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Lock It Up

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“Marinette! Marinette, wake up!”

Sitting straight up in her bed, Marinette let out a panicked cry as she gained her wits. Tikki buzzed in her face. “Marinette! You’re going to be late again.”

Consciousness crept into her as she processed her kwami’s words with wide eyes. She blinked in surprise. “What!? Tikki, we gotta go!” Marinette jumped from her bed, thanking her Ladybug powers for her new found agility. She frantically gathered her school supplies and shoved them into her backpack. Quickly changing clothes and fixing her messy pigtails, she nearly tripped over her shoes that lay scattered on the floor.

“Okay, is that everything?” she asked, gazing at Tikki with desperation.

She hummed and glanced around the room. “I think so!”

“Alright, let’s go!”

Tikki zipped into her purse, and Marinette stormed out the front door and headed towards the school. At that point, she was so thankful she lived so close to the school. It was always convenient when she woke up late.

As she approached, she noticed Alya leaning against the side of the front steps. She checked an invisible watch on her wrist as Marinette jogged up to her. “Almost late for class again, little lady. What are we going to do with you?”

Marinette groaned as Alya patted her on the head. “I’m sorry. I’m just really tired all the time.”

“You must sleep like the dead,” she teased as she nudged Marinette with her elbow.

Giving a shrug, Marinette scrunched her nose. “I can’t help it.”

The pair ascended the stairs and began their trek to the classroom. Alya snorted. “Well, next time, I’m not waiting on you. I had to turn down Nino’s offer to chill before class.”

“I’m sorry.”

Alya pushed open the door as Marinette trailed behind. “You know, you could use Nino and I as an excuse to hang around a certain someone.”

Marinette slid into her seat. “What do you mean?”

Her best friend waggled her brows and shot her eyes towards a certain blonde boy sitting in front of Marinette. Her face flushed and she shot her head towards Alya. Marinette lifted her book to put a barrier between her and said boy. “I can’t do that, Alya,” she said in a harsh whisper. “I can barely make sentences in front of him.”

Alya shrugged and cupped her hand around her mouth. “I think it’d be a great opportunity to get to know him.”

Sighing in defeat, Marinette put her book down and glanced at Adrien, who was chatting with Nino at the time. “Maybe, you’re right…”

“Of course, I am,” Alya teased as she stuck her tongue out at her friend.

Marinette jokingly rolled her eyes and turned her attention to Miss Bustier, who was walking into the classroom with a large stack of papers. She inwardly groaned at the sight. That looked like far more work than she could handle for the day.

As her teacher gathered their work in order, Marinette watched as Adrien scribbled on a paper, not paying any mind to the fact she was completely staring at him. It wasn’t until Chloe let out an over exaggerated cough that Marinette was pulled from love trance. Majority of the class was startled by her sudden, obnoxious sound.

Adrien turned his head and cocked a brow at her. She eyed Marinette, who assumed that Chloe had caught her staring at the boy before her. Adrien turned his head around to face Marinette. She let out a nervous giggle and waved timidly. He flashed a smile and shook his head as he spun back around in his seat. Marinette frowned and glared in Chloe’s direction. The blonde returned the stare until Miss Bustier cleared her throat to catch the students’ attention.

She simply couldn’t help it every time that she glanced up at Adrien while copying down notes. It was just impossible. How could someone so handsome not be distracting? Those eyes, that hair… he was amazing. Not to mention, one of the sweetest boys she had ever met. No, the sweetest. She couldn’t stop thinking about him. What would it be like if he ever returned her feelings? For him to smile at her like that all the time? To hug him? To kiss him?

Marinette squeaked in her seat and felt herself flush slightly. Kissing Adrien was something she had thought about before, obviously, but being in the moment with him right in front of her made her more embarrassed at the thought. Were his lips soft? Probably. He had a high-tech smart phone, so he probably had tons of beauty products. Adrien was a model, after all.

Maybe, Alya was right. Maybe, riding on the coattails of Nino and Alya’s relationship was a decent way to get to know Adrien. Marinette may have known everything about Adrien, but that didn’t mean she actually knew knew him.

A scream from outside rocked Marinette from her thoughts. Her head whipped towards the direction of the sound. The other students began looking around frantically. She hardened her brows. An akuma?

After another scream sounded, she and the rest of the students rushed over to the windows to catch a glimpse at whatever was occurring.

“Is that a—giant jewelry box?” Nino quipped.

Marinette eyed the large box that was in fact shaped like a jewelry box with a lock on the front. It was a pastel pink, and as she looked around she noticed that there were tons of them spread around the streets. What were those things?

“Miss Bustier, I need to go to the bathroom,” Adrien stated hurriedly.

Miss Bustier furrowed her brows. “At a time like this? That could be dangerous, Adrien.”

Seeing her chance, Marinette spoke up. “I need to go to the bathroom too, Miss Bustier.”

The teacher sighed. “Fine, but you two have to go together. Walk together and wait on each other, got it? Use the buddy system.”

Marinette gritted her teeth nervously and glanced at Adrien who seemed to be doing the same. “Right.”

Great. How am I supposed to ditch Adrien of all people?

The pair followed each other to the bathroom, but neither made a move to go inside. Adrien rubbed his neck awkwardly. “U-Um, ladies first?”

“No! You go! I-I mean… Y-You don’t really have to go to the bathroom, do you?” Marinette asked.

He chuckled. “What makes you think that?”

“Well—I… You’re stalling?”

“I have to leave. My father always wants me back home during akuma attacks.”

She nodded. “My parents prefer that I’m home too.”

“I’ll walk you down the stairs, at least? After Ladybug and Chat Noir take care of it, I can meet you here and walk you back to class, so that Miss Bustier doesn’t think we left?”

“Y-Yeah. Good sounds—I-I mean, sounds good.”

Adrien snorted at her blunder and walked with her down the stairs, only to see two people suddenly being zapped and imprisoned inside one of the human sized jewelry boxes they saw before. She and Adrien both dashed over to the box. He put his ear to it and knocked. “Hello? Are you okay?”

“Yes!” came a muffled reply, “please help!”

He swiftly turned to Marinette. “We’d better get out of here.”

“Right,” she replied with a bob of her head.

As the two began to take off in opposite directions, Marinette saw a flash of something scurry beside her. That must be the akuma. She continued to dart away from the villain, so she could find a safe spot to transform. Hearing the laughter of the akuma behind her, she knew she had to get away in a hurry.

“Marinette! Look out!”

Suddenly, she was being tackled as she stiffened her body, waiting for the empending blow to the ground only for it to never come. Marinette opened her eyes and looked up, only to see the face of Adrien Agreste wincing before her.

She squeaked and pushed herself to move away from him only to hit her head on something above her. Glancing up, she realized that they were trapped inside one of the jewelry boxes. Her face flushed when she made eye contact with Adrien who she was pressed chest to chest with.


His own cheeks pinked slightly. “T-The akuma is called Pendant. Something about her sister breaking her jewelry box from their grandmother. That’s all I really got before she tried to attack you.”

“I should’ve been paying more attention, I’m sorry,” she replied while holding in all thoughts that she was so close to her crush.

Adrien shifted slightly, sitting up to see her more properly.  “Why did you go that way anyway, Marinette? You live the other direction.”

“Oh! I was just trying to—um—see the flowers that were this way?”

He cocked a brow at her.

“I can’t really explain…”

Thankfully, he dropped the subject and reached past Marinette to try and push on the top of the box. “It won’t budge. Great. We’ll just have to wait for Ladybug to rescue everyone.”

Her mouth popped open a little. “Um, Chat Noir could save us too.”

Adrien hissed slightly. “Yeahhh… but I’m sure Ladybug will be fine without him.”

She scoffed. “Why are you so sure he won’t be there? Actually, he could use cataclysm to get us out of this box, and that would be super helpful right now. Maybe, he’s out there and we can get his attention.”

“What’s the rush to get out?” Marinette gaped as another layer of flush coated her cheeks. Adrien’s own face reddened as he tried his best to recover. “I-I mean, like, I’m sure L-Ladybug will—a-and Chat Noir will take care of it.”

Chewing her bottom lip, Marinette tried to come up with a solution. How could they get out? Chat Noir couldn’t cleanse the akuma without her. He never broke the infected item. Her partner had always let her do it because she could cleanse the akuma quicker that way. The pair wasn’t even for certain that the item would break for him unless he used cataclysm.

She sighed. “We—We can’t wait to be rescued by Ladybug, Adrien. We have to get out of here…”

There was only one solution Marinette could come up with: transform and figure out a way to escape. She could at least call Chat on her yoyo if she transformed. He could come destroy the box if she told him where she was. Explaining why she was trapped in the jewelry box with Adrien would be a difficult task, but she could manage. This akuma wasn’t going to take care of itself.

But that would mean telling Adrien, of all people, her secret.

Adrien wasn’t a bad guy, by all means. She just didn’t want to have to entrust anyone with her secret. And she certainly didn’t want to put Adrien in any danger because of this. There was no other choice though.

She looked him square in the eyes. A fired burned in the pit of her stomach as she did so. Marinette let out a small sigh. “I’ll explain everything later. You have to promise to keep a secret.”

He cocked a brow. “What are you talking about?"

“Please, just promise.”

“I don’t understan--”

“Please,” she begged.

“Okay,” he held his hands up in defense as much as he could in the cramped space. “I promise, but please, just explain what’s going on.”

Taking in a quick breath, she chewed her lip and gazed up at him through her lashes. “I—I have to transform and call Chat Noir, so he can get us out of here. He can’t cleanse the akuma without me.”

Adrien’s eyes nearly bugged out of his head. “Are you saying you’re--?”

“Tikki, spots on,” she said as her eyes never left Adrien’s. Her transformation was bright in the box, but he only gaped at her as she gave him an awkward grin. “S-Surprise?”

“Marinette… You’re Ladybug.”

Her brows furrowed nervously under the mask. “I am. You can’t tell anyone. For you own safety? Understand.”

He sighed. “I understand, more than you know.”

“I know this is a big deal, but I have to take care of the akuma first. I’ll explain everything after it’s defeated, okay?”

Adrien said nothing, instead just gazing at her as if contemplating something. Marinette figured he was just really shocked. She knew he was a Ladybug fan from Nino. It’d probably be surprising if you found out your idol was actually the shy, awkward girl that sits behind you in class.

Wiggling on top of him, she managed to wrangle out her yoyo and began her attempt to call her partner. The dots popped up, but no answer. She groaned. “What is he doing? Where is he at?”

She felt Adrien go stiff beneath her. Glancing up at him, she saw his face scrunched up. He let out a breath. “He’s right in front of you,” he murmured almost guiltily.

Ladybug stared at him. “What?”

“I’m Chat Noir.”

Her eyes went wide. “You’re—what!? You’re Chat Noir?!”

Adrien nodded painfully. “Plagg, claws out.”

Marinette couldn’t believe her eyes when a bright green flash engulfed Adrien’s body, leaving Chat Noir in its wake. She simply gaped at him, blinking in response.

Sucking his lip between his teeth, he looked anywhere but her. Finally, he decided to shrug and go with her expression from earlier. “Surprise?”

All her wits rushed into her at once, and instantly, she was a blubbering mess. “You’reChatNoir. I’mLadybug. OhmyGod. We’retogetherallthetime. I’mcrime-fightingpartnerswithAdrienAgreste. Ican’tbelievethisishappening. Howisthismylife? This is not—I can’t—What?” She collected herself slightly and took a breath, but her mind began sinking into disbelief again.


“How is this even possible? You’re not anything like Chat Noir. But, I guess you are since you’re him.”


“I just can’t even believe this. How? How? Did Tikki know about this? Oh, my God. If she did, I’m going to be so mad. If she knew it was you all along--”

“My lady!” he cried.

Pausing in her mumbling, Marinette stared at him in shock. That was Adrien Agreste calling her his lady.

She was going to implode.

He placed his hands on her shoulders. “Look, I’m just as freaked out at you are, but that akuma is running ramped out there and putting who-knows how many people into jewelry boxes. We have to get out there. We’ll talk about this later, okay?”

Swallowing, she gave him a nod. “Yeah, you’re right.”

He smiled at her.


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The pair watched as the young girl scampered over to her mother, who waited with open arms. Ladybug approached the child and handed her the jewelry box that she had cleansed. She beamed and took the pink box from her hand. “You fixed it! Oh, thank you, Ladybug!” she cried while wrapping her arms around the superhero’s waist.

Ladybug smiled and patted her on the head. “It’s no problem. All in a day’s work.”

The mother gazed up at her. “Thank you,” she turned her head to Chat. “Both of you.”

Chat Noir gave a curt nod. “It’s what we do, madam.”

An elder girl floundered over to the mother and daughter in hysterics. “I’m so sorry, Zoé! I didn’t mean to break it. I’m so, so sorry!”

Zoé just giggled and held up the new and improved box. “It’s okay,” she gestured to the spotted hero before her. “Ladybug fixed it.”

“Oh, that’s great!”

As the reunited family continued to chatter, Ladybug began to feel slightly out of place. She glanced over at Chat, who seemed to be slightly uncomfortable too. Glancing back at her, he nodded back towards the Eiffel Tower. “We should go talk?”

She hummed in response with a nod. “Yeah…”

The superheroes slipped away from the reunited family and began their journey towards the tower. Both sprinted across the rooftops, making little eye contract with one another. As the pair landed, Ladybug’s earrings let out a shrill beep.

Having already recharged his kwami earlier after the two escaped the box, he hadn’t really thought about Ladybug needed to recharge after using her Lucky Charm. Chat rubbed his arm awkwardly. “Oh, we can, um, wait if you want to.”

She shook her head. “No, we need to talk about this. It’s not like you don’t know who I am now.”

Nodding, he glanced down at the ground below him. “Maybe, we should go to a wider spot so we don’t fall.”

Though she was uncomfortable and felt more awkward than ever, she couldn’t help the smile that slipped across her features. “Yeah, you’re right.”

Upon reaching the flatter surface, with Chat watching guard, Ladybug released her transformation and caught her kwami in her palms. She fished a cookie from her purse and handed it to the creature, who hummed happily in response. Chat glanced around before releasing his own transformation.

“Ugh, finally! I can’t believe you made me transform you twice, I’m so weak,” Plagg whined.

Adrien snorted. “Oh, please. I didn’t even use cataclysm the second time. You’re fine.”

The black kwami gave an unimpressed glare. “Cheese, Adrien, where’s my cheese?”

With a sigh, Adrien eyed his kwami. “If I give you cheese with you shut up?”


Adrien rolled his eyes and pulled a small piece of camembert out of his shirt pocket. “There, now no more complaining. Or I’ll transform just so I don’t have to listen to you.”

“I’m so mistreated!”

“Yeah, yeah,” Adrien groaned as he held his shirt open for his kwami to fly into the pocket. He glanced over at Marinette who had been watching the exchange. She had her bottom lip sucked between her teeth and bit back a smile. Adrien pouched out his lips before clicking his tongue. “I take it your kwami isn’t as argumentative as mine?”

Marinette let out a snort. “No, quite the opposite, actually.”


“Well, you unlucky kitty,” she booped him on the nose, “maybe if you wear the bracelet I gave you, then your luck might change? Hmm?”

He chuckled and cocked a brow. “Oh, really? Did your kwami put some Ladybug magic on it?”

“Maybe, maybe not. I’m not telling,” she chimed with a grin.

“Aw, my lady, I can’t believe you would keep such a secret from me,” he teased placing a hand over his chest in mock offense.

She shrugged. “You’ll live.”

He scoffed and turned his head away as to ignore her.

Marinette let out a giggle, which Adrien couldn’t help but find infectious. He laughed aloud with her and turned his head back to her. Suddenly, the pair fell silent. Realization struck both of them like a bullet in the same moment. They didn’t do this. Chat Noir and Ladybug did, but Adrien and Marinette didn’t. The latter couldn’t help the blush that started to spread across her face. Whether or not he was Chat Noir too, this was still Adrien Agreste. Her long time crush, and the boy she idolized. Here she thought he was so far above her, but in reality he was just a dorky boy who liked lame cat puns. She had him so wrong.

Adrien cleared his throat and looked anywhere but her. “So, um, you’re Ladybug, and I’m Chat Noir. What now?”

What now? She wasn’t sure. She wanted to keep their identities a secret for protection. Realistically, she knew that there may be a day where she had to reveal herself to Chat Noir, but thinking that Adrien would be him? That was an entirely different story. Curling her knees to her chest, Marinette hugged herself tightly. “I don’t—I don’t really know…”

“This is—This is really weird, actually. I never thought that I would know who was really under the mask. It’s amazing, really,” he turned to gaze at her, “you’re amazing.”

She flushed instantly. “N-No, I’m not. I’m not amazing. I’m clumsy and make a mess everywhere I go. I could barely make sentences in front of you until recently.”

“Being clumsy and nervous doesn’t make you any less amazing, Marinette. It’s crazy how I’m just now noticing all of the traits I admired in Ladybug are also the traits I admired in Marinette. Knowing all of you, makes me see Ladybug even more as a whole person,” he explained.

She gave a slight nod. “I guess, I see what you mean. I didn’t know Adrien Agreste likes dumb cat puns.”

“My puns are not dumb, how dare you,” he turned his nose up to her.

Giggling at his antics, she shook her head. “I’m sure you expected Ladybug to be someone different.”

He flicked his gaze back to her. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, I’m sure you expected Ladybug to be this confident girl, but I’m not that. I’m just me.” 

“That’s all I want you to be. I didn’t expect Ladybug to be a perfect human being, realistically. We all have flaws. But if falling is what of your flaws, then I’m willing to be there to catch you whenever you need me to.”

Marinette couldn’t help but smile. “Thank you, Adrien.”

“What about me?”

She tilted her head. “What about you?”

“You’re not upset that I’m Chat Noir, right? For a while there I was sure you didn’t like me?”

Marinette gaped. “No! I like you!”

Adrien felt the blush creep upon his cheeks. “You—do?”

“Yes! You’re nice, kind, a gentleman, I know now that you’re actually funny, sometimes. You’re really talented too, and you’re super smart. And you’re really, really cute and your eyes are just really bright. And—“

“Wait, wait, wait. Did you say I’m cute?

She glanced around. “D-Did I say cute?”

“You definitely said I was cute.”


He leaned over her with a grin. “You think I’m a handsome, gentleman, Bugaboo?”

Yes. But she certainly wasn’t going to let him know that. Rolling her eyes, she shook her head and pushed him away with a finger to his nose “No, definitely not.”

Adrien let out a snort. “C’mon, now, Marinette, I know how much you hate liars. Don’t start being one now.”

He had her there. He was a clever kitty, that’s for sure. “Fine,” she crossed her arms across her chest. “Maybe, you’re a little cute.”

“Or, maybe, you think I’m pretty hot,” he smarmed with a waggle of his brows.

Her mind flashed to the moment she had accidently left the message when she called him “hot stuff.” She would take that too her grave. A mental note to swear Alya to secrecy was needed for sure. Marinette harrumphed and turned up her nose. “Nope. Definitely not.”

“Do you admire my modeling work, my lady? I bet you have some of my posters.”

Freezing on the spot, she clicked her tongue. “No, of course not. Why would I have posters of you? You’re in my class, that’s totally weird. That’d make me like a stalker…” she waved her hands in his direction. “Not that I’m a stalker.”

“So, you do have posters.”

“I said I didn’t.”

“Pretty sure that rambling just gave you away.”

Sighing in defeat, she scrunched up her nose and eyed him sideways. “So, maybe, I have a few posters. You’re easy on the eyes.”

Adrien let out a chuckle. “If it makes you feel better, I think you’re beautiful.”

The squealish squawk that left Marinette’s body was not human. Her face bloomed red, and she gaped at him in surprise. “R-Really?”


She played with one of her twin tails. “I never thought you’d see me that way.”

He shrugged. “I’ve noticed that life is full of surprises.”


Silence fell upon them again as Marinette let all the information soak into her brain. Adrien was Chat Noir. Adrien admired her. Adrien thought she was beautiful. It was almost too much to process. Although, Marinette couldn’t help the small smile that spread across her lips as she thought about what had just occurred.

Suddenly, there was a phone in her face. “Wah?”

Adrien chuckled at her. “Put your number in. We should text. After all, we talk as Chat Noir and Ladybug, why not as Marinette and Adrien? We could really become better friends from this.”

Taking the phone from his hands, she nodded. “Yeah, friends.” Chewing her bottom lip, she put her number in his phone. “Just friends” wasn’t exactly what Marinette had in mind, but she didn’t want to rush anything. This was still Chat Noir.

“Do you want mine?” he asked as she handed him the phone back.

“Nah, just text me and I’ll know it’s you.”

He cocked a brow. “So, my lady doesn’t have any other boys she’s giving her number out to lately?”

She snorted with a shake of her head. “No, why? Would you be jealous if I did?”

Humming thoughtfully, he shrugged with one shoulder. “Maybe a little.”

“Only a little?”

“Cats are territorial.”

Cats are. You’re a human boy.”

He scoffed in mock offense. “Excuse you, I am a man, thank you.”

“A puny man.”

“A cute man, according to you.”

She shoved him. “Stooop.”

Glancing down at his phone, Adrien hissed as he noticed the time. “We totally spaced. We were supposed to go back to the classroom. Miss Bustier is going to be livid with us.”

“Not if we tell her what happened.”

“Oh? Tell her we’re Chat Noir and Ladybug who just recently discovered our secret identities?”

Flashing him an unamused look, Marinette responded flatly, “No. We tell her we got trapped in a box.”

He pouched out his lips. “I guess, that works too.”

“School is over now though, so I guess we’ll just tell her tomorrow?”

“Yeah. We got trapped in a box and then went home.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

Clearing his throat, he rubbed his palm nervously across the back of his neck. “Um, would you like me to walk you home?”

“As Marinette and Adrien or Chat Noir and Ladybug?”

His lips twitched into a smirk. “I think Marinette and Adrien would be just fine.”

“Chat Noir and Ladybug would have an easier time getting off of the tower though,” she chimed with a poke to his shoulder.

“This is true, but Chat Noir and Ladybug would also get to your house faster, but I want to take time to walk with you. If that’s okay?”

That was it. The blush was back. She squeaked. “Yup! That’s fine!”

Pushing himself to his feet, Adrien stretched his arms above his head with a grunt. He spun around and held a hand out to the blushing girl before him. “You ready, Bugaboo?”

As she took his hand, she felt a bolt of something that felt like electricity surge through her. Marinette was suddenly hyperaware of every action he took. She couldn’t hold back the blush on her cheeks after he intertwined his fingers with hers. He didn’t let go the entire walk to her home.




Pushing open the door to the bakery, Marinette felt herself floating on cloud nine. The ring of the bell popped her mother’s head up to attention. Sabine rushed over to her daughter and enveloped her in a hug. “Honey! We’ve been so worried about you! Miss Bustier called and said she had assumed you had come home during school. She released the class during the akuma attack. I assumed something had happened to you.”

Marinette winced as she leant away from her mother. “I’m so sorry, Maman. I got trapped in one of those jewelry boxes and had to wait out the attack. I got distracted afterwards. I’m sorry.”

“What on earth could have distracted you from coming home after being trapped in a box for an hour?”

Sucking her bottom lip between her teeth, Marinette avoided all eye contact with her mother. “Um…”

“Marinette,” her mother warned.

She hugged herself slightly while still glancing around nervously. “I may have been stuck in a box with Adrien. He invited me for a walk before walking me home.”

Sabine’s expression changed in an instant as a knowing smile spread across her face. “Oh, I see. Well, next time you and Adrien decide to go for a walk, could you text us and let us know you’re alive?”

Bobbing her head quickly, Marinette frantically replied, “Yes, Maman. I’m so sorry. It won’t happen again. I didn’t mean to make you worry.”

“Thank you, dear,” Sabine chimed.

Beginning to slip her way through the bakery, Marinette turned back to her mother. “I’ll be in my room if you need me.”

“Alright, I’ll be preparing dinner soon.”

“Okay!” she called as she began to rush up the stairs. Opening her trap door, she bolted into her room. After making sure she properly closed the door behind her, Marinette jumped and squealed.

Tikki flew from her purse and smiled. “I’m so happy for you, Marinette. The two boys you liked are one in the same!”

Marinette scoffed at her kwami as she pranced around her room. “I never said I liked Chat Noir.”

“But you did, just a little bit.”

Pinching her thumb and pointer, Marinette replied to her kwami, “Maybe, just a little. It doesn’t matter though because he’s Adrien! I can’t be any happier.”

“That’s great!” Tikki chimed with a smile at her chosen.

“Tikki, be honest with me,” Marinette said seriously as she glanced at her kwami.

“Of course.”

She tapped her phone to her lips. “Do you—Do you think Adrien likes me?”

Staring flatly at her chosen, Tikki replied, “Duh.”

Marinette fell back against her chaise. “You really think so? Oh, this is a dream come true, Tikki! Adrien likes me! Adrien!

“So, what are you going to do with that information?” Tikki asked as she floated over towards the chaise.

Sitting up quickly, Marinette groaned. “I don’t know, actually.”

Tikki giggled. “Well, typically, Marinette, when two people like each other, they tend to become a couple.”

Rolling her eyes, Marinette puffed out her lips. “I know that. I was just thinking about what Adrien said. He said he wanted us to be better friends, Tikki. He might not like me enough to date me.”

Her kwami shrugged. “Maybe, he thinks you don’t like him in that way?”

Blowing a raspberry with her lips, Marinette waved her kwami off with a hand. “Oh, please, Tikki. I like Adrien so much I embarrass myself in front of him all the time. I’m sure it’s plain obvious.”

Tikki hummed. “I don’t know… You always turned down his flirts and teasing as Ladybug. Plus, you could hardly talk in front of him until you were paired for the gaming tournament. Maybe, he thinks you just see him as a friend?”

Marinette’s eyes widened. “Oh, no! Adrien even said he thought I didn’t even like him at all at one point.”

“He did say that, didn’t he?” 

Making fists in front of her, she turned to her kwami with determination. “Okay, Tikki, how do I prove to Adrien that I love him?”

“Take it slow.”

She cocked a brow. “You think that will really work?”

Tikki giggled. “Of course! Adrien’s a romantic at heart. Let him try to woo you. You’re bound to be swept off your feet!”

 “What makes you think he’s a romantic?”

 “Um, the poem?”

 Marinette gasped. “The poem! I wonder if he knows I’m the one who responded to it?”

“That’s too much to think about right now, Marinette. In due time. Just let things happen.”

With a nod, Marinette lay back down on the chaise and scrolled through the Ladyblog.

Not even a moment after she finally relaxed, her phone let out a buzz. She squealed and stared at her phone blankly, ignoring Tikki’s knowing giggle.

Adrien: My lady, how does the on this fine evening?


She snorted and shook her head.


Marinette: Are you always like this?

Adrien: For you, I can be.

Marinette: Wow.

Adrien: No, I’ll stop if you want me to.

Marinette: I don’t recall complaining about it.

Adrien: Ohhh, my lady likes?

Marinette: You’re a dork.

Adrien: You evaded my question, I must be right.

Marinette: Hmm…

Adrien: I’ll be your knight in shining armor, the Romeo to your Juliet.

Marinette: But they both die at the end.

Adrien: Thanks, Mari. Way to make things morbid.


Marinette squealed. “He called me ‘Mari,’ ohmigosh he gave me a nickname!”

“Who gave you a nickname?”

She jolted from her spot in the chaise, nearly falling off the side before regaining her balance. Glancing around, she noticed her kwami was nowhere in sight. Tikki must have heard someone coming and hid.

“Alya!” she cried and put a hand over her heart. “You have to stop sneaking up on me like that. You’re going to give me a serious heart attack one day.”

Alya brushed her off with a wave of her hand. “Yeah, yeah. You’ll live. Now, who is this ‘he’ that gave you a nickname?”

“Umm…” she glanced around uncomfortably before hunching her shoulders. “Adrien?”

Her friend gaped at her. “Adrien!? Deets, girl. Now.”

“Well, we were trapped in a jewelry box together. He saw the akuma coming after me and jumped in to protect me, so we were stuck in there together and just—talked, I guess.”

“And you didn’t tell me immediately after this occurred!?”

She snorted. “My parents were worried about me, Alya. I wanted to get home first.”

Her phone lit up again, and she peaked down to see Adrien’s name flash up on her screen. Swallowing, she turned her attention back to Alya, who was shaking her head. “I’m so surprised at you, Marinette. Keeping secrets from me,” she said with a wink and a nudge.

“I was going to tell you, I’ve just been out of sorts today,” Marinette murmured as her phone lit up with Adrien’s name again.

“He’s blowing up your phone, girl! Answer him!” Alya insisted.

She cocked a brow at her friend. “Okay, but you can’t look.”

“Oh, ho. You and Monsieur Agreste already having secret conversations? How scandalous, Marinette, it hasn’t even been twenty-four hours yet.”

She groaned and shoved Alya’s shoulder. “Stop it.” Unlocking her phone, she opened the messages.


Adrien: Was the nickname too much? I’m sorry. I should have asked first.

Adrien: Purr-lease answer me. I didn’t mean to furr-ighten you off.


Marinette rolled her eyes and giggled, ignoring Alya’s intense gaze.


Marinette: Your puns could frighten anyone away. The nickname was fine. Alya just showed up and scared the living snot out of me.

  Adrien: Sounds like a booger of a problem.

  Marinette: Did you just make a snot pun? Gross, Adrien. I’m disgusted.

  Adrien: Sorry, I didn’t mean to cause a mucus.

  Adrien: I mean, ruckus.

  Marinette: Wow. That one was just lame. Also, I draw the line at puns about bodily fluids.


Marinette watched the screen as dots continued to disappear and reappear. Locking her phone back, she turned her attention back to Alya until she could receive his reply. Her best friend was staring at her with a knowing smirk. “So, how long until you’re last name is Agreste?”

 She poked her in the arm. “Alya! Nothing is going on.”

 “And yet, you two seem to be chatting up a storm.”

 On cue, Marinette’s phone lit up with “Adrien” on the screen again. Scrunching her nose, she set her phone to the side and glanced back at Alya. “You have my full attention to rant at me as you please.”

Alya smiled and shook her head. “I’m not going to harass you too much yet. I haven’t seen you two actually interact in person since this new ‘bond’ as formed. I just came over here to see how you were doing.”

“How I was doing—oh? You mean the attack?”

 “Yeah, you and Adrien were technically missing. So, after the attack I went out looking for you two,” Alya rubbed her hair guilty. “I did get distracted with getting footage of Ladybug though, so, my bad.”

 Marinette smiled. “It’s fine. I’m fine. Everything is fine. Besides, Adrien and I went for a walk after we got out of the jewelry box anyway.”

 “Oooh,” Alya nudged her, “was it a date walk?”

 Sighing, Marinette frowned and glared at Alya. “No, nothing’s going on.”

 Alya chuckled. “I’m proud of you, girl. Normally, you’d be freaking out over Adrien so much as talking to you.”

 Marinette simply smiled down at her phone. “I’ve just learned that there’s a lot more to Adrien than meets the eye…”

 Wrapping her arms around her best friend’s shoulders, Alya squeezed her in a hug. “I’m happy for you. Now you and Adrien can hang out with me and Nino and not be awkward too. Everybody wins.”

 She let out a snort. “Yeah.”

 Alya’s phone buzzed. Retreating from Marinette, she unlocked her phone and stared down at the message. She clicked her tongue and turned to Marinette. “That was my mom. She wants me home to eat. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stay too long after getting over here near dinner time.” Alya stood and placed a hand on her best friend’s shoulder. “Remember, don’t get too crazy around Adrien. He’s going to see just how amazing you are.”

 With a nod, Marinette grinned. “I think he’s already starting too.”

 Alya gave her bestie a high five and beamed. “You go, girl! Okay, I’ll see you later. We need to plan a sleep over soon too, alright?”

 “Of course.”

 After Alya exited through the trap door, Marinette surged for her phone and opened Adrien’s message.


Adrien: I think you’ll frown upon where my mind went with that.


Cocking a brow in confusion, Marinette read back over previous messages to try and decipher what he meant.


Marinette: What do you mean?

Adrien: There’s a specific bodily fluid I could joke about, but you won’t be happy about it.

Marinette: I still don’t know what you mean.

Marinette: …


Adrien: This is probably true lol.

Marinette: Don’t you lol me. You were going to make semen jokes? Really? Are you 12?

Adrien: So, I may have learned about such bodily functions later in life than everyone else, therefore, I feel the need to joke about it?

Marinette: What do you mean? When did you learn?

Adrien: I was homeschooled until this year, Marinette…

Marinette: Are you telling me that you are 16 years old and didn’t know how your own genitalia worked until recently!?

Adrien: Jeez, you and all these proper terms. What’s wrong with ‘cum’ and ‘dick’? I mean, those are the words Nino used when he taught me. Also, I knew a little bit through the internet, thank you very much.

Marinette: Nope. NOPE. NOOOPE.

Adrien: You seem distraught, my lady.

Marinette: I can’t believe we’re actually having this conversation through text right now.

Adrien: We could have it through video call, if you’d like.

Marinette: Damn. That was smooth.

Adrien: Is that a yes?

Marinette: If we can stop talking about your penis, then sure.

Adrien: I don’t recall this being about my actual penis, but I’ll take the deal.


When Marinette answered his call, she hadn’t expected to be engulfed in a conversation full teasing and crudely timed semen jokes. She also hadn’t expected to talk to him until daylight rose over the horizon.

Chapter Text


Marinette expected herself to be extremely cranky after only having two hours of sleep, but instead she was floating. She may have been yawning with bags under her eyes; however, none of that mattered when it was Adrien who kept her up all night with his, apparently new found, dirty sense of humor. She’d have to scold Nino for corrupting her kitty. Maybe, not right now, though. Hence the fact that she didn’t even quite know what she and Adrien were at this point.

Prancing giddily up to the school, her eyes deadlocked on Adrien as she started to beeline straight for him. Only when someone else’s elbow interlocked with her own was she jolted out of her trance.

“Someone’s in a hurry,” Alya’s voice teased. Marinette hummed and made an effort to make sure Alya didn’t slow down her pace.  Her best friend snorted. “Damn, girl, do you even know I’m here?”

“I just want to see him,” she murmured as the two approached Adrien, as well as Nino, who Marinette hadn’t noticed was there before. She wasn’t planning on telling Alya that she stayed up with the boy until the wee hours of the morning. It might come up at some point in the day, but she was going to tip-toe around that fact as long as she could.

Scoffing, Alya released Marinette in order to wrap her arm around Nino instead when they reached the two. “I’m sure you do.”

“Marinette!” Adrien cheered as he surged past Nino and Alya to reach her.

“Hi, Adri—oof!” Much to Marinette’s surprise, Adrien scooped her into a hug. He twirled her around with a grin before gently placing her back on the ground.

“I’m so glad to see you, Marinette. I was worried you might sleep in.”

Snorting, Marinette caught her breathe. He certainly was excitable this morning. “No, I crawled out of bed like a demon. I didn’t know you would try to squeeze the life out of me when I first saw you.”

With a rub to the back of his head, Adrien chuckled with a nervous smile. “Sorry, I just got excited. This is all so new still, you know?”

“I know,” she replied with a gentle smile that seemed to make him relax slightly. This was so new to both of them. Adrien was just thrilled to know she was Ladybug, and Marinette couldn’t help the fact that his excitement made her heart soar. Maybe, Adrien really did like her romantically. If he was trying to woo her and sweep her off her feet, then hell, she’d let him. Her brain might be frazzled by the time it’s all over, but she couldn’t help but think it’d all be worth it.

“Yeah, but we don’t know. What the hell’s going on here?” Nino said while looking back and forth between the pair.

Marinette and Adrien both froze and stared at each other wide eyed. The latter quickly spoke up. “Oh, um, yesterday during the akuma attack, Marinette and I got stuck in a jewelry box together.”

Frequently nodding, Marinette continued the tale, “Yes, and Adrien took me for a walk afterwards because I was so—um, freaked out. To, uh, calm me down. You know akumas make me nervous. So, he walked me home after that.”

Adrien’s cheeks pinked a little. “Yeah, we just got to know each other a little. That’s all.”

Nino crossed his arms, obviously not buying it. “A little? Dude, you just jumped her like she’s your best friend you haven’t seen in years, what gives?”

“I just get excited when I make new friends, you know that?”

Scoffing, Nino waved his hand. “Oh, please. Don’t give me that, man. You mentioned before how Marinette and I were your first friends at the school. She’s not a new friend. There’s something else going on here. You two are acting like you’ve been super close forever.”

Marinette glanced at Adrien. You have no idea.

“We just discovered we have a lot in common,” Marinette chirped. “That’s all.”

Alya tapped Nino on the chest. “C’mon, babe, I want to know the real truth,” she glowered at the pair, “too, but they aren’t spilling. We’ll just have to wait. But, I swear, if you two have been having like a secret love affair behind our backs, I’m gonna be super miffed.”

The pair flushed instantly. “It’s nothing like that!” they both cried before shooting looks at one another. Jeez, Alya and Nino were being much harsher than she expected, but how could she blame them when she and Adrien suddenly attached to each other as if one of them would disappear. The last twenty-four hours felt like an eternity that Marinette had no intention of waking up from.

Nino eyed them knowingly. “Alright, dudes. You don’t have to spill, but we’re keeping an eye on you two,” he warned with the ‘I’m watching you’ gesture.

He and Alya started to trek up the stairs as Adrien turned to Marinette. “I expected to get hounded, but that was more intense than I thought it would be.”

Marinette snorted. “Maybe, because you tackled me in a bear hug and spun me around.”

Hissing slightly, he grimaced. “Okay, maybe that was a little too much, but,” he reached over and brushed his fingers along hers, “it’s hard to resist hugging someone as wonderful as you, my lady.”

Her head shot down immediately as a blush spread across her cheeks. Gingerly, she interlocked her hand with his and continued to glance anywhere but him. “I told you not to call me ‘your lady’ in public. That’s so Ladybug and Chat Noir.”

He chuckled as the two started to head up the steps. Lowering his voice, he whispered, “Last I checked, we are Ladybug and Chat Noir.”

She gave him a sideways glance. “Mmhmm, all the more reason not to call me that.”

“Fine,” he said with a sigh of defeat. “Can I keep calling you ‘Mari’ when we’re Adrien and Marinette then?”

Marinette smiled. “I guess, that is acceptable.”

“Oh, you guess, huh?”

 She thrust her free hand up and placed the back of her hand to her forehead in an overly dramatic fashion. “Yes. That nickname will have to do, I suppose.”

Adrien’s lip twitched at the corner slightly. She watched him, carefully trying to read his expression. He just stared forward as they walked with Adrien hiding an obvious smile that was trying to spread across his lips. The pair headed up the stairs hand in hand, and Marinette couldn’t help but think about the intimacy in the gesture.  Was this just a friendship thing? Friends held hands, right? Alya had held her hand before. Of course, Alya wasn’t the boy she had been pining after for months, but that didn’t matter, did it? Between a bear hug and holding hands, Marinette couldn’t find herself thinking straight with all this attention. He kept her up laughing all night. They were acting very much like a couple without being one.

When they approached the classroom door, Adrien let go of her hand and skidded in front of her. He opened the door with a bow and said, “After you, my princess.” He had the audacity to wink.

Marinette gaped at him and felt her cheeks pink lightly. If that was the game he was playing, then she’d take him head on. Sauntering over to where he stood bent at the waist, Marinette ran her fingers through his blonde hair, making him glance up at her. “Thank you, sir knight.” She stuck her tongue out at him.

As she started past him, she heard him murmur, “I’ll be your knight anytime.”

Making a gurgling sound in the back of her throat, she glanced back to eye him carefully as she tried to keep herself from blushing any further. Then he winked. Again. He was going to be the death of her if he kept that up.

She shot her head away from him and started towards her seat only to see that Nino was sitting in her usual spot. Cocking a brow, she tilted her head at Alya in confusion. In response, her best friend simply bobbed her head towards Nino’s seat with a grin. Puffing out her bottom lip, she turned back to Adrien who was grinning way too much and was far too pleased with himself. She eyed Alya before sliding down in front of her, and watched as Adrien scooted in next to her happily. This boy was getting far too addicted to her presence.

What am I saying!? Adrien Agreste is obsessed with me! That’s great news!

But she couldn’t help the fact that it didn’t feel the same. Marinette thought that Adrien was shy, sweet, and nothing like Chat Noir. She didn’t think he’d tease, flirt, and be goofy all the time. Yet, here he was. Although, the more she thought about it, the more she could put two and two together.

Chat was shy too sometimes, she noted. On Valentine’s Day, she knew Chat was going to say something to her, but from the expression on his face she could tell he was nervous. That’s a quirk that would make sense for what she thought Adrien was. It also explained why Adrien was nervous around Ladybug the time they met.

So then, why was she still so hesitant about Adrien acting like Chat did? They were one and the same. She couldn’t help but admit that she would have given Chat Noir a chance if she wasn’t in love with Adrien, so what didn’t feel right? Was she too scared of rushing into thing? She certainly didn’t want to mess this up. It was then she realized more of what her concern was. She had Adrien pinned all wrong, so what if he did the same thing? He may have said he expected her flaws, but what if he just still saw her as Ladybug? What if he still had her up on a pedestal instead of seeing the real her? She was starting to see who Adrien truly was, what if he was having the same struggle?

Adrien was focused forward as Miss Bustier told the class to take their seats. He glanced at her from the corner of his eyes and noticed her gaze. Turning to face her fully, his eyebrows raised in a questioning manner.

Marinette’s eyes widened with a grimace and a hiss as she realized she had been completely gawking at him. Flicking her head to face the front of the room, she tried to ignore his confused stare. She put all of her focus into what Miss Bustier was lecturing, but couldn’t help the fact that all of her thoughts had her fidgeting. These actions didn’t go unnoticed by a certain blonde boy beside her.

Slowly, he scooted towards her in tiny intervals. She thought she noticed him move from the corner of her eye, but she was too busy trying to listen and flick her pencil to really pay attention to him. However, she jolted in surprise when Adrien placed a hand on her vibrating knee. She was suddenly all too aware of the fact that she had been bouncing it. When had she started to do that? Gazing up at him with wide, blue eyes, she saw his brows furrowed in concern. A silent “are you okay” spread across his face. She blinked at him in surprise before nodding.

Marinette tried hard to focus more and be jittery less. Though, the shaky movements of her body ceased, her mind couldn’t stop racing because Adrien’s hand sat on her knee the rest of class. Her entire being tingled as he made soft strokes with his thumb. Did he know he was doing that? Was he trying to comfort her? When that thought crossed her mind, she relaxed slightly. He was so sweet.  

When Miss Bustier released the students for their lunch break, Adrien turned to Marinette. “So, what are you doing for lunch?”

She titled her head. “Going home, why?”

He snorted and cocked a brow. “Because… I was fishing for you to invite me?”

