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Ethlyn’s plan involved a dozen candles, a basket of flowers, and the unwitting help of her best friend.

Aideen should’ve suspected something when one of the guest rooms was suddenly festooned with strategically placed candles and petals from wildflowers were strewn across the bed. When she waited and caught the one and only (young) lady of Chalphy sneaking back in with a lantern for lighting, that was when she knew it was no fluke. Jungby had invited Sigurd and his two best friends from Belhalla’s military academy to participate in a tournament alongside Duke Ring and her brother, Andrei- and she had no doubt all in Chalphy were aware of the news.

“Just what are you planning?” Aideen asked with a sigh.

Ethlyn grinned like the cat who ate the canary and said, “I’m going to seduce the prince of Lenster.”