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Heroic Romance

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“Y/N………You’re..You’re one of them?” Todoroki could hardly believe it. His Y/N…His wonderful, beautiful, Y/N..was a villain? No. No he had to have misread the situation. His Y/N can’t be evil! You couldn’t be evil! You just couldn’t be..

“Shouto…You need to understand, I had no choice–”

“No choice?!” Todoroki yelled, a trail of ice escaping from his foot. He was mad. He was beyond mad, he was….heartbroken.. He should have seen it coming. He should have seen all the signs. The late nights you came home with bruises everywhere, how you seemed to be avoiding him and brushing off any kind of affection he tried to give you. He just played it out to you being overly stressed out, but he should have known better. Life wasn’t this kind to him.

“Y/N, we were good! We were better than good, we had such a good life–”

“No! You had a good life! If you could even call it that! All the hard fights, the long nights, the wounds, the broken bones..Heroes are done for Shouto. We don’t live in a world with heroes, we survive one! Besides, what are heroes good for besides blowing up half the city?! All they care about is being the number one hero, or fame, or money..or producing strong children..But you’d know a lot about that, wouldn’t you, Todoroki?”

He froze. That was a hard hit. A subject you knew he was sensitive about.

“Besides, the league of villains is just a start. ..I want to live, Shouto. Not just survive.”

And all Todoroki saw next was you, his heart, his darling one, strike him down.

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This was real. By god..This was real. Years ago, if you had told Todoroki that he would be the father of the most magnificent baby girl he had seen, he would have never believed you.

Yet, there he was, holding his daughter–holding a life that he helped he create. It was..unbelieveable..He looked at his daughter and wondered, how could anyone not love their child? How was that even possible? How could anyone look into the face of the child they made and not feel a thing? He had only known his daughter for a few moments, and he was already head over heels for her.

As he watched his daughter open her eyes, he smiled. She had his eyes. And the smile that his daughter gave him when their eyes met?


It blew him away.

He had never thought himself one for a domestic life, yet here he was, becoming the father he never had. He promised, right then and there, he’d do everything to make the world a safe place for his child. Would he make mistakes as a parent? Of course he would. All parents do. But, he’d give the world for his daughter if she so much as asked for it. Todoroki held his daughter closer to him.

“I’ll love you no matter what. And I know you’ll do so many great things.”

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Todoroki groaned, opening his eyes. As he focused, he saw a heart monitor, and many tubes that were attached to him, helping him live. He was in the hospital? Why was he–
Oh. That’s right. You–The person he once loved with all his were evil. “I want to live, Shouto..Not just survive..” What did you mean? How could anyone survive in a world where villains ran free?

How could you possibly think that would be better?

“Todoroki! You’re awake!” Izuku said, smiling slightly. The boy was relieved to see his friend awake..alive.. “I was beginning to think you weren’t..That you’d..” As he trailed off, Todoroki began to wonder,

‘Was I really so close to dying? Was Y/N really trying to kill me?’

“How long was I out?” Todoroki asked, staring off into the distance, trying to piece everything together. Izuku sighed, looking out the window at the setting sun.

“..A few weeks..Y/N..She nearly killed you..Recovery Girl did all she could but even she couldn’t tell if you were going to make it..” Izuku explained. Todoroki bit his lip as he took the information in. So..This was real..This was actually happening and it wasn’t a dream like he was praying it was

“ Y/N….Where is Y/N?” He questioned him, looking at the green haired boy. He had to know. He had to know where she went so he can go after her. He needed answers.

“We don’t know where she went. We haven’t been able to locate the League’s hideout– What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” Izuku asked, rushing to gently push a standing Todoroki back into his hospital bed. “I have to go after her! They corrupted her! I need to help her! I’ll hurt them for what they did to her!” He shouted, wanting so badly to just run after Y/N.

“Todoroki, I understand your pain but you can’t rush into things when you just woke up! ..Rest on it first..and then decide what you’ll do.”

And so, the weeks turned into months as Todoroki healed. As Izuku walked into his room, he saw his friend packing his bags for a long, tough journey.”So..You’re really going to go through with this?” He asked, folding his arms.

Todoroki looked back at Izuku, his eyes holding something only a heartbroken man could have. “..I am going to find..and I am going to kill..every last one of them..”

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Amajiki took a breath, walking over to Y/N. He was going to do it. He’s doing it. He’s going to talk to them! He’s going to talk to his crush, Y/N!

Mustering up all the courage he could, Amajiki walked over to Y/N, lightly tapping on their shoulder. As they turned to look at him, he froze. He couldn’t do this, he couldn’t actually talk to them–

“Ah, I’m sorry, were you talking to me? I’m very sorry if you were, but I’m deaf! If you wanna talk though, we can write to each other!” Y/N wrote down in a small notebook.

Amajiki read the note, smiling slightly to himself. He shook his head putting the notebook down.


“No need..I actually know sign language. I decided to learn for when I become a hero. I’m Amajiki Tamaki. What’s your name?” He signed to Y/N.

The look on Y/N’s face when he started to sign, the way their eyes lit up in a mixture of happiness and surprise..It made Amajiki’s heart pound and his face flush, and a smile appear on his face.

This was the beginning of something beautiful.

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Izuku Midoryia

Izuku could feel his hands begin to sweat as he lead you down a winding path, but there was no turning back now.

Especially when it was such a perfect evening. He’ll finally ask you, his beloved Y/N to marry him.

He leads to you an open field, framed with trees and flowers and other things that made it all look so beautiful. And they way you looked out onto the field and how your eyes seemed to brighten up?

That was more beautiful than he could put into words. The two of you sat, laughing at inside jokes that you had made so long ago, singing your favorite songs, loving each other. Midoriya stared at you, at the radiance of your smile, at the way you found beauty in even the smallest of things, and he fell in love with you all over again.

God, he loved you.

“Y/N..Since we met, I’ve realized what it means to love someone. To love you. You’ve brought so much color into my world that now, I can’t imagine my life without you in it. Seldom do we find such people, and seldom do we find love with them. In a world that’s full of chaos, you are my haven, my shelter, my…everything.. Y/N..Will you marry me?”

Bakugo Katsuki

Katsuki wasn’t very…eloquent when it came to expressing his feelings toward you, his S/O of many years. He was even less so when he was trying to propose to you.

He was trying to drop the most obvious hints, so why the fuck weren’t you picking up on them?

Things like ‘Hey, Y/N, I think these dresses would look good on you or some shit,” were often met with “Katsuki, those are wedding dresses, I can’t wear those out.”

He didn’t know why he decided to fall in love with such a dumbass, but there he was, and there you were. ‘Fuck it.’ He thought, turning towards you.

“Hey, Y/N. You’re a pile of indigestible fuck, but you’re less shitty than the other people I have to deal with. Fucking marry me.” He said, shoving the ring he was hiding in his pocket into your hand.

“Katsuki….You’re an apocalyptic fuck-hat.” You said, looking at the ring.

“Is that a yes, shit for brains?”

“Of course it is, you insufferable cock-wagon.”

Yeah. Yeah, he definitely picked the right person to marry.



Shouto Todoroki

Shouto was not his father. That much he was aware of.

So why was he so afraid of becoming his father? Why was he so afraid of becoming the monster his father was? He loved you. He loved you so much that he could never imagine hurting you.

“Shouto.” Your voice broke him of his deep thoughts. “You’re spacing out again..What’re you thinking about?” You asked him, gently taking his hand in yours.

One thing he loved about you was how softly you treated him. After going through what he had been through, that’s all he wanted now. Tenderness, love, a gentle touch.


“Nothing..Nothing important..” He said, smiling.”Hey, Y/N..You’re are the person who’s most important to me..You keep me focused, and remind me why I want to be a great hero. I know I’m not my father, and that I would never hurt you in any way, but I can’t help but worry of what I could become. You..You wipe away those fears with so much as a smile. You, with only your laugh, your touch, your..being..make me so much better than I could ever hope to be..It’s sudden, I know..But Y/N..Marry me?”

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“We never would have learned of how to defeat All Might if it wasn’t for Y/N.” Tomura laughed. Izuku couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He couldn’t process what was being told to him.

“Y/N..What does he mean? Huh? You tell me, what does he mean?!” He shouted at you, his tears spilling over, stinging the cuts on his cheeks. You couldn’t really be a villain could you? No..No this had to be a mistake, you would never be one of them! You were too kind, too loving, too special to be a villain. ..He loved you too much for you to be a villain.

“Its..Its so self-explanatory, Deku..Are you so stupid that you really didn’t catch on?” You answered, a sick, twisted grin etched onto your face.

“Why else would I ever get close to you? Did..Did you actually believe I would ever like– no, love you? How stupid can you get??” You laughed.

It wasn’t the laugh he fell in love with. This was laced with hatred.

“Why would you do something like this?!” He demanded. He needed to know why you were one of them.

“Why?! Because when I needed someone to save me, I had no one! Those ‘Heroes’ that promised to help a child like me when I needed it? The ones who promised to protect people no matter what? They weren’t there– All Might wasn’t there!” You shouted, your toxic grin spilling over into a rage filled frown. “I needed him and he wasn’t there! He didn’t care about me! Heroes didn’t save me, Deku! I saved myself!”

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He gave you everything; His heart, his soul, his mind.

But in the end that was not enough for you.

In the end you gave him what he came to expect of you.




You took what you wanted. When you had that, you left him to die. With All Might’s secret out, you had no reason to cease your crime.

The symbol of peace had fallen, and your empire of glorious chaos had risen from the ashes.

Izuku Midoriya believed you’d come around. He had to believe you, his Y/N, his reason for living, could be persuaded to repent and once again build up the world in peace and love and justice.

Oh how wrong he was.

He never thought it would go this far, but there he was, standing over your injured body, kneeling before him in defeat. Your quirk was gone; hit by the drug that took them away.

He hit you with that drug.

You always had a weak immune system. Your body wouldn’t be able to shake off the effects of the drug. It was the only way to put an stop to all of this.

“Why do you hesitate? I don’t need your mercy! Go ahead an kill me!” You spat at him, tears of rage falling down your blood stained cheeks.

“..No. I do not wish to become a vessel of hatred. That is why I put an end to what you were. To what you’ve become.” Izuku replied, turning away from you.

As he walked away, he looked over his shoulder at you one last time. “I don’t hate you, Y/N. ..The police are on their way. You will be taken to jail, and you will stay in isolation for a very long time to think about what you’ve done,and how to change..” He started, walking again.

“What you do from there..that’s up for you to decide.”

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Months passed.

Was it months?

Todoroki couldn’t tell anymore,but one thing was for sure: he was close to finding you. In all the villain attacks in recent months, there was a common thread; a person with (h/c) hair, (e/c) eyes, and (q/a).

That was you.

He was sure of it.

Now he just had to pinpoint where you were.

Surprisingly, finding you was easy. Because he didn’t need to find you– you found him.

And as he looked at you, his heart sank.

This wasn’t the same Y/N he fell in love with. This was a Y/N who had lost their way.

His beautiful Y/N looked so..broken..So filled with hate, yet so scared.

“Why did you come here?” You demanded, glaring at Todoroki. He shouldn’t have been there. Not with what was about to go down.

Todoroki tried to take a step towards you, but as he did, you backed up more.

“Y/N..You need to come home with me. Please..” He begged you, wanting to walk towards you but knowing he would only be responded with another step back.

You were silent.”..I’m not coming home..” You said, your voice barely above a whisper. “Not until this is finished..”

He was silent, not knowing what to say. What do you say to a broken person? “..Y/N..Enough of this! I want you to come home with me! Now–”

“Listen to me Shouto!” You shouted at him. “This isn’t my choice! I need for you to understand that! Now..go home..please..and never look for me again..” You begged, on the verge of tears. Before he could respond, you had disappeared.

One thing was apparent; if he wanted you back, he was going to need some help.

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When Kirishima first met you, he knew there was something special.

The way you moved, the way you talked, the way you knew what you wanted. You were just so..confident.

How could he not fall head over heals for you?

And when you talked to him, you were so kind.

So when he found out you were a villain, he felt like his world was falling apart. There was a recent villain attack in the city that consisted of five villains that he went to go fight against, and among the villains was you.

“Y/N..You’re a villain?!” Kirishima shouted at you in disbelief. He had to be seeing things wrong, right? You obviously were just caught up in the middle of everything, right?

“Yeah? What of it?” Was your response. A response that was so nonchalant, so uncaring, it sent chills down Kirishima’s spine.

Had you really just said that?

“What of it? Y/N, you’re a bad guy! You..You lied to me! I loved you! I loved you so much goddamnit!” He shouted, feeling his heart rip in two. This couldn’t be happening..This had to be a bad dream. He just needed to wake up..god..let him wake up..

“That isn’t my fault now is it?” You questioned. “If you let feelings get in the way of your work so easily, then you’re unfit to be a hero. Now piss off, I have work to do.” You said, walking away. He didn’t even try to stop you. He was frozen, watching the person he loved go back into a life of crime.

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“And….There…Y/N! The tent’s all set up! Help me start getting the things from the car!” Todoroki called to you. The two of you had decided that a nice vacation away from all the hero work, all the drama, all the fighting, was much needed. So, the two of you decided to go camping.

“Y/N? Y/N I asked you for some help,please” He called out again. No answer. Now he was starting to panic. Where could you have gone off to? Did something happen to you while he was setting up the tent? Did you get captured? Were you injured? So many possibilities of what could happen and what could have happened circled through his hea–

“BEHOLD! I AM Y/N, RULER OF THE FOREST!” You cried out, standing on the highest branch of the tallest tree. In your hand was a makeshift spear, made out of a single branch, and on your face was dirt, smeared in intricate lines and patterns.

Todoroki just stared at you, sighing. He forgotten how you got when you two went camping. When you went, you wanted to live off the land and hunt, like all those people you had seen on TV. You..You were way too into camping, if Todoroki could even call it that. You wanted to live like a caveman, or a jungle warrior, making your own shelter, finding your own food.

“Y/N, get down from there, you’ll hurt yourself.” He called to you, only to be met with a shake of the head from you.


“..Fine, but if you get rained on or bitten by bugs, that’s on you.” He stated, going to get the rest of your things.
Camping with you was…interesting, to say the least.

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You were born quirkless.

That fact alone was hard on you.

What made it worse was the fact that your father was none other than Bakugo Katsuki; one of the strongest heroes of the time. Your mother had told you your father used to bully one of his classmates, Midoryia Izuku, because he was once quirkless as well. You thought it funny that a person without a quirk went on to become the world’s greatest hero, and honestly? It gave you hope that one day you could do something great.

But with Katsuki as your father, you were scared. He never gave you reason to suspect he’d be upset at you if you attempted something and failed, but with that temper of his..He never gave you reason to suspect that he wouldn’t.

But this fear, this worry, and this hope inside of you is what drove you to ballet, and those emotions are what fueled your steps and made you so great. The way your emotions flowed through every turn, every leap, every motion you made. There was nothing like it. It was the one moment of your usually somber life that you were truly happy.

Taking a deep breath, you took your place on the stage, the other dancers taking their place as well.

As the light faded in on your figure and the music started, so did your dance. Your moves in time with the music and your emotions flowing through your entire being, the audience was entranced, but there was something off about tonight. As the dancers started to dance along with you, you started to become acutely aware of your surroundings, and everything around you blurred.

Was it because your father was in the audience this night?

Were your emotions overwhelming you?

You tried to keep up, you tried so hard, but you just couldn’t. As you leaped through the air, you lost your footing and fell. The music stopped, as you weren’t getting up. You couldn’t.

You were frozen in disbelief at what just happened. When you were suddenly helped up by a stage hand, you looked towards the audience, locking eyes with your father. Feeling the tears burn at your eyes, you rushed off stage.

Bakugo found you, sitting on the floor with an ice pack on your ankle, crying.

Sighing, he sat beside you, unsure of what to say. Silently, he brought you into a hug, letting you cry it all out. “Come on now, Y/N..You can let one shitty mistake break you down like this..You gotta get back up and--,”

“You don’t understand how humiliating this is for me, do you?” You interrupted, your voice breaking in sorrow. “Dad, I’m a quirkless nobody..This is the one thing I’m good at! And the day that you finally have time to see me perform, I fuck it up! I just..I wanted to make you proud..” You said, your voice no louder than a whisper.

