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JJBA Reader Insert One-Shots

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You stared out into the rolling waves. The sun was just beginning to set over the blue horizon, the seagulls were surprisingly silent, and only the roar of the ocean soothed your senses. A smile tugged at your lips as you wrapped the thin robe tighter around your shivering form, a cool wind blowing in from the west. It might have been the most beautiful sight you had ever beheld, however there was one small problem: he wasn't there beside you.

Jotaro wasn't the one to blame. It was just his nature to work all day, all night, breakfast lunch and dinner. You admired his dedication, his passion. It was sometimes even cute in a way: over the two years you had spent with him, you made a point to get him little presents whenever he seemed upset. Specifically, you bought him stuffed animals. Your shared bed was littered with seven dolphin plushies, five starfishes, three sharks, two whales, and a sea turtle. Each time you showed up to bed with a new friend he would shake his head and smile. You lived for the times when you could see that smile.

But lately, you had seen it less and less often. His work seemed to be taking over his life almost entirely. You two had moved down to that lovely little beach house so he could continue his research, and you weren't that far from the city so you could take your classes as well. However, lately, he rarely ventured outdoors, always writing papers and poring over research at his desk.

And now you were alone, staring off into the sunset. You had told him you were going for an evening swim, invited him to join even. Of course, he had said nothing, so you merely kissed him on the cheek before heading out the door.

Your fingers had unknowingly reached up to touch your lips as you remembered the kiss, and the so many kisses that had come before it. You gritted your teeth in frustration. Now was probably as good a time as ever to go back to the house, to comfort him, to wrap your arms around his neck and shower him in kisses so matter how he tried to push you away.

You knew he loved you, even if he didn’t say it that often. But he was so close to finishing his degree, and because of that he was pushing himself harder than ever. It probably wasn't good for him, and besides, you needed some love too.

The screen door creaked open as you tiptoed into the quiet house. Occasionally you would find him sitting on the couch with his laptop, papers spread out haphazardly over the coffee table. But he usually preferred to hole up in his study. You smiled as an idea popped into your head, and you skipped to the kitchen, prying open the freezer door. Carefully, you placed two small ice cream mochis onto a little plate (you'd come back for more if it turned out he hadn't eaten dinner yet).

You balanced the dish on your hand as you crept to the study room, opening the door as quietly as you could. The room was dim, the computer screen being almost the only lighting. He sat at the desk as usual, leaning back into his chair, silent and motionless. You were as quiet as you could possibly be as you set the plate down on an adjacent table. Then you crept behind his chair.

“Jotaro,” you whispered into his ear, sliding your palms down his firm and muscular chest. You hung over the back of the chair, snuggling up into his neck as far as you could.

But he didn't move. No squirming and muttering under his breath, no craning his neck to kiss your cheek then tell you to go away.

“Jotaro?” You tiptoed quietly to the side of his desk chair, crouching so you could peek under the rim of his hat to see his face. And your heart melted. Those surprisingly soft and kissable lips of his were just parted as his chin nodded against his chest. His eyelashes dropped down, tickling his cheeks, and his expression was so soft and serene… You blushed even looking at him, poor baby!

He was usually such a light sleeper, so quick to wake if you so much as rolled over in bed. But now he nodded off in the chair so peacefully. On one you really craved his warmth in your bed that night, as he’d been falling asleep on the couch so often lately. On the other hand, you couldn’t bear to interrupt his dreams. You gently removed his fingers from where they had fallen limp on the keyboard, trying to remove the string of gibberish he had accidentally typed into his research paper. You stroked the back of his hand with your thumb as you set it in his lap. Sighing, you placed one final kiss on the corner of his mouth.

Then, you silently turned to exit the room.

“(Y/n)?” You froze, feeling his gaze on your back. You had two option: leave the room to let him resume his paperwork, or…

“Jotaro!” You swiveled around, beaming gleefully. “Good morning, sleepyhead.”

“I wasn’t,” You giggled as you saw the faintest of blushes dusting his cheeks. “I mean, maybe I should just,” he reached his arms back towards the keyboard, but before he could resume typing you made a split second decision. You squeaked slightly as you threw yourself onto his lap, blocking him from the desk. He was only a little surprised before he sighed, shaking his head. “Yare yare. I need to finish–” You pressed your finger to his lips before he say anything more.

“You need to take a day off! Tomorrow. I don’t care if we go to the beach or to the city of if we just stay in bed and sleep all day, but you are not touching your computer.” You smiled mischievously at his annoyed face, slowly slipping his hat off his head so you could press your forehead to his. “The only thing you’re going to be touching is me.” He took a deep breath, which was just a bit shaky from your sudden coming onto him. But it would take more to break him, as he suddenly picked you up and set you on the floor as you squirmed. “Jotaro!”

