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Prophecy Besmirched

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“I-I cannot take a-anymore!”

There was the echo of a sonic boom that tore straight through the atmosphere, the object in question crashing directly into the ground, a coughing, exhausted mess, as she stared at her gown, her long flowing priestess robes had ultimately been reduced to complete scraps, her naked body displayed, but she did not give heed to that, rather, she was trying her best to survive as the ground around her was once more hit by a salvo of rockets, which she was only able to bring up her hand to deflect in time.

Two of the rockets however vanished into puffs of smoke, revealing two clones that thrust out their hands at the same time.

“Bansho Tenin.”

The top part and lower parts of her body were ripped asunder, as she shrieked in pain.

Then, a foot slammed itself into the back of her head, and she was barely able to say anything as she looked up to the man who was responsible for it all.

Kaguya could not believe that the boy’s darker inner half was this powerful and brutal. His left eye contained Uchiha Sasuke’s Rinnegan, one that he had taken from the boy’s corpse and implanted into his eye socket, and his right eye contained Uchiha Obito’s Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, which had somehow also evolved into a Rinnegan upon being implanted into his eye-socket.

“The Great Goddess Kaguya! Finally reduced to this.”

Her body had already began regenerating, and he shook his head at that.


The scorching hot black flames struck her, and she resisted the urge to scream once more in agony as the sizzling smell of burning skin hit her nose, and as she felt a form of unimaginable pain that she had never felt before.

“Well, congratulations. You’ve won. The ‘light’ me is gone, lost completely to despair after you pierced your hand through the teme’s chest. Oh, and thank you for killing that idiot Kakashi, that man never taught me a damn thing in his life except tree walking.”

At this point, one would question how and why, Kaguya, a goddess of infinite chakra, was letting herself be bullied around and utterly decimated by this lethal and cruel version of Uzumaki Naruto. The reason was simple, on obtaining the Rinnegan and Sharingan, combining it with his Sage Mode, the first thing the boy had done was to destroy her third eye with the Truth Seeking Balls, as he turned it into a lightning fast needle.

He had fully absorbed the power of the Bijuu within him, and with his limitless chakra, he had formed an army of giant, fox-armored Susanoo. An army, numbering easily in the thousands, of giant, armored warriors of chakra who could slice mountains with a swing of the sword and the resulting battle between Kaguya and that army was what had her so drained. It didn’t help that the army had been using the power of the Rinnegan to absorb her chakra, and they were also running on the natural energies of Sage Mode.

Their battle had waged on for the better half of sixteen months, sixteen, nonstop months, in which the entire world had been turned to a nightmarish hell of lava, ice, and fire. Deserts were flooded, oceans were dried up, and forests had been reduced to ash as they had battled all the way from the Land of Fire, across all the continents until they finally arrived back at their starting point. Limitless chakra she may possess, she did not have the stamina or fortitude to match, and her body had been through rigorous punishment, especially from the Rasenshuriken attacks that damaged her on a cellular level.

She couldn’t kill him, as the boy’s sheer abilities now outnumbered hers, the range and versatility of techniques being enough to completely save him from any situation, even that of the All-Killing Ash Bones and likewise, he couldn’t truly kill her, though he had tried. Oh, he had tried.

As such, the twisted form of the boy stood over her, his foot smashing her face into the ground.

“You know, I have to admit that was kind of fun. We battled for so long and so hard that I almost forgot for a minute why I was battling you. Hell, I think we might have killed every single living thing on the planet while fighting and we did not even realize it.”

The boy’s tone was no longer as malicious as it was before, but Kaguya still said nothing.

“So… what now? I can’t kill you, and you’re not smart enough to actually think about a way to kill me. Everyone in the world is dead except for you and me.”

These were the last two living beings in the world… and Kaguya found herself heavily disappointed. This, none of this had been truly her desire, as all she had truly ever wanted was to bring forth peace to the world, through genuine peace, not a complete genocide.

She supposed there would be no more wars if there was no one to fight them.

There was the sound of rumbling and the young man removed his foot from her head, allowing her to be able to see as he frowned and scratched his cheeks, before he sat on the floor.

“Fuck I’m starving. I could go for some ramen right about now, but Teuchi and Ayame-nee are dead so that’s a moot point.”

She stared at him, warily.

“You – you do not seem as insane and wrathful as before.”

He snorted. “Yeah, but that was just me wanting to beat the shit out of you. And I’ve been doing that for what, three weeks now? I wasn’t keeping count.”

Three weeks? He believed they had been fighting for a mere three weeks?

He shook his head. “I am the part of Naruto that constitutes all his hatred, anger, rage… but fuck it, everything I hate and everyone I’m angry about is dead,. Except you, but you’re fucking impossible to kill. So… what now?”

That was the crux of the matter, anger and rage were emotions that were produced at certain peak heights, and it could only last for so long. One could not be angry and wrathful for all of eternity, and Yami Naruto had run out of rage and anger and despair, so he was questioning what was left.

He turned to her. “What I’m more surprised is how mellow you are. You’re not doing that stupid ‘a goddess am I’ yadda yadda bullshit anymore. Hell, you’re not even trying to attack me or kill me anymore.”

She frowned. “You have decapitated me four thousand and eighteen times. Bifurcated me a thousand and forty-one times. Set me ablaze six-hundred and ninety times. You have attempted to drown me forty-nine times and you have ripped out my heart and crushed it twenty-five times. Whereas, only nine of my attacks landed since you began your relentless assault.”

“You kept count? Shit, if I didn’t know any better I’d assume that you enjoyed the numerous ways I tried to kill you. You’re not a masochist are you?”

She blinked. “What?”

“Do you or do you not get soaking wet every time I hurt you?”

Her face turned a ferocious shade of red. “What nonsense! How dare you speculate such –”

He smacked her on her ass.

With Senjutsu.

“No need to be prude, we’re literally the last man and woman in the world, it’s a bit too late to be embarrassed by something like sex.”

She opened her mouth in protest, and found herself closing it. That was unfortunately true.

“So… want to have sex with me?”

She outright gaped at him. “A-Are you insane? Do you know who I am? And – you have just spent the better part of over a year attempting to kill me, and now you want to have intercourse?”

He shrugged. “With great anger comes great testosterone levels. I am still a teenage boy and the only person I’ve seen for a while is a naked sexy, older woman.”

Whatever she wanted to say was cut short.

“Wait a fucking second, I just realized that you’re the evil bitch who’s actions are the reason for all of this, and we’re the last two people in the world.”

He gave her a maniacal grin.

“Why the hell am I asking?”

Kaguya blinked. Oh.


“OH! OH! OHH!”

Kami, she was tight. He could feel her squeezing the hell out of his dick with a certain passion that he had never before encountered, which was a given considering that he had been a virgin beforehand.

And he just effectively lost his virginity to a goddess. Fuck yeah.

Also, he was screwing the Sage of Six Paths’ mother. Double fuck yeah.

He thrust into her in the doggy-style position, each and every thrust sending his twelve inch cock down her tightened pussy, and with each mad thrust he gave heavy slaps on her ass.

“Who’s your fucking daddy Kaguya! Say it! Who’s ya daddy?”


Yami was damned happy, what in the world had he been doing for so long, thinking about anger and rage and revenge? Sex was where it was at.

The speed the thrust in and out of was the speed of a fully automatic rifle not that he knew this, and of course, the full might of the Tailed Beast Cloak was on, just because. So his flaming golden form groaned from the feeling of Kaguya’s tight cunt that made him squeeze his eyes from each thrust in and out.

Kami, she was tight.

Of course, Yami had nothing to compare it with, as the goddess was quite literally his first ever sexual conquest, but it did not stop him from making the declaration of the sheer tightness of her cunt. And of course, it seemed his earlier assumption was right, as the woman was indeed a masochist. He could tell simply by how her pussy became a vice grip each time he spanked against her ass.

Her form was dripping with sweat at this point, the liquids coating her skin, and of course, her pussy was dripping wet, yet, despite this wetness, the sheer tightness never seemed to decrease, making Yami once more make another awe-inspiring declaration.

Kami! She. Was. Tight.


He did not know how long he had lasted, but against that sheer level of tightness, he felt absolutely no shame as his eyelids constricted and as he sucked in his buttocks as he released his load directly into her cunt. Hot, creamy liquids rushed forth, filling up the Kaguya’s cunt in record time, as the woman herself twitched madly as she let out her own release, their orgasms hitting at the same time.

He removed his cock from her pussy and they both collapsed to the ground panting.

“That, was fucking awesome.”

He blinked, realizing that the woman seemingly could not hear him because she was still cumming, her semen filled cunt squirting as her body shook madly.

Yami Naruto rubbed the under of chin, before grinning once more.

“Damn, you are one twisted goddess Kaguya.”

He’d technically raped her, but halfway through the beginning, her attempts to either scurry away or attack had diminished, and then instead she started moaning out in pleasure. Was it still considered rape if she had enjoyed it? Yami didn’t know, and he certainly did not care, considering that she was the reason for the death of millions.

Of course, if she hadn’t killed Sasuke, Kakashi and Sakura, then Yami would have never been revived and would have never taken over. So, as far as he was concerned, this was just desserts.

He walked over to her naked form as he noticed that she had finally stopped cumming, and her face instantly went a horrifying shade of red.

“Y-You fiend! To h-have reduced me to nothing more than a shrieking harlot –”

He spanked her pussy, his hand directly landing on her clitoris, and watched as her body shook as she had a miniature orgasm.

“Yeah… a bit too late for that now, don’t bother acting as though you didn’t enjoy it.”

Her red, panting face glared at him, but there was not as much heat in her gaze.

“You’re not a real goddess are you?”


“I could tell. Your physiology looks close enough to pass for human, and you can be fertilized by humans, but you’re not one yourself. At the same time, I wouldn’t really call you an all-powerful goddess, so what are you?”

He stared at her, watching as her face seemed to shift between numerous different emotions.

“I am from the Otutsuki Clan. We were… a clan of spacefaring beings, I suppose in such a light you could consider me an alien.”

He nodded. “And are there… other aliens?”

“None… none that I am aware of. Except for…”


“Two other members of my race. They would have been a threat, but with this world destroyed, I suppose they are no longer an issue.”

Yami hummed as he stroked his chin, feeling the prickles of hair that had grown there.

“That technique you use, to jump through dimensions, could it be used to jump through other worlds, other inhabited worlds?”

She blinked. “I suppose… but… I have never attempted it.”

Yami grinned. “Well then, Kaguya-hime, you’re coming along with me.”


“You, me, we’re ditching this world. It’s gone, it’s dead, and I want it out of my memory. We’re going to find new worlds, conquer it, and have sweet mindless sex to our heart’s delight.”


“You and me. On one hand, I hate your guts because it’s your fault that all of this happened, on the other hand you are the only other person left in the world that I know, and sex with you feels like heaven.”

Yami shrugged. “So me and you. We travel to different dimensions, we arrive, we conquer, and you can do your finding peace for humanity or whatever nonsense thing, but me, I just want to fight, eat, and have as much sex as possible.”

“And why in the world would I do that?”

“It’s either that or you stay here forever as the sole living being in an apocalypse.”

She looked as though she was about to protest, and Yami was having none of that.

“Look woman, I’m asking you because I want you to stand by me as an equal, alternatively, I could just drag you along anyway, fuck your brains out with Tsukuyomi and Shadow Clones and turn you into a goddamned glorified cumdumpster.”

To make his point, a thousand shadow clones appeared around the woman, all of them leering at her as their dicks were out, hard and ready for action.

Her eyes widened to impossible levels and she nodded her head rapidly.

Yami grinned “Good.” The shadow clones all vanished in a puff of smoke.

“Now, let’s go fuck up some poor sucker’s world.”

Chapter Text

Five figures dashed through the large thickets and trees in the surrounding forest. They ran, with their bodies streamlined, their hands behind their backs as they moved, hopping from tree to tree, and their mission of the most important urgency. Straying behind was a man with silver hair, his face covered partially by a mask, leaving only one eye open, as he wore a flak jacket over what was the expected uniform of the Jonin shinobi of Konohagakure no Sato. Next to him was a girl with pink hair, wearing a pair of leather shorts and a pink top with thick, heavy gloves, following behind as quickly as possible. Then came a pale-skinned boy, with a chokuto on his back, and an expressionless face worn easily. Then there was the only none Konoha native amongst them, with her blonde hair packed into pigtails and a giant fan on her back. Last but not least, was a female kunoichi who led the pack, with brilliant blond hair, she wore an open orange jacket that did absolutely nothing to hide her large D-cups, and wore a mesh fishnet underneath that, with wrappings covering her breasts. Her blond hair was let into long flowing pigtails on both sides of her head, and coupled with the mid-thigh combat skirt, she made for a truly amazing sight.

“Come on Sensei! We need to hurry up if we want to rescue Gaara!”

“Slow down Naruko, we won’t be doing him any good if we’re all out of breath before we reach Suna.”

The girl, named Naruko, bit her lower lip. “I know but… I can’t just let the Akatsuki take him.”

Her sensei sighed, but he too understood the severity of their mission, which was easily S-Class for a reason. The Fifth Kazekage had been abducted by the Akatsuki, and they needed to intercept him as rapidly as possible, otherwise, things would not go well.

No one was perhaps as worried as the man’s sister, who was also following them in order to rescue her brother.

“Don’t worry Temari-chan, I promise I won’t let anything happen to Gaara.”

Temari, the girl, simply nodded. She had chosen to put her trust in the Fourth Hokage’s Daughter, the heroine of Konoha. She had been the one who had taken out Gaara in the first place, three years ago, during the Chunin Exams. Where all had failed, Naruko had proven why she was considered Konoha’s Greatest Hero.

She wanted to affirm Naruko that she believed her, but she was unable to do so before the ground in front of them exploded.

“Look out!”

The three kunoichi and two shinobi scattered, watching as a massive explosion hit the ground were they stood not long ago, and Temari was already in motion, swinging her fan into her hands as she anticipated an attack, and likewise, all of them were ready.

“Goddamnit Kaguya! The fucking hell? Are you trying to kill me? What was with that jump?”

“Insanity has beseeched you! How could you expect me to properly time a cross-dimensional teleportation whilst your penis was in my mouth?!”

“It’s called multitasking!”

The sight that popped up in front of them once the dust cleared was most definitely not what anyone was expecting. There was a man who stood, shirtless, shoeless and with ragged pants, possessing spiky long blue-hair that extended down to his shoulders and back, with a battered and beaten Konohagakure plate on his forehead. He had three whisker marks on his cheeks and his eyes of two different colors, one of which was easily recognizable as a Sharingan, though a type in which no one had seen before, and the other eye was a metallic purple with rings inside, and of course, nine tomoe.

The other woman was completely naked, not an article of clothing on her at all, and she possessed somewhat pale and creamy skin, two horn-like objects on her forehead, and her eyes seemed to have the Byakugan.

“Oi… Kaguya. These forests… I recognize them. Why are we still in the Land of Fire? And why does it suddenly have forests again? It was a pool of molten lava last I checked.”

“I do not know. I was unable to focus, because, as I said, you were plunging your phallic member down my throat at the time.”

Then, the blonde man turned. “The fucking hell? Kakashi? Sakura? You’re alive? Wait a minute… why is my Oiroke Jutsu here… Oh… oh… don’t fucking tell me.”

His grin reached massive levels.

“Kaguya, remind me to kiss you after this.”


He was in an alternate timeline. He was in an alternate timeline where he was a girl, and everyone he knew was apparently still alive. He was back in an alternate world of Konoha.

“Who… who are you?”

His female counterpart had asked, and Yami could not help but eye her up and down. God damned, he was hot as fuck as a girl. Or girls were hot as fuck as him. Yeah, it was most likely the second one.

“Why do you look like me? Are you… are you part of the Akatsuki? Did they send you to stop us from getting Gaara?”

Yami blinked. They were going after Gaara? That meant that the Akatsuki had just launched their attack… which meant…

He would get to kill the Akatsuki all over again.

He could already feel his dick hardening from the thought as the gathered shinobi instantly went on the offensive, all of them drawing their weapons and entering their stances.

“It seems we are in some alternate version of the world.”

He rolled his eyes. “Thank you Kaguya for that statement. Would you like to make any other obvious declarations before we get started?”

Kakashi had come forth, eyeing them warily. “Who are you? You are wearing a Konoha headband yet, I do not recall ever seeing anyone like you before in Konoha… you have a Sharingan, yet you do not look like an Uchiha and you look far too similar to Minato-sensei for this to be coincidence.”

Should he troll them? Oh, yes, he was definitely going to troll them.

“My name is… Menma! I am the illegitimate child of Minato Namikaze and the secret granddaughter of Uchiha Madara.”

Oh, this was sheer gold. The shock and disbelief on their faces were enough to almost make him rolling on the floor in laughter. Maybe he would do that later, but for now, he was going to simply enjoy this.

Kaguya was staring at him as though he was insane, which he might have well been.

“That’s not possible!” His she-clone had yelled, “My father was an honest man! He would never have cheated on my mother!”

Interesting, so in this alternate world, his female counterpart knew about her heritage early? She also used ‘was’ meaning that Minato was dead here as well.

“Minato met my mother long before he met Kushina. But he abandoned her, he abandoned her for that red headed temptress. Now, my only goal in life is to make all his loved ones suffer, starting with you dearest sister.”

Was he overselling it a little? Perhaps. But he had to admit that it would make one hell of a convincing backstory, considering all the facts and everything else.

“I won’t let that happen!”

Yami frowned. There was too much talking here and not enough action. So, who should he get started with? Hmm… ini mini miny mo… that pale-skinned Root scum has got to go.

“Bansho Tenin.”

Sai was sent soaring straight into his hands, his eyes suddenly wide from the unexpected gravitational pull, as such, he was unable to respond when Yami formed a Rasengan with that same hand and thrust it directly into his face.

Who would win, grinding ball of chakra versus emotionless pale smuck?

The splash of blood that followed as the now headless body of the Root agent dropped to the floor proved that emotionless pale smucks just could not get a break.

As expected, the pink-haired banshee shrieked at the top of her lungs at the gruesome murder, and looked just about ready to throw up, meanwhile, both Kakashi and his she-clone stood, looking absolutely stunned because they had just seen him perform the Rasengan, which seemed to solidify his ‘backstory’ that he really was her half-brother.

“So, dearest sister, you were saying that you wouldn’t let what happen?”

The attack began.

“Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!” she roared at the top of her voice, and Yami just stared emotionlessly at the charging army of clones.

Was this truly how he had fought? Sweet kami, there was almost no tactics to the haphazard way the female clones had rushed at him, and Yami let out a sigh.

He extended his hands, and two Rasenshuriken appeared in them, the screeching bells of the technique easily drawing the attention of everyone on the battlefield, none more so than Kakashi.

“I-Impossible! H-he’s completed the Rasengan?!”

Yami blinked, oh yeah, at this point in time he wouldn’t have completed the Rasengan technique yet or learned how to add elemental chakra into it. He shrugged as he stared at the spheres which he then tossed one at a time, lazily, as though there was absolutely no effort needed to do so.

The spiraling attacks tore through the clones like a hot knife through butter, none of them being able to so much as react in time to the speeding techniques before they converged together, creating a massive explosion of microscopic wind blades that extended outwards in a sphere the size of two stacked Gamabunta.


“S-such power…”

“I-I’ve never seen such a devastating wind ninjutsu.”

Yami almost laughed. If this was their reaction to a plain Rasenshuriken, he wondered what they would think about the other moves in his arsenal. Hell, he had not even activated Sage Mode or any of his Chakra Modes yet, and they were already looking about ready to throw in the towel.

He couldn’t have that now could he?

“Kaguya, don’t interfere, I want to test something out.”

He vanished, or more accurately, he jogged around the battlefield, but to them he might as well have been moving at light speed as he appeared directly behind his she-clone and pinned her do the ground.

Quite literally, he formed the same black rods that Pain had used, and then he pinned her to the ground, crucifixion style, both arms stretched out, and both legs spread out, and then, he sat on her breasts.

Damn they were soft, and easily more voluptuous than what Kaguya had.

Regardless, he grabbed a kunai from her pouch, ignoring her scream of pain from essentially being crucified to the floor, and then he placed channeled concentrated wind chakra into it as he placed it on her throat.

Now, for the ultimate test.

“Sakura, kill Kakashi or my sister dies.”

Shocked and complete silence entered the battlefield as the pink-haired girl turned a pale sheet of white once everyone’s attention turned to her.


“You heard me. Kill Kakashi or I kill her. Once I do kill her, the Kyuubi will be released, and it will ravage the land and kill thousands. You can stop that, all you need to do is kill Kakashi first.”

“S-Sakura-chan don’t listen to – mmph!”

Tch, he didn’t need her talking, so he placed his hand over her mouth, activating the Rinnegan’s abilities as he began siphoning her chakra into himself, weakening her in the process.

Sakura shuddered like a leaf in place and Kakashi stood completely overwhelmed by the surprising turn of events. Most likely he had given them this same scenario during their Bell Test, but he supposed he never imagined such a scenario would occur.

“The clock is ticking Haruno. I will give you ten seconds to make the choice, or I kill her and then I kill you.”

Sakura’s entire body did the equivalent of someone with the jitters, seemingly hyperventilating, and Yami grinned as he began the countdown.


Temari charged forward, swinging her giant fan as she sent forth a wind technique at him, he responded in turn by wordlessly creating a Shadow Clone that absorbed the chakra from the technique and pinned the Suna kunoichi to the ground. Though not literally.


Sakura was still shaking, even as her hand wielded a kunai, and she turned to Kakashi, contemplating what she would do, her eyes seemingly begging for an answer.


Kakashi had his mask down, and Yami watched as his left eye turned into that of the Mangekyo Sharingan.


Kakashi attempted to use the Kamui on him, even as Sakura still stood, shivering in place and as tears began streaming from her eyes and snot gathered around her nostrils.


He negated the Kamui with his own Sharingan, which had been taken from the Obito of his own world, and he had far more chakra than Kakashi did, meaning that the silver haired Jonin’s technique fizzled out into nothingness.


Kakashi’s face turned into one of utmost despair as he realized that his trump card had failed, and as he literally cried blood.


Kaguya just stared at the entire debacle, the naked woman now standing and watching with close attention.


Sakura continued to display her own uselessness, shaking and shuddering as she glanced between the she-clone on the floor and her sensei, as though she was actually capable of weighing which of their lives were more important.


The she-clone tried to struggle to free herself from his grasp, but he had drained the entirety of her reserves, and physically speaking, he was far superior.


The sound of a blade tearing through flesh ripped through the air.

Yami stared in disbelief as the shaking Sakura now stood over Kakashi, her kunai having slipped through the under path of his chin, slicing clean through his jugular.

Okay, this was definitely an alternate world, because the Sakura he knew was far too chicken to have actually done that.

The man managed to regard her with the calmest of expressions, there was shock and disbelief in his eyes, but at the same time, he realized that it was most probably his fault.

Yami recalled in his own timeline, Kakashi had never given them the solution to that problem. In all honesty, the wisest course of action was to sacrifice the captive teammate and escape, most possibly because anyone capable of capturing a member of your team and holding him hostage with no possibility of escape, was far above your levels. Say you did kill your teammate, your enemy could be lying, and he would just kill his hostage anyway, leaving you alone, against a vastly superior foe. Then, say he wasn’t lying, you’d live with the fact that you sacrificed one team member to save another, and of course, your teammate would never forgive you for that.

Oh but Sakura, Sakura, Sakura. She was every bit as naïve as she was flat-chested.

“I-I-I-I’m s-s-s-sorry K-K-Kakashi-s-sensei…” she choked out, and Yami found himself grinning easily.

Of course, the she-clone under him had her eyes widen in disbelief, and Yami could already feel the sheer build-up of Kyubi’s chakra.

Yami grinned. “My work here is done. Come on Kaguya!”

He vanished from his position over the she-clone and appeared behind the goddess, wrapping his arms around her slender naked waist, before he vanished from that location, just as an explosion of chakra rocked the forests.


“I do not understand… what was the purpose of leaving?”

Yami grinned.

“The she-clone fell into despair and tapped into the unfiltered Kyubi’s power. Most likely she won’t be able to tell the difference between friend and foe, and she’ll kill Sakura and Temari, and fall into even more despair!”

Once she became depressed enough, it would be a breeze to mold her into his own fitting, shaping her into something dangerous, something lethal, and something sexy. Oh, and he'd bring back the two girls she killed of course, he couldn't just let Sakura die so easily. Flat as a board she might be, he needed to test out the tightness of that ass that the light him had recurring wet dreams about. And Temari's appeal laid in those legs, those nice long legs.

Yami rubbed his palms together. Oh, this was sheer perfection. It was like corrupting his ‘light’ half, but only far more entertaining.

“Let’s see… who else have I always wanted? Hmm…”

Shizune-nee had also been one of the people that made gave him erotic dreams whilst he was younger. Oh, and the crazy snake lady Anko. There was also the Mizukage, and Ino too, their breasts to thigh ratio were just A plus.

“We – we are staying here?”

Yami shook his head. “Only for a while. I want to kill the Akatsuki, convert some good girls to the sexy bad, have sex with a couple of ‘em, kill some pricks and then we’ll kiss goodbye to the Elemental Nations once and for all.”

She sighed.

He grinned.

"Now bring those sexy lips of yours, goddamn it you deserve a kiss for bringing me here."

Ah, it was fun being evil.

Chapter Text

Sakura felt cold. There was a frigid burning feeling within her chest that had extended as though her heart pumped ice through her veins. She felt nothing but coldness and darkness for the longest of time, and it was only made worse by how tight her chest felt, as though her lungs were constricted by rope. She tried to remember what had happened, and then it came back to her. She remembered the malevolent powerful chakra, she remembered the spiraling energy peaking into the sky, she remembered the ground exploding and she remembered watching as her teammate Naruko had morphed into that evil, red, thing with three tails.

Then, she remembered how it had lunged at her, and in one smooth move, it’s hand had gone straight through her chest, pushing out her beating heart through the other end. She managed to utter her name through her bloody lips, but it was too late, and instead, it callously thrashed her aside and went in search of a new target.

She remembered bleeding out on the ground with tears rolling down her cheeks, and then she remembered nothing.

Except, now, she could feel a slight warmth. She could feel winds hit against her from some unknown source, and she could feel air and heat and warmth.

A lot of warmth.

Heavy warmth.

The warmth seemed to have coalesced itself mostly against a single part of her entire anatomy, and she did not understand it. The warmth was large, it was pulsating, and it constantly moved in and out of her rectum with such a fast pace that she did not know how to describe it. The warmth felt quite good, good, oh, it was getting better and better as she could feel the shape as something veiny and hard, and as it moved faster and faster, going deeper into her at a pace nothing had ever done before.

W-what was this sensation?

Slowly, she could feel her body again, she could feel everything again, and belatedly, she could hear the sounds of rushing winds as groans, and it took the last of her strength to open up her eyelids.

She almost screamed once she found herself in the sky, so far high up that the trees and everything else appeared like mere specks of green.

She did scream however, as she felt an inexplicable pleasure rock her body from the warmth that was in her ass, that stretched it and continued to plough into it endlessly, back and forth, and she could not help but clench her butt cheeks in some attempt to stop the pleasurable invasion.

She heard a groan.

“Ah! Finally you’re conscious. Damn, your ass feels way tighter now that you’re awake.”

She turned her head up to the voice, carefully, as she did not know what it would take to stop whatever insane jutsu that was keeping them airborne, as she stared at the golden spiked hair of the man, and his two, enchanting eyes. He was shirtless, and his body possessed a great deal of muscle and well defined abs, which she trailed down, until reached his waist and realized that he was holding her by the thighs, his strong hands somehow not at all bothered from her weight, and his large, member was buried deep within her ass, hidden by her two butt cheeks.

She was confused. She was disorientated, and she had no idea as to anything except the fact that she now knew what anal sex felt like, against her own volition.

“W-w-what? WHAT ARE YOU DOING –”

He slapped her across the ass hard, and she let out a strong gasp from the sensation, which made her clench her butt even harder, and made him groan.

“Ah fuck, those wet dreams were spot on. Your ass is snug as hell.”

Indignation and anger instantly took over as her face turned a brilliant pink, the same shade of her hair.


She let out a ‘meep’ as she felt his fingers trail across the patch of hair above her womanwood.

“And what do you know, the drapes match the curtains. Part of me always thought you dyed your hair pink.”

She rapidly began squirming in his grasp, kicking as she attempted to pry herself from his powerful grip. She – she hadn’t even kissed anyone yet! And – and – she had only ever had plans of doing things like this with Sasuke-kun, not this male version of Naruko! None of this was in her plans, and she was only thankful that he had not decided to penetrate her virginity, and had focused on her ass instead.

Her ass! T-t-t-things came out from there, they weren’t supposed to go in!


“Before you say or do anything stupid as you usually do, allow me to point out two things.”

The voice cut across so sharply that she had no other choice but to listen.

