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JJBA Reader Insert One-Shots

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There was something about you, he couldn't quite put his finger on it. Something about the way you leapt into action, eager to fight any obstacle Dio sent against you. Your sheer excitement in the face of imminent danger, your eagerness to launch into combat. Your shy demure demeanour after you defeated your foe, your soft lips pressing to his cheek when you thanked him for protecting you in the heat of battle.

He remembered the nights in the desert when you two lay together underneath the stars when you would finally come clean about just how worried you were about your family, your friends, everyone you left behind when you joined them on this crazy adventure. He couldn't pull his gaze away as he caught a glimpse of pearlescent moonlight reflected in your sparkling eyes. That expression only popped up on your face every once in awhile: only when you were truly happy. He had slipped his fingers into yours, feeling his chest tighten as you gave him a reassuring squeeze. What was it about you that gave him that urge to protect you, to shield you from any enemy that came across your path on this tiresome journey into the west.

The next morning he had awoken breathing on the sweet smell of your hair. He peppered down at your peaceful face, laughing a little as he noticed your shapely lips pursed, your cheek squishing up against his chest. There was something so calming about that adorable little face…

He sighed as he looked out at the rising sun over the desert sands. The cool night airs still hung over the dunes, and he gasped as you nuzzled closer to him for warmth. He had been thinking it for a while: did he like you more than just one of his comrades? He certainly cared for both you and Jotaro very dearly, but it was different with you. He slowly reached out to grasp the edge of the sleeping bag as your small sleeping figure curled into his steadily rising chest. He pulled the blankets up over you, wishing the moment would never end.




You yawned as your eyes fluttered open. You had wonderful dreams that night. Dreams of him holding you in his arms, under the starlight, feeling the beating of his heart through his warm woolen gakuran. There was something so comforting about his embrace, his long lock of hair tickling your nose as you breathed in the scent of cherries. He was the only thing that kept you going through these difficult times. All that drove you forward was that hope that you would keep his company again at the end of the day, that he would listen to you and you would listen to him. That he would hold your hand, stroke your hair, let you cry on his shoulder. As long as he was there, you would be happy.

Of course, the idea had crossed your mind that you wanted more than just a companion and confidant, that you wanted to place a kiss on his lips rather than his cheeks. But there was no way he felt the same. He was so strong, so kind, chivalrous, just. You were probably just naïve child in his eyes. But you could still admire him from afar.

“(Y/n),” You didn’t budge as he whispered your name. You were too dazed and dreamy to fully rise from your slumber. “You awake?” His voice was so so tender and comforting, pulling you back into the realm of sleep, but you slowly nodded your head against his chest. “Good,” He placed a soft kiss on your forehead, and you hoped he wouldn’t notice your racing heart. “We should probably get an early start today,” His arm draped around your waist as he pulled you tighter.





Eventually Jotaro had prodded you two awake, mumbling something underneath his breath as Kakyoin pulled you to your feet. It took several hours to hike to the next town, the cold shower was certainly worth the wait. Kakyoin was a bit sad that he wouldn’t have your soothing touch beside you last night, but he were determined to spend every waking moment with him until then:

Avdol and Mr. Joestar were searching for a particular source of information in the city, and while Polnareff stayed at the pool picking up hot girls (or at least trying to). So Kakyoin invited you and Jotaro out for the evening. And Jotaro had declined.

There was something almost unsettling about being alone with you as you walked down the dimly lit marketplace. He was nervous he would say something wrong or do something to upset you. Was there something different about tonight? Your hand felt just as soft in his, your smile was just as bright. And yet every time that smile faded, his stomach clenched. But he still enjoyed your time together. He always enjoyed your time together.

He laughed as you skipped up to a stall, admiring the baklava, basbousa, halva, and all the other sweet treats displayed in the window. That light shone in your eyes again, that expression of your that he only saw when you were truly happy, truly having a good time. He fingered the several coins Avdol had given him “for emergency purposes only”. Surely saving that smile on your face was an emergency, wasn’t it?

“We’ll take one of those please.” Your eyes widened in surprise.

“Kak, can we really–” He handed over the money, not even trying to haggle the price down. You giggled in excitement, jumping up and down in glee. He guessed it was probably because you guys hadn’t had the chance to treat yourself since you first entered the desert. And now you were stuffing your face with whatever he had just bought. “This is the best thing I’ve ever tasted! Try some!” You reached up on your tiptoes, lifting the dessert to his mouth.

Oh my god. So adorable .

He felt a blush rising to his face. There was something about the way you wobbled on your tiptoes, the way your eyes twinkled under the lanterns, that beautiful hair framing your face, your plump and succulent–

NO! Do not think about that! But her shirt is cut so low and they just look so soft. Is that a lace bra– Stop thinking about it, stop thinking about what it would be like to hold her, to kiss her, to… Oh god now she’s staring at me.

He hoped that you hadn’t noticed how shaken he was as he graciously accepted a bite of the baklava. It was certainly tasted as delicious as you said it would. But you know what would taste even more delicious? (Y/n)–


He screamed at himself internally before he noticed a blush rising to your cheeks. Oh god, maybe you guys should do something else before his fantasies began to wander.

