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Raidy and Her Companions: An Alternate Tale

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Last time Raidy and FonFon faced their toughest challenge yet; The Succubus, Lecille and her master, Gav. The two villains were responsible for the kidnapping and attempted sacrificing of several innocent young women from Lake Blue.   

Needless to say, Raidy and FonFon went to save them, but were immediately bested by Lecille, who used her “Pink Mist” to incapacitate them. She proceeded to imprison Raidy and kept FonFon as a toy, intending on impregnating the werewolf since she was going through her heat.   

However, on being separated from her loved one, Raidy began to retaliate with a vicious anger. With the help of the dark elf, Folles, Raidy freed all of Lecille’s prisoners before challenging her once again, and this time, having prepared herself, Raidy emerged victorious. Lecille attempted to fight back but ended up impaling herself on Raidy’s sword, Drainer.  

Raidy proceeded to take FonFon to safety and went to challenge Gav herself, and against all odds, she defeated the sorcerer. However, the resulting battles pushed Raidy to her limits. Her body was forced to take on burdens beyond what normal humans could take. The result; Excessive movement would cause Raidy excruciating pain and she is left weak and helpless. Luckily, her faithful werewolf is always there to help her.   

Medicinal Hot Springs were suggested to them as a way to help their bodies heal faster; They left at once, planning a slightly romantic trip after these terrible events. They both wanted to talk to each other; FonFon wanted to apologize for not being able to help and Raidy wanted to apologize, but she also wanted to know about FonFon’s heat…  

Sadly, life has a terrible sense of humour; As soon as they stepped into the Spring, they found themselves surrounded by armoured Lamia.  

And they seem to be looking for the Lighting Warrior and her Werewolf…  


The atmosphere was odd, to say the least. 

“I’ve heard a lot about you two; The Famous Lighting Warrior and Her Werewolf…” FonFon swallowed and felt her arms tighten around Raidy’s slender body.  

“Our Queen was hoping to meet you, Raidy dear.” 

The Lamia in front of the pack, moved forward and smiled softly. Her hair was long and dark, and her body was voluptuous and supple. Her skin was light and her hands looked delicate, like they had never seen hard work in her life. Unlike the other Lamias, she held no weapons and wore no armour, but despite that she carried an air of authority and power and the other Lamais were careful not to stand in her way as she moved.  

Raidy tried to move her body, but immediately winced in pain. She still hadn’t recovered from her fight with Gav. Her eyes darted around and she swallowed. At least a dozen Lamias. Her mind flashed back to the time she fought a weakened Lamia in Cubust’s tower and she shivered at the memory of its power.  

There were at least a dozen Lamias… There was no way she could even consider beating them in her present state. Escape was their only option. She knew it, and she could sense that FonFon and come to the same conclusion.  

Which meant they needed to buy some time.  

“Who… Who are you?” 

The Dark-Haired Lamia blinked and smiled softly, “Oh dear. How rude of me.” She placed her hand over her chest and bowed her head slightly, “My name is Madhura; I am Queen Kin’s First Advisor and Companion.” 

Raidy swallowed, “Queen Kin?” 

“Yes. She’s the Queen of all Lamias, and the best of us. She’s had us search for you and your werewolf for some time now… Tracking you down was no easy task…” 

“…Why?” Raidy was dumbfounded, “I… Why would she want me?” 

Madhura put her hands together in a solemn gesture, “I believe you might remember the demon, Cubust?” 

Raidy nodded softly.  

“Well, your actions have proved… well, My Queen did not appreciate them very much.” 

“But… But I was just-” 

Madhura raised her hands, “Oh, don’t get us wrong. We’re very glad that you managed to take down that demon. He was a foul thing and the world is better off without him. No, My Queen is upset because your actions resulted in the death of several innocent Lamias held captive by Cubust.” Raidy paled slightly.  

“My Queen… loves her people. And we love her back. She’s taken care of us. When she heard that Cubust had captured several Lamias, she was unhappy. She had dedicated her every waking hour to creating a plan to kill Cubust and save the Lamias from harm.” Madhura wiped a tear from her eye, “Such devotion I had never seen before. Obviously, she’d have saved the other captives from harm as well…” 

“But… but I-”  Madhura’s expression fell slightly, “But then, you took action on your own. And your blind faith in your inadequate strength resulted in the death of captives who were merely trying to protect their own lives.” 

“I… I was only…” Raidy felt own protests die on her tongue.  

“I do not blame you for trying to do right… You are not a monster; You did not intentionally mean to harm anyone and neither my Queen nor myself blame you for trying to do good. But the souls of our people must be given justice.” Madhura raised her hand, “Submit peacefully please. It would be easier on you.” 

FonFon spoke before Raidy could, shifting her stance, pulling Raidy to the side, “I don’t think so.” 

Madhura’s eyes narrowed, “FonFon the Werewolf… You served Cubust and were directly complicit in his actions against our people…” 

“I was forced against my will!” FonFon protested. 

“…That is for my Queen to decide.” Madhura snapped her fingers.  

Immediately, the Lamia Soldiers jumped out at the duo. Raidy’s eyes widened as she watched them move. They were fast. Faster than any other species she had seen before, yet it felt like everything was moving in slow motion.  

She could see them moving through the air towards her, their fangs exposed and delight shining in their eyes. Then she felt her body move, as FonFon’s grip tightened.  

Raidy squealed as FonFon jumped up and back, just as the Lamia’s landed in place they had once stood. FonFon grinned softly, “You guys are pretty fast…” 

The Soldiers hissed angrily and FonFon turned and ran with Raidy in her arms. Raidy closed her eyes and pushed close to FonFon’s body. Hanging on was all she could do to try and help. She glanced at her fingers and tried to feel the flow of magic but only felt pain flare up.  

I’m… I’m useless right now… 

She squeaked as FonFon swerved dodging another lunging Lamia and running in another direction. They might have been strong, but FonFon was just faster than them and her techniques allowed her to take sharp turns and movements without losing much speed. She was perfect for this task.  

FonFon seemed to realize that fact when she let out a bark of laughter as she jumped over another 

Lamia before whispering, “We’re almost at the Town, Raidy-chan. Just hold-” 

FonFon grunted as her sentence was cut off and she came to a grinding halt. Her eyes caught sight of the tip of a tail, just barely latching onto her ankles and forcing her body to fall out of its smooth rhythm and into a chaotic free-fall. 

Raidy felt herself fly from FonFon’s arms and make contact with the hard ground. She would’ve screamed in pain, had the wind not been pushed out of her lungs by the impact.  


Raidy’s vision was blurred as she tried to look for FonFon. She could see a vague shape, bobbing and weaving as other shapes tried to hit it. She groaned. She had to help somehow… 

Then a cold hand slowly wrapped around Raidy’s neck and tightened softly. Raidy screeched as she felt her body being painfully lifted into the air before being trapped in locking maneuverer that also cut off her voice. 

A tongue clicked from above Raidy’s head, before Madhura’s voice rang out gently, “…Oh, FonFon…”  

FonFon came to a halt and her eyes widened, “Raidy-chan!!” 

“Now, FonFon…” Madhura’s voice was tired and bored, “I can catch you. You’re fast, I’ll give you that. Too fast for these poor dears… But, I’m different. Tripping you up was easy. I’m sure I could hunt you down, if I wanted…” 

Raidy felt her blood run cold as the words hit her ears. Tripping you up… Hunt you down… This Lamia… Madhura… She wasn’t normal. 

“FonFon, run- gurk!” 

“Ah, ah. Quiet, dear. I’m talking.” Madhura tightened her grip on Raidy’s throat before glancing back at FonFon, “Where was I… Ah, yes. I’m sure I could hunt you down myself… But, I’m lazy. I’m very lazy. I don’t like physical activity. So, I’d much rather that you just surrendered yourself to me right now. That way your precious little lover won’t have to face judgement on her own… and I wouldn’t be forced to torture her.” 

