on me?

bassic:  uh

bassic: pass

electabuzz: she does

duct tape dude: eyup

Encyclopedon’t: You do???

bassic: uhhhhh

Encyclopedon’t: !!!!

Encylopedon’t: I feel the same way!

bassic: what.

Encyclopedon’t: I’ve had a crush on your for such a long time but I didn’t dare to tell you!

bassic: no way

electabuzz: jirou accept her feelings you gay fool

bassic: uH!!

bassic: momO!

bassic: would you like to… meet up?? right now??

Encyclopedon’t: I’ll come over right away!

bassic: holy shit

bassic: im gonna

bassic: clean up my room quickly as hELL

duct tape dude: run romio

Explodokills: what the fuck is going on

electabuzz: my girl jirou is gonna get some

Explodokills: forget that i fucking asked

electabuzz: duDE havent you noticed how in love they are???

Explodokills: anyone with eyes can fucking see that but leave me out of this i don’t fucking care

duct tape dude: but duuuudee

duct tape dude: our classmates!! are gay and in love!!

electabuzz: like the rest of us


electabuzz: holy shit bakugo

duct tape dude: im bakugone

Explodokills: die


bassic: holy shit

bassic: you guys

duct tape dude: how’d go

duct tape dude: ;^)

bassic: i have a girlfriend



bassic: i was going to say fuck you for saying that in the chat BUT

bassic: it worked out in the end so

bassic: thank you or whatever

electabuzz: <3

duct tape dude: <3


bassic: <3

Chapter Text

electabuzz: wouldnt it be fucking radical to have a sword cane

duct tape dude: oh yeAH

electabuzz: imagine youre there lookin dapper af and suddenly swORD

bassic: i dont think youre capable of looking dapper, kami

electabuzz: ru DE

duct tape dude: i’d want one in a solid color and some carved in patterns that’d be cool

electabuzz: thats,,,, kinda plain tho,,,,

electabuzz: imagine that but the handle part is like

electabuzz: a dragon

bassic: no thats almost too extra

electabuzz: a bird head then??

Zuko: so like

Zuko: tokoyami on a stick

electabuzz: aSDFGHJHGFD

bassic:  FU C K

Edgelord: ……..

duct tape dude: FU C KINGN  TOKOY AM I  ON A  ST IC K


Alien Queen: hey toko!!! bt w!!!

Edgelord: What.

Alien Queen: alright sooooo! i remember you saying that you really like apples right??

Edgelord: Yes.

Alien Queen: im just kinda wondering why ive never like,, seen you eat any apples?? but then i remembered that you have a beak right so like,,,,, how do you actually eat the apples????


Edgelord: I just,, eat them I guess??

duct tape dude: yeah man but like hOW

duct tape dude: do you like

duct tape dude: peck it

duct tape dude: or do you have a real ass fucking row of teeth in there so you just kind of Take A Fucking Bite

Alien Queen: EXACTLY!!!!

Edgelord: What the fuck

duct tape dude: if you dont tell us we’ll keep making up even weirder scenarios

electabuzz: alright i have it

duct tape dude: do tell

Edgelord: Please no.

electabuzz: imagine tokoyami as he unhinges his fucking jaw and he has like 3 rows of teeth in that beak and he just kind of de v o urs the apples

duct tape dude: brb im crying

bassic: i did not need that image in my head

electabuzz: IT’S KINDA FUNNY THO

Edgelord: Kill me


duct tape dude: yeahhhhhh dont leave us ha ng ing

Edgelord: Leave

tentacool: he pecks them

tentacool: it’s adorable

electabuzz: om g precIOUS

Edgelord: I can’t believe this

Edgelord: My oWN boyfriend

Edgelord: I don’t think I’ll survive a betrayal like this

tentacool: alright drama queen whatever you say

Edgelord: I’m not a drama queen

tentacool: no you’re a dancing queen, young and sweet, only 17

Edgelord: I’m breaking up with you

duct tape dude: i thought you said “beaking up” for a moment and i screamed



Edgelord: End my suffering now.

Explodokills: k

sugar spice: hey guys im making apple pie does anyone want some

Edgelord: Bakugou save the murder for another time I have apple pie to eat.


electabuzz: alright so ive been thinking

duct tape dude: how rare

bassic: dont hurt yourself

electabuzz: fuckIGN

bassic: lm a o

electabuzz: a lr ight SO

electabuzz: when baku was young and not in full control of his quirk

bassic: yh?

electabuzz: do yall think he ever accidentally exploded his dick

duct tape dude: FUCK


electabuzz: @Explodokills

Explodokills: what.

electabuzz: have you ever exploded your dick

Explodokills: whAT THE FUCK

electabuzz: is that a yes or a no

Explodokills: FUCK YOU

duct tape dude: speaking of dicks

bassic: oh no

duct tape dude: do you think that shigaraki dude is scared of losing his dick if he jerks off

karate kid: why is this conversation happening

bassic: just roll w it

electabuzz: hey these are important questions

electabuzz: @All Might Jr

All Might Jr: what

electabuzz: how does shigarakis quirk work

All Might Jr: why are you asking

electabuzz: because i know you know and its important for me to know

All Might Jr: if all 5 fingers on his hand is touching something it’ll disintegrate

electabuzz: anything?

All Might Jr: seems like it??

electabuzz: holy shit what if he jerks off with 1 finger too much

bassic: dissolved dick

All Might Jr: bYE

duct tape dude: “hey. dad, uh. my dick is gone” “son. what” “my dick. it’s gone.” “ son .”

bassic: lm A O

duct tape dude: dissolved dicks aside

electabuzz: thats the best thing youve ever said

duct tape dude: ikr

duct tape dude. but also. dissolved dicks aside.

duct tape dude: @Zuko is all the hair on your body either red or white

Zuko: what

duct tape dude: is your leg hair red on one leg and white on the other, same w the arm hair and armpit

Zuko: leave

All Might Jr: (yes it’s true)

Zuko: izuKU


duct tape dude: HOLY SHIT

Uravity: IKR


electabuzz: alright but like

Zuko: don’t say it

electabuzz: y’kno

Zuko: don’t fucking say it

electabuzz: if all of your body hair is split

Zuko: dont. fucking. say. it.

electrabuzz: alright alright

bassic: completely unrelated to todoroki’s multicolored body hair

bassic: kami i always read your name as electranutz

electabuzz: lm A O

bassic: do you have electric nutz

electabuzz: om f

electabuzz: yeah

electabuzz: yeah i have electric nutz

bassic: nice

bassic: but also

bassic: rest in pieces @duct tape dude

duct tape dude: shit

Lightning McQueen: What is going on here??

Zuko: chaos

electabuzz: wait HOLD ON THIS IS NSFI

Zuko: nsfi?

bassic: not safe for iida

Zuko: i

electabuzz: protect him

Zuko: alright yes agreed

Lightning McQueen: I don’t know what you’re talking about but

Lightning McQueen: @duct tape dude @electabuzz Please remember that condoms don’t conduct electricity

Lightning McQueen: Use protection :-)

Zuko: o

duct tape dude: e ND ME

bassic: i t aKE BACK WHAT I SAID

electabuzz: IM SC RE ECHING

don’t @ me: i can’t get over how passive-aggressive that smiley makes it look

Lightning McQueen: ;-)

Invisible Girl: i just saw aizawa jam out to september and im liv i ng

bassic: september as in the song september by earth, wind & fire???

Invisible Girl: YES

bassic: n o

Invisible Girl: Y E S

Uravity: nO WAY!!!!!

Invisible Girl: YES WAY!!!!!

bassic: hoLY SHIT???


knuckles: september??? but it’s october

bassic: THAT’S what felt most out of place with the fact that tooru saw aizawa jam out to september?? that the song is called september and it’s october??

knuckles: ye ah??

bassic: too good

Invisible Girl: too pure



Uravity: NO WAY

Invisible Girl: alright so i forgot my book in the classroom right!! and i realized that i reALLY needed it! so i went back to get it and most of the teachers were already gone!! so i was on my way and i heard music from the the classroom!

Uravity: omg……

Invisible Girl: and thEN i heard laughter right!! it was obviously present mic his voice isnt hard to recognize but then i heard someone else laugh as well and it was like!! i really soft chuckle but i heARD IT and the door was slightly open so i stuck in my head!! and they obviously couldnt see me bUT!!!!


Invisible Girl: ALRIGHT SO!!! present mic was dancing kind of stupidly and lip syncing to september and aizawa was sitting on one of the desks and had this Super Amused look on his face and he was!! smiling!!!

Uravity: oh my god…….

Invisible Girl: and theN!!! present mic stepped in and kissed aizawa and then just pulled him up!! and aizawa didnt even resist??!! he quickly looked around and didnt see me and then he started dancing with present mic!!! like! REAL couple dancing! they did spins and everything and like!! it really looked that they had done it before and i was sHOOK!!

Invisible Girl: aizawa has like

Invisible Girl: some killer moves?? ive nEVER seen aizawa look happy like that?? theyre like Ultimate Relationship Goals!!!!

electabuzz: theyre both,, so,, old and married

Invisible Girl: yes @ both of those

Lightning McQueen: Did you get the book?

Invisible Girl: …………

Lightning McQueen: :-|


Lightning McQueen: That’s quite fair. Was it the new book for Aizawa-Sensei’s class?

Invisible Girl: yeah!! i just wanted to read the thing he was talking about today again…. because.. i didnt catch everything he was saying…..

Lightning McQueen: I can lend you my book and some notes from today if you’d like! :-)

Invisible Girl: !!!! IIDA YOURE THE BEST

Lightning McQueen: Is the common area an acceptable place to meet?

Invisible Girl: yeah! thanks again iida youre my hero!

Lightning McQueen: Just doing my job as class president! :-)


Chapter Text



electabuzz changed nickname to spooky stun gun


duct tape dude: !!!!!!

duct tape dude changed nickname to death by duct tape


Alien Queen changed nickname to Xenomorph


o shit waddup changed nickname to Aizawa


spooky stun gun: hoLY SHIT TSUYU

death by duct tape: LM A  O AMAZING

Prince Charming™: He can be pretty scary tbh~

Uravity: are everyone changing nicknames to something halloween-y??

Xenomorph: yeah!!!!

Prince Charming™: Sounds fun!~ ✨


Prince Charming™ changed nickname to Death Star™


Xenomorph: do i spot a star wars reference!!!!!!!

Death Star™: ;^)  ✩

Edgelord: Damn, was going to do a Star Wars reference

Death Star™: Oh! Sorry!! We can both have Star Wars references?~ ✩

Death Star™: I could also change~

Edgelord: Don’t worry about it, we can match. Thank you though.

Death Star™: °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°


Edgelord changed nickname to Crylo Ren


Uravity: omf

Aizawa: amazing


Uravity changed nickname to Present Mic


Aizawa: we match

Present Mic: yeah!!!

spooky stun gun: man thats so gay

Aizawa: kaminari

Aizawa we’re girlfriends and eraserhead and present mic are married and also gay

spooky stun gun: the kind of quality gay content we need in this group chat

Zuko changed nickname to Endeavor


spooky stun gun: o

death by duct tape: oh


Endeavor: ¯\_(•‿•)_/¯

Xenomorph: ,,,,,,,, are you alright

Endeavor: depends on your definition

death by duct tape: Yikes™

bassic changed nickname to bad speakers


spooky stun gun: i

spooky stun gun: what

bad speaker: nothing is more terrifying than bad speakers

spooky stun gun: alright thats fAIR


don’t @ me changed nickname to brain blender


Xenomorph: omg i love

All Might Jr: aaaaaaa everyone are so creative what the fuck

spooky stun gun: did,,, midoriya just,, swear

bad speakers: i think he did

death by duct tape: holy shit,,,,

Xenomorph: the apocalypse is near,,,,,

All Might Jr: i swear sometimes!!!

Aizawa: you really don’t

All Might Jr: oh

spooky stun gun: i just searched the entire chat log for you swearing

All Might Jr: how many hits did you get

spooky stun gun: none

All Might Jr: o

death by duct tape: lm a o

brain blender: dw we still appreciate you

All Might Jr: awww thank you shinsou!!!!

All Mighr Jr: i need to come up w a name hhhhhh

All Might Jr: o wait


All Might Jr changed nickname to Kacchan


spooky stun gun: HOLY SHIT MIDORIYA

Present Mic: d  E K U  OH MY GOD

Kacchan: ;^)

death by duct tape: im laughging holy  fuck

brain blender: amazing


Xenomorph: @Explodokills you should join and change nickname!!!!!

Explodokills: why the fuck would i do that

Xenomorph: to get into the halloween spirit!!

Explodokills: fuck you

spooky stun gun: its time for the skeleton war you fuckboy

Explodokills: fuck you all this is dumb

spooky stun gun: youre dumb

knuckles: lm  a o

Explodokills: im not changing my fucking name

spooky stun gun: ;^/

knuckles: wait hold on


Explodokills changed nickname to Bakpurrgo Catsuki


death by duct tape: om f

spooky stun gun: wh  a t


spooky stun gun: k I R I???

Bakpurrgo Catsuki: YOU KNOW IT

Xenomorph: those explosions sound kind of intense

Bakpurrgo Catsuki: i’ll be fiN E


Bakpurrgo Catsuki changed nickname to Big Bad Wolf


Big Bad Wolf: fuck you

knuckles: oh my god wait


knuckles changed nickname to little red riding hood


death by duct tape: oh my god thats gayer than uraraka and tsuyu

spooky stun gun: is it really

death by duct tape: alright maybe not That Gay

little red riding hood: <3

Big Bad Wolf: fuck you all

Big Bad Wolf: especially you eijirou

spooky stun gun: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


tentacool changed nickname to tentacruel


Lightning McQueen changed nickname to Lightning McQueen Is Dead


death by duct tape: rip


karate kid changed nickname to karate kill


Xenomorph: isnt that a movie

karate kill: it sure is

Xenomorph: amazing

karate kill: but i mean

karate kill: so is karate kid

Xenomorph: fair point !!!


Invisible Girl changed nickname to Poltergeist


Encyclopedon’t changed nickname to no boob support


spooky stun gun: oh my god what

no boob support: Nothing is as terrifying as lack of boob support

spooky stun gun:

spooky stun gun: @ your boobs you can do it i believe in you!

bad speakers: not that kind of boob support


little red riding hood: heyyy @sugar spice  bro are you joining the spooky trend? ;^)

sugar spice: holy shit yes


sugar spice changed nickname to scary spice


karate kill: going for an actual spice girl now? ni c e

scary spice: honestly i love them theyre all queens

little red riding hood: agreed

Poltergeist: what about kouda? :D

Snow White: Σ(゚Д゚;)

Poltergeist: ooo!! you dont have to be nervous about finding a good name!! it doesnt have to be good i mean look at kaminari!!

spooky stun gun: h e y  r UDE

Xenomorph: tooru has a point

spooky stun gun: you coME TO MY HOUSE

Snow White: (๑•﹏•)


Snow White changed nickname to Ursula


Poltergeist: see! that wasnt so bad was it!

Lightning McQueen Is Dead: You’re doing great, Kouda! :-)

Ursula: ( ´﹀` )



spooky stun gun: i cant believe its already christmas yall

Endeavor: it’s literally the beginning of november

spooky stun gun: christmas

Endeavor: ,,,,

Present Mic: does that mean that it’s time to change back from the spooky nicknames?

Endeavor: finally.


Endeavor changed nickname to Katy Perry


Katy Perry: i vanquished the beast

Kacchan: good

Present Mic: oh my god your name puts me off so much deku!!