Dropping her jaw slightly, she quickly gathered her wits. “O-Oh! Right! Sure, of course! Sorry, I don’t through think things—er—think things through sometimes.”

“Hey,” he took her hands into his, “it’s just me, Mari. Calm down.”

He was doing it again: rubbing his thumbs across her skin. A flush made its way across her cheeks, and Marinette struggled to focus on what she was saying, rather than the tingling feeling. She sighed, letting out a breath she didn’t know she had been holding. “Okay, I’m sorry.”

Brushing a stray bang behind her ear, he smiled. “Don’t apologize. I don’t know why you’re still so nervous around me, but you know you can just be yourself. Don’t think you have to be anyone other than you, Marinette.”

Could he read her mind? Could he tell that she’s been overthinking everything for the past few hours? She must’ve had a tell that she didn’t know about because it seemed that Adrien could almost read her like a book. But, that made sense. She could read him like a book too, couldn’t she? They were still Ladybug and Chat Noir. They trusted each other with their lives for Pete’s sake.

“I know,” she said with her shoulders relaxing.

He nodded towards the door, signaling that the pair should depart. Wrapping an arm around her shoulder, he beamed as he saw Nino and Alya waiting for them outside the classroom door. As he and Nino engaged in conversation, Marinette noticed Alya’s knowing smirk.

Adrien’s gestures were far too intimate for a friend. Maybe even for a best friend. But no matter how much she desperately wanted to believe that Adrien had romantic feelings for her, she kept doubting herself. But why?

“Is that okay with you, Marinette?”


Adrien snorted and tugged lightly on one of her pigtails. “Were you even listening?”

She shook her head frantically. “Ah, no, sorry. I was completely zoned out.”

With a chuckle, Alya grinned and crossed her arms. “Yeah, you had that faraway look in your eyes that you get when day dreaming about a certain someone.”

Adrien stiffened beside her and glanced down at Marinette. “Um, who is she talking about?”

Marinette waved him off with her hand. “Oh, it’s nothing. Alya’s just teasing. What were you saying?”

“We were wondering if your folks would be up for us all heading over to the bakery for lunch,” Nino piped in.

Nodding, Marinette smiled. “I’m sure that wouldn’t mind,” she chimed.

Adrien beamed with a high-five to Nino. “Nice! I’m excited! Let’s go.”

As the four began to head out of the school, Alya cleared her throat behind Marinette and Adrien who were still attached. “Don’t look now, but Foxy and her mean girls crew is staring at you two.”

Marinette glanced up to see Lila, Chloe, and Sabrina all glowering at them from the balcony. Noticing her flinch, Adrien caressed her shoulder with a gentle squeeze. “Don’t even pay attention to them. I know Chloe, she’s just trying to get in your head.”

“She’s doing a good job of it,” she murmured in response.

Giving her one last squeeze, Adrien released her shoulder and reached down for her hand again. He never made an effort to grab her; he always made sure she was the one to interlock her fingers with his. It was like he always asked for unspoken permission. Such a gentleman.




Reaching her parents’ bakery, the four walked in to find her mother cleaning off the counter during their lunch break. The rush would be coming in as soon as they opened back up, so they had to be prepared.

“Oh, Marinette, dear! I’m so glad you’re back, oh and you’ve brought your friends too,” Sabine smiled, glancing down at Adrien’s hands interlocked with her daughter’s. She sent Marinette a knowing glance, to which she just adverted her eyes quickly. “There’s lunch already in the kitchen, I did make extra in case Adrien showed up. I didn’t account for Alya and Nino, but I made plenty so hopefully there’s enough for everyone.”

With a chorus of “thank yous,” they began to make their way into her home. Sabine spun quickly on her heel after them. “Oh, Marinette!”

She turned to face her. “Yes, ma’am?”

“Actually, I do need you to go help your father real quick. We’ve got an order and he’s overloaded with cupcakes that need to be frosted. Can you handle helping him for just a moment? I’m sure your friends won’t mind.”

Nodding swiftly, Marinette agreed. “Oh, sure.”

“Hey, wait. Can I watch?” Adrien asked.

She blinked at him. “You want to watch me ice cupcakes?”

“If you don’t mind?”

“Of course. Come back here with me. Alya? Nino?” Marinette glanced back at them.

Alya held her hands up. “Girl, I’ve seen you frost cupcakes so many times, I should hold a record. Me and Nino will just head to your living room and play Ultimate Mecha Strike without you too,” she teased as she stuck out her tongue.

Snorting, Marinette shook her head. “How dare you?”

Adrien trailed behind her into the back of the bakery. Marinette couldn’t help but giggle at his puppy-like actions. She made her way to the counter where the baked cupcakes sat. Putting on an apron and gloves, Marinette glanced over at Adrien who simply stared at her with excitement obviously etched on his face. What a dork.

She picked up the icing bag that her father had already set up for her and began whipping out the frosting with practiced ease. One after another, Adrien watched the icing dance onto the cupcakes into beautiful patterns. “That’s so cool,” he murmured.

Marinette snorted at this. “You’re an easily amused kitty, aren’t you?”

He grimaced a tad and ran a nervous hand through his hair. “I guess. I just don’t get to see things like this that often. Being sheltered your whole life makes the little things special, you know?”

Feeling her heart squeeze at his comment, Marinette only nodded. “I see.”

Adrien raised his hands in reassurance. “N-Not that I’m ungrateful for the life I have! It’s just that things like this are—different.”

Marinette halted her movements and glanced at him. “You never did anything like this with your parents?”

“Ah, no. Not really. My mom and I made cookies sometimes during Christmas, but that’s all I can think of. But we hadn’t done that in a long time because things just got busy.”

Gazing downward, Marinette felt her shoulders slump. “I’m really sorry about your mom, Adrien. And I’m really sorry I ruined your Christmas.”

He cocked his head a little. “What?”

“I caused that Santa to become akumatized during Christmas Eve. That was my fault. And you ran away and I was worried and…I’m sorry.”

“No. You’re wrong that’s not—ah, Marinette!” Adrien gestured at the icing bag in her hand wildly.

She gasped as she realized she had been squeezing the bag, and icing was oozing out onto the counter. “Oh, no, this is bad.”

“Just finish your job, Marinette, I’ll just go be with Alya and Nino and stop distracting you.”

“No!” They both flinched at her sudden reaction. Clearing her throat, she shook her head. “Don’t go. Let me finish, but please, don’t leave.”

He nodded with a smile. “Okay, I won’t leave you.”

Sighing, she bobbed her head and continued icing the cupcakes. She barley had enough to cover them after her little slip up, but fortunately the got the job done. As she sat the bag beside her, she jolted when Adrien was suddenly behind her.

Marinette cocked a brow at him as he reached past her and flicked a finger in the icing she had dropped onto the counter. “Can’t let it go to waste,” he said with a grin before sticking his finger in his mouth.

She shook her head. “You don’t know what’s been on that counter.”

He snorted. “I trust that your father cooks on clean countertops.”

“Yeah, well,” she scooped the last bit onto her finger and booped it onto his nose. “Try eating it now.”

Adrien gaped at her. “How dare you? That could have gone in my stomach.”

“You’re more upset about the fact that I put it on your face rather than your stomach?”

“Yes, that’s exactly what I said.”

Marinette couldn’t stifle her giggles from coming out, making Adrien smile in return. He wrapped his arms around her waist. “There we go. I don’t like it when you’re sad, my lady. My problems are mine. Don’t take the blame for them or feel responsible for me, okay?”

She couldn’t help the flush spreading across her cheeks as she nodded. “O-Okay.”

He squeezed her and tapped his nose to hers with a grin. “Good.”

If it was possible for her to get any redder, she certainly was. The blood was roaring in her ears as her heartbeat pounded in her chest. What was he doing? He wasn’t being subtle about this at all! What happened to being friends first? (Well in his defense that was the plan she and Tikki had decided on, not exactly her and Adrien—but still!)  “Um, Adrien.”


You’re really cute up close. “You just got icing on me.”

He shot away from her. “That was the plan!” he chimed as he slid towards the door.

She gaped. “You tease!”

Chapter Text


He jolted from his computer screen to face the voice that had come from his bedroom door. “Ah, yes, Nathalie?”

“Care to tell me why you vanished during lunch and didn’t tell anyone where you were going?”

Oh, right. He had done that, hadn’t he? He had been so focused on making Marinette feel better that he hadn’t considered the consequences after getting home. No one was at the door when he arrived, so he bolted straight for his room. The Gorilla never said anything, so the thought never crossed his mind again.

“Sorry, it won’t happen again. A friend of mine wasn’t feeling well, so I escorted her home, but her parents invited me to lunch. I thought it would be rude to decline the offer.” Wow. He was a good liar. Was that a good or bad thing?

“I see. Well, in the chance that something like this does happen again, please inform your bodyguard immediately. You’re lucky your father was organizing a fashion show most of the day, or else every single one of us could have been in hot water.”

Adrien bobbed his head quickly. “Yes, I know. I wasn’t thinking. I’m sorry, Nathalie, honest.” He wasn’t sorry. He was so close to kissing Marinette before chickening out. Just getting that close to her face was worth getting punished. Nope, he wasn’t sorry at all.

“Very well, I’ll let this one pass. Please, inform me on the well-being of your friend. Wouldn’t want her to turn out to be contagious and you get sick as well.”

“Right. Thank you,” he said with the biggest smile he could muster under such pressure.

Nathalie gave a curt nod before exiting his room. After her footsteps fade, he let out a huge sigh of relief. “That was close,” he murmured.

“You’re telling me! If you do stuff like that then they’ll put you under constant surveillance, and you won’t be able to sneak out as Chat Noir!”

Rolling his eyes, Adrien groaned. “Yes, thank you for reminding me, Plagg.”

The cat kwami crossed his arms stubbornly. “You can’t risk being Chat Noir for Marinette during the day! You get to see her all the time as Ladybug, what’s the difference?”

“The difference is seeing her without the mask.”

Plagg shrugged. “Okay, sneak out and then detransform with her. It’s not that hard.”

Squinting at his kwami, Adrien couldn’t help but be suspicious. “Plagg, are you encouraging me to sneak out with Marinette at night? I thought you didn’t care about love.”

“I don’t. I care about you being Chat Noir, and you can’t risk that for love.”

“Anddd… your solution is us sneaking out… at night.

Plagg scoffed at his chosen. “You’re reading way too much into this. I’m just saying don’t risk things during the day as Adrien when you can just sneak out as Chat Noir when everyone is asleep. If you keep vanishing as Adrien, they’ll get overprotective and put you on lock down. Including at night.

Letting out a sigh, Adrien crossed his arms while leaning back in his chair. “You’re right, but being around Marinette is… addicting.”


He scoffed at his kwami. “You don’t understand, Plagg, ever since I’ve found out she’s Ladybug, I can’t get Marinette out of my head. She’s beautiful, creative, talented, kind, and just—so much more. But she still gets nervous around me, and I don’t know why…”

Plagg smirked. “I understand more than you think, kid. I’m an ancient being, and it’s quite common for Ladybugs and Chat Noirs to fall in love. If Marinette is so nervous, maybe, you should look at things from her perspective.”

Sitting up in his chair, Adrien cocked a brow. “What do you mean?”

“Adrien,” Plagg stated flatly, “you’ve been madly in love and obsessed with Ladybug since the day you met her. Marinette can sense that, I’m sure. You’re probably putting pressure on her.”


“Yeah, she’s probably trying to live up to your expectations. When you were talking on the tower, didn’t she imply that? You need to make her realize that you see Marinette as Marinette, not Ladybug. That’s the way you’ll win her over.”

Adrien blinked. “Did you just—did you just give me actually decent dating advice?”

“I did nothing of the sort.”

He smiled. “Thanks, Plagg.”





The four of them sat at the library table together. There was a silence between them that Adrien couldn’t quite figure out. Glancing up at his friends, he noticed that everyone seemed to be really focused on their books. But were they really? Inching a little closer to Marinette besides him, he spoke up. “Thank you for having me over yesterday, Marinette. I’ve never really hung out at someone else’s house just for fun before.”

Suddenly, all of his friends were staring straight at him. Had he said something wrong? Looking at Marinette, he saw her brow furrow. “You’ve… never hung out at someone’s house before?”

He hummed for a second before shaking his head. “No. I mean, I had playdates with Chloe when we were little, but my father never really wanted me to leave the house, so those weren’t very often. So, other than the time that I went to your house to practice for the gaming tournament, yesterday was the only real experience I’ve had being with friends somewhere.”

Blinking in surprise, Marinette seemed to be processing his words. The gears were obviously rotating in that brain of hers. “That’s not okay! You deserve so much more than that, Adrien!” She cupped his hand with two of her own. “You are welcome to hang out with me anytime, any day. I promise, you.”

Feeling his heart swell, he beamed. “Thanks, Marinette. That means a lot to me.”

Nino reached across the table with a grin. “Yeah, dude. You and I never get to do anything with your old man hovering around. Why don’t we all try to meet up at your place? I’m sure we could entertain ourselves for hours in that stadium sized room of yours.”

Looking at her boyfriend then back to Adrien, Alya gaped. “You mean Nino hasn’t even hung out at your house before?”

Shaking his head, Nino frowned. “Nah. Adrien’s pops tends to keep him secluded. I was only there because of an akuma attack.”

Alya bounced in her seat. “Adrien! You should totally talk to your dad about having the three of us over! That way we can still hang out, but then your dad doesn’t have you worry about you sneaking off, you know?”

“Um…” Adrien looked to Marinette, who smiled and nodded in agreement. Turning to face the pair, he grinned. “Yeah, sure. I can see what I can do.”


“No, Adrien.”

Stomping his foot, Adrien felt himself turning into an ignorant child throwing a tantrum. “But, Father! Please! I’ve never had real friends before. You’ve met Nino again since my birthday and had no problem with him during the akuma attack!”

Gabriel held up a hand. “It’s not like I’ve had much of a choice in the matter. I wasn’t going to leave a child out in the wrath of an akuma.”

“Fine, but what about Marinette? You’ve—well, you haven’t met her, but I’ve been to her house before and she won your derby hat competition. Her parents own the bakery near the school, you can even go talk to them if you want!”

Pinching the bridge of his nose, his father let out a sigh. “I’ve noticed that Marinette seems to be the one you’re most persistent about as of recently. Is there something going on I should know about?”

Adrien felt himself instantly blush, pursing his lips and clenching his fists open and closed. Gulping, he glanced away nervously. “Um…”

Nathalie took that moment to chime in. “Do you have feelings for this girl, Adrien?”

“I… um…” He couldn’t answer. Not with both of them staring at him like this. It was overwhelming, making him dizzy and nauseated.

Gabriel placed his hands behind his back, chin propping up high. “Well?”

“Maybe, a little?” I’m completely and madly in love with her. Unfortunately, he couldn’t say that in front of his father, obviously. “B-But,” he held his hands up in defense. “She’s not—I mean—we’re not… um… it’s not anything like that. Right now…but…”

Cocking a brow, his father seemed surprised out how flustered his son was. “But…?”

Adrien’s hand went to the back of his neck, stroking it awkwardly. “I want us to be?”

“I see,” Gabriel said, his eyes widening.

“But, Father! Please, don’t stop me from seeing her! I promise I won’t do anything stupid. I swear to you! We’re just close friends right now. Even if you ban her from being more than that, I still just want to be around her. Please, Father. I just want to be like everyone else. To have friends and live life. I don’t want to be cooped up in this house forever,” Adrien babbled. He knew he was rambling by that point, but trying to play dubious son, but also stand his ground like he would as Chat Noir, was pretty difficult. Mixing his two mindsets together was more than he had intended it to be.

When Gabriel’s eyes hardened, his son felt himself panic again. “B-Before you say that having friend and going to school is a bad influence on me, please think of how I feel! I understand that some things in the world are dangerous and you want to protect me, but having friends like a normal teenager isn’t something you should have to protect me from.” He was out of breath from his rant. Adrien hung his head after begging and pleading his case. It probably had been a waste of time, knowing his father. But he just wanted to be able to see Marinette with his father’s consent. (And without it, but Gabriel didn’t have to know that part.)

“Actually, sir,” Nathalie spoke up, causing Adrien took glance up hopefully behind his bangs. “I have met the Dupain-Cheng’s daughter; she is a very respectable young girl. A little clumsy and shy, I’ll admit, but she does seem to appreciate Adrien’s company from my experience with her.”

Stoking his chin, Gabriel hummed and glanced at Nathalie. “Would you be willing to check in on Adrien and his friends during any occasion that they decide to come over here?”

She nodded. “Of course, sir. I think that’s a great compromise.”

Adrien’s heart pounded. There’s no way this could be real. Had he really gotten his way for once? This was insane. Glancing at his son, Gabriel gave a curt nod. “Okay, Adrien, you can have your friends over on occasion seeing that Nathalie checks in every two hours, understand?”

Frantically, Adrien bobbed his head in agreement. “Yes, Father! Anything!”

“And, Adrien?”

“Yes?” the shift in tone made his heart clench with fear. What else was there to discuss?

“If anything develops with Ms. Marinette, then I see to it that you’ll inform me immediately?”

Blinking in surprise, Adrien agreed. “Okay, but can I ask another question?”

Stern Gabriel was back as he cocked a brow. “Yes?”

Idly playing with his fingers, he glanced away nervously. “Is that permission to ask Marinette to be my girlfriend, i-if the time comes?”

“Don’t push it,” his father growled. “If the time comes that you wish to date Marinette, then I must be informed immediately. If the time comes, I want the relationship to remain private. I don’t need the press finding out you have a girlfriend, strictly for advertising standpoints. Every young lady in Paris has a crush on you, seeing you with another girl could ruin that, and also possibly, put Marinette in danger. Do you understand?”

Adrien didn’t really think of the psychotic fans that might attack Marinette because of them being together. He supposed his father was right. With a tight lipped smile, he agreed once again. “Yes, Father. I will.”

“Good. Now, Nathalie, could to see to it to find in Adrien’s schedule when would be a good day for Adrien’s friends to join him for the day?”

“Yes, sir. Right away.”

Adrien trailed behind Nathalie, happily bouncing behind her as he followed her to her office desk. Things were finally looking up. His life couldn’t get much better than this.

Well, it could. Seeing if a certain ladybug admitted to returning his feelings. But he wasn’t going to push or prod. He would continue to push the line and find out what Marinette was comfortable with and what she wasn’t. Adrien was determined to make her feel loved and appreciated just like she deserved.

He would make sure of it.

Chapter Text


Almost two weeks later, there was finally time in Adrien’s schedule for his friends to stay the night. He couldn’t believe that he actually convinced his father to let the girls stay over. Especially since his father new his feelings for Marinette. Adrien was bouncing off the walls, almost literally. He had never had friends over before. This was an entirely new experience, and he simply couldn’t wait! Of course, he was mostly excited that he was going to spend quality time with Marinette outside of a phone or superhero persona. He had a hunch that Marinette might share his feelings, and he was going to make an effort for her.

The past two weeks between them had been amazing. He was dancing around the line between being a friend and a real flirt. He knew he was guilty of it, but Marinette didn’t seem to mind. As many times as he had gotten blush to dust her cheeks, he was sure of it. Their interactions were changing… as Chat an Ladybug, they were more in sync than they had ever been. And as Adrien and Marinette, they hung out a lot more at school. They often found themselves in the library together, even without Alya and Nino accompanying them. The pair had also been texting nonstop. She was the last person he would speak to before falling asleep, and the first person he spoke to when he awoke in the morning. He knew they weren’t technically in a relationship, but it kind of felt like it. Adrien sure as hell wanted them to be soon enough. He just wanted to make sure she was in as deep as he was.

Adrien roved around his room, cleaning everything spotless. Not that his room was actually a mess, but he just wanted to make sure. The maids mostly took care of the cleaning, so it wasn’t typically his problem. Glancing over at his computer, he suddenly remembered: oh shit. His computer had tons and tons of photos of Ladybug everywhere. There was no way he would have time to delete them all. He made a mental note to keep his friends away from any files on his computer. Point, blank, and period.

The knock on his door made him nearly jump out of his skin. Plagg zoomed behind him as he stood rail-rod straight. “Y-Yes?”

Nathalie poked her head into the door. “Your friends are here, Adrien. I’m going to send them in a moment.”

Nodding stiffly, he smiled. “Thank you!" 

As Nathalie went to retrieve his friends, Plagg floated up beside him and snickered. “Lucky you… having a sleepover with your girlfriend.”

Adrien fought a blush. “She’s not my girlfriend.”


“Yet,” he agreed, “but Alya and Nino are going to be here too, so it’s not like it’s weird or anything.”

His kwami let out a scoff. “If anyone could make it weird, it’s you.”

Adrien stared at his kwami flatly. “Kay, thanks, Plagg.”

“No problem.”

His bedroom door creeked as his friends opened the door. Nino gestured for the ladies to go first, a grin plastered on his face. Alya’s eyes lit up. “Adrien! Holy shi—shmokes! This place is huge!”

Rubbing the back of his neck, Adrien gave a chuckle. “Yeah, I get that a lot.”

Alya gripped Marinette’s arm. “Girl! How are you not freaking out over this?”

A beat of panic washed over Marinette’s features. She wasn’t surprised because she had actually been in his room before on a few occasions, but Alya didn’t know that. Only he knew that. He watched her quickly gather her wits before speaking. “O-Oh, cause he’s super rich, Alya. That’s to be expected.”

Scoffing, Alya waved off Marinette’s response. “Whatever, girl. I’ve see stadiums smaller than this room.”

Nino beamed. “That’s what I said!”

“Holy—you have two dance machine games? Can we play!?” Alya bounced excitedly.

Gesturing an arm towards the games, Adrien gave a smile. “Yeah, go ahead. Be my guest.”

“Sweet!” she cheered before pulling Nino along over towards the machines with her. His friend didn’t seem to mind though. Adrien couldn’t help but feel a twinge of jealousy at the sight. He wanted Marinette to drag him around like that.

Suddenly, that’s where his attention was drawn. Marinette. She giggled at the display of her friends before turning back to him. A small smile etched across her features as she got slightly closer to him. “Are you excited?”

Adrien nodded quickly, bouncing on his toes. He couldn’t help the thrill that ran up his spine. “Completely. This is the first time I’ve done anything like this.”

Marinette reached out, her smile growing reassuringly. “Well,” she grabbed his hand in hers. “It won’t be the last.”

He sucked in a breath, holding back the blush that threatened to tinge his cheeks. Ghosting his fingers against hers and laughing slightly, he ducked his head, looking up at her through blonde bangs. “Thanks, I’ll hold you to that.”

“Of course,” she chimed. The smile she gave him was adorable. That’s the only way to describe this girl. Completely and totally adorable. He couldn’t help but just take in her beauty. She was amazing. Cocking her head, her brows knitted. “Adrien?”

Oh! Was she talking? Crap. He’d been stupidly staring at her for a moment there, hadn’t he? Oops. Blinking quickly, he came back to reality. “Ah, sorry. What were you asking?”


“Oh!” Cookies. Right. For Tikki. He had those. He nodded and pointed to the door. “Yeah, I got them. I forgot to bring them in here. I can go get them if you’d like.”

She shook her head. “No, it’s fine. I’ll go get them. Where’s the kitchen?” Right. This was Ladybug he was talking to. The most independent girl he’d ever come in contact with.

“Down the stairs to the right. Just asks the chiefs, they know where they are.”

With a nod, she headed towards with door with a short wave. “Thanks! I’ll be back!”

“So, you making goo-goo eyes at my girl, Agreste?”

Adrien reared back with a yelp. Where had Alya even come from!? Placing a hand on his chest, trying to calm his palpitating heart, he glared at her. “W-What do you mean?”

Alya snorted. “Don’t even with me. I can tell something’s been going on the past two weeks since you guys were stuck in that box together.”

Glancing around nervously, he looked to Nino for help. Nino simply glanced away, obviously too afraid to test Alya. Thanks a lot, Nino. Traitor. “I—um—we…”

“If you like her, ask her out!”

His face flushed. “W-What!? I can’t just ask her out.”

“Why not?”

“I’m not even sure if she likes me like that—for certain.”

Alya burst into laughter, leaning over and placing a hand on Nino’s shoulder to stabilize herself. “Oh, my God! How dense are you, Adrien?”

“Extremely, apparently,” he grumbled in embarrassment.

“Marinette definitely likes you like that, if not more.”

“But how are you so sure--?”

Alya pointed to herself with her thumbs, smirking. “Best friend. She tells me everything. Trust me on this one, Adrien. Marinette adores you. If you ask her out she’ll say yes. I promise.”

Adrien caved. He knew Alya probably knew best when it came to Marinette. With a sigh, he gave a small bob of his head. “Okay, but I’m waiting for the right moment at least.”

Placing a hand on her chest, Alya’s grin softened. “You’re such a romantic, aren’t you?”

Nino snorted. “Yes, he is, definitely.”

Puffing out his lip, Adrien crossed his arms. “Are you two done making fun of me now? Marinette will be back any second now.”

“Mmhmm!” Alya hummed. Reaching over, she popped a finger to his chest. “But, I’m keeping my eye on you two this evening, don’t forget it.”

So, no sneaking off as Ladybug and Chat Noir for sure then. He had kind of hoped that would be a possibility, but hanging out with Alya and Nino was fine as well. As long as Marinette was around to keep him company. Being a third wheel with those love birds was sometimes awkward. But, he was sure he and Marinette would be the same way if they ever… yeah.

Marinette peeped back into his room, her purse looking a bit fuller from where he knew she had shoved cookies in there for Tikki, while she had one cookie in her hand, munching on it. Alya sighed at her. “Girl, you and this cookie addiction. You’re going to get a cavity.”

She giggled and shook her head, waving the cookie. “Not if I brush my teeth extra after eating them.”

Nino snorted. “I’m not a dentist, but I’m not sure if it works like that.”

“Hey, I’ve been around baked sweets my entire life—not a single cavity ever,” Marinette argued while taking a big bite out of the cookie.

He elbowed Marinette lightly. “Sureee. I don’t remember your sweet tooth being as sweet as it has been recently. I’ve never seen someone throw as many cookies in their purse as you have.”

Marinette visibly stiffened before glancing at Adrien in alarm. “Ahhh… you’ve noticed that?”

“Who hasn’t, girl? You do it all the time,” Alya laughed with a wave of her hand.

Adrien chimed in to rescue her from their teasing. “A-Anyway. I’m sure there’s more treats where that came from later. What do you guys want to do?”




Well, he really had no idea his room could be so entertaining. Adrien usually loathed being cooped up in his bedroom, but with friends along with him, it made all the difference. After hours of playing the basics—DDR, foosball, Mecha Strike (which Marinette continuously kicked everyone’s ass at)—the group sat down in the space between Adrien’s couch and TV. They all circled around and munched on the snacks that Nathalie had brought them as he had promised she would.

“So, Adrien,” Alya spoke. His head perked as he gazed at her with curiosity. “You have a lot of Ladybug merch in your closet.”

Blinking, he gaped at her. “When did you go through my closet!?”

“I didn’t, but you just confirmed right now.”

Feeling the flush seep up his cheeks, he glanced away. Of course, Alya didn’t know Ladybug was sitting right next to her, but Adrien certainly knew. Marinette’s cheeks pinked a tad as she glanced away shyly. “R-Right…” he sputtered.

“You got a soft spot for the bug?” Alya teased with a grin.

Alya never made sense to him. One minute she’s practically begging him to date Marinette, now she’s teasing him about his crush on Ladybug. They were one and the same, of course, but he couldn’t let that slip. He let out a small chuckle. “You’re not the first person to ask me that… but yeah. I do—er—did?” Glancing at Marinette, who deflated a bit, he fumbled to recover. “I-I mean, I still think she’s great and everything, but I’ve just learned a little more about—someone else.”

Adrien gazed at Marinette hopefully. He wanted her to understand what she meant. It was hard to make sense of everything when Marinette happened to be the other girl he was pining after. Nothing made much sense, but he wanted to win her over. Sometimes it felt that she doubted his feelings for her. He just wanted to prove to her he loved her.

Alya gave a smirk. “Is that someone in this room?” she chimed.

Marinette’s mouth dropped agape. “Alya! You can’t ask him something like that!”

Waving his hands in front of him, Adrien brushed off the reaction. “It’s fine, Marinette, really. It’s not like you really don’t know how I feel about you.”

 An ‘o’ shape overtook her lips as she stared at him. Adrien sucked his bottom lip between his teeth nervously before rubbing the back of his head. “I don’t want to pressure you. Sorry, that came out wrong.”

Frantically, she shook her head. “N-No! I know… I know what you meant.”

He relaxed a little, giving her a small smile. For a moment there, it seemed like no one else was in the room but them. Adrien knew he couldn’t outright say it yet… especially not with Alya and Nino in the room. But he’d tell her… soon.

Nino bumped Alya lightly, obviously trying to encourage her to say something. She tried to regain the conversation before it turned into something too awkward. “Adrien, you, uh, met Ladybug before right?”

“Yes,” he said with a nod. “We mentioned that before.”

“Was she super awesome?”

“Of course! She’s great. She saved me and my father. It was amazing.”

Alya pumped her fist into the air. “That’s so cool! Ladybug saved me a few times, but not up close and personal like that. She did pop at my house during Christmas, though.”

Nino’s mouth fell open. “What!? Babe, you didn’t tell me that!”

“I didn’t? Oh, it was so sweet. She came into my house and just started rummaging through everything to find some stuff. Chat Noir was with her and she did that thing where she pulls on his tail. Those two have some serious chemistry.”

Adrien nearly choked on his cookie. Coughing, he quirked a brow. “You think so?”

“Oh, totally. I bet they’ll be dating sometime soon. You can tell Chat Noir is totally into her,” Alya beamed.

Gulping, he glanced at Marinette who had been trying to remain quiet the entire conversation, but her cheeks were certainly pinked again. “Really?”

Alya laughed out right. “Completely. He has goo-goo eyes for her every I see him.”

Oh, God. He had no idea he had been that obvious this entire time. Did Marinette know before the reveal that he liked her? Jeez, this was getting more awkward by the second. Adrien really just wanted to sink into the floor right then.




Alya and Nino were sprawled out on his bed he allowed them to have for the night. He told Marinette to take the couch, and he decided to just sleep on the floor. Of course, Marinette had protested the idea, but he certainly wasn’t going to make his lady sleep on the floor. He wouldn’t be much of a gentleman that way.

The movie played as he gazed up at the television in front of him. He could hear the faint snoring of Nino from the far end of the room. Shuffling, he glanced back to check on Marinette, only to be startled by blue eyes peering back at him.

Grimacing, she whispered. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

He gave a light chuckle and shook his head. “Nah, it’s no big deal. I just didn’t expect you to be awake.”

“I was totally staring at you like a creep. I thought you were asleep,” Marinette admitted guiltily.

Smiling, Adrien snorted. “We both know I was rolling over so I could watch you sleep. Are you really the creep here?”

She kept her giggle quiet in response. They fell silent for a moment, keeping eye contact before Marinette spoke up again. “Do you know where Plagg and Tikki have been hiding?”

“Yeah, I saw them up by my games and DVDs. They’re probably sleeping by now. Plagg’s like a grumpy old man if he stays up past twelve.”

“He must hate our patrol nights.”

“Most definitely.”

Adrien knew he was probably staring at her with a goofy grin on his face, but he just genuinely enjoyed his time with her. No one had ever made him so happy and giddy. He was aware that they would have to talk about their feelings eventually. They just seemed to be dancing around the topic right now. Clearing his throat, he drew her attention back to him. “So, um, Marinette, would you like to hang out with me tomorrow night, just the two of us?”

Cocking a brow at him, she smirked. “Wouldn’t your father feel like you’ve been spending too much time with me? Wouldn’t that require a body guard hovering over us?”

“…I didn’t say our parents had to know.”

Her mouth popped open. “Oh, so you mean as Ladybug and Chat Noir.”

Humming, he twitched his mouth. “I didn’t say that either.”

She snorted at him. “Agreste, what do you want from me?”

“Maybe… we could sneak out as Ladybug and Chat Noir… but meet up somewhere as Marinette and Adrien?”

“Adrien, are you asking me out on a secret date?”

“…If you want it to be a secret date then I most certainly am.”

She beamed, her freckles shining in the moonlight. “I accept.”


He was about to roll back over to watch the film, mostly because he was having a difficult time containing himself and he didn’t want to grin at her like an idiot. But a quiet whimper from her made him second guess that idea.

“Um… Adrien?”

“Yes, my lady?”

“Will you come up here with me?”

He knew his face had flushed in record time. Sputtering, he sat up to gape at her. “A-Are you sure?”

Glancing away, Marinette nodded shyly. “Yeah… I want you to.”

Adrien grabbed his blankets from the floor and sat down on the couch next to her. Neither of them had… cuddled before? He wound the blanket around his shoulders before opening his arms to her. Marinette crawled into his lap, resting her head on his chest. He wrapped his arms around her waist, covering her in the blanket as he did so.

Marinette let out a hum. “I can hear your heartbeat,” she murmured, before nuzzling into his collarbone.

His entire body felt like it was going to combust. Adrien nosed her hair, trying to keep himself from doing anything stupid. However, he did anyway, and placed a small peck to the top of her head. Cuddling was something he could definitely get used to. He wasn’t sure when he actually fell asleep, but it was the most comfortable sleep he’d had since his mother disappeared.

Thankfully, Alya and Nino rudely awoke them before his father could catch them the next morning.

Chapter Text

“You slept in his arms, Marinette! It was the most adorable thing I have ever seen in my entire life,” Alya cooed from the chaise.

Marinette fumbled through her closet, peaking out at Alya with a deadpan expression. “Would you stop? I had a moment of weakness.”

Her best friend gave a smirk and leaned back on her palms. “A moment of weakness, huh? Adrien seemed more than willing to oblige,” she teased with a waggle of her eyebrows.

“We were both half asleep—r-really. We weren’t thinking.”

“Bull and shit, Marinette. You were both fully aware of your little cuddle session,” Alya paused, her eyes gleaming mischievously. “You two didn’t do more than cuddle, right? You would tell me, wouldn’t you?”

Marinette’s face flushed, mouth falling agape. She was almost in disbelief that such a question was asked, but it was Alya and she teased relentlessly. “No! I laid down on him and fell asleep. That’s it. There’s nothing to tell.”

“You would tell me though?”

With a sigh, Marinette nodded. “Of course, I would.”

Alya crossed her legs, leaning her elbow onto one and resting her chin on her palm. The smirk that etched itself back on her features was just asking for trouble. “So, on this secret date if you two kiss, you’ll tell me, right?”

Raising a finger to her mouth, she hushed her. “Don’t say that so loud. My parents might hear you.”

“Look at my baby growing up and sneaking out to be with the love of her life.”

“I don’t know if Adrien is the love of my life yet,” she grumbled as she went back to rummaging through her clothes.

Alya’s face flattened. “Yeah, sure. Where’s the girl who wanted to have three children with this boy and a hamster?”

Holding a shirt up and looking into the mirror, Marinette continued to search for an outfit for the evening. “She learned more about him.”

“And what? You didn’t like what you learned?”

Sighing, she threw the top down to join the rest of the clothes in her pile. “No, it’s not that. It just took me by surprise is all. The Adrien I had built up in my head wasn’t the real him.”

Alya hummed, cocking her head. “I’m not so sure about that. You knew a lot about him, but everyone has their secrets. It’s not that you didn’t know Adrien, you just learned more.”

Marinette picked up a frilly pink and white polka-dotted top she had made with leftover fabric. As she modeled the shirt, she thought carefully about what her best friend had said. She couldn’t argue with what she had said in any way. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“That one. You should totally wear that one.”

She held it up in front of herself and stared in her mirror, uncertainty clear in her face. “Are you sure?” The last thing Marinette wanted to do was over dress or look dumb in front of Adrien. He was finally making a move, she didn’t want to screw it up.

Alya beamed with a quick nod. “Definitely. That one is totally you.”

Huh. She had a point there. Pulling the shirt off the hanger, Marinette gave a grin. “Alright, I’ll do it.”




Marinette sat upon Notre Dame adorning her spots, pondering what her evening would be like. She knew Adrien would be there any moment. Excitement bubbled in the pit of her stomach. She’s never been on a date before. This wasn’t just any date either—it was with Adrien of all people.

“You’re here early.”

Marinette spun around to face the voice behind her, already knowing who it was. Smiling, she gave a shrug. “I got a little excited and couldn’t stay home. I was too antsy. You’re early too.”

Chat gave a shrug. “What can I say? I got a little excited too.”

Standing up, Marinette brushed off her suit. “Well, is it too early to start our evening out? Do we need to stay here for a bit?”

With a grin, Chat shook his head. “Nope, any time is good. I just wanted it to be dark so my father wouldn’t come check on me.”

“Do you have an early bedtime, monsieur model?”

Rubbing the back of his head, he nodded with a nervous chuckle. “You could say that.”

“Your father is super strict, huh?” Marinette asked, brows furrowing. She knew he had a tough time at home, just not that tough.

“He is… but he’s been lightening up here lately. Maybe there’s a chance he’ll let me go out more soon?” He chimed, ears twitching as he spoke.

She let out a snort. “I’ll believe it when I see it.”

With a chuckle, Chat nodded in agreement. “Yeah, me too.”

The two fell into a small silence for a moment, neither quite sure of what to say. Chat then held out a clawed hand with a smile. “Well, shall we go madam?”

Marinette gazed at him, taking his outstretched hand. She hadn’t really noticed how he was just as handsome as Chat Noir until now. God, he was adorable. Cutest human award goes to Adrien Agreste, most definitely. She couldn’t help but gaze at their intertwined fingers as the pair cascaded down the building together. Once in a well-hidden spot, both dropped their transformations.

Immediately, Marinette was watching Adrien bicker with his kwami, amusement clear on her face. Tikki perched on her shoulder, snickering at the exchange of Plagg nagging his chosen for food.

“Ugh, Plagg, you’re such a pig. Let me have some time for once,” he grouched as he handed the smelly cheese to his kwami.

Taking Tikki from her shoulder, Marinette placed her in her purse with tiny cookies already in there for her. After satisfying Plagg, Adrien convinced him to back into his over shirt.

Adrien was in his usual t-shirt with an over shirt and jeans attire; however, he had on a pair of glasses and a beanie covering most of his blonde locks. When she eyed him curiously, he rubbed the back of his neck. “I didn’t want to be too easily recognized… but I see that you dressed up for me, my lady.”

Smiling, Marinette blushed and looked down at her pink and white polka dotted blouse. “Not too much, I hope?”

“No, no!” Adrien shook his head quickly, a faint tint of pink burning his cheeks. “You… You look really cute, Marinette.”

She giggled at his compliment. “Thank you.”

Holding an elbow out to her, Adrien smiled at her. “Shall we, my lady?”

Marinette wrapped her arm around his, holding his bicep in her hand. She tried to not focus on the feeling his muscles under her fingertips. Now was certainly not the time for such perverse thoughts. She blindly walked with him, letting him guide her in whatever direction they were heading. Marinette could tell her kitty had obviously had the evening planned out.

The pair engaged in timid small talk as they strode through the streets of Paris. While it could be dangerous for two young teens to be wandering around at such an hour, they both knew that they were strong enough to fend off any threat that came their way. As they walked, Marinette noticed how wonderfully bright the lights were as they shined off his blonde hair and gorgeous emerald eyes. The boy beside her was certainly a sight to behold. Marinette realized she had lost herself in his appearance, accidently abandoning their conversation. 

“You’re not going to give me any clue as to where we’re going?” she chimed curiously, knowing he probably wouldn’t tell her.

Shaking his head, Adrien grinned. “Nope. We’re almost there. I’m sure you’ll appreciate at it.”

With a laugh, Marinette bumped him with her hip. “If it was so far away, why didn’t we just go as Ladybug and Chat Noir?”

“Because then…” he placed a hand over hers that rest on his arm. “I couldn’t be close to you like this.”

Eyes widening, Marinette felt her heart swell. A twinge of pink kissed her cheeks as she glanced away from him shyly. “That’s… a good reason, I guess.”

“I happen to enjoy your company,” he replied smoothly.

Marinette couldn’t help it. She didn’t stop herself from leaning onto his arm she was wrapped around. She sighed. “I enjoy your company too, kitty.”

Adrien gave a small chuckle at that, leaning his head down to touch hers for a brief moment. When he stopped in his tracks, he had to help Marinette not trip over her feet from the abrupt action. Holding a hand up, he gestured to the brightly lit building in front of them. “Here we are!”

Upon seeing the items inside of the building through the large windows, Marinette squealed, releasing Adrien and running to press her forehead to the glass. Games, games, and more games: an arcade. Glancing back at him with disbelief, Marinette couldn’t contain her excitement. “Are you serious!? This place is amazing! I’ve always wanted to come here. I’ve just heard it’s really expensive, so I’ve never tried.”

“Well,” Adrien pulled out his wallet from his pocket, wagging it in the air. “This place stays open until 2:00, and my father’s given me plenty of emergency money.”

Laughing, Marinette turned and leaned her back against the window. “I don’t think this is what your father constitutes as an emergency.”

“Eh,” he gave a shrug of one shoulder. “What he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, right?”

Marinette smirked. “What a naughty kitten you are.”

“What can I say?” Adrien grinned lifting his arms in an uncaring gesture. Quickly, he strode towards her and grabbed her arm. “So, let’s not waste another second!”

The pair entered the arcade; the establishment bustled with teenagers who were also probably out past their curfews. Marinette had heard this place was best to go at night for students her age, considering in the daylight hours it was mostly swarmed with children. The last thing Marinette wanted to imagine was running into Manon while on a date with Adrien.

Bouncing on her toes, Marinette couldn’t contain herself as Adrien places euros into the machine to earn them their tokens. When he spun around on his heal to face her, he couldn’t help but be tickled at her antics. Placing the coins her hands, Adrien gestured to the multitude of machines around them. “So, what first?”

Marinette chewed on her lip as she hummed, contemplating their first action. “Well, we can’t play any dancing games. You’d have an unfair advantage since you have some in your room.”

Adrien chuckled. “Sure. Why do I take it you’re going to try to pummel me at every game we play?”

“Because that is absolutely correct.”

“I should’ve known letting out your competitive side would come with a price,” he snorted.

Marinette smirked, leaning up and booping him on the nose. “A lesson learned the hard way, kitten.”

He went cross eyed while staring at her finger, earning a giggle from Marinette. Adrien knew he was a sucker for that laugh. Drawing it out of her at any moment he could. She grabbed his wrist and pulled him towards the basketball hoop games. Cocking a brow at her, Adrien was curious at her choice. “This isn’t really a two player game.”

“No, but highest score wins? Don’t tell me you’re good at this sport too.”

Beaming, Adrien puffed out his chest. “I’m good at every sport, my lady.”

“I guess we’ll see if your shooting is as good as your fencing,” Marinette challenged with a smirk. She plopped the needed number of coins into his hand. The pair lined up the coins to shove them in at the same time. “Ready… one… two… three!”

