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JJBA Reader Insert One-Shots

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You certainly weren't the best female jockey alive, but your sole presence in a sport primarily dominated by men quite made it appear that way. However, as you had grown up beside two of the best jockeys in the world, you knew just how much room for improvement there was.

Johnny Joestar and Diego Brando were your best childhood friends, though they never seemed to get along when you weren't around. They were constantly trying to impress you and to prove themselves as the best horseman. However, Diego was the only one who actually seemed notice you . They would bicker and fight, and you would try to calm Dio down when Johnny got on his nerves. It was when you told them your parents were soon moving overseas that the three of you actually began to bond. The month before your move contained the happiest memories of your life. Then you were forced to say goodbye to your childhood friends, as well as your childhood.

You gave up riding horses for a long while. Instead, you focused on your education, artistic and musical hobbies, and the like. However, as you approached adulthood, you heard of a large horse race that was to take place across the entire country. It was then that you again took up the reins and headed for the prize. You were warned that it would be dangerous after years without practice, but you felt up to the challenge.

The day of the race finally came, and you approached the line on your striking Andalusian named Shadowfax. It might be nice to see some of your old friends, but you doubted it would actually happen. The stables seemed to be a while off, so you tried your best to steer through the hordes of spectators that swarmed the grounds. Several others floated above the sea of heads similarly, as their horses did their best not to trample anyone. The crowd seemed to be gathering around a particular jockey, most likely one of the favorites to win. Shadowfax could not help but be pulled into the stream of bodies, though you pulled the reins away from the current. The torrent swayed you, however, till you almost collided with the famous jockey, who seemed to be fleeing from the fans.

“Goddammit!” he cursed “How do you expect to run a race if you can't even steer–” he paused.

“I’m sorry. Although if your fan girls choose to swarm the course during the actual event, then it isn't my problem. Good day,” You pulled the reins away, as the crowd seemed to finally be clearing, but the man was still staring at you.

Turning on your saddle, you prepared to make another quip. Then you noticed his hat: ‘Dio’. Holy crap . That same blond hair, those bright blue eyes, his arrogant manner… Blood rushed to your cheeks as you stared back. One thought predominated your mind: ‘Holy hell he is HOT.’ You weren't usually the type of girl to notice these things, and you chastised yourself for it. You didn't fawn over boys, you buried yourself in your work. But Diego had really grown into an attractive young man.

The moment you locked your eyes seemed to last an eternity, however, the force of the crowd quickly swept you away again. You had to meet him. You had several hours till the race began; you had to meet up with him. It had been ten years since you had last seen each other. The wave of nostalgia rushing over you was overwhelming. However, you took a deep breath, and proceeded on your course to the stables.

You stroked Shadowfax’s mane, calming him after the nerve-wracking encounter in the crowd. However, you were still quite restless as well. But you set your mind preparing your horse for the race, though you caught yourself absentmindedly sighing from time to time.

You heard a panting from behind you, and the clop of horse hooves, likely another jockey getting ready. Then you felt a firm hand on your shoulder. You whipped around, reflexes preparing you to fight, but you softened at his face. His mouth was agape, though his face still held a sort of… hope. You noticed the beginnings of tears in his eyes, which prompted your own eyes to water.

“(y/n)?” he seemed to implore. You nodded, speechless.

He pulled you into his warm embrace, strong arms wrapping one around your lower back, and one into your hair. He seemed unwilling to relinquish his grasp on you, almost as if he were still afraid that it was a dream. You chuckled into his neck, relishing in the feeling of his your cheek brushing against his skin.

“This isn’t really like you Dio…” He pulled away.

“Shut up.” he looked away. “I know it isn’t like me, but… I haven’t seen you for years! You…” He couldn’t seem to get the words out. “I always felt different around you. And now you just show up here and don’t even tell me–”

“I didn’t know you’d be here.” He groaned, rubbing his face with his hands. He seemed surprisingly… vulnerable.

“You’ve changed.” he finally spat out. You giggled.

“Well I’ve grown up, but I think I’m still the idiot girl I was back then.”

“Dammit!” he cursed. You couldn’t understand his frustration, and grabbed both his hands in yours in an attempt to calm him.

“Dio, is everything alright?” you questioned. He hesitated for a moment.

“I don’t know what to say, so I won’t say anything.” In that instant, he leaned forward and hastily planted a kiss on your lips. Surprised, you pulled away for a second, in shock, pulling your hands to your lips. His face was flushed red, and he looked away.

“Good day.”

“Dio, wait!” you grabbed his arm as he turned to leave, turning his face towards yours with your other hand. You softly pressed your lips to his, trying your best to relax despite your rapidly beating heart. He responded, slowly creating a rhythm between the two of you as you drew your arms up to circle his neck. His hands rested on your lower back, and you began to play with his hair as the kiss became rough. He gently bit your bottom lip and you smirked, allowing his tongue to run gingerly between your lips, almost as if he worried he would hurt you. Though he regained courage, and slid his hands down your back, your hips and onto your–

A bell rang in the distance, and the two of you immediately pulled away, worrying the race was soon to start. You sighed and looked back at Dio. His face was still bright red, and you were sure the same was mirrored in your own complexion. You smiled, somewhat shyly.

“I think I understand what you were trying to say.” He still stared at you, seemingly mesmerised.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered quietly.

“What?” You couldn’t hear him over the surging roar of the crowd.

“I, umm… I have to go. I’ll see you when I place first at the finish line.” He stated confidently.

“Now there’s the Dio I know and love.” he smirked before the two of you registered what you had just said and flushed.

“I-I’d better get going.” before he could get away from you just yet, you placed a peck on his cheek.

“Kiss for good luck!”

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How in the hell had you been accepted into one of the best universities in America? You had no idea. Especially considering the fact that on your application you had fully admitted that you hadn't a clue as to what you wanted to major in. Maybe you liked literature, maybe science, maybe the arts. But now, there were so many options. The college you were attending had it all. It was one of those large, well-funded east coast universities.

Your first semester included a variety of unique classes: Shakespearean literature, music history, psychology 101, and, as a last minute filler, an intro to biology. On the first day of this course, you walked into an almost empty room. The professor stood at a podium, preparing notes for his lecture, while about five students sat in the chairs. Four were clumped together, and were chatting boisterously. The other student sat alone in a far corner. He was slightly intimidating, tattered hat pulled down over his dark eyes as he crossed his arms, seemingly cut off to the world. You avoided both he and the cult of friends as you found your seat.

Surprisingly, you got to know the brooding man a bit more that the others. You learned his name was Jotaro Kujo and that he was from Japan, though his English was impeccable. He planned to major in marine biology, and to pursue a doctorate after he earned his undergraduate degree. You two seemed to be the only ones actually interested in the class. Apparently you also lived in the same residential hall, and you began studying together regularly, if you considered reading silently 4 feet away from each other in the library ‘studying together’.

As the end of the semester approached, you began to get antsy, and you couldn't quite pinpoint why. Most likely because of the inevitable approach of finals and your worries about your grade in that class in particular. It wasn't that you were in danger of failing, you just really, really felt like you needed an A, like you had to impress someone. And it seemed your ‘study sessions’ with Jotaro weren't really helping. You thought it would be a good idea to actually work with him: to quiz each other on taxonomy, cell structure, a little chemistry even.

You brought this up in the library one day.

“Jotaro?” you whispered. He grunted, giving you permission to speak.

“Do you think maybe we could start studying together for this final. I’m getting pretty nervous about it and–” He sighed, cutting you off. You were afraid you’d angered him. You were always afraid that you had angered him.

“Come by my dorm tonight after dinner.” He continued reading his book on the anatomical differences between different species of dolphins. You chuckled.

That was exactly what you liked about him. He was a genius, but he wouldn't flaunt it. He was quiet and easily annoyed, though he could easily become annoying given the opportunity to talk about any sort of marine life. You smiled as you left the library, looking forward to meeting up with him later.

At around 7:00 pm, you knocked on his door. He had chosen to spend the extra money on a single, complementing his introverted lifestyle. There was silence for almost a minute, and you knocked again.

“Go away.” You heard.

“Umm… Jotaro, it’s me…” You heard several quick steps and the clang of a deadbolt unlocking. The door swung open to reveal a (somewhat flushed, though he wouldn't admit it) Jotaro, with a new marine life book in hand. You could see that in the corner of his room, the textbook he had been reading earlier was at the bottom of the pile. You chuckled realising just how many books on the subject he owned, and just how many he had read that day.

“Sorry…” He mumbled, “forgot.” as he opened the door for you to enter. You were about to joke about the number of books he had checked out, when you noticed the entire wall behind his door.

“Holy crap,” your face lit up. It was like he had his own miniature library, sorted by subject and alphabetised and everything!

He didn't notice your expression as he started pulling out books. He retrieved about ten books strictly on basic biology.

“We can start with these.” You face palmed, giggling. You weren't sure if you were excited or nervous, even maybe afraid.

But as the night passed, you came to enjoy yourself  immensely. You loved how Jotaro would calmly grunt in affirmation as you got your basic facts right, but would proceed to explain in detail how these facts related to starfish or to whales. Eventually you two sat on the couch, reading through one of the last books. You could barely keep your eyes open and let out a large yawn. The conversation seemed to lull as both of your eyelids grew heavy. Not knowing what you were doing at the time, you leaned your head on his shoulder. The book fell out of his hands, and all was quiet.

You awoke after a wonderful night’s sleep feeling warm and comfortable. You hugged your pillow tightly, however, not wanting to get out of bed yet. Then it breathed. Your pillow breathed. You opened your eyes to find your hand resting on a muscular chest. You looked up at Jotaro’s face. You caught just a second of him staring at you with a tender expression, before his face grew bright red.

But you didn't move. Your heart began to beat rapidly, and you were shy and scared, but you stared into his eyes, as if you were trying to convey your feelings with looks alone.

You shifted slowly, your face inching closer to his.

‘What are you doing?!’ you screamed at yourself ‘What if you misunderstood? What if he hates you?’ But you shoved these thoughts to the back of your mind as you gently pressed your lips to his mouth. He kissed you back, firmly, yet gingerly. One of your hands still rested on his chest, and you could feel his heartbeat speed up. You leaned even closer, deepening the kiss, creating a rhythm between your bodies. You even went as far as to pick up your leg and bring it over to the other side of his torso. You broke the kiss, prompting him to let out a soft groan, as you gazed down into his eyes from your perch.

‘What the hell! Too much! Get away! You're f***ing straddling him!” Your face turned crimson as you panicked.

“Sorry!” You climbed off of him. This was just so new to you and so unlike you. You cursed under your breath, just before you felt a hand on your shoulder.

“(y/n),” he whispered in a hushed voice. You stood, in shock and embarrassed, looking at your feet.

“I really do like you.” He stated firmly. “I’ve had feelings for you for a while,” You whipped around to face him, unsure of what to do or what to say. But his face seemed to say everything. He didn't look angry or annoyed like he usually did. He looked… hopeful… loving. You took a deep breath, but nothing came out. You chuckled nervously and nodded.

“Yare yare,” he smirked. “I don't even know what that means. You're going to have to tell me.” He leaned his face closer to yours. Your heart kept into your throat.

“Yes you idiot!”

“Yes what?”

“I like you!” You tackled him in a hug, reaching up on your tip toes to wrap your arms around his neck. He seemed to breath a sigh of relief. Then he pulled away to touch his forehead to yours.

“Good.” He spoke only one word before he fiercely pressed his lips to yours. You ran your fingers through his hair, pulling him even closer to you. His hands ran down your back as chills ran up your spine. His hat was knocked off in the gray and you smirked into the kiss. He growled lowly, pinning you against the wall as you gasped. He stopped for a second.

“Are you alright?” You answered by trailing your lips down his jaw, his neck, still running your fingers through his hair.

“If we study like this more often, I might just get an A on the final!”

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You sighed, approaching the large door of the mansion Passione called home. Cursing as a jolt of pain shot up your thigh, you assured yourself that you were okay as you turned the key. You strode through the decorous hallway, filled with marble sculptures, velvet drapes, anything else your overindulgent Don would pay for.

The stone halls echoed with chattering from the next room over, the living room, and you entered excitedly to greet everyone.

“Well, the threat is neutralised.” You chuckled “And I didn't die, though I got pretty close.” Each member of the group stood to meet you, happy for your safe return.

“(y/n)!” Narancia ran up, hugging your waist. Giorno patted you on your shoulder, Bruno simply stated, “Good to have you back.” Abbacchio remained in his large armchair in the corner, sipping his wine delicately, though he gave a small smile. Finally Narancia stepped away, Giorna and Buccellati retreating as well, making way for the one you truly wanted to see: Mista.

You and Mista had always been the best of friends. You would make vulgar jokes together, laugh at the other members (especially Narancia), and you worked so well in battle together that you almost never left each other’s side. He had been a bit worried when you were selected to complete a mission of your own, but before you left, you had assured him that you could take care of yourself.

“See, I’m still in one piece.” You smiled. His face radiated a deep shade of crimson, his hand resting over his mouth. “Mista, you okay?” Giorno let out soft whistle, almost implying that the group was in on some sort of joke you didn’t know about. You were about to ask when Mista pulled you into his tight embrace. Hugging him back, you sighed.

Your feelings for Mista had grown over the years, and there was no denying that you wished the two of you would become closer. But you tried your best to push romance to the back of your mind, as you knew he only saw you as a friend. Still, your heart fluttered each time he touched you.

His heart, however, was beating faster then even your own. You were still wondering if something had happened in your absence. The rest of Passione began to snicker. You made to ask him as he released you from his arms, however, he quickly blurted out. “Sorry, gotta go feed the boys!” and ran out of the room, sticking his tongue out at Narancia just before he left.

It was at this point that you confronted Giorno.

“So, what did you guys do to him while I was gone?”

“Nothing!” He assured you. “We just–”

Narancia started giggling like mad, and Abbacchio hit him playfully.

“We opened his eyes,” Bruno smirked slyly. You paused for a moment.

“We told him how obvious it was that he liked you.” Narancia blurted out. You could feel the heat rushing to your face.

“...But, guys, he doesn't like me,”

“What on earth makes you think that?” Abbacchio drawled.

“He’s just me good friend, don't confuse him like that. Dammit you guys, you weren't supposed to tell him–”

“Tell him what? That you liked him too?” Your palms began to sweat, and you looked down in shy denial.

“Oh don't worry,” Giorno assured you. “We didn’t tell him that you reciprocated his feelings.” You sighed

“Just, let me have a moment please. Stop trying to play matchmaker and let me deal with this myself.”

“It’s about time.” Abbacchio commented snarkily. You huffed. It felt like your life was caving in around you. You didn't want to destroy the relationship between you and the best friend you'd ever had. And yet, you hoped he'd become an even better friend…

You tip toed up to Mista’s bedroom door, hearing chattering from within the room. As much as you wanted to eavesdrop on his conversation with the little ones, you knocked softly to announce your presence.

“It’s me, Mista.” The chattering turned fell silent, and you heard the doorknob turn. The door opened just a crack, and Mista, cheeks a deep rosy red, peered, not at you, but at the floor. You looked down, equally embarrassed, before taking a deep breath.

“The guys told me what they did… I'm really sorry about that. I completely understand…”

‘No!’ You thought. ‘I have to be forward about this! I need to stop lying.’

“Here’s the deal:” Your voice suddenly strengthened. “I really like you. I have for a long time. But I understand if you don’t feel the same way, and regardless, I still want to be friends.” Oh god, tears were starting to come to your eyes. “I'm sorry if the rest of the gang made you feel uncomfortable, but… Please, if you don't think of me that way, don't change. I'm sick of pretending I don't have feelings for you, but, I just…” You paused, daring to look up at his face.

If it were possible, his face was an even deeper shade of red. He had drawn the door open further, and you could see his stands peeking out from his shoulder. You stifled a giggle as you saw their faces. Number one was bouncing up and down with excitement. Two seemed to be listening, enraptured, with a slight smile on his face. Three harshly covered Five’s mouth, as he seemed to be desperate to communicate something. Six had a devilish smirk while Seven hummed and dangled his legs over Mista’s shoulder. You glanced at him in anticipation. The silence purveyed for a long while, neither of you knew what to say. Until Five was able to squirm out of his comrades grasp before shouting:

“Of course he likes you (y/n!)” You felt a smile tug at your lips.

“Shut up Five!” Three hissed.

“It's true though,” One chimed in. “Even if he didn't realise it until today.”

Mista continued to stand there, completely still, and completely embarrassed. However, you took the initiative to shove the door open and pull him into your grasp. Your arms wrapped around his neck, and you pressed your lips gently to his cheek. He was stiff and rigid for just a moment. Then he wrapped his arms around your waist, holding you tightly to his warm torso.

“I'm sorry,” he whispered. “I didn't know.”

“Idiot,” you chuckled “I love you.”

You pulled back from the embrace to look into his eyes, your forehead resting against his.

“So, I take it that means–”

He cut you off with a kiss. His lips were firm but gentle, as though he were scared of damaging you in some way. But you were tired of being scared. You deepened the kiss, dragging one hand down his back to pull his chest closer and one up under his cap to run through his curly locks. The first hand eased down to his exposed lower back. He shuddered with pleasure, and you smirked.

He bit your lower lip softly, eliciting a moan from you as his tongue gingerly ran across the inside of your mouth. His hands snaked down your waist to grab at your hips, pulling you closer. Slowly, one hand inched up under your shirt–

You heard a whistle from behind you, and the two of you quickly pulled you heads apart, though your waists remained glued together. Abbacchio leaned against the wall, wine glass still in hand, with. malicious grin on his face, as Narancia pumped his fist in the air. Giorno smiled smugly. However, Bruno was scowling, pulling something from his pocket. From his black and white leopard spotted wallet, he pulled out two hundred euro bills. You quickly connected the dots.

“What the hell guys,” you fully separated yourself from Mista. “You bet on us?!” The blond chuckled.

“Just on second base.” as if that excused them of anything. “Bruno here thought you'd go a lot slower.”

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You had been training in Hamon for about a year when Caesar showed up on her doorstep. A bit jealous of Lisa Lisa’s attention, you disliked him at first. However, soon you two grew extremely close.

He didn't treat you like he did other signorinas. He didn't kiss your hand to greet you or shower you with compliments; he hugged you when he saw you, he would critique your technique and you would critique his even more severely. When you were exhausted from rehearsal you would annoy him by splaying out on top of him as he sat, reading, on the couch. This often ended in tickling fights and reprimands by Lisa Lisa, though you would jokingly tell her you were just practicing your combat skills.

The day it changed, however, began as usual. Caesar swung open your door at the break of dawn, flinging off your covers as you kicked and whined. You always needed just a few more minutes– or hours– of sleep. You would drag you out of bed by the arm, hair, or whatever he could grab.

“(Y/n), come on, I just need to say goodbye,” You bolted upright.


“Just for a week or two. I'll be in Rome meeting with someone important–” You groaned in dismay. He chuckled and continued.

“You'll have Lisa Lisa all to yourself for a while. And when I come back you can beat me up and show me everything you learned while I was gone.”

You smirked.

“Fine then. Get up and go!” You snuggled back into your covers. Caesar gave you a quick kiss on your forehead before departing. Your heartbeat quickened as you felt his soft lips.

Your had never really discussed your relationship with each other. It was obvious that you both loved each other, at least in a platonic fashion. But whether or not it would ever develop into something more…

A week passed. You enjoyed your one on one lessons with Lisa Lisa, but missed joking with him, fighting with him, calling him out on his reckless combat tactics. You began to show sigma of your melancholy mood, and Suzie Q made sure to jokingly tease you, telling you your “lover” would return soon.

It was late afternoon when you heard the latch on the door click. You assumed Lisa Lisa was returning from a walk or something of the sort, when Suzie Q emerged from the stairway, breathing heavily thou a large smile shone across her face.

“He’s Back!” You quickly leapt down the spiral staircase and to the entrance. Caesar stood in the doorway, grinning. You ran into his arm, wrapping your own around his neck to bury your face in his golden hair. Chuckling, he pulled you up into his embrace, so far that your feet left the floor, and you laughed at your stomach seemed to flutter. You lifted your head out of the crook of his neck, when you noticed a man behind him.

He was tall and dark, and had the same muscular build of Caesar. However, a mask was strapped to his face. You knew what this meant. He was to be trained in Hamon as well. You felt that same surge of jealously that you had noticed when Caesar took up his training, only this time, you seemed to envy the stranger. Would he rob bob Lisa Lisa and Caesar’s attention.

However, you tried your hardest to push these thoughts to the back of your mind as you left Caesar’s arms and smoothed out your clothes.

“Joseph, this is (y/n), my other student.” You looked at the tall man, extending your hand.

“It's a pleasure to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine,” he took your hand firmly in his grasp, “I’ve hear as much about you, although I must say, I had no idea that you would be such a beautiful young woman–

“Joseph,” Caesar growled. You were slightly startled, not knowing how to react. Looking back and forth between Caesar and Joseph, a blush came to your cheeks.

“Speak for yourself, Signor Caesar Casanova. You've certainly had your fair share of flirting with the ladies.”

“You can't do that with (y/n), she’s...” Caesar muttered through gritted teeth. Joseph paused for a minute, blood rushing to his face.

“Oh!” he yelped, “I’m so sorry, so you two are actually together?” There was a long moment of silence. For the first time you could remember, Caesar actually seemed to be getting… nervous. His face was a rosy red as he wrung his hands together, at a loss for words. You emulated this discomfort, rubbing your heated neck with your hands. You then took the opportunity to glance into Caesar’s eyes. He seemed almost to be asking for permission. Finally, you gained the initiative.

“Yes?” You had meant for it to be a firm affirmation, but your fluttering voice had led it to become a question. However, it was the only way you would ever be able to get this Joseph person out of your hair. Caesar was still fidgeting, but seemed to have calmed a bit. there was a slight smile across his face. Joseph looked between the two of you. It was then that Lisa Lisa burst into the room to drag the two of them away.

You sighed that night as your master told you that they would be enduring the Hell Climb Pillar for the next few days, as you desperately needed to speak to Caesar. Those days passed in agony as you paced and fiddled with your thumbs. You just needed to ask one question.

It was near evening, right before dinner time, when you heard a polite knock on your bedroom door. You flopped out out your bed to the doorknob. As you swung it open, you were greeted by an unexpected sight.

There were at least 50 red roses arranged in a large bouquet. Each one was trimmed perfectly, and their soft, lush petals shone bright crimson. You held back a gasp and your heartbeat quickened.

“C-Caesar?” He revealed his face from behind the bouquet of flowers, showing a sly smile.

“Forgive me. I tried to find an arrangement just as beautiful as you, but I wasn't even able to come close.” Your cheeks flashed a bright red, and he chuckled, stepping into your room.

“Mi amore, it’s so adorable when you blush.” You tried to grasp a hold of whatever was going on in front of you. You giggled nervously.

“Caesar, what are you doing? I’m not… It’s not…”

“I just thought it was time for me to show you how I really feel about you.” He took your fingers, placing them gently to his lips. You looked away, your heart seeming to catch in your throat.

“But… I don't need you to treat me like this.” He paused to look up, slightly confused.

“That's what I like about you. You don't treat me like every other girl you see. I feel like you actually know me. You don't have to pretend to be who you're not.” You brought took the bouquet of roses out of his hand, setting him on the bed, before encompassing both his palms in your. You rubbed his fingers gently. “It’s just me Caesar.” He was slightly taken aback. Then he took a deep breath.

“Well, here’s something I don't say to other girls.” He pulled you into his embrace, wrapping his muscular arms down and around your back, leaning his lips close into your ear. He whispered:

“I love you.” Your chest beat rapidly against his, and your breath suspended. He shifted so your foreheads rested against each other, staring into your eyes expectantly. The corners of your mouth instinctively twitches upwards, as you were finally living what you had dreamed about for so long. Then you giggled maliciously.

“Meh. I'm kind of more interested in that Joseph–” Caesar growled at your sarcasm, punching on your lips. He felt passionate, fierce, hungry. Your hands pulled through his golden hair, tugging as you caught his headband in your fingers. Meanwhile, his arms slid down your back, pulling you closer. You nearly lost your breath as his firm chest pressed against your front.

He released you from the kiss only to begin pecking across your jawline and down your neck. Slowly and softly, his lips pressed upon your skin. You pulled him closer, until then he paused.

He slowly drew his hands away from your hips, his striking eyes catching yours. His eyebrows were raised, seemingly asking for permission as he fingered the top button of your blouse.

You grinned, taking several steps back till your shoulders collided with the wall behind you. Slowly, your fingers undid the first button, the second, the third…

Caesar advanced, his expression hungry. His hands slid to your hips as palms ran down his chest. He attacked your neck, his kiss even more fiery than before. His lips made sure to graze every single inch of skin as he made his way down to your collarbone; you stifled a moan. He gently proceeded down the front of your breast.

But he pulled away as soon as he had started.

“Do you still prefer that idiot Joestar now?”

“Caesar.” You paused to catch your breath “I love you.”

Chapter Text

“Why did you enter the Steel Ball Run Race?” Many people asked you this question. Sometimes you even asked yourself. You weren't trained as a jockey, but every day since you learned to ride, you would venture out on one of your family’s horses. You knew them all by name, and made sure no one was left out of your morning routine; you gave each one your care and attention. And that was why you wanted to ride across the countryside; to see the forests and deserts and everything in between. Nature was the only thing that cleared your mind, the only place where you felt at peace.

But that day you led your horse up to the starting line, something unexpected happened. You noticed a man, in one of the pens, being dragged by the reins of his horse. Though the steed wove his trail this way and that, battered him, trampled him,the man did not cry out in pain. You soon realised why: he couldn't feel his injuries. He seemed to be paralysed from the waist down. Then, just as you were prepared to call out for help, the beast suddenly stopped to bow its head. You made your way through the crowd and to the pen, leading your mare just behind. The two of you locked eyes.

“Are you doing okay over there?” Your voice quivered, still somewhat scared for his safety.

“I’m fine,” he grunted as he pulled himself up onto one of the stirrups. “Leave me alone.” He retorted in a rude tone. It was surprising to note that in just a few weeks the two of you would become such good friends.

You chose to take the scenic route whenever possible, and often ended up meeting this man, whose name, you learned, was Johnny Joestar. Between stages you would meet up with him and his friend, Gyro Zeppeli. However, generally, Johnny was off sulking in a corner while you and Gyro started cracking stupid jokes.

Still, it was rare for you to bond with anyone like this. Generally, you were quiet in crowds. You didn't make conversation, you just fidgeted, and observed your surroundings. But these two were different.

You eventually got into a routine of setting up your camp for the night after a long day of riding. The three of you would lay down blankets, start a fire, then talk about anything that struck your fancy. You would discuss the results of the race to the stars in the sky. While Gyro would boast about his inevitable first place win, you noticed how Johnny was more noble with his intentions. He wanted to win back himself, to regain control of his life. And that was what you admired about him.

“This seems like a good spot,” You noted the smooth and grassy ground of the clearing, and the fiery glow of the sun descending over the horizon. Gyro leapt off of Valkyrie, moving to detach the sleeping bag from his luggage. You eased off your saddle and over to Slow Dancer, offering your arms out to Johnny. He dragged both his legs to one side of the saddle and reached out to slide into your arms.

Though you did this for him every night, your heart raced each time. Over the weeks, you had grown to appreciate Johnny’s almost dark sense of humour, his physical and emotional strength despite his situation. You wouldn't deny that you were attracted to him, even Gyro could see through your behavior, as he teased you about it regularly. You knew you had to tell Johnny eventually. But each day you woke up, saw his face just feet away from you, and thought ‘maybe tomorrow’. And each night he slid from his horse into your arms and you cursed your own cowardice.

You placed Johnny tenderly on the bedroll Gyro had laid for him, eyeing his form as he shifted until he was comfortable. He gave you a glance, at which point you quickly left to start the fire. Gyro returned with several twigs and branches, then leaned over and whispered in your ear.

“Seems like there’s a stream nearby. I'll go give the horses some water.” He snickered “And in the meantime, the two of you can have fun!” Your face flushed red.

“Hey,” he said “You might never get an opportunity like this again.”  You opened your mouth to protest.

“All I’m saying,” he began again, “Is that you have to tell him sometime. Trust me, I’m just trying to help you out.” A genuine smile spread across his face. This was not the jokester Gyro that you were used to. For once, he actually seemed to be serious. After all, he was your friend too. He and Johnny were the only ones you had in this world. And you had to be honest with him. You cursed under your breath.

“I'm blaming you if something goes wrong.” He laughed and patted your back, to which you rolled your eyes and shoved him away. You didn't want to be pushed into this situation, but it was probably for the best. You peered over at Johnny, who was lying on his back, gazing into the sky. Slowly, you unrolled your sleeping bag next to his.

“Hey.” you started, sitting criss-crossed on your blanket. He glanced over at you. You froze. What were you even supposed to say? Do you just tell him? Do you ask him first? You took a deep breath, deciding that you would just be completely truthful, you would open up your heart.

“So, I have to tell you something…” He used his arms to push himself into a sitting position; at least he seemed vaguely interested. Still, you looked down at your fidgeting hands as you continued to speak.

“You and Gyro, you're my friends. My only friends. I feel so… alive around the two of you. I've never felt like this with anyone before. You,” you dared to look up into his eyes. His expression was thoughtful and earnest, and encouraged you to continue.

“I really like you, hell, maybe I even love you,” You rubbed your neck and looked down “And… Umm…” you paused. There it was. You had said it.

“Yeah.” you finished “That's all I wanted to say.” You cursed at yourself mentally and fiddled with your fingers, anxiously, awaiting a response. Slowly, you tilted your head upwards to as Johnny’s hand clasped yours, holding the fidgeting fingers still. You gazed into his sapphire eyes, pleading for him to say something. He finally broke the silence.

“How?” What? What did he mean how? That’s not what you say when someone confides their true feelings in you!

“I’m sorry, god, I don’t even know what to say…” You could feel the slightest bit of hope you had waning.

“You are so beautiful,” Your chest seemed to flutter, regaining its hope.

“You are so beautiful and kind and angelic. How could you have feelings for someone like me?” He continued, while your stomach felt slightly queasy. Was this a no? A yes? A maybe? Before you could stop yourself, you blurted out:

“Johnny, do you love me?!” He paused, eyes locked onto yours, as you begged him for any sort of hint.

“I haven’t done this in a while, so I might be a bit rusty. But this might answer your question.” He leaned into you, supporting his weight on one arm as his opposing hand grazed your cheek. You sat, somewhat stupefied, as his soft lips brushed against your mouth. You slowly closed your eyes and wrapped your arms around his back, pulling him closer. You were still in shock, but all you wanted was to feel his warmth against your chest. He paused for just a moment, giving you a chance to breath.

“I do.” He smiled. You brought your hand up to feel his own hand, which was still cupped against your cheek. Overcome with emotions, you brought his hand away. He gazed at you questioningly, until you stretched one leg over his torso. He lay flat on the ground, your lips inching nearer to his.

This time the kiss was rough and passionate. You swayed to the rhythm of his hips as you ran one hand down his chest, latching the other into his hair. His arms grasped around your back and your waist, pulling you even closer, as though this would be his only chance. He softly licked your bottom lip, and you unexpectedly moaned as he kissed you even more fiercely. When you were gasping for breath, you pulled away to trail kisses down his cheek, his jawline, his neck. You stopped for a moment. Johnny noticed your dilemma. You wouldn’t admit to yourself that you wanted to go even further. But Johnny offered as his hands slid from your waist to the bottom of his shirt.

“Alright, that’s enough!” You groaned, not out of pleasure, but exasperation, as Gyro emerged from the woods. “We’ve got a long day’s ride tomorrow, and you don’t want to get sore!” he winked. Your face flushed red at the thought, and you scrambled away from your compromising position.

“AWW!” Johnny whined. “Who care about the race?” He paused to look at you.

“I’ve already won first prize.”

Chapter Text

Policing in one of the most populated cities in Italy was not your ideal career choice, however, it left you fed, funded, and sometimes even fulfilled. You weren't given the tough jobs, but your heart would burst each time you confronted a pickpocket, even when you rescued a cat from a tree. Something about helping people and keeping the city safe left you feeling content. However, your first large incident left you feeling a bit conflicted.

You had been tipped off that a drug exchange was going to occur in an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of town. You were qualified, if a bit inexperienced, and they were low on manpower. This was merely one of the smaller gangs, so it should have only been a three man job.

Your commanding officer motioned at you to hide yourself against the storage shelf on the opposite corner. You nodded in affirmation, making sure your hair was properly tucked into your cap so it wouldn't fly loose if there were to be a skirmish.

You waited, in the silence, not able to see either him or his partner. Then, muffled voices began to sound through the cavernous space.

The deep voice was calm and controlled, while a second bloc fluttered. Nothing about the verbal exchange seemed criminal in the slightest; it was the actual trade that was corrupt.

You craned your neck, hoping to catch a view of your comrades, however, there was no one crouching where he had been earlier. You muttered curses. Without him you couldn't get the signal to attack.

A soft noise sounded over the murmur of voices. It was smooth and metallic, dragging almost, but you couldn't quite tell what it was. Then a grunt, a stifled yelp, a thud. The sound again, almost like a zipper. You held your breath, daring to look past the corner of the steel frame. You gasped at the sight.

Your two comrades, as well as a third man who you assumed to be one of the gangsters, laid in a pile at the center of the room, unconscious. A lean, but muscular figure was battling the remaining criminal. Your hand immediately raised to aim the gun at the struggle before you. Neither man took notice, or seemed to take notice. You quietly inched forward. The man in the black and white polka-dotted suit delivered a final blow. As his opponent smacked the cold floor, his attacker whipped around to face you.

You steadied your gun, giving him a threatening glare. Then, as soon as he spun around, he vanished. You could swear that you saw the floor underneath him unzip as he disappeared into the hole.  A blow from behind left you, heaving, flat on your stomach, and your gun flew from your grasp. You had experienced some strange incidents before, but no unusual occurrence was of this caliber. You quickly rolled onto your back, only to be met with his own body pinning you down. The force of the impact knocked your hat off your head, and tendrils of your sweat soaked hairs splayed out on the floor. He paused, an almost bewildered expression on his face.

“My name in Bruno Buccellati.”

Your eyes lit up with recognition. More than anything, you hated the corruption of the police force. This man was an example of the kinds of favors they curried.

“I am on your side, signorina.” You scoffed.

“Then why did you attack the other officers.” He sighed, shaking his head.

“They were going to blow my cover. They are unhurt. Now, if you will permit me, I will handcuff these men and take them to the car.” he stood, releasing you from his firm grasp. However, you didn't move, startled by what you had just heard. He unhooked the cuffs from the unconscious officers’ belt.

“Whose car?”

“Your patrol car of course.” He clicked his tongue. “Could you help me with the other one.”

Stupefied, and almost mesmerised by his misconduct, you obeyed his command, rising and retrieving your handcuffs. You walked towards the unconscious criminal, easily securing his hands in the restraints.

“I suppose we’ll have to take two trips– or not.” He had looked up from his prisoner to see you carrying the other assailant bridal style, as if it were no difficult task.

“You’re quite strong,” he chuckled as he lifted the man. You scowled completing his sentence.

“For a woman?”

“No, for an officer. You would be surprised how many idiots are out there fumbling about pretending they're protecting the people.” He paused as you two were dragging out the unconscious bodies. “Please understand, I am on your side.”

“Until I have these men locked up, I can't trust anything you say.” You grimaced. Thoughts swirled through your head. This is what you had been warned of. Your family, your friends, even your prisoners told you that an officer’s job was not as clear cut as it seemed. But you didn't hear their warning. Your job was to catch the bad guy, and that's what you did… Until you couldn't tell who the bad guy was.

The night ended with both the gangsters in custody as your fellow officers woke up, in a groggy state, already seated in the patrol car. You explained, as Bruno Buccellati had asked you, that everyone except you had blacked out in the skirmish. It was a flimsy lie, but they accepted it as the truth, as Bruno said they would.

Months passed, and you rose in the chain of command. Every week or so you would meet Bruno, whether helping to stop a deal between rival gangs, or merely informing you of the underground goings-on.

You didn't understand why he chose you. There were plenty of other officials on the force he could relay his information to. But he said that the two of you seemed to work well together, even if didn’t always trust him.

Almost a year later, you were sipping your morning cappuccino on the patio of a small café of the outside the reaches of the city. Within an instant, Bruno slid into the seat adjacent to you, however you paid no mind. At this point, it was a usual occurrence.

“I have something to show you.”

You turned to face the table, rather than watching the pedestrians as they made their way along the streets of Italy.

“What is it?”

“Come,” He stood. But this shocked you. Sometimes he had retrieved contraband from a rival gang or a secret message, but he had never led you off your normal path.

“You expect me to come with you?”

“I've worked with you for a year now. I have never lied. I have never hurt you. At this point I should be the one worried about your true allegiances.” Though you wanted to refuse his offer, you knew he had a point, and found yourself instinctively rising to your feet as you drained your cup. He nodded, taking this as a confirmation of your willingness.

Just as silently as he arrived, he slipped through the crowd of residents, as you struggled to keep track of his movements. You came to a crosswalk, almost losing him in the torrent of arms and legs, but you felt his firm, familiar grasp around your hand as he tugged you away from the commotion.

You continued for several blocks, until the two of you snuck into a dark alleyway. About a fifty yards down was a massive doorway. Its elaborate frame contrasted the dark and grimy alleyway. As you admired the ornate golden knocker, Bruno turned the handle, and you heard the solid click that reverberated through all antique doors when they were opened.

It swung open, and you peered into the decorous hallway. He led you in by the hand, as you stared amazed.

“(Y/n),” you had long moved past the formalities of him calling you ‘officer’. The door latches shut behind you.

“You are brave, you are intelligent, you are determined and dedicated and loyal to your position.” He paused and you gazed into his dark eyes, confused, but flattered by the compliment.

“But I think you could be so much more. I know you used to think we were no more than common criminals, vile individuals who worked only for their own gain. But Passione is different,” You held your breath, your heart racing, was he inviting you… into a gang?

“This is our headquarters.” He motioned to the lavish hall. “I’ve brought you here because I trust you, even if you turn down my offer, to continue working for the betterment of Italy.” You began to laugh nervously. This was completely unexpected.

“And…” he began, reaching for your other hand, so both of your palms rested in his.

“I don't mean to overwhelm you, so please stop me if you wish, but…” He began running his thumb over the back of your hand, as he looked down, colour coming to his cheeks.

“You would mean so much more to me than just another lackey. I need a right hand man. And I need,” he paused, seemingly at a loss for words. Then he stuttered out.

“F-forget it.” He released your hands, spinning around on his foot to run his fingers through his hair in frustration.

“What? Please tell me. I'm just so… confused.” you were also at a loss for words. He chuckled.

“You know, you’re really very smart. But you are also an idiot.” Immediately, your back was pressed against the wall, an almost exact repetition of that first time he attacked you when you met. As he pinned your hands above your head, he firmly pressed his lips against yours. You gasped, startled and bewildered. The kiss was quick but rough, and he pulled away just as quickly as he had assaulted you. He gazed into your large eyes.

“I thought you would realise at some point.” He released your wrists from his grasp, and your arms slowly melted down the wall.

“When I first met you I was mesmerised. You're beautiful but tough, strong but graceful. Each time I saw you after I would make an idiot of myself trying to get your attention.” You could sense franticness seeping through his calm exterior.

“I was infatuated with you from the moment I saw you, and you never saw me…” You finally took a moment to check in with your thoughts and feelings. Your lips still tingled from the sudden kiss. Blood was coursing through your body? Did he really feel that way about you? Did you feel that way about him? You had always thought of him as just a work colleague, you didn't even consider him romantically because… he was a criminal, wasn’t he. But your body felt passionate, electric.

Bruno was still looking you, expectantly, waiting for you to express your own feelings. He was prepared for anything: rejection, confession, arrest. But somehow, your next move still managed to shock him. Your forced yourself onto his lips, arms tangling around his neck and back, pressing his firm torso onto your breast. He gasped as you pulled him closer, cheekily slipping your tongue into his mouth. You smirked as you felt his face heat. Trailing your fingers down his spine, you moaned as he rested his palms on your hips. He forced you against the wall yet again, bringing one of his hand to caress that hair that fallen out of your cap so long ago. He separated his lips from yours, but continued to kiss at your neck as you arched back in pleasure. You moaned as he bit at you softly, running your hands along his full hips, drawing him even nearer. He sensuously licked down, past your collar bone, nearing your breast. Then he paused.

He looked up into your eyes.

“Does this mean…” He trailed off, his usually  stern expression turned soft and innocent. You finally spoke.

“I can't tell right from wrong anymore.” You sighed. It was the truth.

“But I think,” You softly kissed his lips before embracing him to lean over and whisper in his ear.

“This is right.”

Chapter Text

Erina Pendleton had been your best friend during your childhood years. You two had played dollhouse and tea party together when you were toddlers, and branched into other interests as young adolescents. Of course you began to attract interest from, and become interested in the boys around town. However most of them were unusually crass. You would meet them whilst you walked through the fields of the farm country, and you would try to strike up a polite conversation. However, they were more interested in poking frogs, stomping in the mud, trying to impress you by bullying the rest of their crew. You generally ended up avoiding them. Except one: Jonathan Joestar. Originally, Erina had met Jonathan when he stood up for her against the other boys. You could see the romance blossoming between them. Occasionally you would tag along on their various excursions, and Jonathan was always extremely polite, but you gave them leave to get to know each other. You would be lying if you said you weren't a bit jealous, however you were happy to see your best friend enjoying the company of such a chivalrous young man.

Unfortunately, this was not to last long. Jonathan’s father unexpectedly took it upon himself to care for another young man of approximately the same age as you three: Dio Brando. He came from a poorer family in London, though his politeness and gentility rivalled even that of Jonathan himself. Though underneath this chivalrous exterior lay a cold heart, even crueller than that of the crude young men who seemed to swarm around him as his followers.

Dio would physically abuse Jonathan, verbally abuse Erina, however, almost never seemed to take notice of you. Jonathan would come to meet you, a smear of blood across his forehead, a bruised cheek. Erina would become increasingly worried, wiping his wounds with a dampened handkerchief. However, you would become enraged.

Eventually, you felt it was time to confront Dio. After recent events involving him going as far as to steal Erina’s first kiss, you felt his behaviour was despicable and unforgivable.

You had observed him before exchanging words or fists with Jonathan, but you had never confronted him with your own words… or fists. He was playing in the field, using a branch to destroy a small anthill as the small insects scurried from the chaos.

“Excuse me, Mr. Brando.” You feigned innocence and politeness, as he slowly turned to look you up and down.

He was a handsome boy, undeniably. However you could see that evil glint in his eyes. He slowly stood, rivalling your height by at least ten centimetres.

“I’d like to introduce myself, my name is (l/n), (y/n) (l/n).” You expected him to look down his nose at you with disgust, but his demeanour remained complimentary.

“Good day, Ms. (l/n). I would introduce myself, but you already seem to know who I am. I do believe I have seen you before. However, I cannot recall where.”

You had expected him to at least recognise you, however, he truly did not know who you were. This enraged you even more, and, as a twelve year old child, you could hardly control your emotions.

“One of my good friends is actually quite close to you.” you paused as his eyebrows raised. “He talks about how all the time. I thought I should actually meet you for myself, and,” You took in a breath through gritted teeth. “Repay you for all you’ve done to him.

The corners of his mouth lifted upwards, angering you further. Without hesitation, you lifted your skirts and swung your leg backwards. He had no chance to react as you kneed him, hard, right in between his legs. He cried out in pain, falling backwards in the grass. You tackled him, throwing a punch at his jaw. Crimson droplets fell from his lip as he caught his breath. You knew you shouldn't beat him too harshly, however, you dearly wanted to avenge Erina and Jonathan. He slowly, turned his head, to look up at you bewildered, and almost… amazed. You gave him a final slap before stomping away.

Years passed. Erina moved away. You began to talk less and less with Jonathan after her disappearance. But, strangely, you grew closer with Dio. You weren't friends per say. Sometimes you found him following you, silently, as you strode through the fields. Sometimes you talked, though you were generally bitter and trite in your comments. However, whenever you were in the presence of both Jonathan and Dio, they seemed to act more civil with each other. Dio would withhold his malicious comments, and over the years, they almost seemed to become friends.

Within two years, you had moved to another country mansion several miles away. You barely ever thought about them again.


Your nineteenth birthday was approaching. Though you had been reared as a polite young lady, you still gained pleasure from being an active member of society, and chose to spend the summer at one of the small peasant towns adjacent to your mansion, as an assistant as an orphanage.

A cry sounded through the night. You awoke to blazing rooftops, screaming villagers.In a panic, you awoke the children, unaware of where the headmistress was. Gently pulling the two sleeping babies from their cribs, you gave them to the eldest of the orphans. Frantically, you instructed them to escape out the back door, though still, throughout all the commotion, you could not grasp what exactly the emergency was. It could be a fire or an angry mob.

You heard the crash of hard wood sound from the entrance. As you shooed the last of the children away, you turned to face the large figure of a man. For an instant, his face flickered with unending evil and malice. Then, he softened, his dark eyes seemingly lightened. Then splitting sound. Everything went black.

You awoke to a cold dampness on your brow. You laid on a mattress far more comfortable the cot you had been sleeping on for the last several weeks. The silken sheets shone with a pearlescent glow in the dim stone room. The figure loomed over you, pressing a wet cloth to your forehead. You gasped, remembering the chaos of the night before. Scanning your body for cuts, burns, or bruises, you noticed your grimy work clothes had been discarded for an elegant night slip. Your skin was clean as if you had been bathed recently, and any injuries were treated and wrapped with crisp white bandages.

Groggily, you gazed at the man before you. He was a handsome man, undeniably. However you could see an evil glint in his eyes. You hesitated, slowly recognising the face.

“Dio?” You whispered hoarsely. His face lit up as he realised you were awake.

“(y/n),” He cooed softly. When you had been younger, he had always referred to you as ‘Ms. (l/n)’, almost as if he had. even scared into showing you formality. However, something was different now. He was in the position of power this time. And yet, he had not abused that power thus far.

You gathered what little strength you had to sit up, but the muscular man tending to you gently, but firmly, laid you back down.

“You need to rest. I tried my best to treat your head injury,”

“Dio,” you began forcefully, “What happened?” He was silent. This was very unlike the Dio you had known all those years ago. He was neither vicious, nor conniving, nor smug and sarcastic. His features softened. He almost seemed… guilty.

“I didn't know you were here. As soon as I saw you,” he trailed off. “I’m sorry.”

“What happened.” He looked down at the cold stone floor, removing himself from his place at your bedside house to sit in an armchair facing the dim fireplace. You took a chance to observe be the room around you. On the walls hung several ornate tapestries, possibly hundreds of years old. The mantelpiece was sculptured marble. It certainly was not the Joestar mansion. It dawned on you that it may have been the old castle up the hill from your quaint little village. You could have sworn it was occupied by some lord or another. Or maybe something had happened to the lord.

Slowly, Dio told you all that had happened since you had parted with Jonathan and he, leaving in each and every detail, no matter how insignificant.  He merely recalled the facts, trying his best to leave his true thoughts and feelings. However, occasionally, his voice would raise. He would grip the edges of the armchair, only to return to this calm and collected state, as merely recounting the history was cathartic. The flame of the hearth reflected in his amber eyes, as you remained, shocked, in your prostrate position. As his tale finished, he slowly stood to return at your side.

He slid his calloused fingers to intertwine with yours.

“Please forgive me.”

You couldn't speak.

“I hate Jonathan Joestar. I always have hated him. I wanted to take my frustration out on the world, to conquer it village by village. But then I saw your face, and… I remembered…” His deep eyes were thoughtful.

“I was such an idiot child back then. That first day I saw you, I must admit, I thought you were quite the beautiful young lady. Nothing special at first. But then, you had the nerve to strike me, to take revenge for your little friend Erina. You enraptured me. No one else had dared to defy my will.” He let out a wry chuckle.

“Erina was such a sweet little child. But no one rivalled your beauty, your intellect, your vivacity.”

“Dio,” tears came to your eyes, “I thought you had changed,”

“My dear, I'm not sure if I'll ever change,” he paused. “Unless, it would make you love me. You could be with me, I could turn you. You would be there to hold me back when I went to far, to help me strategize–”

“But why are you doing this?”

His expression contorted. “Do you think I know? Why your very appearance prompts me to question my motives? Everything I’ve worked for up to now seems meaningless now that I've found you.”

“Dio,” you whispered, thoughts reeling.

“Will you take me?” his voice was pleading.

“Kiss me.”

Without any hesitation, he pounced upon your lips, hungry for your touch. As his one hand held your fingers in his firm grasp, his other came up to rest against your cheek. But the kiss was cut short, as he pulled away. He gazed into your eyes, mesmerised, as he continued to rub his fingers over your soft cheek. You leaned into his palm am first, then, used your own hand to guide it down to rest at your waist. Taking this as an invitation, he drew his large thigh up and over your hips. His lips crashed back onto yours as your free hand rested on the nape of his neck, feeling his soft blond locks run between your fingers. He tasted sweet as you ran your tongue across his surprisingly soft lips, quick parted at your touch. You untangles your fingers from his so you could place your hand on his lower back, forcing him closer. Much to your dismay, he left your lips, however he continued to suck at your neck as you moaned with pleasure. You drew your hands away from their positions as you tugged at the fabric of his coat, ripping it off of his massive shoulders. His fingers played with your hair, massaging your scalp, as you began to unbutton his shirt. As he made his way back to your mouth, you ran your palms down his muscular chest.

You didn't understand what you were feeling. This insatiable hunger for more from the man you had hated, despised. But you knew you could keep your desires under control. You could keep him under control. After just a bit more…

Chapter Text

The summer of 1999 was coming to a close. The serial murderer had been found and dealt with, and you were about to begin your first school semester abroad in Japan.

You had run into Josuke and the other stand users unexpectedly when you encountered them as they confronted Yoshikage Kira for the first time, unintentionally awakening your own stand powers to in order to protect yourself.

You soon grew close to these friends you’d made in Morioh. You treated Koichi and Hazamada like younger brothers; you caught up on the latest gossip with Yukako and Reimi, and sometimes even Yuya’s girls; you earned money babysitting Shizuka while Mr. Joestar was lazy. And Josuke and Okuyasu had always been your best bros; you three would pull the stupidest shenanigans together.

But Rohan Kishibe… he was different. You certainly admired the brilliant mangaka, though his arrogance sometimes annoyed you. Occasionally you accompanied Koichi as he observed how the manga was created, and became quite fond of silently watching the ink stroke across the page. Rohan was rarely seen outdoors, by you or anyone else, and seldom came to any social outing he was invited to. His work consumed him entirely, or so it seemed.

But sometimes, you would come over without Koichi. You couldn't really say why. You would offer to make him tea, cook him a meal (though Tonio’s exquisite ravioli certainly put your overlooked stir fries to shame). You would ask if he needed anything: more ink, another pen from his desk. Hell, if he needed basic groceries you would go out and get him something.

You always had an affinity for art of any kind, and, after he had piqued your interest in ‘Pink Dark Boy’, you came to love the series from more than just a fangirl standpoint. You would ask him about his newest characters, suggest ideas, laugh about the latest fan theories on the web. Usually he would roll his eyes, tell you that your notions were entirely idiotic, then continue working. But after a while, he warmed up to your conversation. Eventually, you even got to a point where he wouldn't slam the door on you every time you showed up on his doorstep.


“Come on, (y/n)! Just one last time before we all have to go back to school!” Okuyasu groaned at the thought. Josuke and he had approached during the last two weeks of vacation to expose their brilliant idea: a party! They seemed to be convinced that it would be the best night Morioh-Cho had ever seen. You didn’t shrug the idea off, but social events weren’t exactly your cup of tea.

“We can invite everyone! Even Yuya and Mikitaka, and we can even get Tonio to cater…” Josuke rambled off his list of ‘ingenious’ ideas as you turned to look at Koichi.

“And you’re in on this as well?” you questioned. He rubbed the back of his neck as he looked down embarrassed.

“Well, I think it might be a fun idea. I haven’t been to many parties before.” you chuckled. These boys were so precious, and, honestly, you would do anything to humor them.

“What do you want me to do?”

“Just get everyone on board! People like you, they’ll definitely come if you invite them. We’ll take care of the rest. My mom is helping us clean up Oku’s house and everything!”

You laughed off the boys’ stupid ideas. Over the next week made sure to tell everyone who had helped you defeat Kira. Yukako was set on going with Koichi. Jotaro rolled his eyes, but agreed to attend. Mr. Joestar overheard the conversation and said he’d love to attend as well. Yuya and his girls were extremely excited. Mikitaka was intrigued by the opportunity to attend an ‘earthen celebration’. Tonio even offered to cater for free. Hazamada asked if there would be girls. You stepped on his foot. You even invited Hayato, as you had always felt sorry for the child. He hugged you, muttering thanks, as tears filled his eyes.

Last was the infamous mangaka. You had been going to his house almost every other day, yet you still hadn’t quite gotten up the nerve to invite him. You knew he was sure to refuse, but it would be impolite not to ask, but you might annoy him by asking, but he might actually want to go…

Thoughts swirled through your mind as you handed him a cup of jasmine tea. You brought your own steaming cup to your lips, blowing gently so as to not burn yourself. He had been staring at a blank page for a while. He rarely used a pencil, but at the current moment he would quickly sketch an idea in graphite, only to erase it and redraw something else. Something must have been on his mind.


He paused, not used to you interrupting his work. But he wasn’t seriously working right now, so you thought you might have a chance. He turned in his chair to stare at you grimly

“I know you’ll probably refuse my offer, but Josuke and Okuyasu,” He scowled at Josuke’s name.

“Well, they’ve decided to throw a party before the end of the summer–”

“And you think I’d want to come?”

“No.” You simply said. “I’m sure you’d be more content locked in your room all by yourself,” you stopped yourself. That sounded wrong. “I mean, I know I certainly would…” You trailed off. He had a curious look on his face.

“The point is, everyone’s coming. Koichi,” you paused, trying to think of any other people Rohan didn’t hate. “Tonio is catering–”

“And you’ll be there?” he cut you off, yet again.

“I kind of have to go,” you chuckled dryly. “Who knows, it might be fun. Or it might be that I spend the entire night reading on Okuyasu’s stinky couch.” You faltered. “Sorry, I just wanted to let you know–”

“I’ll come.” he stated firmly, looking straight into your eyes. Your mouth remained open, as you searched for the proper words to convey your shocked but amused state. You ended up laughing stupidly.

“That’s wonderful!” It turned into a giggle of delight.

“But don’t bother me for the rest of today. I just got the latest volume of ‘Pink Dark Boy’ in color, go read that on the couch.” He shooed you away. You smiled as you snuggled onto the antique sofa. This might be an okay party after all.

The day arrived. You were going to be busy setting up several hours before the party (despite Josuke telling you that you wouldn’t have to do anything). You had chosen to wear one of your best dresses for the occasion. The front was a bit low cut, and you felt slightly uncomfortable with the amount of cleavage you were showing. But you smoothed it out as you admired yourself in the mirror. Somehow it managed to show off your curves in the most flattering way possible. You had doubted your body would ever look good in a dress like this, but you grinned with surprise.

As you walked up to Okuyasu’s house (though it looked more like a haunted mansion) the door swung open. The two high schoolers burst out simultaneously. Oku began.

“Hi (y/n)– Whoa.” He faltered, a blush rising to his face. He rested one arm over his stomach as his hand came to his mouth. You looked down, laughing nervously.

“It’s not the dress, is it? I don’t know, I haven’t been to many parties before, and I thought I should dress up. I can take it off if it’s too much.”

“Nonono!” Josuke countered, smiling cheekily. “It’s just, really pretty.” The dress really was a far cry from the dumpy rags you usually wore. And something about their reaction gave you a sense of confidence. You proceeded to set out snacks, prepare the soda, and do everything else the boys were too clumsy to handle.

Guests began to trickle in. You helped Tonio unpack his scrumptious buffet. Josuke turned up the music and started doing whatever the hell teenage boys to at parties. You rolled your eyes, but laughed. You were slightly enjoying the small excursion, but you still hadn’t seen him.

The night grew darker, and still the curious mangaka had not shown. You were getting bored talking Yuya’s girls, as all they wanted to talk about was Yuya himself. You excused yourself for a moment, as they continued to chatter, and made your way into the backyard to get a breath of fresh air.

At one point in must have been a beautiful garden, but the flowers had gone unattended for years, and vines snaked up the cracked fountain. However, your eyes weren't quite adjusted to the dim light, so you couldn't make out the detail. You spotted a bench, and breathed in the cool air as you flopped down.

“It’s much too loud in there.” A familiar voice sounded from beside you and you stifled a squeak. He didn't react, merely continuing to observe the decrepit fountain as he sketched its outline.

“Sorry,” you caught your breath. “I’m a bit tired. Wait, how did you get here? I was waiting for you to arrive, but…”

He smirked.

“So you enjoy my company?”

“Of course I do,” you smiled, still awaiting his response.

“I didn't come through the front door. There was quite a commotion going on inside, so I merely slipped into the backyard. This garden is a very good reference.” He continued to sketch as you shook your head amusedly.

“You could have at least said hello.”


“Because it's polite?”

“Why be polite?” You dropped the topic, knowing it would take hours to explain common courtesy to the great Rohan Kishibe. But, somehow, you found his obstinate personality to be endearing.

“Would you like a drink or some food?”


I would like a tea, thank you very much .” You corrected, snickering at him as he rolled his eyes. You returned to the din of music and laughter, preparing your usual beverage for the two of you. As you made your way outside, he reached for the glass. You held it out to him, but stopped your hand just inches away.

“What do you say?” You smirked maliciously. He looked up at you for the first time that night.

“Give me the damn–” He faltered mid sentence, mouth still hanging open. Though you could barely see through the darkness, you still noticed as his cheeks reddened.

“Put the tea down.” He demanded. As he was acting strangely, you obeyed him, placing his tea next to him on the bench.

“Yours too!” He shouted as he rose from his seat. As soon as you had stabilised the mug he whisked you away into the garden. At the back there was a stone wall. He firmly pressed you to the cold stone as you gasped slightly. Your mind rushed with thoughts of what a gesture like this could mean. However, he took no notice as pulled one of your hands up above your head.

“Keep your hand looser.” He told you. You remained where he had positioned you as he took your other arm to reach across your waist.

“Now, place your weight on your right foot, bend the left knee. You did as you were commanded. Finally, he trailed his finger along your jawline, delicately turning your face to gaze at the ground.

“Perfect,” he whispered. “Stay there.”

Rohan had done things like this before. He would notice some detail about his environment and become completely engrossed in depicting each and every feature of it. However, usually he focused on a flower, a sunset, never a person. You were honestly flattered, but a bit shocked by this behaviour. And there was something else you felt.

You couldn't deny that you cared for Rohan deeply. Something about him enchanted you, his passion, his artwork, the sheer unpredictability of his actions. You knew it could never be more than a friendship, so you repressed any romantic fantasies that managed to slither into your head.

But now… This was difficult. You held the pose, feeling the cool night breeze ruffle your hair. How you wished he would run his hands through your–

You focused back on the feeling of cold stone behind you. You could hear the strokes of his pencil against the sketchpad. Minutes passed. But all you could think about was him.

Your eyelids drooped. Your mind began to slip into wild fantasies. You let go of all control, just for a moment…

“There,” you heard.

“Rohan,” your voice came out as a low whisper. “May I move now?”

Rather than answering your question, he walked over to lean on the wall next to you, holding out the portrait. You gasped.

It was gorgeous. He had drawn the ivy so it wrapped up and around your legs. He had perfectly captured your silhouette, the wrinkles in the fabric of your dress. Your hair was swayed by a gentle breeze.

“It’s beautiful,” you whispered.

“I merely capture the truth.” You flushed at that thought.

“So you think I'm beautiful?” You muttered, half hoping he wouldn't hear you. He was silent for a second.

“I-I guess.” Was that a stutter? did the great Rohan Kishibe just stutter in front of you?

“Rohan,” You turned to look at him. His eyes shone emerald in the moonlight. You couldn't help glancing at his lips longingly, just as he turned to meet your gaze. Suddenly, you made up your mind.

You quickly leaned in to place a short kiss upon his lips. It was short but wonderful, soft and warm. You could swear that you tasted a slight hint of green tea, as you relished the kiss for as long as you possibly could.

He lurched away. You hid your face, looking down embarrassed.

“What the hell was that?!”

“I'm sorry,” you muttered. But he didn't move. You could hear the chirping of cicadas, as the two of you stood quietly for a long while. You held back tears. Then, you heard his voice again.

“Why did you stop?”

You whipped your head back up to take in his face. He was just as red as you were. But he also seemed… pleading? Slowly, you lifted your hand to graze across his cheek. He shuddered and looked into your eyes. You gradually leaned in, however, before you could even peck his lips, his arms wrapped around you, hungrily. One hand rested on the back of your hip, pulling your torso to collide with his chest. You gasped, feeling his chiseled abdomen through the thin cloth of your dress. His other hand snaked its way up the back of your neck and into your hair, crashing your lips into his. Your knees felt weak at the sudden embrace and you moaned. He took this opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth, deepening the kiss. All you could do was hold him close and wait until his lips parted from yours.

You couldn’t believe what had just happened. You were so confused, but you loved this, but…

“Rohan,” you whispered, gazing into his eyes. “Do you have feelings for me, or,” you paused. “Am I just another one of your pawns.” His grip around you became firm, but not enough to hurt you.

“Don’t take this the wrong way… I don’t know. I just saw you tonight and realised,” he turned your chin up, almost as if to inspect your face.

“You’re perfect.” And there it was again. That overwhelming desire to touch him, to kiss him.

You threw him around to cage him against the wall, ferociously attacking his lips. He grabbed your ass as you moaned with pleasure. You drew your palms down his chest and he pulled you closer and began to fiddle with the hem of your dress. His lips broke away from yours, proceeding to peck at your neck all the way down to your exposed chest. Your face grew heated as he sucked and bit at a spot just above your cleavage. Suddenly you heard a sound.

“(Y/n)!” Josuke’s call echoed through the trees. You could feel Rohan scowl at the interruption.

“Sorry,” you blurted out, “I-I should go.” You turned to leave, but he grabbed your arm.

“We’re going out to dinner tomorrow. On a date.” A shy smile graced your face. He finally added:


Chapter Text

You certainly hadn’t expected to be out this late when you had left for work this morning. Come to think of it, you had rushed out of the house, nearly forgetting your lunch, and spilled coffee on your new blouse while hastily slamming the door. So you hadn’t been prepared to clean up after the shop had closed late.

You gazed out into the evening as you locked the doors behind you. New York City was generally a lively place in the evenings, however, on a dark and dank Monday night, walking back to the apartment was not the safest decision. However, you had no choice. You clutched your purse to your chest and gritted your teeth as a cold wind blew your hair back. A block or two down, you began to notice the faint clattering of footsteps behind you. You quickly glanced over your shoulder to see… You couldn’t quite tell who, or what, it was: a large hulking figure to say the least.

Your steps began to speed up, however, the echoes didn’t cease. With each stride, your irritation, exhaustion, and fear seemed to build on top of each other, into an ultimate surge of hormonal rage.You clenched your fists tightly and whirled around to confront the stalker, prepared to kick him as hard as you could in between his legs. However, you were greeted by a sharp screech.

You paused to size him up. He was massive, but his face (which was currently contorted into an expression of sheer terror) was soft and youthful. He seemed as scared as you had been a second ago. Recognising that he probably wasn’t trying to hurt you, you loosened, simply muttering: “Quit following me you freaking creep.” As you turned on your heel, you heard a forced chuckle.

“Umm… I’m not trying to follow you.” He winced at the harsh look you threw him over your shoulder. “Well...” He began “It seems like we’re headed in the same direction,” You groaned, and continued towards your apartment.

“Just don’t bother me.” It was only after you walked away that you realised... he was actually pretty cute.

The next morning, you awoke feeling somewhat refreshed, certainly better than yesterday. You took your time buttoning your blouse, preparing your cereal. Soon you were out the door and ready to go. You stepped out of the apartment complex, purse in hand, when you heard a brazen voice from behind you.

“Long time no see, scary lady!” You turned to see the same man you had almost assaulted last night, with a wry but nervous smile on his face. Your face lit up in recognition, as you saw he had just emerged from the hotel adjacent to your apartment. You chuckled.

“Sorry about last night… You can never be too careful.” You took that as the end of the conversation and began to walk towards your work. But he ran to catch up with you, placing his hands in his pockets as he nonchalantly looked ahead.

“Sooooo, where are you headed?”

“Where are you headed?” You looked at him questioningly. He shrugged, and you answered with a sigh.

“I work at the coffeeshop about four blocks down.”

“Why should a pretty lady like yourself work somewhere like there?” You laughed at his audacity.

“Because I need money if I want to quit working somewhere like there.” It was about that time when a car pulled up to your side of the road and a voice called out of the back seat.

“Joseph Joestar just where are you headed?”

The man, whose name was apparently Joseph, panicked.

“OH NO! Granny Erina! Umm… I was just talking to, what’s your name?” You chuckled.

“Scary lady.”

After Joseph was dragged away by his grandmother, you continued your walk to the coffee shop. You unlocked the door and flipped the sign to say “open”. Sunday mornings were usually the least busy of all the days, so you weren’t actually expecting anyone, not even the workers. None of the other employees, not even the manager came to work this early on a Sunday. You held the fort down until about 11:00, and you were paid extra for it, so you didn't mind. You began setting tables, wiping down surfaces, and started a new pot of coffee. Considering you were the only one there at first, you brewed the morning batch just how you liked it, and everyone else would just have to deal if they didn't like how it tasted. It was then that you heard the door open. You sighed, secretly hoping that you would have some alone time before customers came pouring in.

“Welcome to– Oh!” you smiled. Joseph strode in, seemingly brash as usual, a large grin on his face.

“So you escaped your grandma?”

“Yep, stuck right out of church!”

“Might get in trouble for that later.”

“Trouble doesn't bother me,” he absentmindedly gazed out the window. You laughed. It was obvious that he was trying extremely hard to appear cool. He glances back at you, his bright turquoise eyes meeting yours for just a moment before you continue preparing for the day’s work.

“Hey! Don’t ignore me! I’m a customer!” You turned and smirked.

“Welcome to Corner Coffee. Would you like anything to drink?” You drawled sarcastically.

“Yes miss, I would love some hot chocolate!” You scoffed, walking into the back room.

“You know, most people go for coffee.” you called out “But at least you snagged the only employee in the store who knows how to make a decent cup of it!”

You got out the cocoa and sugar, before hearing a crash behind you. Turning, you saw the large man had banged his head on the doorframe while trying to walk into the kitchen. A smirk came across your lips. You abandoned the chocolate to retrieve a small bag of ice from the freezer.

“Catch!” You pretended you were about to throw the rock like object.

“Whoa!” he shouted “Don't need injure me even more…” You chuckled and walked over to hand him the ice pack, feeling his rough and calloused hands for just an instant. You continued stirring the cocoa, milk, and chocolate on the stove.

“So why is a pretty young lady like yourself working at a run down café like this?” You shake your head.

“I have to make money somehow if I want to go to college.”

“Aww, but school’s so boring!!!”

“Yeah, but if you ever want to make it in life you have to get an education. Maybe your rich grandma can care for you, but I have to work at it…” The two of you were silent for a moment.

“So… What’s your name?”

“Scary lady.”

“Come on, I just want to know what to call you.”

“Scary lady.” you chuckled. Why do you care anyways?” he sighed.

“I don’t know… I just thought… Maybe we could be friends?” You started at him incredulously and giggled a bit.

“Come on! Don't laugh at me!”

“That's not really the way one usually goes about making friends.”

“I don't know. I had some childhood friends, but they're all back in Britain. When we moved, I lost contact…” He seemed much more sincere that his usual cheeky attitude let him on to be. You listened, continuing to prepare his hot chocolate, as he told what seemed to be his entire life story: how he was born in Britain and raised by his grandmother, how he had never known his parents, and how he moved to New York. You in turn told him of how you had grown up with a middle class family in New York City, but decided you wanted to live independently and seek your own education a year ago.

“There!” You swirled the whipped cream into an elegant peak and dusted the beverage with chocolate shavings. He stared longingly at the decadent dessert.

“I won't give your treat until you get out of the kitchen.” Joseph scrambled back to the bar and sat down eagerly. You drew closer to him, but before you placed the cup down, pretended like you were going to take a sip.


“Kidding!” you chuckled as you handed him the steaming liquid. He quickly raised it to his lips to take a sip.


“Be careful, it’s hot.” you snickered, then paused for a moment.



“My name. Its (y/n).”


Joseph continued to come to the café everyday. Sometimes you would be busy taking care of three or four tables, sometimes you would have him all to yourself. But each day you saw him, and a smile graced your face. Sometimes he would appear after work to walk you back to the apartment. Soon, he became your closest friend in the large but lonely city.

Several weeks after your walking together had become routine, your boss made you stay late to clean up again. Joseph courteously offered to help, though he might have just made everything more messy. You giggled as the two of you made your way out of the shop and into a light drizzle. It began to rain as you picked up the pace back to the apartment. Though you were slightly bothered as your clothes became damp, Joseph smiled playfully.

“Race you to the finish!” He shouted as he began to run down the street.

“Come on!” You yelled after him as you broke into a sprint. He quickly shot ahead of you almost a block.

“DAMMIT JOESTAR!” At this he immediately turned, heading onto a collision course with you. Before you could think, he swept you up in his arms and turned back around to the apartment. You squirmed in his grasp, but he continued, refusing to let you down.

You two continued to laugh and chat, but about two blocks to your destination, sheets of rain began pouring down upon you. Joseph cursed, running even faster than the first time, and you laughed, thanking him for the ride.

Finally, he set you down on the front step of your apartment, but you remained your firm hold on his arm.

“Come on, you can wait with me until the rain passes.”

“Really?!” He beamed. You smiled and rolled your eyes.

“Just get in here idiot.”

He stepped inside, following you up the stairs and to the first doorway on the right. You turned the key in the lock, leaving the door open for him to enter. Then you noticed the expression on his face. His eyebrows were raised and a deep blush spread across his cheeks. He was fidgeting with his hands, almost nervously.

“What?” You asked. He rubbed his neck and looked at the floor abashedly.

“Your shirt…” You looked down only to see that your white blouse had become translucent as it hung wet with rain. The outline of your black lace bra could clearly be seen through the fabric. You cursed as blood rushed to your cheeks, not knowing what to do with the situation. Quickly, you made an effort to hide your chest.

“Crap… Uh… You can still come in and dry up– There are towels in the bathroom just to the left, I’ll go change,” You finished, walking to your room, then paused. Did you actually… want him to see you like this? You turned to see he had hurried into the bathroom to dry off. But something inside you–

Dear god, did you actually have feelings for this idiot of a man? WHAT THE ACTUAL F*CK?!

You simply stood there for a moment, trying desperately to collect your thoughts. Did he want you? Was he embarrassed because he saw you like this? Or was he… lustful?

Within a minute he had walked out of the bathroom, not even noticing you as you stood, still drenched, in the corner. He flopped onto the couch in the center of the room. You scowled as you noticed the seat becoming damp underneath his soggy clothes. Did he even have any manners? Why did you still want to kiss him?

Taking in a deep breath, you stomped over to stand in front of Joseph, arms crossed, legs apart, in an almost threatening stance. The blush rose to his face yet again.

“(y/n)?” He chuckled nervously. You opened your mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Instead, you pounced.

You crawled onto the couch, straddling his hips. Your fingers reached back into his dripping hair as you pulled him forcefully into a kiss. You felt Joseph gasp and stiffen, but you only kissed him harder, begging that he return your affections. Your hands slid down his nape, running over his muscular shoulders to give them a firm squeeze. He moaned, but his body remained stiff and rigid. For some strange reason you couldn’t quite discern, you were angry now. You yanked your lips away from him.

“Idiot,” you whispered, taking one of his hands in yours.

“This,” you waved it in front of his face. “Goes right here,” You placed his hand firmly onto your hip.

“And this,” you took his other hand, slowly inching it towards your chest, awaiting his reaction. His eyes were filled with amazement and wonder, his face still a deep crimson color. You smirked, bringing his hand close to supping your breast. “Goes here.” You plunged his hand down on your other hip, as you snickered triumphantly. His expression seemed almost betrayed.

And then, an almost wicked grin seemed to come to his face. Within seconds, he had pinned himself on top of you on the now wet sofa. He pressed his lips firmly to yours as he moved his hips rhythmically. You kissed him fiercely, every once and a while pausing to bite his lip. He finally withdrew his hands from your wrists, fumbling clumsily with the buttons on your blouse. You chuckled as he began to suck at your collarbone, hands resting on your hips as your own fingers tangled through his hair. Slowly he slid his hands up your waist, and began to climb further–

You grabbed his wrists firmly. He hesitated, the snapped up.

“What?!” he cried almost desperately.

“Do you hear that?” You whispered in a low voice.
“I don’t hear anything!” He whined.

“That’s right. The rain stopped.” You climbed out from under his body, cackling. Of course you wanted to go even further. But you also wanted to see that annoyed expression on his face.

“Nice having you over Joseph, see you tomorrow!” You opened the door for him. He strode up towards, glaring at you menacingly. But you didn’t budge. He quickly pulled you into one final kiss before you pushed him off.

“We’ll finish this next time, Scary Lady.”

Chapter Text

“I’m telling you it won’t fit!”

“Come on, suck in a bit more,”

“I going to die if I have to wear this freaking corset all night!”

“It just. a. dress.” Trish emphasised each word as she tugged the zipper up. You squeaked as it finally slid over your ribcage. The elegant gown seemed to you more like a prison than anything.

You had been with Passione for as long as you could remember, fighting by Buccellati’s side for what he believed in. When Giorno had joined, you immediately trusted him. Because Bruno trusted him. You had triumphed over Diavolo, but at the cost of four of your dearest friends. But now, Trish, Mista, and Giorno were the only friends and family you needed.

However, the dress was a bit much. You tested the constricting fabric by lifting up your leg as far as it could reach. It was halted by the sleek satin, and you cursed as you realised you might not be able to kick.

“Relax, (y/n), you look beautiful!”

“Why should I care how I look?” You groaned. “I'll probably be strangled before I can even step out of the limo.” Trish giggled knowingly.

“We both know why you should care…” You hit her jokingly, rolling your eyes. She loved to tease you about your crush on the boss. It had been a struggle after Buccellati died to accept him as your commander, especially considering your similarities in age. But over the years he became your closest comrade and confidant. He knew all of your secrets except your true feelings for him.

“Oww!” Trish was tugging at your hair, pinning the locks perfectly into place.

“Trish relax, it's a heist, not a date.”

“Well you have to have a proper disguise.” She yanked again as you swore under your breath.

You were actually quite pleased with the finishing product, though you made sure it would conceal the various daggers you had hidden around your body. Mista, who was playing the role of the limousine chauffeur called you out.

“Hurry up, Giorno’s already sitting back here!”

You hurried down the stairs, lifting your skirts so as not to trip on the cumbersome high heeled shoes. You muttered apologies as you scrambled into the back of the car, plopping down next to Giorno’s figure. It was then that you looked up at him.

Oh my…

His hair was sculpted perfectly, as usual, but he wore a dark blue suit unlike his standard attire. The sides of the jacket cut off at his waist, and draped around to form the coat tails at the back, emphasizing the curve of his hips. The entire thing was lined with a silky golden fabric. You could hardly help from drooling.

The limousine lurched forward, and he quickly grabbed you to his chest before you could fall out of your seat. You could feel his muscles beneath the dress shirt, and stifled a longing sigh.

“You okay (y/n)?” he asked gently. You merely nodded, unable to form words.

“You look very beautiful tonight, (y/n).” A smile crept to his lips, but you simply muttered a small “Thanks”, still trying to focus on anything but his handsome frame. You pulled away from him, twiddling your thumbs nervously, concentrating on reviewing the plan:

Arrive at the party, socialise with the guests, slip up the stairs and into the boss’ office, grab the papers and the loot, leave the sesame way we came.

The drive continued silently as you ran over this information in your head. However, you were startled as you felt a gloved hand on your shoulder.

“(Y/n), are you sure you're okay?”

“Yeah,” god, you hated it when he kept saying your name like that. Well, you loved it, but it was teasing all the same.

“Just trying to prepare–” He cut you off by bringing his finger to your lips.

“Just relax, we’ll sneak in, slip away, and no one will notice.” Giorno had a way of being extremely kind and extremely affectionate. But because of that, you could never tell if he was just being polite, or… passionate...

The car came to a screeching halt, Giorno holding his hand firmly on your waist to keep you from launching into the windshield.

“Damn it Mista, you drive just about as good as you shoot!” You smiled as Giorno chuckled at the joke. Mista began yelling at you as you and your companion exited the vehicle.

It was an elegant party coordinated by one of the richest mafiosos in all of Italy. And you were here to steal his plans. He extended his arm outwards to hold yours daintily, instructing Mista as to where to wait. Giorno led you out into the crowd of people swarming  the garden grounds. Most were stout men in expensive suits or intimidating old ladies. The two of you rushed through the swarm, into the mansion.

The man hosting the party was certainly overconfident in his ability to protect the premises. There were many members of rival gangs invited, though none had the information that you were privy to. Your man on the inside had provided you with information, invitations, and the exact location of the loot.

You let out a slight gasp. It was breathtaking even compared to Passione’s headquarters.

You flinched slightly, feeling Giorno’s breath on your ear as he whispered.

“The far corner,” You turned to see the enemy and his guards packed in a tight clump. You nodded, understanding that the two of you should keep away.

Giorno and you wandered through occasionally talking to the rival gangsters, snacking on the gourmet hors d’œurves. a you were amazed by the chocolate fondue, laughing as you dipped various fruits into the fountain. You were quite enjoying yourself as you stalked before the appropriate time to strike.

You had just shoved another chocolate covered strawberry in your mouth, when Giorno nudges you. Knowing it was your cue? You sloppily chewed and swallowed, only to have him give out a small laugh. Turning towards him questioningly, you saw him reach for a napkin from the buffet. He carefully inspected your lip, and you almost panicked. He gently wiped the corner of your mouth.

Was he actually flirting with you? Or was this normal for him? He certainly hadn't acted this was around you before? Did he actually have feelings–

He grabbed your wrist roughly and pulled you through the crowd. The hive of people enveloped you as you made for the stairwell. Using your stand to conceal the both of you, you darted silently up each step. As your powers made you virtually undetectable by any human or machine, you slipped easily past several guards. Giorno muttered directions behind you as you made your way through the labyrinth of the mansion. Finally you arrived at a large mahogany door. Gold Experience touched the doorknob, transforming it into a bright red mushroom. It slid open as you gently nudged. You crept in, Giorno remaining outside to stand guard.

You knew your instructions well, quickly rifling through the desk drawer. You found the small envelope sealed with a red crest. Pushing the desk shut again, you tip toed (as much as you could in those stupid shoes) to the painting on the wall. It was stupid how so many mafiosos thought that it was brilliant to hide their safe in a secret compartment under a painting.

02, 43, 27

The lock clicked open. You retrieved only the cash you had been instructed to take, the money they had acquired through a massive drug deal and attack on a rival gang.

but as soon as you had wrapped your hands around the duffel bag, you heard the door. Something was wrong. You quickly but quietly replaced the painting, turning to see Giorno striding towards you. The doorknob had been fixed, and he frantically pushed you into the nearest storage closet. You silenced your breath as you heard raucous laughter, muffled from behind the drawers.

Your body began to heat as you felt Giorno hands pull your hips firmly to his in the cramped space. Your own palms pressed into his chiseled chest. But fear was the primary emotion you felt as the laughter grew louder. You heard the mahogany door give way one man, probably the boss, as he giggled drunkenly. Giorno drew in a silent breath, and his chest rose against yours.

Within a flash, the door was locked again, and laughter faded down the hall.

Giorno let out a deep sigh, his head drooping into the crook of your neck.

“Ready?” you asked

He opened the closet door as a sign of affirmation. You made your way to the window, using your brute force to slide it open. Giorno exited first, using his Hold Experience to turn the waterspout along the side of the wall into a sturdy vine. he easily slipped down, awaiting you at the bottom.

You smiled as you noticed how much he looked like a prince serenading the princess locked in the tower, but quickly pushed the thought out of your mind as you gathered your skirts and stepped into a small foothold. Then you heard a siren.

“Jump!” Giorno commanded. Trusting him fully, you fell into his arms as he began to run out the back and towards the car.

“Put me down,” you hissed into his ear. He clung to you even harder.

“We’re almost there,” Your heart raced as you began to hear gunshots.

“I’m just holding you down!”

“You can't run in those heels!”

The limousine pulled up to the curb. Mista emerged from the front seat, simultaneously trying to open the door for you and shoot at the guards.


Giorno, threw you into the back seat, leaping in after you, as Mista hurriedly slammed the door shut and got back in the front. The car began to roll, and Giorno, pressed his body down on top of yours to shield you from the bullets piercing the back windows. You were slammed and tossed about as you evaded the fire.

Suddenly it stopped. Everyone held their breath for a moment, making sure that the guards had given up. Finally, the tension dropped.

Giorno’s body seemed to collapse on yours, he looked, at you, trying to find something to say. Then, he hesitated.

His hips rested on top of yours, as one of his legs tangled in between your thighs. One hand was placed on the limousine floor just beside your head, while the other hand held your hip protectively. Your left arm was pulling his chest closer to yours as the other rested in his hair, where you had been covering his head in the event of a shattered window.

His bright blue eyes captured yours as you panted against each other. You could feel his heart beating rapidly. Slowly, his lips began to lower down onto yours.

You latched your fingers in his hair, pulling him into the kiss. His lips were soft as they kissed you again and again, and he brought his hand to your cheek. However, you held him firmly to you, not allowing him to separate as you lengthened the kiss. You could swear you felt him gasp as adrenaline continued to pump through your veins. But he continued to lean into you as you fiddled with his braid. His hand slid from the side of your face to your shoulder, almost to reach your chest.

Unconsciously, your hand reached for the hem of his jacket. He parted with you, as you let out a whimper, to cast off his coat and bow tie. As he began to unbutton the dress shirt, revealing a white tank underneath, you unbraided his hair so it ran freely down his shoulders. The shirt came off and he attacked you again while you slid your hands down his bare arms, feeling the muscles rippling beneath his skin. He grabbed your shoulders, firmly pinning you to the ground as his tongue trailed down your neck and you let out an unexpected gasp. He used the opportunity to come back to your mouth, kissing you with parted lips as you melted into his embrace. Your hands grabbed clumsily at his undershirt, slipping your fingers underneath to run across his bare back. He focused back on your neck, placing rough kisses down to your collarbone. As he bit and sucked, you drew him closer. In the heat of the moment, you ran his fingers through his hair another time, guiding his lips down even further. Your other hand continued to run down his shoulders, his back, reaching down to grab at his–

“MERDA!” You gasped and Giorno both gasped, craning your neck behind you, to see where the sound had come from.

The limousine had come to a stop and Mista had opened the door to check on you two… Only to find...

“Well it's about damn time, but not in the middle of a shootout, what the hell?!” He stomped off angrily.

You looked back at Giorno, whose expression had changed completely. He began apologising profusely.

“Mi amore, please forgive me, I don't know what came over me.” He climbed off of you and collected the discarded clothes.

You sat upright, still breathless.

“Giorno,” you asked. You had to ask.

“Do you… love me?”

His expression was gentle as he knelt down next to you. He placed his palm on your cheek.

“I have always loved you, (y/n).” You giggled at his words, pulling him into a final kiss before whispering in his ear.

“I love you too, boss.”

Chapter Text

You sighed as the wind blew through your skirts, your back resting against the trunk of a large elm. Each day after school you would sit under the tree and or sketch or write or do your homework. You might watch the sunset or pet a stray cat that happened to be passing by. But you enjoyed this time to be alone, to collect your thoughts, and to observe the natural world around you.

Sometimes a boy would traverse across your path. He was actually more of a young man, tall and muscular, dark hair framing his expressionate face. Sometimes he would climb the tree adjacent to you, sometimes he'd take a nap against the trunk. You certainly noticed each other, and came to enjoy the silent company. But even after several months meeting each other in the fields, you hadn't spoken.

“Excuse me, miss,”

Until now, that is.

“Your name is Miss (l/n), is it not?”

You opened your eyes to look up at him. He stood in front of you, a rosy flush spread across his cheeks. He seemed to inspect his shoes, almost avoiding your eye contact in embarrassment

“Yes, yes it is.” You paused. “However, I don't believe we’ve been introduced.” You gathered your skirts out of your way as you stood and brought your hand out for a shake. He misinterpreted the gesture, placing a soft kiss on your knuckles, at which you giggled.

“There’s no need to be so formal, Mister…”

“Joestar,” he informed you. Your eyes lit up in recognition. “Jonathan Jo–”

“Yes, yes. I’ve heard of you.” His face brightened. “You’re one of the brightest students at the academy!”

“Oh,” his face reddened even more, “I should hardly think that… You seem to be quite the exemplary student yourself. I'm amazed by how often you come here to study,”

“Oh, no,” you chuckled. “I don't always study, sometimes I just… Enjoy the scenery.” you paused, hiding your face a bit, flustered. “I’m terribly sorry I’ve never approached you, myself. It’s not that I didn’t think I’d enjoy the company–” You cut yourself off, unable to find the right words.

“I understand completely,” He began, though you weren't sure if you completely understood yourself.

“Oh, and yes, my name is (y/n)(l/n)!” You chastised yourself as you had forgotten to actually introduce yourself.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you Miss (l/n).” You smiled gently.

“Please just call me (y/n).”

“Very well.” he grinned in an almost cheeky fashion. “Then you may call me JoJo.” You giggled at the silly nickname.

“JoJo,” you repeated after him, gazing into his dark eyes. His smile was infectious, and his large hand surprisingly soft, as it wrapped around your fingers. You were actually glad for once to have made a new acquaintance.

“Oh my!” He suddenly exclaimed.

“Please forgive me, dear (y/n). I completely forgot, I should have been home an hour ago, but…” He paused, to kiss your hand yet again, as you blushed at his gentlemanly manners. “I hope we may see each other again tomorrow.”

You two did see each other again. The normal routine continued, however the both of you actually struck up conversation. You would remark upon various happenings at the academy or his family, and you two overall became very close. Sometimes you would meet at the elm and take a walk to the creek or to the field of wildflowers.

The end of the school year was approaching. Next year would be the last that the two of you shared together. After that you may graduate and head off on your separate paths. Or you might remain together…

“I know (y/n)!” Jonathan abruptly shouted, frightening you as you had been silently writing in your journal.

“Let’s have a picnic!” You giggled at his unexpected exclamation.

“Pardon me? Whatever do you mean?”

“On the last day of school! We can set out a blanket, and we can bring food, and sit by the stream and– I just wanted to celebrate… with you.” You smiled at the thought, resting your hand on his shoulder reassuringly.

“That would be very nice, JoJo.”


The night before, you prepared an array of small finger sandwiches and tea biscuits. You felt somewhat pressured to impress him with your cooking (though you had never been very good at preparing food). You wanted to charm him, to please him. You wanted him to please you the same way.