“First, we are several thousand kilometers above the ground. The exact number? Low enough that you might feel dizzy from the thin air, but not yet suffocating from a lack of it, but high enough to make sure that you if you fall, you’ll become a nice pink and red stain on the ground.”

Slowly, she felt the saliva in her mouth coalesce as she gulped.

“Second, you were dead. I brought you back to life just so I could test if your ass really was as tight as my wet dreams often indicated, and unless you give me a reason to keep you alive, once I shoot my seed into your ass, I’m dropping you.”

Her eyes easily widened from that information.

He – he brought her from the dead? That was impossible – but, at the same time she would never forget the feeling of her heart being ripped out… GAH! None of this made any sense! Tsunade-shishou had said that there were no Jutsu capable of reviving the dead, but if that was the case, how did he do it? AND WHY WAS HIS PENIS IN HER ASS?!

Wait… was this what they called rape?

Her anger was instantly culled by a deep-seated fear.


Wait, saying let me go in such a situation would be the worst thing she could do.

“Let you? Oh, you want me to let you go?”

She spotted a hawk, one of the most majestic birds of all time, flying below them.

“NO! Nononono! I – mean –”

“You want me to unhand you? To release you? To set you free? If you object to me thrusting my dick into your ass at high speeds whilst clouds and birds pass us by, oh do tell me now.”

She opened her mouth, realizing that there was nothing she could say that would mean he should stop assaulting her, and not mean that he should stop holding her.

He had the high ground.

Her mouth closed with a dry clack as her throat burned.

“Yeah, I fucking thought so.”

He proceeded to slam his hips into her buttocks, making her eyes go wide and teary from the sensations of the full length of his cock going deeper into her ass.

She screamed at the top of her voice, from the sensation, as he repeated the tactic, disengaging his cock and then thrusting it in again at full speed, whilst he rammed into her in an airborne doggy style position.

“So Sakura-chan, do you enjoy the feeling of my cock in your ass?”

She almost insulted him for asking the question, as though she was supposed to enjoy the feelings of that pulsating, large member brutally enjoy her ass whilst flying high in the sky.

“Well, if you don’t, I guess I’ll just have to stop and fold my arms –”

“Y-yes! I enjoy the feeling of your cock deep in my ass!”



“From now on you call me master. Unless your pride is worth more than your life –”

“No-! Of course n-not master!”

She bit her lip as she berated herself once more when she felt the man, who had claimed to be the son of the Yondaime and some secret child of Madara Uchiha, the man who had called himself Naruko’s brother, proceeded to continue ramming his cock down her ass.

Why? Why was this feeling so good? Why was she getting so aroused and so turned on? Screaming or crying would do no good because no one would ever hear her so high up, but rather than feel a burning passion or embarrassment or shame from being violated in this manner, all she felt was sweet, inexplicable pleasure.

“Do you enjoy my cock Sakura-chan? Do you?”

He spanked her over the ass again and again and she could not even explain the waves of pleasure that rocked down her body. What was wrong with her? She could feel herself already soaking wet, and it was becoming harder and harder to think straight with the behemoth that was ramming into her ass at high speeds.

Was it because she had died as he claimed? To have gone from dying one second, to suddenly being alive and having sex the next, was that why she wasn’t screaming or protesting and just let the man thrust into her anyway he liked? Enduring this was far, far better than the coldness she had felt when she was dead, and to have gone from that to this was a much greater alternative.

He spun her out from the doggy position, and instead he held her in what could only be considered an upside-down cowgirl position, as she was now able to finally get a glimpse of his face, his strong masculine face and his diamond jawline, as his eyes glanced into her with a passion as he continued to thrust into her. Her body rocking from each thrust, as sensation filled her up, her nipples erect and firm, her voice coming out in brief whimpers as she let out ragged breaths and subtle moans.

“I am your God Sakura. I am the one who brought you back from the dead when your teammate had ripped your heart out.”

She did not have the voice to refuse, she could not even so much as deny or say anything else, pleasure rocking her body as his tongue captured her lips, then went deeper into her tongue, subjugating it within seconds as he explored every corner and every cavity of her mouth without a hint of subtlety.

“If you live now, you live only to please me.”

“N-n-no –” She whimpered, her every breath becoming a hot moan. This – this was w-wrong – s She – she loved Sasuke-kun. She wanted to be with Sasuke-kun… but, his touches, his words, his scent, his lips, all of it were fire, all of it made her body yearn for more and for more.

“You are nothing without me Sakura. Useless, weak, but with me, you are everything. I complete you, I make you whole. I am your master. I am your god.”

The last of her inhibitions and restraints broke as she felt him trail his hands around her breasts, finding her nipples and using his thumb and index finger to fine-tune them, turning and twisting them as the rest of his palm angrily grabbed her petite A-cups. Oh god yes, she wanted him in more than just her ass, she wanted him in every crevice and every hole, he was liquid, caressing down her form and pouring down her with reckless abandon.

Yes… she, she owed him his life. Without him she would be nothing.

She had always been useless without him hadn’t she? Yes… he was her master… her master…

“P-please – please me! Pleasure me more Master! Complete me! Fuck me harder master! Fill me up with your seed! Make this useless bitch have purpose!”

He had a vicious grin on her face as he bucked his hips three times, her entire body shuddering as she felt the veiny member inside her, giving her a level of pleasure she had never seen before.

“Now… let me… give your life… MEANING!”

She felt as though lightning had struck her body as she arched her head back from the feeling of the thick, hot wad of semen rushing into her ass, she tightened her butt cheeks hard, and clenched her hole from the sensations, as hot tears stung at her eyes and the heat of the sticky load made her moan.

“AHHHH! I’m CUMMING! I’m CUMMING from your cock in my ass Master!”

She grit her teeth hard as her vision swam, and liquids squirted from her woman hood, her entire body rocking and shaking madly like someone undergoing a seizure, continuing this process as her toes curled and her entire head swung back.

“Damn that was awesome.”

She stared, hazily at the man’s grinning form before his hands then formed into a familiar cross-handsign that she had seen Naruko use countless times.

Eight shadow clones popped into existence around them, all of them equally grinning, and all of them having their massive bulging cocks out and erect.

“Time for rounds two to one hundred.”

Those words were the last things she remembered before her world once again turned black.


If one were to have looked up into the skies at that moment, they would have met the surprising sight of a shirtless young man, descending from the heavens like a god. In his arms was a woman who’s entire form was still rocking and shaking from orgasms, as she was drenched from head to toe in semen. Her ass was gaping open and was leaking copious amounts of the sticky white liquid, and so was her vagina, which had been stretched out and was also filled to the brim with it. Her eyes were rolled into the back of her head, as her mouth lay open and her tongue stuck out, with an entire gulp-full of semen within.

“So I can cross out anal fucking and gangbanging Sakura into unconsciousness off my list. All righty! What’s next?”

The spot at which he had arrived, had a familiar blonde woman, whose hair was usually tied up into pigtails but now allowed to freely flow. The woman was hunched over, as a clone’s dick was thrusting down her throat in the front, and there was another clone ravaging her pussy from behind.

“Damn boss! You have to try Temari out! She’s got this awesome deepthroat technique!”

“Screw that! You need to try out her pussy! It’s not as tight as Kaguya’s but she clamps on so hard I almost dispelled as I nutted!”

He shook his head. “You guys forget that I gain all your memories and experiences when you dispel, so I’ll remember the sensations of both.”

Both clones nodded, before letting out groans as they cummed loads into the Kazekage’s sister, the clone at the front spurting down her throat with such force that Temari had failed to effectively swallow it all and nearly choked, and the one at the back blowing his load into her pussy, and watching as it made her stomach swell slightly from the sheer amount.

They both dispelled at the same time, and Yami cursed as the memories of their intercourse and sensations instantly hit him.

Thankfully, Sakura the Cumdumpster™ was available for him to rapidly shove his dick down her throat as he blew his load into her for the umpteenth time that day. Even unconscious, she was able to swallow most of it, and the mere sensation of his cock in her mouth sent her into another shuddering fit of orgasms.

Ah, Yami let out a satisfied grin as he removed his dick from her mouth, and stared at the likewise unconscious Temari. Both of them had been killed by the she-clone, whom he had discovered was named Naruko (how original) and he had brought them back using the Outer Path of his Rinnegan.

It had been fun fucking them both senseless, but now he supposed it was time to go out and kill somebody.

He recalled from the memories of the clone that Kaguya had gone off to ‘infiltrate’ the Akatsuki as he had instructed, which left him with just enough time for him to do what he needed to do, by destroying Konoha and the other Four Shinobi villages.

Oh yeah, Sunagakure had just lost the Kazekage Gaara hadn’t it? They’d be the first one that he’d destroy. Or enslave. Or both.

Why? Because he was Yami Naruto, that’s why.

And because yadda yadda child of prophecy, yadda yadda savior or destroyer of the world. Technically this wasn’t his own world to begin with, but who cared about the details? It was destruction time.

“Alright! Time to go kill thousands of useless generic male shinobi, and enslave their women and children! Who’s with me?”

He frowned at the lack of response, before blinking. Oh, wait, he had fucked both of them into unconsciousness.


Whistling a jaunty tune to himself, he picked up the two girls with the Deva Path’s power of gravity, and tossed them into his Kamui dimension, before closing it up and flexing his muscles.

He was going to enjoy this.                                                                        

Oh yeah, where did that she-clone of his go anyway? Probably went on a rampage in the three-tailed cloak.

He shrugged. He’d come back for her after he made a thousand widows and orphans.

Because he was just that kind of guy. 

Chapter Text

Baki growled. The Jonin of Sunagakure no Sato felt nothing but utmost humiliation and embarrassment, he felt shame and anger, his teeth grinded against themselves as he clenched his fists. Was this what Sunagakure no Sato had been reduced to? Their Kazekage had been abducted by the Akatsuki, after the man had tried his best to protect them all from the bomb of the clay-wielding Akatsuki member. Kankuro had gone off in chase of them, only to have returned critically poisoned and injured, and Suna had no other S-Rank shinobi capable of retrieving Gaara or going after their Kazekage.

A “Great” Shinobi Village had no S-Ranked shinobi whatsoever. It was disgraceful.

So they had been left with absolutely no other choice but to instead rely on Konoha, on their allies to provide them with the much needed back-up in order to weather through this hard times. With Temari having being the Konoha-Suna Ambassador, he could only hope that they had been able to garner support of strong, capable people in order to rescue the Kazekage.

Of course, things were never that simple. They had waited, and waited and waited, and the shinobi from Konoha had failed to show up, likewise so had Temari, the Kazekage’s sister.

Kankuro had died from his poisoning, and moral in Suna was at an all-time low. This was it, there were very few shinobi of notability in the entire village, as it stood, they were a great shinobi village in all but name, and any other village could choose to invade and conquer them.

Of course, it had not taken long for a massive explosion to have rocked the middle of Sunagakure no Sato, evaporating several buildings and sending civillians and shinobi alike airborne like giant fleshy tumbleweeds, dust and debris rising high into the cloud in the manner and shape of a mushroom cloud.



Baki swore. Today was just not his day.

Yami was hard.

This sentiment was one which he had felt over and over again, and of course, there was nothing new about the fact that he enjoyed sex more than a couple of blue-balled newlywed rabbits. Of course, the only other thing he enjoyed more than sex, was perhaps, mass carnage and murder. The scent of blood and the sight of all that he hated fleeing in agony, or at least, trying to flee in agony.

“M-m-my arms! I can’t feel my l-legs!”

Oh, he felt his dick harden even more as random Suna Jonin number four fell onto the ground thrashing about from his lack of legs.

“The ground is lava! The ground is lava! AHHH!!! MY LEGS! IT BURNS!”

Sweet kami, his tattered pants were several shades to tight as he let out a whimsical smile at the smell of burning human flesh which seemed surprisingly close to that of steak, though a little bit too burnt for his tastes. Oh, wait, their skeletons were already melting as well? That was a shame.

“F-fall back! Retreat!”

“No! Stand firm! Where are the reinforcements! Where are the reinforcements goddamned it?!”

“They’re dead! They’re all dead! All the ANBU! ALL THE JONIN! ALL OF THEM!”

“How?! H-he’s just one man!”

Yami’s frowned. He took objection to that sentiment, he was technically a walking army with his shadow clones, but of course, they did not know that he had been using Shadow Clones all around the village to turn the floor to lava with his Lava Release, flood other areas with Water Release, and then use Steam Release to really broil up some others.

“Damn these guys are weak… were the average shinobi of Suna really this bad?  I don’t see how in the world they survived Four Wars.”

He had taken out the ‘elite’ of the village first, believing that the ANBU and Jonin would at least give him a challenge, but unfortunately it was seemingly not to be.

Realizing that it took him less than an hour to take out the entirety of a Hidden Shinobi Village, he had immediately changed his plans and sent Shadow Clones to Iwa, Kiri and Kumo. Likewise, he had changed Kaguya’s plans as well, and sent her off to Taki instead of having her go to Ame. Once they were done, he’d tackle Konoha for last.

So he would be taking out the Five Great Shinobi Villages simultaneously, and all before dinner too.

Just another day at the office.

For now, he was just taking out the Chunin and Genin of Suna, trying to kill them in as many unique ways as possible to earn higher style points. This of course included but was not limited to, his individual fingers and toes, his elbows, shoulders, knees and ankles, his forehead, ears, lips, tongue and teeth, and of course, his cock.

“Protect the civilians! W-w-we cannot let him go any further!”

“For Suna!”

“For Suna!”

He clapped, his palms smacking together into thunderous applause and giving all of the gathered Chunin pause, each of them warily and shakily gazing up to the form of the one man who had single-handedly walked into their village with a random female ANBU on his cock, and then proceeded to lay siege to everyone and everything within it.

“I’m impressed by you guys’ dedication! I mean, with a chant like that, one would almost believe you weren’t about to die completely worthless deaths!”

Yami would have grinned at the manner in which all of them seemed to falter.

Brown haired random, generic Suna Chunin number three charged at him with kenjutsu, and Yami spun underneath the blade with relative ease, the sharp metal slicing into nothing but air, as the blond menace then slammed his head directly into the Chunin’s chin, a sickening crack echoing as the man’s neck snapped backwards and he fell to the ground like roll of tissue paper.

“Nice! Killed someone with my forehead. That should be about fifty points I think?”

The other Chunin were literally shaking in their boots, and one had peed himself. Yami cracked his knuckles as he let out a fanged, elongated smile.

“So... tell me boys… have you ever danced with the devil under the pale moonlight?”

Ah, he would forever savor their screams of terror.

Kaguya truly wondered what in the world had possessed her to follow the now insane and diabolical version of Uzumaki Naruto. A part of her knew, intrinsically, she was the fault of all of this. Had she not initiated her plan and killed the boy’s loved ones, he would not have gone insane and unleashed this alternate persona he possessed, which had originally been nothing but utter rage and sorrow and anguish. Of course, he had rapidly burned through that anger and rage and sorrow by fighting and attempting to kill her over and over again, instead leaving in its place some apathetic, insane monster that did whatever he wanted without any form of inhibitions in place.

Of course, this… Yami as he called himself, had proven to be far superior in intellect than his former self, and was smart enough to never once let her out of his sight, even if all he used were Shadow Clones in order to make sure that she was within arm’s reach, and would not go off to leave him alone in this world, or do anything he did not entirely approve of.

Her eye promptly twitched as she felt a hand smack unto her posterior, and she turned to glare at the culprit

“You were thinking bad thoughts about the boss weren’t you?”

“But of course! Surely you do not expect me to think anything good of him.”

“That’s not what I remember from when the boss was ploughing into you.”

Her face rapidly turned several shades red once more. The memory of how effectively and accurately the teen had made her shriek out his name from the pleasure of his throbbing length invading her womanly places was one that she would never live down.

For now, they had easily and effortlessly infiltrated the village of… Taki? Yes, Taki. Yami had come up with the brilliant plan and realization that all the other Bijuu existed in this world, meaning that they could absorb the powers of the other Bijuu of this world and add it to their already existing might. Of course, it meant killing their Jinchuriki, but considering that he intended on killing millions to begin with, nine more lives barely mattered.

No longer naked, she found herself wearing a long flowing Miko’s attire, one befitting of her nature as a Goddess, or at least that was before the clone accompanying her had modified it, shortening the length of the gown to just ending above her thighs, short enough for her womanly parts to be seen if she was to so much as bend, and exposing her long, pale legs and thighs. Of course he had then given her a pair of transparent white stockings to wear underneath, and then modified the top of the attire to show as much cleavage as possible.

Again, Kaguya truly contemplated why she was following this man.

Though a part of her would not deny the… exhilaration that came from wearing something so revealing and obscene, as she had never had such a privilege growing up, to as much as reveal even the slightest of skin to tempt men, and most had been too intimidated by her to as much as even consider her attractive.

In contrast, Naruto made obscene comments about her body in ways that were both infuriating, and immensely gratifying.

Not that she would ever admit this of course.

Eventually, she had followed him and they both found themselves in a tree house of sorts, with a mint-green haired woman present inside the room. Kaguya could distinctly feel the chakra of the Nanabi within the young woman, and she woke up upon detecting the intruders.

“W-who are you? What are you doing he –”

The Yami Clone with her had gazed directly into the young woman’s eyes with his Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan, and her orange eyes glazed over instantly, as she stood perfectly still.

“Well? What are you waiting for Kaguya? Go on and absorb the Nanabi from her!”

She quirked her eyebrow. “I am already a being of infinite chakra. I do not require any more.”

The clone gave her an odd look, before shrugging. “More for me I guess.”

He instantly spotted a lewd look on in his gaze that Kaguya was starting to really get annoyed seeing, as he tore aside the woman’s top, and exposed her tanned skin and perky breasts to the winds.

“Must you assault every woman you come across?”

He gave her a look, tilting his head. About three seconds passed before his eyes widened.

“Oh, wait, that wasn’t rhetorical?”

Kaguya was only able to shake her head and sigh as she watched him descend his lips unto the unconscious girl’s breasts, as his hands cupped her behind and he began absorbing the Nanabi’s chakra from that spot.

It of course did not take long for her to hear the familiar sound of skin slapping against skin, and the moaning and mewling of a young teenage girl perverted by the unstoppable force that was Uzumaki Naruto’s libido.

Whereas Kaguya and Yami Clone A were at Taki, Yami Clone B, or simply Yami B, found himself whistling as he strolled through the front gates of Iwagakure no Sato. Or at least, he attempted to, before being immediately surrounded by ANBU guards.

“Halt. State your name and your business immediately.”

Yami B rolled his eyes, already expecting such a reception. The history between this world and his looked quite similar, or at least, it also happened that Iwa held a grudge against Konoha and similarly hated anyone with spiky blonde hair who would remind them of their greatest enemy, Namikaze Minato.

It was a shame that Minato was not alive in this alternate world, Yami B felt that he really needed to pound that man’s face into the pavement for the complete and utter ‘retardedness’ it would have taken for someone who was considered a genius, to have sealed a demon into his own son, and expect people to treat him like a hero. Oh, normal Naruto had gotten it out of his system when they had met after he had been revived with the Edo Tensei, but Yami had most definitely not.

“I’m here to fuck your women, destroy your village, and kill the Tsuchikage. Not particularly in that order.”

The ANBU immediately went on guard, and Yami B rolled his eyes.

“You know, I thought ANBU were supposed to be like the elite of the village. But it looks more and more like you guys are the cannon fodder that gets beat up just to show how much more powerful and badass the bad guys are.”

Yami B sighed, they had all attacked him with kunai and with weapons and swords, and he didn’t do anything as he simply just let the weapons phase through him, utilizing Obito’s Kamui ability by turning his body intangible.


Their missed strikes had hit each other, and the ‘elite’ of the ‘elite’ all collapsed, blood gushing from accidentally slashing their own comrades throats, or accidently stabbing their fellow shinobi through the mask and into the eye.

Yami B facepalmed. This was utterly ridiculous.

“Alright, that’s it. I wanted to kill you all slowly, but I can’t risk being infected with this much stupidity.”

Utilizing the Deva Path’s power of gravity, he flew himself higher and higher into the air above Iwa, and then formed a familiar attack in his hands that he had not utilized for a while.

“Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken.”

The first one was launched.

“Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken.”

The second collided.

“Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken.”

The third ended.

Heat, power, chakra, destruction, and explosion. All of these became one as he launched the trio of rapid spherical attacks rained down into the center of the village of Iwa. There was a flash of all-consuming white light, a ground shaking roar like the vengeance of a hundred bellowing earthquakes, and in what could only be described as an apocalyptic boom, the village made from stone was rapidly engulfed in a titanic explosion that uprooted trees and sent them hurling through the air like toothpicks.

Once it was done and nature had stopped roaring, once sound had returned to the world and light had receded, the only thing that was left was a massive, gargantuan crater, far larger than anything Pein had ever been able to make in his own invasion of Konoha.

Yami B descended slowly to the ground, landing at the large superheated crater that had parts of the earth bubbling and red, and he promptly dusted his hands together.

“Huh. The Village Hidden in Stone. Yeah… tombstone.”

Yami B slowly rubbed his chin. “All right, all that’s left is to find their Jinchuriki and –”

He was able to dodge, at the last second, a concentrated beamlike attack aimed directly at him, and he grinned, turning to look at the attacker.

“Someone actually survived?”

Clambering up from dust, was an old, aged man, hunched over, frail and small, his arms and legs badly burned and charred to the point that there was absolutely nothing left of it, and part of his face likewise had corroded off to reveal the bone that was left under it, and Yami B blinked as he pointed at him.

“Hahahaha! The midget Tsuchikage survived!”

Said midget growled, staring up at him with his one undamaged eye.

“My village… my people… my family… my granddaughter… all of them… gone.”

Yami B’s eyes widened. That – that was true…

“No! No! What have I done?”

Onoki stared at him in confusion, watching as he collapsed to his knees and began pounding his fist unto the floor.


Yami B stared up with tears in his eyes.

“Your granddaughter was hot as fuck! Why didn’t I have sex with her first?! WHY?!”

The Tsuchikage was speechless.

Suddenly, Yami B rose up, and slapped his fist into his palm in realization.

“Oh wait! I can always bring her back with the Outer Path! I just have to find her ashes first.”

“Y-y-you are insane! Y-y-you are a monster!”

Yami B gave a ferocious grin as he stared at the man, vanishing and then re-appearing behind him, placing his hand over his head.

“Nothing personal old man. You were all going to die sooner or later, so why not make it sooner and go party with the shinigami?”

Onoki was barely able to stare into the wild, vivid and happy eyes of the man who had just killed his entire village, ended millions of lives, and did so with a brilliant, dazzling smile.

“W-who are y-you?”

Yami B grinned.

“The outcome of a besmirched prophecy.”

The Tsuchikage could no sooner ask what that meant before he heard the last two words of his entire existence.

Human Path.”

Chapter Text

There was heat. Blazing, burning, scorching heat that felt as though the very pits of hell had descended upon her form and ravaged her to its utter delight. The heat danced and sailed across every crevice and part of her body with the fervor of a pirate sailing the seas, desperate to find that long lost treasure. Yet, the heat moved as though there was no map, wandering, drifting, swaying, as it climbed the peaks of her breasts, the large sweaty mounds bouncing as the heat caressed it’s tips. Hardened nipples were flicked and twisted, as though a young infant had found themselves fascinated with them and knew not the effect such actions would have.

She mewled.

The sounds that came out of her mouth and the thoughts that ran through her head were in vicious conflict.

This was wrong.

She said, watching as her village burned with a brief, vibrant intensity, all-consuming black flames converting all matter to ash, and as her shinobi, her wonderful, shinobi, ran, and screamed, and burned. Yet, as they did this, all she could do was let out a dry raspy moan, agonizingly hating the sound of her own voice as the heat returned to her body, this time, lower, feeling an appendage trace around the edges of her thighs and ever so closely to her vulva.

This is wrong.

Her body fervently disagreed, as small, shuddering gasps escaped her lips, as she once more felt an appendage, a tongue, she vaguely realized, stroke up and down the her vulva, lapping up the moistness with all the passion of parched man drinking from a pool of water.

She whimpered.

To her side, one of her female ANBU watched, unable to move, stripped bare and hunched over as resounding smacks echoed on her backside and she shrieked like a whore. In her front, another clone of their attacker stood, shoving the full length of his cock that was longer than most standard rulers down the poor girl’s throat.

I need to stop this.

She wanted to, but the thought was sent out of her mind as she felt the tongue penetrate her, eyes going watery from the sensation as another hearty moan escaped her lips. She could feel the warmth and heaviness of the muscle inside her, she could make out it’s very shape and length, as it began to whirl and whirl, licking the top, licking the bottom, licking side to side, and her vision was filled with nothing more than stars upon stars.

She turned her gaze momentarily  back to her ANBU, watching, as the woman’s face was forcibly thrust front and back, repeatedly, like an aged process, her eyes utterly wide and her cheeks extended as her lips was latched on to the cock. The clone did not spare her in the slightest, barrelling faster, each thrust slamming his balls into the poor girl’s chin, as he held the back of her head and turned her entire face into his personal toy.

This is so wrong.

Yet, she found herself clenching her hand and curling her toes as the tongue went deeper, further, as the man eating her out somehow manipulated the appendage, using it to savor her insides like no one ever had. It was too much, she was feeling too much all at once.

She gasped.

She knew why it felt so good, as despite her relative good looks, she was an utter novice when it came to sexual experiences, her appearance often intimidated men, and so did her power. Becoming the Mizukage had certainly not changed that, and she had believed, for the longest time, that she would never find someone who would please her.

Oh so wrong.

Her village was burning, the Village Hidden in the Mist would and could instead be renamed to the Village Hidden in Smoke, and here she was, legs wrapped around the man responsible, moaning and heaving and panting as he ate her out like he was a starving god descending on his divine meal.

“Does it feel good Mei-chan?”

Finally, he once again graced her with his voice, it however, came from a clone standing beside her, his fully extended and heavenly scenting cock aroused, and pushed against her left nipple.

“Your village is burning. Your men are dying. Does seeing this turn you on?”

She knew, he was extremely specific when he said her men were dying. As she gazed upon her village, she witnessed the form of dozens and dozens of the man’s clones having sex with every decently attractive woman he could find. All of them moaning and screaming to stop whilst he carelessly ploughed at them from behind.

The men? Burning, engulfed by black flames. Screaming to whatever devil or gods of death to release them from their hell.

“Does watching this… make you… aroused?

“N-no –”

“Tsk. Tsk. I don’t like liars Mei-chan.”

He placed to fingers into her mouth, and she did not have the strength to resist or even bite, as his index and middle fingers brought out her tongue gently, and rubbed it.

He gave her a chilling grin, especially with those eyes of his, one purple and one red, dangerously spinning, hypnotizing, calming –

“W-wha – AUGGGH!”

Her body rocked, vibrating and flopping like a fish desperate to return to water, as hot white tears stung at the edges of her eyes as sheer pleasure unlike that she had ever encountered filled her, as the tongue had elongated and hit her womb, and her inexperienced body gave in, her teeth mashing against each other as she released her juices straight into the man’s mouth.

He lapped them up, greedily sucking and slurping down on her –

“Gahahaghi – aaaahgaah!”

Incoherent words escaped her lips as he sucked and slurped her entire womanhood, his mouth completely covering it up as he proceeded to suck it out as though it were a venomous bite inflicted on the skin, making her feel as though she were a simple box of juice that was punctured and drawn from at the straw.

“You enjoyed that didn’t you?”

Her heavy pants could not allow her speak, as her mind drew vacant blanks, as though she was a canvas that had been set aside to be begin work by a master artisan, and the original, the man who had been greedily drinking from her most sacred of places stood, his eyes alight with fire.

“I’m going to make you mine, Mei-chan. I am going to break you, and rebuild you from the ground up until the name you call me...”

He trailed his fingers down her chin.

