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JJBA Reader Insert One-Shots

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You may have been willing servant of Dio, but your loyalty certainly did not lie with him. He was your commander, and you had no choice but to obey every order he gave. However, he knew you were not entirely under his control. And, yet, he kept you around. And you stayed around. Dio would have killed you long ago if you weren't useful, and you would have left his service long ago if you could. But something kept you there.

It was, no doubt, the other stand users. As the Joestars hadn't yet reached Egypt, you all users lounged around Dio’s mansion with nothing to do for several weeks. Sometimes you spent the day with Oingo and Boingo, laughing at all the pranks and shenanigans that ensued as they prowled the streets of Cairo. Sometimes you challenged Alessi and the D’Arby brothers to a round of Twister, laughing when the two gaming geniuses were completely stumped. Sometimes you gossiped with Mariah while she stroked Pet Shop’s beak (for, when the bird wasn’t tearing his prey’s head off he behaved remarkably like a cat). And then there was N’Doul.

You enjoyed your time spent with N’Doul more than any of the others. Even though you loved each of them in their own way, they could certainly be idiots at times. Except him. He was confident, introspective, intelligent.

When all the house had gone to bed, you two remained in the study, sitting side by side on the couch, gazing towards the fireplace. You talked of stands, the Joestars, Dio, anything that crossed your mind. And sometimes he would venture into philosophy, into deep conversations about the universe, about the nature of existence. And sometimes he would tell stupid jokes and make fun of the other stand users. He was wise and witty and you grew to love him for it. But it was a different kind of love than your love for the others...


The fire rippled and spurted under your watchful gaze. He sat next to you, completely silent, though his face seemed pensive and deep in thought. You smiled as your eyes focused on his frame. It felt strange. You did stare at him quite a bit, but it always made you feel like you were violating his privacy. Because he was unable to see you eyeing every detail of his body, it seemed unfair. And, yet, your heart seemed to warm each time you glanced at him: his confident smile, his broad shoulders, even his glassy eyes that seemed to stare off into nothingness. The very sight of him comforted you. It was quite ironic really.

Suddenly, his arm slipped over and around your shoulder. You held in a gasp as your face flushed and your heart rate quickened. N’Doul would do this occasionally: grasp your hand, rest his head on your shoulder, stroke your hair. But you could never tell what he meant by the gesture. Of course, you hoped it was more than just an expression of friendship. And, of course, it most likely wasn’t.

Nonetheless, you relaxed into his touch, leaning your head onto his chest as you refocused on the flickering fireplace.

“(Y/n),” you stiffened as he muttered your name, though you tried to remain composed in his arms. “I’ve been meaning to ask you something…” You straightened and responded, trying your best to keep your voice calm and steady.

“Yes, N’Doul?” your heart fluttered as you said his name, but you shook the feeling off. However, he remained silent for a while, his forehead furrowed and his lips shaped in a slight frown. Your hand unconsciously reached for his, and began to stroke his fingers gently. At this, he turned to face you.

“Each time I touch you, every time I reach for your hand or my knee grazes yours, every single time… I can hear your pulse speed up,” You immediately grew rigid, your face reddening and sweat appearing along your brow. You knew his hearing was excellent, but hadn’t realised he would be able to detect such subtle changes in your emotional state. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to make you anxious or angry, or anything... It’s just,” N’Doul gave a defeated sigh. But he didn’t pull away, he didn’t move at all. “Why can’t I read you?”

You gazed at him questioningly. Read you? What did he even mean?

“You know my blindness never hindered me before. I thought I could do anything without my sight. My stand helped me get everything I wanted, use anyone I wanted, removed all barriers from my path. But you… I just don’t understand it,” His words flowed freely out of his mouth, as if they were only in his mind a second before he spoke them. He was being sincere and honest, if uncharacteristically shaken by his emotional state. You had the sudden urge to cup his cheek, to turn his face towards yours so you could gaze into those mesmerising eyes. And you gave into the urge, feeling his face heat in response to your touch.

“W-What do you mean you don’t understand?” You were confused. You wanted to help him, but didn’t know how. Had you done something to him? Was this your fault? He gave a shaky sigh.

“Why is it that I feel so vulnerable around you? That I’m so worried about how you think of me? That it’s impossible for me to tell how you’re feeling just by listening to your heartbeat?” However, he halted himself, quieting his nerves and calming his composure. He shook his head solemnly, muttering softly. “Of course, I know the answer.” Your blood ran cold and he sighed again, a slight smile on his face, as he seemed to regain composure.

“Do you mean…” The words slipped out of your mouth before you could stop them, and you continued with the thought “Do have feelings for me?” Your voice was meek and barely audible as he gave a hearty laugh.

“Am I really that obvious?” You could hear a hint of sarcasm in his tone, but he was sincere as well, “The real question is: do you feel the same? I just wish I could see your face, your smile. More than anything in this world I want to see your expression, I want to know how you truly feel.” His hand slipped down your back, fumbling slightly as he found your hip. Your breaths became shallow as his other hand grazed your thigh, and your fingers tenderly stroked his cheek as you inspected his pearlescent orbs. You couldn’t think, your heart was so giddy. His touch was gentle, as if he were asking you permission. And he still was asking. You had been so lost in his words, in his touch, that you hadn’t given a reply. He gazed at you questioningly, imploringly.

“O-Of course N’Doul! Could you really not see just how infatuated I am with you?!” Alright, those weren’t the exact words you had been planning on uttering, but he chuckled in relief as you spoke. His head tilted closer to yours, until you could just barely feel his breath on your lips as his raven-black hair tickled your forehead.

“No, I couldn’t .” Your face flushed but you couldn’t help but be mesmerised by his broad grin. An idiotic giggle escaped your lips as you inched your face closer. Your heart pounded with nervousness and apprehension, but you shoved your emotions aside and followed your first instinct.

You forcefully pressed your lips to his. He gasped, not expecting the kiss, but you felt his hand grip your waist, his fingers tickle your thigh, as he leaned into your touch. His lips were supple and warm as you ran your hand over his soft cheek, along his jaw, behind his neck and into his hair, pulling him closer. You felt safe in his embrace. You felt understood and appreciated like you had never felt before.

Your palm dragged down his chest, feeling his heart rapidly beating as he kissed you harder. He sucked at your lips, and you could sense his confidence returning as he playfully nibbled and you gasped. His tongue ran along the edge of your mouth as his hand gripped your thigh. He smirked as you shuddered and your back collapsed against the soft cushion of the couch.

Though his lips continued to explore every inch of your mouth, his hands explored every inch of your body, with no regard as to where he was touching. But you knew he just wanted to feel you, to know you. Because he couldn’t see you his only choice was to trail his fingers up your curves, run his palm across your chest, grasp your hips, your waist, your rear. And all you could do was kiss him back as you pulled his firm torso closer to your breast. You bit your lip to hold in a moan as your hips collided.

He panted as he momentarily broke away, his hands roaming back to cup your cheek as he felt the soft smile on your face. He descended once again to lightly kiss the corner of your mouth. Then your cheek. Then your neck. He felt his way down to your collarbone, where he peppered your chest with gentle pecks as he gripped your shoulders firmly. You couldn’t help but writhe beneath him, moaning out his name. He paused for a moment, his hands rubbing up and down shoulders.

“(Y/n),” he chuckled against your flesh, and chill bumps dotted your skin as he breathed. “You are the most beautiful person you have ever met,” Your face flushed in surprise and bashfulness as a nervous smile crept to your lips.

“What do you mean, N’Doul? You’ve never seen me,” He placed a slow, soft kiss on your neck, his fingers tangling in your hair.

“I mean, I love you.”