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you can feel it in your mind

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taehyung was a grown man. taehyung was a mature beta. taehyung was a responsible older brother to hoseok. taehyung was a respectable member of the community. taehyung could control himself.

except he couldn't.

not when it came to a certain jimin and jeongguk.

the story behind the park family-yoongi included-was honestly a huge mess. it all began with jimin as a sophomore in college, twenty years old, and finding a young ten-year-old yoongi passed out in an alley on his way home to his apartment. and of course, being the gentle soul he was, he couldn't leave the poor boy alone. so he heaved yoongi into his arms and brought him back to his apartment, nursing the skinny and sniffling boy to health and raising in the course of 2 years. he never did find out what happened to yoongi for him to end up there, and the boy had very little memories, so he chose to just accept yoongi for who he is and raise him the best he could.

after graduating college, he met jeongguk, who was twenty one at the time and finishing his junior year of college, and they became fast friends, though they didn't date for a year because yoongi didn't warm up to jeongguk at first and jimin refused to date someone yoongi didn't approve of. but when jimin was twenty three and jeongguk was twenty two, they finally started dating, with yoongi being thirteen years old and having approved of jeongguk. jimin legally adopted yoongi, who became park yoongi, and though jeongguk couldn't do the same because of a lack of gay rights in korea, at least he was able to be there for yoongi.

a year into their dating, they moved into a neighborhood ten minutes away from the kims with yoongi, and that's when taehyung met them.

they were certainly a strange family-a pair of young adults raising a kid that certainly wasn't theirs, considering the boy was already fourteen years old. they were both around taehyung's age, and their kid was hoseok's age, though taehyung and hoseok were brothers. and they had a mere eleven year age difference, so he couldn't but wonder if it was a teen pregnancy, or adoption, or what other reason they had for having a child at their ages.

however, when taehyung's parents insisted he go meet them and welcome them to the community, he was happy to meet new people and readily agreed, considering he lived two doors down from his parents and therefore by extension was a part of the community. at first, he was slightly nervous-his parents, kim namjoon and kim seokjin, were both betas and so was he, and his brother was unpresented but expected to be a beta because of their genes. however, the new couple was an alpha and an omega from what he heard, living with their newly presented omega son, a family dynamic he had never experienced upfront.

but when he met them, he was certainly surprised. taehyung was a confident twenty five year old at that time, already starring in small roles and working his way towards being a well known actor, and long since figured out he was a polyamorous bisexual after experimentation in college. and holy shit, was he glad to be polyamorous in that moment. he didn't know who to look at more-the omega or the alpha. they were both stunning, and he felt his mouth watering and his knees going weak.

the omega had dark silver hair at that time, though taehyung learned later on he loved to change his hair color just like him (who was sporting blonde hair then), and a thick, pouty lips that formed a sweet smile when he greeted taehyung. the omega had been wearing loose jean capris with a white tank top, and taehyung wanted so badly to grip the thick thighs visible even through his pants, wanted to feel those thighs clench around his head while he ate the omega out. He wanted to lick his mouth open and suck on his bottom lip, grind on him until the omega was a mess. he also had a slim waist, almost delicate looking but his muscles told another story.

then he saw the alpha and he swore his mental boner grew even more. the alpha had dark brown hair styled simply but god did it look soft, and taehyung was dying to run his fingers through that hair, whether it be to pull the alpha in for a sweet kiss or tug on it painfully while the other fucked him. he had sweet-looking doe eyes and an almost innocent grin as he welcomed taehyung inside. taehyung glanced down and noticed this man had thick legs as well-was the whole damn family this muscular? and god, his arms, taehyung would kill to be pinned down by them, or tightly held in them as jeongguk grinded into him, or maybe even strangling him, choking him breathless.

all in all, within five minutes of meeting jimin and jeongguk, he was whipped.

and at first it was only sexual desire. if life had any mercy on him, it would've stayed merely physical. it was easy to deal with lust-just a quick jerkoff with his fleshlight or a fingering in the shower and he was content, he could move on. but taehyung just had to fucking keep visiting. just had to bring leftovers when he cooked to much, just had to meet yoongi and of course, the kid just had to like him immediately (and by extension, hoseok as well, with the pair quickly becoming inseperable. and of course jeongguk had been slightly jealous yoongi accepted him so quickly).

and of course, taehyung just had to fall in love with not just one person, but two. a pretty, sassy, sweet omega named jimin, and a gorgeous, funny, silly alpha named jeongguk. who were already dating each other happily and were highly unlikely to be polyamorous. great.

taehyung cried himself to sleep more than one night.


it was a saturday morning, and yoongi had quietly called taehyung to ask of he could bring hoseok over to hang out, since at only fifteen both jimin and kims didn't want their kids walking alone, especially since yoongi was an omega and hoseok was unpresented (a poor late bloomer). taehyung was happy to do so after confirming that jimin was okay with it, and held hoseok's hand tightly as they crossed one of many streets on the way to yoongi's house.

"hey, tae?" hoseok asked, looking at his brother with bright eyes, only a few inches separating them now ever since hoseok's last growth spurt. taehyung hummed an acknowledgement, rushing them to end of the street while the traffic light changed directly behind them.

"do you like yoongi's parents?" he asked bluntly, causing taehyung to trip on a crack in the sidewalk and almost pull hoseok down with him as he began to fall. he ignored hoseok's complaint at almost being tripped himself, and instead stood back up, brushing himself off with trembling fingers.

"w-what do you mean?" he questioned back, trying to walk as steadily as possible without tripping again. he was terrified that hoseok was truly asking what he suspected he was, but taehyung clung to the hope that maybe hoseok was asking an innocent question.

"i'm not blind, taetae. i know you want to fuck his parents." and yup, hoseok was definitely not asking an innocent question, the little shithead.

"hoseok! don't use that kind of language," he scolded, hoping that maybe he could distract hoseok from their current conversation, but unfortunately his little brother was too smart for that.

"tae, i'm not annoyed or disgusted. but you do realize they're dating right? yoongi may only be mr. jimin's son legally, but you know how close they are. you're just going to hurt yourself," his fifteen year old brother wisely said, continuing to walk confidently as if they weren't having such a serious conversation.

and yeah, taehyung knew. jeongguk had quietly explained one day their situation-gay marriage wasn't legal in south korea, and jimin and jeongguk weren't ready to marry anyways. yoongi mostly called jeongguk 'dad' out of habit, after living with the man since he was thirteen, which was close to two years at that point. but he knew they were in love. he knew. he knew from the way jimin pressed gentle kisses to jeongguk's hand when jeongguk brushed his hair back. he knew from the way jeongguk nuzzled into jimin's neck when he was stressed, immediately relaxing from the scent that met him. they weren't even mated yet, but taehyung knew they were in love.

but he was still in love, too, and he couldn't ignore it. he wanted to be a part of it, not break it up. taehyung wanted to be theirs, he wanted to wake up to the two men sleeping next to him, he wanted to go to bed in their soft embrace. he wanted to kiss them sweetly, chastely, and hell, he loved yoongi too as if he was his kid brother like hoseok was.

yeah, he wanted to fuck them too, in every way possible. he imagined fucking jimin's wet hole, sometimes imagined him and jeongguk double penetrating him even, turning the omega into a sloppy mess. he fantasized about jeongguk railing him against every surface he could think of, in every position he could think of. but he also couldn't help imagining switching the roles, with jimin behind him, fucking him slow and tortuously, calling him dirty things, whispering, "look at you, such a slut for an omega, i thought the big bad beta should be on top?" he fantasized about tying jeongguk down, working him open with his tongues and fingers until jeongguk was sobbing for release, before thrusting into him and taking him apart inch by inch.

he just wanted to be jeongguk's and jimin's, and he just wanted them to be his, in every way he possibly could. but of course, life hated kim taehyung, and he had to suffer.


taehyung has been spending a lot of time around jimin and jeongguk, and he's not blind. he can tell the couple is tense, annoyed and on edge with each other. they're still loving and gentle with one another, but taehyung can see the way their gazes turn a little sharp sometimes, the way their touches don't linger as long as they used to.

and it scares taehyung.

he doesn't want the couple to break up. he knows they love each other, and even though he's in love with them too, he wants to see them happy. he wants them to return to their doting, caring selves, even if it does kill taehyung a little every time he sees them. he wants the people he loves to be in love, too.

so one day, he can't take it. taehyung decides the best course of action would be to ask them both what's wrong, see what advice he can offer to help mend their strained relationship. maybe he's just sensitive to their situation because he's been feeling a little off lately, but he still knows something is wrong. he assumes his unwell feelings are just a hormonal inbalance, something betas tend to go through more often then any other rank, but he knows a hurt relationship when he sees one. and that's jimin and jeongguk's relationship.

so he starts off with jeongguk, figured he might be the hardest to crack so he might as well get it over with. jimin has left to take yoongi to hoseok's house and also mentioned stopping by the store for a few items, so he knows he has a decent amount of time to talk alone with jeongguk.

it's when jeongguk is grabbing a banana from the kitchen, getting one for taehyung too, that the beta leans over the counter of the kitchen island and speaks up.

