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Raidy and Her Companions: An Alternate Tale

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FonFon sighed to herself. She reached for her tail and tugged at it, whimpering sadly, “…Raidy-chan…”

Ever since, she had been beaten by that beautiful warrior, she had been on her mind. She tugged at the whip in her hands.

She was the first person, since that Cubust…

And she had beat Cubust…

She sighed forlornly, before continuing to walk, following the path Raidy had left. She was trying to find for some time now. With her senses, it wasn’t hard to track her, but the problem was the distance.

Raidy-chan had been quite far away, and FonFon had been, following this trail for nearly a month now. She was in the middle of a forest now, but the trail was stronger than ever. She was close.

She was so very close.

She was breathing hard to calm herself. She wanted to be a normal cocky self when she was in front of Raidy-chan, but she was so excited…


Now, what was this?

She was underneath tree, and she could smell Raidy here… Her scent was so strong… Sweat, and… Lightning. Oh, the scent sent shivers down her spine. She gripped her shoulders and shivered with delight, before bending down to inspect this scene.

She poked the soft earth… This was not normal… this was the marks of a struggle. Several foot-prints. Scratches… There was a small pile of ash, the remain of a fire…

There was nothing else here.

She silently considered this situation. If Raidy-chan had been attacked, FonFon had no doubt that she would have been able to fend off any attack… and that’s what this scene suggested; There had been a fight, a brief scuffle, and then it ended.

Raidy must have won, because, none of her stuff had been left behind… She wouldn’t have been beaten by a bunch of bandits or something…

With that thought, FonFon, continued to follow Raidy’s trail.


Raidy groaned as she returned to consciousness.

She couldn’t believe she had been beaten by a bunch of bandits…

She should have seen the blow dart coming… She should have been able to fight them off with her lightning powers… She had beaten someone like Cubust!

She groaned again and forced herself to sit up.

She was still wearing her uniform… well, that was good… Ah… she didn’t have her weapons. She reached up and touched her head and sighed with relief as she felt her headband.

Okay, so the only thing she didn’t have, at the moment was her sword…

She tried standing and then moaned as a wave of nausea washed over her and she fell back to her knees. She blinked… The world was swimming… Oh, she felt… She felt…

She felt herself vaguely turning to the side and then vomiting. Oh, she felt terrible…

Okay… Calm down… She leaned back against the wall, and began to breath slowly. Once her heart beat had evened out, she began to try and remember her entire situation.

She had sat down under a tree, for lunch… She had started a fire, and had just begun to prepare a lovely stew… When she felt the piercing dart in her neck. Blow darts… were tricky. Hard to hear and to sense.

It was difficult to avoid them… and she didn’t avoid it.

Whatever it was coated with, it was effective. Within seconds, she felt her body numbing, and the Bandits approached her…

And after that…

It was a blur. She remembered, trying to fight… and then falling… and then just waking up in this cell, filled with embarrassment and shame, at being beaten by a bunch of… Mooks.

She groaned once more and moved to lie on the floor… the stone was cool beneath her. It calmed her… The drug was still in her system. That much was obvious. Her centre of gravity was off, she could barely stand and nausea still tortured her.

She had no idea where she was… There were no windows, and the only light came from a torch outside the cell… She could have been knocked out for a few days for all she knew…

No that didn’t seem likely… No matter how sick she felt, she was not exactly hungry… But she was thirsty…

She glanced around the cell… no water…

Damn it.

She flopped back. She had to focus on just resting. The more she’d rest, she faster her body would purge the toxin…

Then she heard it.

Screaming. Men, screaming.

In pain.

She blinked and forced herself to her feet. She gagged as the terrible sickness washed over her again, and fell to one knee. Her breathing became laboured and strained.

She swallowed. She couldn’t afford to be weak here… She stuck down fingers into her throat and began to vomit. She kept vomiting until there was nothing in her belly to expel anymore.

She was heaving by this point, but the dizzying nausea was gone, and any sense of fuzziness had been blocked out the acidic flavour of the vomit.

Slowly she walked over to the cell door. It was a thick item. Completely made of metal… probably steel… it was hard to tell in the dim light. There was only one opening which was near the top of the door; about 10 cm wide, and barred.

It was a secure door.

She peeked through the opening… she could hear people still screaming… not just screams of fear, but screams of pain as well.

Accompanying those screams was a strange sound… like a snap… or a crack…

She couldn’t see anyone.

But those screams…

She wasn’t sure if she could fight back in this state. True, she could try to use her lightning… but she was afraid, she might miss… she still didn’t know everything about them…

She swallowed. Worst case… she’d have to use them…

She prepared herself. The screams were getting closer, and so was that cracking sound… it was a sharp noise, and it was terribly familiar. She heard someone laugh happily… A woman… an almost alien sound in the midst of those screams…

She had heard that sound before… She had heard that laugh before…


It couldn’t be…

She heard one final snap and there was a yelp and then a loud thud. Slowly, the laughter died out…

There was a soft click… the sound of claws against stone…

Slowly a figure emerged, into the light; a petite woman, dressed in a skimpy outfit, carrying a long whip in one hand, and Raidy’s sword in the other. Her hair was a deep shade of grey… the same hair that was present over her forearms and her calves… no, not hair, fur.

On top of her head, a pair of sharp ears, poked out of her hair, and all around her body, were a set of distinctive red marks.

Raidy knew her well. The Werewolf, who was forced to serve Cubust. The whipping sadist… Whatever her name was…

She, was looking around, gently sniffing the air, her tail wagging… Oh, her tail regrew…

Raidy swallowed. She was confident that she could beat her; she had done so before, but what worried her, was her reason for being here. Was The Werewolf involved with these Bandits?