Kacchan: ahaha me too

spooky stun gun: worth it?

Kacchan: totally worth it


Kacchan changed nickname to All Might Jr


Present Mic changed nickname to Skywalker


Aizawa changed nickname to pepe


spooky stun gun changed nickname to electabuzz


death by duct tape changed nickname to duct tape dude


tentacruel changed nickname to tentacool


bad speakers changed nickname to bassic


no boob support changed nickname to Encyclopedon’t


Lightning McQueen Is Dead changed nickname to Lightning McQueen


karate kill changed nickname to karate kid


Ursula changed nickname to Snow White


scary spice changed nickname to sugar spice


little red riding hood changed nickname to knuckles


Big Bad Wolf changed nickname to Explodokills

brain blender: hey do you guys wanna see something cool

electabuzz: hell yeahh

brain blender: remember line rider?


Snow White: !!!!

brain blender:

duct tape dude: ,,,, holy shit

electabuzz: that’s so good it’s annoying???

All Might Jr: who,,,, spends that much time making something like that,,,,,

Skywalker: says the guy with notebooks filled with information about heroes that he has been writing his entire life

All Might Jr:

All Might Jr: touché


bassic: honestly i hate the fucking facebook memories thing, you know the “here’s what you did on This Day last year”?? like,, oh fuck what kind of bullshit came out of my mouth at this time last year

electabuzz: m e

electabuzz: i did not come out of your mouth last year i meant that i relate

bassic: kamINARI HOLY SHIT

duct tape dude: OH MY GOD


bassic: just like you apparently




Crylo Ren: What the fuck is going on

duct tape dude: denki came out of jirou’s mouth last year

Crylo Ren: What.


bassic: i reverse vored kaminari last year y’all

electabuzz: N O





electabuzz changed nickname to reverse vored by jirou


reverse vored by jirou: im embracing my mistakes

duct tape dude: holy shit denki


Katy Perry: what the fuck did i come back to

reverse vored by jirou: a mess

Katy Perry: that’s not new

reverse vored by jirou: fair

bassic: todo i just noticed your name and im laughing

Katy Perry:

Katy Perry: im embracing both the hot n cold

bassic: that was a terrible pun but i’m also impressed that you actually did it

reverse vored by jirou: yeah man i thought youd just like go for elsa since youve been zuko for so long now

Xenomorph: same

All Might Jr: tbh same

duct tape dude: we were all bamboozled because he did the perfect combination of hot and cold

Chapter Text

duct tape dude: do you know what time it is

electabuzz: adventure time?

bassic: high noon?

Encyclopedon’t: Midnight..?

duct tape dude: well

duct tape dude: you’re not Wrong

duct tape dude: but that wasn’t what i was going for

bassic: where you going with it

duct tape dude:

duct tape dude: merry crisis

duct tape dude: iw a s going to writ e christmas but autocorreCT HAD OTHER PLANS

electabuzz: LM A O

bassic: oh


duct tape dude: of course


duct tape dude: OF COURSE

All Might Jr: end me

All might Jr: anyway merry chrysler

Katy Perry: but it’s 1st december

duct tape dude: it’s christmas

Katy Perry: i

Katy Perry: what

duct tape dude: just roll with it

Katy Perry: ok,,,

Crylo Ren: I have the perfect song to get in the mood.

duct tape dude: more perfect than the christmas version of caramelldansen?

Crylo Ren: Maybe not that perfect, but it’s pretty close.

Crylo Ren:

bassic: i havent clicked the link but is that the mariah carrey x my chemical romance mashup

Crylo Ren:

Crylo Ren: How did you know,

bassic: i still havent forgotten about the wake me up maybe mashup you said was your theme song long ago

bassic: it was an educated guess

Crylo Ren: O

electabuzz: when ur emo but still excited for christmas

Crylo Ren: Leave.


electabuzz: hey guys

electabuzz: do you remember that song

duct tape dude: what song

electabuzz: the uhh you know

duct tape dude: yes i know exactly what song you’re talking about denki thanks for the clarification

electabuzz: asdfg

electabuzz: the fucking i am a gummy bear song?? something like that??

bassic: oh god not that green abomination

duct tape dude: why are you bringing up a subject that should’ve been buried with tokio hotel Years Ago

Crylo Ren: :^/

bassic: shit sero don’t talk shit about tokio hotel you’ll make the resident emo bird upset

Crylo Ren: I’m not emo

Crylo Ren: It’s called goth, honey, look it up.

bassic: sadfhgfds by e   

duct tape dude: honestly tho babe why did you bring it up

electabuzz: because i realized how many versions in different languages there are

bassic: how many

electabuzz: way too many

bassic: wow how informative

electabuzz: i actually dont care about all of the versions but i care about This One Version

bassic: get to the point kami

electabuzz: they made a version in klingon

bassic: i

bassic: what

electabuzz: the star trek language

bassic: i know what klingon is but what hte fuck


electabuzz: im not joking

brain blender: i can’t believe you made me watch that with my own two eyes

electabuzz: well i wouldve been worried if you watched it w someone elses eyes

All Might Jr: @electabuzz @duct tape dude @Xenomorph @knuckles

All Might Jr: what are you doing

duct tape dude: making sock puppets

All Might Jr: alright but like

All Might Jr: why,,,???

electabuzz: to surprise and probably annoy midnight

All Might Jr: you know what

All Might Jr: i’m not even surprised to hear that’s the reason

Xenomorph: TO BE FAIR!!!

Xenomorph: she said we could do the creative presentations exactly how we wanted

All Might Jr: i’m pretty sure she meant that you could do it with a powerpoint or use drawings or maybe a poem

knuckles: well

knuckles: she didn’t say we couldn’t do a sock puppet musical

Lightning McQueen: I normally would’ve told you that this was a terrible idea

Lightning McQueen: But Midnight-Sensei actually did say that you were allowed to do anything. I’m looking forward seeing the project! :-D

duct tape dude: he ll  ye a h

Xenomorph: #ApprovedByTheClassPresident

knuckles: how the hell do you make a sock look like crimson riot you guys

pepe: you don’t

knuckles: ok but how ‘bout i do anyway

duct tape dude: @All Might Jr midoriya i need your expertise on how to make my sock puppet look like a good all might

All Might Jr: !! i’ll be right there


sugar spice: hey @Crylo Ren

Crylo Ren: What.

sugar spice: i found a song i think youd like

Crylo Ren: Oh no.

sugar spice: ;^))

sugar spice:

sugar spice: is this edgy enough for you

Crylo Ren: What the actual fuck.

bassic: what IS that

electabuzz: its obviously a mashup of anaconda and phantom of the opera i thought you were the music pro here



bassic: i know but like

bassic: What The Fuck

Skywalker: the thing that bothers me the most is how well that works

pepe: same

Crylo Ren: …

tentacool: he downloaded it and put it as his ringtone

Crylo Ren: I told you not to tell them

tentacool: babe i couldn’t resist

electabuzz: b a b e

tentacool: what

electabuzz: i never wouldve thought youd call tokoyami babe

tentacool: the more you know

tentacool: and also like

tentacool: kami i have been calling fumi babe like All The Time how could you already forget about that


electabuzz: shit ur right

duct tape dude: he just wanted to be dramatic about something 

tentacool: lmao


electabuzz: when i grow up i want to move to germany and become a professional yodeler

Explodokills: what the fuck

duct tape dude: i support your dreams babe but

duct tape dude: what the fuck

electabuzz: you know takeo ischi

duct tape dude: yeah

Skywalker: who??

Poltergeist: …?

bassic: who the fuck

electabuzz: you uncuLTERED FUCKS

electabuzz: (except you hanta i can always trust you <3)

duct tape dude: (<3)

bassic: alright but who the fuck is takeo ischi

electabuzz: dont you know that japanese-german dude who yodels in german w chickens

bassic: oh

bassic: him

Skywalker: whA T

Poltergeist: im??? what ???


electabuzz: the man the myth the legend

Skywalker: that is the best thing i’ve ever seen!!!!! look at the cute chickens!!!

pepe: i appreciate that old man

electabuzz: yeah same

electabuzz: which is why i want to be That Cool when i grow up

Skywalker: you’d give up your hero gig to become a chicken yodeler?

electabuzz: if i became as cool as takeo ischi? yes, yes i would.

duct tape dude: i mean

duct tape dude: same

Xenomorph: same

pepe: same


Poltergeist: i think i officially made the worst fucking video ever

karate kid: ……….

karate kid: what did you do……..

Poltergeist: a mistake

electabuzz: tell me more

Poltergeist: you know,,,,, morphsuits??

electabuzz: bodysuits that covers the Entire body? yeah

Poltergeist: i found some!

electabuzz: holy shit

Poltergeist: and i realized that you can see like

Poltergeist: all of me!!! when im wearing one!

electabuzz: ooooh holy shit

Poltergeist: so i decided to do a dumb video

electabuzz: I Am Intrigued™

duct tape dude: same

bassic: same

sugar spice: same

knuckles: same

Skywalker: same

pepe: same

All Might Jr: same

Katy Perry: same

karate kid: same????

pepe: send it please

Poltergeist: it’s,,,,,, so dumb you guys!

Poltergeist: but alright then!

electabuzz: YE S

Poltergeist: DeleteThis.mp4


electabuzz: holy fuck

duct tape dude: i suddenly feel like an inferior memer

karate kid: alright so

karate kid: i have A Few questions,,,

Poltergeist: yeah?

karate kid: 1. is that a fucking hoverboard. 2. are you literally wearing 2 morphsuits stacked on each other. 3. where the fuck did you get those sparkly shutter shades and the glitter top hat i have never seen those.

Poltergeist: 1. yes. 2. yes. 3. ,,,,,,, i own a lot of things that you’ve never seen,,,,,

karate kid: that

karate kid: sounds weirdly ominous

Poltergeist: lm a o!

electabuzz: hey tooru please date me we could make Awesome Memes™ together

Poltergeist: you’re dating sero!!

duct tape dude: you could date me instead tbh

electabuzz: alright r  ud e

electabuzz: i asked first

karate kid: no i asked first



duct tape dude:



All Might Jr:



Katy Perry:

electabuzz: ,,,,,, when the fuck

Poltergeist: how long me and mashirao have been dating?

Poltergeist: hmmmmmm

karate kid: a few months i think?

Poltergeist: yeah something like that?

electabuzz: u M H   EX  CUS E ME

Poltergeist: you’re excused

electabuzz: no BUT WAIT HOLD ON

electabuzz: A FEW MONTHS????

Poltergeist: yeah that’s what we said!

electabuzz: hold on shit i gotta sit down

duct tape dude: you’re already sitting down

karate kid: kami did you just stand up only to be able to sit down again but in a more dramatic way

electabuzz: ye  s

electabuzz: i cant believe you have been dating for so long without us knowing what the actual fuck?????

duct tape dude: tbh i feel a little betrayed

Xenomorph:  SAME!!! OMg tooru!!! how could you not tell me this???

Poltergeist: oH

karate kid: oh we thought we were obvious?

Poltergeist: ^^^^

electabuzz: n o????

karate kid: well

karate kid: you didn’t ask so we didn’t tell i guess

electabuzz: did we seriously never ask

karate kid: nope?

electabuzz: i feel like a terrible friend

Xenomorph: S AME

Poltergeist: asdfgds don’t feel bad!!! it never came up in conversation so we just chilled and assumed you all already knew!!!

Poltergeist: but you didn’t! so uh!

Poltergeist: suprise!!

electabuzz: surprise indeed

Chapter Text

Xenomorph: hey tokoyami!!! gu e ss what!

Crylo Ren: What.

Xenomorph: i found the theme song you would have if you were a street racer in the 90s

Crylo Ren:

Crylo Ren:

Crylo Ren: What the fuck.

Xenomorph: ok hold oN


electabuzz: THE IN T R O

duct tape dude: iS THAT EUROBEAT I HEAR

Xenomorph: YOU KNOW IT!!!

Crylo Ren: I’ll be completely honest and say that I’d give anything to have that as my theme song if I was a street racer in the 90s.

electabuzz: id give anything to have that as my hero theme right now

Crylo Ren: Shit, you’re right..

Crylo Ren: Do you think the support team would support the idea of me having a light but strong speaker as a part of my hero costume?

Lightning McQueen: Well, why don’t you ask?

Crylo Ren: Who’d I ask? Pretty sure Power Loader would stab someone.

electabuzz: lm a o

Lightning McQueen: I know someone. :-)

Crylo Ren:

Crylo Ren: Should I be worried.

Lightning McQueen: Depends.


Lightning McQueen added greased lightnin’ to Dysfunctional Super Family™


duct tape dude: welcome to the family?

greased lightnin’: HI GUYS!!!!!!!! :DDDDD

electabuzz: who,,, the fuck

duct tape dude: idk,,,

Poltergeist: HELLO!!!!!!


bassic: you’re that cute and kind of eccentric support girl that totally tricked iida to showcase your inventions at the sports festival aren’t you?

greased lightnin’: THAT would be me YES!! :D

greased lightnin’: you think i’m CUTE? AWWW!! THANK YOU!!!!!<3333

greased lightnin’: have we met??

bassic: i don’t think we’ve talked tbh

greased lightnin’: oh! well, what’s your name? :]

bassic: i’m jirou kyouka

greased lightnin’: short purple hair and long jack-shaped earlobes???

bassic: that’d be me yeah

greased lightnin’: OH

greased lightnin’: you’RE HOT!!!

bassic: i

bassic: oh

Encyclopedon’t: Kyouka is gorgeous isn’t she!

bassic: asdgfdsdfghgfd

greased lightnin’: YEAH SHE IS

greased lightnin’: waiiiiiit lemme GUESS who you are

greased lightnin’: very tall beautiful girl with black pony tail?? creati?

Encyclopedon’t: Oh! Yes, I’m Creati! :) I can’t believe you know who I am!

greased lightnin’: hoenstly i’d never forget someone as gorgeous as you lmao

electabuzz: same

duct tape dude: same

bassic: oh god same

electabuzz: jirou youre dating her you dont have a say in this

greased lightnin’: you’re dating?? AAAAAAA GOOD FOR YOU!! :DDD <3

All Might Jr: oh!! hi hatsume!

greased lightnin’: midoriya?

All Might Jr: yeah!

greased lightnin’: MIDORIYA!!!

All Might Jr: YEAH!!!

greased lightnin’: HOWRE YOU DOING?? <3

All Might Jr: pretty good hbu!!

greased lightnin’: im feeling spLENDID!! power loader let me try a new thing and it didn’t blow up!!!!!!!! :DD

Lightning McQueen: Did you guys have something to ask Hatsume? :-)

Xenomorph: oh!!!!! YEAH

Crylo Ren: Would you, theoretically speaking, be able to make speakers to put in my hero costume so I could blast a theme song whenver I fought a villain.

greased lightnin’: …………..oh my god


Crylo Ren: Hell yes.

Xenomorph: aizawa is going to have an aneurysm when you suddenly start playing eurobeat for hero duties

Crylo Ren: Worth it.


Xenomorph: hey kiri?? i have been thinking

knuckles: about what?

Xenomorph: when you upgraded your superhero costume

knuckles: yeah

Xenomorph: why did you add sleeves,,,,

knuckles: it gets cold

Xenomorph: ,,,, but why not an entire shirt

knuckles: id rip a shirt with my quirk

duct tape dude: wait hold on

duct tape dude: you’ll rip the sleeves as well


knuckles: shit ur right

knuckles: but no wait they’re made in a special fabric so they’re not ripped that easily


knuckles: ,.......

knuckles: i have sensitive nipples

duct tape dude: kiri,,,, oh my god,,?

