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The lost miracle

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Newspaper article, end of January 1995.



The lost miracle


It is with great regret that we inform you of the failure of what had promised to be one of the major discoveries of this century. Unfortunately, professors Satos’ rejuvenation experiment came to a premature end on January 17, in the collapse of the Kobe hospital building where the volunteer guinea pigs were staying.


The bodies of Mr Nkomo and Mrs Tanaka were found in the rubble while the Russian magnate Ivan Ostrovsky is still missing. (See page 14.).


Most of the facilities have been destroyed by the second largest earthquake of this century (see pages 2 and 3.) and they are many casualties in professors Sato's team.


Professor Akira Satô and his daughter were not present at the time of the disaster but are currently unreachable.


Let us hope for humanity that the knowledge of these revolutionary techniques is not definitively lost.