Did she want revenge?

It would explain how they knew to catch her so easily…

She swallowed. Nothing was more dangerous than a beast out for vengeance… She would have to be careful…

The Werewolf’s head suddenly jerked in the direction of Raidy’s cell and her eye’s narrowed. Raidy stumbled back in surprise. She heard her running and then her face appeared in the small opening, a massive bright smile on her face, “Raidy-chan!”

Raidy swallowed and placed a smile on her face, “Werewolf... It’s… It’s been a while…”

The Werewolf nodded, “Too long, Raidy-chan!” Then she frowned, “And don’t address me as if we’re strangers! I’m FonFon! Remember? FonFon!”

She seemed… unnaturally happy… She could almost see her as a dog, with her tail wagging…

Raidy cleared her throat, “Erm… So, FonFon… why did you capture me? What do you want? I freed you from Cubust-”

FonFon nodded, “That’s right… You beat Cubust and ‘freed’ us…” She began to giggle and then burst into laughter, “You were the one who beat Cubust! So, why are you here? How did a bunch of idiotic Bandits capture you, Raidy-chan?”

Raidy frowned, “You tell me! Aren’t you working with these guys?!”

Now, it was FonFon’s turn to frown, “Wha-? No! No, no, no! Why would I work with these clowns? I want you to myself! I was so mad when I found out they had captured you… Ahahaha…. It’s so funny that you were just captured by these idiots…”

Raidy blinked, “…What?”

FonFon tilted her head, “What?”

Raidy sighed, “What are you talking about? Wanting me for yourself? What’s that about?”

FonFon placed her hands over her mouth and began to giggle again, “Oops! Looks like the Cat… or Wolf is out of the bag now!”

She sighed and lowered her hands, “When you freed us from Cubust’s control… I have to admit; I wasn’t very happy.”

She glanced away and shrugged, “Well, I wasn’t happy working for that ass, but…” She turned back to Raidy, “But… When I was under Cubust, I had so many girls to whip…”

She raised her thick leather whip to eye level, so that Raidy to see it and then she tightened it.

“I like whipping people… It’s so much fun! And honestly… I wouldn’t have minded being under Cubust, as long as I could whip every girl I wanted…”

She sighed, “But you beat him. And then you made us promise not to kidnap and all that jazz…”

Raidy frowned… Looked like this was all about revenge…

“Oh, Raidy-chan… You looked so cool!”


Raidy blinked.


Raidy found herself stuttering, “W-what the hell a-are you t-talking about?”

FonFon was blushing now, “I fell for you then and there, Raidy-chan…” Her grin widened, “I wanted to whip you so bad.”

Raidy paled, “W-Whip?”

FonFon nodded, and then burst into laughter again, “Ahahaha!- I’m sorry, it’s just- Hahahaha!- your position right now- Ahahaha!”

As FonFon calmed down, Raidy slowly moved to her feet. Her mind was clearing up, and she was feeling much better, and her situation was becoming clearer.

So, these Bandits were apparently, not involved with FonFon. They had managed to capture her out of sheer luck for god-knows-what reason. FonFon had, apparently been following her for the past few… weeks now…

Because, she had a crush on her?

Raidy shook her head, this all seemed too unbelievable.

Wait a minute…

She turned to FonFon, “Those screams earlier… were those the Bandits?”

She nodded, “When I found out they had captured you, Raidy-chan, I couldn’t just let them go!”

Raidy’s face twisted in disgust, “You… You kill-”

“No!” FonFon’s face became an image of mock horror, “I can’t believe you’d think that I, would be a heartless murderer!”

Raidy remained silent for a few seconds, and then spoke, “What did you do to them?”

FonFon shrugged, “I had a bit of fun with them… Kind of like what you did, to us!”

Raidy blinked, “What? What do you mean? I’m nothing like you!”

FonFon tskked waving a finger in front of her face, “Now, now Raidy-chan. I did exactly what you did. You spared us all; all of Cubust’s soldiers, but you killed Cubust… So I did the same here; I tormented the little bandits, and I killed the leader!”

Raidy’s eye widened, “You can’t just-”

FonFon tilted her head, “But you did the same didn’t you…” She smiled brightly, “As I recall, you even tormented us, with our own weapons… You tormented me with this whip…” She raised her whip to eye-level again.

Raidy swallowed and nodded, “So… You killed the leader of the Bandits?”

FonFon nodded, “I thought of it from your point of view; Perhaps the little soldiers aren’t the bad ones, but the ones who were… misled on the wrong path… Like myself! But the boss has to be the bad one, since they planned everything!”

She began to giggle wildly, “Well, I actually, wanted to make you even happier by sparing the Leader, but he was talking about selling you! Can you believe that! Now… I would have been willing to buy you, but he wanted to see you as a human sacrifice!”

Raidy paled, and FonFon continued, “Well, I couldn’t allow, someone like that to live, now could I? Someone who’d try to sell my Raidy-chan, as a human sacrifice!” She sighed loudly, “So… I killed him. But I spared everyone else!”

Raidy nodded, slowly, “So there are no more Bandits here?”

FonFon nodded again, “All of them ran out, when I attacked and killed the boss.”

Raidy breathed out… Well… One person died… it was not as bad as she feared… in fact, it was a lot better considering the criminal nature of the casualty.

She turned back to FonFon, “So… Now what do you want with me now?”