Your feelings for Jonathan had long surpassed mere friendship. However, he was the only friend you had, and romance was a concept entirely new to you. So, you waited for him to “make the first move”, or something of the sort. If he did indeed think of you that way.

You arrived at your meeting place clothed in your best dress. You had spent much too long combing and plaiting your hair, and you were still unsure whether you had chosen the right arrangement.

“Miss (y/n)!” A cheery voice boomed from behind you. Demurely, you looked up from your basket of snacks to see Jonathan.

He was absolutely stunning. He had smoothed his dark locks out of his face. His best shone a dark, shimmering blue, embroidered with silvers and golds. His dress may have been a bit elegant for a picnic, but you paid no mind as you admired his muscular form. But your proper upbringing shooed any lewd thoughts out of your mind.

“Good afternoon, JoJo!”

“Why, (y/n),” he dropped the formalities as took in a deep breath. “You look…” He didn't even complete the sentence.

You inspected your attire. “Is it alright? Is something wrong?”

“No!” he corrected himself. “You’re positively breathtaking!” You giggled at his manners, though your face flushed all the same. He held his arm out to you.

“Shall we depart, my lady?” A smile spread across your cheeks.

“Certainly, my lord .” you mocked his speech jokingly as you made your way to the creek.

The sun seemed unbearable as you cut through fields, and as soon as the both of you had chosen a spot to lay down your blanket, you collapsed on the ground, heaving.

“This is the one part I dislike about the summer.” You fanned yourself with your fan, thankful that you had chosen to wear your low-cut dress. Though you were somewhat embarrassed to see your cleavage poking out of your bodice, it was a blessing to feel the cool breeze on your breast.

You refocused your gaze on Jonathan. His eyes had lazily drifted downwards. Was he… eyeing your exposed chest? Your heart leapt into your throat at the thought. Your cheeks were already rosy from the walk, but you both blushed even harder when you noticed.

After muttering a small apology, he proceeded as though nothing has ever occurred, setting himself down, next to you, on the blanket. You hauled yourself up to rifle through your basket for the food you had brought.

“I have cucumber sandwiches, lemon tea biscuits–”

“They look absolutely delicious!” You laughed at the remark.

“Well they might look delicious, but I’m not sure how good they taste.”

Jonathan immediately grabbed one of the small sweets and placed it to his lips. You observed as he delicately bit into the sugary coating. His eyes widened.

“It’s amazing! Here, have a taste,” He offered you the biscuit, and you took a bite as it still rested in between his fingers. You slowly chewed, savouring its sweetness.

“They actually turned out okay.” You chuckled.

The two of you continued to eat, laugh, and talk for a long while. Soon the sun began to set, and the cool wind began to chill the air. You shivered.

“Are you getting cold? I'm sorry, I didn't bring a coat.”

“No, it's quite alright JoJo.” You lay down against the blanket, staring up at the violet sky. You felt him collapse next to you.

“Here,” his arm wrapped around your shoulders and you gasped. He hesitated.

“Sorry, if you don't–”

“No, JoJo. It's fine.” you pulled his arm around your cold frame.

“May I?” You questioned him shyly, moving closer to him and preparing to rest your head on his chest.

“C-Certainly,” he stuttered out. You were so hopeful. Maybe, just maybe, he cared for you the same way that you cared for him. But how would you ever know?

The two of you were silent as the sun began to set. Jonathan was absolutely enthralled by the wispy pink clouds in the sky. He was amazed at the way the haze would change colors as the sun disappeared into the west. Honestly, you found it absolutely adorable. You stared into his eyes as he gazed upwards, his cheeks bright with a large grin. As you nuzzled your head into his chest, he began to stroke your hair. You shivered at the pleasurable feeling of his fingers massaging his scalp.

You remained there for a while,  content and warm. Suddenly you felt his other arm wrap around yours. He pulled you closer, and you felt something soft against your forehead. As you took in a shallow breath, you looked up to see his embarrassed face. Slowly, you, tilted your head to brush your lips across his cheek.

You were trying your hardest to calm your heart, to keep from sweating, and it seemed Jonathan was doing the same. As he looked into your eyes, you noticed his raised eyebrows, his lips parted in wonder.

Gently, you eased your way to sitting, still leaning over his frame. You lowered your lips onto his.

He was soft and supple in the kiss, though the two of you just barely grazed each other before you pulled away.

“(Y/n),” he whispered. You flushed embarrassed.

“JoJo, do you… do you care for me?”

“Of course I do!” He sat up, as if to bring you into another kiss, but paused.

“Do you… M-May I… kiss you again?” Your nerves still raged as you nodded an affirmation. His large hand came to rest on your cheek, and you cupped it in your own palm as you leaned into his warmth. He pressed his lips to yours more firmly than you had done before, and your fingers intertwined. The kiss turned heated and passionate as he tilted your chin, inching closer towards you. His hands left your own as he placed them on your waist, you moaned at his touch, bringing your fingers to run through his hair, pulling his soft lips closer.

Suddenly, you toppled onto the blanket, Jonathan’s large body falling on top of yours. You thought he might become embarrassed and stop, but he pressed on. He pushed your hips to the ground as he playfully bit your lip, a gasp escaping your mouth. His tongue forced his way into your mouth, as your brain flooded with thoughts.

He was so rough, so passionate, so… ungentlemanly. But it was thrilling.  You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, and you could swear you heard a soft moan as his strong chest pressed against your torso. He dragged a hand up your waist and into your hair as he broke from your lips to attack your collarbone.

He bit roughly, and you gasped, before he proceeded to kiss and suck the afflicted area. His hand wandered up the side of your body, resting itself almost against your breast. Kisses trailed down into your cleavage as you sucked in a deep breath. His other hand released itself from your hair, sliding down your shoulders, your collarbone… your breast.

Abruptly, however, he pulled away, spinning around. You lay, head reeling, still entranced by the feeling of his lips on your breast. But you tried your best so suddenly sit up.


“I’m so terribly sorry, (y/n). Please, please forgive me,”

“JoJo, is something wrong?” You knelt behind him, wrapping your arms around his shoulders and submitting to the urge to kiss his cheek. He seemed stiff and uncomfortable.

“You… You should be mad at me. I wasn’t able to control myself.”

“JoJo,” you whispered in his ear, “You don't need to control yourself,” he took in a shake breath, turning around to hold your small hands in his massive fists.

“(Y/n), you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen,” You blushed and hid your face. “You are intelligent and kind and thoughtful. All I want is to hold you close and never let you go. And you didn't reject my advances, so I just… made a fool of myself.” His anger was entirely directed towards himself. “You are a lady. And I should treat you as such.”

You almost couldn't form words. But you resolved that to be just as honest with him as he was with you.

“JoJo, you are such a gentleman. But you are so much more that that. You are sweet, but passionate, and dedicated… JoJo, I love you. And… I want you to love me. I want you to have me.” you drew in a breath, awaiting a response.

You felt his hand rest against your cheek. He was gazing into your eyes with so much love, so much compassion. He made you feel safe, you trusted that he would treat you well.

His lips slowly inched towards yours, and you the corners of your mouth turned upwards as he took the initiative. Just before your lips met, you whispered to him.

“Don't be afraid.”

Chapter Text

“Get your ass up!”

“No!” You whined. He pulled your blanket away maliciously. You kicked your legs at him.

“Hey!” He pulled you up by the arm. “Time to ride sleeping beauty.”

“I’m not a beauty, but I am sleeping, so leave me alone.” Gyro groaned.

“Hey, Johnny, come on. We’re leaving. Again.” Johnny merely nodded in agreement.

This was not an unusual occurrence. Sometimes you would get stubborn when Gyro pushed you around, and so you pushed back. Then you would get several extra minutes of sleep, and catch right back up with them on the road. They’d roll their eyes, annoyed, but amazed at how you managed to rejoin them so quickly.

Of course it helped that your stand let you actually communicate telepathically with your sleek silver horse, Iron Maiden. You had always loved riding through the fields, the forest, anywhere Maiden was willing to run. Gyro and Johnny always acted like your gift was an unfair advantage, but you felt you had deserved the awards you had won so far in the race.

You rubbed Iron Maiden’s mane as you burst past the two men.

“Glad you made it!” Gyro drawled sarcastically.

“I hate you too, Gyro!” You cackled, leading your horse in a wide circle to join their pace.

Over the day you would eventually warm up to each other, but you thought it was funny how Gyro always seemed to act pissed in the morning. Johnny was generally nice to you, my maybe Gyro was just threatened by your competition, although you always told him to relax because you were just “along for the ride.” (he laughed the first time you told that joke, but eventually he became just as annoyed as Johnny)

After a long day and almost no progress made with the corpse parts, you lay your bags down next to each other in preparation for a cold night. Gyro gathered firewood, while you and Johnny put up the horses.

“So… I have a strange question.”

“Huh?” You looked up from tending to your mare.

“Well, do you like Gyro?”

“Of course! He’s really great rider–”

“That's not what I mean.” He gave you a knowing look. You, however, were clueless.

“What do you mean?” You squatted to get onto his level, as though it would somehow help you understand. What exactly he was saying. He sighed, visibly irritated.

“Are you romantically interested in Gyro Zeppeli?” You paused, taking in his words.

“What?” You asked again, confused. Johnny groaned. “No, I,” you stuttered “I understand what you’re asking, but,” The words would have refused to leave your mouth even if you did know what to say.

It wasn’t that you were averse to the idea of romance. Actually, you quite liked the idea. You just never thought anyone would like you .

But Gyro? No, he was your best friend, even if he hated you sometimes.  Besides, he probably wasn't attracted to you. He seemed like the kind of guy to go for sexy seductresses. Right?

You remained silent as Gyro returned with the kindling, sneaking a glance at him now and then he set up the campfire. He was quite handsome, even if oddly dressed. You couldn't deny that he was charming, humorous, skilled… But, did that mean you just admired him? Or did you feel more?

“(Y/n), scootch in a bit, it's freezing!”

Gyro lay on his cot, sandwiched in between you and Johnny, huddling for warmth. You curled away from him, stiff and rigid in your discomfort. However, in his own discomfort, he turned on his side and wrapped his arm around your stomach. You almost squeaked.

Eventually you were able to drift off to sleep, though your body still tender every time you felt his touch


Suddenly, you bolted upright, panting. The sun had not yet risen, and the sky glowed a beautiful indigo color. But your mind was still focused on the dream.

Soft warm lips pressed against your neck, dexterous fingers running through your hair, a soft and sultry voice whispering your name.

You glanced over at Gyro as a heat spread across your cheeks. His long eyelashes, his shapely mouth parted slightly, revealing just a glint of gold. You rolled your eyes. He was such an idiot. A beautiful idiot.

You tossed the blanket aside, springing up to your mare. Maiden could tell that something was bothering you. You patted her mane assuring her it wasn't anything bad. But she pressed on in her inquiry. Finally, you rolled your eyes.

It's boy trouble.

She whinnied with laughter and you playfully nudges her, warning her. not to wake the boys.

Now, come on, I need to wash up.

Iron Maiden lowered her neck to let you mount, carrying you off to a nearby stream. Hopefully Gyro and Johnny wouldn't awake before you got back.

You leapt off of her back and onto the shore of the stream.  Thankfully, it originated from a warm spring and the water was clear and clean. You left your boots and clothes under a tree, asking Maiden not to wander too far so she could keep an eye on your belongings and your privacy.

You  shivered as your toe touched the flowing water, but slowly made your way into its current. In a swift motion, you dunked your head into the stream, in an effort to wake up your body and clear your mind.

You needed a moment to refocus on the race as you scrubbed the grime and dirt off your skin. Even after you had cleaned up, you remained for a long while. Then, slowly, you began to ease yourself out of the warm water, prepared for the long day’s ride ahead of you.


Suddenly, you paused, recognising the voice immediately. You hurried out of the water as you hear Iron Maiden’s whinny of warning.

“(Y/n)! There you a–” He froze, just as he leapt out of the bushes. The water concealed your hips downward. But your top remained exposed. His lips rounded in an expression of shock and amazement. You were paralysed for a moment, just before you grabbed at your chest, and stumbled backwards.


“I… Umm... Sorry, I couldn't find you,” He kept eye contact.

“Go away!” You crouched until the water hid your entire figure, face burning  red with embarrassment.

“Dammit, sorry!” He turned around, rubbing his neck.

“We just didn't find you and I panicked and–” His head slipped to look over his shoulder.

“TURN AROUND!” you yelled, pants halfway up your legs. He shot back forward, remaining silent until you were fully clothed.

Your body still trembling, despite your best efforts to remain collected, you called you to Gyro.

“Y-You can look now. I’m d-decent.”

He whipped around, looking at you with a curious gaze. As he strode over to meet you, he began to bring his arms out for an embrace. But he hesitated, color rising to his face.

Had he really seen… all of you? Did he care? Did this ruin any chances you had, or… had he enjoyed it?

“Gyro,” Your fingers began to fidget as you looked down. Oh god, how would you explain this to him? If you didn't tell him now it would consume your thoughts throughout the entire day, you wouldn't be able to ride, to keep up. But how do you tell him?

“I have a strange question…” You began.

“Does it have to do with why you ran away?” His voice was raised now in  slight frustration.

“Umm, yeah. Kind of.” You paused, taking a step closer. You were close enough to reach out and touch him. But you didn't dare.

“Why? What the hell were you thinking?” he stammered. He was gradually losing his composure. But you couldn't tell what emotion he was trying to conceal. Was he angry, or scared, or concerned, or… excited?

“Do you, are you,” You took a shaky breath. “Are you romantically interested in me?!” You had meant for it to be a gentle inquisition, but your shaky voice turned it into an abrupt shout. You didn't dare look at his face.

“What?” He seemed confused now. You sighed in frustration, knowing he probably hadn't even considered you in that sort of way.

“I, umm, please don't take this the wrong way, but,” Here it was, “I never thought about you that way–” You turned on your foot to flee, tears already coming to your eyes.

“Wait! Let me finish!” He grabbed your hand. “I n-never thought about you like that,” was he nervous? “Until right now, actually,”

You slowly, lifted your head to gaze at him intently.

“Oh crap, now you're just gonna think I'm a pervert,”

“I know you are,” You taunted him, despite your still raging nervousness. His face was growing exceedingly red.

“You… You're beautiful. I’m sorry, it's just, your riding gear covered you up–”

“Gyro I understand if you just want me as a friend, but you don't have to tease me like that.”

“But, I really think… I think I want you to be more. You're my friend, but you're more–” suddenly, he blurted out.

“Is this what love is? I adore you and I admire you. You're hilarious and talented. And then you annoy the crap out of me and I hate you so much. But I still need to hold you, to hug you, to feel your reassuring embrace– Merda, and now you’re making me spout crappy poetry!” He ended his rant, panting slightly, face crimson with rage and embarrassment and confusion. But you loved it.

Before he could catch his breath, you grabbed his cheeks and pulled him into a kiss. His lips were firmer than they had been in your dream, but quickly kissed you back with force. His arms clasped your waist, pulling your hips to his as you gasped.  Your chest pressed against his firm torso as you felt him moan. Your fingers slid past his cheekbones and into his long, slick hair. They ran up against his scalp to the back of his neck, rubbing up under his hat. You could tell that he wanted to go even further as his lips parted slightly and his tongue slipped out. However, you pulled away for just a moment. Though your hips remained glued together, he whimpered slightly at the separation.

“Gyro, please,” You panted between breaths. “Don’t kiss me like this if you don't feel anything for me.”

“Ok.” he grinned cheekily before bringing his lips to yours for a second time. Your body filled with warmth as you acknowledged this affirmation. He tilted his head to deepen the kiss, leaning you back and almost literally sweeping you off your feet. Instead you fell backwards onto the trunk of a tree behind you, as he pinned you against the bark. He took the opportunity to bite your lip playfully, and you smirked at his aggressiveness. His tongue slipped between your lips as his hand ran up your back. His other hand slid down further. You almost wanted to slap his hand back, but you were enjoying it too much. One of your hands reached down to grab at his chest as he gasped. He fiddled with the hem of your shirt, and this time you broke away.

“You first,” you whispered. He smirked at your command, shedding his cape as you pulled his shirt over his head. His hat fell to the ground in the process, but was ignored as you attacked his neck. You bit roughly and could swear you heard him squeak. You sucked at his supple skin before gliding your tongue down to his collarbone. Your hands continued to roam up and down his chest, tickling, squeezing. He moaned out your name, and it amused you just how much you were pleasing him. But you still desired his own lips against yours. You kissed him again, with more force, as one of your legs sneaked up to wrap around his waist and grind into his hips. However, he attacked your breast just as viciously. Your breathing was shallow as kissed any skin that your top exposed. His hands slid down to viciously grasp your ass.

“Well, looks like I am gonna place first after all! Bye guys!” You heard a as whinny Gyro and you immediately turned to see Johnny riding off through the forest.

“DAMMIT!” The two of you quickly gathered your things and jumped on your horses without hesitation. Within a minute you had caught up with Johnny, but Gyro was still straggling behind a bit.

He cursed as he struggled to put his shirt on while simultaneously steering Valkyrie.

“Serves you right, you pervert!” You teased him as you sped ahead.

“I hate you too, (y/n)!”

Chapter Text

They always had the silliest ideas. “Let’s crash Yukako and Koichi’s date!” “Let’s go get ice cream from every store in town!” “Let’s go switch the parts on all of Rohan’s action figures!” Although, you must admit, it was hilarious to see Sailor Moon’s pretty little head placed atop Rurouni Kenshin’s sword brandishing body, even if Rohan did literally chase you out of the house.

Every time they approached you, you rolled your eyes, even though you knew you were probably going to have a great time.

“(Y/n)! (Y/n)! We have such a great idea!” Okuyasu grabbed your shoulders and shook them vigorously. You chuckled apprehensively.

“What is it this time?”

“Let’s go to the beach!” Okuyasu exclaimed, still bouncing up and down. Your eyebrows lifted with surprise. as you let out a small “Oh!”

That wasn't a bad plan. But wait, did they have something else in mind?

“Just going to the beach? No pranks, no schemes, no nothing?”

“Well, if you want…” Okuyasu started.

“No, it's perfectly fine. I think it would be fun. When do you wanna go?”

“Any day is fine,” Josuke finally spoke up, rubbing his neck.

“I’m free tomorrow.” You began, “Just us or Koichi and the rest?” Josuke looked at Okuyasu questioningly.

“We… We asked them, they said they were busy.” Okuyasu said. Josuke nudged him, face flushed red. The two seemed to be acting somewhat strangely, but you brushed it off.

“Whatever, cool. I can meet you at your house tomorrow morning.” You said, looking forward to the chance to relax.

“Yes!” Josuke pumped his fist in the air excitedly. You giggled at his enthusiasm. A trip to the beach would be nice.

The morning after, you pulled out your swimsuit. You hadn't been to the beach in a while because of how busy you were, you hoped it still fit.

You gazed at yourself in the mirror, slightly disappointed with your appearance. You were extremely self conscious about how your body looked,  and the bikini didn't help. But you shoved  it out of your mind for the moment as you placed a sun dress over your head. Maybe you wouldn't have to swim, though you were really looking forward to splashing around in the water with Josuke.

You had to admit, Josuke was adorable . He was cheeky but chivalrous, kind but stubborn. He wouldn't ever like you, but a bit of unrequited love never hurt anybody? Right?

You walked up to the front door. Immediately it swung open to reveal Josuke in swim trunks and an overshirt.

“(Y/n)!” You took in a shallow breath as he pulled you into his embrace. You smiled, feeling his firm arms wrap around you.

“Get out of the way!” Okuyasu yelled as Josuke pushed you to the side with him. His friend ran out of the house, shirt already off, carrying a bucket of shovels, a pool donut, and everything else he had found in Josuke’s garage. You giggled, thinking you might actually have a really good time.

On the way to the beach, you and Josuke began to chat. You talked about how much you didn't want to go back to school and how fun the summer had been. You invited Okuyasu to join the conversation, but he was lagging behind, and content to stay that way. At least you had the opportunity to talk with Josuke.

Finally, you arrived at the beach. Okuyasu set up a towel and a blanket from his bag of surprises. He laid down, basking in the sun, as he placed a pair of tinted glasses on his eyes.

“I’m just gonna nap here for a bit.”

You chuckled questioningly.

“Don't you wanna actually do something, Oku?”

“Meh,” he grunted, “I’ll catch up with you later.” He lay on the towel, resting his arms behind his head and looking up at the sky.

“So, (y/n), you wanna go swim?” Josuke seemed excited, but you laughed nervously.

“Umm… Maybe later?” His face saddened, and you conceded, unwilling to displease him in the slightest. “Okay, we can… But promise you won't laugh!” You urged him.

“Why would I laugh?” His cheeky smile made you sigh.

“I don't know, I should've thought this through before. I just feel really awkward in this swimsuit.” You trailed off.

“Relax,” Josuke placed a hand on your shoulder. “I’m sure you look great. Let’s just relax and have fun. Here,” he took off his shirt, suddenly exposing his magnificent abs. Wow. You honestly wish you could just stand there, staring, for the rest of time.

“Your turn.” He nudged you. You pulled yourself out of your reverie and groaned, unwillingly tugging at the hem of your dress.

“Oh!” you realised “I forgot sunscreen. Do you have any?”

“Of course!” Josuke ran to retrieve a pack of lotion from the bag. You thanked him as you began to smother your arms. and legs You noticed Josuke watching.

“Need it!” You offered him the sunscreen. His face flushed red, and you raised your eyebrow, a bit confused.

“Y-Yeah!” thanks. While he was preoccupied, you finally decided to shed your dress, awkwardly lathering the lotion on your exposed upper thighs and stomach. You couldn't quite reach around for your back, and realised that you would need help. Turning to Josuke hesitantly, you noticed he seemed to be having the same problem. You called to him.

“Josuke,” He looked up and paused. You felt squeamish as his eyes seemed to inspect every inch of your body as you covered your stomach with your hands. “Do you need me to do your back?” you mumbled.

“S-Sure, thanks.” He turned around as you slathered the sunscreen over his muscular shoulders. This was probably the closest you would ever be to him, so you took your time making sure you covered every inch, from his nape all the way down to where his swim trunks began. You heard a soft noise come from him as his body shivered.

“Huh?” You questioned.

“Oh! I was just asking if you needed any help.”

“Yeah,” you turned. His strong hands ran over your back. It almost felt as though he was massaging you. You tried your hardest not to let a moan escape your lips as his hands spread the lotion downwards. Suddenly, his hands pulled away.

“Race you to the water!” He screamed

“Hey!” You chased after him as he propelled himself into the sea. You splashed into the waves, laughing as he tried to keep his hair in place.

Throughout the swimming and splashing about, you became much more comfortable. You joked and teased each other and threw handfuls of sand at each other.

Noon soon came, and you two waded out of the ocean. You shivered and he offered you a towel to dry off. As you thanked him. The two of you sat down on a bench away from the beach. Your heart began to beat faster as he wrapped his arm around your shoulder protectively.

You were silent for a long moment. Josuke was tapping his fingers on his thighs, restlessly, but you looked ahead, taking in the ocean before you. Abruptly he broke the silence.

“Do you enjoy spending time with me, (y/n)?”

“Of course I do!” you chuckled, though adrenaline was still pumping through your veins.

“That's good,” He muttered under his breath. You turned to face him. The side of his face was stunningly lit by the sunlight, as his striking eyes gazed ahead. You still didn't understand how he could be so gorgeous. His lips were full and plump, his abs still radiant. Dammit, you were such a fangirl. His eyes tilted to look into yours, and you flushed.

“The real reason I asked you here… I wanted to spend more time with you,” he paused. Wait, was this what you thought it was? Was he–

“I r-really like you (y/n),” He stammered out, releasing his hold around your to grasp your hands in his. “I want to be more than just friends. Are you ok… Do you want that?” You were completely flustered. You had always told yourself this would never happen. None of the nice boys would ever like you.

“W-What?” You stuttered out. “Are you sure?” His face grew slightly taken aback, and almost disappointed.

“Why wouldn't I be sure?”

“Because I’m me !” You blurted out unexpectedly.

“But,” he began, “That's why I love you! Because you're you! You’re beautiful, you're stunning, you're hilarious, you're–” Your breath caught in your throat. In a split second, Josuke made a decision.

He began to lean closer still gazing into your eyes. You didn't budge, still struck silent.

Softly, his lips grazed yours. He rested one hand on your cheek. But to your dismay, he quickly pulled away. He seemed to be gauging your reaction. You stared longingly into his eyes. Shyly, you crept your hand up around his neck, gently fiddling with the back of his hair. You pulled him closer, wanting to kiss him just one more time.

Your lips locked together. You grew warmer as his other hand rested on your thigh, still covered by the towel. You leaned in closer, not daring to stay away from him any longer. You brought a palm to his shoulder, subduing the urge to run it down his bare chest. For a long while you remained, gently sucking at his soft lips. The towel slid from around your shoulder, and you gasped at the cold air. He seemed to take initiative, then hesitated momentarily parting his lips from yours.

“I… I haven't really done this before. But may I–”

“Josuke,” you cut him off with a nervous chuckle, pressing your finger to his lips.

“You may do anything to me.” You hadn't expected yourself to be so… seductive. But it was certainly worth it, as he showered your neck with quick kisses. Your back hit the bench, and his chest fell against yours. You gasped at the sudden pressure. As his hands fell to the side of your head, your own fingers trailed up and down his back, desperately feeling as much of his bare skin as you could against your own. His muscular thigh had dropped in between your legs, and you stifled a gasp as his lips trailed further down your breast. You whispered his name.

You relished the feeling of his warm abs pressed to your stomach, his hands pressed to your shoulders, his lips pressed to your breast.

“Come on, guys! You're in public! I said I'd give you some time but slow down!” Okuyasu yelled like the idiot he was. You and Josuke both flushed red, as he struggled to climb off of you.

“I’m so so sorry (y/n), I just got ahead of myself.”

“I did too,” you began “but–”

“Holy crap!” Okuyasu suddenly exclaimed. “(Y/n), you're smokin’!”

You blushed, wrapping the towel that had fallen on the bench around your bare body as Josuke gave Okuyasu a threatening look.

“No I’m not!” You blurted out. But Josuke wrapped a hand around your waist.

“Of course you are. But you're also mine .” He pulled you into a kiss, taunting Okuyasu.

How you'd scored a man like this, you'd never know.

Chapter Text

“Come on, come on!”

“Just give up already!”

“I’ll never surrender!” He grinned cheekily. You scoffed back, fingers blazing as they trailed over the console. Josuke had been annihilated within the first minute when you and Oku had ganged up on him, while Koichi repeatedly walked off the end of the platform as he mashed the wrong buttons.

But now, you two were the only ones remaining: Mario against Link, duelling for the prize. He grunted, leaning in towards the TV.

“Come on, COME ON!”

Suddenly, Link jumped up, brandishing his sword in a combo that left Mario flying from the stage.

“YES!!!” You jumped up in triumph as the words “GAME SET” flashed across the screen. The adrenaline surge began to curb, though your palms still sweat and your fingers trembled. But the victory was worth it.

“DAMMIT!!!” Oku  banged the floor with his fists.

“Ha! She totally got you!” Josuke  choked out through fits of laughter as he rolled on the floor.

“That wasn't fair!” Okuyasu’s face reddened as he became visibly irritated. But you skipped over and brought him into a hug, still giggling from your victory.

“Calm down, it’s just a game,” You buried your head in his neck “Now, come on Oku, let’s eat!” Right on time, you heard Josuke’s mother call out.

“Pizza’s here!”

“Sweet!” You quickly climbed over him to make your way to the food. The boys stayed behind for a while while you helped carry in boxes and get out the paper plates. You chatted with Tomoko for a bit, but soon yelled at the boys to get their butts in there.

Josuke strode smugly into the dining room while Okuyasu stomped in, face still burning with frustration. Koichi was glaring at Josuke annoyance. For now, you laughed and dismissed their childish antics.

You all filled your plates and strode back to the living room to chow down. You lay on the couch, occasionally eating a bite of Tonio’s pizza (he had begrudgingly consented to cook you take out food every now and then), while Oku sat on the floor with his back to the sofa. Occasionally you’d tease him by poking him or fiddling with his hair. He’d swat at your hand and tell you to cut it out, but never got that mad. For some reason, Okuyasu let you mess with him more than he let the others…


“Aww, but Smash Bros. is so boring! I don't wanna play it again.” Oku whined.

“You’re just bitter ‘cause you lost,” you railed at him, as he scoffed.

“Yeah, but I wanna watch a movie!” He complained between mouthfuls of pizza.

“And yet you don't want to watch The Shining ?” You teased him. He groaned at your suggestion.

“Nah man! That’s scary as f***!”

Josuke laughed, seizing the opportunity. “Don’t tell me you're scared of a little movie.” He nudged Oku in the shoulder, squatting on the floor next to him. You teamed up with Josuke, hopping up from the couch to squat on the other side of Okuyasu

“Really?” You feigned surprise. “Come on, we brought down a serial killer, and you're scared of some little girls in pigtails?” You whined at him, poking him in the elbow.

Koichi finally let out a sigh.

“Come on guys, stop teasing each other!” You, personally, couldn’t ever upset adorable little Koichi, so you decided to back off. But as you returned to the couch, Okuyasu abruptly shouted.

“Fine, we can watch the damn horror movie. I'm not scared, I'm just…”

“Apprehensive?” you suggested, giggling. Oku’s face went blank.

“Appre… what?” Okuyasu was so cute when he was confused. Josuke laughed and patted him on the back.

“Don't worry about it Oku. Koichi,  you, get the popcorn–”

“Aww, why me?”

“–I’ll get blankets and pillows.” Josuke continued.

“I’ll set it up.” You jumped up excitedly, grabbing the case off the shelf, and inserted the disk. Then you paused.

“You sure you're okay with this Oku?” You turned to see him sitting criss-cross on the floor, his back hunched and his fingers fidgeting in his lap.

“Of course I am (y/n)I love horror” His voice sounded a bit shaky, and you crawled over to sit next to him.

“I mean, it's totally fine if not…”

“No.” He cut you off, “I wanna watch it.” He was committed in his response. You smile as you turned on the TV.

“Well, I’m gonna go change first.” You ran up to grab your overnight bag.

“G-Good idea,” He called after you.

You headed to the bathroom with your pyjamas. You were so glad that Josuke's mom had finally let you sleep over with the boys. She had seen how you acted like one of the guys, and how happy it made Josuke and Okuyasu when you were around.

You slipped off your bra and brought the loose tank top over your head. Hopefully the guys wouldn't mind that your sleepwear was a bit… revealing. But you found that a tank top and shorts were the most comfortable, you didn't care how that looked.

You skipped back into the hallway and through to the kitchen.

“Popcorn ready?” You asked Koichi, already smelling the delicious salty scent filling the room.

“Yep, could you bring it to the living room?” Koichi handed you the large bowl as you nodded. You couldn't resist sneaking a taste as you bounded into the room and back onto the sofa, proceeding to lick the butter and salt off your fingers. A creak sounded near the door, and you looked up to see Okuyasu changed into a fitted tank top and sweatpants. You couldn't help but stare at his muscular arms.

At school, Josuke always had the reputation as the lady-killer. Girls would swoon at his well built frame, his immaculate hair, his kissable lips. But you never really saw the appeal. Okuyasu was just as attractive. Though it was rare to see him out of his jacket, when you did see his bare golden skin, his well defined torso, you simply lost. Sometimes you four would go swimming, and you had to do your best not to admire his body every single second he looked away. Of course you pushed these feelings down as far as you could. You were one of the guys, you weren't even sure if they realised you were eligible to date any of them.

Okuyasu had halted at the door. His eyes rested on you. Was something wrong? Was there a popcorn kernel in your teeth or something? A slight blush spread to his cheeks, and you were taken aback.

“Umm… Oku, are you ok?” You looked at him questioningly.

“What?” He seemed to emerge from his brief reverie. “I, umm, yeah… what?” You chuckled at his confusion. He was such an adorable little idiot.

“Come on,” you patted the seat next to you, offering him to join you on the couch. He didn't move, however. Josuke approached him from behind, bearing two large and puffy blankets as well as several pillows. You grabbed another handful of popcorn as Okuyasu grabbed Josuke's arm. What was he doing. The two walked out of the room.

As soon as the exited, Koichi emerged from the doorway on the other side of the room.

“Hey Koichi,” You began “Is something wrong with Oku? What happened earlier when you guys were talking.”

“O-Oh!” Koichi blurted out, nervously rubbing his neck. “It was, umm…” Noticing his discomfort, you sighed.

“It’s fine, you don't have to tell me if it's none of my business.”

“No, No. It's not that. He just,” He seemed conflicted. But before Koichi could say anything else, Josuke and Okuyasu came back. Oku slid on the couch next to you as Josuke sat down on the floor in front, throwing you a blanket. Okuyasu was grinning, though his cheeks still showed a red flush. His arm reached around your shoulder, and you smiled at the warmth.

“Popcorn?” You offered, handing him the bowl.

“Y-Yes please!” he grinned, grabbing a handful. As you placed the popcorn back onto the table on the side, he continued. “By the way, (y/n), you’re really pretty!”

“What?!” this caught you by surprise as your heart began to race, but Okuyasu kept a smile plastered on his face. You could swear you heard Josuke mutter something as Oku pulled you closer into his arms. “Thank you, I guess. I mean, I'm just… I..” You stuttered, trying to find words. Did he mean you looked pretty right now? In your pyjamas? Or in general? Your mind flooded with questions as looked at Josuke and Koichi, trying to discern what was going on.

“You're also really funny,” he continued. “And smart,” He grinned triumphantly at you, but you simply sat there, a blush rising to your face. Josuke face palmed, and Koichi cringed. Was Okuyasu trying to–

“Let’s watch the movie!” Josuke blurted out, scrambling over to grab the remote.

“I’ll hit the lights!” Koichi offered. Okuyasu leaned his head onto yours. Did Oku… Did he like you? Was that what this was about. Your heartbeat quickened as this thought came to your mind. But maybe he was just trying to flatter you so he could ask a favor or something. Right?

As the movie began, he pulled you closer, and you gasped. His calloused fingers stroked your shoulder. It's not that you weren't enjoying his touch. In fact, you nuzzled into his strong arms, resting your head against his shoulder (somewhat surprised that he didn't smell like a stinky teenage boy).

The movie began, and you remained relatively quiet, though the boys would occasionally pipe up to comment or make fun of the movie. Suddenly, the screen flashed to a bloody scene. You felt Okuyasu’s grip around you tighten, and craned your neck to see his face, which was contorted as if to hide his fear.

“Y-You know,” He began, “If you’re scared, uhh…” You could almost feel him trembling, the poor baby…

“I won't be scared,” You whispered. “Because you're here.” You grabbed the hand resting on your shoulder, and he seemed to relax at your touch. Maybe he did have feelings for you...

He flinched and let out a small yelp at the next jump scare. Josuke snickered, and you gave him a disgusted glance. You grabbed the blanket lying on the couch next to you, spreading it over. the two of your laps.

“Thanks,” Okuyasu mumbled, somewhat embarrassedly.

“No problem,” Josuke and Koichi were still fixated on the screen, so in a split second you gathered all your courage and placed a light kiss on his cheek. You could feel his face burning as you remained there for a moment. Your chest twisted with nervousness as you pulled away, looking down into your hands to hide your anxious expression. Okuyasu remained still, so you quickly stole a glance at his face. His eyebrows were raised in shock as he gazed into your eyes. A shy smile came to your lips as the movie continued to play in the background. You rested your head back onto his shoulder. His fingers slowly slid down your arm, to your waist.

You couldn't believe this was happening. Of course it might just be that Okuyasu was an idiot and he didn't realise he was even flirting with you. But, you shooed these self-defeating thoughts out of your head. You had Okuyasu in your grasp, just as you always wanted, and you would have him.

The rest of the movie was not several terrified gasps and twitches from Oku, but each time he seemed scared, you would make sure to hold him tighter, to stroke him gently. Eventually, it seemed, Josuke and Koichi had drifted off to sleep, though you were quite certain Okuyasu was still awake.

“Oku,” you whispered softly. He tensed slightly.

“Yeah, (y/n)” You smiled as he whispered your name.

“Do you wanna keep watching this, or can we turn it off?”

“I’m not afraid,” he began. You chuckled at how cute he was.

“I'm not saying that you are, I’m just saying that we can turn it off…” You turned to face him, though his eyes were still glued to the screen.

“I guess,” You reached over to grab the remote, unwillingly pulling yourself from his arms. As soon as you heard the click of the TV switching off and the room went almost black, you heard his soft voice.


“Yeah, Oku?” You settled back next to him under the warm covers, even though you were extremely warm already.

“Does this mean… Do you…” He began scratching at the back of his neck, avoiding eye contact with you. Your stomach felt fluttery as you fidgeted in anticipation. But his shoulders slumped, “I know I'm kinda dumb, and my hair’s not as cool as Josuke’s and–” He pulled away from you, his voice speeding up and his hands gesturing with each word “and you’re so beautiful and smart, and you’re way out of my league,” You panicked, placing your hand on his cheek and pulling his head to face you. You almost wanted to laugh out of nervousness.

“Okuyasu, I don't think you're dumb. Oku, you're hilarious and caring and kind. And, uh, really hot,” You paused. Dear gods, did you really just say that? He took in a shaky breath, and you figured you had nothing to lose. You looked him straight in the eyes. “Do you like me Okuyasu?” He looked down, but nodded shyly. You felt a rush of joy, of relief, of excitement, and pulled him into a hug. You could feel his heart beating quickly between the thin layers of clothes that separated you.

“So…” You heard his faint whisper. “D-Do you like me ?” You buried your face in his neck.

“Of course I do!” his body relaxed as he let out a sigh of relief. Words began to flood out his mouth as he pulled away from you.

“Oh my god, I was so scared it was just me, I'm such an idiot, I can't believe–” You placed a finger to his mouth, silencing him. His eyes fixated on you, holding his breath.

“Shh, Josuke and Koichi are still asleep,” but you couldn't help but giggle and smile a little. You remained quiet for a moment, gazing into his eyes. You wanted him so badly right now, but you just remained, sitting side by side for a long while. What was he waiting for?

“Uhh…” He began. “Does this mean I can, like,” He paused, again. Could his cheeks get any more red? Could he get any more adorable?

“Can I kiss you?” You giggled at his request, your heartbeat surging with the offer.

“What do you think?” You teased him, resting your hand on the side of his face and stroking his cheek with your thumb. He sighed, almost defeatedly.

“You know I'm not really smart, you're gonna have to help me out here…” With that, you attacked his lips, wrapping your fingers in his hair. He flinched in shock when his lips met your, but gradually melted into your arms. They were surprisingly soft and warm. However, you broke the kiss a bit too quickly, so you could see how he reacted. You gazed at him, questioningly.

“Wow,” His eyes were wide, and his mouth hung open in amazement. “Your lips are so soft,” He trailed his fingers up to your mouth to graze across them. You couldn't help but laugh at his response, and he quickly pulled away, a bit embarrassed. But you grabbed his hand in yours, pulling it to your hip. He looked back at you.

“Can we do it again?” Okuyasu pleased. You smiled and nodded as you leaned in. The kiss was rougher this time. Your palm slid down his back to pull him closer. He finally got the courage to place his hand on your cheek, and you leaned into it, deepening the kiss. Unintentionally, your thigh slid up onto his lap, and he let out a small gasp. Your face grew hot, but you continued as his hand slipped down to grasp at your bare thigh. You heard a moan, only to realise it was coming from you, and he pulled you closer by your waist.

You wanted more. You just wanted him to wrap you in his warm embrace, to feel his skin against yours, to fall asleep there and never wake from your dream.

Your lips slowly parted, as you continued to suck and lick at his top lip. He quickened the pace, hand groping your thigh. Suddenly he bit your lower lip, causing you to gasp. He pulled away.

“Sorry, sorry… was that weird? I thought that was what I was supposed to do but maybe I'm wrong,”

“Oku,” you smiled again. “Nothing’s wrong .” You slowly leaned forward pressing him down onto the couch. He stared up at you as he lay there, face flushed red, chest rising and falling rapidly. Your knee rested in between his thighs, and you supported yourself by resting your hands on either side of his head.

“B-But,” he began again “What do I do?” You gathered your courage and leaned into his neck, kissing him softly behind his ear.  

“Do anything you want.” You smiled, continuing to kiss down his neck. He shuddered as he ran his fingers through your hair. You sucked at his skin, relishing the warmth of his touch. One of his hands slid down your back. You made your way back to his lips, placing a palm on his firm chest to support yourself.  You wanted him to touch you even more, though you knew he probably didn't have the nerve to go that far. But that was ok. You had the rest of the summer...

Chapter Text

It was your only choice: to confront the man who did this to you, and to somehow keep hope that everything would work out in the end. Your first memory was pain, shooting through your head, your spine, every inch of your body trembling and covered in sweat. Then the release. It felt like a red hot iron pin had been stabbed through your forehead. Then slowly numbness spread through your body. You heard voices. A deep growl of a man cursing, a low voice somewhat panicked. And then a soft voice. A melodious voice. Your eyelids flooded open to take in the scene.

Dark eyes, a deep violet color. A long strand of crimson hair draped down to frame his face, almost dangling far enough to tickle your cheek. His eyebrows raised gently, his shapely lips parting in surprise. Clumsily, you lifted your hand to graze the side of his soft face, just to make sure that he wasn't an illusion. At that moment, a wave of panic hit you. Where were you? What was going on? Who was this man?

Who were you?

You sat up, heartbeat ringing in your ears as you took in a large gulp of air. Your lips began to form words, but all that came out was a hoarse croak. A firm but gentle hand pressed against your shoulder, helping you to lay back down. You heard the melodious voice again.

“Shhh, it's okay, you're safe.” You looked back into his eyes, which were filled with compassion and worry. A tear slipped down your cheek.

“Who am I?”


That had been weeks ago. You had no option but to trust what the men told you: Your name was (y/n) (l/n), or, at least, that was how you had introduced yourself to them. Before you attacked them. You apparently held out for a long while, giving the old man a bloody nose and the Egyptian a broken rib. But the red-headed one had finally knocked you unconscious.

His name was Kakyoin Noriaki, and would always be the closest to your heart as he was the first face you had seen after you had lost your memory. His friend, Jotaro, had tried to extract the flesh bud from your head as he had done with both Kakyoin and Polnareff before, but this time the victim, you , had not escaped unscathed. The surgery had gone wrong, resulting in your amnesia.

But you didn't blame Jotaro or Kakyoin or any of them for your current state. You blamed Dio. And that was why you chose to travel with the five of them, to defeat the man who stole your former life from you, and hopefully to gain insight about your past.

You always tried to keep a smile on your face, no matter how it was hard at times. Just after you had started to warm up to the gang, an imposter had disguised himself as Kakyoin (and received the beating of his life on your behalf). The real Kakyoin had then helped fight alongside you against two of Dio’s servants: Hol Horse and J. Geil. And, when you weren't battling the enemy, you would relax and rest in the boys room, learning all you could about their past, about what had brought them up to this point, about the dangers you would face in the future.


“So, really really important question here,” You piped up, splayed out across the hotel bed and staring up at the ceiling.

“Yes, (y/n)?” Kakyoin’s voice always made you smile. He was sitting on the twin bed opposite you, so you sat up to face him.

“Why do you like cherries so much?” You smiled mischievously, and he laughed

in reply.

“Must I have a reason?” Kakyoin smiled slyly. Jotaro chimed in, sitting at the desk in the corner.

“Just go away if you’re not gonna say anything useful.”

Kakyoin sighed at these words.

“Jotaro, give her some time–”

“How about this: how did you guys find out about your stands? I still don't really get how they work.”

Jotaro let out a groan of annoyance and strode out of the room, slamming the door behind him. You felt a bit hurt at his display of disgust, but Kakyoin smiled sweetly.

“Don't worry about him,” he said.

That night, Kakyoin told you about how he never had friends as a child, about how no one could see his stand, and because of that he had never been very close with anyone. Until he found Jotaro and Polnareff.

“I wonder if I was like that…” The words slipped out of your mouth as you looked down at the fidgeting fingers that sat in your lap. You heard Kakyoin stand up from the bed, approaching where you sat. He wrapped his hands gently around your antsy fingers.

“Don't worry,” He stroked you with his thumb. “When we meet Dio, we’ll find out together. I promise.” You looked up into Kakyoin’s eyes. Those eyes were the first thing that you remembered seeing.

It was probably then that you realised just how dear he was to you. For so long he had been your protector. He shielded you from the worst of the attacks, he made sure you were okay when you were confused and helpless. He was handsome and compassionate and strong. Maybe you wanted him to be more than just your knight in shining armour.


Eventually you were forced to cross over into the Arabian Desert. Though the days were perilous as the sun blazed down, the nights were cold and biting. It was times like this when you wished more than ever that you were back home. That you had a home.

The campfire had been reduced to embers, and you shivered as the warmth died out. You turned your head in the dim moonlight to see Kakyoin. It seemed he had been awake for quite a while, staring up at the stars. You took a deep breath, which sounded more like a shudder as your cold breath steamed into the air. He heard the faint noise, turning to face you. A small smile crept across his cheeks.

“Can’t sleep?” He whispered. You shook your head.

“It’s just much too c-cold,” You squeaked through your chattering teeth.

“Here,” He shifted his sleeping bag closer to yours, offering to wrap his arm around your shoulder. You quietly consented, resting your head on his warm chest. You sighed at the sudden heat, snuggling yourself as close as you could to your large frame. You could feel his heartbeat, calm and steady, comforting you in your slightly anxious state. His other hand reached to stroke your hair gently. Shivers of pleasure ran up your spine at his touch.

You desired more than anything to ask him, to know if he cared for you how you cared for him. But you didn't make an effort to so much as open your eyes as you slowly fell asleep in his warm embrace.


You remembered that night as you sat by his hospital bed, a tear escaping down your cheek. You rubbed his large hand with your thumb. It had been just a few days after that night when he had “taken a bullet” for you in the crossfire. Just as N’Doul had prepared to attack you, Kakyoin had shielded you with his own body, receiving two deep cuts across his eyes. You had been inconsolable for the remainder of the battle, crying out, weeping holding Kakyoin’s limp body in your arms.

And now he had finally recovered, or at least, that’s what you had been told. He may have been asleep, but the Speedwagon Foundation doctors had assured you that his vision had returned to normal, even if two scars still marked his face.

Your cupped his cheek, running your fingers over the healing wound. His face was so soft and warm, with the exception of the rough scar tissue.

Suddenly, his fingers twitched. You gasped, frantically, standing to lean over him, desperately looking into his eyes as if searching for signs of life. His eyelashes fluttered, and you were met with those deep purple eyes that you dreamt of so often. You couldn't help but let out a nervous giggle in your relief.

“(Y/n)?” Your chest felt tight as you heard that same melodious voice once more. A smile tugged at the corners of his lips. He could see you. You choked out a sob, as your entire composure caved with the flow of tears. He immediately sat upright, pulling you into his arms and rubbing your back in a calming rhythm.

“Shhh, it’s okay, I’m safe,” You smiled through your tears, remembering the first time he spoke to you.

“Kakyoin,” You whispered. “Thank you. For everything.”


You spent a while drying your tears, recounting to him everything that had happened since he was admitted to the hospital, laughing at his ridiculous stories about the terrible food. It was the best time you’d had since… since you lost your memory.

He shifted slightly in the bed, pulling off the covers and draping his legs over the side. Despite all that had happened, he was still clad in his green gakuran.

“Kakyoin, are you sure you can stand?” Your heart beat rapidly in your chest as you clumsily leapt up from your chair to assist him in getting out of the bed.

“He only hurt my eyes, not the rest of me–”

“I’m so sorry,” the words slipped out of your mouth and you stared down at the floor, ashamed. “It’s my fault. If I had paid more attention, if I had attacked sooner.” You gasped, feeling a finger pressed to your lips. You looked up at the man standing before you, deep violet eyes filled with as much compassion as they had been when you first met, long red lock of hair still framing his cheek. You cared for him so much. You wanted to protect him just as much as he had protected you, help him as much he had helped you grow and learn.

His finger slipped away, and you realised you had been holding in a deep breath.

“I did it for you, (y/n). You don’t have to apologise for anything. I stand by my actions, because,” He  paused. Kakyoin was normally calm, collected, charming in his own way, but lacking of extreme emotions. However, at this moment, red tinted his cheeks as he gazed down at the floor. His large hands took your own, rubbing his calloused thumb over your knuckles. Slowly, he kneeled down onto one knee.

Your body seemed to tingle all over. You could tell that adrenaline was surging through your veins as your fingers trembled and your stomach twisted in knots. Your heart began to flutter and your palms began to sweat.

“Kakyoin?” Your cheeks burned as you looked down upon him. He took a deep breath.

“Ever since I laid eyes upon you, I wanted to keep you from harm, to shield you no matter what the cost. Each time I see you smile, I can’t help but smile along with you. You’re beautiful and kind and…” You could almost feel your heartbeat throbbing in your eardrums, you were sure that your face was flushed a dark crimson. “I think I love you.” his demeanor quickly shifted from that of honest confession to panicked reassurance as he stood up. “I just want to make sure that you don’t feel guilty about what happened. I’m not saying you have to requite my feelings. I understand,” he looked down, a slight glimmer of fear and pain crossing his face. “I understand if you don’t feel the same way. But, please,” he gripped your hands tightly, raising them to his chest as if he were begging. The smile reappeared on his face. “Don’t worry about me. I just want you to be happy.”

His monologue ended, and you remained for a long while staring into his eyes, your head light and dizzy with the swirling thoughts. He continued to hold your hands in his firm, protective grasp. You hesitantly took a step closer to him.

“Kakyoin,” Though your body was flooded with nerves and anxiety, you managed to speak confidently. “I can’t believe you feel the same way.” His eyebrows raised in surprise and relief as you pulled your hands out of his grasp to cup his cheeks. His hands in turn, wrapped around your waist, pulling you against his firm torso. A smile crossed your face as felt his warm blush underneath your fingers. You couldn’t believe it. He was finally yours.

“Kakyoin,” you whispered another time, heart fluttering as you noted the large grin he had been trying to hide. In his joy, he leaned down to press his forehead to yours, your noses brushing gently against each other. You felt his breath on your lips, and couldn’t resist the urge...

Slowly, you leaned in, having to stand up on your tip-toes to reach him for a kiss. It was soft and quick, but as soon as he felt your lips graze against his, he pressed you to his chest. As soon as you released, however, it was clear that he wanted more. His eyes seemed to plead for your touch, and you consented, slipping your fingers around his neck and into his silken hair. You closed your eyes in preparation for a second kiss.

But you were met with an unexpected, overwhelming force. His lips firmly pressed against yours, and you gasped. He tilted his head to deepen the kiss as you began to run your fingers through his hair. One of his hands slid up your back to your shoulders, pulling you in firmly. You squeaked as your breasts squeezed against his hard torso. His lips ran across yours hungrily, sucking and licking with every chance. Your hand slid down to his chest as you felt yourself dipping towards the ground. Suddenly, he bit your lip, and you gasped as you felt his tongue sneak in between your parted lips to lap at the inside of your mouth. You could swear that his lips tasted like cherries.

Then, he stopped. You were left, gasping for air, as he pulled his face from yours, hands settling back onto your waist as he pulled you upright.

“I’m sorry,” his cheeks were a rosy pink, “That was too much, forgive me.” You were still panting. You would admit, his assault on you lips had been somewhat unexpected. But, strangely, you enjoyed it…

Your hands lifted to his collar, unbuttoning his long coat.

“What are you doing?” he stammered. You reached up to kiss his cheek softly as you continued to undo his gakuran. You then kissed his jaw, his neck, and finally eased his jacket off his shoulders to reveal a black tank top underneath. You gently licked his collarbone, fingers still tangled in his crimson locks. You sucked and bit playfully, and you could feel his breathing becoming shallow. You parted to see his eyes half-lidded with pleasure. You caressed his cheek.

“I don’t want to,” he paused for a second, still catching his breath and still searching for the right words. “I don’t want to use you just to pleasure myself. I want to love you, but,” he paused. “I don’t know how,” A blush painted your cheeks. Kakyoin could seem stoic and wise at times, but he was still just a teenager.

“We’ll find out together,” You smiled. “I promise.”

As you slid your palms down his thin undershirt, he pulled you into another kiss, gentle and passionate. You gasped as one palm ran up under your shirt, and he hesitated, but you mumbled a muffled consent through your embrace. He trailed kisses down your jaw, just as you had done for him mere moments before, and your back arched as he began to suck at the top of your chest. A groan escaped your lips, and he paused. You reached up to fondle his locks of hair, and to pull him closer. He attacked you again with this affirmation, sliding a hand down your backside. You shivered at the touch, smiling as you remembered.

“I promise.”

Chapter Text

“Where the f*** is my banana?”

You smiled mischievously as Narancia burst into the living room. He immediately stormed towards Abbacchio, who was lounging in his elegant armchair as usual. Narancia prepared to interrogate him, but the annoyed man merely sipped his wine calmly.

“Do I look like I stole your fruit?” The angry boy huffed and whipped his head around the room to find the next suspect; his eyes rested his eye on Mista. Before he could defend himself, Sex Pistols popped out from behind his shoulder.

“We didn't do it,” they cried out. Narancia growled and stomped to Buccellati and Giorno, who were playing cards at the table. Before Giorno could even speak, however, the boss drawled out

“Narancia, there is only one person in this room who wants your banana.” Your face flushed at the terrible innuendo. Mista and Sex Pistols snickered while Giorno and Abbacchio gave you a knowing glance.

It was common knowledge to almost all of Passione that you had a slight crush on the boy. They all teased you constantly about these feelings. You just couldn’t resist his aggressive personality combined with how adorable he got when he was angry. But whenever Bruno would make fun of you for “lusting after” him, you’d turn around and make fun of Narancia instead of lashing out…

Thankfully, he did not notice the implications of the boss’ joke, as he banged his fists on the table in frustration.


Finally, he saw you lounging unconcernedly on the couch.

“(Y/n),” he snarled. “Did you eat my banana?”

“Oh no!” You feigned concern. “Where did you last see it?”

“It was just in the fridge! I put my name on it this time and everything,” He pouted, seemingly consoled by your comforting demeanour.

“It’s ok Nara,” He always blushed when you used that nickname (you thought it was so cute). As you fiddled through your open purse, you continued. “We can go to the market today and I’ll buy you all the bananas!” He giggled and bounced up and down with joy while you pulled something out of your bag.

“See, (y/n)’s the only one of you I don't hate– WAIT A MINUTE?!”

“What?” you asked innocently as as you began to peel the ripe banana you had just retrieved from your purse.

“That's mine!” He pounced on you as you held the prize just out of his grasp.

“Not anymore!” You giggled as he continued to squirm on top of you. Just as he grasped the banana, you began to tickle him ferociously. He started to laugh, but angrily, as he choked out:

“I-It’s not f–funny, (y/n)!” He rolled off the couch and scrambled away with the banana. You rolled onto the floor after him still snickering.

“Why do you have to be like this?!” His whine spilt through the air, and the entire room grew silent. His voice sounded… hurt. you heard a door slam from the room over, and a lock click shut.

Giorno’s whistle cut through the ensuing silence, as the entire room tensed up.

“Is he okay?” you asked, quietly. “Did I do something wrong?”

“He has been acting a bit strange lately,” Abbacchio commented, shifting in his armchair.

“He’s probably upset that you're teasing him,” Bruno commented blithely.

“But,” You paused, showing true concern, “I do that all the time.”

“Just let it slide,” Giorno was still focused on his game. You sighed and returned to the couch.


“Come on Mista, please, please!” Number one was poking at his face, begging for some food.

“I think it would be fun!” You piped up. “We could go to the good gelato shop just around the corner.” There was a lovely little café near a park and some woods. You loved to sit on the benches or walk through the forest to clear your mind.

“I wouldn't mind a late afternoon treat.” Giorno mused. Bruno smiled in agreement. Sex Pistols cheered in delight as Abbacchio sighed and pulled himself up from his comfy seat. You offered to invite Narancia.

You knocked on his door.


“Go away!” You were taken aback. What had you done to upset him so much?

“Umm, we just kind of wanted to go out and get some gelato,” You heard a click and the door opened a sliver. His eyes flashed like daggers through the crack.

“Gelato?” His voice almost sounded threatening, his face dark and angry. You nodded slowly, perturbed by his sudden change in emotion. The week leading up to this he hadn’t been unusually sullen, though you may have been bullying him a bit more than usual...

“Yes! Yay yay yay!” He burst past you, out of the door, and you nervously chuckled at his sudden moodswing.

You all walked to the shop in a pack. It was fairly hot and sunny outside, and a cold dessert would be a nice refresher. However, Narancia seemed to be avoiding you. You would try and start up a chat with, but he’d just give a one word answer and proceed catch up with Mista. You then tried to start a conversation with both him and Mista, but Narancia would head over and talk to Abbacchio. He would rather talk to Abbacchio than be near you?!

You stood to the side, spooning the creamy goodness into mouth. Narancia bounced up and down as he began to chow down on his banana split as Bruno paid for the treat. Giorno led you guys over to a collection of benches in the neighbouring park. As soon as Narancia had taken a seat, you slid in next to him to sneak a taste of his whipped cream.


“It's pretty good!” You swallowed the delicious sweetness “Wanna taste of mine?” You offered a spoonful. He scowled and continued eating his own treat.

Time wore on, and the members of Passione continued to chat, gossip, and relax in the summer heat.

“Ugh, I think i'm literally melting!” You leaned onto Narancia’s shoulder lightly, just touching your arm to his. Suddenly, he flinched and yelled.

“Get off me!” He abruptly sprang up from the bench, storming away as your shoulder fell onto the seat he had vacated. You quickly stood, glancing at the others in dismay, as if they had some answer as to what was wrong. Narancia, however, continued onto the forested path and into the woods.

What had you done to upset him? You joked around with each other all the time. Why was this any different?

Giorno titled his head in the direction of Narancia, indicating that you should follow him. You stifled an anguished groan as you strode off into the woods.


“Don't call me that!”

“Come back here!”


“I just want to know what's wrong–”


Finally, you caught up to him, firmly grabbing his wrist. He screamed like a whining child, stomping his feet in frustration.

“Please, I just want to know why .” Your voice was high pitched, and your throat closed up as tears crept into your eyes. “Why do you hate me?” Your voice cracked on the last word. You hadn't meant to use such a harsh tone with him, but you were so shocked and confused after his sudden change of behaviour. You wanted the old Narancia back, the one you could joke with and poke fun at. The one you could play with, and pull pranks on others with.

He let out an angry chuckle through his teeth.

“Well, why do you hate me?!” He whipped around to look you straight in the eye, accusingly. You stared at him, appalled.

“I don't hate you! Who the hell told you that?”

“I just,” he paused, flustered. He seemed to collect himself a bit, and rubbed his arm abashedly. He couldnt seem to find words to answer your question, so he changed the subject. “Please stop messing with me.”

You felt so terrible. It had been the teasing. But why had he been fine with it before?


“Don't call me that,” he pouted again, and your heart sunk even further.

“Narancia,” You paused. “What happened?” He sighed, looking at his shoes as his hands rubbed each other anxiously.

“I guess… I guess it was just too much. I tried to keep a smile on my face, but… I can't stand it anymore. I don't want you to see me like a stupid little boy you can just play around with,” His eyes were glistening with tears, but he held them in. You stared at him in bewilderment.

“Narancia, please, that's not how I see you,” Was that really what he thought? He couldn’t see just how desperately you had fallen for him? How perfect he was in your eyes? “I won't tease you anymore, but… I don't hate you.” You wrapped your arms around his waist  in an attempt to comfort him; you couldn't bear to see him this way. You whispered into his ear: “I actually really, really like you.”

“No you don't,” he muttered. You held him tighter, feeling his heart beat rapidly against your chest. “Please don’t touch me,” he whispered. You couldn't take this.

“Just tell me what happened,” you pleaded, refusing to let go of him until he answered.

“I, I just.” he faltered “I don't wanna kid myself. You’ll never feel anything for me.” You slowly realised what he was trying to say. Did he have feelings for you ? Pulling away from him so you could see his face clearly, you choked out.

“Do you like me? Like,” you paused, “Romantically?”

He gave a small ashamed nod, still hiding his face from yours. Adrenaline continued to surge through your veins, but a smile tugged at the corners of your lips. You gently placed your hand on his wet cheek.

“Don't,” he muttered, but you continued to lean in. Softly, you pressed your lips to his heated cheek, grasping his hand in yours. You whispered.

“Narancia, I feel the same way.”

“No you don’t,”

“Yes I do.”

“You're just saying that to make me feel better.”

You let out an exasperated sigh. You loved this boy, but he was such an idiot sometimes. You saw only one option, granted you were probably idiotic yourself to think so narrow-mindedly.

You grabbed his other cheek and pulled him into a firm kiss. His body went rigid, but he didn't pull away. You stepped closer to him, hoping he would eventually become more comfortable. He seemed to relax slightly, his shoulders loosening. You gently pulled away from him, gazing into his eyes to interpret his expression. He seemed… amazed.

“Now do you believe me?” He didn't respond, as he slowly placed a hand on your waist. You smiled at his touch, leaning on for another kiss. His lips were so soft, and you slid one of your hands onto his neck and through his silky hair so you could pull him closer. His other palm slid to your waist as he hungrily leaned into the kiss. You could taste the salty tears he had shed, but that only made you want to comfort him more. His fingers gripped you firmly, as if you would soon slip away from him. You tilted your head, running your hand down his cheek and onto his chest. You grabbed at his shirt, and he gasped, pulling away and startling you.

“I-I’m sorry,” He stuttered.

“For what?” He shifted nervously, not even offering an explanation. “Nara,” you continued, taking in a deep breath in preparation for what you were about to say. “I love you. You don't have to apologise for anything.” You stared at him, longingly, wanting to take things even further, but not really knowing how to begin.

You reached forward to peck his neck, taking care not to make him squirm in discomfort, as much as you wanted to devour him with kisses. He took in a deep breath as you slowly sucked and licked at his exposed skin. You didn't dare bite, but you pulled him as close as you possibly could, hungry for his touch. He latched his finger into your hair and one hand on your waist as he arched his back with pleasure. You smirked as your lips collided again with his, and he pressed your hips together. You felt a tingling feeling inside you as your chest pressed against his strong but slim frame. You gasped as his tongue sneaked between his parted lips, but smirked as took the initiative to go even further. His hand slid further down your hip.

Suddenly, he grabbed your ass. You gasped, and lurched back to see a cheeky grin on his face.

“You pervert!” you giggled as you hit him playfully.

“Hey, I couldn't help myself!” he snickered. You scoffed.

“Well no more kisses for you then,” you turned your back and skipped out of the forest.

“Hey! You said you wouldn’t tease me anymore!”

Chapter Text

You were quite open about the fact that you didn't belong there at the Green Dolphin Street Jail, but didn't treat any of the others differently because of it. That was how you got to know Jolyne. You both were in a struggle to clear your name, to warm your freedom. You both could be a bit naïve at times, but you vowed that you would help each other through.  

You had heard tell of Narciso Anasui long before you had ever met him. Jolyne constantly complained about him. She didn't seem to hate Anasui, but was exhausted of his constant attempts to talk to her, to touch her, to hug her. But he was , apparently helping her case, so she let it slide.

You almost pitied him, however.  You knew what it was like to be desperately in love with someone who didn't love you back; you had your fair share of heartbreak over the years. But it was only till recently that you actually had the opportunity to meet him. It was lunch time, when Foo Fighters (an interesting name, you had to admit) began to complain.

“Dammit, I’m SOOO thirsty!”

“Well I’m sorry, I already drank all my water!” retorted Jolyne. You shrugged, apologetically, also having nothing to offer her.

She has some water…” Foo Fighters slyly gestured to a woman behind you. Jolyne muttered something you couldn't quite hear just under her breath. Foo rolled her eyes, and Jolyne begrudgingly mumbled a quiet affirmation.

Suddenly, a string snaked from Jolyne’s, almost as if her finger was unwinding. A scream slipped out of your lips, but Jolyne’s reflexes were quick enough to cover your mouth before too much of the cafeteria noticed.

And that was how you learned about stands: that you could see them, that you had one of your own, and that there were more like you. And that was when the three of them, Jolyne, Foo Fighters and Hermès, finally decided to show you their hideout.

As soon as you walked into the room, you saw him. There were two men, both lounging by the piano. One of them was obviously the man you had heard described countless times. His long pink hair, his fishnet top. But one thing Jolyne hadn't mentioned: he was insanely attractive. Maybe it was because for the past several months you hadn't been around many men, but his eyelashes were long and beautiful, his lips were full and soft. If only you had such a man pining after you. He spoke, and you noticed his gentle but sultry voice. Wait what had he actually said?

“Huh?” You piped up.

“I said, who’s the new girl?” His cheeks were slightly red, most likely from Jolyne’s entrance into the room.

“I’m (y/n), and you must be Anasui.” You smiled, offering to shake his hand. However, he stood frozen. His face burning even brighter, he looked back and forth between you and Jolyne, a confused expression crossing his face. He didn't say much for the rest of your time there. You got to know the other man, Weather Report, and the boy, Emporio. They filled you in on Anasui’s background, however Anasui himself was surprisingly quiet. You left that day, excited to come back if time permitted.

“But, Jolyne,” You paused to think, “is he normally like that? When you described him… he just seemed so much more aggressive.”

“I'm not sure,” Jolyne mused, “Something may have happened today. But next time,” she scoffed “You’ll see what I mean.”

Weeks passed, and he remained relatively mute. You were wondering if something really did happen to change him, and then, you came to the room by yourself one day.

You had just needed some time to relax, and laid on the comfy sofa, only to feel movement beside you. You flinched out of fear, but noticed it was only Anasui. Catching your breath, you chuckled.

“Sorry, I didn't see you there.”

“(Y/n), I finally figured it out.” He grasped his hands tightly around yours, causing you to gasp at his strength. You looked at him alarmedly.

“I’m in love with you .” He smiled, almost excitedly, but you stared at him with confusion.

“What?!” You stuttered.

“I thought it was Jolyne. I was such an idiot. I idolised her, i worshipped her,” he stopped himself, shaking his head. “But as soon as I saw you . Your beauty and strength as you walked into this room, your charm, your innocence,” You almost chuckled at that last remark. “I don't want her , I want you .” You gasped at the thought of that last statement. You had no idea what to say. Anasui was certainly attractive and intriguing in his own fashion, but… you didn't know him.

“Anasui,” you started. He smiled and closed his eyes, hearing his name on your lips. You felt sorry for him, you had to admit. “Please understand what I'm about to say. I,” You paused, trying to formulate the words. “I would certainly be open to… something like that, but, I've only ever seen you sitting in the corner sulking. I don't know who you are, what you’re like.”

To your surprise, he nodded his head understandingly, but didn't let go of your hands. He continued to gaze into your eyes dreamily. You giggled, somewhat charmed but this idiot of a man.

“Oh,” he realised, releasing your hands after he had gripped them for such a long and awkward moment. He seemed somewhat embarrassed, but you two continued to talk for the next hour or so, and actually grew to like his assertive nature.

However you were worried something would happen to ruin it. You had no idea how you could even compare to Jolyne in terms of beauty or brains or brawn. He continued to shower you with compliments, gifts and whatever else he could sneak past the guards. Whenever you had any opportunity to interact with the male prisoners, he was there. It was adorable how he would protect you from any single threat, no matter how small (once he freaked out when Hermès stepped on your toe), but he knew how to back off when you told him it was too much. Maybe you really could learn to love him…

Jolyne was ecstatic, of course, to have him off her back. She made almost every effort possible to let you spend time together. Hermès paid no attention, but Foo Fighters thought the act of courtship was extremely interesting.

Once he actually invited you to eat dinner with him. You weren’t quite sure how it would work out, slipping out on cafeteria dinner, sneaking food into Emporio’s room. But he said he would take care of it all.  

You wanted to look good for him, so you wore your best (and only dress), as well a as a bit of makeup. You couldn't tell why you were so nervous, he had always thought that you were beautiful before. But this time you really needed to impress.

Quietly, you slipped into the room. You were several minutes early, and didn't think it would make a difference, however, you found Anasui scrambling to set the table. It was the cutest thing you'd ever seen!

You silently watched as he laid out an elegant cloth and placed two ornate plates on its surface. He grabbed the forks and knifes, struggling for a moment to figure out which utensils went on which side. Goodness, had he brought those two chairs into the room himself?

You noticed that the rest of the chamber had been decorated as well. Candles everywhere lit the room with a dim glow. Vases of roses were scattered, and a large bouquet sat on the couch. You couldn't help but smile: you had know that he was infatuated with you, but hadn't imagined him going to such lengths.

Suddenly, he noticed you, and panicked.

“(Y/n),” He jumped up to reach for the bouquet, presenting it to you with a flourish.

“Thank you so much, Anasui.” He always smiled when you said his name, and you had grown to love that smile.

“You look…” he paused, taking in a deep breath, a blush rising to his cheeks. You looked down abashedly. “You are absolutely stunning,” Your heart had always leapt when he said that, even when you hadn't know him as well.

“Please have a seat,” he seemed rushed, but sincere, as he ran over to pull out a chair for you. You giggled at this display of courtesy. He made his way to one of the shelves, on which rested your dinner. It was beautiful! You had absolutely no idea what it was, but it was almost rainbow in color and artistically set on the plate, almost like food you had seen in fancy restaurants but never tasted before. He even offered you a glass of expensive wine, of which you only sipped a little.

The meal was such a wonderful relief after months of terrible cafeteria food. You two chatted and laughed, taking your time with the dinner. Finally, you asked:

“Where did you get all of this? How did you have the money–” he cut you off.

“I didn't steal, if that's what you're asking. I made sure to acquire everything without using violence.” You smiled that he had done such a thing for you, “Though, okay, one of them deserved it.” unexpected to him, you giggled. You were flattered that he would avoid unnecessary aggression for your sake, but you still wanted him to be himself, and, honestly the thought of him beating up convicted criminals on your behalf was somewhat amusing.

You both finished dinner, and he whisked away the plates, inviting you to sit on the couch. He let you over, sitting down with you, and asking permission to drape his arm over your shoulder.

“If i had my way,” he mused, “I would sit with you out on the balcony, gazing at the stars…” he trailed off. “I’m sorry we couldn't meet under better circumstances.”

“What do you mean, Anasui?” He sighed.

“I’m not proud of what I’ve done. And I can't forgive what they’ve done to you,” his fist clenched. “You don't deserve to be here, (y/n).” You reached to stroke the hand that rested on your shoulder.

“I've accepted what happened to me. I won't give up trying to escape my fate, but I understand that people make mistakes. That’s why you're in here. You made a mistake.” You paused, turning your face to his. He seemed to be gazing off into the distance, and murmured something you couldn't quite hear. You leaned in.

“What did you say?”

“Thank you.” You fingers stopped stroking his as you registered these words.

“For what?” He turned to look at you.

“Even if I can never have your love, at least I have your friendship. Thank you for accepting my feelings and not treating me any differently because of it,” You heart began to quicken, and your cheeks grew hot.

“I never said,” You faltered, searching for the right words. “Anasui,” you chuckled. “I’m not sure if you know how feelings work.” He seemed a bit taken aback.

“(Y/n), I know I love you.”

“I’m not saying that you don't. I'm just saying,” you paused, “Most people don't fall in love at first sight. If you believe that you did, and you still love me, then...” you look down, “Well, then that's wonderful.” You couldn't believe the sappy crap that was spewing out of your mouth, but you continued. “Because most people take time to get to know someone… To fall in love…” Finally, you just looked down and shook your head. “I'm sorry, I sound so stupid.”

“No,” he tilted your chin to look into his eyes, while your breath caught I your throat. “Do you,” he began to ask hesitantly, “Do you love me?” You sat silent.

Did you love him? How do you know if you love someone? You did know this: You enjoyed being around Anasui, you wanted to keep warm in his embrace, you wanted… You wanted so much more from him.

Slowly, you shifted, your lips nearing his.

“I think,” you whispered, your stomach twisting in knots of anticipation. “I think I do,” He didn't move a muscle, though you could see a hint of surprise and satisfaction in his eyes. It seemed that he was scared to do anything that would cause you to change your mind.

Gently, you leaned towards him. The second your lips met his, you felt your heart leap. He was letting you take the lead, as you softly tangled your fingers through his long hair, and your hand rested on his thigh. His moan was barely noticeable, but it urged you on, pulling his lips closer. You felt one hand on your hip, the other resting on your cheek. To your dismay, however, he gradually broke the kiss.

“A-Are you sure?” His voice was hesitant. You chuckled, shaking your head at what you were about to say.

“This is the only thing I am sure about.” You crawled over onto his lap, pressing your palms to his chest and leaning him forward. His hands fell back to support him as you kissed his flawless lips.

You were entirely overwhelmed by this feeling of desire, this feeling of belonging. There was someone who loved you in this world, someone who wanted you. He was kind and caring and handsome. And you actually accepted his love.

Your fluttering in your stomach intensified, and your entire body grew heated as you pecked at his lips. He slowly eased himself to lie down on the couch, and you rested on top of him, easing your fingers across his chest. He moaned softly at your touch, reaching his hands to grasp at your hair. His fingers massaged your scalp, and you shivered with pleasure. Slowly, the kisses grew more passionate. Your lips parted as you fiddled with his strange mesh top, desperate to get to the skin beneath. His tongue slipped out of your mouth to lick your lips hungrily, hands running down your back.

But he paused, allowing you to catch your breath. Just as you prepared to attack his lips for a third time, he held you back, and you let out a slight whimper.

“I told you,” you whispered, “I’m sure.” He caressed your cheek, lovingly inspecting your eyes, your lips, your hair.

“I don’t want to rush, (y/n). You know how much I want this, but we’re not ready,”

His chivalry made your stomach flutter. You had never expected to find such a man in a place such as this. You wanted so badly to run your hands over his bare chest, to kiss his lips, his neck; but he wanted to keep the love, to keep the romance.

He gently tugged you to the couch, implying that he wanted you lay down next to him. You rested your head on his chest, comforted by the steady rise and fall. His lips softly pressed to your head as you snuggled into his warmth. His fingers continued to fiddle with your hair as you gradually drifted off to sleep.

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You were extremely close with Fugo ever since he brought you and Narancia in off of the streets. He had fed you, kept you warm and safe, taught you everything he knew (or at least tried to). You admired his intelligence and his wisdom, though his quirky aggressiveness was quite charming as well. However, his anger never seemed to turn towards you. When you got a question wrong he would stroke your hair and encourage you to try again, as you sat, ashamed at your stupidity. He assured you that you were actually quite good at your subjects, though you never believed him. Fugo was a genius, you were just the average teenager. And Narancia… he was Narancia.

“Goddamn it you stupid little punk! What the hell are you playing at?” Fugo banged the table angrily with his fist. You let out a small squeak of surprise, but he didn't seem to notice as he grabbed Narancia by the collar. As the cup and saucer on the table began to clatter with the force of his violent shakes, you pulled your notebook away, still frantically scribbling down numbers as you eyed the two boys.

“Well, I don't see how adding fifteen to eleventy-seven or whatever is gonna help me in the long run anyway!” Narancia lunged at Fugo menacingly and the teacup finally toppled to the floor. You casually dodged the splash of hot water, the ringing sound of broken china distracting you from the equation. You just needed a bit more time: carry the one, subtract the ten, and…

Fugo reached for the fork.

“I’m done! DONE!” You shot up from the chair, waving the notebook in Fugo’s face before he could stab. He immediately brightened, a childlike smile spreading across his cheeks. Narancia was still crouched for an attack but you helped him take a few deep breaths to calm him down.

You glanced back at Fugo, gauging his reaction as he sat down at the table contentedly. His eyebrows furrowed, and he squinched his nose as if deep in thought. You always did your best not to giggle at the adorable expression that crossed his face whenever he was problem-solving. However, you hoped this didn't mean you had done something stupid to get your answer. You looked down at your feet nervously while Narancia sunk down in his chair. Thankfully Fugo didn't notice when he started making “Volavolavola!” noises as he played with the salt shaker like it was a toy airplane. You rolled your eyes as the grains of salt scattered across the wet table, dirtying his math notebook. But you turned back to Fugo, biting your lip in suspense.

Then you felt the firm hand on your arm. You sighed, were prepared to correct all of your mistakes. However, his expression was uncharacteristically enthusiastic. Fugo leapt up from the chair to pull you into his embrace.

“I-Is it ok?” You stuttered as his fingers tangled through your hair, his other arm resting on your back.

“It’s perfect!” He chuckled. Over his shoulder, you caught Narancia sticking his tongue out at you. You glared at him, before hugging Fugo back tightly.

“Ugh!” Narancia moaned. “Get a room, you two!” Your face immediately burned a bright red and you stiffened.

You never should have told Narancia. You gushed all the time about how smart Fugo was, how kind he was, how handsome he was… Okay, Narancia had been the one who had jumped to conclusions. He teased you about how you were “soooo in love” with Fugo, sometimes pushed you into his arms when he walked by (of course, whenever he did this you yell at him just as Fugo did during tutoring sessions). But you didn't deny how much you adored him.

Fugo had pulled back, holding your shoulders at arm’s length as he looked at you expectantly. Wait, huh? Had he said something? Had he asked you a question? Dammit you had been so lost in your thoughts…

“What?” The delayed response must have seemed extremely idiotic as Narancia cackled tauntingly. You threw him a dirty glare.

“How about tonight?” Fugo continued, paying no mind to Narancia’s childishness.

“Tonight what?” You questioned, heart pounding in your ribcage.

“I’d prefer to teach the advanced algebra one on one, if that's fine with you.” A rosy blush dusted your cheeks at the thought, but you pushed it out of your mind. It was just studying. Fugo was just being kind because you had nowhere else to go. Right?

He was overly concerned for you safety. He had always been overprotective. Bruno and he had absolutely forbade you and Narancia from joining the gang, but after Narancia slipped away and passed Polpo’s test, they kept a close watch on you. You had pleaded Fugo to let you fight with them, to fight for them. But he swore he would protect you no matter what, and that meant you were never to participate in any gang related activity.


You quietly finished your dinner as you observed the commotion around you. Abbacchio was on his fourth glass of wine. Mista was snatching desperately at his stand as the Sex Pistols stole every single roll from the bread basket. Bruno sipped his tea calmly. Giorno was slurping the last of his spaghetti. And Narancia.

“Come on Fugo, I just wanna know if it’s possible!”

“Well you should’ve listened up in anatomy!”

“Fine, I’ll just go ahead and try it then!”

“You goddamn dumbass!” Fugo lunged, scrambling over to the other side of the table where Narancia sat. You were perfectly used to this sort of conversation at dinnertime. Apparently, this time, Narancia had come up with the brilliant idea of shoving a single strand of spaghetti up his nose and having it come out from his mouth. Apparently Fugo felt slightly insulted that this was the first time Narancia had found a use for anything he had been taught.

And now they were chasing each other with knives. You wiped your mouth with the cloth napkin before standing and clearing your throat.

“Fugo!” you called out. He paused, turning to look at you. Narancia turned to look as well, however he continued sprinting and ended up running headfirst into the wall.

“Yes, (y/n)?” He stood up straight, fixing his wrinkled suit as Narancia hit the floor with a large thud. You pushed in your chair and approached Fugo, twiddling your thumbs a bit nervously (and stepping carefully over Narancia’s face).

“You think now might be a good time to start the new unit?” You weren’t excited about the math, but first off, you wanted to stop Fugo from ripping yet another oddly place hole in his jacket. Second, of course… You sort of wanted the alone time.

“Oh yes! I almost forgot,” Fugo smiled brightly, but you couldn’t quite tell if he was motivated by charity or an actual eagerness to spend time with you. He strode past (as if there weren’t an unconscious boy lying on the floor with a noodle shoved up his nose), grabbing your hand in his firm grip. “I think the upstairs study room should be best, there should be fewer,” at this point he eyed Narancia menacingly, “distractions”.


“No, sorry, that doesn’t make any sense,” You nodded slowly, though your thoughts were completely focused elsewhere. Your palms were sweaty and your stomach was reeling. You were trying to calm yourself down, but your nervous system just could not get over the fact that you were right there. Sitting right next to him. Your arm would occasionally brush against his bare skin through the holes in his suit, and you would wriggle in your chair restlessly.

Currently, he was staring down at the paper intently, frantically erasing something, biting his lower lip in frustration. You were lost in those lips, no matter how hard you tried to focus on the math. Your thoughts wandered into daydreams.

“Dammit!” You heard the splinter of wood, and the pencil fell from his hands. He ran his fingers through his hair, taking deep breaths. You snapped out of your reverie, trying your best to calmly place a hand on his shoulder, though you were trembling quite a bit.

“A-Are you okay Fugo?” Your voice came out as a squeak. He set his head down on the table, letting out a loud groan.

“I’m sorry.” His speech was muffled as he buried his face under his arms. “I just can’t focus,”

“It’s okay,” You rubbed his back, extremely concerned by this odd behavior. Then, you chuckled. “I’m not very focused either,” He gradually rose from his slumped position, though his gaze remained on the math work.

“It’s just, I have something I should probably tell you, and, please… Just don’t laugh at me for this,” You took in deep breath, preparing for something terrible to come out of his mouth. Did he not want to tutor you anymore? Was he turning you out on the street? His eyes seemed to glaze over as he stared at the wall.

“I think I’m in love with you.” What? Did he just say–

“What did you say?” Your head felt dizzy and your chest felt fluttery. He turned to stare you straight in the eye.

“I think I’m in love with you. Maybe.” He played with his long bangs somewhat nervously as your mouth hung open. “I mean, I’ve thought about it for a while, and I just don’t know what else it could be: why you calm me down so much whenever I see you, why my chest feels tight whenever you smile, and I–” He cut himself off, a blush rising to his face. You had never seen him flustered like this before, but he had probably seen you staring at him with that same expression of flabbergasted shock. You had always expected your fantasies to be… well… nothing but fantasy. He could never love an idiot like you.

You slowly swallowed, parting your lips to speak. But you just couldn’t find the right words: “Really?” He shrugged his shoulders bashfully.

“Yes?” You caved. You breathed a massive sigh of relief as you pulled him into your embrace. He immediately hugged you back, his body shaking with a nervous chuckle. “So, I’m not crazy? Do you, actually… You know…” It was so adorable to see him at a loss for words. He may have been a mathematical genius, but romance was not his forté.

“I do,” You muttered.

You remained there for a while, melting into his arms. Before you let go, you placed a quick kiss on his cheek. When you pulled away, you noticed his deep blush, his fingers gently stroking where you had just placed a kiss. He giggled a bit stupidly, and you laughed with him, before your eyes caught his again. You noticed him biting his lip. Did he want…

Slowly, you leaned in, your eyes fluttering shut.

“(Y/n),” you paused and opened your eyes. “I just think you should know,” he looked down embarrassedly, “I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing,” You chuckled, raising your hand to caress his cheek.

“It’s okay,” you smiled sweetly, “I love you,”

His lips were firm, and heat radiated off of his blushing cheeks as you tilted your head. His hand made his way into your hair, and you smirked, knowing how much he loved running his fingers through it. You reached for his thigh, to bring him even closer.

But you were met with a gasp your fingers grazed across his skin through the large hole in the fabric of his pants. You pulled away, muttering an apology, however, he pulled your face back to his.

“Don’t stop,” You headed his whisper, replacing your hand in his bare thigh as he moaned. His fingers fumbled until he was able to grasp you by your waist. You wished you weren't sitting side by side in stiff wooden chairs: you wanted to hold him tighter.

You parted your lips, sucking gently, both wanting him to come closer, and fearing that you would scare him away. But he fully accepted your advances. You placed your palm to his chest, slipping it through the hole that was placed right where a pocket should be. Slowly, you slipped off of the chaos and into his lap. He grabbed the back of your thigh, pulling you closer. You moaned as his tongue slipped out of his mouth.

You couldn't help but giggle a little at the sloppy kiss, and you felt his face grow red in response. But you reassured him by letting his tongue graze your lips as you feverishly drew his face closer to yours.

Soon he pulled away for air. But to your surprise, he continued to shower you neck with kisses. You gasped, eyelids fluttering shut, as he groped your thigh, sucking at your collarbone. You could feel his heart beating rapidly against your stomach, and you flushed.

Suddenly, he paused. You looked down at his face as he pulled away.

“I’m sorry, I’m getting carried away,” He stared up at you, almost as if he was begging for something. But you couldn't tell what he wanted. “Maybe you should get down.” You muttered an affirmation. Then remained exactly where you were seated on his lap. He tried again: “Maybe we should keep studying?” You shook your head and sighed.

“I’m too distracted to study.”

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You truly appreciated all the time you had spent with Jonathan. He had been your sweetheart for a while, though the two of you had never really discussed the status of your relationship in detail. He had kissed you several times (of course he had asked permission first, being the adorable gentleman that he was) and you two saw each other almost every day. He would rejoice with you when you were happy and console you when you were sad. Anger, however, was a different issue.

He was never the cause of your frustration, but you avoided him all the same whenever someone struck a nerve. You were used to this by now and you knew how to calm your anger: punch something. When you were a child, your mother had found you kicking a tree in the garden when she had denied you your desert. She had told you that your behavior was “unladylike”. Your solution? Dress in your father’s old clothes and box with the boys.

It was easy to find their little arena. Every day after school, most of them would circle around the small pen (which had probably held farm animals at some point or another). You didn't like them as people: they were cruel and violent, but they lived for the sport. They knew what they were getting into when they entered the arena, and because of that, you didn't mind giving them a bloody nose or two.

You two had actually met each other through the boxing, or at least a you had met him (he didn’t know of your dirty little habit of course, and you certainly did not want him to find out). It was Dio who had beaten him in the fight, but you had seen through the dirty little trick. Jonathan rarely came back to the arena after that, but for a while you would come and challenge anyone who supported that scoundrel Dio. Eventually, you challenged Dio himself. It had been a bloody and unfair defeat and you stopped fighting as often after that: your fits of anger seemed to be waning ever since you befriended JoJo…


But now, you thrust your boots up to your knees as you gritted your teeth. You buttoned up your trousers, your jacket, pinning your hair up into your cap. It had been months since you had last stepped foot into the boxing arena, but this was unforgivable. Jonathan and Dio had been on relatively decent terms for the last few years, but recently Jonathan had confessed to you Dio growing spite. JoJo insisted that he had done no harm, but you sensed that Dio’s wickedness was making his life a living hell.

You couldn't stand the thought. And that was why you were going to challenge him. You knew you were in for a beating, but as long as you could land one or two sizeable blows, you would be content with the match.


The dust swirled through your vision as Dio landed a finishing blow. His glove was bloody, and several of his lackeys struggled to drag the unconscious victim out of the dust. You rolled your sleeves up as your blood raged in your veins. One of Dio’s followers held up his hand in triumph.

“Any one else DARE to challenge the reigning champion? One last victim before his final battle!” You scoffed at the remark.

“Victim?!” your commanding voice split through the crowd. “I certainly would be a willing volunteer. However, I have a feeling he might be the victim this time around.”

The crowd went silent. The scene seemed like something from an epic story as the swarm of sweaty teenage boys parted to let you into the ring. You jumped over the short fence as the boy beside Dio laughed.

“How old are you, boy? Twelve?” You looked at him inquisitively.

