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JJBA Reader Insert One-Shots

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It was your only choice: to confront the man who did this to you, and to somehow keep hope that everything would work out in the end. Your first memory was pain, shooting through your head, your spine, every inch of your body trembling and covered in sweat. Then the release. It felt like a red hot iron pin had been stabbed through your forehead. Then slowly numbness spread through your body. You heard voices. A deep growl of a man cursing, a low voice somewhat panicked. And then a soft voice. A melodious voice. Your eyelids flooded open to take in the scene.

Dark eyes, a deep violet color. A long strand of crimson hair draped down to frame his face, almost dangling far enough to tickle your cheek. His eyebrows raised gently, his shapely lips parting in surprise. Clumsily, you lifted your hand to graze the side of his soft face, just to make sure that he wasn't an illusion. At that moment, a wave of panic hit you. Where were you? What was going on? Who was this man?

Who were you?

You sat up, heartbeat ringing in your ears as you took in a large gulp of air. Your lips began to form words, but all that came out was a hoarse croak. A firm but gentle hand pressed against your shoulder, helping you to lay back down. You heard the melodious voice again.

“Shhh, it's okay, you're safe.” You looked back into his eyes, which were filled with compassion and worry. A tear slipped down your cheek.

“Who am I?”


That had been weeks ago. You had no option but to trust what the men told you: Your name was (y/n) (l/n), or, at least, that was how you had introduced yourself to them. Before you attacked them. You apparently held out for a long while, giving the old man a bloody nose and the Egyptian a broken rib. But the red-headed one had finally knocked you unconscious.

His name was Kakyoin Noriaki, and would always be the closest to your heart as he was the first face you had seen after you had lost your memory. His friend, Jotaro, had tried to extract the flesh bud from your head as he had done with both Kakyoin and Polnareff before, but this time the victim, you , had not escaped unscathed. The surgery had gone wrong, resulting in your amnesia.

But you didn't blame Jotaro or Kakyoin or any of them for your current state. You blamed Dio. And that was why you chose to travel with the five of them, to defeat the man who stole your former life from you, and hopefully to gain insight about your past.

You always tried to keep a smile on your face, no matter how it was hard at times. Just after you had started to warm up to the gang, an imposter had disguised himself as Kakyoin (and received the beating of his life on your behalf). The real Kakyoin had then helped fight alongside you against two of Dio’s servants: Hol Horse and J. Geil. And, when you weren't battling the enemy, you would relax and rest in the boys room, learning all you could about their past, about what had brought them up to this point, about the dangers you would face in the future.


“So, really really important question here,” You piped up, splayed out across the hotel bed and staring up at the ceiling.

“Yes, (y/n)?” Kakyoin’s voice always made you smile. He was sitting on the twin bed opposite you, so you sat up to face him.

“Why do you like cherries so much?” You smiled mischievously, and he laughed

in reply.

“Must I have a reason?” Kakyoin smiled slyly. Jotaro chimed in, sitting at the desk in the corner.

“Just go away if you’re not gonna say anything useful.”

Kakyoin sighed at these words.

“Jotaro, give her some time–”

“How about this: how did you guys find out about your stands? I still don't really get how they work.”

Jotaro let out a groan of annoyance and strode out of the room, slamming the door behind him. You felt a bit hurt at his display of disgust, but Kakyoin smiled sweetly.

“Don't worry about him,” he said.

That night, Kakyoin told you about how he never had friends as a child, about how no one could see his stand, and because of that he had never been very close with anyone. Until he found Jotaro and Polnareff.

“I wonder if I was like that…” The words slipped out of your mouth as you looked down at the fidgeting fingers that sat in your lap. You heard Kakyoin stand up from the bed, approaching where you sat. He wrapped his hands gently around your antsy fingers.

“Don't worry,” He stroked you with his thumb. “When we meet Dio, we’ll find out together. I promise.” You looked up into Kakyoin’s eyes. Those eyes were the first thing that you remembered seeing.

It was probably then that you realised just how dear he was to you. For so long he had been your protector. He shielded you from the worst of the attacks, he made sure you were okay when you were confused and helpless. He was handsome and compassionate and strong. Maybe you wanted him to be more than just your knight in shining armour.