FonFon’s eyes widened, “Oh, yeah…” She raised one hand. She was holding something between her fingers… Keys.

The Keys.

Raidy nodded, “So… I don’t suppose, you’d be willing to just let me walk out, would you?”

FonFon laughed again, “Of course not!” She grinned, “If I open these doors… I want you to let me whip you.”

Raidy’s eyes widened with anger, “Never!”

FonFon raised her hands again, “Now, now, I haven’t finished! That’s not nice, Raidy-chan” her voice became rather… sing-song; teasing Raidy, “Now, if you want to, once I open this cell, we can duke it out. I’ll even give your sword back to you. It will be like the first time we met…”

Suddenly, FonFon’s face became serious, “But if I beat you in this fight, I want you to become mine.”

Raidy’s voice came out, harsher than she intended, “Wha-?! Never! I would never become… I would never be with an evil… thing like you!”

FonFon let out a soft mocking whimper, “Oh, Raidy-chan… Did you always see me as evil? Do you still see me that way?” She sighed, “I’m a fetishist.”

Raidy was flabbergast, “What does that have to do with this?!”

FonFon’s eyes narrowed, “Everything. It’s true that I enjoy whipping people… I’m a Sadist. I derive sexual pleasure from the pain of others. But does that make me evil? Wouldn’t that make you evil? After all, … You relished in my pain, when you were… disciplining me, weren’t you?”

Raidy swallowed, “That’s… That was different… I was… exacting justice…”

FonFon smiled, “I see! So for the right reason, deriving pleasure from another’s pain is fine?” She began to laugh, “Oh, Raidy-chan! This is what I love about you! You want to be so perfect, but you can’t deny that you have the same feelings and emotions that everyone else does!”

She kept laughing and Raidy grit her teeth, “Quiet! I-I I’m not like you! You’re a twisted deviant and- and you’re Evil! I’m not like you!”

FonFon shrugged, “Say what you like. I just want you to know the truth.” She smiled, “So, what do you say? I’ll let you out, if you just let me whip you; if you let me make you scream…”

Raidy grit her teeth and waved her hand, “Forget it!”

FonFon sighed, “Then… You’ll fight me?”

Raidy nodded.

FonFon smiled, “and if you lose?”

Raidy grimaced and then spoke, “I’ll… become yours.”

FonFon clapped and began to laugh wildly, like a maniac, dancing around.

Raidy spoke up, “But! If-If you lose! Then-Then you’ll leave me forever and you’ll never torment or-or whip anyone again!”

FonFon froze, “…what?”

Raidy grinned. If FonFon was a fetishist, then the easiest way for her to derive sexual pleasure was from whipping. Worst case, she was so enamoured by whipping, she wasn’t able to derive pleasure from anything else…

If Raidy put her in this position, then she’d be too scared to take up her own deal…


Raidy blinked, “W-what?”

FonFon nodded, “Alright. We’ll fight. If you win, I’ll do whatever you say. I’ll… I’ll never whip another person.”

Raidy blinked. FonFon looked terribly serious. The smile that Raidy had loathed was no longer on her face…

Raidy swallowed, “You promise?”

FonFon nodded.

Raidy took a deep breath and calmed herself, “Is there no way to avoid this conflict?”

FonFon laughed, “Are you kidding? The one chance I have to whip you? I’m taking it, no matter what!”

Raidy sighed, “Alright, let’s do this.”

FonFon nodded, and moved to open the cell. Raidy had considered other options. Using her lightning wouldn’t have been a good idea. In this enclosed space, god knows what could happen. And if, FonFon was so focused on whipping Raidy…

She’d have no chance without her sword. It was a fact. When she had first fought, FonFon, she had been a formidable opponent. Granted, Cubust, was stronger, but FonFon could not be taken lightly. She had one weakness; Her tail; It would appear that, it grew back. Last time, she had managed to cut it off, but this time… she’d be on her guard for sure.

FonFon would be on her guard and that made her a dangerous foe, and one, Raidy could not hope to combat without her sword.

The door clicked and swung open. FonFon was standing there, her whip and keys in one hand, Raidy’s sword in the other. She spun the sword in her hand, and handed the hilt to Raidy, “Here, you go.”

It felt strange… She seemed all too willing to fight. Raidy slowly and carefully reached for her sword, keeping her eyes on FonFon… FonFon was staring right at her…

What was she planning?

She felt her fingers curl around the hilt and slowly pulled it away, feeling FonFon’s fingertips grazing her skin.

FonFon smiled, “You have such delicate and soft skin, Raidy-chan…”


Her arm…. Raidy looked down at her arm and saw the sword falling from her fingers. Her arm felt… numb… dead, almost. What was going on?

FonFon began to giggle, “Is something wrong Raidy-chan? Why’d you drop your sword? You don’t want to fight?”

This… this sneaky… What did she-

Raidy’s eyes widened. FonFon… She was known for being a whipping sadist, but for also catching women… using her poison-tipped fingernails…

Her eyes fell to her wrist, where FonFon had grazed it. Small scratches, barely visible… she had… she had…

“I’ve beaten you this time, Raidy-chan! Hahahahaha!”

FonFon began to jump around in delight, as Raidy began to numbly fall to the ground, muttering, “You… you cheated…”

FonFon laughed again “What was it you told me before… ‘Don’t count your chickens before they hatch’?”, She snorted, “What a corny phrase… but it has truth in it. I lost, because I underestimated you, last time. But I wasn’t going to lose this time!”