"are you and jimin okay?" jeongguk hesitates a moment before quickly thrusting the banana at taehyung, who takes it with a small frown. he speaks up again before the alpha has a chance to reply. "i know you guys have been struggling lately, so don't lie to me. i know it's not money issues and there's no problems with yoongi, so don't try to hand me that, either." jeongguk's shoulders visibly sag when he hears this, clearly defeated, and he refuses to make eye contact with taehyung. the beta views it as a win.

"just... some misunderstandings," the alpha quietly says, turning so his back is towards taehyung. the alpha pretends to look through the fridge for a drink, but taehyung can see his hand is just resting on a shelf, unmoving.

"what misunderstandings?" taehyung presses on. "you know you can confide in me. i would never betray your trust, i just want to help."

"i know you do," jeongguk replied softly, and taehyung couldn't help the small shiver that went down his spine at the tenderness lacing the alpha's words. "i know you want to help, but you can't this time. this is something me and chimchim gotta figure out ourselves. but thank you."

ah yes, taehyung had helped the couple in the past with their troubles too. their personalities usually intertwined well, complimenting each other. but sometimes they clashed-sometimes jeongguk was too loud, too forward, sometimes jimin got too smart-mouthed and too clingy.

but they could always rely on taehyung to help, even when they were angry at the world and told the beta to piss off and stay out of their issues, he never backed down. and in the end, they always apologized and thanked him for helping, for being the mediator. they almost broke up a few times over their spats, but taehyung always listened to both sides, offering wise advice and encouraging them not to give up, to work things out and be patient.

he really did it because he never wanted his loves to be upset, he wanted them to smile and be happy. when they were fighting, they were hurting, and that broke his heart. and it hurt know to know that taehyung couldn't help this time, all he could do was sit back and hope that the couple could do this on their own.

the beta hated not being able to do anything.

taehyung nodded, before deciding on a rather risky move. boldly, he crossed the kitchen and grabbed jeongguk by the shoulders, staring at him for a split second before yanking him into a tight hug. he ignored the light gasp jeongguk released, pressing his face into the man's chest. he allowed himself a quick second to breathe in the alpha's scent, a strong coconut smell filling his nose. but he didn't let himself linger, pulling back a little with his arms still around jeongguk.

"you guys will be okay," he declared, as if saying it confidently would make his words automatically true. "you won't break up, this is temporary. you'll be okay."

"i-thank you," jeongguk stuttered, arms tentatively circling around the beta. "thank you, taehyung."

taehyung smiled brightly, and he swore he saw a light dusting of pink on the alpha's cheeks.

he must've imagined it.


it was onto jimin, then.

he was hoping that jimin would be more open with their issues, but he didn't have too much faith in the omega. even though the omega was more talkative whenever he got going, jimin struggled to stay calm and got passionate, either resorting to crying or yelling.

but taehyung would just take the gentle, patient approach and hope it paid off.

now, jeongguk was at a business convention hosted by the company he recently started interning at, and was gone for two weeks. so, after a few days, taehyung went over to his place after he dropped yoongi and hoseok off at a friend's house for a sleepover-some beta in their class named jackson-and jimin let him in without a complaint.

"so," taehyung started after jimin tossed him a water, both of them settling on the couch. jimin's scent seemed a bit fainter than jeongguk's but he still smelled the faint aroma of cream in the air, sighing to himself happily. for some reason, both of their scents had become stronger to him in the last few days he'd spent at their house, but he again blamed it on some hormonal inbalance that was making him sensitive to scents. betas were prone to those inbalances because their hormones weren't as strong as omegas and alphas, and theirs were more easily influenced. so he wasn't too concerned with it, though jeongguk's seemed a bit more intense than jimin's.

"mhm?" jimin prompted, taking a sip of the lemon tea he made for himself. taehyung took a deep breath (goddamn that cream scent, so good) and set his bottle on the coffee table before speaking.

"i know you and jeongguk have been struggling lately," he said bluntly, causing jimin to choke a little on his tea. "oh come on, i'm not stupid. and i've dealt with your problems before, so what's wrong this time?"

"it's nothing," jimin replied stiffly, ignoring the unbelieving scoff that came from taehyung. "i'm serious, you have to stay out of this. don't interfere, taehyung. i know you mean well, but this is seriously between just us."

"jeongguk said the same thing!" taehyung complained, earning him an arched eyebrow from jimin. "oh please, you know i always talk to both of you. but what's so different this time? you know i always end up mending your issues! why can't i do it this time?"

"because it's none of your business!" jimin snapped, setting his tea down roughly on the coffee table next to taehyung's water bottle. "stand down, taehyung. this isn't something you need to get involved in."

"but why? you always tell me to stay out of it, but in the end you know i help!" the older boy insisted, even though he knew he was pushing his limits. "what's so different? just let me help! what's the issue?"

"it's you!" jimin finally yelled, causing taehyung's mouth to shut with an almost audible click. "we're fighting because of you!"

"me?" the beta whispered, eyes wide as he stared at the angry look on his friend's face. his body felt cold, and he was frozen in place, scared of what he was going to hear next.

"yeah, since you want to know so bad!"


"because i already knew i can love multiple people, but no! jeongguk has to go through this whole spiel about how he's betraying me, he feels like he's cheating, blah blah blah! i'm tired of it!" jimin continues without hesitation, completely oblivious to the shocked beta in front of him.

"i get it, being polyamorous is hard to figure out! but then he's whining about wet dreams about you-" taehyung chokes on his own breath at this, flushing bright red with his mouth wide open. "-but if he just sucked up the fact that newflash, you can be with two people at once, no big deal, then we wouldn't have this problem! he'd be sticking his knot in you, i'd get both guys i want, and we'd be fucking happy!"

taehyung actually starts coughing at this, his face burning hotly as his brain scrambles to process this. but it seems jimin still isn't finished, because the beta barely caught his breath when the omega decided to keep going.

"and fuck, i just told you all this and i know i just fucked up, but i don't even care!" now taehyung notices the wetness in jimin's pretty eyes, and it absolutely breaks his heart, but he can't even begin to think of anything coherent to say to comfort the omega. "i don't even know how you feel! but it makes me so angry because jeongguk is scared and so am i, but he's too busy whining about it to even try! goddammit!"

a second later and jimin was ducking his head into his own lap, curled in on himself. taehyung just blinked, stomach dropping when he heard faint crying noises slowly but steadily increasing in volume. "i'm so fucking stessed, i swear to god-" he choked out through his tears, and taehyung was honestly lost on what to do at this point.

"can you go," jimin mumbled into his legs, clearly phrasing his words as a statement, with no room for arguing. taehyung didn't want to leave, didn't want to abandon the crying omega, but he didn't want to push him too far. numbly, he stood up, eyes fixated on the omega, hands itching to wrap around him and make him feel better. instead, he weakly suggested, "call me? please?"

with no reply from jimin, who continued to whimper and sniffle into his lap as his crying slowed down, taehyung quietly left, his body unfeeling and shaken up as he walked home without a word.


to say that taehyung is shocked is the biggest understatement of the year.

he's stunned on levels he didn't know was possible. jeongguk, in love with him? jimin, in love with him too? he was ecstatic to know holy shit, both the men he loved returned his feelings. jimin was polyamorous too,which was just another shock piled onto his already overwhelmed mind. but at the same time, his heart hurt for jeongguk. he knew the struggle-he experienced it first with his second girlfriend in high school, crushing on both her and the girl's best friend. it wasn't until he dated a polyamorous girl who was dating another guy at the same time as him. he had realized that it is possible to love multiple people at once. it just took a bit more work.

so he definitely understood how jeongguk must feel-he must feel like he's hurting jimin, must feel like he's a worthless cheater, a greedy alpha. the worst part was that jeongguk wasn't returning for another week and a half, when all taehyung wanted to do was hunt down the alpha and tell him it was okay, he understood, he could help.

i told them to let me help, i always know how to help, taehyung thought sadly to himself. i could fix this but they won't let me. fucking idiots.

he felt like crying again at the mere thought of jeongguk and jimin hurting, which was honestly ridiculous. taehyung could work with this, he could help the couple, he'd done it before. he just needed to figure out a way to tell the couple hey, so i love you too. both of you. care for three-way dating? but he was so damn sensitive for some reason. maybe he was stressed from seeing jimin cry? overloaded from the frustration of jimin and jeongguk's fight?

he sighed, dropping down on his couch in exhaustion. he pondered whether he should watch some tv or just go to bed (despite it being only three in the afternoon), but he was struck with a better idea. with a grin on his face, he grabbed his cell phone from where is fell onto the couch next to him, quickly going to his speeddial and selecting a familiar number.

"hey, my brother-from-no-mother," hoseok giggled when he picked up the phone, causing taehyung to groan at the pathetic pun.

"really? you had to greet me with a pathetic gay dad joke?" taehyung whined, smiling at hoseok's loud laughter ringing through the phone.

"of course i did. so what's up? you don't usually call me when i'm out with friends," hoseok said and it was only then taehyung noticed the sounds in the background, voice talking and laughing distantly.

"shit, i totally forgot you're with yoongi," he cursed, mentally smacking himself. of course, that's why he had been able to go over to jimin's house anyways.

"i'm not only with yoongi! there's other people here too!" hoseok protested, and a faint laugh strikingly similar to yoongi's was heard.

"mhm. and where are they?"

"out getting food, why?"

"and where is yoongi?"

"he wanted to stay behind."

"let me guess. you stayed behind too? with him, alone?"

