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Self indulgent because I wish my works had more art, and because I'm trying to learn how to do digital art :)

Notes: Clint is completely my own design, though I am terrible at faces and his doesn't quite have the expression I wanted (ughh, mouths). I also decided against putting bandages on him because I found they kept looking like flat shapes stuck randomly over him. Hulk is not entirely my work (I used the aid of a figurine :p ), though embellishments (such as the blood) and all the colour blending is. I've got to take credit where I can ;) Anyway, you probably don't care about my process but I'm in a rambling mood...

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The ones with de-aged Clint and Tony's leg are oil pastels on paper, scanned onto the computer. I had a lot of fun with them, and found that I quite like oil pastels. I'm hoping with practice I'll figure out how to blend better :)

I'm particularly proud of the tank. I don't quite know why, I just am. It's pencil and black pen on paper and is approximately 8inches wide.

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I signed onto Marvel Bigbang for this fic, but alas my artist was unable to finish their work. I really wanted something though, so I sketched out the sword and arrow...because I could :)

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I participated in a Bigbang as an artist (ahhh) for the lovely ladiedeathfaerie's story The Tree of Life

I maybe went a little overboard with chapter title images, lol, so I'm only posting the ones I hand sketched and not the photo manips.