Xenomorph: you wear shirts everyday kiri

knuckles: ,,,,

electabuzz: alright you can no longer convince me that youre shirtless for any other reason than to have the tits out

Explodokills: you added sleeves to your fucking costume?? but not a shirt?

knuckles: yeah

Explodokills: what sort of backwards fucking pageantry is that?

knuckles: i came here to have a good time and im honestly feeling so attacked right now ;^//

duct tape dude: dude dw we’re not complaining

duct tape dude: i don't think anyone can complain about you going shirtless lmao

electabuzz: yeah man you have a good body


knuckles: do you ever just imagine reversed mermaids

electabuzz: ,,,,,,,reversed mermaids

knuckles: yeah!!!!

duct tape dude: what the fuck

knuckles: you know!

knuckles: fish leg human leg

electabuzz: wh at




duct tape dude: LIKE TODOROKI BUT A MERMAID???

Katy Perry: what the fuck.

electabuzz: t  OD ROKI BUT A MERMAID

bassic: alright but how the fuck would it work if only half of the person was fish like how would the lonely arm and leg look


bassic: fuck

electabuzz: im fucking choking this is terrible

knuckles: one typo and this happens

knuckles: why are you guys like this


Poltergeist: ok so i did a thing,,,,,

electabuzz: omg what did you do

Poltergeist: you know the half mermaid conversation you guys had


electabuzz: yes

Poltergeist: you know how i like to draw things??

electabuzz: holy shit i like where this is going

Poltergeist: i drew a thing!!

duct tape dude: ASDFSADFG SH OW US

bassic: ims creaming please show

electabuzz: sh o  w  us  th e   go o ds

Poltergeist: ok so i couldn’t let go of the “todoroki but a mermaid” comment right!!!

bassic: oh my god please tell me that you did what i think you did

Poltergeist: wELL



electabuzz:  B  Y  E

duct tape dude: iM FUCKIGN DYIN


bassic: LM  A  O   FUCK

bassic: @Katy Perry

Katy Perry:

Katy Perry: thanks i hate it.

All Might Jr: F U CK

electabuzz: holy shit hagakure you made midoriya say A Swear

Poltergeist: holy shit

All Might Jr: i swear sometimes!!!

duct tape dude: emphasis on sometimes

electabuzz: weve had this conversation before and last time we searched the entire chat for you swearing we had 0 hits except the swear you said back then

electabuzz: now if you search for it

electabuzz: we have 2 hits because today and that other time

electabuzz: so yeah you swear but you dont like

eletabuzz: swear

All Might Jr: asdfgfd ok fair

Skywalker: alright hi can we go back to talking about mermaid todoroki because i am dying

bassic: yes let’s

Explodokills: what the fuck is going on

knuckles: scroll up


Explodokills: HOLY FUCK LM  AO  


greased lightnin’: oh my GOD!!!!!!!!!


duct tape dude: i’m gonna print a picture of that and give it to aizawa

electabuzz: f u c k

duct tape dude: he’s going to be so confused holy shit

bassic: worth it

electabuzz: why not go all the way and give it to all the teachers

duct tape dude: shit youre right


bassic: guys i think snipe framed the todoroki picture and put it on his desk

Katy Perry: why this.

electabuzz: its a work of art

Poltergeist: !!! <333

electabuzz: honestly snipe is such a chill dude i love him

duct tape dude: who wouldn’t love a post-apocalyptic clint eastwood

electabuzz: ur right

duct tape dude: i usually am



Katy Perry: no kill me .

electabuzz: hagakure if you ever make any other pictures like this please send so we can give them to the teachers i want to see snipe with a shitpost collection on his desk

Poltergeist: he has one!!

electabuzz: he has a what now

Poltergeist: !!!! a shitpost collection

Poltergeist: that man has framed pictures of memes on his desk

electabuzz: Only Snipe Things™

Chapter Text

Xenomorph: kamisero!!!!!!

Xenomorph: i just found a perfect video for the two of you!!!!!

duct tape dude: are we going to talk about the “kamisero”

electabuzz: maybe later i want to know what video our best pink girl found


electabuzz: bro,,,,

duct tape dude: bro,,

electabuzz: <3333

duct tape dude: <33333

electabuzz: that’s us but like

electabuzz: full homo

duct tape dude: full homo indeed


electabuzz: guys i need help w english i dont understand this thing

bassic: the test is tomorrow tho why are you asking now

electabuzz: i started studying tonight

bassic: lmao rip

electabuzz: guysssss what should i do

duct tape dude: hire a samurai


duct tape dude: i was thinking you could hire a samurai to do your homework but killing the source of the problem also works i guess

electabuzz: no thats too complicated

electabuzz: its like algebra

electabuzz: why do you have to put numbers and letters together why cant you just go fuck yourself

duct tape dude: lma  o

electabuzz: @Explodokills

Explodokills: what

electabuzz: he l p  m e

Explodokills: no.

electabuzz: c om e  oN

Explodokills: no way

knuckles: hey kami where are you studying rn

electabuzz: common area

knuckles: omw

electabuzz: not to be that guy but your english is as terrible as mine

knuckles: a fair point but i’m not going to try to help you

electabuzz: wtf

knuckles: alright hold on

knuckles: @Explodokills hey can you come to the common area and help me w english

Explodokills: but fucking why

knuckles: i wanna make sure i won’t fail completely come onnnnn babe

Explodokills: fucking fine

electabuzz: holy shit

knuckles: ;) i got u



electabuzz: do tell

Poltergeist: you know how i have this uncanny ability to be able to walk in on snipe doing weird shit??

duct tape dude: omg,,,

duct tape dude: yeah?

Poltergeist: weLL,,,,,,,,,!

electabuzz: holy shit what did he do this time

Poltergeist: so i was going back to get my phone bc i forgot it in the classroom right

Poltergeist: it was pretty late but as i was on my way out i spotted snipe walking down the corridor minding his own business probably done with his last class right

bassic: yeah?

Poltergeist: so i naturally started following him carefully to see if he was about to do something stupid

electabuzz: LMA  O

duct tape dude: i loVE how you just assume snipe is going to do something stupid lm a o

Poltergeist: well i wasn’t wrong

bassic: i’m intrigued

sugar spice: i come here and the first thing i see is tooru telling another story about snipe hell yeah sign me the fuck up

Poltergeist: alright alright sO

Poltergeist: i follow snipe and suddenly he stops in the middle of the corridor and i was like ?????? um excuse me mr snipe what are you doing

Poltergeist: i mean i didn’t actually say that but i thought it

Poltergeist: anyway so i hid around the corner and pulled out my phone because you know better get the thing on tape

Poltergeist: whatever the thing was

Poltergeist: and that was when i saw it

electabuzz: the suspense is killing me

electabuzz: whaT DID YOU SEE

Poltergeist: a kazoo

duct tape dude: bye

Poltergeist: there i sAW a green kazoo just kind of lying around there on the floor??

electabuzz: minding its own business?

Poltergeist: yeaH!!!!

bassic: alright so what did snipe do

bassic: even though i have a feeling i know what he did

Poltergeist: ok so snipe just kind of bent down and looked around to make sure no one was watching right

sugar spice: little did he know

Poltergeist: lma  o YEAH

Poltergeist: anyway when he decided the coast was clear he picked it up right

Poltergeist: then theN HE REACHED FOR HIS MASK


electabuzz: looks like you summoned midoriya lmao

Poltergeist: he dIDNT TAKE IT OFF THO

bassic: ok but like

bassic: last time i checked you have to actually put the kazoo in your mouth to be able to play

Poltergeist: he d i d

bassic. ????????

Poltergeist: you know the filter part on his mask???

All Might Jr: yeah??

Poltergeist: he can take off that part

All Might Jr: WH A T

bassic: holy shit

sugar spice: no way,,,,


electabuzz: this si sthe best thing ive ever heard holy shit

duct tape dude: “his snout


bassic: what did he play?

Poltergeist: Y M C A !!!!!

bassic: no way

Poltergeist: anyw a y so he kept going for a while and then i heard the sound of present mic laughing so hard he was actually wheezing

Poltergeist: which startled snipe so bad he inhaled pretty sharply and probably deep throated the kazoo until he managed to cough it out again

bassic: wonder if it was mic who put the kazoo there

sugar spice: seems like a likely theory

electabuzz: wAIT HOLD ON

electabuzz: hagakure??

Poltergeist: it me!

electabuzz: you said you recorded it????

Poltergeist: OH YEAH I DID

electabuzz: SH A R  E  IT PLEA S E????

duct tape dude: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^???!!!

Poltergeist: YEAH HOLD ON

duct tape dude: i fucking love you tooru

electabuzz: more than you love me?? ;^(

duct tape dude: kami

duct tape dude: have you ever delivered content this good

electabuzz: a fair point

duct tape dude: but im staying with you especially because im 150% sure ojiro could snap me in half if he wanted to

karate kid: ;^)

duct tape dude: see


electabuzz: my body is ready


electabuzz:  I M  W HE E ZING

duct tape dude: please play this video on my funeral

bassic: did you edit and it only to be able to add the “kazoo hero” text and the rainbow???

Poltergeist: hell yeah i did!!!!

electabuzz: tooru is literally the hero we all need but dont deserve

Poltergeist: ;)))))


Chapter Text

brain blender: not to be that guy but what the fuck is going on in the common area

duct tape dude: you’ll just have to

duct tape dude: you know

duct tape dude: come here and see for yourself

Katy Perry: i honestly just wanted to go to the kitchen and get a glass of water and this is what i see

Katy Perry: even though i can’t quite figure out what this is

brain blender: shit wait alright fuck im coming over there i need to see what all this noise is about

brain blender:

brain blender: you know seeing this live doesnt explain anything

brain blender: what the fuck am i looking at

All Might Jr: isn’t it kouda singing and playing the ukulele?

brain blender: i mean

brain blender: yeah

brain blender: he sure is singing and playing the ukulele

brain blender: but what about the rest

All Might Jr: the rEST?

All Might Jr: omg what is going on i was literally there 30 minutes ago what has happened since

brain blender: hell

All Might Jr: i’m omw!

brain blender: that was the most enthusiastic reaction to the idea of going to hell i have ever seen

duct tape dude: lm A  O

duct tape dude: well anyway

duct tape dude: kouda is playing and singing tiny tim songs

duct tape dude: more specifically he’s singing living in the sunlight by tiny tim

duct tape dude: u know this song

All Might Jr: ok but can anyone Ex pl a in  how it went from kouda playing and singing some songs on the ukulele

All Might Jr: and how it turned into a tiny tim jam session with kouda on vocals and ukulele, jirou on bass, momo on a tiny keyboard, satou on the trumpet and kaminari On An Egg Shaker

duct tape dude: kaminari plays the egg because he is an egg

duct tape dude: also because jirou doesn’t trust him with any of her actual instruments so she handed him an egg shaker and said “try fucking this up i dare you”

brain blender: i honestly hate how nicely they’re playing the song tho what the fuck

tentacool: i just have one (1) question

tentacool: isnt that the song that is featured in the first episode ever of spongebob squarepants

Crylo Ren: Fuck, you’re right.

Xenomorph: i’m lauGHING at how f as t  you answered that question tokoyami lm A O
Crylo Ren:

Crylo Ren: Oh no.

Xenomorph: is there something you need to tell us? ;^)))

Crylo Ren: No.

tentacool: i mean

tentacool: we could talk about how my boyfriend can quote stuff from basically any spongebob episode

tentacool: but tbh

tentacool: i’d rather talk about how kouda is singing tiny tim songs and nailing it

duct tape dude: honestly same

Xenomorph: well when you’re putting it like that

Xenomorph: yES let’s talk about kouda

Xenomorph: a perfect boy

duct tape dude: too good tbh

All Might Jr: man i love kouda

Xenomorph: same

tentacool: same

Crylo Ren: Same.

Death Star™: Same~ ☆

Death Star™: Oh!

Death Star™: I feel like my name is a little outdated in this chat! I should fix that ☆

Crylo Ren: Oh yeah, me too.


Crylo Ren changed nickname to Edgelord


electabuzz: thanks for changing back i kept getting confused abt who you were when i saw you in the list of users lmA  O

Edgelord: Good to know that my friends recognize me.

electabuzz: honestly im confused all the time what were you expecting

Edgelord: Fair enough.


Death Star™ changed nickname to Tight Pants Body Rolls


electabuzz: speaking of confusion

electabuzz: aoyama what the fuck is your username

Tight Pants Body Rolls:

electabuzz: OH

greased lightnin’: hI I WAS SUMMONED BY MY QUEEN LESLIE HALL!!!!

Tight Pants Body Rolls: happy gasp You know Leslie Hall! ☆

greased lightnin’: NATURALLY!

greased lightning: she’s the best!!!

duct tape dude: i’m back and i agree

Xenomorph: same!!!

Poltergeist: agreED!

karate kid: why am i so out of the loop when it comes to this shit What Am I Watching

Poltergeist: i thought i linked leslie hall songs to you before???

karate kid: apparently not

electabuzz: hagakure you have to teach your man the meme ways

Poltergeist: agreed!

karate kid: hepl


knuckles: ok so like

knuckles: i feel like one of us always asks what the fuck is going on because they can hear music somewhere in the building but can’t figure out where or why

knuckles: and i need to ask it this time because what am i hearing and where does it come from

electabuzz: ashido’s room!

duct tape dude: she’s teaching us to dance so we can make a wild presentation for the assignment cementoss gave us

knuckles: why are y’all always so extra

electabuzz: you were literally in the last Very Extra presentation we did

electabuzz: remember the sock puppets

knuckles: shit ur right

Explodokills: you’re a fucking idiot

knuckles: i love you too katsuki

Explodokills: shut the fuck up eijirou

knuckles: <3


Explodokills: <3

bassic: i can’t get over how kirishima managed to tame the beast


bassic: k.

knuckles: lm a o

duct tape dude: guys give me a good dance step to do that isn’t ashido’s amazing but extremely impossible moves

duct tape dude: ashido,,, when you read this,,,, you’re a babe and ily but you’re too good for us mere mortals

bassic: lmao same

bassic: try dating someone as Superior as momo

Encyclopedon’t: I’m?? not superior though! Kyoka!! You can do so many amazingly cool things!

bassic: god look at this perfect girl

Encyclopedon’t: !! <3

Encyclopedon’t: You’re perfect!!

bassic: ily

Encyclopedon’t: ily2!

duct tape dude: that went rly gay rly fast

bassic: isn’t that like the standard in this chat

duct tape dude: a fair point

duct tape dude: for real tho

duct tape dance: gimme a dance to learn

bassic: the sprinkler

duct tape dude:

duct tape dude:

duct tape dude: i mean i could but how ‘bout i don’t

bassic: lma  o

Katy Perry: the yes dance

duct tape dude: that is

duct tape dude: not actually a terrible idea

duct tape dude: what the fuck todoroki

Katy Perry: ¯\_(•‿•)_/¯

duct tape dude: @electabuzz @Xenomorph

Xenomorph: what!

electabuzz: whaddup

duct tape dude: let’s do the fork in the garbage disposal



Xenomorph: !!!!!!!!!!!  Y E    S

electabuzz:  l e t ‘ s   d o   t h e  f o r k   i n   t h e   g a r b a g e    d i s p o s a l

Edgelord: What the hell did I come back to.

Katy Perry: mistakes in the making

karate kid: what the hell does this even mean

karate kid: the yes dance??

karate kid: the fork in the garbage disposal????

