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Probably everyone and their mothers know that Yoongi isn’t the most affectionate living being in the world—far from it, actually. Apparently a single, lone, angel in this damned world believes otherwise.


“Yoongi-hyung isn’t that bad…”
“Tae, he dumped cold water on you for being late waking up.”
“To be fair, I was an hour late. You should thank him.”


Okay. Maybe a little unaffectionate.


“It took him months to even be comfortable enough to let you hold his shoulder. Months, Taehyung. Fucking months.”
“Hey, I’m not rusher Kook. Unlike you, Mr. I-Get-Laid-Every-Day-But-Gets-Super-Shy-And-Leaves-Immediately-Afterwards, I am a patient man.”
“Remember when you almost knocked the door down because Namjoon-hyung—“
“I am a patient man.”


Maaaybe a little bit too unaffectionate.

To the point of being seen as cold.


Don’t get him wrong, Taehyung knows perfectly well that Yoongi is no romantic and is by far, the last person he’ll think of when someone mentions ‘touchy’. He also knows perfectly well how much of a possessive asshole Yoongi can be.


Insert incident number #107 in Jimin’s book of ‘Incidents that Convince Me that Min Yoongi is a Serial Killer’, where, as Jimin very eloquently describes:

Subject A (The Min Yoongi) literally tried to start a fight with Villager A (BFF and Partner-To-Go Kim Namjoon) after he jokingly said that the couple did not go well together. It took Villager B (Pretty boy lover of Villager A Kim Seokjin) and Subject B (kinda sorta dense lover of Subject A Kim Taehyung) to break up the fight with no blood. To be fair, it was a cool fight scene straight out of a romance anime in 2013.


Then insert incident number #4, Jimin’s personal favourite and Yoongi’s memory he wishes his brain would erase already. Jimin, because he is clearly studying dance and not language, describes as:

yoongs fucken growled at someone in their space im fucking wheezing oh my god


(Every night, the memory haunts Yoongi in his dreams.)


And yet, there’s always the sweet, vulnerable and soft part of Yoongi that no one but Taehyung gets to see.

Taehyung literally has notebooks filled with such events.

(Yoongi wasn’t even surprised when he found them while trying to help Taehyung pack.)


It was pretty…odd… according to Yoongi, with ‘aesthetic’ designs of dreamcatchers, minimalistic cartoon animals, random designs and random words all over the front cover.


“It looks like some 12 year old girl’s first diary.”
“Shush Love.”


Meanwhile, the inside looked like a cute planner bought at Paper Stones.

Each small box has a date and each date has a significant thing that happened with his dear boyfriend. Furthermore, each box has a post-it. Plain, pastel-coloured square ones are used for far more mundane days, like texting or calling. Bright animal post-its are specifically used for the rare dates they went on.




(There was a rather big post-it in the shape of a red, ball ornament that suspiciously looked like the ones Taehyung brought into their house one fine evening.)

Watched Krampus with the Yoongs :) It was really spooky but not in the horror movie kind of way? Just creepy I guess. (But Hoseok-hyung would totally scream keke.) I got to cuddle with Yoongs on the couch!! He fell asleep halfway through it lol…ah he’s so cute I’m gonna burst.

(A small image that was very clearly printed out was attached with a heart pin.)

Yoongs sleeping ♡(ŐωŐ人)

(It was their first ‘date’ to be completely frank. And Taehyung didn’t even know it was one until Yoongi had cutely stuttered out, “H-how was the da-daye. Date. How was it?” To that Taehyung paused, blinked twice, before giggling a little and holding the impatient older by his wrist. “I loved it, hyung.” Yoongi had, again, very cutely nodded roughly and gave a brisk goodbye, turning and walking back to his car, a scarlet neck exposed for the world to see.)


And his favourite post-its were used for…special events.


MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


(A plain white post-it was stuck on first.)

My friends brought me to the arcade today :) Then we watched Krampus again and Hoseokie-hyung was so scared kekekekekeke


(Another grey post-it in the shape of Pusheen the Cat was pasted on top of the other, the barely legible words in glittery black pen.)