The balls came rolling towards the respective player rapidly. With swift speed, Marinette began grabbing basketballs and tossing them towards the net, Adrien doing the same beside her. She was taken aback by Adrien easily picking up each ball, flicking it into the hoop with perfect form every time. What!? He couldn’t beat her! No way! Marinette erratically chunked balls at the hoop, but that seemed to only make her aim even worse.

Their games simultaneously buzzed, blinking the final scores. Adrien’s score was ten points higher than her own. Crossing her arms, she pouted, glowering at him. With a snicker, Adrien leaned against the machine, one leg crossing over the other. What a cocky posture! He was enjoying his win far too much.

“Hey, Bugaboo, did you forget that I have a basketball court in my room too?”

Yes. She had. Marinette gaped before smacking her forehead at her idiotic mistake. She picked a game that was right up his alley… And he’d let her!! Wallowing in her lose, she glared at him. “You set me up to lose that.”

Beaming, Adrien waggled a finger at her. “No, no. You picked the game. I just didn’t correct you.”

Sticking her tongue out at him, she blew a raspberry. “You ass. You just wanted to win.”

Adrien’s eyebrows shot up as he placed a hand over his chest in mock offense. “Marinette! Such language! I’m scandalized, really.”

“You know I’m right. You’re just as competitive as I am!” she accused, pointing a finger at him.

He couldn’t help but snort loudly at her before laughing. “Of course! I wouldn’t be a competitive fencer if not.”

Dammit. He was right. Marinette felt her cheeks burn at his statement. Tossing her nose in the air, she harrumphed, trying her best to ignore him. Suddenly, a hand was squeezing her shoulder and Marinette opened her eyes to meet his own. “I’m just teasing, my lady. You put up a very good fight.”

Of course he would say something sweet like that after bruising her ego. While she kept her pout, she tried to resist the smile threatening to spread across her cheeks. The action didn’t go unnoticed by Adrien, however. Glancing at him, she sighed. “I guess, I can forgive you this once.”

“Thank you, Mari. I’m thankful for your humbleness.”

Playfully pushing his shoulder, Marinette let out a laugh. “Oh, stop it you.” It was then Marinette caught something in her eyesight. An Ultimate Mecha Strike III game. The grin that formed on her lips couldn’t be anything other than sinister. “I know, kitty, how about that one?” She chided, pointing at the machine behind Adrien.

He turned, seeing the machine she was referring to. Whipping his head back to her, Adrien eyed her. “Oh, I see how it is. You’re so on.”

Laughing, the pair raced over towards the Mecha Strike machine, batting each other out of the way all the while. When they neared the machine, two bodies appeared seemingly out of nowhere. Marinette bumped face first into the chest one of the strangers. Flailing, she tripped backwards over her feet. Adrien caught her with practiced ease and placed both hands on her shoulders, hugging her to him protectively.

Squinting ominously, Adrien frowned. “Can we help you?”

Marinette took in the sight of the two teenage boys in front of her. Both looked equally smug and nothing but trouble. She felt safer with Adrien behind her, but she couldn’t shake the anxious feelings building in her gut. The boys seemed familiar. She certainly knew them from somewhere.

The brunette haired teen crossed his arms, smirking. “Yeah, by taking your asses to another game. We’ve called this one for the night.”

Scoffing, Marinette shook her head. “That’s ridiculous. There are two games, both two players. You don’t need to hog both.”

The boy who previously spoke looked her up and down before nudging his punk friend beside him. “Hey, Jean, we know her. It’s that girl from Françoise Dupont that beat us at the Mecha Strike tournament.”

So, that was how they looked familiar. Marinette went to speak, but Adrien beat her to it. “Yes, she and Max won the tournament. She’s the best at this game I’ve ever seen. I’ve never beaten her.”

The blonde one, Jean, apparently, gave a snort. “Whatever. It was just a fluke. Girls aren’t good at videos games.”

“What!?” Marinette gaped.

Squeezing her shoulders, Adrien discreetly tried to cool her down. “Come on now. We’re in the twenty first century. That stigma is a little old now, isn’t it?”

The two thugs laughed, and Marinette found herself buzzing with anger. Obviously, the two hadn’t taken Adrien’s comment too seriously. Clenching her fist, she puffed her chest up proudly. “Then how about a rematch?”

Jean blinked at her. “Um, what?”

“A rematch. We play you in doubles on the machines. Whoever wins gets the games for the rest of the night,” she chimed with a smirk.

The brunette shook his head. “I don’t know about that.”

Adrien snickered. “Oh? Backing out already? What happened to all that tough guy talk just a moment ago? If anything, you shouldn’t be worried, right? Girls aren’t good at video games.”

Jean’s cockiness suddenly returned when his ego was threatened. How predictable. “Whatever! We can take you, right Louis?”

“Yeah! Let’s go. We’ll show you two who’s boss.”

Marinette glanced up at Adrien behind her with a flat stare. He did his best to hold back his laughter at the expression, but couldn’t help the small snort that left his lips. As they took their places at the control pads, Adrien looked over her shoulder past her left side. Grabbing her wrist, he gently tugged her towards him. Marinette could feel her cheeks heating at the contact.

“Why don’t you play on this side?” he murmured in her ear.

Marinette glanced back at the boys before turning back to Adrien. The worry in his eyes was apparent. He certainly wanted to get between her and them. He really was the sweetest boy she had ever met. Nodding, she switched places with him, taking the controls on the opposite side.

Pushing the coins into the slots, the game sang a little 8-bit tune as they selected the multiplayer option. As the selected characters, Marinette glanced at Adrien who gave her a reassuring smile. She wasn’t nervous about playing these guys. She’d never lost a game. But her pride was riding on this, and she couldn’t let Adrien down by getting nervous. They’d played together before… it was easy. No problem.

The names popped up on the board, the screen split with a VS in the middle. START popped up on the screen, and they were off to the races, so to speak. Marinette immediately started hitting the pair with combos and hard-hitting attacks. Adrien would hit the other characters with blasts as Marinette’s character recharged from any hits. Ironically, it was similar to the way they worked as their superhero personas. Marinette taking the lead with Adrien as her back up. As her fingers moved quickly across the buttons, Marinette licked her lips in concentration. She noticed Adrien occasionally glancing over at her, but she decided to ignore the action and focus on beating these two hoodlums. Her character shot across the screen, hitting both characters making them explode. GAME OVER pops up on the screen.

The female computer voice speaks as the rankings change. “Marinette and Adrien take the lead.”

Cheering, Marinette bouncing up and down on her toes as she turns to Adrien. She and Adrien share a double high five. Her excitement overtaking, she points at the screen with both hands. “Ha! Winning Marinette-style! Boo-ya!”

Adrien laughs at her antics before throwing an arm over her shoulder, turning them to face the boys beside them. He smiles politely with a nod. “Good game, you guys.”

Marinette grins, her pride swelling. She’s trying to be a good sport. Gloating would be the wrong thing to do since Adrien was being so nice to them. It almost didn’t stop her, but she kept her self-control.

The two boys glower at them. Jean waves a hand, brushing them off. “Yeah, whatever. Must’ve been rigged or something.”

Gaping, Marinette feels herself bristle up. “Excuse me?”

Adrien squeezed her to him. “I can assure you, it’s all her. She’s just amazing,” he says with a shrug. “I’m afraid we can’t all be as talented as her.”

“I knew it was stupid playing you anyway,” Louis sneered with a roll of his eyes.  “Let’s go, Jean.”

The two punks walk away from the machines, heads hung in shame. Waiting for the pair to retreat, Marinette kept her smugness to herself until they were out of sight. She turned to Adrien, a devilish grin spreading across her lips. “We showed them. No one beats the dream team.”

Barking out a laugh, Adrien gestured to the machine. “Want to beat me?”

Giggling, Marinette nodded. “Of course!”




After a few more hours of playing arcade games, the two found themselves transformed and sitting on the look-out deck of the Eiffel Tower. It was brightly lit, shining throughout Paris. Chat sat next to her, their closeness making her want to cuddle up to him. This was supposed to be a date… but Marinette found herself unable to make the first move.

“I can’t believe we stayed there until it closed,” Chat laughed as he crossed a leg over the other.

Shrugging, Marinette grinned. “I have an addiction to games.”

“It’s okay,” Chat reassured with a smile. “I had a lot of fun with you.”

Her eyes widened a bit, a blush kissing her cheeks. Glancing away from him shyly, she nodded. “Yeah. I had fun with you too.”

“My favorite part was beating those guys. ‘Girls can’t play video games,’ sure,” he said with a snort.

Marinette could feel her feathers getting ruffled again at the thought of those boys. “Ugh! I know! Ridiculous. I’m glad we beat them!”

“I know, you were so focused.”

“It was important.”

Humming, Chat gazed at her, eyes soft as he did so. He leaned back on his hands. “You know, you’re really cute when you focus like that. You stick your tongue out… it’s pretty adorable.”

Her jaw dropped, the small blush spread across her cheeks, flushing darker. Smacking him on the arm, she turned away from him. “Adrien! You can’t just say things like that!”

“Ow! My lady! Such abuse!” He cried while rubbing the now sore spot on his arm. Marinette let out a groan, hugging her knees to her chest. Chat cocked his head at her, concern growing in his eyes. “Does it bother you when I compliment you?”

Squeezing her arms around her knees tighter, she shook her head. “No… I’m just not used to it, I guess. You’ve always been flirty as Chat, but now that I know you’re—well—you it’s different.”

Chat tilted his head, confused. “How so?”

“It… just is?”

He laughed. “You know I need a better explanation than that, my lady.”

Marinette couldn’t help the small smile that twitched to her lips. “I can’t tell you without spilling my guts out to you. When did this date become sharing time?”

“Sharing time is caring time?” Chat joked with a shrug.

“Stoppp,” she murmured.

“I’ll share first then you can share?”

Hm. Now, that was an interesting thought. She’d always been concerned about Adrien’s well-being. If this was her chance to really know how he felt, then it was a great opportunity to take. If they really did like each other, then they did need to know each other well, didn’t they?

Nodding, Marinette agreed. “Okay, I’ll take you up on that offer.”

Leaning forward on his hands, Chat scooted closer to her. “Alright, what do you want to know?”

Marinette tapped her chin as she thought. There was a lot she wanted to know about Adrien, but she wasn’t sure how to approach it. Maybe, she should start off where she was most curious—aside for how he felt about her, of course. Giving him a sideways glance, she stared carefully. “What about… your dad?”

“Ouch,” he flinched with a grimace. “Starting out heavy, huh?”

Placing a hand on his shoulder, Marinette tried to retract quickly. “You—You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to! Just after what you said earlier, I’m worried for you.”

He took her hand from his shoulder, caressing it in his own. “Hey, I’m not upset that you asked. It’s just an intense topic. Are you okay with that?”

Marinette nodded cautiously. She really did want to know if his home life was okay. From the few times she had seen Gabriel, he was very hard on Adrien. He tended to keep him trapped away from the world. She felt so bad for him.

With a sigh, Chat began. “Well, ever since my mother disappeared, he hasn’t really been the same. He’s always been strict, but never as strict as he has been as of lately. He’s always tried to protect me from the world, but not to the point of trapping me like now. I used to go to the hotel with Chloe all of the time. Mother hasn’t been gone that long, but he’s certainly changed in that short amount of time. I’m honestly surprised he allowed you guys to come over yesterday. It was a first for him. He’s never even let Chloe stay over.”

Wow. That was surprising. Marinette’s brows shot up from behind her mask. “Really? So, that was your first sleepover ever?”

“Yeah, it was. And I had a lot of fun!” Blushing, he glanced away, before shyly looking back at her. “I liked waking up with you in my arms too…”

Marinette let out a squeak, cheeks flushing again. “M-Me too! Er, not with you in my arms, b-but waking up in your arms. Th-That was nice, I mean.”

“We should do that again sometime.”

Nodding frantically, Marinette let out a pitiful whine. “Yep! We should. Let’s do that. Sounds nice. Mmhm.”

Laughing at her nervousness, Chat squeezed her hand. “Calm down, it’s just me.”

“That’s exactly why it’s nerve-wracking! It’s you! Adrien Agreste!” she threw her arms out to gesture to him. “Saying he wants to snuggle with me! It’s crazy!” She tugged on her pigtails with a squeal.


“B-Because! You’re a model! A famous model! W-Who would think you’d like me? I’m not famous or popular like Chloe is,” Marinette spouted. She knew it was all bullcrap. But, she was omitting the part about her having a crush on him.

Chat stuck out his tongue. “Bleh. You don’t like I’d actually like Chloe, do you? We’re friends, but Chloe isn’t my type. Also, we’ve known each other so long, she’s more like a sister to me than anything else.”

Hunching her shoulders, she nodded. “I guess that makes sense.”

“You’re just saying all this because you think I’m cute~” he teased.

Glaring at him, she pouted, crossing her leg over the other as she harrumphed. “You’re bringing that up again?”

“Of course,” he placed a hand on his chest. “Knowing that my lady thinks I’m cute makes my heart swell with joy.”

“Oh? And why is that?”

Chuckling nervously, Chat rubbed the back of his neck. “Um, I think my sharing time is over. It’s your turn.”

She gaped. “What! Adrien that’s not fair.”

Wagging a finger at her, he smirked. “My lady doth protest too much. You first… then maybe I’ll elaborate?”

Crossing her arms, Marinette frowned at him. “Fine. What do you want to know?”

Chat went silent for a moment, his eyes serious with a meaningful glint in them. He seemed to be gathering his courage before he spoke. “Why were you so afraid of me knowing you were Ladybug?”

She felt herself deflate. “Oh,” she murmured. What was she going to tell him? She was afraid of being the Ladybug he hadn’t thought she was. Of course, she knows now that she was wrong for worrying over such a silly thing. Sighing, she spoke. “I didn’t want to be Ladybug at first. I thought I wasn’t good enough. When I failed and forgot to purify the akuma the first time, I didn’t think I was cut out for the job. I assumed that I would just keep messing up. I actually tried to give the earrings to Alya,” she said with a small chuckle. “But when Stoneheart captured you, I knew I had to help you. Alya was in danger too. I couldn’t stand by and do nothing. So, I took the earrings and decided to be Ladybug permanently. I was still scared, mind you. For the first few fights I was clumsy still, but I knew that I had you by my side, so it made everything easier.”

 Intertwining his fingers with her own, Chat gazed into her eyes with a smile. “You shouldn’t doubt how amazing you are. You have gained so much self-confidence since I met you… don’t let something like that all go away because you’re nervous about me.” She heard him gulp. “Why are you nervous around me, Marinette?”

Her breath hitched in her throat. She was certain he actually knew why, but the thought of admitting it out loud terrified her. Lowering her head, she rubbed her thumb against the back of his palm. “I think you know why…

With his free hand, Chat reached up and cupped her cheek. “I want to hear you say it, my lady.”

His thumb brushed across the skin under her eye. Marinette felt a whirling in the pit of her stomach. Heart pounding as she searched his eyes. She didn’t know when she had leaned closer to him. Forehead pressing to his, she closed her eyes. Maybe she wasn’t ready to say it out loud to him, but she could show him how much she cared for him. Nuzzling Chat’s cheek, her eyes met his. There was a gentle smile caressing his features. Glancing down at his lips and back up, she knew what she wanted. The action was obviously noted by her partner.

Chat released her hand, bringing his other gloved hand to hold her face as he leaned in. Breath mingling together, Marinette’s blood roared in her ears. Her entire body was on fire as his lips lightly brushed hers.

A scream from the city sent them flying apart.

Holding a hand to her chest, Marinette huffed as she tried to regain her senses. She looked over to see Chat in a similar position. Does Hawkmoth ever sleep!? It felt as if cold water had just been splashed over her.

They… They almost kissed! Adrien Agreste almost kissed her!

“D-Duty calls, I guess.”

Throwing her yo-yo, Marinette swung towards the sound of the desperate cries for help.

That was certainly the most awkward akuma battle she had ever been a part of…

Chapter Text

Nothing was right. The entire world seemed to be off kilter. Every move they made was out of sync. Each time Chat went to say something; her eyes went straight to his lips. There was blushing every time he made just a hint of eye contact with her. Marinette decided that it had been a miracle that the akuma was purified at all.

Out of habit, the pair shared their traditional fist pound. The action caused Marinette to pause, gaping and staring at him. Just touching him had sent sparks up her spine. Laughing nervously, she tugged on one of her pigtails. “U-Uh. Yeah. So. That was…um… good work.”

Blinking, Chat ruffled a hand through his hair, a blush creeping onto his cheeks. “Y-Yeah! You too.”

“I’ll… see you at school?”

He nodded frantically. “Yeah. School. We’ll see each other there.”


“My lady, I…” Chat began, chewing his lip anxiously as he glanced away before making brief, shy eye contact with her. “I had a good time with you.”

Though her heart was pounding so loud she was sure most of Paris could hear it, Marinette smiled anyway. “Me too,” she sighed.

Both fell silent for a moment, the air hanging awkwardly between them. Fidgeting slightly, she felt slightly uncomfortable under Chat’s unsure yet loving gaze. Marinette held up a hand, giving a weary wave. “W-Well, bye!” she squeaked before slinging her yo-yo and taking off to the nearest roof.

That date certainly hadn’t gone as she has expected.


“What!? Are you kidding me!?”

Marinette grimaced as Alya paced around the former’s room in absolute frustration. Giving a weak nod, Marinette replied. “I know. It’s bad, right?”

“You’re telling me that you two almost kissed, then the akuma attacked so you ran off without thinking!? Marinette! He could’ve tried to protect you, or, or, I don’t know! But not that! Girl, are you dense?” Alya groaned as she flopped into the computer chair.

“Alya… it gets worse.”

Alya glared, eyes squinting. “How could it get worse?”

“I found him after the attack and could barely talk to him. I got so nervous after almost kissing him. He told me he had a good time, and I just agreed and blushed and left!” Marinette let out a whine before collapsing onto the chaise. Moaning to the fabric, she sniffled. “I’m so stupid, Alya! I messed everything up!”

Alya surged from her seat, sitting next to Marinette and rubbing her on the back. “No, Marinette, you’re not stupid. Clueless? Yes. But stupid, no. You can fix this. We just have to put our heads together.”

“Alya,” Marinette sat up to face her. “I finally just gathered up the courage to talk to Adrien like a normal human! Now, I’m back to square one!”

Humming, Alya tapped her chin. “If he almost kissed you, then you realize that he feels the same way, right? I’m sure he’s hung up over it too. All you have to do is talk to him… and kiss him too if you want to.”

“I can’t even look at him,” she pouted.

“We’ll fix it, M, we’ll fix it.”

“But how!?” Marinette cried, throwing her arms out in front of her. She really felt like she blew it this time. Adrien’s going to know how she feels about him now, but they hadn’t talked it through. They hadn’t confessed any feelings for each other, though they were both aware of it. Marinette felt her cheeks burn at the thought.

“Just trust me,” Alya crossed her arms with a smirk. “I’ve got your back on this one.”

Somehow, that didn’t make Marinette feel any better.


Waking up the next morning, Marinette felt a sense of dread wash over her. School. She had to go to school and see Adrien. Her not-exactly boyfriend. She wanted him to be her boyfriend, and he knew she wanted him to be her boyfriend. They literally touched lips without actually kissing. Marinette’s stomach churned, bile burning in her throat at the thought of having to face him.

She hadn’t realized finding out Adrien was Chat Noir wasn’t as hard as she thought. Instead, dancing around their feelings for each other was much more difficult. What were their boundaries? Could she just grab his face, pull him in, and kiss him square on the mouth with no qualms about it? Would he be okay with that? Would he kiss her back? Marinette squeaked at that thought as she squeezed the covers in her hand.

Finally, she climbed out of her bed after overthinking the entire world for at least five minutes. Tikki floated up next to her, offering a comforting smile. “Everything will be okay, Marinette.”

Smiling sadly back at her kwami, Marinette tried to agree. “I hope so, Tikki. I just don’t know how to go about this. I’ve had crushes on boys before, but never anything like this.”

“Well, you know Adrien feels the same way you do, you wouldn’t have had such a good time together if not,” the kwami chimed as she perched on her chosen’s shoulder.

With a sigh, Marinette nodded. “If you’re talking about us almost kissing, then yes, I know. It doesn’t make me feel less awkward.” She let out a groan before burying her face in her palms. “Oh no, I’m going to be a blushing mess when I see him today.”

Tikki hummed, placing a paw to her chin in thought. “Don’t you think Adrien knows you well enough to know that? He’ll do his best to make you comfortable, for sure.”

“Have you seen Adrien interact with girls he thinks are pretty? If there’s no Chat Noir mask, then he bumbles almost as much as I do.”

“Except he can make full sentences.”

Glowering at her kwami, Marinette puffed out her lip. “Tikki!”

Tikki grinned with a shrug. “What? Remember all you used to say in front of Adrien was garbling?”

Waving her off, Marinette frowned. “Yeah, yeah…”

“You can do it, Marinette!”

She sighed, glancing down at her phone, seeing at her last text to Adrien a few days ago. He’d sent her a few cat pictures since then, but she hadn’t responded. It was selfish of her to ignore him, but what could she do? She couldn’t pretend nothing had happened at all. Marinette picked up her backpack and motioned for Tikki as she popped open his purse. “Let’s go…”


The scenario Marinette had planned for: Going to class with Alya and putting on a pleasant face to Adrien when she walked into the classroom.

The scenario Marinette hadn’t planned for: Seeing Adrien standing right outside the school with Alya and Nino when she arrived.

Of course, in her life, the scenario had been the latter.

Adrien smiled shyly at her, rubbing the back of his neck with a small wave. “H-Hey, Marinette.” There was a tinge of pink kissing his cheeks.

“H-Hi…” Marinette replied returning a tiny wave with her fingers.

She could see immediately that he was just as nervous as she. Clenching and unclenching his palms, the boy was stiff in front of her. Adrien cleared his throat as he glanced away from her. “I… We haven’t really talked since…”

Nodding furiously, Marinette squeaked. “Yes, I know. We will. I promise. I just…” she trailed off, glancing down at her pink, slippered shoes.

He laughed, uneasiness clear in the tone. “It’s… fine, Marinette, really. I shouldn’t have overstepped. I’m sorry.”

“No! It’s nothing like that!” she argued, waving her hands quickly in front of her.

Adrien gaped at her, mouth forming a small ‘o’ of surprise. “I-I thought…”

“We’ll talk later, okay?” Marinette sputtered before grabbing Alya by the arm and pulling her along with her. Her heart pounded feverishly in her chest. There was only so much of this she could take.

When the two reached their lockers, Marinette banged her forehead against the metal. “I’m so stupid!”

“Hey…” Alya cooed as she patted her friend on the shoulder, “We agreed you aren’t stupid, just clueless.”

“Alya, I got so scared! I freaked out! There were so many people looking at us, and the atmosphere was so awkward! This is all my fault,” she groaned as she slid her back down the locker.

Rolling her eyes, Alya crouched down in front of her. “Hey, look, we’ll fix it, alright? You and I will go meet up at the park for lunch, and the two of us will come up with a plan of action, sound good?”

With a nod, Marinette smiled and hugged her friend. “Yes! Alya, you’re the best!”

“Of course, girl. I’ve got your back.”

After a few moments of Marinette rummaging through her locker, she finally gathered enough courage to make her way into the classroom. Adrien was already sitting there with Nino in tow. The former patted his back as the blond seemed to be deflated from the whole situation.

There was a pang of guilt as Marinette saw the distraught expression on his face. That was her fault. She had caused that. If only she wasn’t so afraid to just tell him how she felt. They both knew it, yet they continued to dance around the subject as much as possible… which was, once again, her doing.

She wanted to be with him… And to do that, it was time to step up and do what she had to. The question was: how? Would he be mad at her for the way she’s acted the past few days? Marinette wouldn’t blame him if he was upset with her. It wasn’t his fault that she didn’t know how to deal with her emotions.

As Marinette walked past his seat, she gulped in a breath. She reached over, placing a hand on his shoulder. He flinched and gazed at her, a shocked expression etched across his features. She simply gave him a sad smile, letting her fingertips linger against him as she made her way to her spot next to Alya. Adrien watched her, lips twitching slightly as the frown on his face dissipated.

That was a start at least. Giving him a bit of reassurance should make him feel less down. All she wanted was for the two of them to be happy. Happy together as a couple ideally. Adrien was probably waiting on her to get comfortable, so she had to let him know that she was. She trusted him.

Alya leaned over, whispering to Nino who nodded at whatever she was saying. When her friend sat back up, Marinette sent Alya a questioning stare, to which the latter just brushed her off, much to Marinette’s discretion.


Class droned on and on… All Marinette wanted to do was be free of this place and go to the park with Alya. She always had good advice on how to handle situations with Adrien. She would know what to do.

The bell rang, and as the students began to leave class, Nino stopped Adrien to speak with him it seemed. Marinette furrowed her brow slightly, wondering what that was about, but shrugged it off and continued to leave with Alya.

“Oh shoot!” Alya yelped as she gazed down at her phone. “I have to run to my house and drop something off for my mom, you’ll have to head to the park without me.”

Tilting her head, Marinette cocked a brow. “What? I can just go to your house with you.”

Alya waved her hand. “No, no. It’s some family business. You’ll have to go without me. I’ll be there in no time, M. Just go wait on a bench or something, alright? Then we’ll get all of this Adrien mess sorted. And the two of you will live happily ever after.”

“Isn’t that getting a little ahead of things?”

Scoffing, she shook her head. “Whatever, girl. We both know that’s what you want. Anyway, be there in a bit, okay?” Alya ran off in the direction of her house, pecking on her cell phone quickly.

Marinette sighed, taking off towards the park alone. Tikki peaked out of the purse with a smile. “I’m sure that you and Alya will come up with a great solution, Marinette. I hate seeing you so torn up about this.”

“Me too, Tikki. I hated seeing Adrien so sad because of me. I just need to tell him the truth.”

The kwami gave a nod and a hum of approval. “You’re right. You and Adrien work so well together. You had so much fun on your date. Don’t let your nervousness ruin that.”

Deflating, Marinette found her way to a park bench, exhaling as she leaned her head against the backrest. “I know. I see it now, Tikki. Everything was so jumbled at the time, but now it’s all clear. It was hard for me to come to terms with it, but it’s the truth.”

Smiling, Tikki nodded. “And what’s that?”

“That I love Adrien, no matter the fact that he’s Chat Noir… If anything,” she gave a dreamy sigh. “If anything it’s made me love him more…”

“That’s good to hear you say, my lady….”

Chapter Text

“That’s good to hear you say, my lady.”

Marinette’s heart leapt into her throat, body flinching at in response. “Adrien!” she squeaked.

Gesturing to the empty space next to her with his head, he shrugged with a small smile. “May I take a seat?”

She gave a shy nod, scooching over to make space for him.

Adrien sat next to her, hands folding in his lap as he awkwardly fiddled with his thumbs, glancing away from her. “So…”

Gulping down her nervousness, Marinette spoke. “I’m sorry.”

He whipped his head to look at her. “What?”

“I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have gotten so uncomfortable around you. I didn’t mean to make you feel like it was your fault. I just got shy… that’s all.”

Adrien laughed, a small sigh of relief leaving his lips. “That’s good to hear. I thought that I had overstepped and pressured you.”

Smiling shyly, she glanced at him. “You weren’t the only one who… you know.”

“Leaned in for this kiss? I know…”

Marinette’s felt her cheeks pink. “Yeah…”

Slowly, his hand inched towards hers, fingers brushing the back of her palm idly. “All I wanted to do yesterday was video call you and talk to you… I didn’t realize I couldn’t even go twenty-four hours without talking to you.”

“I missed you too,” she said as she turned her palm over flat against his, interlacing their fingers and gazing up at him as she did so.  

Rubbing the back of his neck, he let out a nervous chuckle. “I guess Hawkmoth certainly knows how to ruin a date?”

Marinette snorted with a nod. “It was like two in the morning. Does he even sleep?”

“He should. He’s probably an old grumpy man.”

“Two AM is certainly past his bedtime then.”

“It’s past my bedtime too,” Adrien pointed out, poking her on the shoulder.

Marinette hummed as she considered him. “Hm, doubtful, considering I see an alley cat roaming around Paris at late hours of the night,” she teased as she poked him on the nose.

Adrien laughed before falling silent. His eyes boring into her own as he watched her. Reaching up, he cupped her cheek. “Marinette, I’ve been afraid to talk to you about this… because I was afraid of how you may have felt about me.”

Her heart tightened in her chest as he seemed to gather his thoughts. Marinette knew exactly what was coming. This was it. The moment she’d been fretting over for almost a month now.

Squeezing her fingers, Adrien leaned closer, his nose brushing hers lightly. “I love you, Marinette. I’ve loved you ever since the day I met you. Your kindness, bravery, wit, it’s all drawn me into everything that you are. I just… love you so much.”  

Her eyes widened, a blush blooming across her cheeks. “Adrien…”

“You don’t have to say it back.”

Leaning into his touch, she reached up to caress the hand that was already on her cheek. “But I want too… I love you too, Adrien.”

His eyes lit up, green eyes bright as a grin split his cheeks. “You do? Really?”

“Of course, I do, you silly kitten.”

Adrien’s smile was blinding, making her heart pound in her chest as she saw the ecstatic look on his face. He was that excited because she loved him. He was happy she loved him! “Marinette… A-About the kiss…”


Letting go of her hand, he reached up for the other cheek, running his thumbs along the soft skin. He leaned back in, his nose touching hers. “Is… Can I…?”


Adrien pulled her in, pressing his lips to hers carefully. She reached up, wrapping her arms around his neck, as he moved his arms down to wound around her waist. His mouth moved tenderly against hers, making Marinette melt against him. Her spine softening into a puddle of goo. Sighing through her nose, she danced her fingers across the hairs at the back of his neck. Adrien’s lips were soft and plush, tasting of mint. Never had Marinette thought that she would hear Adrien Agreste whimper against her, but he did as he pulled her flush against him.

A loud wolf whistle from across the park broke the pair apart. Jumping away, Marinette shot a look to the sound, only to see Nino and Alya hooping from afar. She glanced back at Adrien who simply burst out into laughter. Marinette followed in suit, giggling as she shyly buried her face into his shoulder with embarrassment.

Adrien smiled, waving to his friends. “I take it that you two had something to do with this?” he called.

“You know it, dude!” Nino shouted back.

He snorted and shook his head as he turned his attention back to the girl buried against his chest.

Marinette peaked from his shirt, looking up at him with wide bluebell eyes. “What does this make us, then?”

“Well, that depends… what do you want us to be?”

Sitting up, Marinette cupped his hands in hers. “I’d like to be your girlfriend if you’ll have me.”

Squeezing her fingers, he beamed. “I wouldn’t have it any other way, my lady.”




Adrien was on cloud nine when he walked inside the large doors of his home. He knew he had to tell his father about his relationship with Marinette. A fact he was completely dreading. Nathalie was waiting for him as he entered

“Welcome home, Adrien.”

“Hi Nathalie, is my father around?” he asked, trying to hold back his smile threatening to burst across his cheeks.

“He’s in his office, is this important?”

Nodding quickly, he shuffled his feet. “Yes. It’s something Father told me to tell him immediately when it occurred.”

Nathalie quirked a brow, a knowing glint in her eye. “Oh, I see.”

Rocking on his heel, Adrien hummed in agreement. “Yes, so if I could please see him that would be great.”

“I’ll inform him that you’re in need of speaking to him,” she said as she started towards his office.

Adrien bounced on his toes as he trailed behind her. Maybe he shouldn’t have seemed as giddy as he was, it was probably a dead giveaway that he had asked a girl out. ...Well, more like professed his undying love for her. Following Nathalie to his father’s office, he tried to calm down the nervousness taking over his body. Heart pounding and limbs trembling, he watched as Nathalie knocked on the door and stepped in to talk to his father. Adrien was growing antsy, he knew. Swaying from one foot to the other, he watched the door intensely. He couldn’t make out anything they were saying, unfortunately.

Nathalie opened the door, nodding at him. “You can come in, but don’t be too long,” she said, as she gestured into the office.

With a nod of understanding, Adrien stepped into the office, flinching as the door shut behind him. All excitement he had felt just drained from his body at the sight of his father’s serious gaze.

“What is it, son? What is so important?”

“I… I, um…” Adrien glanced around nervously, body stiff. Gulping, he watched as his father squinted at glare at him.

“I’m in the middle of a very important contract. What is it that you had to tell me?”

Swallowing his hesitance, Adrien blurted out his words. “Marinette’s my girlfriend now.”

Gabriel folded his hands under his chin, a frown evident on his face. “Ah, I see, didn’t I tell you to inform me before such a thing happened?”

Adrien wiggled his fingers in an attempt to shake out his nerves. He had had a hunch his father wouldn’t be as approving to the relationship as he had hoped. Gabriel liked Marinette, he knew that, but he wasn’t sure if it was enough. “I know, but--everything just fell into place. It was an opportunity I couldn’t mess up.”

“I see. Did this happen today?”

He nodded quickly. “Yes, Father! That’s why I decided to tell you as soon as I got home. I didn’t want to hide it from you.”

Humming, Gabriel straightened his glasses as he sat up in his chair. “Well, I would have prefered to know beforehand, however, since you didn’t plan to keep it a secret from me then I’ll allow this relationship to continue.”

Adrien’s face lit up at his words. “Really, Father? Oh, thank you!”

Holding up a finger, Gabriel hushed him. “Although, this could hurt your image, so you cannot make this public just yet. A lot of our sales are based on your appearance to young girls. If they found out you have a girlfriend, that could change the way they see you. So, for right now, I ask that you and Ms. Dupain-Cheng keep your relationship out of the public eye, is that clear?”

“Yes, Father! Crystal clear! I’ll do whatever it takes to get your approval of her,” Adrien stormed around the desk, wrapping his arms around Gabriel’s neck. “Thank you!”

Hesitantly returning the hug, he nodded. “Yes, now see to it that you get to your piano lessons. They start in five minutes.”

Beaming, Adrien agreed. “Yes, sir. Thank you!” With that, he practically skipped out of his father’s office. He immediately went for his phone as soon as he reached his room.


Adrien: My father actually said it was okay that we’re dating!


Adrien sat against his door, smiling from ear to ear as he sent the text. His excitement was uncontainable, making him feel like bursting at the seams.

Plagg flew out of his shirt, crossing his arms. “Well, look at you, lover boy, it seems that your old man is being reasonable for once.”

“I know!” Adrien chimed with a smile. “I can’t believe it, honestly. I’m sure there’s a catch somewhere.”

“Well, the catch is that no one can know. You have to keep it a secret.”

Scoffing, he brushed off the kwami’s comment. “Plagg, I think I’m more than capable of keeping a secret, don’t you?”

“You couldn’t keep it a secret from Marinette,” Plagg deadpanned, staring flatly at the boy.

“Marinette has the same secret. She doesn’t count,” he retorted with a pout.

“Sureee….” Plagg snarked with a roll of his eyes.

Adrien glowered at the creature before a buzz from his phone distracted him from the conversation.


Marinette: :O That’s great! What exactly did he say?

Adrien: We have to keep it a secret for now is that okay?

Marinette: We’re used to keeping secrets by now aren’t we?

Adrien: Yea… that’s what I figured too.

Marinette: Speaking of secrets… want to meet me at the Effiel past your bedtime tonight, Mister Model?

Adrien: Of course, my lady. ;)




When Adrien heard feet patter next to him on the railing, he turned to look up at his new girlfriend with a grin. “Hey, little lady, come here often?”

Ladybug crossed her arms with a roll of her eyes. “Oh, please. Gag me.”

His lips twitched, obviously holding back a laugh. “That can be arranged if you’re into that sort of thing.”

Plopping down next to him, she shoved him with a gasp. “Adrien Agreste!” Her cheeks flushed as she squeaked, hiding her face in her hands.

Laughing, he nudged her. “Calm down, it was a joke.”

“I’ll say! All I’ve done is kiss you and now you’re trying to hang me from the ceiling,” she laughed with a flick to his cat ear.

He jumped, puffing at her. “Hey, again, if that’s something you’re into….”

She groaned, covering her ears with her palms. “Ugh, when did you get so dirty minded?”

“I’ve been like this for a while. I just never had a victim to test it on,” Adrien chimed with a smirk.

Ladybug frowned. “I should have known when you made the jokes about… semen.”

He grinned with a shrug. “Hey, we were discussing bodily fluids, were we not?”

Holding up a hand, she shook her head. “Nope. No. We are not going down this road again.”

Adrien wrapped his arms around her, pulling her closer so her legs lay over his. “So, what road do you want to go down then, my lady?”

“I don’t know, what road did you have in mind?” she teased with a boop to his nose.

Nuzzling her cheek, Adrien brushed his lips lightly against hers. She gasped against his skin at the contact. Glancing up with his bright lime eyes that seemed to shimmer in the dark with the contrast of his mask, he smiled as his breath mingled with hers. “Is kissing a good road for you?”

Ladybug nodded with a hum. “Yeah, a good road.”

Leaning forward, he felt her lashes flutter shut against his cheeks. His hands traveled upward to her hair as he tangled a clawed glove into her raven locks as he brought her mouth against his own. Kissing Marinette had quickly become his favorite thing in the world. Her lips meshed with his in a gentle dance. Fireworks exploded behind his eyes, and butterflies broke loose inside his gut. All he could think about was how he was entirely wrapped up in her. Her kiss. Her presence. Just being around her made him giddy. Ecstatic.

He wasn’t sure how long they stayed there, entirely too focused on each other than the rest of Paris. The gazes she gave him with those bluebell eyes. Adrien memorized every look, learning what each one could possibly mean. Taking in every freckle on her skin, the way her flush spread across her cheeks, everything he could think of. Everything he could see that made her entirely just Marinette.

Brushing a stray lock of hair behind her ear, he smiled. As she glanced up at him with those bluebell eyes he felt his heart swell in an instant. “I could definitely get used to this…” he said.

Ladybug giggled at that with a nod. “Me too.”

Chapter Text

Being a couple in secret was a lot harder than Adrien had intended it would be, especially under the watchful eye of Chloe, Lila, and Sabrina all of the time. Marinette sat next to Adrien on the bench inside of the school sketching in her drawing book as three pairs of beady eyes stared down at them.  He shifted uncomfortably under the gaze, leaning closer to his girlfriend to whisper to her. “Do they always look at you like that?”

Marinette idly glanced up at the trio before nodding. “Whenever you’re near me, yes. They know I like you, so I guess they’re making sure I don’t do anything.” She didn’t seem too bothered by the fact. Had she really gotten this accustomed to their hardened gaze, he wondered.

“Frankly, it’s none of their business, is it? I know Chloe can be nosy, but this is a little extreme,” he grumbled as he sunk down on the bench. He couldn’t help but find the stares a bit invasive. It was entirely frustrating that there was no way he could maybe sneak a quick kiss to her palm, or give her a flirtatious pun without anyone noticing.

Sighing, Marinette gave him a sympathetic smile. “I know, but it’s only been like this since we got close about a month ago. They must have gotten suspicious.”

Ah, but that made sense. The first day after their identities were revealed, Adrien scooped Marinette into a bear hug. That probably drew the attention of more than just Alya and Nino. It might have been a mistake, but he had been so excited to see her, he hadn’t really thought the actions through.

Adrien jutted out his bottom lip. “This sucks. I really want to touch you.”

Blinking, Marinette’s head whipped to face him, her face flushing quickly. “W-What?”

Adrien was confused for a moment before the gears quickly spun in his head before it dawned on him where his wording failed. Oh. That could have been taken a completely different direction…  “T-Touch as in holding your hand, hugging you, l-leaning on you… maybe, you leaning on me?” He just wanted physical affection was all. Nothing too extreme.

“O-Oh,” she nodded, a small smile twitching to her lips. Seeing her calmed expression relaxed his nerves. He hadn’t messed up as much as he thought. “You want me to lay my head on you shoulder, kitty?”

Shoving his hands in his pockets, Adrien shrugged. “What can I say? I’m a cuddly kitten.”

Marinette barked out a laugh. “Oh, yes. I can tell. A kitten that doesn’t understand personal space is more like it.”

Adrien gaped at her accusation. “Hey! Don’t act like you don’t like it when I get in your bubble. I see how you blush and try to hide it, Princess.” The nickname slipped out. Honest. That term of endearment was meant to stay between the two of them. Oops.

Nudging him, she hushed him. “Adrien! Not so loud!”

“You know you love me,” he cooed.

“Yes, I know, but nobody else is supposed to know!” she whispered harshly.

Holding his hands up in defeat, he caved to her whim. His lady was right afterall. If their secret relationship got out, his father might have his head. “Okay, fine. Did you tell Nino and Alya that they were sworn to secrecy?”

Marinette gave a nod with a hum. “Yep. I texted Alya, I’m sure she told Nino for us. She was a little miffed at first, but I told her this is just how things had to be right now.”

Adrien could hear the slight disappointment in her tone. Beaming at her, he tried to give a bit of reassurance. “I’m sure it won’t be like this forever. My father is strict, but he could always come around eventually.”

“I know, but I wish things were different,” she sighed.

Placing a hand on her shoulder, he smiled. “Don’t worry, my lady. There’s always ways that we can spend time together without anyone knowing,” he brushed his thumb across her earring, her Miraculous, hoping that the hint was implying was getting across. “Right?”

With a giggle, Marinette’s cheeks turned a bit rosy as she agreed with his statement. “Yeah. You’re right.”

“We’ll have all the time in the world that way,” he murmured, gazing at her flushed face with admiration for her clear in his expression.

“Yes, we will,” she smirked before swatting away his hand. “Quit looking so enamored, Adrien, you’re going to blow our cover.”

Snickering, he arched a brow, a smarmy grin stretching across his face. “Which one?”

Marinette snorted and rolled her eyes affectionately before turning to her sketch pad to make a show of ignoring him. Anytime they teased and joked like this, it seemed that everything was in place for Adrien. He enjoyed tormenting her in the most loving way possible.




Adrien trailed behind Marinette as pair strode towards her parents’ bakery. Apparently, his lady hadn’t told her parents about their relationship, and he offered to come with her when she broke the news. He could tell she was nervous, but he wasn’t quite sure why. As Adrien came up beside her, he scooched his body close to hers and idly brushed his fingers against hers.

Marinette glanced up at him, bluebell eyes shining at him. With a shy smile that Adrien could only describe as utterly adorable, she intertwined her fingers with his, squeezing his palm reassuringly. He knew it was risky for them to hold hands in public like this, but they had done that before they were even together. If someone caught them, he knew he could brush it off as something they did often. Even other students could vouch for that.

While entering the bakery, Adrien could feel his own nerves going haywire. He knew the Dupain-Chengs liked him, sure, but that didn’t mean that they wanted him to date their daughter. For all he knew, there could be strict rules and guidelines on their side of the agreement as there was with his own father.