She moved over and knelt by the trembling, Raidy’s side, “So… I’ve beaten you… That means you’re mine, now aren’t you?” She gripped her chin with her thumb and forefinger, turning Raidy’s head to face her.

Raidy felt tears pooling in her eyes. She wanted to shout out, that she was not giving up. She wanted to stand up, slide around and slice of this… this smug wolf’s tail. She wanted to hurt her so bad…

She didn’t want to admit her loss. She couldn’t…

But right now, she was trapped in a cage of thought. Her mind, repeating the same thing over and over; FonFon was well known, for using her poison-tipped fingernails. It was no secret, and there was no reason to assume that she wouldn’t have used them here.

Raidy had been careless and she had… No… She couldn’t have just lost…

Stand up. Just do it. Stand up, and move your hand…

Grab that… that bloody sword…

She couldn’t just lose here…

No… She couldn’t do anything… She felt FonFon pinch her cheek and whisper right next to her ear, “You’re so… cute, Raidy-chan… Why don’t you just admit it now? You know the truth of this situation, don’t you?”

Raidy stopped trying to move. Those words… felt so… terrible… but so true…

She could give any number of excuses, but she was not one to pass the buck.

She closed her eyes and weakly mumbled, “I… I lose…”

FonFon’s smile was strange; it was obviously gleeful, but it was terribly kind... and warm, as well. She knelt down and carefully, lifted Raidy, and kissed her forehead, “That’s a good Raidy-chan… I’ll take good care of you… We’re going to have so much fun together.”

Then her smile widened, losing the beautiful kindness it had, and she began to laugh. She slipped her arms underneath Raidy’s limp body. Her furry, arms felt warm and caring… The fact, didn’t console Raidy, who knew what was awaiting her.

She felt the air, slowly brush against her as they moved. It was cold and heavy… perhaps they were underground… or in a cave… there were no windows, anywhere she looked… only simple wooden torches, lit the stone halls…

Hey wait… Where was FonFon taking her? Didn’t she want to whip her? She had her whip, and Raidy wasn’t even able to move… What was she planning?

She felt FonFon stop moving. Her head, was unable to turn, so she couldn’t see why they had stopped. She felt FonFon lower her to the cold ground, and her body shivered. She heard a loud cranking sound… Something like a big lock?

She felt FonFon’s warm hands slide underneath her, and once again, she rose into the air. She felt herself move and she saw a rather thick steel door. Where were they?

Oh… It was simple stone room… but she saw a number of items that did not exactly comfort her.

A large, wooden X with shackles on each of the arms.

An Iron Maiden.

A Spiked Chair.

A Tilt-able table.

And chains hanging from the ceiling and from the floor…

This was… this was…

FonFon spoke up, and her voice was tinged with delight, “A torture room. A nice one… Not as nice as I’d like… But I think it’s a good place for our first time…”

First time?

FonFon carefully, placed Raidy against the wall, in a sitting position, before beginning to move the various items out of the room. Huh? Didn’t she plan on…

Raidy watched dumbly, unable to move, or speak. Everything was being taken out… the X, The Iron Maiden, the Chair, the Table… Everything except the chains…

It seemed a bit… strange.

Once everything was out, FonFon wiped her forehead, smiling happily, before turning to Raidy, “I would have loved to use some of those things. But I figured, we should start simple for… our first time. Wouldn’t you agree, Raidy-chan?”

She caught hold of Raidy’s leg and dragged her to the centre of the room, to the heavy iron chains, that were hanging from the ceiling and the floor. They were smooth, and oily.

FonFon caressed them for a few seconds, “Those Bandits were fools, and so stupid for capturing you, Raidy-chan, but there is no denying… they took care of their stuff. Look at these chains. They have such a worn out look on them. The inside of the shackle… shines like a mirror.” She brought to her nose, “The scent of sweat and blood, has soaked into them… these chains were used a lot… and were loved and cared for...”

She smiled peacefully, “I’m glad we can use such… loving chains on you, Raidy-chan…”

She lifted Raidy’s arm and placed the cold iron around it, and snapped it shut. It made a satisfying click, and then FonFon moved to the other hand.

She gently massaged Raidy’s arms, “I know it feels a bit scary… but trust me, you won’t dwell on that very long.”

And then she lifted Raidy’s legs into the air, and shackled them to the chains, that were hanging from the ceiling.

Raidy, was held in place, by the chains, in an ‘X’, but she was suspended, upside-down.

Raidy let out a soft groan. It had only been a few seconds, but the blood was rushing to her head. Everything felt… surreal. Her hair, gently rubbed the stone floor below her… how much blood had been on the floor below her? Would it stand out against her red hair?

She shivered and her eyes darted upward. FonFon was running her hand along Raidy’s thigh. Raidy grit her teeth and spoke with as much force as she could, “What… are you… doing?”

FonFon smiled and knelt. Due to Raidy’s strange position, she remained below FonFon’s eye level… Rather, FonFon, was at level, with Raidy’s breasts.

A fact, that FonFon was well, aware of.

She tugged gently at Raidy’s thin armour, “Your changed your armour, didn’t you Raidy-chan? When you fought me, you were wearing a leotard, weren’t you?” She moved her fingers, away from the armour, and proceeded to touch the exposed skin of her breast, whispering, “I think I like this one better.”

She gripped one of the two, thin breast-plates and tugged hard. It resisted. Raidy wanted it to resist. She wanted it to remain strong, and protect her. But it was a dumb piece of metal. It was not smart. It did not understand her. It was just a piece of metal; hammered and forged into shape, meant to block attacks. It did not care what Raidy wanted.