Your father stared at you, not knowing how to reply. After a moment of silence, he sighed. “Shit..I’m a fucking awful dad, huh? Y/N..I’ve always been proud of you. I mean yeah, when your mom was pregnant with you, I was excited about what quirk you’d have, cause you’d probably have to best, most badass quirk ever..But now? I see that you’re pretty badass without one. And if anyone tells you different, I’ll blow them the fuck up.” He said, kissing the top of your head.

You could only laugh through the tears. “Thanks dad.”

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You had no choice in the matter.

You didn’t want to join the league of Villains.

In the end, they gave you an ultimatum: Join, or Todoroki Shouto would be the first to fall. And He would fall by your hand.

“We don’t live in a world with heroes, we survive one!” “The league of Villains is just a start..I want to live, Shouto..Not just survive..”

Those words you said held truth. Most heroes blew up half the city while protecting the citizens and only cared about being #1 and getting money.

You were tired of that.

And as the league of Villains made their statements to you after you agreed to join..You found that you were agreeing with them.

That scared you more than any villain could ever hope to.

In the time spent in the League, you often thought about Todoroki. Oh, how you missed him. His warmth, how gentle he was with you, how he treated you like you were the best thing in the world.

You wanted to see him again, to kiss him again, to love him again.

You knew he was trying to find you, even after to told him not to. But..Perhaps if you saw him, just once more. Maybe that would be enough.

Your eyes met with his, and you fell in love all over again. In a kiss driven with love and longing, you never wanted to let go. You never wanted to leave. You wanted to stay with him for as long as you could.

“Shouto..” You whispered. “..I can’t stay with you..I know that..But I don’t want to go back to the league..I left..They’ll kill me..” You whispered. “Promise me..” You started. Todoroki caressed your cheek, staring at you intently. “Y/N..I promise, I will stop them.”

“No..” You started, gently taking his hand. “That is an oath you cannot keep..But promise me..that if it comes to it…” You took his hand, placing it tightly around your throat. “You will NOT let them take me back.”

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He had to get you out of there.

He had to.

What you asked him to do..he could never do that. He would find another way.

There was always another way.

So you both ran.

Ran to find a life away from heroes and villains, away from the fighting, away from the chaos. You both were stupid if you thought the peace you had would last.

“We’re trapped like rats in here!” You shouted at Todoroki, who was blocking the entrances off a building you ran into to escape the Villains. You were apart of them, you knew their plans, and since you left they wanted you dead. You saw how they fought to get in with everything they had. The barricades Todoroki had made wouldn’t hold for very long, and you were getting desperate.

“Y/N, go find some cover, we’re in for a fight.”

You didn’t move.

“Y/N, you need to move!” Todoroki shouted at you. Why the hell weren’t you moving?

You didn’t move.

“Y/N! I told you to–”

“I’m not going anywhere..This is it for me Shouto..” You said, sorrow lacing your voice.

“What are you talking about?” He asked you. You weren’t seriously giving up, were you? That wasn’t like you at all.

“We’ll both be killed in here. But you..You can relay this information to the others, give yourself and the innocent people in the city a chance to live.” You said. “What I’m about to tell you is of the utmost importance so listen carefully.” You said. And you told him everything.

“I can buy you some time, but you have to move.” You said, tears pricking at your eyes.

“Y/N..” Todoroki said sadly.

“No! Go! Just..Go..” You said. And he ran. Half way through, he turned and saw you, fighting for your life as the Villains poured in. He could make it to the city but..You’d die..And if he went back for you,
he’d die as well, and the entire city could fall.

He had to make a choice.

Does he sacrifice you?

Or the city?

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Hitoshi Shinsou was not a lucky man.

He had a quirk that was only seen as evil, he had only one true friend, and he..He did not have a soulmate.

While it was true that he wasn’t necessarily looking for love, he had to admit, it was a very bitter feeling to know that nobody was destined for him.

He could not deny that even he had envisioned a life where he’d come home to a loving spouse, in a nice house that was in a nice neighborhood, to two, maybe three beautiful children excited to see their father.

But Hitoshi Shinsou was not a lucky man.

No, He was stuck in general studies instead of his desired Hero Course, He had one true friend, everyone thought he’d be an excellent villain, and he had no quote of the first words his soulmate would say to him printed on his wrist.

He was going to be alone for the rest of his life.


You were not a lucky person. You were stuck in some mundane school that was near your mundane house that was in a mundane neighborhood. Your one solace was that you had a soulmate. You had a person you’d spend the rest of your life with, who you’d be happy with from when you met until forever, who you’d have a bunch of beautiful children with.

But you were not a lucky person.

No, you were mute.

You could not speak, not matter how much the words at your heart were screaming to get out and make themselves known. You had so much to say, but had no way to say it. People suggested the common writing method, but that took too long.

People suggested the less common talking computer that people with disabilities used sometimes, but that was too expensive. You were stuck in your own little world with no way to get out.

The day ended, and as Hitoshi looked outside, he saw the sky was grey and cloudy. “How fitting..” He thought to himself. Gathering his things, he left his classroom, going back to another uneventful day at his dorm room.

Walking down the hall, he was deep in thought, thinking of how unfair life was. People always said life isn’t fair, but life was definitely not fair to him. As he was thinking, he accidentally bumped into someone. “Ah, sorry..I’ve had a lot on my mind. I didn’t see you there.” He said, simply nodding another apology and going on his way, ignoring the silent fuss the person he had bumped into was making.

Some people were just annoying.


You stood up at the end of the class when you saw the others preparing to leave. You saw the grey sky and thought it was a perfect fit. Boring grey sky to match your boring grey life.

Shaking your head, you gathered your things and started down the hallway, going to your home. Your school offered no dorms, which you were disappointed in. You thought staying in a dorm would be so exciting!

But, your life was not exciting. Right now though, you had to get to U.A to drop off a game your friend had let you borrow, so you had no time to mope around. As you made your way to U.A, you walked down the hall, deep in thought.

You wanted so much more out of life that you just couldn’t have, and you thought so many people were lucky that they could talk. You didn’t know why anyone would be silent when there was just so many things to say.

You walked down the halls and suddenly, someone bumped into you.

A boy with unruly purple hair and dark circles under his eyes.

“Ah, sorry..I’ve had a lot on my mind. I didn’t see you there.” The boy said, nodding another apology and going on his way.

Your eyes widened and looked down on the words that were marked on your wrist.

The same words the boy had just said.

You looked back up and tried to gain his attention, but fate would have it that the friend you would meet up with found you, and dragged you away to hang out, though you were trying your hardest to go to the boy, who you’d later find out was named Hitoshi Shinsou.

Of course, it’d be your luck to have found your soulmate, but not be able to call him out and tell him such a thing.

And of course, it just be Hitoshi’s luck to not even know he bumped into his soulmate, or and his luck to have a soulmate who couldn’t speak.


You were not a lucky person.


Hitoshi Shinsou was not a lucky man.

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Being in love is a beautiful thing. Making love even more so. But waking up to find the person you love most asleep next to you after giving yourselves to one another? That had to be the most beautiful thing of all.

This is what Tokoyami was blessed enough to wake up to; you, wrapped in his arms, your face still having that wonderful after-sex glow. The sight took his breath away, and he felt the happiest he’s ever been.

With the sun’s golden rays peeking through the window, you woke up, and you looked at Tokoyami. Both of you stared at each other, completely in love, and completely content. Word’s could not describe the bliss you both felt, knowing a love so rare, so wonderful, was what you both shared.
The elation you both felt knowing you were meant for each other, knowing the love you had was real, and pure, and heaven sent, was the most treasured thing you both could feel.

You pressed yourself against Tokoyami’s chest, and in return, Tokoyami pressed his beak against your forehead gently, nuzzling you and causing you to let out a soft chuckle; a sound he cherished hearing since the day he met you.

This was only the first day he got to see you like this; vulnerable and beautiful. His heart soared, knowing he’d get to see you like this more often, and how many more times you’d get to see him the same way, and especially how many more times he’d get to show you how much he loved, how much he adored, and how much he worshipped you.
Love was a beautiful thing, and he thought himself lucky to experience it with a person as beautiful as you.

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Life was hard.
Tokoyami knew this.
He understood this.
Life was cruel, and unfair, and horrible.

But, life was also very beautiful.

From blooming cherry blossoms, to friendly strangers greeting others as they go on with their day.

But to Tokoyami, the most beautiful thing in this short, sometimes cruel world, was you. His amazing Y/N, who looked beyond his looks and darkness and serious exterior, revealing a love inside of him he never knew existed. A love so warm, so accepting so..beautiful. And what was even more beautiful was the fact you saw beauty in everything. How each person, each living thing, had their own story, their own life.
You saw how it was so complicated, but so simple..You saw each person’s unique beauty.

Each person, that is, except for yourself.

He came home one night, tired from an exhausting day of hero work, and he looked forward to nothing but spending the night with you in his arms. When he entered the room however, he saw you looking at yourself in the mirror with nothing but the purest of hate, of disgust, grabbing the fat you thought shouldn’t be there.
This was what made you, in your own mind, ugly and horrid.

You stood there, crying at the absence of beauty, muttering how disgusting you were.

It broke Tokoyami’s heart.

How could you not see what he saw? How could you not see how incredibly beautiful you were? How breathtaking you were? How could you see anything other than the absolute radiance you seemed to give off?

Slowly and quietly, Tokoyami came up behind you, wrapping his arms around you.
“..I know..You don’t like how you look..I could always go on about how you aren’t fat, or you’re beautiful no matter what. And you are beautiful no matter what. But..I know that isn’t what you wish to hear. And, I know that you wonder why I love you if you look the way you do. But Y/N, I don’t understand how you don’t see what I see? You’re so beautiful to me..” He whispered to you.

“..Why? Why am I so beautiful to you? What can you possibly see?” You asked bitterly.

“You’re beautiful because you see the beauty in everything. And you’re beautiful because you taught me how to love.” He started. “Y/N, beauty is so much more than a physical appearance. True beauty is reflected in your soul. It is the caring you so lovingly give, the passion that you show. And this..amazingly ethereal beauty you show in your just grows with each passing year.”

Those words broke you, making you sob in a way that showed how much you’ve been holding in.

They helped in so many ways, and as you hugged your amazing boyfriend, you started to see the beauty he held much more clearly, as well as your own.

Chapter Text

Hitoshi Shinsou hardly considered himself a lucky man.

He knew life played favorites, and he sure as hell wasn’t one of life’s favorite people.

Sometimes however, life was a bit less shitty than normal; no one would call him a villain some days, other days his dream of becoming a hero seemed more possible than normal, and sometimes he remembered that there were others who cared for him and believed in him.

This day however, life seemed to favor him.

People were being incredibly nice to him, he overheard some pro-heroes compliment his quirk, and he for once felt like he wasn’t alone.

The bell rang, signalling the end of the school day. Gathering his things, he left the classroom and started to make his way towards his dorm, when he saw a familiar sight. A (H/C) person, who seemed to be searching for someone.

You sighed as you roamed the hall of UA, trying to find your friend in order to get your copy of your favorite videogame back. But, just to your luck, your friend was nowhere to be found.

You turned to leave, and you saw him. Hitoshi Shinsou; the person who was to be your soulmate. Your feet started to move on their own, running towards the purple haired boy. You had to tell him, you had to explain yourself.

You were mute! Of course he wouldn’t know that you were his soulmate!

As you ran to him, you started to pull out a pen and paper. You hastily wrote your words down as you ran up to him

Hitoshi looked on as the (H/C) student started to run to him. He felt..confused. Why did this person, who he didn’t even know, run to him like it was the end of the world? He saw as they started to pull out a piece of paper, scribbling something down.

As they approached, they turned the paper around.

“Do you remember who I am?” The paper read.

“Um..” He started.”Kind of? I remember, I accidentally bumped into you. Sorry for that, again..” He mumbled, rubbing the back of his head.

You seemed happy as he said that. You scribbled something down again, turning the paper over for him to read.

“Do you remember what you said to me?”

“Ah..Um..Kind of? I said something about how I had a lot on my mind right?” He asked sheepishly. He was getting more and more confused by the moment.

That’s when you smiled and nodded, and showed him your wrist.

And he finally realized why you were so happy, running to meet him. He read the words on your wrist, and remembered those were the first words he had said to you. And when you explained how you were mute? It explained why he didn’t have the words etched onto his wrist as well.

For the first time, Hitoshi felt happy.

Truly happy.

“Well..I certainly didn’t expect this..” He muttered. “Are you coming by again tomorrow?” He asked you.

You nodded excitedly, and he laughed. You certainly were adorable.”Then..How about I walk you home?” He suggested.

Your eyes seemed to light up, and the look you gave him quite literally took his breath away.

Hitoshi Shinsou was not a lucky man who was favored by life.

But..Sometimes life gave an exception.

Chapter Text

Tamaki Amajiki was already a very timid boy.

Anyone could tell you that.

But when you came, he was even more nervous than usual.


Because were so tall, and so muscular and strong and..really, really intimidating.

He knew nothing about you, true, but..The way you looked? You had to be scary and a bit on the mean side.

You had to be.

No one looks like you and isn’t a little bit mean.

So, he made sure to avoid you, not wanting to be on the receiving end of bullying again.

This went on for a very long while.

He did not expect to see what he did.

Tamaki knew better than to judge a book by it’s cover, but he couldn’t help it when it came to you; you looked so scary.

Yet, as he saw you there, laughing with young children in the park, letting the kids play with your pets, being so..kind. So angelic, so..amazing.

Now he regrets avoiding you at all.

He should have tried to at least get to know you, instead of assuming something about you.

He felt so stupid!

He tensed up, seeing you look at him. You gave a sheepish smiled and waved to him.

He could feel his cheeks heat up and his heartbeat quicken.


‘Oh no…Oh noo..’ He thought to himself, feeling himself become aware of his growing feelings towards you.

Chapter Text


For most people, it was a beautiful thing. So full of love and kindness and adventure, so full of new possiblities.

For you..It was hell. Depression and suicidal thoughts ate away at your mind, and you often wondered..What was the point? If all of this was so painful to go through, then why keep pushing yourself beyond your limit? Why put yourself through hell for a world that didn’t care about you?

You were tired.

You didn’t see the point in trying any more.

You were done.

Sero Hanta loved you.

He knew this from the first moment he saw you. When you agreed to be his lover, that was the happiest he’s ever been. He would do anything for you, and he would be there to be your light whenever there was darkness. He loved you more than anything in the world.

So when he read the message you had left him– your final goodbye– he felt his heart and time stop. He dropped everything, rushing to your house. He had to be there, he had to stop you, he had to try and convince you that you had something to live for. He arrived at your house, and immedietly went to your room, trying to open the door.


“Y/N! Y/N please open up!” He shouted, tears forming. He couldn’t lose you, he couldn’t bear to see you in such pain. When no reply came, he frowned, terror taking over. He slammed himself against the door, over and over, trying to break it open. He’d apologize and pay for the door later, but this was urgent. After what seemed like an eternity, he finally broke down the door, to see you trying to open a bottle of sleeping pills.

“Y/N! Put those down, please!” He shouted, running towards you. He grabbed the bottle from you, but you were resistant, pulling back on the pills you wanted nothing more to swallow. With the tugging you both did, the pill bottle opened up, the pills spilling on the floor and sliding under the cabinet, far out of reach.

You looked at Sero, with nothing but rage and heartbreak in your eyes.”What did you do?!” You cried.

Your screams of pain and suffering escaped your throat and you collapsed on the floor, sobbing. The sight broke Sero’s heart, and he sat beside you, wrapping his arms around your small frame. “I want to die…I want to die..” You cried.

Sero frowned and stayed silent, not knowing what to say. What do you say?

“Y/N…I don’t know what you’re going through..That much I know..But I want to help you. Your world is full of darkness and suffering, but I want to be your light and your haven. I know that I may not always be what you need, and I understand that, but tell me whatever it is you DO need, and I swear I will stop at nothing to get it. You have people who love and care about you, and though you may not always feel it, know that you are worth it. You have so much love to give and so much love to receive, and I swear you will see it. You just..You just have to be strong. Not for me, not for anyone, but be strong for yourself. And, if you can’t be strong, then come to me and I will be strong for you until you have the strength to stand on your own. You don’t have to be alone, Y/N..You can come to me, or the teachers, or whoever you trust if you need to. I love you Y/N..Please hold on for me.”