"...shut the fuck up."

taehyung just laughed at his brother's obviousness, and could practically feel the younger's glare through the phone.

"but anyways, i just wanted to talk, i've been feeling a bit down today," he said, purposefully leaving out what he decided to personally dub the jimin incident. hoseok hummed before replying, "well, let's talk!"

he could always count on his brother's bubbly personality to cheer him up.


taehyung woke up two days later feeling like absolute shit.

of course, it would be his luck that in addition to jimin ignoring his calls and jeongguk being too busy to pick up, life would also slap him with what felt like a horrible cold. minutes after waking up, the beta was sprinting to the bathroom, vomitting and sweating so much his hands slipped where they desperately clung to the edge of the toilet bowl. he barely had time to call hoseok and let him know he wasn't feeling well before rushing to puke again, leaving his brother to frantically rush to his house a couple doors down.

honestly, taehyung knew he could handle this cold. he was sweating and felt like his whole body was on fire, but he figured it was just one of the worst fevers he's ever had. his vision occasionally went unfocused and gave out, so he relied on stumbling down the stairs blindy on weak limbs to reach the door when hoseok knocked.

he was panting by the time he got there, joints aching as he scrambled for the doorknob. the beta threw the door open, taking a few steps back to collapse on his couch.

"taetae!" hoseok cried, running into the house and immediately to his brother's side. he reached out a hand to gingerly touch his brother's forehead, hissing when he felt how hot taehyung was. he was about to go get a cold washcloth when a certain scent tickled his nose.


"what the fuck," hoseok gasped, jerking his hand away as if he'd been shocked. "why the hell do you smell like an omega?!"

taehyung was barely registering the words being spoken to him as he groaned in pain, the muscles in his abdomen tightening and twisting almost tortuously.

"fuck, i'm getting our dads, i'll be back," hoseok breathed out, sprinting out of the house. taehyung jerked as another shock of pain pulsed through him, and he was gasping for air as more sweat gathered on his skin.

but not even five minutes after hoseok left, he felt something wet trickle from his fucking asshole.

taehyung screamed.

another five minutes later and hoseok was shoving their dads through the front door, screeching, "look! smell the air! he smells like a fucking omega!"

seokjin was in the middle scolding hoseok for his language when namjoon's rough tug on his arm jerked him from his reprimanding.

"what do you-" he was about to snap when he caught sight of his oldest son on the couch. "holy fuck."


"what the hell is going on?" he hissed, going to his son's side, whose eyes were wide and shocked. "tae, baby? what's wrong? what's happening?"

"why is my asshole fucking wet?" taehyung wailed, legs kicking out in frustration when another wave of slick flowed out of him. seokjin blanched as he whipped his head towards namjoon, who just seemed sympathetic, and hoseok, who looked horrified and pretty disgusted (not like anyone could blame him-no one wants to hear about their sibling's ass leaking slick).

"namjoon! you're smart, explain!" seokjin demanded, glaring at his mate who was just shaking his head. hoseok turned to his father as well, hoping his father could explain why it looked like his very beta brother was going into a very omega heat.

"uh, well-" namjoon tried to start, before soekjin snapped, "fucking explain, my baby boy is suffering and if you want to avoid a divorce you will explain why my beta son is looking more like an omega right now. okay, sweetie?"

"y-yes, dear," namjoon stuttered, before swallowing thickly. "well, has taehyung been around any alphas lately? like, very often?"

"yep! he's been hanging out with jeongguk!" hoseok chirped, cowering slightly when his dad's threatening eyes turned to him. seokjin was usually a very sweet and loving parent, but when it came to one of his children, he was ready to tear out anyone's throat to protect them, including his own family's apparently.

"jeongguk?" he growled, ignoring namjoon's hand rubbing his back in an attempt to calm him. "as in, jimin's boyfriend? why the fuck is he spending time with a taken alpha? i raised this little shit better than that!"

"he-he's not taken," taehyung managed to force out, catching everyone's attention. "he-jimin and jeongguk b-both like me. jimin is poly like i am, b-but jeongguk, he-he's been struggling with, uh-liking us both."

"well, i haven't talked to jeongguk much, but if what hoseok is saying is true, then i think we're witnessing tae develop into a beta-omega," namjoon said, glancing at his mate apprehensively. seokjin didn't look angry now with all the new information he learned, he was just... shocked.

"the fuck is a beta-omega?" he forced out, using one hand to brush back the hair sticking to taehyung's forehead, his other hand holding the blonde's hand, thumb stroking over his knuckles.

"well, betas have very easily influenced hormones. that's why you were able to become pregnant, your body's hormones adjusted to be more similar to an omega's in order to be more fertile." hoseok pretended to gag at this, but namjoon ignored him. "well, there's rare beta subtypes called beta-omega and beta-alpha. think of it like someone who is mostly beta with certain characteristics of another type."

"for example, beta-alphas can form knots, though it's harder for them than normal alphas, and go into mini-ruts that are much shorter and less frequent than normal. beta-omegas can create slick and go into mini-heats similar to mini-ruts. beta aren't born like this, but influenced by the hormones of another type. if jeongguk has extremely potent hormones, then that combined with taehyung's sexual desire for him-" hoseok again gagged, and this time seokjin smacked him on the back of the head, growling 'shut up or you're grounded'. namjoon ignored them both. "-could force taehyung's body to go through an extreme hormonal change and make him a beta-omega. jimin's omega hormones probably aren't nearly as strong as jeongguk's, or else it would have either offset jeongguk's hormones and tae would have stayed a beta or it would have forced tae to be a beta-alpha."

"cool. weird shit, but i'm not here to have a biology debate, so i'll just take your word for it," seokjin replied, looking back at the panting taehyung, who seemed to have given up all hope of making sense of his situation and was just accepting it. he whined as slick dripped from him again, squeezing his dad's hand in discomfort.

"i know baby, it'll be okay," seokjin cooed, pressing a kiss to taehyung's forehead. "so what now? i've never dealt with heats before, i have no clue what i'm doing."

"easy. call jimin and jeongguk and get them down here to take care of him. he'll want them both." as if on cue, taehyung whimpered at the names, letting out a soft gasp of "jimin, jeongguk, please" and jerking a little.

"are you sure?" hoseok asked, frowning. "jeongguk is out of town, what do we do about that?" namjoon shrugged.

"again, easy. jimin can take deal with him until jeongguk can make it back. you know most businesses allow people to leave if their mate enters a heat or rut. he can just lie and say tae is his mate and in heat, his boss will let him go."

"okay then, we have a game plan. i'll call jimin and tell him to call jeongguk and explain, then jimin can come over here. i'll leave the door unlocked for him and we'll leave now to give them privacy. agreed?" seokjin phrased it as a question, but everyone knew the subject wasn't up for debate. taehyung breathlessly nodded in agreement, and seokjin stood to depart.

"good. let's go."


"he's what?" jimin screeched into the phone, gripping it so tightly he was slightly worried he'd crack the screen. "he's in heat? fuck, what do i do?"

"obviously call jeongguk so he can start heading back, then get your perky ass over to tae's place and suck his dick or something," seokjin replied easily, and jimin choked on air.

"i-i'm not some whore! and me and jeongguk haven't discussed this, i-" but he was interrupted by seokjin snapping, "oh, cut the shit."


"tae already told us you're both interested, and as far as i'm concerned, this is the perfect push to get you three together. now you fucking listen to me," he growled right as the omega opened his mouth to protest. "you remember your first heat, yeah? you remember how painful it was?"
jimin nodded, despite knowing the older male couldn't see him, and seokjin continued, "well, at least you knew it was coming, you knew because you're an omega. my tae didn't expect this, and now he's stuck in his first heat, alone and scared and no one to comfort him. so what you're going to do is you're going to get jeongguk to come home, go over to tae's house, and take care of him until both you and jeongguk can handle him. and if you don't, i swear i'll beat the omega out of you and into another dynamic. i don't fuck around when it comes to my son, all three of you want each other, so suck up your feelings and do something about it."

"o-okay, i-i'll call jeongguk now," jimin weakly replied, and seokjin hummed in satisfaction.

"good. and i do like you jimin, i think you and jeongguk are good for him," he added sweetly, and jimin was taken aback by the sudden change in attitude. "i just don't want taehyung to suffer when it's preventable, and sometimes it takes a little bit of meanness for people to take me seriously."

"i, uh, i understand."