Eventually you were forced to cross over into the Arabian Desert. Though the days were perilous as the sun blazed down, the nights were cold and biting. It was times like this when you wished more than ever that you were back home. That you had a home.

The campfire had been reduced to embers, and you shivered as the warmth died out. You turned your head in the dim moonlight to see Kakyoin. It seemed he had been awake for quite a while, staring up at the stars. You took a deep breath, which sounded more like a shudder as your cold breath steamed into the air. He heard the faint noise, turning to face you. A small smile crept across his cheeks.

“Can’t sleep?” He whispered. You shook your head.

“It’s just much too c-cold,” You squeaked through your chattering teeth.

“Here,” He shifted his sleeping bag closer to yours, offering to wrap his arm around your shoulder. You quietly consented, resting your head on his warm chest. You sighed at the sudden heat, snuggling yourself as close as you could to your large frame. You could feel his heartbeat, calm and steady, comforting you in your slightly anxious state. His other hand reached to stroke your hair gently. Shivers of pleasure ran up your spine at his touch.

You desired more than anything to ask him, to know if he cared for you how you cared for him. But you didn't make an effort to so much as open your eyes as you slowly fell asleep in his warm embrace.


You remembered that night as you sat by his hospital bed, a tear escaping down your cheek. You rubbed his large hand with your thumb. It had been just a few days after that night when he had “taken a bullet” for you in the crossfire. Just as N’Doul had prepared to attack you, Kakyoin had shielded you with his own body, receiving two deep cuts across his eyes. You had been inconsolable for the remainder of the battle, crying out, weeping holding Kakyoin’s limp body in your arms.

And now he had finally recovered, or at least, that’s what you had been told. He may have been asleep, but the Speedwagon Foundation doctors had assured you that his vision had returned to normal, even if two scars still marked his face.

Your cupped his cheek, running your fingers over the healing wound. His face was so soft and warm, with the exception of the rough scar tissue.

Suddenly, his fingers twitched. You gasped, frantically, standing to lean over him, desperately looking into his eyes as if searching for signs of life. His eyelashes fluttered, and you were met with those deep purple eyes that you dreamt of so often. You couldn't help but let out a nervous giggle in your relief.

“(Y/n)?” Your chest felt tight as you heard that same melodious voice once more. A smile tugged at the corners of his lips. He could see you. You choked out a sob, as your entire composure caved with the flow of tears. He immediately sat upright, pulling you into his arms and rubbing your back in a calming rhythm.

“Shhh, it’s okay, I’m safe,” You smiled through your tears, remembering the first time he spoke to you.

“Kakyoin,” You whispered. “Thank you. For everything.”


You spent a while drying your tears, recounting to him everything that had happened since he was admitted to the hospital, laughing at his ridiculous stories about the terrible food. It was the best time you’d had since… since you lost your memory.

He shifted slightly in the bed, pulling off the covers and draping his legs over the side. Despite all that had happened, he was still clad in his green gakuran.

“Kakyoin, are you sure you can stand?” Your heart beat rapidly in your chest as you clumsily leapt up from your chair to assist him in getting out of the bed.

“He only hurt my eyes, not the rest of me–”

“I’m so sorry,” the words slipped out of your mouth and you stared down at the floor, ashamed. “It’s my fault. If I had paid more attention, if I had attacked sooner.” You gasped, feeling a finger pressed to your lips. You looked up at the man standing before you, deep violet eyes filled with as much compassion as they had been when you first met, long red lock of hair still framing his cheek. You cared for him so much. You wanted to protect him just as much as he had protected you, help him as much he had helped you grow and learn.

His finger slipped away, and you realised you had been holding in a deep breath.

“I did it for you, (y/n). You don’t have to apologise for anything. I stand by my actions, because,” He  paused. Kakyoin was normally calm, collected, charming in his own way, but lacking of extreme emotions. However, at this moment, red tinted his cheeks as he gazed down at the floor. His large hands took your own, rubbing his calloused thumb over your knuckles. Slowly, he kneeled down onto one knee.

Your body seemed to tingle all over. You could tell that adrenaline was surging through your veins as your fingers trembled and your stomach twisted in knots. Your heart began to flutter and your palms began to sweat.

“Kakyoin?” Your cheeks burned as you looked down upon him. He took a deep breath.