Chapter Text

Bakugo never was one to be worried. He usually let others do their own thing. Why the hell should he care? All he wanted was to become a pro-hero and be number one and beat Deku to dust and ashes.

But, when it came to you, he couldn’t help but worry. You were his S/O, the person who, out of all odds, he loved more than anything in the world.

The changes came slowly at first. So slowly in fact that he hardly noticed. When your food portions started getting smaller, he assumed that it was because you wanted a healthier sized meal. But then, they started getting smaller and smaller until they were non-existent. You would go days without eating and then gorge yourself with any food you saw. Then after that, you’d make the excuse you weren’t feeling well, then make your way to the bathroom where he could hear you vomiting up the food you just had eaten.

He wasn’t stupid. He knew what you were doing to yourself, no matter what excuses you made and no matter how much you tried to avoid his questions.

Today was the last straw.

“Y/N, we need to talk.” Bakugo said to you. The tone in his voice worried you to know end, but you tried to play it off.

“O-Ok Bakugo..What do you wanna–”

“Why the fuck aren’t you eating? And then why do you gorge yourself on food and then puke it the fuck up?” He asked you bluntly, crossing his arms. You could feel your face pale, and a cold sweat started
to break out.

“Bakugo I already told you, I sometimes don’t get hungry and some of the food I eat–” He interrupted you again.

“I’m not fucking stupid Y/N. I know what you’re doing to yourself and it’s..It’s making me fucking worried ok?!” He shouted, frowning.”Why the hell would you treat your own goddamn body this way?” He asked you, his voice laced with anger and worry.

“Because! Everytime I look in the mirror, I see a slob! No amount of exercise works for me so I eat nothing! Then I lose the weight, or start to actually like who I am for a change and then eat to my desire!
But then after all that shit I start hating myself again and–and it’s just a vicious cycle! It’s a never ending hell for me, but I never wanted you to worry! So please, just ignore me or break up with me or whatever because then you won’t have to deal with me ever again!” You cried.

Bakugo froze. He..He didn’t know what to say really. He never knew you felt such..hatred towards yourself. Especially not to that extent that you’d put your body in harm’s way so you could have a glimmer of hope of self-love.

“Y/N..You listen, and you listen fucking well..I am NEVER going to leave need someone right now, with what you’re going through. I know it’s shit, and that its hard right now, but I fucking love you. I love you so fucking much..And I’ll be here with you when you need me..We’re going to get you the help you goddamn need.” Bakugo said, holding you close.

Chapter Text

You and Kirishima had been dating for 3 years now, and you two were what others would consider the perfect relationship. You always showed your affection for him, he was a perfect gentleman towards you (most of the time), and you both genuinely loved each other, more than anything in the world. That never changed, even when the two of you were completely by yourselves at your home, just being lazy together.

Giggles escaped your lips as Kirishima was telling you a story of his first year in U.A, more namely the cavalry battle during the sports festival. You loved it when he told you stories, because he always loved to reenact them, making sure to always over exaggerate in order to hear that laugh he loved so much. As he told his story, you couldn’t help but zone out, just thinking to yourself how much you loved him.

“Hey Kirishima?” You asked him, smiling.

“Yeah, Y/N?”

“Shut up and kiss me.” You said, grinning.

You didn’t have to ask him twice before he smiled and softly pressed his lips to yours. The two of you stayed like that for a while, kissing and loving each other, with Kirishima peppering your face with sweet, quick kisses and you doing the same.

“Hehe, stop that! It tickles!” You laugh, as Kirishima continued to pepper you with kisses.

“I don’t wanna stop. Your laugh is too adorable.” He smiled, nuzzling you affectionately.

You smile at him, rolling your eyes. “Very cute, Kiri, but I have to take a shower.” You said to him, only to have him pulling you back down.

“Noooo, don’t get up, I’m not done cuddling you!” He laughed, nuzzling you more. You laugh as well, hugging him. Your eyes meet, and you share a moment of nothing but pure adoration for each other.

You both love each other so much, you can barely stand it.

He can barely stand it.

“Hey Y/N?” He asks you, smiling lovingly. His smile made your heart flutter.

“Yes, Kiri?”

“Let’s get married.”

Chapter Text

It was never easy to get you upset. If anything bad happened to you, your response was either ‘tomorrow will be better’ or ‘Something good will come of this’. But, even you had days where enough was enough.

That day was today.

For whatever reason, today was the day that everything just went wrong. You were late to your job, you had rude customers you had to deal with, some assholes were catcalling you, you forgot your charger and your phone died. You were exhausted, and all you wanted to do was go home to your loving husband, Tokoyami.

When everything went to shit, he was there to comfort you and make everything better. You loved him more than anything, and he loved you even more.

When you got home, your hair was disheveled and your face was stained with tears you had cried earlier that day. All you needed in this moment was your husband’s arms wrapped around you, and him telling you the sweetest things.
When you found him in your room, he was reading one of his books, deeply engrossed in it’s words.

Silently, you crawled into bed beside him, silently laying your head on his chest. Immediately, his hand finds it’s way to your head, brushing out your hair soothingly. You couldn’t hold back anymore, as tears silently rolled down your cheeks. Seeing this, your husband set down his book, wrapping his arms around you in a warm, loving embrace.

“I’m so proud of you, Y/N” Tokoyami started, nuzzling you softly.”You worked so hard today, and you did your best. I’m sorry today wasn’t that good of a day, but you endured it. Tomorrow will be better. And if it isn’t, I’ll be here to make it better.” He said softly, giving you nothing but pure love and support.

You felt your eyes grow heavy, and closed them, nuzzling into your husband tiredly. Your crying and your bad day in general had worn you out. Your husband’s arms around you, and the warmth he provided, and his steady heartbeat had lulled you to sleep. Seeing this, Tokoyami smiled slightly and turned off the bedside lamp, surrounding the room in darkness. Pulling the covers over the both of you, you both fell asleep peacefully.

Even on shitty days, Tokoyami made everything better.

Chapter Text

Surprises come where people least expect them.

In this case, the surprise was you and your boyfriend of many months, Aoyama Yuuga. The initial surprise had been you two dating, but the real surprise..The real surprise was how perfect and dangerous and synchronized you two were in battle.

Your quirk was movement based--more namely, dance; the more you danced the more the ground shook and moved with you, throwing people off balance. You and Yuuga found out fairly quickly that when they were knocked down was the perfect time for him to strike with his naval laser.

But, true to Aoyama fashion, he insisted you danced with music playing in the background, at least during training.
“It's more dazzling that way, Mon Amour~” He would proclaim. And honestly? You had to agree with your much loved Sparke Prince.


“Today, we’re doing team exercises!” All Might said, with his ever present grin.”Get into teams of two, and when I sound the alarm, all teams will battle it out. The last team standing wins!!” He shouted. Of course, nobody was surprised when you and Aoyama paired up. Surprised? No, not at all. Scared to all hell? Most definitely. All Might sounded the alarm, the exercise beginning.

Putting in your earbuds, you start your music at the same time as your boyfriend, smiling. He smiled as well, more so than usual. Tapping your foot, the ground shook slightly.

Taking your hand in his, Aoyama led the dance, dancing and dancing, both of you laughing and enjoying yourself, forgetting you were even at school. Through your twists and turns, the ground shook and moved, the other teams sliding and falling, giving Aoyama the perfect chance to hit them with his laser. This went on for mere moments, before everyone was out.

Everyone, that is, except for you two.

The other students looked at the two of you, astonished, yet not at all surprised at the outcome. The two of you stood proudly, Aoyama’s arm around your waist, and yours around his shoulders.

“Well you know what they~” You started, grinning.

Aoyama smiled brightly, kissing you on the cheek. “Grand things come in glamourous packages~!”

Chapter Text

He knew you liked him.

Honestly? He caught the signals pretty early on.

Your face always seemed to light up when he greeted you, you twirled your hair around your finger nervously as you did, and you always complimented him and supported him.

Mirio knew you liked him, but he wanted you to confess. He wanted to hear those sweet words come from your lips. Because he liked you too. How could he not? You were so kind, and so..beautiful--beauty that went beyond physical appearance. You had what not many these days had; a beautiful soul. A spirit so loving and sweet to those in need, yet fierce and strong and unwavering in the face of those who wished harm.

He loved everything about you.

But now that he knew you felt the same way, he needed a way to get you to confess.

He decided the best way to do this..was to tease you mercilessly.

Every day he teased you jokingly, constantly, and he always loved how flustered you’d get.

Everyday he did this, and one day, you snapped.

“Okay, oh my god, I like you ok?!” You yelled angrily at him, punching his arm. “Now will you quit being such an obnoxious asshole?!”

Mirio, while glad you finally told him the truth, was taken aback by your anger. This….This was not how it was supposed to go. “H-Hey, I’m sorry for making you mad..” He frowned slightly.”I just..I just wanted you to tell me how you felt. Besides, I like you too.” He smiled sheepishly, sticking his tongue out. You just stared at him for a moment, before punching his arm again.

“Ow! What was that for?!” He asked, upset.

“You couldn’t have just asked me straight up if I liked you?! You know I’m a truthful person, Mirio! But you also know I hate teasing! God, why do you do things like this?” You frowned. Mirio didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know the ordeal hurt you so much. You spoke before he could apologize.

“You’re taking me on a date to the amusement park. Saturday, 10 AM. Everything is on you.” You said. Mirio laughed and kissed your cheek, earning a blush from you.

“It’s a deal!”

Chapter Text

You and Sero had been in a relationship for years, and there was no doubt you were in love. You were practically glued to the hip, always together and always going on dates, and you were always going to be together.

But, as it usually does, Life had other plans. A few months prior to your fourth year anniversary, you were accepted into your dream college. As great as that was, your college of choice was half way around the world. You knew that going to that school meant that..You would have to leave your boyfriend.

Hours upon hours of talking with Sero guided you to the most difficult decision.



Arriving at the airport, you looked at the gate you were supposed to go through, your face pale, and your stomach doing flips.

“Y/N, you’ll be fine.” Sero says softly to you, gently grabbing you by the shoulder. “We’ll talk every day, and it’ll be like nothing's changed!” He promised, giving you one of his famous grins. You sigh and finally smile, nodding. “You’re right..” You confirmed, nodding.

“Now,” Sero started, getting out a long list. “ don’t forget to eat three full,healthy meals a day with light snacking in between, don’t forget to drink lots of water, get eight hours of sleep daily-No exceptions! Also use your time wisely, I know you like to procrastinate, don’t talk to strangers, don’t take candy from strangers, free-wifi is a scam I swear--”

“Sero!” You laughed, shaking your head.

“Yeah?” He asked you.

“Shut up and kiss me already.” You smiled.

Sero smiled at you lovingly, giving you your kiss.


Saying your goodbyes, Sero watched as you left him. He could still see you, but god did he miss you already. The next four years without you by his side would be difficult for the both of you.



Those four years passed by so slowly, it drove Sero nearly insane. Your daily calls were wonderful, and highly anticipated, but all he wanted to do now more than ever was to kiss you and hold you in his arms. But all that patience finally paid off.

Sero waited eagerly for you by the gate you were supposed to be exiting, anxiously watching as the sea of people started walking through. It seemed an eternity, before he spotted you.

And you spotted him back.

Dropping your bags, you both ran towards each other, tackling each other in a long awaited embrace.
Helping you to your feet, you both were laughing in happiness.

“Oh Sero, it was all so fantastic!” You laughed happily. “There’s so much I haven’t told you about all because I wanted to tell you in person!” You said to him, grinning.”For instance, they had so many class trips! Oh my god, and the town I was in was so amazing, you would have loved it! The ocean was so close, the people were so nice, and there are actual witches in the town! One witch in training made a delivery for me! Apparently she has her own delivery service!” You told him. “The presence of quirks also helps the witches out, I’ve discovered. Oh, and--”

“Hey, Y/N?” Sero interrupted, smiling at you with all the love in the world.

“Yeah?” You asked, smiling.

“Shut up and kiss me already.” He told you, leaning closer.

And kiss him you did.

Chapter Text

You and Aizawa were complete polar opposites.

You were energetic, you loved being in front of people and getting attention, and you loved Aizawa’s kids in class 1-A and always showed it.

Aizawa was lethargic, he hated crowds and attention, and while he didn’t hate his class, he often grew annoyed with them.

However, you and Aizawa were proof that opposites attract. It came to a shock when you introduced yourself to class 1-A and to Aizawa’s coworkers as Aizawa’s fiancee, especially with how excited you were.

Of course, there were similarities between you two. For instance, you both enjoyed your date night. As much as you loved going out on the town, date night for the both of you was an instance where you both could just be alone, away from the noise and clatter of city life. He was a pro-hero and a teacher, and while he stayed out of the spotlight, there were some that always begged for a picture, or for words of encouragement.
You were a people person, and with such a friendly air about you, you would often stop and talk to strangers, or find a few friends of your own on your days out. It was days like date night where you could just relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Tonight was date night, and Aizawa had made a special dinner for the both of you to enjoy. You came out of your shared room, dressed beautifully for the special night. As Aizawa pulled your chair out, you thanked him, and he sat across from you.

Your dinner was filled with delightful conversation, and by the end of the date, you both were cuddled on the sofa, enjoying the silence. But, Aizawa knew you wouldn’t want the date to end. So, an idea popped into his head.

Getting up, he went to the stereo, pressing play. In a moment, the house filled with delightful, soft music. Aizawa walked up to you, holding out his hand.
“Dance with me.” He said, giving you a lazy smile.

You laughed, gently taking his hand as he helped you off the couch. “Correct me if I’m wrong, Shouta, but I thought you don’t dance?” You questioned him, placing one hand on his shoulder, and holding the other one, as he placed his free hand on your waist.

“I don’t, usually. But for you, I’ll always make an exception.” He told you. You both glided around the room in time with the music, and the way you laughed in joy made Aizawa’s heart nearly jump out of his chest, filling even more with his love for you.

Opposites really did attract. And he was so glad they did.

Chapter Text


That’s all you heard as you leapt from the roof of the school. No matter how many pro heroes tried to coax you out of jumping, no matter how many of your friends cried and begged you to rethink your choice, you were just...done.

Nothing was wrong with your life, you supposed. You had no parents, but you had friends. They cared for you so much. You lived alone, but you lived in a nice house in a nice neighborhood, and with your wealthy grandparents as your benefactors, you had no worry to get a job. You had a good life. You had an amazing quirk, and got accepted into U.A.

But those with a good life could still feel as though they have no reason to live. No matter your upbringing, no matter who you were, no matter how good your life was, you felt as though you had no reason to live. So you jumped.

You loved heights. You could always feel your head grow clear of any noise and any distraction the higher you were. That’s why the roof of the school was your favorite place. The breeze, the view, the sunlight-- it made you feel at peace.

So, when you jumped, you felt a wave of calm spread over you. You’d be asleep now, with nothing to worry about, nothing to be scared about. No one would miss you, you were sure. You though? You’d miss your friends. God, would you miss them. But, surely, things were better this way.

Your wave of calm soon vanished as you realized you were no longer falling. Slowly opening your eyes, you looked around. Your eyes landed on who people would no doubt be calling your ‘savior’. Aizawa Shouta-- Eraserhead. One of your teachers here at UA. He said something to you, but were to dazed, too full of dread, to hear what he said to you.

As they loaded you up into the ambulance, your friends surrounded you, some offering prayers, others words of encouragement, all with tears in their eyes. God, you loved your friends. You hated yourself for putting them through so much pain and so much worry. But as you drove to the hospital, you couldn’t help but think about how much you didn’t want to live.

You felt slightly better as you lay in your hospital bed. Your friends had visited you and brought you gifts, sat with you, and offered you their love and support. You thought to yourself how lucky you were to have these..these beautiful, beautiful people as your friends. You felt undeserving of them.