Poltergeist: babe you don’t know???

karate kid: no?

Edgelord: I’m with you on this one, Ojiro. I have no idea what this is.

Poltergeist: uneducated fools


duct tape dude: for real tho mina and denki

duct tape dude: we can seriously download the instrumental and rewrite the lyrics for our presentation

Xenomorph: O H THAT’S A GOOD IDEA!!!

electabuzz: my man is a genius

duct tape dude: i have my moments

karate kid: ok so this is all nice and all

karate kid: but i can’t get over that it was todoroki that suggested this

karate kid:  what are you watching in your spare time

Katy Perry: i’ve seen some weird shit

Katy Perry: for real though what did you think? that i only watch videos of the ice bucket challenge and clips from frozen on youtube?

karate kid: i honestly have no idea what i thought you were watching on youtube but this wasn’t it

electabuzz: same tho

pepe: i can’t believe cementoss thought it was a good idea to let ashido, sero and kaminari be in the same group for this

electabuzz: ouch

duct tape dude: he probably didn’t think it was a good idea tbh

Xenomorph: yeahhh,,, we DID bring out the puppy eyes after all

Poltergeist: all three of you at the same time???

electabuzz: ye AH!!!

Poltergeist: rip cementoss

Poltergeist: you guys have some really good puppy eyes!!

sugar spice: did one of you seriously invite snipe to this class tó watch your presentation

electabuzz: yeah man i told him to bring a camera as well

electabuzz: i saw him in the corridor and asked if he wanted to see our memeingful presentation

electabuzz: i have never seen a masked man look so happy before

Skywalker: aww that’s so sweet!!

Skywalker: i hope he knows we all appreciate him!!

duct tape dude: yEs for real snipe is such a cool and fun dude

bassic: petition to show snipe that we love and appreciate him by giving him flowers or something cheesy like that

bassic: @Everyone say aye if you agree

bassic: aye

electabuzz: aye

Skywalker. aye!

duct tape dude: aye

sugar spice: aye

All Might Jr: aye

Katy Perry: aye

Encyclopedon’t: Aye!

Lightning McQueen: Aye

tentacool: aye

Tight Pants Body Rolls: Aye~ ☆

Poltergeist: aye!!!

Xenomorph: ayee!

karate kid: aye

Edgelord: Aye.

brain blender: aye

Snow White: (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚

bassic: i’m assuming that’s an aye from kouda as well?

Snow White: ( ´ ▽ ` )b

knuckles: aye

pepe: aye

greased lightnin: AYE!!

knuckles: @Explodokills

knuckles: come and say aye

Explodokills: but fucking why

knuckles: do it for snipe

Explodokills: ughHHHHHH this si fuckign stupID


Explodkills: aye

Explodokills there you go

Explodokills: now leave me the fuck alone

knuckles: but like

knuckles: youre in my room

Explodokills: stfu and put down your fucking phone ei

electabuzz: will soft bakugou trying to act angry when he just want some good kirishima cuddles ever get old? probably not

duct tape dude: agreed

bassic: btw what are we going to do for snipe

Poltergeist: some flowers and a new kazoo

bassic: perfect

Chapter Text











electabuzz: .-- . / .- .-. . / -. --- / ... - .-. .- -. --. . .-. ... / - --- / .-.. --- ...- .

duct tape dude: -.-- --- ..- / -.- -. --- .-- / - .... . / .-. ..- .-.. . ...

electabuzz: .- -. -.. / ... --- / -.. --- / ..

bassic: .- / ..-. ..- .-.. .-.. / -.-. --- -- -- .. - -- . -. - / .. ... / .-- .... .- - / .. / .- -- / - .... .. -. -.- .. -. --. / --- ..-.

electabuzz: -.-- --- ..- / .-- --- ..- .-.. -.. / -. --- - / --. . - / - .... .. ... / ..-. .-. --- -- / .- -. -.-- / --- - .... . .-. / --. ..- -.--

duct tape dude: .. / .--- ..- ... - / .-- .- -. -. .- / - . .-.. .-.. / -.-- --- ..- / .... --- .-- / .. .----. -- / ..-. . . .-.. .. -. --.

duct tape dude: --. --- - - .- / -- .- -.- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- -. -.. . .-. ... - .- -. -..


Explodokills: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / --. .. ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- .--.

knuckles: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-.. . - / -.-- --- ..- / -.. --- .-- -.

electabuzz: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-. ..- -. / .- .-. --- ..- -. -.. / .- -. -.. / -.. . ... . .-. - / -.-- --- ..-

Edgelord: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / -- .- -.- . / -.-- --- ..- / -.-. .-. -.--

knuckles: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / ... .- -.-- / --. --- --- -.. -... -.-- .

tentacool: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / - . .-.. .-.. / .- / .-.. .. . / .- -. -.. / .... ..- .-. - / -.-- --- ..-


Edgelord: .-- . / .... .- ...- . / -.- -. --- .-- -. / . .- -.-. .... / --- - .... . .-.

bassic: ..-. --- .-. / ... --- / .-.. --- -. --.

Encyclopedon’t: -.-- --- ..- .-. / .... . .- .-. - / .... .- ... / -... . . -. / .- -.-. .... .. -. --.

bassic: -... ..- -

Encyclopedon’t: -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / - --- --- / ... .... -.-- / - --- / ... .- -.-- / .. -

Edgelord: .. -. ... .. -.. . / .-- . / -... --- - .... / -.- -. --- .-- / .-- .... .- - / .... .- ... / -... . . -. / --. --- .. -. --. / --- -.

tentacool: .-- . / -.- -. --- .-- / - .... . / --. .- -- .

tentacool: .- -. -.. / .-- . / .- .-. . / --. --- -. -. .- / .--. .-.. .- -.-- / .. -

Lightning McQueen: .- -. -.. / .. ..-. / -.-- --- ..- / .- ... -.- / -- . / .... --- .-- / .. .----. -- / ..-. . . .-.. .. -. --. / -.. --- / -. --- - / - . .-.. .-.. / -- . / -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / - --- --- / -... .-.. .. -. -.. / - --- / ... . .


electabuzz: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / --. .. ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- .--.

electabuzz: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-.. . - / -.-- --- ..- / -.. --- .-- -.

duct tape dude: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-. ..- -. / .- .-. --- ..- -. -.. / .- -. -.. / -.. . ... . .-. - / -.-- --- ..-

Xenomorph: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / -- .- -.- . / -.-- --- ..- / -.-. .-. -.--

duct tape dude: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / ... .- -.-- / --. --- --- -.. -... -.-- .

electabuzz: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / - . .-.. .-.. / .- / .-.. .. . / .- -. -.. / .... ..- .-. - / -.-- --- ..-

duct tape dude: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / --. .. ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- .--.

duct tape dude: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-.. . - / -.-- --- ..- / -.. --- .-- -.

bassic: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-. ..- -. / .- .-. --- ..- -. -.. / .- -. -.. / -.. . ... . .-. - / -.-- --- ..-

Katy Perry: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / -- .- -.- . / -.-- --- ..- / -.-. .-. -.--

All Might Jr: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / ... .- -.-- / --. --- --- -.. -... -.-- .

Katy Perry: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / - . .-.. .-.. / .- / .-.. .. . / .- -. -.. / .... ..- .-. - / -.-- --- ..-

Skywalker: --- --- .... / --. .. ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- .--.

pepe: --- --- .... / --. .. ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- .--.

sugar spice: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / --. .. ...- . / -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / --. .. ...- .

pepe: --. .. ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- .--.

Skywalker: --- --- .... / --. .. ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- .--.

pepe: --- --- .... / --. .. ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- .--.

All Might Jr: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / --. .. ...- . / -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / --. .. ...- .

Skywalker: --. .. ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- .--.

brain blender: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / --. .. ...- . / -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / --. .. ...- .

brain blender: --. .. ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- .--.


Edgelord: .-- . / .... .- ...- . / -.- -. --- .-- -. / . .- -.-. .... / --- - .... . .-.

brain blender: ..-. --- .-. / ... --- / .-.. --- -. --.

Poltergeist: -.-- --- ..- .-. / .... . .- .-. - / .... .- ... / -... . . -. / .- -.-. .... .. -. --.

Poltergeist:: -... ..- -

karate kid: -.-- --- ..- / .- .-. . / - --- --- / ... .... -.-- / - --- / ... .- -.-- / .. -

Poltergeist: .. -. ... .. -.. . / .-- . / -... --- - .... / -.- -. --- .-- / .-- .... .- - / .... .- ... / -... . . -. / --. --- .. -. --. / --- -.

tentacool: .-- . / -.- -. --- .-- / - .... . / --. .- -- .

tentacool: .- -. -.. / .-- . / .- .-. . / --. --- -. -. .- / .--. .-.. .- -.-- / .. -

duct tape dude: .. / .--- ..- ... - / .-- .- -. -. .- / - . .-.. .-.. / -.-- --- ..- / .... --- .-- / .. .----. -- / ..-. . . .-.. .. -. --.

duct tape dude: --. --- - - .- / -- .- -.- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- -. -.. . .-. ... - .- -. -..

duct tape dude: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / --. .. ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- .--.

duct tape dude: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-.. . - / -.-- --- ..- / -.. --- .-- -.

bassic: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-. ..- -. / .- .-. --- ..- -. -.. / .- -. -.. / -.. . ... . .-. - / -.-- --- ..-

Katy Perry: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / -- .- -.- . / -.-- --- ..- / -.-. .-. -.--

All Might Jr: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / ... .- -.-- / --. --- --- -.. -... -.-- .

Katy Perry: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / - . .-.. .-.. / .- / .-.. .. . / .- -. -.. / .... ..- .-. - / -.-- --- ..-

duct tape dude: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / --. .. ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- .--.

duct tape dude: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-.. . - / -.-- --- ..- / -.. --- .-- -.

bassic: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-. ..- -. / .- .-. --- ..- -. -.. / .- -. -.. / -.. . ... . .-. - / -.-- --- ..-

Katy Perry: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / -- .- -.- . / -.-- --- ..- / -.-. .-. -.--

All Might Jr: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / ... .- -.-- / --. --- --- -.. -... -.-- .

Katy Perry: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / - . .-.. .-.. / .- / .-.. .. . / .- -. -.. / .... ..- .-. - / -.-- --- ..-

duct tape dude: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / --. .. ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- .--.

duct tape dude: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-.. . - / -.-- --- ..- / -.. --- .-- -.

bassic: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-. ..- -. / .- .-. --- ..- -. -.. / .- -. -.. / -.. . ... . .-. - / -.-- --- ..-

Katy Perry: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / -- .- -.- . / -.-- --- ..- / -.-. .-. -.--

All Might Jr: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / ... .- -.-- / --. --- --- -.. -... -.-- .

Katy Perry: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / - . .-.. .-.. / .- / .-.. .. . / .- -. -.. / .... ..- .-. - / -.-- --- ..-

electabuzz: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / --. .. ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- .--.

duct tape dude: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-.. . - / -.-- --- ..- / -.. --- .-- -.

electabuzz: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-. ..- -. / .- .-. --- ..- -. -.. / .- -. -.. / -.. . ... . .-. - / -.-- --- ..-

knuckles: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / -- .- -.- . / -.-- --- ..- / -.-. .-. -.--

knuckles: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / ... .- -.-- / --. --- --- -.. -... -.-- .

Explodokills: -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / --. .. ...- . / -.-- --- ..- / ..- .--. / -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-.. . - / -.-- --- ..- / -.. --- .-- -. / -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / .-. ..- -. / .- .-. --- ..- -. -.. / .- -. -.. / -.. . ... . .-. - / -.-- --- ..- / -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / -- .- -.- . / -.-- --- ..- / -.-. .-. -.-- / -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / ... .- -.-- / --. --- --- -.. -... -.-- . / -. . ...- . .-. / --. --- -. -. .- / - . .-.. .-.. / .- / .-.. .. . / .- -. -.. / .... ..- .-. - / -.-- --- ..-



Chapter Text

electabuzz: fuuuck my eyes are really dry send help

Xenomorph: have you tried blinking????



electabuzz: oh holy shit that helped a lot tHANKS!!!

duct tape dude: babe,,,,,

electabuzz: yeah??

duct tape dude: did you,,, just forget to blink??


electabuzz: yeah?

electabuzz: sometimes i just forget and have to manually think of doing it but i mean that’s normal tho???

Xenomorph: sweetie,,,, no,,, that’s not normal,,,,

electabuzz: o

electabuzz: does that mean sometimes having to think about breathing also isnt normal

Poltergeist: asdfghJGH HO W  ARE YOU ALIVE

duct tape dude: how didn’t i know about your tendency to randomly forgetting to fu cki ng  bre at he????

electabuzz: ehhhh it doesnt happen that often bc its mainly after i short circuit and i obv realize something is wrong when not air is entering my lungs and realize i should do something about that lmAO

Xenomorph: oooh right u short circuited in training today right??

electabuzz: asdghgd eyu p

duct tape dude: sometimes i forget how much of a living disaster my boyfriend is

electabuzz: wow rude

duct tape dude: dw babe we all love and appreciate you, disaster or not

electabuzz: ;^)<3

electabuzz: ok but babe,,,,

electabuzz: are you ready

duct tape dude: hoooo boy you know it

Poltergeist: what

electabuzz: ;^)))

duct tape dude: ;^)))))

Poltergeist: i suddenly feel,,, very worried

Edgelord: Who did this,,,,?

brain blender: ^^^^^^

brain blender: i need to know who to slaughter

Katy Perry: do you really have to ask who’s behind this

Katy Perry: it feels fairly obvious

brain blender: shit ur right

brain blende: @electabuzz

brain blender: the next time you think of blasting snoop dogg’s smoke weed everyday song at midnight in the entire dorm building you better remember that i can make you do literally anything i want you to do if i’m pissed

electabuzz: duly noted

brain blender:

brain blender:

brain blender: did you just change the song

electabuzz: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

brain blender: i fucking hate this family

brain blender:

brain blender: is this boom boom boom boom by vengaboys

electabuzz: hell yeah it is

brain blender: why is this happening

electabuzz: you doNT KNOW????

duct tape dude: holy shit dude

brain blender: wh a t

electabuzz: BLAZE IT

brain blender: it’S MIDNIGHT NOT FUCKING 4:20

duct tape dude: my dude

duct tape dude: it’s midnight

duct tape dude: on a very special day

duct tape dude: aka

duct tape dude: 4/20

brain blender:

brain blender: god why

brain blender: also that doesn’t explain the vengaboys

electabuzz: do nt  you know who the birthday boy is????

brain blender:

brain blender:

brain blender: are you telling me that bakugou is fucking born on 4/20

duct tape dude: that’s exaCTLY what we’re saying lmAO

brain blender: end my life

brain blender: also

brain blender: @Explodokills happy birthday, chucklefuck

Explodokills: asshole

brain blender: i don’t even know why i try

Explodokills: me neither

Explodokills: also

Explodokills: pikachu and tape guy

Explodokills: you’re dead

electabuzz: i mean ill be completely honest and say im surprised you havent hunted us down yet

knuckles: yw

electabuzz: kIRI BABE

electabuzz: what did you do

knuckles: ;^)

electabuzz: birthday cuddles?

knuckles: birthday cuddles.

brain blender: isn’t it precious how the embodiment of anger can’t be bothered to hunt down kaminari and sero because his boyfriend is hugging him lmao

Xenomorph: its so cuteeee!!!