“Is God.”


~~~~~~~~~~ Prophecy Besmirched ~~~~~~~~~

“All ANBU units in place! I want teams Alpha and Zeta working around the clock and covering the northern and southern entrances and exits!”

“Hai Raikage-sama!”

“Teams Omega and Echo, cover the eastern and western Exits, if you so much as remotely see a chipmunk that looks blond, you kill it immediately!”

“Hai Raikage-sama!”

“Well? What the hell are you waiting for? There’s an SS-Rank Terrorist on the loose out there with the eyes of the bloody sage of six paths, and he’s destroyed Three Hidden Villages! Do you want OURS to be next?!”

Mabui was startled at the speeds at which the ANBU left the Raikage’s office. She had to hold on tightly to the stacks of paper as they charged out, leaving the young dark-skinned secretary of the Raikage stunned.

She could not entirely blame them, as it was the general tension and atmosphere in the air that had led to this situation. They were lucky that their spies in Sunagakure had been able to inform them about the threat, before being killed. The ones they had in Iwagakure had no hope, and it was only the Earth Daimyo’s army and those outside of its boundaries at the time that had given the reports. The village had been completely and absolutely annihilated in seconds.

There was a small creeping discomfort to her, as she could not imagine hundreds of thousands of lives ended so callously, despite being a shinobi, such mass levels of destruction where almost completely unheard of.

“Mabui! What are you doing spacing around like that? I thought I told you to go get my brother and Yugito!”

She snapped out of her daze and then allowed a thin line to come unto her face as she frowned. She knew that the Raikage was no doubt wound up from the threats, but even she did not truly appreciate his angry tones.

“I sent for him thirty minutes ago Raikage-sama. I think he was training with his team. Yugito on the other hand will be here soon.”

The Raikage snarled, his muscles bulging as his face was contorted into one of extreme annoyance.

“Our entire lifestyle and race faces extinction from someone who has inherited the eyes of the being who gave us our lifestyle in the first place. I don’t believe in any Karma or destiny, and I am not going to sit down and let myself, my village, and everything I have ever worked for, be destroyed at a whim.”

“Good thing you’ll be dead… corpses have never been good at sitting in the first place.”

Mabui would never be able to explain the sheer level of terror that entered her form the second the mysterious voice had uttered that statement into the air. Both of them rapidly turned their gazes to the corner of the room, where a blond haired man immediately appeared, shirtless, with lean muscle and a slight sheen of sweat covering his form. Beside him, was a white-haired woman with horns on her head, dressed in what Mabui could only describe as a priestess’ outfit that had been retrofitted for a whore. The gown was ever so short and displayed her vagina, the long white stockings made no sense context wise but somehow only added to the sensuality of the outfit, and the neck was cropped low enough to display so much cleavage and the tips of her nipples, which likewise protruded through the robes.

In a second, the Raikage charged, lightning crackling his form in a brilliant, dazzling manner as he lunged at the invaders, momentarily giving Mabui hope at seeing her fearless leader dive straight into the action.

“All Killing Ash Bones.”

Her hope plummeted, as the priestess-whore woman countered with a black, bone like material that struck and pierced the Raikage directly in the middle of his forehead, somehow bypassing the man’s legendary lightning armor without breaking a sweat, and bringing him to a cold, hard stop.

He dropped to the wooden floor, and immediately afterwards, his head began to vanish, disintegrating into nothingness, as the rest of his body followed, and in no time at all, all that was left of the great Raikage A, was nothing but a pile of ashes, swept to the wind.

Her gaze turned to the duo, and she watched as the blond man callously struck his fingers up the woman’s vagina, making her give out a large moan and eep.

“W-what is the meaning of this?”

“Boo. Boo. Seriously Kaguya, I wanted to kill the Raikage myself. You know, so I could brag about literally fucking or killing all the Kage. You stole my kill.”

“I – I did not know that –”

“Which is why I shoved my fingers up your cunt. Each time you do something I don’t like, I’ll shove my fingers either up your pussy, or up your ass, and make you suck on them immediately after.”

“Is there a chance you could not do that?”

“Is there a chance of the Raikage growing to old age and hugging his grandkids?”

Mabui stared at the duo, baffled, mystified, terrified, as she just watched the strongest man she knew, the fastest man in the entire village, be killed by this woman who was somehow in an abusive sexual relationship with the grinning blond man beside her.

She – She needed to call Killer Bee, or – or – Yugito, or someone, because she knew there was not a chance in hell of her being able to defeat these two, whose chakra presence felt as though she was standing in front of a god and a tailed beast.

The man then turned his gaze to her.

Her heart promptly stopped as she watched him smirk and lick his lips.

“Well what do we have here?”

She tried to turn around to run, only to freeze as the second she turned around, the man was there, staring, grinning.

She did not even realize when warm liquids utterly drenched her underwear and dribbled down her legs, staining the floor.

“She wet herself out of fear. I do not know whether to be impressed at how intimidating you must be to inspire such a reaction, or disgusted at how cowardly this woman is.”

Mabui heard the woman’s words, but she did not care, her pride did not matter and her life was far more important than any stupid pride she might have believed she possessed.

“P-p-please d-d-don’t kill me….”

“Oh, I’m not gonna kill you…”

He said those words with a smile, and somehow they weren’t comforting.

“I’m just gonna fuck you…”

He took a step forward.”


His fingers snuck down her soaked panties.


His tongue descended.


And all Mabui knew was pleasure.

Chapter Text


Yami let out a massive grunt as he thrust his hips forward, grabbing the back of the head of the woman in front of him, and slamming her face closer as his dick went further down her throat, and unleashed his hot, sticky semen into her belly.

The woman in question was blonde, like him, but unlike him however, she had a throat full of semen which she struggled deeply with to swallow. Not that Yami noticed, or cared, as the woman gulped down the white hot liquids and nearly choked as the action had caused her to attempt to swallow the large promethean cock down her throat.

Still, Yami detached the cock, drenched in saliva, and the woman fell back, like a puppet with her strings cut, panting and gasping, as the rest of Yami’s release bathed her on her face, and followed down, landing generously on her large perky breasts.

Yami’s gaze turned to the side, grinning as he noticed a that his clone had likewise just completed the job of pumping it’s full seed inside the stomach of a black skinned, red-haired woman, who, of course, was moaning heartily all the way, her body rocking in spasms, before the clone dispelled and she dropped to the ground.

Thus, Yami stood, surrounded by the naked, sweaty and cum covered bodies of Kumogakure’s finest, from Samui, the woman who his dick had recently been excavating down her throat, to Karui, the dark-skinned red haired whose womanly parts had been burrowed in and filled up, to Mabui, whose eyes had rolled into the back of her head as her dark skin was drenched white, to even Yugito Nii, the ferocious cat-jinchuriki, who had been drained and sucked dry of more than just her bijuu.

At this point, Yami was feeling notably good. Quite good in fact, that he activated his eye, and once more added the girls to his collection in the Kamui dimension, all of them vanishing in a swirl of space and time.

“All right! I’ve done sex, I’ve done grand scale destruction, now, all that’s left is some good ol’ shinobi combat.”

He craned his neck and cracked his knuckles.


The woman in question appeared by his side, her face slightly pink as she tried not to stare at Yami’s saliva and cum covered cock, which was hanging plainly in the air.

“Time to take out the Akatsuki and ravage Konoha.”


~~~~~~~~~~~~~PROPHECY BESMIRCHED~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Sasori of the Red Sands was not a superstitious person, nor was he the type of individual to allow himself an overly incessant amount of paranoia. However, there was no denying the sheer suspicious fact, that they had begun sealing the Kazekage, and they had not met any form of resistance, in the form of Konoha Shinobi or even Suna Shinobi. Then, there was the strange fact of that mysterious earth-shattering quake that could be felt the world over, and originated in the general area of Iwagakure.

Still, he was surprised when they had managed to completely finish the sealing of the Ichibi without as much as the tiniest of interruptions.

“See Sasori-dana? I told you that my art is the greatest!”

Now if only his impudent partner would shut up and stop blaspheming the true nature of art, then his day would be truly perfect.

Or rather, it would have been, had a figure not slammed into the ground where they had stood, kicking up sand, gravel and granite.

“Hehehehe…. Sasori of the Red Sands and Deidara of the… you know, I never knew what the hell you were supposed to be of. So I’ll just call you Deidara of the Tombstone… in honor of my little gift to Iwagakure.”

He arose from the smoke, like a demon from the netherworlds, his eyes glowing two ungodly colors, his form swaying as he leaned back, and a massive, manic grin on his face that belayed extended canines and incisors, those sharp teeth looking absolutely bloodthirsty.

Sasori would have mistaken the man in front of him for the Kyubi Jinchuriki, had the Kyubi Jinchuriki been male.

“Sasori, Deidara… entertain me! Asura Path!”

Fisted rockets shot out of the smoke, from the man’s form, and Sasori was immediately on the defensive, his puppet Hiruko, leaping away, as Deidara summoned a giant bird of clay and took to the skies.

“Who’s attacking us Sasori-dana?”

“I do not know. I have never seen this Konoha shinobi before.”

The rockets veered in mid-air, both of them extending towards Deidara and Sasori at the same time.

“Bansho Tenin!”

Both S-Rank members of the Akatsuki were unable to do anything but stare in utmost shock as they were sent reeling in towards the rockets, unable to so much as dodge or change their momentum.

Sasori responded fast, his true form escaping his large scorpion-like puppet, leaping out and away from the immediate danger, whereas Deidara managed to send out a clay clone to absorb the hit of the rockets, the resounding explosion tearing the rocky terrain in which they stood, the shockwaves sending stone and dirt and earth flying, as well as a gust of wind that sent the partners away from each other.

“Well, now this is what I’m talking about! Come on!”

Sasori’s eyes could do nothing but widen as the blond maniac appeared directly in front of him, still grinning, and his eyes wide and vivid as his fist was reared backwards. Thankfully, his entire body was made of that of a puppet, allowing him to momentarily, if only for a few seconds, dodge the powerful uppercut that would have no doubt disconnected his waist from his hips had it connected. Sasori could feel the sheer amount of air pressure it had produced, which had sent a horizontal cyclone of wind spiraling up into the air without measure.

Deadly. Deadly. This man is easily S-Class, if not higher.

Several white birds were sent launching towards the man from behind, the miniature clay creatures dive-bombing him like they were homing missiles, causing the man to smirk even wider as he proceeded to finger flick all of them away. His index fingers and thumbs made contact with the clay, and turned it into white powder, flying away harmlessly into the air.

Sasori had attempted to use this opportunity to lunge with one of his poisoned blades, only for the man’s left leg to kick out backwards like as though he was a mule, and caught the S-Rank puppeteer in the stomach, the resounding force cracking and shattering his puppet stomach with relative ease, and sending his body whirling through the air, a gnat smacked aside by a titan.

“Come on! Come on! Come on! You guys are supposed to be S-Rank! Is this the best you can do?”

Sasori was able to wright himself in the air, coming to a slow skid on the ground, as he stared at the man in front of him, whereas, Deidara stood on his clay bird at the other end, also giving the blond haired man a momentum of observation.

“Who are you? Why are you attacking us?”

The blond let out a snort. “Yeah, I don’t feel like going to the trouble of explaining all that so – Futon: Rasengan.”

Sasori would have screeched in pain if he could feel it, instead, the only screeching that occurred was that of the man’s attack suddenly being pushed against his puppet’s face, grinding and slicing and cutting it with a brutal vehemence, and he knew for a fact that had he been a normal flesh-and-blood human, he would have died that instant.


“Don’t worry, you’ll be joining him soon pretty boy.”

Once again, in a burst of speed that could only be purely unnatural, the man was gone, and he appeared behind Deidara, grabbing the man’s only working arm and ripping it off with a sick, squelching sound of skin being ragged, and bones cracking aside, sending a large spurt of blood from the gaping stump that was previously Deidara’s arm.

Sasori knew that there could be no more fooling around. The man in front of them was merely toying with them, and he had accomplished this much without even being serious. Reaching into his scrolls, he summoned the full might of his hundred puppets, before likewise summoning his masterpiece, the Third Kazekage.

“Magma Release.”

Sasori knew the true meaning of despair as a molten wave of inexplicably hot magma rapidly emitted from the man’s mouth, spreading and advancing in seconds, and those seconds were all it took to destroy his life’s work and pride, of destroying the Sandaime Kazekage and Sasori’s legion of puppets all in one foul swipe. The smell of burning objects and wood echoed harshly, until the blond man was once more in front of him, his eyes spinning in a mesmerizing yet deadly rotation.

“Game over. You lose.”

Then, a strong hand tore it’s way through his chest cavity, finding the beating heart that was Sasori’s only organic organ, and then it was promptly squashed, blood and tissue exploding violently outwards as the external pressures applied to it forced it to detonate from within.

The blond haired man barely paid him any heed, as he stared, instead, at how the blond charged straight against Deidara in a cloak of lightning, before detaching the man’s head from his shoulders by ripping it all from the top portion of his mouth cavity, the man’s bloody spinal cord dangling as it detached from his body in a red shower and a sickening squelch.

As such, in a tremendous and swift battle that could not even be recorded in history as a skirmish, ended with the lives of two prime members of Akatsuki.

~~~~~~~~~~~P – B ~~~~~~~~~~

“Oi fucking miser! What the fucking hell is up with Kumo?”

Kakuzu was one of the few people who truly despised his partner without measure, and if he could, he would have already killed the man. However, the Jashinist priest was functionally immortal, and as such, Kakuzu had no other choice but to tolerate him for the time being.

There was the saying that even a broken clock was right twice a day, and such would apply to Hidan on such an occasion. Kakuzu had noticed long before the man mentioned it – there was no one entering or leaving Kumogakure no Sato. There were no messenger birds or couriers, no shinobi or people, none of it. It was as though the entire village had gone off the grid, which seemed to be odd for a village as large and as influential as Kumo.

With the successful sealing of the Ichibi, it was their jobs to capture the Nibi, but the circumstances seemed rather odd.

“The Zombie duo. Meh, you guys look overrated as fuck – I suppose I’ll have to kill you quickly and get on to Pain and Konan.”

The voice had come from behind them, which was quite troubling and quite a feat, for a shinobi to have gotten one on them was no easy task especially considering the fact that Kakuzu was a well-trained veteran.

“Oi? Who in the six fucking hells, is this cu –”

Whatever words that would have spewed from Hidan’s mouth were cut short, almost literally, as the man found his tongue torn clean out of his mouth. Despite Kakuzu possibly admitting that he had wanted to do something of the sorts for a long time, there was no denying the complete and utter shock as Hidan stared in disbelief, and likewise, as Kakuzu turned to the man, who had appeared and disappeared, one second, standing behind them, the next, his fist in the mouth of the pagan worshiper.

The blond man stared at the tongue with a bit of distaste. “Too bloody vulgar for my liking. Oh well –”

Then the man proceeded to conjure a black orb in his palm, as he slammed it into Hidan’s stomach, and for the first time since they had been partners, Kakuzu watched as the silver haired pagan worshiper turned into dust.

The man then turned his gaze at him.

“Raiton: Gia –”

Kakuzu barely got out the name of the technique before he was flattened to the ground with a world shattering punch, becoming intimate with the earth in manners that flesh and soil where never supposed to be. He could do nothing but stare in disbelief as he felt as the impact of the punch cave in the entire right side of his face, crushing teeth, shattering bone, and disintegrating flesh. The crater that formed easily covered an entire kilometer, and the shockwave from the impact had broken his bones and ruptured his organs, dealing damage unto his entire form hard and dealing it fast.

“Yeah, no. I remember how bloody hard it was for me to kill you last time with your numerous heart bullshit. I’ve got women to fuck, and new dimensions to enslave or destroy… can’t afford to waste more time on you cannon fodder.”

Nothing the blond man said made any sense in the slightest, yet, Kakuzu was unable to respond as a hand was placed unto his head, and he stared into the eyes of the Rinnegan and a form of Sharingan he had never before witnessed, as he knew these to be the last things he would ever see.

Human Path.”

~~~~~~~~Prophecy Besmirched~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Yami flexed his muscles as he absorbed knowledge of more jutsu and life memories from Kakuzu. Curiously enough, he discovered that he could recreate the abilities and powers of the people whose souls he had absorbed, with his knowledge and perfect control of chakra.

“Dust Release: Finger Bullet.”

A concentrated miniature sphere of the infamous Dust Release emitted from his right finger and struck the body of Kakuzu, slowly disintegrating the remains of the Taki Missing Nin.

“Ah, this just keeps getting better and better – now, who’s next on my hit list? Kaguya has got Kisame and Itachi, so that leaves Obito and Zetsu, and then Pain and Konan themse –”

A sudden pause came unto him as he realized one crucial detail he had missed.

“Itachi is alive. That means… Sasuke is alive.”

A magnanimous grin appeared on his face instantly.