The day passed, and the nurse told you that you had one last visitor. But you thought all your friends had visited you already? And your grandparents weren’t close enough to have visited you that day. To your surprise, it was Aizawa Shouta. In his hands was a small bouquet of flowers, which he lay by your bed. Sitting beside you, you both sat in silence.

After a minute, he spoke. “You know..I’m not going to say that what you attempted was stupid. It wasn’t the smartest thing to do, but telling you it was an idiot’s choice would be the worst thing to do. I know, as a teacher, my words could mean nothing to you, or everything to you. No matter what though, for what it’s worth..You have people who you can talk to if you feel so lost, and so hopeless. Whether it’s me, or whether it’s another teacher, or whoever you feel you can trust, you have someone. You don’t have to be alone.” He told you.

You just stared off in the distance as you listened. You could feel the tears burning.

“Now, I’ve bothered you enough.” He said, standing up.”I’ll get out of your hair. But, I will be stopping by once in awhile to check up on you. I know it may not seem like it, but you gave me quite the scare.” He told you as he headed for the door.

“Aizawa?” You choked out, looking at him as he turned to face you. He waited for you to finish your thought.

“...I wish you hadn’t had saved me.” You finished, the tears cascading down your cheeks. You felt absolutely broken.

Aizawa just gave you a sad smile, on who seemed to know what you felt on a personal level.

“I know, Y/N.”

Chapter Text

Years had gone by after Toshinori’s death. It was hard for you. It was harder knowing he left behind a young daughter who barely knew her father. By god, it was hard.

But your daughter..Oh, your beautiful, precious, curious daughter. She made your dark world have light in it once again. She was so happy, and so brave, and much like him.

She was too curious for her own good sometimes. She’d often go where she wasn’t, and get hurt, or get lost as she explored the world around her. She was only six years old. She didn’t know any better.

She didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to wander into your closet. She didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to rummage through your belongings, and she certainly didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to walk to you, with an image of you and Yagi in her tiny, chubby hands.

But she was curious.

She knew that the man beside you in the photo was supposed to be her dad. But, she didn’t know anything about him. She wanted to know everything there was to know about him. So she asked. “What was daddy like?”

You felt your heart stop as she asked those words. But the way she looked into your eyes with her big, innocent, loving blue eyes that so much resembled his..How could you not tell her? You told her how he was so strong, and how he loved people and how people loved him.

“..And I remember when I met him, it was so clear that
he was the only one for me.

We both knew it, right away.” You told her, looking at the picture as fond memories appeared in your head. You couldn’t help but laugh, remembering all the jokes he told you, just to see you smile.

“And as the years went on, things got more difficult -
we were faced with more challenges. I begged him to stay.
Try to remember what we had at the beginning.
He was charismatic, magnetic, electric and everybody knew it.
When he walked in every woman's head turned, everyone stood up
to talk to him.
He was like this hybrid, this mix of a man who couldn't contain himself.” Your daughter just listened to you with all the interest in the world, as you told her about this man who was her father.

I always got the sense that he became torn between being a good person and missing out on all of the opportunities that life could offer a man as magnificent as him. And in that way, I understood him...and I loved him. I loved him, I loved him, I loved him..” You cried, holding the precious photo of him to your heart. God, how you loved him.


“...and I still love him.”

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You sighed as you flipped through the channels on the TV, your boyfriend Kaminari sitting on his bed in the UA dorms, reading a comic book. It was currently two in the morning, but you and your boyfriend weren’t tired. No, on the contrary, you were both wide awake. But, you both were bored out of your minds. Two in the morning brought nothing but infomercials and bad TV, with commercials that were so bizarre that by the time you wake up you weren’t sure if you had actually seen that commercial, or if your tired brain had just hallucinated the entire thing.

You curse to yourself, flipping quickly through the commercials. But seeing someting, you quickly went back. And you grinned to yourself,rewinding the commercial at hand and pausing it at the beginning., turning to Denki.

“Oh my denkest of memes~” You called out, standing up.

“What is it, Y/N?” He asked, looking over at you.

Without saying another word, you started up the commercial you both so adored.

“Get connected for free (free)
with Education Connection
Get connected for free (free)
with Education Connection!” You both sang out, grinning and dancing like the crazy kids you were. You both loved this catchy commercial, and it never failed to make you both get up and drop it low.

What started out as a simple, quick commercial sing and dance along, soon escalated into a two hour dance party between you and your beloved Denkmeme. With songs from High School Musical to more catchy commercial jingles, you both had successfully satiated your boredom. You both were enjoying yourself to the fullest.

That is, until, Kaminari’s door exploded off it’s hinges, and a very angry Bakugo stood at the threshold. And he looked more pissed than usual.

“IT IS FOUR O’CLOCK IN THE FUCKING MORNING, YOU ASSHATS, AND PEOPLE, NAMELY ME, ARE TRYING TO FUCKING SLEEP.” He shouted at the two of you, sparks of flame emitting from his palms.

“Sorry, Bakugo..” You started, but a devious grin made it’s way to your lips. “But there’s really no need to..”

Bakugo had a face that said he knew what was coming.

“..Blow up at us.” You grinned at your pun.

Bakugo, who usually would have attempted murder by this point, just took a breath and went back to bed, deciding it was too early for your bullshittery.

Denki just looked at you and laughed, bringing you in for a big hug and a kiss on the forehead.

“This is why I love you. You’ve made a sleepless night into a fun, pun-filled, and annoy Bakugo kind of night!”

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Aizawa kept his promise.

Everyday, he visited you, told you the homework you had missed, and made sure you stayed updated with the lessons.

It was weird.

It was weird, wasn’t it? A pro-hero, a teacher, kept visiting you. I mean, you guessed it was the simple fact you, a student, tried to kill yourself. Maybe it was because of the fact he had saved you, and therefore felt like you were his ‘responsibility’ or something like that.

No matter the reasoning of his visits, you felt yourself anticipating his arrival, and enjoying his company. In the weeks he came to visit you in the hospital, you started to feel yourself slowly grow to trust him and grow comfortable with him.

“Wait-- So Bakugo looked and acted like some sort of Bishounen character?” You asked, laughing. Aizawa nodded, leaning back on the chair beside your bed.

“Yup. I told him he should’ve just gone home and rested until the effects wore off, but just like Bakugo, he refused. He flirted with everyone, had a fanclub by the end of the day, and according to All Might, he may have broken Midoriya’s back.” Aizawa told you, sighing and looking annoyed. “Considering it was Bakugo...It was very disturbing.” He sighed.

This made you laugh. “Oh man, I wish I could’ve been there to see it.” You said.”Although he sounds like he was acting like Aoyama, besides having the fanclub and hurting Deku.” You smiled. “I love Yuuga to death, but one of him is already too much. Don’t think I could handle a second one, even if it was hilarious and temporary.” You explained. “..I really miss the class..” You sighed, your smile losing its sincerity.

“..If it makes you feel better, the class misses you too. Denki, Kirishima, Hitoshi--they all miss you like crazy. Tsuyu misses going to the pond with you after class, Jirou misses her ‘music bud’, as she says. Class 1-A loves you dearly. You’ve certainly made an impact on them.” He told you, flipping through one of the magazines that lay beside your hospital bed.

You were silent. They really missed you that much? You didn’t know you had impacted their lives in such a way. For a moment, a glimpse of hope and happiness appeared in your heart. But, it quickly faded with a sense of guilt. You had put your friends through so much, and for that, you don’t think you could ever forgive yourself.

Aizawa stood up. “I’ll get out of your hair now, Y/N. I’ll be back tomorrow. You better rest, we have a lot of work to do.” He explained to you. You groaned at this.

“Is there really gonna be that much homework?” You asked, sighing. Aizawa just looked towards you.

“No. Tomorrow, we begin your training.”

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Tenya Iida was a hero. He went to school to become one, he served his people, and he lived up to the definition of heroism. Heroes were meant to save people. And he did. He saved countless strangers and countless children from many different things.

But you..You he could not save. You were the one person he loved more than anything, the one person he would do anything for. But, with all his power and with all his strength, he still could not save you.

Tenya held you in his arms as you were bleeding out, the rain pouring down and soaking you both. He saw everything in bullet time. You, the villain, and the sword through your chest. The Hero Killer Stain was long gone, but his disciples..his disciples were still active. However, the majority of them worked differently. Instead of killing the hero they despised, they targeted their loved ones; friends, family, lovers. They threatened to kill them unless the hero in questioned resigned. It was a tactic alot of heroes were afraid of, and one alot of heroes succumbed to.

But, he never thought they would go after you. You posed no threat, and no one threated him. Why would they go after you?! He knew it was a follower of stain--the red fabric tied around their arm was proof enough. But unfortunately, Tenya would never gain an answer from the villain, as the villain was long gone before the police could escape.

You stared at the rainy sky as you felt your life starting to drain. Tenya held you against him protectively, and you felt safe. He cried..oh how he cried. Using what little strength you had, you reached up and wiped his tears, a tired smile tugging your lips.”My Tenya..My sweet, sweet, Tenya..You have no need to be worried..I’m not hurting..” You said softly. “Besides..A little rain can hardly do anymore damage..” You said, laughing. Your laugh turned into coughs, and you felt warm blood come out of your mouth.

“Y-Y/N..” Tenya choked out. “I’m sorry..I’m so so sorry..” He cried. “You’ll be fine, I swear you’ll be fine, the ambulance is on it’s way.” He told you. “I’m not..I’m not gonna let you go, ok? I promise, you will live.” He said, his eyes burning.

“Shh..Just..Just stay with me, ok? There isn’t anything you can do at this point..Just let whatever happens, happen..” You told him. Tenya couldn’t stop his tears. “..Have I ever told you what my favorite flower is?” You questioned. Iida nodded sadly.

“Yes, Y/N...Orchids. O-Orchids are your favorite flower.” He answered, frowning.

You nodded. “Those are the kind of flowers I want.” You said, your voice growing weaker. The state of your voice broke Iida’s voice.

“And I swear to you, those are the kind you will get-- beside your hospital bed when you wake up!” He said, sounding almost like he was begging with you. You didn’t respond to that. Instead, you looked back up at the pouring sky. “I’ve always liked the rain..” You told him. “Rain makes the earth nice and cool..It feels so nice..and my favorite part, the rain helps flowers grow..” You said softly. You smiled weakly. You would miss the rain.

“Yes, Y/N, and I swear after this, we’ll have our very own garden, just like you wanted!” He promised you. You gave no response. But it was different this time. He could feel his heart stop. “Y/N…?” No response. He shook you softly, but when you made no moves, he shook you harder.”Y/N? Y/N!! Don’t die on me--please! Please, you can’t leave me!” He sobbed. But, it was too late. You were gone.

Hours after your funeral, after his many friends had given him their condolences, after so many words of sympathy, he had made a choice.

If he couldn’t save the one person he couldn’t live without, then he didn’t deserve to be called a hero.

Looking at his costume in disgust, he put the once proud armor in a case, storing it in the back of his closet where it will collect dust, and eventually be forever forgotten.

He was Ingenium no longer.

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“Is this really necessary?” You asked, panting. Aizawa had just made you run 15 laps around the track field.

“That depends. Do you think it’s useful to have high stamina when running away from a villain you’re too powerless to defeat on your own?” Aizawa asked you, crossing his arms. You sighed, throwing your head back as you groaned.

“Man...I hate it when you’re right..” You said, giving him an annoyed frown. Aizawa had been training your for a week now, every day from the time school had been released to late night hours. “But to be fair, aren’t you pushing me a bit much? And it isn’t even with my quirk! We’ve been running, doing hand to hand combat and attack dodging.. Aizawa, Sidonie is dying to get out!” You said. “I’ll never be able to control them if I can’t use them!”

This was your quirk; or rather their name. Your quirk was Spectral Undaunted; You had the ability of communicating with Spirits, and having a powerful spirit named Sidonie to fight by your side and protect you. This was how you got into class 1-A when you participated in the entrance exam. However, your quirk, no matter how powerful it was, was incredibly unpredictable and unstable when used. You sometimes were not able to get Sidonie under control. On your worst days, they’d be summoned not of your own will, and usually destroy the class in anger. They had a temper worse than Bakugo’s, though better controlled.

“Y/N, you know good and well it’s simply too dangerous to have you use your quirk. The fighting and dodging I have been teaching you is vital; what if one day someone like me takes your quirk away? What if someone has my kind of quirk, but the effects last longer? You need to know how to fight, not just with your quirk, but with your body. Many people these days rely too much on their quirk, and when someone with a quirk erasing power comes along, they are at a loss.” He explained to you. “I’m not strictly going to teach you these things. I will teach you how to better control your quirk. But you know I’m not familiar with it. The only one who has a similar quirk to yours is Tokoyami, and his is still very different from yours.” He said.

“Tokoyami has already taught me how he’s controlled Dark Shadow. Dark Shadow is different though, like you said! Dark Shadow is an extension of Tokoyami that just happens to have it’s own personality, but Sidonie is different! T-They aren’t a part of me, but it's like...Its like they’re a completely separate person who has to obey me when I call for them.” You told him. Aizawa looked at you and sighed. “Fine..Then tomorrow, after I get back from school, you can bring them out.” He said, nodding. You smiled. “Thanks, Sensei.”


“Are you ready?” He asked you. You stood, looking at the objects in front of you; barrels in pyramid formations, logs that needed to be moved, and a wall that needed to be torn down. You looked towards your side, and there an androgynous figure stood, grinning; a figure and a grin only you could see. “Are we ready, Sidonie?” You asked them.

“Let’s go kick some fucking ass!” They cheered, throwing a fist in the air; an exclamation only you could hear. While Sidonie was a very real spirit, your connection to them made it so only you could see them and hear them, and actually interact with them. It was something you were grateful for, as Sidonie said some things that would be embarrassing to have other people hear. They’re excitement made you giggle, and you nodded. “We’re ready Aizawa!” You told him.

“Then begin.”

Immediately, Sidonie jumped and floated in the air, flying towards the wall and, going shoulder first, smashed through the wall. While they could have easily warped through the wall, Spirits had the ability to alter the pressure around them, before releasing it quickly with enough force to break walls and windows. Next, moving quickly, Sidonie went to the logs, and one by one picked them up and threw them like a javelin. ‘It’s a good thing I took her to an empty field.’ Aizawa thought to himself, watching. After a while, Sidonie had successfully finished tearing down each obstacle. But they weren’t done yet. Sidonie laughed, laughed in a way that made your skin crawl, because you knew what it meant.

Sidonie wasn’t done playing.

“Oh ho ho! Like hell I’m giving up now! My fun has just started!” They grinned, eyebrows furrowed. The lept and flew again, going towards the forest, uprooting trees and destroying boulders. You ran, you ran as fast as you could, trying to keep up with them. It physically hurt you the further and the longer they were away from you. But Sidonie just kept flying, causing destruction in their wake. “Sidonie! Sidonie please stop it!” You cried out, but to no avail. You could feel your vision blur and your nose start to drip blood. You collapsed on the ground. “STOP.” You shrieked, holding you head. This time, Sidonie heeded your commands. They flew towards you quickly and stopped by your side.

“Shit..Shit shit shit, I-I’m so sorry.” They said, frowning. You had no reply, just crying from the pain and the panic you felt.

Aizawa calmly walked towards you, kneeling down. “Hey..You’re alright..” He said softly, patting your head. “You did good today, Y/N.” He praised. “I did put you through a tough training day..How about I pay for your dinner?” He suggested. Well..Who the hell would say no to free food? Gently, Aizawa picked you up, and carried you all the way to the restaurant, you being too weak to walk on your own.

As you sat down, eating, Aizawa looked at you. “I do need to ask you, Y/N..Where are your parents?” He asked. Your answer surprised him. You shrugged.

“I don’t know. And I don’t care. I’ve been on my own pretty much all my life? I mean, I’ve had my grandparent’s raise me up until I got my quirk, but after Sidonie was introduced to them they made sure they stayed far away from me. They still look after me though. Financially, at least.” You explained. This made Aizawa frown. “That’s awful..It’s unbelievable that you’ve had to survive on your own for so long, with no parental figures in your life.”

“Is it?” You retaliated. “I am who I am today because of the things I went through. I’m ok!” You said to him.