Raidy tried to shake her head. FonFon had to escape. If the Lamias had their way, FonFon would probably be killed. She had to escape… She had to- 

“Alright…” FonFon raised her hands softly, “Just… Just don’t hurt her…” 

Raidy could feel her heart fall as the Lamia’s around them began to grin darkly, “Good girl… Good girl…” 

The metal collar was thick, and it snapped into place with a loud click! 

The moment it was on, Raidy could feel something different in her body, “What… What is this?” 

“Magic Binder.” Madhura explained lightly, “We know you have some powerful magic. We heard as much when we investigated Cubust’s base and those temple remains. If you’re able to beat Cubust and destroy that massive temple, we really can’t take a risk with someone like you, no matter how injured you are. You understand, right?” 

Raidy didn’t respond to Madhura’s cynical comment. She was finding it hard enough to stand straight, with FonFon’s help. The two of them had been fitted with thick, heavy shackles that restrained their movements greatly. The chains were massive and hard, and it was obvious that neither of them could break them, in their current state.  

Madhura gestured to a pair of soldiers silently, “What is the status of the recovery work?”  One solider responded quickly, “Gav’s temple was utterly obliterated, but we’ve managed to find several choice pieces of weaponry; Most seem to be magic-based.” 

Madhura nodded softly, “Hm… And the other prisoners?” 

“Restrained in one of the carriages; Should we put these two with the rest?” 

“…No.” Madhura shook her head, “Keep them in my personal carriage and keep a close eye on them. I don’t want them getting mixed up with the others. Keep them alive; The Queen wants them both.”  The Soldiers nodded before going and picking up Raidy and FonFon, who struggled weakly in her bindings, “You… bitches! I’ll kill you all!! Lemme go!” 

The Soldier carrying FonFon laughed, “Come now. I’m sure you don’t mean that.” 

“You bet your ass I do!” 

The Soldier continued to smile, “I think we got off on the wrong foot… So, to speak. Let’s try introducing ourselves; I’m Sana.” 

The Other Solider nodded, “And I’m Kana.” 

“We’re going to guard you during the trip back to our kingdom, and we’d really appreciate if you didn’t trouble us too much.” 

FonFon spat, “Go to hell!” 

Kana’s face hardened and she quickly twisted Raidy’s arm, inciting a painful scream. FonFon’s eyes widened as she tried to rush towards her, “R-Raidy-chan!” 

“Oh no, you don’t!” Sana held FonFon back effortlessly, “That’s because you misbehaved. You understand, we can’t tolerate that. So, if either of you tries to act silly, we’re going to hurt the other one, kay?” 

FonFon’s glare was filled with a fiery loathing, but Sana was clearly just amused, her grin stretching from ear-to-ear, “Well, I think we’re going to have some fun!” * 

Raidy shivered in the cold, her eyes fixed on the distant campfire in some vain attempt to warm her aching body. The Lamias had decided to stop for the night and set up camp, but they didn’t seem to have any desire to let the prisoners warm themselves.  

She glanced to the side and stared at one of the carriages; She could see other prisoners inside it, but she wasn’t sure who they were; They’re faces were covered in sacks and most of their body had been wrapped in thick strips of cloth and rope in an attempt to prevent them from escaping.  

“Raidy-chan… Come closer…” 

Raidy did as FonFon asked, relaxing against the soft, warm fur on FonFon’s body, “…I wonder when they’re going to feed us…” 

FonFon’s face tightened slightly, “Don’t count on it; They’re going to keep us alive, but they’re only going to do the bare minimum.” She shifted slightly, allowing Raidy to relax neatly against the curve of her body, “I’d expect a meal maybe one every two days. Maybe once a day, if they’re being careful.” 

Raidy frowned softly, sensing a sense of pragmatism that she rarely saw in FonFon, “…You seem to know a lot about their tactics…” 

“Well… I did the same thing when I was slaving under Cubust… You always want to keep your prisoners weak enough so that they can’t escape, but they can still carry their own weight. Reduce your work, while keeping them in line…” 

“Hey, you two!” 

Raidy raised her head and tensed when she saw Sana and Kana approaching them, “We were just wondering how you two were doing~” 

Kana slithered up to Raidy and draped her arms over Raidy’s shoulders making wince in pain, “We thought you two looked lonely and hungry, so we decided to pop over and warm you both.” 

From the way, Kana was grinding against Raidy, it was obvious to both her and FonFon as to what ‘warm you both’ really meant.  

FonFon smirked softly, “I thought you legless-freaks didn’t like us leggy types.” 

Kana frowned and wrapped her tail around Raidy’s torso, just under her breasts, before grabbing them with her hands, “Well, that’s not true… We just like you to know your place…” She slowly shifted her tail, tightening her grip around Raidy, causing her to cough softly as she struggled to breath.  

FonFon paled and Sana threw her arm over FonFon’s shoulder, “Did you forget? Act stupid and your little human pet gets the whip.” 

“I…” “Why don’t you apologize, hm?” Sana whispered into FonFon’s ear before gently nibbling on it. FonFon winced and pulled away, while remaining silent, her face twisted into a regretful scowl.  

Kana’s frown deepened and she tightened her grip around Raidy, who responded by a sharp squeak of pain, her body trembling in her aggravated agony. FonFon’s eyes widened and she nodded, “I-I’m sorry! Please! L-Let her go now!” 

“That’s just what I wanted to hear…” Kana loosened her tail around Raidy, just as Sana reached down and took hold FonFon’s tail at the base.  

FonFon let out a soft yowl of pain and arousal as Sana began to tug on her tail violently, “I must admit… When I heard that werewolves’ weakness was their tails… I had no idea it’d be this effective.” 

“Geh… S-Stop…” 

“Hm?” Sana squeezed FonFon’s tail again, inciting another pained yelp, “What was that, little puppy?” 

Raidy’s eyes widened. FonFon… She’s still in heat! She glanced at Kana, “P-Please! Stop hurting her!” 

Kana stared at Raidy for a few seconds before hugging her closer, “Can I assume you won’t be struggling too much, while we enjoy ourselves?” 

Raidy nodded quickly, without hesitation and Kana smirked, “Alright… Dear, take it easy on the dog.” 

“Ha?” Sana frowned, “But its been so long since I had the chance to hurt someone!” 

“Now, now…” Kana waved her hand softly, “Raidy here promised that she wouldn’t be fighting back and besides, they both know what’s going to happen if they do…” 

Sana frowned and shuffled her shoulders slightly, “Mm… Fine.” She released FonFon’s tail, and the werewolf collapsed to the ground, exhausted and shivering, before Sana used her own tail, to lift FonFon up and wrap her arms around her, “I’m still gonna enjoy myself…” 

Kana shrugged softly before turning back to Raidy, “Happy?” 

Raidy didn’t know how to answer, and Kana took her silence to mean ‘yes’ because her immediate reaction was to place her lips on Raidy’s neck and begin nibbling softly.  


“Ho…” Kana smirked, “You like that?” 

“N-no…” Raidy shook her head quickly.  

Kana responded to Raidy’s response with a vicious attack; Her nibbles rose to gentle bites, as her tongue began to poke out in infrequent intervals, before softly licking the nibbled-spots. The tongue seemed to have a mind of its own, dart between Raidy’s neck, her ears and her nape and it made everything feel so sensitive.  

Then the hands; Kana’s hands moved with a certain precision and skill; There was a coldness. They lacked the warm joy and love that FonFon’s hands had. It felt mechanical, but that didn’t stop it from igniting a fire in Raidy, as they teased her body; Tugging on her nipples, massaging them. Caressing her clit and exploring her body’s crevasses. 

FonFon could only watch in silent anger and horror. She struggled to keep her mouth shut, as Sana fondled her breasts violently, “How’s that? I may not be as good as Kana, but I think I’ve got some skill, what do you think?” 

“…So nice.” FonFon struggled to hold back the fact that everything felt abnormally good on her body; Her womb was practically crying out to be impregnated. She hoped that Lamias couldn’t knock her up.  

Sana frowned, “Hmm… I need to work on my technique, huh?” FonFon said nothing.  