“I haven’t gotten all my research done yet,” He slammed his hat firmly back on his head, as if that was his final decision.

“Jotaro, we freaking live on the ocean ! Can’t you just take a day off to enjoy what you’ve been working so hard on?” He bit his lip in indecision. You added sweetly, rubbing his shoulder. “Just, come to bed. Get some rest tonight. Besides, Mr. Bottlenose and Mr. Beluga miss you too.” He scoffed at the silly names you gave the stuffed animals but rose from his chair nonetheless “Yay!” You buried your face in his chest as you hugged him. You couldn’t see the smile forming on his lips at your exclamation of joy.

You stepped away from him, though you still held your hands in his.

“Want some mochi?”


After your quick late night snack, You headed to the bedroom. You changed out of your robe and swimsuit into your pajamas. They were a ocean themed camisole and shorts you had gotten just to please him. He sometimes blushed when he saw you wearing it, the little fringe of ocean blue lace just covering your cleavage, the way the fabric would ride up whenever you stretched and yawned, exposing just a sliver of your soft stomach.

You turned around to see him staring as you pulled the fabric over your head. His eyes had flickered up as soon as you turned around, but a blush came to your cheeks realising where his gaze had been lingering. You giggled slightly, as he turned to hide his embarrassment. However, as much as you wanted him now, you saw those dark circles under his eyes. He needed a good night’s sleep before you did anything else with him.

“You need anything honey?” You walked up to him, slowly easing his larged jacket from his shoulders as he glared down at you groggily. His focus seemed soft and lazy, and rather than answering you, he simply yawned. You had hardly ever seen him like this before! So precious and so sleepy! You hung the coat on the rack nearest you, but he haphazardly swatted you away, signaling that he could dress himself. You smiled and shook your head as you walked to the bathroom. At least you would have tomorrow with him. Just one day, but you were determined to make it worth it.

You brushed your teeth, flossed, and made sure you were ready for bed before you went back in to check on him. It was a sight to behold.

Jotaro was lying in the center on the bed, swimming in sheets and stuffed animals. He had grabbed one of the dolphins, Mr. Bottlenose probably, and pulled it to his chest in a tight embrace. You giggled as you noticed he was still in his everyday t-shirt and his pants had only made it halfway down his thighs… those beautiful thighs... You laughed as you tugged them all the way down his legs, throwing them to the laundry pile before you struggled to pull the covers up over him.

Finally you snuggled in next to him, sighing as you felt the warmth of his body against yours. As if he had been waiting for you, he sleepily threw the dolphin aside to pull you into his arms instead.

“Jotaro!” You squeaked as he pulled your head to rest on his chest.

“Shut up,” he drawled. His heart beat steadily in your ear as he buried his face in your hair. A smile tugged at your lips as you reached to pull his hat off, carelessly throwing it onto the bedside table (and probably missing). His arms wrapped around your waist, his firm hand pressing hor against your bare skin as he caught you in his embrace. It was perfect. Your legs intertwined his his, the steady rise and fall of his chest, the fuzzy blanket and fluffy pillows surrounding you.

“Good night, Jotaro.” You whispered as you faded into dreams.


Your eyelids began to flutter open just as dawn was breaking. Through the massive window, you could see the blues and pinks and purples of the sky as gulls flew across the horizon. But you needed just a bit more time before you fully awoke.

You smiled as you felt his arms wrapping around you, his breath tickling your neck as his chest pressed against your back. Slowly, you shifted to face him, to look at that calm expression that so rarely graced his face. He looked so pure, so innocent when he was asleep. You couldn’t help but bring your fingers to caress his cheek, fiddle with that one little curl that so often sneaked out from under his hat. Your hands strayed down to his strong bicep, gently rubbing down his arm.

You gasped as he began to squirm, his eyelashes slowly opening to reveal his striking aquamarine eyes.

“Jotaro,” You smiled as he stared at you blankly, still retaining that innocent expression he had kept in his dreams.

“(Y/n).” He muttered softly as he began to stir, lifting his arm from your waist. But you made a whine of disapproval, grabbing his wrist before he could pull away entirely. He stared at you with a dulled frustration.

“Where are you going?” He sighed, but before, he could say anything, you climbed on top of him, laying face down, your head on his chest, your chest on his stomach, your legs tangled in his so he couldn’t move. “Just a bit longer,” You gave him a peck on the cheek and a pleading look.