Explodokills: go die

Explodokills: im still going to kill them

electabuzz: awww but its our birthday greeting!! ;^/

duct tape dude: yeah man

Explodokills: thanks i hate it

electabuzz: better than nothing ig lmao

bassic: i swear to fucking god if you don’t turn off the music and if i hear any more activity in this chat this night i will flip my shit



bassic: go the fuck to sleep

electabuzz: ok ok you have convinced me lmAO

All Might Jr: happy birthday, kacchan!

Explodokills: go fuck yourself

Lightning McQueen: Happy Birthday, Bakugou! :-)

Explodokills: die

Skywalker: happy birthday, dipshit!!

Explodokills: thanks you piece of shit

pepe: happy bathday

pepe: birthday*

pepe: nvm you need a bath

Xenomorph: lmAO sa v a ge

Xenomorph: also happ birth!!!!!!

Explodokills: ughh

Edgelord: Congratulations on not dying.

Poltergeist: yeah!!! good job surviving another year!

karate kid: happy birthday!

Tight Pants Body Rolls: Happy Birthday!!!!!~ ✩

Encyclopedon’t: Happy birthday!

Snow White: (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*: ・゚

tentacool: happy birthday

Explodokills: i hate this so much

Katy Perry: birth.

electabuzz: lmAO todo thats cold

Katy Perry:

electabuzz: pun totally intended

bassic: happy coming out day

electabuzz: LM A O

Explodokills: why are you people like this

bassic: wow how does it feel to say that instead of being on the receiving end of someone asking that lmao

Explodokills: fuck you

bassic: honestly your comebacks are terrible today what’s up birthday boy

knuckles: he’s too flustered to come up with something good

bassic: no way

knuckles: his face looks like he can’t decide whether he wants to frown or smile so it’s a little bit of both and it’s kind of cute

bassic: ah yes

bassic: the king of explodokills

bassic: brought to his knees by people being nice to him lmAO


Explodokills left the chat


knuckles: ba  be

electabuzz: wo w holy shit no one has left for such a long time that i forgot thats a thing you actually can do lm a o


knuckles added Explodokills to Dysfunctional Super Family™


Explodokills: i hate everyone here

knuckles: ;^/

Explodokills: no not you i tolerate you

knuckles: ;^)

knuckles: i love you too blasty

Explodokills: nvm i take it back

Explodokills: why the fuck is there a cake looking like one of my gauntlets

sugar spice: happy b-day ;^)

Explodokills: what the fuck

knuckles: awwwWWWW he has a really soft smile on his face rn!!!!!

sugar spice: aww

Explodokills: fuck you

knuckles: that’s bakugou for “thank you so much i appreciate it a lot”!

Explodokills: the hell it is

Katy Perry: it’s almost cute how he’s completely incapable of accepting someone doing something nice for him

Explodokills: i’m stILL HERE

Katy Perry: you sure are

Edgelord: Am I hallucinating or did Snipe just play happy birthday on his electric kazoo when Bakugou entered the school building

tentacool: it’s either real or all of us are hallucinating the same thing

electabuzz: i fucking love snipe so much holy shit

duct tape dude: honestly what a legend

electabuzz: all might who? i only know snipe

duct tape dude: snipe is the new all might, the beacon of hope we all need

bassic: all might? more like y’all might.


electabuzz: Y’ALL MIGHT

Xenomorph: ok but guys iT GOT BETTER

electabuzz: how




electabuzz: are you trying to tell me that ectoplasm, mic and snipe are playing the smoke weed everyday song in the entrance of the school on an electric kazoo, an otamatone and a keytar


electabuzz: i love our teachers so much

duct tape dude: same

Poltergeist: update: they started playing take on me

duct tape dude: amazing

Chapter Text

Tight Pants Body Rolls: IT’S TIME!!!~✩★✩

duct tape dude:

duct tape dude: time for what

brain blender: oh is it already that time of the year again

Tight Pants Body Rolls: Oui~~

electabuzz: ??

bassic: oh hell yeah

electabuzz: what???

duct tape dude: what am i missing out on???

Tight Pants Body Rolls: It’s Eurovision Song Contest time!!~

brain blender: fuck yes

Explodokills: that bullshit? thought they did that shit last year

brain blender: it’s every year you dumb fuck


brain blender: you

brain blender: im calling you dumb

Explodokills: die

brain blender: not when it’s eurovision week

Explodokills: it’s an enTIRE WEEK? what the fuck

Explodokills: who’s stupid enough to want to keep up with that shit for a week

brain blender: well you obviously keep up enough to know what it is


Explodokills: my mom forced me to watch that shit

Explodokills: also that worthless piece of shit deku likes it and we watched it when we were stupid kids

brain blender: oh?

brain blender: @All Might Jr


brain blender: yeah

Tight Pants Body Rolls: OUI!~

All Might Jr: good

duct tape dude: ok so this is nice and all

duct tape dude: but what the hell is a eurovision

All Might Jr: oh my might you dont know what eurovision is??????

duct tape dude: that’s why i asked

All Might Jr: do not worry my young padawan.. let me tell you about eurovision.

duct tape dude: i suddenly got kind of worried

brain blender: eurovision is the olympics of music but with a lot of glitter and gays

duct tape dude: that sounds like something for us

electabuzz: truly

All Might Jr: ok so!!!

All Might Jr: eurovision song contest started in 1956 after ww2 when europe was split and everyone hated each other and then someone thought it’d be a great idea to everyone to do a music competition and be friends

duct tape dude: 1956 ?????

All Might Jr: yEAH!!

electabuzz: dude thats like

electabuzz: thats like more than 10 years

brain blender:

brain blender: i mean

brain blender: you’re not wrong

Xenomorph: i’m voting for a eurovision night where we sing karaoke of the songs and then watch it together!!!!!!!!


Xenomorph: hell yeah!!!

All Might Jr: that sounds great!!

Explodokills: count me the fuck out

knuckles: count me and katsuki in!

Explodokills: what the fuCK DID I JUST SAY SHITHEAD

knuckles: guess i’ll sing with midoriya then


knuckles: great

All Might Jr: cool cool

All Might Jr: anyway who else is in?

bassic: i honestly don’t think you have to ask

bassic: just assume everyone will be there

Skywalker: question!

All Might Jr: yeah?

Skywalker: didn’t aizawa forbid us from doing another karaoke night..?

All Might Jr:

All Might Jr: oh no

electabuzz: i have an idea

bassic: oh boy this can’t be good

electabuzz: let’s invite the teachers


bassic: that’s so stu-

bassic: wait he’s onto something

duct tape dude: jesus christ the world is ending jirou agrees with something denki said

bassic: no no listen up

bassic. ectoplasm loves karaoke and i’m willing to bet present mic is into eurovision. if they’re here they’ll know we’re safe. And if they want to join, we’re more likely to get to do it.

All Might Jr: oh!

All Might Jr: perfect!

electabuzz: but what about aizawa tho,,,

brain blender: leave that to me

electabuzz: not to be rude or anything but you’re one of the least charismatic people here are you sure you can do it

brain blender: he’s not very charismatic either so that’s cool

electabuzz: understandable. have a good day.

brain blender: also. he’s giving me private fighting lessons so Yes i can do it

electabuzz: holy shit

electabuzz: he still does???

brain blender: guess i’m his favorite lol

All Might Jr: i know you’re joking but i honestly don’t think you’re wrong

duct tape dude: your bitterness matches his bitterness

brain blender: should i ask him to invite the other teachers when he agrees?

duct tape dude: when he agrees

electabuzz: the confidence in that sentence

duct tape dude: he probably has dirt on aizawa

brain blender: can i just say that i appreciate that you don’t mention my quirk at all

electabuzz: nah man we know you wouldn’t do that

duct tape dude: ^^^^

brain blender: thank you

brain blender: he agreed

duct tape dude: holy shit it has only been a DAY???

brain blender: i have my ways

electabuzz: do tell

brain blender: i said please

electabuzz: lmao k

electabuzz: did you actually blackmail him or something

brain blender: no i actually said please

electabuzz: k

brain blender: also he asked the other teachers and they wanted to come

duct tape dude: magic

Lightning McQueen: How many teachers are coming? Aizawa and Present Mic?

brain blender: aizawa, present mic, midnight, thirteen, snipe, ectoplasm, power loader, hound dog, cementoss and all might


electabuzz: LM A O THAT’S LIT

brain blender: oh and also iida tensei

Lightning McQueen: My brother is coming?

brain blender: yeah if you’re okay w that

Lightning McQueen: Yes of course!


All Might Jr: SO MANY TEACHERS?????? ARE YOU SURE??????

brain blender: 100%


Katy Perry : why does izuku look like he’s ready to faint

Katy Perry:

Katy Perry: oh

Explodokills: this is fucking stupid

knuckles: not this is gREAT!

bassic: ayyYY snipe is coming!!!!

electabuzz: YES HE IS

duct tape dude: the man!!! the myth!!! the legend!!!!

Edgelord: I love how you are more excited about Snipe joining than All Might

tentacool: he IS the fun dude

Edgelord: Agreed

electabuzz: ive been going through eurovision compilations the entire day to pick out songs i like and can sing at the karaoke night

duct tape dude: same

electabuzz: yeah i mean youre sitting next to me

duct tape dude: true

knuckles: can i just say that i’ll riot if i don’t see midoriya do a duet with all might

electabuzz: i mean

electabuzz: you name IS red riot

knuckles: lmAO

electabuzz: but also same

duct tape dude: do you think we could convince snipe to sing with us

electabuzz: honestly?

electabuzz: probably.

All Might Jr: i’d die if i do a duet with all might

Skywalker: nahh! you’ll do great!

bassic: i bet tokoyami is going to dig up the old edgy songs from like 2004-2008

tentacool: it’s not really a bet when that is the truth

Edgelord: You don’t know that.

tentacool: yes i do

tentacool: also. babe. i can see your laptop from across the room

Edgelord: Bloody hell.


Poltergeist: snipe, ectoplasm and thirteen are here and they brought snacks!

electabuzz: bless

Poltergeist: snipe brought doritos!!!

electabuzz: ,,,,

electabuzz: dont tell me its the russian roulette doritos


Poltergeist: it’s the russian roulette doritos

duct tape dude: thAT’S EVIL

Poltergeist: he just chuckled and gave me a thumbs up

Poltergeist: also he’s wearing a glitter poncho

Poltergeist: and a sparkly pink cowboy hat

electabuzz: no way

Poltergeist: yes wAY!!!

bassic: he actually is

electabuzz: fav

bassic: they’re helping us set everything up

knuckles: it’s weird seeing them out of their hero costumes


Katy Perry: i’m fairly sure izuku is about to die

Explodokills: good

Katy Perry: no

Xenomorph: whaddup??

Katy Perry: all might asked him if he wanted to sing with him

Skywalker: YES

knuckles:  N I C E

Explodokills: excuse you what the fuck did you just say

Katy Perry: all might is going to sing with izuku and not you

Explodokills: didn’t want to sing with that old man either way fuck off

knuckles: rip

brain blender: he completely unrelated but petition to make @Tight Pants Body Rolls sing the first song of the night

Tight Pants Body Rolls: !!!!!!!!!!!!

Tight Pants Body Rolls: It’d be an HONOUR!!!!~✩★✩

brain blender: i just want to hear a weird song in french and i feel like you’re not going to disappoint

Tight Pants Body Rolls: ;^) ✩

brain blender: Nice


brain blender: god bless eurovision song contest

bassic: is this the fucking song france sent in 2007

brain blender: Yes

bassic: how the fuck did he convince ectoplasm to sing with him


bassic: never underestimate a dude who likes karaoke

electabuzz: i don’t know this song but i feel like it’s one of the weirder eurovision songs

brain blender: france used to send weird songs in french all the time

brain blender: here it is

electabuzz: thats the most aoyama thing ive ever seen


electabuzz: im wheEZING

bassic: why are we writing in this chat tho

electabuzz: habit

bassic: fair

electabuzz: also it feels wrong to disturb with commentary so im writing it here instead

duct tape dude: i actually can’t believe we’re watching midoriya and all might sing pop music from the 90s

duct tape dude: all might is so into it

duct tape dude: mido just looks like he’s about to pass out but he’s still trying to have a good time

electabuzz: can i just ask what the fuck is going on tho

Tight Pants Body Rolls: This song is from 1991 and it’s Sweden’s winning entry

Tight Pants Body Rolls: France had the exact same score so Sweden only won by having gotten more higher points~ ;^/

electabuzz: rip

duct tape dude: i had no idea swedish sounds like this

bassic: it doesn’t really

bassic: all might is butchering the language but at least he’s trying his best

electabuzz: LM A O

Tight Pants Body Rolls:

Tight Pants Body Rolls: THIS is how it’s actually supposed to sound!~

duct tape dude:

duct tape dude: oh


All Might Jr:  i heard y’all were talking shit about all might

electabuzz: we didnt

All Might Jr: i can read the conversation kaminari

electabuzz: its for shits and giggles

All Might Jr: remember i can pulverize your bones :)

electabuzz: JE S US


duct tape dude: what iS THIS

bassic: it’s

bassic: cake to bake

duct tape dude: what now

bassic: literally the song cake to bake


brain blender: “i’ve got a cake to bake, i’ve got no clue at all” are the most relatable lyrics i’ve ever heard

duct tape dude: denki babe how did you even find this song

duct tape dude: and why did ashido agree to join

brain blender: for the memes probably

duct tape dude: fair

bassic: i’m worried about snipe’s health

bassic: he’s wheezing

Poltergeist: sO AM I

Poltergeist: why does this song exist

Poltergeist: im going to cry

bassic: guilty pleasure songs

Poltergeist: truly

bassic: @sugar spice

bassic:  a r e you okay

sugar spice: i’m actually sobbing this is my new favorite song

bassic: i can see  that you’re sobbing holy shit satou lmAO

sugar spice: my day has been blessed by kaminari denki


Xenomorph: no way

electabuzz: holy shit

Xenomorph: aLL THE TEACHERS???

bassic: except aizawa

Xenomorph: they’re ALL going to sing???

Xenomorph: even iida’s older bro!!!

bassic: wait

bassic: no wait

bassic: is this??

bassic: hAH IT IS

Xenomorph: is this german?????

Xenomorph: IT’S GERMANY’S SONG FROM 1979?????

brain blender: god they’re so old

Xenomorph: truth

All Might Jr: why didn’t this song win

brain blender: a mystery

All Might Jr: IT IS!!


bassic: remember how i said tokoyami was going to dig up some old edgy songs from 2004-2008?

bassic: i’m not even surprised he took vampires are alive

electabuzz: ,,, thats the name of the song

bassic: i mean they sing it like A Lot


duct tape dude: is that their official music video

bassic: yes

bassic: yes it is

duct tape dude: i love so many things about it

tentacool: this is the most tokoyami thing i’ve ever heard and seen

bassic: i’m more surprised he got power loader to join

bassic: this is not what i expected from that man

tentacool: same


electabuzz: ASH I D O

electabuzz: JI R O U

electabuzz: TS  U Y U

electabuzz: YOU  T RA I TO R S



duct tape dude: you were too slow

electabuzz: obviously

electabuzz: but i feel betrayed

karate kid: quick question

electabuzz: whaddup

karate kid: pirate song????

electabuzz: the best thing ever


karate kid: what the actual fuck

electabuzz: i love eurovision


electabuzz: i also want to sing with snipe

duct tape dude: then ask him

electabuzz: he’s singing rn

duct tape dude: ask him after you fool



duct tape dude:

duct tape dude: do you need me to ask him For you

electabuzz: yes please

duct tape dude: denki

electabuzz: pls

duct tape dude: yeah sure but then i’m joining

electabuzz: fair

Tight Pants Body Rolls: Can I sing the next song? ~

electabuzz: yeah man go for it

brain blender: is it another weird song in french

Tight Pants Body Rolls: ..