When Marinette opened the door, the bell above their heads chimed, causing Sabine to look up at the pair. Her eyes immediately locked on their woven together fingers. As she glanced back up at their faces, Adrien instantly stiffened. What did that mean!? Marinette gave him a reassuring squeeze before smiling at her mother. “Hey Maman, do you and Papa have time to speak for a moment?”

A knowing grin made it’s away across Sabine’s face as she nodded. “Of course, dear. We have all of the time in the world for the two of you,” she chimed before entering the door behind her.

Blinking, Adrien was stunned at her words. The two of you… Meaning both of them. Together. As a pair. Sure, he expected her to know what was up when the two came in holding hands, but Sabine seemed entirely okay with it. Releasing a breath he hadn’t even realized he was holding, Adrien’s shoulders relaxed from their tense posture.

Marinette gave him a light bump to his shoulder with her own. “Hey, calm down, Kitty. My parents shouldn’t have any problem with the two of us dating. Honestly, they would probably even encourage it.”

“You really think so?” Adrien asked with a cock of a brow.

“I know so. Don’t think so much. This isn’t like a meeting with your father, I promise.”

She hadn’t meant for her words to hit him as hard as they had, he knew. But, it sure as hell felt she had slapped him across the face with the stinging statement. His father was a stern business man, much different than the quaint Dupain-Cheng bakery that felt so homey. If he was being honest with himself, he’d admit that Marinette’s house felt more like a home to him than his own did, and he hadn’t even visited too often.

Tom emerged from the kitchen with a bounce in his step, bounding over to the pair of them with a grin. “It’s about time, you two! I thought I’d never get to see the day!”

Marinette flushed slightly, glancing at Adrien as she did so. “Papa, don’t be embarrassing…”

Chuckling, Tom scooped both teens into his arms. Adrien was consumed with the warmth coating him from the larger man. The sensation sent tingles to his toes, a feeling he’d never felt before: fatherly affection. As that bomb washed over him, he was brought back to reality when Tom set the couple back onto the floor. Pulling out chairs at one of the tables, Tom patted the seats. “C’mon now you two, tell us the story. Don’t hold anything out on us.”

Adrien trotted after Marinette as she went to take a seat. Sabine approached the table, sitting down next to her husband, a friendly smile etched across her features. “Well, how’d this happen?”

Marinette glanced at him, reclaiming his hand underneath the table. As she swirled patterns across his skin with her thumb, he felt his high strung demeanor simply vanish into putty. “Well,” she began, giving him a small smile, “when we were trapped in that box together, Adrien helped me calmed down since I was panicking. After that, we took a walk home together, but you already knew all of that part of the story.”

Sabine nodded. “Yes, I do remember, you were quite late getting home that day.”

Giving a nervous laugh, Marinette continued. “Yeah, sorry about that again, but Adrien ended up giving me his number in case I needed him again… so we started texting and things took off from there.”

Adrien, finally finding his courage to speak, piped in. “Thank you for letting me have her over to my house. We spent a lot of time together, so it made us see how much we had in common.”  While they actually knew how much they had in common, he figured the lie would stick. Couldn’t have her parents be suspicious as to why the couple suddenly knew everything about each other.

Tom smirked, resting his chin on his hand. “Hmm, Marinette told us that trip was for a school project.”

Bristling, Marinette nodded. “I-It was, b-but Alya and Nino fell asleep before us, so Adrien and I stayed up talking for a while.”

Sabine giggled at her flustered daughter. “Yes, okay, continue.”

He wanted to bring up how wonderful their first date was… but they technically snuck out of their houses, so that was a no-go zone. Also, their first kiss—er… their almost first kiss—was on the Eiffel Tower, so there wasn’t really a way to explain that either. True, people could visit the Tower, but it just might seem suspicious since that was a Ladybug and Chat Noir hang out spot.

“Well, I guess that’s about it…” Marinette drawled, looking to him for an answer.

But then, it hit him. The one part of their relationship that actually did happen and Marinette and Adrien. “O-Oh, well, I did admit my feelings for you at the park. I guess, that’s the big part of our relationship, isn’t it?”

Both of her parents cooed and awed at his confession, making Adrien’s cheeks flare at the attention. Her parents really weren’t too upset about this entire ordeal, were they? Sabine reached out and patted him on the shoulder. “Aren’t you just a romantic?”

Marinette giggled at that. “He really is! He’s been trying to woo me since we were locked up in the box!” And even longer… but her parents didn’t need to know that part.

“Hey!” Adrien pouted, crossing his arms his arms and glaring at her. “It worked didn’t it?” he grumbled.

Poking his cheek, his girlfriend gave him a grin. “It did. You somehow managed to sweep me off my feet.”

Tom and Sabine simply smiled at the exchange. Adrien couldn’t help but feel a little bit embarrassed by the public displays of affection in front of them, but he figured if Marinette was comfortable with it, then he could too. He always felt at ease with his lady around, even if that included being touchy-feely in front of her parents.

“Well, Adrien, if you would like to join us for dinner, we’d be happy to have you,” Tom offered, giving the boy a pat on the shoulder.

Adrien waved a hand. “You don’t have to, I wouldn’t want to intrude.”

Sabine took his hand, giving it a squeeze. “Nonsense, we know how much Marinette adores you. This could give us the chance to get to know you too, right Tom?”

Adrien was at a loss for words, one from their kindness, and two because it was apparently so obvious that Marinette was crazy about him that even her parents could tell. Apparently, Marinette had picked up on the admission too since her cheeks were stained with a rosy red color. Turning his attention back to her parents eagerly awaiting for him to accept their invitation, he gave a curt nod. “If you’re really okay with it then I would have to ask my father. He only gave me permission to be here for a little while after school. My driver is supposed to pick me up soon.”

Nodding, Sabine smiled. “Of course, dear. Tom and I will get dinner started. If you don’t end up staying then there’s nothing wrong with us having a little leftovers.”

He was a little surprised at her words. Adrien had never eaten leftovers in his life as his chefs always made something new each evening. But… that wasn’t something he was going to say out loud in front of a family that prepared their own dinner. Maybe, he would have to get Marinette to share some leftovers with him, so he would understand why others seemed to have a taste for them.

Plucking his cell phone out of his pocket, Adrien made a call to Nathalie, practically begging his father’s assistant to let him stay at the Dupain-Chengs’ for dinner. If he was being honest, an evening with Marinette and her parents seemed much more inviting than a dinner alone in the mansion with no one to talk to except for Plagg. There were a few moments of mumbling while she spoke with his father. Adrien could hear through the phone that the man wasn’t too keen on the idea. However, Adrien let out a sigh of relief when Nathalie told him that it was okay if he stayed a few more hours as long as he was ready to go when the Gorilla arrived. “Thank you, Nathalie! Tell Father thank you for me too!” he excitedly called into the phone.

He bounced happily over to Marinette, nudging his head to hers and rubbing his cheek against her like a cat. “I can stay!” he cheered gleefully.

Marinette let out a giggle, rubbing her fingers through his blonde locks. “That’s great, Kitty. Want to play some video games upstairs while dinner cooks?”

Beaming, Adrien nodded swiftly, practically about to jump out of his skin at the thought of just spending more time with her. He knew it might be unhealthy to want to be almost literally joined at the hip with his lady, but he couldn’t help it. She made his entire world brighter and that was enough for him.

Marinette took his hand, pulling him towards the stairs. “Maman! We’re going to my room for a while if you need us!” she called as they started up the steps.

Sabine poked her head from inside the kitchen. “Okay! You two be good!”

“We will!” she called. Adrien honestly didn’t want to consider what implications her mother could have meant with such words.



He hadn’t known what exactly he expected. If Adrien really thought he could beat Marinette at any video game then he was obviously dreaming. Pressing the buttons as fast as he could, Adrien’s teeth grit with a snarl as he focused on battling Marinette’s bot. When the words GAME OVER flashed on the screen and Marinette’s score grew exponentially higher, he knew it was time to kick the can.

Rolling back in his chair, he gazed over at her. “I don’t even know why I try to beat you. It’s literally an impossible task.”

“I had to whoop you as revenge for beating me at basketball when we are at the arcade,” she responded proudly, sitting up straighter.

With a snort, Adrien shook his head. “That figures. I knew you had to have had some type of vendetta against me do me in that aggressively.”

 “Don’t worry, Kitten,” she rubbed her fingers through his hair. “I’ll have to go easy on you next time.”

“She’s fibbing,” a tiny voice chimed from the bed.

Marinette spun in the desk chair to glower at her kwami. “Tikki! Just eat your cookies,” she snorted.

He couldn’t keep in the laugh at bubbled out at the exchange. With his kwami in mind, Adrien tugged lightly at one her pigtails to get Marinette’s attention. When she spun in the chair to face him, he smiled at her. “Thanks, by the way, for keeping camembert here for Plagg. You really didn’t have to.”

Smiling, Marinette shook her head. “It’s no big deal. I never know when you’ll need me, so I just keep it here.”

“You expect me to come traipsing in through you’re balcony door, Bugaboo?” Adrien teased.

Giggling, she gave a lopsided shrug. “The door is always open. I know that things aren’t great with your father, Adrien. If you ever need me, I’m here for you, no matter what.”

Heart beating soundly, suddenly Adrien felt tightness in his chest. Her words told hold of him like never before. Sighing, he gazed at her with wide, curious eyes. “D-Do you mean that, Marinette?” he breathed.

Marinette’s brows furrowed, concern growing on her features. “Of course, I mean that. Why wouldn’t I, Adrien?”

Gulping, he stared down at his lap, clenching and unclenching his hands and fiddling around with his fingers. This girl was like no other. Never has anyone offered their home to him like this. A safe place to stay away from his own house when necessary. Tears pinpricked the corners of his eyes as he looked up into her bluebell eyes. “Honestly, no one has ever said anything like that before to me. N-No one has ever wanted to be there for me like that.”

Marinette visibly wilted before him. Reaching out, she cupped his cheek, rubbing across the skin beneath his eye. “Well, I’m here. And I’m offering.”

With a voice barely audible, a soft “thank you” left his lips as he admired her. She was an emblem of beauty, inside and out. “You’re amazing, Marinette.” It wasn’t the first time he’d spoken it out loud, he’d even said it to her face once before. But now, here in her room, where she knew that he was undeniably in love with her, everything seemed different. The implications meant so much more.

“No, Adrien. You’re amazing,” she replied, a soft smile kissing her cheeks.

He let out a breathy laugh at her response. She was always one to reassure him. His lady certainly wasn’t one to take compliments without returning them. Adrien reached out, twirling one of her stray raven locks between his fingers. “I love you, Marinette. You know that, right?”

Blinking shyly, she gazed up at him behind her lashes. “I do know that… I love you too, Adrien.”

Adrien wasn’t exactly sure when they had gotten so close to each other, but she was there before him, her nose almost brushing his own. Her gaze was so soft whenever she looked at him. There was something about that face that made him simply weak at the knees. His hand slipped from her baby hair near her ear to bury into her pigtails as he leaned in. Adrien glanced down at her plush, pink lips before meeting her eyes, asking permission. There was no need as Marinette surged forward herself, wrapping her arms around his neck and locking her lips to his. Adrien allowed his eyes to flutter closed, melting into her embrace. Her lips danced with his, taking him in. He was drowning in everything that was purely Marinette. She tasted like cookies, which he felt was fitting considering her kwami’s own sweet tooth. He was taken aback; however, when her tongue traced his lips, pleading for entrance.

Adrien pulled back, panting, face flushed as he gaped at her in surprise. Marinette’s own cheeks were a rosy red, most likely not only from their kissing session, but also from embarrassment. Shying away, she gazed at her lap. “S-Sorry, was that too much?”

Considering it, he thought maybe he had reacted too brashly. He definitely wanted to kiss her like that, but he was just surprised. Shaking his head, Adrien smiled. “No, sorry. I just didn’t know how to react.”

Marinette blinked, apparently stunned by this revelation. “O-Oh. So it’s okay if…we…?”

Catching his breath, Adrien nodded. “Yes,” he said a little too quickly. “Y-Yes, definitely.”

“Could we… Could we move to the chaise?” she asked, gesturing to the furniture behind him with a bob of her head.

“Yeah,” he sighed. Adrien tried not to overthink. She just wanted to be somewhere more comfortable, that’s all. It wasn’t anything more than that.

Taking his hand, she guided him towards the soft cushion and sat down beside him. Marinette twiddled her fingers, glancing up at him. He could sense her nervousness before she even spoke. “I’m honestly not sure how to start,” she murmured, unsure.

Adrien tucked two fingers under her chin, lifting her head. With a soft smile, he leaned in and nuzzled his nose to hers. “I do,” he said before capturing her lips again. His hands smoothed up her face, cupping her cheeks and keeping her near. He felt her arms wrap around his middle, tugging his body closer to her own. He wasn’t quite sure how Marinette basically ended up in his lap, but he certainly wasn’t complaining about it.

This time, she tried again, carefully nudging at his lips with her tongue. Adrien didn’t freak out this time, and decided to indulge in every delight his lady would give him. His mouth opened against hers, and her tongue snaked behind his teeth to tango with his own. He was sinking faster and faster into a trance. At that point he wasn’t even sure where his face ended and hers began. All of the feelings stirred inside his gut, pooling a heat there like he’d never experienced before.

Gasping for air, he pulled away. Breathing heavily and taking in Marinette’s flushed face and kiss swollen lips. It was a sight to behold, and one he could certainly get to use to. Her beauty held no bounds. She was truly a goddess in his eyes. Smiling, he couldn’t keep himself away from her. Adrien held her tightly as he began to pepper kisses on her cheeks, nose, and chin inciting adorable giggles from his lady. His kisses grew more feverish as he tasted more of her skin. He kissed along her jaw, behind her ear, before making his way down her neck. Reaching the junction of her collarbone, Adrien placed an open mouth kiss on the smooth skin there. Marinette clutched his shoulders and a moan bubbled out of her throat, surprising both of them.  

Holy. Shit. Now, if the activities beforehand hadn’t gotten him aroused, that certainly did.

Adrien blinked owlishly at her, before smirking. “That was something.”

Blushing, Marinette swatted him on the shoulder, earning a chuckle from him. “Sh-Shut up! I didn’t know. No one’s ever kissed me there before.”

Taking her hand in his, Adrien placed a kiss to the back of her palm. “Well, I’m honored I’m the one who gets to discover your sweet spots, my lady.”

“You can’t say things like that, alley cat,” she teased as she pushed him back with a finger to his nose.

A knock at her trap door sent the pair flying apart in a panic. Adrien squawked and flailed, trying to regain his balance on the chaise with no avail. He clambered onto the floor, smacking his head on the wood as he did so.

Sabine poked her head in with a smile. “Hey, love bunnies. Ready to eat?”

Rubbing the now sore spot on his head, Adrien looked to Marinette with a smile. He knew that he must have looked ridiculous when he took his tumble to the floor. She laughed teasingly at his misfortune before answering her mother. “Yes. We’re ready.” Standing, she helped him up off the floor, still giggling.

Sabine waved for the two to follow her as she made her way back down the thin steps.

Marinette glanced over at him with a grin. “You’re a clumsy kitty, aren’t you?”

Snorting, Adrien cocked a brow, returning her knowing smirk. “Yeah, yeah. You’re one to talk.”

Chapter Text

“Oh, my God!” Alya squealed, bouncing on her toes in her best friend’s room. “I can’t believe it! You’re growing up, Marinette. Where did my shy baby go?”

Glaring at her, Marinette crossed her arms. “You’re teasing me.”

Alya gave an exasperated groan, throwing her arms up in disbelief. “Obviously! Girl, why aren’t you freaking out right now? You made-out with Adrien Agreste! Boy of your dreams, hot cover model, literal poster-boy. And you’re cool as a cucumber? Where is the Marinette that I know?”

While she was trying to ignore Alya’s ranting and raving, Marinette knew she was right. And also knew her face was probably flushing darker by the second. “I-It was just kissing, Alya. You acted like he proposed, and I just told you we’re having our first child.”

“Is that something else you need to tell me? Did you guys do the deed without telling me?”

Marinette felt the heat flush all the way up to the tips of her ears. “What!? No!” It wasn’t like she hadn’t thought about such actions with Adrien, but they were still figuring each other out. Besides, they had finally just kissed. They hadn’t been together that long. Jumping into bed might not be the right thing to do at such a stage in their relationship.

Alya let out a snort. “Girl, you know that was a joke.”

Huffing, Marinette glared at her best friend. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“It means…” Alya sighed and sat down on the chaise, encouraging Marinette to take a seat beside her. When she did, Alya wound an arm around her shoulder. “It means that you two are both far too innocent for me to actually believe that you guys did the deed.”

Marinette cocked a brow. “You obviously have not talked to Adrien that much. He is best friends with Nino, you know.”

Alya chuckled at her, shaking her head. “Okay, Adrien Agreste is a sweet talker, but that boy has never seen a woman naked. Nino said he doesn’t even know if the dude has ever masturbated in his life.”

Nope! Red flag! Stop this right now! Jumping off the chaise, Marinette let out a squawk. “Alright! I reallllyy don’t like the fact that Nino is sharing my boyfriend’s…. sexual habits with you.”

“Honestly, Marinette, you’re overthinking this. This is something teenagers talk about. This is the age where we explore ourselves, right?”

Marinette groaned. “Are you trying to tell me to ‘explore’ things with Adrien because I am not ready for that,” she retorted making air quotes as she did so.

Giving her a flat look, Alya rolled her eyes. “Hey, you’re the one who moaned to the heavens when blondie kissed your neck.”

“I didn’t know that would happen!” she cried.

Standing up, Alya plopped a hand on Marinette’s shoulder. “C’mon, this is all just teasing, don’t get so stressed out. It’s okay that we can talk about this stuff. You can trust me. I’m not trying to embarrass you, girl, but it’s alright to be freaked out.”

“Okay, so maybe it freaked me out a little when I… um.”

“Moaned like a girl in a porno?”


Snickering, Alya waved her off as she sat on the chaise. “Did Adrien seem put off by it?”

Marinette pouted, crossing her arms in irritation. “No, he looked absolutely smug about it.”

“Then get him back.”

Blinking, she gaped at her friend. “What?”

“Kiss his neck too. See what makes him tick. It’s only fair, right?” Alya said with a shrug.

Marinette eyed her suspiciously. “Why do I feel like you have experience with this?”

“Because I do. I’ve already seen Nino naked, M.”

What!? How could her best friend withhold information like that!? She was absolutely flabbergasted by the nonchalant statement. “Why haven’t you told me!?”

Alya smirked. “Because I was too busy trying to help you get Adrien. He’s kind of the only boy you talk about, Marinette. Well, aside from Chat Noir at times. But, I just didn’t think it was a good time to bring it up until we got you with Adrien. It felt like I would have been bragging while you were alone.”

Well, she guessed that made sense. It did bother her that Alya didn’t want to tell her about her own relationship to spare Marinette’s feelings, but it was a reasonable excuse. Marinette couldn’t deny that seeing other couples prance about happily while she had been bitterly single wasn’t her fondest memory. That moping was in the past though. She did have Adrien now, and she was going to appreciate every second of it.

Maybe, Alya had a point. Finding out what made her Kitten tick didn’t seem like such a bad idea…



Marinette sat, adorned in her spots, on the very place of the Eiffel Tower where she almost kissed Adrien romantically for the first time. Leaning her head on the metal beside her, she gave a dreamy sigh. If only they had actually kissed that night. It would have saved a few days of awkward attempts at conversation and stolen glances.

But could she complain about how it all turned out?

No. Not at all.

She was beyond relieved to finally have Adrien as her own. Whether that was as himself or a Chat Noir, she didn’t care.

She heard a pair of boots plop down on the railing beside her. Turning, she gave her leather clad partner a smile. “You’re early.”

“You’re even earlier,” he teased with a smirk. He took a seat beside her, nudging her lightly with his shoulder. “Couldn’t wait to see me, huh, Bugaboo?”

Rolling her eyes affectionately, Marinette shook her head. “In your dreams, Kitty. Alya left earlier than I planned to go take care of her sisters, so I decided to come out for some fresh air.”

Chat winked with a mischievous twinkle in his eyes. “Uh huh. Sure thing, Marinette. It’s okay that you’re desperate to be in my presence.”

“You’re so full of it,” she retorted with a snort.

“You didn’t seem to mind when I was in your presence in your room a few days ago,” he purred, breath suddenly close on her neck. When had he even scooted that close to her!?

Marinette yelped, pushing him back his nose. “Adrien! Calm down, alley cat.”

Snickering, Chat placed a small peck behind her ear, sending shivers up Marinette’s spine. He wound an arm around her waist, pulling her flush against him. “I just missed you is all.”

Marinette gave him a flat look and crawled into his lap to get cozy. “It’s been two days… and I video chatted with you yesterday.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t get any kisses, and that’s a crime. A punishment most unbearable,” he groaned with an exaggerated sigh.

With a scoff, she shook her head. “I think someone enjoyed themselves a little too much when they came to my house the other day?”

Cocking a brow underneath his mask, he grinned. “Oh, yeah? You and Alya had a good time?”

She frowned and flicked him on the forehead, making him whine in return. “Geez, you’re on one today, aren’t you?”

“All the better to tease you with, my purrfect lady,” Chat cooed as he nuzzled his nose into her hair.

Marinette couldn’t say she was upset by all of his fondness. If anything, it made her stomach flip-flop about at the thought of him wanting to be around her so much. Her heart swelled at his affections more than anything. She couldn’t help that it made her all warm and fuzzy inside though. It was certainly something she’d never experienced before. But experiencing this love with Adrien was more than she could ask for.

He was really hard to resist, wasn’t he? She wanted to figure out how her kitty ticked, and if this was the type of mood he was in… well… then maybe she could work with it. Putting up the best sultry front she could muster, she turned in Chat’s lap, straddling his hips.  “Well… should I just give the kitty his cream then?”

She was entirely pleased with the way his cheeks flushed as he glanced down at their change in position. “W-What do you mean?” he asked with a crack in his voice.

He was nervous… Good. He should be. This boy embarrassed her so hard last time they were together; she just needed to return the favor. Just a little bit.

Marinette slowly leaned forward, pressing her nose to his. “What do you think I mean?”

“If it’s what I think it is, then I’m all game,” Chat snarked with a grin.

 Ohhh… So Mister Suave was back now, was he? She just wanted to kiss that stupid shit-eating grin off his pretty pink face.

And so, she did.

Marinette pressed her mouth to Chat’s, cupping his cheek with one hand as her lips danced against him. She still didn’t know much about kissing, but she knew that when she kissed Adrien, it was the most wonderful feeling in the world. Cloud nine was an accurate way to describe the way her heart simply sang from one small touch of his lips. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, Marinette deepened their kiss, feeling butterflies flutter inside her stomach as she did so. Every single time she kissed this boy he tasted like mint and honey and it simply made her mind whirl. She couldn’t get enough of him. Of everything about him.

God, she absolutely adored this boy.

Gently leaning back, Chat panted against her lips. His hot breath fanning her face seemed to drive her insane. He was absolutely flushed beneath his mask, and Marinette couldn’t help but feel a little smug about making him so flustered. He was so cute when he was trying to gather his senses after being kiss-drunk.

“You’re beautiful…” Chat sighed, gazing into her eyes.

Why was he so adorable!? It almost made her feel bad for purposely trying to work him up.


Smiling softly, Marinette booped her boyfriend on the nose. “You’re pretty handsome too, Kitten,” she cooed.

“You flatter me, my lady,” he mumbled as he leaned his forehead onto her shoulder.

Pecking a kiss to his hair, Marinette ran her hand through the soft strands. “Maybe a little, but your ego is so big I don’t think it could swell anymore.”

Chat snorted in response, shaking his head, nose brushing against her neck as he did so. “I see what you think of me.”

Marinette let out a soft laugh. Glancing down, she noticed that in this position she had better access to his skin. She smirked to herself. Well, now she could take her revenge she’d been planning. Marinette placed a soft peck to his cheek first, starting out soft and slow. Even though she was doing this intentionally, she didn’t want to torture her sweet, unsuspecting boyfriend. As she peppered kisses down his face, under his jaw, and down his neck, Chat let out a shaky sigh. When her lips met place where his suit met skin, she felt his breath hitch. His body stiffened against her.

“...Adrien?” she whispered.

“Mhmm?” he replied in a daze. Oh, no… Did she frazzle is poor kitty brain already? She hadn’t even done that much to him yet. He really was a sensitive boy, wasn’t he?

Leaning back, she gave him a quick kiss. “You okay?”

Chat’s eyes slipped closed, shoulders slumped, and a stupid, dopey smile stretched across his lips. He seemed so satisfied with such little touching. “Yeah…”

“Can I kiss you some more?” she asked innocently.

“You can do whatever you want to me, my lady.”

Marinette cocked a brow at him. “Oh? Really, now?”

His eyes popped open, a darker flush spreading across his cheeks. “U-Uh! I mean! Er…”

Laughing at his blubbering, Marinette took pity on her poor kitty. He used to react kindly to her own babbling, the least she could do would be to do the same for him. “It’s okay. I know what you meant.”

Chat glanced away from her for a moment. “Th-That offer does stand however you want it...” he drawled, before waving his hands in front of him. “Maybe not right now, but someday. Maybe soon, maybe in the future, but whenever it is, I want it to be with you.”

Her heart pounded in her chest at his words. She suspected that was the truth, but actually hearing the words come out of his mouth was entirely different. Adrien Agreste just implied that he wanted to lose his virginity to her. What!?

Marinette gaped at him, cheeks turning a bright pink. “R-Really? Are you sure?”

Brows furrowing under his mask, Chat tilted his head at her questioningly. “Why wouldn’t I be? Marinette, I love you. Of course, I want to spend my first everything with you. You know that, don’t you?”

Dammit. She was supposed to be flustering him not the other way around! And yet, here she was: her blood roaring in her ears from as the palpitations in her chest speed up tremendously. He was so sweet! And cute! And ughhhh!!! Why did he do this to her!?

“Marinette…” he cooed, taking her hand and pressing a kiss to the back of her palm. “I adore you. I want everything with you, if you’ll have me. I know that we might be considered too young to really be in love, but we’re too young to be saving Paris on a daily basis too,” he tenderly ran his thumb across her hand as he spoke. “You mean the world to me. I just want you to know that.”

“Adrien…” she whimpered. Her eyes weld with tears at his sudden declaration. How did she end up here? They went from teasing banter, to a hot make-out, and to now having sweet love confessions. This boy took her on an emotional rollercoaster, but she couldn’t find it in herself to even complain.

She blanched forward, wrapping herself around him, capturing his lips in another passionate kiss. This one was different, however. It was much more delicate. Full of love and admiration. His gloved fingers threaded into her raven locks, lips roughly dancing against hers. She was desperate for his touch. Desperate to express to him how much she loved him too.

Alya may have said that the two of them weren’t ready for anything too extreme, but now, feeling this heat and affection, she wasn’t sure if that was too far away. She wanted to be with Adrien in every way she could. He loved her. He was entirely in love with her. The two of them didn’t need to rush, but maybe there wasn’t anything wrong with their relationship moving faster than she originally expected…

Chapter Text

Marinette sat at her work desk, clad in her pink polka-dot tank and pajamas pants as she worked tediously on the jacket she was crafting. Adrien’s birthday was right around the corner, and she’d been working so hard to create a Ladybug and Chat Noir themed ensemble for him. She was doing her best to take attributes from each of their superhero personas and form a perfect blend of the two. While Marinette was fully aware that her lovey dovey boyfriend would be excited about anything he received from her, she wanted to ensure that the present was actually something he would fawn over.

Ever since the pair had started dating, Adrien had always tried to spoil her with the smallest things. Recently, he’d started slipping little love notes into her locker or backpack when she wasn’t looking. He really was a sneaky kitten. But if her reactions made him feel loved and appreciated, then she couldn’t find it in herself to complain one bit.

Marinette was surprisingly jarred from her thoughts at the sound of tapping on her trap door. With a yelp, she turned to her kwami, who was enthralled with the television, with wide, panicked eyes. “Tikki!” she cried in a harsh whisper.

The little, red kwami picked up on the situation. “Hide it, Marinette!”

Quickly, Marinette swung open the desk drawer and shoved the fabric in as much as she could. As she tried to camouflage the gift, Tikki fluttered her way up to the trap door. “Give her just a second, Adrien!” she called up to the boy. Slamming the drawer shut, she let out a relieved sigh and gave Tikki a thumbs up. The kwami unlatched the trap door, allowing her hero-clad boyfriend to drop in.

“What was all the ruckus?” he asked with a curious tilt of his head.

Marinette just shook her head. “It’s nothing. My room was just a big mess, messier than usual, and I just wanted to get some things put away before you came inside, that’s all.”

Adrien obviously wasn’t buying that excuse when he cocked a brow under his mask and looked at her oddly. “Are you sure?”

“Yep! Sure as pie!” she replied with an overly exerted grin. Inwardly, she groaned at her response. ‘Sure as pie?’ How stupid!

Snorting at her, Adrien shook his head. “Okay, my lady, whatever you say.” Taking a seat on the chaise, he seemed to relax. “Claws in.” Green light enveloped him, traveling up his body, taking away the skin tight suit and revealing plaid pajamas and a t-shirt. When the light zapped his hair back to Adrien’s style, he opened his emerald eyes. Plagg stared mournfully at his chosen. It wasn’t like Plagg to detransform and not immediately ask for camembert. Marinette noticed that something obviously was off.

Scrunching her brow, she focused on him, noticing his eyes were a heavy with pink poof at the bottom. “What happened?” she asked, concern clear in her voice. She knew something had to have happened with his father for him to look so down. She hadn’t noticed it behind his mask, but now the signs were crystal clear.

Adrien gazed up at her, eyes glazed. “Father used to threaten that I would have to leave school when I misbehave… but now, he’s using you. Anytime I misstep or do something he doesn’t want, he threatens to make me break up with you. I thought he was lightening up on me, but it’s like he only allowed me this happiness, so he can rip it away anytime he wants. I’m so tired of being controlled like this.”

“Hey,” Marinette began in a soothing tone. She sat down next to him on the chaise, taking her hand in hers. “Your father can’t stop us from being together, you know that, right?” Slowly, she ran her thumb across his ring, feeling the energy serge from it. “He may have control over Adrien Agreste, but he has no control over Chat Noir. I love you, and I’m going to stay with you no matter what hardships your father may try to put us through. I’ll sneak out as Ladybug every night if I have to, so that I can see you… and give you kisses,” she cooed with a peck to his cheek.

He smiled slightly, obviously unable to keep his frown around her. “You’re amazing, Marinette.”

“I think I’ve heard that once or twice before…” she hummed.

Laughing, he wound an arm around her waist, pulling her closer as he nuzzled into her hair. “Good, because you deserve to hear it over and over.”

Marinette smiled in response, placing a kiss to his hand as he normally would do to her. Leaning her head on his shoulder, she rested against him, watching his chest fall up and down in a slow rhythm. Sometimes this was just what he needed. He was so deprived of affection since his mother disappeared, and Marinette did her best to give Adrien all of the attention he needed. The poor boy was so miserable being cooped up in his house all of the time. That’s why she always wanted to make sure she called him out to meet her on the Eiffel Tower as much as she could manage. Or even just called to ask him about the homework they had, even if she had already completed it, she would ask for his help just to make him feel needed.

In the few months they’d been together, she’d learned so much more about him. He worshipped the ground she walked on, and while that made Marinette feel entirely special, she made sure Adrien had his moments of wanting too. He never felt wanted at home. Only on some occasions would his father pay attention to him. So, she did everything in her power to please the poor, neglected boy.

Sighing, she was removed from her thoughts as Adrien gave a small peck to the top of her head. She squeezed his fingers between her own. “You don’t deserve the way your father treats you, you know that, right?”

“I know…” he croaked weakly. She knew that he did know that, but the insecurity was always in his voice when she told him.

“You are amazing too, Adrien. You deserve the best. You are such a good person. You wouldn’t have been chosen to be Chat Noir if you didn’t have a good heart and head on your shoulders. Always remember that. You’re a hero.” There was a sniffle above her. She removed her head from his shoulder to see watery emerald eyes gazing at her. Giving him a sympathetic smile, Marinette cooed. “Oh, my sweet kitty…”

Pulling his head to her chest, she laid both of them down on the chaise. Adrien’s mop of blonde hair tickled her chin as she ran her hand through the strands. He slowly hugged around her middle, rubbing his cheek against the exposed skin of her shoulders. It was dangerous wearing this tank top around him, honestly. Adrien wasn’t very good at resisting skin contact. And the last time he’d kissed her neck, well… that went a certain way. However, her boyfriend was heavily touched starved and if he wanted to cuddle, then by God she would let him.

Marinette gazed down at him as she tangled her fingers in his blonde locks, watching as he smiled comfortably, the small tears in his eyes cascading down his face before he seemed to run out of the waterworks. She felt vibrations against her stomach, the purr, that the two recently discovered, rumbled soothingly in his chest. How did she get so lucky to have such an adorable boy? They’d been through so much in such a small amount of time. She was grateful for him though. Within the last few months, Adrien had really become her rock. And at times like this, she repaid him by being his.

Timidly, he placed a small kiss to her shoulder blade, causing her to squeak in response. Lifting his head up, he grinned a shit-eating Chat Noir grin. “Too much?” he snickered.

Flushing, Marinette glanced away. “N-No. You just surprised me, that’s all.”

Adrien let out a hum, tracing his fingers across her back as he did so. “Are you pawsitive?” he teased, pressing another kiss to her exposed skin.

Giggling, she rolled her eyes, pushing him back by the bridge of his nose. “Someone is getting a little touchy.”

“I need healing, my lady. Your touch protects me from all internal wounds,” Adrien cooed as he pushed himself up to hover over her.

“Oh, yeah. I’m sure it does.”

Pressing a quick peck to her forehead, he grinned. “It does. I swear. Cat’s honor.”

“Adrien, if you want to kiss me, you know you don’t have to fish for it every time, right? I’m not going to complain if you do,” Marinette chided with a snicker.

With a small blush, Adrien let out a shy chuckle. “Yeah, I know. But I just need my princess’ permission to enter the castle.”

“…What castle are you entering, Kitty?”

His mouth fell open, gaping at her with a scandalized stare. “My lady! So perverse!” he cried sitting up back on his haunches.

Marinette barked a laugh, sitting up from beneath him. “Hey, you’re the one who made the analogy,” she replied gesturing an arm at him.

“I know! I didn’t mean it like that!” he cried, utterly flabbergasted. His cheeks were so rosy, and Marinette was sure that hers were too.

She knew she was torturing the poor boy, but she couldn’t resist keeping the charade going. “What am I supposed to think? A few weeks ago you implied you wanted to have sex with me.”

“W-Well, yeah, but not at this very minute.”

“Why not?” she blurted. Both froze at her words, staring stunned at one another. Marinette had regretted the words as soon as they slipped past her lips. Sometimes when teasing her kitty, her brain filter apparently malfunctions. She wasn’t going to deny that she thought about Adrien that way, even before they were together. She even acted on the feelings, on occasion. But admitting that to Adrien was far too mortifying. “F-Forget I said that,” she sputtered, hiding her, now beet red face, behind her palms.

Adrien was silent for a moment. And she couldn’t blame him. They had agreed to wait on this matter a few weeks ago, and now she’s bringing it up again. She blamed it on the sweet collarbone kisses he gave her moments before. It apparently turned her brain turn to melted putty.

The look on his face was till utterly dumbfounded. “How on earth am I supposed to forget you said that?”

“I didn’t mean it!” she insisted.

Scoffing, he shook his head. “Obviously, part of you had to have meant it or else you wouldn’t have said it.”

Face flushing darker, Marinette groaned as she curled her legs in towards her chest, hugging her legs and burying her face in her knees. “It’s nothing, forget it.”

She heard his body shift, and his weight come closer to her. “Hey,” he murmured softly, prying her fingers away from their position wound around her legs. Marinette yelped when he suddenly had her legs in his hands and yanked her into his lap with ease. She kept her head shamefully hung as he wound an arm around her back. Tucking two fingers beneath her chin, he lifted her head up. “Marinette, it’s okay.”

“Not it’s not,” she whimpered. God, she was so embarrassed. Was this instant karma for making the sex joke in the first place?

He chuckled lightly. “It is, my lady. You just caught me off guard is all. B-But I have to know… Is that something you’ve actually thought about?”

Glancing away, she couldn’t meet his eyes. “S-Sometimes. I-I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have made a joke like that.”

“I’ve thought about it too, okay? There are nights when you’re on my mind, and I can’t help myself. I don’t know much about these things, but I’m willing to learn for you. With you,” Adrien admitted, cheeks pink. It meant a lot to her that he would come clean about such a thing. She knew her boyfriend was pretty timid when it came to these talks.

She met his stare. “R-Really?”

“You’re beautiful, Marinette,” he said with a shy, embarrassed smile. “I can’t resist the temptation all of the time.”

“S-So, if we wanted to start taking things slow…?”

“I wouldn’t object.”

Her eyes watered at his kindness. Adrien was always so kind and gentle to her. She should have expected he’d be the same even in situations like this. “Adrien…”

Her boyfriend simply smiled, running a hand through her tousled pigtails. Gently, he tugged the ribbons from her hair, letting it fall loose across her shoulders. Adrien continued to swirl her raven locks through his fingers. “How did I get so lucky to have you?”

Giggling, Marinette felt herself ease. “I think I’m the lucky one, you’re an actual model.”

Laughter bubbled from his lips. “Honestly, we know who should really be a model between the two of us,” he teased, still giggling. “You are drop dead gorgeous, and sometimes I can’t believe I get to call you mine.”

Marinette snickered, booping her boyfriend on the nose. “Aren’t you just a sweet talker?”

“You know what I’m even sweeter at?” Adrien beamed, pulling her flush against him.

Humming, she cocked a brow at him with a teasing smile, running her fingers across his cheeks. “Mhm, what?”

“Kitten kisses.”

Adrien took her lips against his own, cupping her cheek with one of his palms. Lightly, he caressed her, running a thumb across the skin beneath her eye. Her boyfriend always had a way of turning her to goop in the simplest ways. He knew how she ticked at this point, where she was weak. It wasn’t fair, really. When Adrien peppered kisses across her skin, she should’ve known it was coming really. He pecked that spot on her neck again, making Marinette have to hold in her groan of approval. Adrien must’ve noticed her restraint as she heard him snicker lightly against her skin. “You’re so cute,” he cooed.

Pushing him back by his nose, Marinette frowned. “That’s not fair. I don’t know if you have any spots like that,” she grumbled.

“Then by all means, my lady, you certainly have permission to find out,” Adrien said with a grin.

Ugh, he was such a flirt when he wanted to be. He was honestly the most frustrating boy she’d ever dealt with. She loved him, of course, but jeez, he was a force to be reckoned with sometimes.  

Eyeing him carefully, Marinette leaned forward, pressing a soft kiss to his nape. She heard him sigh as his shoulders relaxed. His purring rumbled through his chest, soothing Marinette’s own nerves. She was utterly terrified to take these steps with Adrien. Of course, there were a few times the pair had almost gotten a little too carried away, but trying to do such actions intentionally was a totally different story.

She continued to press kisses across his collarbone before trailing up his neck. She pecked below his chin and across his cheek before reaching the skin around his ear. Marinette hummed, pressing as kiss right behind his ear. Adrien yelped, facing flushing as he stiffened beneath her. Leaning back, she took in the sight of her panicked kitty. “Found it,” she giggled, far too proud of herself for finding a tender spot.

He reached a hand up and rubbed the sensitive spot with wide eyes. “Y-Yeah. You did,” he squeaked.

“You okay?”

Adrien nodded weakly. “Mhmm…”

Smiling, Marinette captured his lips with her own once more. Dancing her lips against his in a sweet, tender display of affection. Her heart swelled from the contact as his hands traveled down her waist to her hips and back up again. She could feel the feather light touches of his fingertips trail across her clothing. She wasn’t exactly sure what clicked in her brain, but it was as if a switch had flipped. The calm and gentle pecks were no more, as she took his lips between her teeth earning her a light moan in response. Marinette just wanted to melt into him, turn into putty for him to mold how he wished. His lips were so sweet, and his touch even sweeter as his fingers slowly dug into her skin.

While her earlier teasing had been meant to make her kitty sweat, maybe it had gotten her a bit riled up as well. Especially after he’d kissed her sweet spot moments before. Suddenly, it was if she couldn’t get enough of him. She just wanted more and more. All anxieties and overthoughts currently gone from her frazzled brain and all she could process was the feeling of his mouth connected with hers. She let out a quiet moan of approval when his hands slowly made their way beneath the rim of her tank. His thumbs idly ran over her waist, tracing her hipbones in soft movements. Marinette could feel herself falling under his spell. And the further she fell, the less she wanted to come out of it.

Next thing she knew, her boyfriend was tugging her into his lap. She let out a small squeak of surprise, earning Adrien’s attention. Leaning back, he cocked a brow at her. “You okay?”

“Yep,” she answered too quickly before kissing him again. She didn’t have time for his concern, even though she appreciated it. All she wanted was his mouth, his kiss, his touch. Anything he was willing to give her in this moment. The previous minutes of teasing had her far too worked up to think about anything else.

Gingerly, Marinette took one Adrien’s hands, guiding it slowly upward to expose the skin of her taught stomach. His eyes popped open, pulling away and pressing his forehead to hers. “Are you sure?”

“Y-Yeah,” she said with a blush. “There’s no harm in just a little bit of touching, right? We’ll still take it slow. No complete nudity,” she snorted.

Adrien chuckled, his warm breath caressing her cheeks. “Okay, whatever my lady wants.”

Marinette buried her face in his shoulder as his fingers journeyed upwards, leaving her skin tingly in their wake. She tried to calm herself, tried to make her breathing slow… but this was something she’d dreamed about with this boy and to have that dream actually become reality was entirely overwhelming.

He nosed her hair, pressing a kiss to her crown as his hands ascended until reaching the skin beneath her breasts, making Marinette croon in response. She could feel him smile against her hair. “No bra?”

“I’m in pajamas. Bras aren’t for sleeping,” she retorted.

Adrien barked out a laugh, giving a tiny nod in agreement. “Fair enough.”

He carefully rubbed his thumbs across the underside of her chest, lightly pressing the soft flesh there. Marinette struggled to keep her nerves in check at the feeling of his gentle brushes of her skin. Every caress set her ablaze. Her entire being was on fire, heat pooling in her stomach. She sighed at the tender touch. Finally, she gazed up at him, blue eyes wide, pleading for more than just teasing strokes.

Seeming to understand her hint, Adrien slowly moved upward, cupping her breasts in his palms. Gently, he kneaded her soft mounds, giving an occasional squeeze that made Marinette absolutely weak. She continued in vain to keep her breathing under control. To prevent any unwanted sounds to escape past her lips. They were still learning, exploring, and she could be very loud without even knowing it. The last thing she wanted was for her parents to wake up at this very moment.