“Yare yare, just one minute.” You settled back onto his chest, knowing full well that you would lie there until he forcibly shoved you off.

But one minute passed. Two minutes. Five minutes. And he hadn’t moved.

You looked up at him, resting your chin on your crossed arms as you grinned cheekily.

“So, do you wanna do something today, or are we going to just lay here like this forever?” He scowled before he replied.

“You’re the one who’s not letting me leave.”

“You can bench press three times my weight! You could easily push me aside whenever you please.” You leaned in, your face just inches from his as you whispered teasingly “So I’m thinking you’re actually enjoying it.” He couldn’t hide the blush that rose to his face, and you giggled as you cupped his cheek in your palm. You noticed his gaze shift down to your lips as he took in a shaky breath. Your heart leapt.

Maybe he actually did want something from you… He wasn’t like this often, usually because he was so consumed with his study. But the way his stare shifted down to the lace of your camisole. And god, the way his hair was so ruffled after the night’s sleep, the way your palm felt against his racing heart.

He suddenly tangled his fingers in your hair, pulling you in for a kiss. You pressed your hands against his chest as his supple lips pressed against your own. It had been so long since he had kissed you so tenderly. This wasn’t a peck good morning or a peck good night, it was an unbridled kiss of his passion, his love for you. And you willingly accepted every ounce of his fervor.

You adjusted yourself so you were more comfortable, straddling his hips as he lay beneath you. Your fingers gripped his shirt tightly, pulling his lips closer, your mind reeling with the desire for his touch. He was so gentle in the kiss, almost lazy as he slipped his tongue from his mouth, trailing it along the edge of your lips as you shivered in anticipation. The pace seemed to quicken as soon as you let him enter your lips.

The kiss became more heated, his movements more vigorous as his fingers slipped from your hair to firmly grip your waist. He seemed ravenous in his desire to claim you, to taste every part of you as he cheekily bit your bottom lip. You gasped in your own surprise, pulling away just for a moment so you could pant. Both of you took the opportunity to catch your breath as you stared into each other's’ eyes. You shuddered as you felt his hands slip underneath the thin blue camisole, subbing small circles on your lower back. A sly smile crossed your face as you cupped Jotaro’s cheeks in your hands. He took a breath before his hoarse whisper:

“It’s been awhile since we’ve done this,” You rolled your eyes and chuckles dryly.

“It’s about time you noticed! Now, would you rather spend the day doing this stupid homework, or,” you paused, placing a slow, soft kiss on his lips. “Doing me?”

You felt his face redden as his expression went blank. You weren’t exactly the sexy or seductive type, but on the rare occasions you said something suggestive, he turned into a flushing mess. Right before he succumbed to the temptation.

He gritted his teeth, a bit frustrated by your lew comment, as he shifted you on the bed. You gasped as he used his muscular frame to roll around and pin you underneath him before he began to trail his kisses down your neck.

“Dammit, I don’t do this enough.” You giggled as his lips traced along the edge of your collarbone, glad that he agreed. But soon your giggles turned to moans as he found that one sweet spot, the one that made your breaths quicken and your fingers tremble as he slowly nibbled and nipped at the soft flesh. You could feel yourself becoming so very aroused by his touch, your panties beginning to wet, your nipples piercing through the thin fabric of your camisole. And Jotaro loved it.

There was something about you writhing underneath him: the way your hair framed your face as you moaned in pleasure, your heaving chest as you whispered his name. He love you so much, admired you, adored you. It was only times like this when he realised how much you did for him, how much you cared. And he was determined to make it up to you.

You gasped as you felt your camisole beginning to ride up, his deft fingers slipping underneath the fabric, bunching it up until all but your bust was exposed beneath him. His lips remained sucking at your soft spot, likely to leave a fairly sizeable mark once he was through with you, but in a swift movement he had pulled the cami over the top of your head. A small squeal left you as your sensitive nipples began to harden in the cool air. However within an instant his kisses were peppering your chest hungrily as if he would never have the chance again, his large hands groping your breasts playfully as you squirmed underneath him.

“Jotaro,” You didn’t mean to whisper his name, but you were glad you did as he bucked his hips into yours. You gasped feeling the hard erection bulging through his boxers, digging in between your thighs as his kisses trailed around your breasts. You gasped as he teasingly bit your nipple, pinching the other nipple simultaneously.

You began to grab desperately at the fabric of his shirt, trying your hardest to pull it up over his head so you could feel the warmth of those strong abs flushed to your chest. He didn’t seem to want to pull away from your bust (you didn’t want him to either), but he begrudgingly threw the shirt over his head.