You and he continued down the lamplit street, hand in hand, as the stars began to dot the night sky. His nerves began to lessen as you continues to talk, but his heart still pound in his chest every time you looked his way. It was so frustrating: no one he had ever met made him feel this way, and he wasn’t sure how much longer he could contain it. He just felt like he needed to spring into action, to do something before you slipped away. Why was he so afraid?

You finally circled back to the hotel, walking to the large fountain in the front. The only light came from the entryway, so he could just barely make out your silhouette as you gazed into the tumbling waters. You shivered as a cool breeze blew in from the desert. And he saw an opportunity. He snuck up from behind, wrapping his arms around your waist and hearing a small gasp come from your lips as you settled into his touch. The warmth of your body pressed against his front as he pulled you closer, breathing into your sweet-smelling hair.

Oh no.

Your ass was resting right against his crotch. And it felt great.

Abort! Abort! Get away from her!

But he couldn’t just pry himself away from you. Damn it, now you were wrapping your arms around his, pulling him closer as you leaned back against his chest. He could feel the blood pulsing through his veins, the tingling feeling between his legs. Couldn’t he just hold you there forever? Without the fear of doing something to make you uncomfortable?

Suddenly, you turned around. He remained as still as he could, as he gazed down at your figure, trying his hardest to focus on your eyes. God, what was wrong with him today? Maybe he should tell you, he had to tell you. There would never be any “right” time as long as you were caught up in this insanity with Dio.


“Yeah?” You smiled sweetly as you took his hands in yours, and his heart nearly melted. He gulped as he prepared what he was going to say.

“(Y/n), I–”

“Kakyoin, I think I’m in love with you.” The words tumbled out of your mouth in an uninterrupted stream of thought, as if you hadn’t even taken the time to think about whether you wanted to say them outloud or in your head.

He froze.

That was… oddly convenient?

But his pulse wouldn’t stop racing, his face wouldn’t stop burning.

And suddenly, you grew so much more beautiful, if that was even possible. Your lips were so much more kissable, your hips so much more grippable… And he couldn’t think of anything else to say or do, so maybe…

He crashed his lips onto yours. He felt your small gasp as his arms wrapped around your waist, but he himself melted in relief as you began to kiss him back. He was as gentle as he could possibly be given his own arousal and agitation. But there was something about your tenderness, your own fragility that helped him to calm himself, to place his hand on your cheek as you melted into his arms.

He pulled you closer, your torsos colliding as you kissed him harder. He tilted his head to deepen the kiss, gradually leaning you backwards as you curled your fingers in his velvety hair. Your hearts pounded against each other as he slowly parted his lips. Without any hesitation, you let his tongue slip through, explore every inch of your mouth, take you body and soul. He was somewhat shocked by your moan, but if only fueled his passion as he gripped your waist, bringing you closer. He could feel himself becoming harder with every movement you made, every sound muffled by his lips. But he needed to control himself.

He slowly drew back from your lips, closing his eyes as he heard your pants, felt your fingers trailing down his chest.

“Please, Kakyoin.” He flashed his eyes open, surprised by your shaky words. You leaned up to whisper in his ear: “Take me.” He gasped as you gripped the fabric of his heavy gakuran.

It was unlike you to be so forward, so sexy .

And dammit he loved it.   




As soon as you got back to the hotel room he threw off his jacket. You gulped as you stared as his tight tank top. You could see his abs practically bulging underneath the through fabric. And something was bulging through pants as well. You couldn’t believe this was actually happening, that those words had actually come tumbling out of your mouth, that he immediately attacked your lips with his love.

He licked his lips as he gazed down your form. You were still a bit nervous, a bit shy, but more hungry than ever for his touch. You gasped as he pressed you to the wall, peppering your neck with kisses  as you ran your hands across his firm, broad shoulders. A squeak left your lips as he rested a knee between your legs to stabilize himself against the wall as he sucked on your collarbone. Your entire body tingled with the feel of his soft lips against your flesh, his hands gripping your waist. His kisses trailed down your chest, and you gasped as his palms snuck up to cup your breasts.

He suddenly pulled away, his hands just hovering over your chest, his face flushing red with embarrassment.

“M-May I?” You couldn’t help but giggle at his gentlemanly nature. But you took a deep breath. Slowly, you pulled the hem of your shirt up and over your head. You could swear you heard a strangled noise as you dropped the fabric to the floor. You bashfully looked away as his eyes burned holes in your skin. “You’re so gorgeous,” A nervous giggle escaped your lips.

“No I’m not.”

“Yes,” He gave you a slow, soft kiss on your lips. “You are.” You gasped as he squeezed your breasts, planting kisses along the edge on your bra as he ground his erection into your hips. You grasped desperately at the fabric of his shirt as he grasped desperately at the hook of your bra. All your fears and inhibitions flew out the window as soon as he had said those words, that one small seed of confidence he planted inside of you.