And with a soft ‘ping’ the thin armour broke away, revelling Raidy’s pale breast.

Oh, it was cold.

She knew it was cold, but her breast was now exposed to that cold, unprotected, and she groaned, as the chill ravaged her breasts, and went deeper into her lungs and into her heart, pushing the chill into her body.

She felt FonFon’s warm fingers, dance around her areola of her nipple. Raidy wanted to do something… And when she felt FonFon’s fingers tighten around her nipple, pinching it hard, she knew she could do nothing.

FonFon’s voice, was a hoarse whisper, “Oh… Oh, Raidy-chan… You’re… you’re so soft…”

She moved her face closer to the exposed nipple and began to lick it slowly, “You’re so… so sweet…” She placed her mouth over it, teasing it with her tongue, moving around and over it.

And then she bit down.

It was not painful, but it was not gently. She gently rotated the nipple, between her sharp teeth, her voice muffled as she spoke up, “You’re sho… delecous, ‘Aidy-chan…”

She reached for the other breast-plate, that was hanging loose without its companion, and ripped it away. FonFon forced the two, soft mound together and began to squeeze them with her hands, with as much force as she could.

Raidy squealed in pain, as FonFon moaned with delight, savouring the soft, delicate sensation of a woman’s breasts, just as Raidy winced from the pain, from the uncaring, yet unnatural love from a sadist’s hands.

FonFon was breathing hard. Excitement powered her movements. Blood coursed through her veins with a terrible force. She was so… so…

She wanted to whip Raidy. Raidy-chan. Her Raidy-chan.

HER Raidy-chan.

She paused and stepped away, staring at Raidy’s bare skin, her soft, beautiful chest, that glistened with FonFon’s saliva…

This unblemished skin. FonFon looked at herself, at her own thin, supple body, and the bright red tattoos that covered her. The sign of her place as a Werewolf…

She moved over to the side, to a small bowl. It was a small amount of water. FonFon had left it here, in case… something… but that ‘something’ had come now.

She pulled out a small pouch. A tiny, leather pouch. It smelt of… some herb… She opened it and began to slowly pour out a bright orange powder into the water.

She didn’t pour much. Just a bit. That was more than enough. Gently, she stirred it with her fingers, watching the water change colour from, clear, to orange to red… deep, crimson red.

FonFon carried the bowl back to Raidy and smiled down at her.

Raidy looked upset… well, FonFon did just assault her…

She held out the bowl, and showed the contents to Raidy, “This is Ink.”

Raidy snorted, “So?”

FonFon gestured to her body, “This Ink, is the same Ink that made these tattoos. It is mark of status and pride.”

She smiled softly, “And a bond between lovers. Between Mates.”

Raidy’s face contorted with confusion, “Wait… I-I don’t… what are you talking about?”

FonFon giggled, “Don’t tell me, you’ve already forgotten, the terms of our deal, Raidy-chan?”

 The terms? Didn’t FonFon just want to whip…

No, wait… FonFon had said, she’d release Raidy, if she was given the opportunity to whip her… But if they had to fight… then…

FonFon gave her a bright smile, “That’s right. You’re mine now, Raidy-chan. I’m going to make sure the world knows that. You’re mine forever.”

Raidy gritted her teeth, “You… You bast-”

FonFon tapped Raidy’s nose, “Now, now. I never forced you to fight me. I simply… gave you the opportunity. And you lost. So now…”

She moved towards Raidy and began to tear off the rest of her armour and clothing. The movement wasn’t as… calm as it had before. FonFon was becoming impatient and she had no desire to wait longer.

She wanted to see her prize. She wanted to see everything that her Raidy-chan was, that she would become. She tore at the cloth and metal violently. Raidy wanted to scream in pain, in anger, but the drugs prevented her from letting out anything more than a moan.

There was a single torch in the room. It was a strong flame, but it was but a single flame. This strange lack of light, gave FonFon was beautiful sensation, as she stared at Raidy’s nude form. Her skin was bare. Unblemished. Untarnished.


FonFon covered her mouth and swallowed heavily, “You… You’re so beautiful… You’re so cute, Raidy-chan…”

She reached out with one hand, and forced her fingers, between Raidy’s legs, listening to Raidy’s squeals. She probed her insides for a few seconds before pulling out her hand, and licking her fingers… Sweet…

FonFon smiled to herself, and ran her finger along Raidy’s inner thigh, “Ha… I think I should begin the marking now…”

She lifted the bowl and began drawing, on Raidy’s clean body, starting with her belly.

The soft skin of her abdomen, was contrasted by the toughness of her muscles. Slowly, and carefully, FonFon drew the symbol. The same symbol that was on her own belly.

To mark them both the same.

She drew on Raidy’s shoulders, the same symbols that were on FonFon’s shoulders.

To mark them as partners.

She drew over Raidy’s breasts. The only marks that FonFon did not have. Marks of status and Marriage. FonFon had her marks over her face.

This would mark Raidy as her mate.

FonFon stepped back and gazed upon Raidy silently. The Ink was special. FonFon licked it off her fingers, silently. It would dry fast, but once it did… It would never go away.

She had permanently marked Raidy, as her lover and mate for life.

FonFon burst into a huge toothy grin, screaming and dancing around the room.

Raidy, on the other hand, was dazed. She had not been whipped. She had been violated, and tattooed. FonFon had declared her… a slave… or something. She had no clue what was going on even. She could feel the drug, leaving her system. She could feel her lips, and her fingers now.