“Oh, this is going to be perfect.”


~~~~~~~~~P – B ~~~~~~~~~~

Uzumaki Naruko woke up panting and drenched in sweat.

Her entire body was tired and sore, with pain and aches covering her form from head to toe. Belatedly, she could feel a copious amount of breeze on her chest, allowing her to tell with ease that she was shirtless.

Why was she shirtless? What had happened?

She sat up, staring at her form carefully, having being told by her mother numerous times to watch out for sexual predators who would like to take advantage of her. She still remembered when she was entering thirteen and had begun to develop larger breasts and wider hips, as her mother had told her all about the birds and bees, and of course, also warned her about perverts. She had been mortified by the entire conversation, but at least, she was not entirely naïve about the way the world worked, and she knew, that she was considered decently attractive.

Her eyebrows furrowed as she glanced at the clearing she was in, not understanding how she had got there, and why it had looked so badly damaged. The last thing she actually remembered was going on the mission to rescue Gaara and –

Her eyes immediately widened as the memories returned unbidden.

The meeting with the man that claimed to be her half-brother, their subsequent fight, the results, and how –

Her breath hitched in her throat.

Sakura had killed Kakashi-sensei, for her.

She had killed Kakashi-sensei, for her.

Everything after that event was blurry, as she remembered simply getting immensely angry and sad, and then – nothing.

She woke up here, shirtless, most of her clothes looking in tatters, and staring up over the sky, looking as the evening sun was slowly starting to set.

No. No. NO!

By this time, Gaara would already be long dead. She had failed to save him! She had failed to save her friend!

And her sensei…

Sakura… why had Sakura done that? Why? Why? She should have let her die instead of killing Kakashi-sensei!

“Yes… all of this… all of it is your fault…

Naruko froze as a cold shudder immediately ran up her spine. There was a voice in her head, and she immediately snarled.

“Shut up Kyubi! I’m not listening to you!”

“Oh? Ungrateful aren’t you? After our entertaining encounter together…”

“I’m not list –”

We went on a rampage, you and I. We killed so many of them – slaughtered them. A woman, screaming for you to spare her daughter as you ripped out the intestines of the little girl and split tore her in half by the legs. A man, standing valiantly in front of a crib, as you sunk your teeth into his neck, tore out his spine and then turned your gaze to the infant in front…”

The images came back, haunting, vicious, clear as crystal and she remembered it, She remembered all of it. Of the brutal ways she had killed, of the ways she had – she had –

She fell unto her knees, retching out violently, despite the empty contents of her stomach, she could not stop herself from emptying it, as the memories became clearer and clearer, as she remembered the screams, the shouts, the pleads for mercy –

Then she froze, as one particular murder came up, of pink hair – as she remembered the shocked face of her teammate as her hand had torn out the girl’s heart.

She… killed Sakura.

Her entire body was shaking at this point. She – she was no hero, she was a monster. Once people discovered what had happened – her chances of become Hokage, her dreams of uniting the world, her life, everything – she had lost it.

There is only one thing left for you to do now…

The voice of the Kyubi came back, feminine and soft as it was, alluring, and tempting.

Free me from this cage. Your death will serve will as a repentance – free me and die, Uzumaki Naruko! Free me and pay the price for the crimes you have committed, for the –

“Oh shut up! I don’t recall Kurama ever being that much of a talkative.”

Silence radiated in the clearing as she turned her gaze up, finding the same blond haired man, the one who had claimed to be her half-brother, idly sitting on a tree as he stared down at her, Sharingan in one eye, and an enchanting metallic purple doujutsu in another.


He waved two fingers. “Me.”

Suddenly, rage bubbled up inside of her as she saw the man – the man that was responsible for everything – for putting Sakura in the position where she had to kill Kakashi-sensei, for being the cause of her rampage –

“Now before you go, ‘Kyubi Smash!’ on me, remember that the last time you did that, you ate a baby."

She flinched back, the words stunning her as her rage momentarily subdued, yet, still bubbled slowly deep within her.

“Though, it’s kind of hypocritical coming from me considering I’ve mass murdered millions of men, women and children – but still, I never ate any of them. That’s just sinking to dark depths.”

“I didn’t –”

“You know what else sinks to dark depths? A baby tossed into the ocean.”

“I was –”

“What’s worse than a pile of dead babies? A living one eating its way out.”

“It was the –”

“What does a baby in a microwave look like? I don’t know, I masturbate with my eyes closed.”


She screamed, feeling the back of her throat burn heavily. “SHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUPSHUTUP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!”

She was panting at this point, but the man didn’t seem to care, instead, he just stared at her with eyes twinkling in what seemed to be sick, twisted amusement.

“Don’t like dead baby jokes? Weird, I figured you’d at least joke about your food. Oh! I hope you also don’t play with it –”

There was a limit to what she could take, as she lunged at him, snarling, her fingers already elongating into claws and fangs appearing, ready to tear his throat and beat him within an inch of his life.

Only for her to find herself held in the air suddenly by what looked to be solid black tendrils of chakra, that snaked completely around her form and bound her in the air in the lewdest manner possible.

“Ah, ah, bad little sister. Bad.”

The black chakra tendrils tightened around her firm round breasts, snaked around her womanly parts, and coiled and entangled around her form, and she found herself unable to move in it’s grasp.

“Normally I’d just extract your bijuu and all that, but considering I am a kind and generous older brother, I’ll allow you to keep it... as I show you the present I got!”

She glared at him, glared at him with every single ounce of hatred that she could manage to direct, yet, for some reason, it seemed to make him even happier.

Still defiant, still feisty?”

He levitated over to her position, his finger trailing under her chin, before slowly navigating downwards, to her cleavage which were pressed tightly together, and then going further down, further, until he reached her belly button, his pinky twirling around the crevice before entering it.

“It annoys me… you remind me too much of the original me. That will to never give up! That defiant streak! That ‘I-can-save-anyone’ mentality! The naïve and stupid and foolish moron!”

He slammed his palm into her stomach, and her eyes widened as she noticed the seal appear, and all at once, a pulse of the Kyubi’s chakra burst straight through her form and made her gasp.

“W-what are you talking about?”

He paused, mid float, before he placed a hand on his chin, and shook his head. “I guess it’ll be fun to see just how far it takes for you to break. Let’s see if the same things that broke me, work just as well.”

There was a blur, a flash of gold and indecipherable chakra, and one second, she was floating in a clearing, being held in a perverse manner by black tendrils of chakra, and the next, she found herself standing over what looked to be the destroyed remnants of a hideout.

Her eyes widened as she spotted the numerous dead shinobi, all wearing the headbands of the Village hidden in Sound, and her gaze turned upon a woman who appeared, the woman with white hair that accompanied her ‘brother’, and the man seemed to grin as he saw her.

“Well Kaguya?”

The woman’s nose upturned. “Pitiful. The wielder of the Snake Contract was nothing more than a worm. I ended him immediately.”

Naruko felt her eyes widen in disbelief. This woman – she had killed Orochimaru?

“What about fish face and the brother of the year?”

“I killed the large blue man. As for the other, I have followed your instruction to the letter.”

A clone appeared beside the man, seemingly a shadow clone, and as soon as it dispersed, the man had a pleased smirk on his face.

“Well then, what are we waiting for! Let’s go see the show now shall we?”

A small amount of fear trickled into her form, as they moved forward, and the man seemed to be grinning, grinning in a manner that was of utmost delight.

The reason, as she had found, lay in front of her – the rival that she had been searching for, the friend and true sister that she had tried to convince not to leave the village – Satsuki Uchiha knelt on the ground, pounding and pounding her fist into the ground as she let out numerous shrieks of rage.

“SATSU – mmmph!”

The tendril of chakra shoved itself into her mouth to prevent her from speaking, or saying anything else.

“Now, now, don’t go spoiling the show!”

The woman in white hair, seemed to be observing all of it passively, and Naruko’s eyes shot her a demanding look.

“It’s simple enough really, this version of Sasuke, or whatever her name is, is still obsessed with killing his – her brother. So, I had Kaguya-chan here kill Orochimaru and Itachi, and dropped Itachi’s severed head right beside her pillow. Isn’t that a treat?”

Naruko’s eyes widened.

“Of course, being the whiny bitch she is, she’s angry that she didn’t get to kill the guy herself, rather than just being happy that he’s dead. Talk about ungrateful.”

The man gave a shrug.

“Oh well. Anyway, I brought you here to play a real fun game! You know what it is?”

He turned to her, eyes glittering.

“It’s called ‘how long will it take my best friend to die from being gangbanged by chakra tentacles and a hundred shadow clones?’”  

Naruko felt her heart stop.

“My bet’s on thirty six hours, but who knows, it might be later than that.”

She watched, as Satsuki Uchiha, with her black hair tied into a messy ponytail, was unable to respond in time as her entire form was entangled by the black chakra threads that seemed to stop and absorb chakra, and as the clearing was immediately filled with naked clones, all fully erect.

“Oh, and there’s more – if she dies before they all have a go – they’ll continue.”

She snapped her gaze back to the man, eyes wide.

“Oh, fuck no, not necrophilia – I’m not interested in that. I meant that I’ll bring her back to life and fuck her till she’s dead again. It’s no fun if she’s not screaming after all.”

A slow, creeping feeling came into her, as she regarded the man beside her, who was clearly not human, clearly not sane, clearly not a being created by whatever kami that dared ruled the universe.

“Oh, and you know what the best part is?”

The man’s eyes morphed, and momentarily, the world turned a brilliant red, with a pale moon hanging in the sky, and she found herself embedded on a cross.

“We get to watch it all over again for the next eighty years.”

The silent scream of a female blond jinchuriki was never to be heard.


Chapter Text

The Godaime Hokage, Tsunade of the Sannin, was incredibly troubled.

She grabbed the sake which was on her desk, and paid no heed to her assistant’s gaze as she gulped it down, feeling it travel down her throat and burn the back, serving to momentarily distract her of her worries.

She turned to Shizune, finding the young woman standing beside her, and giving her a look.


Rather than berate her, Tsunade would find herself baffled when the young black haired woman instead grabbed herself a bottle, and proceeded to chug it down herself.

That was how messed up the situation was.

As it stood, Konoha was the last Great Hidden Village. One week ago, they had felt the devastating earthquakes which had rocked the world, and everyone had wondered the cause, but no one could have anticipated that the origins came from the destruction of all four other major hidden village.

Iwagakure was a giant crater, with nothing but a tombstone and the skeleton of Onoki in the dead middle, the man’s skeleton wielding a sign saying “Welcome to the Village Hidden in Tombstone.”

Sunagakure was no longer a desert, but a pool of cooled lava, and a destroyed mesh of sand, with every single corpse buried underneath the dunes.

Kumogakure was a village plagued by lightning storms which struck down the earth constantly, occasionally hitting dead corpses that had been left because there was no one to bury them.

Kirigakure was now literally a village of Bloody Mist, as red haze tinted the atmosphere from the blood that had been spilled.

Since the news had reached to Konoha, there had been massive, widespread fear and apprehension. Everybody waited with baited breath, wondering if it was their turn next to be completely wiped out without cause or reason. There were no witnesses, there were no survivors, no one to tell them what in the world was the cause of the sudden destruction of the other villages, however, people had begun pushing the blame on her Goddaughter, Naruko.

Reports came in as people described what Tsunade knew to have been Naruko’s four-tailed form, going on a massive, destructive and murderous rampage across the continent. Killing indiscriminately in brutal ways that would leave even the staunchest and most emotionless of shinobi green in the face.

Her mother had vehemently denied the claims, and of course, the people did not want to believe that Kushina’s daughter, and the legacy of the Fourth Hokage was the one who was behind the destruction of the other villages. However, considering the evidence, and the fact that she had not shown up for an entire week, the doubt in everyone’s mind had faded, and immediately, Naruko went from hero, to witch and demon.

Kushina’s temper did not make things any better, as the hot-headed shinobi was quick to attack anyone that so much as talked about her daughter in bad light, earning her the title of “Witch Mother”.

Needless to say, everything had gone to shit.

The only benefits of this however, was that rumor had it that the entirety of the Akatsuki, as well as Orochimaru and Satsuki Uchiha, were now dead. This news had only cemented it stronger in the minds of people that Uzumaki Naruko and the Kyubi was the one responsible, and nothing Kushina said or did seemed to prove otherwise.

Jiraiya had gone in search of her, but had failed to return.

The ANBU squads she had sent had all failed to return as well and Tsunade truly did not want to assume the worst.

The entire world was in a state of panic, and maintaining peace and order had never been so difficult. If she had known that this was what it would be like to become the Hokage, she would have never have taken on the mantle when Sarutobi had come knocking.

Every night she closed her eyes, wondering if they would ever open to see the following day, and she was not the only one.

It was no longer a matter of if Konoha would be destroyed.

It was a matter of when.

“Would you like me to pleasure you ni-sama? To take your large member and shove it down my throat? Or would you like to use one of my other holes ni-sama?”

Yami let out a heavy sigh as he plopped to the ground and pumped his fist into the air.


Damn, he had underestimated the willpower that this she-clone of him possessed.

“Kaguya, how long has it been?”

He turned his gaze to the woman, and Yami blinked as he noticed that she was busy giving a shadow clone a blowjob.

“Oi, clone! I made you to have sex with the Uchiha!”

“Fuck that. It got boring after I nutted in her for the seventieth time. Not to mention it’s kind of weird having sex with a female Sasuke.”

Yami frowned as he dispelled the clone, only to blink as memories came surging.

“The hell?”

His shadow clone had gone off on its own and killed Obito and Zetsu, and then, being bored with that, it took off and killed Pain, capturing Konan and throwing her into the Kamui dimension, before running into Jiraiya and a shit ton of Konoha ANBU.

Oh, and yeah, he killed all of them too.

Yami frowned as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. This was one particular reason the original had hated Shadow Clones, and he could share in that hatred a little bit.

“Er – hem” he watched as Kaguya tried, and failed, to regain a modicum of her regality and elegance, as though she did not have a dick down her throat half a second ago “I assume you are finally done with ‘molding’ the girl?”

“She was tough to break, I’ll give her that… and you seem to be taking this all too well.”

Kaguya let out a somewhat half-hearted shrug. “This life… it is… interesting.”

Yami rose an eyebrow. “Well what do you know, we might make a budding nymphomaniac out of you yet.”

“Why –I – I’d n-never –”

“You do know I get the memories of all my clones, and you seemed rather enthusiastic whilst sucking me off.”

The normally pale woman went beet red, and Yami sighed. “You can watch me gangbang a woman senseless without batting an eye, yet mentioning the fact that you’re getting good at blowjobs suddenly makes you imitate a tomato. I really don’t get you Kaguya.”

Shaking his head, he turned his attention back to the fully naked, and absolutely busty blonde woman in front of him, his she-clone as it were. He was suitably satisfied with Naruko, as she knelt, her eyes easily possessing a wild and glazed look to them, as he had finally broken her, and made her his eternal, devoted lapdog. Her eyes gazed hungrily at his crotch, and her nipples poked out, clear and erect, giving Yami no small amount of satisfaction.

“Will you do anything for me Ruko-chan?”

“Anything for you ni-sama~” she rasped out, making Yami smirk even wider.

“You see your friend over there?”

Her gaze turned to Satsuki, who, could more or less be described as having being bathed and then completely baptized in semen.

Her heart had given out numerous times during the intercourse, and true to his word, Yami had brought her back to life and had his clones continue as though nothing had happened. Though her body could keep up, her mind could not, and she had simply stared on blankly into space with a massive grin and her tongue handing out in the air as her eyes were rolled into the back of her head after being fucked to death and resurrected for the ninth time.

“Yes ni-sama?”

“Take her eyes and kill her.”

Yami would admit that he had been expecting a form of hesitation, or delay, or something, instead, Naruko strolled over, gouged out the eyes of the woman who had literally been fucked brain dead, and then snapped the woman’s neck – before skipping all the way back over to him with a brilliant smile on her face.

Ah, the wonders of the Tsukuyomi mind rape.

“Have I pleased you ni-sama?”

He placed his hand on her head, watching as her form shuddered and she nearly orgasmed just from the contact, and grinned.

“Yes. You’ve pleased me very, very much. So much in fact, that I’m going to allow you join me for a threesome with your mother.”

It was rather… interesting to know that Kushina was alive in this world. It was a meeting that Yami was definitely looking forwards to.

Kaguya gave him an odd look.

“It’s not incest if she’s not really my mother. She’s just an alternate dimension version of her –”

The odd look continued.

“Really woman! I kill over a million people, and you don’t say anything, but I mention fucking my own mother and now you’re giving me the stinkeye? Get your priorities straight!”

She shook her head. “I never said a word.”

“You were thinking it.”

“And since when can you read minds?”

“Since I combined my ability to Sense Negative Emotions with the Rinnegan.”

She blinked, proving that she actually did not know that tidbit of information. All at once a sense of morbidity entered her.

“Does that mean –”

“Yes, I am well aware of how many times you have plotted to vanish on your own and leave me here, or simply kill me outright.”

There was a moment of deep, resounding silence.

“All Killing Aaaaaaaahhhhhh–”

Her attempt to launch a surprise attack failed horrendously, when a large, phallic shaped tendril of pure golden chakra emitted from below her without warning, thrusting itself deep, deeper than imaginable into her ass.

Her eyes stung with unshed tears as a mixture of pleasure and pain rocked her form, and the golden chakra continued as it swerved around her body, over and over again, tightening and constricting her in place, following by the rapid appearance of seals.

“How – when –”

Yami’s smirk did not ease her surprise one bit. “The clone you were sucking off earlier placed a seal on you just in case you got any ideas… basically, surprise anal sex whenever you attack me.”

She grit her teeth as she stared at him. “When did you learn Fuinjutsu?”

“When the clone killed Jiraiya of the Sannin with the Human Path, and when my clone absorbed Orochimaru’s memories earlier. With the memories of two Sannin and a Tsuchikage, combined with perfect control over chakra, I could seal away your existence forever.”

He walked up to her, a smirk on his face as he gently ran his hands through her hair. She was expecting a lot of things, from being sealed, to being killed, to him even summoning the thrice damned Shinigami and ending her, but she could not have anticipated the manner in which his lips locked hers, with a strong, fervent passion.

She couldn’t move, yet, he placed his hands softly behind her head as she felt his tongue encompase all of her, and her eyes widened slightly when the tongue went down her throat and even went so far as ticking the back of it, the wet, passionate kiss undeniably making her womanhood go damper by the passing second.

Once he was done, the detached from her mouth, a trail of saliva following it, and more so following his now long and extremely elongated tongue that he could not seemingly manipulate as he wished.

She stared at him, short of breath, but extremely, extremely confused, a part of her wanting the kiss more, and another part of her yelling deep within her psyche that she should not have been enjoying it.


The word, rasped out of her breath, the only thing she could trust her voice to say.

Yami merely shrugged, his tongue receding back into his mouth, the normal length. “Just testing out the snake bastard’s Elongated Tongue technique. It was creepy as hell when I was a child, but damn if it doesn’t have many uses. Also, it’s good to know that Ero-sennin’s memories of making women faint with just a kiss isn’t all for show.”

She stared at him, baffled, confused, wondering how this could be the same person that had just ordered the utter destruction of the mind and soul and body of a girl through sexual torture, and then brainwashed another into his pet by making her watch said sexual torture over a period of eighty years, crammed into a week.

“No – not that. I meant, why? You do realize that I have been plotting to kill you, Uzumaki. Plotting to either abandon you here or destroy you at the first opportunity that presents itself at me.”

Rather than be enraged at this, or even seem troubled, the man smirked.

“Exactly. To be honest, I’d have been more let down if you weren’t.”

More confusion entered into her form. “What?”

The man shrugged, before grinning.

“Look, as fun as it is fucking women senseless and inducing mass carnage, it’s no fun doing it alone. It’d also get boring without any challenge or trouble presented before me.”

She stared at him, wondering if she was hearing things right.

“You want me to oppose you?”

“It would certainly be amusing to watch you try. To see how you could possibly succeed as I grow stronger and my arsenal grows more versatile. Besides I…”

He seemed to pause as he slowly examined his next words.

“I… like your company.”

She stared at him, wondering if the man in front of her was truly insane. Of course, he could read her mind, and he merely let out a shrug.

“Look, with my abilities, I’d be living in a world of puppets and sex slaves. Great and all, but I can’t have a conversation with someone who creams herself every interaction.”

At that, he turned to the girl, Naruko.

“Your mother is a whore, and you exist from now on only to be a cumdumpster”

The girl’s back arched as she squealed “Ahhhh!!! O-onisama… Your words… they – aaaahhhh!”

Kaguya didn’t know whether to be impressed that he had broken someone down so much that mentioning cruel words to her would arouse her enough to begin thrusting her hips into the air madly as she orgasmed, or to be appalled as to how she had looked on and let it all happen.

“I… see…”

Ignoring the girl dramatically rolling on the floor, Kaguya gave a steady gaze to the man in front of her.

“In a sense, you are my responsibility. For it was my actions that sent you into despair, and hence brought upon the suffering and deaths of millions of lives. Hence, I will not stop searching for a way to defeat, or seal you.”

Yami grinned. “Oh, I anticipate it. But until you succeed, you are mine.”

She would have flinched at the words had she had control over her body.

“Not in the sense of the other women though, you are mine. My wife, my partner, my spouse or lover or whatever you want to call it.”

“W-w-what?” she spluttered out, face rapidly reddening.

He walked up to her, his eyes entrancing as his palm gently rested under her chin.

“You are my Queen, Kaguya. If you can defeat me or seal me, I welcome the challenge. But until then, we are partners, you and I. Emperor and Empress, rulers, conquerors – Gods.

Kaguya had a thought, but she immediately discarded it from her mind on the off chance that the man was reading her thoughts at the moment. Still, there was no way, no possible way, even as she stared at him, she could not believe it when she saw the emotions in those eyes –

He was genuinely infatuated with her.

No, not infatuated.

He was obsessed.

This was the man who had spent a long while trying to kill her after all, before they had arrived here, he had no other goal but to destroy her, to end her, and he had beaten, and bruised, and attempted to kill her in any way possible.

Now that he realized he couldn’t, and now that his thoughts were on more than just murder, that obsession had come back, in a strong, clear, potent drive.

Hate and Love were on two ends of the spectrum after all, and it was not surprising as to how one could rapidly morph into another.

Somehow, the realization that this twisted Uzumaki Naruto was enamored with her was even more frightening than the previous knowledge that he hated her.

Her throat was strangely dry as he kissed her again, firmer than before, and she felt her will and vehemence melt like aged butter over a fireplace, and as she felt his tongue ravage her deeper than what she thought possible, the odd realization that his tongue of all things was going down her throat and back again in the manner of a penis, somewhat making her entire body shudder with pleasure and terror.

She was getting addicted to him. This was bad.

“You and I Kaguya, you and I. God Yami, Goddess Kaguya. Together, we rule, everywhere, everything, everyone. Do you accept?”

The fact that she had even contemplated agreeing brought her no small amount of terror.

“I –”

He came up again, and the third kiss melted away any previous inhibitions she may have had.

“I accept.”

It was perhaps, most insane relationship that had ever existed, yet, somehow, Kaguya wondered if it was the insanity, or the thrill of the danger, or something else entirely which made her accept the offer from the psychopathic, insane darkness ridden version of Uzumaki Naruto.

Or perhaps, it was the burning passion she herself was beginning to feel around his presence.

Despite how Yami viewed himself, there was a lot in common between him and his light counterpart, because they were essentially the same person, however, one was focused on saving, and the other, on destruction.

Of course, she would not lie that the concept of conquering dimensions and having a legion of slaves did sound somewhat appealing.

With a brilliant grin and a clap of the hands, he spun as though he had won a lottery.

“Perfect. But, if we’re to be rulers and conquerors of dimensions, we must possess a palace and servants fitting of our station, don’t you think?”

She frowned. “A palace? Impossible. We cannot have one if we are jumping dimensions.”

“True,” he conceded, before winking “Unless of course, the Palace is in a dimension of its own, that we can always access.”

Kaguya blinked, the idea instantly coming to her, understanding what he was referring to.

“Your Kamui dimension.”


Slowly, he moved over to the woman and in a motion, discarded the seals binding her tight, as a large wonderful smile graced his face.

“And you, my dear Goddess, get to design and build it, however you so wish.”

She was able to move again, freeing herself from the seals that once restricted her, as she turned back to stare at him.

“Now, my Goddess, is there anything that you’d like to ask of me?”

Slowly, she nodded. “But of course. I have one request.”

“And that would be?”

Her response was to claim his lips with her own, as they collapsed to the ground in a tangled mess of bodies.

Maybe she was insane, maybe he had disintegrated or damaged her brain one too many times, or perhaps all of this was some weird dream perpetuated by the Infinite Tsukuyomi. She did not know.

All Kaguya knew at that moment, was that the man’s kisses made her body burn with fire, her chests scorch with flames, her loins singe with infernos, and her mind tingle with the notion of sweet, everlasting pleasure.

The world could burn for all she cared.

She was happy, and that was all that mattered.


Now if only the she-clone would stop shrieking, her day would be complete.

Chapter Text

A pale wonderful moon hung vibrantly over the night sky. The sound of crickets and wildlife echoed throughout the forests, and a blond man stood, now garbed in a pair of form fitted black pants, with matching dark sandals, and wearing nothing over his chest, revealing his tanned and ripped form for the women of the world to drink in.

To his side, was a young woman, who could have easily passed for his twin, with her blond hair tied up into two long pigtails, however, what she wore would have given most people pause, as she had nothing on but black bandages, bandages which wrapped over her form tightly and snugly, from head to toe, and did nothing to hide her erect nipples nor her lack of underwear. The woman’s eyes however, where now different, possessing magnificent red orbs of the Mangekyou Sharingan, and she used these orbs to glance over to the man beside her, her cheeks flushed and her breath coming out in short huffs as she raked over his form.

“You know, I can’t decide how to go about this. Should I just crash in with full force, or should I take them out silently, one by one, until they suddenly realize that most of their forces are dead?”

Normally, he would be giving this question to a white haired woman with pale eyes, however, the woman was not available at the moment, and was currently, ‘designing’ their new palace, hence, he referred to the feminine clone of himself, Naruko.

“Whichever pleases you best ni-sama.”

The man rolled his eyes, before turning to the girl. “Hmm… They’re going to be extremely paranoid from the rest of the world being dead… so a sneak tactic would only make them more jumpy… oh, but there’s also the temptation of just releasing the Kyubi and watching them piss their pants.”

Suddenly, as though an epiphany struck him, he realized something. “That’s true, I haven’t given him a visit have I?”

Gazing into the girl’s eyes, he found himself transported instantly to a sewer, the girl appearing beside him.


Ignoring her, Yami moved deeper and deeper into the waters, until he found exactly what he was looking for, a large, ginormous cage with a piece of paper placed conspicuously in the middle.

At last, the impudent imposter arrives.

The creature rose, a giant, fox, dwarfing Yami easily in height, and baring a set od deadly fangs, each as long as his entire body.


You with the eyes of the Sage!” The fox snarled, slamming it’s claws against the bars as a gust of wind graced the entire sewers.

Yami merely shrugged. “Yeah… No. I’ve done this dance with you before Kurama, the push and pull, the arguments –”

Who is Kurama?

Yami rose an eyebrow. He knew things had changed in this weird dimension, but they had changed enough that the Kyubi’s name wasn’t Kurama here?

No, it wasn’t that the Kyubi’s name wasn’t Kurama, it was that this was not Kurama at all.

“Pity. If you’re not Kurama I have nothing left to say to you.”

With a flick of his chakra, the seal holding the cage came undone, and all at once, he activated the Preta Path’s ability.

W-what – what is the meaning of this? What IS THIS?

“Simple, I am stealing all of your chakra, and passing it to dear Naruko here, as I make it hers. Once I am done, you will cease to exist.”

You DARE – !

The cage swung open, and the massive fox instantly lunged at him, only to immediately be cowed as the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan fell upon it.

“Yep. I dare. Now be a good boy and take your death like a man, or fox.”

Wait! No –

The creature’s entire essence was sucked, as one would draw forth from an orange, and was instead beginning to fill into Naruko.

Please! Wait! I do not want to die!”

Yami would not deny the surprise that filled him, upon realizing that the Kyubi had lost it’s demonic voice, and now instead sounded like the voice of a woman, begging.

He momentarily stopped his technique, stopping the pull of the creature’s chakra, before watching as the massive beast shrunk, and shrunk further and further and further, until there was a humanoid looking figure left lying in the water.

“Well, this is definitely new.”

He floated himself over to the figure, his eyes now trailing over the form which he could distinctively recognize as female. She was fair-skinned and tan, her long slender legs led to a firm backside, her stomach was flat and her hips were wide, giving her a smooth hourglass figure that led up to her breasts, which were large, generous, J-cups that could put Tsunade to shame. Her hair was a long flowing red, the color of thick blood which accented her milky skin, and Yami found himself curiously staring at the woman’s form.

Perhaps, the most notable feature, would be the long flowing fox tails that emerged from behind her, and the clearly notable rabbit ears that stood on her head.

She rose, glaring at him, her eyes slit, and Yami noticed her facial structure, it appeared exactly like that of Uzumaki Mito, though, possessing a feistier and sultrier appeal than Mito could ever pull off.

“So… you’re the Kyubi. You’re a girl.”

“We Biju are beasts of chakra without gender. Of course, once we are sealed, we are attributed the genders of our containers – as such you have found me in this state.”


He turned his gaze to Naruko. “Did you know about this?”

Naruko vehemently shook her head. “No ni-sama.”

Frowning, Yami turned back to the Kyubi. “Now what in the world am I supposed to do with you? I want to transfer all your powers into Naruko here, but I assume doing that would kill you.”

“We – we can work together! I have seen from her eyes what you are capable of! Surely, to destroy worlds and kill thousands and enslave millions more –”

“I can do that all on my own.” He said, cutting her off immediately. “Now, tell me, what reason do I have to keep you alive? I don’t need your power, I already have a Queen, and any information or knowledge you possess is irrelevant.”

She slowly grit her teeth, her mind rapidly wracking itself to try and find an answer, or to try and find a form of value she could hold to him.

“I – I have years of Fuinjutsu knowledge from the Uzumaki Clan –”

Yami waved her off. “I could get that easily.”

“I – I possess some of the lost secrets of the Sage of Six Paths –”

“I’ve fucked his mother, so I’d have that easily as well.”

The information completely floored the Kyubi, who felt herself growing more desperate by the second.

“I – I can make one hundred and sixty nine different types of ramen.”

The way his eyes lit up brought a small amount of consolation to her form.

Yami Naruto, despite being the hate filled version of the original, could share in some similarities and likes, and one of those things he shared, was his love of ramen.

“How in the world do you know how to do that?”

“I was sealed inside Uzumaki Mito. She was… rather enthusiastic.”

Yami began rubbing his chin very thoughtfully.

“Hmm… good. Very good.”

He then turned to Naruko, the girl suddenly shrinking back under Yami’s intense gaze, before the man turned his gaze back to the Kyubi.

Her eyes widened as she realized what he was going to do.

“Congrats! You get to live. From today, Uzumaki Naruko and the Kyubi… are one.”


Truthfully, Yami had enjoyed breaking Naruko down fundamentally, however, he was slightly irritated at the manner in which she fawned over him. Of course, the solution was simple, one he thought was rather ingenious. Mixing in the Kyubi and Naruko’s souls and memories together, to become one individual, he truly wondered what the outcome would be.

Yami blinked and once more he stood back in the real world, with Naruko, panting as she clutched her stomach, before a powerful spike of chakra emitted from the girl’s form, as her body underwent changes from now being merged with the chakra, mind and soul of the Kyubi.

Her nails had grown far longer than they were before, looking sharp, like daggers. Her fangs protruded slightly, looking ominous under the moonlight, and then, there was the rest of the changes. Her hair seemed to have grown longer, escaping the tied form and now reaching her butt, and it gained a reddish tint to it, making the hair look purely blood red with hints of yellow here and there. Her breasts, which was previously a D-Cup moved into the J category, growing larger than that of even Tsunade, yet still appearing firm and buoyant as ever, and the whisker marks on her cheeks receded completely, rather than thickened.

When the process was done, Kyubi-Naruko looked like an offspring of an Inuzuka and an Uzumaki, save for her eyes which possessed the Mangekyo Sharingan, and her form added more appeal that Yami did not know it could possess, which made him lick his lips slightly as he imagined the fun he would have with those larger breasts.

He hadn’t taken her virginity, yet, but it seemed that he would be taking it soon.

“Well…? Who are you?”

The strange woman possessed an intriguing air to her, as she turned towards him with a fanged grin, before capturing his lips in a passionate, lust-filled kiss, and Yami’s eyes widened at the sheer technique and brazenness, especially as her hand snuck down his pants and grasped his dick.

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard.”

Drawing back from the kiss, Yami had a massive grin on his face.

“Isn’t this a surprise?”

It seemed that the ‘training’ he had imbued deep into Naruko still carried over, whereas he was expecting the Kyubi’s years and years of memories and experiences to drown it out.

“So, what do I call you?”

The woman shrugged. “Naruko, Kyubi. Kyuruko. Narubi. Take your pick, I don’t really care as long as we get to fuck hard.”

Yami rose an eyebrow, and seeing this, the woman responded. “I – well, Kyubi, has been sealed inside women for years. From Mito, to Kushina, I watched them have mind-blowing sex with their spouses and couldn’t tune it out. It’s a century long dry spell I’ve been begging to end – and Naruko is a teenage girl filled with so many hormones, with eighty years’ worth of memories of watching sex –”

Her eyes at this point went frantic, and Yami could have sworn that the Sharingan had changed to possess the shape of a heart, as she pushed her generous breasts unto him.

“Then there is those eighty years’ that you spent breaking her, me, yet… we haven’t had sex yet. There’s only so much I can take! Only so much! GIMME YOUR DICK!”

Yami’s smirk grew large. Now this was far more entertaining than having a thoughtless, mindless sex slave.

“Well then, since you want it so bad –”

He was about to drop his pants, only to frown as he sensed chakra signatures approaching their location, and approaching it fast. Likewise, Narubi… or, just Rubi as Yami decided he would call her, sensed the incoming chakra.

“ANBU. They must have sensed your chakra spike.”

The woman looked positively furious.

“Cockblockers! Damn, bloody, cockblockers! Gah!”

She turned to him. “Can I kill them? It wouldn’t take long, but can you allow me to make them suffer? Allow me to handle them?”

“Hmm...” he made a show of contemplating it, before shrugging “Why not? Just spare Yamato, I want his powers.”

Grinning, Rubi grabbed his hand, and placed it to her soaking wet pussy, gently guiding his index and middle fingers into her snatch as she gleefully rolled her eyes, then, she rose his hand back up, eyeing the wet fingers, as she placed her lips on it and sucked, cleaning it of her own juices before she winked at him, and jumped down to the ground to await the ANBU.

“Just something to keep you hard until I’m back.”

Yami merely stared, amusement and pleasure completely overwhelming him. This was a rather intriguing turn of events… and Rubi was rapidly becoming more and more entertaining.

Eventually, he watched as the ANBU finally arrived and surrounded her, two ANBU that he could recognize as Uzuki Yugao, and Yamato, and six other nameless mooks that he did not deem necessary to know their names.


Yamato had asked, his uncertainty bleeding through his voice.

“Nice guess Yamato-sensei, but you’re not quite right.”

All of the ANBU immediately went on guard as they watched nine tails sprout from Naruko’s back, showing flamboyantly in the air like a peacock.


Rubi gently guided one of the tails to her mouth, making a show of nibbling on it softly whilst making rather erotic sounds that caught the ANBU off guard.

“Hmm… close Yamato-sensei, but not exact.”

Her eyes then immediately opened, showing clearly the Mangekyou Sharingan that had been stolen from Satsuki Uchiha, as a massive grin appeared on her face.

“I am Naruko and the Kyubi. And you all interrupted my first time.”

The tails were immediately coated with a pale red, skeletal armor, making Yami vibrate with excitement as he realized that Rubi had just activated Susanoo with no prior training.

“A lady’s first time is meant to be special, but now, you’ve ruined it. So would you kindly…”

She shot them a fanged look.


The nine tails coated in Susanoo armor shot out from her form like a rocket, large booms echoing as the earth and dust was rapidly scattered and displaced, as one hapless shinobi let out a weak cry as he was crushed by the might of a tail, the sound of bones being reduced to paste immediately shattering the moral of the others.

A female ANBU rushed at her from the side with a sword wielded high into the air.

“Die Witch!”

Rubi rolled her eyes as a single tail pierced the woman’s chest, before another pierced her stomach and split her in two, raining blood, organs and guts unto her form.

“Bye Bitch.”

The blood which coalesced on Rubi’s form served to heighten her allure, as she smeared in on her face with a love struck expression, before sucking her fingers clean of it.

“Oh… I love the smell of my enemies blood! You can taste their despair, and it is orgasmic!

Yami found himself having the strangest, but most curious hard on in a while, and of course, as though sensing this, Rubi turned her gaze his way and winked at him.

“Naruko – fight it! Fight the Kyubi’s influence! I know you’re still in there!”

Rubi turned her eyes to Yamato, watching as the man had clasped his hands together, and as three Wood Clones surrounded his form and lunged at her.

She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “You just watched me tear a woman in half and drink her blood, and you’re still saying this. Maybe I need to get more… brutal.”

Yami watched, as Rubi’s Susanoo coated tails stretched forth to Uzuki that was near paralyzed in fear, before she disappeared and reappeared behind the woman, as her ANBU uniform and mask were disintegrated in an instant by the potent demonic chakra.

The woman, with her blue hair, now naked, her eyes wide and frightened, could do nothing as Rubi cupped her hands around her breast, and motioned to her tails, which slowly spread the woman’s legs.

“Hmm… smells like… prey.”

Rubi licked the side of the woman’s neck, before, in the presence of everyone, she manipulated one of her tails and thrust it into Yugao’s exposed womanhood, the woman’s eyes widening in disbelief as she let out a pained, disbelieving yell.

Even Yamato’s Wood Clones were too shell shocked to move.

“Shh… dearie, the more you struggle, the more fun it becomes for me. I can make these tails grow larger you know, and you don’t want that while it’s pumping inside of you…”

Yami possessed a shit-eating grin on his face as he watched the proceedings.

“Go on, smile Yugao! We’re giving them a good show! Come on boys, would you like to have a go?”

“NO! G-get this thing out of me!”

Rubi smirked as she turned her attention to the other four ANBU besides Yamato.

“Well, then I guess this means the show is over.”

In a flash, four shadow clones appeared behind the four ANBU, severing their heads from their necks with their long fox tails, before they all pounced on Yamato, crucifying him to the ground with the same tails, their tips growing sharper than steel.

Before he could let out a shout of pain, a clone jumped unto the back of his head, slamming it with more force than necessary into the ground, and knocking him unconscious.

The original Rubi detached her tail from Yugao’s cunt, the woman’s face cringing into one of mixed pleasure, before Rubi slammed it into the ground, breaking her nose and dealing no small amount of damage that definitely knocked her out cold.

Yami descended down, his grin wild and wider than ever, as he moved over to Rubi, the woman now noticing his presence as she gave an exaggerated bow.

“Well, what did you think?”

Yami’s response was to grab her by the hips, push her to the ground, and making her eyes go wide as she felt the full, thick girth of thirteen inches plunge into her soaking wet pussy.

She smirked as she wrapped her arms around his neck and groaned as she felt his massive bulging member be shaped by her body’s virgin cunt, completely ignoring the momentary pain of penetration that was like a bug bite to her, as she enjoyed the satisfying feeling of being filled.

“I think you’re going to be crippled after this.”

She let out a grin.

“Totally worth it.”

Chapter Text

The streets of Konohagakure no Sato were silent. The civilians had retreated to their homes for the night, with street lights and lamps being the only company in the darkness. One could walk down the streets at a casually pace without any issues, or they could frolic through pumping their pelvic region into the air in front of them, and no one would stop to oppose them.

No one.

Not even a group of shinobi where reputed to be the silent watchmen of the night, going on with their masks and attires that was supposed to be an indicator of their skill after entering the esteemed ranks, of ‘ANBU’.

Except, these silent watchmen were all gathered at a single location, a park, as they displayed the true meaning of being an ‘ANBU’.

“Ah, ANBU! Another Nameless Bastard Underestimated.”

Being slaughtered en mass and failing to achieve anything worthwhile.

A man let out a girlish shriek of pain as a pair of black, razor sharp tentacles of chakra tore out his eyes.

“That’s not being quite fair Yami-sama, you forgot that there are also females among them.”

A woman collapsed to the ground, screaming as her arm was snapped in half, and the broken half was plunged up her ass.

“Another Nameless Bitch Underestimated doesn't have the same ring to it. And I kill people, so fuck fairness.”

Two men were raised into the air, and then crushed together by gravitational forces.

“True. But why is it underestimated? Shouldn’t it be overestimated?”

Three women were lined up as their necks were snapped in rapid succession.

“I say underestimated, because people underestimate how ineffective they are. Fuck, it's like they were brought into existence, only for the sole purpose of dying against someone stronger than them.”

A brief burst of flame completely engulfed six women, rapidly turning them to ash.

“To be fair, with our powers, not even S-Rank shinobi could handle us. It’s a bit too much to expect anything of ANBU.”

The earth rose up and devoured nine men, crushing them under a layer of sand.

“Yet, they're supposed to be the elite. I don't know what people are smoking when they sign up to be a glorified statistic."

Fourteen women were pulverized by a large skeletal red hand that descended and squashed their forms.

“I've killed dozens and they just keep on coming. This sucks so bad, especially with my legs still hurting.”

Sixteen men found themselves besotted by black floating orbs that connected and turned them to dust.

“I did say you'd be crippled.”

Blazing black fire engulfed about two dozen women.

“Had we fucked that hard as normal Naruko, she would have been a vegetable. Even with my high-speed regeneration, my loins still ache and my legs are like noodles –”

"If you were expecting me to make a Ramen pun about eating you, I will summon a snake, and have you be digested."

All at once, there was silence in the small park, or rather, what remained of the small park as it was completely painted red with blood, guts, and organs, with burnt, buried and beheaded corpses, all of them possessing the familiar white masks. The thick smell of blood completely overrun the park, as though it was an abattoir for human parts. Of course, the smell of slowly decomposing corpses followed, of men having pissed and shat themselves, all chaotically scattered around.

A bloodied chest with a pair of breasts with nothing else accompanying it was on one end of a see-saw, and on the other end, were the legs, sitting, with the ass having being burnt black.

Heads lined up on a slide as though it were a machine to dispense bowling balls, each of the masked heads several dozen feet away from any of their bodies.

The merry-go-round was still spinning, revolving like a helicopter, courtesy of the large intestines and bones that had been sent towards it at subsonic speeds.

All in all, some children were going to be scarred for life in the morning.

Well, assuming they would be alive come morning anyway.

Rubi stared down her form, clad still in the skimpy black bandage material, though, it clung to her skin in a sticky, red mess, as the bandages had soaked in the blood, and made her look as though she had just been put through a meat grinder, though she was relatively unharmed.

“Wait, that’s all of them? Did we just kill every ANBU in Konoha while chatting?”