"great! talk to you later. don't keep taehyung waiting."

the line went dead.

holy fuck.

taehyung was in heat.


jimin robotically scrolled through his contacts as he rushed upstairs, digging through his nighstand before shoving a few things into a messenger bag. he selected jeongguk's number and waiting for him to pick up, returning downstairs and slipping on his shoes and sweater at the same time. finally, he heard the click of the alpha picking up, before he heard jeongguk's familiar voice saying, "hi babe! how are you?"


jimin's mouth went dry, and his words were caught in his throat as he crossed a street. he struggled to fnd the right words to say, until he finally managed to say, "jeongguk, we need to talk. it's about taehyung."

a few minutes later, on the other end of the line, jeongguk was blushing and his mouth was open in shock as he leaned against the door of a single-person bathroom. he ran out of a meeting when he saw jimin was calling, quickly locking himself in the closest bathroom before picking up happily.


he loved jimin, always loved hearing fom him, and that's why he was so scared when jimin mentioned taehyung on the phone. he knew polyamory was okay, knew jimin was polyamorous, he knew deep down it was okay to love both jimin and taehyung. he didn't even know when he fell in love with taehyung, jeongguk just remembered watching the beta talk with jimin in the kitchen, soft morning sunlight making the pair glow, and thinking about how much he loved them both. not just jimin, but both.

but he just couldn't help the gut-sinking feeling that he was cheating, even though both his heart and jimin told him he wasn't. he was scared shitless of loving them both, of course he was. polyamory isn't easy, it's more work, more committment, but he wanted that with jimin and taehyung. he just had to get over himself, somehow.

it's kind of messed up how life decided to help him get over his fear.

jeongguk couldn't keep his mind from wandering. he kept thinking of taehyung all sweaty and slick-covered, just like how jimin got during his heats. unfortunately, he'd never had jimin during his heat, since knotting led to mating and he was scared of accidentally knotting jimin in his heat. the most he had done is finger jimin and suck him off, but he imagine doing more to taehyung. imagined taehyung arching into his touch, hanging off his knot with his head thrown back in pleasure. he'd love to place a mating bite on that beautiful, thick neck, bite jimin's slender neck too, matching the pair.

"jeongguk, listen to me!" jimin's voice cut through his mind, and grabbed the phone more snugly in his hand, breathing out "yeah?" and ignoring the hardness in his pants.

"i'm outside taehyung's house now, so i'm going to head in and see how i can help until you get here. he's only a beta-omega but i'm pretty sure this heat works the same as mine. that means he won't get much relief until he's knotted, which i obviously can't do-" jeongguk snorted at that, and jimin just sighed at his boyfriend's reaction. "yeah, yeah, i know, funny. anyways, i can still help ease his heat some, so i'll do that. call me when you're outside and i'll let you in, okay? i'm not going to leave the door unlocked with a beta-omega in heat and an omega that's probably going to get wet."

jeongguk burst out laughing at that, and jimin let out a small giggle of his own. "yes, i'm going to get turned on, happy?"


"mhm." there was a slight pause. "you're okay with this? because if i need to, i'll go home, we don't have to do this."

"no, taehyung needs us, and this is my fault anyways. besides, i can do this," jeongguk said, sighing into the phone. "we're still okay, right? you don't love me any less? we're still boyfriends?"

"of course," jimin immediately replied. "i love you and taehyung equal, and we're still dating. at the end of this, hopefully all three of us will be boyfriends at the end of this. we'll be fine, this won't hurt us. i think it'll bring us all closer."

"you're right," jeongguk said, standing up and unlocking the bathroom door, leaving the bathroom and finding a sticky note pad on a desk close to the bathroom. he jotted down a quick explanation that his "mate" (taehyung) was in heat and he had to leave, then handed it to a fellow passing by intern. "give this to the boss please, it's extremely important," he instructed, and the intern merely nodded before turning to walk away.

"okay, i'm leaving now, i can be there in about an hour if traffic is okay. do you think taehyung will be okay until then?" jeongguk asked as he ran down the hallways towards the parking garage, ignoring the curious stares of coworkers and other interns at the convention.

"honestly? probably not, he's already been in heat for an hour and is probably getting desperate. but i can fuck him until you get here so he'll manage," jimin sighed unhappily, and jeongguk didn't blame him. he knew it would help some but knots were the best relief, but jimin couldn't do that, so taehyung's heat wouldn't break, just slow a little. but jeongguk couldn't do anything about it now, all he could do was drive as fast as humanly possible without getting pulled over and help taehyung out then.

"i gotta go now, jeongguk. i love you, okay? we'll be waiting." the alpha sprinted towards his car, unlocking the door and jumping in the driver's seat before turning the car on.

"i love you too, and tell taehyung i love him and i'll be there soon," jeongguk replied as he tossed his bag in the backseat without a car, switching the car into reverse to leave.

"okay, byebye."


taehyung wanted to die.

taehyung wanted to die.

taehyung wanted to die.

he was forced upstairs to his bedroom by namjoon while seokjin left with hoseok to call jimin. he felt like his whole body would melt under the intense heat until he was just a liquid puddle on the ground. he was fucking terrified too, he barely knew anything about heats. the beta knew he'd never deal with one and figured he'd learn if he had to if he ever mated an omega, but now here he was, slick coming out of his ass and cock rock-hard and unsatisfied. he'd normally be mortified for his father to see him like this but he didn't even care as namjoon carried his sweating, naked body to bed.

"this fucking sucks," he complained as he was lowered down onto silky sheets. taehyung was grateful he spent the extra money to buy more expensive, higher quality sheets, which was benefiting him now and his sensitive skin. he bit his lip as he settled into the bed, namjoon graciously covering his nakedness with the sheets despite him feeling like he was baking underneath the fabric.

"i know, but it'll all work out," namjoon sighed, walking back to the entrance of the room. "jimin will be here soon, it'll work out." with that, he left the room, closing the door with a soft click.

taehyung immediately kicked the sheets off his overheated body, breathing loud and heavy in the quiet, cool room. another wave of pure fire rushed through him and he groaned in agony, jerking in a weak attempt to escape the pain.

"oh, fuck me," the beta cursed, squeezing his eyes shut and gritting his teeth as his lower back throbbed ad more slick trickled out of him. he curled in on himself, feeling his cock press against his stomach and this time moaning in the small amount of relief it provided.

"you know what? why the fuck not." taehyung gave up, reaching a hand between his hot legs to wrap his fingers around his dick. "f-fuck, that's good," he breathed, starting to slowly stroke himself. precum made the movement smooth, and even wetter combined with his sweaty hand, and it wasn't long before he was speeding his hand up.

"holy shit, p-please," he whined, allowing his mind to run wild. images of jimin stroking him while jeongguk fingered him flooded his mind, and this time he didn't even try to fight it when he slipped another hand past his right hand, not even surprised when two fingers easily entered him without a hitch.

"oh my fucking god," he moaned loudly, shoving his fingers in deeper into his wet hole, his other hand stroking faster. taehyung's mind was getting fuzzier, his vision going weak as pleasure shot through him and the line between reality and fantasy becoming blurred.

it was almost like jimin was there with him, jerking him off with his smaller, paler hand, pressing sweet kisses to his lips. he could practically feel jeongguk too, desperately pretended the fingers pushing into him was the alpha's, and he already felt his first orgasm creeping up on him.

"oh god, please, please!" taehyung babbled, panting as the tension in his gut grew tighter and tighter. "jimin, j-jeongguk, fuck, please!" he moaned, letting out a weak cry as his fingers brushed against his prostate. he had only ever fingered himself, never bottomed for the few boys he'd dated before, but he was already craving a knot, specifically jeongguk's, locking the alpha's cum in him while jimin jerked him off-

"fuck!" he groaned as his whole body grew stiff, cumming onto his own hand while his mouth hung open in pleasure. he eased himself through his orgasm, fingers tenderly stroking his cock until he was oversensitive.

it was dead quiet for a few minutes except the heavy, labored breathing of taehyung, who was spread out limply on the bed while he tried to catch his breath. the heat was still coursing through his veins uncomfortably, but it had dimmed a little and that's all that mattered to the beta. he didn't even care about how messy he already was, with one hand and stomach covered in cum, the other hand and his ass covered in slick. he knew it would only get worse and there was no point in even trying to clean up, especially in his exhausted state.

he groaned in annoyance when he felt himself already grow hard again after a few minutes, and muttered, "fucking kill me now." he suddenly had a new level of respect for omegas and the shit they had to grow through during heats. it wasn't like he didn't know how heats generally worked, but merely understanding them from an outside perspective and actually experiencing them for yourself was completely different.

taehyung mumbled a quick prayer to female omegas who had to deal with heats and periods.

he was just about to grip his dick again for another unsatisfying jerk off when he swore he heard a faint noise downstairs. his suspicions were confirmed when he heard a voice lightly call out, "taehyung? are you here, baby?"

"jimin!" he wailed, trying to sit up in bed but collapsing a moment later, unable to support himself on his weak arms. "i'm upstairs! door to the right, please!"

"i'm coming!" jimin quickly replied, and taehyung could hear the omega sprinting up the stairs loudly before his door was flung open, a panting, wide-eyed jimin now standing in front of a naked, dirty and horny taehyung.

"holy fuck," jimin said, the force of taehyung's scent hitting him all at once. he could already smell the beta downstairs, but it was nothing compared to the purely sexual scent in his room. taehyung smelled like honey, sweet honey, and jimin honestly never thought he would find the scent of someone else in heat attractive, but here he was, actually whining needily at the smell of taehyung.

"oh my god, you smell so fucking good," he breathed, throwing himself onto the bed in front of him. taehyung was reaching his hands like a child asking to be picked up, and jimin didn't hesitate to kick off his shoes and toss his sweater off as he climbed over the beta. "you smell heavenly tae, so beautiful."