“I believe I challenged Dio Brando, not one of his snivelling sidekicks. But if you would like for me to beat you to a bloody pulp as well, by all means continue speaking.” The group of boys cackled at your comeback, and the idiot teenager stepped aside, his face flushed with anger. Dio chuckled, and approached to inspect you, tilting up your chin with his boxing glove without the slightest regard of personal space.

“Ah yes,” he smiled slyly. “I remember you, weren’t you that little runt from so long ago who challenged me… why did you challenge me again?” He paused, feigning forgetfulness. “Oh, I remember. To defend poor little Jonathan Joestar’s ‘honour’?” he snickered. You tried your best not to tackle him then and there. “Well lucky for you, he’s up next.” Your breath halted. ‘Up next’?

“What?” The word escaped your lips, your poker face now contorted in confusion. Jonathan. Had he challenged Dio? You had made him promise never to lay his hands on Dio again, you didn’t want to see Jonathan hurt any more than he already was. You scanned the crowd, searching for that soft and earnest face; you spotted it. His blue eyes piqued with interest as he noticed the commotion between you and Dio. Suddenly, his face flashed in surprise and confusion.

But you whipped back around to grab Dio by the collar, trying your best to look menacing despite the significant height difference.

“Try me,” You growled.

Several of Dio’s minions eagerly assisted in putting on your gloves (they were always excited to see another opponent beaten into the dust), and you casually glanced back at Jonathan. Your hat was low enough to cover your face, and pinned firmly to your head so it wouldn’t fly off mid-battle, so you hoped he hadn’t recognized you. But his mere presence sent flames into your heart. You would defeat Dio here and now so JoJo didn’t have to, so he wouldn’t have to worry about Dio ever again. You would win.

Dio readied his stance as you took one last deep breath. He snickered maliciously, at which you growled with unhindered rancor. You would show no mercy, no pity, you would play dirty so long as it put Dio out of commission.

The bell rang and Dio maintained his crouched position. You feigned a strike but quickly pulled back, sneering as Dio dodged the fake attack. You thought he would lay low and defend for a while, but, surprisingly, he aimed a punch straight for your gut. In your heated passion you swiftly sidestepped, ‘accidentally’ leaving your foot outstretched. The crowd gasped as he tripped and rolled to the ground, dust staining his previously untainted shirt. However, he quickly sprang up as though nothing had happened. He ran to strike a blow to your face, but you ducked, delivering an equally fierce blow to his chest. But he jumped back just in time, your glove merely grazing the cloth of his shirt. Suddenly, a fist came at your face. You cursed yourself mentally, as you were sent reeling to the ground with a stinging lip. You landed on your back, the air siphoning out of your lungs. The force of the hit had sent your cap flying across the dusty floor, but you didn’t care as long as you could make it back on your feet to continue fighting. As you leapt up to your fighting stance, you caught a glimpse of Jonathan’s face. He knew. He had seen though your guise. His expression was torn and terrified.

But you pushed on, striking a punch just to the left of Dio’s head. He dodged to the right. Just like you thought he would. Your other fist met him straight in the jaw. He reeled with the impact but didn’t collapse. Then you sent your fist straight into his gut. He still insisted on remaining standing, and you fumed with anger. Before you could stop yourself, you brought your shin right in between his legs. You heard a high squeal as two massive arms restrained you from behind.

You took several deep panting breaths before you regained focus. Blood dripped from his nose, and his eye had begun to swell. His arms clutched at his stomach while his thighs clenched tightly together. He seemed frozen in time for a moment. Then, as if he were a stone statue that had just been given the slightest tap, he fell face first into the dust.

You breathed a sigh of relief. You had broken the rules, and it was quite possible you would be banned from the game for the rest of your life. But, good heavens. That was certainly worth it. You did your best not to cackle in triumph as you made to storm away from the arena. Then you realised: the arms.

“Let me go!” You wiggled and squirmed as the muscular arms lifted you off the ground. In your agitated state, you were about to bite. Then you heard his voice.

“(Y/n)! Please, calm down!”

“JoJo?” Your face lit up in recognition. He swing you around in his arms till he carried you bridal-style, walking away from the boxing ring. You smiled as you saw his face. “JoJo! I’m so glad you’re not hurt!” You hugged his neck tightly, but he stiffened.

“Me? Not Hurt?! What about you, what were you doing there?!” You sighed at his admonitions.

“Put me down and I can explain,” You whined at him. But he simply huffed.

“I’m not putting you down till we reach your house.”


Your torn jacket lay to the side as he soaked a washcloth in the warm water. You were sitting on the edge of the bathtub, pouting like a little boy who had his favorite toy taken away. He had taken your boots off, and you had disrobed (much to Jonathan’s gentlemanly discomfort) until you just wore your chemise and bloomers. You noticed the bruises appearing on your arm, but merely chuckled at their sight.

“But why boxing?” He asked, dumbfounded as he approached you with the cloth and the basin. As much as you loved JoJo, he could seem a bit narrow-minded at times.

“I told you, I just liked it.” you shrugged.

“It’s just,” he paused before pressing the drenched cloth to your forehead.

“Not ladylike?” You finished his thought for him. He sighed and nodded as you felt the warm wetness press to your swelling head, your lungs exhaling with relief. “JoJo,” you continued, “You know I was never very ‘ladylike’ to begin with.” you giggled as he wiped the dirt off your cheek, clicking your heels together playfully. “Didn’t you once say that you thought I looked cute when I wore trousers?” His face flushed red.

“Wearing men’s trousers is different than getting into fights with men who could easily kill you–”

“Well I think could have easily killed him–”

“(y/n),” You winced from the pain of the cloth brushing against your wet lip, and he quickly flinched away, making sure he hadn’t hurt you.

“It’s fine, JoJo. I’m all right” you assured him. “And you are too. I only did it because of you,” You cupped his cheek in your palm as he continued to pat your face with the towel. He let out a shudder, gazing into your eyes with that shy affection you had grown to love. But this tenderness was underscored with worry. He set down the cloth, removing your finger from his cheek so he could hold both your hands firmly as he stared at you earnestly.

“You can’t get hurt.” His voice was compassionate but commanding. “Please, I don’t want you involved in all of this. It’s my fight,” You sighed, rubbing his large knuckles with your thumb.

“JoJo, it’s just who I am. I’m not usually this…” you struggled to find a better word, then gave up. “I’m not generally this reckless. I’m just sick and tired of Dio pushing you around and I wanted to put an end to it. Because I love you.” You could feel Jonathan’s palms becoming heated and sweaty. “But I promise,” you leaned forward to place a soft kiss on his cheek, wincing only slightly from your stinging lip. “I won’t box in the arena anymore.” He let out a sigh of relief, before you continued. “I mean, I can’t. I’m probably banned anyway. So I guess my only option is to fight you when I feel like punching someone.” You giggled as his face flashed red with bewilderment.


“Don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you!”

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You flinched as the sound of rusted iron hinges grated into the silence. Cuddling even further into your blankets, you shrank away from the light that glared into your cell. You heard a grunt, a yell, the slap of flesh as it hit the cold stone floor. A woman cursed. The gate swung shut with a clang that reverberated throughout the claustrophobic chamber, beating into your eardrums as you winced at the faint pain. But you were used to it. You were used to it all.

You hadn’t done anything wrong, though you eventually gave up telling this to the guards. But it was the truth. You attributed all the catastrophes that had befallen you to dumb luck. A man had spoken harsh words, had teased you, had groped you. And then he fell backwards into the street. Your roommate had held a knife to your throat as you cried out choked screams. And then she had a stroke. The guard harassing you had shot his own foot with his gun. The girl trying to steal your cafeteria food slipped on some mashed potatoes and broke her collarbone. You hadn’t done anything wrong. Had you?

At this point, being assigned to room with you was a sentence unto itself. None of your roommates had ever died, or at least you hoped not. But they never ended up terribly happy in the end. And that’s why they left you with the worst of the worst. The murderers, the torturers, anyone who particularly pissed off the guards. At some point your roommate was bound to get on your nerves. And that’s when disaster struck.

“Come meet your new friend, (y/n)! This one’s pretty tough. Maybe she’ll last a week!” The gravelly voice sounded through the bars. You shielded your eyes from the light, just wanting to get back to sleep. The guard disappeared down the hallway, cackling as he joked with one of his compatriots.

Then, you heard a light sigh, and a chuckle. You peeked out from underneath the ratted blanket. She was younger than a lot of the previous roommates you had had to deal with: tall and slender. Her hair was… unique to say the least. Colored braids held her two buns in place, and you marvelled, thinking about how long and thick her hair must be when she wore it down. Like most of the other prisoners, she sported several tattoos, but they were bright and vibrant unlike the dull, faded ink of your previous… victims.

You turned back to settle into your covers. It was odd that you somewhat took pity on her, considering she was probably around the same age as you, and held herself much more confidently.

There was a tap at your shoulder. Begrudgingly, you rolled around to face her. To your surprise, she stuck her hand out with a smile.

“Name’s Jolyne! I’ve heard a lot about you!” About your misfortunes? Your claims that you didn’t belong in prison? Or the unhappy accidents that seemed to befall anyone who got on your bad side?

You squinted at her with suspicion, but sat up nonetheless. Her handshake was firm, and she continued to smile as you moodily rolled back into bed.


Getting to know your temporary roommate was not always your top priority. You had always just accepted that they would be gone in a week or so, regardless of whether they threatened you or merely stepped on your toe. But something about this girl was different. She chatted with you as you were escorted to lunch, invited you to sit at her table, introduced you to her other friends. You wondered if she was merely trying to get on your good side, but her smile was kind and genuine. That, and she knocked a girl out over a stolen chicken nugget.

But, you knew, something always happened, no matter how passive you tried to be. Jolyne had been acting strange for a while, almost as if something irritated her. She would groan and sigh for no discernable reason. It was understandable for her to complain about her case and her ailing father. However, nonetheless, it was beginning to get on your nerves.

“Oww!” Her fist hit the wall. “Dammit!” She punched again. You heard her grunts and cries of pain as she continued to attack the stone cold wall. You curled the tattered blanket over your ears, simply trying to get to bet. You didn’t want to provoke her. But you didn’t want her to provoke you. “DAMN! YOU! PUCCI!” She accented each word with a punch before finally screaming in frustration. You had to do something before something bad happened. You sighed, crawling out of bed and approaching her under the dim cell lighting. You gingerly placed your hand on her shoulder.

Suddenly, she gasped, startled by your sudden appearance. In her shock, she whirled around and prepared to strike.

Oh no. This was it.

You braced yourself for whatever was about to happen. You heard a creak. A snap. The bunk bed behind you started to topple. Your body stiffened and your eyes squeezed shut, knowing that if you stood perfectly still no harm would come to you.

But there was no thud. No crash. No crack of bones being crushed by the stiff metal frame. You squinted your eyes open. It was remarkable. A tall being loomed over you. Its arms unravelled, as if they were made of thread, holding the bars of the bed just above Jolyne’s cowering form. You took in a shaky breath as your eyes began to water.

The bed was slowly pushed back into place, and Jolyne began to rise from her crouched position. Her face was originally streaked with tears of frustration, but she wiped them away as regarded you with awe.

“So you do have a stand,”


That night, you fell asleep bawling into her arms. You were terrified. But you were relieved. Relieved to know there were others like you. That she was like you. That Ermès was like you. Foo Fighters was even like you. Your eyes crusted over with salty tears as gently ran her fingers over your hair. You didn’t want to be a bother to her, but her embrace pacified you. It let you know that everything was ok. That everything would be ok.


That had been about a week into your friendship. And after that week, your friendship grew stronger than ever. You actually started to laugh with them at lunch. You played games outside, you gossiped in your cell. She would get into trouble occasionally, but, thankfully, they never moved her into solitary confinement.

“I got it! I got it!” Foo Fighters flailed her arms desperately as she tried to catch the ball. It flew past her as she fell on her butt. Jolyne shook her head and smirked.

“I told you Foo, you have to follow the ball, don't just wait for it. (Y/n), you give it a try!”

“Huh?” your head shot up in surprise. You hadn't handled a ball in years, and you weren't any good at playing catch to begin with. But, as if mesmerised by Jolyne’s words, you stood from the bench and approached.

“You ready?” She prepared to throw the ball at you. You held your arms up the shield your head, wincing as she drew her glove backwards. Her expression was mischievous as she hurled the baseball your way. A small squeak left your lips as you ran to catch the ball, but it was just out of reach. You jumped in an attempt to grasp your fingers around it. Dammit, how could you be even worse than Foo Fighters? The ball bounced off your hands and into a nearby bush. And you landed on your side. In the dust. You groaned, half with pain and half with disappointment.

“Aww, (y/n)! You’re so cute!” You flushed. No one had ever called you that before. Jolyne ran over to you, offering her hand to help you up. Her smile was the prettiest thing you had ever seen, and you almost melted as you too the hand. “You ok though?” Jolyne pulled you to your feet with ease, checking to make sure that you were free of any cuts or bruises. You held in a light gasp as she brushed the dirt off your thigh. Did you… Did you have feelings for her?

You didn’t talk much through dinner that night. You eyes the gloopy mashed potatoes, smushing them with your fork, as you thought to yourself. It was the first time you had felt happy in years, and it was all because of her. You loved her.


“You okay (y/n)?” She wrapped your arm around you ar you moped on the bottom bunk. You entire body grew warm at the touch.

“Y-Yeah, I’m fine. I just,” Should you tell her? She had always been so kind and accepting, except when you made her angry of course. But you needed her help. You were so unsure of your feelings anyway. “What if I have… like…” You squeezed your eyes shut as you drew the words out of your mouth. “What if I have a crush on you?”


You peeked an eye open to see how she had taken it, hoping that you scared her away. But, to your surprise, her face was bright. A wide, open smile crossed her cheeks. She giggled slightly, squeezing your shoulder with her hand.

Do you have a crush on me?” You rubbed your legs together nervously at her question. You couldn’t tell if she was laughing at you, or laughing because… she felt the same.

“I don’t know,” You looked down and sighed. “If I did, do you think we could still be friends?” your apprehensiveness sounded through your voice. You were so scared to ask.

“No.” Your heart lurched, however, you felt her rough finger tilt your chin, turning your face so that you could gaze into her eyes. Her expression was that of a playful pout. “I won’t let you friendzone me.” Did that mean…

You stifled a small giggle of relief, and she smiled, knowing that you understood her intentions. Shifting yourself so that you kneeled next to her on the bed, you pulled her into a firm hug, as your trembling calmed. She chuckled slyly.

“But do you or don’t you?” You pulled back to look into her questioning face. You nodded bashfully.

“I think I do.” Jolyne smirked at your response, sliding her hand up your thigh. You gasped.

“Do you need some time to decide?” She cooed. Her voice was low, and almost seductive. You laughed nervously.


“Well then,” she grinned mischievously. “I’ll give you five minutes.” Suddenly, she leaned in. Your initial impulse was to jerk back, but you were frozen solid as her lips pressed to yours. They were soft but eager as her free hand tangled in your hair, pulling you closer. You kissed her back, though you were too scared to move any other part of your body. But she encouraged you, lifting her palm off of your thigh to grab your wrist. She pulled your hand to cup her bare waist, and you unintentionally moaned as you felt the warmth of her skin against yours.

Gradually, she lowered your frame into the bed, bringing her arms to cage your face as she continued to suck gently at your lips. You gasped as she nibbled softly, and you felt her smirk in response. You were a bit disappointed when she left your lips, but your entire body shivered as soon as you felt her suck at your neck. You ran your hands up and down here exposed waist, and she let out a slight pant in response to your fingers tickling her stomach.

She nipped slightly at your skin, gripping your shoulders tightly as if you would soon slip away. After delivering a final kiss to your neck, she drew back. You gazed at her expectantly, as she sat atop you, straddling your hips and crossing her arms with a sly smirk.

“Time’s up. Do you like me?” Your heart was pounding in your chest, your face was flushed with heat, you felt a tingling sensation traversing every inch of your body.

“I do.”

Chapter Text

The sunlight burned against your skin as you walked through the streets of Cairo. It had been a while since you had seen Avdol or Mr. Joestar, and Iggy was no doubt stuffing his face into some trashcan or another. You were walking with to Jotaro, Polnareff dragging behind the two of you. Your hand brushed against his occasionally, but he hadn’t complained, so hopefully you weren’t too close for comfort.

Your previous encounter with one of Dio’s servants, a sword named Anubis, had been a bit of a struggle. In the end, Polnareff had stabbed Jotaro in the stomach before you could stop him. You had tried your hardest to hold back your tears as you helped him limp to the hospital. You knew he would be perfectly fine; Jotaro was always fine. But it felt like your heart was caught in your throat every time he received an injury that might have proven fatal to a normal person. That was probably when you realised, as you changed the soft gauze pad pressed against the wound on his shredded (in more ways than one) abdomen: you cared for him.

You were jerked out of your thoughts as you ran into a stiff arm. A gasp escaped your lips, and you looked up at Jotaro. He looked over his shoulder, a suspicious expression crossing his face.

“Where’s Polnareff?” He whipped around, taking long strides backtracking your previous steps. You struggled to keep alongside him, breaking out into a run. He turned a corner and disappeared, however soon you reached where he had stopped, and bent over, panting slightly.

“That’s me! It’s me! It’s me!” The frantic cries came from a small boy. You peered down at him, confused. His hair was tall and white, and he wore an oversized black top…

“Yare yare daze, my mistake for asking a kid.” Jotaro immediately turned on his heel.

“W-Wait!” You called after him. Something seemed odd. You looked back at the kid, just long enough to see his pleading eyes. And his earrings. His broken heart earrings. “Jotaro, come back!” You chased after him, grabbing his arm, but he shook you off with force. “I think it is Polnareff,” Jotaro turned the corner, but you continued to beg, “We should go back,” he didn’t stop. You grunted in frustration, taking it upon yourself to run back to where you had seen the boy.

But he had vanished. Then you felt a massive hand on your shoulder.

“(Y/n), let’s go.” You muttered a refusal but he grabbed your wrist, pulling you backwards. You sighed.

“Maybe he went back to the hotel?” Jotaro scoffed as your remark, and you groaned. “Well–” Suddenly, his eyes flashed open. You knew that this signalled an attack and dropped to your fighting stance, looking around for the threat.

“Watch it,” his voice was low but forceful as he swept you aside, no doubt dodging an incoming attack. You yelped as you saw a large shadow looming on the ground. But you couldn’t see its owner. Jotaro looked at you with astonishment.

“J-Jotaro, what was that?” he abruptly grabbed you by the waist, flinging you into his arms as he darted away. “Jo,” The rhythmic pace of of his running was almost soothing. “Jo…” You snuggled into his massive arms as you fell asleep.


Your stomach hurt. You sat up and yawned, rubbing your eyes.

“(y/n)’s awake.” You looked to the corner. Three men were standing in a circle. Two of them were big and scary, but one of them seemed nice. Maybe you knew him from somewhere.

You climbed out of the big comfy bed and ran over to him. You poked his leg.

“Excuse me! Excuse me!” He looked down at you with a frown. You frowned back. “I’m hungry.” The man crouched down to look into your eyes. He was really big.

“Yare yare… Well, you’ll have to wait for a bit.” You stomped your foot.

“But my tummy hurts!” he rolled his eyes.


He looked down at the child sitting in his lap. He didn’t want to have to deal with this annoying little brat, but he also wouldn’t dare leave (y/n) defenseless. Avdol and the old man were out to find the stand user, while he kept you safe and sound. And fed.

Your bouncing up and down was a bit irritating, but, for some reason, it pleased him to know that you were happy. You licked the ice cream cone gleefully, smearing the chocolate syrup all over your face. The man sighed, knowing he would have to clean it all off later, and you were almost down to the last bite when you paused. Jotaro raised his eyebrow. Did you not want the ice cream anymore? Did you want to go do something else? Damn, little kids were so obnoxious. But then, you jumped off of his lap, turning around to hold the remainder of the ice cream out to him.

“Do you want it, JoJo?” The man’s eyebrows raised in surprise. Weren’t children supposed to be selfish little idiots? Why were you acting so sweet then? He slowly reached out his hand, and you gave a small smile and a giggle. It was almost… cute… in a way. The corners of his lips turned up slightly as he accepted the remainder of the dessert.

“Thank you, (y/n).” He muttered. You rocked back and forth on your heels.

“You’re welcome!”

Before heading back to the room, Jotaro stopped by the ice cream shop to grab several napkins. He leaned down to reach your face, squeezing it firmly in his large hand so you wouldn’t squirm so much.

“Why are your hands so rough?” You questioned though your squished lips. Jotaro sighed as he began to wipe the chocolate off your cheeks. He cursed (though not loud enough for (y/n) to hear) as he got some of the sticky substance smeared across his jacket. you laughed. Focusing back on cleaning your face, the man paused. Your eyes were squeezed shut, and your lips puckered into a fish face. You looked ridiculous. And adorable.

Jotaro let out a deep chuckle, wishing that (y/n) was here to see this insanity. And then, a thought. What if we can't turn her back?

He held your hand stiffly as you walked back up to the room. As soon as he had unlocked the door, you ran up and started jumping on the bed. Jotaro groaned his usual “Yare yare,” and lay on the other mattress, tilting his hat to shield the light from his eyes. Then, his bed started to bounce.

“JOJO! JOJO! Tell me a story!” He looked up, one eyebrow raised in disgust. Why couldn’t you just go to sleep like a normal human being?

“I don’t know any damn stories. Go to bed.” you whined at this response.

“What about… Tell me about you JoJo!” He ignored your as you continued jumping on the bed. Then he gasped, a sudden weight landing on his chest. (Y/n) lay on top of him, gazing expectantly into his eyes. “Come on!” you groaned.

“I'm not–” Jotaro paused. He had a terrible idea. “A story. About me?” He stared at the ceiling.

“Uh-huh!” you giggled expectantly.

“Back when me and the old man were in Japan–”

“That's not how a story starts.” Jotaro glared at the obnoxious brat. “You have to say ‘Once upon a time’.” The man looked back up at the ceiling, taking a deep breath.

“Once upon a time, there was a friggin’ prince,” you smiled gleefully. “And the prince’s mom, the queen or whatever… She was very sick,” (Y/n) gasped at this development. “And the only cure was to defeat an ancient vampire millions of miles away.”

“How does killing a vampire make someone get better?”

“Shut up, I’m telling the story here. So he started off on the journey, along with his grandfather–”

“If the Prince’s mom is the Queen, then what is the Prince’s grandpa?”

“Old and boring.” You laughed at the joke, and a smile came to the man’s lips. Something about this was… cathartic in a way. Jotaro didn't talk to people often. but talking to someone in such a simple manner, someone with such an innocent mind. It seemed to relieve him. “And along the way they met a fortune teller from a far away land, and, umm, another prince? With long flowing red hair,” Your eager face urged him to keep going. “And an idiot knight, and…” he took a deep shaky breath. “A princess.”

“A princess?!” You shrieked in delight. “Was she pretty? What did she look like?” Jotaro sighed.

“She was beautiful. She looked,” He ran his hands through your hair, looking down into your large and curious eyes. “Just like you.” Your face lit up. But then, your wide grin turned into a yawn, as you nuzzled into his chest.

“I hope the prince and the princess get married…” Jotaro was so glad that you didn’t see his face flush at her remark.

“Maybe,” He remained silent for a while, before he began to hear your soft snores. “Maybe they will.”

Caring for a child wasn't as bad as he had thought it would be, though he would never admit it to anyone. He shuddered, hoping (y/n) wouldn't remember any of this when she was back. Hoping she would come back. Gradually, he drifted off to sleep.


You smiled as you felt the warm rise and fall of his breath. One hand was placed on his chest, your legs were intertwined in his, and you smiled in your dazed, half-awake state. His fingers were tangled in your hair, and a hand reached over your back to rest on your waist, pulling your close as if to protect you. His body stiffened. You whined, cuddling him closer. You just wanted to sleep a bit longer. You heard his raspy, somewhat shaky breaths.

Suddenly, your mind came tumbling back from your dreams. This was reality. You flinched away. Jotaro was lying, rigid, beneath you. His face was a deep red, though he tried to hide it with his hat. You let out a small squeak of shock, right before you toppled off of the bed and onto the floor.

“Oww!” A dull pain shot through your wrist as you caught yourself. Jotaro climbed off of the bed to crouch at your side.

“Are you okay?” His voice seemed unusually panicked, but you nodded your head as you began to sit up. You were shaking a bit, and your heart beat rapidly from the fall as you looked up at Jotaro. Concern and worry seemed to show through his normal poker face. You were about to reassure him that you were unhurt when he stood, and held out his hand. He pulled you to your feet, though you were still somewhat unsteady and ended up falling into his arms. You hurriedly removed yourself from his personal space, but, then your memory came flooding back.

“WHAT?! What happened? I–” He shushed you, placing one hand on your shoulder and the other on your fingers, stroking your knuckles soothingly.

“An enemy stand. Somehow, they,” he paused, looking for words, “turned you into a child,” You hadn’t forgotten. The ice cream, the chocolate all over your face, the bedtime story… Your eyes widened as your thoughts began to race. “Do you remember?” Your face flushed a deep crimson, and you nodded vigorously, without even making eye contact.

Was he… Did he have feelings for you? Neither of you had said anything about the compromising position you awoke in, but he continued to gently run his thumb across your knuckles. If he did, he probably didn’t have the courage to say it to your face. He was brave on the battlefield, but you knew how fragile he could be when it came to his feelings.

“JoJo?” Your voice seemed uncertain at first, but you pushed through your discomfort. “Do you care about me?” He avoided your eye contact and his grip around your shoulder tightened. You nervously lifted your hand to his cheek, turning his chin to face you. “I,” your stomach was clenched tightly as your anxiety heightened. “I have feelings for you Jotaro, and If you think there’s any chance you might feel the same way,” His eyes finally met yours, and you froze. A slight smile came to his lips, and your heart melted. He took a step closer to you, and you could feel the heat of his chest just inches away from your own. His hand cupped your cheek as he tilted your face upwards.

His lips were firm, but the kiss was soft. You latched your fingers into his hair, almost so your tiny frame wouldn’t slip off the giant of a man. His torso only lightly pressed against yours, but it was enough to make you shiver. You desperately wanted to pull him closer, to suck at his lips until he moaned your name.

But he cut you off, gently removing his lips from yours. You stared at him longingly, as he stared at you with an unreadable expression, possible of… admiration? His breaths sped up a little, and a deep blush.

“You were cute as a kid. But you’re beautiful now.”

Chapter Text

“And you’re sure your parents are okay with this?”

He grabbed your hand, squeezing it reassuringly.

“Of course. I told them you needed somewhere to stay, and they’ll be out most of the night anyway.” Your eyebrows furrowed. You certainly didn't want to intrude, however, the idea of spending the night with Kakyoin…

The sun was low in the sky, but its heat still beat down as the two of you walked back from school. It had been a long day, and you both had to stay after school for several hours because of club activities, so it was almost time for dinner. Your backpack was starting hurt you shoulders, and you fanned your heated face with your hand.

“How much farther is it?” You looked up at him, trying not to sound whiny. Still, he seemed to notice your discomfort.

“Only a few more minutes and we’ll get there. Do you need me to hold your bag?” Your face flushed as you began to stutter.

“I-I mean, my back is kind of sore, but you don't have to if it's too much trouble–” He cut you off as he swung your pack off of your shoulders and onto his own, laughing as he almost buckled under the weight.

“How many textbooks are in here?” You grimaced, “You’re stronger than I thought,”

“If it's too heavy,” You began to speak, but he intertwined his fingers with yours, reassuringly.

“Anything for you.” His sweet smile always seemed to make your knees weak.


Air conditioning was most definitely the best invention ever created by mankind. You collapsed face down on the couch in exhaustion as you heard the thud of your book bag on the floor and the click of the fan. You felt the couch sink under Kakyoin’s weight as he sat next to you. A slight pressure ran across your shoulders.

“What are you–” You stopped yourself as a groan left your lips. His strong hands kneaded your back, catching the most tense and tightly knotted muscles and dissolving all the stress with his firm touch. Your entire body felt tingly and warm, but your mind raced with the implications of the action. He continued massaging your neck, your shoulder blades, your lower back. You wanted to tell him that he didn't have to do that, that you didn't hurt that much anyway, but all that escaped your lips was a low moan:


He suddenly paused, not removing his hands entirely. The spell over you seemed to lift, and you slowly sat up from the awkward position (though you certainly desired more of his touch). You groggily turned to face him. His cheeks were slightly rosy, and he sat rigidly, biting his lower lip as he pulled his arms to rest in his lap.

Neither of you said anything for a while, just rested there, relieved to be out of the heat. You leaned onto his shoulder, and he let out a sigh. Closing your eyes, you felt his fingers brush against yours, and you smiled at the comfort.

“You said pizza was fine, right?” You lifted your eyelids and turned to him to respond, but your mouth wouldn’t move. His long crimson lock of hair framed his handsome face, and his eyes seemed to sparkle in the afternoon sunlight that shone through the window. His gaze was tender, and his smile eager. You shook it off as quickly as you could. You hated how susceptible you were to his charms.


“Wonderful,” to your dismay, he stood from the couch, “I’ll order delivery now, if that’s fine with you.” You nodded as he leapt up from the couch. “And I might change out of my uniform if that’s alright with you,” You paused. You had never seen him wearing anything other than his uniform, and the thought of it kind of… well, it kind of made you drool. “You’re free to change as well, of course, I can’t imagine your outfit is comfortable.” Kakyoin smiled sweetly before walking out of the room to grab his phone. You sat there for a moment.


It was certainly much more comfortable wearing your tank top and shorts instead of that sweaty school uniform. You left the bathroom to set your bag back down in the living room, and noticed that Kakyoin was already lying on the couch. His tight green shirt left nothing to the imagination, but you refused to let your mind imagine anything further as you approached him.

“Pizza on it’s way?” You asked. His lips curled upwards in that slight smile you loved so much, and he sat up from the couch.

“Any minute now.” He paused, a mischievous glint coming to his eye, “(Y/n), do you like video games?”


“No, you press it like this ,” You looked over at his controller as he rapidly fingered the buttons. His kart whizzed past a corner and through a dark tunnel. On your side of the screen,  Princess Peach was repeatedly running into a wall. His laugh was sympathetic, however. “Here,” he set his controller down and crouched behind you. His arms wrapped around your frame, taking command of the buttons. You hoped he wouldn’t notice how fast your heart was beating and how sweaty your palms had become, as he walked you through the game. You could feel his breath on the back of your neck, and your hair stood on end as you slowly relaxed into his chest. Rather than focusing on his instructions, you were eyeing his biceps. Your eyes glazed over as you began to daydream. Maybe it was just because you were a bit tired, but you completely lost your hold on reality.

You gasped as his fingers grazed against your side. You realised he had been calling your name for a while, but it was too late. He attacked your sides with tickles. You laughed furiously as you toppled over on the floor.

“K-Kak!” You gasped out “What are you d-doing?!” You lay on the ground, still giggling as he pulled his hands away. He leaned over you, his long lock of hair draping down. Your chest heaved as you caught your breath.

“You wouldn't respond to anything else,” He smiled slyly, but hesitated. His eyes wandered down, as if they were inspecting your frame.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.


“We could watch a movie.” You suggested through a mouthful of pizza. He smiled as he filled his plate.

“That would be lovely,”

“And we could grab some pillows and blankets,” You laughed “And make a fort!” He chuckled at your joke. Maybe you were a bit too excited about sleeping over. He slowly took a bite of the pizza, seemingly deep in thought. You stared at he licked the sauce off of his lip, but continued eating your own as he glanced back at you. You chatted for a while about the latest gossip at school and everything that had happened that day.

Once you were finished, he took your plate and threw it in the trash. You hopped up from the chair as he wiped his hands with a napkin.

“Do you have netflix–” He stopped you, tilting your chin to look into his eyes. Your hormones raged at his touch, and you gulped, somewhat confused by the gesture.

He had made advances like this all day, but you could never be sure that they were actually advances. Kakyoin was too smart for you, too handsome, too kind. That was probably why he was acting this way. His kindness .

He reached up, napkin in hand, to wipe a smudge of sauce from the edge of your lips. You stared at his caring smile, transfixed.

Now we can watch the movie.”


You snuggled under the blankets Kakyoin had brought in, typing in the name of the movie into the search bar. It was something obscure you’d never heard of, but he said it was an amazing film, and you trusted him. Kakyoin dimmed the lights as he brought in a large bowl of popcorn. You gasped slightly (hoping he didn't hear) as he slipped his arm around your shoulder. He pulled up the covers and reached for the remote. His hair brushed against your face as you nuzzled into him, and you could swear he smelled like cherries.

You were really enjoying the movie. It was sweet and a bit romantic. About halfway in, Kakyoin shifted a little. He leaned into you as his thumb gently stroked your shoulder. His other hand found its way under the covers to clasp yours.

Finally, the film ended. The credits scrolled by, underscored by gentle instrumental music. You two sat for a while, simply enjoying each other's warmth. You didn't want him to move to grab the remote, to turn on the lights.

But, slowly, he unwrapped his arm from your shoulders. You sighed as the blissful moment came to an end. However, you felt his fingers gently brush against your cheek. As you slowly turned to look at him, you noticed the faintest blush cross his face in the darkness. It was that same smile you had always loved, where his lips curled slightly up as he gazed into the distance. But this time, he was gazing at you.

You couldn't imagine what your face must have liked like. You were mesmerised, transfixed. He slowly leaned in, as if giving you a chance to opt out, to shy away from his intimacy. But you wanted it more than anything.

His lips softly grazed yours. Your eyes closed, and you did your best not to shudder. His kiss was short, however, and he pulled away to measure your reaction. His expression seemed… uncertain, expectant. You wanted to say something, to tell him how much you cared for him, how much you wanted to be with him, but you were too scared to open your mouth. Words wouldn't be enough, anyway.

You leaned in again, placing your hand on his firm bicep to brace yourself. His lips met yours again, this time more hungry than before. The hand that previously rested on your cheek slipped to comb through your hair, as the other hand clasped your hip. The moan that left your lips was barely noticeable, but it still seemed to urge him on as he pulled you closer. You gasped as your torso pressed against his, and he used the opportunity to tilt your chin, deepening the kiss. Your hand found its way up to his chest, fiddling with the thin fabric of his shirt.

But he slowed, giving your lips a soft peck before he pulled away. He looked into your eyes with an expression of sincerity.

“(Y/n),” You placed his hand on his soft cheek at his whisper. At this point, nothing held you back. You wanted to show him just how much you loved him. “You are the most wonderful person I’ve ever known–” but you pressed a finger to his lips, and his face grew red.

“Kak, you don't have to say anything.” You removed your finger, and, instead, pressed your forehead to his.

“I’m all yours, and that will never change.”

Chapter Text

It was just a small side job to get you a bit of extra money. When you had heard from your friend Suzie Q that her boss was seeking another helper around the house, you accepted wholeheartedly. It was just weekends when you were needed to tidy up, and it was never terribly messy. On one hand, you had never expected to be someone’s personal maid, but the job paid extremely well.

Of course, the thought crossed your mind that there might be a catch: maybe she’d lower your pay soon, maybe it was only temporary, maybe it would be permanent (you certainly didn’t want to be someone else’s cleaning lady for the rest of your days). But, this… This you had never imagined.


Tears streamed down your face as your body shook with sobs. The interrogation had gone on long enough. Why wouldn’t they believe you? You told them everything you knew, but still, they hadn’t found what they were looking for. You kicked and bit, but they paid no heed. A clawed finger trailed across your cheek, you heard a voice soft as honey yet sharp as steel.

“Where is it?” the nail dug into your cheek, and you gasped at the prick of pain. “The stone?”

“I told you,” You spat through your convulsions. “I don’t know any stone…”

There were three men. The one crouched before you seemed to be the leader of the group. His violet eyes seemed almost inhuman as they peered out of the dark cloth tied around his head. Another man, just as tall and just as intimidating, stood to his right, a smug smirk on his face. The last, however, seemed a bit different. He stood slightly taller than his compatriot, and seemed even more muscular, if that were possible. His gaze was directed not at you, but straight ahead, as if he were a soldier waiting for his command. But you could see something behind those eyes. His muscles twitched a bit, as if in discomfort.

The leader suddenly squeezed your jaw in his spindly fingers, turning your face from side to side, inspecting you, for some unknown reason. You glared at him with abhorrence and rage. He then released you, throwing you to the ground like garbage as he turned on his heel.

“Esidisi, come. Wamuu,” he looked over his shoulder, a malicious grin lighting his face, “Eat up.”

Eat up? Eat what? Eat… you? Your mind blurred in an avalanche of thoughts as your breathing became shallow. One man, Esidisi probably, turned to follow his master as he exited the dark cell, leaving Wamuu standing in silence. His eyes finally met yours. His body was rigid and alert, an experienced fighter if you’d ever seen one. But his gaze wasn’t threatening, it was contemplative. His brow furrowed as he looked down at your frail form.

Just before the others reached the door, he turned. Kneeling before the backs of his betters, you heard his resonant voice fill the cell.

“Master Kars,” The two men slowly turned to face him, “May I…” You couldn’t see the expression on Wamuu’s face, but something about it obviously amused his commander, who let out a wry and teasing chuckle.

“You want a little toy? I might understand if it were a skilled hamon warrior with whom you could duel to the death, but it’s just a disgusting little lump of flesh.” You held stationary where you were chained to the ground, almost hopeful, yet still fearing for any of the possible outcomes.

“It may prove useful,” Wamuu began again, “These humans form very strong attachments. It could be used as bait –”

“Very well,” Kars cut him off with a scowl, “But the human is your responsibility. Esidisi,” Kars waved for the other man to follow him out of the cold stone cell, leaving Wamuu behind.

As the slam of the iron door echoed through the darkness, he turned back around to inspect you. Your tears had ceased, though you still were quite shaken and confused. Wamuu walked around behind you, and you panicked, not knowing what his intentions were. You felt him pull at the shackles restraining your wrists. Suddenly, the chain was wrenched apart, and you heard the clatter of metal on the floor.

“Stand.” his voice commanded you, however the order was not necessary as he easily hauled your fragile frame to its feet. Your hands fell to your sides, your posture almost defeated, as he turned you around to face him. He noticed the handcuffs still rubbed against your wrists, and you gasped as he took your hands in his large fists, bringing them up to shoulder level. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. It was as if a hundred blades of wind cut through the iron all at once, breaking the shackles into pieces as they fell to the cold stone ground. The only expression on your face was awe.

“What do they call you?” His voice was softer than it had been before. You took a deep shuddering breath before answering.

“I’m (y/n).”


He had seemed like such a stern warrior, a man whose only concern was his master’s wishes and his own honor. But you could see something beyond the cold, hard exterior. At first, he thought it necessary to come to you only daily to deliver a large, raw chunk of meat. You had to explain to him how often humans eat, how small their portions generally were, and what a “vegetable” was. Intrigue flashed behind his eyes every time he learned something new, and his visits gradually became more lengthy.

He was sitting beside you as you tore a loaf of bread. He had no idea where he had acquired it. It was still warm and fresh, it crackled as you bit into it, crumbs spilling onto the floor. Wamuu regarded you as usual. But this time, you paused. You carefully tore off a small chunk, holding it out to his lips. Your smile was a bit shy, and you chuckled.

“Try some,”

He seemed taken aback at first, but slowly opened his mouth. You raised your eyebrow. Did he expect you to feed it to him. You grabbed his wrist with your free hand, placing the bread in his palm. You then ripped off a piece of your own, bringing it up to your mouth. He stared, curiously, as he followed your lead. He chewed and swallowed. He stared off into the distance again.

“That was awful.” You giggled, as he remained straight-faced.

Once you tried to describe how humans actually cook food, and he had found the process tedious: why go to so much trouble for something that merely provides sustenance? This started your conversation on the concept of pleasure.

“Humans take pleasure in eating. They take pleasure in hobbies, and relationships,”

“Do they take pleasure in fighting?” You paused at this question.

“Some take pleasure in fighting, but for most of us, fighting is merely the means to an end.”

“I do not understand.” He tilted his head in confusion. You took in a deep breath to explain to him.

Wamuu was fascinated by the history of battle. You tried to recount for him all you could remember from your lessons. The motivation behind each battle intrigued him the most: the Christian religion behind the crusades, the lust for power during the Era of Warring states, the desire for freedom over tyranny during the American Revolution. And of course, World War II, the current conflict between all the nations of the earth.

“But war is not all glory and victory,” you tried to explain. “War causes pain and suffering.”

“Is that why you do not fight?” you paused at his question.

“What do you mean?” You asked. He looked down as you sat, finishing your meal, on the floor.

“Why are you so small and fragile? Why was it so easy to capture you?” Your face burned, almost enraged by the insults. “Do you only concern yourself with pleasure?” You stood, staring up at him with a subdued fury behind your eyes.

“I fight with my words. I get what I want through compromising with people, not terrorizing them. I don’t cause pain to others for my own benefit. That’s the difference between you and me.” Your face was just inches away from his, and you panted slightly, releasing every ounce of anger that had been pent up inside of you since you were captured. Yet you dare not touch him. You wouldn’t punch him or slap him or grab him by his collar. Because you were better than him. His eyebrows raised at your sudden surge of assertiveness, of rebellion.

“Then, that is it.” His expression returned to stoicism. “That is what I sensed from you. You are a warrior, but of a different kind.” With that, he turned on his heel and left. You gazed in shock and silence as he strode out of the room. What did he mean?


The incident passed as if it had never happened, and the only shadows left behind showed in the progression of your relationship. Your conversations were originally very one-sided: you would tell him of human tradition, and he would nod his head, taking in the information. But now, he began to tell you his stories. The tales of the Pillar Men, the rise of Kars. He stared off into the distance as he recalled his past, and something about it made you feel… comforted.

“(Y/n),” You paused as you wiped your mouth with a napkin he had so courteously brought you. He rarely used your name, expect when he was being extremely serious. “I have a question to ask you about humans.” His back was turned, and he seemed to be gazing at the wall, deep in thought. You stood, wiping the crumbs off of your lap, and approached.

“Yes, Wammu?” He twitched a bit. You were used to his calm and quiet exterior, though often you could see hidden glimpses of intrigue, of discomfort, though usually he never became enraged. But right now, he seemed restless. His hesitation made it seem as if he were unsure about his actions. Wamuu had always been confident in every situation. Except for now.
“Tell me about… attraction.” You halted in your tracks. You thought that the Pillar Men had no use for copulation or romance, or anything other than pursuit of power. However, Wamuu was different, he had always been different compared to Kars and Esidisi. He was strong and skilled, but he was still a child on the inside. He was sincere. You took a deep breath.

“Attraction is… When a human forms a bond with another human. It can be based on their appearance or personality or both–”

“I know what it is,” he interrupted you, turning on his heel to gaze deep into your eyes. “But how can you tell if it’s real? If it’s something more?” You heart began to beat rapidly in your chest. Could he possibly be asking this because he felt this way about… you? He was your sole companion, he had been for a while now, and you certainly enjoyed conversations with him. You enjoyed how much he cared for you, even if his expression didn’t show it, and how much you had learned from him. But was it love?

“There’s no way to tell for sure,” Your eyes were still fixated on his, and you stepped closer. In one moment, his face seemed to break. His eyebrows furrowed and his fist clenched. He looked at the ground in embarrassment.

“But when I first saw you… Why couldn’t I kill you? You were fragile and weak, nothing but a puny human. But the way you fought back. The way your frail figure railed against Kars every strike. Was that attraction? Is that why I come to you every day to make sure you’re well fed and content? I’ve only ever lived to serve my masters. How is it that you too can have such a hold over me?” You almost felt dizzy. To think that such a beautiful and powerful creature could ever fall in love with a pitiful being such as yourself shocked you.

But all the same, you welcomed it.

“I-I think,” You stuttered out, placing your hand into his. He looked down at the initiation of contact curiously, “I think that is love,” you gathered your confidence as your eyes fluttered shut, raising on your tip-toes so your lips could reach his. You waited for the kiss. And waited.

“What are you doing?” His deep voice sounded uncharacteristically nervous. You opened your eyes, staring at his confused expression and stifling a giggle.

“It’s a kiss. It’s an act of,” you squirmed, still a bit shy, “of love” his eyebrows raised in recognition.

Suddenly, he grabbed you by the waist, and you let out a small squeak of surprise. You latched your fingers behind his head and into his hair as he pulled you to his chest, your toes leaving the ground. Your lips met, forcefully, and you shivered at his cool touch. You could feel every inch of his chiseled frame supporting your body. You involuntarily tilted your head and slid one hand down his chest, gasping at how cold his body seemed. But you loved it.

Soon, he set you down, and you stumbled as you regained your composure. His face was flushed red, and his usual stoicism was replaced with surprise. His hand seemed to unconsciously trace where your lips had left his, as if he were remembering the touch. You smiled shyly.

He abruptly pinned you to the wall, attacking your lips with even more vigor as he ran his fingers up and down your sides. You shivered as his hands grazed across your breast; he probably didn’t know just how sensitive that area was. You pressed both palms to his firm chest as he sucked at your lips. Your leg slid up to wrap around his massive thigh as you pulled him in as far as you could, making sure that no space was left in between you two. Slowly, you parted your lips to let your tongue graze across his own. He immediately took the hint, and practically started devouring you with his mouth. You would have giggled if you could. Something about his ignorance yet his unbridled aggressiveness was so endearing. He probably had no idea what he was doing, but he tried his hardest to please both you and himself.

As you broke away to take a breath of air, you heard him whine softly. You made sure he didn’t see your smirk as you softly kissed his neck. At this, he shuddered. You took full advantage of this opportunity, placing light kisses down his collarbone (where you could actually easily reach him). You sucked lightly as he shuddered. Running your hands up and down his biceps, you heard him moan your name. His hands groped your waist tightly, as if he were afraid you would soon slip away from him.

You finally paused, to look up into his eyes.

“Now do you understand why we seek pleasure?”

Chapter Text

“It can’t be that accurate,” You were teasing him just a bit, of course. Ever since you had awakened your own stand powers, you had come to accept the paranormal, more or less. But Tarot reading… It just sort of seemed like a silly card trick.

However, even if you were apprehensive about fortune-telling itself, you completely trusted the fortune-teller. His name was Avdol. He had rescued you from Dio’s clutches, brought you out of harm’s way. You would have been back home and safe with your family, thanks to him, if you didn’t insist on joining the crusaders to defeat Dio. Avdol hadn’t wanted you to get caught up in the mess of it all, but you assured him that you would train, you would strengthen your stand to become stronger, and this time, Dio wouldn’t get away with it.

You two sat at a small table in the lobby of the hotel. It was late evening, and the place seemed almost deserted. Mr. Joestar was napping up in the room, Jotaro and Kakyoin were sight seeing, and Polnareff was probably off somewhere being an idiot as usual. Avdol shook his head and chuckled as he pulled a deck of cards out of his robe.

You are the only one who can choose to listen to what the cards foretell.” He remarked. You giggled a bit. You had seen all sides of him: the mysterious fortune teller to the the conniving trickster. You knew he was more of the latter.

“Well, let’s see what they say, and if it makes any sort of sense!” You rested your elbows on the table as you watched his dexterous fingers shuffle the cards with ease. You always admired how skilled he was, and how precise he was at everything he put his mind to. Then, he paused, noticing you eyeing the cards. He outstretched his palm, holding out the pristine deck.

“Do I pick one?” You asked.

“No,” He shook his head with a sly smile, “You shuffle.” You laughed as you took the cards from his hand.

“So if I shuffle the cards, they’ll predict my future?” You questioned, skeptically. He made a “tch” noise several times, shaking his head with a deep chuckle.

And your past, and your present.” He seemed like a true magician as he said this, fanning out the deck in front of you to display the cards

“Do I have to say ‘please’ and ‘thank’ you as well?” You joked. Avdol grinned at you.

“It wouldn’t hurt.”  Something about his gaze made you feel… fiery.

You accepted his offer and tried your best to split the deck and shuffle the large cards. He smiled warmly at your feeble and clumsy attempts, as you accidentally dropped a card or two and groaned.

“Is that enough?” You really had no idea how fortune telling worked, and presented him the deck of cards in your palm. He placed his warm hand under yours, comforting you in your uncertainty.

“Of course. I’ll do a shorter reading, if you’re alright with that.” His voice was warm and reassuring, and you nodded, a shy smile gracing your face. He lifted a card from the deck, placing it face up and slightly to the side of you. On its image, a young man stood, head turned to the side, hair flowing in the breeze. He held up a long sword as he gazed away from the cloudy sky.

“So, the cards are telling me to pose dramatically with a sword?” You looked at him curiously, making another joke moreso to distract him from noticing as your hand grew heated in his. It wasn’t that you disliked his touch. In fact, you wanted more of it..

“It is the Page of Swords. It represents your past,” he paused to contemplate “and I believe it is quite an accurate representation.” You leaned in, questioningly.

“How so?” He neared his face to yours, almost as if to whisper a secret.

“The page is stubborn and opinionated.” You cackled at his teasing you. Your fierce and feisty nature often rivalled Avdol’s calm serenity. However, sometimes your obstinacy would draw him out of his calm and collected shell, and every once and awhile you remembered fondly those wild and spontaneous adventures you shared together along the road.

He smirked.

“You think I’m joking? The page is aggressive, but intelligent. Energetic yet analytical.” You blushed a bit at these his words.

“And you think that describes… me?” He nodded his affirmation.

“It could describe you. It could also have a more specific meaning,” He paused, recollecting his knowledge of the particular card “In reading your past, the Page of Swords means that your current situation is awakening powers within you that have up to this point lay dormant. Now is the time for you to use your abilities to carve out your own destiny.” He solemnly looked into your eyes, and you tried your best not to giggle at the cheesy-sounding prophecy.

“I suppose that seems accurate,” You conceded, “Although a fortune cookie might have told me the same.” He scowled at the comparison, and you panicked a bit, touching his arm with your free hand to reassure him. “Sorry, that was just a bad joke. Please,” You looked into his stern eyes with a smile. “I’d like to continue.”

He slowly turned over the next card and laid in in the center of the table. You saw his eyes flash as its face was revealed. It was a woman in a long flowing gown and a man in a tunic, both holding large golden goblets. Above them floated a kaduceus with a lion’s head. You stared, questioningly into his eyes.

“What is it? It’s not bad, right?” He took a deep breath before responding.

“No, it’s not bad. It is the Two of Cups. It represents partnerships, relationships, deep bonds of trust, respect, and,” he paused, almost seeming nervous. “love.” You took in a shuddering breath. I mean, maybe you had a crush on someone . But you were sure nothing would ever come of it. He continued, “It signifies that you will soon enter a strong and committed relationship that will bring you great reward,” You desperately hoped he wouldn’t see the blush on your cheeks. You hoped he wouldn’t notice your palms sweat, and your fingers fidgeting nervously. “Someone has entered your life who cares for you deeply, who soon will become closer to you than you have ever been with anyone before,” He shook his head embarrassed (if any emotion Avdol portrayed could be interpreted as embarrassment) and apologised. “Please tell me if this is too much for you.”

“No!” Your reaction was abrupt, and you cursed at yourself for seeming awkward. But all the same, you urged him to continue. He refocused on the deck in your hand, placing his finger on the top card. Then, he paused, looking up into your eyes.

“This final card symbolises your future. It will tell you what is to come, and advise you how to proceed.” You took a deep breath, and nodded to signify that you were ready. He flipped the card.

Two figures stood looking towards the sky: one an unclothed man, the other a woman. An angel floated above them, palms outstretched.

“The Lovers,” You gulped, suddenly replacing the deck on the table and drawing your hand back from his, fidgeting with your fingers anxiously.

“Maybe it’s time to sleep,” you began, voice trembling, “We’re traveling tomorrow–” He grabbed your shoulder before you could move.

“(Y/n),” he spoke your name softly, and you bit your lip to subdue your thoughts. “I haven’t even finished. Please tell me, what is troubling you? You’ve seemed nervous and anxious and… and altogether quite unlike yourself tonight” You couldn’t bear it: how strong he was, how perceptive, how wise, how heroic… And that was why you had to tell him. You didn’t want to, but you owed him honesty. You looked down at your lap, clicking your heels together as your stomach knotted with nerves.

“It’s you, Avdol,” You whispered. He leaned in closer to hear your quiet confession. “It’s always been you. You’ve helped me, you’ve cared for me, I couldn’t help but…” You paused. Were you in love? Had you fallen that hard? Had your feelings really progressed that deep? It had been several months since you met, and you had adored him since the moment you saw him. Was that really enough time to fall in love?

Suddenly, you felt a warm yet rough hand press to your cheek. You looked up, realising that your eyes had begun to water. In your struggle to appear strong, to blink them away as if they were never there to begin with, a droplet escaped down the side of your face. But you gasped as his thumb wiped the tear away, and you dared to gaze into his eyes. They were stern yet kind, as always. However… There were more emotions: trust, awe, a bit of bashfulness. You did your best to calm yourself. You just had to say it out loud.

“Avdol, I love you,” Your heart raced as you spoke the words. Your head was light, and all you could feel was his hand on your cheek and his eyes locked on yours. You wanted to run upstairs, to seal yourself in your hotel room forever. Then you heard his voice.

“I love you too, (y/n).” Every muscle in your body clenched. However, Avdol seemed to become even more relaxed as he leaned in. You could barely move as he placed a light kiss on your lips. It was warm, almost hot to the touch. But sincere and gentle. It was just a second before your lips felt the draft of cool, fresh air in them again. But he didn’t part from you. Your forehead pressed against his, and your noses lightly rubbed together. Closing your eyes, you took a deep breath, slowly regaining your composure. A smile crept to your lips.

You fingers intertwined with his as you leaned over the table, cursing that there was such a barrier between you two. Hopefully no one would abruptly walk into the deserted lobby, but that was one of the last thoughts on your mind as you grabbed his collar, pulling him closer until your lips met. At first, he was surprised by the aggressiveness, but he grew even more passionate in time. As you slid your hands up his chest, around his neck, into his hair, he sucked feverishly at you bottom lip.

Your entire face, your neck, everything burned with a tingling sensation. Part of you couldn't believe it was happening, part of you chastised yourself for being so forward in your tactics, part of you wanted to grab onto his chest and never let go.

But you let the kiss calmly melt away, as both of you understood there was a long night ahead, and a long journey in the morning. Your fingers, however, still intertwined. For so long you had blushed and looked away whenever his eyes caught your stare, however, now you gazed at him longingly. His thumb rubbed across your knuckles. You looked over at the deck of cards, and giggled giddily as you remembered your previous joke. A smile graced Avdol’s face.

“Thank you, Tarot Cards.”

Chapter Text

Maybe he liked you back. Maybe . He’d smile at you whenever you woke up late in the morning, he’d laugh at your every joke, and you could swear you saw him blush and felt his heart speed up whenever you hugged him. Then again, he would sometimes whip ahead of you on his steed, sticking out his tongue at you as he rode past.

But you cherished the time you had spent with him and Johnny. He was so adorable as he blew hopelessly on the kindling, trying in vain to light the embers aflame and start the campfire. You would take the flint from his hands, strike a new spark, and soon the fire would be ablaze. Each time you proved helped him out, he would utter a meek curse as his cheeks burned and he set up his cot.

Tonight was colder than usual, and you rolled out your blanket next to Gyro’s, hoping he wouldn’t mind. As the others prepared for bed, you rifled through your pack of items. You had washed up in a nearby stream, you were wearing comfortable, clean clothing, and you just needed one last item: Lovey. Okay, obviously the name was a bit stupid and uncreative, but she had been your first. She was your Christmas gift when you were two years old, a small and fluffy pink teddy bear. You had named her yourself, and, for a two year old, it wasn’t a bad name. You had stuffed animal “friends” at home, and each night you would remember that comforting feeling of you sinking into your warm bed, your menagerie of animal companions watching over you. It was a far cry from the cold, hard ground, beneath you now. The only reason you could get to sleep each night was that small comfort from home.

You grasped Lovey to your chest as you made your way back to the cot. Johnny had set up his roll across the fire from you two, and your face flushed, hoping Gyro would be okay with sharing his warmth. You crawled under the blankets, closing your eyes to the moonlight that shone above you. Maybe you would sleep a bit better tonight, knowing he was by your side.

You heard a choked grunt from behind you, and a scoff.

“Stop being so clingy, (y/n), give me some space!” You rolled around, sighing in your frustration and discomfort.

“Gyro, it’s really cold tonight. Please, it'll be better for both of us if we sleep together,” you bit your bottom lip, not expecting those exact words to come out of your mouth, but you brushed it off as you nestled back into the blankets. You heard the rustling of fabric next to you, a draft across your face, the sound of the cot dragging against the ground. You could try sleeping by yourself. Without warmth. Without comfort.

Your sensations had grown bleary with the oncoming of sleep, yet sleep still hadn’t come. You dragged yourself off the dirt, hugging your plush bear to your chest. You rolled up your cot, preparing to carry it back to wherever Gyro had settled.

“Come on, (y/n)!” You rubbed your eyes. Gyro was standing, stiff and rigid in front of his bedroll. He seemed to have frantically whipped something behind his back as you approached, but you paid no mind. He groaned as you lay your cot next to his. But you were tired and cranky.

“Gyro, not tonight. I just wanna sleep.” For a while he continued to move his cot around, and you continued to follow him, feeling a bit hurt. However, Johnny soon awoke at all the noise you were making, yelling at you both to shut up and go to bed.

It was actually the best sleep you had in awhile.

But you could still tell something was wrong. Gyro was tense, curled up in a ball on his side, facing away from you. You could feel his heat beside you, and tried to snuggle into it. But he shied away at your touch.


He didn't smile at you that morning. He blushed and looked away. You readied your pack in silence, puzzled as to why he was being so distant, so secretive. He lagged behind you in the race, right up until the finish line, where, he surged ahead to place second behind Johnny (he was bound to be a bit bitter afterwards). You placed fifth, and met them at the inn after you had fed your horse.

Sitting down beside him at the table, you ordered a drink. Gyro, thankfully, didn't shy away from your touch this time. You laughed and joked with them for a while, spitting out your drink at Gyro’s hilarious impression of Diego. He smirked smugly at your reaction, and you punched him playfully on the shoulder.

It was the second or third time you had roomed with them at an inn, but the manager approached you, during the meal, with some news that startled Gyro.

“What do you mean there aren’t any more double beds?!” You tried to calm his outrage with reassuring words.

“It’s okay, he’s giving us a refund. I can sleep on the floor.” Though you shuddered at the thought. Gyro scoffed.

“(Y/n), you can barely sleep in your bedroll without tossing and turning. You are sleeping in a bed and we are getting another room!” Gyro spat angrily. You flushed in his consideration, but you knew it was hopeless. So many people were here for the race and none of the hotel rooms could be spared. The manager apologised thoroughly on behalf of the inconvenience, as you tried to calm Gyro by stroking him on his shoulder.

“Two of us can take the bed, and one of us will take the floor, okay?” You confirmed with him and Johnny, cheerily. Gyro gritted his teeth together, before grabbing the room key and his pack, and storming upstairs. You were slightly concerned about his behavior over the past few days, but chose to ignore it for now and continue your conversation with Johnny.


About a half hour later, you were ready to rest for the night as well. You offered to carry Johnny up, but he shook his head.

“I’ll stay around for a while. I’ll get someone else to take me up when I’m done,” You bid him goodnight, and headed up the stairs. You knocked on the door, as your group had only been given one room key. You heard a frustrated moan:

“Go away!” You knocked even harder. The voice grunted in frustration and you heard it nearing the door. “What do you–” The door swung open. Gyro stood there stiffly, bleary-eyed, trailing a blanket behind him. His hat was off, and in his arms rested something…

“Oh my god! That’s the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen!” His face immediately turned beet red, and he hugged the creature to his chest. He became even more mortified when you began to giggle, and quickly turned around, trying to slam the door on you, but you stuck out your forced your way inside before he was able.

“Get out,” You heard Gyro’s soft pout as he ran to lay face down on the bed He seemed extremely defensive, now, and you felt a bit upset with yourself for laughing.

“Gyro,” you cooed disappointedly, “What’s wrong?” He lay there, silent for a long while. He wasn’t crying, he wasn’t having a temper tantrum… Maybe he was just uncomfortable being vulnerable.

You had a thought. You had dropped your pouch on the ground by the door, and scurried to rifle through it. As you turned back to him, you caught his eye, just for a moment, peering around to see what you were doing. But as soon as he saw your face, he buried himself once again in the covers. You tiptoed over to sit next to him on the bed again.

“Gyro,” Your voice was soft and gentle. He didn’t respond. You placed your bear next to his pillow “Meet Lovey.” There was a long silence. Then, his head turned, and you saw his confused expression (though his face was still quite red).

He slowly shifted to sitting next to you on the bed, grabbing your bear in his free hand. He looked at it, as if he were suspicious of something. Then, he returned his gaze to you. He seemed almost frightened, but you wanted to reassure him with your kind words.

“I’ve had her since I was two. She’s fallen apart a couple of times, several stitches ripped here and there, but I always fix her right back up. I sleep with her every night because,” You shuddered. Now you were the one becoming a bit uncomfortable in your vulnerability. “She reminds me of home.” Gyro kept hold of the bears: Lovey in one hand and his own teddy in the other. To your surprise, your hand trembled as you brought it to his shoulder. “It’s okay, Gyro.” He looked down to hide his flush. You were used to him being so extroverted, so playful and so bold. You just wanted him to feel comfortable again, to be himself again. “Please, Gyro, don’t feel bad.” His head slowly raised.

“So,” he began shakily, “You don’t think I’m weak… Just because I have a teddy bear?” you laughed at the ridiculousness of the statement, and he turned away again again to shield his face from you’re.

“No Gyro,” you consoled him, “Of course not. I love you and–” You paused. That wasn’t supposed to come out of your mouth. This time, your cheeks were the ones to grow heated, and you cursed under your breath. However, he didn’t move. His eyes were wide open, staring at your raggedy bear. He extended his arm out to you, offering Lovey back, and accepted her readily, though still flustered.

It seemed he was flustered as well. Suddenly, he set down his bear on the bed, grabbing the sides of your face with his clammy hands. He fiercely pressed his lips to yours, giving you not so much as an opportunity to breath. You were shocked and awkwardly rigid as he paused there for a moment, still leaning into your lips firmly to lengthen the kiss. He finally broke away, quickly and with finality.

You stared into his eyes for a long while. And he stared back, still embarrassed, nervous, scared… but also expectant. He finally took the initiative to speak.

“Even if I sleep with a teddy bear at night?” you smiled sweetly, though you were still very skittish. Your free hand lifted to his cheek.

Especially if you sleep with a teddy bear at night.” he paused, gazing at you in wonder and… relief. Then, abruptly, he began to laugh. He doubled over, tears almost coming to his eyes. It was a nervous laugh, however, and he eventually caught his breath once again. You smiled giddily at his outburst.

Suddenly, he brought you into another kiss. He was as aggressive and as bold as ever as he wrapped his hands around your waist. You pressed your palms to his chest in surprise as he hungrily sucked at your face. You almost wanted to giggle at his audacity, but all you could do was melt as his fingers trailed up your back, pressing his torso to yours. He moaned into the kiss as your head tilted to the side, allowing him access to every inch of your mouth, every corner of your body. In a flash you were on the bed, his smug grin looming over you.

You fell asleep that night curled up in his arms, snuggling both of your teddy bears. You had never slept better.

Chapter Text

Technically, you were a part of the gang. You had passed the test, acquired a stand of your own; but Bruno rarely sent you on missions. Your stand was powerful and incredibly useful under the right circumstances. But the gang seemed to care for you in such a way… the would never endanger your life more than necessary. You wanted to head out into the fray, you wanted to help. And in a way, you did help.

You were there when they came home at the end of the day. When they had been injured, physically or emotionally, you would heal their wounds. You tried to maintain a cheery disposition, though it was hard at times; it was hard not to feel a bit trapped. But you smiled each time you saw their faces. Silly Mista and his Sex Pistols bickering, mischievous Narancia and Fugo, always chasing each other around, Bruno and his newest protégé Giorno Giovanna. And then there was Abbacchio.

He had always been quite a mystery to you: the tall dark man with the eternal scowl… But sometimes, just sometimes, another emotion would cross his face. It was always sudden. Sometimes he would return from a mission injured, demanding you treat him first. Sometimes he would completely refuse your treatment  assuring you that the gaping hole in his arm was just a scratch. He rarely smiled, except at the pain on others. But, once, you did see genuine happiness on his face. It was just a small joke you had made, an extremely stupid pun. The corners of his lips had turned up, just slightly, and a small sigh escaped his lips. It was a laugh if ever you had heard a sincere laugh coming from him. That was probably when you realised just how much you cared for him, how much you wanted him to be happy, how much you wanted to make him happy.

But even if you tried to give him extra attention, to treat him well, he’d frown and ignore you. You’d often try to strike up a conversation when you found him alone, and sometimes, it worked. This was one such occasion.

He was sitting out at the table on the balcony ledge, staring into the night sky, a glass of wine in his hand. He had just returned from a dangerous mission, not severely injured, but hurt enough so that Bruno would not allow him back out in the field. Therefore, he was the only one back at headquarters.

You were a bit hesitant to approach him at first, as it was quite possible he was in a bad mood and wanted to be left alone. But you gathered your courage and strode out onto the balcony, occupying seat beside him. It’s possible he didn’t even notice you as he drained his glass. Then, you paused, realising what lay on the table. Four wine bottles, one thankfully unopened, but you gasped at him as he reached to pour the very last drops of the third into his cup. Your intervention was abrupt as you pulled the fourth bottle out of his reach.

“Abbacchio, stop! What are you doing?” You demanded him incredulously. He was known to drink a bottle of wine at a time, but this was too much. He was weak in his wounded state, and you didn’t want him hurting himself even more. But he sighed, and rolled his eyes.

“Shut up, (y/n), I’m not a child. Give it back. He whined, his arm lazily reaching for the bottle. But you held it far away from his fumbling hand. His eyes drooped, and he let out what almost sounded like a cackle. Your blood froze. Abbacchio had always insisted he could hold his liquor, but right now, his actions seemed… “Why do you hate me, (y/n)?” his speech was slurred as he pouted

“Abbacchio,” you stuttered, “I don’t–”

“Why do you all hate me? Why are you all so much better than me? My stand is useless in a fight… That’s why Bruno replaced me with that little brat, isn’t it?” Abbacchio stood up from his chair, stumbling only slightly. That was when you saw your chance. Still holding the unopened bottle out of his reach, you wrapped his arm around your shoulder, ushering him inside. He continued his drunken lament. “All I wanted was to be a faithful soldier, to use my powers for good… But it’s useless,” he paused, noticing your face next to his. Your cheeks flushed as the close contact, and you left him standing there in order to close and lock up the balcony door. But you heard his garbled speech continue behind you.

“How do you do it, (y/n)? How do you always have a smile on your face? I come back and I’m angry and injured, and you just…” He slowly walked up to you, and you gasped as he clumsily placed his hand on your cheek. He stared into your eyes, as if he were mesmerised, and you felt faint. “Just seeing your smile makes me feel better,” he let out a groan and collapsed on the couch. You scurried and sat down next to him, unsure as to how you could help, but unwilling to leave him alone.

“I don’t deserve you. You’re an angel, and I could never deserve you,” he drawled slumping back into the cushions. You remained, sitting, tense and shocked. You felt uncomfortable, not knowing whether each word he uttered was truth or alcohol induced fantasy. Maybe you should keep him from speaking any further, put him to bed or something–

“Why do I love you?” Your eyes darted at him. He was pouting as he stared back at you. At this point, your emotions were too much. You heard your heart pounding in your ears as your face flushed. You knew it couldn’t be a real confession, he was barely sober enough to stand. But the very thought that he might have feelings for you made you feel like you just had to get out of there before something… happened.

“Abbacchio, m-maybe you should go to sleep,” He slumped over onto you and you fell on the couch. You gasped as he almost crushed you with his weight. His head rested right on top of your chest, and your heart began to pound rapidly. Though, you had to admit, you quite enjoyed the feeling…

“Okay,” He sleepily muttered the affirmation. You became even more flustered, and tried, to no avail, to squirm from underneath his body.

“Abbacchio, please don’t fall asleep on top of me” You chuckled nervously. But he wrapped his arms around you and nuzzled his face into your bosom as you squeaked.

“Okay. Good night, (y/n).” You had given up. He wouldn’t budge and you couldn’t get out from under him. He gave one final, soft whisper: “I love you.”

Almost immediately, he fell asleep. You could feel the rise and fall of his chest against yours. You slowly felt yourself beginning to relax, to appreciate the warmth and comfort of his embrace. Looking down at him, you noticed his long eyelashes fluttering in his sleep, and a faint smile came to your lips. Your fingers began to fiddle with his hair, and you stroked his head lovingly as he lay there. He was so beautiful in his sleep, so perfect. You had no idea what was going on, and what would happen when he awoke, but softly, gently, you pressed your lips to his forehead. Then, you drifted off to sleep.


You felt the squirming body on top of you. Immediately, you shot your eyes open, remembering what had occurred the night prior. You stared at his fidgeting figure with dread, as he slowly opened his eyes. For a second, he seemed confused. Like he had just woken up in a strange place he had never seen before. You flushed as he pulled his head out of the comfort of your chest, turning to look at you. The expression on your face could only be categorised as fear: fear he would blame you for last night, fear he would terminate your friendship entirely…

His eyes flashed open in recognition, and he scrambled off of you, falling onto the floor. You saw his face flush in embarrassment as he tumbled. Then, he leapt to his feet and stormed out of the room. You lay there in shocked silence, not knowing exactly what to do…


Several hours had passed. He had not emerged from his room, not even to eat. So, you prepared him a tray. You weren’t the best cook, but you tried your hardest to prepare his favorite: ruchetta salad.

You took a deep breath as you walked to his door, knowing you would have to confront him as some point, and this was probably the best time. You knocked.

“Go away,” you felt your heart sink at these words, but you knocked again, despite your uncertainty. You heard a loud sigh.

“Abbacchio, if you don’t open this door, I am not afraid to blast a hole in the wall so I can get through to you.” You really hadn’t meant to sound that intimidating, but it seemed to work, as you heard his footsteps approach. The door opened just a sliver, and you could barely make out Abbacchio’s shadowed face in the dim room. He glanced down at the food.

“You need to eat.” you stated firmly. “And we need to talk.”

In a flash, he grabbed the tray from your hands and slammed the door. However, you stuck your foot in just before the door could close shut. You strode into the room, confidently, but, seeing his eyes flash with anger as he set the tray down, you began to feel your heart race.

And yet, Abbacchio did nothing more. He stood, solemnly as you approached him, looking down at you with disdain, as usual. You were fed up with it: how he hid his emotions underneath a cold exterior, how he buried his fear and his sadness deep inside him. You just wanted him to be happy. But you didn’t know what to say...

“Just tell me,” those were the words that came out of your mouth. “Tell me, was that the truth?” A blush came to his cheeks, and he clenched his fists. But he didn’t move. You had to make the move. You had to do something .

You tightly gripped his collar, pulling him down to your level. He was too stunned to respond as you brought your lips to his. You heard his small gasp, and felt his body twitch as you made contact. He was stiff, however, and your eyes slowly fluttered open, sensing that something was wrong. He stared back at you, his eyebrows raised in surprise. As you quickly pulled away, your stomach clenched. It was rejection. You were sure. His rigidity. His sullenness.

Muttering an apology, you turned on your heel, somewhat surprised that you hadn’t yet burst into tears. You probably would as soon as you stepped out of the room.

“(Y/n)” You felt a cold hand touch your shoulder, and froze in your tracks. “D-Do you really…” He let out a small shudder, and you slowly turned to face him. His gaze remained on the floor, but your spirits suddenly perked up. You were so hopeful, wringing your hand together in anticipation of what he was going to say. “Do you love–”

“Yes!” Your shout cut him off mid sentence, and he looked up in surprise. You were almost bouncing up and down in your agitation. “Abbacchio just say something!” You pleaded. He didn't say anything.

He abruptly grabbed your waist and pulled you into a kiss. You wrapped your hands around his neck, pulling him towards you with force, stifling your moan as his torso pressed to your breast. You weaved your fingers into his long hair, as if his lips would never be close enough to yours. His head tilted as he kissed you firmly, hands still heatedly pushing your pelvis into his. You faintly felt his tongue slip across your lips.

Suddenly, he pushed you into the closed door, and you gasped as the hard wood hit your back. He attacked your neck, biting and sucking as your hands trailed down to his broad shoulders. His knee thrust in between you thighs and you shivered, still not really believing this was actually happening. Your face grew heated, your heart fluttering, as he licked down your collarbone. You shuddered and arched your back, feeling his lips against your skin. His kisses trailed down as far as your shirt would let him reach. You felt his hands reach down your hips, and you gasped as he grabbed your ass.

But he pulled away abruptly, and an involuntary whine escaped your lips. His expression was shocked.

“No, I can’t. I’m sorry, I shouldn't do this to you…” He turned away, as your heart sank: he had never apologised before. You didn't want him to feel like that. “It was the truth,” He mumbled, then paused as he ran his hand through his hair “I don't deserve you. You’re too good for me. I’m sullen and selfish, and–”

You couldn't stand by.

“Abbacchio, I love you,” You approached him from behind, hugging his waist and snuggling your face into his back. You felt his hands wrap around yours. “And you are selfish,” He stiffened. But you turned him around so you could look into his eyes, placing your hand gently on his red cheek. “You're selfish because you're not considering my feelings, Abbacchio. I want this. I want you.” You wanted him to understand, to be happy for once, to feel pleasure.

“Kiss me. Please.”

Chapter Text

He probably changed your entire life. Just a short, shy boy who asked to sit with you at lunch that one day. No one ever sat with you, and you didn’t mind that much. You were the odd one out. A bit too tall, not very pretty, not very outgoing. Your face rested in a scowl, though you weren’t constantly angry. You just didn’t feel right at school. You didn’t want to be there.

And then, he asked if the seat next to you was taken. You had glared down at him suspiciously, trying to figure out if he was just teasing you, just pulling a prank like other boys had done so many times before. He seemed sincere, though he began to cower under your appraising frown. You looked back at your food, giving him neither permission nor disapproval, and he slipped into the seat and began gulping down his lunch. You didn’t talk.

But he kept coming back, no matter how much you glowered. Sometimes you made a snide remark about his appearance or anything else you could find to tease him about. You wouldn’t resort to physical violence, yet you still tried your hardest to push him away.

One thing you would never admit to yourself was why exactly you chose to distance yourself from others. Everyone at school thought you isolated yourself because you hated people. But, really, you were afraid. Afraid that people would judge you, afraid they would hurt you.

However, something seemed different about this boy. Koichi Hirose was his name. He tried to strike up a conversation, but was content to sit there in silence when you quickly shot him down. He would come each day, and each day you would stare at him with a scowl on your face. But he always smiled back.

Once, you forgot your lunch, and he had offered you some of his home cooked meal. That was when your composure broke. You blushed and stuttered. You would have refused if you weren’t so hungry. The smile that crossed his face when you took your first bite, however… Seeing him smile like that seemed better than the entire meal.

The next day, your paths crossed after school. He offered to walk you home, and you couldn’t help but burst out laughing, though you were a bit nervous: a little runt like him offering to escort you ? But Koichi didn’t even take offense at your amusement. He laughed with you, admitting the idea was indeed a bit strange. But he walked with you nonetheless.

Soon your walks after school became a normal occurrence. Then he started inviting you to hang out with his friends. You had been somewhat reluctant at first, but he reached up to grab your hand, flashing that sweet smile and reassuring you that it would be okay. It felt like, for once in your life, you were normal. But then, he took it a step further…


It was a casual day at school, and you plopped down at the lunch table with your food, leaning back into the chair as you sighed after a particularly rough class. Koichi sat down next to you.

“Hi (y/n)!” In response, you gave a small grunt as a greeting, and began to open your bento. “Oh! I was wondering if you wanted to try some of my lunch today I made too much so...,” he began to rub his neck unsurely, looking down into his lap as you eyed him with suspicion. You continued taking out your own lunch, but right as you had gotten out your chopsticks, he shoved a box in your face, “Please, just give it a try.” He pleaded. Those were the two things you couldn’t resist: his smile and his pout. You grabbed the bento from his hand, firmly pulling the lid off. Than, you gasped.

It smelled delicious, but that wasn't what caught you off guard. In the center sat a large rice ball in the shape of a heart. The small rolls of sushi were also stuffed in the shape of the heart, and the sauces were drizzled delicately on the delicacy. Your stomach began to rumble at the sight, but you were still taken aback.

You felt his small hand grasp yours, and you gasped, looking down into his striking blue eyes. His sweet smile made your cheeks flush a deep red, and you glanced at the ground, grinding your teeth in anxiety. That was his confession. That was when he changed your life.


It took you several days to think. His small pout wrenched your heart out of your chest, but he still encouraged you to take your time, to consider your feelings thoughtfully. You felt like it wouldn't work, though you wanted it so badly. You were just an awkward outcast, you didn't deserve such a sweetheart like him. And, besides, he was so… short.

But something changed whenever you were around him. Your eyes couldn't leave his smile, your hand gripped his firmly, refusing to let go. One date might not be so bad.

He was so sweet, so kind and gentlemanly. Though he looked like a little boy, there was a chivalrous man inside him. It took you a while to open up, rather than sitting in silence at the restaurant table as you usually had done. His thumb stroked your knuckles as you walked hand in hand down the street. Sometimes you misconstrued a joking comment as an insult or a challenge, and you shot him a glare. However, eventually you were able to let go of your worries, to wholeheartedly trust Koichi. A second date wouldn't be that bad, and a third wouldn't hurt either.

Slowly, you came to understand just how much you requited his love, though you wouldn't dare admit it to him. You also wouldn't admit to yourself that you were scared. But his love never faltered. How could he seem so sure of himself? Most times, he was meek and cowardly. However, around you, his courage shone…


When his cheeks flushed as he told you he had planned a special night for your 3 month anniversary, you gasped in surprise. Had it really been that long? Was Koichi really that devoted, that loyal to you? You felt a bit guilty for not keeping up, for not requiting his feelings in full. And so, tonight, that would change.

You had trouble finding a flattering dress. All of your formal dresses made you look like a tree, and your heels certainly didn't help. You scowled at yourself in the mirror, hoping the sleek black dress you had decided on was sufficient.

Koichi might have been the only one with a heart pure enough to love someone like you, or so you thought.

Just as you had settled on your appearance, you heard the doorbell ring. You clumsily bounded down the stairs and to the door. But you paused as you swung it open. He stood, fidgeting with a watch on his wrist. He wore a dark blue suit, which looked absolutely adorable on him, and his hair was slicked back. You bit your lip as you took in the sight.

“(Y/n)!” He smiled as he said your name, and you flushed as he grabbed your hand. “You look beautiful!” Your composure had completely fallen, and you stood, petrified as he dragged you out the door.

How did his features look so stunning in the dim candlelight of the restaurant? He laughed as you pointed out all the silly complicated on the menu, and you both ended up ordering some strange Italian thing you didn't really understand. A smile pulled at your lips as he expressed confusion over the different utensils, asking incredulously why they couldn't just use chopsticks.

The food eventually came, but your heart continued to beat in your chest as you conversed, through mouthfuls, about anything that popped into your mind. You felt free to actually express yourself, to say what you meant. His hand reached to rest on top of yours as you finished your meal, a blush spread across his cheeks.

“(Y/n), I just really wanted to thank you,” your eyebrows raised, somewhat taken aback. You looked down at him and stuttered:

“Thank me for what?” Your palm began to sweat for no discernible reason.

“For giving me a chance. I was so terrified when I first approached you,” His voice was shaky. But you were perplexed: he had always seemed so confident, so sure of himself. “I just never thought a beautiful girl like you,” you hid your flushing face at this compliment, though you didn't really believe him, “I never thought you’d even look twice at a guy like me,” but you cut him off there.

“I’m not,” you paused, looking for the words, “But I don’t deserve you even,” you drew both your hands to rest in your lap. “You’re the only one who has even approached me in the past year. If it weren’t for you...” You stopped yourself as a tear slipped down your cheek. At this, you panicked, struggling to regain your calm exterior. But you felt his firm hand on your shoulder, and dared to look into his eyes.

“All that matter is that we’re together now.” Your heart leapt up into your throat as his words. “And I’m so happy we are.”


You two got some gelato from Tonio, and began to walk beneath the stars in Morioh-Cho Park. His hand reached up to grasp yours gently, and you giggle at how far he had to stretch. He smiled, but rolled his eyes, as he was now used to this feeling.

You two found a bench, and you continued licking your cone as you gazed up at the sky. You heard a small, stifled noise, and turned to see him looking up at you in wonder. Your face flushed, but hopefully he couldn’t see it in the dim light.

“You really are beautiful, (y/n).” You could hear your heartbeat in your ears as you looked away in embarrassment, mumbling.

“I’m not…” But he had finished his gelato, and turned your face to gaze into his eyes,  placing his soft, almost childlike hand on your cheek. You still avoided eye contact, however, as he spoke.

“You are. Please, (y/n). Even if you don’t think you are, I just want you to know: to me, you are the most beautiful thing in the entire world.” Tears began to well up in your eyes again. And this time, you dared.

You dared to place a small kiss on Koichi’s cheek, and you felt it grow heated. However, you didn’t move your face away just yet. Part of you just wanted to kiss him. It would be the first time. Although you had spent months together, you had always remained cold and distant. But you knew that had to change.

To your surprise, he made the first move, as he leaned in to place a soft kiss on your lips. Your body seemed to shiver; it was a feeling you had never felt before. But it was momentary as he relinquished the soft peck. Your eyes still closed as you struggled to remember that moment of his soft lips on yours.

So you leaned in again, just one more time , you told yourself. You wouldn’t shy away, you wouldn’t hide your feelings. You felt his hand, again, on your cheek, and you tried your hardest not to sigh.

It was as if all those old childhood dreams were coming true. You had wanted a prince to come rescue you from your torment, from yourself. You wanted him to ride you off into the sunset. To share true love’s kiss. That dream had been given up a long time ago, but now you remembered it. You weren’t exactly the princess “type”. And, then again, he wasn’t exactly the prince “type” either. But he loved you for who you were, regardless of your looks, your disposition, your awkwardness.

You kissed him again and again, never wanting that moment to end, though your neck hurt a bit from craning so far down. But he finally broke away, and you let out a soft pout. He smiled at you, dreamily, as he reached out his hand to continue your walk through the park. It was then that he reminded you that your gelato had melted and was started to spill down your fingers. You would have panicked if it weren’t for his comforting touch and his reassurance. As he pulled a napkin from his pocket, the words finally slipped out, after holding them in for so long:

“I love you.”

Chapter Text

You had slept well for weeks after that one day at the beach. You felt happy. You felt like everything had gotten better in just one second, one small touch of his lips to yours.

He would walk with you every morning on the way to your small summer job, and would take you out anywhere your wanted afterwards.  Each time you stepped out of the door his fingers intertwined with yours, and each time your heart fluttered. You melted when he so much as smiled at you, or even glanced your way. And yet, you hadn’t kissed him since that day, let alone a small kiss on the cheek when you parted. You had been mortified by Okuyasu’s interruption of your little… moment… It seemed both of you had been mortified. Too mortified to speak of it.

“(Y/n),” A smile crept to your lips just at the sound of his voice, and you locked up the snack stand as quick as you could after your afternoon shift. But before you had even left the doorstep, his arms wrapped around your waist, causing you to gasp as you felt his warmth around the sensitive area. His hot breath tickled your skin as he nuzzled into the crook of your neck, inhaling in your scent. You shivered and closed your eyes, leaning back into his embrace.

“Josuke,” you whispered.

In a flash, he whirled you around, and you giggled, somewhat dizzy both physically and mentally. You pulled him into a hug, quickly pecking his cheek as a greeting. The two of you gently rocked back and forth for a while, his hand stroking the back of your head. It hadn’t even been that long since you had started actually dating, just a couple weeks or so. Yet you felt dependent on his touch all the same.

He pulled away, but held you still at arms length, looking you up and down, as if he was inspecting you. You flushed under his gaze.

“How was your day?” He face was plastered with that same cheeky smile you loved so much. His thumb rubbed your shoulder as you took a deep breath to answer, knees still weak from his very appearance.

“It was just another day at work, and you?” You loved talking to him, and always preferred hear his news first. You just wanted to stare at him as he recalled all his stupid little adventures with Okuyasu, trying to pay attention to his actual words rather than just staring at his lips (Of course several times he had caught you looking at his lips. He simply flushed and chuckled, seemingly embarrassed and flattered at the same time).

He tangled his fingers in yours and began to walk, recalling every detail of his day in its entirety. You chuckled as his face lit up, his gestures becoming animated and excited. The sun beat down as you two traversed the streets of Morioh-Cho. Sometimes you wondered if he was really happy spending time with you, if he would rather be with Okuyasu… But you pushed the doubts out of your mind as you gazed back at his silhouette. You squeezed his hand, almost as if to make sure he was still there, that he still loved you.

He gazed into your eyes at your firm grip, and you smiled abashedly. Stroking your hand with his thumb, he let out a small chuckle. That one gesture never ceased to make your heart swoon.

“Sorry,” he shook his head and laughed. “I was rambling,” His strides were large, and he was about a foot ahead of you, preparing to turn the corner to your apartment. But you stopped. You couldn't really say why. Sometimes he just walked you to your apartment. Sometimes you two went for ice cream, to the park, to the beach. And today, you wanted to do more. But just what did you have in mind?

“How about,” you paused, a small smile creeping across your face, “How about a date night?” The sun was just beginning to set, and you weren't all that far from Tonio’s. If Josuke just gave you some time to shower up and throw on a dress or something, you would be ready to go. You knew it was short notice, but you wanted him to say yes. You wanted more than just your little walks to and back from work.

His eyes immediately widened at the suggestion, a grin spreading across his face. You sighed with relief at his eager nod, and promised once you got back to the apartment it would just take a moment.

Josuke had been to your apartment several times before, and for some reason it always astounded him that you lived by yourself. You giggled at his naïveté, and his excitement that you didn't have any parents at home. Making sure that he was occupied enough with drinking his juice and reading a manga you grabbed off the shelf, you took a quick shower. You tried to look your best, given the limited time, adding just a touch of makeup to your charming outfit.

You skipped out of your room to find Josuke lying on the couch, still sipping his beverage. His eyes darted up as he heard your giggle. Almost immediately, he choked on his juice. You gasped.

“Josuke, are you alright?!” You scrambled over to him. But he waved it off as he set his glass down, wiping a bit of the sticky beverage off his chin. His face was red with embarrassment as he approached, taking your hands into his.

“Sorry, I’m fine, I just…” He paused, staring into your eyes. You couldn't help but smile as you looked up at him. “You're beautiful.” Your heart quickened, and you squirmed as you looked down at your shoes. The compliments always caught you off guard, and often made you feel uncomfortable, especially if you didn't believe them. But you took a deep breath, knowing that Josuke wouldn't lie to you.

“Thank you,” He flashed his cheeky grin, but then, he hesitated, his eyes fluttering down towards your lips. Your face grew hot at the small hint. Slowly, you craned your neck upwards and closed your eyes. The last thing you saw was a satisfied smirk across his face before you felt his a warm lips against yours. He smelled fresh, almost floral, and he brought one hand to your cheek as you smiled into the kiss. It was about ten seconds as you rested there, feeling the tingle of his skin against yours, before he pulled away. You sighed with the release. A light blush coated his cheeks, and he rubbed his neck, looking away.