She swallowed, awkwardly, before speaking up, dryly “Are you happy now, that you’ve made me your slave? You should know that I’ll never submit to-”


Raidy was taken aback by FonFon’s disgusted reaction, “What’s wrong?”

FonFon shot towards her, and gripped Raidy’s face, “You’re not my slave, Raidy-chan! When did I ever call you that?!”

She poked the tattoos on Raidy’s body, “These are the tattoos of a mate! You’re my mate, now! Ah, but just so you know, I’m the ‘Dom’ in this relationship.”

Raidy blinked, and remained silent. Her head was spinning, and not from the amount of blood flowing to it. Mate? But that meant… that meant…

Raidy began to splutter wildly, “B-But t-that m-m-means that w-we’re M-Married-”

FonFon nodded, “Well… It’s a bit like that…” She frowned and scratched her head, “Actually, it’s a lot like that.” She shook her head and her frown disappeared, “But that’s fine! Because, now, we’re Mates, Raidy-chan!”

Raidy tried to shake her head, but her head was already spinning, “But… but why me? We’re… we’re both girls and… and…”

FonFon gently touched the side of Raidy’s face, “I won’t deny that… A woman would not be my first choice for a mate. But you, Raidy-chan… You were the first one to beat me, in combat.”

Raidy’s brow furrowed, “But then… Cubust? Didn’t he-”

FonFon’s face twisted with disgust, “He didn’t fight me… and I couldn’t fight him. And besides… You’ve fought him. And you beat him. Wouldn’t that place you above him? And besides…”

She began to grope Raidy’s breasts again.

“I’d say, you are a… wonderful improvement over Cubust, any day.”

She began to grip Raidy’s breasts hard, making Raidy cry out, in pain. FonFon’s smiled widened, “Your scream… I finally get to hear it. I finally get to hear your scream, Raidy-chan…”

She stood, and ran her fingers over Raidy’s, now tattooed, navel. She poked the soft skin, enjoying the resistance her abdominal muscles had. She gripped the sides of Raidy’s torso, and then began to lick her. Like a piece of candy.

Raidy shivered at the sensation. Feeling the gently sweat, being pulled away, and being replaced with the sticky spit. She let out a soft cry, as FonFon’s tongue began to explore Raidy’s belly button. She tried to protest weakly, “D-don- Ah! P-Please Fon- Ahh! Stop p-please!”

FonFon pulled back a short distance, her face still hovering over Raidy’s navel. Her voice was different. It was deep and it was lustful, “Oh no… No, no, no Raidy-chan… We won’t be stopping… Not now…”

She burrowed her face, between Raidy’s legs, and Raidy’s squeals and moans of pleasure ascended. Her tongue and her lips, moved with expert precision. The actions of someone who was well versed in the art of pleasure and knew how to implement that knowledge.

Someone like Raidy, who had little to no experience with these matters, could do nothing but succumb to the constant attacks of pleasure, and sexuality.

FonFon gripped the soft folds of Raidy’s flesh. The delicate nature of her body, combined with her trained physique, was so strange, but so very intoxicating.

FonFon wanted more.

Just as Raidy did.

Raidy’s pride forced her mouth shut. But this pleasure! The way, FonFon touched her!

Oh! This bliss!

She had not felt like this before.

FonFon was not gentle. Every motion was forceful and dominating. Raidy did not like that. But it felt so good… Why did the force feel good? She wanted to cry out for more.

She wanted more.

FonFon paused and pulled away. Her breaths were heavy, and full of lust. She wiped her chin and swallowed. She reached out and began to tickle to soft folds of Raidy’s vulva, and watched her squirm for a few seconds, before stepping back, and moved around to Raidy’s backside.

Hm… She flicked Raidy’s butt, and watched the soft flesh jiggle. She could hear Raidy’s own breathing… as heavy as her own. She smiled to herself and silently, undid the whip from her waist.

She ran her hand over the thin length of leather. She had used this as a weapon, but a whip was not a weapon. It was not meant to be used in battle. If anything, she could fight better without it.

But a whip had other qualities.

The ‘Snap’. The sound of a whip was terrifying. Something that most other weapons, or tools of torture lacked. The moment, the ‘Snap’ of the whip could be heard and the moment of the blow landed, was minutely different, and it forced the heart to jerk terribly. It was so wonderful to watch the expression of someone when they were hit by the blow of a whip and then a split second later… the sound hits them, with no time to recover.

The Strike. When the whip strikes, it is more than just a length of leather hitting flesh. It bites. It burns. It stings. The Whip is an animal, and it is alive. It relishes in its own blow. It burrows into the flesh it strikes. It did not just wound the surface. The blow resonated within the body. It let you know… it let you understand pain…

FonFon knew all this for a long time… But she truly experienced it, when Raidy whipped her, oh so long ago…

And now, Raidy would know the same thing.

She would experience pain.

And FonFon would make her love it.

She swung her hand, and watched the whip fly through the air, and watched it fall against Raidy’s skin, and shuddered with delight at the crack. She heard Raidy scream. Not a squeal, or a weak sound of pleasure. A scream. A scream of a human. A scream of an animal. A scream of pain.


That scream… that one scream she had wanted to hear for so, so very long…

FonFon screamed. She roared with delight. Yes. YES!


She swung her whip again, with more force, and listened for that same crack, and that same scream from Raidy, “Gaaaah!”.

FonFon began to laugh, “Yes, Raidy… Scream for me. Raidy-chan, scream for me, as loud as you can.”

Raidy shrieked as the whip bit her skin. FonFon was talented. Despite the force she was using, the whip was not breaking the skin. It hurt. Her skin bruised, but no matter what, the skin did not split.