To her side, Yami appeared, shirtless, as she loved it, ogling his pectoral muscles and yummy abs, as she stared at the man who had a massively pleased grin on his face as he inhaled deeply, taking in the smell of death, stink, blood, upturned earth, ozone, burnt flesh, and everything in between.

“You know, it would have been more interesting to kill them while fucking. It’d really give a whole new definition to the words ‘Fuck you’.”

Rubi blinked, and Yami gave her a smirk, his lips twitching upwards to display sharpened fangs that glistened in the moonlight.

“Why didn’t I think of that? Murder, sex, and insult all in one.”

“You were too busy giving the female ANBU impromptu enemas with Susanoo to think of it.”

She didn’t bother denying it, her lips twitching upwards. “Come on Yami-sama, you have to admit, you loved watching me give the Thousand Years of Death with Susanoo to those uppity bitches.”

Yami turned his attention to a group of female corpses, all of them, their masks off, and their faces contorted into a blend of pleasure and utmost pain.

Ah, the poor women who had died screaming, as the large bony skeletal fingers of the Susanoo had been shoved up their rectum, going into their bodies and stomachs and out their mouths.

Or at least, that was supposed to be the plan, but it was too much for them to handle… hence… well, the corpses said it all.

Yami could not help the amusement in his eyes. “I guess you could say they were fingered to the death? They got one up before dying?”

“Considering Susanoo’s fingers could only go in so far – it would have been worse for them if they hadn’t died.” She said with a smile, before letting out a sigh. “Still, just think about a missed opportunity. I could have been riding your dick while killing people by shoving the giant finger of a corporeal avatar up their orifices.”

“Meh, we’ll get our chance to do it in the next universe. Truth be told, ANBU aren’t worth killing in any way that makes them seem important.”

Rubi laughed. “How so?”

“Killing an ANBU in a unique way is like slaughtering a chicken with Susanoo.”

She let out a grin. “Oh, that’s just cold Yami-sama.”

“T-t-the w-will of f-f-fire b-burns s-s-strong –”

Both of them turned their attention to an ANBU that was struggling to rise from the ground.

Rubi moved over to the ANBU and gave him a large, almost peaceful smile.

“You know what else burns strong?”

Black flames engulfed the man’s entire form.


Rubi laughed as the shrieks of a burning man completely engulfed the location of the small park.

Yami merely watched it on with a form of amusement. He was glad he had put up a privacy seal, a chakra reflection seal, and a large genjutsu over the entire park. It was the only reason why the rest of the Konoha shinobi hadn’t charged in frothing at the mouth and ready to deal some damage.

Jiraiya and Orochimaru’s knowledge of Fuinjutsu when combined with his absolute perfect control of Chakra granted by the Rinnegan, and the limitless chakra of the tailed beasts… He was in all essence, a god in human form.

“Ugh… the blood on my body is drying… this is absolutely not sexy, not frightening, and not tasty.”

Rubi turned to him and then blinked. “How come you don’t have a single drop of blood on you Yami-sama?”

“Two words: Shinra Tensei.”

Or more accurately, Gravity Release. Using it to repel blood from his form was elementary at this point.

Rubi pouted. “… that’s so not fair Yami-sama.”

“Do you really want to talk about fairness after we just slaughtered an entire village’s ANBU force while making small talk?”

She opened her mouth and closed it. “Point.”

“Though you do have a point, being covered in dried blood is totally not fuckable. You need a shower.”

She let out a fanged grin. “Oh… I think I know just the person who can help me out.”


A young teenage girl let out a groan of pleasure as she sunk into the warm, bubbling waters of her bath. Her raven colored hair was let down, framing her face and adding more prominence to her generous, but not overtly large chest. Tendrils of water raced up her form, following up with soap which lathered her body, one rather innocuous patch covering up her nipples, whilst the rest drank up the lower parts of her form.

Her mind however, focused instead on something else, on someone else, as it usually did whenever she found herself alone.

Naruko had been one of her closest friends, the one who had given her confidence and bite whereas she was previously a meek girl who stuttered to herself in front of the mirror. Naruko had been the one that had shaped her from the meek little girl who used to be beaten in spars by her younger sister, to someone who could stand with her head held high amongst Konoha’s Jonin.

Truly, she owed everything to the blonde, and as such, she would never believe that Naruko had gone rogue.

Her Naruko-chan would never go rogue. It was impossible, it made absolutely no sense, and damned whatever the evidence said, there was no way in the world she was going to believe it.

Still, she had been the one visiting the Uzumaki Clan Compound for the past week. Kushina was agitated, wrathful and scathing and ever since the news came out, people avoided her, and often refused to even sell to her, or sell to the others girls in the compound. Hence, she was the one who had to go buying groceries and ingredients, and ensuring that the red-headed women of Uzumaki blood did not attack someone in their hungry and angry states.


Today however, she had not gone, as the women seemed to be doing fine on their own, and as such, the raven haired girl was able to dedicate some time to herself and herself alone, something she had not done in a while.

However, something seemed odd as she heard the sound of the shower in the bathroom adjacent from hers go off. That was odd, the next room belonged to her sister, and she was certain that Hanabi was still outside practicing her Jyuken form. In the Hyuga Clan, the members grew accustomed to nudity as it came with the boundaries of being able to see through walls, but it was still considered rude to spy on someone in the baths, especially considering they would know you were doing it.

She stepped out of the bathroom, moving over to grab a towel which was briefly wrapped over her form, the short white towel starting at just above her nipples and ending just below her thighs. Her form sheened with the liquids, droplets of water trailing across her legs lavishly, sauntering across her breasts graciously, and meandering down her thighs next to her virgin warmth. Numerous men world over would sell their worldly possessions and their souls, just to exist as a water droplet, trailing down from her stomach, and coming to a stop on her maidenhood.

Not that she was aware of this as she made her way from her shower to her room, her feet making wet noises against the wooden floor, and her form coming to a stop, freezing as she could have sworn she had felt a brief glimpse of familiar chakra. Her eyes had widened as she wasted no time in going into her darkened room, rapidly activating her Byakugan as the veins displayed across her eyes a flutter of hope entered her chest.


Hopes were dashed upon finding a male form.

There was a man sitting on her bed that instantly gave her pause. The man looked like the Sexy Technique that Naruko had once invented, which had given her furious nosebleeds and been the image on her mind whenever she had the privacy to pleasure herself. There was no way she was going to forget the image of the male version of Naruko that had often come to her in her dreams and done all sorts of things to her, and she felt her throat dry as she gazed at his form.

“Close. But not quite. You could call me her… brother.”

She was immediately on guard as she shook her head and stared at the man. “Naruko-chan doesn’t have any siblings. Who are you and how did you enter my room?”

The man seemed to stare at her with curious eyes.

“You’re not shy.”

The comment caught her off guard momentarily as she couldn’t stop herself from taking a step back at the casual manner in which the man had uttered the words.

“And you didn’t stutter, not even once.”

The man took rose off the bed and took a step forward, and she was able to now focus on his eyes, her breath hitching in her throat as she noticed the Sharingan in one eye, and another weird purple doujutsu in another. Then, she felt extremely odd as the man’s eyes glossed over her form, trailing at her body, stopping at her thighs and them moving over to her breasts.

“And you’re definitely not afraid to show some skin. Damn, why couldn’t my Hinata be like this? I’d take you over that stuttering, walking bag of insecurities any day.”

She found herself confused by his words. “What?”

“Well, she’s dead now so I guess that’s just me crying over spilt milk.”

Hinata found herself entering into the Jyuken stance immediately, as she narrowed her eyes at the weird man in front of her. He smacked his lips like a predator, one which came in from the heavens and swooped down to unsuspecting prey, separating families and dividing loved ones as a hawk to a lamb, a meek, unsuspecting, lamb.

He had made no threats, yet, his mere presence convinced her that she was prey, a lower figure and existence on some pre-determined supernatural pecking order, and that nothing she could do would change it.

“Oh, yes, we’re definitely keeping you.”

The way he phrased it, and the manner in which his eyes casually roamed over her body sent an odd shiver down her skin. Every single cell in her body screamed at her to flee from this man, to flee from a beast that would devour everything about her, and then regurgitate whatever remained unto a cheapened facsimile of a person who looked, felt, smelt and sounded like her, but was not, intrinsically her.

Beads of sweat trailed down her neck as she gazed directly at the man, having no choice but to turn off her Byakugan lest she go blind, from the walking star of chakra, a star dwarfing earth and heaven, a star like the sun, with bright intensity, but only a hundred thousand times stronger.

No mere human could hold so much chakra.

Sealing his tenketsu would be a minor hindrance at best, and a complete waste of effort at worst, because his chakra was thicker, denser, and more overwhelming than what she had sensed from even the Hokage.

With the realization that the Gentle Fist would be completely useless against him, she steeled her mind and calmed her fears as she tried diplomacy.

“Who… are you? What do you want with me?”

There was a massive grin on his face, which seemed to send more warning bells in her mind. The grin of a monster, of a being that defied all possibilities and normal conventions –

And she was in front of this person, in nothing but a towel.

Fear instantly gripped at her heart.

“I want you, and so does Naruko.”

The first part of his sentence had turned her world to ice, and then the second part had shattered that ice and left her blinking in confusion.


“More specifically, we want your virginity, and want to fuck you senseless until your eyes go white -” he paused, "Wrong analogy, but I'm sure you get the point."

Hinata could not stop the heat that came to her face at the words and suggestion, especially considering how many times she had fantasized about such a scenario, and the man smirked at her, as though he could somehow read her mind and knew exactly what she was thinking.

“M-m-my v-v-v-”

"I swear to god if you start stuttering again, I'm going to bring out tentacles, pin you to the floor, and sodomize you."

Her mouth clamped shut.

"Now go on, be a good little virgin and think about what I've offered you." He tilted his head "That is, if you're a virgin. For all I know you could be getting it on with someone."

Of course she was still a virgin. She was the next Clan Head of the Hyuga, she had a responsibility to be faithful to whoever she married, and not to soil her family name by being ‘used goods’. That, and of course the fact that the only person she loved and would ever love was a woman.

“So, wouldn’t you like that, to have your first time with your dear Naruko?”

Hinata found herself listening to him, paying rapt attention. There was nothing else she could do considering the circumstances. If he wanted to kill her, there were very few things she could do to stop him. If he wanted to pin her to the floor and have his way with her, there was no way she would be able to overpower him. It was absolutely frightening, and at the same time, absolutely exhilarating being completely under the control of another being.

He walked forward, standing in front of her, as the assaulted smell of sex hung off him like a thick musk secreted by predatory animal in search for a fitting mate. The overwhelming scent of sex blended in with the scent of blood, so much of it, that it was as though he had bathed in a river of the red liquids and emerged from it. The two smells had an odd, contrasting yet matching effect to them, it was like water and alcohol rather than oil, but instead of dulling her senses, it heightened them, made her active, alert, and there she even say it… horny.

Unguarded as she was, his touch was like wildfire activating in her veins, sending a burning sensation throughout her body as he cupped her chin, and his weird enchanting Doujutsu met hers. “Would you like that Hinata? To have Naruko explore you, roam around your body, savor your essence?”

She felt herself getting more and more lightheaded, the increasing daze and unsteadiness making her sway slightly backwards. She had almost fallen, but he gestured out, grabbing her by the hand and the waist, steadying her even further and bringing her closer to a man than she had ever been in her entire life. His right hand held her waist, his left held her arm, as she gazed into his eyes.

“Or… would you like me, to ease you into the process? To make you ready for when Naruko decides to ravage you?”

Belatedly, she realized that her face was red, red like a tomato, and she could have sworn that there was steam emitting from her ears at this point, as she found her mouth opening but no words coming forth.

This – this was one of the numerous fantasies she had once had, playing scene by scene, something that had only existed in her imagination, existed in her thoughts, and the man, he smirked, he smirked as though he knew all of it, as though he was aware of the truth.

“I – I – I –” she was stuttering again, and she cursed herself for it “I want Naruko-chan.”

The man seemed to smile, but then frown, and then smile again, before he sighed.

"Well that was a bust. Here I was trying to seduce you into it."

He shook his head.

"Looks like it's rape time."

Her eyes widened, as he spun her around and let her go, sending her towel sprawling to the floor, and sending her smashing, breasts first into something else that was soft and cushiony and extremely, wet. Her body went completely rigid from the unexpected skin-on-skin contact, and feeling a pair of arms wrap around her waist, and one hand slithered in between her legs, and made her gasp from the feeling of the finger entering into her warmth. Then, a hot, raspy breath tickled her face.

“Hello Hi-na-ta-chan~”

Hinata froze at the familiar voice, hope and happiness and excitement burning through her all at once as she placed her eyes ahead of her, to the sound of the voice –

Only to meet a pair of red Sharingan eyes.

“We have a lot of catching up to do Hina-chan...”



Hyuga Hiashi could do nothing but stare in disbelief, as his daughter stood above him, dressed in nothing but a tight fishnet top and stockings that exposed all her womanly parts, and vibrant red lipstick. Her hair was tied up in its normal manner, her thighs were conspicuously glistening with liquids, her nipples, bright pink and blushing, poked out in a manner demanding attention, as it drew prominence to her graceful mini-watermelon sized breasts, constricted and emphasized with her tight outfit.

“Hinata? W–w–what is the meaning of this? Why are you dressed in such obscene clothes? Why are you – gurk!”

Her hand, extended outwards, straight and connected directly to his chest, where his heart was, the jyuken strike had hit home and it had hit true, and he found himself coughing blood.


She smiled down at him. “For Rubi and Yami-sama.”

The man plopped to the ground dead, and Hinata smiled even more, as she proceeded deeper into the main clan house, skipping all the way as her breasts jiggled up and down as she grew wetter and wetter from the feeling of the fishnet rubbing and chaffing on her nipples and vulva.

Disbelieving screams and gasps echoed through the house, as one by one, without discrimination, her fingers struck true and they struck fast, always hitting either the head or the heart, dealing instant fatal damages.

High above, like a god who deemed himself to grand to be bothered with the affairs of mortals, sat Yami, on a floating golden throne with soft leather, tinted a dark shade of burnt orange. Creation of All Things was a technique that needed no preamble in order to explain its effects, hence, Yami sat comfortably on it, and seated on his lap, now completely naked and not bothering to wear clothes, was Rubi.

Yami whistled at the sight below him, sensing Hinata’s chakra as she moved around and killed the Hyuga Clan, indicated to him by their chakra signatures dying out. “I’m impressed. What did you show her?”

Rubi, sitting on his lap, wrapped her arm around him as she grinned, a distinctively fox-like grin. “Tsukuyomi – where I had sweet, passionate lesbian sex with her for ten years and convinced her that you’re a god, and we are your loyal servants.”

"Both of which are true."

Rubi grinned. "Yes, but she worships you now, and is your first 'follower'."

“Why didn't she break from the influx of memories once the technique ended?”

“Turns out she’s had a massive crush on me, well, the Naruko part of me, for years."

"By crush you mean a one-sided fanatical obsession to the point in which she stalked you and masturbated to you."

Rubi shrugged. "She's cute, so I don't mind. Anyway, it helps that she was perfectly willing, to the point she believes and will do anything I tell her no matter how absurd or insane, and by default, she’ll believe and do anything you tell her as well.”

“Well that explains why my seduction didn’t work. Someone that fixated on you to the point her every thought revolved around your existence would be someone hard to get.”

Still, despite his failed attempt and seducing the Hyuga heiress, Yami grinned as he just realized that he had just discovered the best way to kill the people of Konoha. Doing it himself would get a little too monotonous, but now, having them destroy each other? That would be perfect.

So, he watched as Hyuga Hinata of all people, committed the Hyuga Clan massacre, indiscriminately slaughtering her own family and house members, from the ones who had been peacefully sleeping in their beds, to the ones in the bathroom, to the ones sitting on a toilet seat, and even to the ones that had been busy conducting love-making affairs. There was no hesitation, no delay, and it was more or less witnessing a brilliant, masterful dance than it was witnessing a massacre.

The element of surprise was on her side, and no one had anticipated a member of their own family so intent on killing them, so they had all hesitated, stunned either by her rather lewd looking appearance, or by her wonderful kind smile that stood in contrast to it, as she cut them all down with her fingers.

Yami wondered how good gentle fist users were at giving handjobs. He figured he’d find out soon enough.

Regardless, within minutes, there were only three members of the Hyuga Clan left, Hinata, Hanabi, and Neji.

“Hinata-sama, you cannot – aargh!

A brief activation of the Hyuga Cursed Seal later, and Hyuga Neji fell to the ground, screaming and clutching at his forehead in abject pain. It was pain that was easily relieved, courtesy of the ultimate cure to human suffering, as a Jyuken strike landed on his forehead, sending him still. Thus, only two Hyuga remained in the entirety of Konoha.

“Oh my, Hinata’s really naughty. To actually use the curse seal…” Rubi licked her lips. “She’s making me hot and horny all over~!”

Yami rolled his eyes. “You’re always hot and horny all over.”

“That’s because I’m sitting on your dick Yami-sama.” She said this while grinding and gyrating her wet snatch on his member.

Yami could feel the entrance of her sopping wet womanhood rub against the back of his cock, going in a hypnotic manner, from back, to front, covering all thirteen inches before it went to the tip, tempting the tip with a brief entrance, before going back and sliding on the veiny bulging cock once more.

“Not even hardcore lesbians would be able think straight while being on this thick, hot… hard, Mmmmmph…

Yami grunted to hold back as the woman sitting on him arched her back, and he knew that she had orgasmed as her juices bathed, drenched and moisturized his phallic member that was now as hard as steel, bulging and demanding for a release.

“You know, at this point I think you love my cock more than you love me.”

She turned her gaze to him, sultry, unrepentant, and not at all attempting to deny it. “Oh, that’s true. Maybe you could punish me Yami-sama? Make this uncouth dick-loving bitch repent from her ways?”

“Alright.” He smirked “You don’t get to touch my dick for the next ten years.”

She went ramrod stiff, and Yami was glad that he could read minds as he detected the complete and utter fear and trepidation that ran though her head.

“I – I didn’t mean that kind of punishment! You – you’re joking, right Yami-sama?”

Yami’s smirk grew even further. Who would have thought that the threat of refusing to have sex with her would work so well. “Am I? I do have my goddess Kaguya, and a legion of sexy women. I’m functionally immortal, so ten years without having sex with you would not be an issue at all.”

Oh, Yami enjoyed the sheer despair and dismay that completely entered her form.

“I – I can’t go that long! I can’t! I’d die – nothing, no one will ever be able to make me feel as good as you do – please, don’t – I’ll do anything –”



Yami’s grin grew, wider and wider. “Oh, you’re going to regret that. But for now, I’ll take back my punishment.”

She sighed back in relief, whereas Yami already had different plans working through his head. Oh wait, speaking of plans –

“Has Hinata finished yet?”

Rubi blinked. “Surprisingly… no.”

Yami turned his gaze down, and he had to give it to Hanabi, despite just having witnessed everyone she knew killed by her own sister, she was somehow actually holding Hinata back. This was the crazed, mindbent Hinata who had the unflinching will to kill, yet, the little girl, Hanabi, had managed to last this long against her elder sister, and was actually still alive.

“Aww… isn’t Hanabi-chan so cute?”

“If by cute you mean, terrified shitless and downright exhausted from fighting for her life, then yes, she’s cute.”

The girl’s legs were shaking badly from fear however, and it was clear that she did not have the will or the heart to kill her own sister, whereas, Hinata had no such limitations.

Yami slowly stroked his chin as he watched Hinata eventually overpower her sister’s jyuken in seconds, sealing off all of the girl’s tenketsu, as she moved in for the killing strike.

“Hina-chan, stop.”

He turned his gaze to Rubi.

“What are you doing?”

The Kyubi-Naruko hybrid smirked. “Offering tribute.”

Both of them appeared in the midst of the two sisters, to the scene of Hinata’s extended palm stopped mere centimeters before Hanabi’s heart. Hinata immediately turned to them, her eyes and form softening slightly.

“Have I displeased you Yami-sama? Rubi-sama?”

Rubi shook his head and clasped his hands “No, you did great Hina-chan. I just need cute little Hanabi-chan here alive.”

Rubi turned to the frightened form of Hanabi, who was staring at her in confusion, fear, trepidation, and all the negative emotions that Yami and Rubi could sense without even having to try.

However, Yami’s mastery of the Negative Emotions Sensing had reached to godly levels with the inclusion of his Rinnegan, and as such, he could read minds, surface thoughts, which caused his eyes to widen as he read Rubi’s mind, and instantly realized what the woman was thinking.

“Really? Her?”

“Get them while their young Yami-sama!”

Rubi moved over to Hanabi’s confused, panting and still paranoid form, before draping her arm over the girl’s chest and projecting a massive amount of Killing Intent capable of killing a full grown, healthy bear, and stopping the hearts of infants. Hanabi went ramrod stiff, utterly terrified and immobile, her eyes widening as she made the perfect imitation of a stationary clock.

“Now Hanabi-chan, you are in front of a god, a being who is capable of destroying me, and can bring you back from the dead if you die, so death isn’t an escape. Don’t you want to show Yami-sama the respect he deserves?”

Hanabi was still frozen, but wisely, and capably, moved towards Yami, kneeling before him before she bowed her head, her entire form still shaking.

Rubi’s smirk grew. “Good girl! Now, you are going to please your new god Hanabi-chan!”

Her head snapped up, her eyes wide as she turned to Hinata, a pleading expression on her face, only to be appalled as her sister, Hinata, was gazing on with a clearly lust-filled expression, her breaths coming out in short pants.

“To get to please Yami-sama… to touch the omnipotent one… you really are lucky imouto…”

Hanabi’s mind broke.

“Get ready Hina-chan, your imouto is going to be the first one to be blessed by the god Yami-sama!”

Rubi squealed as she ripped off Hanabi’s top, revealing the young girl’s nakedness to the cold breeze, her small, semi-developing breasts possessing a certain appeal to them, as they were the size of oranges, just tempting, asking and begging to be sucked clean, sucked hard, and sucked dry.

Yami stood, looking at the young girl stood before him, attempting to put on a brave face, though tears easily strolled down her cheeks at the sight of his erect rod, like iron, dangling in front of her face, his balls, large and easily the size of two tennis balls.

He licked his lips slowly.

He would live for thousands of years, so age was no longer an issue to him, it was only an issue of maturity. As far as maturity went?

Hanabi’s breasts were big enough to be fondled.

Good enough for him.

Yami’s lips twisted into a smirk as he stared at the shivering girl, watching as her Byakugan eyes went wide as he brought the full length of the thick, thirteen inch tool that was covered in Rubi’s juices and put it in front of her lips.

“Now, drink! Drink from the essence of Yami-sama!”

Rubi was enjoying this far too much, as he caught the glint in her eye which indicated that she’d rather be the one with her lips wrapped around the dick that was covered in her own juices.

Two seconds later, Yami let out a groan of pleasure as he felt the soft lips of Hanabi Hyuga grace the tip of his cock. Gentle, uncertain, and soft in manners and ways that confirmed his seat in the realm of hell and removed any doubt from his mind that the devil would be welcoming him with open arms.

A half second later, Rubi slammed the back of Hanabi’s head into his dick, and had his eyes wide from the feeling of his massive cock go past her soft and warm tongue and down the smallest, but clearly the tightest throat he had ever had the pleasure of fucking.

Stars entered his eyes as the inexperienced girl tried to swallow his cock and scream at the same time, only to choke as she failed, sending mad vibrations down her throat at a level that Yami could not even comprehend.

He tried to give his first thrust, only for entire solar systems and galaxies to build up in his eyes as the sheer tightness of the girl’s throat was like a cunt pulling, sucking and clamping his dick all at once, leaving him no choice but to slam the back of the girl’s head forward until her chin buried into his balls and his cock went past her throat and he could take it no more.


His butt clenched tightly as he grit his teeth, shooting down his release directly into the girl’s stomach, the copious amounts of hot, white liquids being sent straight to begin the digestion process. With his hands firmly placed at the back of her head, she could do nothing but send her small hands grasping at the air and grasping at his buttocks, her eyes widening to the point of near physiological impossibility, until Yami completely released his load into her.

Once he was done, he detached his saliva and semen covered cock, and the girl plopped backwards with her eyes rolled into the back of her head, not that you could tell with the Byakugan.

“That. Was. Awesome.”

So began the terror of the evil god Yami, sexual predator and hunter of reasonably breasted Lolis.


“Fuck. Fuck. Fuck!”

Tsunade of the Sannin was not a woman to swear, on normal occasions she avoided using such uncouth words due to her profession as a medical practitioner. However, none of that mattered at the moment, as she tried again and again, to contact any one of her ANBU, only to come up blank.

“We have over four hundred men and women in the ANBU Corps. How is it that none of them are responding?”

Her assistant, Shizune, squirmed under the frightful gaze that was sent towards her, possessing a burning fire and vigor that threatened to smolder all in its way into ashes in the wind.

“I – I don’t know Tsunade-sama…”

The woman let out another silent curse. Oh, she knew what was happening, she knew that it was time, time for whatever god or deity or eldritch abomination that was responsible for the end, to swoop down and destroy everything she held dare. She knew that the destruction of Konoha was here, that it was the end of the line, and that they stood very low chances of pulling up any form of victory against the forces that had destroyed the other villages.

She knew all of this, as she grabbed the alcohol on her table and gulped it down, feeling the burning liquid run down her throat before she smashed the bottle.

She knew it was the end, but she’d be damned if she did not go down fighting.

“Call in the entire corps. I want every single shinobi, male, female, boy or girl, from Chunin Rank and upwards mobilized and ready for battle. Any shinobi who has retired is instantly reinstated, and have the Genin protect the civilians and get them to the evacuation centers.”

Her tone was sharp, commanding, and with only Shizune there to follow her orders, given as how her ANBU commander was no doubt already six feet under, her assistant nodded rapidly and immediately charged off to follow the instructions to the letter.

Tsunade sighed, a heavy, tired breath as she leaned back into her chair. If she knew that she was going to die today, she would have at least gone to gamble one more time. Or perhaps pick a male of her fancy for a one-night stand before she met the Shinigami.

Now, all she could do was wait – wait and be prepared, as she would die to protect the village that had taken everything away from her.

Her eyes narrowed.

Then, there were the invaders, the invaders who had killed her former teammates, killed her goddaughter, and were the ones attempting to destroy the village. They – they were the true enemy.

So even if she were to die, she would be damned certain to drag them down with her.

"Tsunade... I have a proposition for you."

The Hokage turned to the door, her eyes widening, then narrowing as she let out a slow hiss.


The aged man stood at the door, and nodded.

"I -"

"Nope. Nope. Nope. I'm not letting this wrinkly old douchebag ruin the boss's fun night."

Tsunade's heart went still, as all at once, she watched her assistant place a hand on Danzo's head, and literally ripped the man's soul out of his body as she absorbed it. Shimura Danzo dropped to the floor like a man with his strings cut, lifeless, and she watched as 'Shizune' ripped out the man's covered eye to bring forth a Sharingan Eye, as she grinned an unnatural smile that looked completely out of place on her.

"Ah... the Kotoamatsukami Eye. The boss will love this."

Tsunade's form was shaking, as she immediately realized that the person in front of her was clearly an imposter. "Who - who are you? Where is Shizune? What have you done to her?"

'Shizune' smirked. "Heh. Don't bother, I'm just a transformed clone. I've been acting as your assistant for the past three days now and you never even noticed. Kinda says tons about just how little you know of her doesn't it?"

She did not want to believe it. She had no reason to believe it. It could be a lie, a psychological tactic meant to destabilize her even further, but at this point, the imposter stood very little to gain from lying to her.

"Anyway, I just needed to find the old coot Danzo, and I knew staying close to you would be the fastest way to do it. Now that I'm done, would you like to see the real Shizune?"

A body was unceremoniously dropped unto her desk before she could as much as give a response. Her breath stilled, slowly, as the fear in her heart compounded a thousand times over, and the terror only magnified upon noticing that the body was naked, and clearly covered from head to toe in the white substance that Tsunade could easily identify without any preamble.


She lunged, rage completely filling her form as nothing else mattered, nothing but making the imposter in front of her pay, pay for what he had done to her assistant –

Her lunge was cut short, as black, thick tendrils of chakra emerged from the man’s form, wrapping around her ankles, wrist and knees, and all at once, she felt her chakra drain away as it was sapped to near empty at the blink of an eye. She instantly felt weak, unable to even as much as raise a finger.

“Yeesh. Kind of energetic for a fifty-three year old woman aren’t you?”

“How DARE you! I’ll make you pay –”

“With what? Your life?” The imposter cut her off instantly. “Yeah… that doesn’t really have much value to me.”

She grit her teeth, knowing, despite her rage filled state, that at this moment, she was weak, she was unable to even summon a drop of chakra to aid her. She was unable to even as much as use the tiniest modicum of chakra to activate her super strength.

“Oh, don’t feel too bad about Shizune over there. She was only saying ‘no’ and ‘stop’ and ‘help’ for the first twenty minutes, but really, she’s been a virgin for thirty-something years and she got really into it not long after.”

“SHUT U-rk!”

A tendril shoved it’s way into her mouth, preventing her from speaking.

“Anyway, as I was saying before a soon-to-be molested old woman interrupted,” the imposter walked up to her and smirked, “You really have no idea how much I’ve always wanted to bang Shizune. Damn, she’s like that older hotter sis that’s kind and smells nice. But fuck it was a deal breaker when she started moaning your name while she was riding me.”

The imposter, still wearing the guise of Shizune, gestured his hands out and the thick black tendrils of chakra turned into tentacles. Actual, octopi-like tentacles with suction cups and points, which did not hesitate in wrapping itself around her entire body, and the one in her mouth began to wrap around and suck her tongue.

“Now…” the Shizune-imposter said, “You’ve been holding out on your dearest Shizune. So… I’m going to fuck you hard, and fuck you fast while looking like her. Poetic justice and what not.”

She could not even scream as the tentacle thrust its way down her throat, and another unceremoniously ripped away her pants and underwear, and became the first object that graced her cunt in years.

“Hmm… Hot blonde doctor gets assaulted by horny assistant and tentacles while a dead old man decomposes on the floor.”

The imposter grinned.

“Damn I love my life.”

Chapter Text

Chapter 10

The domain of death was a realm that was as cold as it was frightful. Souls poured in like water running through loose pockets, one after the other, they streamed down from the realm of the living into the impure world. Confusion was stagnant in the air, the stench of it filling slowly with that of fear and apprehension and shock, as most of them, nay, all of them, failed to accept the bitter reality that they were no longer living.

They failed to accept the fact that they were dead.

Of course, this had only lasted so far as a giant, spectral avatar moved through the crowds, with white hair and fanged teeth, causing shivers to run down spines and a collection of gasps to tear through the air as a rapid arrow.

The Shinigami stared down, and it’s figure was as intimidating as ever, and it served as the vivid, vibrant reminder to them all that they were dead, gone, deceased and unable to return to the world of the living. The dead shinobi numbered in the hundreds of thousands, and the dead civilians numbered in the millions, causing the Shinigami to possess a calm air of intrigue.

Nothing short of the sheer destruction of an entire species would actually be capable of sending humans down to its domain at such an astounding rate and in such sheer, unflappable numbers. Not to mention the manner in which certain individuals had… arrived…

“Get off me you crazy woman!”

The soul of the mortal called Uchiha Satsuki stood, humping her waist into the air and trying to force herself unto other souls, a sense of madness and utter, indescribable lust completely overwhelming her entire form. There was no denying that whatever had occurred to her had been enough to damage her soul on such a fundamental, intrinsic level that it was forever damaged, even here in the afterlife.

It was intriguing to discover, however, what truly had the Shinigami’s interest was when the souls of animals, began filling into his domain in sheer floods. These were the Summon Clans, and one by one, from the toads, to the slugs, to the snakes, scorpions, and further and further, their souls entered the afterlife.

The Shinigami found it truly, truly curious, as such, he deemed it would break a divine rule long since placed against beings such as it, the rule which stated that it was destined to be a mere spectator in the affairs of mortals and in the affairs of the universe, unless of course, intentionally summoned into their plane.

As such, the Shinigami tore a portal between the fabric of the realm of the dead and the fabric of the world of the living, a dark, whimsical space appearing in space and time like a rippling pool of ink. The creature traversed across realms, arriving at a location in which it could sense a large potent energy source which seemed to be the cause of the millions and millions of deaths.

However, the being was unable to deny the shock, the surprise, and the utmost disbelief, upon entering the mortal realm, and turning its gaze upwards, to the sight of the sky, completely, and utterly filled with giant spherical amalgamations of packed earth, going as over to the horizon, and coming back, completely blotting out the sun and the stars, as they all rushed towards the ground.

It was raining moons.

Or perhaps, such a declaration would underscore the sheer impossibility of the feat that was occurring.

It was more accurate the claim that there was a meteor shower of spherical of gargantuan planetoid objects, each one equal in size to the moon that had been created by the mortal human, Otutsuki Hagoromo.

A single moon crashing into the planet would cause wide-spread devastation capable of instantaneously burying and destroying continents from the sheer explosive force of the impact, which would strike with the force of hundred thousand earthquakes, creating shockwaves that would ignite wind and generate firestorms and wildfires of suitable comparison to the flames of hell, and this would happen whilst generating hundred foot tall tsunamis and tidal waves that would ensure the death of anything that survived.

And that was a single moon.

Here, there were at least hundreds all descending at the exact same time.

The Shinigami might have been a powerful cosmic entity, but even it knew that this spelt the complete and total annihilation of every living thing on the planet. It was without a shadow of a doubt, an extinction level event.

The Elemental Nations, and the planet it was on, would be reduced to nothing but mere pieces of dust and rock, floating through the cold vacuum of space.

It growled.

The Shinigami could not allow that to happen. Everything would be dead and, the absence of life also equaled the absence of death. You needed something to be alive in order for it to die, and without death, the Shinigami would fail to have any reason to exist, and it would fizzle out of existence.

Where are you… Sister? Your aid is needed lest our own demise become eminent.

The Shinigami spoke, his voice coming out slow and raspy, from years and years of disuse, but now, he needed to use it, to call upon the one person who might be capable of stopping this event.

Beside him, there was a large spurt of white light, as a woman emerged from it, her form radiating a strong brilliance, so much that any mere mortal who gazed upon her would have instantly gone blind. Her hair was a brilliant pure white, and her eyes were silver, whereas her robe constituted of a long, pristine white gown which looked as though it had taken eons to weave.

The Goddess, Kami emerged unto the mortal plane.

Upon arriving, her eyes immediately went wide in utter disbelief. “Wha- What is this? What has become of my world?”

She snapped her attention towards the Shinigami, her eyes immediately narrowing. “How did this happen? I had believed that the Children of Prophecy would prevent the destruction of the world? Even then, none of my visions of the future saw… this!

I do not know either. For now, we need to stop this.

“You know the rules Shin – the divine cannot directly intervene in the activities of mortals. I more so than anyone else.”

You are the Kami.

“That does not make me exempt!”

No,” the Shinigami shook his head, “I mean, you will be the Kami of what? We will be the Gods of nothing if those moons collide with this earth. Without anyone to give you reverence, and without anything to die, we will both cease to exist.

Kami bit her lip as she frowned. Clearly her mind was torn as she contemplated her thoughts.

We do not have time for you to think! It is do or do not!

The Shinigami let out a roar as he swung his blade into the air, and in a flash of power, the moons racing down towards the earth momentarily stilled, slowing down in their decent, however, it was clear that he would not be capable of doing it alone.


Kami rose her hand up into the air, and all at once, all the moons descending had frozen in the air, lining up perfectly like a form of unnatural attraction on the earth, as they merely hovered in place.

“That was a risky move brother! You realize by choosing to directly intervene in the mortal realm, we are risking vulnerability and have shed our divine invincibility?”

The Shinigami snorted. “There are no mortals nearby that could harm us, or that would think about striking us, when we are saving their world that is on the brink of destruction.”

“That’s where your wrong kiddo!”

Both divine beings froze in place as they stared at the ground where they stood, a collection of seals rapidly appearing, spreading out in runes and glyphs, outstretching further and further until it had arrived in the image of the yin-yang symbol, in which the Shinigami stood in place of Yin, and Kami stood in the dot of Yang.

“Rubi, now!”

Rapidly, white and black chains snaked up from the symbols and wrapped around the two divine figures, as a man appeared in a burst of speed, his eyes directly gazing into the form of the Shinigami, as he slammed his hand into the gut of the creature.

“Uzumaki-Style Fuinjutsu…”

The man’s eyes glowed, the purple eye spinning rapidly, as the Shinigami felt sheer terror upon noticing the Rinnegan eyes, and immediately discovering their relation to the seal on the ground.

“God Path.”

The clearing was filled with the sound of a pained screech so loud and so violent that it could not have possibly been human.


The Shinigami shrieked.

In what could be considered as a feat that would only ever occur in fantasies of the woefully whimsical or nightmares of the utterly deluded, the aspect of death that was known as the Shinigami, began to shake, quiver and thrash around in pain like a mad scientist had crossed a flopping fish with an epileptic man.

The mad thrashing of the creature of darkness stopped suddenly, as though a lethal injection had been used as a cure for an epileptic patient. The creature’s essence began to turn into smoke, black, acrid smoke that possessed a lifelike, silky appearance. This smoke eventually began to coalesce into a wisp that was sucked in by the Shinigami’s attacker, entering into his form and filling him with an immediate, burning dark light.

The transformation was immediate.

The man’s eyes snapped open, a shockwave of air traversing throughout the lands from the mere feat, as it was revealed that the Rinnegan in his socket slowly began to morph, evolving to a new level never before contemplated. The metallic purple bled a darker tint, increasingly getting darker until it was undistinguishable from pitch blackness.  The Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan in his other eye socket began the same metamorphosis, converting into the shape of the Rinnegan, yet retaining tomoe which almost seemed to glow and glow, until, this eye converted itself into a purely white Sharingan-Rinnegan hybrid.

The man, stood, a man no longer.

Smirking, grinning, a row of dangerously sharp teeth glistening as white as the fur of the most innocent of winter bunnies. Tongue, long and coiled as the hungriest of serpents timing it’s next foe.

He turned his black and white eyes unto the form of Kami.

“Kneel before your new god! Kneel before -”

The Shinigami’s Sword appeared in his hand, which he used to slice through the air, creating ripples and distortions that rent asunder the fabrics of space and time that turned reality into mere blades of grass at the hands of an impenitent lawnmower.





Regardless of where or of when, regardless of notions of things as fickle as time and space, regardless of who, or of how, regardless of the circumstances, regardless of the outcries of men to the heavens at the injustice of their created world, regardless of people’s perceptions or beliefs, regardless of anything and everything - One thing remained true.

An inexplicable maelstrom of blood and chaos had been given divinity –

And everyone felt it.

In a great temple filled with bald monks, a man collapsed onto the ground, panting, shaking, and shuddering as though he had been overtaken by a great fever.

In a large castle filled with school children, a phoenix vanished, an aged bearded man grasped at his chest in shock, and a woman collapsed out of her class, screaming at the top of her voice in a manic frenzy, stripping off her clothes and rolling on the floor in utter agony.

At a hidden fortress, a man with a golden mask rose, as he met with phantom-like figure cloaked in green, both of which wore grim expressions on their faces.

Buried, deep within a small crystal, an imprisoned multiple eyed demon fell into an inexplicable frenzy of chaotic laughter; one which caused his jailer to shudder in discomfort.

Sitting on a throne, a black-haired man flicked his eyes from the image of his three pink-haired daughters, as he turned his attention into space, and immediately wore a large, satisfied smile.

In the vastness of a location separated from time and space, a primordial red dragon snapped his eyes open, the creature’s fangs slowly protruding, as a small black haired girl trembled uneasily.

Destruction… cometh.

There was the common saying, that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

However, it begged the question, if one was already absolutely corrupt before they attained absolute power, what would the outcome be?


Those were the words uttered by the being known as Yami as he bitch-slapped god several hundred thousand kilometers.

There was no other explaining it, one second, he was standing, flexing his muscles, and the next, he lay in front of the beautiful woman known as Kami, his left hand outstretching in a blur of motion that broke the sound barrier as an imprint of the back of his hand became etched on Kami’s face.

The outcome, was Kami, being sent like a haphazardly tossed ragdoll at Mach 2, from one continent to another.

And then, the moons resumed their downward trajectory towards the earth.

He turned his gaze to Rubi, appearing in front of her in a transcendent burst of speed that made her eyes go wide as she realized that she had been unable to as much as catch a glimpse of him, even with the Mangekyo Sharingan.

She let out a gasp from the massive aura of power she could feel rolling off him in waves, coalescing around his form like a thick, indescribable musk. Her knees trembled, as she found herself dropping to them on mere instinct.

There was an overwhelming urge for her to immediately let her forehead become intimate with the ground, as his divine presence sent an almost primal compulsion to every cell in her body to kneel, to genuflect, and to bow her head down in worship, because she was in the presence of a being that transcended over humanity.

“M-my god…”

The being before her merely placed two of his fingers under her chin, and she felt as though she had been thoroughly engulfed into a crevice of carnal bliss and eternal torment. Visions of inexplicable experiences and things plagued her all at once, from enticing sexual encounters, to brutal punishments and floggings, to a mix of sexual pleasure and pain – all of it, occurring simultaneously.

Then, she snapped out of the daze upon realizing that the being in front of her was morphing. Slowly, he grew taller, making it appear as though his legs and spontaneously stretched, and his body shape changed to match. His previous height of five-foot appeared like an utter mockery of his new height of seven. His tanned skin began to appear as though naked invisible spirits used their bodies to lather him with bleach, as his complexion paled. His nails extended, sharpening to the point in which they easily resembled masterfully crafted daggers, and his fangs protruded to the point in which they were slightly visible on his lips, possessing a husky allure that made her neck feel oddly exposed.

Then finally, was his hair. The previous sunlight kissed blonde mess was unfit for a being of his reverence, and as such, it grew longer, extending like silk coming out from a processing machine, and eventually spilling down his neck and reaching his back, the color morphing as it grew, going from that of blond to that of a pale, terrifying white.

Oh? What’s the matter? Are you scared of me now that I’m no longer human?

His words drew her from her staring, as she felt her cheeks slightly heat up, and found it hard to answer over his sheer crushing pressure.

“N-no – I-I’m not.”

His lips curled into the most terrifying grin she had ever seen in her entire life.

You should be.

She swallowed her suddenly very dry throat.