“You wanna head out for dinner?”  He held out his arm as if he were a knight offering his service to a princess. You giggled idiotically as you accepted the gesture and headed to Tonio’s.


Thankfully, didn't Tonio serve you any of his weird and wondrous health foods that made you shed your skin or barf your intestines out, and so the evening was quite romantic. You were the only two in the restaurant that night, and you chatted enthusiastically under the candlelight glow. Your dinner arrived and apparently Josuke’s meal was so good that he almost started crying. You laughed as he gushed over the perfect ratio of sauce to pasta, but then he offered you a bite. You flushed as he held out his fork to your mouth, and you leaned across the table. It was possibly the best thing you had ever tasted and you let out a groan of pleasure. Josuke beamed at your response, and you offered him a bit of yours, shyly holding your spoon out to him as he had done for you. His plump lips wrapped around the utensil, and he closed his eyes at the magnificent taste. He looked kind of stupid, but something about his expression and his mannerisms was just so… adorable.

When time for the desert came, the two of you could barely stop laughing. You hadn’t had this much fun in months, and you weren’t even at a party or anything! You were simply joking around with the guy you liked. How was it that he made you feel so comfortable? You scooped up a large bite of whipped cream and slowly drew it into your mouth. His laughter suddenly paused.

You looked up to find him staring at you, a blush spread across his face. Your heart leapt, unable to decipher his expression. Slowly, he reached your hand to the corner of your mouth, wiping away a small glob of cream you had neglected. At the same moment, you felt his legs brush against yours underneath the table. Your breath hitched. This had only happened several times before, and one of them was that first day on the beach. This moment of tension between the two of you, both of you knowing full well what you wanted, but neither of you having the power to take initiative. Or the opportunity…

Quickly, Josuke call Tonio over so he could pay the check. You felt a bit guilty, but Josuke insisted that he pay it all, and you smiled, grasping his hand underneath the table. You two quickly devoured the remainder of the desert and left, Josuke making sure to give a substantial tip.

His thumb stroked your hand as you walked down the dark street. It would have been a leisurely moonlit stroll had there not been that intense passion, that longing. You didn’t quite know what you wanted to happen as you approached the apartment entrance. Though the darkness somewhat obscured your vision, you could see he was visibly biting his lip in nervousness. Soon you reached the door, and rather than inviting him in, you simply pulled him by the hand. You both knew what was going on. You both were excited. And afraid.

As soon as the door to your apartment slammed shut, he placed his palms to your cheeks and pulled you into a kiss. It was not as rough as you had expected it would be, and you rested your hands on his lower back to pull his torso closer to yours. His lips were still as warm and welcoming, as soft and supple as they had ever been, and he tilted his head, sliding his fingers down to rest on your hip, as he deepened the kiss. Unconsciously, you began fiddling with the buttons on his jacket, and your face flushed as you pulled your hands away and realised what you were doing.

However, he took over for you, as he threw off his jacket to expose his yellow tank top underneath. You broke the kiss for just a moment to take a breath, but attacked his yet again as you ran your fingers up and down his biceps, moaning as his hands slipped further down your hips. His lips slowly parted, and you kissed him back with full force as you gently hit a wall behind you.

You hadn’t noticed backing up, but now, his knee rested in between your legs as he leaned forward, placing his hands at either side of your face. Part of you just wanted to entangle your legs in his for the comfort of it all, but you wouldn’t dare go that far just yet. You continued to melt with every suck of your lips, every teasing bite, each time his tongue grazed yours. You couldn’t resist twisting your fingers through his flawlessly styled hair as you pulled his face even closer to yours. You felt his heartbeat quickening through his thin tank top, and slowly trailed a hand down to rest on his firm chest, gripping the cloth as he groaned with pleasure. He had to break for breath, but you continued to fondle his bicep, his chest, anything that would prove to you that this moment was real.

He ambushed you again with kisses, pecking and sucking across your jawline and your collarbone. He slowed down as he reached your chest, taking his time as he playfully bit the sensitive area. Something about it just wasn’t enough. You needed his touch. Meekly, you lifted your palm off of his chest and grabbed his hand, guiding it to your waist. He hesitated for a moment, and resolved on focusing his attention back on your lips as you slowly raised his palm up your waist. He let out a small gasp as his fingers tickled your breast, and you shivered, but he paused for a moment.

He pulled your lips apart, chest heaving as he rested his forehead on top of yours. You sighed, understanding what he meant. He wasn’t ready. Josuke was sweet and innocent, and although he loved you, although he wanted you, he just needed some time. And you were perfectly alright with that. You would give Josuke all the time in the world if he needed.

He rested his palm on your cheek, and you smiled understandingly as you looked into his eyes. You placed a final kiss on his lips.


But he didn’t leave. You two decided you would watch a couple episodes of your favorite anime together. He curled up on the couch, allowing you to sit not quite in his lap, but close, as you rested your head against his chest. The rhythm of his breathing comforted you, and you found your eyes drooping. However, you quickly shot them open, knowing that eventually Josuke would have to go home.

Then, you felt his fingers tangle in your hair. You shivered and sighed at the relaxing feeling, grasping his free hand to return the touch. You barely cared about the TV anymore. All you could feel at this point was the warmth of his embrace, the electricity of his skin against yours. You felt yourself slipping deeper into sleep. But just before you completely fell, you sensed his soft lips press against your forehead.

“I love you, (y/n).”

Chapter Text

You were awoken by the subtle yet succulent smell wafting in from the kitchen. But as much as your stomach growled, you desired just one more minute of sleep. Your arms were wrapped around his neck as you snuggled into his chest, your legs tangled in his. His snores might have been a bit loud, but the rise and fall of his chest soothed you, and you would have fallen into an even deeper sleep if he didn’t let out a large yawn.

Your eyes slowly fluttered open, and you gazed at him as he squirmed slightly under your weight. Then his wriggling paused. His eyes drifted open to stare you directly in the face. A small chuckle escaped your lips as his eyes widened in surprise. You were afraid he might scream or gasp in surprise, so you pressed your finger to his lips to quiet him… Just like you had done last night…

A deep blush came to his face, and something about his sheer adorableness moved your hand to caress his cheek as you inspected his perfect face. You should have felt embarrassed, afraid, uncomfortable. But instead, you just wanted to take it all in: stroke his soft cheek, to feel his chest pressed against yours, your legs intertwined. A smile slowly crept across his face, and his hand slid down your waist and onto your back, embracing you as if he never wanted you to escape his arms. And you were completely fine with that as you rested your head back onto his heart, hearing its pace quicken in your ear.

You heard a small yawn and a sigh coming from the floor in front of you. Through your half-closed eyelids, you could see Koichi’s small silhouette stir and sit up, stretching and rubbing his eyes. Okuyasu stiffened underneath you, no doubt afraid of being “caught”. Yet something within you, possibly your exhaustion and possibly your sheer love for the idiot teenager, wasn’t afraid of being seen. You were content to just lie there for as long as you could, half asleep, in his warm embrace.

A soft snicker sounded as Josuke began to rise. You heard Oku whisper your name softly, trying to nudge you awake, but you groaned and shushed him. There was only one thing that could wake you from your slumber.

Tomoko’s voice sounded through the room:

“Pancakes are ready!”


There was no doubt that as soon as you had said your goodbyes after the sleepover, Josuke and Koichi bombarded Okuyasu with questions. You snickered as you thought about what he might say. Oku was such a romantic, but you weren’t sure whether he would withhold the information or give his friends all the details about the night you spent together. Maybe he would tell them everything that happened, gushing and bosting about the fact that he finally scored a sweetheart, and you nonetheless. Maybe he would blush and act embarrassed, not knowing what exactly to say now that he knew his feelings were actually requited.

This made you pause: were you Okuyasu’s first ? Had he ever kissed someone before? Loved someone before? You found yourself unconsciously raising your hands to your lips, remembering the warm kiss, but you quickly giggled, and shook your feelings off. All that mattered now was that he knew. And he felt the same.


The week continued almost as usual, except for the occasional kiss on the cheek. Whenever you met up with the boys to walk around town or go swimming you would smile and giggle as you said hello to Okuyasu, pulling him into a hug as you greeted him. You two blushed and held hands, but under the watchful eye of Koichi and Josuke, who hadn't said anything yet about the increased display of affection. Much to to your dismay, however, you didn't get much of a chance to talk with him alone. You certainly cracked jokes and laughed at each other, but it seemed you could never connect any further…

So you decided to make a move. Koichi was home with a bit of a cold, so you, Josuke, and Oku were going out for ice cream. You were waiting in line when you had the idea.

“Oku, you wanna go find a bench so we can sit down and eat?” He blushed at your question, but nodded eagerly as you grabbed his hand. You could swear you saw Josuke roll his eyes, but you giggled as the two of you skipped off to find a table.

You ended up sitting down at a nice picnic bench under the shade of a large japanese maple. Beckoning him to sit side by side with you, you rested your head on his shoulder. Hopefully you weren't being too clingy. Honestly, you expected him to be the clingy one, but maybe he was just too shy to make any advances…

“Oku,” You began. He tensed and looked up into your eyes as you stroked the back of his hand with your thumb. “You wanna go… Like… On an actual date?” You chuckled nervously as you shifted your focus to your fidgeting feet. “It’s just, we haven't really talked about us since that night, and I’d really like to–”

You came to an abrupt stop as you felt a Okuyasu’s soft lips press against your cheek. He leaned over to whisper in your ear, his voice surprisingly low and sultry as you felt his hot breath on your neck.

“That would be wonderful,” Somehow, just that simple sentence sent chills up your spine, quickened your heartbeat, halted your breath. Your entire body grew warm at the sound of his voice. Then he opened his mouth again.

“I-I mean, if you want to, that would be fun. I don’t wanna, like, force you or anything, but we could have some dinner sometime or something. If you still like me and everything…” his spell over you dropped as you let out a cascade of giggles. In just one second, Okuyasu could go from sexy and seductive to an awkward and adorable idiot. You assured him that everything was fine, and that you’d love to get together the next day. Suddenly, he paused, a clever (if ever you could describe anything Okuyasu did as clever) glint came into his eye.

“How about you meet me at my house at 6:00. I have a surprise,” You were about to question him further about this so called surprise, when Josuke arrived at the table with the ice cream. You merely nodded before the three of you dug into your desserts, gossiping and cracking jokes together as always.


It took you far too long to prepare for that night. You had never dressed up for Okuyasu before, and you were kind of surprised that he found you attractive even when you were wearing sweatpants and tees. But this time you wanted to treat him, to let him know that you wanted to look beautiful for him.

You tried several outfits on in the mirror, but none of them seemed to work, and noticing the impending deadline approaching, settled on a simple dress. Your makeup was minimal, and you hoped your hair looked okay as you scrambled out the door. It was just a short walk to his house, so you believed you’d make it just on time.

And you did, in fact, you were just a bit early. But, before you could even knock on the door, it swung wide open. Okuyasu stood, with a large grin on his face, opening his arms for a massive hug as he shouted with glee.


Then, he paused abruptly a deep red blush spreading to his cheeks. You looked down, abashedly, squirming under his gaze and hoping it meant that you looked decent. He rubbed his neck as he chuckled nervously.

“(Y/n), you look really pretty.” You smiled at the compliment.

“Thank you Oku,” He stepped to the side as you said this, inviting you into his home. You wanted to hug him or peck him on the cheek, but he quickly ran into the other room as soon as he had closed the door behind you.

“Hang on just a second!” He shouted from the room over. You were slightly taken aback by his unexpected disappearance, but trusted that it was all part of this silly little “surprise” plan. You stood there, waiting, in silence, for almost five minutes, and began to get just a bit antsy about what exactly he was doing in there. Finally, you heard his clunky footsteps coming in from the room over, and you sighed with relief.

“Okay, everything’s ready!” Okuyasu had an eager smile on his face as he extended his hand to lead you into the dining room. You paused, first, however, looking up and down his body. He was wearing a somewhat old and ragged apron with frilly pink lace adorning the edges. Though it was stained with sauces and juices from years of use, it was still quite a cute look, and immediately drove you to giggles.

He soon realised he had forgotten to take the apron off, and cursed as he clumsily threw it to the side, muttering embarrassed apologies.

“It’s okay Okuyasu,” you struggled to reassure him through your laughter, “You look wonderful anyways,” You took his hand and quickly kissed him on the cheek. “Now, let’s see that surprise!”

He escorted you into his dining room, and your stomach growled at the delectable smell. Then, you gasped: it was your favorite meal. You had mentioned it in passing while talking to the boys several months ago, but you were shocked that Okuyasu had even remembered. The dishes were set out on a decorous red tablecloth, the shiny utensils set perfectly straight, and a single rose sat in a vase at the center.

You turned to Okuyasu, who was fidgeting in anticipation of your reaction. His face lit up when he saw your amazed expression, and he mumbled softly:

“Do you like it?” You pressed your hand to his hot cheek, staring deep into his eyes as you were almost stunned speechless. You nodded your head, and slowly, leaned in, closing your eyes, while his own eyes widened with shock. You gently pressed your lips to his for just a moment. But you quickly pulled away as your stomach rumbled. He stared at you in awe.

“Let’s eat!”


The food was absolutely amazing. He explained to you how he always cooked for his dad, and how eventually he really came to enjoy making food. Something about that just seemed so… adorable to you. Okuyasu was just such a sweetheart. He made sure everything was perfect for your date: he used the fancy plates and silverware and he filled your glass (with water, of course) whenever you were out.

You were so excited to spend more time with him one and one, and even though you were both a bit nervous and rigid at first, soon, you opened up and began to relax. When you had finished your entree, he brought out the dessert: a large slice of your favorite kind of cake. How he’d figured that one out you didn’t know.

He gazed at you longingly as you took the last spoonful of whipped cream, and you giggled embarrassedly under his gaze. He soon shook himself out of this reverie and, instead, looked behind you. You turned to see what he was marvelling at.

Behind you was a large glass door leading to the backyard garden. The sun was setting, and the sky shone a deep violet as stars began to emerge. You felt the table shift, and you looked back to Okuyasu to see his hand outstretched.

He led you outside into the dim moonlight, wiping off a stone bench that seemed largely abandoned and overgrown with ivy. The hot evening air prompted him to remove his jacket, and you tried your best not to fixate entirely on his well-built body. But then, he hesitated, an idea coming to his head. He sat down on the bench, laying his jacket out next to him. Your face flushed and you giggled as he patted the seat where he had placed his jacket, wondering where he had learned such a chivalrous and gentlemanly gesture. However, you accepted his offer, and sat next to him as he stared up into the sky. Slowly, he wrapped his arm around your waist, pulling you closer to his muscular frame. Your breaths quickened with his touch, and you were reminded of that first night all over again. Neither of you dared to break the moment with words, however. It  didn’t seem that words were even needed, as you gazed into his eyes.

With his free hand, he tilted your chin upwards, and you closed your eyes at his comforting touch. You felt his breath tickle your cheek as he leaned down to close the gap. It was just a small peck on the lips at first, warm and caring, as his fingers lightly groped at your waist. You placed one hand on his cheek, to pull his lips closer to yours, and the other on his thigh, to support yourself. A small groan escaped his lips at the touch, but you could tell he was enjoying it. He kissed you again, with a bit more vigor, but it was still to short as he pulled back his forehead to rest on yours. You snaked your hand around to fiddle in his hair as you pulled him closer, needing just one more kiss, one more touch. He seemed afraid, almost. But you didn’t know what there was to be afraid of. You just had to show him that you wanted him more than anything else...

Your lips finally locked as pulled his face to yours, bringing both hands to wrap behind his neck as you drew him nearer. You began to kiss and suck at his lips, as if there were some rhythm behind it, tilting your head to deepen the embrace. You ran your fingers across his scalp, his neck, even drawing one hand down his chest, desperate to please him as much as you possibly could, to show him just how thankful you were that he was there for you…

He moaned into the kiss, and suddenly, with the encouragement of your advances, took action. His lips parted as his arm wrapped underneath your knees. You let out a gasp as he pulled you into his lap, resting his firm grip back onto your hips once you were settled. He gently bit your lip, and you melted with pleasure as his tongue lightly grazed the inside of your mouth. You could feel his kisses becoming hungry, passionate, as you gripped the cloth of his shirt as if you would be torn away any minute. Slowly, his fingers traced along your exposed thigh, and you shivered as his hand slithered up your skirt.

This was the surprise you had been waiting for.

Chapter Text

It was quite strange: you had never been as dedicated to anything as you were to Passione. Before your stand powers had been discovered by Buccellati, you had just been a normal teenager, breezing through life, with no particular interests and no idea what you wanted to do when you were older. But the gang changed it all.

You worked as hard as you possibly could to carry out your missions flawlessly, volunteered for every job that came your way, obeyed each order given by any of the gang members. But Passione wasn’t just your work: it was your family. Narancia was your stupid little brother, Mista was your stupid big brother, Fugo was the weird cousin, Abbacchio was the drunk uncle, and Buccellati was your caring mother. Then, there was Giorno...

You were quite new to Passione when Giorno joined up, so you didn’t have as much trouble learning to trust him as others did. Maybe it was because you were a bit naïve (and you fully acknowledged that fact) but he was one of the kindest people you'd ever met, not to mention one of the most amazing all-around. His stand was the most powerful you had ever seen, and he didn't use it just for combat. Sometimes after a particularly rough battle or a disappointing defeat, he would amuse you by turning a spoon into a flower or a matchbook into a butterfly right before your eyes. He always managed to lighten your mood, even when you were at your worst. You would engage him in long and interesting conversations whenever he was treating your wounds, and soon you grew even closer to him than you were to any other of the gang members.

There was just something about his calm and quiet demeanor that struck you. While Fugo and Narancia were busy fighting and Mista was pushing around the Sex Pistols, you would sip your tea alongside him, occasionally glancing at his pensive silhouette and smiling. He was so compassionate and so comforting, and you were so glad to have such a wonderful companion and confidant.


You two were sipping tea on the balcony as usual. The door to the inside was closed, and muffled out most of Narancia’s angered cries as you and Giorno admired the azure morning sky. It was about 8:00 AM, and you were still in your pyjamas. But something about being outside here with him, staring off at the horizon; it was safe and comforting. And you couldn’t think of any better way to start your day.

Suddenly, you felt his warm hand wrap around your fingers, and you turned to see him gazing at you. In response, you grinned and returned the gesture with a soft squeeze. His skin was smooth and soothing as you ran your thumb over his digits. Then, he inhaled deeply, preparing himself to speak as he broke eye contact.

“(Y/n), I was wondering something…” he brought his other hand to cup yours, as if he was confiding some deep secret, and you looked at him questioningly. Giorno was generally a fairly physical person. Each time you saw him you brought him into a warm hug, and sometimes he would even kiss your hand after you’d returned from a missions. But right now he seemed nervous, and you weren’t quite sure why... “Would you like to go out for dinner tonight? I know this one restaurant that has the best chocolate sorbet you’ve ever tasted,” His face was just a bit red, and you couldn’t help but giggle a little.

“That would be great, Giorno! I know Narancia’s really been wanting to get some pizza–”

“Actually,” he cut you off, a bit flustered. “I was thinking just the two of us.” You raised your eyebrows at this development, letting out a small “Oh!”. But then, you chuckled and shook your head. It might be nice to get away from the other boys for a while, to relax and just spend some time with Giorno. You had been working very hard lately. Buccellati had even refused to give you any more missions until you took a small vacation...

“I think I know what you mean.” You took a sip of your tea before continuing to talk. “They can get a bit crazy, can’t they?” You gestured to the door behind you as you heard a loud shatter and a yelp from Fugo. Giorno gritted his teeth in a grimace, and you could sense his palms growing a bit sweaty.

“Yeah,” he laughed wryly. “That’s what I meant...”


For much of the rest day you laid in your bed, staring up at the ceiling, not quite knowing what to do. You weren’t quite bored out of your mind, but you were pretty close. All you wanted was another mission or a job; something like that would motivate you to actually change out of your pyjamas. But instead Mista and Narancia were off on a chase while everyone else was doing god knows what back at headquarters.

A knock sounded at the door and you bolted upright, desperate for any sort of action to stimulate your dull day. And that’s when you remembered what you had talked about with Giorno. Crap .

You swung open the door, and, sure enough, it was Giorno. Had you really slept that long? You were about stutter out your profuse apologies to him when you hesitated. He wasn’t wearing his normal ladybug suit (as you called it). He had on a black and gold tuxedo. The coat was perfectly fitted to accentuate his slim waist, and the shimmering fabric complemented his silky golden hair. He was absolutely breathtaking in the afternoon sunlight that shone through your window.

You panicked. Your face flushed, and you looked down at your own outfit: dirty pyjamas. You began to stutter, but he pressed a finger to your lips to hush you. He simply smirked, noting your usual forgetfulness.

“I’ll give you thirty minutes, okay? Meet you outside.” You nodded dumbly as he closed the door behind him.


A half hour later, you met him at the door. Hopefully your attire was suitable, though nothing you owned could even compared to how stunning Giorno looked right now. Your face flushed as you inspected his body: his broad chest, his muscular arms, his plump lips… You halted your thoughts, shaking your head at your own forwardness. Giorno may have been kind and compassionate, but Passione was his family. You were his family. Nothing more.

He had been staring at his watch when he heard your footsteps. A smile crept to his lips when he saw you, and a light blush dusted his cheeks.

“You look beautiful, (y/n).” You giggled and hid your face at the compliment, muttering thanks as he extended his arm towards yours. But you were still altogether flustered and a bit confused: why had he chose such an elegant restaurant? Why weren’t the other gang members joining you? Why did he look so beautiful?


It was in fact some of the best food you had ever had. Giorno had scored a reservation to the five star restaurant through “connections”, and you two sat at a secluded table in the back. He gently stroked your hand, as he urged you to take your mind off of gang business for the moment. However, you couldn't help asking him a few questions about what was going on with Diavolo and what exactly Mista and Narancia were out doing. But eventually you were able to relax, and finally the dessert came. Giorno held out his spoon to offer you the first taste, and it was just as delicious as he claimed it was. He smiled sweetly at your reaction.


The next day, you woke up as usual, hoping Buccellati might finally give you another assignment. You decided you’d catch up with Giorno later, and delay your morning tea and breakfast for the moment while you confronted your boss in his office. You were just a few inches from the door, when you paused, hearing a muffled voice permeating through the hardwood.

“I told you, just tell her you like her.”

“I can’t! Whenever I try to she just… Ugh, she’s gets so adorable and changes the subject–”

“That’s no excuse,”

“But aren’t my feelings obvious? Shouldn’t she know by now?”

Your stomach clenched at the conversation, and a sudden pang of guilt tugged at your chest. You shouldn’t be eavesdropping, but you were too shocked to even moved from the door. You could tell it was Buccellati and Giorno who were talking. But what did they mean? A defeated sigh sounded from behind the door.

“She didn’t even realise we were on a date,” Buccellati chuckled at this.

You stood there for a while, not even listening to the rest of their conversation. Your brain was still trying to put two and two together: did that mean… No, that was impossible… Did Giorno… Did he have feelings for you? A shiver ran across your skin as you took a deep shuddering breath. You should go have breakfast. Maybe raising your blood sugar, sitting down,  and taking a moment to think about things would help you regain your composure.

But before you could so much as take a step, the door swung open. Giorno’s eyes locked on yours and you stiffened. You felt your face heat, your heart quicken, an abrupt surge of adrenaline. He seemed to show a similar reaction to your sudden appearance, but quickly righted himself, fixing his suit and checking his hair.

“(y/n),” he stammered, and smiled as if he were about to greet you with his usual friendliness. Then, he paused, his face suddenly turning solemn, and almost stern. He firmly grabbed your shoulder. “Did you hear us?” You opened your mouth to respond, but nothing came out. Should you lie and tell him you hadn’t heard anything? Should you confess your utter confusion and dismay?

But you didn’t have to say anything, as an expression of understanding graced his face. He quickly grabbed your hand and began leading you away from Buccellati office. You wanted to protest or question his intentions, but you were still struck silent. Giorno lead you past several other rooms until he finally arrived at the small study. The two of you spent quite a few occasions alone there, just chatting together or reading in silence. However this time seemed much different as he closed the door behind you. You gasped as he brought your hands to his chest as if he were begging, pleading you for something.

“(Y/n),” he began, “You know how much I love you,” your eyes flashed open as you realised: he had told you that before. He had told you so many times before that he loved you, but you had just assumed he meant it in a different way. Your thoughts flashed back to every moment he had embrace you or kissed your cheek or stroked your hair. WHen he uttered those very words. “But please, I can’t take it anymore. I have tried my hardest to remain calm, to give you time to understand, but,” He hesitated, his eyes darting wildly as he searched for words. “Please, tell me you love me…” His voice dropped on the last words, and your breath halted suddenly.

Was that really why he had always been so nice to you? Why you always felt you could tell him anything, why he would always be there for you, why he turned a vase into a bouquet of roses when you were sad, why he offered you his jacket when you were cold? The thoughts struck you again and again as you tried your hardest to process what was even going on. Then, you heard Giorno’s sigh. His head dropped to his chest in defeat, and you panicked.

Your trembling fingers tilted his chin back up so you could look him in the eyes. And, yet, you dared not look him in the eyes. You felt fidgety, and you bit your lip as you scoured your brain for the proper response.

“Uh…” That certainly was not the right response! “What?” Dammit, that wasn’t right either. You thought, just maybe, you did love him, but you just couldn’t say it out loud. You couldn’t use words to convey your feelings.

Suddenly, you closed your eyes and leaned in, your heart racing at the thought of what you were about to do. Your lips gently grazed across his. For one moment you felt connected to him: you could feel his rapid pulse, his heated cheeks, his staggered breaths. And then the moment ended.

The room was completely still, save for the ticking of an antique clock that hung on the wall. But, gradually, his hand snaked down your hip, and you dared to glance up at his eyes. His smile was sweet and sincere, yet, hesitant. You took a deep breath: you needed to be honest with him. You had to say something.

“I’m sorry. I can’t believe I was so stupid,” You chuckled and shook your head at your own self-deprecating remarks, but he interrupted you.

“(Y/n), you’re not stupid.”

“But I didn’t even realise that you,” You took a shuddering breath, “That you had feelings for me. And that’s why I just don’t know what to say right now.” You caressed his soft cheek with the palm of your hand, and he tilted his head into the affectionate gesture. “But I think I love you…” Giorno closed his eyes and breathed deeply. He used his hand on your hip to pull you further into his embrace. You gasped as you felt your torsos collide, but he merely fluttered his eyelids open and stared down at you lovingly.

“I understand,” He placed a quick kiss on your forehead. “I don’t need an answer now, take your time.” Was that it? Was that all he had to say to you? It didn’t feel complete. You felt like you just needed something more.

You crashed your lips onto his once again, and felt his body stiffen with the sudden attack. But he melted into your arms as his fingers tangled themselves into your hair, pulling your lips even closer. The kiss was surprisingly rough as he nibbled at your lips. He had been waiting for so long to have you, and he wouldn’t hold back his passion anymore. Your entire body grew warm as he pressed your hips to his, and you grabbed his jacket to keep you from toppling onto the floor. He sucked at the corner of your mouth, tracing kisses down the outline of your jaw and onto your neck as your palms rested against his firm chest. You gasped as he lightly bit your collarbone, and you could feel his smirk against your skin as he drove your body closer to his. As he continued to mark your breast with his kisses, your hand slid down his chest, his abs, his hips. You suddenly groped his ass. He moaned.

Immediately, however, he pulled his lips away from your flesh and you let out a small whimper as you lost that comforting sense of warmth. But his hand remained on your cheek, stroking gently.

“Not yet,” He smile was sweet but sad. “You need time to think, time to figure out if you really love me, because I promise you,” Your entire body shivered as he clasped both his hands around your fingers, pressing a soft kiss you your knuckles as he knelt on one knee. You looked down at him in awe. “I love you. And if you love me I will cherish you, I will protect you, I will never let you go. And if that’s what you really want…” Unconsciously, you began to nod your head desperately at his words. But he merely chuckled and stroked your fingers.

“Take your time. Please.”

Chapter Text

He was your knight in shining armor. He had come to take you away from your boring life and ride you off into the sunset. Those had been your first thoughts when his horse trotted by your house that day. From the porch, you could just make out his features: a young, slender boy, about your age, a stern and determined look on his face. Without another thought, you ran out onto the path to greet him and his beautiful stallion. And that was the beginning.

His name was Johnny Joestar and his father owned the several farms around your family’s quiet little estate. You two had always been neighbors, but you hadn’t even met until that day, and Johnny was extremely eager to have a friend his age. He began to ride by almost everyday. You would help him tie up his horse in your stable, feed it, brush it, and conversed with him all the while. Eventually, it just slipped out of your mouth.

“I want to ride a horse,”

“Well then,” Johnny beamed, “I’ll teach you how!”

First he would let you sit behind him on the saddle, making sure you hugged his waist tightly so as not to fall. He showed you how to grip the reins, how to speed to a gallop and slow to a trot. Then he ventured into more trivial lessons as the two of you rode along: he would name different breeds of horses, all the famous races. But, finally, you convinced him to let you take control.

You were about seven years old when you first gripped the reins for yourself, admittedly quite an early age to be starting. However, Johnny had still started two years before you, and you knew you would never be a match for him. He still sat just behind you whenever you rode, giving small tips and pointers every mile. According to him, you were actually quite the natural jockey.

If it weren’t for Johnny, you probably would have never learned just how much you loved to ride. It was something about the wind as it whipped through your hair, your heart lurching up and down with each gallop… His arms wrapped firmly around your waist. Each time you mounted the saddle you remembered his fond touch, his breath in your ear as he whispered encouragement. That was why you rode. That was why you were going to race.

You didn’t know if you’d even get anything out of the Steel Ball Run Race. You weren’t as good as Johnny Joestar, no one was as good as Johnny Joestar. When you had left for England, he was the most promising young jockey in all of America, save possibly Diego Brando. And last you had heard of him, he had won the Kentucky Derby when he was only sixteen years old.

But after that, there was no word. Your letters back and forth were lost to time, news of his accomplishments rarely reached British ears. Three years passed, during which you lived quietly in your English mansion, training to be the proper found lady your parents desired you to be… And then came the first word from the racing world you had heard in months: The Steel Ball Run.

You trotted through the campgrounds as dust and rank air assaulted your senses. You didn't quite know whether he even had time to participate in such an event. But you couldn't give up your hope of reuniting. After you registered, you had the entire morning before the race to prepare yourself. You stalled your mare and began to explore the grounds, recognising one or two famous jockeys, several amateurs you had beaten long ago… But no Johnny.

Suddenly, a harsh yell, an enraged whinny, a crash of wood and crunching bones. Yet the crowd paid no heed to the earsplitting cries splitting through the air. Each rider was fully invested in his own business, and cared not for his own opponents.

You gritted your teeth in disgust and you pushed your way through the mass of people and up to the pen where the commotion was. Then, you gasped. A man lay on the ground, clutching desperately to the stirrups of the saddle as the stallion dragged him through the dirt. He grunted and flailed his arms as he desperately climbed up the leather straps, only to slip again to the ground. He was beaten and bloody, a wooden shard piercing through his leg. You pace quickened as you approached the gate, appalled that no one else dared to help him.

“No!” Your entire body froze at his words, your hand resting on the latch of the gate. “I will kill myself if you try and stop me!” His head whipped around to glare at you, menacingly. But you paused. You recognised those eyes: that pale and innocent blue, that subtle wrath hidden underneath the mirror of his striking iris… You had found him. You had found Johnny.

Your mind emptied itself of all over thoughts as you found yourself swinging the gate ajar, running into the fray. His frail figure at first screamed in protest, however he fell silent as you ripped him away from the flailing hooves. Your arms wrapped your arms around his waist as your buried your sobbing face into his shoulder. You heard a soft whisper.



It had just been a simple meeting, an exchange of pleasantries before he ordered you to depart. You were terrified for an instant: Your body trembled and you watched from afar as he tried to mount the vexed beast. But he commanded you to leave, to prepare for the race. Afterwards you would meet up. If he made it.

You couldn't see him from the starting line, but you caught sight of him right before the finish. It was your desperation and not your skill that propelled you to sixth place, right behind Johnny. But the crowd swallowed him, and you, in a shower of reporters and photographers, before you could even catch his eye. You would meet him at the inn, that was what you had resolved. Your heart fluttered at the thought: The man who taught you how to ride. The man who taught you how to love...

You approached the innkeeper and reserved your room before wandering through the boisterous rabble. It was then that you spotted him, sitting alone in a dim corner, away from the din of the crowd. You hurriedly pushed through the swarm of sweaty bodies, hesitating only once you had emerged from the mass. His eyes met yours, and his lips curled upwards in a mischievous grin, but there was sincerity behind his playfulness, there had always been. A tear slipped down your cheek as you caught the glinting of metal wheels attached to his chair. You cupped your mouth as a choked sob shook your chest. But he beckoned you forwards, and you leaned down into his delicate embrace as you cried into his shoulder.


It reminded you of the day you had parted. It had been almost six years ago. He had flashed that same mischievous smile, as if he were reassuring you that it wasn't the end. He stroked your hair as he whispered kind words in your ear. You told him how much you hated leaving, how much you wanted to stay in the states, how much you would miss him. He had pulled you back by your shoulders to stare into your eyes. He gently brushed a tear from your cheek. Suddenly, his face had reddened. He leaned down, placing his lips delicately upon yours. You let out a slight gasp, before uttering through your sobs:

“Please don't go.”


He only shed a single tear when he was recounting to you what had happened over the past several years. His hands wrapped around yours, yet he still stared off into the distance, avoiding eye contact. His voice was gentle and comforting, unlike his usual biting and sarcastic tone; but that was how he had always been. He reserved his kind words for you alone, raising his voice only when he was angered by something or someone else.

“I can't believe it,” He finished at the end of his tale. He finally stared into your eyes, his palm coming to rest on your cheek. “You’ve changed so much, (y/n). You’re beautiful,” Your heart quickened as your face flushed. Maybe his feelings had changed since then, but it seemed you still thought of him the same way.

“Johnny…” You were at a loss for words, but you needn't say anything as a group of rowdy and drunken men approached your solitary table.

“Oh, look, it’s the cripple! The one who’s beast can run better than he can even walk!”

“Probably only finished the race cause he’s got such a monster of a horse,” the teasing, taunting, and offhand insults continued, and you gritted your teeth, grabbing his clenched fist.

“Let’s go, Johnny.” You stood and made to walk away.

“Aww, come on beautiful. I bet anyone of us could please you better than he could–” You interrupted him by digging your heel into his toe, and he cried out in pain. You tugged Johnny’s arm, indicating that it was time to leave. But then, you paused. How? How could he leave? You can’t storm out of a room in indignation if you can’t walk... You noticed his pained expression as he glared down at the rough wooden floor. Taking a deep, shuddering breath, you grabbed the handles of his rusty chair, wheeling him forcefully through the crowd of cackling idiots.

“Where’s your room?” You hissed through your teeth as you finally cleared the crazed masses.

“214,” His hands fidgeted in his lap and he bit his lip. 214? Was he on the second floor? Your eyes began to water, and you began to realise just how much of a blow this injury had dealt to him. But he noticed your dismay. “It’s alright, all the other rooms were full. I just need,” He hesitated, his face beginning to flush, not with his general sweet bashfulness, but with shame. You kneeled down so you could speak to him on his level, hoping that would help to comfort him. “I need someone to carry me up,” You nodded resolutely.

“Where does the chair go?” His eyes flashed at your sudden commitment, but he led you to the closet where he stored his wheelchair, gasping when you cupped your arms under his legs. Your cheeks heated just a bit as you pulled him, bridal style, to your chest. You insisted that he wasn't too heavy as you hauled him up the stairs. You felt his breath graze against your cheek as you slowly carried him to room 214. He turned the key in the lock, you two pushed open the door, and you lay him down on the hotel bed. You sat beside him, catching your breath for just a moment.

It was strange: You didn't feel anything. You weren't angry at the men who had taunted you, you weren't sad because of Johnny’s feeble condition. You were almost content with his situation, with your situation, and you wanted to make the most of it.

“(Y/n)” He caught your attention as his fingers curled around yours. Gently, gingerly, he brought your hand to his lips. You let out a soft giggle, remembering the silly games you used to play when you were children, where he was the knight and you were the princess. You had long grown out of the princess phase since then, but still the soft kiss stirred up feelings of nostalgia for when you and Johnny were happy together.

He smirked, and lowered your palm to his chest. Your body shivered at the gesture, and you could feel his steady heartbeat through the fabric of his shirt. The rise and fall of his chest calmed you, in a way, as you gathered your courage and drew your hand to cup his face. His heart rate quickened at the touch.

“Johnny, I know a lot of things have changed since we last saw each other,” Your eyes wandered as you spoke, though you tried not to focus your gaze on his soft lips. “But I think I still feel the same way about you. I thought about you every day and–” You cut yourself off as he began to push himself up with his arms. You wanted to force him back down, to make him rest, but could only stare at him in awe. He couldn't both sit up and stroke your cheek, so he tenderly pressed his forehead to yours.

“These past few months, I’ve felt so lost,” Your skin tingled as you felt his warm breath on your cheeks. “But, now that I’ve found you again… Please,” He hesitated for a moment.

Then, slowly, he closed the gap with his lips, returning once again that sensation you remembered so fondly. A solitary tear fell from his eyelashes, but you paid no mind as you caressed his cheek, drawing his lips nearer. They were just as soft and as warm as they had been all those years ago, but his kiss had grown more rough, more passionate.

He finally pulled away.

“Don’t go.” Your hand slipped into his velvety golden hair as you massaged the back of his neck.

“Don’t worry, Johnny. I’ll never leave you again.” You gently leaned in, pressing him back down onto the bed so he could relax his arms. As his head hit the pillow, his hand snaked its way onto your waist and he looked up at you with desire. Your lips caught his for a second time, his fingers coiling behind your neck so he could drive you closer to him. Your own palms rested on his chest to support yourself, and you could feel his pulse quickening, his breaths becoming shallow. He tilted his head to intensify the kiss, sucking delicately yet desperately at your slightly parted lips. His fingers traversed the side of your torso, tickling your waist as you gasped in a shallow breath. You couldn’t help but smile in his tender embrace: There were no tears this time. No fear. There was only the present moment, only you and him.


You awoke to the soft steady rumble of his chest against your ear. You smiled sleepily as your legs intertwined under the thick blankets. His arm still wrapped around your waist, his other hand resting in your hair as if to shield you from the outside world, to keep you all to himself. Slowly, you craned your neck up, placing a soft kiss on his cheek.

“I’ll never leave.”

Chapter Text

It was your fate to be pushed around, trampled over by the bitter murderers and thieves who had ended up getting caught by the law. No matter how much you screamed, how hard you fought back, the prisoners would knock you down. But that was before you met them . You probably wouldn’t have survived long at the Green Dolphin Street Prison if it weren’t for them .

You thought nothing of it as you freely traversed the halls. It was one of the few times you were allowed out of your cell, and you didn't want to spend it with any of the other prisoners. However, you heard a noise.

You bit your lip in irritation, not wishing to cross paths with anyone when you were in such a foul mood, but the hushed footsteps were far away, so you brushed them off for the time being. It was about time for you to head back to your cell anyway. So you rounded the next corner.

However, you caught a glint out of the corner of your eye, and paused. It had been a man, standing at the bottom of the stairwell. A strangely clothed man, with a tattered navy body suit and a tall and fuzzy hat. But he had disappeared as soon as you caught sight of him, right into… into the wall?

Your curiosity drew you down the stairs and to the cold stone wall. It was strange, this sudden occurrence didn't startle you. You had your fair share of paranormal incidents in the past. In fact, that was what had landed you in prison...

Curiously, you descended the stairs, eyeing the corner where you swear a man had been just a moment before. As you approached the scene, your hand lifted to the stone, expecting to feel the rough and grainy texture of the bricks. You gasped.

There was only air. Your fingers slipped through the wall as if nothing was there, disappearing beyond the grey rock. Carefully, you reached your arm further, into the portal, or whatever it might have been.

Suddenly, you felt a hand grasp your wrist. You let out a short cry as you were yanked through the wall, gasping to regain your breath as your body was forced to the ground, a strong and muscular frame driving you to the floor. Your head reeled as it snapped against the hard floor and you winced in pain. He pinned down your arms, allowing you no room to so much as lift your head.

When your dizziness had faded and your lungs began to work again, though your body still trembled with the shock, you inspected the man. It was the same man you had seen disappear at the bottom of the stairs. His dark and striking eyes seemed to bore through your soul itself. He seemed wrathful yet stoic, almost as if he was interrogating you without even using words. His firm grip wrapped around your wrists, his thighs caged your pelvis. Your face flushed at the surprise, the fear, and his own harsh intimidation. He continued to scrutinize your form, his gaze tracing every inch of your body for some hint of recognition. Yet he never spoke.

“W-Who…” The words escaped your lips through the pants and gasps. “Who are you?” You winced as your question was met with a sudden force, pushing you even further into the floor. It was then that you noticed where you were.

It was not the cold stone floor of the prison. It was a soft red rug. In the corner of your eye, you could see a large grand piano looming over you, a chandelier lighting the elegant room.

But the man shoved you again, his face looming closer. You squirmed as his hot breath tickled your cheek.

Who are you ?” His voice was low, almost a whisper. But he was terrifying all the same as his sapphire eyes pierced through your thoughts. You began to stutter, but knew not what to say. You were a prisoner, like everyone else, like him… He was a prisoner, wasn't he?

He shook you again, this time growling menacingly.

“My name is (y/n) (l/n)!” You spat out as you gasped. “I’m just another inmate, I saw you slip through,” Your voice shook as you searched for words. “You walked through the wall and I followed,” His grip began to loosen.

“You’re not a user?” His eyes continued to study you as his sultry voice permeated the silence.

“A… A user?” You raised your eyebrow in confusion. Then, you heard another voice.

“Weather, what are you doing?” The tone was high and boyish, innocent. Far too innocent for a prison inmate…

The man who had been pinning you to the ground sat up, his eyes still distrusting and scrutinizing, but less harsh than they had been before. You stared up at his broad frame, your face burning with the flood of emotions: terror, confusion, embarrassment. A boy appeared over his shoulder. He spoke again.

“They’re telling the truth. They don’t know anything. They don’t even know that they have a stand.” You lay frozen on the ground as the muscular man slowly climbed off of you. Gradually, you sat up as you inspected the two: The tall, dark man with the large fur hat, the small boy in the baseball uniform.

“What’s a stand?”


You finally learned why supernatural occurrences always seemed to follow you throughout your life, why you couldn’t get along with others, why you were different. But it was okay, because they were different too. They all had stands, and still managed to live a relatively quiet life, albeit in jail.

But still, they had saved you from the hell that was Green Dolphin Street Prison. It became your home. The music room became your home. Each day you would visit Emporio, Anasui, and, the one whose company you enjoyed most: Weather. Weather Report was quite an interesting name, it almost made you giggle with an amused curiosity every time you said it out loud. You still couldn't quite pin down what you liked about him.

Soon after you met him, he apologised profusely for his actions. However, though he seemed confident, he was still extremely awkward in his actions. You couldn't help but chuckle nervously as he stood there, just inches away from your face, his eyebrows still furrowed and stern as he uttered a quiet “I am very sorry I attacked you. I will try not to do it again.”

Several weeks passed, and you grew close to all three. Any time you were allowed out of your cell was spent in the music room. For the first time since you entered the iron gates, you felt close to someone. Sometimes you skipped meals so you could spend some peace and quiet with your only friends. However Weather seemed to express a bit of concern when you told him this, frowning and pensive as he leaned against the wall. He was always caring in his own way: he didn't express it through smiles or physical affection. He showed his compassion when he showed up the next day with a large basket of fruits and chocolates.

You gasped and giggled as you gladly accepted the offer.

“Weather! You really didn't need to do this for me!” He forced the package into your arms with a solemn expression. However, you could see the faintest tint of pink across his cheeks, and he avoided eye contact, a gesture which was quite unusual for him.

“You need to eat. It's not good to skip meals.” You smiled at his tenderness, and followed your first instinct of pulling him into a hug. A small gasp slipped from his lips, but you pretended not to notice as you drew back, taking the large gift from his hands. He turned to excuse himself, but you grabbed his shoulder before he could even take a step.

“Please, stay Weather.”

This was the perfect time. Neither Emporio nor Anasui were there at the moment, and you had been wanting a chance to speak with Weather alone. Even if you spoke to each other every day, you never had the chance to ask him about himself, about how he came to the prison, who he was before he discovered Emporio and his stand. You enjoyed the small talk you two had made, the strangely philosophical conversations, the jokes you made that completely went over his head. But you wanted to really get to know him.

He heeded your request as you set the basket of treats on the small table. You reached for a bar of chocolate, carefully unwrapping the foil to break off a small chunk. Weather raised his eyebrows as you handed a it to him. He seemed curious, bemused. He slowly accepted the piece, bringing it to his lips and nibbling at the corner. You took a small bite of your own, relishing in the delicious taste.

“So, Weather,” You began, not really knowing how you should start the conversation. But considering that Weather wasn't much of a smooth-talker himself, you felt you had nothing to lose. “How did you get that name?” You glanced up at him, innocently, with unbridled curiosity. His composure seemed to buckle under your gaze, and he quickly swallowed the bite of chocolate.

“I-I,” His face grew flustered as he stammered, and his fists clenched as his brow began to sweat. But he quickly regained his calm and stern stare. “I don't know. I don’t know anything before this prison.” Your face grew hot with embarrassment for asking him such a question. “I have no recollection of my real name, my real family. I don’t know where I came from or how I got here–” Your arms wrapped around him in a tender embrace. It was sudden for both of you, you had no idea you were even reaching for him until your bodies intertwined. You felt distant from the situation, as if you couldn't control your actions. You just couldn't imagine the pain, the hurt he must have gone through. Just a few months alone in the prison had taken its toll on your psyche, but to be here as long as he had… No friends, no memories to look back on… No hope.

Hope was the only thing that kept you going. At first it was hope that you would one day see the outside world again. But as that dream grew distant, you looked forward to the smaller joys in life. You stayed positive only knowing that you would get to see him each day...

You gasped as he coiled his arms around your own frail form, returning the gesture with that tenderness that he so rarely showed to others. A single tear ran down your cheek and onto his shoulder. You slowly realised that the music room was only a temporary escape from hell. The prison had taken your entire life, his entire life. But in his arms you felt the comfort of hope.


He seemed to open up to you after that day. He was stoic in his conversations with Anasui and Emporio, but when he was alone with you, he confessed his true feelings, his observations and interpretations of prison life, his frustration with the situation. And you confided in him all your difficulties with the tormentors you still met everyday on your way to the ghost room. You chuckled when he offered to confront them, to attack them, to put an end to all your troubles, but you shook your head. Though you were flattered slightly by his strange compassion, you didn't wish his condition to worsen. He may get caught, his sentence become extended, his residence moved to solitary confinement.

It was several days later that you met Weather Report in the room as usual. You were reading a book in the lone chair when he barged in. Usually, he would sneak up on you unannounced, but today, he stomped, bewildered, into the room.His face was flushed red and he huffed as if he had run straight from his cell. You immediately stood.

“Weather, is something wrong?” You rushed over to his side, grasping his hand as if to console him. He opened his mouth to speak, but remained silent. You, however, were still concerned, though his composure was slowly returning to normal.

“I,” He took a shallow breath, “I just… It’s nothing, it’s silly.” He pulled his hand out of your grip, turning his back, but hesitated. You instinctively placed your hand on his shoulder.

“Weather, please, if there’s anything I can do to help…” Your voice cracked unexpectedly, and he slowly spinned on his toes. He didn't look into your eyes, yet didn't shy away from your tender touch.

“It was just a dream,” He muttered, “A nightmare, I–” he paused, but you encouraged him to continue. Even something as trivial as a bad dream was a cause for concern if it drove Weather into such a frenzy. You walked him over to the wall, sliding your back down it's surface until you were seated on the ground. There was no couch in the room, so you parted the seat on the floor next to you for him to join.

Catlike, he sprung to the ground, crossing his legs as he placed his hands in his lap. You urged him to tell you everything, and he did: he told you of his nightmare, how he dreamed he had met his mother, and the brother he never knew. He dreamt his mother had forsaken him, and his brother tried to murder him. Then, he paused. At this point, both your hands intertwined with his, sitting in his lap. You leaned your head on his shoulder as you soothed him by tracing your thumb across his fingers.

“Then you came.” You stiffened slightly, curious as to what he meant. “You saved me from the pain. You comforted me and held me…” His gaze was frozen on a point in the distance as you stole a look at his reddening face. “And that’s when I woke up. And my heart was pounding and I couldn’t breath. And I had to see you.”

His head fell limp as he stared at the both of your hands. You remained silent for a long while, just listening to the sound of his breath. You couldn’t quite pin down what you were feeling, it just pained you much to see Weather breaking like this. He constantly barred his emotions from the eyes of others. But one small provocation was enough to make him explode like this.

Finally, however, it seemed he had calmed. His hands no longer trembled, and his chest rose and fell in a steady rhythm. Without so much as a thought to what you were doing, you placed a tender kiss on his cheek. Your pulse began to quicken at your own gesture, at how much you enjoyed touching your lips to his soft skin, how much you wanted to cradle him in your arms forever.

His head tilted to glance at you out of the corner of his eye, and you flushed for no apparent reason, your gaze wandering anywhere but those striking blue irises. Your focus locked on his lips for just one second. Then, gently, he began to lean into your form, and your eyes shot back up to his. You could see indecision and nervousness in his expression as he placed a hand to caress your cheek. But, strangely, there was also hope. Your toppled backwards just a bit, but his sturdy arm caught you before you could fall to the floor. You could feel your skin tingle as his face inched closer. Your eyes fluttered shut as he closed the gap.

His lips were almost cold to the touch. Yet they were still soft and supple as they tenderly kissed you. His thumb stroked your cheek, and you shivered, his other arm pulling your chest to his. He was delicate in his actions, as if he didn’t want to hurt you, or offend you in any way. But you still felt the passion behind his touch, his hunger for your lips against his.

However, slowly, he separated, though his forehead still rested on yours. It was only then that you noticed your beating heart, your heaving chest, your churning stomach. You gasped as his hand began to run through your hair.

“I’m sorry,” You were taken aback at those first words to come out of his mouth after he had kissed you. “I’ve never done something like this before, I’ve never felt this way–” His body grew rigid. “Well, not that I can remember.”

“W-Weather,” you began to stammer, placing your palms on his strong chest to support yourself. “You don’t need to apologize for anything. Just the fact that you’re here, that you can open up to me, that actually enjoy my company,” Your entire body shivered as you said it. “It’s more than I had ever hoped for.”

His eyes darted down once again to your lips, and he quickly looked up at you, as if asking permission. Your lids closed as you felt the tender touch of his lips once again. He was less inhibited this time, as his hand traversed up and down your side, grasping your hips, your waist. You grew courageous as well, escalating the kiss by trailing your fingers across his nape, pulling him closer, parting your lips only slightly as you pecked and sucked. He gently lowered you onto the ground, and you gasped as your back hit the rug.

He loomed over you just as he had that day when you first met, and he pulled his lips back so he could gaze at your form for just a second. But his eyes were kind rather than stern, his touch was gentle rather than harsh. He stared at you, lovingly, as leaned down to place a soft kiss on the skin of your neck. Your eyelids fluttered shut and your fingers squeezed his shoulders as he trailed his lips down your collarbone. He nibbled lightly and you let out a small gasp, but he continued, gently sucking the top of your breast. You squirmed slightly as a soft whisper escaped your lips.


His lips abruptly left your chest as he stared back into your eyes. A small smile can to your lips, and you reached to stroke his cheek with your knuckles. He shuddered and his head leaned into the touch. You brought his lips once again to yours, but just for a moment, before uttering:

“I love you.”

Chapter Text

It seemed to be early in the morning. At least, that’s what your body told you, as you tossed and turned, searching for those last few minutes of peaceful slumber. Yet you couldn’t remain still for very long; something didn’t feel right. You didn’t sense the birds chirping outside the window, the bright morning sunlight penetrating through your eyelids. Slowly, you blinked. You gasped as you took in your surroundings.

It was a dim and dank cellar. Barrels of food or wine or something of the sort were strewn against the walls, and at the very center stood a wooden ladder. You scrambled to your feet, your first instinct being to approach the exit. But you gasped as you heard a metallic clang, the pain of a tight restraint boring into your wrists. Your hands were shackled behind your back, and you tugged frantically at the chain attached to the floor. Then your memories came flooding back.


You were just walking down the street: nothing unusual, nothing out of the ordinary. It was late at night, and you were heading home after work as you normally did. Suddenly, a cry split through the air. Though fear permeated your thoughts, your curiosity still drove you to the source of the sound, a dark alleyway just a block down. You peered past the corner.

A pool of crimson blood, slowly expanding, underneath a mangled figure of a woman. A dark form stood over her body, a sharp knife glinting in his hand. Your breaths grew rapid as adrenaline surged through your body. You quickly reached for your phone, and then, a sound. Your keys dangled against your purse, giving off a soft metallic clink. Your blood ran cold.

The tall dark man who had been looming over the body flashed his eyes towards you, and you gasped. The whites of his eyes… They weren't white. They were a deep, shining, obsidian black. His bright red irises pierced through your very soul as you squirmed under his scrutiny. Should you run? Should you fight? Before you could even react, you felt a burning sensation in your core. A faint, shimmering mist cut through the air. Your muscles grew rigid, and you couldn’t breathe. A shining figure appeared before your eyes. It was an ethereal being, larger than a mere human, glinting in the dim moonlight as it lunged for the figure before you.

However, its reach was blocked as a sharp blade emerged from the pool of blood on the cobblestone ground beneath you. Your head felt dizzy and your knees week as he smirked and began to approach you. The glowing form that had been protecting you continued to strike, to struggle. You would fight your way out of this situation. That was your only hope.

But then, a wet cloth covering your mouth from behind. A foul smell. Darkness.


And now, you were here.

You heard the faint click of a latch, a figure descended the ladder. The pace of your heart quickened as he jumped, catlike, from the second to last step, and you saw his eyes. Those same piercing crimson eyes. Even looking at them made you tear up. He glowered over you, noticing your frail and defeated form underneath him.

“So you're awake,” You snarled, rising to your feet against the chains that tied you to the ground. You knew it had to be a gang, and you knew you had to fight back. It wasn't the smartest course of action, but your instincts to you that you simply couldn't remain quiet.

“Yes,” You sneered, “I’m awake. So, if you would kindly let me be on my way.” You inched as close to his face as you could, trying your best not to tear up from just looking into those terrifying eyes. “I saw nothing,” you conceded. “I have no affiliation with whoever you’re after, no information to give you. Let. Me. Go.” You punctuated each work by yanking your arms against the restraints, though it came to not avail. Your wrists merely ended up sore and bruised. Then, you gasped, as he tilted your chin up, inspecting your face with his blood red orbs. You grew hot with rage as he spoke.

“If you had just been an innocent bystander, we would have killed you on the spot,” You grunted as he shoved your chained body to the floor, his muscular frame still looking down on you with disdain and… curiosity. “No,” he chuckled “You're far more interesting.” Your mind flooded with only one thought: attack. You sprang at him, though he leapt back just out of reach of your restraints.

But then, it reappeared. That same shimmering figure, lunging for his throat. Your head felt dizzy again, and the form faltered. What… what was this thing? You collapsed to your knees in shock and awe, never before had you seen anything like this: nothing paranormal or supernatural. How could you know it wasn't just a hallucination?

“There it is,” The man’s voice was full of intrigue as the being mirrored your own actions, falling to its knees. “It’s beautiful, powerful.” He inspected the spirit with a hungry glare, circling it slowly. You felt uncomfortable under the gaze, as if he were inspecting your own body, and you had a sudden urge to hide yourself. However, his eyes soon snapped back on you. His strong steps echoed through the cellar as he strode to your side. His hand gripped your shoulder, harshly, and you winced as he pulled you to standing. His stare bored into your eyes, and you had trouble maintaining eye contact under his intimidation.

“You have two choices: die, or kill.”


As much as you detested the mafia, the situation wasn't terrible. You were permitted to come and leave as you pleased, visit your home even if you wished. But you were still the willing slave of the La Squadra assassination squad. You were given your own housing with the gang, and were encouraged to get to know the other members, as you would be working with them “till the day you died”. The man with the red eyes was the leader of the company, Risotto Nero was his name. Whenever he had a mission for you, he would suddenly materialise to whisk you away. Whether you were walking through the streets of Venice, lounging on the couch at headquarters, or even sleeping quietly in your bed, he would slink out of the darkness with a commanding urgency as he ordered you to follow him.

He hated it when you talked back, but you always questioned him about your supposed victim. You were not one to let your sense of justice slide so easily, and you were determined to keep a firm grip on your own freedom. Yet he still called you upon for the more dangerous assassinations. He scowled at your temper but didn't punish you for it. You even grew fond of this dynamic between you two, enjoying the missions you took on together.


You sat in the large and comfortable armchair, reading a book. It was late evening, just after dinner, and much of the gang was playing poker at the table in the corner.

“Come on, (y/n)!” Ghiaccio whined at you. “Don't you wanna join us?” You rolled your eyes, knowing he just wanted some more money in the pile.

“No thank you,” You drawled. “I am perfectly content where I am.” You shook your head as several of the men groaned in annoying.

“Of course you are,” Formaggio chuckled. “Because you're (y/n)! And you're so perfect and beautiful,” His tone was sarcastic and mocking as you faced flushed.

“W-What? I’m not like that!” He laughed at your denial, and you snapped back, “Shut up cheese head!” The entire group snickered at the retort, but Ghiaccio continued what he had started.

“Oh, look at me,” He put on a high and girlish voice, twirling his hair and acting like an oblivious idiot. “I’m (y/n), and I’m so wonderful and pretty, and my stand is so powerful !” You clenched your fist at his terrible impression of you. “And the boss is so in love with me! He takes me on all his missions like his little pet–”

“Wait, stop! What?!” You stammered out. Your heart was beating rapidly in your chest and your head felt light at his silly comments. He dropped the act as he leaned back in his chair with a mischievous grin. “That’s not... He even doesn't like me. We’re a good team together but–”

“You're so cute, (y/n).” You gritted your teeth at Prosciutto’s teasing words. “It's obvious how interested in you he is. I haven't had a job in at least a week because he gives everything to you.” Your eyebrows raised in confusion. He certainly was impressed by your abilities, you stand was admittedly incredible, but Risotto wasn't… He didn't have feelings for you… did he?

You arose from the chair and stormed to the table, slamming your hands firmly on its surface to end their stupid little poker game.

“Wait, you didn't know?” Formaggio feigned surprise as he continued to taunt you. Something about their insolence was making your blood boil. Maybe because they had managed to uncover some of your own true feelings for Risotto. But the comments continued to swirl through your brain as the boys joked around the table.

“I thought they had already gotten together.”

“Nah, but (y/n) totally digs him,”

“Don't deny it!”

“It’s obvious how he feels–”

“Aww, look at her blush,”

“–he gets rock hard whenever you walk in the room!”

“SHUT THE HELL UP!” the commotion abruptly silenced at your harsh yell as you flung your arms in the air out of exasperation. You could hear your pulse muffled in your ears as you took a deep breath, struggling to calm yourself, to deal with the situation in a rational manner. Then, a soft voice from behind you.


“Shut the hell up or I swear to god I will–” You gasped, your words halting and your jaw hanging open as you spun around to see those bright red eyes. You heard Ghiaccio’s giggle at your side, and you promptly dug your heel into his foot. You feigned a calm composure as he stifled a cry of pain, though adrenaline still surged through your veins, as you stammered.

“Y-Yes boss,” He looked down his nose at you, and everyone else in the room, with disapproval. It seemed he hadn’t heard the discussion, but he sensed the frivolity of the conversation.

“I’ve located the target. We’re leaving tonight. Get in the car” You nodded as he turned and left the room. That was how the missions always began. But as soon as you left the room, you heard Formaggio’s voice.

“Go get it (y/n)!”

“Drop dead, cheesehead.”


He was standing by the door, waiting for you once you had grabbed your necessary weapons and gear. But you froze.

“What is it this time?” he sighed, rolling his eyes. You were at a loss for words. You wanted to act like you had always acted around him: stubborn, haughty, mocking in the slightest. However, you just couldn’t…

“Risotto,” He lifted his eyebrow as you began to speak. “I was thinking,” Your thoughts swirled between confidence, doubt, annoyance. You sighed in defeat. “You don’t have time for relationships, do you?” You didn’t believe that was what had come out of your mouth, but it was the truth. Risotto was focused on the goal more than anything else in his life. He was in love with La Squadra. Not you.

“(Y/n),” You shivered as he spoke your name, but tried hardest to maintain your calm outward composure as he approached you. “What are you talking about?” Your face flushed  as he drew nearer, his terrifying eyes giving off that same sinister glare. But over the months you had spent with him, you had learned to appreciate something else his intimidating stare. His eyes were… beautiful. They sparkled like rubies in the fitting that was his black sclera. But you quickly drew your focus away from his features, as you struggled to answer his question.

“I mean,” You took a deep breath. You knew you were going to sound like an idiot, but there was no other way to put it. “You’re not in a position to pursue romance.” Your eye contact immediately broke from his on the last word, as you were far too nervous to gauge his reaction. “Are you?” His feet stayed firmly planted, however. In fact, he took a step closer towards you. Your fists clenched out of nervousness. You backed away almost instinctively, not realising you had hit the wall.

Suddenly, his hand slammed beside your face. You gasped, looking up into his eyes. You couldn’t quite tell what lay beyond those red orbs, whether it was anger or disappointment or something else entirely. You flinched as he brought his palm to your cheek, cupping it gently as he inspected your expression. Your body almost melted against the wall behind you.

He could very easily kill you. It was a thought that rarely came to your mind, but it was true nonetheless. You joked with him and teased him, but you never went too far for fear of what he could do to you. And you felt that same fear again as he took one final step towards you. You could feel his breath on your lips, and you held back a shudder as his body caged you to the wall.

But then, he leaned in. You gasped as his lips met yours and his torso pressed against your chest. The shock left you rigid and trembling at first, however, gradually, your hands raised to his chest. You swear you heard him emit a low groan as you placed your palms on his bare breast. His lips were soft, but his touch was rough as commanding as he firmly bucked his hips into yours. You didn’t expect this audacity, and suck in a shallow breath as you let out a small whimper. But you could feel Risotto smirk into the kiss, as he teasingly bit your lip. You tried your best not to moan in pleasure as he trailed his hand down your waist, your hip, your thigh. You couldn’t help but drag your own palms across his chest, groping and squeezing in the rhythm of the kiss. His tongue ran along your bottom lip, pleading entrance.

As you slowly began to part your lips, he shoved you to the wall once again, taking advantage of your gasp to run his tongue along the inside of your mouth. At this point, both his hands grasped your hips, migrating up and down along your curves, leaving no area untouched. His knee rested itself in between your thighs, and you shivered with the strange sensation of vulnerability.

Eventually, you had to break away, both of you panting as he stared into your eyes. You were mesmerised. You would have flushed in embarrassment and looked away, if it weren’t for those sparkling rubies. His hands continued to rub up and down your lower back as he took a shuddering breath.

“You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this,” If it was possibly for your heart to race even faster, it did as you heard those words. “Since I saw you, your stand,” Risotto had never opened up like this before, not to you, not to any of the members of La Squadra.

He stopped his words, and instead, gently pressed his lips to the corner of your mouth, trailing kisses down your jaw. He proceeded to suck at your neck, and your hands subconsciously slithered to clasp his own hips, forcing them closer as he gasped. His tender lips continued to the top of your breast as you bit your lip, holding in a groan of pleasure. To your dismay, his hands left your hips, but your eyes widened in shock as he threw his jacket to the floor, never breaking his lips away from your flesh. Your hands continued to explore every inch of his muscular frame as he gently bit your collarbone. You gasped as you felt him squeeze your rear, and arched back against the wall as he licked your neck, returning back to your lips.

However, he merely placed a small peck on them before breaking away from you. You whimpered in frustration as he turned to grab his coat. You could see his face was heated, his hands trembling, and he was altogether unsettled as he dressed himself. But he whipped around to face you once again.

“Just one more mission,” he panted, his voice low and sultry. “One more assassination, and after that.” He pulled your lips firmly to his as he grasped your ass. “I’m all yours.”

Chapter Text

The seconds ticked by slowly, and you heard no commotion from the cave entrance. You stepped out of the car and into the night air, admiring the view of the ancient Roman architecture just outside the entrance. Still, nothing. You groaned. You wanted to fight. You weren’t merely a watchdog. Caesar and Joseph and the other two had walked into the depths of the cavern almost ten minutes ago, and you were beginning to think that their power hadn’t been enough. Though Caesar hated to admit it, your power was quite a bit stronger than his, and posting you outside the cave had not been a wise decision.

But then, you heard a faint cry cut through the darkness, and your muscles stiffened as you readied yourself to enter the to enter the underground labyrinth.

However, before you could come to their rescue, a man emerged. He was massive, at least two meters tall. His body was golden and his muscles seemed to glimmer in the moonlight under a thin sheen of sweat. There was something ethereal about his strong stance, his powerful movements, and he seemed to radiate a sort of aggressiveness about him. You were entranced by his very appearance, and couldn’t help but wonder what kind of being he was, what sort of person he was. Just what was it that drew you to him?

Then you noticed the blood. Small splatters of crimson decorated his body. This had to be the enemy they had warned you of. He barely took notice of you as you crouched to attack.

Unlike Caesar with his special little bubble trick and Lisa Lisa with her scarf ability, you used Hamon in the purest form. It was your own unique skill, and none knew why exactly you had it. But you were able to slice your Hamon through thin air, almost like lightning. You weren’t extremely strong or fast or skilled in hand to hand combat, but your blasts of pure sunlight energy were deadly. As long as the enemy remained a fair distance away from your defenseless body, you were almost invincible.

You flung your whip of crackling Hamon forward at the man, striking him straight in the chest. His eyes flashed in surprise and he emitted a low choking noise before crumpling to the ground. You had delivered a blow straight to the heart, and as he didn’t even make a move to dodge, so the battle should have been over. But you stood, frozen, at the sight.

He had fallen to his knee, remaining still as the gaping hole in his chest began to patch itself up. You stared in horror as the muscle slowly mended itself and the flesh proceeded to cover the wound, leaving his chest pristine as it had been before your attack. He stood.

He was still quite far away from you, but you could feel the intimidation of his glare as he took a step closer. Quickly, you propelled a ray of hamon at his shoulder, almost as a warning shot to keep him away. He staggered backwards a bit. However, his eyes never left yours, and he took another step. You struck his thigh. He collapsed, yet maintained eye contact even as his leg smoked and shriveled. It took at least half a minute for these wounds to mend, but he studied you all the while. His expression changed from that of wrath to a sort of pensiveness. He seemed inquisitive, almost childlike as he took in your form. He began to stand.

“Don’t move!” You blurted out the words. And, oddly, he obeyed you.

“What are you?” His voice was deep and commanding, though the tone behind it was more curious than anything. “What is this power?” his stern grimace softened as he spoke. “Is this some strange new form of Hamon?” You could hardly speak. Two other men emerged from the tunnel, and you stiffened your stance again.

“Come, Wamuu.” The man in the head scarf spoke to the one kneeling before you. “This one looks small and weak. Just kill her and we’ll be on our way.” Wamuu’s face seemed to flush at the command, and he stood again to tower over you. But you could see the conflict behind his cobalt blue eyes.

“Yes master,” He lunged at you, but you sent two bolts of hamon to either arm, pulling him down to your knees before you. He stared up at you in awe. “I… I can’t.” His master’s face seemed to twitch in disgust.

Finish her. Esidisi and I will go along ahead.” He sprung at least five meters into the air, landing on a ledge of the Coliseum. The other man followed, as if it were no great feat. You wanted to pursue them, to keep track of their every movement, to stop them from leaving.

But Wamuu lunged at you again, and you gasped as his hand reached just inches from your face, parrying the strike with a quick jolt of lightning. His leg swept underneath your knees, and you fell harshly to your back. Before he could strike again, however, you used both hands to send a powerful beam of light throwing him back several meters. He slid across the ground as you panted your way to standing, feeling a sharp pain in your calf. You had never had such a fierce opponent. The adrenaline rushed through your body, your fists trembled with excitement...Were you enjoying the fight?

He charged for your midsection, but somehow you evaded his grasp as you dodged to the side and he collapsed to the ground. He hesitated as he regained his stance, slowly rising to his feet. You could see some indecision in his eyes. Consideration, hesitation. Then, his face seemed to express a sort of defeat.

You sprung backwards as he began to take a long, deep breath. Suddenly, his headpiece began to change shape. A large horn seemed to drill itself out of his head, and you felt a storm of wind begin to whip around you. Panicking, you fired a barrage of rays at his head, but each one seemed to be blocked by dangling ornaments that extended themselves to absorb the Hamon. His eyes were closed, as if he were in a state of deep meditation. His arms extended in front of him, slowly beginning to spin. You shot bolt after bolt at his forearms, and, though he winced at the momentary pain, his movements slowed only temporarily. You frantically pushed every ounce of strength you had into the onslaught of lightning, but nothing seemed to work as winds battered your face, your clothes, and left you gasping for breath. You squeezed your eyes shut as they began to dry painfully in the stinging air.

But suddenly, the storm slowed. Your eyes slowly fluttered open, to find his face just inches from yours. His hand reached for your face.

It was over. You knew, as soon as one of your enemies so much as laid a hand on you, you were dead. Your body was but a mere lump of flesh compared to the hulking physical specimen before you. You tried your hardest to send a jolt of Hamon through your flesh, but his palm cupped your cheek like there was no barrier against him. You gasped.

His grip was delicate as he turned your chin upwards so he could examine your face.

“What are you?”


You still couldn’t believe he had spared your life that day. You were terrified of telling Lisa Lisa anything that had happened that night at the Coliseum. You told them that you’d never even seen the Pillar Men, you just waited outside the cave until Joseph and Caesar emerged, wounded and bloodied. Thankfully they never noticed your heightened nervousness and the small bruises that were cropping up all over your body.

You could swear you caught glimpses of him whenever you roamed through the city. Sometimes you caught a flash of blue eyes in a dark alley, or a flash of metal jewelry as you whipped around to check the corner behind you. He never attacked. You merely sensed his presence.

And you didn’t really mind it. The Pillar men intrigued you, in a way. He intrigued you. You didn’t want to notify Lisa Lisa of his prowling the streets of Venice. And yet you wanted Kars to be stopped. So, when Lisa Lisa, Caesar, and Joseph were forced to track the Red Stone of Aja all the way to Switzerland, you stayed behind. It was a weak choice on your behalf. You knew it was weak. You knew you were a coward. But you wanted to separate yourselves from the Pillar men entirely. The best way to rid yourself of even the very thought of Wamuu was to stay behind and care for Suzie Q. That was what you believed.


You had tucked in Suzie. Though she had healed mostly, she was still a bit feeble, and you wanted to do your best to care for her. You yawned as you made your way to your own bedroom, ready to have a nice quiet night after everyone had left for the Swiss mountains. But you paused as you entered the chamber.

The doors to the balcony swung open, and a light breeze blew in from the cool starlit night outside. Your eyes widened, and gasped in surprise as you saw the gargantuan figure looming over your dresser. Your face flushed as you noticed the top drawer was open, and he raided through your various… personal items.

“WAMUU!” You shouted. You hadn’t meant to even say anything, but he quickly turned around and fell to one knee, focusing his eyes on the ground before him. You stood there for a moment, awkwardly, squirming, as he remained still. You almost let out a nervous chuckle. “W-What are you doing?” Apparently he saw your words as permission to rise and approach you, though you instinctively took a step back as his body cleared your effective Hamon range. He lifted his eyebrows in confusion, but merely remained rigid in place, as if he were waiting for orders.

“Greetings, my Master (y/n).” You couldn’t help but let out a giggle at this. Your heart still pumped rapidly in your chest, but you were still somewhat thrilled to see him again.

“I’m not your master,” you tilted your head, inquisitively. “ Kars is your master. And you should be with him right now. Go find the stone, Wamuu.” You took a shuddering breath as you said his name, breaking eye contact to stare at the floor. “Please, leave me. It won’t do any good for either of us.” His mouth began to form words, but no sound came, as an expression of dismay lit his face. He took another step forward, his hand outstretched towards your, but you raised your fists threateningly.

You are my master now.”


Your head felt light. You could hear the flow of blood pounding in your ears. Your fists began to tremble. What sort of trick was he playing on you?

“Wamuu, I swear, if this is some sort of joke, some sort of trap–”

“My loyalty now lies with you. When I served Master Kars,” He paused to collect his words.  “I only strove to please him. I fought his battles, I obeyed his every command. But there was no meaning behind it.” You found yourself inching closer to him, so curious, so desperately curious about this being. It was clear how much he enjoyed the battle: how he craved using his strength, his power, his skill. Admittedly, that was something the two of you shared. But you had always thought he was a cold automaton, a servant of Kars who could barely even contemplate the idea of independence.

Yet here he was, standing before you, proclaiming his decision.

“I don’t have much experience with humans,” he confessed. “I never even noticed they were there until the first Hamon user stepped into my path. The were all so easily breakable,” His jaw began to tighten as his eyes flashed with memories of battle. “But you were the first formidable opponent I have had in eons. I want to learn about you, about your ways. Please, teach me.”

You were shocked by his eloquence, by his self-awareness, by the gentle soul that was masked by this monstrosity of a body. He was now too close for you to even keep your guard up, but you embraced the vulnerability. Slowly, you lifted your palms to cup his face in your hands. His cheeks flushed in what seemed to be confusion.

“What… What are you doing, master?” You reddened as well, knowing that the concept of romance was quite probably foreign to him. But if you just went for it, if you took away everything holding you back, if you just focused on the moment… Maybe he would follow along.

You gently pulled his lips down to meet yours. You could sense his tension at first: his hands lying stiff at his sides, his mouth tightly clenched. You kissed him tenderly, again and again tilting his head so you could deepen the embrace. But he didn’t respond.

You sighed a bit in defeat, as you pulled back to look at his face. He gazed back at you, his eyebrows raised, his fingers unconsciously grazing his lips where your kisses had been just a moment ago. Maybe there was some hope…

“I enjoyed that,” His deep voice was hesitant. “Master, please, do it again.” You chuckled and you could feel your heart leap in your chest at his innocent words.

“You don’t have to call me master, Wamuu.” You wrapped your hands around his muscular neck. “But, yes. I can do it again.” You leaned in, and this time was met with his own passionate touch.

His hands grasped your waist, a bit awkwardly, but you still felt your stomach flutter as his lips sucked hungrily. His body was warm and firm as you dragged your palms down his golden chest. He seemed to be following every instinct that came to his mind, as he nibbled gently at your bottom lip, licked the corner of your mouth, ran his fingers up and down your sides. His hands explored every curve, every crevice, as he pulled you close to his massive torso. You melted in the warmth and comfort of his breast, as he began to massage your scalp. A light moan escaped from your lips, but you could tell it ignited him even further as he bucked his hips against yours. You gasped.

Suddenly, he pulled away, his hair disheveled, his face red with more than embarrassment. For a moment, he merely stared, inspecting you up and down. You could see the desire, the hunger in those beautiful eyes.

“Master– I mean, (y/n). Are you sure you are alright with this? I know that physical contact is your one weakness–” You pressed a finger to his lips.

“I trust you Wamuu.”

Chapter Text

“Doppio!” You cried, running to embrace the boy as he entered the room.

“(Y/n)!” He exclaimed your name as he wrapped his slender but sturdy arms around your waist. You sighed, taking in a deep breath of his violet-colored sweater. You didn’t know why, but he always smelled like flowers. There was something about being enveloped in his warm hug that always brought you comfort and contentment. You smiled, not daring to break from him unless he broke from you first.

“I missed you so much,” His voice cracked as you felt his hand reach up to stroke the back of your head, and you shivered feeling his fingers run through your hair.

You and Doppio had been close for a long time. Family ties had unwillingly swept you into the Italian mafia scene, but fortunately you had found him to protect you, to help you get used to the violence and bloodshed that came with being a gang member, and to make the most of your unfortunate position. Your special powers, which the boss called a “stand”, were occasionally of use to the gang, and it was your duty to offer your services whenever required. But that led to a somewhat miserable life.

The small house you lived in was owned by the leader of the gang, Diavolo. You rarely saw him except when your stand was needed for an emergency. Doppio was the one you saw most often. He would bring groceries and gifts, he would entertain you when you were bored, he would do anything to make sure you were happy. Even if you felt like a desperate and deprived princess locked away in a tower, Doppio was your prince.

But he had been away for so long. He told you that the boss had given him a mission, and he told you he might not appear for some while. However, it took several days longer than he had assured you. Your stomach had been sick with anxiety, worry, loneliness, and you restlessly paced back and forth, glancing out the window at every noise.

“It felt like so long…” The words escaped your lips as you continued to rock back and forth on your feet in his arms.

“And I’m so so sorry it took that long. Please forgive me (y/n),” He gripped your shoulders and pulled you back so you could look into his eyes, but you interrupted before he could apologise any further.

“It’s not your fault, Doppio. All that matters now is that you’re back!” You giggled with both excitement and relief as you pressed up on your toes to kiss his soft cheek. They reddened at your touch and he raised his hand to the side of his face, as if to make sure he hadn’t hallucinated the kiss. You smiled, shyly, at the reaction.

You were sure it was obvious that you loved the boy, even if your own feelings weren’t as obvious to him. In a world of chaos and confusion, he was the sole source of comfort. You wanted him to be there for you always, to hold you when you were sad, to kiss you when you were hurt. This fantasy would certainly never become reality, but you nonetheless continued to dream.

“I umm…” he rubbed his neck shyly, the red flush still painted on his youthful cheeks. “I brought you something. A present,” It was your turn to flush as you laughed and hid your face.

“You know you don’t need to keep getting me gifts,” although you definitely cherished everything he had ever given you, no matter how old and tattered it became as time wore on.

“I-I didn’t plan on it,” He stuttered, as he zipped open his large shoulder bag, “I just saw it and,” he paused, as you hesitantly took a step forward. “I thought of you.” He took out a black plastic bag emblazoned with a gold brand name that you didn’t recognise. Your face contorted in curiosity as he reached into the bag and drew out shimmering fabric. You gasped.

He concealed his face, somewhat embarrassed, behind the elegant dress as he held it out to show you. It was your favorite color, but the silky material seemed to catch all colors in the light. It was simple but stunning, and your could not help but run your fingers across the soft skirt, catching the cloth in your hands only to have it slip away like water in a stream.

“It’s beautiful,” You muttered in awe, never having seen something of the like excepting in a department store window. But then, you shook your head and chuckled. “You really think I could pull off something like this?”

“What do you mean?” He stammered. “I think you would look amazing in it,” He cut himself off “Not that you don't already look amazing!”

“It's fine Doppio, I know I'm not one of those pretty girls…”

“What do you mean?” He seemed taken aback. “You're the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen!” You mumbled, a bit uncomfortably.

“No I’m not…” Your arms wrapped around your torso, as if to hide you in you shame. Doppio’s face twisted in concern. He knew you had some issues with self-esteem, but it always broke his heart to see you like this.

“Well, let’s test that theory,” He proclaimed confidently, a small smile crossing his face. “I order you, as Passione’s underboss, to go try on that dress!” You let out a giggle in your surprise.

“Stop joking around, Doppio”

“I mean it.” He held your shoulders firmly, looking into your eyes with earnest. “I want you to see yourself just how I see you,” His expression was tender, and your breath caught in your throat as he reached to pull a lock of hair out of your face. As he gently tucked it behind your ear, you realised your jaw was hanging open and you probably looked like a lovestruck idiot.

Suddenly, realisation seemed to come to his face. He dropped his hands off of your shoulders, instead fidgeting with his fingers as he held them to his chest. He looked down as his face burned, and you still stood, staring at him with wonder and apprehension. Did he see you as more than just a friend?

Quickly, you brought your thought back to reality, muttering a small “I guess I can go change then.”

As soon as you shut the door to your room, you could hardly resist flopping onto your bed in an effort to calm your still beating heart. How had he seen such a beautiful outfit like this and think of you? You gazed into the mirror. All you could note were your imperfections: the dots on your face, the rolls where there shouldn’t be rolls. But if he really thought you could be pretty.

You sat up to inspect the dress you had laid on the bed next to you. He had removed the tags so you couldn’t complain about how much he had spent on you; he knew you very well. You slipped out of your current attire and unzipped the sparkling dress, hoping that he had sized you correctly. To your surprise, it fit snugly over your curves. You couldn’t quite zip it up all the way in the back, but, regardless, you inspected yourself in the mirror.

A small smile came to your face. You didn’t look that bad. Somehow, the dress managed to accentuate the only features about yourself that you found attractive. It gave you a shapely waist, a relatively full chest. You chuckled, knowing you had never looked this good in your life. But still, you were a bit embarrassed to show him.

You opened the door quietly, and tiptoed into the living room. You were a bit embarrassed that you would have to ask Doppio to zip up the back. You found him sitting on the couch, bouncing his legs anxiously.

“What do you think?” your voice came out as a squeak, and you cursed at yourself. He, however, immediately stood, an expression of awe crossing his face. You looked down at your hands, wringing them nervously.

“You,” he paused, and you could feel his focused gaze inspecting every inch of your body. Your chest felt tingly, and you were almost hopeful in the long silence. “It’s gorgeous,” You didn’t dare glance up at his face out of embarrassment, but slowly turned, lifting your hair off your back.

“Could you zip it up?” You felt the wood creak beneath you as he strode to fix the dress. He slowly, carefully, drew the zipper up, and you held your breath. You felt it lock into place,  and he swept your hair back over your shoulders. Hesitantly, you twirled to face him. You flushed as you noticed his lips just inches from yours.

You hoped more than anything you weren’t hallucinating. You weren’t imagining the attraction, the chemistry. You weren’t imagining that he glanced down towards your lips, that he shuddered as he stole a look towards your breast.

You were terrified. You didn’t dare make the first move, but you weren’t sure if he would either. His lips twitched, as if he were going to say something, but he thought better of it, and instead lifted his fingers to your cheek. Your body shivered as you felt his soft fingers against your face. His thumb caressed your cheek, trailing so close to your lip you could hardly stand it. You could swear he started to lean in–

RING! RING! ” Your heart sunk. You were used to Doppio’s quirks, nothing could phase you, no matter how strange, once you had discovered the existence of stands. But you were exceedingly frustrated that he had to take a call right this instant .

Doppio cursed a he clumsily scrambled over to the other end of the room to grab a lamp. You had to admit, you really thought it was adorable when he took calls from his boss.

He covered his mouth with his hand, speaking into what he probably thought was the receiver. You couldn’t quite make out his words, as he spoke in a hushed and quiet whisper.

“Why now?... No, not yet… Please just let… Well I don’t care… No. No… Well I don’t care about you !” You were shocked. He’d never said anything like that to Diavolo before. What could have been so pressing. “I’ll call you later, Goodbye” He swung the lamp down on the table as if to hang up forcefully, turning to see your confused expression.

“Is everything okay Doppio?”

“Of course it is,” he strode over to you, now with renewed confidence and vigor. “Now,” he placed both hands on your “Where were we?” You gasped as he forcefully pulled you into a kiss. Your lips collided, abruptly, but he softened his touch after the initial shock. You relaxed, leaning into him, pressing your hands against his firm chest. His embrace was warm and comforting, and the kiss seemed to last for an eternity.

But it was still too short, as he pulled away from you, though your face was still cupped in his palms. He gauged your reaction as you took several slow, deep breaths. The two of you were speechless as you stared into each other's’ eyes, neither one of you sure what to say or how to react. However, slowly, you leaned in, pleading, begging. His gaze drifted to your lips as his eyelashes fluttered shut. You felt his supple lips again, and your fingers slipped up his collarbone and around his neck to play with the loose strands of his soft purple hair at its base. He kissed you gently, again and again, making sure never to part from your lips, as one hand removed itself from your cheek and settled on the small of your back. He pressed your your torso to his, and you felt his firm muscles through the silky cloth of your dress. Your knees became weak as you realised what was actually happening: a fantasy that hadn’t even occurred in your wildest dreams.

“Doppio,” you mumbled his name through the kiss, and his lips parted as he pressed further into your mouth. The hand that still remained on his chest grabbed at his sweater, fiddling with the small slit that exposed the lower part of his collar bone. He bit your lower lip, slowly, meticulously, carefully so as not to hurt you, but sensuously as a moan escaped your mouth.

His lips finally left yours, giving you a chance to breath, as he continued to peck soft kisses along your cheek. His hand slid from your face to the back of your shoulders, and shuddered as you felt your chest press harshly against his. His butterfly kisses trailed down your jaw, and onto your collarbone, where he paused to suck at the exposed skin that the sleeveless dress gave him access to. You arched your back as his lips stole across your breast.

But he paused.

He pulled you back so he could look into your eyes, both of your faces flushed red and your lungs screaming for air. He sucked in a breath, biting his own lip in thought, then began to speak.

“(Y/n), I just…” He replaced his hand on your cheek, and your tried your best not to sigh dreamily. “I think you’re beautiful. You’re smart. You’re skilled. And, I just want to make sure it’s clear,” He stroke your cheek with his thumb, taking in an unsteady breath. “I love you. And if you don’t feel the same way–”

“Doppio,” you cut him off, bringing your fingers up to fiddle with the long lock of purple bangs that you adored so much. “Of course I do. Of course I love you…” He seemed to simultaneously smile and breath a heavy sigh of relief. You slowly eased up onto your tip-toed to kiss his cheek.

“Of course.”

Chapter Text

It seemed you had been caught in the crossfire. Of what, exactly, you didn’t know. At first, you could barely make out the approaching figure on the dim moonlight, and merely shrugged it off as you turned to face the fence. A while ago you had discovered that there was only one area on all the prison grounds where you could actually see the outside world: and that was here. There was just a small gap in the wall, but through it you could make out the muddy waters of the marsh, the rushes and reeds. Sometimes you saw a heron, an alligator, maybe even a deer. Gazing out at the horizon might have been the only thing that kept you sane. You didn’t dare approach any of the other inmates, and you weren’t actually sure how long it had been since you spoke to another human person…

But these were just thoughts that continued to swirl through your mind as the figure neared where you sat in the bench. You began to fidget nervously, before hearing a high shriek from behind you.

“Look out!” You felt a sharp, piercing sensation in your head. Your vision blurred as you toppled onto the ground, struggling to grasp ahold of your consciousness as the light slowly started to fade. You could make out the large dark figure leaning before you. It wasn't human, and yet it still was shaped like a human. just as a thin thread wrapped about his neck. The face of a woman appeared just as you slipped away.


Your brain felt like it was throbbing in your skull as you slowly became aware of the tingling sensation all over your body. Your eyes blinked open, and you noticed a firm hand cupping your cheek. It was that same woman you had seen before… What happened?

You quickly sat up, trying to block out the pain that shot through your head. You swatted her hand away as you staggered to your feet.