Tights Pants Body Rolls: @Encyclopedon’t

Encyclopedon’t: Yes?

Tight Pants Body Rolls: How good are you at making sunglasses and fake beards?~ ;^)


Encyclopedon’t: I.. don’t know?

Tight Pants Body Rolls: Would you like to try?~

Encyclopedon’t: I guess I can try?

electabuzz: what is going on

All Might Jr: Aoyama let me join

Tight Pants Body Rolls: Of course!!! ~

Skywalker: Me and Tsuyu as well!

Katy Perry: same

Lightning McQueen: Me too! :-)

All Might Jr: we’ll be the best backup singers ever!!

Tight Pants Body Rolls: !!!

Tight Pants Body Rolls: The more the merrier!! ~

electabuzz: im so confused

Encyclopedon’t: Fake beards and sunglasses are apparently quite easy to make!

Tight Pants Body Rolls: Perfect!! ☆★☆



electabuzz: i dont know what i expected

electabuzz: but it wasnt this

duct tape dude: holy shit

bassic: legendary


brain blender:

brain blender: this is why

electabuzz: ,,,,,,

electabuzz: are everyone in the original performance wearing fake beards and sunglasses

brain blender: no the actual singer has a real beard

electabuzz: ASDFGGFDSDF

bassic: i’m gay

Skywalker: we know

Skywalker: but also same

pepe: same

Xenomorph: same

Poltergeist: same

bassic: am i in heaven???

brain blender: no you’re just very gay

bassic: that is extremely true

All Might Jr: midnight and momo in a duet to one of the most underrated but epic performances of eurovision? yes please

electabuzz: i could jam out to this song

All Might Jr: the performance makes it better

All Might Jr:

electabuzz: i love

Skywalker: ooh i know what i want to sing

electabuzz: yo!

Skywalker: i’m going to ask if 13 wants to sing with me!!!

electabuzz: good luck!!!

bassic: looks like she didn’t even have to try to convince them lmao

electabuzz: no 13 looks like they really like the song idea as well?

electabuzz: wonder what they’ll sing


bassic: omg did she just pick the one hero in the space suit only to sing the one song called satellite

brain blender: she did

electabuzz: satellite?

bassic: the song germany won with 2010


electabuzz: ok i’m into it

electabuzz: it’s cute

duct tape dude: wait is 13 going to sing again?

bassic: looks like it? ectoplasm walked up to them and asked them to join him i guess?

electabuzz: igranka? what song is that?
bassic: oh my lord

electabuzz: kyouka??

bassic: holy shit

duct tape dude: so they’re letting anyone join for this igranka song then?

sugar spice: oooH MY TIME TO SHINE

bassic: hell YEAH

duct tape dude: what is going on

bassic. the best thing ever


duct tape dude: wow

duct tape dude: i

duct tape dude: wow

duct tape dude: idk where to start

Poltergeist: 13 is a great singer and ectoplasm and satou can rap really well!!!

duct tape dude: yeah that

duct tape dude: holy shit

Xenomorph: aaaah satou is so good!

pepe: agreed

Skywalker: 13 is so cool!!!!!

Poltergeist: agreed!!!!!!

duct tape dude: i lowkey really need to know what song this is

brain blender:  

brain blender: i got u

duct tape dude: thank you

Xenomorph: hey uh unrelated!! but

Xenomorph: did mic just go up to kyouka to ask her to sing w him??

Katy Perry: he did

Xenomorph: oh she’s grinning!

pepe: they’re without a doubt going to sing something stupid

Xenomorph: agreed lmao


pepe: well

pepe: i was right

Xenomorph: hAHAH

Skywalker: i had no idea kyouka could pronounce spanish that well!!!!

Skywalker: i didn’t know mic could either but yeah

electabuzz: what IS this song

brain blender: spain’s best eurovision meme

brain blender:

electabuzz: thats ridiculous

electabuzz: i love it


bassic:  T O K O YAM I

brain blender: HOLY SHIT


Xenomorph: i bet she likes memes

bassic: probably

brain blender: i’m amazed he’s not singing another edgy song

brain blender: i never thought he’d sing the turkey song


electabuzz: the turkey song

brain blender: yeah

electabuzz: they’re singing about wanting 12 points and winning though how is this about turkeys

brain blender: no no

brain blender:

brain blender: a turkey is singing


electabuzz: i fucking love eurovision

bassic: big mood

duct tape dude: is

duct tape dude: is he only singing this because he has a bird head

tentacool: without a doubt

electabuzz: can i just say that the video of the performance is a mood and that if i ever became a dancer id want to do something like those dudes

duct tape dude: i mean

duct tape dude: same

electabuzz: and that’s why we’re dating

duct tape dude: truth

electabuzz: and maybe because we like each other

duct tape dude: but only maybe

electabuzz: yeah

electabuzz: also

electabuzz: hey @tentacool

tentacool: yeah

electabuzz: are you ready

tentacool: oh hell yeah

tentacool: is snipe in?

electabuzz: he is

tentacool: nice

bassic: …..

Xenomorph: …..

Edgelord: ………..

Poltergeist: ….

pepe: .. this is better than i expected

Skywalker: i mean

Skywalker: same

Poltergeist: am i imagining things

bassic: probably not

Poltergeist: because i stg i’m watching shouji beatboxing and doing noises w his extra mouths, snipe and kaminari playing the kazoo and sero singing

bassic: no it’s actually happening

Poltergeist: so now

Poltergeist: they’re all singing

bassic: eyup

pepe: do they seriously know the actual choreography for this

bassic: looks like it

Poltergeist: what song IS this

bassic: eastern european funk by inculto

Poltergeist: please tell me you have a link

bassic: oh yes i do


bassic: they didn’t even make it to the finals

Tight Pants Body Rolls: They truly were betrayed by Europe!~ ;^/

brain blender: can i just say that i, too, would rip off my pants to reveal sparkly shorts if i was in eurovision

bassic: inculto are legends

brain blender: truly


Xenomorph: wait what song is this

Poltergeist: i recognize it but i don’t remember???

karate kid: i feel like i’ve heard this before

brain blender: oh

brain blender: oh my god

brain blender: please tell me hound dog is going to do what i think he’s going to do

Poltergeist: ???
karate kid: ???????

brain blender: just

brain blender: just wait for it

brain blender: here’s the song

brain blender: here it comes

Xenomorph: H O LY  SHIT

Poltergeist: NO WAY ????  N O W A Y

karate kid: what.

Katy Perry: i walked away to get some water and i come back to hound dog singing opera what is life


bassic:  G OD SA ME

karate kid: is it just me or does aizawa look more bitter than usual

brain blender: hm you’re right

brain blender: i’m going to bother him and see what’s up

electabuzz: i swear you have a death wish

brain blender: nah



Xenomorph: i’m shook

electabuzz: what kind of bullshit is this

Xenomorph: idk but at least they’re having a good time!!

karate kid: shinsou looks so smug

duct tape dude: aizawa just kind of looks like he want to die

Xenomorph: wonder what they’re going to sing!!

bassic: holy shit

electabuzz: what

karate kid: look at them go

bassic: i used to think that shinsou didn’t seem like the kind of guy who’d go all out in karaoke but honestly i’m starting to think that’s not true

bassic: he’s really rocking this song


electabuzz: what song is this

bassic: eurovision glam rock


electabuzz: what

bassic: eurovision glam rock


electabuzz: amazing

duct tape dude: ok but like

duct tape dude: shinsou is actually doing the moves the singer is doing

electabuzz: shit ur right


electabuzz: is kirishima wildly nudging bakugou or is it just me

Xenomorph: no he is

duct tape dude: i think he’s trying to convince baku to sing something

electabuzz: no stop that he’s going to make the rest look bad

bassic: lmao

electabuzz: maybe not hound dog or ectoplasm but the rest of us


electabuzz: see

electabuzz: what did i fucking tell you guys

brain blender: i can’t believe he’s singing my favorite eurovision song ever

Xenomorph: who gave him the right to be this good


Edgelord: What song is this and where can I find it

bassic: rhythm inside by loïc nottet


bassic: i have it in so many spotify playlists tbh

Edgelord: I’m adding the song to some playlists right now

electabuzz: are you sure?

electabuzz: is this song truly edgy enough for you

Edgelord: Leave.

electabuzz: lmao

electabuzz: anyway bakugou is annoyingly good at a lot of things

electabuzz: what else is new

electabuzz: @knuckles are we going to do the thing

knuckles: let’s just jump him while he’s still standing!

duct tape dude: you can do that

duct tape dude: i value my life

knuckles: fair

duct tape dude: @Encyclopedon’t

duct tape dude: do you think you can do the thing we asked you about earlier?

Encyclopedon’t: Oh, yes I can! Give me a few seconds!

Encyclopedon’t: You don’t actually need them to work, correct? Because if you want them to work I need more time..

electabuzz: no no we just need The Look so don’t worry about actually making them functional

Encyclopedon’t: Alright!

duct tape dude: bleSS

bassic: what the fuck are you doing

bassic: and what have you convinced my girlfriend to do

electabuzz: it’s for the memes

bassic: ah


bassic: oh


Katy Perry: holy shit

bassic: i’m so happy

brain blender: i’m kind of annoyed i didn’t realize what was missing until this happened

Poltergeist: WA IT


bassic: hell yeah it is

Xenomorph: he’s from eurovision???????

bassic: eyup

brain blender: uncultured swines

bassic: have to agree with einstein’s edgy son here

bassic: this is something that you just Have to know???

Xenomorph: I DIDNT!!!


bassic: here’s the entire song

bassic: now you know

Xenomorph: i have seen the light


Tight Pants Body Rolls: Guysssss!!!!~~ Eurovision is about to start I’m so excited!! ☆☆☆

All Might Jr: this is so exciting!! everyone are here!

bassic: get the fuck out of the group chat and let’s do this shit

brain blender: it’s time

bassic: it looks like the Adults™ are up to something tho

brain blender: well we do have time for one more song

electabuzz: please tell me they want to sing the only song i actually know

brain blender: it would be a worthy end of this karaoke night i guess

brain blender: dibs on one of the mics tho

bassic: i want one as well

bassic: actually if they want to sing what i think they want to sing, everyone should join

brain blender: agreed

Poltergeist: what song are we going to sing???

brain blender: a eurovision legend

Xenomorph: is it….

brain blender: yes

brain blender: let’s sing

brain blender: dancing lasha tumbai

Chapter Text

duct tape dude: kaminari denki is a blessing

electabuzz: shHHSHhsH

bassic: what did he do

duct tape dude: he forgot the word “fin”

electabuzz: DONT TELL THEM

duct tape dude: and instead

electabuzz: STOP

duct tape dude: he said fish paws

bassic: what a fucking idiot

bassic: i love it

knuckles: f i sh  pa w s

knuckles: by e

electabuzz: don’t rub it in

duct tape dude:  denki honestly has 0 knowledge about fish

duct tape dude: it’s like the time he saw a fish tank and exclaimed that the fish were “standing funny”

knuckles: wh AT

knuckles: denki

knuckles: br o

knuckles: what were you trying to say

electabuzz: you know when fish are like close to the bottom of the tank

knuckles: yeah man

electabuzz: they’re standing

knuckles: NO  TH EY RE NOT

electabuzz: THEY ARE

duct tape dude: i hate to break it to you but they’re still swimming

electabuzz: bitch where

electabuzz: the lil dudes aint moving???? that’s not swimming

duct tape dude: alright denki but

duct tape dude: bro

duct tape dude: babe

duct tape dude: they’re sure as hell not STANDING

electabuzz: guys i have an idea

bassic: the apocalypse is near

electabuzz: SDFGHGFD

electabuzz: LIS TEN

electabuzz: the chat’s birthday is coming up and wouldn’t it be hilarious if we all wore shitty pro hero costumes for the group chat anniversary

bassic: but why

electabuzz: for the memes obviously

bassic: fair

duct tape dude: dibs on snipe

electabuzz: HOW DA R E  YOU

electabuzz: I WANT SNIPE

bassic: fuck you two i also want snipe

Katy Perry:

Katy Perry: if we’re doing something like this i, too, would want to be snipe



electabuzz:i there anyone in the class who Wouldn’t want to be snipe

pepe: honestly?

pepe: i don’t think so

Katy Perry: i can imagine that izuku already has things for an all might cosplay

All Might Jr:

All Might Jr: i mean

All Might Jr: you’re not Wrong

All Might Jr: but if it’s to celebrate an entire year of memes,,,, i also want to be snipe

Xenomorph: to be fair

Xenomorph: who doesn’t want to be a cowboy

Poltergeist: ^^^^^^

electabuzz: new idea: what if the entire class wore shitty snipe cosplays to confuse the hell out of the school and all the teachers

bassic: honestly?

bassic: sign me up

duct tape dude: but how are we going to manage to make shitty snipe cosplays so soon

Encyclopedon’t: I think I can help with that?

bassic: YES

knuckles: man it’d be hilarious to see aizawa’s face when he enters the classroom and sees us all in cowboy hats

electabuzz: LMAO YEAH

Xenomorph: sign me the fuck up

Poltergeist: same!!!

Explodokills: count me the fuck out

knuckles: babe

knuckles: katsuki

knuckles: please

Explodokills: no.

knuckles: please

Explodokills: no

knuckles: do it for me


Explodokills: you’re not going to let it go until i agree

knuckles: correct

Explodokills: fucking hell

Explodokills: fine i’ll fucking join

knuckles: <3

electabuzz: NICE

brain blender: this sounds absolutely terrible sign me up

duct tape dude: mood

Lightning McQueen: This violates the dress code!

electabuzz: cmon dude live a little

Lightning McQueen: As the class president, it is my job to make sure the class doesn’t do something like this.

electabuzz: do it for the group chat-chan’s birthday

bassic: i choked on air @ the group chat-chan

Lightning McQueen: We.. can’t.

Skywalker: come oooon iida it will be fun!!!

Lightning McQueen:

Lightning McQueen: IF I were to agree. Would you all please agree to wear uniform underneath the costume so we easily can remove the costume in case the teachers do get mad at us?

bassic: hell yeah sure

bassic: great that you’re joining

Lightning McQueen: I said if

Skywalker: dw iida we know you’ll join

Lightning McQueen: …….

Lightning McQueen: Alright then..

duct tape dude: nice

Encyclopedon’t: If we’re wearing our uniforms underneath the costume, perhaps it’s for the best if we only wear hats and the cape?

bassic: yh i mean

bassic: we want shitty cosplays

bassic: and a red blanket + a cowboy hat sounds like a pretty shitty snipe cosplay to me

Encyclopedon’t: I’ll start making the hats right away! :)

bassic: that’s my girl!!!