“Haaa…” Sana sighed softly, “Yeah, I’ve known that. I’m not too good with my hands. Such a shame too…” She gentle teased FonFon’s breasts, making them jiggle softly, “I’m mean, such cute breasts! Not as large as your warrior’s jugs, but I personally like the moderate ones, y’know? Well, I actually like ones that I make bigger.” She pinched FonFon’s nipples painfully, “I’m pretty sure I can make yours huge… Your skin is so lovely… I better train so I can pleasure you better in the future.” “…Sure.” FonFon responded dryly. 

Sana paused and glanced up at Kana, “You should fondle Raidy. I heard the Queen like big ones.” 

Kana frowned, “What? No way. First off, that fondling thing is just a myth, and I’m certain the Queen likes smaller ones.” 

“Yeah right.” Sana smirked, squeezing FonFon’s breasts several times, “Then how come boobs always grow when I tease them? And why would the Queen like small breasts?” 

“A combination of drugs and constant skin-stretching.” Kana explained without hesitation, “and because the Queen has younger lovers.” 

“Don’t be stupid.” Sana let out a bark of incredulous laughter, “The Queen doesn’t have a lover.” 

Kana laughed, “It’s a little-known fact, but she does! There’s a Lamia who’s really close to her! No one knows who she is, but she and Queen fell for each other when they were really young! Apparently, they wanted to have a child together!” 

“Really?” Sana hugged FonFon tighter, as she listened to the rumours, “A child?” 

“Yep.” Kana nodded sadly, “I’m not sure why, but they couldn’t have one… It’s the reason why Queen Kin is so devoted to us and the rest of our people… We’re like the children she couldn’t  have…” 

“How kind of her…” 

Kana nodded softly before blinking and glancing down at Raidy, “Oh look at us. Rambling away, ignoring you two. So sorry.” 

Sana winced and smiled awkwardly at FonFon, “Ooh. Yeah… That’s embarrassing…” then her face suddenly brightened, “But I did remember something that I’m very good at… But it might hurt a bit…” She glanced at Kana, who nodded softly and Sana grinned brightly.  

FonFon watched the tip of Sana’s tail rise up and wave itself in front of her face, “Open up, FonFon!”


Before FonFon could finish her sentence, Sana’s tail shot into FonFon’s mouth and FonFon gagged painfully but the tail only went deeper. 

“I call it a ‘Tail job’!” Sana laughed, “Trust me, its gonna feel a lot better, if you stop fighting.” FonFon struggled weakly, as the scales on the tail gently rubbed at her insides. It felt so odd… Then the tail pulled out slightly and then shoved itself in deeper. FonFon could feel her body shift and struggle to accommodate the sheer girth of the shaft that was inside her.  

In and out, FonFon felt her head slowly being to spin and her eyes roll up inside the back of her head, unconscious moans slipping from her mouth. 

“Y’know… I can even shove my entire tail inside your body… Make the tip of tail pop out of your ass, and tease you from there… Like a pig on a spit.” 

FonFon eyes widened in terror. There was no way that was possible… 

Sana paused as she placed her hand over FonFon’s throat, feeling her own tail working its way inside,

“Well, it works sometimes. Other times, the poor girls end up tearing open. Their bodies can’t bear it… Such a shame, because some of them were really nice. But I’m sure you can do it…” 

FonFon felt her body begin to tremble as Sana began to force her tail deeper. Oh god, she could feel it in her stomach now… Her jaw… Her jaw was going to snap…  

Raidy struggled weakly in Kana’s grip, “F-FonFon! Stop!” 


“What is the meaning of this…?” 


Kana and Sana froze. The terror on their faces was more than apparent. Raidy couldn’t stop shivering herself; the cold furious aura that had emerged… It was unlike anything she had felt…  

She glanced to the side and saw Madhura staring at them silently. Her eyes were narrow slits and her mouth was thin. Her nostrils were flared in anger and her hands… Raidy blinked in confusion.  

She had four hands.  


Sana’s mouth flopped dumbly as Kana released Raidy, letting her fall to the ground. Raidy let out a soft cry of pain, and Kana winced softly. 

Madhura’s pupils stared at Raidy for a few seconds before slowly moving over to FonFon and Sana, “Sana… Release the wolf.” 

Sana nodded weakly, and slowly pulled her tail from FonFon’s mouth, who began to cough violently as soon as her throat was clear.   

“Hmm. Good.” Madhura nodded, “Now, make sure they are still bound well.” 

The two lamia soldiers inspected the chains that bound Raidy and FonFon quickly.  

“Are the chains still secure?” 

Kana and Sana nodded quickly. 

“I don’t hear you.” 

“YES!” “YES!” 

Madhura smiled, “Good girls. Now, put those two next to each other and be gentle, hm?” 

Raidy blinked as she and FonFon were pushed together gently. The aching pain in her body began to fade softly, as soon as she felt FonFon’s soft fur against her body. 


“Raidy-chan…” FonFon gently nuzzled against Raidy. 

Madhura nodded, “Good. Now, you two come here.” Kana and Sana hesitated. 

“Come HERE.” Madhura’s voice was laced with venom.  

They shivered and moved slowly before coming to a halt right in front of Madhura who sighed and rubbed her eyes softly with one hand, “What did I tell all the soldiers about these two prisoners?” 

“K-Keep special watch on them?” Madhura shook her head. 

“Uh… The Queen wants them?” 

Madhura smiled, “That’s right. Now… Do you love your queen?” 

Kana and Sana blinked, before speaking in unison, “O-Of course!” 

“And yet… You want to soil her gifts?” 

Two of Madhura’s hands shot out and took hold of the throats of the two soldiers. They struggled in her grip weakly, trying to break out of it in vain, “You two will serve as examples to the other soldiers… Be thankful, that I don’t take your arms for showing such disrespect for the Queen.” 

Raidy blinked and the moment she opened her eyes, both Kana and Sana were on the ground, their heads shoved into shallow pits. Neither of them was moving. Madhura sighed staring at the two, “Such a shame… They were such good soldiers…” 

She glanced at Raidy and FonFon and stared at them for a few seconds, “…I’m sorry for this…” and then she lifted Kana and Sana by their necks and pulled them back to the camp.  

Raidy could feel FonFon trembling against her, “Fon… FonFon?” 

“I’m so glad you’re safe…” 

Raidy hesitated before nodding, “Me too…” 

FonFon glanced up, tears glistening in her eyes, “Raidy-chan… I’m sorry I got us stuck in this…

We… We can’t get away…” 

Raidy frowned, “No, it’s not….” 

“She’s a four-armed Lamia…” 

“I… What?” 

FonFon glanced towards the camp, “Madhura… She’s a four-armed...” 

Raidy stared in confusion, “What does that mean?” 

“Lamias… Without their hands… They are nothing more than snakes… They are nothing. Their hands are more than symbols…” Terror was rising in FonFon’s eyes, “Legends speak of Lamias… They had four hands; Hands that emerged from decades of training and focus. Marks of their strength. 

The strongest of their kind.” 

Realization dawned on Raidy’s face, “Madhura is one of them…” 

FonFon nodded, “She’s literally a legend. And she serves a Queen. Lamias only bow to strength. I… I also suspected the Lamia queen might have had four arms, but… I had no idea how strong… Raidy, I’m so sorry… I don’t know how we’re going to get out of this…” Tears began to leak from eyes.  

Raidy felt her heart beat violently. FonFon’s words were jarring, but… She rested her head on 

FonFon softly, “Don’t… Don’t worry. We’ll make it… Somehow… I promise.” 

* The remaining days of travel were uneventful,

albeit not uncomfortable. Raidy couldn’t say that she enjoyed it in her constant state of muscule agony, but none of the Soldiers attempted to assault FonFon or herself again. Madhura’s abnormally close watch made them feel secure and nervous at the same time.  

Every time, Madhura glanced away, they tried to get out of their bindings, but to no avail. The shackles were built for Lamias; Beings whose inherent strength exceeded their own several time over and the Magic Binder on Raidy’s neck prevented any sort of magic from helping them; As long as it was there, she could not be the Lightning Warrior.  

It truly felt like a hopeless situation, but Raidy fought to keep her spirits up, thinking of every possible way to escape, and attempting whatever was possible.  

