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Like Real People Do

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Like Real People Do is no longer available in its fic form because it’s becoming original fiction published by NineStar Press! (The first in a series!!! I’m so excited). Check the final chapter of this work, Tumblr (xiaq), or IG (el_massey) for updates on when it will be available to hold in your real actual hands. 

I wanted to keep the work up without content so I could redirect folks appropriately and keep all the comments/author's notes accessible. A few people requested that I post deleted scenes, drabbles, and behind-the-scenes sort of stuff to fill the chapters once I remove the content and I love that idea! So chapter 2 will now include a little drabble I wrote about Okezie and Martel (hopefully a pairing that will get their own book soon!). I’ll be adding things over the next few weeks and if there’s anything my publisher wants me to remove, I’ll add that as well so it's not lost forever! 

I know two days wasn’t a lot of warning, but I hope everyone who wanted to download LRPD in fic form had a chance. If you didn’t, I can’t send you a pdf anymore for contract reasons, but I know there are a LOT of other people who can. If you hit up someone in the comments on chapter 52 and message them, for example, you’d probably be in good shape. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all the awesome supportive comments on Tumblr and my announcement here and on AO3. I'm so happy. 

Here is a copy of the notice I posted a few days back, in case this is Brand New Information: 

I’m not sure how to say this because I’m trying to temper my excitement with the knowledge that some folks might be disappointed (or even angry). I guess I should start with:

I’ll be taking Like Real People Do down from AO3 in 48 hours.

If you want to download it, now would be the time!

But why? You ask. Well, that’s the exciting bit.

As I was writing LRPD, it sort of ran away from me into something that was a lot less fan fiction and a lot more original fiction. And then I had so many ideas about future stories I could write (Martel and Okezie, Matts and his future queer partner), but I didn’t think I could write them on AO3 because, well, they wouldn’t be fic! I also realized last year that academia is not the pretty pastoral walk in the park I expected. After talking to my therapist about what I actually wanted to do with my life, I reworked LRPD into a piece of original fiction and started sending out queries.

I’m DELIGHTED to report that I’ll be signing a publishing contract with NineStar Press. Not just for LRPD, but for a whole series of books about queer hockey players. I am so excited.

I want to thank everyone who followed along from the beginning (especially folks who left comments). You got me through grad school and encouraged me to keep writing and this story likely would not exist, in this form, without you. You can bet that fandom (some of y’all by name/username) will be thanked in the acknowledgements of the published version. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Some questions you might have:

They’re publishing all 150k words??

Yes, but LRPD will be separated into two books that, in their current form (as I undertake revisions) are about 80k words each.

Why are you removing the fic version?

That's required as part of the publishing contract for copyright reasons. If I could legally leave it up, I would!

When will it be published/where can I find it?

I don’t have a date yet, but it should be within 6-12 months and I’ll keep everyone apprised of things via Tumblr (xiaq) and IG (el_massey). You’ll be able to find it at bookstores or amazon or directly from me if you want a signed copy!

Will you still write fic?

Of COURSE. Most of my fic is written purely because I love the source material, and it’s so immersed in that material (Sherlock, Bond, Harry Potter, TOG, The Mandalorian) that I couldn’t (and wouldn’t want to) scrub it. I like playing in these universes and I have no desire to stop. The awesome thing about potentially being an author full-time one day is that I can likely write more fic if I don’t have a standard day job (especially one like professor-ing) taking up the majority of my time.

Will you do a book tour?

Possibly. It depends on initial sales and some other things, but I’ll definitely do some signings in Austin/Dallas/Houston, etc. provided there’s interest.

Why would you Betray Fandom by scrubbing fic and then selling it?

1. I fully support writers scrubbing their fic and publishing it, provided they tell me where I can buy the new version and give at least a day's advance warning before they remove the fic online. I have and will continue to support fic writers traversing the line between fic and original fiction because I don’t see anything wrong with that.

2. I’m tired. God, I’m tired. I've been working 60-70hr weeks and trying to squeeze in 30 minutes of writing before I fall asleep each night since my weekends involve either More Work or Hiking/Climbing. I'm barely getting a chapter of fic finished per month, now. My schedule is definitely better now than it was 3 months ago, but I'm still super busy and have little time to write for myself. This is a chance for me to get paid to do a thing I love that will also, hopefully, facilitate me living a healthier, happier, life. I’m going to take it.