She sat up sluggishly, making sure not to accidently pry Adrien’s hands away from her skin. Leaning over him, she pressed her forehead back to his, their huffs of breath fanning across each other’s faces. She seized his lips again, however while this kiss was passionate, full of want, it was not desperate and needy as the previous ones had been. Their lips moved leisurely together as Adrien’s movements on her breast became a little rougher. He rolled his hand against the nub, making it harden beneath his palm. It was everything Marinette could do to keep her wits, the feeling of him becoming much, much more.

Adrien paused, gently disconnecting their mouths. “Hey… C-Can we move this to your bed?”

Flushing at the implications, Marinette leaned back, her tank still pulled up and breast exposed. “Y-Yeah, we can do that,” she said, fidgeting nervously.

“You first,” he said, not quite meeting her eye as he did so.

Marinette nodded, unsure whether or not to pull down her shirt. With a sudden burst of confidence, she pulled the tank completely off and over her lose hair. She chucked it to the floor and headed to the ladder that leads to her bed, not wanting to look at her boyfriend’s dumbfounded expression. She lay down on her bed, facing the ceiling with her eyes scrunched closed, trying to calm her nerves as the sound of Adrien climbing up after her echoed through her ears.

In almost an instant, he was hovering over her, straddling her hips with his thighs. “That was most unexpected of you, princess.”

Letting out a mortified squawk, Marinette covered her eyes. “I know, but I thought it would get in the way, don’t you?”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right…” he cooed, prying her fingers away from her face. “But, I’m glad you’ve given me all of the access I need, my lady.”

“Shut up!” she squeaked, pushing him back by his shoulders.

“Aw… I was just kitten around, my lady. Pawlease, let me continue what I started?” he chimed with a tilt of his head.

Letting out a giggle, she slowly peeped an eye open at him. “Do you think cat puns are going to get you further?”

Adrien hummed, leaning over her to press a few kisses on her cheek and towards her ear. “I was hoping,” he muttered close to her lobe.

Marinette allowed herself to relax, shoulders liquefying into the sheets beneath her. She knew he wanted to continue his actions from before, but neither knew where to start. He was making her feel so spoiled. Sighing, she gave a timid nod. “Okay…” she breathed.

Smiling, he gave a curt nod. He scattered kisses back down her neck, quickly sneaking a small kiss to her sensitive spot, making her gasp. As he continued to journey downward, he began lightly brushing his lips against her breast, glancing up for approval. Marinette bobbed her head, giving him the sign he wanted to proceed.

Adrien grinned against her skin, smooching her breasts with renewed gusto. He cupped the underside of her chest, massaging gently. Lightly, he flicked his tongue across the pert nub, making Marinette let out a quiet whimper, her fingers dug into sheets below her. He licked up and down, running his tongue along the hardening nub. All at once, he took the bud into his mouth, making Marinette gasp, her hands clenching into his hair. Suddenly, the sensations were almost too much for her. Her thighs rose up, clamping against his. Adrien drew a loud moan from her lips as he suckled, drawing more of her skin into his mouth, his other palm rubbing her opposite breast, stiffening the other nub.

Marinette couldn’t stop her hips from thrusting against him when he gave a particularly harder suck, letting out a cry as she did so. His head popped up, smirking at her as he gazed at her flushed cheeks. “You okay?”

“Y-Yeah,” she managed out, breath still weak from his prior actions.

Slowly, Adrien drawled his fingers down her naked sides, peppering kisses to her breast again as he did so. Cupping her thighs, he pulled her upward, lifting her hips from the bed. He pressed his clothed erection against her heat, making both sigh at the sensation. “Is this okay, Marinette?” he asked, eyes desperately seeking permission. Marinette was more than willing to give it.

“Please, Adrien…” she gasped.

Bending over, he captured her lips with his, rutting his hips against her own. Marinette groaned, wounding her arms around his neck, keeping his lips attached to hers. Adrien ground against her, his clothed bulge rubbing her heat through her pajama pants in just the right way. Every thrust sending Marinette further and further over the edge. Warmth bubbled inside her, making her want more and more with every pass of his hips. Unable to take much more, she retreated from his mouth, breathing heavily and burying her face in his shoulder as Adrien weaved his fingers into her raven locks. The world was spinning around her. All she felt was the heat from Adrien’s body pressed against her own. Her brain focused on his movements: every thrust, every breath he took, every sigh he let out. His hand lightly tugged in her hair, making her groan.

“I love you…” he exhaled.

Marinette saw stars, bright and white behind her eyelids. Shuddering, she grasped her boyfriend like a life-line. Her heart stuttering as she went boneless on her mattress. Releasing a heavy sigh, she relaxed, opening her eyes to see a flushed, panting Adrien hovering over her. God, that was a beautiful sight she would never forget.

He kissed her, smiling against her lips. “Wow… The sounds you make are amazing.”

Blushing, she hid her face with a laugh. “Don’t say things like that, alley cat!”

Grabbing her in his arms, he flipped the pair over, laying Marinette on his chest as she squeaked. Nuzzling her, he barked out a chuckle. “But they are! You’re so cute!”

“Noo!” she cried, smacking him on the chest.

He snickered again, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “Can we do that again sometime?”

“Oh, so you’re not just an alley cat, but a horny alley cat?” Marinette teased.

“Hmm… Maybe so. But I can’t really complain if that’s the reward I get for it.”

Sitting up slightly, she cocked a brow. “Oh really? Is seducing me going to become a habit of your?”

Adrien ran his fingers through her hair with a small, obviously admiring her with an adoring look. “Of course, my lady. As long as you’ll have me.”

“Hmm,” Marinette hummed thoughtfully, tapping a finger to her chin. “Maybe, I’ll have to return the favor next time, huh, Kitty?”

The flushed look on Adrien’s face was priceless, and Marinette made sure to embed it into her brain until the end of time.

Chapter Text

Marinette squirmed a little when she began to wake. She snuggled closer into her pillow, tossing and yanking the blanket up over her bare shoulder. Why was her bed… breathing? Slowly, she cracked an eye open. It felt so heavy. Much like a creaking door if her lids could make such a sound. She noticed a familiar large t-shirt, one that her boyfriend often wore to bed. Blinking, her eyes focused as she tilted her chin, seeing Adrien’s peacefully sleeping face. Cheeks flushing, the memories of the night prior came flooding back into her mind like a tidal wave of feelings. She glanced down, seeing that she was, in fact, still topless from their game of touchy-feely times. Her shirt was on the floor from where she tossed it… meaning she’d have to get up to grab it and that’d wake Adrien. There really was no good solution.

Adrien fidgeted beside her, making Marinette freeze. Too late. She had stopped breathing for some reason. His nose scrunched adorably as his eyes lightly fluttered open. Oh no, he was so cute. Gazing up at him with her big, blue eyes, she put on her best smile. “Good morning,” she croaked. Wow, she had expected that to come out a lot sweeter.

“Morning,” he murmured, smiling at her as reached for her.

It was everything Marinette could do not to flinch away when his hands touched her bare skin. Adrien’s half-lidded eyes seemed confused. As if it wasn’t registering that she was still half naked. His unsureness seemed to clear up as his eyes grew wider. Instead of fleeing from her, which was her worst case scenario, he smirked pulling her flush against him.

“I could get used to waking up with you like this,” Adrien teased with a grin.

Welp, there he was. The smooth operator side of him in full effect so early in the morning. Marinette hummed as she flattened her palms against his chest. “Uh huh. Didn’t a certain someone sneak out last night? Aren’t they going to notice you’re gone?”

Adrien hissed, mumbling a curse. “What time is it?”

Marinette glanced out her window, noticing it was still dark. Maybe they were still in the clear. She searched her bed before finding her phone beneath her pillow. The bright screen illuminated her face in the darkness, blinding them both temporarily. “Looks like it’s 4:00. You’re still in the clear.”

Adrien sighed. “Phew, that means Natalie won’t be in my room for another two hours.” He paused taking a moment to graze his fingertips along her naked a side. “Sooo, I’ve got time.”

“You are a horny alley cat!” Marinette teased, booping him on the nose.

“Hey, you can’t blame me. Look at you. You’re beautiful,” he cooed as he caressed her bare lower back.

His touch sent tingles up Marinette’s spine. She sighed, gazing up at the beautiful boy before her. She cupped his cheek, smiling at him. “You’re pretty easy on the eyes yourself.”

She could practically feel his ego swell as he smirked in an oh-so-Chat-like fashion. “Why thank you, my lady. What a compliment from a goddess herself.”

“You’re certainly cheeky in the morning.”

Chuckling, he nuzzled his nose against her forehead. “Only when you’re around.”

There was a beat of silence. Not awkward in any way. Simply a comforting silence as Marinette felt the rise and fall of Adrien’s chest. His heart beat beneath her fingertips as her palms pressed against his chest. Eyes closed with a smile on his face, he seemed so relaxed around her. It reassured her to know he was tranquil and undisturbed by the crazy life he lead when the two of them had quiet time together.

She worried about him often after finding out more about his and Gabriel’s relationship. If there was one thing Marinette wanted more than anything, it was for Adrien to be happy.

He must have noticed her staring, because he gave her a half-hearted smile and cocked a brow. “What is it?”

Marinette shook her head. “I’m just happy.”

His grin stretched further across his face before pecking her forehead. “Me too.”

Stretching her neck up, she pressed a light kiss to the bottom of his chin. He chuckled in return. There was another silence for a moment before Adrien cleared his throat. His eyes shifted, cheeks flushing. “Marinette… We need to talk—a-about last night?”

Her heart stopped. Did he actually not like what they did? Did he hate it? Did she need to go put her top on immediately? “I-If you’re not okay with what we did, then we don’t have to do it again.”

Adrien’s eyes widened. “N-No! It’s not that. I just—I just wanted to make sure that you were okay. I know before we went to sleep you said th-that you’d like to do it again. B-But I wanted to make sure that wasn’t just the heat of the moment talking instead of how you… actually felt.” His brows were pinched as he spoke, obviously nervous about his words.

“I’d like to… i-if you want to.”

“I do…”

Marinette gazed up at him. “Okay,” she sighed.

“How does right now sound?” he whispered, breath fanning across her cheeks.

Her face flushed. Marinette couldn’t deny that last night was something she wanted a repeat of. But it was early, and her parents would be awake any moment. She could live on the edge though, right? She deserved this. They’d waited so long for each other. This was normal teenager stuff. Wanting to explore. And touch. And kiss. Dammit… now she really wanted him.

Unable to resist, Marinette captured his lips. “Fine with me,” she murmured, brushing his lips.

He grinned against her lips before taking her mouth with his own. Marinette could feel every beat of her heart tingle through her veins down to her toes. The pulsing of arousal hit her instantly at just his kisses and promise of intimacy. Hooking her leg around his hip, she pushed his shoulders down, and suddenly she was on top of him. Marinette straddled his waist, knees digging into his hips to keep him there.

Adrien’s eyes were owlish as she detached her lips. She giggled at his stunned expression. “What? Is this not okay?”

She could hear her boyfriend audibly gulp as he reached up, rubbing up her sides to cup beneath her breasts. “No, I’d say I’m fine with it,” he said hoarsely.

A laugh bubbled from her lips. Marinette stroked his blonde locks, admiration clear in her expression. God, how she loved him. It was strange… being so madly in love with someone at such a young age. Stranger things had happened, obviously. She did adorn black spots and run across buildings on a daily basis.

Nuzzling his nose, she then pecked a kiss there. Peppering kisses across his skin much like he had the night previous, she kissed beneath his chin and inched upward. Adrien’s sharp intake of breath was a tell-tale sign that he knew where she was heading. When she captured his lobe between her teeth, Adrien moaned louder than she’d ever heard. There was just a hint of a purr tangled within the sound. Marinette couldn’t help the bit of pride that swirled inside her, as well as arousal. He was damn hot… she couldn’t prevent the feelings that fizzed within.

She gripped at his t-shirt, bunching it over his belly. Marinette dragged her fingers over the newly exposed skin. Abandoning his ears (much to Adrien’s verbal dismay), she leaned back to appreciate the view. She’d known how his body looked in a skin-tight cat suit, in fact she’d felt a good bit the night previous, but seeing his skin bare before only made her want more of him. After she scrunched his shirt up to his chest, Adrien seemed to get the message. Sitting up, he yanked the shirt from his person and tossed it towards the end of her bed, earning a giggle from the girl.

Marinette drank in the sight of him. Every ripple of developing muscle, each freckle and scar that decorated his healthy sun-kissed flesh. Those air-brushed magazine pictures did him no justice. Adrien stayed silent, but flushed under her inspection. Her gaze drank in every inch of him. “You really are hot-stuff,” she blurted out.

Adrien’s brows shot up as Marinette quickly covered her mouth with her hands after the blunder. Her cheeks heated as Adrien snorted as he bent over with a laugh. “Glad to know you’re impressed, my lady,” he teased.

“Shut up, alley cat,” she muttered with a pout, unable to look at him.

Adrien smiled, leaning in to mold his mouth with hers. Marinette melted, kissing him back with renewed gusto. He took her hand and gently pressed it against his chest. She squeaked against his lips, making him chuckle and smile. Rubbing her palms across his skin, she felt every bump and ridge. He was so hot to the touch. Marinette figured she was rather hot and bothered as well.

Adrien tugged her into his lap, one hand clasping at her lower back. He buried nose into her nape, pressing his lips against her heated flesh. Marinette couldn’t stop a whine from leaving her lips. Pecking kisses across her chest, Adrien sucked and nipped at the soft flesh. She buried her fingers into his mane, pressing a kiss to the top of his head.

Marinette stiffened when Adrien dipped his fingers beneath the waistband of her pajama pants. Shifting, he gazed up at her. “Can I?”

Heart fluttering within her chest, she gave a curt nod. “D-Don’t take them off,” she muttered.

Humming in agreement, Adrien gently guided her to lay back. He rested gently beside her, his bare skin pressed against hers. Gentle fingers skimmed down her bare stomach, reaching the waist-band of her pajamas. His hand dipped beneath the fabric, meeting the barrier of her panties. Marinette sucked in a breath as his fingers brushed along her clothed heat.

Adrien pressed his lips to her neck, obviously trying to sooth her. “It’s okay. I can stop if you want.”

Releasing the air, she sighed, stomach relaxing. “N-No, it’s fine. Please, touch me, Adrien,” she replied, words breathless.

“As you wish, my lady,” he cooed before continuing his venture beneath her clothes.

He continued to stroke her through her panties. Marinette knew he had to feel how damp the cloth had gotten during their heated make-out session. She wanted to be embarrassed, but the feeling of Adrien’s gentle touch rubbing against her most sensitive of places had her worlds of distracted.

“Marinette, do you care if I…?” he trailed off, plunking at the band of her underwear as explanation.

Marinette wasn’t sure if her cheeks could get any hotter than they already were. Adrien was so willing to touch her, it made her affection for him swell even further. He was so worried about her pleasure that he hadn’t even thought about himself. “What about you?” she asked, reaching to brush down his hip towards the growing bulge in his trousers.

Sighing, he shook his head. Taking her hand away from his crotch, he placed a kiss to the back of her palm. “Let’s take care of you first.”

While hesitant, Marinette nodded. “Okay.”

Adrien’s fingers brushed beneath the band of her underwear. Marinette could feel the anxiety swirling in her gut. She wanted him to touch her, yet she was so scared. Never in a million years did she think this day would actually come. A day where Adrien Agreste wanted to pleasure her like this. Marinette gave him a light kiss on the lips as his hand traveled downward. The pad of his fingertip brush across her clit, and her breathe caught in her throat. That was new. So, so new.

Creak. Tap. Tap.

Eyes flying open, Marinette rocketed away from him in one quick motion. That was definitely the sound of her mother’s footsteps getting eerily closer to the stairs that led to her bedroom. “It’s my mom!” she shrieked in a harsh whisper.

“Shit,” Adrien cursed under his breath. Glancing around, he quickly grabbed his shirt from the end of the bed and tossed it to her. “Put that on.”

Marinette took it and held up the garment. “Wha—What? What about you?”

“This cat has to scat out of her, my lady,” he said quickly with a teasing grin. “Plagg!” he called out.

The kwami stretched as he floated in the air. “Huh? Wha?” Plagg wiped his eyes, yawning as he did so. He seemed oblivious to the situation at hand.

“We gotta go,” Adrien said quickly, voice growing a little louder and urgent as the footsteps came closer.

Plagg squinted at him. “Why is Marinette wearing your shirt? And where’s my cheese?”

 Shaking his head quickly, Adrien seemed to grow more irritated by the second. “No time! Claws out!”

“Hey! Wai—” the creature was quickly sucked into the ring as green glow engulfed Adrien’s person. Marinette shielded her eyes from the bright light.

There sat Chat Noir right in front of her where Adrien sat. It was still a little difficult for Marinette to wrap her mind around. Cupping her cheeks, Chat pressed a quick kiss to her lips. “Love you,” he sputtered out. He gave her one good glance over, cheeks flushing a little. Marinette knew she had to look as disheveled as he sounded. She also did her best to not stare at the very noticeable bulge poking out of his cat suit.

“We’ll, uh, continue this another time, yeah? To be continued?” he asked.

Smiling, she nodded. “Yeah, rein check.”

Kissing her once more, Chat quickly crawled out of the trap door. Marinette found herself heavily horny and nothing that could be done about it. When the footsteps started up the stairs, she quickly pulled the covers up to her chin and turned her back to the door. She quickly closed her eyes, pretending to sleep. She couldn’t help the little rubs she did with her thighs, thinking about how close Adrien had just been to touching her fully.

That was something that would definitely have to be continued for another day.



“Oh, my God, M! That’s crazy!” Alya cheered as Marinette hid her face in shame inside her locker.

“Can you not be so loud?” Marinette asked as she glanced around the locker room. Holding up a hand to shield her mouth from view of anyone else, she whispered, “Our relationship is a secret, remember?”

Alya nodded, but couldn’t help the shit-eating grin that etched across her face. “So, how was it though?”

Feeling her cheeks heat, Marinette glanced at her feet before smiling. “Really nice.”

Alya bounced on her toes. “Oh, I’m so happy for you. Wait until you don’t almost get caught and it actually happens. It feels so great, I promise. And Adrien is such a gentleman, I know he’s going to take good care of you,” she teased, bumping Marinette with her elbow.

“You’re right,” Marinette agreed with a smile. She thought for a moment before laughing nervously. “Please, don’t tell Adrien I told you this stuff. He may get embarrassed.”

Alya waved her off. “Psht, oh please, I’m sure he’s bragging to Nino as we speak.” She wound an arm around her shoulder. “I’m sure there’s nothing to be worried about. Now, what kind of kisser is he, spill?”

The pair strode away, so focused on gushing about Marinette’s night with Adrien that neither of them heard the slam of a locker door behind them.

Chapter Text

“Dude, I’m so proud of you,” Nino cooed, nudging Adrien teasingly as the two sat on the steps.

A light blush spread across Adrien’s cheeks as he rubbed at the back of his neck with embarrassment coursing through him. “Thanks, I think. This is all entirely new to me,” Adrien murmured, his gaze flickering.

Nino smiled in understanding, seemingly taking pity on his friend. “Hey, it’s new for Marinette too. I’ve known her for a while, and she’s never had a boyfriend before. If you’re worried about what she thinks, you could always just ask her.”

Adrien gulped, eyes wide. It amazed him that Nino could read him so easily. He’d never really had a friend that made him feel like an open book. (Not that he’d had a friend other than Chloe…) His cheeks still felt hot. Talking about the previous night’s occurrences brought back quite a few vivid images into his mind.  “I know I could always just ask, but I’m just afraid of going too far.”

Waving a hand, Nino shook his head. “Marinette isn’t going to let you do anything she doesn’t want. You should trust her on that.”

“Oh, I know. She’d easily slap me,” Adrien chuckled.

Snickering, Nino gave a nod. “Yeah, Marinette’s kinda like a firecracker when she’s provoked.”

“Believe me. I know.”

“Have you felt the wrath of Marinette already, dude?” Nino asked with a teasing grin.

Giving a half shrug, Adrien smirked slightly. “Yeah, I’d say so, but she can’t stay mad at me for long.”

Nino’s brows furrowed, giving Adrien a curious and confused stare. Adrien could practically see the gears turning in his best friend’s head. Had he said something wrong?

“Wait, so. How long have you guys been secretly dating?” Nino asked, quiet enough so only he and Adrien could hear.

Oh, no. Had he given Nino too much info? Marinette was going to kill him. Adrien stiffened slightly, eyes wandering. “Not super long, why?”

“Cause you’re acting like you and Marinette have been close forever, but that just doesn’t make sense. She has been shy around you forever. And you were hung up on Ladybug not too long ago,” he said.

“I guess… Marinette and I discovered we have a lot more in common than we thought. We just… clicked, you know? It’s different. I can’t exactly describe it. I mean, look at you and Alya. You two fell in love stuck in an animal enclosure at the zoo! Is it really so far-fetched that Marinette and I would learn a lot about each other while trapped in a box for a few hours?” Adrien spewed the words quickly, hoping that’d be enough to satisfy Nino’s curiosity. It would seem fishy that he and Marinette got on good speaking terms then immediately started dating if someone looked at it from the outside.

Nino nodded, seeming to take his excuse as a valid explanation. “Okay, fine. But what about Ladybug? You were madly in love with her. What changed? How did you just get over her so quickly? Because, dude, I’m just saying that I know Marinette looks similar to Ladybug, but don’t use her as a substitute. That’d be such a dickish thing to do.”

Well, he still was madly in love with Ladybug, but he couldn’t tell Nino that. Adrien scoffed, pushing Nino slightly in the shoulder. “C’mon, Nino. I’m not like that. I’ve… always liked Marinette. I just finally saw her for her. Ladybug is great and all… but she’s not who she is.”

When Nino cocked a brow, Adrien stammered to create an explanation. “Y-You know… whoever is under that mask is someone besides Ladybug. Ladybug is a superhero, I’d be silly to think she’d notice me or trust me to know who she is. Plus, she’s with Chat Noir anyway.”

Nino held up a hand, eyes bulging in disbelief. “Wait. Hang on! How do you know that?”

Oh, shit. That wasn’t supposed to be public knowledge. Marinette was definitely going to maim him. Because whatever Nino knew…

“Hey, boys!” Alya beamed, approaching them with Marinette in tow.

…Alya would know too.

She was going to kill him. This was it. His last day on this earth.

“Babe!” Nino shot up from his seat on the steps, gesturing to Adrien. “My boy here said that Ladybug and Chat Noir are together, you got any evidence of that?”

Adrien cringed inwardly, trying not to react. Alya’s demeanor exploded with excitement. She bounded on her toes, cradling her phone to her chest. “I’d heard some rumors of them being extra close lately, but nothing more. Why? What did you see, Adrien?”

He was frozen. Unable to make words come from his lips. With one glance at Marinette, he knew he was in so much trouble… the daggers she was glaring at him were very telling. Gulping, he ran a nervous hand through his hair. “W-Well, I saw them on the Eiffel Tower.”

Alya gasped, squealing. “What did they do?” She pushed Nino aside to take his seat. “Please, every detail, Adrien.”

“They… kissed?”

Alya’s eyes lit up with elation. “Oh my God! This is so going on the Ladyblog! I can’t believe it’s finally happening!”

Grimacing, Adrien looked at Marinette who gaped at him. He raised his hands in a slight shrug gesture. Blinking with obvious irritation, his girlfriend waggled a finger at him. “Adrien, could we talk for a moment?”

He was fucked.

“Marinette! Hang on! You two can’t leave, this is big news! How should I post it on the Ladyblog?” Alya insisted as she typed rapidly on her phone.

Marinette smiled, waving at her friend. “We’ll be just a second.”

Snatching him by the wrist, Marinette dragged him beneath the stairs. She glanced around making sure no one was around. Everyone had now gathered around Alya as she shared the news that Ladybug and Chat Noir has kissed on the Eiffel Tower.

She pinched her brow, taking a breath. “Why?” was all she asked.

Adrien scratched his cheek awkwardly. “I don’t know. I panicked. Nino was asking questions about how I got over Ladybug so fast. The last thing to slip out was that Ladybug was with Chat Noir.”

“Adrien!” she hissed quietly.

Hands raised in defense, he pleaded with her. “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to, I swear!”

Marinette ran a hand down her cheeks, sighing. “I know… It’s just going to be suspicious that Ladybug and Chat Noir start dating right when Marinette and Adrien do.”

Adrien clicked his tongue before smiling slightly. “Yeah, but… no one knows we’re together yet. It’ll just be suspicious for Alya and Nino.”

“And our parents,” she reminded him.

Yeah… That was true. But his father didn’t pay attention to Ladybug and Chat Noir, did he? It would seem ridiculous if he did. Maybe, he’d observe their outfits, but not their dating history.

“I don’t think my father will really pay attention.”

Marinette chewed her lip (god, she was so cute when she did that…) with a nod. “Yeah, okay. Fine. But, now we have to go around and make a big deal out of the fact that Chat Noir and Ladybug are dating.”

He couldn’t help the grin that spread across his cheeks. Adrien cupped under her chin. “I don’t think I have a problem with that, do you?”

“Shut up, you cheeky kitty,” she grumbled.

The bell ringing interrupted their flirty banter, but Adrien felt himself float up the stairs to their classroom. PDA with his girlfriend while in superhero costumes? Sign him up.

Maybe, he didn’t actually screw up after all.



“Alya is probably going to be looking for us out here,” Ladybug mused as she sat next to him on the tower.

Sitting on a lower section of beams than they usually did, they wanted to make sure they could be easily seen from the ground. The two had agreed to meet there that evening and “out” their relationship to the public in a sense. Alya really already had since the Ladyblog had three different posts about “LadyNoir sailing.” However, there were still some nay-sayers and they didn’t want Alya to get bad press as an unreliable source. Of course, as good friends would do, they decided they’d go make out on the Eiffel Tower to make their friend’s dreams come true.

Now, how often do you get to do that?

Adrien smiled, leaning his head onto hers. “When we hear squealing, we’ll know she’s here.”

Ladybug let out a snort and pinched him gently on the thigh. Jumping, he gave her a kitten-eyed pout. “Hey! What was that for?”

“We both know that you have no right to make fun of fangirl squealing, monsieur ‘I have a closet full of Ladybug accessories,’” she teased with a grin.

Twitching a brow beneath his mask, Adrien tsked at her. “Really? That’s interesting coming from someone who had my face all over her wall.”

“That was for fashion designing,” Ladybug insisted, crossing her arms and turning her head from him to give a mock silent treatment.

Chuckling, he poked her in the sides, making her squirm and giggled. “I suppose the ones under your bed were for that too?”

She gasped with a laugh and pushed him away. “How did you know about those?”

“I have my ways, my lady.”

Giving a smirk, Ladybug poked him on the nose. She had gotten so close. He could feel her breathes puffing across his lips. God, did she even know what she did to him? Adrien’s heart fluttered loudly in his chest. “Has a naughty kitty been sneaking into my bedroom?” she teased.

Adrien grabbed her hip, tugging her closer. Their thighs pressed together, sending heat through his chest down to his toes. “Only when you want me to,” he murmured against her lips.

Ladybug giggled, taking his lips with her own. Heat coursed through his veins as her fingers tangled into the hair behind his leather cat ears. She really knew how to work him… intentional or not. His clawed hand that had been on her hip slowly traveled up her side and shoulder to cup beneath her chin. (He kinda wanted to cup something else, but that wouldn’t be appropriate in public.) Adrien fiddled gently with her pigtail and toyed with the red ribbon. She hummed eagerly against his lips, making his bones melt into a puddle. God, the way she devoured him made his heart soar.

The flash of a camera twinkled in the darkness. Gently, his eyes fluttered open. He parted tenderly from their kisses with a chuckle. Adrien nuzzled gently beneath her chin, giving a small teasing smile. “I think Alya found us,” he chuckled. He glanced down to confirm that, yes, Alya and Nino were down at the base of the tower gaping like a pair of fish.

“Yep,” she breathed, returning his smile with a giggle. Fingers running gingerly through his hair, she pressed a gentle kiss to his forehead. “We’ll give her some content to share, yeah?”

“Yeah,” he sighed, pressing his lips to her chin. He peppered kisses along her jaw before stretching across to meet her lips again. Sitting up straighter, Adrien scooted forward causing Ladybug’s back to press against the pole behind her. He just wanted to get closer. So, so much closer. He itched for every inch of her to be flush against him. Adrien broke the kiss, huffing breathlessly as he took in his love’s very flushed face. Her eyes were glazed with lust. A lust for him. It made him swallow thickly as he tried to control himself. “M-Marinette… can I…?”

“Whatever you want, Kitty,” she cooed, pressing a kiss to his nose.

Swiftly, Adrien pulled her legs on top of his. Her knees wound around his hips as his legs dangled on either side of the metal. Sure, there were much more secure places the two of them could sit for a moment of face sucking. But, eh? Why not live on the edge? It’s not like if they fell either of them would actually get hurt. He’d fall… jump… dive off the Eiffel Tower for Marinette Dupain-Cheng any day of the week.

His arms melded to her lower back, claws scraping along the fabric of her spotted suit. This time the kiss was more passionate and heated. His lady was trying to swallow him whole, and he had absolutely no qualms about it. The last time he’d felt this warmth swirling within him was when the two of them were together in her bedroom. Honestly, he didn’t mind the sound of that right about now.

How’d it turn into this? They were just here to out Chat Noir and Ladybug as a couple, and instead Alya now had multiple photos of slobbery teenage snogging to plaster all over the Ladyblog. Not that Adrien could complain. He liked that he got to show Marinette off as his girlfriend somewhere at least. If it couldn’t be as themselves, their superhero alter egos worked just as well.

Ladybug tugged his bottom lip into her mouth, giving a light nibble. He gasped against her lips, being brought out of whatever trance their make out session had put him in. She giggled against his mouth before slanting her mouth against his. She jerked on his cat ears, making him moan louder than he had intended. His lady pushed him back gently, a teasing grin on her lips.

“You okay there, Chat?”

Adrien gulped, nodding. “Y-Yeah… Um, r-remember when you said something about a naughty kitten sneaking into your bedroom?”

She hummed, glancing around as if she had to give it some thought. “Given that I said that about ten minutes ago, yes, I think do recall that.”

“Could he sneak in there now?”

Feigning a scandalized stare, Ladybug dramatically dropped her jaw. Placing her hand over her forehead, she pretended to look faint. “How scandalous! Chat Noir sneaking into Ladybug’s bedroom? What will the Ladyblog think?”

Beaming, he kissed her neck. She shuttered against him, whimpering to hold in her sounds. “The Ladyblog doesn’t have to know. We just act like we’re saying goodbye, and go in different directions. Then…” he pecked her ear before whispering. “we just meet up at your place.”

His lady was obviously overwhelmed by his offer. “A-Adrien, when did you get so sneaky? You really are an alley cat.”

Adrien smirked before hauling himself onto wobbly legs. He did his best to cover up his obvious chub trying to poke out from the suit. Reaching out a hand, he helped his lady to her feet. Adrien placed a kiss to the back of her palm, then a chaste peck to her lips. “I’ll see you soon.” He backed away before reaching for his staff.

Shooting Alya and Nino a cheeky wave, he grinned before extending his staff away from the scene. He ran across a few rooftops to calm himself and stopped behind a nearby chimney. Adrien ducked down behind the brick, peaking out to see if Marinette had left the tower. He waited until she seemed to snap out of whatever daze he had put in her and she yo-yoed out of sight. Placing a hand over his heart, he heaved a breath.

What the hell had he just said? Since when could he be so… seductive? It freaked him out just as much as it had Marinette. But if there was one thing for sure…

He was going to make good on his promise.

Chapter Text

Marinette was tumbling through the trap door with her boyfriend in tow. Lips tangled in a messy dance. All she could ask for was more of him. More, more, more. More of his soft lips melting with her own as they fought to keep themselves sane. She just wanted every inch of him pressed against her. She and the blonde had touched each other intimately before, but the heated passion that pooled within her made her breath hitch.

Her back landed softly on her bed, and Chat grunted as he plopped on top of her. "Adrien," she began, muttering softly against his lips. 

"Yes, my lady?" he replied, an amused tone singing with his words. Chat's voice was thick, raspy. And the sexiest Marinette had ever heard him. His clawed thumb traced her mask. The touch scorched her… making her want everything off of him immediately. 

"Spots off," she breathed. Barely a whisper, but the words escaped her nonetheless. Her love was pressed against her chest, lips hovering above hers, his breathes caressing her cheeks… yeah, she couldn't be blamed for struggling to comprehend basic language. 

A pink shine engulfed her, traveling from toes to head. Chat practically buzzed above her. Marinette spied his smirk as she fluttered her eyes open. He was on her again, capturing her bottom lip between his teeth, nipping and sucking gingerly. Marinette tried to relax and enjoy, but she could feel Tikki's expectant gaze. She buried her fingers into Chat's blonde locks before tilting her chin back, giving him access to pepper kisses down her newly exposed skin. Turning her head, she saw the red kwami point desperately at her mouth. Marinette tried to rack her brain as to where she'd last hidden Tikki's cookies. 

Where were they…? Where…? She could barely think with Chat's lips connected to her neck. Her eyes wavered, sheer will-power for her kwami's well being kept her on the thread of reality.

Finally, she remembered. Marinette pointed to the computer desk. She watched as her kwami zipped over that direction, opened the drawer and noticed the cookies and camembert stored there for the two creatures. Tikki waved a cookie. Good. She could give in now. Giving her kwami a brief thumbs up, a moan suddenly bubbled from her lips when her boyfriend hit that sweet spot on her nape that got her every time. 

"Someone's distracted," Chat cooed as his lips grazed her skin. 

Marinette sucked in a sharp intake as his tongue trailed over her pulse. "O-One of us has to feed our kwamis," she tried to retort. 

Chat hummed, and she felt his lips grin against her skin. "You're right." 

Marinette faced him, dragging her hands down from his hair. Finger tips trailing down to cup his cheeks. "I want to see you, Adrien," she said with a gentle smile as her thumb flicked over the edge of his mask.

"Claws in," he said quickly. The light fizzled up his body, and Adrien didn't wait a moment to begin kissing her again. Not that Marinette was complaining. She liked making out with her boyfriend. She enjoyed seeing where the kisses progressed and exploring one another. Every time Adrien’s hands rubbed across her skin, she just wanted even more. 

"Are you two going to be like this permanently from now on?" a voice drawled from beside them. 

Adrien hung his head with dejected sigh. "Please, don't ruin this for us, Plagg." 

Giggling the reaction, Marinette threaded her fingers through his hair once again. Jeez, his hair was so soft. Could he give her some of his shampoo? How'd it get so silky?

She had to stop and remind herself that her boyfriend was straddling her with a very visible bulge tenting his jeans. This meant it was not the time to be thinking about his shampooing habits. Clearing her throat, she smiled at the cat kwami. "There's camembert in the drawer with Tikki. Why don't you two get comfortable?" 

Plagg beamed. "You know what? I could get used to being this spoiled. Carry on!" he chimed before flying over to the drawer. 

“You’re already spoiled,” Adrien grumbled with a grimace as he turned to face her, a shameful look in his eyes. "Sorry about him. That didn't--er… ruin the mood, did it?" 

Snorting, she shook her head. Ruin this mood? No way in hell. Marinette leaned up, giving him a soft kiss. "Not at all. I'm ready for whatever you want to do." 

"Well, should I make good on that reign check?" Adrien asked, feigning an innocent tone.

Reign check… the other day when they almost got caught. If she remembered correctly, Adrien's hand was very much down her pants and about to… oh. Yep, that was it. 

Marinette bit her lip, gnawing in nervousness while trying to keep her expression coy. With a soft gaze, she trailed her fingers along his jaw to stop beneath his chin. Adrien sighed, eyes lidded as he watched her. God, how did she get so lucky to have him? He looked at her as if she were the most precious girl in the world. It made her heart flutter, anticipation building in her chest. Did he really want to pleasure her like this? It was so… flattering. It was flattering to know how much want he had just for her. 

Brushing her thumb across his bottom lip, Marinette couldn’t help the timid smile twitching at her lips. Adrien pouched his lips, pressing a kiss to the pad. The slight intimate action sent her heart into a palpitating frenzy, adding to her already soaring libido. Could he just look at her like this all of the time? The hooded gaze, the dark glaze in his eyes, the way he swallowed with his jaw clenching when she brushed against him. Her insatiable arousal turned her brain to melted slush. 

“Hey,” His voice was soft. Concerned. “It’s okay if you’re not ready,” Adrien smiled, that bright reassuring expression that met his eyes. He was so lax and gentle for her. 

Cupping his cheeks, she pulled his mouth down to hers. This kiss was searing, hot and heavy as his mouth melded with hers. She poked her tongue between her lips in an effort to deepen the kiss. Last time she had tried, he shied away, but not this time. Adrien’s head tilted, mouth opening for his tongue to flick against hers. It took her breath away. Alya had told her that tongue kissing was exhilarating, but Marinette never expected it to affect her the way it did. Her thighs clenched together, attempting to quench the sensation tingling between her legs. The action didn’t go unnoticed by her boyfriend. His hips had been hovering over hers until he gently brushed his hips across hers. Electricity surged through her core. She could help but sigh against his lips. “A-Adrien,” she stuttered out, breathing difficult with such a feeling consuming her. 

“My lady?” he mumbled, lips touching hers as he spoke. 

Gulping down her bashfulness, Marinette gathered her nerves enough to meet his eyes. “I want you to… t-to…” 

Adrien leaned over her, pressing his forehead to hers. Their noses grazed as Adrien twined their fingers, pressing the back of her palm against the sheets beneath them. He gave a reassuring squeeze. The gesture was so intimate. Oh, how much she loved this young man. “Yes, Marinette?” he cooed, voice raspy. Obviously, his actions had an effect on him as well. 

Taking comfort in his affections, Marinette nuzzled her nose to his. “Please, touch me.” 

After letting out a happy sigh, Adrien grinned and captured her lips with his. Marinette squeaked in her throat when he grabbed her and rolled her to her side, never letting his mouth leave hers. Her skin jumped when his hands traveled from her shoulder to his hip. When his palm reached behind her and gave a squeeze to her backside, Marinette couldn’t help but let out a small giggle. Adrien smiled against her lips, seemingly tickled by his own antics. Of course he would be. Her kitty obviously thought he was a wise guy. 

Adrien crooked a finger beneath the waistband of her jeans. “Can these come off?” he asked, gazing up at her from beneath his bangs. His eyes seemingly searching her expression. She was shy, to be honest. She knew her body wasn’t hideous, but she’d never been exposed to anyone either. Marinette was fully aware that Adrien would absorb every inch of her that she gave him. He wouldn’t think any less of her. No matter how many scars or marks she had from akuma battles and hot glue gun mishaps. 

Taking in a breath, she relaxed, letting her shoulders sink and releasing all tension. Then, she nodded. “Yes.” 

That wicked cat smirk was back as Adrien reached for the button. When the button popped open, he looked at her. Marinette groaned, trying to hide her embarrassment. She plopped her head onto his shoulder which only made Adrien chuckle. Kissing her temple, he smiled. “It’s okay. I’m going to do my best for you, yeah?” 

He’s so sweet , she thought. Staying silent, she nodded and buried her nose into his neck. God, he smelled so good. Who knew teenage boy musk was such a turn on. Maybe, it was a superhero cat boy thing.

Giving a gentle tug, Adrien clued her in to raise her hips. She lifted up, giving him access to pull her pants down her legs. She saw him watch every inch of fabric that slide down her skin. It was almost as if he was salivating over the sight of her. It turned her on even more, if she was being honest with herself. He tossed the clothing off the bed. Marinette heard it thud across her room. It was a long fall to the floor from her bed. She chuckled at his theatrics. 

“Someone is a little eager,” she teased, drawing his attention up from his ogling of her body. 

He snorted, beaming at her. “Well, yeah. I’ve imagined getting your pants off ever since I saw you in spots.” 

Marinette gaped at him. What!? Good to know he found her just as attractive back then as he did now, but holy moly… to hear him just say that about her. Her heart was going to explode. She tapped him playfully on the shoulder. “Adrien!” 

He flushed with a grimace. “S-Sorry. I… I got a little too open there.”

Seeing his embarrassed cringe, Marinette took pity on her poor kitten. With brows scrunching slightly, she gave him a small smile. “I’m flattered, if that helps.” 

Adrien snorted, pressing a kiss to her forehead. “A little.” 

“I’m glad you think I’m so hot.” 

Adrien snickered at her comment. Then had the audacity to smirk. That stupid Chat Noir smirk. He looked like he wanted to devour her. Show her how hot he really thought she was. That thought snapped the last thread of sanity Marinette possibly had. He was way too attractive… and, well, she was way too horny to deal with how seeing him so much like his superhero persona turned her on. She took a breath, cupping his cheek in her palm. “Adrien, please,” she begged. Her pride told her she sounded far too whiny with the plea, but her arousal screamed for them to just move on from her boyfriend’s sexy smirks and goofy blithering and just touch her already. 

He kissed her. Boy, did he kiss her. Marinette was almost too distracted by his mouth working hers to notice the featherlight brush of his fingertips travel up her thigh. Almost. The feeling sent shivering up her spine, skin jumping beneath his touch. Pulling away only a smidge, Adrien whispered against her lips. “What do you want me to do?” 

Finger me, please , she thought. She was honestly surprised by her own straightforwardness, flushing a little as she looked up at him. Marinette thanked her lucky stars she didn’t say that out loud. “T-Touch, but don’t look.” That was good, right? He could understand that. She just… wasn’t ready for Adrien Agreste to get a front row view of her ladybits. They could build up to that, but not yet. 

He seemed to understand though, giving a curt nod before taking her mouth once more. Marinette’s skin burned as his hand trailed upward… closer and closer to where she desperately needed. His touch tingled as he hooked a finger under the leg of her panties. Oh God…. ohmygodohmygodohmygod… he was so close . She was going to actually combust. Finally, he tugged her underwear to the side, but he didn’t dare look. Her breath hitched, catching in her throat when he brushed a finger against her heated flesh. Marinette leaned back, pausing their heated tirade of kisses.

Adrien’s eyes bore into her own. That luminescent green meeting bluebell in an obvious swirl of emotions. Yeah, he touched her last time… but this was different. He was going to actually pleasure her in any way she’d let him. Looking for reassurance, he spoke. “You okay?”

“Y-Yeah. It’s just… only even been my own hand, you know? It’s weird.”

She chose to ignore the flash of arousal in his eyes at the mention of her touching herself. Nodding in understanding, he chewed at his bottom lip. “Alright... I’ll go slow, okay?”

Marinette bobbed her head then buried her nose into his shoulder. She just needed to breathe. Kissing was too much when his fingertips were ghosting over her wetness. That was way too much stimulation at one time. Adrien brushed her folds so, so softly. Marinette felt his jaw clench and his Adam’s apple bob with a gulp. Finally, he sunk a finger inside of her. She gasped, clinging to him to keep her above water. She was drowning in his touch.