It was on the fourth day of travel that Raidy truly felt the hope being drained from her.  

It was as they looked up from the foot of a mountain that seemed to extend endlessly into the sky; its peak hidden within the clouds. The mountain was part of an extensive range that they had travelled through for the last two days, but this mountain was clearly different.  

“This… Is the home of our queen” Madhura explained softly.  

We’re… We’re here… 

Raidy glanced around and stared at the holes carved into the mountains around them; Not holes… Homes. She could see the hundreds, if not thousands of Lamias peeping through them, moving along the mountains. Some were sunning themselves. Others were transporting goods. 

The mountains were their homes.  

They were completely surrounded, and they never even noticed.  

Madhura snapped her fingers, “Take the wolf to the prison… Put her in the cell with the Demon. I’ll deal with her later.” 

“Hey, wait-!” FonFon struggled briefly as a Lamia took hold of her and whisked her away before she could even finish her sentence.  

Raidy blinked a few times before turning and staring at Madhura weakly, “P… Please don’t hurt her…” 

“She’s only to be kept in the dungeon until her trial comes…” Madhura frowned softly, “The same cannot be said for you. Queen Kin wishes to see you at once.” 

“What…” Raidy swallowed as the moved towards a massive hole in the mountain, “What is she going to do to me?” 

Madhura said nothing and Raidy winced, feeling a wave of nausea roll over her, as they slowly moved into the darkness.  

FonFon let out a soft yell as she was tossed into a cell violently, crashing into the wall. She stumbled weakly, stunned by the blow as she gripped on to the cell bars, “You fucking snakes!! Where’s my Raidy?! Lemme out of here- Urg…” 

She winced and fell to a crouch, gripping her belly softly. Being in heat and not being able to satisfy it was ruining her body in the worst possible ways.  

Ohhh… I wanna have Raidy-chan’s baby… No, wait. Don’t think about that now! 

She tried to stand but fell back on her hindquarters. No good… My body’s too tired… 

She hesitated. Right now, there really wasn’t much she could do. She could just take a short rest… Get some strength back. It would certainly work out in the long run; If she managed to escape, it would only work if she was able to regain some of her lost stamina.  

FonFon swallowed softly and began to take deep breaths. Focus on relaxing… 

“You sound familiar…” 

FonFon felt her eyes widen and twitch. That voice… 

She turned around and stared at the chained figure, strung up against the wall. Her face was thin and sickly much like the rest of her body; Her stomach had a distinctly bruised and strained look to it. Her limbs had the shadow of muscle, but malnutrition had shrunk them to slender twigs. Despite her terrible condition, she was still easily identifiable. After all, both she and FonFon had been forced to work for the same monster. 


The Demoness frowned and squinted, “Do I know you?” 

FonFon felt her body tremble. This bitch… She hurt Raidy-chan… FonFon wanted to hurt her so bad. She was in the perfect position. Chained up and weakened. It was almost like a gift. The perfect opportunity to teach her a lesson… 

…Teach her what? What good would it do now?  

She gritted her teeth and turned away. There was no point in an exercise of violence now. Tiss wasn’t important. Raidy-chan was, and she was taken elsewhere. FonFon had to focus on regaining her strength and finding her… 

“Hey… I asked you a question…” 

FonFon sighed softly, “Yeah…” 

“Huh… Can’t remember you.” 

FonFon rolled her eyes, “Didn’t expect you too.” 

Silence fell over them as their conversation ended; FonFon didn’t care. She just needed to rest- 

“Hey, FonFon~” 

The third voice was dark and soft, coming from outside the cell. FonFon felt her body stiffen and turn towards Sana and Kana who were slowly approaching. Sana leaned against the bars, leering softly, 

“We got punished ‘cause of you…” 

“…FonFon…?” Tiss muttered softly under her breath, slightly confused.  

FonFon resisted from retorting the obvious facts to the bitter Lamias.  

Kana glanced around, “Where’s Raidy?” 

“Away from you freaks.” FonFon immediately regretted her decision to speak up, as their faces grew stony and cold.  

“Y’know… You’re the one who’s the freak, in here…”  There was a soft click and FonFon backed away, as Sana slowly pushed the cell-door open, “And I gotta say… I’m a little interested in having my way with a freak. What about you, Kana?” 

“Oh, yes…” Kana followed Sana, shutting the door carefully behind her, “I’m very interested.” 

FonFon swallowed as the Lamias inched closer and closer, “H-hey now… I… I don’t… I don’t want any trouble… I… I’ll be good… We… We don’t need to do any of this.” 

… I don’t want anyone else to take me… Not like Lecille… Not again… I’m… I’m Raidy-chan’s wife… 

Sana nodded, “We don’t need to. But we certainly want to.” 

The Lamia darted forward and quickly pinned FonFon against the wall, before twisting her arms behind her back, and then holding her in front of her comrade, “Kana, why don’t you enjoy her front and I’ll enjoy the back.” As she spoke, her tail slithered upward and poked against FonFon’s rear.  

“Mmm…” Kana smirked before leaning up against FonFon, “Sounds like a plan…” 

“W-Wait… Please… I-” 

“Shh, shh, shh…” Kana placed her finger over FonFon’s lips softly, “It doesn’t matter what you say at this point…” Her finger moved down, towards’s FonFon’s chest, pulling down her top before pinching the nipple, “We’re going to have our fun…” 

“Hey, did you know?” Sana whispered darkly, “Lady Madhura has developed a way for us Lamias to have children with other species… Expand our race and make us stronger.” 

“U-Uh… Huh?” 

“That’s right…” Kana placed her hands over FonFon’s belly, running her fingers over the bright red tattoos, “So, we could probably knock you up right now, with the way you are…” 

“N-No!” FonFon shook her head weakly, trying to pull herself out of their grasp, “I… I… T-That’s nnot for you!” The terror she felt from those words felt completely unreasonable, but she couldn’t find the strength to supress it. The idea of being forced to carry the child of these monsters… Her mind flashed back to Lecille’s threats. Somehow, they felt even worse than that succubus. 

Kana smirked and slapped FonFon across her face, “Its not like its up to you, anyway. And besides, your babies would probably so weak that we’d just eat them so that they wouldn’t slow us down.” 

“Mmm…” Sana licked FonFon’s bruised cheek lightly, “I wonder what’d worse for you… Being forced to bear our children or watching us get rid of the worthless things…” 

“I-I-I… I don’t…” FonFon struggled to make sense of the words; The burning sensation in her womb was forcing her to image the worse sort of images. Unwanted children, but children that were hers… Losing them… “Please… Don’t…” 

She winced as the two rough tails slowly pushed against both of her openings as Kana hissed vehemently, “Oh, we’re going to… I think we should take turns and see which one of us knocks you up first… Maybe we both will-!” THUNK

The dull sound echoed in the small room, and Kana slowly slumped to the ground, her eyes rolling up into her head.  

Sana and FonFon stared in confusion before their eyes drifted to Tiss who was glaring at the Sana with a venomous hate, “I’m tired.” 


“I’m tired…” Tiss repeated herself softly, as she raised one leg and began to push Kana’s head into the ground softly. “I just fucking passed out the last egg a few hours ago. My body hurts like a motherfucker, and I just wanna get some sleep. But you fucking assholes shoved this bitch into my cell and now you’re making a ruckus… And I wanna sleep.” 

“Uh… Uh…”  

FonFon could feel Sana tremble with confusion and uncertainty.  

“I want you to fucking leave this cell and let me sleep… Please.” Tiss seemed to add the ‘please’ as an afterthought, without truly meaning it. “I don’t wanna have to kill your friend… Or you.” 

Sana blinked and nodded, releasing FonFon and grabbing Kana before rushing out of the cell, only just stopping it to lock it before vanishing down the hall.  

FonFon only just realized she was hyper-ventilating and struggled to bring her breathing back under control as she glanced at Tiss who was shuffling over to the wall and slumping against it, “T… Thank you…” 

“Don’t mention it.” 

“…How… How did you knock her out?” 

Tiss was silent for a few seconds before shrugging, “I’m strong.” 

“But… But you’re in here.” 