“You’re suicidal.” He said back to you. “That’s not being ok.”

“He’s got you there, Y/N.” Sidonie said, floating above the two of you. “Ohhh I can feel your anger rising! You want me to kill him?” They asked. You ignored your phantom friend.

“I’ve been getting better..” You muttered, crossing your arms. Aizawa, sensing you being upset, sighed. “That...I suppose..was a bit below the belt. I apologize, though it is the truth.” He said to you, but you just huffed in annoyance as a response. Aizawa said nothing, trying to think of something to lighten the mood. “...Have I ever told you about the time Present Mic tried to seduce me with Kid’s Cuisine?” He asked, gaining your attention.

After Aizawa shared hilarious stories of Present Mic, you both decided it was time for you to head on home.

“I’ll see you tomorrow to go over the homework.” Aizawa said to you outside of the restaurant.

“Sounds good!” You said waving to him. As Aizawa turned to leave, Sidonie took a long, good look as his backside. “I’m glad you didn’t let me kill him because I would totally eat that as--”

“Sidonie!” You shouted to your spirit. Aizawa looked back at you.

“Is everything ok, Y/N?” He asked.

“Yes, everything is ok!” You shouted back to him, turning towards the direction of your house. “Bye dad!” You shouted, freezing once again as you realized what you had said. Aizawa looked back at you, slightly surprised.

“Aizawa! I meant bye Aizawa!” You said quickly, your face turning red. You said nothing, nor stayed to listen to Aizawa’s response. You just ran off, Sidonie keeping up with you.

Sidonie was laughing at you. “I mean, shit, Y/N, Imma be calling him daddy too!” They wheezed.
“Will you go away?!” You screeched.


Meanwhile, Aizawa just stood there, still processing what had happened. After a minute, a gentle smile graced his face. “Dad, huh? I think..I think I could get used to that.” He said, walking home.

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Bakugo was pacing back and forth outside of your house, waiting to meet your
parents. He was so nervous! He didn’t exactly have the best reputation around town, and everyone knew of his temper. But goddamn it..He had to make a good impression on your parents! He had to! You were the first person he felt like this about, so like hell is he gonna mess this up!

“Bakugo--” “OH FUCK” He shouted, jumping back in fright. You looked at him, taken aback. “Oh honey..Are you ok? You’re as pale as a ghost!” You frowned as you made your way to your boyfriend. You placed your hand on his shoulder, and Bakugo could feel himself grow slightly calmer, though he was still incredibly nervous.

“Oh, Y/N..” He muttered, frowning. “It's just, this is the first time i’ve met anyone’s parents and I’m super fucking nervous.” He said, sighing. “I feel like a huge fucking idiot about it, but shit, I really wanna make a good impression on them.” He told you. At this, you laughed. “Katsuki, you have no reason to be nervous! They’re going to love you, don’t worry about it!” You said, grinning. Before he could protest, you grabbed him by the arm and pulled him in.

The initial meeting was fine, Bakugo supposed. You introduced him to your parents, they both greeted him, and he shook their hands. Hell, he even pulled out a ‘Hello, Sir’ and a ‘Good Evening, ma’am’ when doing so! So, he expected them to be fine! But when dinner rolled around, the atmosphere was suffocating and awkward. He needed some help from a true bro. So, he slid his phone out of his pocket, and texted Kirishima. Or, at least, that’s what he thought he did. Instead, he called you; And your ring-tone blasted loudly:

“Hump me, fuck me
Daddy better make me choke (you better)
Hump me, fuck me
My tunnel loves to deep throat (it do)
Lick, lick, lick, lick (I lick it)
I want to eat yo' dick (I do)
But I can't fuck up my nails (I can't)
So I'mma pick it up with chopsticks--”

You screamed in embarrassment as you hurriedly grabbed your phone out of your pocket, nearly dropping it a few times. You tapped on your phone to get the ringtone to stop, but it didn’t. It just kept on singing. So, you did the next best thing: You threw it across the room. Hearing a crash, followed by the sound of sweet, sweet silence. You cleared your throat, as you looked at your parents with your cheeks glowing red. “I-I, uh, um..Denki took my phone, and I guess he changed my ringtone to that..I’ll have a talk with him about that tomorrow at school..since that is a thing he did..” You mumbled. The silence that fell over the table was excruciating. You all picked at your food, eating in silence for what felt like hours. You decided to fill the silence, just for a bit. “U-Um, daddy, can you pass the salt?” You asked your father.

Both Bakugo and your father reached for the salt.

Bakugo gulped as he and your father stared at each other. You wanted nothing more than to just die.

“You know what! It just occured to me, that Katsuki has….a science do at his house! Yes, a science project that is already set up! And I completely forgot that I was supposed to help him out today, so we’re just gonna go and I’ll eat there!” You said, standing up. You kissed both of your parents on the cheek before dragging Bakugo away. On your walk over to Bakugo’s house, you groaned. “That could not have gone any worse!” You cried.

Back at your place, your mom and dad were cleaning up from dinner. “That Bakugo boy was...nice..” Your mother said. Your father huffed. “Yeah, I suppose he was.” He said. “Dinner was a bit awkward though..” He muttered.

Your mother nodded in agreement. “....I can’t believe Y/N has the same ringtone as me.”

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Aizawa entered his classroom, sighing at the rowdiness of his students. As much as they were good, they were incredibly..incredibly..loud; save for a select few of course. “Ok, ok, quiet down. We have business to attend to. You all have to think about where you’re heading for your internships, and even if might be a while, you do have your finals coming up, so don’t wait until the last minute to study--” His speech was interrupted by the sound of the door sliding open.

The entirety of class 1-A turned and looked at the door, where you stood, staring back at them. You stood there for a moment, starting to feel a bit awkward. “Uh...Hey, guys.” You greeted, waving and smiling slightly.

They all laughed happily and stood up. “Y/N!” They shouted, all running towards you. Before you knew it, everyone had surrounded you. This made your heart swell up in happiness, a warm feeling spreading through every inch of your being. You missed them..God, did you miss them,and now you knew just how much they had missed you too. You squeaked a bit as you were suddenly lifted up in the air into a big bear hug by no one other than Kirishima.

“Y/N! Dude, we all missed you so much! We were so worried you’d never get back to class!” He said, nearly crying. “We’re so relieved you’re ok!” He said. You laughed and hugged him back, grinning as he put you down.
“Please, Kirishima, as if I’d leave you guys here all by yourselves. You’d be miserable without me.” You teased, nudging him a bit. He laughed a bit, patting your back.
“Yeah we would!” Denki said, throwing his arm over your shoulder. “Although, the thought of you not returning to us would be quite...” He started, raising his hand and emitting sparks. “..Shocking.” He said, grinning at his own pun.
“Oh Denki!” You laughed. “I so did not miss any of your godawful puns.” You said, gently pushing his arm off your shoulder.
“Hey, at least you got a break from them.” Jirou said, smiling slightly. “Unfortunately, we had no such luck.” She sighed, crossing her arms. “Somehow, I think he was a bigger idiot then then when he short circuits.” She chuckled. You laughed at Jirou’s joke, humming happily as you both hugged. As everyone greeted and hugged you, you realized there was one person who hadn’t. You looked over at Bakugo, who just glared at you.
“You are the biggest fucking idiot on the planet. You realize that, right Y/N?” He asked, stuffing his hands in his pockets. You simply smiled and shook your head. “I’ve missed you,too, Bakugo.” You grinned. “Oh fuck off!” He said, his cheeks glowing a slight red from embarrassment. “As if I’d miss your sorry ass!” He shouted at you. You just laughed, feeling yourself become the happiest you’ve been in a while. You really did miss your friends.

“Um, excuse me?! Did everyone forget I exist?!” Sidonie frowned, floating above you. “Ugh, you’re gone for a few weeks and suddenly it's like you’re a ghost-- oh wait.” Your spirit friend frowned.


As the day passed, and you caught up with your friends, you packed up your things to leave. The whole day, you had talked to every person in your class. Every person, that is, except for Aizawa. After you had accidentally called him ‘dad’, you did everything in your power to avoid him. You had been lucky this entire day.

Your luck had to run out sooner or later right?

“Y/N.” Aizawa called. You flinched and looked down the hall, seeing him standing there. “O-Oh, hi, Mr. Aizawa.” You greeted. He walked towards you, and you wanted to do nothing more than run far, far away. “I’m surprised to see you back. I didn’t expect you to arrive until next week.” He told you. He had the same bored expression on his face, and his monotone voice made you angry. You never knew just what he was thinking.
You cleared your throat before answering. “I..I was gonna come next week as planned, but I felt ready enough to come today.” You answered him. He gave no expression. “If that’s how you feel, then that’s how you feel. You know yourself better than anyone, so only you get to make that decision.” He told you. You sighed inwardly, deciding to discuss the elephant in the room. Better to do it now than let it get any more awkward.
“Listen, Sensei, about that who ‘dad’ incident--”
“Don’t worry about it.” He interrupted. “I don’t care either way. You grew up without parents, so it’s only natural you’d develop some sort of parental care about someone. Besides, you need someone to mentor you. As far as I know, I’m the only one who’s tried to.” He explained. “Feel free to call me whatever you want. I don’t care.” He said, turning to leave.

“I’m calling him ‘daddy’” Sidonie grinned, making you frown. “Shut up, Sid.” You whispered to them. You turned back to Aizawa. “It was a mistake, I swear! It won’t happen again..Sensei..”
Aizawa gave you one final look before shrugging. “Suit yourself.”


“You called him dad?” Hitoshi asked, raising an eyebrow.

“It was an accident!” You said, frowning. You were currently in your living room with your best friend, Hitoshi Shinsou. “I mean it was the heat of the moment, he bought me free food-- in my defense he was very fatherly!”
“Then why does it matter?” He asked you, leaning back on the couch and looking over the scattered mess of homework on the coffee table. “You said that he told you it didn’t matter and to not worry about it. So, problem solved.” He shrugged.
“Problem not solved. Problem ten times bigger.” You frowned, sitting on your knees. “When a person says ‘Don’t worry about it’ They don’t really mean it! They just say that to make you shut up about the problem, it doesn’t actually get resolved, then things just become more and more awkward until you have to change names and move to another country!” You cried.
“..You are being way too over dramatic.” Shinsou muttered. “Listen, this is Aizawa we’re talking about. He doesn’t say things he doesn’t mean. If he says that it doesn’t matter, and that you don’t have to worry about it, then it doesn’t matter, and you don’t have to worry about it.” He told you.
You sighed and slinked back, your back hitting the couch. “Yeah..Yeah you’re right. This is fine, this is completely fine. Man, where would I be without you, Toshi?” You grinned.
“Probably drowning in your own tears.” He replied. “Hey by the way, is anyone taking you to the school dance?”


“She called you dad?!” Present Mic laughed loudly, slapping his knee. “Oh man, that is rich!” He wheezed.
“Shut up, Hizashi.”Aizawa muttered. “This is serious. A student needs to know that if they need such a figure in their life, then we can be that figure.” He replied. “Y/N needs a father figure.” He replied.
“Well maybe--” Present Mic started, only to be cut off by Aizawa.
“Not you. Definitely not you. One of you is enough.” Aizawa stated, sighing. “I guess it’s just weird for me to have a student think so highly of me.” He murmured. “I just..want to live up to their expectations. They need it.”

“Shouta.” Hizashi started, smiling slightly. “You’re a good guy, and under all that scruff and tiredness, you genuinely care for people. You’ll do fine. Now come on, we have a dance to prepare."

Chapter Text

You had been married to Izuku for a little over two years now, and life couldn’t be more perfect. He was living his dream as a pro-hero, and you were soon going to publish your first book-- and in just one month, you were going to have your first child. Everything was picture perfect.

You stood over the stove, cooking dinner and humming happily. It was supposed to be Izuku’s night to cook, but you had decided to cook for him. Besides, you had nothing better to do. With the baby soon arriving, Izuku had made sure you did nothing that he could handle himself. Hell, he made sure you did nothing at all. He waited on you hand and foot, and while it was very sweet of him to care so much for you and your daughter, he seemed to forget that you were only human and tend to get bored.

“Y/N! I’m home-- why are you cooking dinner? It was supposed to be my turn to cook.” Izuku said, pouting a bit as he made his way toward you. You simply chuckled, kissing him on the cheek. “Izuku,” You started, going back to the food at hand. “ you know that I hate doing nothing all day. Not to mention, you’ve been working so hard for me and the baby, I wanted to surprise you with your favorite meal.” You said to him. He seemed to accept that answer, as he just grinned and hugged you. After a minute, he bent down onto his knees, putting his head onto your stomach, and smiling softly as he felt his daughter kick. “Hehe, how’s my little girl doing?” He asked. You simply smiled, running your fingers through his hair. “She’s been kicking a lot more lately. It kinda hurts, but I’m glad to know she’s active.” You told him. Izuku let out a small laugh. “Hey D/N, I know you wanna come out and play with your mama already, but don’t go on and hurt her. She’s doing a lot for you.” He said to your stomach, kissing it lightly. You couldn’t help but giggle at your husband’s adorableness.

After a delicious meal, you both retreated to the couch, where you both watched a movie together. It was quiet, and simple, and very nice. With so much going on in your lives, it was a rare and much anticipated time for you both when you just had time to relax with each other. During the movie, Izuku absent-mindedly placed his hand on your baby bump, gently rubbing it. You smiled at the interaction. Your daughter wasn’t even born yet, but he loved her so much.
The movie ended, and Izuku yawned a bit and stretched out his back. “I guess it’s time for bed now, huh, Y/N? ...Y/N?” He repeated, not hearing an answer from you. Looking down, he saw that you were fast asleep against him. He smiled, staring at you lovingly. Kissing your head, he picked you up and brought you to your bed, before crawling next to you. He stared at you, his eyes holding all the love in the world for you and your unborn daughter. He never expected his life to be so good, and he didn’t know what on earth he did to be so blessed.

Your life was picture perfect, indeed.

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You had thoughts. Dark, dark thoughts. Not thoughts of suicide, not thoughts of killing someone. Your dark thoughts were of horrible accidents that could happen at any moment. Your anxiety, your paranoia, all ate away at your mind with visions and thoughts of people wanting to hurt you, people accidentally hurting or killing those you loved, or those you trust turning their back on you, betraying you in the worst way possible.

You could hardly bring yourself to leave your house. What if those thoughts, those possibilities, actually happened? As long as you were in your house, you were safe..right? The thoughts flooded your mind as soon as the doubt appeared. You were alone, and Tokoyami wouldn’t be home for a few more hours. In that time, there could be an armed robbery, and your quirk wasn’t suited for battle or self-defense. You could be kidnapped, and sold to someone who would do whatever they wanted with you.

A part of you knew that these possibilities had very little chance of happening, but still they had a chance. You didn’t like to take chances. As every little dark thought occurred, you could feel your eyes burn with tears, as you backed yourself into a corner and slid down, curling up and just crying. You were so scared. So many bad things could happen. What could you do if something like an armed robbery happened? You didn’t know how to fight. Tokoyami was a pro-hero, but your fiance would be away at work and probably wouldn’t be able to get here quick enough to help or to save you. You could feel your world turn black as the dark thoughts pressed themselves into the deepest corner of your mind, where you knew they would appear later. But, a pair of strong arms wrapped themselves around you in a tight embrace. You didn’t feel scared. These arms made you feel so, so incredibly safe, and so incredibly loved.

“The thoughts are popping up again, aren’t they Y/N?” Tokoyami asked softly, brushing your hair out with the utmost tenderness and care. He hated seeing you like this, but he knew there was nothing he could do except be there for you and comfort you. You wouldn’t be able to see a therapist for a few months; the only one you trusted enough was gone on vacation to see a sick relative. You simply nodded, leaning against Tokoyami. Gently, he lifted your head to look you in the eyes. It broke his heart to see you so scared. “Listen to me, Y/N..I know you have so many bad thoughts, but just let my words be your shelter. I will let nothing harm you..I promise you that. I’m here to protect you, to guide you, to be your strength when you have none.” He said softly, resting his forehead against yours.