Adrien muttered a small “woah” against her temple. That was—good? Right? He was at least a little mesmerized by touching her for the first time. She’d take that as a positive. Adrien wiggled his finger, petting her walls timidly. She knew he promised slow… but this was too slow. She was dying. 

Swallowing harshly, she gathered her nerves. “Y-You can add another,” her voice was hoarse. Every one of her nerves were shot. “You don’t have to be so gentle either. In and out w-works best.” Her cheeks were inflamed. Telling her boyfriend how to properly pleasure her was mortifying at best. 

But he nodded anyway. Slowly, he introduced another digit inside of her, sliding it alongside the other. Adrien pulled his fingers back to carefully thrust them back in making her gasp. He glanced at her seeming to gage the reaction as his fingers move in and out, back and forth. Each thrust had her toes curling, her breath catching as mewls of approval escaped her. She couldn’t help but reward him with tiny kisses to his chin and nose earning her a chuckle from him. Adrien picked up the pace, every pass of his fingers getting faster and faster. He pressed his palm downward, the heel of his hand rubbing against her swollen nub. 

Marinette groaned, fingers clenching into his shirt. Her senses were on overload as she felt a bubbling heat gathering within her. She was getting closer and closer with each thrust, each brush of her clit. She was panting, clawing at him with all of her might, trying to latch on and ground herself before she did something embarrassing. 

Adrien caught her lips with his own, moving to lean over her balancing his weight on the elbow of his free arm. That sent her soupy brain into a tailspin. The throbbing inside her building up, her walls tightening around his fingers. Gasping, she grabbed his arm making Adrien’s motions stop in their tracks. She couldn’t do it. It was the first time he’d touched her like this and having a sloppy orgasm the first time his hand was… 

It was just too embarrassing. 

Marinette huffed, swallowing to catch her breath. She was barely aware of Adrien’s fingers slipping out of her. His eyes were on her flushed face as he adjusted her panties back to the proper place. 

“D-Did you…?” his cheeks burned. 

She timidly shook her head. “No… I-I couldn’t. I was just… nervous, I guess.” 

Adrien smiled that genuine smile that made her heart melt. His eyes were so soft. “That’s okay,” he told her. She didn’t deserve this sweet treatment he always gave her. How did she get so lucky?

Marinette sat up, slightly embarrassed when thinking about the fact she was simply in a t-shirt and panties in front of Adrien Agreste. He must have sensed her nervousness, pushing himself up beside her. Leaning over her, he pressed his lips to her ear as his fingertips grazed the flesh of her thigh. “You’re beautiful,” he murmured. 

She couldn’t help but turn to him. Those lovely eyes gazing at her so adoringly. Her heart swelled just at the sight of him. Was this what love was? Adrien cupped her cheek, pulling her in for another chaste kiss, thumb rubbing across her skin. 

...Wait a minute...

Marinette reared back away from his kiss. Adrien’s brows furrowed in concern. He started to speak her name, but she cut him off. “...Is that the hand you just had down my pants?” she asked, eyeing him. 

Adrien gaped, jaw dropping. He seemed to process her question before bursting into a fit of snickers. He shook his head as he doubled over with laughter, hugging his arms across his stomach. 

“Hey, this is a real concern. I know where one of your hands has been!” she argued. 

“N-No! I-It wasn’t that one!” he sputtered out with a snort. “M-Mari, did you really just... pfftt…” He couldn’t stop, but his joy was contagious. Marinette couldn’t keep a straight face while looking at him. She couldn’t help the giggles that bubbled out. Adrien looked at her, eyes full of mirth. “Bugaboo, what am I going to do with you?” 

In all honesty, the thought just slipped out! It was a genuine concern! She wasn’t into her… vagina germs being rubbed on her face while she was making out with her boyfriend! 

“I-I just wanted to know! When I touch your--” Marinette gestured wildly to Adrien’s crotch (making said blonde blush) before continuing, “you wouldn’t want me rubbing my hand on your face, would you?” 

“... When? ” 

Oh. Well, that was going to happen, right? She wanted to touch him. Make him feel just as good as he did for her. Marinette stared, opening her mouth to speak but no words made a way out. Adrien’s cheeks were rosy, but she couldn’t help but notice the tiny smirk. A little squeak left her lips. “Y-Yes?” 

“You want… to do that?” 

Marinette chuckled as she glanced anywhere but at him, gathering a loose ponytail in her palm. Tugging at it, she ran her fingers through her locks, digits shaking with anxiousness. “W-Well, yeah. It’s not like I’d let you do that and not want to do anything in return for you. I’ve always wanted to be like this with you. I’ve thought about it before, of course. I’ve imagined how it’d be--” Marinette’s jaw snapped shut. Her eyes darted towards Adrien. 

He was entirely smug. Resting his chin on his knee, he gleamed with amusement. “Did you just admit to imagining me naked?” he asked, tilting his head a little. 

“No!” Crossing her arms, Marinette shot her nose into the air. “Nuh uh. I’d never say such a thing!” Even though it’s entirely true. She had certainly thought about how he’d look beneath those tight jeans and t-shirt. 

“You totally just did.” 

“I didn’t.” 



He was grabbing her hips before she could react. Suddenly, she was on top of him, her bare thighs rubbing against the fabric of his pants. Adrien cupped her face, pulling her in gently. “By all means, Marinette, if that’s what you want to do to me, then I’ll definitely say yes.” 

Giggling, she brushed her lips against his. “You want me to see you naked?” 

“It won’t bother me if you see little Adrien if that’s what you’re asking?” 

Scoffing, Marinette pressed her forehead to his as she chuckled. “‘Little Adrien’? That’s awful.” 

“What words should I use for you, my lady?” he asked with a snort. “Yes, Marinette, please look at my dick. My penis. Wiener? Disco stick?” 

Grimacing, Marinette was both amused and disgusted all at the same time. “Okay, enough. Mercy. No more.” 

Kissing her, he smiled. “Whatever you want to do with me, Marinette, you can.” 

With a sigh, she pressed a kiss to his cheek. “How are you not terrified of this? I’m too scared to even let you see my body.” 

Adrien gave a shrug, the grin never leaving his face. “I’m terrified on the inside, honestly. A lot more than I’m showing. But, I’m used to being exposed pretty frequently. Modeling isn’t a modest job. I have to be almost naked in front of a lot of people all of the time. It’s a little more nerve-wracking knowing it’s the girl I’m madly in love with looking me up and down rather than stylists, but I trust you, Marinette. And I love you.” 

His words were so earnest, making her heart flutter. She gulped. “A-Are you sure?” 

“Yeah.” Voice so soft, those eyes glimmered at her. He smiled that genuine Adrien smile when his lips twitched up ever so slightly. His heart was an open book written just for her. Each emotion was typically worn right on his face. 

She loved him. She loved him so much… “I-I… wow. But you’re not--erm--there’s no, um,” 

“You can just say whatever it is. It’s just me,” he said with a half chuckle. 

“Do you still have a boner?” 

Adrien’s shoulders hunched, lips puckering with eyes wide. “Pfft,” he was trying to hold it in. Apparently, she was so honest tonight that it was cracking her boyfriend up. Sucking his bottom lip between his teeth, he glanced at his crotch then back up at her. “No.” 

“Then how am I supposed to…?”

“I’m sixteen, Marinette, it doesn’t take much.” 


He shrugged sheepishly, grinning with those pearly whites flashing. 

He shouldn’t look so innocent when we’re talking about this, Marinette mused. She chuckled, shaking her head at him. “Do you really want to? Right now?” 

Rather than answering, the blonde tugged her back down for another kiss. His lips moving soundly with hers. His fingers busied themselves into her hair, making Marinette melt against him. 

Adrien slowed their loving kisses, leaning back tenderly to meet her eyes. Marinette watched his eyes as they looked past her face. Her brows scrunched, wondering what he could be looking at. As she began to spin her head, Adrien snagged the ribbons from her hair, letting her locks flow freely over her shoulders. She was a bit startled by the sudden change, but when she turned her attention back to her boyfriend beneath her, the way he gazed at her could melt any heart. 

“God, you’re pretty,” he sighed. 

“Careful, you’re going to make my ego as big as yours.” 

Adrien scoffed. “Wow. That honestly hurts my feelings.” 

Rolling her eyes, Marinette leaned over him, her lips barely hovering over his. “Hush.” 

Kissing again and again, their lips melded to one another. Adrien continued to fiddle with her raven hair, running his fingers through the silky strands. Marinette’s heartbeat pounded erratically, threatening to pop right out of her chest. Daring to move, she sat up and dipped her fingers beneath Adrien’s t-shirt to brush her fingers along his sensitive skin. He shuddered and sighed with Marinette tracking his every motion. She drew his shirt upward until Adrien snagged the hem and yanked it over his head. 

Marinette eyed him hungrily. Damn, superheroing did certainly do the body good. Especially his. Adrien was definitely built more than most teenage boys. She considered herself lucky to see the ribbed skin. He was peppered with a few battle scars here and there. There was no way they could battle akumas on a daily basis and come out unscathed, but he definitely had a few more body markings than she. 

Dragging her fingertips along his stomach, she marveled him and traced his skin. She noticed the bulge that had died out during their bantering was much more noticeable than it had been a moment before. She… wanted to touch it. To touch him. She really, really wanted to. He made her feel like a princess, and she wanted to pleasure Adrien the same way. She surprised herself when her palm met the button of his jeans. Marinette felt him flinch, his breathing hitching in his throat. 

“You okay?” 

Adrien nodded quickly. “Yes, by all means, please continue, my lady.” 

She wished she could just turn on the confidence like he did. Marinette knew him well enough to know Adrien was still very shy, but was putting on a brave face for her. She popped the button before taking a deep breath. The sound of the zipper was deafening in the quiet room. It eoched so loud, she was sure the kwamis heard it from the drawer. 

She gave a gentle tug on the leg of the denim. Adrien lifted his hips to help her slip the material off his hips. He kicked them off, shucking them to the corner of her bed. Marinette couldn’t help but let out a snort at his antics. But then… she saw him. Adrien lying on her bed, his arm across his eyes. She could make out the twinge of pink dusting across his cheeks and nose. Holy shit. 

Adrien Agreste was lying in her bed. In his underwear. With a boner. And fully intended on her touching said boner. 

That tent in his boxers looked a lot bigger than it did under his pants. Did jeans really confine them that much? That had to suck. Oh, God. Not suck. Don’t use that word when eyeing the penis of your boyfriend. Nope nope nope. 

“W-What should I…?” 

Peaking from under his arm, Adrien seemed to try to gather his wits. Sucking in a breath, he sat up with her. He took her hand, twining their fingers together with a gentle squeeze. “There’s a hole in the front.” 

Blinking, Marinette glanced down, noticing the open hole in the front of his underwear. “Is that for peeing purposes?” 

He snickered. “Other purr poses too, if you want?” 

She chose to ignore the pun. “I want.” 

Adrien moved, wiggling his boxers until manhood popped through the hole. It was almost comical, but considering it was the first time Marinette had seen a real life penis… she couldn’t find it within her to laugh. She did, however, gawk and gape at it like it was an akuma going to attack her. 

The blonde cleared his throat. “Marinette…” 


Adrien let out a weak laugh. As if he was torn between laughing at her or absolutely falling apart into tears. He scooted closer, his forehead plopping down onto her shoulder. “Marinette, I need you to not be shy, anxious Marinette for a few minutes, please?” 

Right. Right. She was Ladybug, for crying out loud. She fought akumas, saved Paris multiple times. She couldn’t be defeated by her boyfriend’s dick of all things. 

Marinette nodded, leaning her head onto his. “Help me.” 

He huffed, the warm breath fanning over Marinette’s shoulder, sending a pleasing shiver up her spine. Their connected hands dragged up his thighs. Adrien released her fingers to cup his palm around hers. When her hand met his shaft, Marinette honestly thought she was going to die. She wasn’t exactly sure what she expected a penis to feel like? But not how it did. It was velvety soft, but firm and stiff. The skin shifted under her palm as Adrien guided her into a calm, stroking motion. 

“Like this?” she asked, copying the movements he started. 

She felt so dainty with the way she stroked him. Up and down, up and down. 

“You can go… a little faster.” 

Nodding, she quickened her pace. The motions of her wrist increased. Quick flickering movements. She ran a thumb over the swollen head, surprised at the heated flesh she felt there. He was so warm. And getting warmer with each stroke. She felt beads of precum as she brushed her thumb along the tip. 

Don’t panic. That was normal, she told herself. Everything was fine. 

She gave him a squeeze, and Adrien moaned into her shoulder. That was a good. Keep doing that. It was really something to process. She was jerking Adrien (Chat Noir!!) off in her room while her parents slept downstairs and their kwamis snuggled and snacked in her drawer. 

What a night, honestly. 

Her grip tightened, rubbing up and down faster and faster as Adrien’s pleasured moans egged her on with each pass of her palm. She continued to rub the tip, her thumb gentle on the sensitive skin. As she quickened her pace, Adrien’s grip on her hips tightened, his breathing ragged. 

Suddenly, he pushed her away. “Back up, back up, back up…” he muttered quickly. 

Marinette didn’t understand until she saw Adrien take over himself. One, two, three more pumps of his own volition before his orgasm overtook him. Marinette watched as the goopy ropes of semen squirted out of the tip. It oozed over his hands, making her nose scrunch in disgust. 

Honestly… That’s so gross. 

Seeing her boyfriend spent, covered in his own jizz as he caught his breath… it was both the most arousing and disgusting event she’d ever witnessed. Good thing he was hot. She watched him tuck his manhood back into his boxers as it slowly shrank smaller. Penises… what were they?

“Did you just… protect me from your jizz?” Marinette asked as she watched him. That had to have been why he pushed her away, right?

“Yes. I’m a hero. Thanks, I know,” he sputtered out. He was huffing and puffing, still exhausted. 

Glancing around, he grabbed his shirt and wiped his hands. Marinette twitched her lip, staring at him. “Really? That’s nasty, Adrien.” 

He laughed. “Okay, I’ll just let you get covered in it next time.” 

“You know what? Maybe sacrificing a few shirts isn’t so bad.” 

Shucking the soiled shirt away, Adrien grinned. “Glad you see things my way, Bugaboo.” 

“So, now that we’re dating I’m just going to have to put up with that nickname?” 

“You love it.” 

“Do I?” 

Winding his arms around her waist, Adrien pulled her into a kiss. “Yes. You do.” 




Marinette couldn’t help but float into the school. Her night with Adrien was mindboggling, and honestly, she couldn’t wait to blab it all to Alya. She met up with Alya, Nino, and a few others from their class. All of them hovered over Alya’s phone cooing and awing at the screen. Glancing around, she noticed Adrien hadn’t arrived yet. 

“Hey, guys!” Marinette chimed, approaching her friends with a smile. 

“Hey, M!” Alya bounced excitedly and waved her phone. “Girl, did you see my scoop!? Ladybug and Chat Noir are so dating! They were totally snogging on the Eiffel Tower. And I mean, trying to eat one another making out. It was so cute.” 

“And hot,” Nino piped in with a snicker. 

Alya scoffed and gave him a light punch to the gut. “Oh, please.” 

“That’s great, Alya. I think it’s great you found out the truth,” Marinette cheerfully replied. 

“You sure look happy this morning,” Alya teased with a knowing glance. 

Marinette feigned her innocence. No one else could know what Marinette was so happy about for sure. “Yeah, you and I need to talk later.” 

Alix scoffed. “Oh, come on. What is so important that you can tell Alya, but not us?” 

Giving an apologetic frown, Marinette tugged nervously at a pigtail. “Sorry, Alix. It’s something I’m not allowed to talk about much. Alya just happened to find out.” 

With a smarmy grin, Alix nudged her. “What up, Marinette? Are you Ladybug or something? Are you the one messing around with Chat Noir at night? Is Alya keeping your secret from her Ladyblog?” 

She squeaked, eyes wide. “W-What!? N-No, no! As if I could ever be Ladybug.” 

“Dupain-Cheng? Ladybug? Ha! Don’t make me laugh. Never in a million years could Marinette be anywhere close someone as amazing as Ladybug.” 

Marinette turned on her heal, shoulders flat. “Chloe,” 

The blonde examined her nails, nose turned upward. Lila and Sabina standing closely behind. “It’s true. Ladybug is so cordinated and smart. And you’re so… not. It’d be utterly ridiculous for Ladybug to even pay attention to you.” 

Crossing her arms, Marinette rolled her eyes. “Yeah, well. Chat Noir has paid plenty of attention to me. He’s saved me on multiple occasions.” 

“The sidekick? No one cares about him.” 

Marinette’s fist clenched, teeth snarling. If only she knew… 

“Adrikins! There you are!”

There he was indeed. Marinette’s stomach flipped just seeing him walk in the door. It was so… different to see him. Maybe it was because she saw his dick? Did that change how she was going to look at him from now on? But, she couldn’t find herself to care. She had to hold herself back from running into his arms. They’d already had the spinning incident that occurred after they had to reveal their identities. She didn’t need to bring more attention to their realtionship…

...but, boy, did she ever want to. 

Adrien smiled, olive eyes meeting hers with a kind smile. She gave a gentle wave, which he returned before Chloe snatched his arm. “Adrikins! I need to talk to you! We’re going away from these losers.” 

“Ah, but Chloe…” 

“Come on!” Chloe insisted as she dragged him away from their group of friends. 

Adrien gave Marinette a pleadingly longing look. Her heart sank into her stomach… all she wanted was to be around him. Seeing him be dragged away by Chloe like that sent her fuming. Who did Chloe think she was! Tugging off with her boyfriend like that! It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t right that Marinette couldn’t swoop in there and say “mine! hands off!” But, then Gabriel would probably make them break up…

With a frustrated huff, Marinette took off towards the bathroom. Slamming the door behind her, she clicked open her purse. Tikki popped out, floating up in front of her chosen with a cocerned gaze. 

“Oh, Tikki, this is so hard. It’s hard to keep my relationship with him a secret. Why is it so hard to not be around him?” Marinette cried, rubbing the heel of her palms to her eyes. 

Giving a pitful smile, Tikki shook her head. “Oh, Marinette. This is what it’s like being in love. You want to be around each other every moment. And sometimes… there’s a bit of jealousy.” 

What? Her? Jealous? Marinette scoffed, looking away with a pout as she leaned over the sink. “I’m not jealous.” 

“You’re totally jealous. I’ve seen you jealous multiple times, Marinette. It’s okay to feel that way sometimes,” Tikki told her, trying to cheer her up. 

The bathroom door creeking open sent Tikki soaring back into Marinette’s purse. Marinette popped up straight, standing stiff next to the sink. While Marinette hoped it had been Alya coming to check up on her, it was not. Certainly not. 

“Lila,” Marinette muttered in annoyance. 

“Oh, there you are. I was wondering where you ran off to,” Lila chimed in that fake, joyful tone. 

Marinette tried her best to stay cool. Lila had beef with Ladybug, not Marinette. There was no need to start something unnecessary. “Well, here I am?” Marinette said with a smile, hooking her hands behind her back. 

“Yeah, so, I just wanted to talk to you.” Lila said with a smile. 

“Oh? What about?” 

“Stay away from Adrien.” 

Marinette gaped. “Excuse me?” 

Lila stormed up to her. “You heard me: stay away from Adrien. I know you seem to see right through the things I tell people, so I won’t be fake with you here, Marinette. Adrien will be mine. And not even Chloe can change that.” 

She trapped Marinette against the wall. Her heartbeat quickened, Marinette’s eyes frantically searching her face. “Adrien’s my best friend. I’m not staying away from him.” 

“You stay away from Adrien, or else I will make your life a living hell, Marinette Dupain-Cheng. I heard you talking to Alya the other day. It’s clear to me that you and Adrien might be a little closer than some may think,” Lila smarmed with a smirk. 

Her heart sank. A lump caught in her throat. “What?” Marinette croaked. “You… You eavesdropped on us?” 

Lila rolled her eyes, waving a hand. “Is it really eavesdropping if you’re talking in a public locker room?” 

“Yes, because we were whispering! But, you have no proof. It’s your word against mine. Plus, I could have made the whole thing up for all you know. I’m telling you, Lila, I’m not with Adrien,” Marinette insisted. She had to get Lila to believe her. If she didn’t, Lila could absolutely ruin their relationship. 

“You can keep repeating those words all you want, Marinette. Doesn’t mean I’ll believe them.” 

Marinette clenched her fist before pushing Lila back. “You can’t tell me who I can and can’t be friends with Lila. Adrien isn’t some prize to be won, he has feelings and can make those decisions on his own.” 

“Stay away from Adrien or you’ll regret it.” Was the last thing Lila said before she slammed the bathroom door behind her. 

Marinette let out a heavy breath, shoulders sagging, heart aching. She slid down the wall, sinking down to the tile floor. She placed a hand over her chest, catching at much as she could to regain her wits. “Oh my God…” she whimpered. Tears welding up in her eyes, Marinette tried to blink them away, but the waterworks wouldn’t stop. They cascaded down her cheeks like a waterfall full of heavy emotions. 

Tikki poked her head of the pink purse. “Marinette?” 

“Tikki… Lila’s worse than Chloe ever was…” 

Chapter Text

Adrien was well aware fighting Chloe off when she had something on her mind was impossible. He reluctantly allowed her to tug him into the locker room. Letting his bag slip off his shoulder, he stopped and heaved his hand from hers. “Okay, Chloe, what is it?”

She spun on her heel, ponytail whipping around and almost whacking him in the face. She crossed her arms, clearly annoyed. Adrien wasn’t even sure what he had done wrong and why Chloe was making a show of being pissed at him. “Well, I heard something rather interesting from Lila. She thinks that you and Marinette are dating.”

Oh shit. Oh no. Not good. Abort. Escape.

Scoffing, Adrien shook his head. “Oh c’mon, Chlo, Lila lies about anything she can. Are you really going to believe her?”

“She heard Marinette talking to Alya about you two… having some time together,” Chloe sneered, wagging a finger at him.

Adrien pinched the bridge of his nose, sighing heavily through his nostrils as he slumped down on the bench behind him. Telling Chloe the truth was clearly a terrible option, but letting her come to her own conclusions could be even worse.

She plopped down next to him. Nose high, leg crossed over the other. Her lips in a downturned frown as she refused to look at him. There was a guilt swirling within him. Adrien tried to wipe away his nervousness as he rubbed his palms on his jeans.

“Look,” he finally said after a few moments of silence. “I don’t know what Lila told you, but don’t believe everything she says. I just want you to trust me. We’ve known each other for so long. We’re friends, right? I know you and Marinette don’t get along, but please, don’t let Lila entertain this any longer.”

Chloe clicked her tongue. “It’s true then, isn’t it?”

“Chloe…” he sighed. He couldn’t tell her. His father may force him to break up with Marinette if their relationship became public. Hugging himself, he couldn’t look at her. Adrien knew he wasn’t technically lying to his oldest friend, but he was in a tough spot regardless. He was almost positive if his girlfriend found out Chloe of all people was aware of them, she’d react poorly.

He’d prefer his life be spared.

Her pinched brows seemed to loosen as she stared at him. “You’re not supposed to talk about it, are you?”

His head shot up. Eyes wide, he blinked stupidly at her. “What?”

She rolled her eyes, waving a manicured hand. “Ugh, please. Don’t give me that. You always make that pitiful face when your father is involved in something. It’s ridiculous. You look like a kicked puppy.” Chloe quipped as if she hadn’t just dropped an earth-shattering bomb on him.

How obvious was he when it came to these things? Maybe Marinette had noticed the same tell about him when his father disappointed him. It would make sense. Marinette could always figure out when something was bothering him…

“Chloe, I’m asking you to do this one favor for me,” Adrien begged placing a hand on her shoulder. She side-eyed him but was clearly listening no matter how much she pretended to be disinterested. “Get Lila off this trail. If she says anything, it could ruin everything.”

Chloe bowed her head in defeat, her stern gaze faltering. “Okay, Adrikins. But… of all the girls, you really chose Dupain-Cheng?”

Adrien snorted out a laugh before nodding. He gave her a small smile, taking her hand. “There’s a lot about Marinette you don’t know, Chlo.”

She scoffed, shucking her nose back into the air returning to her snobbish attitude. “As if. There’s nothing special about that baker’s girl.”

“She’s special to me,” he said, squeezing her hand. “I trust you.”

Chloe fought a smile. “Y-Yeah, well. It’s only because we’ve been friends for so long. I wouldn’t put up with that loser for just anyone.”

“Thanks, Chloe. I appreciate it.”

Chloe seemed to be contemplating something as she turned away from him. Adrien leaned over, trying to find her face. “Chlo? What’s wrong?”

“I-It’s Lila…”

“What about—?”

They were startled by the door slinging open. Adrien spun around quickly to see Alya standing in the doorway. He could tell by her disgruntled facial expression that something was wrong. He stood, brows furrowing with concern. “Alya, what’s up?”

She passed him as if he weren’t even there. Alya jabbed a finger into Chloe’s face, teeth gritted into a sneer. “Did you put Lila up to some bullshit?”

Chloe swatted Alya’s hand away. “I didn’t do anything. All of this was Lila’s idea.”

“Yeah, right! Lila doesn’t have anything against Marinette, but I know someone who is friends with Lila who does,” Alya growled, hands going to her hips.

The blonde barked out a laugh. “Shows what kind of reporter you are. You think you have everyone pegged and the ‘scoop’ on everyone,” she said using air quotes as she spoke. “But you don’t. If there’s anyone here that doesn’t like Dupain-Cheng more than me… it’s Lila.”

Alya stood straight, arms crossing. Her gaze was still stern, but not as accusing as before. “That’s absurd. Lila is nice to everyone.”  

Adrien decided this was a good time to intervein before tempers flew again. He held an arm up between the girls. “Alya, why are you here?”

Alya sighed, giving Adrien a sideways glance. “When you came in here with Chloe, Marinette went into the bathroom pretty upset. Lila said she was going to go check on her and followed her.”

Chloe snorted. Adrien glared at her, making Chloe’s jaw snap shut as she looked away.

“Anyway. Lila came out of the bathroom and said that Marinette refused to talk to her. Then when Marinette came out, she had obviously been crying. She refused to tell me what happened and just said Lila isn’t who we think she is.”

With Lila, Adrien always thought it was best to take the high road. Anytime Marinette had been actively trying to expose Lila for the liar she was, he’d always encouraged her to be the bigger person. He thought it’d been okay that the two of them knew the truth and that’s what truly mattered.

There had been times since he and Marinette had been together that Lila would approach him and be a little touchy-feelier than he would have liked. If the time Marinette snapped her pencil in half when Lila walked her fingers up his shoulder was any indication, he figured his girlfriend wasn’t fond of Lila’s antics either. The intense glares from her the past few weeks when he and Marinette sat together had him suspicious that she may have been aware of their relationship, but this entire situation confirmed it. Ever since learning Marinette was Ladybug, her hatred of Lila made a lot more sense. He thought Lila was just a liar, but his lady insisted that Lila was much more sinister than that.

If whatever Lila said to Marinette in that bathroom made his lady sob… then she was right. He felt guilt panging in his chest for not believing her before. Lila must have planned to go after Marinette if she had figured their relationship out. She must have thought the bathroom was a good way to corner her. Meaning that someone would… have to get him away from his lady.

Fist clenching at his sides, Adrien’s eyes shot to Chloe. “Was this a set-up!?”

She quickly stood; all hostility lost from her features instead replaced with regret. “That’s what I was trying to tell you before we were so rudely interrupted,” Chloe said with a pointed glare to Alya. “Lila wanted me to get you away from Marinette. I’m…”

“You know how much those two hate each other, and you would intentionally let Lila corner her!?” Adrien felt his anger bubbling, heating in his stomach as his fist quivered.

“I’m sorry!” Chloe cried. “I just thought Lila was right! I thought it’d be better if Marinette was out of the picture!”

“Are you kidding me!? This is low even for you, Chloe!”

“I know! I know! She’s just… so convincing. I thought it was a good idea until you told me how much she meant to you,” Chloe insisted while rapidly wiping away her moist eyes. “Now! What are you doing wasting time yelling at me!” She sharply pointed to the door. “Your girlfriend is crying, and instead you’re in here. Go!”

As much as he wanted to finish scolding Chloe, he knew she was right. He glanced to Alya who had remained silent during the exchange. She seemed stunned by the situation.

Alya swallowed thickly, voice hoarse when she spoke. “Tell me the truth when this is over.”

Adrien gave her a curt nod before giving Chloe a knowing look. She glanced away, the shyest he’d ever seen her be as she rubbed her arm. Leaving Alya and her in the same space alone probably wasn’t the wisest choice, but he needed to find Marinette. He needed to know what transpired.

He snatched his bag before he thrashed the door open, causing a ruckus that got the attention of many of his classmates. Nino met his gaze with a furrowed brow. Adrien swiftly started across the courtyard to approach his best friend only for someone to catch his arm. Much to his dismay, it wasn’t Marinette that stopped him in his tracks. Of course, it’d be the last person he wanted to see right now.

Adrien instantly yanked his arm out of Lila’s grasp and put a distance between the two of them. “What do you want?”

Lila simply smiled, seeming to ignore the clear edge in his voice. “Adrien, I’m glad you’re here. Marinette seemed pretty upset when you went off with Chloe earlier. She seemed pretty jealous. Kind of silly of her considering you two are just friends, right?”

Keeping his anger in check, Adrien didn’t want to make a scene in front of his classmates and other students. He took in a breath. “Lila, I don’t know what you think you know, but I would appreciate it if you’d leave me and Marinette alone. Especially Marinette. I’m going to have to kindly ask you to not speak to her.”

“What? Marinette and I are friends. Why would I not speak to her?” Her innocent act was getting old. It was obnoxious. He felt bad he had let her fool him for so long. Lila was much more wicked than he had ever noticed.

Adrien couldn’t help the laugh that barked out. “Honestly, Lila, do you think I’m stupid? Clearly, the last thing Marinette would ever consider you is a friend. I know you feel the same about her. Please, stay away from Marinette and me. Normally, I’d never turn down making friends with someone. I always try to see the good in people, but after today, I struggle to find it within you,” he stated bluntly.

That seemed to finally make a crack in her sweet façade. “You’re making a mistake.”

“No, I don’t think I am,” he turned on his heel to head towards his previous destination.

“How could you choose her?” Lila hissed, hands on her chest as she gawked at him.

Adrien looked over his shoulder. “Quite easily.”

Her arms fell limp at her sides, mouth dropping in surprise. She stomped away as he retreated towards Nino.

Maybe, it was a bit cruel of him. He can’t say he hadn’t learned coldness from his father over the years. Adrien knew that this had to be done. Lila had to be put into her place after treating Marinette so poorly. He couldn’t help but feel awful for not defending Marinette against Lila sooner. If he’d told her to back-off ages ago, maybe he wouldn’t be in this situation.

Nino patted his shoulder with a sympathetic smile. “Hey, we don’t know where she is.”

Groaning, he sat down on the step. “How could I let this happen? I should have been here for her.”

Nathaniel leaned over on the step above them, giving Adrien a reassuring rub on the back. “It’s okay, man. Marinette will understand, I’m sure.”

“Th-Thanks. She’s my best friend, and I just want her to be okay.” Adrien muttered quickly before glancing from Nathaniel to Nino. ‘Does he know?’ Adrien mouthed to Nino who stood above him. His friend shook his head, much to the model’s relief.

The bell rang, much to Adrien’s distress. He stood, pulling his bag up his shoulder. He started up the stairs with Nino in tow. His best friend wrapped an arm around Adrien’s shoulder. “Hey, Marinette’s a tough girl, you know? She probably just went to class early.”

Adrien prayed that Nino was right. However, when they got to the classroom, Marinette was nowhere to be seen. Her seat sat empty next to Alya. Their eyes met. The remorse clear in his face as she shook her head, indicating Marinette had not been there. Shooting a quick glance to Nino, who shared his look, Adrien rocketed away from him.

“I have to find her,” Adrien insisted desperately.

Nino grabbed his wrist. “Bro, if you skip class your dad is going to kill you. Maybe even take you out of school!”

Tugging his arm away, Adrien shook his head. He clutched the strap of his bag tightly. “I can’t sit in the classroom without knowing Marinette is alright. Take notes for me, will you?”


Adrien ignored Nino’s pleas as he sprinted away from the classroom and down the stairs. He leaped a few steps, pushing past his fellow students who were rushing to class in the opposite direction. There were a few protests of his actions, and maybe he was showing a little too much of his agility when he slid down the staircase railing. He didn’t care though. Adrien had to find her.

This was his fault. Entirely his fault. He should have never let Chloe drag him away. Never given Lila the opportunity to get Marinette alone. How could he let this happen? He was supposed to protect her! He was Chat Noir! His job was to protect his lady… and he had failed her.

When he burst through the front school doors, he started towards the bakery. His kwami fluttered out of his shirt pocket. “Do you really think she went back home where her parents would see her skipping class?”

Adrien skidded to a stop, catching his breath as he rationalized that Plagg was probably right. “I don’t know where to look.”

Plagg eyed him. “Are you sure?”

Okay, calm down. Think clearly and stop panicking. If Marinette really wanted to be alone, where would she have gone? He tapped in chin in thought before bursting into a grin. He scratched Plagg beneath the chin. “You’re a genius, Plagg.”

Holding his head high and proud. “I know I am. You owe me cheese!”  




When Adrien arrived at the Eiffel Tower, he noticed a red smudge at the very top of the tower. Much higher than their usual kissing hang-out spot. He clawed his way up the beams, hoping he’d make enough racket that she’d be aware of his presence. The last thing he wanted to do was startle her off the tower after she’d already had a rough morning.

When he planted his feet on the iron, the sound echoed through the beam. He saw Ladybug shuffle slightly, hinting that she was aware of his presence. His boots seemed to clank louder than ever as he approached her. There were so many things to say running through his mind. Anything he could do to lighten the mood. Make her feel better. He wanted to… but Adrien knew better.

In lieu of speaking, he took a seat next to her. He watched over her, his eyes studying her face. Ladybug’s cheeks were rosy, lips red and swollen. Wet trails were glistening on her flushed face in the light of the morning sun. Her bluebell eyes were puffy and welling up. She kept her gaze forward, blinking quickly as more tears cascaded. Instead of flowing along the track of damp skin, the tear was caught with a gloved finger. Adrien gingerly rubbed his thumb across her brow bone in, what he hoped, was a comforting gesture. Letting his hand linger there for a moment, he then brushed his fingers along her cheek and across her jaw.

What he wouldn’t give to not be transformed in that moment. He wanted her to feel his skin along hers. But this would have to do. She hadn’t pushed him away yet, so he had to be doing something right.

Adrien was surprised, however, when she did the exact opposite. Ladybug suddenly scooted closer, resting her head on his shoulder. He wound an arm around her, rubbing her shoulder gently and pressing a light kiss to her head. Her sniffling could still be heard, and that broke Adrien’s heart.

He should have done something before this happened. Believing Marinette about Lila a long time ago would have prevented this entire situation. He could have kept his distance. Pushed her away sooner. He felt so responsible.

“I’m sorry,” he muttered weakly into her raven locks.

Ladybug shifted, moving her head to look at him. “What?” she whimpered.

“I’m—I’m so sorry. This is all my fault. I should have believed you about how awful Lila was a long time ago. I just thought she was a compulsive liar… I didn’t realize how vindictive and manipulative she is.”

Ladybug gave a half smile and a lopsided shrug. “This really isn’t your fault. I don’t blame you. She’s good at what she does.”

Adrien shook his head and cupped her hand. “My job… is to protect you. That includes your heart. And I’ve failed you. Lila shouldn’t have been able to fool me. I already knew her nature, and I just brushed your hatred of her off as a personal vendetta because she was always claiming to be Ladybug’s best friend. I was an idiot,” he pressed a kiss to the back of her palm. “I hope you can forgive me, Marinette.”

Ladybug’s cheeks were red… but he didn’t think it was crying that time. “I forgive you, Adrien.”

Those words melted all of his self-loathing away. He was still kicking himself, but knowing Marinette didn’t hate him for being stupid, he could at least function without wanting to jump off the Eiffel for being a complete fool.

“What did she say to you?”

Hitching a breath, Ladybug stiffened beside him, squeezing his hand. Adrien gave her another peck to the hand and a reassuring pat where he had kissed. “You can tell me. Trust me. I’ll believe you.”

She smiled, looking up at him with eyes shining wide. “Okay…” she agreed softly. “She told me to stay away from you or else she’d turn you and everyone else against me. Which, I believed. Alya hardly believes anything I tell her about Lila.”

Adrien cleared his throat and rubbed at the back of his fluffed hair. “Well, I wouldn’t worry about that so much anymore.”

“Why?” she asked quickly.

He shrugged. “I may have hinted at her true colors a little bit. But, um, anyway… Lila could never turn me against you. She’s ignorant to think I’d ever date a liar like her. Especially with how cruel she’s been to you.”

“God, I love you.”

Not the response he expected, but not one that was unwanted. He cracked a laugh before leaning over and pressing another soft kiss to her head. “Well, thanks. I love you too, Bugaboo.”

“You really think Alya will believe me about Lila?”

Adrien gave a nod. “Yeah. There was an incident after I found out what Lila did to you. Alya came in while I was talking to Chloe, who was convinced by Lila to get me away from you so Lila could have you alone, by the way. It was all planned. Lila was well aware of what she was doing.”

“I hate that bitch.”

“Mmmhm, me too.”

“She makes Chloe look like a damn saint!”

“That’s saying a lot, isn’t it?”

“It is! Who does she think she is!? You’re my boyfriend! I told her you weren’t some prize to be won. You get to chose who you’re with! And the fact that she is so hung up on herself is ridiculous!”

“Yep. Utterly ridiculous,” he mocked in a higher pitched tone. He knew Marinette needed to vent, and he planned to let her. Didn’t mean he couldn’t make jokes and be a smartass while she did it. He was hoping he could get a laugh or two out of her if he did.

When she processed his joke, she thumped him on the arm with a laugh. “Oh my god, stop.”

He joined in on her laughter. It made his heart sing to hear that giggle again. He was so afraid she’d hate him after this whole ordeal, but to know she didn’t blame him at all made him feel so much better. Adrien smiled, giving her a gentle bump to the shoulder with his own.

“I may have told Lila to screw off too. I thought it was best after what she did today,” he told her honestly.

Her eyebrows raised beneath the mask. “Really? You? Sweet Adrien Agreste?”

“Yes,” he said puffing up his chest. “I channeled my best Gabriel Agreste impression I could.”


“It was yikes.”

“But… I’m glad you stood up to that bitch.”

“God, she’s such a bitch.”

“Damn right.”

The two fell into a fit of snickers again. This is what he loved… just being with her. Cheering her up when she was down. He had to admit it was a rush defending her to someone who had been tormenting her. He wished he done it sooner.

“Well, my lady, we’re officially skipping school together now, so what should we do?”

Ladybug tapped her chin, lips pouched as she thought. “Well, I guess we should head back to school during lunch break and finish the day.”

Adrien groaned. “Fineeee, if we have to. But how about in the meantime?”

“I guess kissing will suffice.”

“It’s like you read my mind,” he smirked before capturing her lips with his.

Chapter Text

Marinette Dupain-Cheng was a good girl. She fought akumas and saved people almost on the daily. She did her best to help everyone she encountered who was in crisis, or even if they weren’t. Sometimes people just needed a pat on the back, and she provided that. Her parents never had to ground her. She followed their rules almost too much.

So, the fact that she was clad in her superhero alter ego’s get up in the late hours of the evening while tapping on her boyfriend’s window was a bit of change up in her good girl world. Chat Noir was the “bad boy” persona. Sneaking out to come have a hot make-out session with his girlfriend (that may or may not sometimes included heavy petting) was his thing, not Ladybug’s.

Adrien seemed just as stunned to see her. He gawked at her from his couch, the television remote falling limply out of his hand. She gave an awkward smile with a hesitant, tiny wave of her fingers. The blonde blinked, picking his jaw up from the floor and moving quickly over to the window. She moved to the side as he pushed it open.

“Marinette? What are you doing here?”

Giving a half shrug, she hopped into a crouch on the windowsill. “What? Chat Noir is the only one who gets to sneak around?”

Adrien smirked, crossing his arms. “Yeah, usually.”

Pulling her legs from beneath her, she moved into a sitting position. Marinette snapped her yo-yo quickly, winding it around his waist. Adrien yelped as she yanked him forward. After getting him where she wanted him, she released the yo-yo and wound her arms around his shoulders. “Well, hot stuff, I think it’s my turn tonight.”

Adrien gaped at her; his cheeks rosy from her bold sentiments. Marinette couldn’t help but be a little surprised herself at the sudden confidence. Something about adorning her spots made her speak her mind more than usual. And knowing that Adrien had been in love with the Ladybug side of her first… made her feel a little sexier this way. With another boost of assurance, she caught Adrien’s slack-jawed bottom lip between her teeth and sucked. He grunted, eyes fluttering closed as she teased him. She slid her tongue along his lip, making Adrien tilt his head and open his mouth to give her better access.

She slid out of the windowsill as Adrien hooked his arms beneath her rear, holding her against him. Without disconnecting her mouth from his, Marinette fished behind her to close the window. When she succeeded, Adrien pushed forward, pressing her back against the glass. Their lips moved together, tongues mingling. She tasted his minty toothpaste, noticing how silky his teeth felt when her tongue brushed across.

They’d made out before… but not quite like this. Sure, they’d gotten hot and heavy in her room a few times, but this was different. She had come over here deliberately with intentions of putting Adrien’s big bed to good use. This was pure want and desire. She and Adrien were clearly in love and progressing slowly in ways to express that love. But this wasn’t it. This was Marinette completely giving into her lustful and possessive feelings she had for her kitten.

Was it because Lila had threatened her relationship earlier in the day? Yes, probably. She wanted to claim her territory. That spoiled brat had no right to tell her to stay away from what was rightfully hers. Adrien loved her. And she was head over heels for him. Someone threatening to take that away made Marinette’s blood boil. Her legs were wound tightly around his hips. A soft moan whimpered past her lips when Adrien gave her a tender squeeze to her backside.

When he started stepping backwards, Marinette broke the kiss, laughing. “Aren’t you going to fall?”

Adrien paused in his movements, giving her a smirk. “You’re Ladybug. You can catch me, right?”

“I’ll think about it.”

He snorted, giving her another languid kiss before spinning around so he could watch his step.

When he made to his bed, he flipped them around allowing him to fall back onto the bed with Marinette in tow. She let out a squeak when she landed on top of him. They both laughed together before Marinette pressed her lips to his. Soft pecks to his lips over and over. His palms rubbed along her sides, the thin material of the suit allowed her to feel the delicate motions.