“Hey! Take it easy!” You stumbled backwards a step, gasping as she caught your shoulders, holding you up by the arms. But you pulled away and took on your surroundings. You were in the hospital ward. The woman with the two buns on her head stood at your side, two other prisoners standing opposite her. You needed to get out of there. You made to barge out of the room as quick as you possibly could, but she grabbed your wrist. “Hold on, you’re still weak.” You stopped squirming, daping a deep, stabilizing breath. You weren't exactly sure why. You wanted to go back to your cell, to forget anything had ever happened. But this girl seemed different than the other prisoners. You rubbed your neck nervously as you looked up at her.

Her eyes were a striking emerald green, and her smile bright and whimsical. You couldn’t tell if it was your fragile condition or her sheer gorgeousness that caused you to feel faint and your knees to wobble. She stuck out her hand to greet you.

“My name’s Jolyne, sorry about that commotion last night. You’re (y/n), right?” You furrowed your eyebrows as she said your name, your heart pounding in your chest. You had only seen her in passing, here and there around the prison grounds. But you had never approached her, never given her your name. The entire situation was too unbelievable to be true, so you just stood, shaking under her watchful eye. The woman with the long, dark dreadlocks took the opportunity to speak.

“Give her some time, looks like she’s scared sh**less. I mean, why’d he even attack her in the first place?” The short woman with the bright green hair chimed in.

“Oh my god, maybe it’s a trap! Maybe she’s the enemy, maybe he brainwashed her, what if–” For the first time in a long while, words escaped your lips.
“What was that thing?” Your voice was soft and meek, however, the girl named Jolyne expressed awe and confusion as you spoke.

“What thing?” Jolyne inquired. You struggled to recount the sight. It was probably just a hallucination, and you probably sounded crazy recounting it all, but you were too frazzled to stop yourself.

“I-It was tall, shimmering, black and white. A dark mask covered its face and it came up like a crown on its head. It wore spikes on its collar,” You were trembling as the words tumbled out of your mouth one after the other as you recalled the terrifying image. But Jolyne grasped your hand gently, bringing it up to chest level. She spoke in a hushed tone.

“Don’t be alarmed.” You stared at her outstretched fingers as she took a deep breath. Slowly, her index finger began to morph: her nail unraveled into a long gray strand, and you shrieked in surprise. But she pressed your finger to your lips before you could awake any of the other prisoners in the ward. Slowly her fingers coiled once again, as if nothing had happened. She had a slight smile on her face, one of mild curiosity and disbelief. “You can see it…”


You didn’t understand why the three chose to accept you into their group. You were too scared to even speak whenever they brought their trays to your table. Jolyne occasionally asked you questions about your day, your preferences, sometimes even your past, but she never delved too deep into your secrets. In a way, it was almost comforting, huddling at the corner of the table, eyeing your soggy french fries as they engaged in their amusing banter. Even if you weren’t a large part of their conversation, you felt more at peace knowing that they were there for you… Sort of…

They couldn’t tell why you were able to see Stone Free or Whitesnake or Kiss. Jolyne sometimes suggested that it was because you had your own stand powers that remained dormant, but you didn’t believe that. You weren’t strong like she was. Like any of them were. You had just wanted to live a normal life until disaster had struck, and you had been too weak to fight your way out of it. If you really had powers, you would have done something about your situation. Right?

You contemplated this as you sat there, gazing off into the sunset. You still went back there everyday. You still looked yout into the marshlands, taking slow breaths as you calmed yourself and remained deep in thought. Your life had taken a turn for the better when Jolyne came into it. You might have been too shy to admit it, but her mere presence made you feel warm and at ease. A gust of wind blew across the indigo sky, and you gasped as chill bumps coated your arms. Then, a sound from behind.

You flinched as you felt the palm rubbing your shoulder, and pulled away to look into the assailant’s face. Her expression was drawn back in surprise and slight dismay.

“Relax, (y/n). It’s just me,” You breathed a sigh of relief as Jolyne took the seat next to you, draping her arm around your body to stall your chills. But you only shuddered more as she pulled you closer. It wasn’t that the embrace itself was uncomfortable, for you were actually quite happy to remain there in her arms. It was just that you felt unworthy of her touch.

Slowly, however, you began to relax into her affections.

“I was just wondering, why do you come here so often?” You stiffened again, and began to stutter before she cut you off, “Sorry, I wasn’t meaning to pry or anything. I just noticed how you’re never around in the evenings,” She looked at you imploringly, and your face couldn’t help but redden at her alluring expression.

“It’s just,” You gazed back out into the sunset as a flock of birds crossed the blazing horizon, “It’s where I feel free,” You felt her squeeze your shoulder in solidarity as she muttered that last word after you:


You gasped as you felt her hand rub up against your thigh, intertwining both your fingers as they rested in your lap.

“You know, if you ever need to talk about things, or if you just want someone to hang out with, or really anything,” You stole a quick look at her sheepish smile. “I’m always here. I know it’s hard being trapped here, having to wake up in the mornings and struggle each day for your food, your shelter, you right to even exist in this hellhole,” Her firm grip around your shoulders tightened, and you felt her muscles quivering with rage in the slightest. “I know how it feels.”

She quickly looked away, color coming to her cheeks as she bit her lip in indecision. A long silence passed as she continued to stroke your hands in hers. Finally, her mouth twitched.

“Please don’t hate me for this, but… I did a bit of research into you,” Your eyebrows raised in surprise, but you didn’t shy away from her touch. You should have felt violated that someone had pried into your past without your knowledge. But, strangely, because this prison had stripped you of all dignity, you didn’t care in the slightest. “My friend blamed me for the accident too. At least,” she chuckled dryly “I thought he was my friend…”

“Y-You believe me?” the words were barely audible as they escaped your lips. No one had even listened to your cries for mercy when you plead your case. You insisted it was an mistake, that you hadn’t been drinking, that you weren’t even in the driver’s seat when it happened. But no one believed. That was what shut you down. That was when you lost all faith in your friends. And the world,

“Of course I do. I can tell you wouldn’t lie about something like that! You’re so sweet and kind and sincere,” She pulled you into a hug as she spoke, rocking you back and forth while a smile spread across her cheeks. “Aww, you’re just so cute and I love you so much!” You blushed at the words and the soft kiss of her lips against your cheek. And yet you felt comfortable. The warmth of her embrace led you to temporarily relinquish your grip on the pain, the regret, the anger, the fear. At the moment, you were just two good friends, staring off into the crimson sunset as the light faded and stars began to crop up over the violet sky.

You heard a gasp from Jolyne as her arms stiffened and she pulled away slightly. You followed her gaze down to her leg, a small strangled noise coming from your throat as you took in the sight. A small vine had wrapped itself around her boot. It was rapidly growing, climbing up her knee, sprouting leaves and coiling tendrils and small white flowers. She snapped her eyes back to you, and you looked at her in sheer confusion as she smiled.

“(Y/n), it’s your stand!” You flushed in nervousness and fear.

“J-Jolyne, I don't have a stand…” the flowers began to shrink and wither, and you furrowed your eyebrows in bewilderment. She quickly cupped your cheek turning your her to face her, and you flinched with the sudden gesture. But the flowers abruptly began to bloom once again. She grinned slyly at you, and both your cheeks and the flowers grew a rosy shade of pink. Your heart quickened at the realisation. Maybe this was your stand.

Jolyne ran her thumb across the side of your face as your breaths became shallow.

“See, (y/n), you're so much more than you think you are.” She smiled brightly, and your lips couldn't help but curl up a bit in response. You noticed her other hand resting on your upper thigh as her face inched forwards. Before you could even grasp ahold of the situation, her lips met yours.

They were comforting and soft against your trembling flesh. Part of you, the part that had been locked in a dark and dirty cell for months on end, wanted to pull back from the touch. But the other part, the real part of you, wanted her kiss more than anything else in the world. Your hands gradually slipped around her neck, feeling her silken locks of hair as they intertwined with your fingers. Jolyne tilted your chin so she could deepen the kiss, and you could feel your body melt into hers. You slowly collapsed onto the bench behind you, and her hand pressed to the side of your head, her torso hovering just above your breast. Her lips gently pulled away from yours, and your eyelids fluttered open to see her slightly mischievous smile.

“That wasn’t so bad was it?” You simply stared in disbelief. Her expression shifted to one of serious sincerity. “(Y/n), I really like you. I don't even know why!” She shook her head and chuckled as she stroked your cheek. “You’re just so adorable,” You flushed at the compliment, but she merely giggled, placing a light kiss on your cheek. “It’s true! And you've managed to say so strong throughout everything that’s happened,” You caught yourself playing with a strand of her shimmering hair, but quickly gasped and looked away as you realised it.

Then, you felt her lips on your neck. You closed your eyes and shuddered as her leg pressed in between your thighs and she continued to trail kisses along your collarbone. She somehow managed to speak as her soft touch sent shivers down your spine.

“I don’t know,” she sucked your neck, “why,” her hands slithered down your waist, “you make me feel,” she kissed your lips again, “so full of life!” You gasped as she lightly bit your lip. You could tell she was hungry for more, withholding her urges for the moment. But at any point her passion could break free and she would take you right then and there.

Yet now, she hesitated, letting out a small snicker as her hand roamed up and down your torso.

“I think I love you,” If your face wasn’t beet red before it sure as hell was now. Your mind flooded with thoughts of confusion and nervousness… and relief. “(Y/n), please just tell me if you feel the same. I just want you to be happy,” her smile was bright and sweet as you opened your mouth to answer. But nothing came out. You stared, speechless.

Then you felt a slithering movement along your arm. Her eyes turned towards the twisting vine, as it unfurled its dark green leaves in a swift motion. A single red rosebud began to bloom at its tip, and your heart began to quicken. Jolyne giggled.

“I’ll take that as a yes.”

Chapter Text

You may have been willing servant of Dio, but your loyalty certainly did not lie with him. He was your commander, and you had no choice but to obey every order he gave. However, he knew you were not entirely under his control. And, yet, he kept you around. And you stayed around. Dio would have killed you long ago if you weren't useful, and you would have left his service long ago if you could. But something kept you there.

It was, no doubt, the other stand users. As the Joestars hadn't yet reached Egypt, you all users lounged around Dio’s mansion with nothing to do for several weeks. Sometimes you spent the day with Oingo and Boingo, laughing at all the pranks and shenanigans that ensued as they prowled the streets of Cairo. Sometimes you challenged Alessi and the D’Arby brothers to a round of Twister, laughing when the two gaming geniuses were completely stumped. Sometimes you gossiped with Mariah while she stroked Pet Shop’s beak (for, when the bird wasn’t tearing his prey’s head off he behaved remarkably like a cat). And then there was N’Doul.

You enjoyed your time spent with N’Doul more than any of the others. Even though you loved each of them in their own way, they could certainly be idiots at times. Except him. He was confident, introspective, intelligent.

When all the house had gone to bed, you two remained in the study, sitting side by side on the couch, gazing towards the fireplace. You talked of stands, the Joestars, Dio, anything that crossed your mind. And sometimes he would venture into philosophy, into deep conversations about the universe, about the nature of existence. And sometimes he would tell stupid jokes and make fun of the other stand users. He was wise and witty and you grew to love him for it. But it was a different kind of love than your love for the others...


The fire rippled and spurted under your watchful gaze. He sat next to you, completely silent, though his face seemed pensive and deep in thought. You smiled as your eyes focused on his frame. It felt strange. You did stare at him quite a bit, but it always made you feel like you were violating his privacy. Because he was unable to see you eyeing every detail of his body, it seemed unfair. And, yet, your heart seemed to warm each time you glanced at him: his confident smile, his broad shoulders, even his glassy eyes that seemed to stare off into nothingness. The very sight of him comforted you. It was quite ironic really.

Suddenly, his arm slipped over and around your shoulder. You held in a gasp as your face flushed and your heart rate quickened. N’Doul would do this occasionally: grasp your hand, rest his head on your shoulder, stroke your hair. But you could never tell what he meant by the gesture. Of course, you hoped it was more than just an expression of friendship. And, of course, it most likely wasn’t.

Nonetheless, you relaxed into his touch, leaning your head onto his chest as you refocused on the flickering fireplace.

“(Y/n),” you stiffened as he muttered your name, though you tried to remain composed in his arms. “I’ve been meaning to ask you something…” You straightened and responded, trying your best to keep your voice calm and steady.

“Yes, N’Doul?” your heart fluttered as you said his name, but you shook the feeling off. However, he remained silent for a while, his forehead furrowed and his lips shaped in a slight frown. Your hand unconsciously reached for his, and began to stroke his fingers gently. At this, he turned to face you.

“Each time I touch you, every time I reach for your hand or my knee grazes yours, every single time… I can hear your pulse speed up,” You immediately grew rigid, your face reddening and sweat appearing along your brow. You knew his hearing was excellent, but hadn’t realised he would be able to detect such subtle changes in your emotional state. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to make you anxious or angry, or anything... It’s just,” N’Doul gave a defeated sigh. But he didn’t pull away, he didn’t move at all. “Why can’t I read you?”

You gazed at him questioningly. Read you? What did he even mean?

“You know my blindness never hindered me before. I thought I could do anything without my sight. My stand helped me get everything I wanted, use anyone I wanted, removed all barriers from my path. But you… I just don’t understand it,” His words flowed freely out of his mouth, as if they were only in his mind a second before he spoke them. He was being sincere and honest, if uncharacteristically shaken by his emotional state. You had the sudden urge to cup his cheek, to turn his face towards yours so you could gaze into those mesmerising eyes. And you gave into the urge, feeling his face heat in response to your touch.

“W-What do you mean you don’t understand?” You were confused. You wanted to help him, but didn’t know how. Had you done something to him? Was this your fault? He gave a shaky sigh.

“Why is it that I feel so vulnerable around you? That I’m so worried about how you think of me? That it’s impossible for me to tell how you’re feeling just by listening to your heartbeat?” However, he halted himself, quieting his nerves and calming his composure. He shook his head solemnly, muttering softly. “Of course, I know the answer.” Your blood ran cold and he sighed again, a slight smile on his face, as he seemed to regain composure.

“Do you mean…” The words slipped out of your mouth before you could stop them, and you continued with the thought “Do have feelings for me?” Your voice was meek and barely audible as he gave a hearty laugh.

“Am I really that obvious?” You could hear a hint of sarcasm in his tone, but he was sincere as well, “The real question is: do you feel the same? I just wish I could see your face, your smile. More than anything in this world I want to see your expression, I want to know how you truly feel.” His hand slipped down your back, fumbling slightly as he found your hip. Your breaths became shallow as his other hand grazed your thigh, and your fingers tenderly stroked his cheek as you inspected his pearlescent orbs. You couldn’t think, your heart was so giddy. His touch was gentle, as if he were asking you permission. And he still was asking. You had been so lost in his words, in his touch, that you hadn’t given a reply. He gazed at you questioningly, imploringly.

“O-Of course N’Doul! Could you really not see just how infatuated I am with you?!” Alright, those weren’t the exact words you had been planning on uttering, but he chuckled in relief as you spoke. His head tilted closer to yours, until you could just barely feel his breath on your lips as his raven-black hair tickled your forehead.

“No, I couldn’t .” Your face flushed but you couldn’t help but be mesmerised by his broad grin. An idiotic giggle escaped your lips as you inched your face closer. Your heart pounded with nervousness and apprehension, but you shoved your emotions aside and followed your first instinct.

You forcefully pressed your lips to his. He gasped, not expecting the kiss, but you felt his hand grip your waist, his fingers tickle your thigh, as he leaned into your touch. His lips were supple and warm as you ran your hand over his soft cheek, along his jaw, behind his neck and into his hair, pulling him closer. You felt safe in his embrace. You felt understood and appreciated like you had never felt before.

Your palm dragged down his chest, feeling his heart rapidly beating as he kissed you harder. He sucked at your lips, and you could sense his confidence returning as he playfully nibbled and you gasped. His tongue ran along the edge of your mouth as his hand gripped your thigh. He smirked as you shuddered and your back collapsed against the soft cushion of the couch.

Though his lips continued to explore every inch of your mouth, his hands explored every inch of your body, with no regard as to where he was touching. But you knew he just wanted to feel you, to know you. Because he couldn’t see you his only choice was to trail his fingers up your curves, run his palm across your chest, grasp your hips, your waist, your rear. And all you could do was kiss him back as you pulled his firm torso closer to your breast. You bit your lip to hold in a moan as your hips collided.

He panted as he momentarily broke away, his hands roaming back to cup your cheek as he felt the soft smile on your face. He descended once again to lightly kiss the corner of your mouth. Then your cheek. Then your neck. He felt his way down to your collarbone, where he peppered your chest with gentle pecks as he gripped your shoulders firmly. You couldn’t help but writhe beneath him, moaning out his name. He paused for a moment, his hands rubbing up and down shoulders.

“(Y/n),” he chuckled against your flesh, and chill bumps dotted your skin as he breathed. “You are the most beautiful person you have ever met,” Your face flushed in surprise and bashfulness as a nervous smile crept to your lips.

“What do you mean, N’Doul? You’ve never seen me,” He placed a slow, soft kiss on your neck, his fingers tangling in your hair.

“I mean, I love you.”

Chapter Text

You regretted never meeting Jonathan Joestar. You had heard all about him from Erina in your youth: she positively gushed over his gentlemanliness, his chivalry, and his valor, every time she came for tea. Your cup would grow cold as your rested your elbows on the table, leaning in to hear whatever story she had for you that day about her adventures with JoJo. You longed to get out of this stupid mansion, to ride through the country and play in the fields with Erina. But, of course, your governess would not allow anything of the sort, and you would whine as she ordered that you remove your elbows from the table. These merry meetings were the highlight of your childhood, and each week you looked forward to a new story: one of romance or comedy or tragedy. You consoled her when she lamented JoJo’s position of conflict with his adopted brother, and advised her the best course of action.

However you knew this dream had to end some day. It was an abrupt shift from adolescence to adulthood. One day she left and simply never returned. Your father told you she had left for India, and may never come back to England. You lost your closest companion, and your only link to the outside world.

Of course, you rarely thought of this once you had escaped your parents’ country mansion. Your governess had long ago resigned as she had become absolutely disgusted your unorthodox attitudes, thinking you were a lost cause. You persuaded your father to let you leave for London to pursue an education, an apprenticeship, something, anything. And the city life seemed to be treating you quite nicely.


It was a late evening. Beyond the rim of the balcony, you could see the sun setting over the Thames as stars began to dot the violet sky. Of course, most of the heavens were obscured by  clouds and smoke and haze, and steam horns drowned out the sounds of pigeons cooing and pecking crumbs off the dirty cobblestone road beneath the window. A light drizzle evoked commotion in the marketplace below, and your shut the balcony doors as rain began to pour down.

But, nonetheless, you enjoyed this life. You had become quite the influential figure in the London scene, and a knock at the door was nothing terribly unexpected, though, at this hour of the night, you rarely had visitors.

You hurriedly descended the staircase and strode to the mahogany door, turning the rusty metal knob as the hinges creaked open. You were prepared to shoo the solicitor away, bid him return in the morning, or something of the sort. But, instead, you froze.

The man loomed over you, his hulking figure casting a long shadow across the room. His luscious mane of golden hair framed his surprisingly soft face, across which a ragged, pink scar trailed. His eyebrows were thick and expressive; if they had been tightened in a frown you might have been terrified out of your wits. But he seemed desperate, forlorn, sincere. His rough and calloused hand reached to the brim of his checkered top hat, and you noticed the glistening drops of rain that drenched through the material. With a polite tip of his hat, he began to speak.

“Please pardon my intrusion, but, might you be Lady (y/n) (l/n)?” You grimaced at the use of your title, but remained calm and gracious towards the handsome gentlemen.

“Yes, but please, call me (y/n). And who might you be?” You raised your eyebrows inquisitively. He seemed slightly shaken, and his cheeks flushed as he took your hand in his, pressing your knuckles tenderly to his soft lips. You shivered at the velvety touch, trying to maintain your solemn composure.

“My name is Robert E. O. Speedwagon, I was sent by an old childhood friend of yours,” Your eyes flashed as he mentioned this, and you interrupted his introduction.

“Erina? Erina Pendleton?” Your heart quickened in surprise and your mind flooded with memories of your youth. A slight smile tugged at the man’s shapely lips, and he nodded in affirmation. You couldn’t help but beam as the words flowing out of your mouth exposed just how ecstatic you were, “How is she? I haven't seen her in years! When did she return? How did you find me–” The man gently gripped your shoulder and you halted your speech at his soft eyes.

“You may ask her yourself. She is resting in the cab,” You wanted to push past his to greet her, but his dark eyes captured you in their mesmerising gaze. “Please excuse us for the sudden interruption… but might we come in?”

“Of course, please.” At your words, he thanked you, and turned back into the now light rain as he went to retrieve Erina from the car. You craned your neck so you could catch a glimpse, however, you almost gasped at the sight. He held out a large dark umbrella as she stepped from the cab, holding a small bundle in her arms. You drew your hand to cover your mouth as the tangle of blankets cried out in distress: it was a young infant. Her belly was full and round with yet another child, and you rushed to help her in her plight as she stumbled to the doorway. She smiled brightly as you came to her side.



You helped draw a bath for her, as she seemed to be shivering from the chilly downpour, and panicked as you took the crying child from her hands. You were in such a state of panic that you barely noticed Mr. Speedwagon help set luggage down their luggage, and, gently removing the baby from your arms. She seemed to fall asleep instantly as he gently rocked back and forth. Erina insisted that all she needed was her change of clothes, and no further assistance from you to bathe or to dress, but you were altogether unwilling to leave her alone in her... situation.

As she relaxed in the tub, Mr. Speedwagon, or Robert, as he insisted you call him, told you the tale of all their misfortunes. You offered to brew a pot of tea as he continued to soothe the infant, and you were reminded of how you used to sit and chat with Erina in the years of your youth. However, this story was much more grim and gruesome. You learned of the tragic shipwreck just days after the wedding, and Erina’s daring escape from the drowning vessel. You learned of how she had saved the child from its almost certain demise, and washed up on the shores of the Canary Islands, famished and near death. She was cared for by a generous family, and after several months was able to contact Mr. Speedwagon and travel back to England. However, upon their return to London, they had found none willing to house them. That was when they approached you.

“I will do my best to care for her, however, I only have one guest bedroom, and certainly no crib for the baby,” Robert reached across the table to your hand, still making sure to cradle steadily in his grasp.

“It is quite alright, my dear. If you would be so kind as to let Lady Erina and the child take the bedroom, I will be content spending the night here on the couch. Don’t worry, I will take care of everything.” Your cheeks reddened at his gentle smile; something about him was just so charming…

Erina finally emerged from the bathroom, and you ran to greet her, making sure she was well after the harrowing tale you had just heard. She assured you that she was quite alright, and didn’t mean to intrude, but you hushed her apologies and bid her get some rest.


Days turned to weeks and weeks turned to months, and, still, they had not left. It was a combination of their inability to find a means of communication and travel, and your inability to let them go. It had been so long since you had companions like them, and though incessant whining of the infant Lisa Lisa was quite getting on your nerves, you couldn't bear to part with the three (soon to be four) of them.

Eventually, the baby boy did arrive. George was his name, and with him Erina confided in you that they had finally received word from the Pendleton estate, and her inheritance was secured so that she could return to her mansion. And she would return to her mansion.

It seemed so sudden, so unreal: the friend you had finally reconnected with would soon be leaving you. You wanted her to stay, to never depart from your side again. But more than anything, you wanted him to stay.


It was the day before she and the children and Speedwagon were to leave for the countryside. You stood on the balcony, remembering that rainy day just a few months ago when he had appeared on your doorstep. You had grown quite fond of Robert. He was a gentleman, certainly, but he struck you as a different kind of gentleman than Jonathan Joestar had been. He could be brash and bold when the times called for it, he could be coarse and impolite if it was appropriate for the situation. On several occasions you had asked him about his past, and he begrudgingly recalled his life as a thief on Ogre Street. It seemed he was hesitant to tell you about this secret history, thinking it would tarnish him in your eyes, but it was the most intriguing tale you had ever heard. You loved listening to him talk of his childhood, of his experiences in London. And when he had resolved to follow Erina, you could swear a nostalgic mist covered his eyes every time he spoke of the beloved city he would be leaving behind.

You shivered as the last rays of sunlight disappeared over the horizon, though, thankfully, the sky was clear and shone a brilliant indigo. You gasped as a warm woolen coat covered your shoulders, turning to see that familiar pink scar across his face. He gazed off into the sunset as the wind whipped his hair out of his eyes. He took a deep, shuddering sigh.

“I really am going to miss this city,” a twinge of regret sounded through his voice. He looked heartbroken, vulnerable. You took a step closer to him, intertwining your fingers in his as you bit your lip hesitantly.

I’m really going to miss you ,” Your words may have seemed forward, but you were completely honest and sincere. You both maintained your focus, however, on the twinkling stars that began to dot the sky. Strangely, there were no steam horns, car honks, no cries of drunken revelry that permeated the silence. Just you and him. He suddenly wrapped his arms around your frame, holding you close into his warm chest to combat the chilly night air. He had rarely embraced you like this, and you felt comfortable and secure, though it pained you to think that in just a day he would be out of your reach.

“I don’t want to leave you,” His words were soft as he whispered them into the crook of your neck. His warm breath sent shivers down your spine as you stood on your tiptoes to hug his massive frame. “Please,” you furrowed your brow in confusion. Please?

He pulled back from you, resting his rough fingers underneath your chin and tilting your head up to look into his eyes. His expression was filled with desperation, and you couldn't help as a tear slipped down your cheek. You wanted to tell him just how much you would miss him, just how much you cared about both him and Erina, how much you desired their company and their friendship.

“C-Come with us?” His voice was shaky, and you could tell his was trying his hardest not to shed a single tear as he gazed into your eyes. You inhaled sharply. It was a possibility, you supposed. You certainly couldn’t leave on such short notice, but what was there left for you in London anyway? You had your work, your house, connections, influence… But you didn’t have companionship. “I’ve thought about it for a while,” he continued. “I’ll only be with Lady Erina a few more months, maybe a year at most, but once she is able to care for the child on her own,” His face reddened, though a sly smile curled to his lips as he looked away bashfully. “Maybe we could come back to London. Together.”

Your heart leapt at the thought. In any ordinary situation, this might have been considered a proposal. But you couldn’t tell where his intentions lied. He could have been suggesting merely that you return to the country with Erina for a brief while, then come back to your home in the city where he would find another source of employment. But… together .

Robert glanced back at your expression, gauging your reaction to his proposition. Your face was no doubt flushed red with surprise and embarrassment, and you quickly looked away so as not to make an idiot of yourself (though you probably already had).

“R-Robert, are you actually suggesting… Do you…” You couldn’t get the words out of your mouth for some strange reason, so he took it upon himself. You gasped as he bent down on one knee, taking your cold hand in his warm grasp. Your breaths grew shallow as you gazed into those striking eyes.

“(Y/n), from the moment I laid eyes on you I was captivated. I’ve never met someone so kind hearted, so driven, so passionate, so beautiful. The love you bore to Erina and the compassion you bore to me, despite everything I told you about my past,” He rose from his knee, placing a firm yet gentle hand on your cheek as your mouth hung open in surprise and disbelief. “I love you (y/n). I understand if you cannot requite my feelings, but I just need you to know how much you mean to both me and Lady Erina. I…” He paused, unable to find the right words to further express his gratitude. But you took advantage of the silence, stroking his cheek tenderly as you gazed into those fiery eyes of his. You giggled a bit, still trying to find the right words yourself. However, you took a deep breath, and let your thoughts flow unrestrained.

“Robert, of course I feel the same. Of course I love you.” You wanted to say more, to praise him for his chivalry, his intellect, his bravery, his fortitude; but you remained silent. There would be another time to tell him. “I will go with you. Please, let me go with you.” He breathed a deep sigh of relief, letting out reassured chuckle as he pressed his lips to your hand again and again.

“Thank you so much, (y/n)!” He beamed with joy as he quickly embraced you in his strong clutch, placing a firm kiss on your cheek before pulling you back by the shoulders. He looked at you up and down, his expression one of satisfaction, gratitude, and a desire that he tried to hide. “We must tell Erina–”

“Wait!” You gripped his hand tightly before he could leave the balcony, though you immediately blushed at your own actions. “Please, stay, Robert.” His expression softened as he took both your hands in his.

“Yes, (y/n)?” It was all too perfect. The sunset, the breeze the silence, his calloused hand entangled in your own soft fingers. You wanted to stay here forever. But you knew you couldn’t. So, you decided to do the next best thing. Adrenaline surged through your veins as you cupped his cheeks and pulled him close. He gasped as your lips collided.

His body remained rigid at first, but he soon grasped your hips as he pulled you further to his chest. His lips were just as soft as they had felt on your cheek, and you tilted your head to deepen the kiss, relishing in this newfound sensation.

At first, it was just a quick, yet firm, peck at the corner of his mouth, but his hand tangled in your hair as he pulled you back for more, slamming your pelvis into his as you gasped in shock. The coat he had draped around your shoulders fell to the ground, and you shivered, surprised at his roughness, however, he didn’t seem to draw back. He hungrily sucked your lips, his fingers trailing through your locks and stroking up and down your back. You melted into his touch, and your palms slowly crept onto his solid chest for support.

To your surprise, a small moan escaped your lips as he licked them sensuously, his hands now meandering down to the small of your back. He lightly nibbled and bit through the kiss, as if he were trying to see just how far he could go before you broke polite and “ladylike” composure. His fingers began to wander down further, teasing you just before they reached far enough to grab your rear.

He smirked as you panted slightly, and drew away for just a moment to let you breathe. However, he instead attacked your jawline in a barrage of kisses as he began to unbutton his vest. Your face grew crimson as you interpreted these intentions, and you hissed at him.

“Robert, what are you doing?” He met your eyes with an uncharacteristic expression of hunger and lust. His fingers trailed across your cheek, down your neck, your collarbone, your breast. He smiled cheekily.

“You don’t want it?” Your breaths quickened with the realisation. You did. You wanted him to take you, to have you. You just wanted to hold him and never let go. You gripped his hand before muttering:

“Not on the balcony.”

You two took one final look as the beautiful London skyline, at the city you both loved, silhouetted against the dark sapphire sky. He kissed you once again, passionately, before you shut the doors on the outside world.

Chapter Text

It had been years since their last large fight: that was when Dio had kissed Erina and Jonathan had beaten him to the ground in his rage. you had screamed at the both of them for days, long after Erina’s departure, at their combined impulsiveness and stupidity. However, the three of you grew closer after Erina left for India, and the spat had been forgotten, you still sensed the tension between the two of them. Each morning, beginning with your very first day at Hugh Hodgson Academy, you would walk back to school together. Their mansion was just a half-league from yours, and they each made sure to greet you at the front door everyday, kissing your hand upon parting as you blushed. As you returned from school, Dio would smile slyly and offer to hold your book bag while Jonathan scowled and took your hand in his. They escorted you to the door, where each would either embrace you, kiss your cheek, or offer some other courteous gesture of affection while the other rolled his eyes. At least they were civil towards each other.

The sort of love they expressed towards you was entertaining, in a way. You knew you weren't anything special: you weren't extremely pretty or intelligent, but you were company, and that was enough. They wrestled for your affections by inviting you over for tea, swimming with you in the brook near your house, proving their strength by climbing trees. But it was all just a game to them… Right?


You weren't exactly a devoted fan of rugby, but you made sure to support your boys whenever a match was in order. Dio struck a hard blow, tackling his opponent to the ground, his broad and muscular shoulders glistening with sweat under the midday sun. You were enamoured with the very sight of him, yet snapped your gaze away as soon as he turned to smile smugly at you. You could swear you saw him wink out of the corner of your eye. But your sight instead caught Jonathan, as he blazed across the field, long, dark hair flowing in the gentle wind as he whipped through the chaos. He dodged many blows from the opposing team, Dio sprinting to guard his tail. The crowd cheered as Jonathan flashed a smile in your direction.  

And then, you blinked for only a second. Suddenly Jonathan lay upon the ground.

It had been a blow from another player, slamming him into the grass with a grunt of pain as he rolled over on his side. This was a usual occurrence in the savage sport, however, something seemed unnatural. You gasped as a small stain of crimson began to spread along his upper arm, and your first thought was to leap straight out of the stands as soon as the referee’s whistle blew. You lifted your skirts to hurry down the bleachers and into the crowd that was forming around your injured friend. Dio, however, stood to the side, glowering down at Jonathan’s defeat. However, a sly smile graced his face. Had Dio… Had he sabotaged Jonathan? You shot him a enraged glare as you knelt onto the turf. You guided Jonathan to sitting, and began rolling up his sleeve.

“(Y/n)?” You hushed him as you inspected the wound. “It’s nothing, just a scratch.” You placed your finger over his mouth to make sure he remained quiet. The scrape was quite a bit larger than ‘just a scratch’. It seemed it would need almost immediate attention. You offered him your arm to hoist him off the ground, seeing his knee had been heavily bruised as well. He limped slightly as you led him off the field.

Though school was not in session that Saturday afternoon, thankfully the principal trusted you enough to give your a key to the nurse’s office. Jonathan was in no state to patch up his wounds alone, and you were extremely unwilling to leave him. However, Dio frowned as you two started towards the building. He grabbed you by the hand.

“(Y/n), come, stay for the game!” You scowled, your face flushing with anger, “I’m sure there is someone else more qualified to take care of his injuries–”

“Dio if you want to stay here and play your silly little game, then by all means, do!” Your voice was surprisingly coarse as you pushed his hand away. His eyebrows raised in shock and anger, “But I’m actually going to do something useful, if you’ll kindly excuse me,” You spat the words in his face as you led Jonathan to the infirmary.

You hadn’t expected to get so riled up about Dio’s behavior, but something had been changing between you and the boys lately. You couldn’t quite grasp what is was, and you merely shrugged off the feeling as you entered the dark building.


Jonathan muttered a soft “Thank you,” as you set him down in the nearest chair. You clicked on the lights, immediately beginning to rifle through the medicine cabinet. You found the bandages, a gauze pad, some cotton balls, and a jar of alcohol. Hurriedly, you brought all four to the table next to him.

“(Y/n), I’m really quite alright, you don’t have to do all this for me.” You sighed as you began to pour the sterilizing liquid onto the cotton ball.

“You’re hurt, and I honestly wasn’t really enjoying the game.” You hadn’t meant to snap so harshly, but you continued as you placed your non-dominant hand to stabilize yourself on his brawny arm. “This will hurt a bit,”

He bit his lip as you began to wipe down the wound, exhausting several cotton balls before it was all cleaned up. You placed the gauze lightly over the wound before wrapping the bandage several times around his bicep. As you pulled away to inspect your work, you realised you had been holding in a deep breath, and tried to relax yourself despite your overwhelming anxiety. You knew the wound wasn’t very deep and certainly wasn’t debilitating in any way, and yet, you were still worried for his safety.

Your eyes locked on Jonathan’s, and you noticed he was biting his lip, his cheeks flushed a deep crimson color as his glance darted up and down your body. Your heart raced in response. He was much too gentlemanly to be thinking anything… lewd. He was just frazzled, shaken by the experience. How had you even come to that outlandish conclusion in the first place?

You chastised your racing thoughts as you noticed the sink in the corner of the spacious infirmary. Unwillingly, you pulled your gaze from Jonathan so you could prepare a wet washcloth.

“(Y/n),” You stiffened as he began to speak. His voice was hoarse, yet still there was strength and determination behind it. You wrung the washcloth till it was neither too wet nor too dry, and returned to his side.

“Yes, JoJo?” He quickly looked away as you bent over him where he sat seated, rubbing the dirt off his face, cupping his cheek so your could clean his brow more easily.

“Now, that we’re alone,” You froze. You knew nothing good ever came after those words. A strangled noise escaped your lips, something that sounded like a combination of both ‘Huh?’ and ‘What?’. But soon you bit your tongue, not daring to let it betray any more of your hidden anguish. Your only option was to continue dabbing his face with the washcloth as you heard what he had to say, “I’ve been meaning to tell you this for a while, and I’ve just never had the time.” You nodded in affirmation. However, your focus still remained on the task at hand: polishing the grime from his pristine cheeks.

You suddenly gasped as Jonathan’s rough hand gripped your wrist tightly. His brow was furrowed in mild anger as he caught your eye, staring as you with a firm sincerity.

“Please, (y/n). Please just listen to me.” Your blood rushed through your veins at his sudden change in attitude, however, you slowly put the washcloth down on the table next to him, realising that it was your incessant care that was bothering him.“Thank you,” He stood from the chair.

“Jonathan,” You tried to push him back down, but even when injured, he was much stronger than you. “Rest for a bit. I’ll clean your leg up,”

(Y/n),” he chuckled. “I scraped my arm. I didn’t fall off a cliff.” You smiled slightly at his silly attempt at a joke, and he gripped your hands firmly in his as he stared down at you, taking a deep breath. “I just need to say something, while he isn’t here.” Your face flushed as you realised who he meant, and your thoughts ran wild with whatever he could possibly to say next.

He surprised you as he knelt down on one knee before you, and you squirmed under his focused gaze.

“(Y/n), I can’t even express to you how much you mean to me. Just seeing you brightens my day. You are the most angelic human being I have ever met! You are so beautiful and kind,” Your eyes widened at his words. You would have laughed at the cliché of it all if your weren’t frozen to the spot. “I just want you to know. I love–”

“There you are!” The office door swing open with a loud crash, as the irate blond stomped through the doorway. “The match is over, I won, now let’s get the hell–” He paused as he noticed Jonathan, rosy cheeked and disheveled, kneeling before you. Dio gripped his fists as an expression of pure wrath came to his face.

Before you could say anything, however, Jonathan quickly leapt to his feet. You whipped your head to face him questioningly, only to be met with his fingers firmly cupping your cheeks. In one swift motion he pressed his lips to yours.

You squeezed your eyes shut with the sudden and surprising impact. Your pulse quickened, your breaths became fast and shallow, blood rushed to your face. The action was so uncharacteristic: Jonathan was the gentle one, the chivalrous one. And now he kissed you forcefully, without having so much as asked permission first.

However, you began to melt into the kiss. It was that you didn’t like it… Maybe you did enjoy it a little. Or a lot. Your released all tension in your neck as you gave him free reign over the kiss, your hands shyly sneaking up to tangle in the velvety locks of hair that just tickled the nape of his neck. His lips were so warm and soft, and it felt like you could spend an eternity simply lying limp there in his comforting embrace.

But you were startled by a cry, a grunt, a crash. His lips were wrenched away from you as he toppled to the ground. You turned on your heel to face Dio. His face was contorted with jealousy and rage as he glowered down at Jonathan. You wanted to scream at him. To punch him, to kick him until he apologised to his brother. And yet, you were frozen as Dio’s eyes caught yours. Those crimson irises pierced your sight until all that remained in the world was him and you. He had always had that effect on you. He had always had that effect on everyone . However, you quickly shook off his spell as you raised a fist to slam on his chest.

But all you saw was a smug smirk before he grabbed your wrist in one hand, pulling your waist firmly to his with his other. Your back arched as he slammed his lips onto yours. You gasped, and wanted to struggle, but didn’t dare as you felt his heart beating against yours. His pelvis ground against you hungrily as he growled playfully. His fingers relinquished your wrist, running instead through your hair, massaging your scalp as he sucked lightly at your lips. The kiss was much rougher than Jonathan’s had been, much more passionate and desirous. His hand trailed down the small of your back, gripping your ass as you squeaked and his tongue slid into your mouth. You had melted into his arms, overwhelmed by his touch, his rhythm, when he was torn from you.

Dio grunted as Jonathan pummeled his back against the wall. You cried out in dismay as Jonathan drew his fist back to strike, running to grab his arm before he could deal a blow. As your frail fingers clutched his bicep desperately, Jonathan’s deep sapphire eyes flashed. You saw in them something sinister, strange, and foreign. He licked his lip as he looked up and down your body, resting his gaze for a moment on your chest, before he quickly looked back at Dio.

In one sudden movement he had released Dio, turning instead to wrap his arms around your waist. Your hips crashed into his as he planted his lips firmly on your collarbone. Your shuddered as he sucked hard at the bare flesh, a moan escaping your lips as he licked down to your breast. He kissed every inch of your bosom that your bodice exposed as his fingers hungrily grasped at your sides.

It was then that you heard a growl from behind, however, you could not turn to discover the source before you felt a firm pair of lips nibbling your neck from the back. Dio’s hands snuck along the front of your thighs as you whimpered in the pleasure of it all, feeling his muscular torso pressed firmly to your back.

You gasped as Jonathan bit down hard in his irritation, snarling at Dio’s approach before he slammed his lips back onto yours and slid your hands down to grope at your ass. Dio grunted in frustration as he drew his hand teasingly towards your crotch, beginning to undo your bodice. You mewled and squirmed under the overwhelming stimulation as Jonathan pulled back to strip you of your top. He flashed his eyes angrily at Dio.

Jonathan continued pecking your lips as you felt the cool air chill you where you had discarded your dress for your undergarments. You shivered as Dio undid your skirt, and the rich fabric fluttered to your feet, exposing your sheer, white bloomers. You gasped as the blond bit, hard, into your neck, grabbing your breasts from behind. You almost melted into the floor with this touch, but Jonathan retaliated by lifting you off of your feet and into his arms.

It seemed they were engaged in a battle, of sorts, the goal of which was not to wound each other, but to please you. You were too lost in the sensations to register how exactly you felt about this, however. You would have commanded them to stop if you didn’t want them to ravish you. But something within you desired them to continue...

Chapter Text

He certainly was an interesting character…

Jean Pierre Polnareff . When you were under the influence of Dio’s flesh bud, he was the only one who had been able to defeat you. Your range was too large for Star Platinum, too strong for Hierophant Green, and as for Hermit Purple… well, Mr. Joestar’s stand wasn't very effective to begin with. Avdol was out of commission at the time, so Silver Chariot was the only one left to outsmart your moves.

That was why he was so interesting: he was the biggest idiot you had ever met. His ingenious tactics had left you gasping for breath as blood spilled from your side, yet, the first thing you saw when you regained consciousness after they had removed you from Dio’s control was his awkward and panicked face.

“Mademoiselle! Please, please pardon me, are you well?!” he stroked your cheek frantically as you gazed into his striking blue eyes. You tried to ask what had happened, to stand and question the group, however, you were far too weak as he held your down to the bed. “Please, rest yourself for just a minute, please,”

His true colors began to show when you agreed to travel with them to Cairo, to confront the man who had enslaved you, to end his reign of terror and bloodshed. You expected it to be a long and harrowing journey, but thanks to Pol, the trip was quite enjoyable.

As your injury began to heal, he made sure to treat you like a delicate damsel, bringing you gifts and sweets, flattering you with seemingly empty compliments. Of course, Mr. Joestar warned you that he was the kind of man to “think with his crotch”, but you couldn't help but be charmed by his soft words. However, he made sure that you were properly healed up before he began to joke around with you. You laughed at his stupid comments, his silly impressions, his bathroom catastrophes. And each time you encountered an enemy, the two of your worked together to outsmart you foe.


You had just reached the shores of Oman, and you and Pol decided to roam the town while the other three checked into the hotel. The sun was just setting, and a chilly breeze began to flow in from the sea. However, your body flushed with warmth as Polnareff slipped his fingers into yours, his firm forearm rubbing against you as you walked. The marketplace was just beginning to liven up as vendors lit their lanterns and crowds began to rush in on the dinner hour. It became harder for you to remain by Polnareff’s side as the mob pushed you back and forth, but he firmly pulled your from the commotion towards a booth.

“Look, (y/n)!” You glanced where he was pointing. It was a simple scarf, though the fabric was quite elaborate and decorated. You looked back at him questioningly as he lifted one of the scarves up to your clothes. “You would look quite beautiful wearing one of these, no?” You giggled and shook your head at his eagerness.

“Polnareff, I don’t need anything like that! And Mr. Joestar told us that we should only use the money for emergencies,” You tried to draw him away from the dealer, but you tugged you into his embrace. You gasped as your face buried in his chest and he slid his palms up and down your arms. You shivered at his touch.

“Ma cherie, you are so cold! I think that is enough of an emergency,” He grinned cheekily as he withdrew his wallet.

“Polnareff,” You whined as he playfully wrapped the scarf around your shoulders. A small blush came across his cheeks as he inspected your form. “Beautiful…”


Of course, this was generally what happened when you went out on the town together: he would buy you a gift, treat you to ice cream or some other local desert, maybe go sight-seeing. The sun had finally set beyond the horizon when you sat down on a bench near the sea. The waters were calm and still, their shimmering surface reflecting the blazing stars like a flawless mirror. You couldn’t help but sigh as you leaned into Polnareff’s shoulder, taking a spoonful of whatever sort of sugary porridge he had purchased for you. You moaned as the sweet and fruity substance melted on your mouth, and noticed Polnareff stiffen slightly. As you looked up at his face, you were immediately struck by his sparkling blue eyes, but shook off your momentary excitement as you scooped another spoonful of the sugary goop.

He furrowed his brow in surprise as you beckoned him to try it, but he slowly leaned down to draw the spoon in between his lips. You could see him melting into the heavenly flavor of the crushed dates and sugar and butter, and you giggled as he pulled back in surprise.

“How is it?” You smirked, knowing full well how much he enjoyed it, but still awaiting his flustered response. However, he remained silent as he chewed and swallowed slowly, a light rosy pink gracing he cheeks the longer he maintained eye contact. He opened his mouth to reply, but his jaw hung ajar for some while. Then, a smug grin came across his face.

“Not as good as my mother’s tarte tatin,” You chuckled. He always had to remind you French cuisine was the best cuisine. You then felt his arm wrap around your waist as you both stared out to the sea. “And not as sweet at you,” You stiffened and gasped slightly.

It was true that Polnareff said things like this a lot, cheesy compliments to win you over. But you usually just laughed them off like he was teasing you. Yet something was different this time. Maybe it was the romantic setting or the feel of his warm chest supporting your head or the sudden rush of sugar after that divine dessert, but you felt giddy. You felt like he actually meant it this time, like he actually wanted to be with you.

And you actually wanted to be with him.

“P-Polnareff,” The words seemed hesitant, and your voice shook as you leaned in just the slightest bit closer to him. But you took a deep breath, gathering your confidence and staring directly into his eyes. His beautiful blue eyes… “I just need to know, do you ever mean it?” His brow furrowed in surprise and confusion.

“Do I ever mean what?”

“When you say I’m beautiful, when you say I’m kind and strong and sweet. When you say you would protect me till the bitter end, that I’m the only one in the world you care about. Is it true or are you just playing a game?” His grip around you tightened as he brought a hand to your cheek. He seemed unsettled, almost afraid as he wiped a single tear from your face. You couldn’t dare to look into that pained expression, so you turned your gaze back towards the serene sea. Yet, at the same time, his discomfort reassured you. Maybe he was telling the truth.

“Ma cherie, no! No, of course I mean everything I say. You are absolutely stunning,” He tilted your chin so that you had no choice to gaze into his eyes, “(Y/n), I know I have a bit of a…” He paused, biting his lip in embarrassment, “A certain reputation. But everything changed once I figured out,” You could feel the pace of your heart quickening as your face heated with sudden realisation. “Je t’aime, (y/n). I love you.” Words could not express the sudden flood of emotions that ricocheted through your skull as you sat silent. You were excited, disbelieving, giddy, shocked. But a small smile tugged at your lips.

At this subtle, simple gesture, his shoulders relaxed in relief. His thumb gently stroked your cheek as he leaned his forehead to rest against yours.

“Does that mean–” Your lips pressed to his before he could speak another word. You kissed him gently, just as you had dreamed about so many times before, and your heart began to race as he responded with equal tenderness and passion. He had pecked your cheek many times before, and you knew just how supple and comforting his lips were, however, his touch seemed different now that he had confessed his true feelings. His kiss was sincere and unfaltering. You wanted to remain there, in his strong and safe embrace forever, but he slowly drew back, gaze still lingering on your lips.

His face was flushed as he continued to survey your entire body, and you could tell he was trying his hardest to hide that lusty nature he had been so commonly accused of. You sighed lightly, biting your lip as you smirked up at him. His eyes caught your mischievous expression, and he gulped, his mind no doubt flooding with lewd thoughts. Thankfully no one was visiting that beach so late at night, but you were still in public...

But Polnareff didn’t seem to care, as he suddenly attacked you again. At first, you heard his own strangled moan through the kiss as he rubbed his hand up and down your hip. His touch was firm and confident, and he quickly snatched the bowl of sugary goo out of your hand, placing it onto the ground so he could close the gap between your chests. As your own hands were now freed, you tangled your fingers through the silvery hair that hung over the nape of his neck, your other hand sliding teasingly down his chest. You could feel his heartbeat quicken through the thin black fabric that covered his muscular frame, and smiled into the kiss. A gasp escaped you as your back hit the hard bench, his strong biceps holding you down as he continued to fervently suck at your lips. You squirmed, trying your hardest to let no further noise leave your throat as his knee pried between your thighs, brushing up against your most sensitive area. In turn, you dragged your hand down his back and onto his ass, gripping it tightly to force his body closer.

He abruptly gasped and broke the kiss at your touch, while you smirked up at him in victory. But a sly smile crossed his face. He bit your neck roughly as you let you a moan. His palm cupped your breast as you bit your lip in frustration and arousal. His kisses ghosted along your exposed collarbone.

“P-Pol,” You whimpered, hands still running across his back as he licked your collarbone playfully. You panted as he groped and squeezed your chest. “We’re should go back,” You shivered as his cold fingers snuck underneath the hem of your shirt, riding the fabric up and exposing your stomach to the chilly night air.

You gasped in surprise as his lips suddenly lept down to your abdomen, kissing you only slightly more softly as his fingers continued to tease your breast. He finally looked up into your eyes hungrily as he slid his palm down your tingling flesh.

He wasn’t going to stop. And maybe it was fine if he didn’t stop.

Chapter Text

He was the new member of the Higashikata family. At least, that’s what they told you. You didn’t quite understand it: a young man suddenly adopted Morioh-Cho’s most wealthy and influential family. And so you asked him about it the first time Yasuho had introduced the two of you. She shook her head as a warning and Joshu smirked malevolently, but Josuke assured them that your curiousity was to be expected. He explained his plight: how he had awaken, naked and bewildered, buried in the earth near the Higashikata estate, with no idea who he was or how he came to be. Your face flushed red as you apologised for your intrusive question, but the young man was oddly polite as he gripped your shoulder firmly.

“It’s okay.”


As the weeks passed, you grew exceedingly fond of him. Though you would always cherish the time you spent gossiping and commiserating with Yasuho, there was something about Josuke’s dynamic that seemed to complement your own personality so well. He understood your various quirks and your strange habits, as he had some own strange habits himself. You didn’t shame him for preferring to sleep underneath an entire mattress rather than simply sheets, and one time you two had an in depth conversation about why large fries were specifically the absolute best kind of fries. Sometimes you did laugh at his oddities, however, he only snickered and teased you back.

But you could remember the exact day that your feelings for him changed. Well, it wasn't a change , persay, but a discovery . Yasuho had invited you out with the gang (She hadn't been able to pry Joshu off her tail, so he was along for the ride as well). The four of you wandered the streets of Morioh until Joshu suggested that you take a trip to the Higashikata Fruit Parlor. When you disclosed to the three of them that you had never actually visited the café, Josuke grasped your hand tightly, flashing his cheeky gap-toothed smile.  

“Then let’s go!”

He held the door open for you to enter, and you nearly melted as your nostrils were overwhelmed with the fresh smell of fruits and berries.  Your eyes widened at the colourful array of plums and peaches and blueberries and blackberries, your mouth watered at the very sight of such a menagerie..

You gasped as you felt warm fingers wrap around your shoulder rubbing the goosebumps off your cold flesh.

“It’s   freezing down here. Let’s get to the parlor,” Josuke grabbed your hand, beckoning you up the stairs. You nodded gleefully as he sprinted to the top. However, Yasuho remained in the shop, eyeing some of the cheaper fruit displays. Joshu lingered over her shoulder awkwardly.

“You guys can go ahead without me,” Yasuho called after you, “I’m going to get some groceries down here,”

“We’ll save you a seat!” You shouted back as Josuke eagerly guided you up the steps. Joshu, however, made no move to follow you. You prayed he wouldn't do anything too rash while he was alone down there with Yasuho…

Josuke sat down at a large booth, patting the seat next to him. You giggled softly as you slid across the lavish leather cushion. His thigh grazed lightly against your own, and you relaxed into the comfort of his touch, your fingers tickling his for just a moment.

He turned his head to ask you a question, and that was when you were ensnared.

You could barely register his words as you noticed how unusually close his face was to yours. But it didn't really bother you, in fact, you hesitantly leaned in a bit further. A blush unexpectedly spread across your cheeks as you caught a glimpse of his unique eyes. They always reminded you of striking sapphire spliced with brilliant amethyst crystals. It was a combination of awe and curiosity that drew you admire his irises for so long… So long that you forgot whatever question he had asked you.

“Huh?” You mentally cursed yourself for your stupidity as he chuckled.

“You’re such an adorable idiot,” he teased you.

“Shut up four-balls,” He grabbed your hand, squeezing it reassuringly as you felt a warm tingling sensation overcome your chest and… lower areas.

“I was just asking if you wanted to share a parfait, they have this wonderful melon–”

“Sure!” You blurted out, your voice somewhat forced and strained. You were beginning to realise just what that aching feeling in your chest was, why your heart was racing, why your palms were sweaty. And you honestly had no idea what to do about it.

Josuke grinned his cheeky gap-toothed grin, and you could feel your heart melting under his affectionate smile.

He ordered the parfait, he cracked a joke, he talked of his life at the Higashikata estate. He rested his head on your shoulder as he sighed and complained about how hungry he was. And you sat perfectly still, trying your hardest not to simply stiffen up and sit there in an awkward silence.

But there was something about his countenance that seemed to calm you after a while. After all, it was just Josuke. He had been your best friend for so long, and he still was your best friend. The only difference was that you were now just a bit more intrigued by the idea of four–

You whipped your thoughts back to reality as the waiter placed an elegant parfait on the table before you. The sheer sight of the decadent dessert made you lick your lips in desire. Josuke pounced on the glass, hungrily scooping a melon into his mouth. He groaned as he drew the spoon through his plump and perfect lips, slowly chewing the ripe fruit.

Your heartbeat quickened as you laughed at the his silly face, but he paid no heed as he quickly retrieved another spoonful of melon and whipped cream and jelly. You eyes remained transfixed as he opened his mouth. But then, he paused. Noticing you hadn't yet taken a bite, he held the spoon out to you, a smile creeping to his lips.

“Try it!” Your cheeks flushed red at the very sound of his voice, as he leaned in to offer you a taste. You hesitantly wrapped your lips around the sweet creamy substance, and to your surprise groaned as you tasted the rich ambrosia. You smiled and licked the spoon clean of its contents before resting your head on Josuke’s shoulder. You gazed up into those exotic eyes as he smiled down at you.

You held back a gasp and flinched slightly as he lifted his finger to the corner of your mouth, flushing in embarrassment as he wiped a small smudge from your lips. His composure remained surprisingly calm as he licked the cream his finger. Your insides melted as he offered you another bite.


But that had been weeks ago, and that was probably the closest you had gotten to each other. You weren't sure if he could even tell you liked him. Yasuho playfully teased you about your feelings quite a bit, sometimes even in front of Josuke, and Joshu soon figured it out as well. However, Josuke remained oblivious. He seemed to be so perceptive when it came to the world around him, so savvy and knowledgeable. But as soon as he began to interact with humans he became an awkward idiot.

That night you all had decided to stay at your apartment: it was a small flat, and you were staying there for the summer until college started up again. Yasuho said she’d bring over some movies to watch, so you were just heating up the popcorn when the doorbell rang.

“Just a second!” You yelled out, hissing as you pried open the steaming bag, dumping the contents into a large bowl. You snuck a handful as you bounded over to the door, with popcorn in hand of course, and and turned the knob. Your smile, however, faltered as the door swung open. Through a mouthful of popcorn, you mumbled: “Where’s Yasuho?”

Josuke shrugged as he stepped into the apartment, grabbing a bit of the snack.

“She said she had a cold, and Joshu said he didn't wanna come if she wasn't here… So I thought we might have our movie night alone, if you're fine with that!” The corners of his lips curled upwards in a questioning smile as he flashed the DVDs he brang.  You near melted seeing his adorable face, but you merely muttered a small “Uh-huh,” as he strode into the hallway.

You placed the bowl in the center of the coffee table as you scrambled across the room to get the blankets you had set out earlier. Josuke sat on the couch looking through the collection of movies he had brought.

“Do you want something to drink?”

“Water’s fine,” You nodded cheerily as you made your way into the small kitchen. You retrieved the pitcher of water you kept in the fridge. Next, you opened the overhead cabinet to pull out several glasses when gave a frustrated sigh. The clean dishes were on the highest shelf.

You grunted and squirmed as you reached as far up as you could, your fingers grasping in the air just inches away from their goal. It took several seconds of jumping up and down until you gave up. Then, a large hand wrapped around the cup. You gasped as you felt his warm chest flushed against your back. His breath tickled your neck as he set the glass down before you. You couldn’t help but savor the sensation of his body pressing you against the counter.

“Here,” His voice was low and almost sultry, though he most likely didn't mean for it to be so. He took a slight step back, and you turned to thank him. But the words refused to leave your throat.

His face loomed over you, and his torso was still unusually close to yours. You gazed into those stunning purple/blue eyes, and you couldn't help but let out a slight nervous giggle at his intimidating stare. Your pulse skyrocketed when you began to realise that he wasn't moving: he didn't budge as much as an inch as he caged your body to the counter.

“J-Josuke?” You stuttered anxiously. “What are you doing?” He remained stoic for several seconds before he sighed and shook his head, though his feet remained firmly planted in front of you, blocking you from all routes of escape.

“Sorry if I’m acting a bit strange, it’s just…” He paused, and you had trouble removing your focus from his mouth as he bit his lip in thought. But suddenly, his eyes locked back on yours as he leaned down, his expression inquisitive and almost skeptic. “Are you in love with me?”

Your face immediately flushed a dark crimson as your breaths began to quicken and you flashed your gaze down to the floor, struggling desperately to avoid eye contact.

He was so strange –that was probably why you loved him– but to just flat out ask you… You hadn't expected him to be so up front about it. And you couldn't tell exactly what he meant either. Did he feel the same way? Or was he making sure that you were just friends?

“Judging by your reaction, I take that as a yes?” You pursed your lips in frustration, and slowly nodded your head, though your stare was still fixated on his shoes. There was no use in denying it, no use in being dishonest. You would have to tell him eventually, and now was as good a time as any other…

Your stomach felt giddy and twisted as he gently placed a finger on your chin.

“Interesting,” You darted your eyes back to his face as he spoke, with a confused and questioning stare. You could just barely make out the slight curl of his lips as he inspected your eyes, you cheek, your jaw. His dexterous fingers stroked your flesh so softly you could barely feel his touch, and something about the temptation made you shiver in desire. “I’ve never done something like this before,” His palm rested on you cheek, and you noticed that the slightest blush came across his face. Your heart reeled as you anticipated his next words. “But I think I wanna try,”

He slowly leaned over you. Your hands still rested on the counter behind and he ran his fingers through your own as he took a step closer. His fingers grazed your cheek tenderly, as his lips continued to near yours. That one moment before you met seemed like an eternity: you felt his breath on your skin, his thumb stroke the corner of your mouth, his chest graze against your own as your heart beat rapidly in your ribcage.

And then, your lips locked together. They were so soft and supple, cushiony as he slowly tilted his head against yours. His eyelashes tickled your cheeks, and you relaxed into his comforting embrace. Your heart may not have slowed, but you began to feel more at ease, more reassured, and even more confident.

He remained there for a long while before he pulled away. Your eyelids remained closed for just a second longer, remembering the tender touch of his lips against yours, but slowly, your lids had to flutter open. His vibrant eyes were widened in awe as he stared at your lips. You shivered slightly as his fingers ran across where he had just kissed you.

“S-So soft,” he stuttered. He gulped and took in a shaky breath as he gazed back into your eyes. You chuckled with giddiness, a terrible thought coming into your mind.

“And wet,” You smiled mischievously, but his focus remained transfixed on your face, your form, your figure. You could see the hunger in his eyes as his lips twitched and he took a step closer. One hand slithered around his neck, the other crawling up to rest on his chest. Though he still appeared to be in a dazed reverie, he responded by placing a firm grip on your hips, though his other palm still cupped your cheek with care.

“C-Can I…” His cheeks reddened with embarrassment and desire “Can I do it again?” You didn’t even hesitate to smash your lips back onto his as he gasped in delight. He thrust his hips against yours, near crushing you between his pelvis and the counter as he squeezed your hip. Your instincts immediately took over now that you felt your goal was within reach. You gripped his shirt tightly as you pulled his chest closer, sucking his upper lip playfully as you felt his face grow hot. His fingers lept from your cheek to your back, and you gasped as he pulled your even tighter to his muscular frame. Your heart seemed to flutter as you felt his tongue just barely slip in between your lips for a moment, and he began to kiss you more fervently. As your felt his heartbeat quicken through his shirt, you began sliding your hands down his chest mischievously. You could swear you heard him whimper as you fiercely squeezed his ass, smirking playfully at the reaction.

But then, it was your turn to squeak. As he nibbled hungrily at your lips, you began to feel something hard pressing against the inside of your thigh. Your face flushed as you began to feel that tingling sensation in between your legs. And yet, it only made you want to kiss him harder, more passionately.

Before you knew it, you had snuck your hands underneath the hem of his shirt, and you felt him shiver as your fingers trailed across his flesh. He suddenly broke away from you, and you shuddered at the release, only to see him stripping himself of his top as he took a deep panting breath. His eyes were filled with determination, lust, as he wiped a trail of saliva from his lip. You tried your hardest not to glance down at the prominent bulge protruding from his pants, and he attacked you again.

This time, his kisses dotted your neck as you arched back in pleasure. You felt his heated hands slinking underneath your shirt, and you gasped as he harshly bit your collarbone. You fingers slid across his flesh wherever they could reach: His neck, shoulders, chest, abs, biceps. He thrust into you as he sucked harder, and you bit your lip to hold in a cry while his hat toppled off his head with the force.

You shivered as you felt your stomach exposed to the air, running your fingers through his velvety hair to keep your balance as he licked your collarbone slowly. A squeal escaped your lips as his hand, having found its way up and under your shirt, suddenly squeezed your breast. You felt him grind against you again as groped you with vigor.

However, he paused, still panting, still insanely aroused, as he drew back from your chest. Your leaned against the counter, disheveled and heated. You wanted to grasp his head and ram his lips onto yours once again. But why was he hesitating.

He took a small step forward, lifting his hand to play with the hem of your shirt. He slowly began to pull the fabric upwards.

“(Y/n),” he whispered raspily as he stared down at your breast. You gripped his shoulder firmly, pulling him closer. “I just want to make sure. I have these urges, things I want to do with you, things I want to do to you. I,” He shuddered and closed his eyes as you pulled his forehead to yours. “I think I love you. And I want to make sure it’s okay… It’s okay if I…” You gently pressed your lips to his before placing your hand on his chest, gently nudging him to give you room. WIth a shuddering breath, you clumsily grasped the hem of your shirt. He stared, transfixed on your figure, as you slowly pulled the fabric over your head.

“It’s okay.”

Chapter Text

For a while, no one commented on the increased affections between you and your beautiful swiss cheese boy. No one raised any questions when you rushed to embrace him when he got back from a long mission, giggling and nuzzling your face in his chest as he beamed brightly. No one looked at you inquisitively when you held hands as you walked along the canal. You would sit side by side during dinner, as he rubbed your thigh reassuringly, laughing and smiling at every little thing you said. He still continued to tutor you in mathematics, or at least tried to, as you cuddled on the couch together and  he whispered formulas in your ear, swatting at Narancia from time to time when he asked a stupid question. Eventually, Narancia would get fed up and stomp off to bed irritated, and Fugo didn't so much as bat an eyelash as he gazed at you lovingly. When he wasn’t off on a mission, those evenings were what you looked forward to throughout the entire day: he would massage you scalp tenderly, wrapping his arms protectively around your frame as you rested your head in his lap. Sometimes, of course, things got a bit more steamy as he peppered your neck with kisses and you moaned out his name.

It was a day like this, when Narancia had given up on even speaking to the two of you and stormed out of the room. It had been several weeks since you and Fugo had gotten together. But, because he had often been away, you rarely had a chance to spend time with each other other than these calm nights together.

You sighed as you rested you head against his heart, lying on the couch with him as he rubbed small circles one your stomach as you shirt rode up around your waist. You felt his breath against your forehead, as he lightly kissed your brow. You smiled and buried your face further into his warm chest.

“(Y/n),” you perked up your ears as he whispered your name softly. “I was thinking, Buccellati and Abbacchio planning on a big mission next week. They were gonna me but,” You craned your neck to stare into his crimson eyes, “But maybe, because, Mista and Giorno are already out…” You could feel his face heating as he continued. “Maybe they can take Narancia instead. And we could have a few days to ourselves, maybe?” Your heart leapt at the thought, and a small smile crept across your lips. The idea of spending the day alone with Fugo; you had never even gone on a date before, and you were thrilled by the suggestion.

“That would be wonderful,” you kissed his warm cheek softly, and he let out a nervous chuckle of relief as he stroked your hair.


Buccellati guessed Fugo’s ulterior motives, but he accepted the proposition. He slyly winked at you as he and Abbacchio slipped out the door. Narancia stuck his tongue out at Fugo making an obscene gesture as he slowly walked away. It seemed you and Fugo’s relationship was quite obvious by now… So you placed a quick kiss on his lips just before Narancia could slip away. Fugo flushed in embarrassment, but Narancia’s hilarious gagging noise was certainly worth it as he ran after Bruno and Abbacchio. Fugo giggled maliciously as he grabbed your waist.

“Let the fun begin.”


You decided to go out for dinner that night. For some strange reason, you felt very pressured to look stunning just for him. You showered, brushed and styled your hair, added just a touch of makeup, and began to rummage through your closet. Just then, you heard a knock on your bedroom door.

“You ready, (y/n)?” You rolled your eyes in frustration, though a small smile tugged at your lips. He likely hadn't planned anything fancy, hadn't dressed any differently than he normally did, and he probably didn't understand why you were taking so long. But that was alright with you. All you needed was his love… and some time for you to get change.

“No, I'm not dressed yet!” There was silence at the door for a second. Then a nervous chuckle.

“Do you need me to help?” Your face flushed red at his suggestion. Fugo was normally the sort of guy to take things slowly, and was surprisingly romantic when the occasion arose. However, every once and awhile, something like this would slip out of his mouth. Your reaction was generally to chide him playfully, but in all honesty… It turned you the hell on.

“In your dreams!” You finally chose your best outfit and quickly slipped it on. Giving one last check in the mirror, you, tiptoed out of the room, hoping he’d like it. He was tapping his toe in frustration, checking his watch and taking deep breaths so he wouldn't explode with impatience. But then, he looked up. A blush spread across his cheeks as he gulped nervously. He squirmed as he eyes you up and down. You smiled shyly.

“Do you like it?”

“You’re gorgeous,”


Apparently, he had actually reserved you a table at one of the best restaurants in town (or at least he had intimidated the terrified waiter into seating you immediately). He held your hand across the table, his face still tinted red though he tried to focus on looking over the menu. You smiled as you stroked his fingers.
It was so adorable how intelligent he was, how strategic in battle, how aggressive and ruthless, cold and logical. But then, whenever he set his eyes on you, he would melt instantly. He blushed and stuttered, sometimes even asking you whether he was doing the whole “relationship thing” correctly. He was such an adorable idiot when it came to romance.

You were a bit concerned about the price of the meal you wanted, but Fugo assured you that he would take care of the bill in one way or another. You giggled as you placed the order, and continued conversing with him. His leg shyly rubbed up against yours beneath the table and you smiled and flushed red.

Eventually the food came and you melted as soon as you lifted the fork to your mouth. You rarely went to any of the fancier restaurants in Italy; only the gang members were invited to such elegant parties or undercover missions. So this was the best food you had tasted in years. Fugo smiled at your amazed face, offering you a bite of his own meal. You eagerly accepted as you melted in the sheer ecstasy of the flavor.

Soon you had finished the food and were ready for dessert.

“Whatever you want,” Fugo grinned as he wiped his mouth on his napkin. You eyes the menu, biting your lip in indecision. You let out a “Hmm” as you skimmed over the list. The waiter approached your table, and you made a split-second decision.

“We’ll have the panna cotta!” You snickered as Fugo flashed his eyes at you. The waiter nodded and walked away as Fugo’s face grew red. You nudged his leg underneath the table as you licked your lip suggestively. He chuckled nervously, still avoiding eye contact. But eventually he regained his composure, smirking as he rested his elbow on the table and leaned in.

“You know, if you do want to have me for dessert, I wouldn’t object.” It was your turn to blush red with embarrassment… and arousal. You hadn’t exactly talked about going all the way before, but you certainly joked about it enough. And if the evening continued as well as it had been going…

The waiter returned with the jiggly creamy delight and you gasped in excitement. However, before Fugo could so much as reach for the spoon, you maliciously snatched the strawberry garnish that decorated the top of the pudding. He raised his eyebrows in an expression of mock betrayal.

“(Y/n), how could you do this to me?” You laughed, knowing very well how much he liked strawberries, and how much he would do for one.

“Say please,” You teased him playfully as he rolled his eyes.

“Please give me the f***ing strawberry.”

“Fugo!” You feigned offense at his harsh words, but nonetheless extended your hand to him. As you hadn’t even bothered to use a fork, the sweet and sticky red glaze dripped down your fingers. You hadn’t expected yourself to be so bold, but he seemed to be enjoying your playfulness. His supple lips slowly encompassed the strawberry… and your fingers along with it. You blushed hard, and began looking around the restaurant hesitantly, fearing that someone might see. But your gazed snapped back to him as he gently licked your fingers free of the red syrup, and you shuddered at his evil grin.

“Two can play at this game.”


You two walked home in the moonlight, his arm firmly wrapped around your waist. Ever since you had left the restaurant, he seemed very clingy. To be honest, you both did. You grabbed onto his hand as you approached headquarters. His slightly shaky hand turned the knob and held the door open for you. You smiled sweetly as you entered the hallway, removing your coat. Suddenly, you felt his breath in your ear as his he embraced you from behind. His firm torso pressed against your back, and you gasped as you felt a barely prominent bulge rubbing against your rear.

“(Y/n), I love you so much,” He gently kissed your neck, simply, without tongue or teeth. Just a gentle peck, but you shuddered all the same. He continued to whisper against your neck, “I’d understand if you said no, but…” Your breath hitched in your throat at the very thought, and you whipped around to face him. His red eyes were soft, hesitant, yet still passionate. You coiled your arms around his neck, pulling him closer. You stepped in, feeling your hips lock together as the bulge grew harder. You took in a deep, shaky breath, before tentatively pressing your lips to his.

You had kissed so many times before, but this time felt different. His lips barely grazed your own as you began to fiddle with the hair that covered his nape. He slowly parted, only to gently peck your lips again. His grip around your waist grew stronger as his kisses began to speed up. You gasped as your back pressed against the wall, not realising you had falled back so far. As he gradually parted his lips, the kiss grew longer, and he hungrily sucked and nipped as he ground his hips against yours. He moaned loudly as you slid your hand down his chest, making sure to sneak your fingers underneath his revealing top and squeeze his flesh desperately. You smirked slyly as you felt his face heat, but squeaked as he bit your lip for payback, slipping his tongue into your mouth. As his sturdy chest drove you against the wall, you absentmindedly rested your hand on the back of his hip, sliding your fingers further down his firm rear.

Suddenly, his pelvis smashed into yours, and you groaned, breaking your lips from his for just a moment so you could catch your breath. But he certainly was not done ravishing you. You shuddered as he slowly licked your jaw, his tongue gliding down your neck, leaving your flesh shivering at the cold, wet trail of saliva he left behind. His hand slid down your hip, your thigh, until his fingers began fidgeting with the hem of your dress. In your disarray, you grabbed his ass, crushing his pelvis onto yours once again, and your heart began to pound even faster as you began to realize just how hard he was.

You squealed and squirmed as he harshly bit your collarbone, only to relieve your burning skin with a shower of soft kisses as he descended to your chest. His hand sneakily slipped underneath your skirt, and you almost giggled, your breath light and fluttery, as his fingers tickled up your thigh. You saw this as an opportunity for you to retaliate, as you gently slid your hands down his ass and into one of the large holes in his pants.

He abruptly gasped, pulling away. You leaned against the wall, panting, as you looked into his surprised eyes. He inspected you for moment, and you could swear you saw something new in his eyes. It wasn’t his caring side, or his aggressive side… it was a mixture of both.

You squeaked in sheer shock as he pulled you up into his arms, carrying you bridal style as he began to stride fervently through the hallway. Though your breaths were short and shallow and your pulse raced in your ears, you still found the desire to peck his neck hungrily as he carried you through the house. The skin was so soft and velvety, and you couldn’t resist gently nibbling him as you heard a stifled moan.

But within an instant he had set you down again, your head reeling, as he shut the bedroom door. He approached you, that same primal desire still blazing in his eyes as he slipped his hands under your dress and hungrily squeezed your ass. He smothered your gasp as his lips met yours, rhythmically biting and sucking as his fingers slowly trailed up your panties. You were both stunned and fuelled by his ferocity as your own fingers began to with the buttons on his chest, ripping open his top and dragging your hands along his pecs. The raging tent of his pants was more prominent than ever as he quickly pried his hands away from you to tear off his shirt, though his lips remained glued to your own.

Before he attacked you again, however, pulled you into a hug, breaking the kiss to pant into your ear. You felt his fingers clasp the zipper of your dress, as he whispered softly:

“May I?”

“Please,” Your voice was unusually hoarse as he dragged the zipper down your back, easing the collar off your shoulders. You gasped as the fabric slipped to the floor, and you felt the cold air against your skin. You automatically clasped your arms against your torso, wanting to cover your breasts, your stomach, all your imperfections. But a deep breath calmed your body. It’s just Fugo , you told yourself. As if reading your mind, he pressed his palm to your cheek, and whispered lovingly.

“It’s just me, (y/n). I love you. I love all of you.” He gently guided your arms away from your chest, and you could see his face grow red with lust as he eyed your body. He certainly seemed a bit calmer than before, but no less desiring as he looked at you, his eyes eagerly asking permission.

You took a shuddering breath before taking his firm hand and placing it on your breast.

He suddenly flashed a devious smirk, before shoving his body into yours yet again. You gasped as his warm abs pressed agains your stomach, his hand groped your chest, his other fingers slipped onto your rear. He kissed your breast feverishly, not biting hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to leave a mark. You arched your back in ecstasy, unknowingly, wrapping your leg around his hip so you could grind into his erection. He moaned as he buried his face in your bosom, before he pushed you onto the bed.

You lay, panting, before him, as he began to unbuckle his belt. Your heart beat with arousal, anxiety, apprehension, anticipation… He seductively licked his lip as his pants slid down his thighs. Suddenly, your mouth dropped.

He was beautiful. His golden chiseled body seemed to glimmer in the dim light of the bedroom. His bangs framed his stunning crimson eyes as he smirked down at you. But this wasn’t what caused you to gasp in surprise.

His manhood pressed large and stiff against his underwear. And that was where you paused.

A thong. A bright red thong patterned with strawberries. Your emotions exploded out of you in a giggle that practically shook the bed. Fugo’s expression dropped.

“What?!” He seemed slightly perturbed by your reaction, but you tried to calm yourself as you gently pulled him onto the bed over you, trying to keep the mood going… But you couldn’t help it.

“Do you always wear those?” He blushed.

“Yeah, sort of. Is there a problem?” You giggled just a bit more, but reassured him by trailing your fingers down his collarbone, his chest, his abs, just to the hem of that outlandish thong. He shuddered, his eyes rolling back into his head, as your fingers ghosted along his length.

“It’s nothing. Now, let the fun begin.”

Chapter Text


It was that one small word that had always intrigued him so much. You would not submit to his mind control. You would not cave to his threats. You would not succumb even to psychological torture. There was no way for you to escape, as your were constantly under watch by Vanilla Ice and Terence D’Arby, and your stand was obviously much weaker than The World. But you held your head high as you walked through the gloomy Egyptian palace that was your prison.

“One day,” you kept muttering under your breath. “One day I will be free to do as I please.”

Something about you had changed when you had been abducted. You weren’t normally stubborn or willful or generally a sour person. But something about  Dio, even just thinking the name made your spirit flare up inside you. Was it because you despised him? Maybe. You just wanted him to understand that what he was doing was wrong, that he would not win, and that his efforts to use you were all in vain.

You were meant to be used as a weapon against the Joestars, but Dio’s plan had backfired. The flesh bud he had implanted in your frontal lobe had immediately rebelled against your cells. It had shriveled up and died along with his control over you. But he kept you locked away for no discernable reason that you could think of. You would yell at him, mock him, insult him. However, he had never laid so much as a finger on you, and forbade any of his servants from doing the same.

He had even set up an elegant bedroom, a kitchen, a wardrobe of lavish dresses; he had transformed your prison into a functional home for a human like you, or at least had tried. Vanilla Ice and Terence were instructed to obey any orders you set forth (as long as they did not conflict with DIo’s own demands), and overall you were content to live out your life until you could knee Dio in the groin and escape.


“(Y/n),” You heard the soft and sultry voice from behind you. You had been raiding the fridge, your stomach growling, as you searched for some source of sustenance that wasn’t just raw bloody meat.

“I need food,” You commanded, closing the door to the refrigerator but not turning to face him. As he sighed, you felt him warm breath pass across your neck, and held in a shiver. His massive hands wrapped around your waist, slid down to caress your stomach, your thighs.

To clarify, he didn’t lay a finger on you to chastise you when you insulted him, or to strike when you disobeyed his orders. However, it seemed that he loved to tease you when you were at your most vulnerable: whispering into your ear, rubbing his hand down your back, your shoulders, your…

You grabbed his wrists tightly, pulling his hands away from your most sensitive parts as he winced and chuckled wryly. You had seen him lie with plenty other women (and men), though he had promptly proceeded to drain them of their blood. But he always seemed to come back to you. You didn't understand why. It wasn’t like you were anything special; you hardly thought you were beautiful or seductive.

His touch always brought chillbumps to your flesh as you shivered in delight, but you refused to let him have you. You refused to cave to his demands like one of his loyal servants. And yet you still longed for those soft hands to stroke your cheek…

He suddenly pinned you against the now closed refrigerator door, his strong hands caging your face and his knee pressed teasingly in between your thighs. You built your lip in anger and frustration as he leaned his head into the crook of your neck, his parted lips just centimeters from your skin. His hand tangled through your hair as he brought a lock to his nose, inhaling the sweet scent. Just as goosebumps began to run across your arms, you snapped.

“Dio,” You growled softly. He merely slowed, gently pressing his lips to your neck as you sucked in a breath. “If you don't get off me right now,” You leaned to whisper in his ear. “I’m going to see if a vampire really needs his nuts.”

Suddenly, he hissed and pulled away from you, storming out of the room. You breathed a deep sigh of relief, still feeling the spot where his lips had met your skin. Not now. Not yet.


Weeks passed. You rarely heard updates on the approach of the Joestar from either Dio or his servants. Dio would still approach you to play with you or to tease you. But he hadn't actually touched you since that day.

“Miss (y/n),” It wasn't Dio’s low and seductive voice. It was the softer, younger voice of Terence. You turned from where you had been gazing out of the sole window in the mansion.

“Yes Mr. D’Arby?”

“Dio requests your presence in his chamber,” At these words you let out an annoyed chuckle, shaking your head vehemently.

“No.” You turned back to gaze at the setting sun. That was your instinct. To say no to Dio’s every whim.

“I'm sorry Miss, but...” Terence’s voice was hesitant and apologetic. You heard more footsteps at the door, and turned to see Vanilla Ice sucking through the doorway. His harsh voice resonated through the room.

“He won’t take no for an answer. We have been instructed to use any means necessary.” You shuddered at Dio’s audacity, grasping your skirts in anger. Sending his servants to drag you off to wherever the hell he was lounging around?

“Fine.” you stormed out, past his devoted minions, who had to scramble to follow you through to his chamber. You didn't even consider knocking on the heavy door as you pushed your way into the room.

“Dio, what the hell–” You faltered as you took in the sight before you, hearing the door slam and a lock click shut behind.

Dio way splayed out across his elegant gold embroidered comforter, the curtains of the velvety canopy framing his figure and inviting you into the king-size bed. The room was entirely lit by candelabras. You would have scoffed at his overindulgence in the expensive set up, but you couldn't so much as breath. He lay on the bed, chest fully exposed, hair cascading down his shoulders like a shimmering golden waterfall. He was fiddling with a single red rose in between his talon-like fingernails.

Dio smirked as he noticed a deep blush cross your face. You immediately turned to exit the room, but Vanilla Ice had locked the doors behind. As you took in a shaky breath, you spinned back around, only to find he was now standing just inches from you. You flinched slightly, the adrenaline beginning to churn through your blood.

You stared up at his face with mild irritation, as well as mild arousal, as he brought the rose up to almost graze across your lips.

“Dio,” you muttered through your teeth. “What is this?” He let out a sinister laugh.

“Isn’t is obvious?” He pressed the soft petals to your cheek, sliding it down your jawline, your neck. “I believe this is how romance is supposed to work.”

“You don't know the first thing about romance,” You snarled, wanting to storm away and bang your fists on the door. But you couldn't move. Dio kneeled in front of you as your breath caught in your throat. His free hand brought your knuckles to his soft lips, and you internally screamed at yourself for wanting to swoon.

“I am not one of your toys,” Your voice was firm and confident, though your insides were panicking.

“Of course not,” His lips trailed up your arm, and you bit your lip, this time to hold in a moan of pleasure. He stood, still kissing up your shoulder, your back. He clasped his hands firmly to your waist as he settled his lips on your neck. You were enjoying this too much to break free from him. But that didn’t stop you from trying.

“Dio,” thankfully this didn’t emerge an unnerved squeak. “I don’t want you unless…” Your voice caught in your throat. That last word. Why did you say that last word? You didn’t want him.

He whipped you around to face him, resting his firm hands on your lowered back as he leaned over you. You were forced to wrap your arms around his bare neck, in an attempt not to fall down.

“Unless, what?” he cooed sweetly. It was too much for you. He was too close. Your only choice…

Suddenly, you shoved him away. Your palms pushed against his bare chest as you spun around to the door.

“Terence! Vanilla! Open the door–” You felt a hand slam next to your face, shallow breaths heating against your neck.

“Why?” the soft rumble of his voice came from behind you. “Why are you like this?” his fist struck the door again “Why do you constantly haunt me, tease me?” His voice was rising, the low rumble transforming instead into a harsh yell ”Why are you so beautiful and so unattainable?” He pulled your shoulder around and slammed you against the wall to stare into your eyes “Why do I love you?!”

The only noise came from his gradually slowing pants as he continued to look into your eyes, as if searching for the answers to all these questions. You were paralysed with fright, surprise, anticipation. His stance softened, and his fist slid down from the wall beside you. He took a slow step forward, disregarding the rose he had carelessly tossed onto the floor, and tilting your chin upwards with his fingertip in a surprisingly gentle manner. He turned your face from side to side, almost like he was inspecting it for flaws. He repeated again, but softly:

“Why do I love you?” Your face was burning as he placed his other hand on your hip, gently nudging you back into the door. He seemed to be mesmerised as his fingers caressed your collarbone, your chest. His crimson eyes glanced down as he took an unsteady breath. His tongue slid over his lips as he walked his talons down–

Suddenly, you grabbed his fingers, you heart heaving. He quickly locked his eyes back into yours, his cheeks flushed. You had never seen him so perturbed before. His only emotions were arrogance and rage. Not Love. More than ever, you wanted him. But you didn't want to succumb…

You grasped the hand you had pulled from your breast, raising it instead to brush across your cheek.

“If you really love me…” you couldn't believe you were about to say this. “Prove it.”

Dio lunged at the opportunity, gluing you to the wall as he forced his lips upon yours. He hungrily sucked as his nails dug into your cheek and his hips bucked against yours. You gasped and his tongue slipped into your mouth. As much as you were enjoying it, it wasn't what you wanted.

You bit his tongue, hard, and he stifled a cry of pain as he pulled away. If he had been wearing a shirt, you would have grabbed him by the collar.

“I told you, you don't know the first thing about romance,” you could sense he was having to try his best not to throw a childish temper tantrum. But you tangled your fingers in his hair, slowly pulling him forward. Now that you had him under your control, you were willing to play a little.

You teasingly ran your breath down his exposed neck, just as did to you so many times before. His body became stiff and rigid at your touch, but he made no attempt to grab or grope at any part of you as you continued to snake down his torso. As much as your wanted to press your lips to his muscular pecs, you wouldn't give him the satisfaction. The hand that wasn't busy massaging his scalp slid down his front, tickling his abs lightly. He sucked in a  anguished breath, as you finally kissed his collarbone softly. Your palm pressed down against his navel and he shuddered as you sucked at his collarbone.

Both hands weaved through his golden hair as you sneaked your lips to gently kiss the corner of his mouth. He trembled, and your smirked, somewhat smug at how much you had aroused him. However, he soon took initiative of his own accord, sneaking his firm hand onto the small of your back and leaning lightly into the kiss.

He wasn't rough this time. He treated your lips with care and you smiled into the kiss, though your nerves were still raging and you felt you couldn't tell up from down. His hand gripped at your dress hungrily, but you refused to let him take over. Your own hand slid down his heated back, feeling the soft skin and the hard muscles underneath.

You pulled him closer into the embrace, slowly parting your lips and tilting your head to deepen the kiss. You could feel him growing excited with the presented opportunity as he sneakily bit your lip. You snarled, but continued to suck his lips feverishly. His hand sneaked down to grab your ass, and you gasped, allowing him to lift you into his arms as your legs instinctively wrapped around his waist. Your bare thighs could feel the warmth of his equally bare abs, and you shivered at the thought of what he was planning on doing.

Though you squirmed in frustration, you refused to break the kiss as he carried you to the lavish bed. He threw you down, and you gasped for breath as he began crawling over to straddle you atop the mattress. You let him continue as he sucked along the base of your neck, biting gently so as not to draw any blood, and your fingers gripped his shapely shoulders. He licked down your collarbone, rolling his hips as he became even more aroused. Suddenly, his fingers crawled up the side of your torso to grope at your breast. You gasped as he refocused on your mouth, biting playfully as he continued to knead. But you struck back, sneaking your hand down to squeeze his ass. He moaned loudly into your mouth as he continued to devour your lips. He mumbled between kisses.

“Does this mean you love me?”


“Do you want me to stop?”

You licked across his jawline to nibble at his ear lightly.


Chapter Text

You sighed as you splayed yourself out along the couch. It was mid afternoon… At least you thought it was. To be quite honest, the entire day up until then had been such a blur. You were bored out of your mind, and could barely recall whether it had been several minutes or several hours since you picked up a book and started reading on the sofa. But the words on the page didn't even seem to make sense anymore. You groaned as you placed the novel down onto the coffee table, stretching your limbs out as you groggily sat up. You hadn’t even seen anyone since breakfast. Bruno and Abbacchio were off on a mission, Fugo and Narancia were working on math in the study, Mista was practicing his sharpshooting, and Giorno was… That’s a good question, where was Giorno?