“I just..I just want to be free of these bad thoughts, Toko..” You said, a few more warm tears running down your cheeks. “All I want if for them to go away, and for you to always stay with me.” You said, biting your lip to suppress another wave of tears. Tokoyami simply smiled. “I will always stay with you. Wherever you go, I’ll go too. You will never be alone.” He said softly. You looked up at him, and you felt safe. “Toko..Tell me that you love me..” You said softly. Tokoyami kissed your head, resting his forehead against yours once again, looking into your eyes with nothing but pure love for you. “I love you. More than anything in this world and the next.”

You still had your dark thoughts, of course. Those may never go away.

But with Tokoyami by your side, you knew you were safe.

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Training with Aizawa was difficult. Sometimes, it was just damn impossible. But, he was your mentor, and you knew that he was tough on you in order for you to grow and control your quirk. You thought, however, that Sidonie was too free-spirited to be controlled. As you had told him, while Sidonie was protective of you and seemed to care for your well-being, they often disobeyed you specifically because of the fact they could. But Aizawa had always told you the same thing: “If you can’t control your quirk, you have no hopes of becoming a hero. You might as well give up now.”

Everytime he said those words, they hit you like a brick. You wanted nothing more than to be a hero, just like ones you saw and had read about when you were a kid. So, you worked twice as hard as ever and...there was no change. Sidonie still didn’t listen to you, you still found it near impossible to drown out the voices of different spirits unless you were concentrating extremely hard, and the tether that tied you and Sidonie together wasn’t any longer. You felt completely and utterly frustrated. Sidonie even more so.

You were talking to your grandmother on the phone, trying to tell her about your day. Sidonie kept throwing things around your house, making a mess. “Yes, Grandma, everything is going fine I-- Sid! Stop having a tantrum! Anyways, Aizawa-sensei is a very good mentor, and while he is a bit strict, I do like him. He’s kind to me and--” You yelped and ducked, as Sidonie threw a vase at you. “Sid, what the hell?!” You yelled, covering the mouthpiece of the phone. Sidonie yelled, flying around your house and knocking things over, breaking things, and yelling. “I’m fucking pissed, Y/N!” They yelled. “All we do is listen to Aizawa over and over and over, and he keeps telling us that this will make us better and stronger, but it's just making me so ANGRY.” They yelled. You sighed. “Look, I’m frustrated too, but we just have to try harder--” “Don’t you fucking tell me to try harder! That’s all I’ve been doing!” They shouted, throwing a lamp. You flinched as you heard the lamp crash into something, the sound of broken glass echoing through your house. You can hear your grandma through the phone, asking if you were ok. “U-Uh, Yeah grandma, I’m fine. Sid is just--SID!” You screamed, Sidonie grabbing the phone and throwing it against the wall, shattering it. You stared at where the phone broke, and gritted your teeth. You looked at Sidonie, pure, unadulterated rage in your eyes. “What is the matter with you?! You don’t think I’m frustrated either?! Stop acting like such a fucking child and having your damn tantrum! Go the fuck away until you’ve calmed down!” You yelled. Sidonie said nothing, vanishing into thin air. You took a deep breath through your nose, exhaling from your mouth and looking around to see the damage Sidonie had done.


Your grandmother frowned as she put down her phone, looking over at her husband. They shared a knowing look, before dialing a number.

Being alone was too dangerous for you.


Class went by fairly quick the next day. You supposed it was because your mind was occupied with thoughts of the last few days. You and Sidonie both were incredibly frustrated, but you don’t think you could recall Sidonie ever being that mad. You needed to have a talk with them when you got home.

“Y/N.” Hitoshi called, walking up to you. You smiled at your friend. “Hey, Toshi.” You greeted back, turning to face him. Shinsou raised an eyebrow at you, crossing his arms. “You seemed extra..stressed during class today. Everything alright?” He asked you, frowning slightly. You sighed, shrugging your shoulders. “I suppose so? Aizawa is a tough mentor, and it's got Sid incredibly upset. More than I’ve ever seen them. I guess it’s stressing me out and frustrating me to no end too.” You explained. “I mean, I know pushing us to our limits is kinda what these teachers do, but Jesus, can’t he be a bit more lax with these exercises?” You frowned. “No breaks, no praise, no nothing.” You groaned. Shinsou patted you on the shoulder. “You deserve a break, Y/N. Wanna head to my place and relax? We can watch all those awful movies you like.” He offered to you. You gave him a tired smile. “As much as I’d love to watch Neil Breen for hours on end, I really should get going.” You told him. “Sorry..Maybe this weekend?” You suggested. Shinsou shrugged. “This weekend’s fine too. I’m holding you up to that.” He smiled. You simply chuckled and nodded, bumping fists with him. “I’m good on my promises, you know that. I’ll bring the snacks.” You grinned. “See you later, Toshi.” You waved, heading on home.

What awaited you there would change your life.

In your living room were your grandparents and Aizawa. All three of them looked at you as you entered and dropped your bag on the floor. “What is going on here?” You asked, looking at them with confused eyes. “Y/N..” Your grandmother started, standing up. “Your grandfather and I have decided...Well, we’ve all decided that it would be better for you to stay with Shouta Aizawa.” She told you. Your eyes widened and you felt your heart speed up. “What?! Why?!” You asked them, frowning. “You can’t do this to me!” You shouted. “This is my house!” “No, Y/N, this is our house. It’s too dangerous for you to stay here by yourself, and we can’t be here to look after you.” Your grandmother explained. “He’s your mentor, and his quirk can keep you safe. He was the only one we thought worthy enough to look after you.” You said nothing, taking everything in. “...I’ll go get my things..” You said softly, your voice barely above a whisper as you went to your room and started packing up your belongings. You couldn’t stop the tears from flowing as you did. This house was all you’ve ever known and suddenly you were being taken away from that. Your grandparents did have a point; you’d give them that. But to have it all happen so suddenly? It didn’t feel real. This felt like a surreal dream to you. You knew it wasn’t, however, and this is what set you off. Falling to your knees, you screamed and cried. This wasn’t happening, it couldn’t be happening, but it was and it scared you.

Sidonie was pissed. No, no they were BEYOND pissed. First, Aizawa stresses them and their Y/N out beyond belief, and now Y/N’s grandparents were forcing them to leave with him?! Sidonie could feel the surge of emotion from Y/N. They wanted nothing more to fly over to everyone who wasn’t Y/N and choke them all out. However, that was the last thing that the situation needed. So, to make everything easier, Sidonie helped Y/N finish packing. Floating beside you, they sat silently at your side. You wiped your eyes, sniffling and looking over at Sid. “...What are we going to do?” You asked your Specter, leaning against your bed. They simply shrugged. “The way I see it..we have to options. Option A: We kill them.” Sid started off. You simply gave them a silent look of disapproval. “Yeah,” Sidonie started. “I didn’t think you’d like that idea. Option B: We just..roll with it. You know? Maybe it won’t be so bad.” They said to you, their hopeful tone cheering you up the tiniest bit. “And what’s option three?” You ask them lightly, bringing your knees up to your chest. They gave you a silent, sad smile. You knew that meant there was no third option. “Come on. Let’s get out of here.” Sid said to you after a moment of silence.

The car ride to Aizawa’s house was pretty silent. You couldn’t bring yourself to speak to him, and he didn’t want to make matters worse. He understood--he really did. The life you were used to for so long was suddenly gone, and you had to move in with him of all people. How was he going to get you used to living with him? Hell, how was he going to get himself used to you living with him? He decided to just go with it. If he really needed it, he could always call on Present Mic..right?

‘I’m doomed..’ He thought to himself.


“Well..we’re here.” Aizawa said to you, pulling up into his driveway. You looked out of the window and at his house. It looked like a normal house. The inside, however, was very modern and neat. “You have a cool place..” You muttered. You jumped and squeaked as you felt something rub up against your leg. Looking down, you were greeted with a small black kitten. “O-Oh, hello..” You said, bending down. The kitten meowed and purred, rubbing against your hand. You looked up at Aizawa, who was watching the interaction. “I didn’t know you had a cat.” You said to him, smiling slightly. Aizawa shrugged. “You never asked.” He said. “Her name is Medusa.” He told you. “Medusa.” You repeated to yourself, locking the name in your memory. Aizawa showed you to your room, and you started to set up. You were still upset, and still shocked over the whole situation, but you felt yourself grow calm with each passing moment.

The day passed by quickly, and Aizawa sighed to himself. This was definitely going to take some getting used to. But, he didn’t want to call Present Mic just yet and subject himself to the volume and bad jokes of the living embodiment of Smash Mouth. He looked at his clock: One O’clock in the morning. He needed to clean up the house a bit and head to bed. While he walked to the kitchen and put away the dishes, he looked over at the living room and saw the TV still on. ‘That’s funny’ He thought. ‘I thought I had turned off the TV.’ Making his way over, he saw that you were on the couch, fast asleep with Medusa curled up and asleep on your chest and a lock of hair covering your face. He couldn’t help but smile at the sight. Quietly, he turned the TV off, placed a blanket over you, and tucked the stray lock of hair behind your ear. He looked at you and could feel himself smile a bit more. “..Good night, Y/N.” He said quietly.

In your sleep, you smiled. Maybe living here wouldn’t be so bad after all.

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If someone would have told Aizawa that he would’ve been the legal guardian of a fifteen year old student, he would have thought that person was crazy. He was no parent, he didn’t know how to raise a child...and yet here he was, looking after you.
He saw something in you, so reminiscent of himself,so familiar, that he knew he had to take you under his wing, but he did not expect you to be in his have you be his child.
It was no easy task, that’s for sure. You definitely tried his patience, and kept pushing him to his limits. He supposed it was because your entire life had changed in just a matter of moments. Maybe it was because you were supposed to trust someone to look after you instead of looking out for yourself; a life you had grown so accustomed to living. He didn’t want to push for answers-- that would have the opposite effect of what he wanted. He would give you your space until you felt comfortable. That is what you needed.
You had no idea how hard Aizawa had worked. You figured his constant tiredness, his seemingly apathetic attitude, his blunt words, were all just apart of who he was. But you watched him. Watched him grade papers, watched him patrol the streets of the city he had sworn to protect, watched him work so hard into the late night hours. He had worked so hard to help other people, but..who was helping him? Up until a week ago, he had been alone, just as you were. You weren’t a hero just yet.. but perhaps you could be a hero to him through little things. Besides, you knew you weren’t exactly the easiest person to get along with.
It was late at night, and from your spot in your room, through the crack in the door, you saw Aizawa grading your class’s papers again. He looked more stressed than usual. So, you decided to give him a little pick-me-up. Silently, you made your way out of your room and to the kitchen, where you made him a hot cup of tea and a snack; surely he was in need of it. As you walked to him, you hesitated. Was this necessary? Would he even appreciate your gesture? You took a deep breath, deciding to go through with the idea.
As you placed the tea and snack beside him, Aizawa looked up at you. You dare not look him in the eye, for fear of rejection and mockery. However, after a moment’s passing, you met eyes with him. No words spoken, no sound made, but a bond forever built-- a look passing between the two of you that uttered a silent hope: “If this is the life we have, then we will make the best of it.”


The months passed by, and living with Aizawa just seemed..natural. It may have just been the two of you, but it really did feel like an actual family. So,really, it just came naturally that you called him your dad, because in honesty, that’s who he was to you. He never really introduced you to others as his kid-- you don’t know if he ever would. You knew he was still trying to process everything, trying to figure out how to be a parent to a parentless child. However, it was adamant in the way he treated you, how he watched over you or talked about you at social functions, that you were someone who was incredibly important to him.
“I think the first time he referred to me as his kid was to Present Mic, and he seemed to be really embarrassed by it.” You told Shinsou, who sat by your bed as the two of you went over notes for the upcoming exam. “Mic was hysterical about it. Sid wants me to add that he thought it was so funny, he almost accidentally activated his quirk and shouted down the wall.” You explained, reaching over and grabbing a note from Hitoshi’s lap. Shinsou glared slightly at you, grabbing the piece of paper back. “You know, you could at least ask before snatching my papers.” He scolded you, only handing the paper back at you after you made those puppy eyes at him. He sighed and leaned back. “I still don’t get it. How do you go from talk about changing your name and moving countries because you accidentally call him your dad, to actually calling him your dad?” He questioned you. You slid off the bed and sat beside him, placing the paper he had handed back between the two of you. “Because, my dearest Toshi, that was before he was made my guardian. Now that he has legal custody over me, it just feels..right.” You explain to him. Hitoshi just stared at you and shook his head. “Y/N, you are the weirdest person I have ever met.” He chuckled, looking over the notes before the two of you. You simply snorted, giving him a grin he was all too familiar with. “You know you love me, Toshi~” You sang, laughing afterwards. A hint of a blush, barely noticeable, dusted Hitoshi’s cheeks. “Yeah, yeah. I guess I do, considering I’ve been stuck with you for all these years and haven’t reevaluated my decision of befriending you.” He joked. You both laughed at his joke, and as the laughter died down, you both looked at each other, smiling, an unsaid emotion of care and feeling for the other person hanging in the air.


“Everytime I ask them, they just get embarrassed and tell me to go away.” Aizawa said to Present Mic, sighing. It was the weekend, and Present Mic offered to take Aizawa out for drinks to relax. Luckily the place they were at wasn’t too far from home. “I don’t get it. I tell them they can tell me anything, they say they know, and then they don’t tell me anything.” He complained. Present Mic was trying his best not to laugh at his friends ‘problem’. “That’s just how teens are, Shouta. If Y/N doesn’t wanna tell you if they like anyone, then you need to respect that.” He explained to him. “And if they wanna tell you, then they will. Why are you so caught up in this anyways? For all you know, they could be ace.” He questioned, leaning forward. Aizawa rubbed his temples and let out a long sigh. “I just want to make sure that if they do like someone, nobody hurts them. They’ve already been through alot.” He grumbled. “Awwww, that’s so precious! Being protective of your kid~” Mic cooed, resting his chin on the palm of his hand. “Y’know, you’ve come such a long way in the few months you’ve been Y/N’s guardian. You really are stepping up to the parenting role” He said, grinning. Aizawa groaned, giving his friend an annoyed look. “I’m still getting used to everything, Yamada. I didn’t exactly expect to be a dad to one of my students. Now I have to care for another being.” He frowned. “I’m terrified that I’m going to mess up. With the other students, they’ve had parents to bring them up right from the moment they were born. Y/N had to do that all on their own. They’ve had no one in a parental role to trust, and now I’m shoved into that position with no prior experience.” Present Mic stared at his shaggy friend, giving him a gentle, hopeful smile. “Aizawa, listen. You’re doing a great job so far. Just..Just do what you think is right. And if you don’t know, you know you can call on me, or even Yagi. We’re here to help. It’s kinda what heroes do.” He winked. Aizawa groaned, sitting up straight. “Yeah..Yeah, I guess you’re right. Everything will be fine..Anyways, it’s getting late. I should head back and make sure Y/N is fine.” He told Hizashi, standing up from his seat. “And Yamada..” He started, looking back at his loud friend. “..thanks for everything.”
Present Mic gave a soft smile. “Anytime, Shouta. Anytime.”


You and Shinsou had finished studying a while ago, but because you hadn’t hung out for fun in a while, due to all the craziness that was happening in your life, you decided to use this time together to watch movies. Bad movies. Movies so bad, they were good. Honestly, it was your favorite pass time, though you often had to convince Shinsou to watch such films. However, as much as you wanted to watch the movies, you felt yourself get distracted by..well, by Shinsou. The way he watched the movie seemed so fascinating, the way the TV lit up his eyes in the dark living room..He was just so..incredible.. Your staring at him was short lived, as he turned and looked at you. A moment of silence hung in the air, but it was not awkward. No, this silence was..magnetic. All the thoughts you had of him, he had of you. It was the small things about you that he absolutely adored. The way you crinkled your nose when he told a lame joke, the way you’d furrow your brows at a question you just couldn’t seem to solve, the way that he felt so comfortable at home with you. You felt your cheeks heat up, and before you knew it, you both were moving closer, your hearts beating together as one as you leaned in and--

“Y/N, I’m home!” Aizawa called out.