"shut the fuck up and kiss me," taehyung growled, and the omega happily complied, he cupped taehyung's cheek in one hand and guided his face closer as his other hand sought out taehyung's ribs, fingers rubbing the delicate skin slowly and gently. but the kiss that jimin instigated was anything but slow and gentle, instantly moaning into taehyung's mouth as their lips connected.

jimin was moving his lips almost frantically against taehyung, nails digging in slightly into the skin of taehyung's jaw as he tried to press closer. the omega dropped his bottom on taehyung's lap, back arching some to grind his ass across him, causing the beta to let out a deep groan at the friction on his cock. within minutes of starting the kiss, jimin was already using his lips to pry open taehyung's mouth, sliding his tongue in wetly and making taehyung's hips jerk into his backside, causing more friction for the desperate beta.


jimin immediately started working his tongue inside of taehyung's mouth, sucking on the blonde's tongue and teasing it with flicks of his own. taehyung was whimpering into the kiss, moving his right hand to cup jimin's crotch while his other one tangled in jimin's hair, gripping hard while he tried to slant their mouths together even closer.

jimin gasped into the kiss when taehyung started kneading the bulge in his pants, giving taehyung a chance to take over the kiss. this time, taehyung was almost tongue-fucking jimin's mouth, and the omega whined as he even tasted honey in his mouth from their swapped spit. taehyung almost literally ate the sound up, exploring as much of jimin's mouth as he could with his tongue, not giving the omega a single break.

jimin jerked away to breathe, his whole mouth and even a bit of his chin wet from the dripping saliva between their mouths, and he didn't care about how nasty that seemed. he just wanted to fuck taehyung, drown in the honey scent that was making him dizzy, get his boy ready for jeongguk when he finally came.


jimin had a brilliant idea.

"tae, baby, look at me," jimin panted, and taehyung looked up to gaze at the omega with desperate eyes. "i'm gonna eat you out-" taehyung moaned faintly at this, and jimin took that opportunity to pull his phone from his pocket and place it taehyung's now empty hand that had dropped from his hair. "-and you're gonna call jeongguk while i do it. you'd like that, right? jeongguk's smooth voice talking to you while my tongue is in your ass. do it, tae."

"yes, okay, i'm gonna call," he said, fumbling with a phone for a minute before pressing to his ear. jimin took this opportunity to move his body down until he was on his knees in front of taehyung's lower half, guiding the beta to spread his legs and pressing his thighs to the bed. he dipped his head down as the line kept ringing, letting some saliva gather in his mouth before he literally drooled on taehyung's hole, pleased at the loud gasp he got in return.

jimin planted several baby licks to the outside of his asshole, humming at the honey-tasting slick leaking from the beta, who was twisting and groaning at the sensation. he felt a hand run through his hair again and grip tightly, fingernails digging into his scalp, but he didn't care.

"jimin? what's up?" he heard jeongguk's voice ask through the phone, and smirked knowing the poor alpha had no idea of their plan. he decided at that exact moment to shove his tongue inside the beta.

"ah! j-jimin, f-fuck, please!" taehyung begged, almost losing his grip on the phone as he writhed against jimin's mouth. luckily the blonde had the sense to place the call on speaker before he dropped the phone on the bed, and jeongguk's voice rang out in the whole bedroom.

"... taehyung? is that you?" his surprised tone didn't phase the beta, who released a long moan as jimin slowly licked him open, taking his time. now both of taehyung's hands were buried in his silver hair, trying to force the omega's face closer to his hole. jimin happily obliged, stretching his jaw to suck on the slick-soaked entrance as he continued to fuck his tongue into the beta.

"ah, ah! so good jimin, more!" he managed to spit out through garbled moans. he could hear jeongguk's breath hitch through the receiver, and his body twitched, trying to both get more pleasure and shy away from the intense stimulation he was feeling.

it seemed jeongguk finally caught on, and through the sounds of driving in the background, both the beta and omega could hear him order, "taehyung, tell me what jimin is doing." the blonde whined when jimin gave a particular hard suck against his rim, weak moans flowing from his mouth freely.

"h-he's eating me out, it's so good," he gasped out, starting to grind his ass back onto jimin's face. the omega pulled back, and taehyung keened when he saw how he looked-jimin's mouth red and swollen, pink tongue licking his lips as taehyung noticed just how wet his face was, everywhere from the tip of his nose down to his chin coated in thick slick.

jimin smirked, and sang in a teasing voice, "i'm eating his ass so well, aren't i baby?" he didn't wait for any reply before diving back down, and taehyung yelped in pleasure as he got back to work, only somehow faster and better than before.

"fuck, i'm forty minutes away. i bet he's tight, isn't he, jimin?" jeongguk's voice served to riled taehyung up even more, especially as jimin rised again to purr, "he really is, he's going to feel so tight around your knot, babe." jimin decided to join the conversation for good, dropping a hand to rub two fingers against taehyung's entrance, making a shudder run through the beta's body.

"hey, babe? you think i could have him first? i might not get a chance after you knot him," jimin pouted, putting up a cute facade as he thrusted his fingers inside of taehyung without hesitation. the beta arched his back into an almost painful angle as he gasped out jimin's name. "please? i'll leave you on the phone so you can listen," he added sweetly, and jeongguk let out a groan.

"yeah, fuck him, our poor boy is desperate, aren't you, tae?" jeongguk replied, and taehyung shivered, grabbing at the sheets helplessly as jimin slowly pushed fingers in and out in an almost tessing manner. he threw his head back as jimin deliberately rubbed his fingers against the beta's prostate, biting his lip in an attempt to hold back his noises.

"please f-fuck me jimin, please!" he croaked out, throwing a hand forward to grip roughly at the collar of jimin's shirt. he yanked the omega down, practically devouring his mouth is a hungry kiss. the wet sounds of their lips and tongues connecting and mixing over and over again filtered through the phone, and jeongguk released a moan of frustration.

"i'm getting a boner in the car, fuck you two for being too sexy," he laughed humorlessly, voice laced with slight annoyance. "i wish i could be there with you right now, damnit."

"take your time, i can handle taetae. isn't that right, love?" jimin cooed as he withdrew from the kiss, and the beta nodded furiously, completely forgetting jeongguk couldn't see him. jimin forced himself to separate from taehyung, fingers withdrawing, and started pulling off his shirt and unbuckling his belt as well. "how should i fuck him, jeongguk? he's on his back right now, so i'm thinking missionary. then-" he paused to tug his jeans off, letting his underwear go with it. "-how about he rides you when you get here? that way i can play with him from behind while you two have your fun."

taehyung didn't even have a chance to admire jimin's beautiful, exposed body before jeongguk's voice was stealing his attention once more. "does that sound good to you, taehyung? because i'm practically about to bust a nut thinking about it."

"god, you're a fucking nerd. who even says 'bust a nut' anymore?" taehyung groaned, tilting his head to the side as jimin began to nibble along his jawline. jeongguk simply laughed while the onde released a soft sigh at the feeling of jimin's teeth gently tugging at his skin. "but yeah, i'd really like that, please."

"perfect. jimin, get undressed," the alpha ordered through the phone, and taehyung didn't miss the way jimin's body slightly trembled at the authority in jeongguk's words. now, the beta finally got a chance to fully admire jimin's body-he was fit, which was unsurprising to taehyung, considering the omega studied dance in college and was preparing to open his own dance studio. hard lines of muscles greeted him, with soft curves of fat in the perfect places (though jimin could be all chub and taehyung would still love every inch of him). his own hard cock was only a half inch shorter than taehyung's and a bit slimmer, but it was nonetheless absolutely mouth-watering to the beta, and he hoped sometime during this heat he would get the chance to suck it. his skin was pale, flawless of any marks except a few tiny scars, and his face was still an irresistable mess from eating the beta out-taehyung could still taste some of his own honey slick from jimin's tongue.

"already ahead of you," jimin smoothly replied, returning to his previous position. he kneeled between taehyung's spread legs, smoothing his hands over taehyung's tan skin before hitching the legs around his hips without warning. taehyung instinctively hooked his ankles together behind him, scooting up some until his butt rested comfortably on jimin's (unfairly strong) legs.

"just give me the word babe, i'm all ready here on my end," jimin added, leaning down to give taehyung a few chaste kisses, which he eagerly returned. he felt slick leaking onto jimin's thighs, and normally he'd probably be embarrassed, but he just didn't care. he wanted to be taken by the beautiful omega in front of him, couldn't wait for the alpha either, wanted to be held down and fucked over and over again. taehyung didn't know how omegas could handle this in full heats, not just mini ones like this.

"go ahead, do it," jeongguk commanded, and taehyung braced himself for the entrance. within seconds, jimin was using a hand to guide his cock to taehyung's hole, and molded his lips into the beta's as he slowly pushed inside.

taehyung's cry of pleasure at finally being filled was muffled by jimin's mouth, but that didn't stop jeongguk from groaning through the phone. taehyung heard the alpha mutter, "fuck it," but it barely registered in his mind as jimin bottomed out, working his lips slowly against taehyung's.

the omega gave taehyung a few minutes to adjust, unmoving inside the beta as taehyung panted into his mouth. the silver-haired man licked shallowly inside taehyung's mouth, who just made a small noise of content in the back of his throat. he could hear jeongguk's heavy breathing through the phone, and it didn't really connect with him before jimin withdrew enough to tease, "aw, jeonggukkie, are you touching yourself?"