You smiled at the thought of possibly doing something with him later that day. You really admired the Passione’s newest recruit, and despite the short amount of time you had spent together, you had grown closer to him than almost all of the other members. He was refined and poised back at headquarters, yet he became a ruthless warrior on the battlefield. In fact, you were extremely intimidated by his skills the first time you saw him in a fight. However, he was surprisingly easy to talk to. He took an interest in you as soon as you met , and you in he… and something had just clicked.

Maybe “sweethearts” was the best way to describe your relationship. You hoped it was obvious how desperately you had fallen for him, and he seemed to requite at least some of your affections. But you could never be sure.

You leapt from the couch to grab a snack from the pantry. A while ago you had stashed away some pocky, and you felt like it was the perfect time to lounge on the couch and snarf down a box. However, you paused as you returned to the living area.

“Giorno!” You smiled as you skipped over to the couch. He was sitting just where you had been a moment ago, staring off into the distance pensively. But as soon as he caught your eye, he beamed.

“(Y/n)! I was wondering what you were up to today,” you plopped down on the sofa next to him, opening the box.

“Not much. Not anything at all really.” You drew a stick out of the box, placing it in between your lips almost playfully. You extended a stick towards him. “Pocky?” He accepted the offer curiously, staring at the candy stick like it was some foreign object. “It’s kind of like a breadstick but with chocolate–”

“I know what pocky is,” he cut you off taking a small bite. “But where did you find it?” You blushed and chuckled bashfully.

“I kind of mass ordered it online…” To your surprise, Giorno smiled and laughed as he took another bite. You sat in silence for a while, munching on the delectable treat, leaning your head on his shoulder as you savoured the serene moment. Then, a terrible idea popped into your head. Or maybe it was a great idea, you couldn't really tell. But nonetheless, you decided to take the risk.

“Giorno,” you tried your hardest not to melt as his eyes met yours, “Have you ever heard of the pocky game?” You blushed despite your best efforts to remain calm, and ripped your gaze from him so he might not notice your nervousness. Then, you gasped. His hand lightly cupped your chin, turning your focus back to those penetrating eyes of his. He wore his usual serious expression, though you could swear the corners of his mouth curled up in amusement. He slowly drew a stick of pocky out of the container.

“Are you saying you want to play?” He smirked almost maliciously as he took a teasing bite of the pocky. Your head reeled. He could turn from a gentleman into a primal beast in just one instant. And that was why you wanted him so badly.

“Y-You know how to play?” You were surprised that he even knew the game, let alone was willing to play it… with you ...The hand that had rested on your chin removed itself, instead reached for another pocky. He slid his tongue down the chocolatey coating. You had never really seen someone eat it like that before. But good god, it was hot.

“I mean, it’s fairly simple isn't it? Bite it by the stick at either end, first one to pull away loses?” He said this nonchalantly as you continued to stare at him longingly. You breathed shakily as you muttered:

If someone pulls away,” your eyes locked for a second, and a hesitant smile crossed your lips. He flashed a grin in return.

“All right,” he licked his fingers sensuously as he finished a stick. He reached into the box, pulling out another pocky, and you couldn't help but smile slyly as he raised it to your lips. You gently bit down on the chocolate coated end, and you could swear you saw his eyes widen as your lips wrapped around the stick. He leaned forward, never leaving his eyes from yours, as he skillfully caught the other end between his teeth. A blush rose to your face, and you could see the faintest hint of color flash across his cheeks as well. You set the box to the side as you continued to stare at him, undoubtedly more hungry for him than you were for the pocky itself.

You took his cue as he slowly began to bite at the end. It certainly was a challenge, nibbling at the stick, swallowing as you inched nearer to Giorno’s mouth. Your pulse began to quicken as you felt his breath on your face, and you quickly darted your gaze to his thick, luscious lips. But, soon you were too close to even gaze at anything but his eyes. He stared at you with a certain excitement, a hunger, a passion. Your lashes fluttered shut as you took one last bite.

For a moment, you felt soft lips tickle your own, and you heart lurched ar you realised it was finally happening after so many months of pining for him. You gently kissed him, though the sweet snack still remained in your mouth. He was so warm, so comforting, and your fingers subconsciously reached around his neck to fiddle with the end of his golden braid as you leaned in lightly to the kiss.

And then, his lips crashed onto yours. You gasped as the stick of pocky snapped in your mouth at the force of his lunge. A one hand gripped your waist, the other tangled itself in your hair as he pressed his muscular torso to your chest. You gasped as your back toppled onto the couch.

At this point, he was sucking hungrily at your lips. He had quickly eaten the pocky out of the way so that his own lips were free to peruse you as he pleased as he harshly kissed you again and again. His hand gripped your hips tightly as his tongue licked the last smears of chocolate from your mouth. He bit your lip and you gasped, as his hand ran from your hair down to your chest, giving your breast a firm squeeze. Your heart was pounding, your head was light, adrenaline surged through your veins at this unexpected attack on your entire body. But you loved it.

Suddenly, however, he tore his lips away, gazing down at you tenderly, but with concern. You whimpered at the loss of his lips against yours, and his face grew red at your response. But he took a shuddering breath, stroking your cheek with his fingers.

“Mi amore, you know how fond of you I am,” Your heart beat quicker just at those words, and you slid your hand onto his back, pulling him closer so he wouldn’t dare leave you. “But, are you sure you want–”

“Giorno,” You shut him up as your palm slid down his chest. Your fingers fumbled with his zipper, and you could feel his heart race at your touch. “Is that even a question?” You could tell how excited he was becoming, though he was trying his hardest to suppress his urges. And something about it led you on; you had never been this forward with someone you’d wanted, never been this desperate for his touch…

“If I start, I won’t be able to stop.” Your playfully slithered your hand down his ass, tugging at the zipper on his jacket.

“Take me, Giorno,”

His breath caught in his throat before his eyes flashed with greed. He attacked your neck, and you squealed softly as he sucked at your tender flesh. You threw all caution to the wind, pulling down the zipper of his jacket and sliding your hands up and down his firm and well-defined torso. He moaned at your touch, and retaliated by cupping your breast in his strong hand, squeezing it harshly as he continued to nibble at your collarbone. You ensnared your fingers in his beautiful golden locks as you guided his lips further down, arching your back with glee as his tongue grazed across the top of your breast.

You gasped as you felt the hard bulge pressing in between your thighs. Everything seemed so tangible, so real, so imminent. Because it was. You were actually there, with Giorno. He wanted you, and you wanted him. You almost couldn’t believe it. But there was no way in hell you would say no.

Your hands meandered down his back, gripping his ass firmly as he gasped.

But he pulled away once again.

“Take it to the bedroom?”


As soon as the door had been shut, he slammed you against the wall. His lips attacked yours viciously as he thrust his steadily growing erection against your hips. You slid his jacket off his shoulders, throwing it to the side, as you slid your palms down his abs and below his beltline. He shuddered as he began to fiddle with the hem of your shirt. You surprised the both of you by hastily drawing your top over your head as you threw it to the floor. You hungrily grabbed his hips, crashing the into yours as you melted with the touch of his hot torso warming your exposed stomach.

You gasped as he bit your lips, his tongue slipping inside your mouth. You leaned against the wall as he groped both your breasts, grinding his hips into yours as you felt a warm tingling sensation between your legs. You cast all your self-consciousness aside as you fiddled with your pants, sliding them down to the floor. His fingers frantically wrapped around your back, tugging at the hook of your bra.

He paused.

“Are you sure? Please, if you don’t want me to do this…” He was still gracious despite his hunger, his longing. You took a deep breath before reaching around to unhook the clasp, shyly, shrugging the straps over your shoulders. He gazed, transfixed, at your chest, and your heart pounded as you lifted his hand to you. You gasped lightly as your finger grazed across your nipple. His eyes flashed with anticipation.

Then he snuck his hands underneath your thighs. You wrapped your arms around his neck as your legs encompassed his hips. You bit your lip so as not to cry out eagerness as the hard bulge pressed in between your legs. He threw you onto the bed, giving you a second to catch your breath while you heard the latch of his belt unclasp. When you regained your focus, his pants lay on the floor, exposing his hard length as it protruded through the thin fabric of his underwear.

But before he would give you the satisfaction, he attacked your chest with his lips. You shivered as he slid his tongue along the edge of your nipple, squeezing the other breast firmly as he ground into you. You clasped his hips, his ass, for support, as he lightly nibbled the tip and you arched back, squirming under his desperate touch. His lips trailed down your breast, to your ribs, the top of your stomach. You shivered as his kisses reached your navel as he clasped your hips harshly. His other fingers ghosted up the inside of your thigh, and you could feel a warm dampness in between your legs.

He sucked right above the line of your panties as you gave a shuddering whisper.

“Giorno, I’m ready.”

He withdrew from your stomach, crawling over you to look into your eyes.

“As you wish, mi amore.” He stepped off the bed for just a second as he drew down his underwear. Your eyes widened at the massive length, and your heart pounded with anticipation, excitement, nervousness, fear… But you cast it all away as you looked into his eyes again. You admired his frame as he strode over to a dresser in the corner, pulling out a small package. As he approached you, he teared it open sensuously with his teeth. You wanted to ask yourself why exactly he just had a pack of condoms randomly lying about in his drawer, but your mind couldn’t process anything other than that beautiful chiseled body of his. After sliding the condom onto his shaft, his fingers slipped the elastic band of your panties down your hips, your rear, your legs, and you couldn’t help but press your thighs closed as he gained full view of your entire body. Slowly, he cast them aside as he crawled on top of you again. He softly kissed your lips a final time, before he entered.


The next morning, you awoke with your face buried in his chest. You craned your neck, to see Giorno smiling at you gently. His fingers drew a lock of hair from your face before he gently stroked your lips.  Your eyes widened as memories of the night before came flooding back to your mind. You blushed, remembering how you had moaned at his thrusts, how he had screamed your name with each contraction.

But now, his gaze was loving, tender. He kissed your forehead as he reached for something from his nightstand. You couldn’t help but rub your hand across his firm chest, making sure the moment was real, making sure last night hadn’t been a dream. He had grabbed a small box from the bedside table, a mischievous smirk crossing his face as he extended it to you.


Chapter Text

The pair had a bit of a reputation around campus when you first met them. Caesar and Joseph: two roommates who would never be seen apart from each other, even though they constantly bickered and fought. They would disrupt lectures when Joseph, or JoJo as most people called him, asked the professor a stupid question. Caesar would then yell at him for his ignorance. JoJo would then insult Caesar with the first thing that came to mind. The two would then be escorted out of class, kicking and screaming, by the TA.

You had experienced this firsthand only a few times, for they were only in one of your classes. Unfortunately, however, it was your favorite class: The History of Comics, Manga, and Graphic Novels. They didn't interrupt the class too often, for JoJo seemed to be somewhat knowledgeable about that field.  But of course, it had to happen at some point…

You were late for the class that day, when you heard a commotion in the classroom. You strode quickly to the door, bookbag hanging open, tennis shoes untied, as you hurried to into the lecture hall.

Suddenly, the door open. You crashed. Books went flying, you force of the floor against your back knocked the wind out of you. Your pulse pounded in your eardrums, and anger and frustration clenched your muscles. You sat up, ready to chide whoever had been so clumsy as to knock you to the ground, but instead, you were struck silent.

He kneeled down in front of you, his hand gently outstretched to help you to your feet. His expression was tender and concerned as he grabbed your forearm, your waist, as he drew you to standing. He was muttering apologies that you couldn't quite make out as he scrambled to gather the papers that had fallen. You were enraptured, entranced, enchanted as he carefully replaced the papers back into your bookbag. Before he gave it back however, he slowly kissed your hand.

“I am terribly sorry. Please forgive me, mia bella signora.”

You weren't extremely surprised by his soft touch, though your heart still fluttered at the handsome face before you. Caesar certainly had the reputation of being a “lady-killer,” though he and JoJo were equally popular amongst the girls. But you saw something different in his eyes, a genuineness in his gentleness…

After you had (quite literally) run into each other, he and Joseph began to sit with you at lunch. You were surprised to learn that they lived in the same dorm, but nonetheless pleased when they began to dine with you. They probably only sat with you because you were one of the few people in the cafeteria at such a late hour, but you enjoyed the company all the same.

It was a normal day like this when you brought your tray to the usual table, however, no one was there. In all the weeks, maybe even months, you had sat with them, they had never been absent and rarely been late. But on your seat, you found a small envelope: It was sealed with a read heart sticker, and across the front bore your name in elegant cursive. Your eyebrows raised in wonder, and you tried your hardest to calm your thoughts; your mind was already racing to wild conclusions.

You gently pried the envelope open, revealing a short letter on pink decorated stationery:


“My dearest (y/n),

For quite some time I have admired you from afar. You are smart and kind and gentle, and from the first moment I saw you I was thrown under your spell. I’d very much like to speak with you in private to confess my true feelings. Please meet me in the courtyard at 9:00.

–Love, someone who wishes to know you better.”


Your heart lurched as you read that beautiful penmanship. Who could possibly write you such a sappy letter? It wasn’t Joseph. Definitely not. You certainly wanted it to be Caesar, but knew he wouldn't be into someone like you. Even so, you smiled gently as you sighed. Maybe…


You had flushed red with giggles when he met you there, dressed in his finest, with a full bouquet of roses. He was shooing Joseph away when you caught sight of him standing near the statue at the centre of the courtyard. Your obvious answer (as soon as you had pushed JoJo from the vicinity) had been yes.

And since then, you had been going steady for about three months or so.

As soon as he began dating you, all flirtation with other women ceased. You were absolutely stunned by his care, his devotion. He was certainly a romantic, and no matter how much you assured that him that he didn't need to shower you with roses and chocolates and spontaneous gifts of expensive jewellery, he persisted in pampering you. And no matter how much he assured you that you were beautiful, kind, intelligent, the love of his life, you still couldn’t believe that he had chosen you of all people.

Occasionally you would be at an event or a party and girls would push you out of the way, swarming to his side. At first you were a bit disheartened, pissed even, but soon you grew used to it. He never gave you any reason to be jealous, and always made sure that you knew where his heart remained loyal. You, on the other hand, never had many suitors. Until that one pesky afternoon.

You nuzzled your head against his bare bicep as you walked down the street. Joseph bounded excitedly ahead of you, yelling at you guys to hurry up. You sighed.

You weren’t in any rush. You were enjoying the feeling of his fingers intertwined in yours, The sun’s rays warming your exposed back. You were a bit hot, but you the August heat was bearable if you got to spend it with Caesar. Joseph, of course, disagreed, as he pushed to towards the ice cream shop.

“Seriously guys, I’m SO HOT!” You shook your head at his complaining, letting out a dry chuckle.

“I still think Caesar’s the better looking one,” You smiled bashfully up at your boyfriend as he squeezed your hand reassuringly.

“Mi amore, though I am flattered by your words, I still believe you are the most beautiful one of us all,” You snickered maniacally at his cheesy compliment before placing a quick kiss on his cheek. JoJo gagged in disgust. Then, he spotted the ice cream store.

As Caesar was the only one with money on him, he ordered at the window while you and Joseph secured a bench near the small park. You gave him a quick kiss before joining JoJo, though you still smiled back, gazing at his handsome figure.

You gasped as you felt a sudden hand on your lower back.

“Come on, (y/n). Let’s sit down.” You wriggled as his fingers slid down farther, quickly stepping away from his grasp. You turned around to see his cheeky, mischievous smile. His eyes flashed down your figure: your revealing tank top, your denim shorts. He took a step closer as your, biting his lip, a strange fire in his eyes, and you sucked in a deep breath.

Finally, you felt a familiar presence behind you. An arm reached around to offer you a giant sundae. You licked your lips in delight: he had gotten your favorite kind of ice cream in a waffle cone bowl, smothered with whipped cream and hot fudge. A delectable red cherry decorated the top. You gratefully took the bowl from him.

“Thank you so much Caesar! I assume we’re sharing?” You giggled as you smiled up at him, but he said nothing as he placed his hand protectively around your waist. Joseph pouted as he pulled his tiny cone from Caesar’s grasp, and crouched on the bench sulkily. Caesar placed a quick kiss on your neck, eliciting from you a small shiver of excitement, before he sat down on the bench before you. You noticed he was giving JoJo a stern look as he eyed him suspiciously. You took a seat next to Caesar, offering him the first bite of the ice cream. But, to you surprise, he tightly wrapped his arm around your shoulders before he gathered a large spoonful. He offered you the large scoop of whipped cream and he shot a glance at Joseph, before turning to face you again. You smiled shyly, though you were a bit confused, as you wrapped your lips around the spoon.

You three began to converse, though things still seemed tense between Caesar and Joseph. At one point, Caesar teasingly dangled the cherry before your lips, smirking as a bit of the red syrup ran down the corner of your mouth. He wiped it away with his finger before he placed a quick kiss on your lips. All the while, he made sure Joseph had a good view. You actually had to hold him back a bit as he tried to deepen the kiss, reminding him that the two of you were in public.

Was he… jealous?


Joseph left the two of you for some kind of party that was happening that night, on your walk back to the dorm. He still seemed a bit shaken, and slightly sour; his arm wrapped firmly around your waist as he led your through the descending twilight.


“Si, amore mio?” You smiled gently and gave his hand a squeeze. He knew you loved it when he spoke Italian. Of course, you would always deny it whenever he brought it up, but the very sound of the language flowing off his tongue sent shivers down your spine.

“Caesar,” You repeated his name in earnest as you took a breath. “Although I certainly appreciate your affections– don’t get me wrong, I love the way you touch me, and kiss me,” your heart fluttered, your mind leaping from one lewd thought to another. But you shook it off as you assured him genuinely “But you don’t need to rub in Joseph’s face,”

Caesar’s face flushed red, a rare occurrence, as his grip around you tightened.

“(Y/n),” He stuttered out your name, “Did you see how he was looking at you?” You sighed.

“Well, it’s very cute that you’re jealous–”

“I’m not jealous!” You giggled at his defensiveness.

“Well, that’s good,” You stopped him in his path, placing a tender kiss onto his lips. His long eyelashes tickled your cheeks as he grasped your hips vigorously. You whispered as you broke away. “Because there’s no need to be jealous. I love you, and if Joseph f***ing Joestar so much as lays a hand on me, I can assure you I will be the first to kick his ass.” He chuckled as you murmured the words into his ear in an oddly sensual manner. He took several deep breaths before tangling his fingers in yours again.

“I love you so much,”


He led you up the stairs to the second floor, the floor your dorm was on. However, the both of you paused, not willing to creep away from each other just yet. The silence hung in the air for a while before you decided to speak.

But you each started at the same time, chuckled awkwardly, told the other to go first, giggled at your own idiocy. Finally, he spoke/

“Maybe,” His words were hesitant as he rubbed his neck, looking down at the floor abashedly “We could head up to my room–”

“Yes!” You blurted out, before you could even finish his thought. He looked up in surprise.

“(Y/n), do you even realise–” You nodded your head, clutching his hands as you pulled them over your heart. “I’m asking if you want to–”

“Caesar, I love you with all my heart. And if I could just spend a few hours with you, knowing full well that Joseph would be locked out of his room for the rest of the night,” Caesar chuckled at your reasoning, yet still looked at you hesitantly. “I would trade the entire world .” He rubbed his thumb across your fingers as he pressed his lips to your knuckles.

“Ti amo,”

With that, he gently guided you up the stairs and to his dorm room. Most of the neighbors seemed to be out at some party or another, so you two had just a bit of privacy. He opened the door for you, and you giggled at his gentlemanly composure, just a bit of you wondering how much it would take to destroy that facade. How long would it take before he turned into a beast?

You smirked as he shut the latch on the door, ensuring that, even if JoJo did have a key (which he usually didn’t due to his forgetfulness), he still would not be able to intrude. You shuddered at the finality of the gesture. He turned back around to face you, arms slowly wrapping around your waist  as he rested his forehead on yours. You coiled your own arms around his neck, and he gently rocked back and forth, as if the two of you were dancing.

“Amore mio, please, just tell me if it’s too much.” He gasped as you planted your lips tenderly on his neck, kissing softly up to whisper in his ear.

“That won’t be necessary,” You felt his body grow rigid and his grip around you tighten as you playfully nibbled his earlobe. He grunted through his teeth as you sucked teasingly.

“Are you trying to torture me?” You removed your lips and looked him straight in the eye. He quite obviously was glaring down your cleavage, staring hungrily at your body as you uttered one final word:

“Maybe,” His lips pressed firmly against yours, not too firmly, however, as he pulled your hips to his. He gently backed you up onto the wall behind you, as one hand tilted your chin to deepen the kiss. You held back a gasp as his torso crashed onto yours, compressing your breasts unexpectedly. But soon he stabilized his body by resting his knee in between your thighs, and your breaths quickened with the sudden excitement.

Underneath all the eagerness and the nerves, you oddly impatient. It was your first time with him, let alone with anyone, and part of you just wanted to get to the fun stuff, to see that aggressive and impulsive side of Caesar that he so rarely showed to others. But you tried to take your time as you slid your hands down his form fitting tank, grabbing the thin fabric so you could pull him deeper into the kiss.

His movements began to change. His lips parted, becoming rougher and faster as his tongue playfully tickled the insides of your mouth. You shivered as his fingers ran through your hair, his hand slid down your hips. That tingling warmth started to spread in between your thighs, and you surprised yourself by wrapping a leg around his waist.

You could feel his response: his heart beat faster, his kisses became more passionate, a hard prominence dug into your thigh as he harshly groped your ass. You squeaked at his unexpected touch, however, he broke the kiss for a moment, catching his breath, as well as assessing your own well being.

“Mia bella, are you okay,” You bit your lip, playfully, thrusting your pelvis into his as his eyes widened and his face flushed.

“Caesar, I know you’ve got more than that in you…” You trailed your finger teasingly down his chest as he groaned in frustration. He suddenly lifted your other thigh to wrap around his hips, carrying you to the bed while he placed a quick kiss on your lips. You sat upright, as he slowly straddled you, wrapping his arms around your neck as you leaned back only slightly. That was the burning passion you wanted. His green eyes were aflame with lust, and you squirmed in anticipation.

“Fine. No holding back.” He quickly grasped at the hem of your shirt, ferociously pulling it up and over your head as you gasped at feel of air on your bare skin. He pushed your back down onto the mattress and began slowly kissing his way up your stomach. He sucked and nibbled just below your ribs, licking up to the edge of your bra.

Then, in an instant, he had reached around and unlatched the hooks. He tore the bra from your chest and instantly bit down on your nipple. You grasped the sheets as you writhed and squirmed at the touch. But the sensation nonetheless sent shivers down your spine as he licked around the center of your breast, kneading the other lustily as he began to grind into your pelvis.

You finally regained control of your own body, tugging at his shirt clumsily until he momentarily tore away from you to pull it over his head. He gazed down at your figure for just a moment while you ran your fingers up and down his bare chest, admiring that beautiful chiseled body of his. A smile unexpectedly came to your lips.

“I love you, Caesar.”

He grinned back, mischievously squeezing your breast in reply.

“Ti amo, (y/n).” He attacked your lips again with fervor, biting and sucking till they were almost swollen with his kisses. Your hands ran up and down his warm back, feeling the muscles ripple under his soft flesh, teasingly sliding your hands just underneath the waistline of his jeans. He smirked as he felt your hands travel down further, and you gasped as he thrust the now extremely prominent tent between your thighs.

He climbed off for just a moment, and for some reason you instinctively covered your chest now that his warmth had left your body. But you couldn’t help but sit and watch as he slowly unbuckled his belt. His pants slipped to that floor, revealing that very bulge that had driven you crazy so many times before. Only now, it was within reach; Caesar loved you. He wanted you.

But before he undressed any further, he kneeled before you. There was still passion in his eyes, however he had regained some of that polite demeanor he had always treated you with. He slowly, gently, eased your shorts off your hips. You bit your lip to hold back a gasp as he kneeled before you. Your feet dangled off the bed as he slowly drew your knees apart. You wanted to slam your thighs shut, to squirm and fear for whatever he was about to do to you.

Yet, you trusted Caesar, so you spread your legs, giving him a full view of you somewhat damp panties. You flushed and looked away, only to be met with a light kiss on the inside of your leg. He trailed the kisses up the inside of your thigh, towards your most sensitive parts, gently sucking at the supple flesh here and there. A moan escaped your lips as you flopped onto the bed at the sheer stimulation.

“Mi amore, are you ready?” You closed your eyes, nodding as you lay vulnerable, exposed, but prepared for whatever he had to offer you.

“Yes Caesar. I’m ready.”


Joseph had to stay in someone else’s room that night.

Chapter Text

There was something so comfortable about the silence in between you two. You had barely ever spoken before, until the day he asked you out. Every day, you merely sat with him, on the rooftop, in silence, as you are your lunch  a great distance apart from each other.

You had known who he was, of course. Jotaro Kujo. He had quite a reputation among the girls: a strong and sexy delinquent, a tall dark and mysterious man whose sheer voice could send shivers down a girl’s spine. That wasn't, however, what you saw in him.

To you he was a quiet, introverted man. Each day he would sit at the table, one the ledge, sometimes lie on his back staring up at the sky. He seemed to be daydreaming a lot of the time. Sometimes he would take out a book and begin reading. As you were quite the reader yourself (you spent much of your time up there working your way through novels or manga, or doodling in your sketchbook), you took quite an interest in this. Mostly he read textbooks about dolphins, sea stars, marine biomes and different species of fish. He seemed a lot more intelligent than most of those silly little girls gave him credit for.

And yet, romantic that you were, you did begin to develop a bit of a crush on him. You never approached him, for you knew your feelings would never be requited: he was too handsome for you, too intelligent, too strong. And if he knew you pined over him, he would obviously spurn you and find somewhere else to eat his lunch. So you never approached him.

But, one day, you finally heard that voice that they had been pining over for so long.


You flinched and darted your eyes up at his large, looming figure. You had been lost in a particularly exciting (and arousing) section of your manga, and closed the book quickly to give him your full attention.

“I’m Jotaro Kujo,” he stuck his hand in your face, offering you a handshake as a greeting. You would have chuckled at his awkward introduction if you weren't so nervous. You rarely spoke to anyone at school, all your friends lived back in your home country. But the idea that he was actually trying to speak with you terrified you out of your wits.

“I-I know,” you mentally scolded yourself at the stupid response, and his eyebrows raised in surprise. Your sweaty palm accepted the firm shake, and you rose, trembling, so he would no longer be looking down at you with such an intimidating glare. “I’m (y/n). (Y/n) (l/n),” you could swear you saw the corner of his lips curl upwards just a bit, soft smile.

That image burned into your mind, and you could scarcely remove it from your thoughts when he invited out to the small mochi shop, when he insisted he pay for your dessert, when he sat across the table in silence.

He stared off into the horizon as you stared into his deep aquamarine eyes. You weren't quite able to tell if the meeting was strictly a platonic outing, or if he had in fact asked you on a date. You weren't even sure if Jotaro knew. But he did ask you on another. And another.

You began to actually speak with each other. You learned about his interest in marine biology, his quiet life with his mother at home. You talked of your love for manga and reading, and he even picked up some of the novels you recommended.

His fan club seemed to notice your becoming closer, but didn't dare part you for fear of what Jotaro might do to them (he made it known that he would beat up anyone who so much as touched a hair on your head. He began showing up at your door, walking you hand in hand to and from school.

And it was a day like this when he paused at your door. The late afternoon sun pierced through the clouds, refracting its rosy pink rays across the horizon. He ran his thumb across your knuckles, gazing down at his ground. You didn't want to speak until he had said something, however, he didn't continue. You couldn't believe your eyes: was that a small blush crossing his cheeks?

“Jotaro?” He squeezed your hand reassuringly as you whispered his name. Suddenly, he brought his calloused palm to you cheek, and you stiffened at the surprisingly gentle touch. He opened his mouth as if to speak, but no sound came out as his eyes bore holes in your heart.  However, he gently pursed his lips as you held his hand against your cheek, barely believing that he actually had performed such a gesture.

His eyes quickly darted back and forth, scouring street to make sure no one was watching the two of you. And then, he went for it.

The kiss was gentle but abrupt. You widened your eyes in shock as his lips lightly grazed yours. Your heart pounded in your ears as you stood on your tiptoes to kiss him back. His lips were so soft, so tender, so surprisingly supple.

He pulled away too quickly, as more than anything you desired that feeling of his lips against yours. And yet, it had felt like an eternity. The blush on his face had deepened as he removed his hand from your cheek to tip his hat, hiding his expression. With that, he said his goodbyes and left.

Each time you met on the rooftop, he would kiss you just as sweetly. Together you would read or draw, or simply sit in silence. Sometimes you learned your head on his shoulder, staring off into the cityscape as he recited interesting trivia about dolphins. Sometimes you rested your head in his lap as he gently massaged your scalp, reading to you from one of your favorite books.

Every time his fan club approached, he would pull you into a rough kiss, and somehow the display shut them up. You always blushed in embarrassment whenever he laid hands on you in public, but nonetheless cherished his affections in any form. He profusely apologised for using you so (If “I’m really sorry about that.” is considered a profuse apology) but you understood his reasoning. You could see him perking up when the girls began to follow you less and less often. And, finally, they disappeared.


You loved your life with Jotaro, so much so that by the time summer came around, you couldn’t bear to cease your daily meetings. He began to walk to your apartment every day that he could. Sometimes, you would be out at work, and he’d leave a small handwritten note on your doorstep to greet you when you returned after your long day. Though most of the notes were short and to the point, (“Couldn’t catch you before work, see you this afternoon” or “We’re going to the aquarium tomorrow. Bring the camera.”) he’d occasionally add on a short “I love you” or an ugly little heart at the end (How he managed mess up drawing something as simple as a heart you would never know). But you giggled at this awkward way of wording things.

You had been seeing each other for almost six months at that point (though you couldn’t count on him to even realise such an important milestone was approaching). Your anniversary actually lay on one of these days when you were coming home, positively fatigued from work that afternoon. You fanned yourself as you turned the corner to your apartment, ready for a relaxing night. Maybe you would even walk over to Jotaro’s house and lounge there for a bit. But then, you paused as you saw the large figure looming next to your door. Your feet broke out into a run before you could stop yourself, and you jumped to wrap your arms around his neck as you whispered his name into his chest.

When you had first began dating him, he would occasionally pull away when you ensnared him in such a tight embrace. But now, he gently hugged you back, his force just barely lifting your toes off the ground as you giggled. After a while of feeling his heart beat against your head, he set you down, though your palms still rested on his shoulders. You were about to ask him why exactly he had been waiting for you outside your apartment, when he placed a quick kiss on your lips. This action wasn’t wholly unusual, however his rosy cheeks and his avoidance of eye contact tipped you off that something might not be right.

“Jotaro, why are you here?” You voice was soft and a bit meek, but you smiled sweetly nonetheless.

“We’re going out for mochi.” You raised your eyebrows in mild surprise. You hadn’t been out to the mochi shop since your first date half a year ago. But he held out his hand for you to take as he continued to stare at the ground, and you softly kissed his red cheek as you intertwined your fingers in his.

“That would be lovely.”


You might have even dared to say it was the happiest night of your life. Maybe it was the combination of relief after a long day’s work, the sugary sweetness of the mochi, his sturdy arm gripping your waist; but nevertheless, you hadn’t felt this happy in months, maybe even years. And you wanted to tell him just that.

“Jotaro,” he paused, mochi halfway in his mouth, to stare down at you. You giggled lightly at the stupid face he was making, but brushed it to the side as you took in a deep breath. “I-I just wanted to say, I know you don’t like it when I ramble, but I just need you to know how much I appreciated you. You’re always there for me, to talk to me when no one else will talk, to keep me company in quiet when no one else will shut up… I mean, I guess I just want you to know how much I love you,” You dared to glance at his eyes, but they were hidden by the shadow of his cap. You stuttered, a blush coming to your face as you took in his (somewhat intimidating) expression. “I mean, you already know how much I love you, so… I guess I’ll just stop now.” You shoved a whole mochi straight into your mouth to shut you up before you said anything stupid.

But, to your surprise, you felt his grip tighten around your waist, pulling your body closer to his as you sat on the bench. He slowly chewed the remainder of his treat before he opened his mouth to speak.

“I’m glad. I love you too.” You leaned your head into his shoulder with the affirmation. He had rarely said those words, seeming to think just saying it one time was enough to satisfy you. But when you did move him to utter those words just one more time, you remembered that first little smile, that first kiss on your doorstep. And you felt truly happy.


The setting sun cloaked the sky in a fiery haze of orange as stars began to flicker in the twilight. You had just your apartment, when he paused. It was just like that day all those months ago when he pressed his lips to yours, affirmed your feelings. But this time, he seemed a bit more bold, more resolute, as he reached down into his pocket. You gasped at he withdrew a small black box, handling it somewhat clumsily as he shoved it towards you.


You raised your eyebrows and your face flushed with color as you gently pried the box from his fingers.

“Do I open it?”

“Yare yare…” He shook his head, though you could still see the faintest smile on his lips. You took his response as a yes, and carefully opened the small box.

It small ring. Two tiny dolphins swirled towards the center, where three small sapphires were fixed in a row on an angle. Tiny white gems swirled in the silver fitting. It was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen. Your words caught in your throat.

“J-Jotaro,” You looked up at him to see his eyes boring holes in the ground again. You had come to understand this to be a sign of both embarrassment and affection.

“I-I really do love you,” his deep voice was raspy and a bit hesitant as he shoved his hands in his pockets. “And, I mean, I thought maybe you’d want something for our  anniversary…” You raised your eyebrows in surprise, laughing giddily  as you grabbed his shoulder.

“You actually realised that?” You hadn’t even expected him to remember your own birthday, let alone take the time to count out the months. But you saw his jaw clench, and quickly backed away, not pressing the matter any further.

He seemed to be looking back and forth between you and the ring expectantly, and you soon gathered that he wanted you to put it on. He mad no move to assist as you  gently pulled the ring from its vessel and slid it onto your finger. You could swear a smirk of satisfaction cross his face as you admired the band on your finger. Then you took a slow, steady breath.

“Jotaro, you know, if you want to come in…” You were terrified; you didn’t really know how to tell him exactly what you wanted, or to be more exact, exactly who you wanted. He hadn’t brought up sex before, so you couldn’t quite tell if he desired you just as much as you desired him…

‘Well’ , you decided ‘ however hard I try, It’s not going to be eloquent anyway, I might as well just say it.’

“PleasehavesexwithmeJotaro” You screamed inside your head. That was not what you meant. Well, it was what you meant, but not like that . “Sorry. I mean if you wanna...” NO! Dammit, that wasn’t right either. “I mean,” You took a deep breath, gathering your composure before you proceeded. You couldn’t bear to look at his face at the moment, so, instead, you fidgeted with the beautiful dolphin ring in your fingers. “I really love you Jotaro. I love seeing you smile, I love making you happy. And I want to take our relationship a step further,” Your words seemed a bit formal and distant, but to the point nonetheless. “I haven’t done things like this before, so I’m probably not that good, but still–”

His lips crashed onto yours. You flinched as he suddenly gripped your waist, leaning over you to plant a firm kiss. Your hands were plastered to his chest for support as his soft lips became rough in the rhythm of his touch. Unlike his usual, gentle kiss, he was harsh and passionate. His fingers tugged at the fabric of your shirt lustily as he parted his lips. You gasped as he bit your bottom lip hard, giving his tongue the opportunity to slip into your mouth while his hands trailed up and down your back, underneath the fabric of your top. The kiss was just a bit sloppy, but his sheer desperation, his desire almost brought you to your knees. However, before he dared go any further, you broke apart for breath.

The two of you realised that in the sudden flood of emotions, you had forgotten just where you were. In the distance you could see a jogger coming up over the hill in the dim moonlight.

“L-Let’s get inside,” Jotaro grunted in affirmation as he firmly took your hand, strode into the complex, led you up the stairs. You fumbled with your keys, noticing him admiring the ring on your finger once again. You smiled giddily in your anticipation, your excitement. The latch finally clicked open and you both strode in, quickly removing your shoes as Jotaro locked the door behind you. Once you were settled, you whipped around, ready to attack him again.

But his eyes had calmed somewhat. His lips were pursed in thought as he stared into your eyes. He took a small step closer as he began to remove his long black gakuran. You shivered as the chains clattered to the floor along with the thick fabric. You had so rarely seen his biceps exposed like this, and resisted the temptation to grab his swollen and muscular arms right then and there. Because he seemed like he was trying to say something.

“(Y/n),” You gently brought his hand to his cheek as you stared into those beautiful turquoise eyes. “I actually,” he bit his lip, and you could feel your body begin to warm at the sheer sight of that expression. “I’ve never done this before,” Six months ago, you would have been surprised if he told your this: you would have thought that a handsome and arguably charming man like him would have had at least some experience, but the more you got to know him, it became was quite obvious. He hated girls, the mere sight of them made his skin crawl. You were his first love. And, if he chose to go through with it, you would be his first lover...

“We can learn together,” Your voice was fluttery as placed your other hand on his chest, stepping up onto your tiptoes and gently closing your eyelids. One of his palms rested on your hip while the other toyed with your hair and he slowly brought his lips to yours. The roughness of his touch had certainly diminished, however the passion remained as he gently kissed your lips again and again. You ran your fingers up and down those strong biceps of his that you so rarely had the chance to admire.

He tilted your chin, deepening the kiss as his lips parted and his hand both slid to support your lower back. You arched your spine, as his tongue tenderly ran across the corner of your mouth and you greeted it by allowing your own tongue to slip through ever so slightly. You could feel the inexperience behind the sloppy kiss, but you savored it regardless (besides, you were probably no better).

You gasped as his rough fingers again snuck underneath the fabric of your shirt, gradually making their way up your back. You slid your hands down his chest in reply, both wanting to take it further and to relish the moment. Your fingers crept around to his hips, pulling them close to yours, and you gasped, feeling the barely noticeable bulge beginning to form.

You felt Jotaro pull away slowly, a thin strand of saliva still connecting your lips as he panted. You gazed into his eyes, but his stare was focused elsewhere. You followed his sightline down to your chest, and your face flushed as he looked at you, his expression asking your permission to take you.

You nodded, breathlessly, as you toyed with the hem of your shirt. He helped you slowly draw it up and over your head, throwing to the ground. Your immediate instinct was of course to shy away as his hungry glare settled again on your breast. Your arms wrapped around your neck and stomach, somewhat ashamed. You muttered under your breath:

“They’re not much,” Jotaro slowly drew your tightly coiled arms away.

“Dammit, woman. You know I think you’re beautiful.” Your heart pounded at his words, and as he began to suck at the soft flesh of your neck. As he pried your forearms from your chest, his touch began to roughen. He kissed and pecked and bit at your sweet spot until you let out a soft moan. You could feel his momentary pause, however, he continued as he trailed his lips down to your breast, quite possibly leaving several small bruises in his wake. You gasped, biting your lip to hold in any other unflattering noises as his one hand grasped your breast while the other fondled your rear, his tongue slowly trailing down the edge of your bra. For someone who claimed he was inexperienced, he certainly knew just how to heighten your arousal.

He thrust his pelvis into yours as you grasped onto his muscular frame for dear life, having neither a wall nor bed behind you to support you. You felt the prominent length prodding teasingly in between your thighs as he continued to knead your breast and bite your collarbone. His fingers found the hook of your bra, and he was just about to unclasp it, when you regained your senses.

Through your trembles and moans, you grasped ahold of his form fitting tank top, slipping it over his head quickly, so his hands wouldn’t leave you longer than they needed to. But instead of attacking you again with kisses, his face remained stoic as he picked you up, bridal style. You placed your hand on his firm chest, feeling his heart pound rapidly against your palm. You could see just a hint of fire behind his eyes as he carried you to the bedroom, throwing you onto the bed.

He breathed heavily as his hands found the hook again, snapping it loose so your chest could hang free. As he forced your shoulders down onto the bed, he caught your nipple gently in between his teeth, and you squirmed as his fingers began to play with the other breast. His licks were still somewhat sloppy as they trailed along your heaving chest, but his teasing squeeze of your nipple made you squeal in excitement.

Your hands slid down the muscles of his back, inching ever closer to his ass. You wanted to slip your fingers underneath his pants playfully, grope his rear as he gasped in surprise, but felt too bashful to go that far… But, what the heck.

You squeezed his ass, and, in surprise, he bit down on your nipple. You sucked in a breath of shock and a bit of pain, before you realised he had slowly crawled off of you. You sat up slightly, craning your neck to see him biting his lip in anticipation. He slowly undid his top belt buckle, and you cocked your head to the side for just a moment. Why exactly did he have two belts?

You giggled giddily.

“Do you need me to unbuckle the other one?” The words slipped out of your mouth before you had a chance to process them, and if it was possible, your face flushed even darker. “I mean–”

“If you want to,” You melted as you saw that mischievous smirk cross his face. You were going to stutter something like ‘Just kidding’ or ‘I was joking’, but hormones undoubtedly had taken control of your mind. He walked over to the bed where you sat before him, the tent of his pants reaching just inches from your face. You shivered as you slowly brought your fingers to the latch, fumbling with the buckle until it finally popped open. Your hand lightly grazed his crotch as you drew the let the belt fall to the ground, and you stared back into his eyes to gauge his reaction. His smirk was gone, and a deep flush spread across his cheeks, though he tried to mask his arousal with a stoic scowl. He slipped off slipped off his pants, and your couldn’t tear your eyes from the massive prominence that poked through his boxers. He gently leaned down to place several kisses on your stomach before he slid your shorts off your hips as well. Before he could go any further, however, you just had to do one thing.

You slowly curled your fingers around the edge of his hat and tossed it to the floor. You saw his eyes momentarily flash with surprise and frustration, but you were too ensnared with the sight of him to even move. He was beautiful– well, he was beautiful even with his hat, but once you tossed it from his head.

“Take me Jotaro” He took a deep breath before nodding his head. He removed your panties first, and you squeezed your legs together as you felt the cool air between your thighs. He excused it for the moment as he stood to remove his boxers. He never took his eyes from yours, and your heart began to race as he slowly drew the underwear down his legs. You shivered at the sight of his raging erection, somewhat scared for what you were about to do. But you weren’t going to back away.

Before he pounced upon you, he reached for his pants, drawing out a small package from the pocket. Your eyebrows raised as he ripped the condom open, tossing the trash to the floor and drawing the latex down over his shaft for your protection.

“Y-You… Were you planning on this?” He smirked slyly as he approached you, gently prying your legs apart.

“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting,” You took a deep breath as he stroked your inner thigh, readying himself at your entrance.



“I love you.”

Chapter Text

If you only hadn't had the heart to visit the little village outside your family’s country estate you wouldn't be here right now. You had promised your parents you would be home before midnight, however you were enjoying yourself so immensely at the rowdy inn that you had lost all track of time. When the town clock struck twelve, you began to collect your belongings, nestling the small pouch of gold safely in your bodice, bidding farewell to the joyous innkeeper, the boisterous drunkards, the whining tavern wenches.

However, as you approached the door, you noticed how the laughter and shouts of glee began to turn to terrified shrieks and screams. Your heart pounded in your chest while you darted your eyes this way and that, searching for the cause of the commotion as you fled to the exit. But before you could escape, you crashed into something massive and muscular, a firm chest that didn't so much as budge at the with the force of the collision. You quickly muttered apologies as you attempted to pass. However, the man would not move. You felt a long and pointed fingernail tilt your chin upwards.

Striking crimson eyes. You could barely draw your gaze away from those mesmerising orbs, that beautiful face. He was a tall man, muscular, sharp-featured, dressed much too nicely to be a citizen of the town, and certainly carried a regal air about him. His golden hair rippled down his shoulders, and you could swear you saw a glistening fang flash underneath his shapely lip. Your heart leapt: you had never seen someone so handsome. But something seemed wrong.

The tavern roar seemed to fade into silence as he held you there under his penetrating gaze. He smirked maliciously, a small red droplet descending his chin from the corner of his mouth. His finger lightly trailed down your neck, your collarbone, down to your heaving chest, which was restricted in the dark blue bodice of your elegant gown. You could not help but stand there, frozen in terror, as he slowly began to circle you. His bright red orbs practically piercing through your very clothing as his hand slid down your chest, along your waist, to your lower back, your rear.

As he stepped out of your line of sight, you took in the horrific scene around you. They all lay dead or dying on the floor: some bleeding profusely from neck injuries as they gargled out cries of help, some writhing in pain, their stomachs torn open, entrails spilling onto the bloodstained hardwood. Men (who in fact seemed to be more creatures than men) prowled, teeth bared in sanguine hunger as they feasted on their prey.

You had been warned of thieves, highwaymen, murderers, men who would have their way with any woman they laid their eyes on. You had been warned that they would desire you even more because of your high birth, your wealth, your gentility, and you cursed yourself for daring to wear that elaborate indigo dress to such a place, as the shimmering damask quite obviously marked you as a lady of status.

“What have we here?” you shivered as he pressed his torso firmly against you from behind, his hands quickly reaching under your arms to grasp your breasts harshly. You gasped as a surge of hormones began to flood through your body. You wanted to protest, to offer him money to leave you be, but, strangely, you could not move. He thrust his hips against your ass, and you moaned as he slid his fingers down your chest, your stomach, your thighs, teasing your crotch though your skirt. He laughed as your face flushed red and you back arched, leaning against him for support, your face pulled taught in an expression of pure ecstasy.

“Enjoying it, are you?” His silky voice tickled your ear, as you felt his sniffs descend to your neck. Your entire body trembled in terror as he slowly tilted your head to the side, trailing his tongue along your flesh playfully. “I think you’ll do just fine.” You heard amusement in his voice, before he squeezed your bosom again. You squirmed as you felt a piercing sensation in your neck, warm fluids spilling out of your jugular, a faint dizziness as you fell to your knees. But his fangs didn’t leave your neck until he was completely finished with you. He gently guided you down to the floor before pulling his arms away. “Yes, you’ll do perfectly,” those were the last words you heard before the world faded to silence.


You yawned as you stretched out in the luxurious bed. You were positively exhausted– you couldn’t tell why. All you desired was just another minute or two of sleep. But you felt a cold hand trail up your chest. You gasped and sat up immediately, only to be met by those mesmerising crimson orbs

The night before came back to you, and your head reeled as your breaths became shallow. The man sat on the bed, his eyes perused your entire body, undressing you with his eyes. However, soon, you realised he had no need. Your gown and petticoat lay, shredded on the floor before you. You still wore your corset your chemise, your garter belt over your short, sheer bloomers and lace stockings. But that was it. You were exposed and vulnerable.

And yet, you felt empowered, stronger. You didn’t freeze up under his gaze. You matched his glare with equal sternness and stubbornness, grabbing crumbling his spindly fingers in your strong fist as gritted your teeth

“Where am I? Who are you?” you spat each word, hiding your fear with ferocity. But he merely chuckled as he easily pried his hand away from your clutches.

“All in good time, my sweet .” He mocked you teasingly with the last word, and you narrowed your eyes, unsure of his intentions. “But, now, aren’t you wondering about breakfast? You must be starving! I brought you a little present,” He stood offering his hand in a show of mock gentility as he guided you from the bed. Though you had certainly regained your vigor and vitality, you nonetheless followed his lead. His grip was firm yet cold as he beckoned you to the rug before the bed. You gasped.

There lay a woman, bound and gagged. Her eyes shot open in fear as she saw the two of you approach. Your heart pounded in your chest as he slowly kneeled next to her, gripping her hair firmly as he pulled her head to the side, exposing her pale and succulent neck. You thoughts flooded with confusion, dread, terror as you realised you stomach twisted in knots of hunger as you bit your lip in desire.

“Bon appetit, my little demon.”


Dio left you (for Dio Brando was his name, though he instructed you to call him master ) for several hours to rest, to recuperate, to settle the flood of emotions that had overcome you in your desperation and fear. You had drained the woman of all her blood, and he had remarked something along the lines of “Hungry, aren’t you? Don’t spoil your appetite, you’ll have me to deal with later,”. Those words still echoed in your brain, and you couldn’t tell if you were anxious… or excited.

The door crashed open as he entered. You immediately rose off of the luxurious mattress as he strode to your side. However, his face was tense with anger as he grabbed your jaw in between those surprisingly strong fingers. You struggled to free yourself, but he held your wrist so you couldn’t budge.

“Well, my beautiful,” his voice, though laced with a quiet rage, was still low and sultry. “I’ve just received some terrible news about an old enemy of mine,” His teeth were bared in wrath as he slowly inspected your features. “I do believe I’m in need of a bit of… comfort.”

Suddenly, your back was thrown against the wall. You gasped as the air left your lungs, but nevertheless, he viciously attacked your lips. Your wrists were pinned on either side of your head as you felt he forced his muscular body into yours, allowing you to feel every inch of his chiseled torso against your tight corset. His supple and slippery lips sucked hungrily at your face, and he bit you harshly as you gasped. You began to feel the small droplet of blood begin to form on your bottom lip, but this only fueled the fire as he lustily licked your lip before forcing his tongue into your mouth.

His hands released your wrists, instead grasping your hips as he thrust harshly into your pelvis. You moaned as your fingers tangled themselves in his golden hair, pulling his face closer to yours so you could nibble those plump lips, lick the corner of his mouth, sneak your tongue across his jaw lazily.

“Now you understand…” You gasped at the low whisper into your ear, your flesh tingling at the touch of his cold breath on your neck. You had never felt like this before: so exhilarated, excited, aroused. It went against everything value you had been raised to uphold. And you loved it.

Dio ruthlessly lunged at your neck, not biting hard enough to sink his fangs into your flesh, but harsh enough to make you cry out in pain as he thrust into you again. He sucked harshly at your supple flesh as you held him there, running your fingers through that velvety hair, drawing your palms down his chest, gripping his crisp silken vest till it was taught with wrinkles.

But you clutched too hard as you heard an abrupt tearing of fabric. You were unused to this new strength that came with your vampiric transformation, and gasped as golden buttons flew from the torn fabric. Yet you only felt him smirk as he nipped along your collarbone, his talons slipping down your hips. Suddenly, he tore away your garter belt, and he grabbed your  ass as you gasped, your stockings beginning to slip down your legs. You should have been terrified at where this was headed, but instead, adrenaline surged through your veins as you began to viciously tear away at his dress shirt, desperate undress him. Your chest heaved as his lips trailed to the top of your corset. He buried his bace in your chest, and you bit back a moan as his grabbed your breasts. As a reply, you squeezed his firm ass with lust, and you heard a breathy moan through your cleavage. But before you could bit his own neck teasingly, before you could playfully tickle your fingers down to his hardening crotch, he pulled away.

“Enough of this.”

Dio pulled away from you, his eyes still blazing with desire as he licked his lips. He threw off his white shirt, and you gazed in awe at his well-defined chest, his shapely abdomen. He bared his teeth at you as he grunted in dismay.

“Make yourself useful,” he gripped your corset in his talons, “And strip,” you gasped as he tore away the steel boning, throwing the garment to the floor. Your face flushed as he stared at you hungrily. You noticed the growing tent in his trowsers, and his palm vigorously rubbing the bulge as he looked you up and down.

Slowly, you removed the stockings that had been hanging so loosely on your calves. As you dropped them to the floor, you began to draw your chemise over your shoulders. You had played such a scene out in your head before, but you had always been so scared and timid when it came to romance, to sex. But with your newfound state came newfound confidence, and you gradually drew the slip over your head, exposing your breasts to the chilly air.

Dio’s face grew smug as he sauntered over to your frail form. He gently drew his clawed nail across your nipple, and you shuddered as he touched the sensitive skin. He suddenly grabbed your thighs, wrapping them around his waist and grinding you against the growing prominence in his pants. You flushed red as you felt your bloomers begin to grow damp, but nonetheless wrapped your arms around his shoulders as you lapped lazily at his neck.

He threw you onto the bed, mercilessly nibbling your erect nipple as he palmed the other breast in a slow circular rhythm. You arched your back as shivers ran down your spine, gasping as he dared to stimulate you even further, slipping his free hand down the front of your bloomers and massaging your clit tenderly.

“Dio,” You couldn’t help but moan out his name as he continued to finger your swollen sex. But he paused at the sound of your voice. He drew his hands out of your bloomers, and you fluttered your eyes open as you whined questioningly. A translucent substance dripped from his fingers, and you gasped, realising what it was, as he licked it sensuously.

“I told you.” He stepped off the bed and began to finger the hem of your panties. The sheer white fabric slipped over your hips as he tenderly trailed kisses down from navel. But he abruptly bit, and you arched your back in surprise. “Call me master .”

He spread your thighs harshly as he stared down at your entrance. He watched you writhe and squirm as he tickled up and down the inside of your leg. His long arms reached to grope your chest as he kissed ever so much neared to the dampness between your thighs, yet he would tease you as he pulled away just before his tongue satisfied your wants.

You heaved on the bed as you moaned, sighing with anguish as his lips left your flesh. You heard His loud boots take a step back, a thud as leather his the floor, another thud as he removed the second shoe. You pushed yourself to sitting, just in time to see his trousers and underwear  drop to the floor. It was massive. His length was hard and erect, throbbing with his sinful desires. You raised your eyebrows in surprise, and your face flushed as he smirked and licked his lip.

He slowly mounted your hips, positioning himself near your entrance. You squeaked as he grabbed your breasts as if they were handles he would hold onto while he went along for the ride. His talons grazed your nipples, and you felt his prominence tickle the lips of your entrance. The word slipped out of your mouth unexpectedly.

“Please,” Dio drew back teasingly.

“Please what?” You drew your hands along his broad shoulders, feeling the muscles beneath his cold flesh.

“Please master.”

You eyes squeezed shut as you felt your walls accommodate his massive manhood. A groan escaped his lips, and you writhed as he slowly thrust into you. You gasped as he penetrated deeper, your face flushing with the sheer feeling of his hips grinding into yours. He bucked again, squeezing your breasts firmly as you tried your hardest to hold back another groan, still maintaining some shred of dignity within you.

But that dignity soon fell as he began to pick up the rhythm. He drilled his hard erection in and out of you, faster and harder, as you gripped onto his shoulders, his chest, the sheets, anything in reach so long as it held you steady. Through your fluttering eyelashes you could see his expression full of sheer ecstasy and pleasure as he quickened his pace. He let out an almost primal screech as his breaths became ragged and shallow, and he groped your breasts harshly again as gave one final thrust into your core. You felt a tingling sensation of warmth fill your body as he slid out and gracefully lay at your side.

You both were panting, drenched in sweat and saliva and other bodily fluids. You felt dirty, disheveled, undignified. But you had loved that feeling more than anything else in the world.

As you began to catch your breath, you rolled onto your side. You slid your hand over Dio’s chest, and his crimson eyes fixated on you with a look of passionate craving you drew your fingers down his ribs, his abs, his stomach, resting your palm at the base of his shaft. You smirked as he shuddered, but tore your hand away only to reach for his. You guided his talons towards your crotch, smiling through your gasp as he interpreted the gesture correctly and began stroking your most sensitive parts.

“Does that mean you want another round, my pet?”

“Yes, master.”

Chapter Text

This was quite a predicament you had found yourself in. You weren't talking about the fact that your family had spontaneously decided to take a vacation in Egypt, the fact that you had been kidnapped by an ancient and evil vampire overlord, that somehow he had planted a bud of his own flesh in your forehead and somehow controlled you like a puppet for almost a month. It wasn't the strange powers you had discovered in yourself, nor your tracking and ambushing a group of five muscular men (and almost defeating them) with those strange powers, nor the fact that you now traveled with them to revenge yourself against the despicable Dio.

The predicament in question concerned two of those very men, or boys really: Noriaki Kakyoin and Jotaro Kujo. You were squeezed between them in the back of the grungy van on your way through the desert. Though the sun scorched down upon the sizzling sands outside the window, the air conditioning had been malfunctioning for some time, and you shivered into Jotaro’s warm woolen gakuran. Kakyoin rubbed the chill bumps on your shoulder, intertwining his other fingers into yours.

They had been the pair that defeated you when you were under Dio’s influence. The first thing you had seen when you regained consciousness was that pair of Kakyoin's deep purple eyes contrasted by the shining blue-green of Jotaro’s irises. Both captured you in awe as they raised you to sitting. You had no idea just how much you would learn to love these two

You rubbed your thumb across his fingers as he buried his face in your hair, and you shivered feeling his breath on your neck. Kak was kind, loyal, polite and somewhat sophisticated. He would always care for you, make  sure you weren't wounded or injured before charging into battle to avenge you. And as soon as he had taken his violent wrath out on his enemy, he would return to you as compassionate and loving as ever.

You felt Jotaro’s head lean against yours, and he allowed your to cling to his arm with you free hand. He was so handsome, so strong and silent. He was a genius in battle, but you knew there was a soft side hidden behind his ruthlessness. You and Kak were probably the only ones who knew about his quirky obsession with marine biology, but you didn't tease him about it. Sometimes the two of you, and occasionally Kakyoin as well, would lie awake at night, and Jotaro would become the most talkative you had ever seen him when he listed every single bit of trivia he knew about dolphins.

You loved him. And you loved Kakyoin. And that was the problem. Neither of them would ever feel anything other than friendship for you, and even if they did, you wouldn't be able to choose between them. Or so you thought.

The sun was beginning to fade into the west, and Kakyoin rubbed your thigh tenderly as you pulled into the small desert town. Jotaro had wrapped his arm around your shoulder and you sighed into his chest. You three then unwillingly dragged yourself out of the car and up to the inn. Mr. Joestar began to yell at the desk clerk while Avdol translated the astonished man’s panicked cries.

“They only have one twin and two king sized beds, but he says they’ll give us a discount for the inconvenience,” Avdol tried his best to calm the old man, and you joined in to reassure him.

“It’s fine, Mr. Joestar. If you're not averse to sleeping on your own, I’m sure that Avdol and Polnareff would be happy to share a bed.” Your face flushed. “And if JoJo and Kak are fine with sharing a room–”

“That would be lovely.” Kakyoin stopped you mid-sentence, grasping your hand in his. Jotaro nodded in affirmation as he placed his hand on your shoulder. Adrenaline rushed through your veins at your own suggestion, and their willingness to comply.

“Then it's settled,” Avdol spoke the words gently to Mr. Joestar, before turning to the clerk and paying for the night. You weren't even sure if you would be able to sleep.


The hotel was a bit chilly as the desert winds blew through the drapes. You would have shut the window if you could, but there was no glass in the ancient frame. Once you had all made the necessary arrangements for bed, you nestled yourself under the covers.

Though you knew they would take no notice of your attire, you always became anxious when you put on your sleepwear. The shorts exposed almost the entirely of your thigh, and your nipples visibly pressed against the thin fabric of your tank top. Jotaro always wore his signature tight purple shirt and black pants (his hat suspiciously remaining on his head) while Kakyoin wore the white tank he usually kept under his gakuran.

You slipped into bed as JoJo turned off the light. Almost immediately, Kak slipped his arm around your waist, under the thick blankets, and you held back a gasp as he gently spooned you into his body. Jotaro crawled in beside you, his chest just inches from your nose as he stroked his hand through your hair. You were paralyzed while the two began to fall asleep, and there was no chance of you descending into peaceful dreams that night, not when such beautiful men were cradling you in their arms.


You awoke to feel a stiff bulge pressing against your inner thigh. You gasped as you felt just how close Kak had snuggled. Realising that your hair rest on Jotaro’s chest while your legs wrapped around his own, you gasped. His face was red, and he mumbled softly in his sleep. You dared not move, however, as Kakyoin's prominent erection ground against you backside. You shivered, just pondering what he might be dreaming about (and hoping it was you). His face nuzzled in your hair, just like he loved to do when you were awake, and you shivered as his hand slid underneath your shirt. It was too much teasing, too much taunting, and you just had to do something about it.

Slowly, you craned your neck up to reach Jotaro’s lips, kissing him softly, half hoping he would remain asleep, half hoping he would wake up and take the kiss further. But he did nothing as you gripped the fabric of his shirt and groaned in annoyance.

Instead, you turned to Kak for some release. His limp hand remained on your bare waist as you tossed in the bed to place a quick kiss on his lips. He moaned in his sleep, but did not wake… Until you began teasingly stroking his tight crotch. He shuddered in a blissful stupor as his eyes began to flutter open, and you automatically removed your lips from his in nervousness. Then, he paused.

“(Y/n)?” You flushed at the low whisper, immediately removing your palm in embarrassment. That had been a horrible idea. What the hell were you thinking? And when Jotaro was right behind you–

“I didn't tell you to stop,” his voice was uncharacteristically hoarse as those alluring amethyst eyes seemed to pierce into your soul. There was a somewhat shy smirk on his face as he drew small circles on your lower back with his thumb. Did he actually... want you? You hesitantly replaced your hand on his hardening tent as you massaged through the constricting fabric of his pants. He moaned as his face grew red, his breaths becoming shallow. He parted his lips to say something, but was cut off as a massive hand mirrored Kakyoin’s by wrapping around your hip.

You stiffened and shivered as Jotaro’s hot breath tickled your neck, and you could just barely feel his lips graze your tingling flesh as he spoke.

“You two awake already?” Kakyoin’s eyes widened as you felt Jotaro slowly kiss behind your ear. His hand began to slide down your stomach, and you squirmed, biting your lip to hold back some ungodly noise as the tips of his fingers slid underneath the elastic of your panties. A flash of anxiousness seemed to cross Kakyoin’s face.

“Jotaro, I haven't asked her yet,” his hand paused and you stammered out through your slight pants.

“Asked me what?” Suddenly, your eyes flashed in recognition as you put two and two together. Did they both want–

The door crashed open as Mr. Joestar barged in. The three of you quickly scrambled out of the bed and into inconspicuous poses, none of you really knowing how exactly to “act natural” after such an odd incident. But the old man took no notice as he began to yell at you to get dressed and get moving. He was only there for a moment until he left you, assured that you would be ready in no time.

You adrenaline began to curb as he left the room, and you looked back at Kak and Jotaro. They were visibly antsy, fiddling with their fingers, avoiding your gaze as they sat next to each other on the bed. But you gathered your courage as you approached them. Each one gasped as you place your palm on their chest, directly over their rapidly beating heart. Both were visibly aroused as you leaned in to whisper.

“What’s the worst he can do if we’re a few minutes late?” Jotaro gulped, and you could swear his jaw has hanging open in awe. Kakyoin’s eyes glazed over as you his gaze fell to the thin tank top covering your breast. You slowly dragged your palms down their abs, gently tickling their most sensitive areas. The two shared a knowing glance.

Then, they pounced.

Jotaro was the first to attack your lips as he sprang up and grabbed your waist. He kissed you firmly as he ground his hips into yours, pounding his steadily growing erection between your legs. You gasped as he bit your bottom lip brutally, prompting you to grip his shirt tightly as you held on for dear life.and he ran his tongue over every inch of your mouth to mark his territory with his saliva.

Kakyoin lunged to mark his own territory as well. He whipped around behind you, slipping his fingers around to grip your breast. You shuddered, arching your back into his chest as he sucked at your neck, nibbling just hard enough so that he left a bruise or two. His long crimson lock of hair tickled your neck and you sighed into his affection while he squeezed your bosom harshly. You felt a wetness begin to pool between your legs. Your head reeled and your knees buckled, but their combined strength supported you as they ravished your body.

Jotaro seemed to notice how Kakyoin was assaulting your neck with kisses, and ripped his lips away to give the other side of your neck a few of his own marks. His hands slid down your rear, reaching underneath the hem of your panties to grab at your bare ass, and you gasped as his erection continued to grow against your aching pelvis. Kakyoin sensed Jotaro’s hands coming between him and his target, so he took it upon himself to fiercely pinch your nipples through your shirt.

At this, you squeaked softly, as heard Kakyoin chuckle almost menacingly into your soft flesh.

“You like that, do you?” He teased you as his fingers slipped underneath your tank top, his warm fingers gingerly tickling your breasts. The combination of his dextrous fingers groping your chest and firm, harsh fingers kneading your ass… You finally melted as you dropped to your knees. Kakyoin followed you to the floor, hands still massaging the plump mounds of flesh as the tips of your nippled hardened more than ever. Your eyes were shut as you felt the cold air run across your breast. Kak had finally torn the tank top from your head, throwing it to the side as he replaced one hand on your chest. The other, however, crept down your stomach, your pelvis, in between your thighs. You gasped and moaned as he gently ran his finger across your clit, sweeping it in slow circular motions as he gently licked your neck. You were huffing and panting relentlessly, however, a metallic noise drew your focus back to reality.

Jotaro stood before you, his shirt already tossed to the ground, his hands resting on his zipper as his two belts flared open, unbuckled, over the fierce tent between his legs. Kakyoin’s touch slowed, and you felt his silken lock of hair leave your neck as you both stared up at JoJo. His face was sullen and stoic and commanding as always. Yet you saw a hint of smugness on his face.

“My turn, Kakyoin.” Kakyoin sighed as he drew his hand out of your underwear, standing to cup Jotaro’s cheek.

“As you wish,” You stared in awe and slight confusion as Kak placed a gentle kiss on his lips, before both their smirks returned to you, down on your knees before them. Jotaro continued to slip off his pants while Kakyoin removed his shirt. The bulge of his manhood was enormous, nearly bursting out of his boxers as he took a step closer to you.

You took several deep breaths before nodding in affirmation. You were ready.

Kakyoin reappeared behind you, and your felt his prominence, wet and damp against your rear. But he didn’t make any moves other than teasingly tickling his fingers up your ribcage  and softly kissing your neck.

Jotaro grunted, drawing your attention back to him. You understood from your expression what he meant for you to do, and slowly, you gripped the hem of his boxers, sliding it down his hips. You bit your lip in an effort to hald back a gasp, and you could see a small smirk cross his lips, though his cheeks were flushed red with heat.

You drew your fingers down the shaft, and he shuddered at the touch. Some sense of power overcame you as you realised just how easily you could manipulate this man. You lightly kissed the tip, and he began to run his fingers through your hair. One of your hands grasped his ass while the other guided his length as you gently lapped at the throbbing member. You would have pressed on if Kakyoin didn’t grope your breasts so harshly.

“I told you, Jotaro,” His whisper was directed into your ear, though he was talking to his friend. “We have to share,” He lightly nibbled your earlobe, while you heard Jotaro’s usual annoyed grunt. His hands trembled in the slightest as he drew you to standing before him, and you let out a low and anguished hum as his length grazed between your thighs, still covered in the thin fabric of your shorts. He was quite visibly agitated, aroused, and unlike his usual stoic self as he began to play with the elastic waistband.

In one fell swoop, Kak had drawn both your shorts and panties down your legs, and Jotaro led you to the bed. He rolled his eyes as he allowed Kakyoin to pin you down to the mattress, and you bit your lip as you smirked in glee. Jotaro crawled opposite you, resting your head on his lap as his fingers crawled down your collarbone to pinch your nipples. You gasped, and Kakyoin teased you as he tickled his tip in between your slick legs. Jotaro leaned down to place a harsh kiss on your lips, and you tangled your fingers in his hair as Kakyoin spread your thighs.

Slowly, you felt your walls widen as Kakyoin’s length slid inside your core. Your breath almost left your lungs he ground his hips into yours. Jotaro continued to ravish you with his hands, dragging his callous palms over your stomach, your breasts, anywhere Kakyoin couldn’t reach. You gripped the sheets tightly as the thrusts began to speed up, along with your heartbeat. Kakyoin let loose a moan while Jotaro “yare’d”, visibly jealous as his best friend pounded into you.

“Don’t...worry” You gasped through the thrusts, “You’ll get your turn soon,” Jotaro’s face flushed, but he viciously attacked your neck to hide his excitement.

The noises became louder, the collisions harder, until finally Kakyoin moaned your named as he drew out of you. He lay at your side, his perfect chest heaving up and down as he closed his eyes in content. You hear Jotaro grunt in satisfaction.

“My turn,” You gasped as he quickly darted to the edge of the bed, running his hands across the inside of your thigh. “I’ll let you rest for a while,” he kissed the soft flesh gently, and you shivered. “But then, you’ll be mine,”

You tore his hat off as he buried his face between your legs, licking up and down your inner legs but not yet running his tongue where you wanted it to be. His rough fingers stroked the swollen lips, and you took a shuddering breath. It was then that you felt Kakyoin’s presence again at your side, kissing the bruises he had left on your neck. You smiled at him sweetly, and was about to speak when you felt his tongue lapping at your core. You gasped at the novel sensation of the slippery membrane teasing your clit. His hands slid up and down your sides as he sucked gently at the flesh around your entrance, and you moaned in ecstasy.

“Dammit,” you whispered through your heavy breaths, “I f***ing love you guys,”

Chapter Text

You seemed so sweet and innocent on the outside. At least, that’s what others told you. “Cute”, “adorable”, “childlike”. Little did they know, you were a vital member of the most powerful assassination squad in all of Italy: La Squadra do Esecuzione.

You had been hand picked by their leader, Risotto Nero, when you had accidentally happened upon one of their operations one day. You would have cried out in terror at the bloody corpse sprawled on the ground before you, if a man had not muffled you from behind, his hand wrapping tightly around your waist as his palm pressed to your mouth. A white mist seemed to settle upon the dark alley as your body was whipped around. You would never forget that pair of bright blue eyes as they glared down at you menacingly. You would never forget his intrigued smirk as you stood your ground refusing to be intimidated.

“What have we here?” A shudder slipped your of your lips had he gently drew a lock of hair out of your face. You had rarely encountered men so beautiful that the sheer sight of them drove you to trembling… but those dark lashes, those sapphire eyes contrasted against the shimmering golden hair reflecting the moonlight. His expression stiffened as you heard a voice from behind you.

“Get it over with, Prosciutto.” You noticed a knife flash in the man’s hand, and you struggled against his firm grip. But he sheathed the weapon, his penetrating gaze never leaving your eyes. He inspected your entire figure.

“This one’s different…”


Somehow that animosity between the two of you had transformed into a kind of kinsmanship when they discovered your stand powers. You were often assigned to Prosciutto and Pesci’s team when you were given missions, as your stand complemented the Grateful Dead and Beach Boy immensely by increasing their ratings and powers almost tenfold. You were quite vulnerable in battle, however, so Prosciutto made it his responsibility to shield you from any incoming blows in battle, protecting you as you strengthened him.

He was stern and focused on every mission, yet he still seemed to care greatly for your well being. You began to notice him staring at you more often, and occasionally smiling sweetly. It was rare for him to treat any of the other members so kindly, unless his brotherly compassion towards Pesci qualified. You couldn't quite pinpoint why exactly you were drawn to him, whether it was merely his stunning looks or his determined nature or his prowess in battle, but nonetheless your feelings continued to grow.

It was that night, when Pesci had wounded himself in battle, and you Prosciutto were off by yourselves on a mission. That was the night he had claimed you for his own. It was a elegant party at one of the oldest and grandest in Venice, and you and Prosciutto leaned against the balcony railing, staring up into the clear night sky, waiting for the night to press on a just bit before you carried out your orders.

You leaned against the railing closing your eyes as you took in a deep breath. The wind ruffled your hair gently  and your short skirts fluttered in the breeze as lights flickered on the vibrant and bustling bank of the river. Your opened your eyes as you felt a firm hand around your waist. Prosciutto had slipped beside you as he gazed up at the stars. His face still seemed stern and stoic as usual, but there was a warmth in his touch, a sort of contentment in his eyes. He slowly turned his focus towards you, and a small smile crept to your lips. He gingerly tucked a flowing stand of hair behind your ear, and you placed a hand on his bare chest (your own face flushed at the intimate gesture, but he had readily accepted your touch in the past, and now was no different) leaning into the embrace. There was some silence for a while as you nuzzled into him against the chill of the night air, playing mindlessly with his large silver pendant. It seemed as though his heartbeat was racing even faster the longer you remained there. Then, you heard his mumble.

“We really should focus on the mission,” you tilted head to the side as your ears perked up.  You were focusing on the mission, weren't you? You just needed to lie low for a while until the reached the opportune time to strike, which certainly wouldn't be for another hour or so.

“What do you mean?” You looked at him questioningly, eyebrows raised in a demure look of quizzical innocence. He wasn't making eye contact, and slowly slipped his arm from around your shoulder while a slight blush flashed across his cheeks in the dim moonlight. You shivered as the night winds blew against your skin.

“We have to focus…” he muttered again, though his voice was barely audible in the whispering winds. He seemed to be speaking to himself more than to you as he fidgeted anxiously.

“You okay, Pro?” You sometimes shortened his name like that to make him smile, but he only stiffened as you rubbed his shoulder gently. He let out a shuddering groan, and finally shook his head as a wry smile came to his lips.

“Why do you have to be like this?” Your blood ran cold. Were you the problem? You lifted your hand from his arm. Did he not like your affections, your assistance, your mere presence in the room? Anxiety flooded through your body, and you could almost feel tears begin to well in your eyes.

“L-Like what?” You stuttered as you began to wring your hands together. Your voice shook as you turned away from the beautiful view of the bustling city to stare at the cold balcony floor. But he had to care, you had been through so much together.

“So adorable,” Your eyes flashed up at him in surprise. But he still looked down upon the city lights, and so you gazed as his back in silence. “Why are you so beautiful and cute and…” Your pulse skyrocketed as nervously gripped your skirts, taking another step towards him, “Sexy…” A gasp left your lips.

He whipped around at the noise, his face just inches away from yours. His breaths were ragged as he inspected your figure. Your entire body erupted in flames as he lustily looked down your dress. But he pulled his gaze away.

“Focus on the mission,” He muttered as stared up at the sky, “Focus on the miss–”

Before you could stop yourself, your palm lifted up to cup his cheek. It was burning with his blush, and you rubbed your thumb gently over his warm flesh. Your other hand interlocked with his. He bit his lip as you took a step towards him.

“Prosciutto, you know,” you smirked mischievously as your heart fluttered in anticipation. “We have an hour, maybe more, until our target appears. Until then…” You dragged your fingers teasingly down his neck, caressing his bare chest as you began to fiddle with the buttons on his undershirt. He gasped as you took another step forward. This time, it was your turn to shiver as you felt a stiff bulge digging into the side of your thigh, and you blushed at the very idea that your mere looks alone could get him that hard. Even if you had doubts about your own attractiveness, Prosciutto couldn’t seem to tear his eyes away from your frame.

“We should prepare for the operation,” His voice suddenly cracked as you unclasped your fingers from his, instead ghosting them along his prominent erection. He shuddered and leaned against the rail of the balcony. His hands automatically latched onto your waist, and you pressed both hands on his chest as he forced your hips into his. His beautiful long eyelashes fluttered open as a small smirk crossed his face. “You’re not as innocent as you look, are you?” You chuckled.

“Not in the slightest,” You lunged forward to kiss him, but instead was met with a firm finger pressed to your lips.

“Let’s wait until we reach the hotel room,” With that, he firmly grabbed your wrist and led you to the elevator. He tapped his foot anxiously as he clung to you from behind, attempting to hide his current level of arousal from bystanders. He may have fooled some of them, but you could tell just how excited he was from the way his growing tent pressed into your ass.

He led you into the elevator, and you thanked god that no one joined you on the long ride up. As soon as the doors closed, he pinned you to the wall. As his hips ground against yours, he leaned over to whisper in you ear.

“You know, it’ll be your fault if the mission doesn’t go as planned.” Chill bumps began to crop up over your flesh as you felt his hot breath tickling your neck.

“I’m fully aware,” You grabbed his shapely rear and he stifled a moan, “And I am prepared to receive any punishment you think is fitting,” he snarled as the the elevator dinged.

This was not the calm and calculating Prosciutto you were used to. This Prosciutto was primal, hungry, passionate. And you loved it.

He fumbled desperately through his pocket to retrieve the key that Risotto had given you. You giggled at his franticness, but eagerly followed after him as he finally slammed open the door. As soon as you had entered, you kicked your shoes off recklessly, hearing Prosciutto do the same in haste. Suddenly, your front was slammed against the wall. You squirmed and squeaked as felt his length more prominent than ever through your thin skirt. His muscular torso pressed against your back, forcing you into the wall as he grabbed your hips hungrily. A gasp left your lips as he fiercely sucked at your neck. His fingers roamed up and down your ass as he ground into you ferociously. But you needed more.

You fought against his strong grip, and surprisingly won, as you turned around to face him. Cupping his cheeks firmly, you smashed your lips onto his. Just after you had done it, you realised that it had been your first kiss with him, that moment you had been waiting for after so many months. But it was lost in a flurry of sexual fantasies and unfulfilled desires as he gripped the fabric of your skirt. You didn’t know if he loved you, or merely sought to satisfy his lust for the night. Nonetheless, you wanted to live in this moment, you wanted him to have you, to take you, mind and body. You had belonged to him from the first moment your eyes met, and now it was finally happening…

His lips were smooth and soft though the kiss was rough and passionate. Though he sucked and bit you teasingly, you could still feel his caring touch, his desire to drive you to the edge, but not too far. You could have described the kiss as sloppy, however, a better word might have been thorough or ravenous, as he sought to devour every inch of your lips, every corner of your mouth with his lust.

You realised that your hands had slipped into his velvety golden hair, and the once pristine slicked back locks were now dishevelled and unkempt as you ran your fingers through them. As he continued to run his tongue along your bottom lip teasingly, you pulled out his knotted braids to let his shimmering hair fall loose over his shoulders.

Suddenly, he released your lips, traveling instead down your neck, kissing the bruises he had left there just moments earlier. His hands traveled up your waist, riding up your blouse just a bit before he reached your breasts. You moaned as he cupped them, massaging your chest as he bit down on your collarbone. Your hands slipped around to his ass, forcing his hips back into yours to make sure he didn’t forget about pleasing your lower regions as well. His dexterous fingers left your bust for just a second as he swiftly unbuttoned your shirt, but in a flash he was groping your chest again as he sucked and licked at your sternum.

You certainly wouldn’t allow yourself to be the only one exposed and vulnerable, so you threw off his large silver pendant before slipping off his dark jacket. He smirked as he buried his face in your chest. You had never imagined that someone as beautiful and brilliant as him would find someone like you so alluring, but didn’t question as you unbuttoned the mustard-colored undershirt.

His hands finally returned to your flesh as he slipped the blouse off your shoulders. You shivered, running your fingers through his hair as he trailed his kisses down your ribs and dragged his tongue along your stomach. He paused at your waistline, slowly curling his fingers around your skirt as well as your panties. Those bright sapphire eyes looked up at you imploringly.

Your back was still pressed firmly to the wall as you panted and heaved, but you were still able to nod quickly before he slipped the elastic over your hips. His eyes grew hungry as he stared at the crevice in between your legs. You tried your hardest not to squirm under his greedy gaze, but your controlled composure abruptly melted as he slid his hand down your stomach and to your crotch. He stood up slowly as he massaged your clit, kissing your lips softly while he continued to tease you. A warm and sticky wetness pooled in between your thighs and you moaned as his fingers slipped into your entrance.

“Prosciutto,” The hoarse whisper left your lips as he sneered in triumph. But he quickly drew his fingers away, and you shivered as the cold air hit your exposed legs and stomach as he stepped back from you, licking his fingers. You took it upon yourself to unhook your bra, biting back a gasp as your nipples began to harden in the chilly atmosphere. Pushing yourself up from the wall, you took in the sight of Prosciutto’s bare body.

You gasped at his beautiful, muscular physique. Golden. That was the only word you could used to describe it: his shimmering eyes, his radiant hair, his slick, tan body. He had removed his boxers, and you could see him trying his hardest not to stroke his stiff shaft to relieve it. Instead, he looked to you for that relief.

Slowly, you kneeled down before him. His eyebrows raised in surprise at your offer.

“I told, you, I’m not as innocent as I look,”

You slowly ghosted your fingers along his length, and he threw his head back as he panted. Your lips gently kissed the tip and you smirked as he let out a moan, your tongue ran along his shaft as he ran his fingers through your hair. You squeezed hard, shivering with pleasure as he cried out your name. But you continued, slowly drawing your mouth around him as you grabbed his rear.

So often in combat you had no say in the attack, but now you had all the control.

However, in an instant, he pulled away. You whined, looking up into his piercing eyes questioningly. He huffed as he licked his lips, staring down at your bare body.

“I want it.” He gritted his teeth as he raised you off of your knees. “I want you. Now .” You gasped as he threw you onto the bed, climbing over you and pausing for just a moment to massage your breasts, your erect nipples, slowly, licking the mounds of flesh until you moaned in agony. You could feel that hardened length pressing into you, and now it seemed both of you were ready.

He took great care in positioning himself at your entrance, still grasping onto your bust as you moaned out his name. Slowly, you felt the tip of his manhood just barely graze the inside of your thigh before it began to slide in.

You gasped and shut your eyes as your walls stretched, as he arched his back blissfully, as you gripped the sheets at the sudden penetration. Gradually, he began to thrust into your core, a grunting noise leaving his lips at each pound. You squeaked as he pinched your nipples playfully, but he only smirked in response as he sped up. He was strong and thorough in his movements, each one more eager than the last. Your muscles began to tense, your entrance to constrict, your breaths and pulse to quicken in one stroke as he thrust harder and harder. All sorts of sensuous noises were leaving his mouth, and you couldn’t even imagine what you yourself were screaming into the dark chamber.

And suddenly, that release. He pulled out as you gasped and trembled, spilling himself out onto the bed next to you. All that you heard for the next several minutes was your panting beginning to slow, your pulse fading from your ears.

You flinched as he finally turned towards you on the bed, but you returned his ecstatic gaze. You slipped your fingers up his chest and to his cheek, making sure he was still there, still real, still wanting you. In a surprisingly romantic gesture, he lifted your palm from his face to kiss your wrist. His hand then rested on your waist as he nuzzled closer to you. Your stomach lurched, and you felt that same desirous urge you had just an hour or two ago.

“So… Would you rather have had us focus on the mission?” He smirked at your teasing comment.

“Well, I guess it’s alright if we delay it a few hours. You’ll still be getting that punishment later.” You face flushed as he reached around to grab your rear. Yet his eyes still stared into yours softly. “You’re still so adorable.” You smiled, kissing him gently on the lips before snuggling your face in his chest.

Then, you had yet another a terrible idea.

“Hey, Prosciutto?”


“Thanks for giving me a taste of your meat.”

Chapter Text

You sighed as the cool air conditioning engulfed you in relief as you collapsed onto the hotel bed. It felt wonderful to be out of the desert and back in the comfort of a soft mattress. You heard a chuckle as the light switch clicked on, and the light footsteps made their way to your beside.

“What?” You asked accusingly, “It just feels so nice!” You groaned as the fan sent chills over your entire body and your sweat began to cool and dry.

“Nothing,” Kakyoin chuckled as he slipped his shoes off. “You’re just so cute.” You blushed as he gently kissed your forehead. He would do things like that occasionally: call you “pretty” or “adorable”, kiss your cheek or hug you from behind. It just seemed to be his nature. He was caring and kind to you outside of battle, but ruthless when it came to defending you. He had even been injured several times protecting you, and you apologised profusely for even allowing yourself to be endangered. But he sighed, kissed your cheek, told you it would be all right.You loved him. Even if you were about a thousand miles out of his league, you still doted after his every touch. He’d never feel the same, and you weren’t sure if you would ever even have the courage to tell, him. And still…

The sweat was beginning dry in an incredibly uncomfortable way as your clothes clung to your damp skin. As you sprang from the bed, Jotaro walked into the room with the luggage.

You generally stayed in a room with him and Kak, sharing a bed with the latter, as he was the smallest of the five men and perfectly fine with sleeping off to the side of the mattress so as not to disturb you in your sleep.

“Avdol and Mr. Joestar mentioned that they were going to survey the town a bit, so we have a while to do as we please. I was thinking that we could go out and grab a bite to eat.” Kakyoin’s voice was warm and inviting as his lips curled up in a sweet smile. You would have readily accepted the offer if you didn’t feel so grungy.

“I’ll catch up with you later, I’d really like to take a shower before I go anywhere,” His smile faltered, however Jotaro grunted in affirmation.


You sighed as the warm water trickled over your back. Your thoughts strayed back to him. You couldn’t help thinking of his pristine body: how beautiful he would look as droplets of water cascaded down his chiseled abs, how wonderful it feel for him to press your body against the cold tile, trail his lips over your breasts as the water tickled your skin–

Dammit, you tried your hardest not to think about him all the time, but Kakyoin kept creeping into your thoughts. You had even lost track of time as you stood there in the shower fantasizing about what it would be like to be with him.

You turned off the faucet as you grabbed a towel, wrapping it around your torso as you stepped out of the shower. Realising you had left some of your clothes in the room, you slipped out of the bathroom to retrieve them.

Kakyoin was the last person you expected to be lying on the bed shirtless. You squeaked as you gripped the towel to your chest, making sure he couldn’t see those parts of your body you were most self conscious about.

“(Y/n), I’m so sorry if I startled you.” He wasn’t as panicked as you were, though his face flushed a little at your sudden appearance. In the past, he had certainly been comfortable with stripping in front of you (and you didn’t want to jeopardize that comfort but revealing your feelings), but why was he–

“Jotaro went out already. I said I’d wait for you for a while,” You hid behind the door as your eyes scanned over his brilliant torso. He seemed to notice your distraction. “Sorry, it was really hot in this room,”

Things like this always seemed to happen to you. Some random coincidence of the conditions and you would find yourself closer to him than ever. And it was about to get even crazier.


You were both dressed and ready to go out on the town when you reached to turn the hotel lights off.

“Oww!” You winced as you felt a sharp shock run down your finger.

“Are you alright?” He carefully inspected your hand as your face grew heated.

“Y-Yeah, it’s no problem.” He slowly brought your knuckles to his lips. You were starting to think maybe there was the slightest possibility that he did like you back each time he embraced you or stroked your hair. Or maybe he was just that caring…

He inspected the switch, and you heard that same crackling sound that had tickled your eardrum when the bolt had shut up your arm. He made a small hissing noise as he pulled his finger back.

“Strange,” he muttered. However he quickly dismissed it wrapping his arm around your waist. “We’ll ask the hotel management later, but for now,” He smiled sweetly “Let’s go.”

You couldn’t actually find Jotaro, so you ended up eating dinner alone with him. It was a calm and relaxing evening, and you really hoped he had enjoyed your company just as much as you enjoyed his. After the meal, you could barely leave each other's’ sides, as if some invisible force was pulling you two together.

When you returned to the hotel room, it seemed Jotaro had already been asleep for quite some time. You prepared for bed alongside Kakyoin and slipped under the sheets beside him. You heard him whisper through the silence.

“Good night, (y/n).”

Though he still slept on the opposite side of the mattress, you couldn’t help but scootch yourself a bit closer to his warmth.

“Good night Kakyoin.”


You heard Jotaro’s signature grunt. But you refused to wake up until Kak had said anything. You nuzzled further into the warmth of the covers, trying to remain inside that wonderful dream. Heavy footsteps bounded out of the room and the door slammed as Jotaro became fed up with you crap, and you smiled at the few minutes of extra sleep.

You squeezed the pillow tightly as you buried your face into– wait, that didn’t feel like a pillow. Your eyes flashed open as you breathed in that deep, musky scent. You were plastered to his chest, his calm heart beating slowly against your ear while your own heart raced. He groaned gently in his sleep, his arm wrapping around your waist. You wanted to pull yourself away, well, you didn’t want to, you just, didn’t want him to realise…

His body stiffened. Crap .