No blood emerged.

It hurt, terribly.

With every lash, Raidy felt her senses expanded. Her sight cleared, every sound could be heard, every smell, she could feel the very air on her skin.

Everything to make sure she could feel more pain.

She could hear the indiscernible… ‘whooshes’ of the whip, just before it would hit her. It was terrible knowing that you were going to be hit, but unable to do anything.

There was some inexplicable terror, when you could not see you attacker, as you were hit. She could hear the sound. But sight… without a vision of her tormentor, she could not calm her shattered nerves.

The stench of sweat, of damp leather, clogged her nostrils. The delicious gamey scent of excited animals danced with the stenches… The scent of FonFon. She smelt nice… Like nature… Once more the whip cracked and Raidy found herself looking for scent.

Every time the whip hit her, her senses blackout for a split second, but returned stronger than ever…

Every time the whip hit her, FonFon’s scent vanished for a split second, but returned stronger than ever…

Such a comforting smell… It warmed her; dulling the pain. She needed it. The comfort. The peace. She realized that she had stopped screaming… She felt too tired. She felt sweat drip off her face. She felt so…


The scent wasn’t going away. The whip had stopped? She turned her head weakly and saw, FonFon breathing heavily. Sweat was sliding off her body, as much as Raidy. Her grip on her whip was tight, and unyielding.

FonFon swallowed heavily. Raidy had stopped screaming a while back. There was no fun without the scream. The passion. The pain. FonFon stepped forward and touched Raidy’s butt, gripping the wounding and bruised skin. Raidy’s scream was so utterly delicious.

FonFon opened her mouth and began to lick Raidy. Her back. Her butt. Her neck. Her thighs. Every part of Raidy that had been wounded. They were hot.

So very hot.

They tasted of salt. Not sweat, just… salt. Salt and iron. The skin was not broken, but the faint flavour of blood rose from Raidy’s body.


She slowly, strolled to face Raidy. What face was she making…?

FonFon froze when she saw Raidy’s face.

Raidy was… her face, was not one of pain, but… not resignation… What sort of expression was that? FonFon had not seen it on any of her victims. Blushing. Raidy’s breathing was heavy, but not laboured. Her eyes were shining. Her nostrils had flared…

FonFon moved closer and stared at Raidy. Neither was saying anything. FonFon once again reached forward and pinched Riady’s breast, teasing it between her fingers.

Unlike the previous time, both remained silent, drenched with sweat and exhaustion. Both of them were so tired.

But FonFon wanted more. She stepped back and gazed at Raidy’s front. Perky breasts, that soft slope of her waist and navel…

She tightened the whip and took another step back.

Raidy did not say anything. She just closed her eyes and kept breathing. The scent… FonFon’s scent… She could feel the whip crack against her skin. She could feel herself cry out weakly. No longer with pain… but with something else.

Her mind remained focused on that scent. That beautiful comforting scent… She blocked out everything else. Sight, was unnecessary. Hear, unnecessary. Touch, unnecessary. Pain, unnecessary.

All that mattered was the scent… and that unknown sensation. It jolted her body, everytime, the whip hit her skin. She could know feel the whip, she could not see or even hear the whip.

But she knew when it hit. Because she felt it.

What was that feeling… it was not pain… it was something else… something more…

It was powerful. It was addictive… it was… it was…


Was this pleasure? This deep… deep sensation in her bones…

No… it wasn’t.

This was not pleasure.

It was… Understanding.

Trust and faith.

Every time the whip hit her, it bounced off her body without breaking her skin. FonFon’s expert skill with the whip ensured that. But this was something that took more than just skill. It took precision and effort.

It was the reason why FonFon was struggling so much right now.

FonFon… was protecting Raidy, from her own power.

Raidy breathed in once more… ah, this scent… How comforting it was…

Hm… Drifting in the black oblivion… it was so very nice… Nothing to bother you, just being with your thoughts… Why was she just floating? Who cares… it was so peaceful… a terrible warmth was holding her in this oblivion… it was so irritating, but it was calming as well…

Ah? There was something cool, against her skin… no, no wait… It was cold. Very cold… and it was stinging… it hurt… It Hurt!

Raidy’s eyes shot open and she sprang into a sitting position, before shrieking with pain. Her eyes darted over her body. She was still nude, but her body had been cleaned, and there was a slimy paste over the welts… Ah, yes… she had been whipped and so… welts… but no cuts…

Shit, this paste was burning her skin… What the hell was it? She weakly tried to touch her right arm, with her left hand, but winced in pain. There was no… deep pain. Her muscles, her bones… they hurt, but the true pain was on the surface. Nothing had been severely damaged… How amazing…

“You shouldn’t move too much.”

Raidy glanced up and saw FonFon washing her hands in a small bowl. She couldn’t see her face…

Raidy looked back down and noticed that she was sitting on a mattress. It was not a particularly good one, but it was soft… ish. She swallowed and spoke up, “What… what happened?”

FonFon turned around, revelling her natural smile to Raidy, “What happened? I was whipping your front when you completely passed out, Raidy-chan! You know the funny thing, is that I had just whipped your clit… You passed out while cumming.”

FonFon burst into laughter, while Raidy felt her cheeks heat up considerable, “N-N-Never mind that! Why am… why am I in this bed?”

FonFon tilted her head in amusement, “Why? Isn’t it obvious?” Her hands moved to her back, and she began to fiddle with her strap, “Did you forget that we’re married, Raidy-chan?”