“I’m not strong enough to fight an army. Or that bitch, Madhura.” 


FonFon swallowed, “She’s the one who captured you?” 

“…Nah. Rounded up by a gang of them. Madhura kept me from escapin’ when I tried once… What you been doin’ since Cubust?” 

FonFon blinked, “So, you do remember me…” 

Tiss shrugged, “They mentioned your name. It rang a bell.” 

“Hm.” FonFon shuffled over to the cell door and peered out slightly, “Well… I got married.” 

“What?” Tiss snorted with laughter, “No way. You’re fucking with me.” 

“Nope. I found the girl I liked and we got hitched, as soon as I confessed.” 

“Well, I’ll be… What’s her name?” 

FonFon hesitated for a second before a spark of mischief and pride made her speak clearly, “Raidychan.” 

Tiss frowned, “Huh? Wait… You…” 

There was a heavy silence for a few seconds and FonFon wondered if she had stepped over some invisible line before she glanced back at the Demon who had simple moved over to another corner and huddled herself into a ball.  

She considered Tiss’ position; She supposedly liked Raidy, in her own twisted way, and she had just learned that one of her ‘colleagues’ had taken her as a wife. She probably felt bad.  

FonFon knew she would’ve felt bad, if she was in Tiss’ position. It made her feel a bit guilty, but she managed to smother the guilt by glancing back out of her cell.  

Raidy-chan… Where are you? 

Raidy felt like the pit of her stomach was being put through a grinder, as she stared up at the massive doors.  

There was a soft clinking as Madhura removed the shackles from Raidy’s hands, relieving her of their heavy burden but leaving her with their heavy, sunken indentations; She left the magic binder on her neck however, “Queen Kin is waiting for you within.” Madhura’s voice was clear and crisp, but there was a strange emotion tinging it. There was a distinct waver and hesitation to her actions.  

Raidy wanted to protest. She wanted to beg and plead to be with FonFon; To leave this place and just be allowed to live her life peacefully.  

But she knew that wasn’t going to happen.  

She just nodded softly and limped past Madhura, who remained standing silently, through the doors.  

The cavern that the doors led to was large; Extremely large and dark. Raidy blinked a few times. This was more than dark; She couldn’t see her hand in front of her face.  



A deep, and sultry voice answered Raidy’s question, followed by a gentle, dry rustling sound. 


“…Who are you?” 

Raidy swallowed, “R… Raidy… I… I thought Queen K-Kin was supposed to be here?” 


A loud snap rang throughout the room and bright flames burst to life, illuminating the entire cavern with a dancing glow that made Raidy wince in pain, as she tried to focus on the figure before her.   The figure was massive. Raidy had thought Madhura was big, but this person… She must have been at least twice or thrice as big as Madhura. She was relaxing on a large, stone throne with a sleepy look on her face that was betrayed by the aura of power and intensity she radiated. She wore no clothes on her body, barring some pieces of bright gold jewellery that shimmered in the light.  

Her body was slender but well-muscled; A fact that Raidy noticed when her six arms moved to carefully prop her into a sitting position. Her massive tail coiled around the base of her throne several times over, before moving around numerous stalagmites that decorated the cavern. She was truly a massive and imposing figure.  

“…So, you’re Lightning Warrior Raidy…” 

Raidy felt her mouth drop in shock. This was the Queen of the Lamias. She had expected someone powerful, but this was over-kill… Her eyes darted around before falling on the numerous squirming figures at the base of the throne; Slender figures that were snuggling against the Queen’s massive tail… Lamias; But they were smaller than most of the others… And they didn’t have arms. Limbless Lamias… 

Didn’t FonFon say something about ‘Arms’ being strength? The Queen has six… and they have none? What does it mean??  

“You… Your Majesty…” 

“Mmm…” The Queen’s voice made Raidy wince; It like every sound coming from her mouth was some sexual moan, “…You’re the one who beat Cubust…” 

“I… I… I did… B-But I didn’t mean to harm any of the Lamias that were enslaved by him!! I… I didn’t realize they were being forced to serve him and-!” 

The Queen raised one of her hands, while the others slowly drifted over her own body, massaging it in some enigmatic gesture, “…You… beat Cubust… How?” 


“…Yes… How?” 

Raidy swallowed, “I… I know magic…” 

“…Magic would not help beat a being of his magnitude… What did you do?” 

“My… My magic is special… I-I think…” 

The Queen titled her head, “…You think…?” 

“I-I… I’m not entirely sure about the nature of my magic… I only recently learned that its spirit based…” 

The Queen’s eyes widened fractionally, “…Spirit? You’ve made… a contract with a spirit?” 

“Ah. Uh, no.” The conversation felt unexpectedly normal and Raidy felt a strange warmth as she talked to the Queen, “Um, so… I don’t think I’ve told anyone this, but this girl I had met earlier, her name was Horn, I think? Anyway, uh, Horn told me that I had spirit magic in my veins, but I didn’t talk to a spirit ever in my life. So, my guess is that my birth parents made a contract… Or one of my parents is a spirit… But I dunno for… for certain…” Raidy felt her body wobble slightly. There was a strange tingle in her belly, but a numbness was moving up her legs.  

“… Fascinating…” The Queen’s eyes narrowed once more as a thin smile opened up on her face. Her face became so beautiful as she smiled, like a goddess emerging from a flower, “Spirit magic… within a human shell… How perfect…” 

“Pewfwect?” Raidy felt her body sway slightly as the word slurred from her lips. Nothing felt stable anymore… But this sensation was familiar… 

“Yes…” The Queen nodded as she leaned towards Raidy, “Perfect to take my eggs… and bear my children…” 

“Huh?” Raidy felt her legs buckle under her own weight as she tried to make sense of the Queen’s words, “Nuh… Nuh… Funfun… Imma gunna huv Funfuns… uh… puppies?” 

“Oh dear…” The Queen shook her head as she carefully lifted Raidy up into the air, “Are my pheromones too strong for you?” 

That single word shone like a beacon in Raidy’s clouded thoughts, snapping her back to a twisted and uncertain reality.  


It was Lecille all over again. Raidy knew what to expect; her body losing all sensation but at the same time, all sensation was being heightened to uncomfortable degrees. She felt her nether regions grow damp and moist in seconds as the Queen slowly teased turned her body.  

“Hm… You have a… good body… Strong… Sturdy… And your inherent magics are… powerful… 

Mmm…” Raidy shivered weakly as the Queen ran her tongue over her back, “And delicious…” 

“N… Nuh…” 

“Hush, child…” She dropped Raidy on the ground softly before moving back, “You… are exactly what I expected…” 

Raidy tried to will her body to move, but nothing worked. It was like she was stuck in the thickest mire in the world and it was trying to pull her deeper and deeper. The pheromones were so thick and strong, permeating every part of the cavern. She could feel it in her bones, that comparing Lecille’s pheromones to the Queen’s was a joke. The Queen was on another level entirely. She was literally God-like.  

“Hmm… Spread your legs.” 

Raidy’s mind didn’t even time to think; It was completely overwhelmed by the command. The Queen was everything. She felt her legs move apart without the slightest bit of resistance.  

“Mm. Turn over. Get on your knees.” 

Raidy didn’t even try to resist. She couldn’t have even if she wanted to, and her body didn’t want to. It was like she couldn’t think anymore. Her mind was a blank space and the only thing that filled it was an obsessive desire to listen to the Queen.  

“…You’re going to bear my children, do you understand?” 

She did understand. It was obvious… But that tiny voice inside her was screaming; trying to get attention. Trying to get her to move.  

She’s so huge!  

She’ll tear you apart!  

She’s going to break you!  

Raidy didn’t feel any desire to listen to that tiny voice.  

She felt the Queen’s tail slowly wind around her body; The immense girth and strength in those muscles made Raidy shiver softly. It was unlike anything else in this world. They were too strong.

They couldn’t have been real, and yet, they were touching her body.  