She sat up, straightening her arms to look at him. Marinette took in every sparkle in his eyes, how flushed he got when they kissed. Adrien still got so flustered sometimes, especially when she was Ladybug. She understood. It was overwhelming at times knowing it was Adrien under Chat Noir’s mask. And when they were in intimate moments like this… it still made her heart pound knowing that Adrien Agreste, the boy she and pined after for so long, was looking at her like she was the world’s most precious gold.

Marinette taking his hands from her hips, she locked her fingers in his and pinned his hands flat onto the mattress. She didn’t expect him to smirk, a mischievous glint in his eyes as he quirked a brow.

“You know I’ve had fantasies like this,” he teased.

Marinette flushed, rolling her eyes. “Shut up, Kitty,” she murmured with a pout.

“No seriously,” Adrien replied, giving her fingers a squeeze. “I always wanted Ladybug to figure out my identity, break into my room, and mount me on my bed. This is a dream come true.”

Groaning, she hung her head. “Stoppp…”

He didn’t stop, however. Adrien’s smile only grew, the blush coating his cheeks growing even warmer. “You know what makes it even better? Knowing that it’s Marinette Dupain-Cheng under that mask pinning me to my bed. The girl I’ve admired for so long, knew you were amazing, but was too blinded by Ladybug to see. But now that I do see… God, I was an idiot for never figuring it out.”

“Adrien…” she whined. Tears weld at the corner of her mask. She was trying to be sexy, dammit! Why was he ruining it with sweet sentiments! Her kitten never knew when to stop flirting. She always teased him by saying that flattery would get him nowhere… but that was a total lie.

He uncurled his hands from hers. Marinette reluctantly let him. Adrien reached up, brushing the tears away from the corner of her mask. “I just want you to always remember that no one can keep me away from you. Not my father, not Hawkmoth, and especially not Lila.” Caressing her cheek, he rubbed his thumb along her skin. “You are the most amazing thing to ever happen to me, my lady. And I won’t let anything jeopardize that.”

She loved him. She loved him so much. To have this much admiration and desire for someone this much while she was so young had to be a superpower within itself. Her heart ached as more tears dripped onto him. He wiped them away, rubbing soothing circles on her skin.

“It’s okay,” he cooed.

She sniffled, giving him a watery smile. “Kiss me again, please.”

Adrien returned her soft smile, sitting up so that Marinette sat soundly in his lap. He kissed her. A kiss so full of love her heart almost burst in her chest. It was soft, sweet. One of the gentlest kisses he’d ever given her. Not heated and full of hot passion like their kisses a moment ago. This one was full of reassurance.

His lips brushed against hers. “Spots off, Marinette,” he whispered, eyes gleaming beneath his bangs.

Quickly rubbing her eyes free of their final tears, she nodded feverishly. Calling off her transformation, the pink glow illuminated the room. Marinette emerged beneath the light, free of her spots instead adorning her pink tank top and matching pajama bottoms. Her kwami appeared from the jewelry. Tikki smiled at both of them, giving each chosen a kiss and nuzzle on the head before flittering off to find Plagg.

The two watched her leave with gratitude. Adrien quickly turned his attentions back to Marinette. Smiling, he tugged on the ribbons in her hair, letting the strands fall over her shoulders.

“You’re so beautiful…” he murmured, pressing kisses to her neck.

Marinette tilted her head, giving him more access to the smooth skin. He peppered his lips along her neck, tongue poking out occasionally. The soft kisses became more heated, his mouth opening and sucking on her skin. He nibbled on her ear, tongue flicking across her miraculous. Her breath hitched. Marinette caught his chin, cupping his cheeks and pulling his lips back to hers. Adrien hummed appreciatively as their mouths mingled together. She nipped him, sucking on his bottom lip.

Adrien tugged her closer, pressing her flush against his body. His hands went to her ass again, making Marinette squeak against his lips. He simply smiled before continuing their heated make-out session. With a few more kisses, Adrien leaned away to rub his hands back up her hips beneath her pajama top.

“Mari, you… you trust me, right?”

She didn’t like his nervous tone. Of course, she trusted him. He knew that. So, clearly, that wasn’t really what he wanted to ask her. Swallowing, she nodded. “You know the answer to that,” she said before pressing a chaste kiss to his lips. “What is it?”

His fingers tapped nervously on her hips; his cheeks coated in a fresh blush. “I don’t want you to feel like I’m pushing you—o-or rushing you into something you’re not ready for. But I… I really want to make you feel good. I couldn’t make you finish last time and I—”

Okay. Now he was making her nervous. He was so suave and teasing just a moment ago. To see him become a babbling mess so quickly meant that he was definitely unsure of what her reaction would be to whatever he wanted.

She pressed a finger to his lips. “I was the one who was afraid and clammed up. That had nothing to do with you. What do you want to ask me?”

“C-Can I…?” he gestured his head towards her crotch.

Marinette wasn’t entirely sure what he meant. But she certainly knew he was insinuating something. “A-Adrien, I don’t think we’re ready to g-go all the way, right?”

He nearly choked, hands shooting away from her to wave frantically in front of him. “That’s not what—I just… I want to see you. A-And maybe…”

Where had all that smooth kitten confidence gone? He was so smooth most of the time and yet, at that moment he seemed so shy. Maybe, it depended on the situation. He just needed reassurance. A little challenge perhaps?

Marinette gathered her courage. She quirked a brow, deciding to tease him just a bit. “What’s wrong, Chat? Cat got your tongue a little tied?” She cooed, trying to coax his forwardness to return.

He visibly swallowed, licking his lips. Those green eyes seemed to search her expression, wanting that permission that she was eagerly trying to give him. His brows rose beneath his hairline, a motion she was so used to seeing behind a black mask. That Chat Noir grin stretched along his lips. He sat up a little straighter. “No. quite the opposite, Bugaboo.” He slipped out from beneath her, pushing himself up onto his knees. Now higher than her, he dipped a finger under her chin to tilt her gaze upward.

Her teasing seemed to make him comfortable. It was the flirty banter they’d had even before they started dating. It wasn’t new for them. Marinette sucked her bottom lip between her teeth. Adrien’s eyes tracked the motion. He cupped her cheeks, pressing a chaste kiss to Marinette’s lips. Her chest tightened, butterflies fluttering.

Adrien’s forehead touched hers. Her breath fanned her face. “The only place I want my tongue…” he trailed off, only for Marinette to gasp when his fingers brushed along her heated core. “May I?”

She glanced away shyly. She was still hesitant to let Adrien see the most intimate parts of her. But… she trusted him. Besides, Alya had told her how nice it felt to be… kissed below the belt.

He seemed to notice her hesitation. “Hey, we don’t have to. We don’t have to do anything. I’m okay with just kissing you silly if that’s what you want.”

“I-It’s just… I’m not sure if I’m ready to return the favor,” she admitted, glancing away.

Adrien tilted his head, giving her an amused smirk. “This isn’t about me. I distinctly recall when we were together last time, I creamed myself.”

“I… I know.”

“You don’t have to do anything for me, my lady. I just want to take care of you.”

Gazing up shyly beneath her lashes, Marinette chewed her lip. He was so sincere. He really wanted to do this for her. It meant everything to her that he was so dedicated to caring for her.

Marinette swallowed, gathering her courage with renewed gusto. She let the determination surge through her. Adrien wouldn’t judge her. Think ill of her in anyway. He would never think she was ugly. Think her body was ugly. Not ever. She hooked her fingers in her pajama pants, yanking down them down with her panties in tow. Her most intimate places now exposed as well as the milky skin of her thighs.

Adrien’s breath hitched, eyes flicking downwards but quickly regaining her eye contact. Marinette rested her hand on his shoulder, using him as leverage to kick the material away fully. Her clothes pooled on his floor. He kept his eyes on hers as his hands went to her thighs Fingertips ghosting up her skin, up and over her hips and beneath her tank top. “This too?” he whispered.

She was about to be naked. In front of her boyfriend. Her boyfriend who was Adrien Agreste. Oh God. Holy shit. Marinette could just implode right there. She wanted this though. She lusted after him the moment she’d gotten into his room. If he wanted to finish what she started, by all means she would let him. Marinette lifted her arms in response, smiling gently at him. There was a new excitement in Adrien’s expression. He hadn’t dared look down again since she’d removed her bottom layer of clothing. Maybe, he was waiting until she gave him permission. That’d be just like him.

He pulled the thin top up, over her head and chucked it near her bottoms on the floor. She squeezed her eyes close tightly. Not quite wanting to face the fact that she was completely naked in front of her boyfriend/crime-fighting partner.

“Marinette?” he asked gently.

Peaking an eye open, she saw the loving smile he gave her. “Y-Yes?”

“Are you okay?”

Letting out the breath she hadn’t even realized she was holding, she nodded. “Yeah. Sorry, I’ve never been naked in front of a boy before,” she blurted out stupidly. Duh, Marinette. He obviously knew that.

Adrien beamed. “Well, then I’m flattered to receive such an honor, my lady.”

He was so cheesy… How could she have ever been annoyed by such flattery? She couldn’t help the shy smile that she tried to hide. But… he noticed.

“Here,” he said. Adrien grabbed at the back of his t-shirt, pulling it over his head. Tossing it off the bed, he turned back to face her. Eyeing her, he reached for the waistband of his plaid shorts, but Marinette reached out, grabbing his wrists before she could stop herself.

“No, not yet. I’m definitely not ready for us to both be naked together,” she sputtered quickly.

Adrien laughed, holding up his hands in surrender. “Alright, but just remember you’ve already seen… you know, most of me.”


Snickering again, he reached out, wrapping his arms around her middle. She was pressed against him, her chest smushed to his. God, he was so warm. Adrien wasn’t ripped, by any means. But he was certainly on the more muscular end for a sixteen-year-old. She figured fighting baddies for over a year would do that to a person, since it happened to her as well. The feeling of his toned arms wrapped around her bare skin made her melt.

She sighed, leaning her head on his shoulder. Trying to calm down when this was the first time, she’d ever been like this with him. It scared her… but also fueled her. The hotness of his skin sent butterflies fluttering inside of her. So much heat gathered between her legs. She turned her head to kiss his nape, making him stiffen under her lips in surprise. She kissed her way up before sucking the sensitive spot on his ear. He groaned, nails digging into her skin.

Finally, he leaned back just enough to see her. His eyes looked her up and down, drinking in every inch of her body. She was on display just for him.

“Don’t be shy… I told you, you’re beautiful, Marinette…” his hand ghosted along her center making her gasp. “All of you.”

Adrien leaned in, catching one of her breasts with his lips. He sucked a swollen nub between his lips, flicking and swirling his tongue around it. Marinette’s fingers buried in his hair. Her thighs rubbed together feeling the new slickness collecting there. Adrien let her mound go with a wet pop to give the other breast the same treatment. Her heartbeat pounded in her ears. Her fingers trembled in his blonde locks. The sloppy sound on his on her chest echoed through the room.

Adrien huffed a breath before pulling away. He stalked around the bed like predator watching its prey. Marinette gulped. He grabbed her thighs, spinning her around so that her knees hooked over the edge of his bed. Adrien kneeled, settling soundly between her legs. It was a sight for Marinette to behold. Had she planned on making out and maybe having another hot grinding session with her boyfriend tonight? Yeah. She was frustrated and needed him.

She hadn’t planned to be naked with Adrien Agreste between her knees ready to devour her.

His hands ghosted up her thighs, making her breath hitch. Adrien pressed gentle kisses up and up closer to her core. She yelped, trying to close her legs, but Adrien stopped her. He held onto her knees, looking up at her with a glowing beam.

“You’re okay. I’ve got you.”

Nodding, Marinette glanced away from him, fisting the sheets beneath her. She couldn’t believe this was happening. It made sense… If there was anyone who could convince her of anything it was her Chat Noir. He may be shy at times, but Adrien had his own way of making her swoon.

The first kiss to her core was soft, unsure. Her eyes clamped shut, fingers gripping the sheet so tightly her knuckles turned white. He continued those actions, pressing light kisses to the heated wetness between her thighs. She sucked in heap of air when his tongue poked out between her folds. His tongue flicked up and down before gently dipping into her entrance. Marinette whimpered, one hand suddenly curling into his mop of blonde hair. The action seemed to encourage him further as he shoved his tongue deeper inside of her, hitting a sensitive spot just inside of her. Rolling his tongue there a few times, he hummed when her fingers tightened in his locks

Adrien moved from inside her, dragging his tongue flat against her upwards until he hit the hooded flesh of her clit. He swirled his tongue around it making Marinette cry out. She fell backwards on the bed needing to rest her back on the mattress. Adrien took this as an opportunity to move their positions. He lifted her feet onto the bed, spreading her legs further. He stood taller on his knees, leaning over her for better access.

Then he continued to lap at her clit. Marinette grabbed at anything to ground her when he slipped two fingers inside of her entrance. The feeling of his mouth on her clit and his fingers curling inside her overwhelming her. She knew there were noises leaving her lips no matter how much she tried to silence them. Adrien didn’t stop, only picked up speed. His digits thrusted in and out, moving them in different positions along her walls as his lips sucked at her clit. She knew he wanted nothing more than to watch her come undone.

Marinette knew she was afraid… Embarrassed of the reactions her body gave when she was so close to an orgasm. But she trusted Adrien… He wanted this. He wanted to do this for her.

She allowed herself to relax and relish in the pleasure Adrien was giving her. Her body seemed to puddle into mattress, so much stress releasing from her body. No one could take this away from her. Adrien wanted to do this for her and no one else.

The familiar heat bubbled inside her. It built up so quickly that it threatened to frighten her again, but she wouldn’t stop him. She would let Adrien finish what he started. She gasped his name when the pressure broke. She felt her walls clench fiercely around his fingers. Surely, Adrien had noticed it too. She tumbled down to earth. Her body quivering as Adrien slowed down his motions, allowing her to ride out her orgasm. She trembled, embarrassed that she had been so shaken up that her body twitched and convulsed.

Adrien removed himself from her, sitting back on his haunches on the floor. Marinette slowly caught her breath, body turning to putty. Feeling like nothing but a boneless heap, she curled into a small fetal position on his bed. Her core throbbed. A dull ache pounding between her legs. Adrien searched her, seemingly unsure of what to say. He crawled up next to her, pressing a small kiss to her forehead.

“Are you okay?” he asked. Those green eyes were sparkling with concern. She felt bad for making him worry.

Marinette swallowed before nodding. “Y-Yes. I’ve just,” she panted. “—just never felt anything like that before.”

Chuckling, he ruffled his hair. “Yeah, it can be a little overwhelming.”

“Did you feel like this last time? You know… When I…?”

He flushed a little before giving a small nod. “Yes. I was afraid. I’d never had anyone else touch me before. I was… kinda scared you’d be a little disgusted by me too.”

She couldn’t help but quirk a brow at him. “Disgusted with you? Why?”

“Boys are gross.”

Marinette sputtered a laugh. “You’re gorgeous. Even when you save me from your bodily fluids.”

It was his turn to snort then. Adrien laid down, curling his arm beneath his head. With his other hand, he rubbed soothing circles on her side. “Did I do a good job?”

“Amazing,” Marinette said, cheeks feeling warm.

He smirked. “I’m glad. You’re cute when you come too.”

She flicked him on the nose, making him yelp in distaste. “You’re such a naughty kitten.”

Adrien rubbed the sore spot on his nose. “I thought we established I’m only naughty for you.”

“Maybe so,” she hummed.




Marinette was not ready for school. After she and Adrien continued their heated romp the night before (which consisted of her jerking him off after he’d driven her to her first orgasm), she finally made it home. She slept merely a wink before an early morning akuma so rudely interrupted her slumber. She gave her boyfriend a fist bump, followed by a chaste kiss.

Chat smiled at her. “I’ll see you soon,” he chimed.

“Too soon,” she grumbled.

He gave her a knowing look. “Is someone a grumpy bug?”

Marinette rolled her eyes, crossing her arms across her chest. “You already know the answer to that.”

“You’re going to be hell to deal with at school, huh?”

She shot him a glare. Chat laughed nervously, holding his palms up in surrender. He took her hand, pressing a kiss to the back of her hand. Then another to her cheek.

Stupid cat…. She was trying to be a buzz kill. Staying up late with him, then being awoken by Tikki crying “akuma!” hadn’t put her in the best of moods.

Chat just smiled, still holding her hand. Marinette sighed, giving in and pressing a small kiss to his cheek in return. “I guess, I can try to be nice to you.”

“Thank you, my purrincess, for taking such pity on me,” Chat mused before bowing at the hips with a wave of his hand.

She snorted, rolling her eyes. “I take it back. You’re too much in the mornings.”

“Aww, but Marinette! You love me!”

Chapter Text

There was always a calm before the storm… Marinette knew good and well that Lila was nowhere near done with her schemes. While Adrien was harsh with Lila and made it very clear that he would never want to date her, it was still in her nature to want revenge. She’d blame Marinette for turning Adrien against her. Even though he’d already known of her compulsive lying on his own. Not with the help of his girlfriend.

But Marinette knew this wasn’t the day to focus on Lila. It was Adrien’s birthday, finally. She’d been working on his gift for weeks. It was hard to believe she’d spent so many of his birthdays with him already. But this one was different. He was turning seventeen… When had they grown up so much? They’d been battling Hawkmoth for years, but somehow weren’t any closer to finding him.

That moment wasn’t a time to focus on Hawkmoth however, it was Adrien’s day. And Marinette was determined to make this his best birthday ever! This would be the first birthday they’d get to celebrate as a couple. She was going to make it worth his while. There was so much she had planned in her head.

She’d give him his first gift at school. Intentionally in front of Lila? Yes, maybe. Being devious towards her snobby classmate wasn’t a crime. Adrien would approve, she was sure.

A box full of breakfast pastries would make him smile, she knew. Marinette had a second, more romantic gift to give him later that evening as well as a picnic on the Eiffel. Which included a small cake prepared by her and Papa. Was she also planning to seduce him and drag him back to her room? Yes. That was also in the realm of possibilities.

Needless to say, Marinette planned on it being a long day. One that Adrien would appreciate and look back on fondly. He deserved to be spoiled. Clearly, Gabriel and Nathalie weren’t going to let him celebrate. If a consensual kidnapping was necessary to give her boyfriend the best birthday of his life, well, Marinette just couldn’t help that.

Springing out of bed, Marinette was bouncing on her toes, a skip in her step. She wants to wear something cute for her boyfriend’s special day. But what? Rummaging through her closet, she files through her many outfits. Pink? No, she wore that daily. Understandable since that’s what most of her wardrobe consisted of.

“Hey, Marinette,” her kwami called. “What about this?”

Marinette glanced over her shoulder, seeing her kwami hovering over the outfit she recently completed. It was what she had originally was planning to give Adrien, but she decided giving him a Chat Noir inspired outfit was too on the nose. So, she shrunk it down and had planned on making it pajamas for herself. But honestly, it was perfectly wearable for everyday use.

Holding up the garment, she looked to her kwami. “You think he’d be okay with that?”

Tikki scoffed. “Marinette, this is Adrien we’re talking about. If you just wore a paw-print necklace, he’d swoon. He’ll love it.”

Smiling, she nodded in agreement. Marinette took time to piece together an outfit to match. The hoodie was short sleeved and had a green paw-print on the front pocket. The draw strings were green to match, as well as some subtle green stitching throughout. Marinette decided that dark navy skinny jeans went well with the top. She grabbed some black mesh arm warmers, pulling the material up her wrists and forearms. Definitely the aesthetic Adrien would appreciate, she mused to herself.

It was missing something…

Marinette tapped her chin, looking herself up and down in the mirror. “It needs something else, don’t you think?”

Tikki hummed as she flittered around her chosen. “Well,” she flew over to Marinette’s accessories before bringing back a headband adorned with flower cat-ears. “What about this?”

Taking the headband from her kwami, she examined the accessory with a worried brow. “He’s going to know this is on purpose.”

“Of course! It’s his birthday! Adrien will be so happy you dressed up just for him.”

Marinette’s lips twitched into a small smile. The thought of making Adrien feel special because she dawned Chat Noir garb just for his birthday was a pleasant one. She knew her sweet kitty wasn’t appreciated at home as he should have been. Not since his mother was gone. Tikki was right. So what if the outfit was extra as hell? It was for the boy she loved. Who wore his heart on his sleeve. Loved her with all his might. It was no big deal to return the favor.

Placing the headband on her head, Marinette looked over herself in the mirror, examining the final touch. It still didn’t feel right. Slowly, she reached up, taking one of the red hair ties from her raven locks. The loose hair fell over her shoulder. She tilted her head, giving herself another once over. Promptly deciding to take down the other pig tail, Marinette slipped the other elastic out.

It was odd… looking in the mirror and seeing her hair straight over her shoulders. It did, however, pull the look together how she wanted. She modeled a few poses in the mirror, feeling confident in her outfit. The finishing touch was adding the charm he’d given her to her ensemble. She settled for tying it around her belt loop, hanging off like a chain.

She slipped a pair of black sneakers on, grabbing his gift she’d already neatly wrapped, and sprinted down the stairs. Sabine stood in the kitchen with breakfast already on the table. Marinette quickly poured milk into the already prepared bowl of cereal.

“Oh, sweetie. You look so cute! Is Adrien a Chat Noir fan?” Sabine asked, clasping her hands together.

Shoving a mouthful of cereal in her mouth, she nodded as she chewed. “He’s more of a Ladybug fan, honestly. But I figured since I’m giving him a Ladybug gift then I could match.”

“Adorable,” her mother cooed.

Marinette scarfed down the rest of her breakfast: finishing the bowl of cereal, eating a banana, and a piece of toast. She gave Sabine a quick kiss on the cheek, grabbing Adrien’s gift, and sprinting down the to bakery.

“Is it done? Is it done?” Marinette sputtered out quickly. She almost tripped as she reached the counter, catching herself on the marble top. Tom gave a smile, placing the pastry box in her arms.

“Tell Adrien ‘happy birthday’ from your mother and I.”

Getting on her tippy-toes, she pressed a kiss to her father’s chin. “I will! Thank you so much, Papa.”

With Adrien’s gifts in tow, she scampered out the door. This was it. Today was the day she got to spoil her boyfriend. And he knew that she was spoiling him. In the past, she’d been able to give Adrien gifts but decided to keep most of them anonyms on his birthday. She didn’t want him to think that his “good friend” Marinette didn’t care, so she’d always bring him a pastry. But ever since the mishap with the birthday gift on his fourteenth birthday… she’d always just snuck the presents into his room and never signed them. She assumed it was for the best way that.

But it was different this time. He was going to know. And… he may put two and two together from the past gifts as well. And that was okay.

When she reached the school, he was already there. Adrien stood in front of the steps with Nino, who was gesturing excitedly. Her boyfriend had new bracelets on his wrist, she assumed those were from Nino. Alya was leaned on Nino’s shoulder, smiling at her boyfriend’s excitement. She was the first to notice Marinette’s presence as she approached.

“Hey, hey! Look who’s here!” she sang.

Adrien turned, seeing her. A fire-engine colored flush seeped across his cheeks, eyes wide, as he sucked his bottom lip between his teeth. She watched him visibly swallow as he drank in the sight of her, his eyes skimming over inch of her ensemble. The spark in his emerald irises resembled his bedroom eyes… which made the hoodie a little hotter on her skin. Adrien looked ready to eat her up. That was fine. But later.

When she reached him, she held his gifts tightly to her chest. Despite the fact their relationship was supposed to be a secret, he seemed unable to resist the temptation of touching her. Smiling with a half-lidded gaze, he brushed a thumb along her cheek before carding his fingers through her loose raven locks.

“You’re beautiful,” he sighed.

Heat spread along her cheeks as she glanced away shyly with a smile on her lips. Marinette tried to ignore Alya visibly wilt with a hand over her chest. She could tell her best friend was trying not to physically awe out loud. Nino cleared his throat, standing a little straighter.

“What’s the Chat Noir get-up for, Marinette?” he asked.

Licking her lips, Marinette glanced down and gave herself a once over. “Well, when Adrien opens his gift, it’ll make sense.”

The blonde cocked a brow, tilting his head like a curious kitten. “Oh, really?”

Nodding, she smiled and went to hand him his gifts with outstretched arms. “Happy birthday, Adrien.”

Adrien plucked the wrapped gift off the top first. “Hang on to the pastries for a second, please?” he winked. She giggled and nodded, keeping the pastry box in her arms as he tore into the green paper of the gift she’d made him.

When Adrien pulled the top off the box, he quickly went slack jawed. Nino quickly took the discarded wrapping paper and box from Adrien’s hands as he pulled the Ladybug sweater from it’s confines. He held up the garment, clearly in awe. There were pricks of tears in his eyes as he turned his head to look at her.

“God, I love you,” he said, keeping his voice low.

Marinette giggled in response. It warmed her heart to see him so happy. To finally see his reaction to one of her gifts. All she wanted was for Adrien to have a great birthday, and this seemed like a great start. If only he knew she’d had much, much more planned.

Adrien quickly shucked off his black button up, folding it neatly, and putting it in his bag. He yanked the sweater over his undershirt and hugged it snuggly to his body. “You’re amazing, Mari… Really, you are.”

Her face was sore from smiling. She shook her head. “You deserve it.”

He gave a small chuckle, smirking down at her. He leaned over her, keeping his voice low enough that only Marinette and their best friends could hear. “You know I really want to kiss you right now, right?”

Marinette winked in response. “I figured.”

Nino whistled while Alya snickered. Adrien simply beamed at her response.

She handed him the pastry box, and he took it gratefully. “So, what has the great Tom Dupain made for little ol’ me today?”

“Why don’t you open it and find out?”

Her boyfriend eyed her, squinting teasingly. “Hmmm… okay.” He flipped open the top, eyes widening at the variety of treats in the box. Adrien glanced up at her, behind his bangs. “Are these passion fruit macarons?”

Marinette smirked. “Mayyyyybe.”

“Oh God, are these eclairs filled with chocolate cream?”

“Most likely.”

“Marry me.”

She laughed.

Adrien closed the box, smiling widely at her. “Thank you, Marinette. You’ve already made this the best birthday I’ve had in a long time.”

“Of course, Adrien,” she chimed.

“I see how it is, dude. Marinette gives you pastries and a sweater and upstages me,” Nino sighed dramatically as he deflated like a balloon onto his girlfriend.

They chorused with laughter. Alya rolled her eyes, patting Nino on the head. “Marinette was going to upstage you anyway. I’m sure she has something planned for later this evening,” she chimed with a wink.

Marinette sucked in a breath, glancing at Adrien as he stiffened and flushed. He shot her a quick look. Adrien’s free hand went to his hair as he ruffled his blonde locks with an embarrassed chuckle.

She clicked her tongue, deciding that denying Alya would be worse. “Well, I guess I’ll give you the deets on whatever happens later.”

“My—M-Marinette!” Adrien squeaked.

“Did you think that wasn’t part of my plans for the day?”

“I mean, I hoped…”

Alya smirked as Nino ‘oooh’ed. This was embarrassing, but nothing that Marinette couldn’t handle. Her friends’ teasing was part of the territory of this relationship. She didn’t mind. Teasing Adrien was fun anyway. He was cute when frazzled.

The bell chiming saved her boyfriend from any further torture. The four of them headed up the steps. Adrien gave a sour sulk before shoving a whole éclair in his mouth, making Marinette giggle at his expense.

“You got a little,” Marinette pointed at the corner of her mouth.

Adrien poked his tongue out, licking around his lips. “Did I get it?”

Giggling, she shook her head. They paused inside the courtyard, Nino and Alya continuing on without them. Marinette brushed her thumb along the corner of his mouth, catching the chocolate off his skin. Letting boldness take hold, she stuck the digit in her mouth, cleaning the chocolate from her thumb. Adrien flushed and gaped at her.

She smirked.

“You’re being mean,” he pouted.

“I’m doing no such thing, birthday boy,” she cooed as she started up the steps.

“You are. That outfit? It’s killing me,” he grumbled.

Marinette paused, giving him a once over. “You know, you’re pretty hot in spots yourself. Maybe, we should switch miraculouses sometime.”

“My lady…” Adrien whimpered quietly.

“You didn’t expect me not to flirt with you all day on your birthday, did you? I’m just trying to make your special day absolutely purrrfect for you.”

He licked his lips, eyes trailing over her hungrily. “I’m ripping that hoodie off you tonight.”

“Only if you can catch me, Kitty,” she cooed before taking off up the steps.




School had continued smoothly. Did people notice that Marinette and Adrien were matching? Yes. But did anyone question it? No. Even Lila’s pointed glares couldn’t ruin Marinette’s happiness for the day. The day was about Adrien. That’s what mattered.

During lunch break, she sat on of the benches with him. Alya and Nino opted to go buy lunch for the day, so the pair was left alone. Most of the courtyard was empty, save for Marc and Nathaniel who were cuddled up beneath the stairs as they were buy working on their comic together.

Adrien insisted they share the macarons and éclairs, despite Marinette’s protest that they were his birthday gifts. He purposely got chocolate on his nose, teasing her about licking it off. She didn’t, but she did swipe it off his nose before putting it to his lips. She flushed when Adrien took her finger between his lips and sucked the chocolate off.

“You’re making things very—uh—hard for me right now,” he muttered.

Marinette snickered. “It’ll be worth it later, right?”

“I hope so. You’re the only present I need for my birthday,” Adrien cooed, leaning in.

Pushing him back by his nose, she tsked him. “We’re in public, Adrien.”

“Doesn’t everyone know at this point? Us dating is an open secret here at school at this point. I’m pretty sure the only reason no one has blabbed is because Chloe had something to do with it.”

She eyed him. “Your father could make us break up if we break his rules.”

Adrien cocked a brow. “You act like he can actually break us up.”

“I mean…”

“He can’t stop me from dating Ladybug,” Adrien said with a wink.

He was a bad influence. She knew in her gut she should listen to herself. She couldn’t let his kitty charm sway her better judgement. But it was his birthday. And there wasn’t anyone around.

With a sigh, she pinched her brow. “You can have one kiss, got it?”

His grin in response was all Chat Noir. Adrien nuzzled his nose to hers before gently brushing his lips along hers. His lips caught hers, the kiss was short and sweet. He didn’t drag it on, thankfully. The longer he kissed her, the more a chance of getting caught. When he pulled away, it was slight. His forehead still pressed to hers. Marinette gazed up, her bluebell eyes meeting his. She smiled.

“I love you,” she murmured.

“Love you too, my lady.”




Marinette had the picnic all set up by the time Chat Noir hopped up the Eiffel Tower. The tower was lit, illuminating the romantic spot she’d laid out. She sat the bread in the center, cranberry juice poured in each glass, and bowls of pasta were placed out for each of them. Chat eyed the spread, glancing over the foods while licking his lips.

“You really are spoiling me today, huh?” he asked with a smile.

She nodded. “Of course.”

Chat sat down crisscrossed and pulled the pasta bowl into his lap, he lifted the top off and sniffed it. “Wow… I don’t think I’ve had onion chicken pasta since my mom used to make it…”

Eyes widening behind her mask, Marinette gaped. “O-Oh! I didn’t know. I-I’m sorry. We can eat something else. I didn’t mean—”

“Mari,” the gaze he gave her was so soft. His kitten eyes were full of love and admiration. There was no anger. No dismay. No pain. “It’s fine. There’s nothing to be sorry for.” Her stomach churned when he dipped the fork into his food. Marinette couldn’t help but watch intently as Chat took a bite. His eye lit up as he swallowed. “Woah, where’d you get this? It’s awesome.”

Shuffling slightly, Marinette gazed down at her own bowl. “W-Well, I made it.”

What? Holy shit, my lady. I knew you were good at baking, but you can cook too? You’re so amazing,” he chimed.

Sometimes Marinette found it odd that he would dote on about her like this. She’d never felt her heart swell like it did when Adrien complimented her. Or praised her. Or told her he loved her. The smile it put on her face couldn’t be combated.

“Thanks. I’m glad you like it. I was worried you might not since I didn’t run it by you.”

Chat sat the bowl down, glancing away with a small smile etched on his lips. “No—I-I… Thank you, Marinette. I haven’t been as happy as I am with you since my mom was here. I can’t tell you how much you mean to me. And the last few months of people with you have been the greatest of my life.”


“No, seriously. I mean it. You make me so happy, my lady. I can’t begin to describe to you…” There were small tears in his eyes. “When I became Chat Noir, I had no idea that it would lead me to finding the love of my life. And I’m so thankful that Master Fu chose me to fight by your side. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

Marinette felt the hot liquid bubble over and down her mask. Setting her bowl to the side, she all but tackled him. Chat let out a yelp as he fell back on the blanket before she heard him chuckle in her ear. His arms squeezed around her, holding her tightly to him. She could feel his heart beating against her own. Pushing up onto her knees, her hands slayed out and framed his face as she hovered over him. He reached up, wiping stray tears.

“I love you so much. And I just—I wanted to make sure you had the perfect birthday. Because you are worth every single second. You have no idea how much you’ve changed my life. I wouldn’t even still be Ladybug without your encouragements. You are the reason I am who I am today, and I can never repay you for loving me and being here for me,” Marinette confessed.

Laying her feelings out in the open was so refreshing. He knew. She already knew that. But when living in a toxic home like Adrien did, he needed to hear it sometimes. Her kitty needed that reassurance and that was okay. She’d give it to him any time he needed it.

He was smiling so softly at her. She felt her heart melting and dripping down her chest like melted ice cream. Unable to resist, she bent down, kissing him softly. It was chaste and gentle. So full of love and adoration. When she pulled away, no words were said. They simply looked over one another’s flushed faces.

Marinette had no idea how long they stayed like that. She did eventually depart from him, reminding him that their food would get cold. He quietly agreed. The rest of the meal was uneventful regarding pouring their hearts out to one another. They ate, chatted about school, discussed an upcoming project, made jokes and teased. It was comfortable. It was… domestic. And Marinette couldn’t deny that she loved every moment of it.

Once finished eating, she packed up the picnic supplies back into her basket. The two moved to a ledge, sitting net to one another as their food settled in their stuffed stomachs. Chat hummed as his head leaned onto hers.

“You know… this is where I almost kissed you for the first time.”

Marinette’s eyes popped open. She sat up, looking around. “It was this one specifically?”

“Yeah. This one.”

She remembered that moment from all those months ago like it was yesterday. They’d almost kissed, an akuma interrupted them, and then Marinette awkwardly fled the scene. While cringe worthy at the time, Marinette couldn’t help but look back on the moment fondly.

“Well, at least you’ve had plenty of kisses since that one, hm?” she teased.

Snickering, he gave her a once over. “Oh yeah,” he winked. “I’ve kissed many more places than that too.”

Marinette felt her cheeks heat as she glowered at him. She crossed her arms across beneath her chest. Chat noticed, eyes tracking the motion. “Watch what you say, Kitty. Naughty boys don’t get to sneak into princesses’ bedrooms at night.”

“Oh noooo,” he feigned a dramatic sigh, placing the back of his palm to his forehead. “Whatever will I do? My princess wouldn’t dare punish this lowly prince on his birthday, would she?”


“Marinette,” he whined.

“Can you prove to me you deserve otherwise?”

His brows shot up beneath the mask. “Oh? I need to puurove it to you?” He leaned over her hungrily, brushing his fingers beneath her chin, tilting her head upwards. “I can do that.”

“Show me,” she breathed.

Chat captured her lips, devouring her with a gusto they hadn’t shared since their romp a week ago. She missed it, to say the least. It was nice having him all over her. His clawed gloves skitter down her side, caressing her curves. Breathing hitching in her throat, Marinette gripped at his upper arm. His fingers clutched her, digging into her suit. Her breasts were pressed to the side of his chest.

Breaking the kiss, Marinette panted against his lips as she gazed up at him. Her eyes drank him in as she glanced over him. He smiled, pressing a kiss to her crown.

“S-Should we go to my room now?” she asked, somewhat timidly. She didn’t want to sound too eager. Nor rush him into something. This was his birthday. She wanted to go at Adrien’s pace. Not matter what that pace was.




When Marinette found herself clad in her hoodie and panties with Adrien in a similar state of dress on top of her… she really couldn’t find herself complaining. His mouth worked along hers, his tongue slipping between her lips. Soft whimpers left her throat which only seemed to encourage his eagerness. His fingers were intertwined with hers as he pushed her flat on her mattress.

Marinette found that she didn’t mind being pinned. As long as Adrien was doing the pinning. The butterflies in her stomach fluttered hotly, a molten heat quivering within her. She’d already decided that tonight would be the night she returned his last favor. It was his birthday. She had to get over her fears and please the shit out of her boyfriend. If Adrien wasn’t a moaning, withering mess by the end of the night’s escapades then Marinette had not done him justice for his special day.

Adrien left her lips with a wet pop, a string of saliva following his lips. His brow scrunched at the sight, making Marinette giggle. “That’s nasty,” he snorted.

“You act like it’s the first time that’s happened.”

“It’s not, but it’s still gross.”

He leaned back on his haunches, smirking as he fiddled with the green drawstrings of her hoodie. “You’re cute. I almost choked when I saw you wearing this today.”

“I’m glad you like it.”

“I love it. If Alya wasn’t suspicious that I’m Chat Noir, she may be now that I gawked at you when you showed up in this,” he teased as he ran his fingers along the fabric.

Marinette shrugged. “I doubt it. I’ve been Ladybug almost the entire time she’s known me, and I don’t think she suspects me at all.”

Humming, his hands traveled down over the creamy skin of her thighs. The touch was so light but sent shivers up her spine. She shuddered, letting out a sigh. He smirked, cocking a brow at her. “As much as I love this get-up, I’d much rather prefer it off of you.”

She sat up quickly, grabbing his hand. “Wait. It’s your birthday. I want to do something for you, Kitty.”

“Don’t be silly, my lady. Seeing you like this does plenty for me. I like seeing you like this. I like to touch you, please you…” he dragged hand along her hip, before trailing downward and ghosting along her cloth covered core. Marinette’s breath hitched, a small gasp leaving her lips. “I like when you make cute sounds for me. That’s a fine birthday present.”

Her brain was frazzled. Overdrive was activated. Reboot was needed.

She wanted to speak, but the gentle motions of his fingers on her damp panties was frustrating. “B-But I…”

Adrien grinned, tilting his head to look at her. His blonde locks swooped to the side so adorably. He shouldn’t be looking at her so innocently while touching her most intimate places. Why was he so damn cute!? It was almost annoying.


She appreciated how cute he was most of the time.

“What is it, Marinette?”

She could do it. She could say it. She was Ladybug. Strong and confident. “I told you,” she sighed. “I want to please you.”

“But you do.”

“No, I really want to.”

Marinette almost whined when he pulled his hand away. He eyed her. “I don’t want you to do something you aren’t comfortable with just because it’s my birthday. I couldn’t live with myself if I made you feel obligated.”

“I don’t, though. This is something I’ve thought about but have been too afraid of. I-I’m still not ready for us to both be naked—ya know, together—at the same time because the implications and possible temptations are too much.”

He waggled his eyebrows. “You think my naked body is tempting?

Flicking his nose, she laughed. “Chill, alley cat. I didn’t even finish what I was saying.”

“Oh, my apologizes, Princess. Please, do continue. I appreciated where your statement was headed.”

Marinette rolled her eyes. “Anyway. You’ve seen all of me. And I would—I want… I want to see you. All of you.”

Apparently, whatever Adrien thought she was going to say wasn’t what left her lips. The snarky look on his face dropped in an instant. Instead, he gaped slightly. His cheeks flushing that familiar rosy color they did when he was really embarrassed.

Checkmate, Kitty.

“You… Wait, what?”

“I want to see you naked.”

“I—O-Okay wow. I wasn’t prepared for that one. Mercy.”

“There’s something else too.”

Blinking, his brows shot up. “What? Like what?”

Marinette worried her bottom lip, giving him a sideway glance. She felt her cheeks warm. “I want to return the favor. F-From last time. In your room.”


She gawked. “Adrien!”

“Sorry!” His hand went to his hair, worrying the strands with his fingers. “J-Just… Holy shit, Marinette. How do you expect me to react? You just—You can’t look at me with a cute blush on your face wearing a Chat Noir hoodie and your panties and then tell me you want to give me a blowjob without me being allowed to freak out a little bit, okay?”

Honestly, where had he been all her life? That was a string of word vomit that rivaled her own. God, he was perfect.

She burst into giggles. Adrien pouted in response. “Don’t laugh at me.”

Marinette shook her head. Crawling towards him, she smiled when he slowly leaned back on his elbows, letting her hover over his stomach. “Well, Kitty? Is that a yes?”

She saw him physically gulp, bottom lip wobbling with nerves. “Please,” he sighed.

Smiling, she pushed the sweater she knitted him up his chest. There was nothing beneath, so he must have ditched the undershirt between school and their picnic. He raised his arms, letting her slip the garment over his head. She gently folded it and set it towards the head of her bed. It was new. No need for her to shuck it across the room.

Sun kissed skin drew her attention back to him. Each little ripple in his skin drove her insane. He had light freckles dusting his shoulders and it was the cutest thing she’d ever seen. She’d never seen her own light freckles as cute, but on Adrien? Adorable. Marinette bent over him, pressing a light kiss to his nape. He squirmed a little beneath her, hands grabbing her hips. Part of her wanted to tell him no. That this was about him.

But why do that to herself?

If her boyfriend wanted to touch her, then by all means… she’d let him.

She continued pressing light kisses to his skin, allowing her courage to build. Knowing that she wanted to do this right, she paid attention to each sweet spot. Sucking on his ear, nipping his jaw, kissing his shoulder…

Marinette pressed her hips down, her heat pressing on the bulge in his boxers. She sighed, head hanging as she felt the warmth of him along her dampness. Lightly, she shifted her hips, rubbing up and down his length. Adrien groaned beneath her, fingers digging into her skin.

“I-I won’t last if you do that.”

She nodded with a small gulp. Squeezing her eyes tightly, she took in a deep breath. Marinette gazed down at him, hooking her fingers the elastic of his underwear. Fingers trembling, she tugged the material off his hips. His erection sprung from it’s confines, making her cringe slightly as she slid them off. Adrien kicked them off his feet. Her mouth was dry. This was way different than just pulling his penis out of a hole in his boxers.

Adrien was naked before her. Clad in his birthday suit.

Pun intended.

Her eyes trailed over the new territory. She wasn’t sure if she expected a tan line… but it was cute. She wetted her lips when seeing the v of his hips. She’d never really seen the blonde hair that traveled from his navel down to his…yeah. He was a natural blonde… She could tell the tabloids to quit speculating.

Oh, God. Wait. She’d only seen his dick. There was more too see now, she’d realized.

Wow. Balls were weird… what the fuck?

Timidly, she reached out and stroked him. She’d touched him before, right? Sticking to what she knew was the best option first. More could happen as she worked up courage. Marinette flicked her wrist up and down, just as she usually did. Adrien covered his eyes with his forearm, his other hand clenched into the sheets. His lips parted as he panted.