"c-couldn't help it," the alpha grunted, and jimin gave that sinful little smirk again, winking at the beta underneath him. "i could literally hear your dick going into him because he's so wet, do you know how hot that is?"

taehyung whimpered at the words, causing jimin to run his hands up and down the outside of the beta's thighs in a calming manner. taehyung sighed as he tried to calm down some, wiggling his hips slightly to make the stretch of jimin inside him easier. the omega bit back a moan of his own, slapping taehyung's thigh harshly to get him to stop fidgeting and causing the beta to tremble slightly. cool, spanking kink added to the list of what to explore later on, jimin mentally noted.

"are you okay, tae? can i move?" jimin asked, and taehyung took a deep breath before nodding. "say it outloud. be a good boy and let jeongguk hear," he ordered, his previous gentle touching turning into a digging grip on the beta's sun-kissed, thick thighs. taehyung shivered, legs tightening around the omega, before he shakily replied, "fuck me jimin, do it."

"holy shit," jeongguk mumbled to himself, and taehyung strained to listen to the faint slick noises coming from the phone. in that moment, everything seemed to really hit taehyung; the two men he loved were really with him, jimin in his ass and jeongguk jerking off to the sound of them fucking. all of a sudden, a gut-wrenching feeling hit him-what if they were only doing this out of pity? what if they were just going to help taehyung then leave? he didn't know what would hurt worse-them never being with him at all, or fucking him for his heats only.

"wait!" taehyung cried when jimin prepared to pull out to thrust back in. the sounds of the phone stopped as did jimin, who froze in his spot above taehyung. "what's wrong, baby? did i hurt you?" the omega breathed, weakening his grip on the beta.

"n-no, i just... do you love me? or are you only here for my heat?" taehyung quietly asked, cutting jimin off when he opened his mouth to reply and continuing on. "because if you're only here for my heat... then i'd rather lay here alone right now than have you two leave at the end." again jimin didn't have a chance to say anything before jeongguk interrupted.

"we love you, i swear we do. it's my fault we waited to say anything," jeongguk reassured the beta, who was pouting at the phone as if jeongguk could see his unhappiness. jimin couldn't help but find it adorable; even when the beta was upset, the omega couldn't resist him. "jimin's always been polyamorous, but i've never been and felt like i was being unfaithful to him by loving you. by the time i finally realized it was okay to love you, you're already in heat and i'm still thirty minutes away. i swear, it was never you, it was me. i love you."

"i love you too, taehyung," jimin added on, placing sweet kisses on the beta's cheeks inbetween words. "we're not leaving unless you tell us to, and even then you've got a hell of a fight to make us give you up." the beta giggled between the kisses, cheeks warm (well, warmer than he already was from the literal boiling heat coursing through him) and finally satisfied with their answers, softly replying, "i love you both, too."

"so that means i can do this, right?" the omega cheekily said, before pulling out and giving a small thrust to test the waters. taehyung gasped and clenched around the omega, the teasing movement serving only to rile him up more and cause more slick to gather at his entrance. jimin groaned at the new tightness around him, biting his lip so not to say anything.

"o-oh my god," he breathed, not missing up on the light noises coming through the phone. "jeonggukie, a-are you jerking off?" the alpha let out a long groan as a reply, squelching sounds becoming louder as he assumedly sped up.

"of course he is, you sound too good to resist," jimin smoothly replied, before starting his thrusts again, picking up the pace within minutes. taehyung could handle it at first, releasing small little whines and groans, but as the omega got faster he subsequently lost it.

his moans grew louder and louder, matching the volume of jimin's cock slickly pumping in and out of his dripping hole, and he became a mess while he heard jeongguk's faint grunts and groans filtering through the phone receiver. the omega was losing control as well, trying to angle his hips to rub against taehyung's prostate as he groaned at the tight, wet heat, cursing as taehyung threw his head back.

"fucking more! fuck me harder!" the beta snapped, throwing his arms around jimin's shoulders and using the leverage to yank the omega down for a bruising kiss. he groaned when jimin rubbed their tongues together, his cream scent overpowering his senses as taehyung dug his fingers into the omega's pale skins.

"are you wet?" he moaned into jimin's mouth, right in the middle of a particularly hard thrust and accidentally nipping jimin's bottom lip too hard. the omega merely whined, enjoying the rough treatment, gasping out, "yeah, of course i am. natural omega thing to get wet when i'm turned on, even if i'm topping."

"oh my god, that's fucking hot," jeongguk said through the phone, right as taehyung said himself, "that's so hot." jimin couldn't help but laugh at the similar statements, choosing not to respond and focus on fucking taehyung harder.

he gripped the beta's hips and tugged his ass higher in his lap, angling his own hips lower towards the bed. with the next thrust, both the omega and beta gasped at the feeling-jimin felt taehyung go impossibly tighter around him, and taehyung felt jimin pound directly into his prostate. at this new angle, both new they weren't going to last long, loud moans escaping both of them.

taehyung panted as he squirmed into the sheets, growing restless and twitching with the feeling of his upcoming orgasm. jimin was trying to muffle his own noises into the beta's tan neck, biting and licking at the skin harshly as he sped up his hips, desperately trying to go faster. taehyung felt heavenly wrapped around his cock, and jimin felt like he was going to die from pleasure as he rocked his dick into the beta roughly, breathing hotly against the love bites he was spreading across taehyung's skin.

"p-please tell me you're gonna cum, i'm so close," he whined, fucking into him hard and groaning. the beta moaned, nails still scratching at the omega's shoulders as he nodded, all words having escaped him as he struggled to catch his breath. he felt like he was going to burst into flames, his body burning and crying out for more, more, more. the pair had almost completely forgot about the alpha on the phone, who was grunting out, "i'm driving up right now, i'll be there in a few minutes."

"taehyung," the omega whimpered as he pushed in a final time, cumming hard into the beta and tossing his head back in ecstasy. with the last thrust against his prostate paired with the hot cum shooting inside him, taehyung cried out, "jimin!" as he made a mess across his own stomach, cum mixing with sweat on his heaving chest as he breathed in huge gulps of air to regulate his breathing. jimin was groaning on top of him as he pulled out, cum leaking from the omega and sliding down his thighs along with honey-tinged slick, with no knot to hold in the fluids.

jimin was about to stand up to clea his dirty cock and taehyung's cum-stained torso when he noticed the phone call had been ended, most likely by jeongguk since him and taehyung had been... occupied. he was about to call back and see what happened when he heard heavy pounding on the front door, followed by jeongguk's voice yelling, "let me in!"

"oh my god, i can't believe i'm about to say this, but i'm already prepared for round two," taehyung complained, and a glance down revealed the beta was hard again within a matter of one minute since cumming the previous time. jimin sighed, replying, "trust me, i get it. it won't ease til you get a knot."

as if on cue, more knocking came from downstairs, and jimin sent an apologetic look to taehyung, giving him a chaste kiss before murmuring, "i'll be right back." he didn't wait for a reply before sprintinf out of the room and down the stairs, catching himself at the door and quickly flicking the lock. he didn't care about his state of undress before he yanked the door open, revealing his alpha.

jeongguk looked mildly crazed, hair mussed and clothes disheveled, and his right hand poorly cleaned of cum, probably from his car jack-off session. he was breathing a little hard, and jimin smirked, always happy to se the typically well put-together alpha a mess.

"aw baby, he's already ready upstairs," jimin soothed, tugging jeongguk inside and kicking the door shut. the alpha sighed heavily at the thick honey scent permeating the air of the house, and jimin knew exactly what he has feeling, having experienced the same thing when he walked inside.

he led jeongguk up the stairs, and brought him to taehyung's room, where the alpha groaned and the beta whimpered when they saw each other. "jeongguk, knot me," he immediately keened, sitting up to reach for the alpha. jeongguk began to move forward but jimin stopped them when he spoke up.

"before we start, i want to clarify some things. we've both wanted you for close to a year now, and i'm honestly prepared to give you and jeongguk my mating bite when he knots you. do you feel the same way, jeongguk?" he began with, and the alpha nodded.

"i want to give you both my mating bite, and i want yours, too." he confirmed, and jimin continued, trying his best not to get distracted by taehyung, who seemed surprised.

"so what about you, tae? do you want to mate us both? or wait? i know this is your first heat, but me and jeongguk don't mind waiting until you're ready. so just tell us what you're comfortable with." the beta pondered over this for a few minutes, biting his lip, and jimin and jeongguk waited for his response with bated breath.

finally, taehyung slowly nodded, and the alpha and omega tried their best to hide their matching sighs of relief. "i'm good with mating you both. honestly, this is like a dream come true, and i want you both," he replied, but still seemed slightly hesitant. "but should we ask yoongi first? i mean, jimin is his dad, and i'm pretty sure he'll end up mating my younger brother, so..."

"yoongi doesn't care, i already discussed this with him." jeongguk and taehyung both gaped at jimin at this, who merely shrugged. "what? only i'm legally related to him, and he only wants me to be happy, he doesn't care as long as no one hurts me."

"well, uh, if we're done here, then can i knot taetae now and we can mate?" jeongguk asked, and jimin just shook his head before smiling. "sure, go for it. you ready, tae?"

"god, yes, lay on the bed, gukkie," taehyung instructed, sighing when the alpha gave him a confused look. "i'm going to ride you, remember? and jimin's going to be behind me, just like we said on the phone."