Neither of you moved. You couldn’t move. You felt his pulse quickening.

“Maybe we should get up.”

“Yeah, probably.”

Nothing happened. You didn’t want to slip away from that warmth, that comfort. You couldn’t slip away. You physically couldn’t. Your head reeled.



“I can’t get up.”

“Me either.”

It must have been the work of an enemy stand.

You craned your neck up to see his face. His cheeks were flushed with panic, and you felt him trying to move his arm from your waist. His hands merely slip down your hip. You gasped. His palm rested firmly on your ass.

“(Y/n), I’m so sorry, I’m not trying–”

“It’s okay,” Your voice was more of a squeak than anything. He bit his lip as his face began to redden. “I’ll just try and,” you trailed off as you pulled your arm away as hard as you could. It lifted just inched off his chest before your palm slammed back down on his body. Kakyoin gasped and you muttered apologies.

Your next tactic was to try and push each other apart. His strong biceps easily pushed you about a foot away from your body, his hands firmly gripping your hips and your arms shoving against his forearms. Your breaths were quickening with the fear, the anxiety, the arousal.

But you merely snapped back into each other. You gasped as your torsos locked together, your breasts pressing firmly against his pecs, his abs flushed against your stomach, his hips grinding into yours, and… was that a small bulge forming near the inside of your thigh?

“I’m really so sorry about this,” He seemed unusually flustered, unlike his calm collected self in battle situations.

“We can try again,” You began to push against his, but the bulge only dug in harder. As you returned to his forced embrace, however, you felt your stomach lurch. Then, a hard thud. The two of you had fallen against the floor, but Kak took most of the blow. “A-Are you okay?” He nodded as he bit his lip.

You were both able to push your way to standing, and the situation seemed to normalise just a bit as it now just seemed like you were hugging each other. But of course you had to make another move.

You finally tried to slide off of him. You took a deep breath as you began to shimmy down the side of his torso. Your sightline passed his shoulder, bicep, forearm, hip. It seemed to be going somewhere, your plan that is. Until he shifted just slightly.

Your face slammed into something hard. He let out a loud moan and you froze. It was warm, throbbing, massive. Your face was buried in it as he let out a series of ungodly noise. But you were able to shift your head to the side (though he squirmed and moaned as you moved. You could barely speak as blood rushed to your cheeks, your pulse throbbed in your ears. At this point, he had to lean back against the wall to support himself, his legs spread wide as you buried your face in his crotch. He let out a hoarse whisper.


You tried your hardest not to shriek in nervousness (and delight) as you pushed against his hips to pry yourself from the compromising position. You could feel him growing harder and harder with each movement. You pushed with all your might.

You slid off him with an almost metallic snapping noise, panting as you quickly crawled away to the opposite side of the wall. For almost a minute, you lay, your chest heaving as you stared at his disheveled figure. His white tank was drenched in sweat and his chilled abs shook with his breaths. He had slid against the wall and into the floor, his length largely prominent through his thin blue striped pajama pants. His eyes finally fluttered open, his face growing an even deeper shade of crimson than it had ban before.

“I’m… So sorry…” his voice seemed unusually ragged and panicked, and you immediately blurred out after him:

“N-No, it’s my fault,” your voice trailed off as you continued to stare at that beautiful body, your Evers wandering down.

“It’s no one’s fault, it must be some enemy stand power. But, please forgive me,” he broke eye contact, “I just don't want you to think, because I…”  He shifted his legs uncomfortably, trying to hide the bulge.

“You don't like me?” The words slipped out of your mouth before you could stop yourself. You looked away embarrassed as he quickly stuttered out.

“No! I, I mean,” he paused, taking a deep shuddering breath. “To be perfectly honest, I do like you. I think you're beautiful and compassionate, and I just wish I could have told you in some other way. I’m so sorry–”

“I didn't mind  it,” your spoke before you even thought about what you were saying. “I mean,” shuddering you remembered the feeling of his length pressing firmly against your thighs, “I liked it. I like you. I want you Kakyoin,” you dared not look at so him, and you heard no movements from his direction.

“We should get to the bottom of this,” his voice was still hoarse as he slowly stood. “You should stay here,”


You begrudgingly consented to stay in the room while Kakyoin went in pursuit of the stand user. You were crouched in the corner, still trembling from the experience. You noticed that random objects in the room were beginning to drift towards you: a lamp fell of the desk, a pen flew to you shoulder, the rolling chair drifted across the room.

But, suddenly, it stopped. Kakyoin returned, still in his pajamas still sweaty (and sexy) as he had been when he left you. You couldn't help but gaze again at his crotch, which was not as prominent as it had been before, but still visible through his thin pants.

The abruptly flipped onto the bed in exhaustion.

“Mr. Joestar and Avdol defeated the user,”


The two of you were silent for a while, but you just couldn't get the thought of him out of your mind. You slowly walked over to the bed. You were so turned on right now. He gasped as you slowly ran your fingers across his thigh.

“Kakyoin, I still want you.” A flush came to his cheeks as he sat upright.

“(Y/n), I–”

“Please.” He placed his hand over yours.

“I won’t deny how much I want you, but,” He paused, bringing his hand to your lips. “I don’t want want to screw you. I want to love you.” he shuddered as you cupped his cheek.

“Then do, Kakyoin.” You stared into each other's eyes for a long moment before he slid off the bed. He slowly pressed you against the wall, his erection pressing into your hips just like it had several hours before. However, this time he was soft and loving as he slowly pressed his lips to yours.

They were so tender to the touch, so supple as he ran his hand through your hair. You pulled his face closer, relishing that moment that you had been waiting so long to experience. He kissed you gently as you played with his long lock of crimson hair. Though you you were both damp with sweat, you couldn’t help but cling to that body you had been lusting after for so long.

His hands slipped down to your waist, traced along your sides; his hips ground against yours. You gripped the fabric of his shirt as your palms descended his firm chest, and his kisses became more rough, more passionate. His lips parted as his tongue just barely slipped from his mouth to graze over your tender flesh. You let him enter, willing to give him any part of you, willing to let him consume you in your entirety. Yet, he was still gentle as he nibbled your lips gingerly. That was alright though. You two had all the time in the world to enjoy each other.

You shivered as you felt his fingers slip beneath the hem of your shirt. His palms didn't travel very far up your waist, but just the feel of his warm flesh pressed against yours made your knees weak. The kiss became sloppier as he slowed, and much to your dismay, pulled away. He stared into your eyes, moving his hand to cup your cheek.

“I love you so much,” Your breath caught in your throat at his words, you still couldn't believe it, how he had even fallen for someone like you...

“I love you so much more,” You laughed, giving him a slow and gentle kiss.

He tenderly drew his hand up to your heart, beginning to slip it down your chest.

“Are you sure?” You grabbed his palm and placed it on your breast.

“Please, Kakyoin.” You swear you saw a vicious smile come to his lips before he groped you hard. You arched your back and squeezed your eyes shut as his other hand ran down your rear. His lips attacked your neck, sucking your soft flesh hard as a moan escaped your lips. He thrust against you, and you gasped feeling your core grow warm and wet. His teeth nipped at your collarbone and you grasped desperately at his shirt. You ghosted your fingers along his firm abs, drawing his tank over his chest.

He ripped away from you to pull the shirt over his head. But then, he paused in contemplation, panting as he ran his fingers through his beautiful hair. A blush rose to his cheeks.

“You know, I think we’re both pretty shaken from that attack. A shower might be nice,” You gasped as your face reddened, “Y-You know,” he stuttered “To cool off and relax.”

It was true, you both were fairly grungy from the surprising… incident. And it wasn’t a terrible idea.

He led you to the bathroom door, shutting it behind you while you fingered the hem of your tank. As he turned the faucet and steam began to fill the room, you slowly lifted the shirt over your head, somewhat ashamedly hiding your bare chest from him.

“It’s okay,” He unwrapped your arms, slowly, kissing your sternum as you felt his fingers wrap around your elastic waistband. “I love every inch of you.” You nodded with a sigh, slowly slipping off your shorts. But before you removed your panties, you tugged on the drawstring of his pajama pants. He stepped out as they fell to the floor, and your eyes widened, staring at the bulge. He took a deep breath before he slid his boxers off.

All at once, your mouth watered, your palms sweat, the inside of your thighs became slick with your desire. He avoided your gaze, stepping into the shower and beginning to scrub his body of the dirt and grime. You slowly removed your panties before following him.

You heard him gasp as he laid his eyes on your naked body, but slowly began to run his hands along your bare shoulders. He massaged your biceps, your back, cleaning the sweat and filth as your knees grew weak. You wrapped your arms around his neck, stepping closer as his tip grazed the inside of your thigh. Slowly, you kissed him, lips parted tongue desperate to explore every inch of his mouth his face, his neck. His palms cupped your ass, drawing you nearer as his hard length pressed against your hips. The warm water cascaded around you as you melted into his embrace.

Suddenly, you felt the cold tile hit your back. He leaned down to kiss the tip of your nipple, which was slowly growing erect as his tongue slipped around the edge of your breast. His hands slipped down your stomach and between your thighs and you mewled as he began to massage both your clit and your breast as his lips sucked on the other teat. He teasingly drew his fingers in and out of your core as you reached for his hardened manhood.

You smirked as he let out a groan against your flesh. You stroked his shaft as he shivered and buried his face between your breasts. He snuck his lips up to kiss softly just behind your ear as he let out a hoarse whisper.


You were the one in control now. You gently pushed his chest away, still stroking his erection as you guided it to your entrance. He firmly pressed you to the cold wall, and you noticed the hunger in his eyes as he thrust into your core.

His strong biceps plastered you to the wall so you couldn’t slip from his grasp as your walls expanded with his girth. He kissed your lips messily as his hips rolled against yours, and you gripped his broad shoulders tightly as you felt your legs would give way any minute.

It was painful at first, feeling that massive shaft slide in and out of you. But his thrusts sped up as you moaned in blissful agony. He whispered your name as he peppered your chest with kisses, groped your breasts, ran his hands up and down your sides. Your cries grew louder as he penetrated deeper, and you felt your walls contract as he gasped.

The rhythm of your hips against his, the gentle droplets of water falling against your chest, his tongue perusing every inch of your body. You could barely breathe as he thrust in a final time. You both reached your climax simultaneously as he pulled out, staggering backwards to lean against the opposite wall.

He stared at you, his gaze soft and loving as he took several deep pants through the patter of steaming droplets. And it was all because of a stupid stand user.

Chapter Text

You had always admired Tomoko. She was so beautiful, so strong and stubborn, and so caring for you and Josuke and Okuyasu. She loved you, though, because you still couldn't believe that someone as amazing as Josuke had fallen for you, it was hard to believe that a magnificent woman like her actually approved of you dating her boy. However, she was leaving for a conference in America, and was entrusting you to care for her darling teenager over the next month. She insisted on paying you you a small fee to take care of the house while she was away: water the plants, mow the lawn, feed the Josuke dog, and even invited you lodge in her room (rather than your run down apartment) for the month. It was surprising how much she trusted you...

“Remember, sometimes he forgets to eat lunch,” the many times you had come over to his house before, she had seemed like a very lenient and relaxed mother, “And if he refuses to eat to eat his vegetables just wrap them in bacon,” but she was actually quite the nurturing, If overbearing, caretaker. You laughed as you looked over her list of instructions and rules. Josuke however rolled his eyes, his face flushed red in embarrassment. You giggled: he was so cute when he was embarrassed. Then you paused, remembering the conversation you and Tomoko had earlier right before you left for the airport.

Josuke had been lounging on the couch playing a game while his mom was showing you where everything was… everything.

“(Y/n), you are a lovely person and I trust you wholeheartedly.” She led you into the room you would be staying in and opened the bathroom door. “However, I just want to make sure you don't do something you regret,” Uh oh . You knew where this was heading. Or at least the higher you knew.

Tomoko swung open the medicine cabinet.

“Here are the condoms. I made sure to get several sizes just in case. Remember, don't double up or it could break. There are several types of lube as well, dental dams, Plan B–”

“Ms. Higashikata?” Your face burned red with discomfort. “Why are you telling me all this?” She placed her hand on your shoulder reassuringly.

“I'm not saying that Josuke hasn't been the light of my life for the past seventeen years, but I wasn't ready for him. I want you both to be able to enjoy each other, to love each other without having to worry about anything like that. And it's completely fine if you're not ready.” You looked at the ground abashedly. You were more than ready. “But I want you to be the responsible one, okay?”

Yeah. She was a cool mom.


On the taxi ride back, you leaned onto Josuke’s chest in the silence. His are wrapped around your shoulders as his fingers caressed your upper arm gently. He buried his head in your as he took a deep sniff of your shampoo.

“You excited Josuke?” Your words caught him by surprise as he stiffened.

“Yeah, I'm really looking forward to it.”

You thought it was so adorable how this was his first summer alone, and you were admittedly sort of looking forward to staying with him.

It was around early evening when you got back from the airport, so you guys decided to make dinner together. He hugged you from behind as you mixed together the stir fry, and you scolded him as he peppered your neck with soft kisses while you were trying to focus on making the food. Eventually you decided to punish him by making him go and chop the onions. But he got his vengeance on you as he tickled your stomach through the tears.

“Just toss the damn onions in Josuke!” You squeaked through your giggles.

“Never!” He pulled you into a quick kiss before he took over stirring the vegetables.

You both sat on the couch as you picked at your dinner. Josuke seemed to be having the time of his life just having you around the house, and you were happy to consent to it. He even mentioned that he had never really enjoyed cooking before, but when he cooked with you…

You decided to teach him a little trick you had learned back at home for dessert: a little microwavable cake in a mug. You laughed as he took a taste of the batter, smearing a bit on his cheek, and he flushed red as you licked it off. You could sense the tension between you two: the excitement, the intimacy, the desire. But every time you got close, something came in between you.

You sighed as Josuke lay in the couch (yet again) playing video games. It was quite late at night, and you inquired why he wasn't getting ready for bed yet, but he was quite engrossed by the game. You let it slide as you headed off to take a shower.

Then you had an idea. Once you had washed up, you tiptoed out of your room wearing only your towel and your underwear, half hoping he would notice you sneaking through the house almost naked. Yet his eyes were turned in the other direction. It was a bit frustrating how he had suddenly pulled himself away from you that night. You knew he loved you. You knew he wanted you. In fact, that might have been one of the only things that kept you going throughout your months as a student abroad. You would sometimes catch him staring at your ass, your chest. Even if you didn't think your body was much to look at, the way he bit his lip whenever you bent over… it sent chills down your spine just thinking about it. You had gotten close several times, but the conditions were never right. And you just didn't understand why he was distancing himself at the moment.

You quickly darted into his room and to his drawer, rifling through his socks and underwear. You chose a pinkish purplish pajama set, slipping it on over your panties, making sure just one or two buttons remained open at the top. This should turn him on for sure. Either that, or… You didn’t want to think about the other option.

You skipped into the room, hearing Josuke’s grunts as he became nearer to finishing the hardest level (and wishing he was grunting in a different context). He lay on his back on the couch, and you splayed out on top of him, resting your head on his chest. He only whined out your name, eyes still glued to the television as he desperately mashed at the buttons on the controller. But you persisted, trailing kisses down his cheek, his neck, his collarbone. He squirmed underneath you, but didn't budge from the console. So you slipped your hand down...

He gasped as your fingers caressed his crotch, and his eyes immediately locked onto yours. You heard an explosion noise from the television set as the ‘GAME OVER’ screen flashed, but he paid no heed as you lingered over  him, crawling up to place a kiss on his forehead while his gaze wandered down your chest.

“(Y-Y/n),” you felt strangely seductive and uncharacteristically confident as you toyed with the zipper on his pants. His eyelids fluttered shut as your other hand pressed to his chest. Slowly, he wrapped his arms around your shoulders, giving out soft pants through his whispers “Are you… Does this mean… Do you wanna–” you shushed him by holding a finger to his (plump and supple and oh so gorgeous) lips. He was whined as you dismounted him, but you held out your hand to beckon.

“Josuke, take me.” It wasn't like you to be so sultry, but you both seemed to be enjoying the game. “I know you want to,” you cooed. “I can see you want to,” your eyes flashed towards his crotch. He squirmed to hide his growing arousal, his face flushed with embarrassment. He opened his mouth to form words, but no sound escaped his lips as he looked you up and down. Slowly he stood from the couch, eyes still glued to your figure as he fumbled to grab the remote and shut the TV off. Your breath hitched as he took a step closer, and you tried to remain calm and collected, cool and seductive… But oh god he was beautiful.

He placed his palm on your cheek as he gently stroked you with his thumb. The words finally came tumbling from his mouth.

“A-Are you sure you want to? I don’t want to force you into anything– but I won’t deny that I really really want…” He trailed off, looking away embarrassedly. Now you were flustered as well, but you took a deep breath as you wrapped your arms around his broad shoulders.

“Josuke, I love you, and I’m ready,” You reached up to place a gently kiss on his lips. It was soft and quick, and you pulled away to see the look on his face. His eyebrows were raised in awe, his jaw hung open in surprise. Yet, his eyes still blazed with desire.

In a flash he picked you up into his arms, carrying you bridal style to his bedroom. You began to suck on his neck teasingly, dragging your tongue along his collarbone. You could feel him squirm in the slightest.

“Dammit, how do you make me feel like this?” You giggled into his chest before he tossed you onto the bed. His face reddened as he loomed over you. “And how do you look so adorable in my pajamas?” You almost lost your breath at those words. He slowly crawled over your form, biting his lip in anticipation. You simple melted every time you saw that expression on his face. Of course, sometimes he would bite down on his lip when he was afraid, but when he gave you that look… His thoughts were nearer to arousal than fear.

He viciously attacked your collarbone, rapidly undoing the first several buttons on the shirt, just shy of fully exposing your chest. His kisses lightly grazed across your flesh as you grabbed his shoulders firmly. Your back arched. Your fingers desperately grabbed at his jacket. You had always admired that jacket, the little additions and adornments he had added, how form fitting it was, how well it accentuated his broad chest, his slim waist, his gropable ass. But now you just wanted to tear it off his body.

He slid it off as quick as he could, somehow never letting his mouth leave your flesh. You sighed as he nipped at your collarbone, running your hands up and down his firm biceps. Yet you desired more.

“Josuke,” You whispered through a moan, “kiss me,” You could feel him sigh in glee and excitement at your words as he immediately sprung up to claim your lips. You smirked as he playfully nipped and nibbled, one hand resting on the mattress just beside your head to stabilize himself, the other roaming through your hair and massaging your scalp. But you smirked into the kiss: you had an ulterior motive.

You harshly gripped his ass, which was now within your reach, as he gasped into the kiss. You slipped your tongue into his mouth mischievously as you continued to grope his rear, pressing his pelvis firmly into your hips as he moaned and melted into your touch. You could feel his erection growing further as he ground into you, and you couldn't help but let out a breathy sigh as the prominence just grazed across your covered clit. But you couldn’t simply tear of all your clothes that instant, no matter how much you wanted it; you knew Josuke needed the lead up. He wanted to love you. And you wanted to do the same for him.

However, you were surprised as his hands reached for the buttons again, but he didn’t undo them gently as he had done so before. Within an instant, he had torn open the fabric, buttons flying everywhere as you lay, heaving from the sudden rush of adrenaline. He had never seen you like this before, and you would have hidden yourself out of sheer shock if it weren’t for that ravenous look in his eyes as he descended on your breasts.

“J-Josuke,” Your voice was hoarse as he placed a kiss right in the center of your chest, his cheeks just tickling the sides of your heaving bust.

“I’ll fix it up later,” One hand began to grope your breast while the other rested on your hip. He squeezed it, tickled it, pinched it. His lips teasingly began to circle around the other breast, drawing nearer to the center as you squirmed with that fluttering feeling in between your legs. You moaned as you began to slide your hands up his yellow top, running your fingers up and down his firm back, forcing him even closer.

“(Y/n),” you hummed in blissful resignation as he whispered your name, your fingers now slipping up to play with the wispy hairs at the back of his neck. You squeaked as he playfully bit your nipple, squealed as he sucked it hard, moaned as he kneaded both breasts simultaneously. But you whined as his hands left your chest, shivered as they descended your waist, shuddered as his kisses trailed down towards your navel. His touches were so close to that itch, so near satisfying that urge in your core. However, he suddenly pulled away.

You lay on the bed, still panting, as he loomed over you. You had a full view of him pulling his shirt over his head, exposing those brilliant abs to the world.

“God, you’re so gorgeous,” The words slipped out of your mouth before you could stop yourself. But he merely chuckled as he began to unbuckle his belt.

“I’m nowhere near as beautiful as you are,” His pants slid down his legs.

“That’s a lie,” He kicked them to the floor.

“Is not!” You had a perfect retort ready for the situation, but all you could focus on was that massive bulge in his boxers. He suddenly flushed red at your gaze and looked away biting his lip.

You slowly rose from the bed, at first wanting to cover your chest with the tattered shreds of fabric, but remembering just how he had touched you there. You threw the shirt off entirely as you took a step closer. Though he stood taller than you, he still somehow seemed intimidated by your sultry glare. You had no idea what you were doing, but you went with it.

Your fingers wrapped around the growing protrusion as you sucked in a breath. You could feel your lower areas positively throbbing with desire, but decided to delay it for a bit just to make Josuke squirm. You caressed it through the thin fabric as you slowly dropped to your knees.

“(Y-Y/n), are you–” he was cut off by his own gasp as you slid off his boxers and slowly curled your fingers around his shaft. Thankfully, he was somewhat near the wall as he staggered backwards a step. But you pressed on.

Slowly, you licked his length, drawing your tongue up and down as he let out muffled groans through his gritted teeth. You smirked, playfully wrapping your lip around him, slowly descending towards the base. He practically shouted your name as you gave a small suck at the tip, gently kissing it before you pulled away. He was heaving as you stared up, innocently, into his eyes.

“Where,” He took a deep breath, “Where did you learn that?” Your stomach knotted in embarrassment as you thought back to all the dirty things you had read online, but you merely stuttered, in as sultry a fashion as you could:
“W-Wouldn’t you like to know?” Your hands reached for his length once again, prepared to tease him until he couldn’t bear it any longer, but in an instant his strong biceps had forced you back onto the bed.

“Two can play at this game.”You gasped in surprise as he quickly slid both your pants and panties over your hips.

“Josu–” a loud shudder escaped your lips as he gently kissed the inside of your thigh. You moaned as he sucked at the sensitive flesh near your entrance, as he nibbled and pecked while you writhed underneath him. Your fingers tangled in that flawless that was beginning to knot with tangles as you pulled his head closer. His tongue lapped nearer and nearer, and your breaths grew louder and louder. But he suddenly stopped. You looked up, heaving, to see what was wrong.

“(Y/n),” He was biting his lip again, his face flushed with nervousness. “I think I’m ready,” You nodded eagerly, though you were still dazed from the overwhelming amount of stimulation. He took a deep breath as he reached for his discarded pants, pulling the small package from the pocket. You mouth hung slightly ajar as he ripped open the shiny packet and drew it over his length. He seemed a bit embarrassed.

“Josuke,” You sat up a bit, instinctively closing your thighs and wrapping your arms over your chest. “Are you afraid?” He bit his lip as he took a step closer.

“Yeah,” his voice was shaky as he rubbed his neck, “Kind of,” Your heart was beating rapidly in your chest as you gently grabbed his hand.

“It’s okay.” You shimmied back onto the bed, bringing him with you until your back lay flat. “I am too,” You felt vulnerable admitting the truth: you had tried to be so confident, so sexy and seductive up to this point. However, you had to be honest with both him and yourself. You spread your legs apart hesitantly. “But I love you Josuke, and nothing can change that. I’m ready.” He licked his lips as he looked over your form. You let your arms fall to the side, giving him full view of your chest, your hips, your aroused core: all your imperfections, and everything that made him love you.

He delicately steadied himself at his entrance, taking in a deep breath. A gasp escaped your lips as his tip brushed along the inside of your thighs. You gazed into his deep sapphire eyes, giving a small nod to signify that everything was okay. That you wanted his to go further.

Without so much as a second thought, he slid into your core. You shuddered at the sudden widening of your walls as his massive length pressed into you. Your back arched in some combination of pain and pleasure as he steadied himself by holding your hips firmly against his. He drew out as gently as he had pulled in, and you sighed at the small relief, though you knew there was more to come.

You wanted to see his exact expression, that moment of ecstasy and bliss as it crossed his face, the sheer pleasure he was taking in doing you, but your eyes squeezed tightly shut as he ground into you. You heard his grunts growing louder and louder as he slid in and out, his pace quickening as you firmly grabbed onto the sheets. You felt him all throughout your body: not just his thrusts shaking the bed, his shaft penetrating deep into your core, his hands wandering up to grope your breasts. You felt the tenderness of his touch, the passion behind it, the care he was taking for your own well being. And you whispered his name just as lovingly as he was running his fingers over your body.

He continued to pound into you, and you gasped at the clenching feeling in your core, the butterflies in your chest. Your entrance seemed to contract by itself, and he let out a cry of satisfaction as you squeezed him tightly with your core. He panted and moaned out your name as he gave a final thrust. You gasped as you felt your insides burn, your muscles everywhere contract, you heart pound in your ears. He suddenly slipped out, using the last of his strength to discard the soiled condom, before he lay at your side.

“Josuke,” You panted, still staring up at the ceiling in a dazed stupor. “That was amazing,” He let out a breathy giggle as he intertwined his fingers with yours.

You were amazing.” You flushed as you flopped your head over to rest on his chest, lazily caressing his chest with your trembling fingers. You couldn’t help but look down again at his that massive length, wondering what else you might be able to do with it, wondering what he might be able to do with you… But you snapped out of your thoughts as he tilted your chin up to place a soft kiss on your lips. You gazed into his eyes as you suddenly giggle mischievously.

“And that’s only the beginning.”

Chapter Text

Why had you fallen for him? How had you fallen for him? You had no idea. His hair was so tall and stiff, it made his head remind you of a stale French baguette. His massive pecs were always practically popping out of that stupid tank top of his. He always wooed you with the cheesiest pickup lines– He was the biggest idiot you had ever met!

So why did he make you feel this way?

It had begun after he had been attacked by the Ebony Devil. You were both snapping at each other while you healed his wounds. You were complaining about how naïve he was, he was complaining about harsh you were towards him. And suddenly, it just happened:

You firmly pressed your lips against his as his bandaged arms wrapped around your waist. Though his lips were soft, his kiss was rough as he slipped his fingers into your hair to pull you closer. You grabbed at the fabric of his shirt, running your hands up and down that glorious chest of his, groping and kneading his–

Holy crap, what the hell were you doing?

You suddenly pulled away, wiping a thin trail of saliva from your mouth, he looked somewhat annoyed and dejected.

“Mon amour–”

“D-Don’t call me your ‘amour’! I mean… umm…” you looked away to hide you sudden flush, but you saw his smirk out of the corner of your eye.

“You liked that, didn't you?” You pushed him in the shoulder and he winced because of his injuries. But still he persisted as he tucked a lock of hair behind your ear and gently stroked your cheek. “You want more, don't you?” You gritted your teeth as you placed your palm firmly on his chest, shoving his back down onto the bed as he gasped.

“You wish!” But you did want more. You wanted to take him, to tease him, to ride him as he screamed out your name. However something inside you wouldn't let that happen, you couldn't give him the satisfaction. Not yet at least.


After that, Mr. Joestar began forcing you to room with him. You bit your lip in anger and rolled your eyes as you whined, but they insisted that Polnareff had someone to protect him should another stand user attack him while he was alone in his room. You could see Pol’s face flush with embarrassment. And yet he also smirked knowing you two would be sleeping in the same room for the next month or so.

No one else knew the strange tensions that were developing between you two. They seemed to notice how Polnareff would trail you around, compliment you incessantly, make suggestive comments, occasionally even admire your ass when you bent over, but that was just his normal behaviour, right? Surely a strong and capable woman such as yourself wouldn't fall for such underhanded tactics.

And that was what you told yourself every night as he forced you against the wall, lips trailing across your collarbone, hands gripping your hips firmly. You grappled into his ass as he ground his growing erection into your pelvis, as you gasped and arched your back as his palms slid up underneath your shirt. His supple lips left your flesh for merely a second as he flung your top to the side.

But you never let him get any further than this. Even if you wanted him, even if desired him more than anything else in the world. You just had too many questions.

Why did you want him? Was it just because her was the only one you had ever met who seemed to lust after you just as much as you lusted after him? Or were your reasons actually grounded in something more than sheer physical attraction? You weren't in love, you couldn't possibly be in love. Your heart had been broken too many times in the past for you to consent to loving someone so easily. But, If that was really the case, why were you always thinking about him? Why did you fantasise about his touch every night before you drifted off to sleep?

But, most importantly: Why in the world did he want you? You were nothing special: your face wasn’t extremely pretty, your figure only of average proportions. You weren't funny or witty or intelligent or particularly capable in battle. And yet, he seemed to be always watching you with that devilish smirk, that lusty hunger in his eyes…


You had just finished your shower and you lay on your bed reading a book. However, your thoughts seemed to be particularly agitated that night as you heard Polnareff's muffled voice from behind the bathroom door. He was singing some ghastly French pop song that you didn't quite recognise (though he sung it almost every time he took a bath) and you scowled as you tried to pry your fantasies away from what he must look like: his muscular figure obscured by the frothy bubbles, his silver hair gloriously cascading down his shoulders as he ran his fingers along his scalp.

Your lip began to hurt as you noticed you were biting it in frustration. You sighed as you set down the book and flopped across the bed. Something just felt off about that evening. You were trembling and tingling for his touch, even if he just held you in his arms or stroked your hair… You needed comfort. Desperately.

The door of the bathroom swung open and you felt the steam fill the room. You immediately rose from the bed, not even knowing what you were doing or why you were doing it. Polnareff gasped as you pinned him to the wall.

His face flushed as he gazed down at your figure. You had never been to one to instigate the affections. You had always played hard to get, always fought back, before finally succumbing to your own temptation.

But today, you were the one begging for it.

He was dressed in his pajamas and hadn’t bothered to style his hair up again after he had washed it, so you grabbed a soft silver lock in your fingers. He gasped as your took a step closer, your torso lightly pressing against his. A sly smirk came to his face.

“(Y/n), are you–”

“Shut up.” You attacked his lips with quick yet passionate kisses as he harshly gripped your waist. You ran your hands through his velvety hair as pressed onwards, kissing him longer, harder, as you sucking and nipping at his soft flesh. His fingers drew the hem of your shirt up just an inch or so, and you gasped as you felt his warm thumbs drawing small circles across your bare back. This only fuelled the flame as you parted your lips further, slippling your tongue along the corner of his mouth.

He tried to mumble something through the kiss but you bit his lip hard before he could get the words out. You just wanted to enjoy the moment, to keep your mind free of doubts, to please yourself. He gasped, and you slipped your tongue into his mouth. You felt ravenous for that feeling of his lips against your flesh, his strong hands groping and pinching every single part of your body. But there was a lump of frustration growing inside you along with that desperation.

You rested your hands on his firm chest, tangling your fingers into the fabric of his nightshirt as you pulled his lips closer. He forced your hips into his, and you almost squealed in surprise as you felt the hard lump beginning to form between his legs. He smirked as his hands traveled down your lower back. Suddenly, he grabbed your ass.

He had done this several times before, and usually you would just slap his hands away. Yet this time, you felt different. You felt… giddy

“Pol,” You moaned his name through the kiss, feeling him flinch in surprise at your reaction, but taking the hint that you wanted more. He squeezed your rear as you melted into his kiss, your fingers lazily beginning to fumble with the buttons on his shirt. He whipped his hands away to undo the buttons himself as he began to step away from the wall. You didn’t break the kiss, but backed up to the bed along with his body as he threw his nightshirt to the ground.

But he paused. He drew away from your lips as you gave out a small whine. His flaming eyes descended your figure as he licked his lips, however, your own eyes were locked on his beautiful silvery hair, his striking blue irises, his perfectly chiseled torso as he stood over you. He hadn’t quite pushed you to the mattress just yet, but you were close to toppling backwards just from all the blood rushing to your head (and other parts of your body).

His fingers were toying with the hem of your tank top as you sucked in a breath. His smirk was devilish as he looked down your cleavage. But, to your surprise, he quickly darted his eyes up to your face, his expression gently asking for your permission. You tilted your head in curiosity at his gentlemanly gesture. Never once had he held himself back, taken things slowly, waited for your affirmation. What was different about things this time?

You bit your lip and nodded. Slowly, he dragged the shirt up and over your head and you squeezed your eyes shut. You were just a bit squeamish about actually showing him your body. You didn’t want him to see all your flaws, all your imperfections; but you didn’t want him to stop.

He let out a gasp as you felt the chilly air hit your nipples. You squirmed under his gaze, wanting to cover up your chest. However, almost immediately, he broke the serene moment by pinning your wrists to the bed. You sucked in a breath as your back hit the mattress and his lips hit your chest. You arched your back and writhed underneath him as he peppered your collarbone with kisses. His fingers began to run across your breasts.

“Mon amour,” His whisper tickled your flesh and you trembled as he teasingly stroked circles around your nipple. But you were still able to spit out several words as you ran your hands up and down his muscular back.

“W-Why do you call me that?” You squeaked as he groped your breast harshly, his other hand gripping your hip and his tongue trailing lazily along your other breast. You tugged his head up by his hair so you could look into his stunning sapphire eyes. “ Why? ” He only sneered maliciously.

“Parce-que,” he placed a soft kiss on your nipple as you shuddered, “je t’aime.” You groaned half in pleasure and half in annoyance as he nibbled at your chest. There was something slightly seductive about how those words just seemed to roll of his tongue, but you tried your hardest to remain in control of the situation, even if your body was telling you otherwise.

“Pol, I can’t even understand you in English, what makes you think I would understand you in French?” He chuckled as his lips kissed down your sternum and you gasped as he descended down your stomach.

“You know very well what I mean.” His fingers pinched your nipples playfully as he sucked just below your navel. No matter how much you wanted to deny it, you desired his kisses to go even further. “And, besides” He abruptly removed his lips from your flesh so he could crawl up to stare into your eyes. “Don’t you like it when I talk to you like that?” You bit your lip, about to protest, when he suddenly crawled his fingers down your stomach. You gasped as he slipped underneath the elastic of your panties, massaging you gently as he leaned over to whisper in your ear. “When I call you ma belle, mon ange, ma cherie…” You groaned as his fingers deftly toyed with your clit, but more than anything you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of being his pet. And yet, you didn’t want him to stop…

You pulled your fingers from where they had been clawing at the sheets to wrap around his firm ass. He left out a soft gasp and a chuckle before he drew his hand away from your core and thrust into your hips. You sucked on his neck as he ground into you, his own body writhing with anticipation and expectation. His erection had grown maddeningly large as his pelvis bore into yours. You grasped at the hem of his pants, your instincts taking over as you felt his heart beating against yours.

He took the hint as he crawled off of you, standing before you as he stared down at your huffing and having body on the bed. But before his fingers could slip his pants over his hips, he paused.

“Pol,” You bit your tongue before you could beg him to continue, to strip off his boxers and pound you into oblivion. But instead, he teasingly tugged at the elastic of your panties. You gasped as he dragged it down your thighs, which you squeezed tightly shut as the fresh air chilled the slick wetness between your legs. You could see the hunger in his eyes as he completely removed you of all clothing, and looked away, hiding your chest as your face flushed with the realisation of your own vulnerability. “You dirty little pervert,” It was a bit of a joke, and thankfully he laughed, but nevertheless, he pried your thighs open.

“That may be true,” You shuddered as he softly kissed the inside of your knee. You sensed where he was going with this. And you loved it. “But that doesn’t change how I feel about you,” his lips slowly trailed up to the inside of your thigh. You moaned as he gently sucked the soft flesh, and you felt him smirk against your skin at the reactions. “And that doesn’t make you any less of a pervert.”

“POL–” You suddenly gasped as his tongue lapped at your core. Your stomach twisted at the feeling of his lips gently sucking at your clit, kissing your opening. His fingers ghosted along the inside of your thighs, sometimes tickling your bikini line, sometimes harshly gripping your hips. Shivers ran up and down your spine as you massaged his scalp, pulling him closer as you groaned out his name.

The moment seemed to last an eternity as your stomach twisted in knots, your heart pounded in your ears. And yet, it didn’t last long enough. As he pulled away, you called out to him pleadingly. But then you heard the rustling of fabric. You gasped as you felt something firm and hard caress the inside of your thigh.

Your eyes flashed open to see him looming over you, fully unclothed and fully aroused. Your heart began to pound faster than ever before as his tip readied itself at your entrance. His looked down at you again with that same fire and passion in his eyes. But, again, he hesitated.

“Dammit, Polnareff. Do you love me or not?” It was a legitimate question. Was it all a charade just so he could get in your pants? Would you wake up tomorrow to find him having moved on? Or would he still be beside you, holding you in his embrace?

He quickly kissed your lips.

“More than anything in the world.”

Your breath caught in your throat as he plunged into you. It you felt his massive girth stretching your walls as you arched back in pain. It was unlike anything you had ever felt before: rough and harsh, yet you still felt that caring and nurturing side of Polnareff through his thrusts. You heard his own moans as you squeezed his length, his soft whispers of your name as they slowly turned into cries of pleasure.

He hadn’t started off very slowly to begin with, but he sped up his attacks with vigor as he groped your breasts. You tightly clenched your thighs around his hips as his length drove deeper and deeper inside your core. Your back arched as his thumbs pressed against your nipples.

“(Y/n),” Neither of you were quite to the point of breaking yet, but his sheer cries of your name were starting to bring you close. You ran your hands through his hair, along his muscular shoulders, down his chest. He shuddered as your fingers tickled across his chest, down his abs. But you were slowly losing control of your own body, and clenched at the sheets again to hold yourself down while he thrust into you.

Then, you felt it, your muscles clenching, a surge of adrenaline, your pulse pounding in your ears. A warmth seemed to spread throughout your body as he pounded into you one final time, deeper than ever, harder than ever. You called out his name as he finally pulled out, collapsing on the bed next to you as he heaved with the thrill of it all.

“Je t’adore.”


You awoke resting on his steadily rising and falling chest, hearing his heart beat calmly. He was still there. And you were still there. Was it more than just lust? Did he really love you?

You shook the feelings away before your mind became muddled with thoughts of doubt. The only thing that mattered was the here and now. You wouldn’t question that. You wouldn’t question the joy you had felt last night. And you certainly wouldn’t question if it happened again.

Chapter Text

A sting ricocheted up through your palms as your body collided with the floor. You chest heaved as you felt sweat run down your bare back. The skin of your torso pressed to the cold steel floor, and fluorescent lighting flashed through your eyelids, causing your head to spin.

Your only thought was to escape. The sterile white wall wasn't difficult to scale, and you punched through the glass window with ease. You heard cries of terror, but disregarded them as you took in the scene around you. As you made your way to the man who seemed to be highest ranked official, decorated in gold and silver pins, you slowly deciphered the language he was speaking. He made to run away, but you held him by his shoulder as your mind calculated, somewhat distracted by the flailing, screaming bodies, the flashing red lights, the small pellets of iron barrelling into your side. You took in a breath, finally adjusted to his native tongue.

“Where are the rest of my people?”


Once you had made your way out of the underground laboratory and into the cool desert night, your head cleared and your memories came flooding back. You gasped as you remembered all that had come before the deep sleep.

“I don’t need you anymore. You are beneath me!” A jolt of pain. You cried out as you gripped your stinging cheek.

“You were happy! We were both happy, don't lie to me!” He hissed in frustration at you words.

“Even if I was, I–”

“You loved me!” You suddenly cut him off, eyes streaming tears with sobs shook your chest. “I still love you…” This came out as a faint whisper. He snarled maliciously.

“Love is not power. Love is not victory. Love is nothing .” He spat in your face. “It may have been a pleasant fantasy when we were innocent children, but now… I am the one who will be victorious in the end. I will win.” You gazed up into those dark eyes that had so often been filled with tenderness and compassion. But now they were filled with rage, arrogance, and… pain.

“Wamuu, you know what to do.” His loyal servant tightened his grip on your wrists as he dragged you away. You didn't even resist as led you through the labyrinth of tunnels and caves, accepting your inevitable death. But you reached the end of the cavern, and Wamuu paused. He released the chains that held you.

“Sleep,” he commanded you. You stared up at him in shock. “I won’t kill you. I can't obey this order,” he clenched his fists in frustration. “But you're only choice is to sleep here. Come out when you're safe, come out when his temper has lessened. Please.”

That was the last that you remembered. You wondered if it was in fact time. If Kars had somehow changed. But the information you had strangled out of the humans’ leader had suggested otherwise.


Weeks passed as you gathered intelligence about the rest of the so called ‘Pillar Men’. Fitting in as a human was somewhat easier than you had expected, and traveling to Europe had not been a chore. However, now, you stood before the run down castle that Kars and Wamuu had apparently taken over (you had heard of their whereabouts through two extremely loud men who seemed to be working with the German government. You were surprised that they hadn’t yet noticed you eavesdropping on all of their conversations, and that they were so loud-mouthed about their mission, but you disregarded these as standard human flaws.

You lightly tread through the snow to the gate of the ominous castle, which swung open with force. Faintly, you could see a figure emerge. But it wasn’t a figure, exactly. The form seemed to camouflage into the background as winds whipped around the approaching man. If you hadn’t known this exact tactic, you wouldn’t have been able to identify him.

“Hello, Wamuu.” A small smile crept to your face. The figure halted, dropping the cloak of swirling winds that had served as his concealment.


He pleaded that you not enter, that you give Kars more time, but you refused. You had laboured for so long to reach him, to convince him. There was nothing else in the world that mattered. Even if Wamuu had used his powers to stop you, you had been awake for longer, you had strengthened and trained for this moment.

You readied yourself mentally as you scoured every corner of the mansion, searching for him. You knew that he was somewhere within, Wamuu had already given that information away. You grabbed hold of the next doorknob. Suddenly a shiver ran all throughout your body. It was undeniable. He was here.

You barged into the room, letting the door swing open and bang against the wall as a loud slam echoed through the chamber. A large muscular silhouette stood, outlined by the light of the fireplace. He gave out an annoyed sigh.

“Wamuu, I told you I was not to be interrupted–”

“And I told Wamuu I was not to be hindered.” Your voice was warm but confident. Kars body became rigid. However he remained staring into the fire. As you could not see his expression, you could not judge his reaction. Was he enraged? Confused? Hopeful? You dared to take a small step towards him.

“Leave us,” He hissed out, his voice hoarse yet commanding. You took another step as you heard the door shut behind you.

Suddenly, Kars whipped around. You tripped over your feet as he grabbed your wrists, shoving your back against the door. For just a moment, your head reeled with dizziness as you collapsed against its surface. Then, you looked back up at him.

You felt his breath tickle your skin gently as he inspected your face. His piercing violet orbs gazed deep into your eyes, inspecting your hair, your lips. Almost as if he were trying to discern if it was in fact you who stood before him. His hand unclasped your wrist, leaving a pinkish mark where he had gripped you, and his fingers tenderly ran down your cheek. You could see his eyes flash for a moment, and your heart leapt. You knew that expression. It was his hunger. The corners of your lips curled into a small smile, but not before he pressed you to the wall again, firmly.

“Who are you?!” His voice was anxious and frustrated.

“It’s me Kars,” you bit your lip, unwilling to let the tears fill your eyes. “It’s (y/n)–”

“How do you know that name?” You whimpered as his nails dug into your palms. But you continued to stare directly into those eyes. Those eyes that had captured yo so long ago.

“I’m not an imposter.” you scoured your mind for some proof that you were truly who you said. Something you both remembered. Something you both cherished. “All those eons ago,” you paused. “It was a starlit night. The moon was waning, and we both stared up into the sky,” your eyes were starting to tear as you reminisced, but you remained resolute. “You were telling me about all of your plans. Your brilliant plans that I would help you achieve one day,” His glare seemed to soften. “Your ideas for how you were going to make this world better, make everything better for you… and for me,” His hold around you slackened as his eyes trailed down to your lips. “And that,” you took in a shuddering breath, trying to hold your composure. “That was our first kiss.”

His grip on you loosened, and he stepped back, shock filling his face. You sighed as you rubbed your wrists. His face was blank; devoid of any expression or emotion, save possibly… confusion.

“You were supposed to be dead .” His voice choked out. To any other of his subordinates, this of course would have been shocking. Kars was never weak. He had always been strong, decisive, commanding. But he broke for you. He had always broken for you. Right now, however, it was clear how hard he was trying to maintain his composure. “It was supposed to be simple. With you out of the way I would… I could actually… Victory was within my grasp–” He suddenly stopped, eyes gazing lustily at your figure. You tried not to smirk. Your relationship had always been an odd one: You two never quite fit in among the others of your race. You both wanted more than you were given. More from them, and more from each other.

He spun around to look back at the fireplace, distancing himself from you as far as he could. “I thought about you every day. But I stood by my decision. I wouldn’t be able to achieve anything with you holding me down.” He paused. You saw a tear descend the outline of his cheek. He made no effort to wipe it away, probably hoping you wouldn’t notice. But you approached him from behind, gently resting your hand on his shoulder.

Suddenly, he whipped around and grabbed your wrist in one hand and your waist in the other, pressing his lips firmly, hungrily to yours, as you stifled a gasp of surprise. You fell backwards, tripping over your sandals, and your elbows stung as they collided with the cold stone floor. But he pressed on, biting your lower lip aggressively, running his hand under your loose linen shirt, up your bare stomach. For a moment, you lay there, as he ravished your flesh. You remembered what it had been like at first: You had been his friend, his confidant. He had barred all indications of his lust for you out of your relationship, you were too young for intimacy when you had gotten to know him. Of course, everything changed with that first kiss in the moonlight. And it felt like it was happening all over again.

Gradually, you began to caress his cheek, fiddling with his turban until you were able to cast it off. His long silken hair seemed to flow down like rain, tickling the sides of your face as he continued to deepen the kiss. His fingers released your wrist and tangled through your own locks, rubbing your scalp as you moaned with pleasure. His tongue snaked into your mouth as his other hand continued to climb up your bare stomach. As your shirt rode up, you could feel his chiseled abdomen pressing onto your soft flesh. His pelvis ground against yours harshly, and you clenched his hair in surprise. You felt that bulge pressing through his loincloth, digging in between your thighs. You smirked as you teasingly bit his lip, whispering into the kiss:

“Having fun already?”

He snarled. He would never admit how much he loved your taunting. He licked down your jaw, your eyes lidded with sheer pleasure, as his hand freed itself from your hair and latched on to your breast. A soft mewl escaped your lips as he sucked at your collarbone, biting it forcefully as his talons clawed your bust. You couldn’t help but giggle at your sheer excitement, and he bit down harder. His kisses reached down further, and you gripped his hair tighter as you pulled him to your bosom.

His tongue ran hungrily down your chest as his fingers gripped at the fabric of your shirt. Without any hesitation, he had torn your flimsy top away, and you gasped as your exposed breasts hit the cold air. His tongue teased around the circumference of your mounds teasingly as his hips bucked against yours.

You ran your fingers down his back, relishing the heat, the warmth, the softness of his flesh contrasted with the rippling of his strong muscles just beneath. You sighed as his lips gently grazed across your nipple, his hand groping your breast as chills ran up your spine. It was sheer ecstasy to feel his body against yours again.

Suddenly, however he sprang off of you. You shivered as his warmth left, as you felt the cold cobblestone aching against your back. And yet, you still couldn't help but sneer up at him. It was obvious how aroused he was just from seeing you, just from laying his hands on you after so many years. His hair was frazzled and disheveled as it hung around his reddened face. A thin sheen of sweat coated his golden skin as he toyed with his loincloth. You sniggered at that cute little tendency of his, fiddling with the thin fabric, pulling it to the side so you could see just how turned on he was.

He offered his hand out to you with an agitated and antsy smirk. You could see the desire behind those eyes as he pulled you to your feet. Clutching you in his firm embrace. You shivered as he held a lock of your hair to his nose, taking in a deep breath of your scent. Your bare breasts pressed against his own exposed torso, and the warmth between your legs couldn't help but tingle a bit at the sheer contact. He stood, there, frozen for a moment. What was he waiting for?

You took the opportunity to sneak your hand down his abs, down the front of the cloth. He gasped feeling your fingers ghost across his length, biting his lip. You loved seeing him squirm like this. Of course, he obviously hated it when you were the one in control. You teasingly bit his earlobe, before whispering:

“What are you gonna do about it?”

He abruptly grabbed your ass, and you sucked in a breath as your thighs, now slick with your desire, wrapped around his hips. He nipped at your neck as you carried you to the dias. You couldn’t help but moan at his touch as his fingers roamed up and down every inch of your lower back, your leg, your crotch, practically tearing away at the fabric that held the two of you apart.

Within an instant you lay before him, fully uncovered and fully aroused. He grinned maliciously as he crawled over your. You loved seeing him this passionate, this engaged. You loved it when he dropped that cool and calculated exterior so you could bend him to your will.

But maybe you would let him have his way for just a while more as he kissed down your stomach, nipping and biting at the exposed flesh, even giving you several bruises as his fingers trailed down your navel. Your back arched as his tongue ran down you flesh, his fingers teasingly rubbing small circles on your clit. You sighed, running your hands through his velvety hair as you moaned his name. He lay there  gazing up at your reaction from your stomach for a while as he taunted your opening, gently fingering your slick entrance, widening your walls ever so slightly as he slid his fingers in far too shallowly for your taste. But you bit your tongue before you could plead. He wouldn’t take you that easily.

You could feel him smirk against the inside of your thigh as his lips left tingling sensations all throughout your legs, his fingers now deftly teasing your clit even more harshly than before as you arched your back, mewled, gripped his hair to bring his lips further to your core. He lapped at the inside of your thigh, drawing ever so nearer to your entrance only to pull away once he grazed the swollen lips. You melted into his teasing, his toying as he slowly trailed kisses up to your swollen sex. You held his head there as he finally took you, sucking tauntingly at your clit, trailing his tongue across your core as you moaned in agony. His hands reached up to pinch your nipples as you sighed breathlessly. Even if he was overtaking you, it sure as hell was fun.

Suddenly, however, you gasped as he pulled away.

“Kars,” You whined, only to realise that he had shed his loincloth and pulled you on top of him. He gazed up at you hungrily as you felt his hard length tickling the inside of your thigh. You were flushed with agitation, arousal, excitement as you gently positioned yourself over him. You could feel him sigh as his tip just grazed your wet lips, your slick opening, and he lidded his eyes with the sheer satisfaction of what was to come.

Slowly, you slid down onto his prominent erection, barely able to contain yourself at the tingling pleasure, the thrill and the passion. His hands began to roam every inch of your body: up your thighs, tickling your waist, gripping your hips and groping your breasts. But finally, he begged you:

“(Y/n), please.”

A smirk crossed your face, and as in control as you possibly could, you began to ride him. Your hips rolled hand and forth in a steady rhythm as he thrust into you. It was apparent how much he desired this by how hard his thrusts were, how fast and passionate as he ground his pelvis into yours. You held onto his shoulders for dear life, trying as hard as you could to both please him and satisfy yourself, to ride him and to tame him. Your love had always been a war, that was what he craved above all else. And that was what you gave him.

“Harder,” He commanded you as he pound into your core. You felt knots in your stomach, your pulse pounding in your ears. The sheer adrenaline was consuming you both with sweat and lust. “Faster,” He grabbed ahold of your breasts as you panted and rode him harder. You could feel that you were near. So near to what had been just out of reach a day before.

You smirked as he let out an unearthly howl of pleasure. Your muscles contracted in a wave of ecstasy as you felt a warmth fill your entire body. You slid off of him, onto the dais beside his heaving body, wanting to snicker with glee at the sight, but not having even enough energy to speak. You gently rested your head on his shoulder, feeling his strong arm wrap around your waist. After a long and blissful silence, you finally regained your composure and spoke.

“I think,” you climbed atop his chiseled torso, your breasts and stomach pressing against his warm body as you felt the rise and fall of his chest. He looked up at you with admiration, resignation, devotion. “I think we’re going to have to call that one a draw,” You saw a smirk flash across his face as he grabbed your ass. You squeaked as his fingers began to play with your lower areas.

“You know, I thought I was the obvious victor. But, if you insist on having a tiebreaker,” He fingered your entrance as he stared into your eyes. “I guess I’ll have another go.”

Chapter Text

He might have been a bit of an idiot, but he was your idiot. He would talk about the stupidest things as his head lay in your lap, your fingers swirling through his soft hair. Of course, he wasn’t generally a touchy-feely sort of person, but sometimes, just sometimes, he would open up to you. When the rest of the squad was out on a mission, when he was bored lying around at headquarters, he would simply nuzzle up to you like a lonely cat. And you absolutely loved it.

“Oh my god (y/n),”

“What is it, Ice Baby?” He playfully swatted at you whenever you called him that, but you could tell he somewhat enjoyed your teasing him.

“Have you ever realised,” He stared up at the ceiling in silence as you massaged his scalp. “That Panama… and pajama… only have one letter difference?” He gritted his teeth as you let out a soft giggle. “I mean, what the hell is that about? Why are they pronounced so differently then?! Dammit I hate English...” You shushed him as you drew your fingers down his neck.

“Well, I can’t do anything about Panama, but…” You played with the collar of his light blue nightshirt, “I could certainly take off those pajamas for you,” He tried to hide his flush as best he could as you slowly kissed him on the forehead.

No matter how confident he was out in the field, he always melted into a blushing mess when he was in your arms. He’d flirt with you, offer you kisses and compliments, brag about himself. And yet whenever you reciprocated those affections, he would fall flat on his face.


But what was he planning right now? Everyone but you two had been assigned off on various jobs when he suggested a “night out”. He fidgeted with the corner of his glasses, picking up a large sack as you smirked.
“What’s that?” You intertwined your fingers in his as you noisily poked at the sack. He gritted his teeth in slight annoyance.

“It’s a surprise. Are you coming or not?” You giggled with your anticipation.

“I think that would be lovely, Ghia.” His face reddened at the nicknames you gave him, but he let it slide when he had pulled you out the door. It was a quiet, moonlit night as you walked down the canal. The water was calm and still, perfectly reflecting the starry sky above on its silvery surface. It had been a while since you had spent a night with him like this. Your relationship had just been so sudden: You had joined the assassination squad, he had claimed you as “his,” and you didn't have time for much other than operations and milling round on the couch.
“Here,” You cocked your head as you heard his soft mutter. He had led you to the water’s edge setting the large bag down on the ground before you and rifling through it. You could just make out the red on his cheeks as he muttered “Hopefully they’re your size,” A gasp left your lips as he pulled a pair of skates from the sack.


“I know you said you didn’t really know how to but, umm…” he rubbed his neck bashfully as he brought out his stand. A single step of his skate on the water made the canal crackle as his cryogenic freeze shot across to the opposite shore. You giggled stupidly, as in awe of his wonderful powers as you always had been. But you were a bit scared: you had almost never actually laid foot on the ice. You admired Ghiaccio’s skills from afar, his precision and expertise when he confronted his enemies. Your powers were nothing compared to his… And now, he wanted you to try?

“You know I’m gonna fall on my face?” You yelled out at him as you began to tie the skates up. He chuckled as he glided across the frozen canal carelessly.

“If you fall I’ll catch you!” He smirked as he performed a little jump to show off, and you couldn’t help but giggle as he he began skating backwards down the river.

“Ghia, don’t fall off the ice!” he slyly began to freezing the water underneath him as he ventured onto the unfrozen waters and you rolled your eyes at his bragging. “Fine then,” You sighed as you tied the final shoelace, making sure the boots were snug on your toes. “Here goes nothing,” you whispered to yourself as you slowly stepped onto the frozen canal.

You squeaked as you began to slip. The ice was more slippery that you thought it would be as your feet slid forward. Your hands reached out behind you to brace for the fall, but, suddenly, you felt those steady hands on your hips.

“Dammit, I didn’t think it’d be that hard for you!” You laughed as he pulled you to your feet, softly placing a kiss on his warm cheek through the embrace.

“Thank you, Ghiaccio.”


He spent most of his time guiding you around the ice. You weren’t terrible at it, though occasionally he decided to show off his skills by literally skating circles , at which point you would faceplant and he would become a flustered and apologising mess. But you loved it. You loved how adorable he was when he glided backwards, holding your hands so you could practice on skating forwards. He did get a bit pissed off at your incompetency several time, but you always saw that glint behind his eye that let you know he was amusing himself. Finally, you sat down on a bench back at the water’s edge, you leaning your head against his shoulder as the ice began to thaw.

He intertwined his fingers in yours as you rubbed his arm gently.

“That was really nice, Ghiaccio.”

“Of c-course it was!” He seemed a bit jittery and anxious, and you couldn’t quite tell why.

“You okay?” he raised his eyebrows in surprise as he rubbed his neck with his hand.

“Yeah, why wouldn’t I be? I just, umm…”

“Ghia,” You cooed, turning his chin so that you could stare directly into his eyes, coaxing him onwards.

“I have something I’ve been working on that I want to show you,” You smiled shyly, preparing for him to reach into the bag, into his pocket, to reveal whatever he had actually brought you here for. But for a while, nothing happened.

“Ghia, what–” You gasped as you felt something cold on your eyelid. He smiled as a small white flake fell past his nose. A flurry of snow began to descend around you, and you couldn’t help but giggle as you thought about how long he had been practicing this for. “This ought to be very useful in battle.” You teased him as he rolled his eyes at you.

“Okay, but you have to admit, this crap is amazing! Right, (y/n)?” He looked at you expectantly, almost nervously as you rubbed his cheek. You slowly placed a kiss on his lips before whispering:

“It’s beautiful.”


It had been a long time since you two had a night like that all to yourself, and you both seemed to know where it was heading. He had always been a bit bashful when it came to the lead up, but once you actually got down to it…

He locked the door as you slipped your shoes and your coat off. You gasped as his cold arms wrapped around you from behind. His lips gently pecked down your neck as he muttered something unintelligible, his fingers playing with the hem of your shirt. You chuckled as you pulled his other hand up to grope at your chest, and you felt him smirk against your cold flesh at the affirmation you were giving him.

He whipped you around to face him, placing his palm firmly on your hip as your arms wrapped around his neck. He tucked a lock of stray hair behind your ear as he gazed down at your lips. You slid your tongue out mischievously as you licked your lips hungrily, and you smirked as he tried to hide his surprise and arousal behind his controlled composure.

“How?” He softly whispered as he ran his fingers down your lips, your chin, your neck, your chest as his eyes wandered down your top. “How do you do this to me?” He gently kissed you as his hands ran down your lower back, “Just seeing you making an idiot of yourself out there on the ice,” You laughed as he struggled to mumble through the kiss, “Looking up the snow,” He lips pecked down your jaw as he tightly gripped your waist.

“Ghiaccio, you don’t have to keep talking,” You gasped as his hands groped your ass, his teeth playfully biting your collarbone. But he continued muttering muffled words against your skin.

“Dammit, I just want you to know how beautiful you are, how much I love you, how everytime I touch you I feel myself get rock hard–”

“Ghia,” You cut him off, your stomach fluttering in anticipation. “You really do talk too much.” His fingers began to run underneath your shirt as he sucked in between your breasts. You could certainly feel the hardness beginning to press into your thighs as he ground his pelvis against yours. Your hands ran through his hair, messing up those perfect little ringlets until the blue fluff stood up on end, sliding his glasses off the tip of his nose before his lips came back to meet yours.

Of course, his lips were unsurprisingly cold, as were his fingers, as he began to ride your shirt up your stomach. But it was strangely comforting as you tossed his glasses to the side. You fiddles with the buttons on his shirt, feeling that prominence growing as he ground into you. He moaned as you finally were able to toss his blouse aside, running your palms over his chiselled chest. This clearly fuelled the flame as he bit your lip teasingly, sliding his tongue around the edge of your mouth.

You couldn't help but smile into the kiss as he clumsily grasped at the hem of your shirt for dear life, pulling your top over your head. The first several times you had been with Ghiaccio, you were ashamed to expose yourself to him, ashamed of your imperfections and impurities. But his hungry glare stopped you from hiding your body. He slowly reached around  to unclasp your bra, but hesitated.

“Ghia?” He cut you off by pressing a finger to your lips. His other hand snuck down to his crotch, playing with the belt buckle.

“Get on your knees,”

You smirked as you willingly obliged and he began to remove the belt. But you took over before he could unzip his pants. He sighed, his eyes fluttering back into his head as you slowly drew the zipper down, placing your palm firmly on the prominent bulge. He moaned out your name as you began to massage it, feeling the throbbing length growing harder and harder as you grabbed and groped.

“Please,” You tilted your head at his words, suddenly drawing your hand away as you looked up at him innocently.

“What was that, Ice Baby?” He forcefully pushed your head back towards his crotch.

“Blow me dammit,” You giggled as you toyed with the elastic of his boxers. His fingers slid through your hair as his his underwear slid down his hips. The sheer size of his shaft never ceased to amaze you. You could feel him shudder as you slipped your fingers around the base, gently pumping it before you licked down the length. You couldn't help but shudder, yourself, thinking that just after you got him warmed up he would treat you to it…

His hands fiddled in your hair as you slowly brought the head to your lips. He moaned your name another time. You softly sucked along the shaft as he leaned into your touch. You could tell how much he just wanted to buck into your throat, but it wasn’t time for that. Not now at least.

Dammit but that was just too much for you. You needed him to pleasure you . You drew away from his length as you slowly unclasped your bra. He whined, but was unable to do anything as he stared at you while you stripped. Quickly realising your intentions, he slipped his pants and underwear entirely off as you slipped your own bottoms down your legs. You kept your panties on, however, as you backed onto the bed.

He gazed down at you, biting his lip, in excitement as his dick oozed with his desire. He teasingly began to massage your clit through your panties as he crawled over you. Your squirmed as his fingers taunted you through the dampening cloth.

“You’re so cute when you want me,” He smirked as he kissed your breast. But you cooed back, gripping his raging erection.

“Speak for yourself.”

He bit his lip to hold back a loud groan. Slowly he wrapped his fingers around the elastic waistband, gradually pulling it down your hips as you waited in agony for what was yet to come. You wriggled as the wetness between your legs hit the harsh air, and you couldn’t but buck your pelvis up slightly to show him just how much you needed him to fill you. You heard his breathy snicker as he hovered over you, latching his hands onto your breasts so he could tease you just a bit more before he satiated your desires.

You gasped, arching back as he pinched your nipples, biting your lip as his tip grazed the inside of your thigh. He playfully licked and sucked at your teat while you grabbed at his ass, trying harder than ever to guide him towards your entrance. But he only revelled in your struggles.

“God, you’re so adorable when you’re desperate,”

“Ghiaccio, shut the hell up and pound me into this mattress or I swear to god I edge you until those balls as blue as your hair.”

He rapidly took the hint as he squeezed your breasts vigorously. You firmly gripped his biceps as he readied himself at your opening. You loved the way those big dark eyes stared at you with so much lust and love.

His length gently slid into your core as you arched your back with pleasure. A moan escaped your lips as he began to slip in and out of you. It was the best you had ever had, you could barely breathe as his girth expanded against your walls, filling every inch of your insides with warmth and tingling sensations. Your hands fell to your sides, clawing at the sheets as he groped your chest firmly, seeming as though he wanted to stimulate every inch of you that he possibly could.

He pinched your nipples, slid his hands up and down your stomach, through your hair, thrust deep into your core, moaning all the while as you tightly gripped his length between your walls. You could feel him trembling, throbbing against your touch, but he didn't dare slow or lessen his pounds. You sighed out his name as he drove in deeper, your muscles clenching him firmer as he groaned in blissful agony.

You could feel that blossoming fire in your core begin to erupt. His cries of your name grew louder and louder as he bucked into you. You squeezed tighter than ever before as all your muscles contracted, your back arched, your breath left your lungs in a burst of pure ecstasy. Almost as soon as you had reached you climax, you heard his monstrous moan as the gooey warmth filled your insides. He gasped for breath as he pulled out, collapsing at your side as he whispered your name a final time.

“(Y/n),” You could barely move a muscle, yet still managed to curl up next to his chest as you nuzzled into his embrace. “I love you, dammit.”

“I love you too, Ice Baby.”

Chapter Text

Mista x Reader: “Bath Time”

“Come on (y/n)!” You giggled as he grabbed you from behind, vigorously peppering kisses down your neck, tugging at your collar to expose even more of your flesh. Under normal circumstance, or at least, different circumstances, you would have welcomed these affections from your boyfriend. But not after a mission.

“Mista,” You stepped out of his embrace, though he still desperately grasped at your figure. The sex pistols had nuzzled themselves in your hair, still tickling you with kissed and hugs, and Mista seemed just a bit jealous that you didn’t push them away as well. “We’re sweaty and dirty, you’re still covered in blood. I think we just need some time to–” you gasped as Number 7 slipped down into your cleavage. Number 1 playfully giggled, as if he totally hadn't pushed his comrade down your shirt. Your face reddened as your eyes flashed up at Mista. His face was equally startled. “Guys, not again!”

You couldn't help but laugh a bit. You weren't sure whether you should be flattered that the Sex Pistols were so touchy or put off by their occasionally perverted remarks. Mista would sometimes scold his stand and sometimes join in on their fun.

But right now, he seemed a bit bashful as he inched closed.

“(Y/n),” his face neared yours, and your heart quickened as you quickly darted his eyes towards his lips. You were speechless as he slowly tucked a lock of hair behind your ear, gently placed his hand on your hip. The Sex Pistols became quiet as well as he stared down at you lovingly. God, he was so beautiful you could barely breathe.

“You were just so amazing out there today. The way you brought him down with a single shot–”

“Sex Pistols helped me aim,”

“Yeah, but you finally cornered him,” you sucked in a breath as his hand ran down your rear, gently squeezing it to press your pelvis closer to his own... Dear god, was he that hard already?! You could hear the Pistols snickering in your ear as his fingers trailed over your lips. “Dammit, babe. You were so sexy back there.” You couldn't believe he actually thought about you that way, it was honestly a miracle that he even found you attractive at all. But as much as you wanted him to pound you into the floor right then and there…

“Mista,” you cupped your palms around his cheeks as he gazed down at your lips. Your whisper was low and gentle: “You stink,”

He groaned like an upset child as he stomped away, crossing his arms and pouting.

“(Y/n), I showered yesterday,” You half laughed and half sighed in frustration as you rubbed his shoulder kindly.

“Mista, you shot yourself six times today!

“It was only five times and Giorno healed it all up,”

“We’re both disgusting.”

“But I want you now .” You gasped as he hugged you from behind, sliding his hands down your thighs and into the crevice of your legs. A small squeak escaped your lips as he began to massage small circles through the fabric of your garments. Slowly, an idea came to your head. You had never done it before, you were actually a bit scared of doing it. But knowing Mista… He would love the idea.

“How about,” you shuddered as you removed his hands from your crotch. “You take a bath,” he whined, “and I umm,” Your face reddened as you felt Number 7 pop out of your shirt to listen. “And I can join you?” You looked down at the floor to hide your blush, and you could sense Mista was flustered as well… But the Pistols gave it all away.

“We get to take a bath with (y/n)?!”


“Shower sex! Shower sex!”

“Get it Mista!”

“Lemme see that–”

Geronimo! ” You squeaked as number one leapt down into your bra. Mista was completely flustered as he tried to pry several of the Sex Pistols away from where they were kissing your face.

“Guys stop it! Stop it! I mean,” he looked up at you abashedly as he shoved several of them into his pocket. “It’s not that I don’t want to. I really really want to,” You squeaked as one of Number 6 crawled around your back to the hook of your bra, “Dammit!” he fumbled desperately as the rest of the Pistols giggled mischievously. Your face was flushed and your pulse beat rapidly as he struggled to stop them from crawling up and down your body.


Thankfully neither Giorno nor Trish were in the building, so once he finally got the last of them off of you, you were free to do what you wanted with him ( no stands allowed ).

When Giorno had become the Don of Passione, he had outfitted the headquarters with large and elegant bedrooms and bathrooms, antique furniture and fixtures. You really thought it was a bit extravagant, but boy were you glad he had done it when you stepped into the bathroom. The jacuzzi had sat abandoned in the corner for quite a long time, but you could see Mista’s sheer excitement to put it to use. He immediately turned around to pull you into a kiss, but you held your finger teasingly against his lips.

“Bath first,” You taunted him. He groaned, but still maintained a small smile on his face as he slowly drew his shirt over his head. First, you made sure to start the bathwater, adding just a bit of bubbles for fun. You then glanced back at him, but this time, you couldn’t look away. Your face grew hot with lust as you stared at his chiseled abs, his well defined pecs, which both seemed to emit a golden glow under the dim lighting. His hat had been pulled off as well, and he nonchalantly scratched those cute little brown curls on his scalp. He smirked as he threw his shirt to the side, noticing your hungry stare, but you quickly hid your desire behind a mask of… Umm… Some other emotion. You glanced downwards as his fingers crept to unbuckle his belt, and gulped already seeing the prominent bulge pulling the pants tight and taught. But you had to remind yourself: cleaning up was the priority.

As soon as he had tossed his shoes and pants to the side, however, he slowly sauntered over to you, a sly smile on his face as he fingered the hem of your top. Your face must have been burning red as he slipped his palm onto your bare back. Gradually, he pulled the shirt up and over your head. You shivered as your flesh hit the air, but you heard that longing sigh he made every time he saw you exposed. You carelessly tossed the garment aside so you could stare up at him as he looked down at your breasts with hunger. You teasingly slid your fingers down his back, tugging at the elastic of his boxers. His eyes filled with excitement as you began to slip them down his hips, but then you reminded him again:

Bath first ,” This time, he nodded in excitement as practically ripped off his underwear. You tried your hardest not to stare at his massive length as he strode over to check the water. You took a deep breath. You had been naked in front of each other before, it wasn’t a big deal. You knew he loved you. Why should you be nervous?

You cautiously stripped away your bottoms (though your eyes were still fixated on his immaculate, if disgustingly stinky, body). He still had several streaks of blood from battle on his chest and arms, and dirt stained his soft face. He slid into the large tub, sighing as the warm water hit his skin. You couldn’t help but gaze desirously at his glistening muscles as he just remained there, at peace for a short moment. Then, he caught your eye.

“Come on, babe.” You sighed at his plea, taking a step closer to the jacuzzi. His scrutinizing stare surveyed your figure up and down as he licked his lips. You reached around the hook of your bra, nervously unclasping it as you slid the straps off your shoulders. His face grew red as your nipples began to grow hard once exposed to the cool air. Your entire body trembled under his gaze, and a warmth began to grow in your stomach. Each time he blushed or smiled or bit his lip, it just happened to hit you: you were the one who made him feel like this. You were the one he loved.

With renewed confidence and vigor, you slipped your panties down your legs. You could hear a grunt of approval as you grabbed a washcloth from the side of the tub. His eyebrows were raised in awe as you straddled him, gently wetting the washcloth in the warm soapy water. The bubbles came just up to your nipples, and you noticed his entranced gaze as you began to scrub down his chest. You gripped his shoulder as you wiped away the blood, relishing every moment as he took in your form before him. You bit your lip to hold back a gasp as he slid his hands down your sides, gripping your waist as he playfully ground his pelvis against yours. It was obvious how much he wanted you, but you wanted to tease him just a bit more. You just had to bear that hard lump pressing into the side of your thigh for a bit longer...

You scrubbed vigorously until all the grime had come off of his front side.

“Dunk your head under,”

“What if I get soap in my eyes?” You laughed at his remark.

“Stop whining or you’re not gonna get to play with me afterwards,” He bit his lip but quickly nodded as he wet his hair and face. He looked beautiful as he emerged from the water, droplets falling from his thick eyelashes as he stared at you lustily. He chuckled slightly at your reddening face, but you shrugged it off as you massaged his scalp with a dollop of shampoo. You groaned as he gripped your ass cheekily, but certainly didn’t shy away from the touch as you leaned in closer.

Once you had thoroughly washed his hair you had him turn around, as he unsurprisingly whined again. You rubbed the washcloth across his back, down his shoulders, down his arms. He sighed as you softly kissed his neck, wrapping your arms around his shoulders as you inched closer. You felt him moan, melting into you embrace as your chest pressed to his back. He softly whispered your name as you dropped the cloth into the water, sucking and nibbling at his neck. Your fingers slid down his chest, his abs.

Suddenly, he turned to face you as he grabbed the washcloth.

“You’re next, babe.” You sighed and shivered at his words as he began rubbing your shoulders with the rag. He made sure to scrub every inch of your arms and your chest, though you swatted him away when he tried to tickle your stomach. At one point he dropped the cloth entirely and began running his fingers over your breasts.

“Mista–” You gasped as he playfully pinched your nipples. He leaned into your chest, slowly trailing kisses down your sternum as he continued to grope at your bust. You could feel that hard length just graze your opening. Dammit, you couldn’t take it much longer. “Okay, we’re going to the bedroom,”

“Really?!” He practically jumped out of the tub as he pumped his fists in the air. His expression was one of sheer excitement and eagerness as he lifted you out of the tub and into his arm. “I love you so, so much, (y/n),” He showered your lips, your cheek, your neck, any part of your body he could reach with kisses. You giggled as you struggled to grab hold of a towel and wrap it around the two of you. Though, with what was bound to happen tonight, you both would probably need to wash up again in the morning.

You gasped as you felt that pressure digging into your thigh again, and he smirked as he began to wipe you off with the towel. He patted your body dry, making sure to kiss every inch when he was finished: he kissed up your leg as he stared into your eyes. You gasped as his lips neared your most sensitive areas, but he paused, as he had now dried both of you completely.

“To the bedroom,” He smirked as he lifted you bridal-style into his arms. You smiled, kissing his neck and running your palm down his chest. Why did you love this idiot so much?

He set you down just before the bed, bringing your lips into a firm kiss as his hands gripped your waist. You knew just what he wanted as you felt his gentle nudge, and you were prepared to give it to him.

“You’re so selfish, you know.” You giggled as you kneeled before him, “Always wanting to go first,” He rolled his eyes, his cheeks reddening just a bit at your remark. But his composure melted entirely as soon as you grabbed his length. He gasped as you ran your fingers down the shaft, your eyes never once leaving his as he squirmed under your gaze. You gently pumped at the base and he staggered back a bit, but thankfully the bed was there to support him. “I guess you like it then?” You smiled mischievously. He huffed through his rosy cheeks.

“(Y/n), you’re driving me crazy,” You lived to hear words like that come out of his mouth, and without any hesitation you attacked as you ran your tongue down his shaft. He leaned back into the bed as he groaned. You playfully licked his length, kissed it up and down, teasing him first before you caved to anything more. His hands tangled in your wet hair as you lapped, enjoying the moans that were coming from his lips. “Please,” That was your cue as you slowly slid your lips around his girth. He sighed in bliss as you drew your lips up and down, as far as you could go without hurting yourself. But he loved every moment of it as his fingers clutched your hair firmly as he pulled your head closer to him. You could feel him becoming harder, his member throbbing as you continued to suck. So you pried your lips away and hopped into the bed next to him.

“Time for the main event?” You teased him as he crawled over you.

“You sure you don’t want a little something first?” He began to attack your lips with warm and sultry kisses as he pinned your wrists to the side of your face. His muscular torso pressed against your chest and his aroused pelvis ground into yours teasingly as you sighed into the kiss. His lips were supple but vicious as he slipped his tongue out of his mouth, nipping and biting and devouring as much of you as he could get his mouth on. His hands roamed down to your breasts and you tangled your fingers in his soft hair as he kneaded your bust.

“Mista,” You couldn’t help but moan his name through the kiss, and you felt him grin against your flesh as his lips traveled down your jawline. Your fingers slid across his firm back, gripping it for dear life as a wave of bliss hit you when he began to nip at your nipples. His entire focus was concentrated on your chest for a moment  as he alternated between smooth and rough squeezes, catching your teat in between his teeth, sucking just around the most sensitive areas.

His hands gripped your hips firmly as he trailed kissed down your stomach, and you couldn’t help but wriggle a bit as he drew closer and closer to your opening. No matter how many times you had done this before it seemed new and fresh each time. Each time he was asking for permission to cherish and to worship your body, and each time you consented without any regret.

His dexterous fingers barely tickled the soft flesh of your stomach as his tender kisses ghosted down to your pelvis. You gasped as you felt him beginning to massage your clit, his palm perfectly working its way to your most sensitive areas. You heard his snicker, but didn’t mind much as your thighs continued to grow slick with your desire. He slowly pressed your thighs apart, prompting you to arch your back in the slightest. You darted your eyes down at him to note his expression of awe and amazement as he gazed between your legs. Immediately, your face flushed with embarrassment

He gently fingered your opening, shallowly pressing into you before he released you, sucking at the inside of your thighs as he toyed with your clit. You intertwined your fingers in his soft and almost fluffy hair as you pulled his lips closer to your core. A ripple shot down your spine as soon as you felt his tongue on your swollen sex.

“Mista, please.” his laps at your core deepened with your affirmation, and he gripped your thighs tightly as he consumed you entirely. Your couldn’t hold back any longer as you let out a breathy groan of satisfaction. You could feel the sheets underneath you growing wetter and wetter as you writhed. Finally he pulled away.

Your eyes fluttered open as he positioned himself in between your legs. You could see just how aroused he had become all because of your mewls and cried of his name. A thin layer of sweat lay atop his eager expression as he readied his tip near your entrance. He gripped your shoulders to steady himself before he whispered:

“Ti amo.”

Your back arched in blissful agony as he slid inside you, and you gasped remembering just how wide his girth was. He filled you completely and entirely, body and soul, as he began to gently thrust, taking care not to be too rough… at first.

He squeezed his eyes shut as your walls clenched tightly around him. Like usual, he was very vocal as he pounded into you, grunting at each thrust, moaning when your muscles contracted around his length. His hands sneakily slipped onto your breasts, and you gasped as he held onto them almost as if they were reigns on a horse. You couldn’t help but smile through your huffs. He was a cheeky little pervert, but he was your cheeky little pervert.

His thrusts began to grow harder as he dug even deeper inside of you. You cried out as he forcefully smashed his length inside, but you nodded at him to continue though your insides were burning and all your body was aflame with the sheer passion of the moment.

“Ti amo,” He whispered yet again as he groped your breasts more firmly than before, picking up the pace as the bed rocked with his force. He laughed and moaned and grunted and sighed as you pulled him ever closer. You were so close now…

“Mista,” You expected it to be a whisper but it had turned into a shout as your walls clenched hard around his length. A loud guttural noise left his throat as you both arched back in ecstasy. Every single muscle in your boy pulled taught, all the breath left your lungs. All you could feel was that insatiable desire, that lust for more. You felt his hardened member throbbing inside of you as he reached his climax, gripping your chest firmly as a soft and gooey warmth seemed to fill your entire core.

“Ti amo,” he repeated a final time as he fell to your side.


The next morning, you awoke in his arms. He was spooning you from behind, as he buried his face in your neck and hair. Somehow, the sweet scent of the bath bubbled hadn’t faded from last night, and you pulled him closer as you took in a deep breath of it.

“(Y/n),” You craned your neck to look over at him. He was obviously fast asleep, though he had been mumbling your name through his dream. “Harder,” You blushed. “Harder!” he squeezed you tight as he continued to mutter in his sleep. You felt his erection pressing into the back of your thigh.

One more round wouldn’t hurt, would it?

Chapter Text

Melone had taken quite a peculiar interest in you when you had joined up with the gang. You understood, of course, it was a professional interest: that this was just how his stand worked. He couldn’t help but analyze and inspect you as a potential… something. He commented on how you were so quiet and cute yet so feisty and fearless. He didn't mean any harm by looming over you, running his fingers through your hair curiously, sniffing your neck even. Risotto had told him to back off, that you were a new recruit and not a toy (though that hadn't discouraged him from taking a few samples).

Otherwise, he was always very courteous towards you. In fact, he was the kindest to you out of all the other members. Occasionally he might stray too close for comfort leaning over your shoulder to see what you were doing or heaven forbid even asking you to sit on his lap at the dinner table. There were times when you almost fainted from embarrassment when he slipped his arm around your waist or pulled you to his chest. You couldn't tell, however, why he acted like this around you. Other members began to tease you about how he treated you like his little pet, but you didn’t mind much and merely shrugged their comments away. But… Was he like this around anyone who was compatable with his stand? Or were his affections something deeper? You were too shy to even ask.

It was a normal day when they were playing cards in the study. Your cheeks were a deep shade of crimson as your arms wrapped round his shoulders. He had invited you to sit on his lap, as usual, as he dealt the cards. You had a full view of his poker hand, though you had absolutely no idea how their intricate and high-stakes version of mafia poker actually worked. He rubbed his palm down your waist, somehow able to both support you firmly in his lap and fan out the cards in his other hand. It usually went along like this, and the gang seemed to enjoy your company immensely as you offered ignorant comments about how the game was going. But today took an unexpected twist. Ghiaccio rolled his eyes and sighed. He was usually a bit temperamental towards Melone about the whole thing, but today it seemed like he was just fed up.

“Come on, Melone. Just because (y/n)’s cute and all doesn't mean you gotta hog the goods.” You were completely taken aback that Ghiaccio would actually say something like that. You had thought you were a valued member of the group, a fierce assassin just like everyone else. But, then again, sometimes they treated you like you weren’t even there.

“(Y/n), is not just ‘goods’,” He snapped back at Ghiaccio. You were glad that Melone was standing up for you, but your face still reddened as he gently caressed your thigh. “She’s a beautiful young woman who just happens to match all my criteria, and that is why I will not let you lay a hand on her.” You gulped as Melone held you back protectively. You knew this was only his way of expressing his care for you, however, it was still a bit strange to say the least.

“And what the hell criteria would that be exactly?” Formaggio leaned back in his chair as he gulped down a drink. “You’re not allowed to use her to make another baby soldier of yours–”

“Of course not,” Melone cut him off as he set his cards on the table and tilted your chin to gaze into your eyes. You squirmed under his gaze as his voice dropped to a whisper. “Her children would be far too precious to be used so lightly,”

“Well then why are you so damn obsessed with her?” At this point, Melone was slightly taken aback, darting his eyes at Formaggio defensively.

“I am n-not. She’s just an intriguing specimen.” His grip grew tight around your thighs and you held back a squeak, anger and annoyance beginning to grow in your belly. Ghiaccio laughed as he spat back on a macking tone:

“I thought you said she wasn’t ‘just goods’.” You sighed as you squirmed out of Melone’s lap, he reached for your arm but you gave him a vicious glare. The entire room fell silent as you stood.

“You know what guys, if you’re gonna talk about me like I’m not even here, I might as well leave the room!”



“Come on!”

“(Y/n),” Melone was the last one to whisper your name, almost desperately, as you stormed out of the study. You’d probably be in the mood for their teasing later, but now was just not the time.

You collapsed on your bed with exhaustion, trying in vain not to drown in the stream of endless thoughts and ideas that came flooding into your mind. Why was it so fun to poke fun at you? They couldn’t just tease you like that and expect you not to… react . Or maybe that was exactly what they wanted. You groaned into your pillow.

You holed up in your room for a couple hours, not really sure why it was bothering you so much. Maybe it was in fact your growing feelings for that creepy baby breeder, but no that was impossible. You shoved the very thought out of your mind. But he was attractive…

A knock sounded on the old antique door. If it were several hours earlier you would have yelled at whoever it was to go away, however, you had calmed down a bit, and slumped to the door. But as soon as you opened it…

You gasped as Melone barged into your room, forcefully pushing you onto the bed. Before you could ask what the matter was, he pinned your wrists to the side of your head and firmly pressed his lips to yours. Yours eyes immediately widened in surprise as his torso pressed to yours, his heart rapidly beating against your chest. Panic and fear were the first emotions to take control of your body as adrenaline surged through your veins. And yet, you simultaneously felt a sort of relaxation, comfort in his touch. Your eyes fluttered shut as embraced the feeling. His lips were surprisingly soft and warm, and he kissed you just gently enough to suggest a deeper romance to it, yet hard enough that you could sense he wanted more. Wait, did he really want more ?

He gradually released you and, to your surprise, you let out a whine. His expression was almost one of awe as he stared longingly at the lips he had just relinquished from his kiss. But he quickly recaptured your eyes in his firm glare.

“(Y/n),” He leaned closer, almost intimidatingly as his firm torso forced you into the mattress. “Make a baby with me.” WHAT?!

“Melone! You’re not allowed– Risotto said– I don’t want that freaky stand thing to extract my blood and–”

“Nonono!” He seemed panicked and alarmed as he caught your wildly flailing arms. “I mean, umm…” A slight blush came to his face. “The other way.” A blush rose to your cheeks as you realised what he was saying. There was certainly that primal instinct raging deep inside you that would pounce on him without hesitation if given the opportunity. And good god you wanted to pounce on him…

“M-Melone,” You stammered as you placed your palm on his chest, gently pressing him back from you. “Are you sure?” You honestly didn’t know what to say, “I’m… I’m just me.” You wanted to say yes, to let him devour your with his desire. So why were you pushing him away?

“(Y/n),” He took your hand, gently stroking it in a comforting fashion. “I didn’t realise it at first, but you’re too perfect. I’ve never met someone so compatible. Your sign is right, your blood type is right, your age, your genes,” He paused as he smoothed a wisp of hair back in place, his expression growing less stern and more compassionate. “Your smile,” He quickly brushed aside that small glimpse of vulnerability as he wrapped his arms around your waist. You gasped as your palms planted firmly on his chest to steady yourself. “I want you,”

He pulled you into another kiss, this time firmer, more passionate. You almost melted into his arms as you felt his long locks of hair gently tickle your face. His lips sucked gently at your own as he deepened the kiss. It was over. You had no control over the situation anymore. You would let him take you whether he loved you or saw it as convenience, whether you loved him…

His lips gently parted as his tongue slipped out, and his grip on your waist tightened while he ground into your pelvis. Without hesitation, you let him slip into your mouth, exploring every part he could possibly touch. Your palm ran up and down the exposed flesh on the right side of his body, gripping at the fabric on the left, desperate to rip it from his chest. You weren’t however, expecting him to satiate your desires so suddenly.

He practically tore his top from his torso, ripping off his mask just as abruptly. He didn’t break the kiss for long as he smashed both his pelvis and lips back onto yours. His hands roamed up underneath your shirt and you gasped as a sliver of your exposed stomach pressed against his firm abs.

He was entirely in control as he nipped and nibbled at your lips, his fingers slowly riding your top up around your waist. You found your own hands gripping at the fabric of your shirt, bringing it up over your shoulders, intent to break the kiss for only a moment so you could hold him fast for as long as possible.

But he paused as he stared down as your chest. You couldn’t help but flush under his scrutinising gaze. They weren’t much…

“They’re,” You gasped as he cupped both your breasts in his hands, gently squeezing them in a strangely satisfying fashion. “They’re perfect. I knew I made the right choice.” You were at a loss for words as he slid his fingers under the straps, around the hook. A shiver shot down your spine as you felt the gentle snap of elastic, bands slipping down your shoulders. He slowly pushed you onto the bed, crawling over you, eyes still fixated on your bare chest. Your nipples were quite erect already under the sheer excitement of the situation and he seemed to notice this as his fingers slid up your breast. A devious smirk came to his face as he slowly reached his tongue to graze across your collarbone. You bit your lip, your arms automatically wrapping around his bare shoulders both to stable yourself and to pull him closer.