She felt the tip of the tail gently massage parts of her body; Her ankles. Her calves. Her thighs. Her butt…  

Her vagina… 

Raidy felt herself shudder and her body straightened up awkwardly, as the tail pushed itself inside her body; There was no hesitation from the Queen. Raidy wanted to complain. The tail was so dry and rough as it pushed deeper and deeper into Raidy’s womb. The scales hurt, but she couldn’t find the will in her body to say anything.  

“Hmm… You’re nice and hot…” The Queen’s voice was soft; almost pleased and hearing that pleasure put so much joy in Raidy’s heart. It didn’t make sense. Nothing made sense.  

“Yes, I think… this will work.”  

Raidy winced as she felt the Queen’s tail muscles begin to move. Something was happening. Something… Something…  

“A-Ah! Ahhh!”  

A distinct bulge was travelling down the Queen’s tail; A smooth uniform lump that was moving slowly. Moving towards Raidy.   She wanted to move; To pull this tail out of her body. But the Queen’s will kept her rooted in place. Terror was causing her body to twitch wildly. She felt her heart race and her breathing quicken to the point of danger.  

Then she felt the lump reach her body. She could feel it. Its shape, its texture as it tried to push past the narrow open of her body and deeper into the confines of her belly.  

And the Raidy understood.  

Bear my Children…  It was an egg.  

The Lamia Queen’s Egg.  

She understood, just as it began to force its way inside.  

Raidy screamed in pain, as her hips were forced to bend and shift; Widening beyond a reasonable degree. And it was slow. So very, very slow. She felt her bones move and her muscles stretched painfully.  

“Quiet.” The Queen sighed softly, “I don’t like screaming.” 

Faster please… It hurts… 

Raidy felt tears roll down her face as her voice began to choke up in her throat; The pain seemed to amplify as her voice was cut off. Her hips felt like they were going to break. Something would have to give and the egg felt so strong, like a rock… Her already stressed and wounded body wasn’t going to be able to bear up with this- 

Then there a soft shup. Raidy felt her body snap back into place; She let out a soft gasp of relief, then she felt her belly stretch and expand. Her eyes bulged as she felt the egg leave the tail and slip snugly into her womb, stretching out the skin heavily.  

I’m… I’m pregnant?                                   


Endless Coils - Raidy #5 by SV-Writer               


Raidy couldn’t understand it. She wanted to touch her belly. Feel the surface of her skin. But she could only feel the Queen’s massive tail, winding around her, pinning her arms behind her back and winding around her legs.  

She blinked once. The Queen was so huge… Her tail seemed practically infinite… Winding around everything around them with no end…  

“Hmm…” The Queen hummed softly, as a thin smile crept on her face, “This seems to have worked better than I expected… I must reward Madhura for this…” 

Raidy let out a weak squeal as she felt the tail inside her begin to contract and shift once more; 

Another egg… She could see the bulge already heading towards her; Faster than the previous one.  

No… No, I can’t… 

The egg hit her with a terrible pressure, forcing itself into her womb along its ‘sibling’; It moved so fast that it didn’t put much strain on her hips, but it hurt in a different way. It felt like she was being punched in the stomach. Her eyes bulged and she felt her body heave as a thin stream of watery vomit spilt from her mouth and onto her belly and the Queen’s tail.  

“Oh… That’s not nice…” The Queen’s smile was replaced with a sad frown, “Now I have to punish you…” 

“N… Nuh…” 

“Let’s try… and see how many eggs can fit inside you… and increase it, hm?” 

“Raidy!” FonFon screamed as loud as she could, “Raidy-chan, where are you!!” 

“Quiet!” A lamia-guard smacked the bars of her cell, “Keep that up and I’m going to starve you!” 

FonFon’s lips tightened as she prepared to scream again, before a hand clamped itself over her mouth. “Are you fucking mad?” Tiss hissed angrily as she pulled FonFon towards the back of the cell.  

“I… I want to know where-” 

“I know. You’ve been shouting for the last 15 minutes without stop.” Tiss’ face was sour and irritated, 

“But if you keep screaming like that the only thing you’ll get is beaten within an inch of your life.” 

FonFon winced, “But… But what am I supposed to do?” 

“Nothing. If Raidy’s alive, you’ll be able to find her eventually. Prisoners are moved around frequently… You’ll find her; Maybe in another cell or maybe while you’re being taken for torture. If your lucky, you’ll even be put in the same cell as her eventually…” 

“…You’ve… You’ve been here for a while…” 

Tiss shrugged, “A couple of months. Give or take. You lose track of time here…” 

“Have… Have you tried escaping?” 



Tiss frowned, “And what? And did I escape? What do you think, you dimwit?” 

FonFon rolled her eyes, “Did you learn anything?” 

“I learned that this place it too heavily guarded to escape with brute force.” 

Fuck… FonFon closed her eyes and placed her head in her hands as she slumped to the ground; 

Everything seemed to be crashing down around her. The entire situation seemed hopeless… 

“Hey, you! Back away from the bars!” The guard directed her words towards FonFon, “We’ve got another prisoner coming here.” 

Another? FonFon felt her heart perk up with joy. 

“Another?” Tiss had a dry and irritated tone, “There’s no space in this fucking cell; You’re packing us in like a merchant packing fish in a barrel.” 

“If you have a problem take it up with the top brass; They’re the ones who insisted on it.” The guard had a somewhat tired tone, as if she couldn’t be less concerned and only wanted to go home, “Bring her in!” 

The cell doors clicked open, as FonFon took a few steps back and she watched two Lamias drag in a odd, misshaped figure. It wasn’t beaten up or bruised, but its body was distorted in an unnatural way that sent shivers through her body. It was like… like the body was ‘wrong’ in some way; It was too large in a way, and it felt like it should’ve been smaller… 

It… It can’t be… 

The figure was dropped next to the door and it clicked close almost immediately and the Guards moved away silently, leaving Tiss and FonFon with the new figure.  

“Fuck.” Tiss wrinkled her nose, “This poor bitch clearly pissed off the Queen…” 

“R… Raidy-chan…” FonFon inched closer carefully placing her hand on the limp figure. 

“What?!” Tiss jumped up, her brow furrowing in confusion. 

FonFon had tears welling up in her eyes as she carefully moved to hold the unconscious warror;  Raidy’s body was almost unrecognizable. Her hair looked wild and unkempt as if it had been dragged through mud. Her body was twitched in the saddest and most pathetic manner, but most noticeably was the unnatural bulge at her stomach. FonFon found herself touching it gingerly, and feeling the strange, hard lumps that seemed to erupt from under the surface of Raidy’s skin.  

“Oh… Oh, Raidy-chan… What did they do to you?” 

“…It’s the Queen.”  

FonFon glanced at Tiss; The Demon’s eyes are dark and shadowed with fear as she slowly approached Raidy, “The Queen… She’s obsessed with helping her people; Making the Lamia race stronger than it already is.” 

“But… They’re already among the strongest-” 

Tiss shook her head, “Their numbers have been dwindling; Like most of us, they’ve been falling to the rising human population. The Queen wants to fight back… but she’s afraid of their numbers. She wants more strength on her side… So, she’s trying to have children. Lots of children.” She pointed at Raidy’s belly, “Children with the strongest people she can find. Regardless of species.” 

FonFon’s eyes widened, “These… These are…” 

“Eggs.” Tiss nodded, disgust painted on her face, “She’s… unable to have children on her own. So, she lays her eggs in the wombs of the women she captures and deems worthy…” She paused for a second, “…She did it to me too…” 

FonFon glanced at Tiss’s stomach; Visibly normal, barring some bruising. Clearly no eggs were inside her and Tiss clearly noticed FonFon’s confusion. 

“I managed to push them out. It hurt like hell, but the eggs didn’t take root. They need to bond with the host for them to gestate and develop.” Tiss explained, “…But… I only had a few eggs… It looks like Raidy has been forced to carry at least twice as many… Even I have to pity her…” 

FonFon paled. Even if Raidy were to try and push the eggs out, the pain in her present state might be too much to bear… 

What do I do… What do I do?   

Everything was collapsing inward. It was all breaking down. They were trapped. They were going to die as breeding slaves… They… they… 

A soft click made FonFon turn her head, as the cell door opened slowly. A Lamia slowly slithered inside before crouching beside Raidy and examining her silently for a few seconds.  