"right, i totally forgot." without further ado, he laid himself down on the bed, moving back to rest his head and shoulders against the pillows. while he was getting situated, jimin and taehyung glanced at each other, and a silent message was passed between them.

time to tease.

when he finally looked up from adjusting on the bed, jeongguk was surprised to see both of the omega and beta crawling over him. he had to admit, it was incredibly sexy to watch-two lithe, smooth bodies over him, naked and dirty, dark eyes trained on him as they inched closer. he grunted when he felt two hands slipping into his slacks, the larger hand wrapping around his hardening cock, the smaller one going further down to knead his balls. his hips twitched when they both began moving, the double stimulation wonderful as the pair continued to descend upon the poor alpha.


his next groan was swallowed by jimin kissing him sweetly, a faint honey taste on his tongue. jeongguk was slightly confused until he remembered taehyung moaning on the phone about jimin eating him out, and realized he was tasting taehyung's slick on his tongue. it was delicious, and jeongguk, who had never eaten anyone out, wondered how it would feel to have jimin and taehyung laid out in front of him, going between tonguing inside them, lapping up their slick and letting the heavy taste of cream and the lighter one of honey mix in his mouth, until the pair came. he made a mental reminder to try that sometime, but focused on the kiss for now, responding with equal enthusiasm as the omega kissed him.

however, taehyung was far from passive during this, and had taken this chance to work jeongguk's button up open, stripping it off the distracted alpha with little trouble. he removed his shoes and socks as well, struggling slightly with one hand busy on stroking jeongguk's dick, but managed to also tug his belt open and undo the button on his slacks. he removed his hand from jeongguk's dick, letting jimin bring his other smaller hand down to take his place, and dragged the slacks and boxers underneath off of the alpha. he couldn't help but gasp, causing jimin and jeongguk to disconnect their lips and look at the beta with concern.

"tae? what's wrong?" jimin asked, and taehyung looked at them both with desperation shining in his eyes.

"he's so big, i feel like i'm going to cry." jimin literally burst out laughing while jeongguk flushed, mouth dropping open in shock. "i'm going to fucking ride you into the sunset, i swear to everything holy," the beta whimpered, and jimin couldn't even breathe with how hard he was laughing, jeongguk just staring at the beta, red-faced.

"into the sunset-i'm going to die," the omega wheezed, removing his hands from the alpha's dick and resting them on his shoulders, holding onto him and dropping his head into jeongguk's neck as laughs continued to wrack his body. jeongguk, however, was more interested into the tongue sticking out to lick the head of his cock, digging into the slit of the head as he groaned.

"jeongguk? what's wr-jesus tae, you really are a thirsty slut," jimin sighed as taehyung already began trying to lower his head as low as he could onto to jeonggul's dick. the alpha slapped him on the arm, hissing, "don't call him a slut, what if he's not into that?"

"taehyung, baby, do you mind if i call you a slut and stuff like that?" jimin asked, and the beta shook his head, cheeks pink as he pulled his mouth off of the alpha. "no, it's actually a fantasy of mine..." he mumbled, hand distractedly stroking the alpha while he peered up at the omega and alpha.

"see? he likes it," jimin pointedly said, and jeongguk shrugged, not going to debate what the beta clearly wanted. "now choke on his cock. get him nice and wet for you. though you probably don't need it," the omega hummed, his dominant side peeking through. still, he wouldn't push too far-he already had his fun earlier, this was jeongguk's show now. "you're still dripping with slick and my cum, aren't you? you're gonna get our alpha's cock dirty, baby."

"you like that though, right jeongguk? i bet you'll like having your dick covered in my cum and his slick, fill taehyung up with your cum too, knot him and lock all of that inside of him like the good little bitch he is." jeongguk moaned at the omega's words, canting his hips into the wet mouth that suddenly enveloped his cock. a glance below revealed taehyung hollowing his cheeks and sucking hard, pushing himself as far as he could before gagging and pulling back up. taehyung's face was now bright red as jeongguk's cooled down, his lips swollen from both jimin's rough kisses earlier and giving jeongguk head.

the alpha bit his lip when jimin moved to suck hickies on his neck, and he returne the favor by gripping jimin's own erection and starting to jerk him off. the omega paused momentarily in his ministrations to whine a little into the alpha's neck before returning to his previous actions. he left a series of love bites all across his collarbones, trailing down to his chest as well as he canted his hips into jeongguk's hand. at the same time, taehyung was bobbing his head on the alpha's cock, this time not stopping when he choked, powering through to take the alpha all the way to the base. saliva was dripping down his chin but he couldn't care less, running his tongue along the ridges of jeongguk's dick, moaning deep to send vibrations through the head of the cock currently down his throat.

jeongguk could feel himself growing too close, so he reluctantly withdrew his hand from jimin, who whined at the loss and pulled back from sucking hickies to frown at the alpha. but upon seeing taehyung still working his mouth on jeongguk, he figured out what was happening. "tae, sweetie, get off his cock, you're gonna make him cum," jimin instructed, reaching down to grasp taehyung's hair and sharply tugged his head away, the beta gasping at the rough treatment.

"ah, s-sorry," he murmured, wiping his pre-cum and spit from his chin with the back of his hand, and jimin released his hair, smoothing his fingers over the beta's soft blonde locks before moving away. he gently guided taehyung to straddle jeongguk's lap, placing the beta's hands on jeongguk's thigh, causing his sun-kissed body to arch slightly towards the alpha, who bit his lip. it was a truly beautiful sight-taehyung hovering over him, body on full display, while jimin was kneeling behind, dark eyes flashing with intent as he peered over taehyung's shoulder. his hands distractedly roamed over the beta's body, fingers tickling his oversensitive skin while pants escaped taehyung's bruised lips. the omega's hands finally settled on the beta's already bruised hips, slyly licking at a bead of sweat on taehyung's neck to entertain himself.

jeongguk grabbed taehyung's thighs, relishing in the way the beta jolted at the sudden movement, and asked, "are you ready?" taehyung didn't reply, not to him at least-he tilted his head back to whisper something into the omega's ear, who just smirked and nodded in response.

jeongguk was about to ask what they were up to when jimin trailed one hand down to wrap around jeongguk's cock and used his grip on taehyung's hips to shove taehyung down onto it. taehyung flung his head back, shout caught in his throat as he adjusted around the length inside him. jeongguk accidentally dragged his nails down thick thighs, leaving thin red welts in his wake, but taehyung didn't care a single bit. his chest was heaving as he slowly rocked his ass back to stretch himself open more. he was already stretched from fingering himself and jimin's ministrations earlier, but jeongguk was bigger than both of them (fuck mother nature for deciding that for some reason alphas needed huge dicks), so he had to take a moment to breathe and loosen up before he could do anything else.

"how's it feel, taetae?" jimin whispered in his ear, and taehyung tensed again, causing a groan to come from the alpha below him. "i bet it feels amazing. especially his knot-i've never had it, i bet you'll take it so well, won't you baby?"

taehyung, tired of waiting at that point, began a slow rhythm of lifting himself up and dropping himself down again on the alpha's lap, legs trembling from the work and going with the gentle guidance of jimin's grip on his hips. jeongguk released a guttural groan, hooking his hands under the beta's thighs and supporting them as taehyung tried his best to set a fast pace. he felt like he was drowning, so many hands on his body, moans sounding loudly from below and soft groans from behind exciting him.

"i believed he asked you a question, tae. are you gonna be good and take my knot?" jeongguk managed to say, breathing harsh and his body already burning from exertion. taehyung's hands clenched on jeongguk's thighs, nodding frantically as jimin sucked a dark bruise directly into the junction of his neck and shoulder.

"y-yes, gonna ride you so good, f-fuck myself on your knot, i'm-i'm gonna be good," he whimpered, rolling his hips down onto jeongguk's lap, and the alpha let out a sharp groan when he noticed taehyung had leaked slick onto his crotch area, strings of the clear fluid connecting the beta's ass to jeongguk's skin. jimin seemed to notice too, and he gave jeongguk a sassy little grin that promised bad things to them both.

"so cute, taetae. fuck yourself harder on him, go faster, our poor alpha has been waiting for so long for this ass." he punctuated his words with a sharp slap to taehyung's ass, causing the other to let put a yelp and go tight around jeongguk. the alpha cursed at both jimin's filthy words and the feeling of the beta's ass squeezing his cock, helping to hold taehyung steady as the blonde began to jerk his hips down harder, working his tired body to go faster, please his alpha. fire burned in his blood, fueling his actions, so it was easy to obey jimin, to slip into a cycle of thrust, thrust, thrust. he almost felt high, especially when jeongguk's cock began to strike his prostate with every time he pushed his ass down.

taehyung let out a sharp cry, one hand flinging back to grab jimin's arm as an anchor. the omega was now rocking his still hard dick into the small of taehyung's back, sighing softly at the sweaty friction. he didn't care that he was smearing pre-cum all along the beta's lower back, and apparently the other didn't mind either, still helping the desperate beta fuck down onto their alpha. jimin already felt himself growing close, but he wanted to hold out until jeongguk knotted taehyung, since that would be the best time for all their mating marks.