~~~~~~~~ Prophecy Besmirched ~~~~~~

Yami sensed it long before he heard or saw it. The brilliant flash of white that came towards his direction, one which was burning with a vengeance that made him grin at the prospect of such an entertaining fight.

Head back and keep my bed warm for me.

He didn’t give Rubi the chance to question the instruction, instead effortlessly creating a Kamui below her feet, as she fell into it and vanished from the current dimension.

It was not a second too soon, as he leaned his entire body backwards in a ninety-degree angle not a second too soon, avoiding a pure beam of all-consuming white light that evaporated nigh-everything in its path.

There was a burst of speed, and immediately, the divine form of the white haired being known as Kami appeared before him, notably with a large red imprint on her right cheek.

Kami-chan. You’re back so soon! Tell me, how did you enjoy your trip across the world? Did you get me a souvenir?

The woman in question was seething. Pure, complete rage encompassed her every form in a wave that was almost visible.

 “You – do – do you have any idea as to what you have done?!”

Yami’s response was to easily lean back on nothing but air, a cocky smirk easily draping across his face, idly twirling the Shinigami’s Sword – his sword – in his left hand.

I’ve done a lot of things Kami-chan, you’re going to have to be more specific.” He said, easily.

Yami’s gaze then turned into a pleasant leer as he eyed Kami’s attire, being a pristine white short dress, he made his approval clear in the manner he gazed up her thighs and then her breasts, which were rather generous.

Is it killing your brother and taking his powers? Or is it destroying this world? Or is it bitch-slapping you like a pimp would do to his uppity whore? The last one was my favorite by the wa –

The first moon collided with the earth with an explosive force, shaking the very foundation of the ground and turning it into mere wads of wet toilet paper beset by the wind.

Oh! And looks like we’re out of time. The little moon shower I set up is finally coming to fruition. You would not believe the chakra cost it took for me to pull that off – I mean, I had to absorb the chakra of this world’s tailed beasts and Shinju just to get that many moons.

Kami vibrated in place. “You – You – who are you? You do not exist in this world! I cannot see anything of you – yet -”

She instantly froze, as though she was a wide-eyed bride who had just been told the wedding was off.

“Yet – somehow, your existence is… approved? HOW? How can this be? How can a being who seeks to destroy all of existence, be approved by prophecy?” 

Yami for his part, merely spread his arms to the side, opened them wide as he floated up, above the nightmarish sight of giant spherical masses collapsing into the earth. He ascended, like a reverse-messiah, or perhaps, a messiah of the apocalypse.

The answer is simple really…

He gave a long, elaborate bow.

I am Yami.

With those three final words, he vanished.

And the world perished.

Three Months Later

Location: Kamui Dimension

Never before in the history of the Elemental Nations had such an architectural marvel been built.

And considering that the Elemental Nations had been destroyed, twice, it was most likely that no other architectural marvel like it would ever be built.

Otutsuki Kaguya was an alien, coming from far out of space, possessing powers and abilities and no doubt having a civilization with architectural marvels and wonders that made the greatest feats of Engineering of the now non-existent Elemental Nations look like a retarded child’s attempt to stack blocks on top of each other.

Hence, she could not help the tug on her lips as she placed one hand on her hips, swaying her hair backwards as regally as she could, as she glanced at her masterpiece that had only taken her a matter of days to build.

To be honest, normal architects couldn’t create gold or concrete from thin air with Elemental Manipulation, or Chakra, or the Creation of All Things technique which meant that there was an instantaneous, infinite supply of materials to work with.

And to be fair, no normal architect would ever have a tireless workforce of over three hundred thousand men/women, which were provided to her in the form of shadow clones; both hers and that of Yami.

Still, that was what made this man-made paradise so appealing.

The World of Yami.

The Kamui Dimension had been refitted and reformed and transformed into something so surreal, no one would have been able to guess that it was a man-made construct.

With an artificial sun, burning brilliantly in the sky and giving the dimension the same level of brightness and detail that could be found in the real world, the Kamui dimension shaped up to be something exquisite.

Whereas before, it had consisted of mere cubic floating plots, the entire dimension now had land, that is, at the bottom, there was land, soil and earth, created with the combined use of Magma Release that was eventually cooled, as well as using Sand Manipulation, and Earth Release to create a long, grassy plains and valleys. The total land in the Kamui Dimension however, equaled fifty thousand kilometers in vastness.

Kaguya had rapidly linked the sheer vastness of the dimension to Yami’s own chakra pool. Hence, as the man gained more chakra, the size of the dimension increased. Well, that and the fact that after becoming a Divine Being, the Dimension had quadrupled was easily the size of a dozen continents.

To this end, Kaguya had decided to give the dimension more life-like qualities, and now it possessed it’s own oceans, vast and filled with saltwater. There were also great seas and lakes that could be explored with ships and crews, all of which had been created with copious use of Water Release.

Deciding to play goddess some more, Wood Release was added to the equation, therefore causing Yami’s World to possess numerous trees, all of them ranging from deciduous to coniferous, from decorative to fruit bearing, from wonderful pink cherry blossoms and magnolias, to lush and ripe apple and papaya trees.

She had a slight love of flowers, and had dedicated entire country-sized landmasses to nothing but large gardens of roses, daffodils, tulips, and as many flowers as she could possibly think of.

This, had generated the unexpected side effect of filling the entire dimension up with more oxygen, as well as a myriad of beautiful, fresh smelling air.

Then there was the main attraction of this world, the Palace.

That was it. Kaguya had deemed that it needed no fancy names or titles attached to it, as it was simply, and merely called, The Palace.

Covering three hundred and thirty thousand square meters and nine stories, it was a masterpiece and marvel that easily took the spot as the greatest architectural design in the Elemental Nations. Though it technically wasn’t in the elemental nations, Kaguya was sure that The Palace was the wet dream of every budding architect.

To claim that the Palace had everything was a grand claim.

Yet, so far, the claim was accurate.

When you could create something from absolutely nothing, the only limitations one possessed was their own imaginations.

Movie Theaters? Check. Underground Torture Room? Check. A Colossal Colosseum to pit slaves against each other? Check. Swimming pools large enough to three boss summons to have sex in without creating tidal waves? Check. Throne Room, Master bedrooms, hot springs, saunas, basketball, volleyball and tennis courts, servant quarters, slave quarters, bowling alleys, fully stocked kitchens, and everything in between.

Adorned in colors of gold, burnt dark orange, red and black, possessing large golden support pillars with diamond cores, a myriad of stairs crafted from actual emeralds and sapphires, with beautiful rugs and skins ranging from that of white tigers to exotic black bears decorating the rooms, diamond chandeliers, and golden seats and chairs cushioned with sheep-skin leather and furs –

Gods would look upon the Palace, and their faces would grow green with envy, they would swallow their dry throats and stifle their spittle as they realized that their divinity was meaningless in the face of the greatness that was The Palace of Palaces.

Kaguya allowed a small smirk to rise up on her lips.

The Palace of Palaces.

She liked it.

In a dimension that was mobile, and always accessible, there would be no need to actually ever leave their home, not even to gain mundane items like tissue paper. The Creation of All Things ability granted by the Rinnegan made it so that they would never lack anything, not even food, as the soils of the world were fertile enough to plant their own produce which would grow to be sweeter and larger than anything bought or gotten elsewhere, due to the potent chakra that saturated the earth.

Self-sufficient and comfortable, the Palace of Palaces was a paradise that Kaguya was going to enjoy to the fullest.

Of course, it also had something to do with the fact that she was the Head Priestess of the world of Yami, and she was the one who communed most with the literal god of the world.

She also took her job as head priestess very seriously.

“Fuuuuck- I love your blowjobs Kaguya!”

Her tongue wrapped around the promethean cock that stood in front of her. The literal godlike member which possessed thickness and girth literally beyond anything any mere mortal man could ever hope to handle. Covering about fourteen inches when absolutely erect, and possessing a thickness and girth of about four inches, the cock of the god Yami was capable of turning women into a mindless blithering pool merely from inserting half of its full length.

So far, despite possessing over three months of practice and training, Kaguya still found herself passing out from sheer pleasure once Yami shoved his full length into her without any warning.

However, it brought her a small amount of pleasure to please him with her mouth, which she most often did, as the god grabbed the back of her head and used her entire face as his tool of release, slamming into her at a repetitive pace that made her feel the entire warmth of his member rub against her throat in a pleasurable sensation of infinite swallowing.

His balls smacked into her chin with the motions, but she could pay it absolutely no heed in the mind-numbing ecstasy of her entire mouth and throat being used to please Yami.


With a final yell and grunt, he thrusted his member down deeper than even before, causing her eyes to extend as she felt the release of his hot wad rush down her throat and find its way directly into her stomach.

The process took up about several seconds, filling her up with nothing but his seed, until he finally detached his cock from her throat, covered in saliva as it was, and despite having just fully unloaded, his balls were no lighter, and his promethean cock still stood hard and erect.

He had always possessed downright ungodly stamina, but after becoming a literal divine being, he could keep on going for all eternity without ever needing to stop for a break.

“I believe that concludes today’s ritual Yami-sama.”

The man in question let out an annoyed scoff as he fell back on his bed.

“You know, when I started up the whole ‘religion’ deal three months ago, I did it on a whim because I was on a supernatural power high right?”

Kaguya smiled. It was the type of coy smile that was accustomed with mischievous high profile ladies or ambiguously promiscuous wives of daimyos. “Be that as it may, I must take my post as Head Priestess rather seriously, considering there are several women who would be just as eager if not more so to be in my position.”

Yami rolled his eyes. “You’re enjoying this way too much. You and Rubi both.”

Kaguya’s lips twitched in thinly veiled mirth. “I am clueless as to what you are referring to Yami-sama. You are a god, and I am merely your humble Head Priestess, whom you may use however you see fit.”

Yami’s right eye twitched. All of this was somewhat his fault, as prior to absorbing the powers of the Shinigami, he had completed his pillaging of Konohagakure no Sato.

He obtained the skills of the Yamanaka and Nara Clans, their ability to possess bodies being infinitely useful, as well as their abilities to control bodies like puppets against their wills. He had also taken the skills of the Akimichi Clan, which could turn him into a giant or titan at will. Unfortunately, the Aburame clan had little use for him, so he merely slaughtered them using an insecticide flamethrower. Next was the Inuzuka Clan, which he had killed with chocolate. Shoving a chocolate bar down someone’s throat could kill them just as effectively as a kunai, as he had found out. Also, doubly effective when the chocolate bars were shaped like doggie treats.

Nonetheless, all of these powers, when combined with the godly capabilities of the Shinigami, had put him in a ‘power high’ so to speak. So upon arriving at his Palace in the Kamui dimension where he had captured numerous women from across the elemental nations, he had immediately created a religion that praised him as a fearful and all-powerful god.

Of course, some of the women had tried to attack or refuse him at first, but, as he had found out with Rubi early on, there was some sort of genetic programming in humans that made them want to serve a higher power; a programming that made them instantly fear, revere and worship him.

Originally, his plan had involved using the Kotoamatsukami to make them all subject to his will.

A Genjutsu which cast a compulsion to make whoever was the victim of the technique, believe that their choices and decisions were of their own making, and everything that they knew to be true, was true, and was born from their own experiences.

Absorbing this particular technique from the eye in Danzo’s possession had taken some finesse and extreme, heavy fine-tuning in order to get it to work right. He had first cast it on Sakura, and she had broken down a screaming mess before her brain melted out of her nostrils.

It had been a hassle bringing her back to life after that.

Several tries and retries and tweaks later, he mastered it easily. He had been fully prepared to cast it upon all the women in the Palace, only for him to realize that there was no need.

They had felt his godly presence and they rapidly became devout, downright fanatical worshipers of Yami.

Seeing him bring back long dead individuals only cemented it into their minds that he was a god, and that it was their duty as mere mortals to worship him.

The only one who was immune to that in-built genetic command was Kaguya, which Yami felt was because Kaguya was an alien in every sense of the word, and did not possess the same fundamental encoding in her DNA.

Rubi, likewise possessed some resistance, which Yami assumed was due to her being part tailed-beast.

Due to Kaguya’s inherent immunity to feel the need to lick his semen off the floor in a crazed frenzy, he had made her his Head Priestess, with Rubi coming in afterwards as her assistant.

Who knew that being an incredibly feared and loved deity would be so annoying?

Still though, he had to admit, that there was nothing in the world quite as enjoyable and as refreshing, as being the God of De –



Yami blinked, frowning as he rubbed the back of his head, whereas Kaguya tilted her head at him in confusion.

“Did – did you hear that?”

“Hear what Yami-sama?”


“That! There it goes again – like a fucking goddamned alarm blaring in my ears!”

Kaguya stared at him oddly. “I – I cannot perceive any sound at all – perhaps… this is something of a… godly nature?”


Yami grit his teeth. “Fuck, this is bloody annoying! Goddamned it – no one told me I’d have to deal with bullshit like this when I absorbed the Shinigami.”

Focusing his senses on the overwhelming ringing that kept pouring through his ears, Yami closed his eyes and took in a deep breath, feeling his body grow incredibly lighter, and lighter, and lighter, until he became transparent, and then continued onwards.


He had blocked out noise, blocked out sound and distractions, blocked out the external world completely, focusing only on the sound of the blaring alarm that he firmly decided he was going to punch seven ways to hell upon discovering whatever it was.

Except, by the time he had opened his eyes, he realized that he was no longer in his central throne room.

“What… just… happened?”

Floating next to him in her over-sexualized priestess outfit, Yami blinked as he found himself high in the air over a brilliant city of lights.


He licked his lips slowly in anticipation.

“…looks like we have a new playground.”

Chapter Text

Rubi allowed a scowl to grace her normally pleasant expression.

She descended the large temple which was dedicated in Yami’s presence, garbed in a simple long flowing red silk gown, her slender waist swaying with each step, and her breasts bouncing as she descended from Yami’s central chambers.

Though not as adept in Senjutsu as Yami was, she was still suitable enough in the Sensing Arts to have felt the disturbance, and the lack of the overwhelming presence of divine energy which usually flooded Yami’s world.

The only explanation she had been able to gleam, was that Yami and Kaguya had gone off somewhere.

“Without inviting me!

She grind her teeth together in anger at the notion of that hussy rabbit princess getting to hoard Yami-sama all to herself for Yami knows how long. It was made even worse by the fact that Yami was the sole male in the entire dimension, and he had not left any of his shadow clones around, meaning that she was effectively put on a dry spell until he got back, and she had no idea as to how long that would be.

Normally, this wouldn’t be an issue, but she was shamelessly addicted to Yami’s girth, to the point in which not having him inside of her was making her undergo experiences very similar to that of withdrawal.

She was very horny at the moment, and masturbating just was not going to cut it.


“Is something the matter Rubi-sama?”