Her top fell to the ground, revelling her small, bare breasts. Raidy swallowed thickly, as FonFon began to work on her skirt, “I-I-I-”

FonFon chuckled, “Consummation, Raidy-chan. I want to... officialise our marriage.”

Her skirt fell, and she slowly approached Raidy, her skin shining in the dim light. Her fur, gripped the light, and Raidy could only think about how beautiful she looked…. Her tail was wagging…

FonFon slowly sat down by Raidy’s side and gently ran her finger along Raidy’s arm. Raidy winced in pain, saying nothing. FonFon sighed and gripped Raidy’s wrists, and kissed them softly, before murmuring, “I may have… taken it a bit far, for your first time, my dear, dear Raidy-chan…”

Raidy nodded silently. FonFon’s kisses were light and gently. Her word were passionate and honest… “I… I don’t like you.”

FonFon nodded.

Raidy swallowed softly, “You’re… you’re a sadist and… and you’re insane…”

FonFon nodded again, but her grip on Raidy’s wrists grew slightly tighter.

Raidy spoke the next lines hesitantly, “but… you’re not evil… and… and we had a deal…”

She looked down at the red tattoos that now permanently stained her body, “We’re… going to be with each other for a while…”

FonFon grinned at the words. Her eyes began to shine like diamonds and she slowly advanced on Raidy, placing her crotch over Raidy’s and slowly she began to grind against Raidy. Her fur, was rough as it rubbed against Raidy’s sensitive skin. Raidy winced at the sensation but said nothing. There was pain… but it was muted…

“This… this paste…” ,Raidy began asking. 

But before she could finish, she was interrupted by FonFon, “It’s an antiseptic. It works quite well, but it does sting a bit… But in a while, you should be as good as new.”

FonFon slowly pushed herself against Radiy, lowering her breasts to Raidy’s, mashing them together, and then… almost hesitantly, she placed her lips over Raidy’s. She used her tongue to toy with the inside of Raidy’s mouth, massaging her teeth and gum, her cheeks, dancing with Raidy’s tongue.


FonFon pushed back and once again, began to gyrate her hips slowly, placed her hands over Raidy’s breasts, moving her fingers in circular motions, around the nipples, but not touching them…

Raidy bit her lip, silently and then tried to speak up, “I’m… I’m still going to travel…”

FonFon nodded, “I know. I’m coming with you.”

Raidy blinked, “What?”

FonFon grinned, “Well, I can’t just let my mate travel on her own, now can I?” She licked Raidy’s neck, moving upward, and whispered near her ear, “I need to protect, My Raidy-chan.”

Raidy felt her face explode with heat.

Then FonFon shrugged, “And I was thinking, how nice it would be if we could get a few partners. Wouldn’t you agree?”

Raidy blinked again. Then her face twisted with anger, “You… You…!”

She tried to push FonFon off her, and reverse their position… only the end up groaning in pain… Her body was still too sore…

FonFon began to giggle, “I love your spirit, Raidy-chan… But looks like this wasn’t your lucky day.”

And she gripped Raidy’s wrists and descended upon her once more.


Raidy slowly pulled on her mended garments. It had taken a bit of time. Neither she nor FonFon were the best at these sorts of things. She reached up and touched her head band and ribbon and turned to FonFon, “Thanks for not taking these off…”

FonFon nodded as she cleaned her whip, “No problem, Raidy-chan. You look better with it anyway… is it important to you?”

Raidy nodded, “Yes…”

FonFon stopped cleaning for a moment to look at Raidy, “You want to tell me about it?”

Raidy shook her head, and FonFon said nothing, only returning to her whip..

Raidy then glared at FonFon, “Something I do want to talk about is something you said earlier… What do you mean by, ‘more partners’, Hm?”

FonFon laughed, “I’m a Werewolf, Raidy-chan. I live with packs. One way or another, we’re going to have more people joining our pack…” She turned to Raidy, with a look of mock amazement on her face, “Are you… jealous, Raidy-chan?”

Raidy blushed furiously, “I…I’m Not!! I… It’s… You’re the one who married me! So… You should be… be faithful… like…” her voice died out, staring at FonFon’s amused expression.

FonFon hopped over to Raidy and hugged her, gently. Her arms were forceful but gentle, “Don’t worry about them… whoever they may be, you’re my Mate… Their just… concubines or lovers, as you humans would put it. You’re my number one… Maybe we could share a few of them…”

Raidy opened and closed her mouth, like a fish. Concubines? Lovers? All this made no sense… In less than a day, she had been married against her will to a female werewolf, whipped senseless, and told that she and her new… mate, would be looking for concubines, while Raidy struggled to find out the secret behind her power…

And the strangest thing? She wasn’t upset. Sure, she had been pretty mad, when she realized she had married FonFon against her will but, she had come to understand that FonFon wasn’t the worst person to have at her side. She was strong… reliable to a degree. And besides…

FonFon tickled Raidy’s nape with the end of her whip, “How about one more round, before we head off, Raidy-chan?” Her voice was warm, and dripping with honey, and Raidy felt her entire body heat with in response to that statement.

She found herself nodding slowly, and FonFon gently stripped her once more and led her back to the torture room. This time, willingly.

Looked like she was more of a masochist than she ever truly realized.

She enjoyed the cool sensation of the metal on her wrists. This time, she was kneeling. She glanced back at FonFon, who tugged the whip with both her hands and they smiled at her each other.

FonFon giggled softly, “Shall we begin… my dear, sweet, Raidy-chan?”

Oh yes…

Oh... yes…

Option 2 by SV-Writer