You shuddered as his wet tongue licked down your chest, lapping circles around your heaving mounds, slowly nearing your hardened nipples. As he slid his lips gently around the tip of your breast, he gently squeezed the one he had been neglecting with his mouth.  Your moan intensified his sucking on your teat, nibbling and biting tenderly as his deft fingers stroked every inch of your torso.

Suddenly, however, he pulled back.

“Can I… Can I do it now?” You were panting with your own arousal, as was he, but still you tilted your head in confusion. “Can I make love to you?” You chuckled nervously.

“Melone, you don’t have to ask.” You stammered out. “I’ve already consented.” He gulped as his face began to grow even redder.

He slowly crawled off of you to undo his belt. Though you were still trembling from his tender touch, you slowly slid your own pants down your hips. You were expecting a bit more of a lead up, but… Wait a minute…

“Melone?” He looked up, fingers visibly shaking as his clothes dropped to the floor. You gulped seeing the full scope of his length, but pressed on with your questioning. “Have you ever… had sex before?” His eyes grew wide, but he tried to maintain a calm and collected composure.

“No– I mean. Umm, I could have if I wanted to. But you’re the only one who’s ever been so compatible, and…” He paused as he rubbed his arm abashedly, hiding his body somewhat from your view, “made me feel things like this.”

You slowly realised what he meant as you sat up, beckoning him closer. You weren’t very experienced yourself, but you would have to lead him. As he inched towards you, you gently took his hand. He gasped as you placed it on your your panties, and you gasped yourself as his fingers ghosted across your clit.

“Soon, Melone. But first, you need to warm me up a bit.” You sighed as he took your meaning and slowly began to finger you through your panties. He didn’t feel inexperienced in the slightest as you leaned back onto the bed in your bliss. He felt heavenly even through the sheer fabric separating you, but you of course wanted more.

You practically squeaked as his fingers slipped under the elastic, which was now wet with your hunger. He tenderly pulled it down your thighs as he began to kiss softly between your legs. He only paused for a moment to mutter:

“This is what I’m supposed to be doing right?”

You nodded breathlessly as his tongue slid up your flesh, towards the lips of your swollen sex. He spread your thighs wise and grabbed your hips firmly as he devoured you from the inside out. It was hard to believe that he had never done this before, but seeing how the manifestation of his mental fortitude was a babymaking machine…

“Please,” The words had escaped your lips without you even realising it. “Do it now.”

You gasped as he gave your clit a finishing kiss as he backed his mouth away from your entrance. Your heart began to beat rapidly inside your chest as you felt his tip tickle your opening. Your eyes slowly fluttered open him, gazing up at him for a quick moment; a moment you would cherish for the rest of your life. His eyes were kind and caring, loving but lustful, excited and eager and afraid. He hesitated for a moment. You couldn’t discern if he was trying to tell you something or merely too nervous to take the plunge, but you begged.

“Do it,”

He gave a small nod before he slid inside.

A grunt of pain escaped your lips as your walls expanded to accommodate his wide girth. But the pain was wonderful as you felt a fiery warmth begin to blaze inside your core. He let out a deep sigh of satisfaction as your grip around him grew stronger. It was obvious how much he had enjoyed just that initial thrust inside of you. And if he liked it now…

He slowly began to slide in and out, rocking your hips with the rhythm of his thrusts as you gripped his shoulders in preparation. He began to accelerate his pounding into you rapidly, only to slow down as he remembered he had to take care of your own well-being as well. But you were enjoying it too much.

“Harder, Melone,” His face reddened even deeper in an expression of awed excitement as he ground his length into you ever deeper than he had previously, and you gasped, digging your nails into his soft flesh as your muscles began to tense. He let out an almost maniacal laugh as the rhythm sped, the thrusts strengthened. The moans escaping your lips only fuelled his glee as he tossed his head back in ecstasy.

And then, you felt it. Your back arching as your stomach fluttered, every muscle in your body contracting all at once as your heart burned with passion. You squeezed your eyes shut as a jolt of energy ricocheted throughout every inch of you. You clamped tightly around his length, so hard that he could barely draw himself out as soon as he hit his relief. As the gooey warmth filled your core, he finally slid out of you, spilling onto the side of the bed as he panted heavily.

You both stared at the ceiling for a long while in silence. It was just what you imagined, even more. You couldn’t wait to do it again. If he actually wanted you again.

“I want it again,” Your breaths halted at his sudden proclamation. Did he really mean– “I don’t want to make a baby with you. I want to make love to. I want you .” It was almost as if he was in a daze, recalling a distant revelation of his. He turned to face you, and you couldn’t help but be mesmerised by those shimmering eyes of his. “Just one more time. Please?”

Chapter Text


There was something so calming about the time you spent with him. How his fingers would intertwine in yours as you descended down the pier, the sea breeze ruffling through your hair, tossing his bangs to the side so you could gaze deep into his sparkling sapphire eyes. He was so calm and collected, strong and silent, but his compassionate side would show whenever you spoke to him. You knew he had had a hard life: you had been with him through the divorce, through the incident with his father and his father’s death five years later. You knew he had some unsavoury ties with the Italian mafia scene, that he wasn't as wholesome as he looked… And yet, he gave you his full attention whenever you complained about something trivial, when you confused in him troubles with family or friends. He would listen, nod his head, soothingly run his fingers through your hair, offer to buy you a gelato.

Slowly you began to realise, it was more than just admiration. More than trust and appreciation and that feeling of security. He was more than your closest friend and confidant. You loved him.

Well damn .

You certainly weren't going to tell him, right? No, you should probably tell him. It would be torture if you didn't. But you could never seem to find the right time. And, besides, he wouldn't be interested in someone like you. Even if you had told him everything, all your secrets and insecurities and worries about the future (except your true feelings for him of course), you still knew he was hiding things from you. Probably because he didn't feel the same. Maybe he only saw you as an old friend. And as painful as that was, it wouldn't change the fact that you cherished every moment you spent with him.


You licked your gelato cone as you two walked hand in hand down the canal. He had shown up out of the blue as usual, offering you his arm as that charming smile of his melted your heart. Thankfully your outfit that day was decent as you graciously accepted the offer.

He seemed somewhat different that day. The smile remained on his face as he sat down with you on the bench, gazing off into horizon, wrapping his arm around your shoulder. You were hesitant at first, not wanting to act too casual with him, not wanting to imply that you didn't want him to touch you, not wanting him to think you were being clingy… Dammit, how were you supposed to act?

“(Y/n),” you flinched slightly at his words, having become so lost in your own frantic thoughts that you had completely forgotten the reason you were so anxious. “The reason I've brought you here… There’s just something I've been meaning to tell you for quite a while,” You hid the sudden flash of nervousness that began to heat your cheeks. “Something” could mean anything, good or bad or both or neither. But you let him continue before you let your beating heart unnerve you too much. “Things have been going very well lately. I've secured a stable position in the business ,” ( the business , or course being a euphemism for illicit gang activities. You knew you were allowed to know much more than this for your own protection, and you never pressed him on the subject.) “And I think I’m finally safe enough to say it.”

You didn’t know quite how to react as he gently tilted your face to look into his eyes. His fingers were soft and slender, his hands somewhat cold to the touch, but still soothing as he caressed your cheek.

However, you were trying your hardest not to freak out, not to give away any of the fantasies swirling through your head. But he was so close, just inches away from you, though his heart was likely nowhere near. And yet, if that were really the case, what the hell was he doing right now?!

You couldn’t help but shiver as his deep blue eyes gazed into yours and he tucked a fluttering wisp of hair behind your ear. That slight smile still spread across his face as he looked down at you. The silence seemed to last an eternity as you waited for his words.

“I love you, (y/n).”



Your heart was pounding in your chest. Adrenaline surged through your vein. Your knuckles grew white with fear as your cheeks grew red with embarrassment. You opened you mouth to respond. Then closed it. Then opened it again.


Your face grew even redder as he chuckled and whispered:

“You’re so cute when you blush,”

Oh dammit now he was just making it worse. You wriggled free from his grasp just to take a deep breath for a moment. However, he didn’t seem to want to pull his arms away from you, fuelling the fire of your panic.

“You… Umm…” You were completely at a loss for words “Like… Love love?” That was probably the stupidest thing you had ever said in your entire life. But he smiled reassuringly, interlacing his fingers with yours.

“Yes. Love love,” You still couldn’t breath. “I understand if you don’t feel the same–”

“NO!” Oh crap, did you just say that out loud? Apparently you had, as he was looking at you expectantly to continue your interjection. “I mean,” You blurted out the words out as soon as they came to the tip of your tongue. “I do feel– I always felt, well, not always, actually maybe always… Umm… You’re really cool… And stuff… So...”

“So, you do love me?” Those words again. Why did those tiny words have to be full of so much significance. You were pretty sure you did love him, but did he really love you? How could he love someone like you? You were so ordinary and timid and dysfunctional, and he was the most amazing person you had ever laid eyes on.

“Obviously.” You mentally slapped yourself as the words escaped your mouth.

But suddenly, you felt his hands cup your cheeks. You gasped in surprise at his spontaneous touch, but he didn’t even hesitate as he closed the gap between your lips.


Bruno made sure that you knew what you were getting into. You were already a primary target being one of his oldest and most steadfast friends, but if anyone found out you were more than just companions…

However, no matter how dangerous things got for you, you were determined to stay by his side, to help him in any way possible, if anything was possible. And somehow, you ended up becoming part of the family. He was wary at first, but after a while you really grew to love the boys in his gang. You started hanging out with them, and Bruno was okay as long as they were there to protect you. But he always feared for your safety.

“Amore mio, I just don’t want you getting hurt,” He stroked your hair as you lay against his chest on the antique loveseat. You fiddled with his zippers as usual, content in his comforting embrace as you sighed.

“Bruno, I don’t want you getting hurt.” You nuzzled your head into his soft suit as you whispered. “You’re the one in danger not me.” You both gazed out the opened balcony window towards the setting sun. You shivered as he placed a soft kiss on your forehead.

“But you’re too precious to me.” His voice became more agitated, “If they even lay a finger on you,” But he quickly calmed the desperation in his voice “Bella. Don’t ever leave my side again.” No matter how much he told you he loved you or held you or kissed you, you could still never get over how softly he spoke to you. You craned your neck up so you could see the crimson sunset reflected in his dark blue eyes. You could have stayed in the small quiet village the two of you grew up in, or risked everything to live a more dangerous but more exciting life with him. And you would never regret the choice you made.

“Bruno.” You shifted your position, leaning in towards his mouth and placing your hand on his cheek so you could give him a soft kiss. He smiled at the soft blush dusting your cheeks. “I would never dream of it,”

You felt his fingers run through your hair. He pulled you firmly into his embrace, planting his lips ever so gently on yours. His other hand gripped your hip firmly as you melted into his kiss. Your legs tangled together as he slowly rolled his lips against yours, ever so tenderly, as if he didn’t want to damage you by taking things too quickly. But you never knew to express to him just how much you wanted more than just kisses.

You gasped as his cold fingers slowly slipped underneath the hem of your shirt. You continued to run your palms across his chest, trying not to extend your fantasies out any further than the living room loveseat. His tongue gingerly traced your bottom lip, and you felt a shiver run through your frame as you allowed him entrance to your mouth. Your entire body seemed to grow limp as his tongue explored your mouth, his hands running up and down your back, your waist, your hips, gradually rolling up the hem of your top. And your hunger kept growing as you gripped his jacket, sliding your thigh up just a bit before halting your movements. But dammit you wanted him to take you then and there.

You caved as you began dotting quick hisses down his jawline, undoing his collar so you could suck at his neck. You felt his chest flutter as he let out an amused chuckle. It was certainly unlike you to “make the first move”, and you were a bit hesitant at first, but you knew you needed to be strong, to be confident in your love for him and trust that he loved you just as much.

As you began to nibble along his collarbone, you felt a slight groan escape his lips. It was completely unexpected, but seemed to fuel the passion you felt in your heart. You Thigh slid further up his hip till you were almost straddling him. Blood rushed to your cheeks and your pulse raced in your ears, but you pressed on as his hands slipped down your hips.

Suddenly, he gripped your ass, your legs wrapped round his waist, his hips bucked into yours. You both gasped as you felt a growing prominence pressing between your thighs. The kiss broke, leaving you both panting as you stared into each other’s eyes. He seemed surprisingly frazzled, taken aback by his own aggressiveness. As were you.

“I’m so sorry,”

“D-Don’t be,” As usual, the words slipped from your mouth before you could stop them, “I mean, if you want...”

“(Y/n),” He slowly, sat up, shifting you so you were sitting on his lap, right on his growing arousal. “If you’re sure. Absolutely sure.” You could barely breath as the blood rushed to your cheeks (as well as other places), and instead nodded desperately.

He kissed you a final time before rising from the sofa, locking your legs around his hips as you gasped. Even if there were several layers of fabric separating you, your heart fluttered at the sheer idea. Your lips trailed down his neck as almost knocked his bedroom door off its hinges. You could sense that primal urge inside him, the one he used in battle to pound his enemies into the ground. And now he would be pounding you into the mattress.

You gasped as he threw you down onto the bed, the breath leaving your lungs as you stared up at the figure before you. His eyes blazed with a ravenous fire as he gazed down onto your heaving breast. He abruptly unzipped his jacket, throwing it to the ground before he straddled your hips. You had seen his torso exposed like this several times before, but every time it hit you just how amazing he was, how beautiful he looked under the dim lighting of the antique chandelier, how his tattoo seemed to ripple across his muscular chest as he leaned over you.

He immediately gripped the hem of your shirt, tearing over your head as you lay panting underneath him. A wave of terror rushed to your head at the thought of him seeing your exposed chest, at the thought of him noticing all your flaws and imperfections in your figure and suddenly casting you away. But his mind focused on one thing alone as he reached for the hook of your bra. You squealed underneath him as he tore it off in just as quick a movement.

But then he paused.

“Amore mio, I am so so sorry.” A blush came to his cheeks as you held your breath, arms instinctively wrapping around bare nipples. His hand came softly to stroke your cheek, and you couldn’t help but flinch a little from the sheer rush of adrenaline. “You’ve never… You haven’t done this before have you? I’m so sorry, I couldn’t control myself”

“It’s okay, Bruno.” Your voice squeaked out of your mouth as you slowly pulled your arms away from covering your breast. “I’m r-ready.” His eyes immediately locked onto your chest with a vicious glare, and the tip of his tongue slowly grazed across his lip.

“As you wish, mio tesoro.”

With that, he attacked your neck with kisses. You squeaked and squirmed a bit as he nipped down your collarbone, but begged him to continue as you felt a sort of tingling feeling begin to spread across your chest. His tongue slid down around your breast, and you shivered as the cold air spread chill bumps where his tongue had traced, but you trembled even more as he finally caught your nipple in between his teeth. He was gently as he sucked and nibbled, though he never halted the fierce rhythm as his hand descended your hip. You gasped as his fingers snuck underneath the elastic of your panties, just tickling your ass as your thigh clung around his hip. You gasped as he ground into you, feeling the fabric between your legs growing wet with your lust.

“Please Bruno,” You weren't sure if the words had voluntarily slipped from your mouth, but this time you didn’t regret what you said as he pulled his lips away from your flesh. You gasped as he pinched your nipples firmly.

“Ti amo molto, amore mio.”

He crawled off of you to wrap his fingers around the elastic of your pants and panties, pulling both off in a quick stroke as you gasped in excitement. He slowed only slightly as he placed a gentle kiss on the inside of your knee. Was he–

You moaned as he peppered kisses up your thigh, stroking the inside of your legs gently as he spread them apart. Your face heated with the realisation of where he was going with his gestures. And you made no move to stop him as fingers gently grazed across your entrance. You shuddered as he massaged your clit, his rhythm quickening with your squeaks and moans. Your threw your head back as you felt his tongue drawing closer to your core.

“Bruno!” The shout broke through your groans and he paused for a moment. You had been thrown by the sheer shock of his lips meeting your opening, his tongue lapping at your wetness. But it wasn’t a wonderful surprise.

“Is everything alright (y/n)?”

“Yes. It’s perfect,” You panted out. “You’re perfect,” You mewled as he kissed your clit softly, drawing back from where you lay undone on the bed. The sound of a zipper opening reverberated through the dim room. You tried your best to calm yourself: your racing heart, your heaving chest, your flushed cheeks and your trembling fingers. It was Bruno. You loved him and you wanted to be with him. You might have been a bit scared, but more than anything you were excited, eager.

“You don’t know how long I’ve waited for this moment.” His words completely pushed you over the edge. You looked up to view him in his full glory, his massive length exposed and steadied near your entrance. You took several deep breaths to calm yourself; you felt like your heart might explode if you looked at him any longer. Just realising that he loved you, that he was doing this for you… “Mi amore, are you ready?”

“I love you Bruno.” He kissed you lightly before he took the plunge.

You gasped at the completely novel feeling. It was different than anything you had ever experienced, and you couldn’t help but cry out in pain and pleasure. Your walls were tight against his large girth, and he gripped your shoulders as he slid himself in as gently as he could. You felt your stomach twist as his length paused. You were both panting, sweating, and your eyes connected for a brief moment.

Finally, he began to slid in and out, as tenderly as was possible. Your fingers clawed at the sheets to keep your grip as his strong and sinewy body pounded into yours. He grew harder and faster as he groaned out your name. You squeezed him tightly with your core, your thighs, not wanting him to ever leave.

It was pure bliss as he thrust into you again and again, filling you entirely as all sorts of ghastly noises escaped your lips. You gasped, every inch of flesh on your body tingling as he squeezed your nipples teasingly, bringing you closer to your climax. You could feel it: your muscles contracting, a burning sensation growing from your core as a burst of pure ecstasy shot through you. Your back arched as you yelled his name a final time. And then the release.

He gave a last thrust into you before he pulled out. You were both slick and sticky with the sweat, the saliva, the surge of your passions that spilled onto the sheets as he collapsed at your side. It was all you had wanted. More even.

And Bruno loved you.

That was all you needed.

Chapter Text

You sighed as you laid on the couch, waving a mangled strand of yarn in front of the cat. She seemed to be enjoying it as you teasingly held her prey out of her reach, whipping it back and forths as she jumped desperately. But you were bored out of your mind.

In general, your boyfriend treated you pretty well when you two weren't off on work business. The rest of La Squadra teased you sometimes about how hard you had fallen for him of all people, but you never really understood why. Sure, his stand wasn’t immensely powerful, but your own abilities complimented his quite nicely. You two worked well together in the field, and you wouldn’t dare trade the time you spent with him for an afternoon with any of the other boys.

That said, you did spend time with all of them together quite often. And things didn’t always go as planned. Your last night with the gang had left him in a sour mood.


Risotto had briefed you all on the next mission, asking Formaggio and Illuso to come and help him pack up the weapons for him. You had a long day, and you were actually beginning to fall asleep right there on the couch. Melone and Ghiaccio were both resting by your side, the former laying his head on your shoulder and the latter laying his head in your lap. You sighed as you laid back, melting into their warmth. You didn’t mind them touching you, in fact it was quite comforting sometimes. Formaggio, however…

“Dammit you little fu–”

“Formaggio,” You whined as he stormed into the room, gripping you by the wrist and pulling you from the sofa. You were so tired at this point that all you could do was hug him and rub your face into his neck as a tirade of insults came cascading from his mouth. But you groggily held your fingers to his lips to quiet him.

“Shhhhhh. I’m just really tired.” You softly kissed his cheek, “Maybe we can go home now?”

He gritted his teeth as he eyed Melone and Ghiaccio suspiciously. You couldn’t see them, but you hoped they weren’t making any rude or obscene gestures to Formaggio behind your back. They poked fun at the both of you an awful lot, and although you understood they were just playing, lately your boyfriend had a tendency to snap back.


You had awoken the next morning upset not to find his warm body lying next to yours. It was drizzling and grey outside, and you sighed as you poured your morning coffee, fed the cat, grabbed a small breakfast.

And now you were laying on the couch and playing with her. Formaggio was sitting at his desk, staring at the blank computer screen, and you pouted slightly as you noticed the greasy uneaten pastry next to him.

You just wanted to know what was wrong. Was it about the mission or La Squadra or Risotto? Was it Ghiaccio and Melone? Was it you ?

You took a deep breath as you sprung from the couch, dropping the yarn into the cat’s claws as she mewled in excitement. Maybe you could lighten the mood a bit with a present: You had been saving it for him for a while now. It was something you bought when he was off on a mission alone. It was a bit nerve wracking as you crept to the closet in your room and pulled out the sparkling pink box from where you had hidden it. You had never really done something like this for him before but hopefully he was the kind of guy to enjoy it.

As soon as you had pulled the sheer fabric up over your hips and fastened the hook of the bra, you turned to look in the mirror. You actually looked kinda nice. You admired the delicate lace, the shimmering silk. Maybe, just maybe , this would put him in a better mood. You slipped your normal bathrobe on over the lingerie set, wanting to surprise him as tiptoed over out of the bedroom. Once you made it to the living room, you sneaked over to his desk grabbing the neglected pastry from the plate, and thank heavens that at least he hadn't opened up another bottle of… something. You slid shyly onto his lap, and he gasped, finally noticing your appearance. You extended the pastry towards his mouth.

“Eat.” Your voice was gentle but still commanding as you brought the sweet treat to his lips. He whined and struggled a bit at first, but eventually he took a bite, somewhat begrudgingly at how you were force feeding him. Nonetheless, he accepted your offer of affection, wrapping one arm around your hip, resting the other hand in your hair as he held you close.

It was so nice just to sit there in silence, his fingers gently stroking across your scalp and your lower back as you offered him several more bites of the food. Soon he had eaten the entire thing, and you shuddered as he licked the gooey sugary syrup from your fingers.

You wanted to ask him what was wrong, why he had been sulking so much lately, but you knew he wasn’t really one to talk. So you wrapped your arm around his shoulder, leaning down to place a gentle kiss on his forehead.

“Sweetie,” You began. His face flushed red whenever you called him that, but you knew he secretly enjoyed it as he pulled you closer. “I know you probably don’t wanna talk about it,” He groaned and stiffened as soon as the words escaped your mouth. He made to stand up and set you on the ground, but you firmly held his chest back to the seat “Wait, wait–” his strength was too much for you and he removed you from his lap.

“Babe, it’s nothing. I just, I…” He was never very good at words anyway, so you blocked him before he could leave.

“I just want you to know,” He paused as you looked into his steely grey eyes. You slowly took his hands in yours. “if it’s the others making you jealous,” he whipped his gaze from you, gritting his teeth pulling his hands away as the curled into fists. “Formaggio, I love you . Only you. And, umm… If you need any proof…” You shyly began to untie the knotted belt of your bathrobe. His looked back at you, preparing to say something when he noticed your actions.

A slight blush came to your face as you began to open the robe, nervously avoiding his eye contact. You heard a small gasp as you drew the soft fabric off your shoulders, rubbing your legs together bashfully as you dropped it to the floor. Your arms automatically hugged your chest, though you tried not to obscure the elegant lace from his view. You took a deep breath.

“Do you,” Your voice was soft and hesitant at first. “Do you like it?” Your eyes slowly connected with his again, and your heart pounded as you saw his shocked expression. He took a step towards you and squeezed your thighs together as his eyes darted towards your crotch. But he quickly hid the surprise from his face as his lips curled into a smirk.

He began to circle around you slowly, as you stood, shivering under his scrutinising gaze. You gasped as his fingers trailed slowly around your waist, your lower back, sliding down to rest on your rear. You couldn’t help but smile as his face appeared before you again, his devilish smirk burning into your very heart and causing it to beat faster than ever before. A squeak escaped your lips as his other hand slipped up to grab your breast, squeezing it firmly through the sheer fabric as you melted into his embrace. You leaned in for a kiss, but he teasingly placed his finger to your lips.

“You said you were gonna prove it, right?”

You giggled as he picked you up into his arms, almost tripping over the cat as he hurriedly rushed you to the bedroom. Your pulse raced in your ears as you thought of what was in store. You knew he wanted to taunt you, to toy with you, and you would let him do whatever he pleased, so long as he knew that you loved him.

He threw you down on the bed before him and you panted with the shock of collapsing into the mattress while he stared you with longing. He didn’t pounce yet, however. He walked to the side of the bed, his fingers slowly inspecting the lace, the silk. You shivered as his hand tickled you stomach slightly, but he commanded you to stay still, arms and legs outstretched, as he studied his prey. He tugged lightly at the straps of the bra, just slipping it off the edge of your shoulder.  

“Hmm…” he mused. His fingers ghosted down into your cleavage. “Where to begin first,” you sighed as he tugged back a bit of the lace stroking small circles on the top of your breast as you smiled up at him. He crept onto the bed next to you.

Slowly, he began to plant small kisses on your jawline. You giggled as his fingers slid down your stomach, tickling you just slightly as you squirmed. He trailed his lips down your neck, sucking hard until he found that one sensitive spot that made you moan in pleasure. You heard an appreciative grunt on his behalf at your adorable reactions. He toyed with the slippery fabric as he bit down on the flesh just above your collarbone. Your eyes squeezed shut as your breath hitched, fingers clawing at the blankets before he began to nibble more gently. You panted his name through incomplete breaths as he chuckled against your skin:

“We haven’t even gotten to the fun part,”

At this point, he removed his lips, much to your dismay, and he crawled behind your so that your head rest just between his legs, as didn’t want to give you the satisfaction of grinding his prominence into your pelvis just yet. Instead, he slid his fingers teasingly down your chest, right up until they entered the cup of your bra.

“Please,” You squirmed and begged him, knowing full well that that was what he wanted. However, he didn’t give you the satisfaction of anything other than soft touches.

“But babe, you look so pretty in this. And you got it just for me? It would be a shame to cast it off so carelessly.” He rubbed circles around the most sensitive areas, causing you to bite your lip in frustration as you whispered.

“But don’t I look just as pretty without it?” He paused.

“You got me there,” He quickly popped the hook of the front-fastening bra as your breasts bounced out. You smirked at his expression of awe and wonder as he cupped one hand around he slowly kneaded and squeezed them. He pinched the tips as you gasped in excitement, your eyes fluttering shut in expectation.

But then he was gone again.

“Formaggio,” You whined, your eyes still shut as you lay there, exposed. But you felt him shift on the bed.

Suddenly, you felt a slight pressure in between your legs. You gasped as he began to gently toy with your clit, rubbing small circles, kneading it back and forth. He chuckled as you back arched just slightly, and began to go at it even harder. You wanted more. You needed more. You could feel the sheer silk fabric beginning to grow wet with your desperation. Your chest heaved, your heart raced, your face was flushed a deep red as you glared down at him eyeing your soaked satin panties. Dammit, what else did he need?

“Damn, I guess it doesn’t take a lot to get you going.” You sighed in exasperation at his words. You would have snapped back at him if you weren’t so squeamish right now, so hungry for his touch. You had to play along if you were going to get anywhere.

“Please, Formaggio?” Your voice sounded desperate, probably because you were desperate, as he slowly climbed over you.

“I think I’ll give you little reward for playing so nicely.” His lips crashed onto yours as you gave out a satisfied moan. They were always so soft, so warm, so comforting against you as he ran his fingers through your hair. You were frustrated that he hadn’t even stripped off any of his clothes as the firm leather rubbed against your bare torso, but you knew he would cave eventually.

His kisses were already becoming ravenous, hungry. You could see the crotch of his pants growing tighter as his mind flooded with fantasies of you. He finally threw off his jacket as he trailed kisses down your neck, latching his hands onto your breasts as you cried out in delight. His tongue licked along your collarbone, down your sternum, along the outside of the breast, slowly circling our nipple until he caught the tip in between his teeth. Damn he was good at this. The hand that had left your breast slipped down between your legs and you squealed as he pinched everything simultaneously. He laughed against your flesh, and your heart fluttered in your chest as his kisses descended down your stomach, his hands holding you firmly by the waist.

He ravished just below your navel with kisses, sucking and nipping at the soft flesh as you begged for more. His fingers toyed with the lace of the panties, pulling them down just slightly below your hip line, but not as far down as you desired.

“Formaggio, I want you.” You whined, wriggling as he continued to tickle you with kisses along your stomach.

“Impatient, aren’t we today?” he teased as he tugged the silk ever so slowly over your hips. You gasped for breath as your slickened entrance hit the cool air, feeling the soft fabric being pulled down your legs, off your feet, onto the floor. He spread your legs wide as you bit your lip in the agonizing anticipation. His fingers gently traced along your opening, sliding in shallowly as you moaned and clutched the sheets. He enjoyed playing in between your legs, and often became so preoccupied with it that he forgot you were dying over here!

Your entire body tingled with warmth as you finally felt his lips hit between your thighs. You couldn’t help but squirm a bit as he kissed your swollen lips, dragged his tongue across the soft flesh, slowly lapped at your core. Your hands grabbed desperately at his head, pulling him closer as you cried out “Yes!” and “Please!”. He chuckled, but continued to slide his tongue in and out, his fingers still caressing your clit, gripping your hips, touching any part of your body within reach.

You gasped in the momentary lull as he stepped away from your shaken figure. You heard the zipper, the belt buckle, the muffled crumpling of pants onto the floor. You sat up slightly to behold him as he slid his boxers down his legs. His length stood almost upright, swollen larger than almost any time you had seen it before.

“So I take it you liked my little present?” He smirked wickedly as he leapt to pin you back down to the bed.

“No, babe, that stuff was only the wrapping. You’re my real present.” You couldn’t help but laugh as it seemed he had finally perked up with that stupid sense of humor.

“It’s so cute, when you’re cheesy, Formaggio.” You giggled as he smiled

“What can I say? Cheesy is my middle name,”

“No, silly, it’s your first name.”

“Do you want me to enjoy my present or not?” You laughed as you nodded and took a deep breath. Slowly, sensuously, you whispered:

“Take me.”

You gasped as his massive length slid slowly into your core. Each time it was different, but wonderful all the same. Your walls tightened, not wanting to accommodate such a girth, but he pounded into you until he was settled. You both grunted as it felt like something had locked into place. Those icy grey eyes shot down towards you.


You nodded.

He began to draw his shaft in and out, slowly at first, as you got into the rhythm of things. You groaned as he latched onto your breasts for support, each thrust into you firmer and harder than the last. You thighs squeezed around his hips tightly as your breaths became short. He filled each and every corner, every last crevice. There was nothing in your body but love for him.

He moaned loudly as you gripped him harshly, and began to cry out your name as his thrusts grew faster. Your hands flew to his shoulders to steady yourself, to feel his movements, to let him know you were right there beside him. Your insides burned and your stomach clenched as your walls began to contract. Every fiber of your being tensed as you began to feel that blissful agony that he always awoke inside you. You called out his name as he ground in deeper and deeper.

Then everything released. Your walls clenched him hard in your grasp as a rush of warmth filled your core. Your muscles relaxed as he whispered your name a final time. You lay, panting, spilling out onto the bed. But Formaggio…

He was peppering your face with kisses as he whispered out your name. He planted his lips firmly on yours as you giggled in surprise. His arm wrapped around your waist as he held you close, breathing into your hair.

“Thanks for the present, babe. Can’t wait for the next one.”

Chapter Text

There was something about you, he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Something about the way you leapt into action, eager to fight any obstacle Dio sent against you. Your sheer excitement in the face of imminent danger, your eagerness to launch into combat. Your shy demure demeanour after you defeated your foe, your soft lips pressing to his cheek when you thanked him for protecting you in the heat of battle.

He remembered the nights in the desert when you two lay together underneath the stars when you would finally come clean about just how worried you were about your family, your friends, everyone you left behind when you joined them on this crazy adventure. He couldn't pull his gaze away as he caught a glimpse of pearlescent moonlight reflected in your sparkling eyes. That expression only popped up on your face every once in awhile: only when you were truly happy. He had slipped his fingers into yours, feeling his chest tighten as you gave him a reassuring squeeze. What was it about you that gave him that urge to protect you, to shield you from any enemy that came across your path on this tiresome journey into the west.

The next morning he had awoken breathing on the sweet smell of your hair. He peppered down at your peaceful face, laughing a little as he noticed your shapely lips pursed, your cheek squishing up against his chest. There was something so calming about that adorable little face…

He sighed as he looked out at the rising sun over the desert sands. The cool night airs still hung over the dunes, and he gasped as you nuzzled closer to him for warmth. He had been thinking it for a while: did he like you more than just one of his comrades? He certainly cared for both you and Jotaro very dearly, but it was different with you. He slowly reached out to grasp the edge of the sleeping bag as your small sleeping figure curled into his steadily rising chest. He pulled the blankets up over you, wishing the moment would never end.




You yawned as your eyes fluttered open. You had wonderful dreams that night. Dreams of him holding you in his arms, under the starlight, feeling the beating of his heart through his warm woolen gakuran. There was something so comforting about his embrace, his long lock of hair tickling your nose as you breathed in the scent of cherries. He was the only thing that kept you going through these difficult times. All that drove you forward was that hope that you would keep his company again at the end of the day, that he would listen to you and you would listen to him. That he would hold your hand, stroke your hair, let you cry on his shoulder. As long as he was there, you would be happy.

Of course, the idea had crossed your mind that you wanted more than just a companion and confidant, that you wanted to place a kiss on his lips rather than his cheeks. But there was no way he felt the same. He was so strong, so kind, chivalrous, just. You were probably just naïve child in his eyes. But you could still admire him from afar.

“(Y/n),” You didn’t budge as he whispered your name. You were too dazed and dreamy to fully rise from your slumber. “You awake?” His voice was so so tender and comforting, pulling you back into the realm of sleep, but you slowly nodded your head against his chest. “Good,” He placed a soft kiss on your forehead, and you hoped he wouldn’t notice your racing heart. “We should probably get an early start today,” His arm draped around your waist as he pulled you tighter.





Eventually Jotaro had prodded you two awake, mumbling something underneath his breath as Kakyoin pulled you to your feet. It took several hours to hike to the next town, the cold shower was certainly worth the wait. Kakyoin was a bit sad that he wouldn’t have your soothing touch beside you last night, but he were determined to spend every waking moment with him until then:

Avdol and Mr. Joestar were searching for a particular source of information in the city, and while Polnareff stayed at the pool picking up hot girls (or at least trying to). So Kakyoin invited you and Jotaro out for the evening. And Jotaro had declined.

There was something almost unsettling about being alone with you as you walked down the dimly lit marketplace. He was nervous he would say something wrong or do something to upset you. Was there something different about tonight? Your hand felt just as soft in his, your smile was just as bright. And yet every time that smile faded, his stomach clenched. But he still enjoyed your time together. He always enjoyed your time together.

He laughed as you skipped up to a stall, admiring the baklava, basbousa, halva, and all the other sweet treats displayed in the window. That light shone in your eyes again, that expression of your that he only saw when you were truly happy, truly having a good time. He fingered the several coins Avdol had given him “for emergency purposes only”. Surely saving that smile on your face was an emergency, wasn’t it?

“We’ll take one of those please.” Your eyes widened in surprise.

“Kak, can we really–” He handed over the money, not even trying to haggle the price down. You giggled in excitement, jumping up and down in glee. He guessed it was probably because you guys hadn’t had the chance to treat yourself since you first entered the desert. And now you were stuffing your face with whatever he had just bought. “This is the best thing I’ve ever tasted! Try some!” You reached up on your tiptoes, lifting the dessert to his mouth.

Oh my god. So adorable .

He felt a blush rising to his face. There was something about the way you wobbled on your tiptoes, the way your eyes twinkled under the lanterns, that beautiful hair framing your face, your plump and succulent–

NO! Do not think about that! But her shirt is cut so low and they just look so soft. Is that a lace bra– Stop thinking about it, stop thinking about what it would be like to hold her, to kiss her, to… Oh god now she’s staring at me.

He hoped that you hadn’t noticed how shaken he was as he graciously accepted a bite of the baklava. It was certainly tasted as delicious as you said it would. But you know what would taste even more delicious? (Y/n)–


He screamed at himself internally before he noticed a blush rising to your cheeks. Oh god, maybe you guys should do something else before his fantasies began to wander.

You and he continued down the lamplit street, hand in hand, as the stars began to dot the night sky. His nerves began to lessen as you continues to talk, but his heart still pound in his chest every time you looked his way. It was so frustrating: no one he had ever met made him feel this way, and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could contain it. He just felt like he needed to spring into action, to do something before you slipped away. Why was he so afraid?

You finally circled back to the hotel, walking to the large fountain in the front. The only light came from the entryway, so he could just barely make out your silhouette as you gazed into the tumbling waters. You shivered as a cool breeze blew in from the desert. And he saw an opportunity. He snuck up from behind, wrapping his arms around your waist and hearing a small gasp come from your lips as you settled into his touch. The warmth of your body pressed against his front as he pulled you closer, breathing into your sweet-smelling hair.

Oh no.

Your ass was resting right against his crotch. And it felt great.

Abort! Abort! Get away from her!

But he couldn’t just pry himself away from you. Damn it, now you were wrapping your arms around his, pulling him closer as you leaned back against his chest. He could feel the blood pulsing through his veins, the tingling feeling between his legs. Couldn’t he just hold you there forever? Without the fear of doing something to make you uncomfortable?

Suddenly, you turned around. He remained as still as he could, as he gazed down at your figure, trying his hardest to focus on your eyes. God, what was wrong with him today? Maybe he should tell you, he had to tell you. There would never be any “right” time as long as you were caught up in this insanity with Dio.


“Yeah?” You smiled sweetly as you took his hands in yours, and his heart nearly melted. He gulped as he prepared what he was going to say.

“(Y/n), I–”

“Kakyoin, I think I’m in love with you.” The words tumbled out of your mouth in an uninterrupted stream of thought, as if you hadn’t even taken the time to think about whether you wanted to say them outloud or in your head.

He froze.

That was… oddly convenient?

But his pulse wouldn’t stop racing, his face wouldn’t stop burning.

And suddenly, you grew so much more beautiful, if that was even possible. Your lips were so much more kissable, your hips so much more grippable… And he couldn’t think of anything else to say or do, so maybe…

He crashed his lips onto yours. He felt your small gasp as his arms wrapped around your waist, but he himself melted in relief as you began to kiss him back. He was as gentle as he could possibly be given his own arousal and agitation. But there was something about your tenderness, your own fragility that helped him to calm himself, to place his hand on your cheek as you melted into his arms.

He pulled you closer, your torsos colliding as you kissed him harder. He tilted his head to deepen the kiss, gradually leaning you backwards as you curled your fingers in his velvety hair. Your hearts pounded against each other as he slowly parted his lips. Without any hesitation, you let his tongue slip through, explore every inch of your mouth, take you body and soul. He was somewhat shocked by your moan, but if only fueled his passion as he gripped your waist, bringing you closer. He could feel himself becoming harder with every movement you made, every sound muffled by his lips. But he needed to control himself.

He slowly drew back from your lips, closing his eyes as he heard your pants, felt your fingers trailing down his chest.

“Please, Kakyoin.” He flashed his eyes open, surprised by your shaky words. You leaned up to whisper in his ear: “Take me.” He gasped as you gripped the fabric of his heavy gakuran.

It was unlike you to be so forward, so sexy .

And dammit he loved it.   




As soon as you got back to the hotel room he threw off his jacket. You gulped as you stared as his tight tank top. You could see his abs practically bulging underneath the through fabric. And something was bulging through pants as well. You couldn’t believe this was actually happening, that those words had actually come tumbling out of your mouth, that he immediately attacked your lips with his love.

He licked his lips as he gazed down your form. You were still a bit nervous, a bit shy, but more hungry than ever for his touch. You gasped as he pressed you to the wall, peppering your neck with kisses  as you ran your hands across his firm, broad shoulders. A squeak left your lips as he rested a knee between your legs to stabilize himself against the wall as he sucked on your collarbone. Your entire body tingled with the feel of his soft lips against your flesh, his hands gripping your waist. His kisses trailed down your chest, and you gasped as his palms snuck up to cup your breasts.

He suddenly pulled away, his hands just hovering over your chest, his face flushing red with embarrassment.

“M-May I?” You couldn’t help but giggle at his gentlemanly nature. But you took a deep breath. Slowly, you pulled the hem of your shirt up and over your head. You could swear you heard a strangled noise as you dropped the fabric to the floor. You bashfully looked away as his eyes burned holes in your skin. “You’re so gorgeous,” A nervous giggle escaped your lips.

“No I’m not.”

“Yes,” He gave you a slow, soft kiss on your lips. “You are.” You gasped as he squeezed your breasts, planting kisses along the edge on your bra as he ground his erection into your hips. You grasped desperately at the fabric of his shirt as he grasped desperately at the hook of your bra. All your fears and inhibitions flew out the window as soon as he had said those words, that one small seed of confidence he planted inside of you.

You pushed him away, just for a moment, so you could fully undo yourself. Your pants fell from around your waist, and you slowly stepped from them to place your fingers on his belt. You took a deep shuddering breath as you began to strip him. It was quite obvious that he was trying to hide his bewilderment behind a cool calm exterior, and the same could probably be said of you. But all the same, you dropped his belt to the floor.

“Are you sure about this?” His voice was hoarse and ragged as he pulled your fingers to his lips. You couldn’t help but blush, feeling especially exposed and vulnerable under that loving stare of his. All you could do was nod as you reached back for his zipper.

Your eyes widened as the pants fell to the floor. Your heart beat rapidly in your chest as that moment you had been fantasizing about for so long approached. His raging erection pushed through his boxers, and your mind went crazy with ideas. Slowly, you took a knee.

“(Y/n)?” His breaths grew shaky as you slid the boxers down his thighs and you let out a gasp, taking in the sight before you. You gazed up at him, wondering what was behind those eyes. But that was nothing to ponder at the moment. Right now, you just wanted to show him your love.

You slowly wrapped your fingers around the base, placing your other hand on his hip as you gently pumped him. He bit his lip to stifle a moan as you kissed the tip softly. You didn’t know what you were doing, whether it was right or wrong, whether you were being too forward or not forward enough. But you loved it.

Your kisses gradually trailed down the shaft until your tongue slipped out, licking the hard length as he groaned in the blissful agony of it all. You could feel him throbbing in your hands, bending to your will. His fingers ran through your hair wildly as if he couldn’t get enough of your touch. Slowly, you wrapped your lips around the head. He whispered your name as you slid up and down, further and further with each movement.

But, suddenly, he pried you away, lifting you to your feet and throwing you on the bed.

“I want the real thing,” He paused, slowly wrapping his fingers around the elastic of your panties. “Please,”

“I love you, Kak.” He took that as an affirmation as he began to pepper kisses down your stomach. You giggled as it tickled slightly, and he seemed to enjoy your squirming underneath him with each nip and nibble. But in no time, he had pulled your panties down your legs without you even noticing. He gently pried your legs apart, and you gasped as the chilly air sent shivers through your core. Your face reddened at the thought of him staring at you entirely naked, entirely exposed. However, you heard a hum of appreciation as he placed a soft kiss on your inner thigh.

Chill bumps ran up and down your body as he gingerly kissed the soft flesh in between your legs. A mewl escaped your lips as you felt the tips of his fingers begin to toy with your clit, and you writhed underneath him as his kisses drew nearer to that special spot. He massaged the entire area with his palm as his lips finally reached your entrance. It was a completely novel sensation, like nothing you had ever experienced before as his tongue lapped across your core, your thigh trembling, your muscles tensing at the tease.

“More,” You whispered. You nearly screamed as you felt his tongue whipping back and forth across your folds, almost as if he was eating a cherry. The sheer thrill of his touch made you giggle in delight, and he only gripped your hips harder at your amused reaction.

Soon though, he had to get to the main event. You sighed as he dew away from your core, wiping the fluids from his mouth as you stared at him dreamily. He smirked cockily  down as you as you heaved and panted on the bed, a thin sheen of sweat already coating your skin. He spread your legs wide as a shiver ran down your spine, and your eyes widened yet again as you saw that massive length nearing your entrance. His amethyst eyes flashed at you for confirmation, and you impatiently nodded.

Your stomach twisted and your chest fluttered as he eased into your core. You could feel the tightness down there, your walls expanding to accommodate the sheer size of his manhood, every inch of you being filled with a throbbing warmth. You bit your lip to hold back a moan as it seemed to finally click, to finally be happening.

He drove in and out of you as gently as he could taking great care not to damage your walls, not to push too deep or drive too rough. He gripped your thighs as you gripped the sheets.

“Harder,” Somehow the words had slipped out of your mouth without you even realising it, but he began to pick up the pace, thrusting deeper with each stroke. Your insides were beginning to heat. “Harder!” You felt your chest tighten as his grip on your thighs grew harder, as he pounded into you faster and faster, his breaths quickening just as much. You gasped as you threw your head back, squeezing your eyes shut as a burning sensation spread from your core. It melted every inch of your body, reaching into every crack and crevice until you were exploding with feeling. Your moans grew louder as you felt him driving in again and again, your walls clenching his harder, every muscle blazing in agony. He nearly yelled your name in his joy as you arched your back in pleasure.

And finally, you fell limp, a numbing relaxation spreading throughout your body as you collapsed onto the bed. He pulled out, reaching his climax just a second later, laying next to you on the bed as you both stared up at the ceiling. You took several, deep, calming breaths.

Little did you know how his thoughts were exploding with wonder and amazement, how he couldn’t get your image out of his mind: you had looked like a goddess that night. A statuesque beauty, glistening under the moonlight and the stars. He was so looking forward to doing it again, to seeing you in the state before him as you groaned out in pleasure and in pain... But he had to wait first, to calm himself.  He wouldn’t let impulsiveness get the better of him. Not yet at least.

Chapter Text

It warmed your heart whenever he visited you in you cold dark prison. He said the only reason he kept you was because you were useful, a valuable prisoner. But you knew that wasn’t the case at all. To see his face flush red whenever you so much as looked in his direction, his mouth hang open as he struggled to find words. You didn’t know what it was about you that rendered the great supreme being Kars powerless and vulnerable, but you didn’t quite mind him coming to you for comfort. That hadn’t been the way it was originally, of course.


You had been walking down the dimly lit streets of Rome, shivering from the chilly breeze, nearly tripping and falling on your face over an unevenly laid cobblestone. But he had caught you before you hit the ground.

“Thanks,” You stuttered. He hadn’t really caught you, however. It was more that you had crashed onto his firm chest and he had neglected to move out of your way. You tried to shuffle past, avoiding eye contact.

Wait a minute…

You looked back at his form. His chest was large and bare, tanned and golden, gleaming with– Oh my god was that a loincloth? What the hell was this man?

A shiver shot up your spine as you felt a rough hand wrap around your wrist. You gazed into a pair of amethyst orbs. His lips curled in a mischievous smile as you let out a squeal of horror. You saw two more men emerge from behind him, just as well built, just as intimidating. He trailed his fingernail along your cheek as you sweat in fear. His eyes inspected you with intrigue…. Something more...

“Interesting,” His hand trailed down your neck, across your chest. You gasped as his fingers grazed across your most sensitive areas. He chuckled at your squeamishness. “We’re taking this one along for the ride.”


At first he had kept you chained up inside a basement, gagged and bound whenever they transported you. But he began to loosen those restraints. It almost seemed like he didn’t have the heart to keep you captive. He eventually let you roam free around the cold stone castle. He gave you a bedroom, tried as much as he cared to accommodate for your human needs. He ordered Wamuu and occasionally Esidisi to bring you food everyday, occasionally even brought you items you asked for like pens and paper, a sketchbook, and easel and paint. The two never revealed their true feelings in front of Kars himself, but they expressed to you that they found it quite odd: why would he be keeping a trivial mortal such as you captive? You had no obvious powers, no connection to the Red Stone, no information, no ties to the German government. And yet you were still here.

You could tell the day that things were beginning to change however. You had grown quite close to all three of them, you saw each regularly, at least once a day. They came not only when they were obligated to bring you meals, but also when they wanted to talk. You were always eager to learn more about their kind, about their motivations for searching for this stone of theirs. Occasionally they would even talk about their struggles in their quest. Esidisi would break down in tears in your arms, and you would console him. Wamuu could express his doubts about himself and his cause. And Kars… he just sat in silence. He would sometimes speak quietly and sometimes just stare at you.

But it was that one day in particular when he brought your your breakfast, you could tell that things weren’t quite normal. He never delivered your food; that was work for his lessers. So why was he here right now.

“Good morning Master Kars,”

“Good morning Miss (y/n),” You had giggled the first time he had started trying to be polite with you. It seemed he was slowly adopting some of the traditions and customs of “mortals”, though he wouldn’t admit it to anyone except you. And overall you encouraged this small change that you saw in him.

Today, however, you felt a certain uneasiness about him. He stared you straight in the eyes as you walked to retrieve your tray from him. But first, you gasped: it was your absolute favorite breakfast meal. The one you had talked of and dreamed about so often when you lamented being locked in this dreary prison.

“Thank you Kars,” You didn’t realise how much your warm smile lit up the room, and you could swear you saw the tiniest bit of color rise to his cheeks. He was surprised when you offered him a seat.

“You… Sit down when you eat?” You giggled and nodded.

“I suppose I could eat while standing upright, but don’t you think it’s more comfortable this way?” He gave no answer to your question, but nonetheless took a seat at the small table begrudgingly. His eyes inspected your form curiously as you began to eat. Thankfully, Kars had brought you silverware as well, so you didn’t have to worry about burning your fingers on the piping hot meal.

You crumbled back into the chair as soon as you brought the food to your mouth. It was the most heavenly thing you had ever tasted after weeks of solitude, weeks subsisting on  almost nothing but bland bread without sweetness or savouriness… Your couldn't help but sigh and smile as you swallowed. He chuckled dryly.

“It’s quite amusing how much pleasure you mortals take in mere sustenance. If I were to consume you right this instant I would just absorb you and be done with it,” You laughed, knowing he was quite obviously joking, and he seemed slightly perturbed by your amusement.

“You’d never do that to me Kars,” He narrowed his eyes at your comment.

“How can you be so certain?” His voice was cold and biting, but you gripped his hand reassuringly under the table.

“Because I know you.” His eyes widened in surprise only for an instant before he sought to mask his true emotions. He quickly pulled his hand away, and you continued with your breakfast.


From that day onwards, he was the one bringing your meals, keeping you company while he sent the others off on business. You had tried to ask him just why this was, why you never saw the other anymore, but he simply told you to shut your mouth and eat up.

And almost immediately after, he demanded that you speak to him some more.

Then, there was that dreary day several weeks later. You could see the rain pounding through one foggy window in your chamber. The thunder reverberated through the castle walls, and, oddly, you didn’t mind. You heard the loud creak of the door behind you, and, knowing it was Kars as usual, continued to stare into the torrent outside. He set the tray down on the table with a small muffled clink, and his footsteps began to near you from behind. You shivered slightly as you felt the warmth of his muscular frame looming behind you.

“What are you doing?” You smiled at his strange question.

“I’m watching the rain,” He placed his hand on your shoulder, his grip a bit firm, but you didn’t mind.

“Why?” You raised your eyebrows searching for an answer. I suppose, it was because…

“It’s comforting, just watching the water fall, knowing I’m safe inside,” His hold on your shoulder loosened slightly, and you turned around to face look up into his eyes. His normal scowl was instead replaced with a that soft curiosity. He opened his lips as if to speak, but now words came out. Instead, your stepped past him to sit at the table. He took the chair next to you as usual, watching you eat your meal.

“What is it about you?”

“Hmm?” You looked up with a mouthful of food, raising your eyebrows. You probably looked like an idiot, and a malevolent smirk came to his lips as a small chunk of bread fell from your mouth.

“Maybe that’s it,”

“What?” You mumbled through your muffled mouth.

“Comfort.” You slowly chewed and swallowed before glancing up at him questioningly. His gaze was piercing, but warmer than usual. “There’s something different about you than other humans, and maybe that's it. How you were able to so easily ensnare my servants,”

“Wamuu and Esidisi? Ensnare? I just talked to them–”

“If you ‘just talked’ to them then why are they so fond of you? What sort of witchcraft did you use one them? How are you toying with my emotions like this?!” He raised his voice to a yell as he pushed you down from your chair. You gasped as your back hit the cold cobblestone beneath.

But you didn't struggle against his harsh grip. You regained your breath as you gazed into his eyes firmly yet warmly. You knew he was prone to lashing out, to attacking things he did not understand. And that was probably what this was…

“Kars,” his breathing began to slow at the sound of your sweet voice. “It’s not a trick or a trap. I'm not trying to manipulate you, I'm not fighting you. I'm trying to help you,” You shuddered as he gradually began to release you from his grasp. It was true, it had taken you awhile to get used to your new life, but it wasn't terrible. You had what you needed, and the three of them were all the company you had desires. You wanted to learn more about them, and you wanted them to understand the virtues of humanity. “I'm trying to help you. I just want,” you didn't know how to say it, how to tell him.

But something seemed to shift inside his mind as he extended his hand to help you from the floor. You were still reeling from the force of the fall, and accidentally fell into his large chest. However, this time, he caught you, unlike that first day when you met when he had carelessly let you slam into his form. He held you gingerly, as if you were something delicate and precious, ensuring that you had regained your balance before he looked into your eyes to make sure you were alright.

Then, both of you froze. It was almost though an electric charge settled in the air around you at his amethyst eyes remained locked on you own. His eyebrows raised in a subtle surprise. He slowly inched forward, neither of you able to break the strange spell. Your hands rested on his chest as you leaned in. He closed the gap as his soft lips met yours.

They were just as perfect as they looked, just as soft and supple as you might imagine a superior beings lips to feel. His touch was tender as his hands slid down your hips, and you were surprised how wonderful it felt to be there in his arms. Your fingers pressed against burning chest as pulse raced rapidly (apparently, his race want that different from humans after all).

However suddenly he pulled away, his expression taut with confusion, his entire body trembling with nerves.

“Goodbye Miss (y/n).”

He slammed the door on the way out.


Several days passed without any words from Kars. You began to see Wamuu and Esidisi again. And the first thing you asked: how was Kars doing? Was everything alright? When would you see him again?

They told you little, if anything, about his odd shift in personality, his irrational mood swings, his growing aggressiveness. You were dying to see him again, just so you could console him, talk with him about what had happened that dreary day. And maybe, just maybe…

After a week, he silently crept into your room. You gasped as you took in the sight: his hair flowed free, long and unkempt, silhouetting his body in a dark shadow. His gaze was vicious, almost hungry in a way as he slipped from behind the door.

“Kars,” you leapt from where you had been sitting in the couch, racing into his arms. He gasped as you pulled him into a tight embrace, his savage demeanour dissolving as soon as you jumped into his arms. He remained rigid at first, but eventually succumbed to your warm touch, wrapping his muscular arms around your waist as you buried your face in his hair. “Kars, I’m so glad you came back.”

He set you down gently as you gazed up into those brilliant eyes. He had been planning on confronting you, attacking you, demanding why thoughts of you had constantly filled his mind while he was apart from you, why suddenly when you disappeared from his life all clarity and vision left and he descended into a frenzy of muddled thoughts… Why once he set his eyes on you, all those thoughts of vengeance and viciousness seemed to fade…

“I’m sorry,” You began to speak, fingers still entangled in his, nerves twisting your stomach. “If I did something or said something. I just want to be there for you, if that’s okay.” His grasp tightened slightly at your words, and you could feel his hands trembling in the slightest. But he took a shuddering breath.

“I do too,” He paused, drawing his hand away to run it through his hair as he looked at the floor abashedly. A small smile crept to your lips just from seeing him so adorable and awkward. “I mean, I want you to be here. With me.” A blush rose to his face as you giggled. He scowled, however, thinking you were laughing at him. Your pulse quickened as you sought to rectify this misinterpretation.

“No, Kars. I’m not mocking you, I just,” You took his large hand in both of yours, bringing it to your chest in a gesture of intimacy. “I really like you, and I enjoy spending time with you.” His lips were parted in wonder as his eyes slipped down your frame. He was still confused, still shaken. He didn’t want to have to ask you, asking would be humiliating. But was there any other way?

He was lost in thought as you tugged him to the couch, sitting down next to him and leaning your head on his shoulder. As your soft hair tickled his neck, a smile came to his lips. However he still couldn’t quite tell why that was.

“(Y/n), what does love feel like?” The question was sudden, and you could feel your blood freeze in your veins with the unexpected stress of the question. You couldn’t even begin to form an answer. Does anyone truly know what it feels like? That aching feeling in your chest, that lightness in your head, your emotions rampant this way and that, turning from fire to ice within an instant. You could have said something like this, of course, but your big mouth had to turn on you:

“Are you saying you love me?” That was not what you had intended to say, but later you would certainly be thankful that those words slipped from your lips. You both sat quietly, staring at the cold hard floor, as he whispered quietly:

“I think I do.”

A long silence descended over your chamber. You simply sat by him, unable to speak or move, unable to comprehend what he had just said. How could this immortal god, this superior being, become entranced with such an insignificant nobody? Neither of you understood this strange attraction between you, the unspeakable bond that held you together.

Slowly, however, you intertwined your fingers with his.
“The other day,” He sucked in a breath as you began to speak. “Did you,” your face began to heat, “Did you enjoy it?” His body stiffened, knowing full well what you were referring to. You, of course had enjoyed it immensely. The question was whether or not he would admit to enjoying it himself.

“It was… interesting .” You smiled at his choice of words, shifting on the couch to face him. You took a deep breath as you prepared yourself.

“Do you need to try again to make up your mind?” It was a bit of a stupid tactic, but his lips curled up in response. Those soft lips…

“Yes, maybe that would be best.” Your eyes fluttered shut as he leaned in to you. You shivered as you met again, the kiss still as soft as gentle as it had been the first time. His arm slipped around your waist as your fingers began to fiddle with his luscious, if disheveled, hair. His fingers slowly massaged your lover back as he pressed his warm lips to yours, tilting his head ever so slightly to deepen the kiss. Your palms began to run down his chest just as he began to grow more rough, more desirous in claiming your lips all for himself. He pressed closer and closer until your back lay against the cushions and his firm torso forced you down. His lips parted slightly, and you gasped at the direction his affections were heading. But he merely took the opportunity to slide his tongue in between your lips, exploring your mouth as his hands began roaming your sides. You could just make out his whispers through the sloppy kiss:

“Please, (y/n), satisfy me. Don’t let me live like this any longer,” You ran your hands up and down his sinewy back while his lips began to trail across your jaw.

“I promise, Kars,” You mumbled through the sighs of excitement. “I’ll always be here for you. Always.”

Chapter Text

You stared out into the rolling waves. The sun was just beginning to set over the blue horizon, the seagulls were surprisingly silent, and only the roar of the ocean soothed your senses. A smile tugged at your lips as you wrapped the thin robe tighter around your shivering form, a cool wind blowing in from the west. It might have been the most beautiful sight you had ever beheld, however there was one small problem: he wasn't there beside you.

Jotaro wasn't the one to blame. It was just his nature to work all day, all night, breakfast lunch and dinner. You admired his dedication, his passion. It was sometimes even cute in a way: over the two years you had spent with him, you made a point to get him little presents whenever he seemed upset. Specifically, you bought him stuffed animals. Your shared bed was littered with seven dolphin plushies, five starfishes, three sharks, two whales, and a sea turtle. Each time you showed up to bed with a new friend he would shake his head and smile. You lived for the times when you could see that smile.

But lately, you had seen it less and less often. His work seemed to be taking over his life almost entirely. You two had moved down to that lovely little beach house so he could continue his research, and you weren't that far from the city so you could take your classes as well. However, lately, he rarely ventured outdoors, always writing papers and poring over research at his desk.

And now you were alone, staring off into the sunset. You had told him you were going for an evening swim, invited him to join even. Of course, he had said nothing, so you merely kissed him on the cheek before heading out the door.

Your fingers had unknowingly reached up to touch your lips as you remembered the kiss, and the so many kisses that had come before it. You gritted your teeth in frustration. Now was probably as good a time as ever to go back to the house, to comfort him, to wrap your arms around his neck and shower him in kisses so matter how he tried to push you away.

You knew he loved you, even if he didn’t say it that often. But he was so close to finishing his degree, and because of that he was pushing himself harder than ever. It probably wasn't good for him, and besides, you needed some love too.

The screen door creaked open as you tiptoed into the quiet house. Occasionally you would find him sitting on the couch with his laptop, papers spread out haphazardly over the coffee table. But he usually preferred to hole up in his study. You smiled as an idea popped into your head, and you skipped to the kitchen, prying open the freezer door. Carefully, you placed two small ice cream mochis onto a little plate (you'd come back for more if it turned out he hadn't eaten dinner yet).

You balanced the dish on your hand as you crept to the study room, opening the door as quietly as you could. The room was dim, the computer screen being almost the only lighting. He sat at the desk as usual, leaning back into his chair, silent and motionless. You were as quiet as you could possibly be as you set the plate down on an adjacent table. Then you crept behind his chair.

“Jotaro,” you whispered into his ear, sliding your palms down his firm and muscular chest. You hung over the back of the chair, snuggling up into his neck as far as you could.

But he didn't move. No squirming and muttering under his breath, no craning his neck to kiss your cheek then tell you to go away.

“Jotaro?” You tiptoed quietly to the side of his desk chair, crouching so you could peek under the rim of his hat to see his face. And your heart melted. Those surprisingly soft and kissable lips of his were just parted as his chin nodded against his chest. His eyelashes dropped down, tickling his cheeks, and his expression was so soft and serene… You blushed even looking at him, poor baby!

He was usually such a light sleeper, so quick to wake if you so much as rolled over in bed. But now he nodded off in the chair so peacefully. On one you really craved his warmth in your bed that night, as he’d been falling asleep on the couch so often lately. On the other hand, you couldn’t bear to interrupt his dreams. You gently removed his fingers from where they had fallen limp on the keyboard, trying to remove the string of gibberish he had accidentally typed into his research paper. You stroked the back of his hand with your thumb as you set it in his lap. Sighing, you placed one final kiss on the corner of his mouth.

Then, you silently turned to exit the room.

“(Y/n)?” You froze, feeling his gaze on your back. You had two option: leave the room to let him resume his paperwork, or…

“Jotaro!” You swiveled around, beaming gleefully. “Good morning, sleepyhead.”

“I wasn’t,” You giggled as you saw the faintest of blushes dusting his cheeks. “I mean, maybe I should just,” he reached his arms back towards the keyboard, but before he could resume typing you made a split second decision. You squeaked slightly as you threw yourself onto his lap, blocking him from the desk. He was only a little surprised before he sighed, shaking his head. “Yare yare. I need to finish–” You pressed your finger to his lips before he say anything more.

“You need to take a day off! Tomorrow. I don’t care if we go to the beach or to the city of if we just stay in bed and sleep all day, but you are not touching your computer.” You smiled mischievously at his annoyed face, slowly slipping his hat off his head so you could press your forehead to his. “The only thing you’re going to be touching is me.” He took a deep breath, which was just a bit shaky from your sudden coming onto him. But it would take more to break him, as he suddenly picked you up and set you on the floor as you squirmed. “Jotaro!”

“I haven’t gotten all my research done yet,” He slammed his hat firmly back on his head, as if that was his final decision.

“Jotaro, we freaking live on the ocean ! Can’t you just take a day off to enjoy what you’ve been working so hard on?” He bit his lip in indecision. You added sweetly, rubbing his shoulder. “Just, come to bed. Get some rest tonight. Besides, Mr. Bottlenose and Mr. Beluga miss you too.” He scoffed at the silly names you gave the stuffed animals but rose from his chair nonetheless “Yay!” You buried your face in his chest as you hugged him. You couldn’t see the smile forming on his lips at your exclamation of joy.

You stepped away from him, though you still held your hands in his.

“Want some mochi?”


After your quick late night snack, You headed to the bedroom. You changed out of your robe and swimsuit into your pajamas. They were a ocean themed camisole and shorts you had gotten just to please him. He sometimes blushed when he saw you wearing it, the little fringe of ocean blue lace just covering your cleavage, the way the fabric would ride up whenever you stretched and yawned, exposing just a sliver of your soft stomach.

You turned around to see him staring as you pulled the fabric over your head. His eyes had flickered up as soon as you turned around, but a blush came to your cheeks realising where his gaze had been lingering. You giggled slightly, as he turned to hide his embarrassment. However, as much as you wanted him now, you saw those dark circles under his eyes. He needed a good night’s sleep before you did anything else with him.

“You need anything honey?” You walked up to him, slowly easing his larged jacket from his shoulders as he glared down at you groggily. His focus seemed soft and lazy, and rather than answering you, he simply yawned. You had hardly ever seen him like this before! So precious and so sleepy! You hung the coat on the rack nearest you, but he haphazardly swatted you away, signaling that he could dress himself. You smiled and shook your head as you walked to the bathroom. At least you would have tomorrow with him. Just one day, but you were determined to make it worth it.

You brushed your teeth, flossed, and made sure you were ready for bed before you went back in to check on him. It was a sight to behold.

Jotaro was lying in the center on the bed, swimming in sheets and stuffed animals. He had grabbed one of the dolphins, Mr. Bottlenose probably, and pulled it to his chest in a tight embrace. You giggled as you noticed he was still in his everyday t-shirt and his pants had only made it halfway down his thighs… those beautiful thighs... You laughed as you tugged them all the way down his legs, throwing them to the laundry pile before you struggled to pull the covers up over him.

Finally you snuggled in next to him, sighing as you felt the warmth of his body against yours. As if he had been waiting for you, he sleepily threw the dolphin aside to pull you into his arms instead.

“Jotaro!” You squeaked as he pulled your head to rest on his chest.

“Shut up,” he drawled. His heart beat steadily in your ear as he buried his face in your hair. A smile tugged at your lips as you reached to pull his hat off, carelessly throwing it onto the bedside table (and probably missing). His arms wrapped around your waist, his firm hand pressing hor against your bare skin as he caught you in his embrace. It was perfect. Your legs intertwined his his, the steady rise and fall of his chest, the fuzzy blanket and fluffy pillows surrounding you.

“Good night, Jotaro.” You whispered as you faded into dreams.


Your eyelids began to flutter open just as dawn was breaking. Through the massive window, you could see the blues and pinks and purples of the sky as gulls flew across the horizon. But you needed just a bit more time before you fully awoke.

You smiled as you felt his arms wrapping around you, his breath tickling your neck as his chest pressed against your back. Slowly, you shifted to face him, to look at that calm expression that so rarely graced his face. He looked so pure, so innocent when he was asleep. You couldn’t help but bring your fingers to caress his cheek, fiddle with that one little curl that so often sneaked out from under his hat. Your hands strayed down to his strong bicep, gently rubbing down his arm.

You gasped as he began to squirm, his eyelashes slowly opening to reveal his striking aquamarine eyes.

“Jotaro,” You smiled as he stared at you blankly, still retaining that innocent expression he had kept in his dreams.

“(Y/n).” He muttered softly as he began to stir, lifting his arm from your waist. But you made a whine of disapproval, grabbing his wrist before he could pull away entirely. He stared at you with a dulled frustration.

“Where are you going?” He sighed, but before, he could say anything, you climbed on top of him, laying face down, your head on his chest, your chest on his stomach, your legs tangled in his so he couldn’t move. “Just a bit longer,” You gave him a peck on the cheek and a pleading look.

“Yare yare, just one minute.” You settled back onto his chest, knowing full well that you would lie there until he forcibly shoved you off.

But one minute passed. Two minutes. Five minutes. And he hadn’t moved.

You looked up at him, resting your chin on your crossed arms as you grinned cheekily.

“So, do you wanna do something today, or are we going to just lay here like this forever?” He scowled before he replied.

“You’re the one who’s not letting me leave.”

“You can bench press three times my weight! You could easily push me aside whenever you please.” You leaned in, your face just inches from his as you whispered teasingly “So I’m thinking you’re actually enjoying it.” He couldn’t hide the blush that rose to his face, and you giggled as you cupped his cheek in your palm. You noticed his gaze shift down to your lips as he took in a shaky breath. Your heart leapt.

Maybe he actually did want something from you… He wasn’t like this often, usually because he was so consumed with his study. But the way his stare shifted down to the lace of your camisole. And god, the way his hair was so ruffled after the night’s sleep, the way your palm felt against his racing heart.

He suddenly tangled his fingers in your hair, pulling you in for a kiss. You pressed your hands against his chest as his supple lips pressed against your own. It had been so long since he had kissed you so tenderly. This wasn’t a peck good morning or a peck good night, it was an unbridled kiss of his passion, his love for you. And you willingly accepted every ounce of his fervor.

You adjusted yourself so you were more comfortable, straddling his hips as he lay beneath you. Your fingers gripped his shirt tightly, pulling his lips closer, your mind reeling with the desire for his touch. He was so gentle in the kiss, almost lazy as he slipped his tongue from his mouth, trailing it along the edge of your lips as you shivered in anticipation. The pace seemed to quicken as soon as you let him enter your lips.

The kiss became more heated, his movements more vigorous as his fingers slipped from your hair to firmly grip your waist. He seemed ravenous in his desire to claim you, to taste every part of you as he cheekily bit your bottom lip. You gasped in your own surprise, pulling away just for a moment so you could pant. Both of you took the opportunity to catch your breath as you stared into each other's’ eyes. You shuddered as you felt his hands slip underneath the thin blue camisole, subbing small circles on your lower back. A sly smile crossed your face as you cupped Jotaro’s cheeks in your hands. He took a breath before his hoarse whisper:

“It’s been awhile since we’ve done this,” You rolled your eyes and chuckles dryly.

“It’s about time you noticed! Now, would you rather spend the day doing this stupid homework, or,” you paused, placing a slow, soft kiss on his lips. “Doing me?”

You felt his face redden as his expression went blank. You weren’t exactly the sexy or seductive type, but on the rare occasions you said something suggestive, he turned into a flushing mess. Right before he succumbed to the temptation.

He gritted his teeth, a bit frustrated by your lew comment, as he shifted you on the bed. You gasped as he used his muscular frame to roll around and pin you underneath him before he began to trail his kisses down your neck.

“Dammit, I don’t do this enough.” You giggled as his lips traced along the edge of your collarbone, glad that he agreed. But soon your giggles turned to moans as he found that one sweet spot, the one that made your breaths quicken and your fingers tremble as he slowly nibbled and nipped at the soft flesh. You could feel yourself becoming so very aroused by his touch, your panties beginning to wet, your nipples piercing through the thin fabric of your camisole. And Jotaro loved it.

There was something about you writhing underneath him: the way your hair framed your face as you moaned in pleasure, your heaving chest as you whispered his name. He love you so much, admired you, adored you. It was only times like this when he realised how much you did for him, how much you cared. And he was determined to make it up to you.

You gasped as you felt your camisole beginning to ride up, his deft fingers slipping underneath the fabric, bunching it up until all but your bust was exposed beneath him. His lips remained sucking at your soft spot, likely to leave a fairly sizeable mark once he was through with you, but in a swift movement he had pulled the cami over the top of your head. A small squeal left you as your sensitive nipples began to harden in the cool air. However within an instant his kisses were peppering your chest hungrily as if he would never have the chance again, his large hands groping your breasts playfully as you squirmed underneath him.

“Jotaro,” You didn’t mean to whisper his name, but you were glad you did as he bucked his hips into yours. You gasped feeling the hard erection bulging through his boxers, digging in between your thighs as his kisses trailed around your breasts. You gasped as he teasingly bit your nipple, pinching the other nipple simultaneously.

You began to grab desperately at the fabric of his shirt, trying your hardest to pull it up over his head so you could feel the warmth of those strong abs flushed to your chest. He didn’t seem to want to pull away from your bust (you didn’t want him to either), but he begrudgingly threw the shirt over his head.

You almost drooled at the sight of him towering over you: Jotaro Kujo. Brilliant marine biologist, fierce fighter, brave stand user, loveable teddy bear. And he was your, his manhood digging into your pelvis as your eyes nearly rolled back into your head in pleasure.

“Jotaro, you don’t even know how much I love you.”

His fingers cupped your cheek as his chest heaved up and down, his gaze soft and loving. His eyes fell to your chest, along with his hand as he ran his palm down your side.

“You’re so beautiful,” You looked away as a blush came to your cheeks. You wanted to hide your breasts in squeamishness, but you were so transfixed by those shimmering turquoise eyes. “I love you, dammit.”

He pounced on your stomach as you squeaked in surprise. His kisses tickled down your belly, covering almost every area with the gentle touch of his lips. You ran your fingers through his velvety hair as his fingers reached up to continue playing with your breasts. Your toes curled under in excitement as his mouth drew lower down your frame, his hands sliding down your hips, fingering with the elastic of your panties.

But he paused. No matter how many times you did it, he always paused. You smiled at that small glimmer of chivalry you saw at him, before whispering:

“I’m ready, Jotaro.” You heard a grunt of affirmation before he slid both shorts and panties down your thighs in one stroke. You bit your lip as a shiver ran up your spine, the cold harsh air hitting the slickness between your legs. It became even colder as Jotaro spread your thighs. You sighed and shuddered as you felt him gently kiss the inside of your knee. He barely ever did this for you, so often it was rushed and hurried. He didn’t usually take time to care for your wants... “Please.”

His lips trailed up your thigh as his fingers reaches between your legs. Your back arched as you felt a finger slowly ghost along your clit. You heard a chuckle from between your thighs as he began to massage small circles. You writhed underneath him as his fingers grew faster, his kisses closer. Another finger slipped along your opening as you bit your lip. It took all you had not to cry out in anticipation as he stroked your clit and eased several fingers gently into your opening. Then his fingers left.

But before you could do anything, you felt his mouth connect with your core. You couldn’t help but cry out at last as his tongue dragged along your folds. He lapped at your entrance as he gripped your hips, your fingers still clutching his hair desperately. Though he was still relatively inexperienced, his lips and tongue seemed to know exactly what to do as he gently licked and sucked and nibbled. He was tender and careful in his strokes, yet still harsh enough to please you, to excite you. He kissed your clit gently, however, before he pulled away.

You lay, panting in you own sweat and overwhelming sensation. You could feel him gazing down at you, eyes filled with lust and desire.

“(Y/n),” You heard his hoarse whisper as he stepped from the bed, slipping his boxers down his thighs. “I don’t tell you enough, maybe I’ll make up for it now.” You focus was a bit hazy as you felt him spread your legs wide. Finally, your attention was caught by his massive length as it lingered near your entrance. You reached out to him, a small smile lighting up both your faces as he intertwined his fingers in yours, placing his hands just to the side of your head on the bed sheets. “I love you.”

You gasped as he plunged into your core, taking several deep breaths as your walls expanded to accommodate his girth. You felt him inside you, filling every inch of your center, throbbing and pulsing, living and breathing against you. Before your eyelashes fluttered shut, you saw that taut expression of blissful agony.

He began to slide in and out, so gingerly at first, taking care not to injure you, not to drive in too fast. But he couldn’t contain his excitement for long. His fingers remained entangled in yours as he started to quicken the thrusts, pounding his length in further and further as you made all sorts of desperate noises. Sometimes he would tease you about being loud and annoying, but today he kissed you to shut you up, firmly pressing his lips to yours in a sloppy yet passionate embrace. He pulled away only as his hips ground harder and harder.

“I love you (y/n),” he managed to maintain a whisper despite the rising tensions. You bit your lip as your thighs squeezed tightly shut around his hips, your walls clutching his length, never wanting this moment to end. He let out a loud moan as you gripped his hard, every inch of your walls contracting around every inch of his erection. He panted fiercely as he continued on, deeper and deeper, faster and faster. It was so close. You could feel your muscles tighten as a burning heat flared up in your stomach, expanding to shake your entire body as the fire raged.

“Jotaro!” you cried out his name as your entire body burned with the passion of release. He whispered your name with a final thrust as he reached his climax, slipping out of you and falling to your side, panting with the pain and the pleasure. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder as he pulled you to his chest.

For a long silent moment, you lay at his side, hearing his breaths slow as you both calmed yourselves. You snuggled into his warmth. You still had the entire day ahead of you.

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Diego Brando. Of course you knew him very well by his reputation: one of the best up and coming jockeys of the western world. He was your primary competition in the Steel Ball Run Race, as you were quite the rider yourself. There was no use in denying your abilities. You knew you had a natural gift for riding horses. Or maybe you should call it an unnatural gift...

As a long time participant in the races, you knew some of the tricks and cheats some jockeys had up their sleeves: how they could “read” their horse, the other horses on the track, in order to tell what their next move should be. You, however, spoke to your mare. You had always been able to talk to her, though you didn't dare tell anyone else about these strange powers. And she wasn't just your horse, she was your companion. Dancing Queen had been your preferred riding mate for the last three years. You had been through everything with her at your side. And now you were determined to finish this race.

You had often encountered Diego  Brando in these races, though the two of you had never spoken. He rarely spoke to anyone other than his largest rival Johnny Joestar. But when Joestar dropped out of the running, you were likely the next one on his hit list.


Once the actual Steel Ball Run preparations began, you were unable to find him in the crowd. There were so many riders from so many placed: you were positively thrilled to race everyone! And yet, your stomach still twisted with nerves at the thought of Diego Brando. You first caught his eye during the very start of the race. You had been searching do him beforehand (and little did you know, he had been searching for you) but only spotted him at the blow of the whistle. Within an instant you were on his trail.

You ended up finishing second, just after Diego, due to some sort of technicality in the rankings. But you were content with the score, having enjoyed the race thoroughly. There was something different about racing through the countryside, the sun's rays sparkling off the lake the wind blowing your hair in all directions. You much preferred it to the loud grungy tavern you were sitting in now.

You sighed as you heard a shout from behind you, cries of “Brando!” and “There’s the winner!” and uproarious applause. You scoffed: you hadn't been met with such a greeting when you slouched into the tavern, hot and disheveled. You were about to retire for the night, set your drink on the table and to up to your room, when the commotion died down. The table shook as someone slid into the chair opposite, you extending his gloved hand in greeting. Your eyes darted upward to see that familiar face.

The crowd was silent as you stared, your eyebrow raised questioningly. His expression was not his usual disapproving scowl: he was somewhat condescending, sly as he smirked at you, though you could see his calculating eyes sizing you up behind that feigned gesture of friendliness. You felt yourself beginning to tense up under the watchful eye of the masses, not sure whether to give in and accept the offer or run away to your room under all the social pressure. But after a long pause, he spoke.

“Congratulations, Miss (l/n). You raced quite well out there today.” He smile was mischievous, and his tone almost sarcastic as the audience gasped. You gulped nervously as you took his hand, fingers trembling in his.

“As did you, Mr. B-Brando.” You wanted to pull your hand from his, but he wouldn’t let you. Hopefully, no one noticed the flush on your cheeks as he leaned in.

“Please, call me Diego.”


He approached you every time you found yourself at an in or a tavern. After the first stage, the crowds began to disperse, but his attention remained focused on you. It was terrifying, for sure, yet also thrilling in a way. You couldn’t tell whether he was assessing you for weaknesses, earnestly getting to know his competition, trying to form an alliance… Or was it something deeper?

Sometimes you heard gossip from the press and in the newspapers about the two of you, wild guesses about whether you two were colluding or cheating or working together only to stab each other in the back at the end of the race. One tribune ever claimed there was evidence that you two were having an affair on the trail, but you scoffed at that idea. Diego Brando was not the sort of man to even look twice at a women in riding breeches. He had his army of fangirls that swarmed him each time he strolled into town, each one of the women ready to fling themselves into his arms (and his bed) as soon as he expressed desire.

You occasionally met on the trail as well as in the tavern, as you both ended up choosing the best paths for your horses to trod. Each time you came across him, you saw that momentary flash of annoyance and disgust cross his face. But then he hid his true emotions with civility. Eventually, however, as the weeks passed he became glad to see you during the actual race. Once or twice, you even ended up camping with him.

At first, he completely objected to letting you so much as feed his Silver Bullet. His horse was just as precious to him as Dancing Queen was to you, and you began to admire him for it. But as he saw how you interacted with the beasts, your gentle words and calming touch, he began allowing you to tend to his steed while he fetched the firewood.

It was a day such as this when you were stroking Dancing Queen’s mane, sighing in your own daydreams about the race ahead of you. You heard a crack behind you, and turned to see Diego. His expression was somewhat odd: his eyes were wide and almost desperate, a faint hint of color painted his cheeks. His tongue ran across his lips as you followed his gaze. He was staring right at your rear.

He quickly shifted his focus, however, and the moment was almost altogether forgotten. Yet you still looked down, thinking something must be on your trousers, a pine needle or a leaf. But there was nothing on your breeches. That was probably when you realised that maybe, just maybe, I wouldn’t be that bad if he was actually interested…

You had dreams that night. Terrible dreams. Wonderful dreams. And they were all about him .

The next morning, you simply couldn’t meet his gaze. You wanted to push him away, to get all thoughts of him out of your mind. Your horse blazed past his and you caught a glimpse of his face, taut with frustration and rage.

“(Y/n)!” He called out to you as he struggled to maintain his pace.

“What do you want?” You leapt over a large boulder as you heard an upset whinny from behind.

“What the bloody hell are you playing at?!” He cursed loudly as you heard the gallop become uneven, but slowly, he caught up with you again. You bit your lip as your best to avoid his scrutinizing stare. You really shouldn’t feel this way about him: he was you competitor, your enemy. He was beloved by all women and wouldn’t even look twice at you if you told him of your scandalous thoughts. But maybe…

“I’m going to win.” Focus on the race, (y/n). That was the best plan. You heard his aggressive snarl as you bolted forward. “I don’t need you Diego.”


You flopped onto the tavern stool, throwing your riding gloves to the side and burying your head in your hands. What the hell were you doing? Nothing had changed between you two except for that tiny interaction. That one lewd thought. And suddenly your brain erupted with ideas. You downed a mug as you took a deep breath.

“Well hello there, Miss (l/n) .” You clenched your teeth as he slid onto the stool next to you. Something about his sultry voice and that biting contemptuous tone of his sent shivers all over your flesh. Maybe you just needed a night alone, to think things through, to figure out how to restrain these wild fantasies of riding the world’s greatest jockey like a horse…

“Goodnight Mr. Brando .” You muttered through your teeth as you gathered your belongings. He called out something as you left, but you couldn’t discern any words other than a curse or two as you quickly ascended the staircase.

Thankfully your room for the night had a basin, and you began to draw a bath. It was quite a nice inn for a change: they provided you with towels and a fragrant bar of soap, the water even seemed to be heated by some sort of furnace. You sighed as you dropped your riding breeches to the floor, dipping your toes slowly into the warm water. Just one moment all to yourself, to relax, clean up, and not have to think about Diego Brando. About his arms wrapping around your waist, his hands running through your hair, his fingers as he teasingly massaged your–

You splashed the water in frustration. Focus on the race. It wouldn’t be too much longer until the finish line. After that you would never see him again. Oh wait…

You heard a knock on the door of your room. Gasping, you quickly jumped from the tub and threw on a towel. Of course, you didn’t want to appear to whomever was waiting on your doorstep so improperly clothed, but occasionally they did send important updates about the race by messenger. You quickly ran to the door, turning the knob to open it just a sliver so you could speak to the visitor.

Your heart pounded in your chest. Your knuckles turned white and your face turned red. You almost began hyperventilating as he barged into the room. You squeaked as he slammed the door shut after he had forced his way in. The loud crash reverberated through the room as you heard the quieter click of the lock turning shut.

In one swift movement he had pushed you aside, shut the door, and trapped you both inside the chamber. And then he turned.

“(Y/n), I–” He paused, finally noticing your severe lack of clothing. A wave of emotions seemed to cross his face: surprise as his eyes wandered down you barely covered body, embarrassment as his cheeks began to redden and his jaw hung wide, and then, his lips curled into a smirk. Your blood froze as he took a step forward. Was that… lust? No, it couldn’t possibly be. “Well, (y/n), I was hoping we would have the chance to talk a bit about your erratic behavior.” he continued to draw nearer and nearer, and you backed away as far as you could until your back the cold wall behind you. “But seeing how you’re dressed,”He grinned evilly as he tangled a lock of your wet hair around his index finger, leaning in to sniff the scented soap. “we might have to skip the talking,” You had to cut him off before he said something you would both regret “And go straight to the fu–”

“What the hell Diego are you out of your mind?” You practically screamed in his face as he pinned you to the wall. He chuckled as he brought his palm to your cheek in a gesture of mock comfort.

“Aww,” he cooed, “What’s the matter my sweet, I know you want it,” Your face flushed red. He didn’t know. He was just messing with you.

“I d-don’t! Now get out of my room before I beat your ass so hard–” He cut you off, his eyebrows raised in feigned surprise.

“Well, I was thinking we’d just play it safe and vanilla at first.” He leaned in as you felt your knees growing wobbly. Your grip on the towel was beginning to slacken in your trembling fingers, but you didn’t dare give him the satisfaction. “But, if you must. I didn’t realise you were such a kinky little sweetheart.”

“That’s not– I didn’t mean– I just…” You could barely speak. But you needed to fight. “You’re just messing with me, Diego.” You looked down in embarrassment as your true feelings began to fly from your mouth. “You could have your choice of any woman, hell even any man in the world. I know what you’re playing at.” You darted your eyes up at him confrontationally. “You’re just here to tease me, to tempt me until I become a sniveling mess and then break my heart as well as my riding spirit,” You scoffed and shook your head. “You don’t even like me do you?” You gasped as he grabbed your wrist, making sure to maintain a tight grip in the towel. You practically heard your pulse throbbing in his ears as he guided your hand to the front of his breeches. He shuddered as you made contact with the prominent bulge of his crotch. It was warm, hard… Oh god what was happening?

“I’m pretty sure I like you.” You looked up at his devilish smirk, his eyes glazed over as he stared down at your figure.

Suddenly, his lips pressed firmly against yours as your entire body tensed in surprise. His kiss was rough as he forced your body to the wall, caging you with his arms. Your fingers slipped into his hair, running underneath his cap as his erection dug in between your thighs. Your head felt light at the rage of hormones inside your, his slightly chapped lips sucking your own as if he wanted to devour you in his embrace. His hat fell from his head, and your towel began to slide down your chest as the kiss grew more passionate, more vigorous.

You squeaked as a gloved hand reached up to grope your breast. Your face was burning at the pace of it all, but it was exactly what you had been craving. He bit your lower lip harshly, and you gasped as his tongue slipped into your mouth. His other hand reached to cup your breast, and you gasped as every sensation began to combine in a symphony of sheer pleasure. His thumbs pressed to your nipples as you writhed under his touch, gripping his shoulders to you wouldn;t fall to the floor in a moaning mess.

His kisses began to trail down your neck, his lips still slick with saliva as he sucked at your soft flesh. A small cry of pain escaped your lips as he bit down hard, but he sucked and kissed the area right along the edge of your collarbone to make up for it. Dammit, he was so rough, so aggressive, it was bound to leave some marks in the morning. But you wanted him to claim you.

Suddenly, his knee pressed to the wall right in between your thighs, and you shuddered as his prominent bulge ground against you. He pulled away only for a moment as he pulled his gloved off. Of course, he had to do this with his teeth. He smirked as he noticed you biting your lip as he spat the glove from his mouth. You looked away abashedly, your face flushing with both embarrassment and arousal.

“Enjoying this are you?” You were about to make a witty comeback when you squealed. He had thrust his bare hand down into your cr