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It was late when Dimitri made his way towards the library, or rather technically very early morning. Few people were awake during these hours which meant fewer possible questions for why he was breaking dormitory curfew. Which was why the sound of muffled voices had him coming to a halt, hidden in the hallway shadows and straining his ears.

“Why hide?” The voice was high and sweet, he vaguely recalled the small girl who often trailed after the Archbishop’s secretary. “It’s been… surely it’s safe-”

“No… still dangerous.” The stern, no-nonsense tone of Seteth was much more recognizable. “Caution… prudent.”

“But… don’t know…”

Frustrated, Dimitri snuck closer until he could rest an ear against the office door.

“Besides things are different now.”

“Not so different.”

A sigh was heaved, possibly foot stamped.

“We trusted humans once, why not-”

“Enough, Flayn! You know not to talk like this.”

The voices dropped low enough he couldn’t hear beyond sharp sibilants, and finally Dimitri forced himself to walk down the rest of the hall and way from the conversation. Yet despite his father and Glenn begging for him to find their murderers, exact vengeance, he couldn’t stop thinking about how the Garreg Mach housed people who weren’t human… and just what that might mean.