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JJBA Reader Insert One-Shots

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“Doppio!” You cried, running to embrace the boy as he entered the room.

“(Y/n)!” He exclaimed your name as he wrapped his slender but sturdy arms around your waist. You sighed, taking in a deep breath of his violet-colored sweater. You didn’t know why, but he always smelled like flowers. There was something about being enveloped in his warm hug that always brought you comfort and contentment. You smiled, not daring to break from him unless he broke from you first.

“I missed you so much,” His voice cracked as you felt his hand reach up to stroke the back of your head, and you shivered feeling his fingers run through your hair.

You and Doppio had been close for a long time. Family ties had unwillingly swept you into the Italian mafia scene, but fortunately you had found him to protect you, to help you get used to the violence and bloodshed that came with being a gang member, and to make the most of your unfortunate position. Your special powers, which the boss called a “stand”, were occasionally of use to the gang, and it was your duty to offer your services whenever required. But that led to a somewhat miserable life.

The small house you lived in was owned by the leader of the gang, Diavolo. You rarely saw him except when your stand was needed for an emergency. Doppio was the one you saw most often. He would bring groceries and gifts, he would entertain you when you were bored, he would do anything to make sure you were happy. Even if you felt like a desperate and deprived princess locked away in a tower, Doppio was your prince.

But he had been away for so long. He told you that the boss had given him a mission, and he told you he might not appear for some while. However, it took several days longer than he had assured you. Your stomach had been sick with anxiety, worry, loneliness, and you restlessly paced back and forth, glancing out the window at every noise.

“It felt like so long…” The words escaped your lips as you continued to rock back and forth on your feet in his arms.

“And I’m so so sorry it took that long. Please forgive me (y/n),” He gripped your shoulders and pulled you back so you could look into his eyes, but you interrupted before he could apologise any further.

“It’s not your fault, Doppio. All that matters now is that you’re back!” You giggled with both excitement and relief as you pressed up on your toes to kiss his soft cheek. They reddened at your touch and he raised his hand to the side of his face, as if to make sure he hadn’t hallucinated the kiss. You smiled, shyly, at the reaction.

You were sure it was obvious that you loved the boy, even if your own feelings weren’t as obvious to him. In a world of chaos and confusion, he was the sole source of comfort. You wanted him to be there for you always, to hold you when you were sad, to kiss you when you were hurt. This fantasy would certainly never become reality, but you nonetheless continued to dream.

“I umm…” he rubbed his neck shyly, the red flush still painted on his youthful cheeks. “I brought you something. A present,” It was your turn to flush as you laughed and hid your face.

“You know you don’t need to keep getting me gifts,” although you definitely cherished everything he had ever given you, no matter how old and tattered it became as time wore on.

“I-I didn’t plan on it,” He stuttered, as he zipped open his large shoulder bag, “I just saw it and,” he paused, as you hesitantly took a step forward. “I thought of you.” He took out a black plastic bag emblazoned with a gold brand name that you didn’t recognise. Your face contorted in curiosity as he reached into the bag and drew out shimmering fabric. You gasped.

He concealed his face, somewhat embarrassed, behind the elegant dress as he held it out to show you. It was your favorite color, but the silky material seemed to catch all colors in the light. It was simple but stunning, and your could not help but run your fingers across the soft skirt, catching the cloth in your hands only to have it slip away like water in a stream.

“It’s beautiful,” You muttered in awe, never having seen something of the like excepting in a department store window. But then, you shook your head and chuckled. “You really think I could pull off something like this?”

“What do you mean?” He stammered. “I think you would look amazing in it,” He cut himself off “Not that you don't already look amazing!”

“It's fine Doppio, I know I'm not one of those pretty girls…”

“What do you mean?” He seemed taken aback. “You're the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen!” You mumbled, a bit uncomfortably.

“No I’m not…” Your arms wrapped around your torso, as if to hide you in you shame. Doppio’s face twisted in concern. He knew you had some issues with self-esteem, but it always broke his heart to see you like this.

“Well, let’s test that theory,” He proclaimed confidently, a small smile crossing his face. “I order you, as Passione’s underboss, to go try on that dress!” You let out a giggle in your surprise.

“Stop joking around, Doppio”

“I mean it.” He held your shoulders firmly, looking into your eyes with earnest. “I want you to see yourself just how I see you,” His expression was tender, and your breath caught in your throat as he reached to pull a lock of hair out of your face. As he gently tucked it behind your ear, you realised your jaw was hanging open and you probably looked like a lovestruck idiot.

Suddenly, realisation seemed to come to his face. He dropped his hands off of your shoulders, instead fidgeting with his fingers as he held them to his chest. He looked down as his face burned, and you still stood, staring at him with wonder and apprehension. Did he see you as more than just a friend?

Quickly, you brought your thought back to reality, muttering a small “I guess I can go change then.”

As soon as you shut the door to your room, you could hardly resist flopping onto your bed in an effort to calm your still beating heart. How had he seen such a beautiful outfit like this and think of you? You gazed into the mirror. All you could note were your imperfections: the dots on your face, the rolls where there shouldn’t be rolls. But if he really thought you could be pretty.

You sat up to inspect the dress you had laid on the bed next to you. He had removed the tags so you couldn’t complain about how much he had spent on you; he knew you very well. You slipped out of your current attire and unzipped the sparkling dress, hoping that he had sized you correctly. To your surprise, it fit snugly over your curves. You couldn’t quite zip it up all the way in the back, but, regardless, you inspected yourself in the mirror.