You almost drooled at the sight of him towering over you: Jotaro Kujo. Brilliant marine biologist, fierce fighter, brave stand user, loveable teddy bear. And he was your, his manhood digging into your pelvis as your eyes nearly rolled back into your head in pleasure.

“Jotaro, you don’t even know how much I love you.”

His fingers cupped your cheek as his chest heaved up and down, his gaze soft and loving. His eyes fell to your chest, along with his hand as he ran his palm down your side.

“You’re so beautiful,” You looked away as a blush came to your cheeks. You wanted to hide your breasts in squeamishness, but you were so transfixed by those shimmering turquoise eyes. “I love you, dammit.”

He pounced on your stomach as you squeaked in surprise. His kisses tickled down your belly, covering almost every area with the gentle touch of his lips. You ran your fingers through his velvety hair as his fingers reached up to continue playing with your breasts. Your toes curled under in excitement as his mouth drew lower down your frame, his hands sliding down your hips, fingering with the elastic of your panties.

But he paused. No matter how many times you did it, he always paused. You smiled at that small glimmer of chivalry you saw at him, before whispering:

“I’m ready, Jotaro.” You heard a grunt of affirmation before he slid both shorts and panties down your thighs in one stroke. You bit your lip as a shiver ran up your spine, the cold harsh air hitting the slickness between your legs. It became even colder as Jotaro spread your thighs. You sighed and shuddered as you felt him gently kiss the inside of your knee. He barely ever did this for you, so often it was rushed and hurried. He didn’t usually take time to care for your wants... “Please.”

His lips trailed up your thigh as his fingers reaches between your legs. Your back arched as you felt a finger slowly ghost along your clit. You heard a chuckle from between your thighs as he began to massage small circles. You writhed underneath him as his fingers grew faster, his kisses closer. Another finger slipped along your opening as you bit your lip. It took all you had not to cry out in anticipation as he stroked your clit and eased several fingers gently into your opening. Then his fingers left.

But before you could do anything, you felt his mouth connect with your core. You couldn’t help but cry out at last as his tongue dragged along your folds. He lapped at your entrance as he gripped your hips, your fingers still clutching his hair desperately. Though he was still relatively inexperienced, his lips and tongue seemed to know exactly what to do as he gently licked and sucked and nibbled. He was tender and careful in his strokes, yet still harsh enough to please you, to excite you. He kissed your clit gently, however, before he pulled away.

You lay, panting in you own sweat and overwhelming sensation. You could feel him gazing down at you, eyes filled with lust and desire.

“(Y/n),” You heard his hoarse whisper as he stepped from the bed, slipping his boxers down his thighs. “I don’t tell you enough, maybe I’ll make up for it now.” You focus was a bit hazy as you felt him spread your legs wide. Finally, your attention was caught by his massive length as it lingered near your entrance. You reached out to him, a small smile lighting up both your faces as he intertwined his fingers in yours, placing his hands just to the side of your head on the bed sheets. “I love you.”

You gasped as he plunged into your core, taking several deep breaths as your walls expanded to accommodate his girth. You felt him inside you, filling every inch of your center, throbbing and pulsing, living and breathing against you. Before your eyelashes fluttered shut, you saw that taut expression of blissful agony.

He began to slide in and out, so gingerly at first, taking care not to injure you, not to drive in too fast. But he couldn’t contain his excitement for long. His fingers remained entangled in yours as he started to quicken the thrusts, pounding his length in further and further as you made all sorts of desperate noises. Sometimes he would tease you about being loud and annoying, but today he kissed you to shut you up, firmly pressing his lips to yours in a sloppy yet passionate embrace. He pulled away only as his hips ground harder and harder.

“I love you (y/n),” he managed to maintain a whisper despite the rising tensions. You bit your lip as your thighs squeezed tightly shut around his hips, your walls clutching his length, never wanting this moment to end. He let out a loud moan as you gripped his hard, every inch of your walls contracting around every inch of his erection. He panted fiercely as he continued on, deeper and deeper, faster and faster. It was so close. You could feel your muscles tighten as a burning heat flared up in your stomach, expanding to shake your entire body as the fire raged.

“Jotaro!” you cried out his name as your entire body burned with the passion of release. He whispered your name with a final thrust as he reached his climax, slipping out of you and falling to your side, panting with the pain and the pleasure. He wrapped his arm around your shoulder as he pulled you to his chest.

For a long silent moment, you lay at his side, hearing his breaths slow as you both calmed yourselves. You snuggled into his warmth. You still had the entire day ahead of you.