Leaning back, she let her boldness take over. Adrien peaked an eye open when her palm left his length. Marinette shucked off her hoodie, chunking it over the edge of the bed and letting it fall to the floor. Whimpering, he chewed his lip. Cheekily, she winked and kept the cat ears on her head.

She hovered over him, pressing her bare chest to his. The warmth of his skin touching hers sent her stomach ablaze. Skin on skin just did things to her. Her hormones went wild. Jeez…

Marinette caught his lips, the kiss deep and teasing. Their tongues mingled a moment before she pulled away. She kissed down his jaw, neck, and chest. When she reached his stomach, she peppered her way across his abdominals, admiring the tautness of them. It was nice to see him natural. Not airbrushed and runway perfect. Just… him. She made her way to his navel, even kissing the soft hair beneath his belly button.

Then she was there: face to… face? With his dick? She would not be intimidated by a penis. It was just a mushroom on a stick. What could it do to her really? Nothing. It could do nothing. Well, right now it couldn’t. When she and Adrien got intimate in the future then it would be of more used to her, personally. But Adrien certainly benefitted from it, right?

Focus, Marinette.

Insert penis into mouth. Easy. Right?


She was going to die.

Or choke.

Or… ya know… both?

Adrien snickering above her slapped her back down to earth. She gaped, gazing up at him. “What!?” she huffed.

“Your face,” he laughed.


“You just look… so freaked out. I’m sorry, Bugaboo. I don’t mean to laugh. Especially since I know this is hard for you.”

“You’re the one hard for me.”


Deciding it was time to go big or go home (or send Adrien home since she was home?) she gently gripped him, pulling his length gently towards her mouth. She pressed a kiss to the head, making Adrien sigh. He basically melted beneath her. Marinette smiled, repeating the action over and over. Until she was kissing up and down his shaft. Finally, she engulfed the head between her lips. Adrien groaned, his hand going to her hair. Marinette always thought she’d hate that… but she honestly didn’t mind. Her head bobbed as she along his length.

The sounds Adrien cried were addictive. Spurring her on more and more. She released him with a pop before running her tongue flat along his shaft. His breathing hitched. Marinette felt pride swelling in her chest as she smirked.

He dared to make eye contact with her. She simply smirked, taking the head back into her mouth and swirling her tongue. He flopped his head back down with a cry. This was…easy. Why was she so afraid? All she had to do was lick him and her boyfriend was exactly what she wanted: a withering and moaning mess.

When she released him again, she stuck to her hands from then. Marinette pumped him, squeezing with just the right amount of pressure that she’d learned he liked. She quickened the movements, pushing Adrien closer to the edge with every pass of her palm along his shaft. His dick twitched in her hand. And  just a moment later, he came quickly. The ropes of spunk splashed his chest as Adrien bit his lip to keep quiet.

It was definitely the most intense orgasm he’d had with her yet.

“Oh my god,” he groaned, flattening against her mattress.

Marinette barked a laugh. “Are you okay?”

“No. You’ve killed me.”

“That sucks. And on your birthday too.”

“That is not what sucked.”


He laughed, wiping sweat off his brow and glancing down at the damage done. Adrien grimaced at the sight. Marinette, however, was prepared this time.

“Here,” she said, handing him a towel she’d hidden under her pillow.

Adrien smiled, taking it with a curt nod. “Thanks.”

When he was finally clean, and they had both gathered their wits, Marinette curled into his side. She glanced up at him, a little shy after the whole escapade.

“S-So… was that okay?”

Adrien cocked a brow at her. “Marinette, that was amazing.

“Really? You liked it?”

“Wasn’t that obvious?”

“I wanted verbal confirmation.”

“My moaning wasn’t verbal confirmation?”

“Shut up.”

Adrien grinned before burying his nose into her raven locks. His hands stroked up her thighs. “So, what about you?”

“I can go without…”

He leaned back, looking over her. “Are you sure? You know I will if you ask. I enjoy pleasuring you, my lady. It just would add to the birthday experience.”

Marinette smiled, but shook her head. “I know it would, but honestly… I’m exhausted.”

Snickering, Adrien kissed her forehead. “Aw… I tired you out?”

“Hardly. I did all the work.”

Adrien seemed ready to retort but seemed to decide against it when she shot him a flat look. Instead, he smiled and nuzzled her. He pulled her closer. Marinette could her his heart thudding in her ear. It was a gentle beat. Lulling her into a sleepy trance.

"Happy birthday, Adrien..." she sighed. 

"Thank you..." 

A small smile etched along her lips. She snuggled into her boyfriend's arms. Nothing could ruin this for her. She did what she set out to do: give Adrien his best birthday ever. Nothing could disturb her. Not even the gentle thunder rumbling in the distance.

Chapter Text

Marinette stirred, eyes squinting as the light shone in from her window.  Sighing, she smiled as memories from the night previous danced back into her head. Adrien was gone, but he’d replaced himself with her cat body pillow. She cuddled against the pillow, snuggling closer into the soft material.

“Good morning, Marinette,” Tikki chimed as she hovered over her.

Marinette let out a yawn, smiling up at her kwami. “Morning, Tikki…”

“Sleep well?”

Humming, she sat up with a stretch. She glanced over herself. Clad in only her panties, she chuckled when her hands went to the top of her head. Her hair was messy, but the cat ears were still perched on her crown. She pulled them off and quickly grabbed her hoodie to pop back over her head. Despite Tikki being an ancient being, Marinette wasn’t fond of just roaming around in the nude around her.

Glancing up at her kwami, she tilted her head. “This is normal, right? We’re not being—uh, too much, right?”

“Hormones are a normal part of being a teenager. You’re not the first teenage Ladybug to want to be intimate with her partner, if that’s what you’re asking.”

Marinette felt a wave of relief wash over her. Shoulders relaxing, she felt herself smile. It felt good. Really good to be with Adrien the way she was. It was still embarrassing at times. And they were both unsure of how intimacy worked. But she was happy to learn with Adrien. Her Adrien. Her Chat Noir. Partner in crime fighting… He was everything to her.

She hoped he knew. She hoped she expressed that well enough to him.

Finally, she climbed down out of her bed. She found her phone plugged up next to her desk. Wow, he actually set her phone up to charge for her? He was an angel.

“Your phone has been buzzing a lot, Marinette.”

Cocking a brow, she unlocked the phone to see a ton of notifications. Her brows furrowed when she saw a variety of text messages. As well as a few blog updates.


Rose: Why didn’t you tell us!! Congrats! I’m sorry that blog said such awful things about you, we know they aren’t true. Stay strong, Marinette! We love you!

Alix: Damn, girl. I didn’t know you had it in you… Whoever wrote the article is clearly stupid. I’m sure Alya is already trying to find out who did it.

Mylene: Despite that crap in the article, you guys are really cute!! I’m happy for you!! Alya already explained why you had to keep it secret.


Marinette felt her heart sinking with each text message from her classmates, each stating similar things. An article? A secret? And a congratulations? What the hell was going on??

As she was scrolling through texts, a fresh one popped up at the top of her messages.


Adrien <3: Uh, my lady… I think we have a problem.


She hit “call” immediately.

It only took Adrien a few seconds to answer.

“Hey,” he said.

The tone in his voice was exasperated. Not like himself. He sounded tired despite her knowing they had both slept quite soundly. There were no terms of endearment. No flirty tone. Something was definitely wrong.

“What’s going on?” Marinette asked as she turned to sit down at her desk.

“It seems that someone has published an article on one of my fan blogs. That I’m dating you. And that you’re only using me because you’re wanting to get an intern at Gabriel. Even posted evidence showing that you won my father’s derby hat contest, and that you’ve entered other Gabriel contests. You were also accused of… seducing me. There was no proof of that, obviously.”

Marinette felt sick, hand going to her forehead as she felt the heat of anger crawling up her spine. Her heart began to pound, fingers tingling as panic and frustration began to swirl in her gut.

“They have proof of us dating?”

“Well, they may have snapped a picture of us kissing at school yesterday…?”

Shooting up out of her chair, she growled. “I told you! I knew it was a bad idea!”

“I know! I know… You were just—dammit you’re too cute for your own good, okay? You can’t come to school—on my birthday for that matter—in a Chat Noir getup and not expect me to want to kiss you!”

“Oh, so this is my fault?”

“No, no! That’s not what I’m saying at all, Marinette! Look, this is my fault. I already took the blame with my father, okay? I told him I kissed you first. And that it was a lapse in judgement and not to blame you. Basically, he said this is my bed, and I must lie in it. He’s annoyed… but told me if I can fix it then we can stay together.”

Marinette had never known Gabriel Agreste to be the lenient type. It was a bit of a shock to her to hear he was willing to still give them a chance at their relationship. Maybe, he was softening up a bit. She could only hope.

“How will you fix it?”

“Give me a few hours… I’ll think of something. In the meantime, look out for akumas. I can guarantee you that someone will be unhappy that I’m off the market.”

“Thinking pretty highly of yourself, huh, Kitty?”

“Of course, my lady. I’m one of Paris’ most eligible bachelors, didn’t you know?”

Marinette snorted into the phone. “One, you just turned seventeen. Two, you’re not a bachelor since you’re taken.”

“Well, Paris didn’t know that until this morning.”

“Uh, huh. Right,” she paused, clicking her tongue. “Do you… think this was Lila?”

“I’d be surprised if it wasn’t. It had to be someone who stayed at school during lunch yesterday. It couldn’t be anyone else besides a classmate. It definitely has Lila written all over it.”

“Should we confront her?”

“And give her more ammo? Let’s not. She’s pushed you around way too much, and, frankly, I’m tired of some snob thinking that she can push my girlfriend around. If she tries to talk to you, let me handle it.”

“I’m not fragile. I can take care of myself, you know.”

“If anyone knows how much you can handle yourself, it’s me, my lady. But Lila won’t take a hint from you. She doesn’t care. She’ll just continue to manipulate everyone against you. I just think I have a better shot at getting her to back off than you do. I’ve already told her to stop once, and now she’s pulled this stunt as revenge. I’ll take care of it. Let me do my job. I take the hits for you, even Lila’s.”

“Adrien… You don’t have to do that.”

“But I want to. Because I love you. Let me protect you.”

“But this isn’t like an akuma battle.”

“Maybe not. It’s different, you’re right. Please, Marinette. What you’ve been doing isn’t working. Let me take over this mission.”

She chuckled into the phone. Despite how hesitant she was to let Adrien get his hands dirty, she knew that her tactics of trying to expose Lila or get her to back off hadn’t worked. It only made everyone more upset with her, rather than Lila. If this is what she had to do to make peace… then that’s how it had to go.

“Okay, Kitty. You’re in charge.”

“I never thought I’d hear those words,” he replied with a snort.




Marinette knew this would be the longest weekend of her life. School come Monday would be a hellscape if Adrien didn’t handle this article situation. She finally found it within herself to read the slanderous post. It was exactly what Adrien had said it was. She was being accused of using him, being a gold-digger, and that she had “seduced him.” Of course, they couldn’t prove that the two of them had had sex. But they stated that a close confidant of Marinette had confirmed their relationship status. In reality, she and Adrien had only fooled around of course. Both were virgins. Nothing had gone past third base. No homeruns were occurring any time soon…

Neither of them were ready. And they knew that. Which is why the false claims that she had bedded Adrien in the article were even more frustrating. It was embarrassing to explain to her parents that those were just rumors, and she and Adrien hadn’t been up to no good. It also led to quite a humiliating sex talk with Sabine reassuring her that when she and Adrien were ready, that they supported her as long as they were sure, in love, and safe about it.

Well. At least, they had her parents’ permission?

Alya was on her doorstep in a matter of hours. Marinette sat on the chaise as Alya frustratingly ranted about bad journalism.

“It’s an Adrien gossip blog, Alya, there is no professionalism to speak for,” Marinette reminded her.

 It was funny, though, how Alya held the Ladyblog to such a higher standard. Aside from identity theories and posting about “LadyNoir” as they called it. Marinette didn’t mind. It was nice having pictures of she and Adrien spending time together or fighting together.

“But that’s what’s even worse! Even if it’s a gossip blog, posting such a shit article is ridiculous! They have no idea what stage your relationship is in. They know nothing about you! Who would even do such a thing!? It had to be someone from school!”

“It was Lila.”

Alya crossed her arms. “Marinette, we can’t just accuse people without proof.”

“Alya,” Marinette stared her down, eyes hard. “I know Adrien told you the truth about her after the last shit-show she caused at school. This is her way of getting back at us. Mainly, me. It was Lila.”

Alya sighed, coming to sit beside her on the chaise. “I know… She’s the most likely suspect. I guess, I just find it so hard to believe she pulled the wool over my eyes for so long. I’m sorry, I doubted you. You’re my best friend, and I should always have your back.”

Smiling, Marinette placed a hand on Alya’s shoulder. “It’s okay. She’s sneaky and conniving… That’s not your fault.”

“I’m sorry that she’s been so rotten to you. Basically, bullying you for almost a year.”

She gave a half-hearted shrug. “It’s okay, I got used to it. Plus, I had Adrien.”

“He believed you?”

“Yeah… There’s more history with Adrien and me then people realize.”

“What do you mean?”

Shoulders sagging, Marinette gave her an apologetic gaze. “I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you. It has to remain a secret.”

“Does it have to do with his dad?”

“Uh—yeah, that’s what it is. Gabriel is very strict about things, you know?”

Alya sighed, glancing down at her lap. “He’s not going to make you guys break up is he?”

“As long as Adrien can figure out a way to fix this, then we should be okay.”

“Did he tell you how he was going to fix it?”


Alya snorted. “That sounds about right. Adrien can be so closed off with things, even from us.”

Humming, Marinette nodded. “That’s true… But I’ve enjoyed being with him. And learning more about him.”

“In more ways than one, huh?”

Marinette flushed as she gawked at her. “Alya!”

“What? C’mon, girl. You haven’t given me deets about you guys in a while. How did last night go?” Alya asked with a smirk and a waggle of her brows.

Feeling her cheeks heat, Marinette glanced down at her lap. “I-It was fine.”

“So…? What happened?”

“W-Well, I—er—well.”

“Yes? Please, share with the class?”

Gulping down her shyness, she turned to her. “I gave him a—ya know.”

Alya’s eyes widened. “Holy shit,” she sputtered in a harsh whisper. “You sucked him off? Marinette, I’m so proud.”

Marinette knew that she resembled a tomato. She could feel the heat on her skin as she couldn’t meet Alya’s gaze. “Y-Yeah, I did.”

Eyeing her, Alya cocked a brow. “Has he done to same to you?”

“Mmhm!” she squeaked.

“Shut up!” Alya gaped. She shoved Marinette slightly on the shoulder. “Girl, I didn’t know you both had it in you. I thought you’d still be stammering in his presence when just discussing sex.”

Marinette laughed nervously at that. “I didn’t say it went smoothly every time. We still have a lot to learn about one another.”

“You saw him naked right?”

She nodded.

Alya fanned herself. “Oh, girl. Is he just as hot as you thought he was? When you called him… what was it?” she asked teasingly with a tap of her chin. “Oh, right. ‘Hot stuff?’”

“He’s definitely hot stuff.”

Her best friend barked a laugh. “It must be that model diet.”

“He works out too.”

“Oohhh, look at blondie go.”

“It’s… nice, to be honest. We joke and laugh, go at our own pace. Adrien is so insistent on not doing anything I’m uncomfortable with or going too far. He always makes sure that I’m okay, that I’m enjoying whatever we’re doing. I didn’t know sex could be like that.”

Alya smiled. “That’s what it should be like. Adrien is definitely the romantic type, and I’m glad if there’s someone you’re going to have your first time with that it’s Adrien. Have you guys discussed going all the way?”

Swallowing, she shrugged. “We’ve mentioned that we weren’t ready. But it could just be me that’s not ready. I don’t want to make him wait on me. I don’t want to feel like I’m holding back our relationship…”

“You know better than that, M.”

Marinette gazed up at her.

“Adrien would never feel like that. Don’t let your anxieties tell you different. That boy loves you. Like madly, truly, deeply. He’s goo-goo over you. Nino says you’re all he talks about most of the time. With the occasional exception of anime, video games, or Ladybug,” she snorted.

Giggling, she smiled. “I’m dating such a dork.”

“A dork who is madly in love with you.”

“Yeah…” she sighed with a dopey grin.

“I’m so happy for you, Marinette. You guys should take your time. Let yourself be in love. Just start with the kissing and let it progress from there.”

Nodding, she gave Alya a sideways glance. “We—We’ve both been naked. But not naked together. Because I’m scared that it might lead to something we’re not ready for.”

“There’s nothing to be afraid of. When you’re ready, you’ll know. It’s okay to be naked together, it’s not scandalous or anything. Even if you don’t like being naked, you can still sex each other up.”

Marinette snorted. Alya grinned and stood, walking over to her purse on the desk. She pulled out a long string of condoms, making Marinette yelp.

“Why do you have those!?”

“Nino and I each carry some on hand just in case,” she explained. Alya ripped four off and opened one of the drawers. She plopped them in there and shut the drawer. “There. In case of a rainy day. You’ll always have an emergency stash.”

“Do you ever… need them for just in case?”

Alya laughed as she came to sit beside her. “Well, moments can get heated when you least expect it.”

Marinette rubbed her palms down her pants, feeling hesitant to ask Alya too many personal questions. Mostly out of fear of what the answers could be. She wasn’t sure how much she actually wanted to know.

“Have you and Nino—uh—done it places besides a bed?”

Alya chuckled at her question. “We don’t really have the opportunity to since we’re usually babysitting, but once or twice. We fooled around in the shower together once. And the couch at my place when my parents and sisters were out.”

Blinking, she couldn’t help the “huh” that left her lips. “You know… A shower together sounds, well, really nice actually.”

“Hey, that may be a good way for you guys to get naked together!” Alya joked.

Pursing her lips, Marinette gave a small shrug. “You… might be right, there.” She tapped her chin. “Adrien has a pretty big shower…”

“Girl, are you seriously thinking about sneaking into the mansion?”

Marinette smirked. “Already have.”

“Shut up!”




After Alya’s visit, and their hours of girl talk… Marinette found herself realizing the gravity of the situation she was in. So many of Adrien’s fans now thought she was a gold-digger. And a seductress at that! What a joke… it was Adrien who somehow talked her into getting between the sheets with him. Hardly the other way around. He was too suave for his own good sometimes.

She was really screwed if Adrien didn’t do anything about this soon. The rumor mill would keep growing, and Lila would continue to get her way. If her goal was to make everyone hate Marinette, she was on the right track. At least, her friends knew better. Alya did damage control on her behalf and explained that Gabriel insisted that the relationship remain a secret. And it worked for now. The girls seemed forgiving and more congratulatory than anything. She had to admit, it was nice to have it all out in the open. Marinette loved that she could now share her relationship with all of her friends. It was a nice thought.

When her phone buzzed, Marinette’s heart pounded. She couldn’t be entirely sure what each notification meant. The biggest fear being that one of his fans found her number and was going to harass her. She got enough flack from Lila on a daily basis, she didn’t need unknown numbers contacting her as well.

However, she was relieved to see Adrien’s name popped up on her screen. Sighing, she opened the message.

Adrien <3: Pretty sure I took care of it. Take a look?

There was a link attached to the message. Despite her nerves, Marinette decided to take the plunge, rip off the bandaid, and hit play on the video that popped up on her screen.

The video began with Adrien turning on his webcam. He was sitting at his desk in his room and was wearing the Ladybug sweater she had given him the day previous.

“Hi,” he said awkwardly to the camera with a small wave. “I’m Adrien Agreste. My father is Gabriel Agreste, and I work for him as a model. I have quite a large fanbase who are very interested in my personal life, and while it’s flattering that they’re concerned for my well-being, an article was posted to one of my fan’s blogs this morning that has many people upset. I’d like to set the record straight,” he paused taking a moment to swallow. “I am dating Marinette Dupain-Cheng. We’ve been together for a few months now. Contrary to what the article said, she and I have been friends way before she won my father’s contest.”

He rubbed his neck, cheeks flushing with a slight shrug. “I’ve been interested in her much longer than that too, actually,” he gave a nervous laugh. “Marinette and I have been through a lot together. More than most of our friends, even our family know. She’s been here for me a lot. And she is a genuinely kind person. You can ask any of her friends at our school, and they’ll vouch for that. She was even voted class president! And she does so much to help make a change for her fellow students.”

Marinette felt her heart flutter, biting back a smile as she saw how giddy her boyfriend looked when he spoke of her. It was exciting to know he cared this much about her. She knew he did, of course. But a little confirmation and reassurance never hurt anyone.

She watched as he sucked in a breath. “Not that it’s anyone’s business, but Marinette and I have not participated in any ‘scandalous activities’,” Adrien stated, using his fingers to quote around the words. “so that’s just completely false. I don’t know why someone would make up something as ridiculous as that, but I wanted to clarify that it’s incorrect. Anything that happens between us has been and will be consensual. And willingly occurring for both parties, I can assure you,” he said with a snort.

That’s embarrassing, she noted. But it had to be done. If not people may continue to think she was coercing Paris’ youngest and hottest model into provocative actions. It made her feel better that he addressed it though. Even though it did feel a bit humiliating to have to discuss their sex life on the internet. Or their lack there of…

“Anyways…” he began, “I could go on and on about Marinette. How talented she is, how kind she is, how beautiful she is, how great she is at video games… Seriously, she could be a pro-gamer. I’ve never beaten her once,” he said with a chuckle. “But I guess, what’s most important to know about Marinette is how much I love her. And how much she loves me. I’m seventeen and never knew I could love someone like this at my age, but I do. She means everything to me.”

Marinette felt her eyes watering at the sentiment. Her hand went to her mouth as she covered a tiny sob. She knew how much Adrien cared for her, loved her. But knowing that this wasn’t just a message to her, that he was proudly telling the entire world that he loved her… it was a different feeling. One she would cherish.

“I can’t wait to graduate and spend the rest of my life with her. I can’t wait to cheer her on and support her as she pursues a career in fashion. I’ll happily stand on the sidelines for her, give her advice when she needs it. I would never act like I knew more than her,” he said with a grin. “We both know she’s the brains in this relationship. I pretend I’m the brawns, but I’m pretty sure she could beat me at arm-wrestling.”

She laughed out loud at that.

“I guess, what I’m trying to say is, Marinette is the love of my life. She’d never use me or try to take advantage of me like some people would. She is honest and—and just amazing. Marinette is amazing…” Adrien was practically melting as he said it.

His eyes were so soft, his smile was so genuine. Marinette couldn’t help the smile that tugged at her own lips as she blinked away the blur in her vision. How lucky could one girl be?

Adrien looked back up at the camera, his eyes hardening. “And if there’s one thing I won’t tolerate, it’s someone trying to ruin her good name. If anyone has a problem with Marinette, then they can take it up with me. My girlfriend is an amazing person, who cares as deeply for me as I do for her. Our relationship isn’t for other people, it’s for us. You can say what you want about me, but I won’t sit back as people concoct lies about the girl I love. I’m sorry that I even had to make this video. But, I didn’t feel right about sitting back in the shadows and letting people believe bullcrap about Marinette. So, I hope this sets the record straight for everyone,” he smiled far too calmly for someone who was just threatening and taunting people to try and cross him.

“And Marinette, if you’re watching, I love you. And see you tomorrow. Thank you for the sweater you made me,” Adrien added, beaming as he gestured to the Ladybug sweater he was sporting. “Thanks for listening everyone,” he said with a wave.

The camera faded to black. And Marinette had to admit she was stunned to silence with what she just watched. Tikki floated over, taking a seat on the desk next to her. Marinette simply stared at the screen as the light illuminated her face.

Her kwami smiled, blue eyes full as she gazed at her chosen. “He really does love you. You’re lucky to have him.”

“I need to see him… Can we pay a visit?” Marinette asked as she stood from the chair.

Tikki giggled. “You know the magic words~”

“Tikki, spots on!”

Chapter Text

Adrien anxiously paced around his room. Plagg watched him carefully as he munched on cheese.

“You’re going to wear a hole in the floor if you keep walking in circles like that,” the kwami snickered.

Waving him off, he continued on his path around the couch. His finger was to his lip as he thought over and over about how the video was posted. Was there more he should have said? Did he miss some points? Was he not clear enough? What if Marinette hated it? Oh, God… What would he do if she was mad!?

He checked his phone. It still said Marinette had opened his message. She’d never left him on read before… did he do something wrong?

Swallowing, he paused in his steps. “Plagg, do you think Marinette watched the video?”

“I watched the video.”

Adrien’s head shot up. Ladybug stood in the window with her cheeks rosy. He wasn’t sure if her flush was from the wind or not. Heart dancing in his chest, he approached his girlfriend in the window.

Noticing the glossy gaze in her eyes, he smiled up at her and offered a hand. “Hey,” he said softly.

“Hi,” she breathed, threading her fingers between his.

“I’m sorry I kissed you at school. It was stupid, and I knew it. But I—I was so caught up in everything. I’d never been so spoiled for a birthday, even when my mom was around. She would do a lot for me, but nothing like what you did. You were just… hard to resist.”

Ladybug chuckled, shaking her head. “I didn’t stop you. I could have said ‘no,’ but I didn’t.”

“I still initiated it.”

“Adrien, stop blaming yourself for everything, it’s okay. You made up for it… That video was very sweet. I was crying like an idiot.”

He couldn’t help the way his chin popped up at her words. “Really?”

Ladybug slipped off the windowsill, closing it behind her with her free hand. “Yes, really. It’s part of the reason I came over here… I just wanted to see you so badly after listening to you gush about how much you love me,” she giggled.

Adrien glanced down shyly with a chuckle and slight shuffle of his feet. “Sorry, if it was too much. I know seeming clingy and emotional can be obnoxious.”

“I like clingy and emotional. You do realize that girls love attention from their boyfriends, right? Especially when he’s telling it to the whole world.”

He laughed, smiling at her with a tilt of her head. “I’m glad you approve, my lady.”

The small smile she returned was so cute. She looked so shy and unsure. He couldn’t quite put a finger on the expression she was giving him. Raising on her toes, she squeezed his fingers as she gave him a peck on his cheek. “I do.”

Adrien couldn’t help as his hand came up to his cheek. Sometimes he wondered if he unconsciously wanted her kiss branded into his skin. Despite being a bit flustered by the adoring look in her eyes, he cleared his throat. “S-So, what else did you come over for?”

“What?” she squeaked, going ramrod straight. Her eyes blew wide instantly.

Brows furrowing, he gave her a confused stare. “You said the video was ‘part’ of why you came. What’s the other reason?”

“O-Oh! I—um—just wanted to see you. That’s really it. I missed you a lot, ya know. It’s normal for a girl to miss her boyfriend isn’t it? Of course, it is. I’m sure you miss me time all too. It’s a beautiful evening, we should spend it with another—er—each other. Right? Wouldn’t you say the stars are a bit brighter toni—”


Her jaw snapped shut. If her babbling wasn’t a tell-tale sign that she was nervous about whatever she had to say, the flush on her cheeks also spoke wonders. As much as Adrien adored Marinette’s nervous blubbering… he really wanted to know what she was actually trying to say.

Reaching up, he cupped her cheek, giving her the gentlest smile he could muster. She gaped, lips parting slightly. “Just be honest with me,” he told her gingerly. “You can tell me, Mari, don’t be embarrassed.”

She stared. “Iwanttotakeashowerwithyou!”

Well. That was unexpected.

He gawked at her, eyes bugging. “W-What!? What did you just say?”

Groaning, Ladybug buried her face in her hands. “Sorry, I’m an idiot! I shouldn’t have said that! Forget I said that…” she peaked between her fingers with a grimace.

“W-Wait! Wait, wait, wait!! You can’t just blurt something out like that and take it back,” he ran a hand through his bangs as he glanced down at her. “You—You really want to?”

With a hesitant laugh, she glanced away. Ladybug tapped her gloved fingers together nervously. “W-Well, Alya and me were talking about—uh—us. And she mentioned that she and Nino had taken a shower together. And I thought that, well, maybe that would be a nice way for us to be naked together? W-Without worrying about any implications of more.”

Her cheeks were so red. Adrien assumed his own face was probably in a similar state. “I-I-um… okay.”

“Really?” she beamed, eyes lighting up.

Nodding hesitantly, Adrien chewed his lip. “You… want to right now?”

“N-No time like the present, I guess?” Ladybug shrugged with an awkward grin.

He couldn’t help but snort. If they were going to do this, then they were going to do it right. Adrien pulled her in her back, tucking a lock of raven hair behind her ear before cupping her cheek. Easing her into the gentle kiss, his lips pressed softly to hers. The kiss was chaste and barely there, but the tiny peck had his heart soaring regardless.

He liked being with her like this… taking their time. Gentle, languid kisses that built up for more to come. Maybe, it was just because he was a romantic, but slow and steady was his favorite pace to go with Marinette. And by the way she was clinging her fingers into the sleeves of his shirt he was almost positive that she felt the same.

She whimpered against his lips, making him press his palm harder against the small of her back. He fingers moved to his hair, burying her fingers into his blonde locks. It sped his heart rate, spurring him on. Adrien deepened the kiss, slanting his mouth along hers. Ladybug responded eagerly. The little sounds she made were swallowed in this kiss, but not before they could shoot heat straight to his gut.

He was still a teenage boy! Despite having been with her for so long, she still turned his brain to melted mush. His hormones still ran rampant, and her tiny moans did nothing but encourage the growing arousal tenting in his pajama pants.

Adrien managed to pull away, ever so slightly, despite her protests. “M-Marinette,” he panted. Her cheeks her flushed, lips already puffy from their lip locking. “W-We can’t take be naked together if you’re in spots.”

Gulping, she nodded. “R-Right…” She called off her transformation, and there Marinette stood in her pajamas. The tank top did nothing to hide her skin, if anything it just turned him on more to see so much of her so soon.

His lips went to her neck, peppering along her skin. She tilted her head, rewarding him with more access and more skin to kiss. Glancing up at her cheekily, he went to the crook of her neck, nibbling on that little spot on her nape. The whimper she let out sent him wild as she gripped his shoulders. God, he loved that little spot. Her reaction got him every time. Deciding not to tease her further, he pecked down her shoulders and over her exposed collar bone. His kisses were quick and sweet, but Marinette’s breath was heavy as she panted above him.

Mustering up all self-control he could, Adrien stopped. Marinette looked at him wide-eyed as he stood. Giving her a reassuring smile, that yes, he did want this. And, no, they weren’t going to stop. He swiped his thumb along her cheek. “This would be easier if we were already in the bathroom, yeah?”

“Y-Yes,” she agreed, nodding almost too excitedly.

He chuckled at that before taking her by the hand. He dragged her into the large bathroom, sliding the door shut behind them. Adrien locked it, just to make himself feel better. He assumed that if someone were to intrude, the kwamis would probably warn them beforehand. But hey, it prevented a very embarrassing discussion with someone in this house, just in case.

Adrien lifted her up, sitting her up on the counter as she squeaked. He loved that little “eep” she did. It was the cutest sound he’d ever heard. He tugged on the tiny spaghetti straps of her tank top, pulling them down her shoulders as she slipped her arms out of them. She raised her arms as he tugged the top off her head. He’d seen her bare chest quite a few times at this point… but seeing at face level where he could just easy lean forward and access her skin was so much better.

His lips went to her chest, sucking the skin but careful not to leave marks. If someone noticed his girlfriend’s hickeys right after he made a video about how they were “pure and innocent” that could be very disastrous. He kissed along her breasts, taking a pebbled nub between his lips. He sucked, twirling his tongue as he squeezed her other mound with his hand. Marinette released a heavy breath, arching into his touch. He swapped to her other breast, giving it the same nips and nibbles as the other.

Adrien pulled back as she fisted her fingers into his shirt and yanked it upward, exposing his stomach. He glanced down at her hands before taking the lead and pulling the shirt off his head. Her arms went around his neck as she pressed her chest flush against his. The action sent heated tingles through his skin. She buried her nose against his nape.

“Marinette? You okay?”

She nodded against him. “Yes. Just—give me a second.”

He stayed silent at that. Adrien ran a hand along her raven locks before tugging out the ties, making her hair fall lose over her shoulders. He set the ties on the counter behind her before winding his arms around her waist. When she started pressed light kisses to his shoulders, he tilted his head, encouraging her further. Marinette pecked up his neck before making her way up his cheek, peppering a few kisses there. He smiled and chuckled at her as she moved to peck the tip of his nose.

Adrien couldn’t help but gaze at her with a wide grin, she smirked in return. His thumbs brushed across the skin of her hips, along the waistband of her sleep pants. Seeming to get the message, Marinette slipped off the porcelain countertop. He dipped his fingers beneath the material and let them slip off her hips and fall to the floor. He pressed a light kiss to her lips, pulling at the edge of her panties.

“These too?” he asked softly, lips brushing hers.

Marinette’s cheeks were flushed as she sucked her bottom lip between her teeth. “Y-You first,” she muttered.

Nodding, Adrien reached for his own pajamas and shoved them down along with his underwear. His erection bobbed embarrassingly as it was freed from the material. He cringed inwardly, but Marinette’s little giggle reassured him immediately.

She brushed her fingers along his length. The surprised squeak that left him was unmanly to say the least… but this was Marinette. She wouldn’t laugh. She wouldn’t make fun of him or chastise him. She cared about him… loved him more than anything. And he knew that. He could be whatever he wanted with her. If that meant he was mortified a few times at his own human reactions, that was fine.

Marinette pulled away from him, making the bathroom abruptly much colder. Adrien watched as she closed her eyes, sucked in a breath, and shucked her panties off her body. They dropped to the floor, and suddenly that was it. They were naked. Together. At the same time.  Holy shit.

He couldn’t help but grab her, pulling her against him. He could feel all of her bare against his own skin. It made him so warm. So many feelings pooling in his gut. Damn, she was right to worry about them escalating further than they should because he’d never wanted her as badly as he did right then. He wanted every inch of her against him, touching him… God, she was beautiful.

She was instantly on her tiptoes, grabbing him by the hair and pulling him down to her. Her lips captured his, the kiss was so deep. Her lips pushing soundly against his, she parted his lips and tangling her tongue with his. He grabbed her hips, digging his fingers into her skin to keep himself grounded and in check. She responded eagerly, her fingers clutching his shoulders.

Shower. They were supposed to shower. Right, right, right…. That’s what they should be doing.

Despite desperately wanting to stay attach to her, Adrien forced himself to pull away. He panted, feeling how heated his cheeks were. She was so adorable with her rosy cheeks and kiss swollen lips.

Gulping, he finally found his voice. “S-Shower.”

Marinette nodded feverishly. He smirked at that. Adrien tugged her along through the bathroom. He turned the facet, and the water rained down. As he reached in to test the temperature, Marinette wound her arms around him from behind, her cheek pressing to his shoulder. Adrien’s lips twitched into a smile at the feeling.

She was too cute. His heart fluttered just from her tiny touches. Somehow they made him swoon more than their feverish lip locks. Her fingertips brushing along his chest set his skin ablaze. How did he survive her? She drove him insane.

When he approved of the temperature, he pulled her into the shower with him. He took the brunt of the spray as it hit him instantly. His hair stuck to his neck as it soaked. Marinette giggled, smiling up at him. His chest fluttered once more.

“You’re cute,” he blurted.

Well, that had sounded better when it thought it to himself. But with the way she grinned wider, it wasn’t the wrong thing to say.

“Thank you. I think you’re pretty good looking yourself.”

“Why thank you, my lady. I do try to be handsome for you.”

She hummed, running her palms along his wet shoulders. “I appreciate it… I appreciate you.

“I know you do,” he said, voice cracking. “More than I deserve.”

“You deserve every second.”


“No, don’t argue with me. You are worth every second I’m with you. I love you more than anything, Adrien, you know that. If someone needs to tell you what you’re worth, then I’ll spend every day of my life reminding you how much you mean to me.”

Adrien’s eyes watered as he gazed at her. “I’m glad we’re already in the shower.”

She laughed.

Pulling her in, he caught her lips with his. Her hands lay flat against his chest as the water streamed over him. The warm water was a rush mixed with Marinette’s touch on his skin. She deepened the kiss, slipping her tongue between his lips. The more they escalated, the more Adrien realized he really appreciated her bare backside as he squeezed her through their heated kisses. His hands seemed to have a mind of their own as his palms ran along her curves.

Marinette broke away but didn’t go too far. Her tiny fingertips trailed along his stomach, further and further towards his groin at an agonizing pace. When she gripped his length, he let out a hiss, eyes scrunching.

“Is this okay?” she asked, brows furrowed with concern.

“Y-Yeah. It’s just a little more overwhelming with the heat.”

Nodding, she gripped his shoulders spinning them so that she was in the spray. Damn, it was pretty cold away from the water. He felt a bit bad that he had hogged all the water.

Her hand drifted along his dick, stroking lightly as Adrien grit his teeth. Why was he so on edge? He was ridiculously sensitive in his current state. It made his head spin. Her touch was so soft, so gentle. He thought he might melt into a puddle and slid down the drain. Marinette’s forehead fell against his shoulder as she caressed him. This clearly wasn’t like their heated romps in their bedrooms, this was much slower. More intimate than Adrien could have ever imagined.

Relaxing into her touch, he leaned his head against her crown. Her pace picked up just a smidge, flicking her wrist a little more rhythmically. Adrien felt his breathing grow heavy, chest heaving as her gentle stroking sent him closer and closer over the edge. She kissed his neck, traveling up beneath his chin. When she nibbled his ear, he nearly lost it. A groan bubbled past his lips. Heart roaring in his ears, he felt himself stiffen and let out a moan as he came. Marinette didn’t stop her movements, continuing to rub him until his orgasm completely passed.

Adrien slowly gathered his wits. Panting, clutching her… His eyes rolled as he monotonously blinked them open. Those beautiful bluebells were staring up at him. Marinette wore a smirk that made her look far too damn pleased with herself.

“Was that good?” she chimed.

Heaving out a breath, he agreed. “I’d say so.”

Marinette grinned as she held her hands in the spray of water. “Thankfully, showering makes for quick clean up.”

“Aw, c’mon, Mari! Don’t ruin it by saying that.”

She snorted, washing her hands off. Adrien cringed as he watched his spunk wash away in the water. The flush of her cheeks was adorable. He was so lucky to have this girl… and he was happy he let the world know that he was.

Adrien grabbed her hip, tugging her flush against him once more. “You’re turn,” he teased.

“No, no, it’s fine. This was about you.”

“Stop it. You’re not doing that again. This isn’t about taking turns, it’s about making each other feel good, right?”

“I-I guess…”

“Then don’t stop me.”

“But Adrien—”

“Dammit, Marinette! Just let me touch you,” he begged. “Please.”

She gawked at him, gaping like a fish. “O-Okay,” she breathed.

It was like a weight lifted off him. Cupping her face, he yanked her in for a searing kiss. Marinette yelped, but he swallowed the sound with his lips. He wanted her so bad. Wanted to please her, hold her, do whatever she asked. She wouldn’t even have to beg. Adrien knew he’d never deny her anything.

Reaching down, he dipped a finger in her folds. The small “oh” that left her lips was enough to spur him on. He curled the digit inside her, feeling her walls contract around him. Slipping another finger inside, he thrust them upwards. Marinette nearly buckled against him. He wound his free arm around her, keeping her steady. He found a rhythmic tempo as he rutted his palm against the swollen nub at the top of folds. Her moan only encouraged the actions further. The little breathless squeaks and groans made him melt, almost losing focus. But he knew that this was about her. He couldn’t be distracted by her adorable sounds of pleasure.

Marinette spread her legs further. Whether it was unconscious or not, he was grateful to gain easier access to move his hand. Her sped up the thrusts, going quickly before stopping completely and circling her walls. Repeating the actions over and over seemed to gain the best reactions. He could tell she was getting close with the way she gripped his arms tighter, nails digging in with each increase in speed. Her walls clenched around him. She cried out, panting against him.

Marinette fought to catch her breath as he detached from her. Rinsing his hands off in the water, he suddenly understood the “easy cleanup” she mentioned. He cupped his fingers beneath her chin, tilting her head up and placing a tender kiss to her lips.

“Aren’t you glad I insisted on pleasing you too, my lady?” he cooed.

Pouting at him, she glanced away. “Shut up…”

“You hate it when I’m right.”


He snorted. “S-So, why don’t we actually do what showers are for?”

“What do mean?”

Adrien reached over her head, grabbing the shampoo and showed it to her with a shake. “Bathing?”

“How expensive is that shampoo?”

Blinking, he glanced down at it. “I’m not sure. One of my stylists gave it to me.”

“Oh my god. You damn pretty rich boy.”

“Hey! I’m offering to let you use some!”

“My hair will never look as pretty ever again. This shampoo will set my hair bar so high I’ll never able to achieve it again.”

“Sounds like a tressful situation.”

She shot him her typical unimpressed glare. “That one was lame, even for you.”

“I thought it was pretty furunny.”

“Does fur count as hair?”

“It’s a little scruffy.”

“Okay. That’s enough.”

He barked a laugh. It was nice that even completely naked with her, they were still so comfortable with one another. This was all he’d ever wanted. Someone in his life that he could trust wholeheartedly. Someone who made him laugh. Made him smile. Made him feel safe.

Marinette was all of those things… and more.

Dolloping the shampoo into his hand, he gestured her for to spin around. Marinette followed his instructions, turning her back to him. His fingers went to her hair, scrubbing the shampoo into her raven locks. He didn’t know what he meant about the “hair bar” being set too high with his fancy shampoo. Her hair was already beautifully silky. Running his fingers through her hair was therapeutic at best. If he was ever stressed or anxious, he made a mental note the petting Marinette’s hair would be a helpful solution.

He watched as she rinsed, the soap trailing over her bare back. Adrien couldn’t help the unconscious lick of his lips. He could just eat her up, really…

After washing his own hair and the two of them sharing his bodywash, they finally left the safety of the shower. He glanced down at his pruned hands with a snicker.

Marinette seemed to notice where he was looking. “We were in there a while, huh?”

“Time flies when you’re having fun~” he sang. It slipped out. Really. He hadn’t meant to say it.

He earned a well-deserved smack on the shoulder for that one.




Adrien was proud that he convinced her to stay for post-shower cuddling. Granted, she insisted they put their pajamas back on, but that was okay. He just wanted her in his arms for a little while longer.

He peaked an eye open, noticing Plagg fluttering down from his hiding place with Tikki. “Psst, Adrien.”

“What is it, Plagg?” he muttered grumpily. Marinette had fallen asleep, and she was snoozing peacefully. He knew the day had stressed her out and knew school come Monday would be even more anxiety inducing for her. If he could let her sleep comfortably in his arms for just a little while, he’d happily let her.

“Tikki’s hungry.”

Adrien squinted at him. “Is Tikki actually hungry, or are you using her as an excuse for more cheese?”

“Okay, well, we’re both hungry. