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JJBA Reader Insert One-Shots

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You had been training in Hamon for about a year when Caesar showed up on her doorstep. A bit jealous of Lisa Lisa’s attention, you disliked him at first. However, soon you two grew extremely close.

He didn't treat you like he did other signorinas. He didn't kiss your hand to greet you or shower you with compliments; he hugged you when he saw you, he would critique your technique and you would critique his even more severely. When you were exhausted from rehearsal you would annoy him by splaying out on top of him as he sat, reading, on the couch. This often ended in tickling fights and reprimands by Lisa Lisa, though you would jokingly tell her you were just practicing your combat skills.

The day it changed, however, began as usual. Caesar swung open your door at the break of dawn, flinging off your covers as you kicked and whined. You always needed just a few more minutes– or hours– of sleep. You would drag you out of bed by the arm, hair, or whatever he could grab.

“(Y/n), come on, I just need to say goodbye,” You bolted upright.


“Just for a week or two. I'll be in Rome meeting with someone important–” You groaned in dismay. He chuckled and continued.

“You'll have Lisa Lisa all to yourself for a while. And when I come back you can beat me up and show me everything you learned while I was gone.”

You smirked.

“Fine then. Get up and go!” You snuggled back into your covers. Caesar gave you a quick kiss on your forehead before departing. Your heartbeat quickened as you felt his soft lips.

Your had never really discussed your relationship with each other. It was obvious that you both loved each other, at least in a platonic fashion. But whether or not it would ever develop into something more…

A week passed. You enjoyed your one on one lessons with Lisa Lisa, but missed joking with him, fighting with him, calling him out on his reckless combat tactics. You began to show sigma of your melancholy mood, and Suzie Q made sure to jokingly tease you, telling you your “lover” would return soon.

It was late afternoon when you heard the latch on the door click. You assumed Lisa Lisa was returning from a walk or something of the sort, when Suzie Q emerged from the stairway, breathing heavily thou a large smile shone across her face.

“He’s Back!” You quickly leapt down the spiral staircase and to the entrance. Caesar stood in the doorway, grinning. You ran into his arm, wrapping your own around his neck to bury your face in his golden hair. Chuckling, he pulled you up into his embrace, so far that your feet left the floor, and you laughed at your stomach seemed to flutter. You lifted your head out of the crook of his neck, when you noticed a man behind him.

He was tall and dark, and had the same muscular build of Caesar. However, a mask was strapped to his face. You knew what this meant. He was to be trained in Hamon as well. You felt that same surge of jealously that you had noticed when Caesar took up his training, only this time, you seemed to envy the stranger. Would he rob bob Lisa Lisa and Caesar’s attention.

However, you tried your hardest to push these thoughts to the back of your mind as you left Caesar’s arms and smoothed out your clothes.

“Joseph, this is (y/n), my other student.” You looked at the tall man, extending your hand.

“It's a pleasure to meet you.”

“The pleasure is all mine,” he took your hand firmly in his grasp, “I’ve hear as much about you, although I must say, I had no idea that you would be such a beautiful young woman–

“Joseph,” Caesar growled. You were slightly startled, not knowing how to react. Looking back and forth between Caesar and Joseph, a blush came to your cheeks.

“Speak for yourself, Signor Caesar Casanova. You've certainly had your fair share of flirting with the ladies.”

“You can't do that with (y/n), she’s...” Caesar muttered through gritted teeth. Joseph paused for a minute, blood rushing to his face.

“Oh!” he yelped, “I’m so sorry, so you two are actually together?” There was a long moment of silence. For the first time you could remember, Caesar actually seemed to be getting… nervous. His face was a rosy red as he wrung his hands together, at a loss for words. You emulated this discomfort, rubbing your heated neck with your hands. You then took the opportunity to glance into Caesar’s eyes. He seemed almost to be asking for permission. Finally, you gained the initiative.

“Yes?” You had meant for it to be a firm affirmation, but your fluttering voice had led it to become a question. However, it was the only way you would ever be able to get this Joseph person out of your hair. Caesar was still fidgeting, but seemed to have calmed a bit. there was a slight smile across his face. Joseph looked between the two of you. It was then that Lisa Lisa burst into the room to drag the two of them away.

You sighed that night as your master told you that they would be enduring the Hell Climb Pillar for the next few days, as you desperately needed to speak to Caesar. Those days passed in agony as you paced and fiddled with your thumbs. You just needed to ask one question.

It was near evening, right before dinner time, when you heard a polite knock on your bedroom door. You flopped out out your bed to the doorknob. As you swung it open, you were greeted by an unexpected sight.

There were at least 50 red roses arranged in a large bouquet. Each one was trimmed perfectly, and their soft, lush petals shone bright crimson. You held back a gasp and your heartbeat quickened.

“C-Caesar?” He revealed his face from behind the bouquet of flowers, showing a sly smile.

“Forgive me. I tried to find an arrangement just as beautiful as you, but I wasn't even able to come close.” Your cheeks flashed a bright red, and he chuckled, stepping into your room.

“Mi amore, it’s so adorable when you blush.” You tried to grasp a hold of whatever was going on in front of you. You giggled nervously.

“Caesar, what are you doing? I’m not… It’s not…”

“I just thought it was time for me to show you how I really feel about you.” He took your fingers, placing them gently to his lips. You looked away, your heart seeming to catch in your throat.

“But… I don't need you to treat me like this.” He paused to look up, slightly confused.

“That's what I like about you. You don't treat me like every other girl you see. I feel like you actually know me. You don't have to pretend to be who you're not.” You brought took the bouquet of roses out of his hand, setting him on the bed, before encompassing both his palms in your. You rubbed his fingers gently. “It’s just me Caesar.” He was slightly taken aback. Then he took a deep breath.

“Well, here’s something I don't say to other girls.” He pulled you into his embrace, wrapping his muscular arms down and around your back, leaning his lips close into your ear. He whispered:

“I love you.” Your chest beat rapidly against his, and your breath suspended. He shifted so your foreheads rested against each other, staring into your eyes expectantly. The corners of your mouth instinctively twitches upwards, as you were finally living what you had dreamed about for so long. Then you giggled maliciously.

“Meh. I'm kind of more interested in that Joseph–” Caesar growled at your sarcasm, punching on your lips. He felt passionate, fierce, hungry. Your hands pulled through his golden hair, tugging as you caught his headband in your fingers. Meanwhile, his arms slid down your back, pulling you closer. You nearly lost your breath as his firm chest pressed against your front.

He released you from the kiss only to begin pecking across your jawline and down your neck. Slowly and softly, his lips pressed upon your skin. You pulled him closer, until then he paused.

He slowly drew his hands away from your hips, his striking eyes catching yours. His eyebrows were raised, seemingly asking for permission as he fingered the top button of your blouse.

You grinned, taking several steps back till your shoulders collided with the wall behind you. Slowly, your fingers undid the first button, the second, the third…

Caesar advanced, his expression hungry. His hands slid to your hips as palms ran down his chest. He attacked your neck, his kiss even more fiery than before. His lips made sure to graze every single inch of skin as he made his way down to your collarbone; you stifled a moan. He gently proceeded down the front of your breast.

But he pulled away as soon as he had started.

“Do you still prefer that idiot Joestar now?”

“Caesar.” You paused to catch your breath “I love you.”