“Ever since I laid eyes upon you, I wanted to keep you from harm, to shield you no matter what the cost. Each time I see you smile, I can’t help but smile along with you. You’re beautiful and kind and…” You could almost feel your heartbeat throbbing in your eardrums, you were sure that your face was flushed a dark crimson. “I think I love you.” his demeanor quickly shifted from that of honest confession to panicked reassurance as he stood up. “I just want to make sure that you don’t feel guilty about what happened. I’m not saying you have to requite my feelings. I understand,” he looked down, a slight glimmer of fear and pain crossing his face. “I understand if you don’t feel the same way. But, please,” he gripped your hands tightly, raising them to his chest as if he were begging. The smile reappeared on his face. “Don’t worry about me. I just want you to be happy.”

His monologue ended, and you remained for a long while staring into his eyes, your head light and dizzy with the swirling thoughts. He continued to hold your hands in his firm, protective grasp. You hesitantly took a step closer to him.

“Kakyoin,” Though your body was flooded with nerves and anxiety, you managed to speak confidently. “I can’t believe you feel the same way.” His eyebrows raised in surprise and relief as you pulled your hands out of his grasp to cup his cheeks. His hands in turn, wrapped around your waist, pulling you against his firm torso. A smile crossed your face as felt his warm blush underneath your fingers. You couldn’t believe it. He was finally yours.

“Kakyoin,” you whispered another time, heart fluttering as you noted the large grin he had been trying to hide. In his joy, he leaned down to press his forehead to yours, your noses brushing gently against each other. You felt his breath on your lips, and couldn’t resist the urge...

Slowly, you leaned in, having to stand up on your tip-toes to reach him for a kiss. It was soft and quick, but as soon as he felt your lips graze against his, he pressed you to his chest. As soon as you released, however, it was clear that he wanted more. His eyes seemed to plead for your touch, and you consented, slipping your fingers around his neck and into his silken hair. You closed your eyes in preparation for a second kiss.

But you were met with an unexpected, overwhelming force. His lips firmly pressed against yours, and you gasped. He tilted his head to deepen the kiss as you began to run your fingers through his hair. One of his hands slid up your back to your shoulders, pulling you in firmly. You squeaked as your breasts squeezed against his hard torso. His lips ran across yours hungrily, sucking and licking with every chance. Your hand slid down to his chest as you felt yourself dipping towards the ground. Suddenly, he bit your lip, and you gasped as you felt his tongue sneak in between your parted lips to lap at the inside of your mouth. You could swear that his lips tasted like cherries.

Then, he stopped. You were left, gasping for air, as he pulled his face from yours, hands settling back onto your waist as he pulled you upright.

“I’m sorry,” his cheeks were a rosy pink, “That was too much, forgive me.” You were still panting. You would admit, his assault on you lips had been somewhat unexpected. But, strangely, you enjoyed it…

Your hands lifted to his collar, unbuttoning his long coat.

“What are you doing?” he stammered. You reached up to kiss his cheek softly as you continued to undo his gakuran. You then kissed his jaw, his neck, and finally eased his jacket off his shoulders to reveal a black tank top underneath. You gently licked his collarbone, fingers still tangled in his crimson locks. You sucked and bit playfully, and you could feel his breathing becoming shallow. You parted to see his eyes half-lidded with pleasure. You caressed his cheek.

“I don’t want to,” he paused for a second, still catching his breath and still searching for the right words. “I don’t want to use you just to pleasure myself. I want to love you, but,” he paused. “I don’t know how,” A blush painted your cheeks. Kakyoin could seem stoic and wise at times, but he was still just a teenager.

“We’ll find out together,” You smiled. “I promise.”

As you slid your palms down his thin undershirt, he pulled you into another kiss, gentle and passionate. You gasped as one palm ran up under your shirt, and he hesitated, but you mumbled a muffled consent through your embrace. He trailed kisses down your jaw, just as you had done for him mere moments before, and your back arched as he began to suck at the top of your chest. A groan escaped your lips, and he paused. You reached up to fondle his locks of hair, and to pull him closer. He attacked you again with this affirmation, sliding a hand down your backside. You shivered at the touch, smiling as you remembered.

“I promise.”