You pushed him away, just for a moment, so you could fully undo yourself. Your pants fell from around your waist, and you slowly stepped from them to place your fingers on his belt. You took a deep shuddering breath as you began to strip him. It was quite obvious that he was trying to hide his bewilderment behind a cool calm exterior, and the same could probably be said of you. But all the same, you dropped his belt to the floor.

“Are you sure about this?” His voice was hoarse and ragged as he pulled your fingers to his lips. You couldn’t help but blush, feeling especially exposed and vulnerable under that loving stare of his. All you could do was nod as you reached back for his zipper.

Your eyes widened as the pants fell to the floor. Your heart beat rapidly in your chest as that moment you had been fantasizing about for so long approached. His raging erection pushed through his boxers, and your mind went crazy with ideas. Slowly, you took a knee.

“(Y/n)?” His breaths grew shaky as you slid the boxers down his thighs and you let out a gasp, taking in the sight before you. You gazed up at him, wondering what was behind those eyes. But that was nothing to ponder at the moment. Right now, you just wanted to show him your love.

You slowly wrapped your fingers around the base, placing your other hand on his hip as you gently pumped him. He bit his lip to stifle a moan as you kissed the tip softly. You didn’t know what you were doing, whether it was right or wrong, whether you were being too forward or not forward enough. But you loved it.

Your kisses gradually trailed down the shaft until your tongue slipped out, licking the hard length as he groaned in the blissful agony of it all. You could feel him throbbing in your hands, bending to your will. His fingers ran through your hair wildly as if he couldn’t get enough of your touch. Slowly, you wrapped your lips around the head. He whispered your name as you slid up and down, further and further with each movement.

But, suddenly, he pried you away, lifting you to your feet and throwing you on the bed.

“I want the real thing,” He paused, slowly wrapping his fingers around the elastic of your panties. “Please,”

“I love you, Kak.” He took that as an affirmation as he began to pepper kisses down your stomach. You giggled as it tickled slightly, and he seemed to enjoy your squirming underneath him with each nip and nibble. But in no time, he had pulled your panties down your legs without you even noticing. He gently pried your legs apart, and you gasped as the chilly air sent shivers through your core. Your face reddened at the thought of him staring at you entirely naked, entirely exposed. However, you heard a hum of appreciation as he placed a soft kiss on your inner thigh.

Chill bumps ran up and down your body as he gingerly kissed the soft flesh in between your legs. A mewl escaped your lips as you felt the tips of his fingers begin to toy with your clit, and you writhed underneath him as his kisses drew nearer to that special spot. He massaged the entire area with his palm as his lips finally reached your entrance. It was a completely novel sensation, like nothing you had ever experienced before as his tongue lapped across your core, your thigh trembling, your muscles tensing at the tease.

“More,” You whispered. You nearly screamed as you felt his tongue whipping back and forth across your folds, almost as if he was eating a cherry. The sheer thrill of his touch made you giggle in delight, and he only gripped your hips harder at your amused reaction.

Soon though, he had to get to the main event. You sighed as he dew away from your core, wiping the fluids from his mouth as you stared at him dreamily. He smirked cockily  down as you as you heaved and panted on the bed, a thin sheen of sweat already coating your skin. He spread your legs wide as a shiver ran down your spine, and your eyes widened yet again as you saw that massive length nearing your entrance. His amethyst eyes flashed at you for confirmation, and you impatiently nodded.

Your stomach twisted and your chest fluttered as he eased into your core. You could feel the tightness down there, your walls expanding to accommodate the sheer size of his manhood, every inch of you being filled with a throbbing warmth. You bit your lip to hold back a moan as it seemed to finally click, to finally be happening.

He drove in and out of you as gently as he could taking great care not to damage your walls, not to push too deep or drive too rough. He gripped your thighs as you gripped the sheets.

“Harder,” Somehow the words had slipped out of your mouth without you even realising it, but he began to pick up the pace, thrusting deeper with each stroke. Your insides were beginning to heat. “Harder!” You felt your chest tighten as his grip on your thighs grew harder, as he pounded into you faster and faster, his breaths quickening just as much. You gasped as you threw your head back, squeezing your eyes shut as a burning sensation spread from your core. It melted every inch of your body, reaching into every crack and crevice until you were exploding with feeling. Your moans grew louder as you felt him driving in again and again, your walls clenching his harder, every muscle blazing in agony. He nearly yelled your name in his joy as you arched your back in pleasure.

And finally, you fell limp, a numbing relaxation spreading throughout your body as you collapsed onto the bed. He pulled out, reaching his climax just a second later, laying next to you on the bed as you both stared up at the ceiling. You took several, deep, calming breaths.

Little did you know how his thoughts were exploding with wonder and amazement, how he couldn’t get your image out of his mind: you had looked like a goddess that night. A statuesque beauty, glistening under the moonlight and the stars. He was so looking forward to doing it again, to seeing you in the state before him as you groaned out in pleasure and in pain... But he had to wait first, to calm himself.  He wouldn’t let impulsiveness get the better of him. Not yet at least.