Encyclopedon’t: <3

bassic: <3


bassic: i can’t believe it has been an entire year

knuckles: great memes my dudes!

duct tape dude: they grow up so fast

electabuzz: are yall ready to confuse the hell out of the school ;^)))

duct tape dude: oh you know it

Encyclopedon’t: Me and Kyouka have all the hats and capes in the common room so come and get your things before you leave! :)

electabuzz: mvp

duct tape dude: hell yeah

bassic: btw

bassic: do you guys remember when we convinced momo to make a bunch of kazoos for us and we spent an entire evening trying to make meme songs to sound good as a kazoo orchestra??

pepe: how could we ever forget

bassic: in true snipe spirit

bassic: shouldn’t we bring the kazoos

tentacool: shit ur right

bassic: ikr

Edgelord: Didn’t we make Cotton Eye Joe sound pretty alright?

bassic: oh yes we did

Edgelord: Perfect.

duct tape dude: ;^)

electabuzz: ;^)
Xenomorph: ;^))

Poltergeist: ;^)))

Edgelord: This is awful

Edgelord: I love it

tentacool: same

electabuzz: wearing a cowboy hat feels surprisingly good

electabuzz: i feel powerful

duct tape dude: i personally just feel like screaming yeeehaw very loudly

bassic: that’s a big mood

Xenomorph: don’t let your dreams be dreams just do it

duct tape dude: i can’t just Scream for no reason

Xenomorph: coward

brain blender: bakugou does it all the time

duct tape dude: LM A O FAIR

karate kid: i feel ridiculous

Poltergeist: dw you look great

karate kid: thank you

bassic: alright time to look like nothing is out of the ordinary because it sounds like aizawa is on his way

duct tape dude: i lowkey hate how good kirishima looks in a cowboy hat

electabuzz: yeah man

electabuzz: full homo

duct tape dude: always full homo

duct tape dude: especially when we’re talking about kirishima’s looks

electabuzz: truth

Xenomorph: lmao look at kiri’s blush

knuckles: can you people s t op

duct tape dude: we’ll stop when you stop being hot

knuckles: aaaAAAA



brain blender: im wheezing

brain blender: His Fucking Face

electabuzz: admirable to keep going like nothing is wrong after the initial shock tbh

bassic: this was so worth it

Skywalker: i’ll admit i’m kind of surprised that he isn’t forcing us to take off the hats

pepe: probably too bothersome for him when the whole class is doing it


Skywalker: i mean you’re probably not wrong

pepe: btw ochako i forgot to say it earlier but you look really cute in your hat

pepe: you’re always cute but yeah


Skywalker: you’re also super cute hhhhh

pepe: <3

Skywalker: <33


bassic: alright guys it’s showtime

bassic: snipe just left his last class so it probably won’t be too long before he walks out

bassic: get your asses to the entrance so we can fuck him up

electabuzz: you’re making it sound like we’re a bunch of punks ready to beat up the resident cowboy

bassic: lmAO

bassic: we’re going to beat him up with memes

duct tape dude: sock him in the jaw with some good ol’ meme music

bassic: ^^^^^^^^^^

Explodokills: ei you owe me for agreeing to do this fucking bullshit

knuckles: yeah yeah i’ll do whatever you want me to do

Explodokills: good

Explodokills: this is so fucking stupid

knuckles: less complaining more kazooing

Explodokills: whatever

brain blender: when i joined the hero course this is not what i imagined that i’d be doing

brain blender: can’t say that i’m complaining tho

Edgelord: Same.


sugar spice: i can’t believe we killed snipe

electabuzz: same

pepe: i was genuinely worried about his health when he started wheezing

duct tape dude: his laugh is great though?? when he doubled over and laughed loudly i felt so good

electabuzz: god same

bassic: i love how he still has no idea Why we did this

bassic: just that it was a thing that happened

Lightning McQueen: I am baffled that no one told us off for violating the dress code like this

bassic: they were probably busy being confused as hell

electabuzz: or they thought it was funny as hell

duct tape dude: or both

electabuzz: true

Xenomorph: well i think we at least can say that it was a good way to celebrate chat-chan’s birthday!!!

Poltergeist: yes!!

bassic: i still can’t believe it has been an entire year

electabuzz: same

bassic: so many memes and so much bullshit

electabuzz: well

electabuzz: let’s hope for another year filled with memes and bullshit

duct tape dude: amen to that

Chapter Text

electabuzz: what if spiders only have 6 legs and two really long dicks instead of 8 legs

brain blender: why are you like this

electabuzz: i was just thinking

bassic: clearly that didn’t work out great for you

electabuzz: woW

bassic: go to bed dude

duct tape dude: hey denki

duct tape dude: would that apply to spider-man as well

bassic: please shut up hanta

electabuzz: oh shit maybe it would

bassic: if you don’t stop talking about a double-dicked spider-man right now i’m coming over there to punch you both

bassic: i know where you live

electabuzz: you may know where our rooms are but do you know where to find both of us

bassic: you’re both in sero’s room

electabuzz: hOW DID YOU KNOW

bassic: i didn’t but now i do

electabuzz: shIT


electabuzz: @brain blender

electabuzz: yo can you do me a favor

brain blender: hmmm that depends

electabuzz: can you brainwash me to do the dishes

brain blender: what

electabuzz: did i stutter

electabuzz: brainwash me to do the dishes

brain blender: ?????

brain blender: why would you want me to brainwash you

electabuzz: because doing the dishes is extremely boring and its my turn and i gotta but i dont wanna

electabuzz: if im brainwashed ill do it and i wont even remember it right??

brain blender: i

brain blender: i guess but?

brain blender: it’d literally Control your brain

brain blender: and make you do things that you cant control

brain blender: are you sure you’re okay with that??

bassic: it’s cool he doesn’t have that much brain to begin with

electabuzz: rUDE

electabuzz: also its cool dude!

electabuzz: i mean im asking you to do it so its not like its against my will

electabuzz: and lmao im used to short circuiting so it cant be worse than that

brain blender:

brain blender: ok but like

brain blender. are you Sure????

electabuzz: yeah man!

electabuzz: unless it actually makes you uncomfortable ofc then ill just stop asking??? am i making you uncomfortable shinsou???

brain blender: no no

brain blender: i uh

brain blender: i’m not really used to people Asking me to use my quirk on them or just like

brain blender: willingly putting themselves in that situation

electabuzz: its cool man! i trust you!

Poltergeist: i just walked by shinsou and he’s blushing!!!!

electabuzz: awww

electabuzz: seriously dude you’re IN the family here

electabuzz: we all trust you!

Poltergeist: !!! ^^^^^^

duct tape dude: ^^^^^^

Xenomorph: ^^^^^^^^

bassic: ^^^^^^

All Might Jr: !! ^^^^^^

karate kid: ^^^^

knuckles: ^^^^

sugar spice: ^^^^

Tight Pants Body Rolls: ☆ ^^^^^^ ☆

Lightning McQueen: ^^^^^^

Encylopedon’t: ^^^^^^

Skywalker: ^^^^

pepe: ^^^^^^

Snow White: ! ^^^^

Katy Perry: ^^^^

tentacool: ^^^^

Edgelord: ^^^^^^

brain blender: asdfgfdsdfghgfdfgh


electabuzz: is it just me or has aizawa reached a new level of lazy

karate kid: are you referring to that he’s sleeping face down on the desk and has written on the chalkboard what we’re supposed to do

electabuzz: yes

bassic: maybe he fought a villain the entire night and is more tired than usual?

All Might Jr: there hasn’t been any reports about villain attacks tonight though???

bassic: maybe he’s just

bassic: catching up on the 40 years he hasn’t slept

All Might Jr: he’s 30

bassic: exactly

Xenomorph: man i have a question abt the project but i don’t want to wake him up??????

bassic: ask him a little later

Xenomorph: yh im gonna do that,,,,,,,

bassic: or like

bassic: ask momo

Xenomorph: shit ur right

brain blender: something feels off but i can’t figure out what

duct tape dude: ikr


electabuzz: HOLY FUCK


duct tape dude: WH A T

bassic: holy sHIT



electabuzz: wait

electabuzz: holy shit

Xenomorph: no wAAAAY

brain blender: well

brain blender: now we know what felt off

All Might Jr: i???? i can’t believe????

Explodokills: did seriously none of you idiots realize that it wasn’t fucking aizawa at the desk

brain blender: i had a feeling but i couldn’t be bothered to check


duct tape dude: bIG FUCKING MOOD

bassic: i can’t believe we just,,, didn’t realize??

karate kid: did we seriously just

karate kid: spend over an hour with a plastic skeleton dressed up as our teacher and genuinely think it was just our teacher being more tired than usual

bassic: i th i nk  we di d

sugar spice: the entire class rolled some critical fails on their perception checks

duct tape dude: leave with your dnd talk sa t o u

sugar spice: im juST SAYING IT HOW IT IS

Xenomorph: I’M SOBBING



bassic: guess we just got to know how it feels to be kaminari denki everyday

electabuzz: woW RUDE

electabuzz: not incorrect but still ruDE

bassic: lm  A O

Poltergeist: i don’t know if i’m supposed to feel a little offended that aizawa genuinely thought that he could do this and we wouldn’t notice, or laugh at the fact that he did it and we genUINELY DIDN’T NOTICE

All Might Jr: wonder what he was doing that required him to do this….

electabuzz: he’s married to a meme

duct tape dude: yeah but like he must’ve been doing smth else when he wasn’t in the classroom dude

brain blender: he 100% did it to sleep on the couch in the teacher’s lounge

brain blender: and the teachers are probably laughing about it in their group chat right about now

electabuzz: ,,, they have a group chat???

brain blender: of course they have a group chat why wouldn’t they

electabuzz: idk it just,,, feels wrong

brain blender: everyone have group chats these days

duct tape dude: man i wonder if the league of villains have a group chat

bassic: lo l  imagine the police finding one of their phones and just finding a gc filled with evil plans

duct tape dude: ah man that’d be good

electabuzz: it would be even funnier if there were a majority of memes and dumb shit instead of just evil stuff

bassic: please don’t make me imagine the league of villains capable of memeing in a group chat

electabuzz: fghjkJHGHJKL


Xenomorph: do you guys think snipe has a significant other???

electabuzz: so like they say in the wild wild west

electabuzz: a partner?

Xenomorph: LMA O YEAH

electabuzz: maybe even

electabuzz: a cowbae

bassic: never say the word cowbae in my general vicinity ever again

electabuzz: lmAO

electabuzz: for real tho

electabuzz: thats a rly good question mina??

duct tape dude:

bassic: oh shit maybe he does have a partner???

electabuzz: holy shit

electabuzz: who has the honor of dating an Actual Cowboy

knuckles: i don’t know but cowboys are so manly and like

knuckles: i too would want to date a cowboy

Explodokills: you’re dating me

knuckles: i know and i love you

knuckles: but i’d love you even more if you had a cowboy hat

electabuzz: LM A O

Xenomorph: it’s going to be soooo much harder to figure it out this time tho!!! it’s not like we’d know if we met snipe w a partner when he’s not on duty!

duct tape dude: oof yeah i don’t think anyone knows how he looks under the mask??

bassic: only one way to find out

bassic: @All Might Jr

All Might Jr: yeah?

bassic: has snipe had a public face reveal?

All Might Jr: hmmmm

All Might Jr: no, not from what i can remember?

bassic: well then

Xenomorph: then the entire investigation must happen in school!!!

All Might Jr: investigation??

Xenomorph: we wanna know if snipe has a partner!

All Might Jr: ah

electabuzz: who else is that much of a mean lean meme machine

bassic: present mic

bassic: but he’s married

electabuzz: oof yeah,,,

Edgelord: Didn’t Ectoplasm join in with a keytar when they were playing meme music in the entrance of the school though?

Poltergeist: i ship it

Edgelord: That doesn’t have to mean anything though

Poltergeist: i know!! but i ship it

bassic: i mean

bassic: ectoplasm and snipe do seem like they’re At Least friends

Poltergeist: we thought the same thing about erasermic but they’re actually married!!!!!!

bassic: you’re right but it feels too good to be true to happen two times

electabuzz: imagine how good snipe and ectoplasm could be together tho

electabuzz: all the great memes

duct tape dude: yeah man!! they were also like

duct tape dude: staying rly close to each other the entire karaoke night

electabuzz: omg

Xenomorph: does that mean that,,,,,

Xenomorph: operation Eccentric Children Tormenting Oblivious Senseis: Nobody Is Prepared Edition is go????

electabuzz: operation WHAT

Xenomorph: operation ectosnipe for short!!!

brain blender: holy shit that’s the actual abbreviation of that

brain blender: what the fuck

brain blender: how did?

brain blender: WHY did you?

bassic: ah right

bassic: you weren’t here for operation macarena

brain blender: operation what now

bassic: when the class was trying to figure out if aizawa was married to mic

brain blender: oh

brain blender: why macarena tho

Xenomorph: it’s short for mic-absolutely-cares-about-ruggedly-enigmatic-narcoleptic-aizawa!!!!

brain blender: i

brain blender: wow

brain blender: that’s almost impressive

Xenomorph: thanks!!!

brain blender: so what’s the plan for operation ectosnipe?

Xenomorph: you want to join???? ;^0000

brain blender: yeah sure why not

Xenomorph: !!!!!!! <3

electabuzz: !! ;^D <3

duct tape dude: <3

Poltergeist: <3

brain blender: …

brain blender: <3

Chapter Text

duct tape dude: it’S HALLOWEEN GUYS

Explodokills: it’s fucking 6th of october

electabuzz: ha l l o w e  en


duct tape dude: what

Xenomorph: like!!! imagine us in shitty low budget bsb cosplays

Xenomorph: kinda like this


electabuzz: ok but like that’d be iconic sign me the fuck up

duct tape dude: god same

Xenomorph: i wanna be a.j!!!

electabuzz: no offense but i literally know nothing about bsb except i want it that way and everybody

electabuzz: who the Fuck is a.j

Xenomorph: a.j mclean!!!!

Xenomorph: the guy always wearing like sunglasses and different hats!!!

electabuzz: is the guy seriously called mclean

Xenomorph: YES

electabuzz: thats the coolest fucking name

Xenomorph: iKR!

Xenomorph: i love him but also i need to be able to hide my horns so i need like

Xenomorph: a hat

duct tape dude: wear a fedora

Xenomorph: ;^)))))))

electabuzz: im going to cry if you wear a fedora


electabuzz: f i n e

duct tape dude: i’ll lose my actual shit if i see you in a fedora, tiny 90s sunglasses and painted on beard mina


duct tape dude: bl e s s

duct tape dude: denki should be nick

electabuzz: who

duct tape dude: the youngest pretty blond boy

electabuzz: babe i can’t believe you Actually know backstreet boys???

duct tape dude: listen

duct tape dude: they’re Good

Xenomorph: who are you gonna be sero???

duct tape dude: uhhh kevin i guess

Xenomorph: NI C E

Xenomorph: yess!!!!

Skywalker: oOOH!!!! backstreet boys!!!!!!

Skywalker: can i join as howie??

Xenomorph: of coURSE YOU CAN!!!

duct tape dude: y e S

Skywalker: !!! ;DDD

duct tape dude: now we only need a brian

karate kid: so

karate kid: i happen to be a dude with short blonde hair with a love for bsb…..

duct tape dude: OJIRO MY DUDE

karate kid: can i join your boyband

Xenomorph: YE S YOU CAN

duct tape dude: GOD YES

Xenomorph: we have a full team now!!!!!!!!

duct tape dude: hell ye  s

Skywalker: ok so

Skywalker: can we Please have their white outfits from i want it that way??