You and Shinsou immediately split apart, sitting as far away from each other as humanly possible, an obvious blush on your cheeks. Shinsou stood up and grabbed his things, bowed to Aizawa and gave you a quick wave before rushing out of the room. He could hardly believe himself! He almost kissed you: his best friend for years! What was he thinking?! What if you didn’t like him back and just got caught up in the moment? ..What if he had just messed everything up?

“Aizawa what the hell?!” You shouted at him, crossing your arms. “You could have at least messaged me that you were on your way home!” You said to your father figure.
“I did..” He said, slightly confused. “You only call me by my name when you’re mad at me. What have I done wrong?” He asked you. You only groaned in anger. “God, you don’t understand anything!” You yelled at him. “No, I don’t, so please tell me what I did wrong so I can fix it.” He said to you. “You can’t fix it! My life is ruined!” You yelled before storming off into your room and slamming the door behind you, leaving a very confused Aizawa standing in the living room. He didn’t know what he did wrong but..He’ll do his best to fix it. That’s what dad-- That’s what..guardians do. Yeah, guardians. That’s all he was-- a Guardian.


You sat on the roof of Aizawa’s home late at night, knees pressed against your chest and head on your knees. So much had happened in such a small amount of time, you needed a moment in a high place to clear your head. Sidonie sat beside you, staring up at the star-filled sky, trying to comfort you.
“Listen, you have nothing to worry about. Aizawa knows you well enough to know you don’t actually hate him, and Shinsou is your friend. If he values that, then it doesn’t matter what you almost did.” They said, looking over at you.
“I’m not scare about Aizawa hating me, but I still feel bad. He didn’t deserve that, he was just trying to help.” You frowned. “And Shinsou might be my friend, but..But goddamn it, I could have seriously just fucked things up with him!” You sighed. “He’s my very best friend..I don’t want to lose that.” You muttered. Aizawa opened up the window and started to climb out onto the roof, and as he did, Sidonie looked between the two of you. “I’ll give you two some privacy.” They smiled slightly, before disappearing.
You didn’t make eye contact with Aizawa, still feeling guilty about your outburst just a few hours before. Something warm touched your arm, and when you looked, Aizawa was holding out a freshly made cup of hot chocolate and a snack. You took them both gently, placing the snack beside you and holding the cup between your hands. You both sat silently, gazing up at the stars. Aizawa broke the silence. “Listen, Y/N..I don’t know what I did to get you so mad, but whatever I did, I apologize.” He said, drinking his own cup of hot chocolate.
You sighed and looked at him, guilt and regret plastered on your face. “You don’t have to apologize..You were just trying to help. I was just..Irritated.” You said softly. “..Can I ask you something?” You questioned. As he gave his nod of approval, you sighed. “Ok, so I have this..friend..Who likes one of their own..friends..” You started. “And that friend really likes their friend, but they’re scared that they possibly messed things up with them, because they nearly kissed when that friend’s dad just showed up and interrupted them. What do I-- I mean..What does that friend do?” You asked, frowning slightly.
Aizawa leaned back, sighing. “In my opinion, there are two ways to do things. Option A: Your ‘friend’ ignores it, and hopes for the best. Option B:..Your friend asks their friend out. In the end, if the friendship is true, then the outcome doesn’t matter. If the friend likes your friend back, then that’s great. If they don’t then it doesn’t matter. True friends get through things together, no matter what it may be.” He told you. You groaned. “But I can’t ask him--- I mean..My friend may be ask their friend out.” You explained. Aizawa just shrugged. “That’s not my problem. I gave your ‘friend’ two options. Now it's up to them to decide what they think is the best route.” He said. You said nothing else. The rest of your time there was spent in a comfortable silence, both drinking your drinks and relaxing, staring up into the night sky.
When you headed back indoors, you placed your mugs into the sink, deciding to worry about them some other time.
You looked over at Aizawa, who was organizing a stack of papers on the table. Before you knew it, you went to him, and hugged him tightly. Aizawa stayed still, not sure how to handle the sign of affection. In the months spent with him, you never hugged him. He guessed it was because you weren’t sure what his boundaries were. He didn’t know how to feel about this. As you let go, you gave him a smile, uttering a small phrase.

“Thanks for everything, dad.”

And in that moment, he knew what it was he felt.

He felt happy

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You had a hard life. Granted, you were luckier than most. But lucky does not mean good. While you had a nice house, a lot of money, and brothers and sisters who loved you, and a best friend in your twin brother, Shouto, there was one massive problem: Unfortunately, that meant your father was none other than Endeavor-- the #2 hero. That abusive, arrogant, self-centered asshole.
Your hate for your father ran deep. Unlike Shouto, you expressed your hatred for your father, and expressed it loudly, usually telling him to fuck right off. However, for all your hatred, you still obeyed him, often afraid of what he’d do to you if you didn’t.

Tonight ,however, it was different.

You were done obeying him. You already had a bag of your belongings packed and ready to go; you being the only one who knew you were leaving. You talked to your twin about running away, but he did not think it was such a wise idea. You’d apologize to Shouto and your other siblings later, but you were not about to spend another night under Endeavor’s roof.

You were lounging around in the living area when Endeavor came in, and though he hadn’t spoken to you, you could already feel your blood boil. Endeavor looked over at you and scoffed. “Do you not have anything better to do than be lazy, Y/N?” He asked, giving that frown you were oh so familiar with.
“I don’t know, dad, do you not have anything better to do than being a major dickhole?” You responded quickly, not bother to look at him. You didn’t have to look-- you already knew he was getting angry. The thought amused you.
“Excuse me?! You will show me the respect I deserve Y/N, or so help me, I will beat it into you!” He shouted, stomping over to you. You scoffed as you stood up from your place on the couch. “I’m showing you all the goddamn respect you deserve-- none!” You yelled. Your cheek was met with a slap, and you fell to the floor, your vision blurred.
“Y/N, you listen to me--” You cut him off, giving him a look so angry, so full of hatred, even he felt fear.
“I have lived my entire LIFE listening to you! But now, you’re going to listen to me.” You said, standing up. “I am done being a prisoner in my own fucking house! I am done with you hitting me around like I’m some sort of toy, I am done with you hurting me and my family because we don’t live up to your expectations!” You started. Endeavor tried to speak
“I am not done talking!” You shrieked, ice coming out from under your feet. You were getting more and more angry with each passing minute. “You always talk about how you’re going to be some great hero! Ha! You will be nothing more than an arrogant, self-centered, limp-dick asshole who will rot away in some ditch in the ground as a forgotten memory!” You said, walking closer. “No one will remember you, no one will miss you. At least I have the chance to be someone, but you? You will always be a piece of shit father, a piece of shit hero, and a piece of shit person.” You said, shoving him back.
“Y/N, That is enough!” He yelled back at you. “I think--” You cut him off again.
“When have I ever cared about what you think?!” You asked, scoffing. “If I wanted your opinion, I would have asked for it!” You said, the years of pent up anger that never truly got resolved, spilling down your cheeks in warm tears. “My entire childhood was stripped away from me and my siblings because of you! You used us! We trusted you, because that’s what you’re supposed to do! But you used us as some sort of power gain, just because you want us to gain a spot as number one hero because you know you’ll never get that spot!” You sobbed. “So you know what, you piece of shit?! Fuck you! Fuck you, Fuck you, Fuck you, and Fuck anything you’ve ever cared about! I hope you rot in hell!” You shrieked at him. You rushed passed him, slamming and locking the door to your room behind you. Endeavor stayed still. For once, he felt a twinge of fear.

The night had passed, and you opened your window, jumping out with your bag on your back. True to your word, you were going to run away. You didn’t know where too, but honestly? You didn’t care. Anywhere was better than here.

“Y/N?” You felt yourself freeze, and turned around slowly, seeing your twin brother Shouto standing there. You took a deep breath. “Shouto..” You muttered. “What are you doing?” You asked him.
“I could ask you the same thing.” He said softly, walking to you. “But..It seems that you’re running away.” He concluded. You sighed, turning to face him completely.
“I can’t stay here anymore, Shouto..” You frowned. “If I stay here with dad, one day one of us will go too far..” You said softly, tears welling up.
Shouto just nodded. “I understand. I’m not here to stop you.” He said to you, holding out another bag. “I really doubt I could. But I don’t want you to go hungry. This bag contains a few days of food, and I’ve called Izuku, and he says he and his mother are willing to let you stay with them for as long as you need, if you wish to go with themi.” He said. The gesture of your brother moved you, and you broke into sobs, hugging him tightly. Shouto hugged you back, tears of his own forming. “I just want you to be safe, Y/N. Just because I won’t run away, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. You deserve to be safe.” He said softly. “But please..Go with Midoriya.” He said.
You nodded. “I will, Sho..I will..Please, take care of the others, ok?” He simply nodded as well. You took a deep breath, letting go of your brother. “I’ll see you around school..maybe..” You smiled sadly. He just returned the smile. You turned around, and ran off into the night.

And for the first time in a long while, you felt safe

Chapter Text

The rain poured down from a darkened and grey sky as you huddled into yourself, sat against a cold brick wall in a dark alleyway. You were cold, you were scared, and you were alone--save for Sidonie floating silently by your side. Your argument with Aizawa had rang clearly still in your mind; A situation that you knew was coming, but had hurt you nonetheless.

“I’ve never heard you and Papa Yama argue like that..was it about me?”

“We’ll discuss this later.”

You teared up as you tried to keep yourself warm. An argument that ended in a broken trust.

“...It was about me wasn’t it?” “We’ll discuss this later.” “Later..” You repeated, your voice filled with anger and disgust.

You had ran away that night, never looking back. If he didn’t want you, then there was no point in staying. Sidonie fought with you, knocking things over, locking the window in your room, begging you to just let the moment settle before talking it over, but your mind was made up. With a broken heart and shattered trust, you broke your way through the window and leapt to the ground below, never looking back.

You looked out at the city streets, looking at the people walking, seemingly paying you no mind. You had been out on the streets for..two weeks? Three weeks. Three weeks definitely. You hadn’t eaten in a few days, not having any money with you. The good graces of strangers seemed non existent, and they had given you a few dollars at most. You felt weak. So, so weak. Across from you, a payphone stood, tall and unused. Standing to your feet, you dragged yourself to it, and putting in your coins, you dialed the number of the person you felt you could trust.


“Hello?” A voice answered, sounding half asleep. You had forgotten how late it was.

“..Toshi..” You said, your voice cracking. Your chest, your entire being, felt warm at the familiar voice. A voice that, to you, was the closest thing to home you would ever be again. You could hear him gasp, and a weak smiled graced your face. You would miss him so much.

“Y/N! Y/N, where are you?! Everyone has been looking everywhere for you, we’ve called around, we asked so many people--” You cut Shinsou off. “Toshi..I’m so cold..I don’t know if I’m going to make it..” You croaked out, your voice dried out and harsh.
“Tell us where you are, Y/N, we’ll come get you!” Shinsou cried out. You could hear voices in the background, Shinsou talking to someone, and then a new voice came through the line.
“Y/N, I’m coming to get you, please, PLEASE tell us where you are.” Aizawa pleaded, his voice panicked and alarmed. You could feel your heart ache. You were so mad, and hurt. But, you would miss him as well. Warm tears slid down your flushed cheeks. “....Goodbye, dad..” You whispered.

“Y/N? Y/N--” You hung up the phone, biting your chapped lips before turning and walking off. You knew a fight like this would eventually pass over, but you knew your temper as well. Your anger and your anxiety would have made Sidonie an unstoppable force. Had you stayed, you might have ended up killing Aizawa, and god knows who else. You didn’t know where you’d end up.

As hours pass, you could feel yourself grow thinner, grow hungrier, and start to lose hope... But honestly? You didn’t care. If death knocked on your door, you would welcome it in like an old friend, embrace it welcomingly, and enjoy it’s presence. You could feel your eyelids grow heavy.

It was so cold.

You slumped against a wall, feeling the weakness overcome you like a beast overcoming its prey.

You were so tired.

Sidonie was yelling at you. Their words were muffled noise as your eyes seemed to close on their own.

The world around you went black.


You were listening in on Aizawa through the door, wondering what he was discussing with Present Mic. It sounded like they were arguing, but about what, you couldn’t decipher. You liked Yamada. He was like a second dad to you. Where Aizawa was the strict father, Yamada was the fun one, often joining in on your shenanigans or one person dance parties. You could feel your lonesome family slowly growing, and there was nothing you cherished more. He was so happy all the time, so energetic..but he wasn’t today. Today..Today he sounded angry.

“Shouta for Christ’s sake, what has gotten into you? Things are going so well!” You could hear him cry out. More muttering, more things you couldn’t hear. Aizawa told you to go to your room, that this was a conversation between adults, and to not dare have Sidonie spy on them-- he knew you and Sid well enough to know your antics, to know the signs of when Sidonie was in the room with them, watching, listening to every word, every motion they made. You heard your name being said, followed by a groan of frustration from Yamada.

“That kid loves you, Shouta. Trusts you more than anyone else. If you can’t see that, then I don’t know what else to tell you.” You heard him say, before hearing loud stomps and the door slamming shut. You allowed for a few moments to pass before you opened your door slowly. You could see Aizawa sitting at the table, his head in his hands, looking so..torn up. About what..well, you were starting to have a feeling you knew what all of this was about. Aizawa clearly had no previous parenting experience, and he was always known to be a sort of ‘lonewolf’. And, well, you knew you and Sid weren’t the easiest people to get along with, especially with you and Sidonie’s outbursts. But, you wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt--maybe this was all a huge misunderstanding, maybe this was related to work, hero or otherwise. Though you knew, deep down, you knew he wanted to leave you with someone else, to have this burden of parenthood lifted off of his shoulders. It broke your heart.

“I’ve never heard you and Papa Yama argue like that..was it about me?” You asked him softly, slowly approaching him, fear in every step. Aizawa looked up at you, the look in his eyes one of guilt. You knew it was coming.

“We’ll discuss this later.” He dismissed you, turning to look at the newspaper that sat silently on the table. He looked at the contents, though you knew he wasn’t paying attention to the words it contained.

“...It was about me wasn’t it?” You asked, your voice barely above a whisper. Had it been any louder, you were sure you would have broken down into pitiful sobs, and you thought that would have just made the situation worse.

“We’ll discuss this later.” He simply repeated, not looking up at you. He knew you knew. Your chest burned with anxiety and anger. Sidonie could feel this, and flew around the room, nearly knocking things over in their excitement.

“Later..” You repeated, your voice filled with anger and disgust. You nodded silently, and left to your room, where you had packed your things and ran off into the night, never looking back.


Your head throbbed with pain as you groaned, slowly opening your eyes and looking around. You were in a warm room, covered in warm blankets. The scent of hot cocoa wafted through the room and into your nose, and the warmth blossomed with in.

“Welcome back to the land of the living.” A gruff voice called to you. You turned to look at the owner of the voice, and on the couch across from you sat a man-- black hair, a scar on his left cheek, and stubble on his chin.

You could only stare at him for a moment. “..Who are you?” You asked weakly.


The man nodded. “My name’s Takeshi Kuroiwa. But my friends call me Knuckleduster.”

Chapter Text

The world is a strange place. That much is obvious, right? In this world you lived in, many things seemed to happen by chance. Sometimes they were good, like finding a few spare dollars on the ground, or being complimented by a stranger, making your shitty day less shitty. Sometimes these chances were not so good, like stepping on gum or dog crap, or getting splashed with dirty water from a car speeding by on a rainy day. Sometimes, however, these chances were would one put it...unexpected? Such is your chance. Because, as fate or chance had it, your family was the League of Villains. Well, family was a loose term, you supposed. None of you were really blood related; Shiragaki made sure he told you that everyday. But, Kurogiri was your favorite out of the bunch, always being at least somewhat kind to you, making sure you were well taken care of. He was the one who found you at three years old in an alleyway, a cold and scared child who was starving, only skin and bones. He took you home that night, and thus began your life as a villain. And honestly? You were good at it. As you grew, it wasn’t just intimidating others, or just planning missions, but at stealth missions as well. It started off as an accident, wandering off away from the league’s base and walking slowly past two heroes. Of course since you were young, they payed no real mind to you. You overheard them discuss how they were planning to raid the base, and then turned right around and went home, telling Kurogiri what was going on and what they had said. Then, he had praised you, and told you how excellent of a spy you were. He decided to use that to his advantage, and you were officially made into the League of Villain’s spy. That was years ago.