Tiss frowned, focusing on the Lamia, “Is it… Is it time?” 

Madhura nodded, “Yes…” She glanced at FonFon, “Let me carry her. You’re not strong enough.” 

FonFon frowned, and carefully held Raidy closer, “What’re you talking about?” 

“I’m helping you escape.” Madhura’s face was impassive and her tone was calm and honest, but FonFon couldn’t believe her ears.  

“You… You’re the one who caught us!” 

“I was.” 

“You’re the one who did this to Raidy!” 

Madhura hesitated before nodding, “Indirectly, I suppose.” 


“We don’t have time for this!” Tiss hissed angrily, “I wanna get out of this fucking dungeon and you-

!” She directed the words at Madhura, “You promised you’d get me out of here!” 

“I did.” Madhura agreed, “And I will. And if I fail now, I will simply get you out at a later date. So, remain calm, Demon.” 

Tiss fumed silently before stepping back.  

“Good. Now, you.” Madhura turned back to FonFon, “I understand how upset you are. More than you know. But I had to. I had no other choice. And I promise you, I will help you all escape right now to safety. But you need to trust me.” 

FonFon stared silently before glancing down at Raidy, sadly, “The… The eggs. We need to get them out of her.” 

“I cannot force them out. You cannot get them out without cutting her open, which would kill her. She will pass them in her own time” “But, Tiss said if they take root-” 

“They won’t.” Madhura spoke with confidence, “I ensured that would never happen.” 

FonFon didn’t understand her tone, but she could understand one thing, “So… So, she’s be fine?” 

“She will need to recuperate for a short while, but yes. She will be fine.” 

FonFon hesitated for a few seconds before nodding softly and letting Madhura slip her arms under

Raidy, and lift her into the air, like she weighed nothing, “Good. Now, let’s get out of here. Fast.” * 

Madhura’s moved a quick, but manageable pace, allowing FonFon and Tiss to stay behind her as they moved, but the path she didn’t seem to make sense. She’d walk into shadows and down false corridors only to end up going through them. FonFon couldn’t make a head or tails of the path, but she couldn’t do anything but chase after the Lamia; She wasn’t going to let Madhura escape while she was holding Raidy.  

Their path seemed relatively free of obstacles. Guards were looking in the other direction, and every door seemed to open with ease, and yet FonFon felt her mind spin. The entire place was build like such a maze, it didn’t seem to make sense at any level. The architecture seemed so fantastic and maddening… Without Madhura, FonFon was certain she’d have taken weeks to find a way out.   And then, as soon as they had begun to escape, it seemed to end. 

Madhura came to a halt within a medium-sized, dingy garage that held a large carriage with three particularly large and plump bicorns that had sleepy eyes as they causally chewed on some loose hay. 

Madhura carefully placed Raidy inside the carriage before gesturing to FonFon and Tiss, “You too. 

Get in the back.” 

FonFon frowned, “Who’s driving?” 

“I am, of course.” Madhura spoke like it was obvious, “None of you are in a condition to drive a carriage being pulled by a fucking unicorn, let alone three bicorns.” 

“You?” FonFon frowned, “But then…” 

“Yes, I’m escaping with you. Now, shut-up and get inside.” Madhura ordered quickly, “It won’t take much longer for them to discover you’ve all escaped, and we need the quiet to get away from the mountain without raising any alarms.” 

FonFon hesitated before nodding and hopping beside Raidy while Tiss followed silently; FonFon tried to focus on Raidy, who’s eyes were still closed. Her skin was clammy but incredibly warm, like she was running a high fever. 


“Uhh…” a soft barely-conscious moan slipped from Raidy’s lips. 

FonFon’s ears perked up at the soft groan slipping from Raidy’s mouth, “Raidy-chan? Can… Can you hear me?” 

“Fuh… Fuh…” 

“Yes, yes. It’s me! It’s FonFon!” 

Madhura turned around and frowned, “Is she waking up?” 


“Damn it!” Madhura hissed, as she began to bite the end of her thumb, “…Nothing to do about it… 

Do your best to keep her quiet; I don’t want to attract any unwanted attention from her screams.” 


“Hiya!” Madhura cracked the reins and the carriage lurched forward rapidly, forcing the three passengers in the back into a small heap from the sudden movement.  

“Uhh… Ahhh…” Raidy’s eyes opened weakly, immediately falling over her massive and grotesque belly, “Wha… What is… It hurts…” 

“Shh… It-It’s okay! Raidy-chan, its okay! You’re okay! We’re getting out of here!” FonFon tried to make Raidy look at her, but Raidy’s eyes didn’t leave her body and her expression only grew more horrified as her clouded memories began to flood back.  

“N… No…” Raidy shook her head, “Fon… Fonfon… I’m… I’m sorry I didn’t want her too… b-but… I couldn’t stop…” 

“Raidy-chan… Calm down. You’re getting a bit loud-” 

“I… I couldn’t do anything… She’s so strong… And it hurt… It hurt so much… I… I… Ahh… AHHH! It…. IT HURTS!” Tears began to flood down Raidy’s face as she began to squirm violently; Her hands gripping her belly as the eggs began to shift slowly under the surface. The sudden movement startled FonFon, making her shift back in a panic. 

“Keep her quiet! Until she’s done passing out the eggs!” Madhura glanced back; Her eyes were practically glowing with anger and fear, “If her screams attract attention we’re all done for!” 

Tiss was the one who took the initiative on hearing that, jumping forward and shoving her hand over

Raidy’s mouth, silencing her in a brief second. Her expression was dry and very clearly stating an obvious fact; She had no intention of going back. She glanced at FonFon and frowned, “What’re you doing just sitting there?” 


Tiss clicked her tongue, “Help her! Coax her! Relax her mind! You’re her wife, aren’t you? She’s not thinking straight right now! We need to get these eggs out of her fast!” 

“Uh… R-Right!”, FonFon swallowed and carefully shifted closer to Raidy, “I… I know it hurts

Raidy-chan… b-but… you need to bear up with it… Just a little longer…” 

It was clear that FonFon’s words weren’t getting through to Raidy; The girl was shaking her head violently, trying to get Tiss’ hand off of her mouth. She was awkwardly pushing and hitting her belly, in a weak attempt to try and get the pain to stop, but her condition was obviously only getting worse.  FonFon felt her own heartbeat quicken. She needed to help Raidy… but how…  


She blinked and then licked her lips before forcefully grabbing Raidy’s hand, “Raidy-chan.” She forced her voice to remain calm and forcefully. She had to be the dom here. She needed to make Raidy calm down.  

“Raidy-chan.” She repeated herself softly, “Calm down. You’re going to be fine, you hear?” 

Tiss nodded slowly, as Raidy’s struggling visibly slowed down, indicating to continue with this path. 

“R… Raidy-chan… We’re going to live a peaceful life someday, aren’t we? D… Do you know what I want for us?” 

Raidy’s eyes slowly focused on FonFon, before her head slowly shook.  

“A… A simple home… M-Maybe a garden… o-or a farm… A family of our own…” FonFon placed her hand over Raidy’s twisted belly, “A child… or maybe even a few… Wouldn’t that be nice?” Raidy’s clouded eyes suddenly sparkled.  

“I… I know we’re both women, b-but… but I’ve heard of ways for couples like us to have their own children… Y-you’d like that, wouldn’t you?” 

There was a moment of hesitation, before Raidy nodded, her tense body slowly loosening up.  

“I… I would too. I want… I want us… I want you to have my baby, Raidy-chan.” “O… Ohh…” A soft, happy moan escaped from Raidy’s mouth, past Tiss’ hand.  

“Er…” FonFon felt her nerve shake slightly, “W-What if this is practice?” 

“Eh?” Tiss stared at FonFon, as if she was unable to understand what she just said.  

“Eh??” Madhura glanced back for a brief moment, as if she had misheard what FonFon had said, before quickly turning her focus back to controlling the animals.  

Raidy stared at FonFon and just blinked as if she was being enlightened.  