Xenomorph: i was thinking the same thing!!!

electabuzz: i have no idea what’s going on but i’m into it

duct tape dude: babe

duct tape dude: the white outfits

electabuzz: ooOOH

electabuzz: ni ce

electabuzz: so im gonna be the blond twink with his hair parted in the middle?

duct tape dude: yes

duct tape dude: so basically yourself

electabuzz: H EY

electabuzz: my hAIR IS PARTED ON THE SIDE

karate kid: i love how you’re not complaining about being called a blond twink but you get upset if it’s implied that you have your hair parted in the middle

electabuzz: listen

electabuzz: im at least a little self aware

electabuzz: and my hair is parted on the side

karate kid: yeah i mean

karate kid: we know

karate kid: but it shouldn’t be too hard for you to style a middle parting right?

electabuzz: i mean ur not wrong

Xenomorph: this group is going to be the best!!!!

Skywalker: hmmm wonder what the teachers will come up with?

electabuzz: ill be upset if i dont see snipe doing something stupid

duct tape dude: mood

Poltergeist: wouldn’t it be adorable if he did something matching w ectoplasm????

brain blender: is this a step in operation ectosnipe

Poltergeist: i mean! it could be!!

Poltergeist: if they’re wearing couples costumes maybe that implies something!!!

brain blender: that’s fair

brain blender: i’ll admit that it’d be very sweet if they actually were a couple

Poltergeist: IKR!!!

Poltergeist: they’d make such a good couple!

Lightning McQueen: Hello fellow students! I just heard a very interesting thing.

All Might Jr: ooh what’s happening?

Skywalker: what’s the interesting thing??

Lightning McQueen: We’ve gotten a request to participate in a Q&A panel for people interested in the life of heroes! We would even get paid a little for it!

All Might Jr: wHA t

All Might Jr: Why us??

Lightning McQueen: I would assume it is because older students are very busy with their hero duties, and because our class has been exposed to so much villain activity. We have also gotten a lot of attention on social media and a popular hero blog had a poll vote about which students the readers would like to see in the panel.

duct tape dude: so it’d basically be a panel for hero enthusiasts and nerds? those are the ones hosting it right?

Lightning McQueen: That is correct! :-) It is not an official thing at all and more for fun, and their budget didn’t allow to get actual pro heroes there.

All Might Jr: oOOoh that sounds great! i totally understand why they wouldn’t be able to afford pro heroes though, and it’s natural, they’re busy saving people!!

All Might Jr: before i joined U.A i would’ve been sooo happy to get the chance to ask questions to U.A students doing hero work.

bassic: this is nice and all but you guys do realize that it probably will be some weird questions there if it’s not an official thing and it’s just for fun

electabuzz: that’s what makes it fun!!!!

Lightning McQueen: They have limited amount of space for students  and can only take in 8 people this time. As they did a poll, they have requested some specific people in the class but said that they’d love to have any of us if some of the requested people are unable to attend.

electabuzz: o shit guess ill die

Lightning McQueen: You’re one of the requested people.

electabuzz: no WAY? SHIT NICE

Lightning McQueen: Then there’s Midoriya, Todoroki, Uraraka, Jirou, Kirishima, Bakugou and Shinsou!

brain blender:

brain blender: they requested me ???

Lightning McQueen: That is right!

brain blender: are you sure? like, it could just be a typo.

Lightning McQueen: No, they included you’re whole name and all. You’re one of the requested ones!

brain blender: …. holy shit??

brain blender: they like genuinely want me there??

Lightning McQueen: Yes!

brain blender: holy shit.

electabuzz: hell yeah dude!

brain blender: i’m just? woah.

bassic: when is this happening tho?

Lightning McQueen: That’s the thing. It’s in just a few days and I do not know if the teachers will allow you to be away for an entire evening..

bassic: wait so when is it exactly

Lightning McQueen: Friday night!

bassic: well we’ll never know unless we ask

bassic: shinosu go ask aizawa

brain blender: why me

brain blender: jk i know hold on


brain blender: he said yes

bassic: that was fast

brain blender: i said please

bassic: honestly i believe you

Lightning McQueen: Remember to be careful about throwing your relationship statuses out there and most of all, make sure to not out Aizawa and Yamada. They have been keeping their relationship lowkey and out of the spotlights for so long and it would be disgraceful for any of us to just out them without their consent.

knuckles: that’s fair

bassic: well

bassic: i sure as fuck was right about there being weird questions

bassic: considering basically every single question was Weird

electabuzz: i still cant handle that bakus go-to reaction when he thinks hes alone is to dance

Explodokills: shut the fuck up





Explodokills: FUCK OFF

knuckles: dw babe you did great

Explodokills: shut ur mouth or ill shut it for you

knuckles: i’ll only accept that if you’re shutting my mouth with your mouth

Explodokills: why are you disgusting

knuckles: i’ll take that as a yes you will

Explodokills: of fucking course it’s a yes

bassic: jesus christ chill w the gay

knuckles: listen i had to be lowkey about our relationship that entire panel i need to catch up w the gay

bassic: “lowkey about our relationship” you say as you wore matching t-shirts and pants to the thing

knuckles: the t-shirts were because of a bet you KNow That

electabuzz: i honestly didnt think you had the balls to wear a “100% waifu material” t shirt to a q&a panel w like hundreds of ppl kiri

electabuzz: im even more amazed that baku wore the “0.01% waifu material” shirt

Explodokills: i fucking go through with the conditions of a bet if i lose the goddamned bet

electabuzz: yeah i know that for sure now

bassic: speaking of “lowkey about relationships”

bassic: i can’t believe midoriya and todoroki actually just went all in when they recreated That One Camp Rock Moment from our karaoke night long ago

karate kid: i have no idea what’s going on and i’m not sure i want to know

electabuzz: someone filmed most of it

karate kid: nvm i want to know

electabuzz: thought so


bassic: some parts are cut off but here’s the 40 min of it that were filmed

karate kid: holy shit bakugou

Explodokills: i’ll kill you

karate kid: lm  a o

Chapter Text

sugar spice: yes hi excuse me but how come i have never noticed that ojiro wags is tail when he’s very happy or excited

Poltergeist: IT’S SO CUTE RIGHT


Xenomorph: hE DOES WHAT

sugar spice: HE WAGS HIS TAIL!!!!!!!

Xenomorph: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poltergeist: i swear it’s the cutest thing ever!!!!!!!!

Poltergeist: i love my sweet sweet boyfriend

karate kid: ahHhH

karate kid: i love my lovely girlfriend

bassic: woah it’s so unusually straight in the chat right now

Poltergeist: <3

karate kid: <3

electabuzz: aw

duct tape dude: awww

bassic: oh look it’s not very straight in the chat anymore

duct tape dude: lmaoo

Xenomorph: ok but guys!!

Xenomorph:  just bc we’re talking abt you being in love and your quirks atm

Xenomorph: if @Invisible Girl and @karate kid had a kid, what would their quirk be???

electabuzz: an invisible tail

duct tape dude: oh GOD NO

electabuzz: Fear™

duct tape dude: jesus christ just imagine one entire normal looking kid and then suddenly getting whacked in the face by an invisible force that apparently is their invisible tail

Poltergeist: oh my gOD

bassic: oh my god imagine being a villain and fighting that kid

bassic: some ordinary person just kinda coming towards you casually and then whACK

electabuzz: lma o

duct tape dude: even being aware of it wouldn’t help holy shit

bassic: a true hero


Xenomorph: ok so i’ve been wondering abt a this for a super long time

bassic: what

Xenomorph: @knuckles @Explodokills

Explodokills: what the fuck do you want

knuckles: yo?

Xenomorph: who is the little spoon and the big spoon in your relationship

bassic: lmAO

bassic: tbh im also curious

Explodokills: why the fuck would you want to know that you half peeled shrimp


electabuzz: are we going to ignore the fact that bakugou just called mina a half peeled shrimp

Explodokills: it’s not important leave me the fuck alone

Xenomorph: so are you the little spoon then

Explodokills: i’m a motherfucking knife

Xenomorph: H AH

bassic: oh my god

knuckles: i’m the little spoon most of the time

knuckles: my man is warm af it’s great

Xenomorph: awww

Xenomorph: thank you for answering my question<333

knuckles: lmao np

Explodokills: why do yOU KEEP TELLING THEM SHIT

knuckles: well it aint like it’ll hurt us

Explodokills: it’s physically killing me

knuckles: bakubabe listen

knuckles: im literally sitting next to you and i could See your smile when i wrote “my man”

electabuzz: bakubabe

Explodokills: say that one more time and die

electabuzz: are you going to kill kiri

Explodokills: he’s obviously a fucking exception short circuit

electabuzz: understandable have a nice day

Explodokills: fuck off

electabuzz: you know ive realized something

bassic: oh no

electabuzz: what do you mean oh no

bassic: it’s never a good sign when you start a conversation like that

electabuzz: first of all??? rude???

bassic: and second of all?

electabuzz: there only was a first of all

bassic: lmao

bassic: so anyway

bassic: tell us about your amazing realization

electabuzz: right!

electabuzz: ok so listen

electabuzz: i was thinking about endeavor right

bassic: why the fuck were you thinking about endeavor

Katy Perry: i’m kind of wondering the same thing

electabuzz: ok so that sounded a little weird but i was mostly thinking about how dumb it is to set your own face on fire for the aesthetic

Katy Perry: that’s a very valid thought and i agree

electabuzz: anyway

electabuzz: i came to this realization

bassic: and what was this realization

electabuzz: endeavor is yaoi shaped

Katy Perry:

duct tape dude: de n ki

bassic: whaT DOES THAT MEAN

Katy Perry:

Katy Perry: wh-

All Might Jr: ??????oh my god??????

electabuzz: NO OK LISTEN


electabuzz: liST EN

electabuzz: huge fucking shoulders! tiny head!! Massive hands! and a super shitty and abusive personality!

electabuzz: he is The yaoi man!! w the proportions and all!!!!!


electabuzz: IM NOT WRONG THO


Katy Perry: i can’t believe i had to read this with my own two eyes

bassic: i mean same but i’m extra sorry you had to see this

Katy Perry: @brain blender

brain blender: what

Katy Perry: can you brainwash me into forgetting this conversation

brain blender: what conversa

brain blender: oh

brain blender: honestly i usually wouldn’t and Shouldn’t but i’ll do it just for you this once just come over

Katy Perry: i owe you my life


bassic: how many times do you think sero will swing straight into things like some discount spider-man during hero class this week

electabuzz: well hopefully not more than 10 bc ill lose count

bassic: count with your toes as well then

electabuzz: did you just assume i need my fingers to count

bassic: yes

electabuzz: ruDe

bassic: but am i wrong

electabuzz: no not at all

electabuzz: using my toes would be hard tho

bassic: fair enough

electabuzz: anyway im saying 7 times

electabuzz: i need to have Some faith in my boyfriend

bassic: i’ll go wild and bet 15

electabuzz: the number closest to the right answer wins as usual?

bassic: hell yeah

bassic: loser buys lunch?

electabuzz: sound good


electabuzz: bc like,, i mean

electabuzz: babe,,

duct tape dude: ok i know don’t say it

duct tape dude: kyouka i can’t believe you just called me discount spider-man

bassic: once again

bassic: Am I Wrong Tho

duct tape dude: let me live my life

bassic: i’ll stop the day you stop swinging straight into buildings

duct tape dude: i just don’t understand why i’m being attacked like this

bassic: i mean it’s getting a little old to go after every stupid thing denki does so i needed a fresh victim

duct tape dude: wo w

electabuzz: i appreciate it

bassic: it’s cute that you think that i’ll stop making fun of you denki

electabuzz: woW OUCH

bassic: i’ll always take a chance to make fun of your stupidity dw

duct tape dude: lmao

duct tape dude: i still hate the fact that i was called discount spider-man

electabuzz: it could be ur new nickname in the chat

duct tape dude: hell no

duct tape dude:

duct tape dude:


duct tape dude changed nickname to discount spider-man


bassic: wow he changed his mind faster than a 20 y/o man driving a BMW outside of a school


karate kid: that’s so horrible i’m wheezing

electabuzz: im yelling

discount spider-man: he actually is

bassic: oh yea i can hear lmao

Xenomorph: so quick question?? who is blasting music at 1am??? i need to talk to whoever it is :)))

Xenomorph: no wait nvm this song is a fucking bop what

Xenomorph: it dropped harder than denki’s grades

electabuzz: OH WOW RUDE

discount spider-man: lmAO

Xenomorph: seriously tho who tf

Xenomorph: i need to know what song this is

sugar spice: it’s miroh by stray kids

sugar spice:


sugar spice: god no i just know the song

sugar spice: stray kids are fantastic

Xenomorph: yea i can Hear that

sugar spice: also it’s hagakure

Poltergeist: NO IT’S NOT

sugar spice: “no it’s not” she says, you know, like a liar

Xenomorph: can’t believe ur having a party without me ;^////

Poltergeist: just come over???

Xenomorph: true gimme a moment

Xenomorph: why are we blasting music at 1am tho

Poltergeist: satou and oji were arguing abt songs and i decided to end their argument by blasting miroh

Xenomorph: that’s valid

bassic: oh this next song is kamisero’s theme huh? ;)

electabuzz: ?

bassic: it’s called dumb & dumber

electabuzz: wo w

bassic: am i wrong

electabuzz: no not rly but i feel like youve been calling me out unusually much these past few days

bassic: look at this music video and tell me it isn’t massive Kaminari Denki ft. Sero Energy™



electabuzz: like

electabuzz: do you expect me to deny it

bassic: no i just needed you to understand why i had to call you out

electabuzz: ok but thats fair ig

discount spider-man: can i just say that the scene w the whole group ugly dancing in pajamas is basically our class on the weekends

Xenomorph: lm a o yes!!!

bassic: thanks i hate it


bassic: i just found out that a game dev team from that big game uni in the city are making a western themed arcade game about cowboys in space

Poltergeist: holy shit

bassic: ikr

bassic: like theyre just making it for that expo that uni hosts every year for its game design students to show off their projects

bassic: not profit or anything it’s a project in the game design course

Poltergeist: ooooh! i hope we can go to that expo year it’s usually rly fun!

discount spider-man: tbh we may be training to become heroes but aren’t game designers the real heroes out there

Poltergiest: i mean

Poltergeist: you have a point

bassic: guys.. the cowboy group.. named their game Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowboy Shootin’

discount spider-man: no way

bassic: they literally did

bassic: i have a relative in that uni and apparently this dev team made an instagram for the game like today and the game is literally called rootin tootin cowboy shootin

discount spider-man:

discount spider-man: it sounds like a shitpost

bassic: their trailer is to the sound of wild wild west by will smith and the character art in it was done by one of the team’s graphics designers in paint

bassic: yes it’s a shitpost

discount spider-man: why not use photoshop

bassic: apparently the artist didn’t feel like it

discount spider-man: a mood

bassic: ok so i asked my relative if this is a joke and her answer was “no but the game idea started as a joke between the two graphics designers and then they decided to pitch the idea and somehow managed to get it approved by the teachers and gathered a team bc everyone loves cowboys and memes”

discount spider-man: ok but i love that

bassic: honestly same

Poltergeist: i wonder if snipe knows about this yet

bassic: he’d cry tears of happiness

Poltergeist: if we have class that day can we tell him about the cowboys? i feel like he’d let us go

bassic: without a doubt

bassic: also the team bought cowboy hats on their first meeting as a full team bc they deemed it high priority

Poltergeist: i don’t know these people but i kind of love them already

discount spider-man: what do they need an instagram for

bassic: they’re going to document progress and are apparently also planning on posting cowboy shitposts

discount spider-man: wtf i want to see that

discount spider-man: what’s the @ i need to follow them like yesterday

bassic: @rootintootingame

discount spider-man: beautiful

Poltergeist: if we don’t get to go to the expo and play this i’ll actually cry

discount spider-man: hope their funky little cowboy dreams come true