Which brings us to present day. Layed before you was a crisp and clean Yuuei high school uniform, perfectly fitted to your size. You looked at it in confusion, slowly looking up to meet Shiragaki’s eyes. “What’s all this about then?” You questioned him, crossing your arms.

“You see Y/N, you have a simple yet strong quirk. You also are 15 years old, which means you can start applying to high schools.” Shiragaki explained. “And that’s just what you’re doing. Through contacts and arrangements, I’ve secured you a spot in class 1-A of Yuuei, where supposedly All Might is teaching.” He continued, pacing the room. “So, starting next week, you’re going to blend in with all those little brats and get the information we need.”

“So,” You started, grazing your fingers over the finely made uniform. “You want me to be your spy again.” You muttered under your breath. “Sounds like fun. Question though, how were you able to get the connections we needed to get me accepted?”

“Well, technically what we did is called identity theft and we may have posed as a very important person to get you recommended. But, games aren’t fun without some technicalities, right?” Shiragaki shrugged.

“No, I guess they aren’t..” You sighed. You took the uniform and quickly threw it in your room. “If games didn’t have technicalities, then how else could you rig it so you always win?” You asked.

“Exactly, Y/N. Y’know, we may not be blood related, but you sure do have my kinda thinking.” He said, nodding. “Now, go ahead and start studying up. Next week, you’ll be apart of class 1-A.”

Chapter Text

*Aoyama always takes care of Decorating around the dorms and common room, and actually is very careful of how his decorations look (He can have self control when he wants. He has a good eye for decorating)

*Satou obviously takes care of holiday baking; cookies, cakes, any kind of sweets you can think of, he makes. He makes sure to take into consideration anyone’s religious rules about food, any allergies, or specific diet someone follows so that there’s a little something for everyone to enjoy!

*Jirou makes sure she plays festive music through out the halls. No lyrics to get stuck in her classmates’ heads, just generic holiday music that really brings the holiday spirit and cheer to the dorms.

*Deku always gathers a group of his friends (usually Todoroki, Uraraka, and Iida, sometimes Kirishima) and goes door to door around the dorms and goes caroling. Sometimes the whole class (except bakugo, you couldn’t pay him enough) goes out on the town and sing carols.

*Yao-momo sets the table up just perfectly for Christmas dinner, placing handmade cards with small gifts for her friends on their seats. As everyone has their dinner, she gives a speech about how much they all mean to her, and gets emotional about it as well. Afterwards, she hands out cups of hot-cocoa to her friends, made from expensive foreign chocolate she asked her parents to send for this occasion.

*Denki buys everyone custom made matching ugly Christmas sweaters,each with their own gimmick. His has christmas lights that actually light up, Kirishima’s is one with Red Riot that can say an actual Red Riot quote, Kouda’s is a cat that can meow. He even buys Dark Shadow one (dark shadow loves it)

*Bakugo is the one who actually cook’s Christmas dinner, and like Satou, he makes things that everyone can enjoy. Bakugo is also everyone’s secret santa, buying gifts he knows his classmates would adore, but never ever signing the gift from himself. He even buys Izuku a gift he know’s he’d enjoy (A super rare holographic golden era All Might trading card, autographed, and other All Might memorabilia.)

*Shouji helps decorate the tree, using his arms to put on multiple ornaments at once. The rest of the class hand-makes ornaments, and Shouji always makes sure they’re front and center. He also puts on a santa hat, and puts little santa or elf hats on his multiple hands.

*Mina always picks out the BEST holiday movies for everyone to watch. Whether its an actual good, classic holiday movie, or just god-awful but hilariously bad holiday movie, she always has a knack of picking out the best ones for everyone to enjoy, and always makes popcorn and drinks to go with it.

*Tooru gets into her stealth mode to hide everyone’s gifts underneath the tree on Christmas eve,knowing some of her friends are still up and about during the night, and even during Christmas day, she uses her stealthiness to place more gifts for her friends around the dorms, always there to watch their faces light up at the gift.

*Tsuyu is a bit more blunt, usually just giving her presents right to her friends, along with a special card she always signs with a frog. Every gift she makes is thought through, to all of her friend’s likes and tastes, and is always ALWAYS hand made with love and care.

*Uraraka loves the holiday season, and makes the dorms feel festive. Yeah, Aoyama takes care of the decorations, but using the left over decorations, such as snow flakes and cotton balls, she makes the dorms a true winter wonderland by using her quirk and making these items float, giving the illusion of a snowy day indoors.

*Todoroki uses his quirk to start a fire, and makes everyone smores! He makes the best smores. He also helps Yao-momo give out hot chocolate, frosting over the cups so his friends won’t burn their hands. He likes to make his friends little good luck charms for Christmas.

*Kouda brings his class outside and calls for deer to come out, so that they can all take photos with them and make Christmas cards and take a class photo. Sometimes Todoroki makes it snow if it isn’t already to give the photos extra flare.

*Sero helps wrap gifts for his friends if they have trouble wrapping it or need some tape. His quirk is very useful for this, and honestly? He loves it. He is incredibly gifted (no pun intended) for wrapping presents. He also loves using his tape to put up the gifts his friends got him, if they happen to get something like a poster or a picture.

*As goofy as it is, Kirishima loves to dress up as Santa, just to give the dorms and his classmates some holly jolly happiness. It’s become a tradition for everyone to take pictures with ‘Santa-shima’ and tell him what they’d like for Christmas

*Tokoyami drops his serious composure for the holiday season and let’s Kirishima use Dark Shadow as an elf or Reindeer for his Santa getup, and sometimes dresses festively himself. He can be seen walking around the dorms wearing reindeer antlers and humming some christmas songs.

*Ojirou helps Aoyama with decorating, managing to climb up to difficult places and hang up banners and streamers. He even secretly puts up mistletoe to help his friends get together with their crushes. The holidays make those tender moments even more magical, in his opinion.

*Iida, true to himself, always observes his classmates to make sure they’re all safe whenever their doing something like decorating or cooking and baking. All the while, he takes mental notes of their interests, analyzing what the perfect gift would be for them. With his closest friends, namely Izuku and Ochako, he always asks to take a special Christmas photo to send to his older brother Tensei, and often the three friends spend christmas night in his room, laughing and just being friends. He lets them sleepover his dorm that night.

*Shinsou doesn’t really do anything per se, but he does partake in all the antics of his class. He loves giving gifts and receiving gifts from his friends. He loves having dinner with them, watching movies with them, decorating, taking pictures with Santa-shima, making a class 1-A christmas card with the deer Kouda brings. After a life of being called a villain, or being told he would be suited for villainy and not having many friends, he’s just happy he’s found a group of people who love and care for him. In his mind and heart, this holiday season he didn’t just get new friends. He got a family.

Chapter Text

When the reality of quirks came into the world, there was only one thing on everyone’s mind; superheroes could be real, instead of just pictures in a comic book. With this in mind, nearly everyone in every generation wanted to become one of these heroes of lore, with either fame and glory, money, or a genuine want to help people being their driving force.
You were not one of these people.
Well, you supposed you were a hero in your own way; you did help people with problems, and protected them through certain means. But while the actual heroes helped through fighting and rescue missions, you helped through sigils and spells and potions. You were not a superhero, but rather a witch. You lived in a small cottage in the countryside, with a giant garden containing all the herbs and plants you would ever need, and that garden lead downwards to a large river, where you loved to spend your downtime, reading your books and enjoying the peace nature always brought you. Your small cottage also doubled as a shop, where people could pay you to make them personalized spells, help them create sigils, and make potions, or come to you for different divinations such as tarot readings and palm readings. It was a simple life, but if brought you much joy.
Your shop brought in usuals; a young teen looking for advice on love, a new mother who wanted a spell for her baby to be healthy and protected, a college student wanting to make a sigil to bring them wisdom while they set out on the world alone for the first time. This time, however, a new face came through the door to your little shop, eyes darting around the place curiously, looking at each object on the walls and on the shelves, each plant and herb that hung in a pot, each curious rune or marking on your wall, and a tapestry depicting the tarot card ‘The Empress’. This male had blonde hair, with a peculiar looking lightning bolt black stripe on his hair. A cute one, that’s for sure. Making his way up to the counter, he cleared his throat as he looked at you. “I..U-Uhm..Are you Y/N? Like, the witch Y/N? Well, I mean, obviously you are, I mean this is your home and it is quite witchy and you did have a black cat out there--unless that isn’t yours! I guess it could be a stray and-- Let me start over.” The blonde said, his cheeks glowing red. You smirked slightly, leaning forward, resting your chin in your hand. Newcomers often got nervous around witches, and the way he blushed let you know the glamour you casted on yourself was working.

The man in front of you started over.

“My name is Kaminari Denki. I’m a pro-hero, and I..I guess I need some sort of spell or sigil or something.” He explained, rubbing the back of his neck nervously. “Every time I go into battle, my friends get hurt.” He told you with a distressed frown. The look on his face was so hurt, so worried, you couldn’t help but mirror his expression.

“It comes with the job, doesn’t it?” You questioned, straightening up a bit. “Not to sound rude, but hero work isn’t exactly safe.” You shrugged frowning. This only made him frown more, and you quickly regretted your statement.

“I know what we do isn’t the safest work, but it’s necessary. There are those who would wish harm on innocent people, and there needs to be those who protect the ones who cannot protect themselves. My friends are selfless, and I want to make sure they are safe.” He answered, confident in his answer. At this, you smiled, pleased by his response.

“You are quite selfless yourself, Kaminari Denki.” You stated, making your way from behind the counter and towards the blonde male. “Unfortunately, I cannot make you a sigil that protects your friends.” You said. His face turned downcast, and he opened his mouth to speak, however you put up a single hand, stopping him before he could. “Sigils work for the user, and as far as I can gather from my studies, one cannot make a sigil for another, and that sigil be used for a group of people. What I can do is teach you how to make one.” You told him. Motioning him to follow, you brought him through your garden and down to the river it lead to, bringing a pen and a blank piece of paper. You both sat down on the ground, and handing Denki the paper and pen, you explain what needed to be done. “Magick is done in different ways. There is no wrong way to do magick, unless it is to be done with ill-will. Now, close your eyes, and focus your mind on what you wish to do. What is it you wish to do?” You asked him.

“I want to protect my friends and loved ones.” He replied.

“Take your intentions then, and concentrate only on that. Clear your mind, and let your intentions take form. When you have the image, keep it strong and write it down. I will leave you be so you can have peace of mind. Come to me when you are finished.” And with that, you left him.

Almost thirty minutes had passed before he came back inside. At that point, you had just finished handing an elderly women a potion for better sleep. Looking over at him, you gave a hopeful smile. “Did everything go well?” You questioned him, gathering the things you had gotten for the potion and putting them back in their rightful places.

“I think so. Here let me show you--” Once again, you put your hand up silently, stopping him from doing anything.

“It is not for me to see. It is made by you, and only for you.” You explained with a smile as you reached up to place an object on a high shelf. However, the object-- a cup with different markings on the inside-- slipped through your fingers. Both you and Denki made a quick move to save the cup, both catching it. As your fingers touched, you could feel a spark of energy pass through the both of you, and Denki knew it wasn’t his quirk acting up. Your eyes locked, and for a moment, there was silence. Coming to realization of the quiet between you two, you blinked, placing the cup down on the counter. “A-Ah, thank you.” You stuttered, moving back a bit. Never before had you felt such an energy.

“W-Well, I suppose I should get going now.” Denki said, his mind still moving a mile a minute at what had just occurred. He made his way towards the door, stopping before he made his leave. “You know..I don’t think I’ve ever met a person who’s quirk is magic.” He said, a bit impressed.

At this you chuckled, touching a dying plant beside you, bringing it to life once more and making Denki’s eyes go wide. No, magick was not your quirk, but rather plant growth. “Magick is not my power, Denki Kaminari. It is simply my practice.” You said with a smirk. Denki blushed slightly and nodded, and started walking out the door, with you walking behind him and seeing him out. “And Denki,” You started, leaning against your door frame.

“Yes?” He asked, quickly turning towards you.

“Don’t be so nervous next time. Not all witches are wicked.” You said with a wink, the black cat Denki saw earlier rubbing against your leg affectionately. You closed the door behind you and made your way back inside.

One thing was for sure: Denki was definitely coming back.

Chapter Text


The very word makes you shiver.

Working in retail, you’ve definitely had your fair share of odd, rude, and annoying customers. From people threatening to sue your store because you wouldn’t give them two plastic bags (How dare you?!), to people trying to take money out of your register because you weren’t able to give them change (They work at your sister store and they always let her do that!), to people telling you your store was going to burn in hell, simply because they couldn’t find where to pay (It was right behind him, but that’s obviously your fault for putting the check out where he couldn’t see!).

Retail was possibly the worst thing you could’ve landed yourself into career wise. You didn’t have a flashy quirk. All it was was quick-learning. From math to training to whatever, you learned it, and you learned it fast. But apparently, even that wasn’t enough to get you a job that earned more than minimum wage.

You were lucky that you weren’t working alone.


“How the FUCK does that even make sense?!” You inwardly cringe at Bakugo yelling at the customer he was serving. Sometimes, you were surprised at the fact Bakugo still worked at your store, but on the other hand, you knew he probably scared your supervisors into letting him stay; said he needed to ‘make sure you weren’t fucking things up’, as he put it.

“Are you fucking braindead?!” He shouted at the woman, looking both confused and pissed off, more so than usual. “Listen lady, you paid six goddamn cents for it, so that is how much you’re getting back!”

“But I didn’t know I paid six cents for it, so I should get the full refund!” She argued, making even you pull a ‘what the fuck do you mean’ face. Again, Bakugo lost it.

“You are the most fucking stupidest HAG I’ve ever had the misfortune of serving!” He shouted, opening the register and handing the lady six cents. “Here’s your money, now get the FUCK out of my line!”
“I demand to speak to your manager!” The lady shouted at him, hating the way she was being told off.

“I AM THE MANAGER.” Right..Despite Bakugo having a short fuse, and giving customers a piece of his mind, he was a very good employee, so it didn’t take long for him to reach manager status. He was pretty much indispensable. Still, sometimes you couldn’t help but feel bad for those he shouted at. You knew he could be pretty ruthless. It was still pretty funny though, so you couldn’t help but laugh.

But boy was that a mistake.

“And what do you think you’re laughing at?!” The lady said, turning towards you. You instantly froze up, mouth agape and not knowing what to say. But of course..Bakugo was there to intervene.

“They’re laughing at how much of a fucking idiot you are. Honestly, I can’t fucking blame them. Your stupidity is leaving me in stitches, truly. You got what you came for--and deserved--so get out of my store!” He told her, pointing to the exit.

“You sir just lost yourself a customer!” She threatened, making Bakugo scoff and roll his eyes.

“Good riddance!”

“I’m writing a bad review on this establishment!”

“Yeah, go tell your Facebook friends all about it, Karen! Maybe some essential oils will help cure you of your Chronic Bitch Syndrome!” He shouted back, flipping her the bird.

You watched as the lady left, and you couldn’t help but laugh some more. “God, what an asshole! All of that over six cents?” You asked in disbelief. Bakugo simply shrugged.

“You know as well as I do that wasn’t even the weirdest or worst customer.” He huffed, wrapping an arm around your waist. “Hey, today’s been pretty shitty. What do you say we go out for dinner after our shifts end, huh?” He asked. You smiled; you both had been together since the end of middle school, and you were still surprised at how sweet he could be. But, you softly shook your head.

“I think I’ll pass. I’m so drained, I think I’d much rather just lay in bed and go take a nap.” You explained.

You turned, seeing a new employee come up to you, who looked a bit flustered and unsure. “Y/N?” She asked softly, tugging on her hair.


“Yes sweetie? What happened?” You asked, frowning a bit.

“Well..A few things actually. Someone peed in the women’s career fitting room, someone found weed in the Junior’s fitting room, and a used condom was found upstairs in the men’s fitting room.”

You groaned softly, pinching the bridge of your nose. “You know what, Katsuki? I think I’ll take you up on that date