“W-What… What if this is the universe preparing you to have our children? What if this entire ordeal… is meant for you to be rewarded…!” FonFon forced a smile onto her face as Raidy began to nod slowly in agreement.  

“S-So… So, you need to calm down a-and… and push! Gently… D-Don’t hurt yourself… a-and try not to scream… Uh… E-Embrace your deepest, inner masochist!” FonFon took Raidy’s hand and held it tight and she turned her other hand into a fist and pumped it up lightly in a ‘fight on’ gesture. 

Tiss stared at FonFon like she was an idiot.  

Raidy stared at FonFon like she was a goddess before nodding slowly and closing her eyes to concentrate, before her body began to tense up slightly as she began to push. She was clearly in pain, but her mind was at ease. She could do this properly now. 

FonFon felt her own body relax as she focused on holding Raidy’s hand, and gently whispering words of encouragement to her, as the eggs slowly began to move, moving towards the birthing canal ready to leave Raidy’s body.  

She watched Raidy bite her lip as her body began to shift and bend to accommodate the massive egg;

She winced as Raidy’s grip on her hand tightened significantly, turning her fingers purple, but she didn’t pull away. It was the smallest comfort FonFon could give Raidy; Considering the effort Raidy was putting in, and the strain she was under, it was the least she could do.  

Raidy began to tremble and twitch violently for a few brief seconds, before there was a sudden Pop!

And FonFon watched in fascination as a massive egg slipped out from between Raidy’s legs and rolled around the carriage. It was like small, smooth boulder. Raidy, herself immediately relaxed and her breathing slowed down for a moment before picking up again as the next egg slowly moved to exit her body.  

“Its… It’s okay Raidy-chan…” FonFon nodded slowly before kissing Raidy’s forehead softly, “That’s it… Just keep it up… I’m here. You’ll be alright…” 

Each egg seemed to take an eternity; FonFon wanted to scream and weep as she watched Raidy suffer in silence. Every time they seemed to promise to protect each other, and each time they seemed to fail.  

It was as if the entire universe was trying to make a point.  


FonFon wasn’t sure what that ‘point’ was supposed to be. But she knew she didn’t like it. And she was tired.  

Tired of all the crap Raidy had been forced to bear up with.  


Tired of all the crap she had to endure.  

Tired of… of all the damn darkness in the world bearing down on them, every time they tried to do something half-way decent.  

Pop!  FonFon bit into her lip with silent fury as she gently combed Raidy’s hair back; Normally, it was always so neat, but recent events made it looks so messed and matted. It was dry and rough and it stank of sweat. Her body was so entirely brutalized after the events at Lake Blue and putting her through this now…  Pop! 

A deep panic bloomed in FonFon’s heart; There was only so much strain a living being could bear up before it gave up… What if Raidy was reaching that breaking point? What if she was going to snap? What if… Pop!  

“A-Ah…” Raidy let out a weak moan as her body went limp and her eyes rolled up into the back of her head.  

“R-Raidy chan!” FonFon quickly grabbed at her as the sixth and final egg joined its brethren in a corner of the carriage. She placed her hand underneath Raidy’s nose and felt a wave of joy wash away her panic as Raidy’s warm, calm breath tickled her finger. She glanced at the eggs and her eyes narrowed. She wanted to break them… 

“Don’t.” Tiss warned, “I know what you’re thinking, but don’t.” 


“Madhura wants them.” Tiss explained, “She’ll kill you if you destroy them.” 

Whaa-? FonFon frowned and glanced at the Lamia driving their carriage; She was a mysterious figure. She was the one who captured them, but she was also the one setting them free. She seemed entirely devoted to the Lamia Queen and yet she was betraying her, but at the same time, she was collecting the eggs she laid?  

It didn’t make sense. And FonFon didn’t trust her. 


“Where are we going?” 

“There’s a village.” Madhura spoke up slightly, letting her voice barely stand out over the rushing wind, “Its a short distance outside the Kingdom, but its hidden well. I’m friends with the villagers and I’m the only Lamia who knows about it. We should be safe there for some time… At least long enough for you all to recuperate.” 

FonFon frowned. A hidden village near… the Lamia kingdom…? “Is… Is this a werewolf village?” Madhura glanced back; for the first time she looked mildly surprised, “You know it?”  

FonFon blushed softly as she pulled Raidy closer, “T-That’s… That’s my home…” She was going home with her wife… She winced softly. She didn’t want to think about what her parents were going to say when she got back… 

“You… You are sure?” The Queen felt her voice waver softly.  

“Yes, my Queen… I’m sorry to say that Madhura was the one to assist in the escape of the Desired Prisoners…” The Soldier spoke with a sombre but formal tone.  

The Queen leaned back slightly, before glancing down at one of the dumb, limbless Lamias grinding against her. Pathetic Lamias who had wronged her in the past and they had been punished for it. They were no better than snakes now. If Madhura had betrayed her then she was to suffer the same fate. She sighed softly before she gently wiped the tears from her eyes as she sniffed softly, “I never thought Madhura would betray me…” 

The Solider bowed her head low, “Forgive us, Queen… We should’ve seen the signs.” 

“Yes…” The Queen nodded; The signs were obvious in hindsight; The Eggs had not taken root within Tiss the Demon. Madhura had excused it by citing the differences in Demon Biology, but it was clear now. She had lied. Either, she had not developed a method for cross-species breeding or… “Or, she hid the real method from me…” The Queen muttered softly to herself.  

“My Queen?” 

“Hm. Do you know who the guards on watch at the time were?” 

“Yes, my Queen.” 

“Punish them… 50 lashes with the Discipline… And then… Take care of them… I don’t want their wounds to be… infected… After that put them with the breeders; Their new duties… will be to grow our kingdom… And tell them, that I ordered this because I love them…” 

“Yes, my Queen! Ah, and the Prisoner you requested is waiting outside!” 

“Hmm…” The Queen nodded, “Send her in…” 

The Soldier nodded before rushing out of the doors; A few seconds later, the prisoner walked in. Her hair was short and spiky, and her eyes had a red gleam within them. She had a distinctly untrustworthy air about her, but the Queen was knowledgeable about her kind; Give them what they want and they’d listen to anything.  

“You are… Camille the Vampire, are you not?” 

The prisoner, Camille, smirked, “That’s m’ name. Don’t wear it out.” 

“Hm. You are… a bounty hunter of… some repute, I was told?” 

Camille shrugged, “More just a regular hunter. I like girls so I’d hunt ‘em on occasion. Keep ‘em as pets and what not. Gav hired me for that, until he died and you fucks took me in an’ all.” 

The Queen narrowed her eyes, “…Are you… or are you not… a bounty hunter?” 

Reading the room, Camille swallowed before hesitantly answering, “Uh… uh, yes… If… If you need me to hunt someone, consider them as good as found…” 

The tension within the room decreased as the Queen nodded, “Good… I had wanted to use you… for my breeding experiment… but that has been put on hold for the… foreseeable future…” 

“Aw, that sucks.” Camille rolled her eyes, her voice dripping with sarcasm, “I’d love to have your mutant babies.” “Of course, you would… but that’s not the point… Certain prisoners have escaped… And I need you to find them…” 

“And what’s in it for-” 

“Freedom.” The Queen didn’t wait for Camille to finish her sentence, “The Lamia kingdom… will no longer pursue you… and I will pay you… whatever fee you request… Riches… Land… Men… Women… Whatever you want” 

Camille blinked a few times before grinning, “Well, you’ve just hired a world-class bounty hunter, lady. Who’s the target?” 

“I believe… you know them… Lightning Warrior Raidy… her werewolf wife, FonFon… and the Demon called Tiss…” 

“…Raidy and FonFon, you say?” Camille’s smile faded slightly before returning with a dark glee,  “Those two fucked me over before…” 

“Yes. They were the reason we were able to catch you… I think that is some… additional incentive to find them…” 

“A’ight, then.” Camille nodded, “I’ll find them. And I’ll bring ‘em back to you.” “Alive.” The Queen spoke heavily.  

“Sure thing.” Camille nodded, “But I won’t ensure unharmed.” 


“That… is entirely acceptable.” 


END of Chapter 5.