Rubi turned her sights unto one of the central caretakers of Yami’s Temple. The young woman in question possessed black flowing hair and a rather effeminately framed face which was undeniably attractive. Her attire consisted entirely of a short, silk-like, transparent kimono.

Rubi rose an eyebrow at the young woman, before immediately moving closer to the young woman. “Yami-sama seems to have departed for somewhere with the Head Priestess. Did they tell you anything?”

The woman in question shook her head. “No Rubi-sama, I am unaware of this.”

Rubi cursed, before groaning. “Damn it! I wanted my time with him! I’m so, so, so, horny right now I could –” she paused, before turning to stare at the young woman.


Rubi’s smirk began to grow. “Say… tell me now, how would you like some one-on-one time with your favorite gem, eh Haku?”

Haku’s face turned beet red. “Rubi-sama I –”

She was silenced promptly as Rubi’s lips smacked directly into hers, tongue breaking through her mouth, and claiming her with such force and passion that she found herself inexplicably feeling like melted butter from the taste and ferocity.

“Less talking Haku-chan, and more… fun.”

“B-b-but w-what of Yami-sama?”

Rubi waved her off. “Knowing Yami-sama like I do, there’s no doubt in my mind that he’s probably having a blast, or the time of his life. Might as well do the same don’t you think?”

The sound of soft, succulent moans and mewls proceeded to echo loudly throughout the temple.



Young Alice Maresato had just returned home from school, having taken the bus that day. She knew that her daddy was working hard, and she had to ensure that she was a big girl and took care of herself whilst daddy wasn’t around.

She had said goodbye to her friends on the bus, waving them as she knew that they would meet again tomorrow. Her friends were some of the best, because they shared their snacks with her and they drew stuff together and had all manner of fun with each other too!

Still, she let out a small sigh as she turned to her house door.

It was craned open.

Blinking, excitement entered her form as she realized it must mean that daddy was home!

“Daddy! I’m back!”

She frowned as she didn’t hear a response. A pout formed on her lips in annoyance, as she made sure that she was going to find her daddy and make him pay for ignoring her.

She skipped throughout the house, until she eventually got to the kitchen, where she stopped upon seeing someone.

“Daddy! You’re –”

Her comment was cut short as she noticed that this man was far too tall to be her daddy. He also had white skin, very, very white, like chalk. Then there was also his white hair… it reminded Alice of snow, or fur.

Still, she took a step back as the man turned to face her, noticing his weird eyes that she had never seen before.

“You’re not my daddy.”

The weird man then gave a large, wild grin that would forever haunt her nightmares, along with two words that destroyed her innocence.

Not yet.

Sweet gods her throat was tight!

It was over a hundred times tighter than Hanabi had been, and Yami had believed such a feat to be impossible, as he had taken to using ‘Hanabi’ as a scale of reference for the best blowjobs and face-fucks he had ever had.

“One Hanabi” was considered to be average, and “Ten Hanabis” was considered to be the greatest. Yet, he easily rated the tiny throat desperately choking down his cock as an easy “100 Hanabis”.

He had to take extra care not to accidentally squash her brain as he forced his cock down the girl’s throat, the massive bulging tool being visible all the way down her small neck.

It was ludicrous, because he knew that he could go deeper still, and shove his dick down her so deep that he’d probably reach her heart.

Her tiny hands tried futilely to struggle, but the difference in strength was so grand, that she might as well be an earthworm caught underneath his boot. She probably didn’t even understand what was happening, and Yami truly didn’t care about making her understand, as he pushed down his cock to the furthest still, completely engulfing the girl’s throat as his vision was immediately replaced with quintillions of stars courtesy of the world-shattering orgasm that ripped through him.

He shot out the full weight of his load down her throat and into her stomach, filling it up as it appeared as though it was going to swell and burst from the sheer amounts of his cum.

She made a series of frantic gasps that indicated that she was choking, but nothing she did could stop the man from pumping his seed down her throat.

Finally, he groaned as he removed his cock from her mouth with a long, sticky and sound resonating, before the girl gave a series of desperate, hacking coughs and rapid intakes of air. Still, the entire experience had been too much for her, and she dropped backwards unto the ground unconscious.

At least, Yami assumed she was unconscious.

“Yami-sama, I have been able to find out some information about –”

Kaguya stepped into the room, blinking, as she came upon the scene of Yami’s jizz and saliva covered cock, and the pubescent seven-year-old girl unconscious on the floor, with cum pooling all around her mouth.

“One hour. I departed for merely one hour.”

Yami shrugged.

“I was getting bored.”

Kaguya sighed. “Yami-sama, we are literally in a foreign world. Boredom should not be precedent, because there exists millions of things and concepts that we could learn and study here –”

“Already done that.” He said, cutting her off easily.

She rose an eyebrow disbelivingly. Rather than prove himself wrong, Yami summoned the TV remote, as they walked into the house’s living room, and then he immediately put the device on.

“…the cause is still being investigated, as reports are coming in World Wide, that every single individual who possess a Doctorate Degree has been found dead of mysterious and unexplained causes. This is millions of death world-wide, with the only thing in common with all the victims, being their elevated levels of education and achievement –”

Kaguya turned to him with wide eyes.

“I sent my Shadow Clones all over the world to absorb knowledge about this world from the smartest people in it.”

The Rabbit Goddess had her eye twitching. “I would have favored a more… subtle… approach?”

Yami waved her off. “I’m the God of Death and a literal maelstrom of Apocalypse. Subtle doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.”

Her eyes flickered over to the twitching form of the unconscious little girl, who had most likely just experienced her first orgasm.

“That I suppose is one thing we can both agree on.”

There was a loud crash that echoed from the back of the house, causing both Yami and Kaguya to raise an eyebrow at the disturbance, before Kaguya turned to him.

“I can’t properly sense people in this world with Senjutsu – they have no chakra, and their life forces are too tiny to be worth paying any attention to.” He clarified, before blinking.

“Though… I can sense the person entering… and they’re… dead?”

Kaguya’s head whipped over to his form. “Dead?”

Shaking his head, Yami thrust out his left palm, activating the Bansho Tennin wordlessly, as the intruder was sent propelling towards him at rapid speeds. He eventually caught the person by the neck, and instantly he noticed numerous things wrong.

The ‘person’ was a police woman, however, she had a huge chunk of her right leg missing, and her clothes were torn into shreds, revealing a number of grievous wounds. Yet, despite her wounds and her pale-gray skin, she was still moving, though her eyes were completely blank, and there was no mistaking the fact that she was clearly dead.

The corpse of the woman thrashed about in his hand, until, all at once, as though recognizing some form of higher force, as though acknowledging the presence of a being that had death as a concept under his command, the corpse stopped moving, and the woman’s eyes slowly gained clarity.

“W-w-what? I – I’m alive?”

She managed to croak out from his grasp, and Yami’s eyes darkened in annoyance.

“Just fantastic. Some idiot created a virus that turns people into zombies.”

Kaguya quickly caught on. “You assume this is the source of the disturbance you felt earlier? The anomaly?”


“Where am I? Who are you two? W-what’s going on? And – oh my god, oh god – you SICK MONSTERS! What did you do that girl?!”

“Magma Release.”

Heavy, brutal screams echoed as the woman’s form was bathed in magma from her legs up, as the smell of cooking and burning meat rapidly permeated throughout the entire house, especially as the magma crawled up her legs and shoved up her holes. She eventually passed out from shock and pain before the magma reached her neck, and then ultimately turned her entire body into ashes.

Then, as though he did not just immolate a woman both inside and out by sending magma into her orifices, he clapped his hands together and put on a brilliant smile.

“Alright. Now that I know what the cause of the problem is – I guess it’s time to fix it.”

“You – you’re going to cure the virus?”

Yami turned to her, his eyebrow quirked in amusement, an expression that instantly told he she should clearly have known better.

“Yeah… pft… “cure.” Sure, let’s go with that.”

Then, the man cracked his knuckles, and began doing an imitation of an energized jog.

“Oh boy, oh boy - Here I go killing again!”

His form vanished in a wild crack of thunder, one that only occurred to Kaguya a few seconds later as the crack of the sound barrier having being shattered.

Then, the sound came back.

“But first!”

There was a malevolent, almost downright evil leer on his face, one that sent indescribable shivers down her spine.

“It seems you forgot that I can read your thoughts. And I heard the thoughts you had when you walked in to me face-fucking little Alice-chan over there.”

Kaguya almost swore underneath her breath.

“My, my Kaguya-chan, I don’t know who’s worse here. Me, the god who gets off on loli throats – or you, his loyal Priestess who is jealous of the fact that he gets off on loli throats.”

“I was not jealous –”

He grinned, and she shuddered, realizing that it was pointless to attempt trying to lie at this point. All she could do was slowly rub her palm across her face.

“Your corrupting influence has seeped deep within me –”

Yami tapped his chin. “Perhaps. Perhaps not. But Kaguya-chan, seeing as how you seem to wonder why I like ‘em so young …” his fanged grin grew “How about we play a little game, of the little defenseless girl, and the big, bad… predator?


Kaguya was pissed.

She, the Progenitor of Chakra, the Mother of the Sage of Six Paths, a princess and goddess in her own right –

Found herself panting tiredly as she ran down the streets invested with dead, in the body of an infant girl that was not even close to puberty.

She grit her teeth, and the furious expression she wore, or rather, the furious expression that was on the face of the little girl who’s body she was inhabiting, would have made for immense nightmare fuel to any adult who had seen it.

Of course, it was to be expected. Yami had tweaked the Yamanaka Mind Technique, and forced her mind into the body of the girl that he had used and discarded, and then, rather than just fuck her senseless in the weak, pitiful body that she now had, he decided to punish her by sending her out into the world, just as the knowledge of the zombie outbreak had become popular, and this human civilization collapsed in lieu of their own apocalypse.

Panicked screams and outright pandemonium absolutely dominated the streets, and Kaguya watched as friends abandoned friends, lovers abandoned lovers, and parents abandoned children, all in favor of fleeing, running, of getting away from the hoard of the undead that staggered forward, red-eyed and blank faced, all eager to do nothing more than to consume the living as a lion would consume a fallen gazelle.

The panic and dread was so much in the air, and amidst it all, there was looting, there was violence, there were cold-blooded murders, all happening, as society crumbled, and these people that Kaguya had seen as advanced, as humane, as possessing the elegance and sophistication of what it meant to be human –


Descended into outright chaos and anarchy.

It was like a base instinct for them, she noted. A base instinct to immediately reduce themselves to a level the same as animals, and all it took, was widespread fear, panic and uncertainty.

It was a shame, because Kaguya had actually possessed an inkling of hope for these people.

Her mind drew back to the present, and more particularly, back to how exposed and vulnerable she was in this form. It had taken her several minutes to get used to the infantile body, as the shorter legs and reach was maddening, and it also meant that she was nowhere near as fast as she should be. Still, there was no greater determination for her to quickly grasp the concept of operating a child’s body than the threat of her own imminent cessation of existence.

“Come back here little girl – I’m not going to hurt you –”

Kaguya cursed as she spotted a man in what she could identify as a biker outfit slowly approach her amidst the chaos. He looked like he generally wanted to help this poor, young little girl in need, but Kaguya was no fool, and she could see the heavy bulge on the man’s trousers as he approached her.

The girl’s body did not have chakra, and as such, Kaguya was, in every way and form, a defenseless little girl.

However, the difference between her and a defenseless little girl, was that Kaguya had the mind of an adult, and she possessed the battle experience of a hardened veteran. She remembered when Yami had freshly awakened, and how she had been forced to engage in a high-speed destructive combat with the enraged persona of hate and loathing for several months. Of course, she had not succeeded in defeating him, and had actually been brutally beaten and nearly killed hundreds of times, but regardless, she had walked away from that battle with keen battle instincts and senses that she did not possess before.

It was the only thing that would probably help her survive Yami’s “game.”

The rules of his “game” were extremely simple:

If she was bitten, she lost.

If she was raped, she lost.

If she died, clearly, she lost.

She had no idea as to how long this game would last, nor as to whether or not he would interfere if she was in real danger –

Oh, who was she kidding? He wouldn’t interfere even if a pack of men were to gather around her and take turns stabbing her with knives because he was the freaking god of death, and he could bring her back from the dead as many times as was necessary.

Her brief moment of distraction cost her heavily, as she was forced to the ground from behind, and she found the biker on top of her, his eyes manic as he panted with barely concealed lust and an overwhelming amount of adrenaline.

“Shhh… this – this won’t hurt at all… it’ll feel really good –”

The man’s left hand snuck up her skirt and reached her panties, causing Kaguya to grit her teeth as she wrapped her legs around the entire offending left arm. Then, in a single motion, she twisted her waist and legs, feeling extremely happy as the sound of a sickening snap echoed into her ears. The sight of a long piece of bloodied bone jutting out of the man’s elbow made her shudder in bliss as the man let out a heavy manic scream.


She didn’t hesitate as she slammed two fingers into the man’s eyes, ignoring the flecks of blood that stained her fingers from the action, and sending him staggering backwards, effectively blinded, as his one good arm now up and grasping at his bloody eyeballs.

He was effectively left open, and she was never one to abandon such an opportunity. She dashed forward, her left hand going up in a perfect uppercut for the man’s genitals. She ignored his pathetic whimpers as he dropped on his knees, and she delivered the coup de grace by wrapping her tiny arms around the man’s head, before forcefully twisting them in opposite directions.

The crack of a broken neck resounded like sweet, beautiful music to her ears.

There was no time for her to celebrate however, as she knew that the zombies would be attracted to the noise. As such, she searched the man for whatever she could find on him, and then grinned upon finding a set of keys.

Then, like as though she really was a pre-school girl, she skipped away from the scene, with a beautiful smile on her face, as she headed towards the pedophile’s parked bike.

She had forgotten how good it felt to be in a fight with real stakes and real danger –

And she was loving every single second of it.

Now, all she needed was to get out of these school girl clothes that practically screamed “take advantage of me!” and get into something that would rapidly increase her odds of survival.

She also needed to find some weapons.

A lot of weapons.

Yami grinned as he watched Kaguya’s every movement, observing how the Progenitor of Chakra would survive without the one thing she used the most. Honestly, he was surprised at her progress, and a part of him had expected her not to last thirty minutes before being attacked and/or brutally killed.

He whistled slightly as he watched her snap the neck of the idiotic pedophile that had been after her, and his grin grew even wider once he spotted her climb unto the dead man’s bike, and despite never ridden a vehicle before, she seemed like a natural on it, despite the fact that her child-like legs could only reach the peddles while she was standing.

“Okay, I was going to nuke this entire world to hell and back, but this is a hundred times more interesting.”

Kaguya, the Rabbit Goddess – powerless and stuck in the body of a jailbait little girl, and tasked with surviving the Zombie Apocalypse.

Definitely more interesting than watching a bunch of nukes go off.

“Hmm… I’m definitely going to record this for posterity.”

He also needed some popcorn.

And maybe some ice cream.

And maybe someone to wet his dick while he was at it.

You couldn’t go wrong with popcorn, ice cream and sex after all.

Hayashi Kyoko lived a relatively simple life.

She was a thirty year old woman with brown eyes and dark red hair, and she was undoubtedly considered an attractive person by most who would meet her. She possessed a normal day-to-day routine in her life which included her role as a teacher at Fujimi High, and her side role as the advisor to the ping pong club.

In another world, her fate would have been that of tragedy, as she would have woken up one morning, headed to school as usual, and she would have been one of the people who was at the gates at the time a disturbance occurred.

She would have watched, horror struck, as one of her fellow co-workers/teachers was bitten by a raving man, and then in turn, bite off a large portion of her neck, and devour her breasts, as she would ultimately meet her end, and become one of them.

However, this was not that world.

Nay, this was a dimension which had been morphed to possess extra elements that had never before been seen or recognized by anyone or anything. It was a world in which a great, indescribable force of sheer destructive upheaval had arrived in the form of a virulent hurricane, and that hurricane had decided to ravage the very existence of fate and destiny, and leave it whimpering like a submissive whore.

In this world, Hayashi Kyoko had gone to the school gate, as was expected. She had watched as her co-workers had been bitten by the raving man, as expected.

Then, a key point of divergence appeared in the form of what looked to be a nine-year old girl on a motorcycle.

The two-wheeled vehicle of great horsepower slammed into and through the gates, and Kyoko watched, awestruck, as the front-wheels of the bike slammed directly into the back of the head of the thing that was about to bite into her.

Then, it knocked it unto the ground, and then promptly squished the skull and brains of the thing that was previously human, turning it into finely squashed red paste, as the bike eventually skid on the squashed brains and grey matter, and catapulted into the air.

Kyoko could not explain the sight of the little pink haired girl on the bike leaping off the machine in mid-air, twirling in a display of gymnastics that would have easily won Gold at the Olympics, before she landed on the ground in a cat-like crouch, the bike she was riding crashing behind her and going off in a brilliant explosion.

The entire thing felt like a scene straight out of an action movie, and Kyoko merely found herself plopping back on her ass in complete disbelief. Then, she took a good long look at the little girl, with her hair tied up into a single pigtail, wearing a pair of what looked to be military grade pants, matching combat boots, and a plain black tank-top.

Then, the girl’s head flicked up and unto her form, and Kyoko would feel no shame in admitting how she wet herself upon looking at the terrifying eyes that no child should have any right possessing.

There was complete and total bloodlust in those eyes, and Kyoko shivered as her warm liquids ran down her legs, once the little girl then dashed straight for her, with two long, army-issue trench knives in both of her hands.

“D-D-Don’t kill me!”

She screamed, placing her hands in front of her to offer whatever protection she could, only to blink as the girl leaped up, and she winced as the girl used her left shoulder as a springboard, launching into the air and stabbing her blades into the skull of one of those things, which had snuck up behind her without her knowledge.

The girl was a whirlwind, flying and leaping, jumping and spinning, cutting down the advance of them, leaping from shoulders to necks, her blades whirling as she slashed and cut, stabbed and pierced, gouged and perforated –

Her entire form was rapidly covered in blood, the red liquids draped across her as water would drape across a fish. Then, her dance eventually came to an end, as she landed, panting heavily, completely surrounded by no less than fifty dead bodies.

Kyoko merely shivered at the sight, yet, she found herself strangely and completely enamored by the girl, by her display, by her frightening eyes and inhuman movements –

Except, it wasn’t enough, and soon, more and more of them began rushing through the gate.

The girl seemed to have realized this, and she let out what sounded like a tsk in annoyance, before she eventually fled towards the school.

“H-hey! W-wait!”

Her departure snapped Kyoko out of her stunned state, as she stood, ignoring her drenched panties and skirt, as she took of her heels and ran off after the girl.

Kaguya was tired.

She was pushing the girl’s body past its limits, and though the girl was naturally athletic and nimble, she was nowhere near as nimble, nor as fast as Kaguya needed. As such, it was a case of her mental willpower going above and beyond, and forcing the girl’s body to move, to run, to fight –

Still, it was rapidly taking its toll on her. Her lungs were burning as though someone had placed them into the flames of Amaterasu, her legs were completely numb to the point that she couldn’t feel them if she touched them, but all she could do was will them, command them to keep on moving, to keep on running.

She had gotten lucky when she found had found what she had deemed to be a military store early on, in which she had immediately loaded up on the best weapons she could find, as well as some more appropriate clothing. She had not carried any guns or firearms because she did not truly know how to operate them, and had instead settled on melee weapons, such as knives, daggers and axes, which she had put into the large backpack that she had on her back.

Still, she had been performing all manner of strenuous activities with a heavy loaded bag, and now, she was reaching the end of her tether. Though her mind was fully capable of going on for several more days, her body was not.

As such, without warning, Kaguya blinked when she suddenly collapsed to the ground.

No matter how hard she willed herself to stand and to move – it was not to be, and the body did not listen to the mental commands.

She cursed, she cursed heavily, as she simply lay on the floor of a large corridor, utterly defenseless.

“Tsk. Tsk. Is it game over already Kaguya-chan?”

She blinked as a familiar voice resonated into her ears, and she managed to strain her neck just a little, to look up, as she found the familiar form of the god who had put her in this predicament in the first place.

“You have made your point Yami-sama – I understand. Now, this game has gone on long enough, can you return me to my body now?”

He crouched down, a pleasant smile on his face, as he looked at her.

“Hmm… what’s the word I’m looking for?” He rubbed his chin in a faux imitation of contemplation, causing Kaguya to grit her teeth even further.

“Oh yeah!” He snapped his fingers. “The word is: No.”


She found herself floating up, as he controlled the gravity around her, and brought her to his eye-level.

“I enjoy watching your struggle for survival. It’s the most fun I’ve had since I destroyed the elemental nations. Now, why would I want to end it so early?”

“This – this is demeaning! I am Kaguya Otutsuki – I am not meant to be fleeing from pitiful humans I could kill by breathing, nor am I meant to be fleeing from such cheap imitations of Edo Tensei creatures!”

He smirked even wider.

“Suffering builds character Kaguya-chan. Besides, don’t tell me that you don’t actually enjoy the challenge, the risk, the danger – I could see it in your eyes, the thrill of a life and death situation.”

“I do not enjoy this!”

She watched as he shook his head. “You should learn by now that it’s pointless to lie to someone who can read thoughts.”

The echoes of pounding footsteps rapidly began to echo down the hallway, causing Yami to turn to her with a quirked eyebrow.

“Tell you what Kaguya-chan, you are my Head Priestess, and despite how I love watching you struggle, I’m not a fucking cuckold, and I don’t want to see some greasy bastard have his way with you in your defenseless state.” He said this as he brought her closer, and patted her on the head as though she was a child – which she technically was.

“So, I’ll return you to your body, on one condition.”

“Which is?”

The insane god stretched out his arms as wide as he could. “Have fun!”

She stared at him, disbelievingly. “Fun?

“Fun! Go out there, kill some people, kill some zombies, sleep with women older than you, sleep with women younger than you – kill some more people – go crazy! Have fun! Just do whatever you want, whenever you want, and make the people your bitches as the Apocalypse learns the name: Kaguya!”

Kaguya stared at him for the longest of times. She was certain that her face was probably doing an imitation of a blank sheet of paper, and that it was most clearly not impressed at the moment.

“Perhaps it would be more fun, if I had access to my chakra and powers –”

“If I did that, you’d just kill everyone and everything without a second thought.”

She opened her mouth to deny the accusation, and then she immediately closed it afterwards upon realizing that he was saying the truth. No really, she would not hesitate a single damn second before she caused an entire genocide.

“Now, just imagine how much more challenging it would be if you were put on a lower footing, if you had to start out weak, and then becoming the strongest. Doesn’t the thought of making full grown women kneel to lick you make you all hot and wet?”

She rolled her eyes. “I am in the body of a seven year old.”

“And you still make my dick hard.”

Her eyes flickered down to his raging erection.

“See? You can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it.”

“I do not know whether I should be flattered or disgusted.”

“Be both! See! That’s the entire point! Feel free to do what you want~!”

She eventually gave a resigned sigh.

“All right! Now that we’ve gotten the formalities out of the way, how bout a quickie before you get on out there and make the world your bitch?”

“I – I am in the body of a seven year – Why is your erection growing larger?”

“Just to be clear, this is not pedophilia, you are a grown woman unfortunate enough to be in the body of a small child –”


“The minor details are irrelevant. Now – let’s have me some loli pussy!”

She was unable to say anything else as her mind grew completely blank from the feeling of a large, hot, hard member entering, stretching, and filling her up like nothing else before.


Chapter Text

In the vastness of open space, a dimension lost between dimensions, housed to creatures which maintained the balance, to beasts of inexplicable power that personified their own concepts of space, time, and creation, a disturbance was felt.

The being that embodied creation stood, eyes snapping open as it turned to the one which embodied space.

“Palkia –”

The enormous dragon shook its head. “The disturbance is not of my doing. It is… something else.”

Like that, a giant rift in space and time emerged, a portal of rotating white energy, flickering into existence like the faint lights of a dying firefly. From within, a woman emerged, or at least, what seemed to be a woman, though the three beings present knew that no mere mortal could possess such power, such heavenly power.

The woman, her robes torn, her pristine white hair in a frazzled mess, and a prominent scar across her cheek immediately kowtowed as she arrived into the world.

“Creator Arceus, I am humbled to be within your presence.” The woman then rose, her eyes sharp and poised.

“My name is Kami… and I bring you grave news of a great and evil being.”


Yami blinked. That was extremely odd, he had never quite gotten a cold when he was a human, and it was ridiculous for him to get one now that he was a god. Shrugging, he ignored the oddity of the sneeze and focused back on the task he was doing.

“Shadow Clone Army – to the four corners of the world! Get every goddamned treasure you can find and make it mine!”

In the inherent chaos of what was clearly a zombie apocalypse, Yami was going to use the opportunity to loot this world of every single valuable thing it had. Paintings, statues, priceless artifacts and jewels, and of course, some beautiful women while he was at it.

And also, movies.

And comic books.

And video games.

And porn. Lots, and lots of porn.

He had two-hundred+ years’ worth of entertainment he was going to peruse.

Just because he was the embodiment of evil and a god of death didn’t mean he couldn’t enjoy the little trivialities now did it?

Kaguya had to admit, it was quite the experience.

Not just anybody in the world, in any world, could claim that they had been fucked to death and back. Literally. The sensations of pleasure that filled and stretched her, past the point of any return, past the point of sanity, until her mind was a white bliss and the bulging member went past her tiny cervix and into her womb, and then proceeded to fill it up with white hot seed that left her a drooling incoherent mess as she orgasmed for the eighty-seventh time.

Then, just as everything in the world was about to go cold and permanently black, she was back and at it again.

Apparently, Yami did not fully understand the definition of the term ‘quickie’.

The only benefit, she supposed, was that the God of Death was kind enough to age the body she was in, to double it’s original development, to what she would assume would be the age of a fourteen year old. In this body, Kaguya found things much easier, possessing stronger and faster limbs to ‘enjoy’ the madness that was the apocalypse of the dead.

Her trench knives spun in one palm as she embedded it into the skull of what was clearly and previously a teenage girl, not even flinching as her form was splattered with blood and grey matter. With a sickening wet squelch which made her far more aroused than it should have, she disengaged the trench knife from the skull of the now dead zombie girl, and brought it down further, for a second, third and fourth consecutive stab.

It was exhilarating!

Even without her massive powers, even without chakra – she was so, so far above normal humans in power that the realization of her superiority sent shockwaves of pleasure tingling down her skin.

Perhaps, this was what Yami constantly felt like? Considering he was a literal god, he must always feel like he’s on a power high.

The sound of rushing footsteps drew her attention, and she rose from the corpse of the body she was stabbing, carrying her trench knife in hand as she got ready to see what would be her next prey –

Only to run into the sight of a bespectacled, short, chubby looking boy, and a girl with pink hair and glasses.

“M-my god –”

She tilted her head in slight confusion, before turning behind her, where the gaze of the duo lay.


Hundreds and hundreds of mutilated corpses of the zombie creatures lay behind her. The corridors were painted red with their blood, the lockers, the ceiling, the floors, all wonderfully stained with the thick red that was their life essence. It was the fantasy of an occultist and a necromancer, as the corpses were arranged in manners that would appear as an invitation to summon the devil himself.

“W-who could have done this?”

Kaguya stared in disbelief.

“T-Takagi-san, there’s a little girl over there! She could be hurt!”

Kaguya’s stare changed into one of annoyance. She glanced down at her body, realizing, that even though the body’s physical age should now be twice what it once was, the height of the body hadn’t improved much.

So she’d gone from being a child to being a midget teen.


“Hey – are you alright? Are you hurt anywhere?” The chubby boy had asked, and Kaguya gave him a simple stare as she watched him, a mere, weakling human, fuss over her.

The concept was so laughable it wasn’t even funny.

Arguably, she was inside the body of an ordinary human at the moment, but regardless, she was definitely in no danger or peril. Yami, insane as he may be, ‘cared’ for her too much to let her stay dead.

So, like that, Kaguya mulled in her head how best to kill him. She wondered if she should make it swift and painless, or to make him grovel and beg, or to make it so he got himself killed, or otherwise twist it so the pink haired girl killed him.

She shivered and let out a gasp from how aroused she was becoming at the thought of murder.

Her eyes flicked over to the form of the school girl that accompanied the boy, and she let out a small smile in satisfaction. Yes, she would do quite nicely.

A princess needed servants after all.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PB

Takagi Saya did not know how to comprehend the nightmare that had begun unfolding in the school. She did not have the words to explain how much her legs shook from fright, nor could she begin to describe the terror that was pounding through her heart even as she put on a confident façade in order to survive the burgeoning apocalypse.

The boy by her side, Hirano, had surprisingly proven himself to be capable in this situation, finding new ways for the duo to survive… them, those… things.

There was no way she was actually going to refer to them as anything other than… them. The walking dead, people coming back from the dead and biting others, infecting them and converting more – it sounded like something out of a horror story, not something which could or should be logically happening in real life.