A small smile came to your face. You didn’t look that bad. Somehow, the dress managed to accentuate the only features about yourself that you found attractive. It gave you a shapely waist, a relatively full chest. You chuckled, knowing you had never looked this good in your life. But still, you were a bit embarrassed to show him.

You opened the door quietly, and tiptoed into the living room. You were a bit embarrassed that you would have to ask Doppio to zip up the back. You found him sitting on the couch, bouncing his legs anxiously.

“What do you think?” your voice came out as a squeak, and you cursed at yourself. He, however, immediately stood, an expression of awe crossing his face. You looked down at your hands, wringing them nervously.

“You,” he paused, and you could feel his focused gaze inspecting every inch of your body. Your chest felt tingly, and you were almost hopeful in the long silence. “It’s gorgeous,” You didn’t dare glance up at his face out of embarrassment, but slowly turned, lifting your hair off your back.

“Could you zip it up?” You felt the wood creak beneath you as he strode to fix the dress. He slowly, carefully, drew the zipper up, and you held your breath. You felt it lock into place,  and he swept your hair back over your shoulders. Hesitantly, you twirled to face him. You flushed as you noticed his lips just inches from yours.

You hoped more than anything you weren’t hallucinating. You weren’t imagining the attraction, the chemistry. You weren’t imagining that he glanced down towards your lips, that he shuddered as he stole a look towards your breast.

You were terrified. You didn’t dare make the first move, but you weren’t sure if he would either. His lips twitched, as if he were going to say something, but he thought better of it, and instead lifted his fingers to your cheek. Your body shivered as you felt his soft fingers against your face. His thumb caressed your cheek, trailing so close to your lip you could hardly stand it. You could swear he started to lean in–

RING! RING! ” Your heart sunk. You were used to Doppio’s quirks, nothing could phase you, no matter how strange, once you had discovered the existence of stands. But you were exceedingly frustrated that he had to take a call right this instant .

Doppio cursed a he clumsily scrambled over to the other end of the room to grab a lamp. You had to admit, you really thought it was adorable when he took calls from his boss.

He covered his mouth with his hand, speaking into what he probably thought was the receiver. You couldn’t quite make out his words, as he spoke in a hushed and quiet whisper.

“Why now?... No, not yet… Please just let… Well I don’t care… No. No… Well I don’t care about you !” You were shocked. He’d never said anything like that to Diavolo before. What could have been so pressing. “I’ll call you later, Goodbye” He swung the lamp down on the table as if to hang up forcefully, turning to see your confused expression.

“Is everything okay Doppio?”

“Of course it is,” he strode over to you, now with renewed confidence and vigor. “Now,” he placed both hands on your “Where were we?” You gasped as he forcefully pulled you into a kiss. Your lips collided, abruptly, but he softened his touch after the initial shock. You relaxed, leaning into him, pressing your hands against his firm chest. His embrace was warm and comforting, and the kiss seemed to last for an eternity.

But it was still too short, as he pulled away from you, though your face was still cupped in his palms. He gauged your reaction as you took several slow, deep breaths. The two of you were speechless as you stared into each other's’ eyes, neither one of you sure what to say or how to react. However, slowly, you leaned in, pleading, begging. His gaze drifted to your lips as his eyelashes fluttered shut. You felt his supple lips again, and your fingers slipped up his collarbone and around his neck to play with the loose strands of his soft purple hair at its base. He kissed you gently, again and again, making sure never to part from your lips, as one hand removed itself from your cheek and settled on the small of your back. He pressed your your torso to his, and you felt his firm muscles through the silky cloth of your dress. Your knees became weak as you realised what was actually happening: a fantasy that hadn’t even occurred in your wildest dreams.

“Doppio,” you mumbled his name through the kiss, and his lips parted as he pressed further into your mouth. The hand that still remained on his chest grabbed at his sweater, fiddling with the small slit that exposed the lower part of his collar bone. He bit your lower lip, slowly, meticulously, carefully so as not to hurt you, but sensuously as a moan escaped your mouth.

His lips finally left yours, giving you a chance to breath, as he continued to peck soft kisses along your cheek. His hand slid from your face to the back of your shoulders, and shuddered as you felt your chest press harshly against his. His butterfly kisses trailed down your jaw, and onto your collarbone, where he paused to suck at the exposed skin that the sleeveless dress gave him access to. You arched your back as his lips stole across your breast.

But he paused.

He pulled you back so he could look into your eyes, both of your faces flushed red and your lungs screaming for air. He sucked in a breath, biting his own lip in thought, then began to speak.

“(Y/n), I just…” He replaced his hand on your cheek, and your tried your best not to sigh dreamily. “I think you’re beautiful. You’re smart. You’re skilled. And, I just want to make sure it’s clear,” He stroke your cheek with his thumb, taking in an unsteady breath. “I love you. And if you don’t feel the same way–”

“Doppio,” you cut him off, bringing your fingers up to fiddle with the long lock of purple bangs that you adored so much. “Of course I do. Of course I love you…” He seemed to simultaneously smile and breath a heavy sigh of relief. You slowly eased up onto your tip-toed to kiss his cheek.

“Of course.”