(Yoongi was the most nervous he was in the past 24 years and there was practically nothing he could do to quench it. He knew Taehyung absolutely loved all animals and there was absolutely no chance that he wouldn’t like a puppy, but Yoongi could not help but feel anxious and frightened. Clearly his nerves were stressing the small puppy out too, as the white ball of fluff bounded over to the human and started rubbing himself on him, head tilting as though asking if Yoongi was okay. The human smiled and ruffled the small puppy’s head affectionately, before the loud jingle of keys and frustrated groans of someone trying to find the right one snapped him out of his reverie.

As soon as Taehyung stepped into their house, he was greeted by the very small ball of white fluff. Yoongi stood up shakily, using the nearby glass table as support, and smiled sheepishly.




Taehyung’s mouth was wide open as he stared at the pup, then at Yoongi, before literally dropping everything and rushing over to engulf his boyfriend in a warm hug. The pup just ran circles round their legs.

Taehyung pulled away after a silent moment and peppered the smaller with gentle kisses that could last Yoongi a lifetime. Taehyung brought up his gloved hands and gently caressed his cheek, eyes filled with adoration and unshed tears as he realised how lucky he was to be gifted with such a man as his lover.


“God, I love you so fucking much Yoongi.”

Yoongi’s breath hitched, evidence that those words had never been said to him for a long, long time.


“I love you. I love you so fucking much. And it’s not because you gave me a dog, but that is fucking awesome too. But I just do, okay?! I don’t tell you that at all for some stupid reason and I know that you’re uncomfortable with public affection and I know. I know you don’t believe me when I say it, but I really fucking do love you. I love you so much, Yoongi.”


He punctuated his mini speech with a long, sweet kiss, Yoongi attempting to reciprocate through tiny hiccups and an immense amount of emotions swelling in his heart.

With Taehyung’s arms around his waist, his own wrapped around the taller’s neck, face buried in the warmth of his neck, the new pup known as Soonshim, Yoongi cried out a soft, broken “I love you”.


Taehyung had never been happier.)




(A red and white post-it in the shape of a Pokeball was used in this one.)

I took Yoongs on a date!! At home tho because he is clearly still antsy about public affection. But it was still the best!!!! We built a blanket fort in our living room and watched cheesy dramas all day :) as well as play with Soonshim of course keke… We had some fun in our room too kekekekekekekekekekeke


(Soft kisses were pressed on Yoongi, who was stripped of his favourite hoodie-and-sweatpants combination. He used his arms to cover his wet eyes, blonde bangs sticking to his forehead.

Quiet moans fell from swollen lips as Taehyung made his way up to Yoongi’s neck, sucking slowly to mark him.


“Yoongi, look at me.”

Slight shaking of head.

“C’mon love, it’s just me…”


Yoongi practically pried his arms away from his eyes to meet his lover’s, filled with absolute adoration and a tinge of lust. His vision blurred as his emotions overtook him, tears letting loose. Taehyung only kissed the little droplets of water away, intertwining their hands.


“You ready, love?”


A slight nod and eyes staring deep into Taehyung’s. The younger slowly slid into Yoongi, preparation done long ago.

Yoongi panted shallowly, taking time to adjust to his size despite having done this multiple times before. Taehyung waited and busied himself by pressing kisses on every part of Yoongi’s skin. A slight nod signalled him to start moving.

Taehyung thrusted slowly and deeply, and Yoongi let out quiet, soft moans under the moonlight.

There was absolute silence as they climaxed together.

Yoongi was still in a daze when Taehyung came back from the bathroom to fetch a towel. He gently wiped his lover clean and pulled the covers over them, pressing a final, gentle kiss on Yoongi’s nose before drifting off to sleep.)


Yeah, Taehyung thinks his boyfriend of 4 years can be cold at time, a little pissy, extremely grumpy and bitter most of the time. And yeah, he understands why people will actually question if Yoongi loves him or not.

But to Taehyung, all that matters is just Yoongi himself.