Then, there was the meeting of this weird girl, covered in blood as she was and so skimpily dressed, Saya could not imagine how scared and uncomfortable the girl must be. But of course, she had to be cautious, she had to make sure that the girl had not been bitten – because if she was –

Her train of thought came to a slow and abrupt end when she felt something barrel into her stomach with enough force to send her crashing to the ground. Her glasses fell off her eyes due to the impact, and she wheezed out, trying to regain the air that had been forced out of her.

It was only after she’d sat up, did she realize that there was the feeling of something wet and warm dribbling down. Slowly, with trepidation, she stared down at the object that had knocked her onto the floor –

And was met with the bloody head of Hirano Kohta.

Saya screamed.

Yami let out a chuckle as he observed Kaguya from up above.

“Gotta give her style points for that one. Beheading and head toss all under a second.”

Yami’s grin grew wider once he witnessed Kaguya then vindictively descend on the now traumatized girl, and something else grew, at the sight of Kaguya dominating the scared pink-hair, claiming her lips and pinning her down.

Yami let out a mock sniffle, wiping away a tear from his eye. “Ah, they grow up so fast.”

Of course, he wasn’t just going to let her have all the fun. He was a goddamned being of depravity and destruction, as far as this world was concerned, and he’d be damned if he didn’t make his mark on it before completely reducing it to ash and tinder.

His eyes changed focus, the benefit of the improved vision of the Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan enabling him to scan the entire school simultaneously until –


Mariwaka Shizuka knew that she was supposed to be the adult in this type of situations, and though she knew that she was sometimes a little bit ditzy and air-headed, there was no doubt in her mind that what was happening around her was very real, and very terrifying.

She had just witnessed one of the students, Saeko, kill another student because he did not want to transform into one of them, and would prefer to die with his humanity intact. As a nurse, Shizuka knew that the deed could not have been easy for the younger woman, as though it was a mercy-kill in a sense, it was still a kill regardless. Something like that was bound to ultimately have some long term consequence on the girl’s mental state.

Well, this entire ordeal was going to have severe consequences on everyone’s mental states. She just hoped they could get through it without becoming completely unhinged.

Hello pretty ladies.

The sensation which befell them was as though gravity of the earth had doubled, slamming unto their shoulders with the force of a speeding train smashing into concrete wall. Mariwaka immediately found it harder and harder to breathe, as though the very oxygen in her lungs was being drawn out and channeled somewhere else. Her knees lost their strength in record time, as the suffocating presence bore down on her, and she could see that even Saeko was affected, also panting as she got down on one knee.

The source of the voice stood tall, taller than anyone they had ever seen in Japan, with pale, chalky skin, long fingers and even longer white hair. His body was lean and defined with eight-pack muscles, and it was clear, clear, even to Mariwaka, that the thing in front of them was not human.

Hmm… the smell of a woman’s fear… so tasty.”

She had not seen him move, had not sensed him move, but rather, it was simple. One instant, he was in front of them, and the next, there was a cold chill at her back, as his very breath possessed a frigid appeal not unlike that of a mortician’s workplace. Mariwaka couldn’t help it – she was a woman who was used to normal, to everyday things, and in the presence of this sheer abomination –

Oh? Frozen in terror are we?

It took her a second to realize that the creature that defied mortal limits was not addressing her. Instead, she allowed her gaze to turn, to where she could spot Saeko, the strong and confident student, on her knees, unmoving, unshifting, as though she had been replaced with an incredibly lifelike statue.

Don’t worry girl. I’ll get to you in time. For now, I’m here for someone else.

Mariwaka promptly wet herself.

Then, the man’s eyes rounded on her, those hypnotic, possessing eyes –

You are my eternal, devout and unflinching worshipper. As you have always been, and as you will always be.

Of course she was. Was there even any question about it? She had always belonged to Yami-sama – since she was born, she was born and had lived with only the intention of serving him! And now, here he was, before her, standing, as she, a mere weak mortal was graced with the presence of the greatest god in the universe.

She shuddered, small pants and breaths emerging from her as her body grew hot from being near her god. His aura, his essence, it possessed her, overwhelmed her, filled her up as though it was a wispy phantom caressing every inch and every nook of her body. She moaned, her nipples getting harder, and the feeling of the warm liquid of pee trailing down her legs made her heart beat faster, made her loins burn hotter –

“Y-Yami-sama,” she breathed, barely, as the heat was consuming her, overwhelming her, and he grinned, he grinned at her, her god smiled at her, the mere thought, the realization that her reason for living had shown her benevolence –

Her eyes squeezed shut, as she couldn’t help it, letting out a large, hot, and utterly lewd moan as her panties and skirt were further drenched.

She let out a gasp once she felt her bare breasts hit open air, as her Yami-sama tore aside her shirt and bra, and her large mounds immediately bounced upon their freedom.

Then, her god squeezed.


~~~~~~~~~~ Prophecy Besmirched ~~~~~~~~

Kotoamatsukami was perhaps the most useful jutsu Yami had in his arsenal.

He couldn’t help but smirk at the woman, who now believed, with all sincerity, that her entire life was meant to please him however he wished.

But god damn, Yami let out a hiss as he pushed his cock in between the woman’s - Mariwaka, as a cursory use of the Yamanaka technique informed him – large and extremely voluptuous breasts. They were actually larger than Tsunade’s and Mei’s, and Yami had a hard time actually believing that such a feat was possible.

Of course, they were extremely, goddamned soft – so pleasurably soft that it almost felt as though his cock had melted in between their depths. His hips had already began moving on autopilot, and he began thrusting through the large breasts at speeds that left afterimages.

Behind him, the other girl still remained frozen in fear and terror, and Yami grinned as he willed a clone into existence behind her.

Oh, he could just have used the Kotoamatsukami on her as well, but the girl just had a face that he felt would be far better to see broken. She had not sensed the clone behind her, to horrifically engrossed in watching as her teacher gave him a titfuck, and as such, she was in no way prepared when she was suddenly bent over, and when a large, twelve inch-dick tore aside her flimsy panties rammed itself up her ass.



Incoherent words streamed out of her mouth as her face morphed from stunned terror into orgasmic pain in an instant, as there was no doubt in Yami’s mind about it being the girl’s first time – anal or otherwise.

“Now, look, Mariwaka-chan. One of your precious students is having her first time. Why don’t we make it more pleasurable for her?”

“Of course Yami-sama!”

Yami’s smirk grew as he moved over to the clone with Mariwaka, the girl – whose name he now knew was Saeko, had her eyes growing wider in disbelief. In seconds he had positioned himself directly below her, just as her blonde, big-titted sensei focused on her front.

“Double penetration on your first time? Aren’t you lucky?”

If Yami thought that Saeko’s expression from the surprise anal was something special, there were no words that could begin to explain how her face had morphed into one of sheer, indescribable pleasure and pain from having another large, twelve inch, bulging, hot cock pierce through her and finally take her virginity. The girl that had looked so refined and proper mere minutes ago now had her eyes rolled up halfway into her skull, her tongue hanging out of her mouth and a large, and drool hanging loosely from it.

Mariwaka had moved in at this moment, capturing the girl’s tongue with her own in a deep, sloppy and wet kiss that Saeko was not even coherent enough to register.

Yami then grinned and smacked his hands together.

“Now… we thrust!”

At that those three words –

Saeko shattered.


~~~~~~~~~~ Prophecy Besmirched ~~~~~~~~~~~

Kaguya realized that she understood, if only just slightly, why Yami loved doing this so much.

The thrill was in the girl beneath her, who, for all intents and purposes, was too weak to put up an attempt of a fight that would have been considered laughable. She had tasted the girl, just on a whim, grabbing a fistful of her pink hair and then forcing the larger female’s lips into hers.

Her attempts at struggling were so pathetic, that it wasn’t even pitiable.

Then, she detached from the kiss, a small trail of saliva connecting their lips, as she began to see the sheer fear and terror in the girl’s eyes and –

She shuddered, feeling a mini-orgasm just from the girl’s absolutely delectable expression.

“P – Please –”

“Hmm?” Kaguya turned her attention back to the girl who she was currently sitting on.

“W-why – w – why are you doing this?”

Kaguya smiled.

Then, she promptly ripped up the girl’s school uniform, and slowly, she trailed a long lick, starting from her belly button, all the way up to her lips.



Kaguya’s smile grew.

“Just because.”

Ignoring the girl’s look of absolute terror was hard, because this time, she completely creamed herself from it.

And of course, she dragged the girl by the hair, and forced her to lick the nectar of a goddess.


~~~~~~~~~~ Prophecy Besmirched ~~~~~~

“Ah! Nothing like breaking some minds and pelvic bones to lighten your mood.”

Yami stood once more outside the academy, ignoring the hordes of zombies, and the screams and groans of the people of the dying world, as he held a nice cold bottle of Vodka in his hand. Say what you would about the weakness of the people in this world, but damn, they knew how to make some good alcohol. Admittedly, it would take ludicrous amounts to get him drunk, but considering that his clones had scoured the planet and stripped it of every single bottle of the stuff he could find – he wasn’t worried.

“Faster, faster. Move faster you pitiful slave.”

His eyebrow rose slightly as he spotted Kaguya, or rather, the body Kaguya was inhibiting, now riding on top of…

Yami coughed, the Vodka unfortunately going down the wrong tract as he wondered if what he saw was real.

The pink haired girl that Kaguya had ‘claimed’ was now stripped essentially naked, and on all fours. There was what looked very much like a carrot stuck up her ass as a butt plug, and she was biting down on a small ball that that was attached to reins… reins that Kaguya was holding, as she rode on the girl’s back like some form of mount.

Despite converting the girl to her personal horse, Kaguya was still brutally efficient in slaying the hordes of zombies that approached them… by standing on the girl’s back and using her as an elevated platform to stab the creatures in the head.

Yami, for the first time… sweatdropped.

“Maybe telling Kaguya to cut loose wasn’t exactly the best idea…”

He shrugged at it though.

Hey, he’d fucked seven year olds senseless. Who was he to complain about turning a teenager into a horse?


The single word command sent a wave of blinding hot white fire in the direction of his arms, completely annihilating the zombie horde in Kaguya’s path. A small part of him ignored the urge to snicker at seeing the reaction of Kaguya’s new pet, who’s mouth had opened enough to allow her ball-gag-rein to fall out.

She was promptly punished by Kaguya smacking her on the ass hard enough to leave a large red imprint.

“So… I take it you had fun Kagu-chan?”

She smiled. “Perhaps.”

Yami rolled his eyes. “Come on now. Time to go. I think I’ve stripped this world of anything and everything of value.”

With a single command, Kaguya’s real body appeared, and he immediately latched his hand on top of the body of Alice Maresato, before dragging out the soul of the Rabbit Goddess and pushing it back into its rightful place.

The body dropped back, lifeless, just as Kaguya took in a deep and heavy breath. The girl-horse on the other hand, looked halfway between being terrified witless, and being absolutely confused as to what was going on.

“I take it you’re keeping her?”

Kaguya nodded. “I haven’t finished breaking her in unfortunately. And, it would be unfitting of me to leave something… unfinished.”

Saya, as Yami now knew was her name from a cursory telepathic glance, had now turned absolutely white.

“Guess I’ll add them to the other three I found.”

Kaguya rose an eyebrow. “Three?”

“Hm-hmm. A hot nurse with boobs way larger than anything I’ve seen before, an athletic sexy purple-haired kendo chick, and a bitch.”

Her eyebrow rose even further.

“Found her with a black haired guy, Komura, or something. I think he was her boyfriend – so here I was minding my business and about to turn the guy into a cuckold as I fucked his girlfriend, but the idiot rushed at me with a bat.”

Yami snorted.

“A fucking baseball bat. It was so funny, I was still laughing when I shoved the entire thing down his throat. Of course, his girl just lost it! I mean really, she only stopped screaming after I took the bat out and shoved it up her ass instead.”

Kaguya looked amused. “That made her stop screaming?”

“Considering how far I shoved it up, yes, it did. Kind of hard to scream if your lungs aren’t taking in oxygen now is it?”

“And you brought her back… why?”

“Cause I thought it would be funny.”

Kaguya couldn’t help the laugh which escaped her lips.

“You have a very… interesting sense of humor Yami-sama.”

Yami bowed. “And with that performance, I think it’s time we said goodbye to this shithole.”

Kaguya gave him a look. “You’re not going to blow up the planet?”

Yami grinned.

“Wait for it.”

A second passed, before, in the distance, a massive, echoing, earth-shattering boom. The impact could be felt across continents, across entire oceans, a pulsating shockwave that sent gusts of winds from every direction billowing as though hurricanes and tornadoes had engulfed in a heated sexual intercourse, birthing a deity of winds destined to blow planets apart.

Then, the world was filled with giant mushroom clouds in every direction on the horizon.

“And with that… our job here is done.”

Saya could only stare in horror, to watch as the world ended before her eyes courtesy of a nuclear apocalypse that would most certainly wipe out any remaining life on the planet. That would wipe out the life of her parents and relatives, of her friend, of her home, and of anything and everything she had ever known.

And the being responsible, smiled at her, his finger trailing under her chin.

Don’t you just love prophecies?

And with those words, they vanished.

And her world knew no more.

Chapter Text

“Who – who are you dattebane?!”

“This – this is the greasy fucker who captured us Kushina-sama! He just changed his hair and grew taller!”

“Let me go! I – I’m too young to be tortured! I’ll tell you anything you want to know! You – you don’t need to torture me at all!”

To his utmost left, was the familiar glasses wearing form of Karin, strung on a cross, clad in nothing but a dark purple bra and matching underwear, her breasts were nothing extraordinary to look at, nor was her body for that matter, and she reminded Yami of a somewhat more attractive version of Sakura, if only because of her red hair and her frightened demeanor and the pleasure he would derive from fucking her senseless.

To Karin’s left, was the scowling form of a young red haired woman he had only met once or twice, her name being Tayuya. She was also restrained on a cross, and was clad in nothing but a pair of boxer-shorts and a tank top, as befitting her tomboyish nature, and Yami licked his lips as he stared at her rich thighs and her rather surprisingly gifted chest region, which sung to him in different ways as he begun to imagine just what exactly he would use them for.

Then finally, to the utmost left, was the form of Uzumaki Kushina. Her tanned skin and blood red hair caused blood to rush to Yami’s nether regions at an astonishing speed, as she was dressed in a silky nightie that clearly exposed her heavenly breasts, which did not sag or heave despite her age, and appeared like a fruit filled with righteous amounts of nectar that would be ambrosial to drink from. Her smooth stomach which led down to her white, ramen-themed underwear sent shivers down Yami’s spine as his eyes could perfectly trail the wondrous curves of her hips, and the rich, hearty fullness of her thighs.

“Ah, fuck it, red-heads are awesome.”

It had been three months since he had left behind a war torn world in his wake, and in that time, he had decided to begin to binge-watch so many interesting things and read tons and tons of different materials, all of which, were meant so he could gain inspiration for new ways to use his powers, or new ways to break the women in his collection.

He had grown surprisingly fond of a drink called ‘Pepsi’ as well.

Still, he decided to eventually visit some of the women in his collection, some of the women who he had kept in isolation from his godly aura, just so he could see and enjoy the novelty of breaking them once more.

The girls in particular had of course been the Uzumaki women he had taken from the Uzumaki Clan compound in his alternate home.

As such, he grinned with satisfaction as he moved over to the form of Karin first.

“Oi you fucker, don’t you dare touch her! She might be a spineless wimpy coward, but I’ll never let a greasebag fucktard like you use her for to please your limp, whiny di –”

Yami moved.

To an outside observer, it would have been as though the man had disappeared, or as though he had somehow shredded the barriers of time and space in order to disappear and reappear instantaneously.

One second, he was standing and Tayuya was running her mouth. The next, Tayuya lay on her knees in front of him, her hands bound behind her back and her legs tied up by black tentacles of chakra, her eyes wide open in disbelief as a massive cock was shoved down her throat.

Yami smirked as Tayuya’s gaze turned up to him in a frightened, disbelieving expression.

“I’ve killed the Shinigami, bitch-slapped Kami, and destroyed three consecutive worlds. Tell me little-red-swearing-bitch, am I the type of person you want to be running your mouth off to?”



Kushina’s gaze turned to fire and ice all at once, as her hair almost seemed to come to life around her, and her eyes turned in his direction with the intensity of a small supernova.

You will pay for this dattebane!

His response was to slam his cock further down Tayuya’s throat.

“Ah fuck! Your angry expression is turning me on so much I can’t fucking take it!”

Kushina turned increasingly red and purple, and Yami’s grin grew wider.

“Gods, I swear woman, I almost nutted – keep it up, angrier – I want to see more anger!”

He turned his attention back to Tayuya, whose face was burning red. A casual stroll through her thoughts informed him that her red face was as a result of her burning indignation, rather than anger.

Yami smacked his lips, before turning back to Kushina.

“This is going to be fun.

Or at least, that was what he thought, before a massive, gargantuan, roar, echoed out throughout the Kamui Dimension.

And just like that – he found himself engulfed by a black portal.

“Harder! HARDER! HARDER! Like your life depends on it!”

Rubi growled as the lithe, sexy young girl known as Saeko Busujima stood in front of her, a long, vibrating strap-on dildo attached as she thrust her hips forward as best to her abilities, but the negative growling from the red-headed woman was a clear indication that it was not good enough.

“No! No! Too slow! Too gentle! This is how you do it!”

The transition occurred faster than the woman could follow, as the red-head was now behind her, a massive red tail being placed in her front, before a brief puff of smoke morphed the tail into the sight of a massive, bulgy member.

“Fuck! FUCK! YES! YES!”

The woman thrust the fake, but highly realistic cock into her wet snatch, filling it to the brim and slamming against the opening of her cervix in less than half a second.

“You’re a whore!” Rubi smacked her ass, “A dirty, filthy whore!” two more smacks rang out, sending shivers and vibrations travelling down her wetness.

“Yes! Yes Rubi-sama! I – I’m your whore! I exist only to please you and Yami-sama! Fuck me senseless! Fill me up with your thickness!”

Rubi growled, before picking up the tempo, her form blurring as afterimages began to appear behind her. Only for her to snarl in annoyance as Saeko was clearly not built to handle such speeds or such momentum, and the woman’s mind was overloaded, before promptly shutting down, and falling face first to the floor, squirting and twitching madly.

“Fucking damn it!”

Rubi snarled, dispelling the henged futa dick, and slamming her hand to the ground. It wasn’t fair!

First, Yami and Kaguya go out on some adventure and bring back some new slaves, but he also brought back a shit ton of stuff, and so much stuff, that he decided to put sex on the backburner while he sat down and watched different anime and played tons of games.

He was actually giving her a dry spell – and the bastard, he knew that by refusing sex from her, she would go crazy and increasingly horny. None of the other girls and worshippers could satisfy her the way he did, not even the most ingenious of sex toys could bring her to orgasm the way his cock did.

She was going stir crazy from the withdrawal, and he was enjoying it!

Now, he had gone off to go fuck his mother, while still leaving her hanging.

How the hell was this fair?


Rubi blinked, putting one finger into her ear from the massive roar which could probably have been heard from all over the Kamui dimension.

“What the hell was –”

Whatever she wanted to say, was abruptly cut off by a portal appearing underneath her feet, and sucking her inside.

“Oh this is rich.”

So there he had been, minding his business and about to start fucking a woman in front of his alternate-universe’s mother, when a portal had appeared, and brought him to a field of darkness, illuminated by stars all over the distance.

He had to admit, he got cocky. Then again, he was never really on guard in the Kamui dimension, because it was the Kamui dimension, and It meant that the only thing capable of entering or exiting it was supposed to be him and his partners by proxy. Well, except now.

“Space-bending dragons. The multiverse is a wonderful place.”

The dragon was gargantuan in comparison to him, but it wasn’t quite the full size of a biju, and as someone who had faced and defeated those monsters, there wasn’t really much that could intimidate him in terms of size. With its pinkish skin, Yami couldn’t help but feel that the dragon had a water affinity, as weird as that was. In contrast, the dragon that was beside that one was coated completely in what looked like shiny, stainless steel. This would have made him amused, before he immediately tried out his Lava Release and melted the offending overgrown lizards into find paste.


He couldn’t move. This wasn’t some paralysis technique, as far as he knew anyway, but instead, it felt as though he was frozen in time, or more accurately, his body was frozen in time, yet, he was allowed to see and speak, but not to do much else other than that, or even summon his powers.

Amongst the vast amount of powers he had collected, unfortunately, the power to control time was not amongst them, which meant, for all intents and purposes, he had found something that he could not merely break free from and destroy.


“Well? What are we waiting for? We should smite him now before he thinks of a way to escape!”

Yami’s gaze flickered over to the side, seeing a woman in white and a massive grin growing on his face.

“Kami-chan, so good to see you again. Are you still sore about the whole, killing your brother, bitch-slapping you across continents, and blowing up your world thing?”

So, Uzumaki Naruto – you admit to your crimes?

Naruto turned to stare at the largest of the creatures, a weird, strange being that he could neither identify nor make heads or tails of. He did know however, from the waves of power rolling off it, that the creature was a form of god or deity.

“First off you albino chimera,” Yami started “You’re mixing me up with the weakling idiot that used to rule this body. My name is YAMI.”

Letting that sink in

“Secondly, pft, admit to my crimes?” He let out a long, heavy, string of laughter, as though a pantheon of gods had come together to create the ultimate stand-up experience. “Suuuure. Though you have to be specific, cause there are a lot of things to admit to.”

The godlike being merely stared. “I see. So all that Kami has told us is true. You are a being of destruction ushered forward with the goal and intention of enslaving or destroying all life in existence.

Yami grinned. “Thank you.”

Your journey comes to an end here, as there is no redemption for you.”

He snorted. “What are you going to do? Kill me? I’m the God of Death – I’m absolutely immortal. Banish me to the farthest regions of the galaxy or space or time? Again, I am unkillable and immortal. I will return. Or maybe you want to toss me into some blackhole or some space between dimensions, or throw me into some quantum hole that exists outside of time and space and reality – It doesn’t matter – because I will be back, whether it takes me a hundred thousand years, or a quintillion.”

The gathered beings fell silent in contemplation.

He was a God, and neither Kami nor Arceus possessed the ability to strip other gods of their divinity. Perhaps they could limit it, or hinder it for a short while, but they could not remove the powers of another god.

Strange, and as utterly unbelievable as it was, only mortals could do so. This also had to be of the mortal’s own will and imperative, so as to prevent gods from merely commanding or hypnotizing them into eliminating their enemies. That meant, as it stood, the being in front of them could only truly be vanquished by a mortal, first by removing his godhood, and then finally by delivering the killing blow.


What mortal could possibly be strong enough to vanquish THIS ?

Any human who possessed that much power was to be feared at best, and immediately eradicated at worst. The power to slay a god was something that should not be in the hands of mere –

The being immediately turned to Kami.

You said he killed your brother? He became a god by slaying a previous god?

The woman in white turned to him, nodding in confirmation, and barely restrained rage.

Arceus turned back to him, and then –

W-what? Why is there a god backed-up by prophecy?

At this point, Yami was laughing like a loon, whereas Kami was looking slightly confused.

“Lord Arceus, I fail to see how the prophecy is of any import –”

It is against the imperative of any god to interfere with a prophecy given by another, worse, to kill a harbinger of prophecy is to invite chaos and destruction upon my world for eternity.

“In other words,” Yami said, still smirking, “You guys can’t kill me without fucking yourselves up royally, but I don’t have any such restrictions. Oh, this day just keeps getting better and better.”

“If you don’t kill him, he’ll merely ravage your world and go on to do the same to countless others!”

And if I do, the innocents of my world will suffer for eternity, at the costs of the lives of the innocents in worlds which they do not know exist, nor care about.”

“That is, of course,” Yami quipped in “Assuming you can kill me in the first place.”

“So, what should we do?”

Yami began to make lewd, obscene sounds, poking his tongue into his cheek as he gazed at Kami, and rolling his eyes into his head.

Contain him.

“Contain him?!”

As a child of prophecy, there is the propensity for either great good or great evil. I believe spending time in containment amongst the denizens of my world, seeing the good and pure in them… it should trigger a reversal from this… corrupted state.”

“Wait, wait… so you’re sentencing me to… community service?”

“You cannot possibly be serious!”

This is my verdict. I can sense it - through that heart of darkness, originally laid a heart filled with compassion and kindness. If we can bring that out – perhaps, we will have a solution to all of our problems.

“Yeah…” Yami rolled his eyes “…do you want me to mention how I once shoved by cock down a seven-year old’s throat?”

“Should you put a being such as this in your world, he would immediately destroy it, and everything within it!”

My children, Dialga and Palkia will take care of that. With my assistance, they will seal off the use of his powers and the existence of chakra from my dimension.

“Pft.” Yami bit down on his lips hard, as hard as he possibly could to prevent himself from laughing. Just the existence of Chakra? That was it? As Kaguya had elegantly shown in the last world they were in, he didn’t need chakra to be able to be a person of mass destruction.

“Surely you do not think that will be enough to stop him!”

The being turned to Kami. “No. I have two other precautions.

The being glowed white and ominous, before Yami also began to glow the same ominous shade of white.

“What was that supposed to be? A glowjob?

That,” the being said “Was my own variant of Destiny Bond. Anytime you hurt or attack someone in my world with ill intent, the pain will be delivered back upon you one hundred fold. A scratch will feel as though your arm is being sawed off with a rusty implement. A punch will feel as though your bones are being crushed and grinded. And anything else? I will leave you to discover on your own.

Oh? Negative reinforcement. Yami couldn’t help but allow the smile that was on his face to seep through.

Kami, on the other hand, seemed somewhat placated with this. “And the other precaution?”


The Goddess snapped her neck back up to the being. “What?”

The boy is your responsibility. You will follow, guide and watch over him, and ensure that he is restored to the path of light and goodness.

“You cannot be serious! I am Kami, not a bloody babysitter!”

You. Are. Nothing.

The words blasted out as though gravity was concentrated on each syllable. A heavy, tremendous pressure immediately fell on the shoulders of everyone present, as for the first time, the being appeared genuinely, angry.

I am already taking a great risk in doing this, in listening to your problems and choosing to help you in them. You are a god of nothing, now that your world is gone, and you cannot expect me to help you without giving something in return.

Yami smirked. “Ooh, he’s got you there Kami-chan.”

Enough. I grow tired of all of this. The conditions have been set – Kami, you will follow the boy, but, as Palkia and Dialga have sealed away all his powers, your abilities will also not be granted to you.

“B-but –”

Leave. Now. And should my world suffer for this, I will hold you responsible.”

There was a brilliant flash of light, and just like that, they were gone.

Floaroma Town, Sinnoh Region

Yami couldn’t help but smirk as he found himself in a vast, open field of flowers, and likewise, so did Kami. Of course, he was butt naked, courtesy of being in the middle of something before being ripped from his domain. Oh, and of course, Kami had appeared, her divinely garments gone, and her pure white hair turned to a shade of bleached white, or silver instead.

He was back in his ‘Naruto’ form, complete with blond hair and whiskers, but he didn’t mind, instead, a massive grin spread on his face as he let out a bark of laughter.

“Oh this is fucking rich!”

Kami on the other hand, wasn’t having any of it.

“You – you –” her lips twisted into a snarl “All of this is your fucking fault!”

Yami rose an eyebrow. “Careful there Kami-sama, don’t want to corrupt that holy tongue of yours. But if you do, I know a way to make it even more dirty –”


She lunged at him, pinning him to the ground.

“If only you hadn’t showed up!”

She slammed her right fist into his nose.

“If only you didn’t exist!”

She slammed her left fist into his eyes.

“None of this would have happened!”

Both fists came down to bludgeon his face.

“Now – now – I have to watch over you? You? No – I am Kami! I am Kami, and I - I WILL MAKE YOU SUFFER!”

“Krooosh sprawwed, ve vantsh shish srines drack –”

The man made a small gargling noise making Kami pause her attacks.

“What was that?”

Slowly, watching as his nose and face began to heal, he cleared his throat.

“I said, ‘Kratos called. He wants his lines back.’”

Kami’s face burned red with fury. “You – You- ” the familiar sensation of something hitting her in a place where nothing dared hit her, made her eyes widen “You are erect?”

“I’m naked in a field of flowers with god on top of me. So yes, I am, in fact, very hard.”

Kami’s face twisted even more. “You – you – you - ! AARRGH!”

Her lips slammed into his, causing his eyes to shoot up in genuine surprise for a long, long time, which continued even more, as the cunt of god firmly and strongly embraced his dick, courtesy of Kami slamming her hips down on him.

“You fucking bastard! Fucking! Evil! World-killing brother-slaying piece of shit! OH FUCK YOU SO FUCKING VERY MUCH!”

And so, that was how Yami got to experience the weird and beautiful experience that is hate-sex.



Rubi frowned. There was something, seriously, infinitely wrong with this situation. Staring at her paws, and then her lack of distinctly human form, she knew that this had to be a practical joke.

“Awesome! A Shiny Ninetails!”

Then, someone had thrown a ball at her.

And she was certainly, certainly, not pleased.