"you're doing so well, you obeyed me perfectly, you deserve a reward," he murmured in the beta's ear, and reluctantly pushed his own pleasure aside to withdraw from taehyung. taehyung made a noise of complaint at the loss of jimin behind him, but jeongguk became his new anchor when the alpha placed a hand on taehyung's hip, holding him steady as the beta rode him.

while taehyung was busy thrusting down, releasing vocal whines with every brush against his prostate, jimin moved lower, kneeling behing taehyung until his face was level to where taehyung's ass was slapping against the alpha's sharp hipbones. there, jimin didn't wait a single second before lapping at a string of slick dripping between them, making eye contact with jeongguk through the gap between the beta's ass and the alpha's hips. jeongguk was flushed bright red, eyes glassy while taehyung barely noticed, busy with jeongguk. jimin licked at the slick, pleased to taste jeongguk's coconut flavor (most likely from pre-cum) mixed with honey. he ran his tongue along the base of jeongguk whenever he got a chance, smiling to himself when he felt the bottom start to swell some. he also teasingly tongued at taehyung's entrance when he could, but the beta was too far gone to care.

taehyung was a mess, honestly, covered in cum and sweat and slick from his sex with jimin earlier. this encounter was just making it worse, even more sweat and slick accumulating between the three bodies writhing together, not like any of them cared, with pre-cum streaked across the beta's front and back. no one minded-taehyung was finally getting a knot, jeongguk was finally getting the missing puzzle piece in his romantic and sexual life, and jimin was getting the chance to lap up the bodily fluids from his partners (a secret kink of his) without complaint, so why would they care?

taehyung also felt the base of jeongguk's cock swelling up, and he fucked himself on the alpha even more, his entire body shaking from so much stimulation all at once but he didn't care. jimin decided to give him a break and (sadly) stopped himself from licking any more of the slick between the beta and alpha, assuming his place behind the beta once more. this time, however, jimin wrapped his arms around taehyung's middle, arching his own hips into taehyung's back again, thrusting against the small of his back as he left a series of tiny, teasing nips across the beta's shoulder blades and back. jeongguk took this opportunity to lift his own hips into taehyung, pushing into the beta without rhythm as garbled groans and praises flowed from him and he grew closer.


when taehyung jerked and gave a pained whimper during one thrust, jeongguk knew his knot was too big to move, so he dragged the beta's hips down a final time to force his knot inside, which taehyung took without complaint. jimin seemed lost in his own pleasure, moans flowing from behind taehyung as the omega got closer and closer to his release.

taehyung suddenly reached behind him and grabbed jimin's silver hair, tugging the omega's head up so the beta could pant into his neck. seconds later and taehyung was screaming as jeongguk rutted into him, the sweet pressure on his prostate the final straw before he came. hot cum landed across jeongguk's stomach, but the alpha didn't care as taehyung bit hard into the side of the omega's neck, who in turn sunk his teeth into the nape of taehyung's neck, muffling their twin moans of pleasure at the bond.

jeongguk's heart swelled with pure love and joy at the sight of the beta and omega sharing mating bites, halting his rutting to let them have their moment. within a few minutes, they were separating, a little blood staining their lips from biting a bit too hard, but it was worth it. now, both turned their dark eyes to jeongguk, who couldn't help but feel a little intimidated by the newly mated pair.

"your turn, jeonggukkie," taehyung breathed, slowly rocking his hips against jeongguk as to not aggravate his oversensitive body, but enough to make the alpha groan. jimin came out from behind taehyung, collapsing onto the ne next to jeongguk, his own dick growing soft since the alpha assumed he came against taehyung's back. jimin lazily curled into jeongguk, still high on the bite marks, nuzzling against his neck before purring, "we were whispering about this earlier, you and tae are gonna bite each other and i'll bite you at the same the same time, then you can bite me. okay?"

"sounds great," the alpha sighed, giving the omega a sweet, chaste kiss before returning his attention to taehyung. "can i just grind into you a bit? it shouldn't hurt, but i haven't knotted yet, so..."

"please," taehyung replied, nudging his hips down the little amount he could, while jeongguk used his hold the grind the beta down into his lap. the gentle, unhurried pace was so much different than the desperate fucking from before, but he loved it all the same, tightening his hold on the beta as he grew close. within moments, his body was shaking as his knot finally popped inside the beta, cumming with a low groan as taehyung gasped at the feeling. luckily, jimin was paying attention and latched onto taehyung's wrist, tugging the beta down until his chest was flush against jeongguk's, the knot snug inside of him. taehyng seemed to catch his drift, leaning down to latch onto jeongguk's neck directly under his jaw with his teeth. the alpha returned the favor, biting into same area on taehyung's neck. jeongguk also felt the omega's teeth biting into the crease of his shoulder and neck, right under the beta's mouth, and shivered as the feeling of double mating marks washed over him, taehyung letting out soft sighs into his skin.

a few seconds later and they all released each other, but jimin didn't give jeongguk a break before he was tugging the alpha's mouth to his own neck. "bite me, jeonggukkie," he pleaded, arching the unbitten side of his neck towards his alpha. jeongguk obliged, licking the area tenderly before his sunk his teeth into jimin's neck. he felt the omega's body go tense before relaxing, and he released a shaky breath, a calm mood settling in the air. taehyung remained collapsed on jeongguk's chest, jimin now molding himself to both of them, one of his hands tracing soothing patterns on the beta's sweaty back. jeongguk slid an arm under jimin's head and wrapped it around his shoulders, who settled into his hold warmly, and tossed his other arm around taehyung's back, resting his hand on top of jimin's and following the design of his fingers slowly with his own larger hand.

"best threesome ever," jeongguk suddenly said, and both taehyung and jimin burst out laughing, and the alpha just smiled down at the other two. "you've never had a threesome before you fucking nerd," jimin giggled, smacking the alpha in the shoulder while taehyung continued to muffle his laughs into jeongguk's chest.

"there's no one else i'd rather have a threesome than you two," he insisted, and sighed dramatically when the pair began to coo and tease him for being 'sappy'. "alright, alright, i get it, i'm a sentimental bitch or whatever," he sighed over dramatically as their laughter died down.

"nah, tae's the sentimental bitch. or just the bitch in general," jimin joked, ignoring taehyung's indignant 'hey!' jeongguk laughed again, and couldn't stop himself from placing small kisses on both of their foreheads.

"i love you both, i'm so lucky," he murmured, and he got two 'i love you, too's in reply. at that moment, with the beta and the omega snuggled against him, there's nowhere else he'd rather be, and the pair agreed.


"you guys need a bigger house so we can get a king sized bed," taehyung complained a couple months as he lifted himself from jimin's lap, lube and cum dripping from his ass as jimin panted from his orgasm. the knot from jeongguk behind the omega was sending waves of overstimulation through his trembling body, but he stayed put obediently on the alpha's lap while he waited for the knot to go down.

to all three's slight disappointment, they learned taehyung only produced slick during his heats, so the rest of the time they fumbled with lube and long preparation. not like jimin or jeongguk minded-the trio liked to change things up in the bedroom so they were used to prepping jeongguk for bottoming (it took them an hour to prep him the last time he bottomed-double penetration took a lot of effort to achieve, but was worth it). jimin was the easiest with his natural stretching and slick, but the omega had a bit of a dominant streak to him, so if he bottomed the beta and alpha had to be prepared for orders and obedience all night long (not that there was any real complaint there from the other two). but they couldn't be happier together in both their sexual and romantic life, all three of them fitting together like puzzle pieces made for each other.

everyone adjusted to them well-yoongi still called jimin 'father' and jeongguk 'dad', but accepted taehyung as well, though more as a brotherly figure. he was affectionately called 'tae' by the teen omega, and he knew yoongi still respected him as an elder, so he didn't mind the lack of a parental name (not like he would want to be called something like 'papa' or whatever anyways). hoseok didn't care either, besides asking "does it make it incest if i fuck yoongi eventually?" to which taehyung choked and later calmly explained that since none of them were legally related to yoongi except for jimin, then no, it was incest (much to the relief of his recently presented alpha brother).

his parents wholeheartedly accepted the pair as well, after seokjin happily explained, "oh, and if you hurt my tae baby- jeongguk, i'll rip the knot off your dick, and jimin, i'll make sure they never find your cute omega ass, got it?" needless to say, both swore up and down they'd treat the beta right while taehyung laughed in the background, namjoon attempting to convince his mate to apologize for threatening them (which, of course, seokjin didn't).

"you're right, we do," jimin replied as he slowly slid off jeongguk's cock once the knot had deflated some. "we've been meaning to move for a while, this apartment was only supposed to be temporary but we kind of forgot to look for other places," jeongguk sheepishly added, grabbing a box of tissues from the nightstand. he plucked a few out for himself before passing the box around so the other two could get some as well. he cleaned himself of cum and slick and watched the others do the same, smiling fondly when taehyung shoved a cum-covered tissue in jimin's face jokingly, causing the omega to screech and kick the beta away. he loved his time with jimin alone before they got together with taehyung, but now there was an extra light to their lives, more sparks and happiness with the beta around. he filled a space that the alpha and omega didn't know needed to be filled, and not a single day went by that either of them regretted mating the energetic beta.

"well, after your lease is up here, yoongi will be seventeen, right? why don't we try to find a place for all three of us and him, if you want?" taehyung tentatively asked, and the other two wondered why until it hit them. the beta was scared that jimin and jeongguk didn't want to live together with him.

"that sounds fantastic, love," jimin replied, kissing taehyung chastely, the previous tissue incident forgotten. jeongguk nodded as well, kissing the beta too after jimin pulled back.

together, they would live together, and they would make this work.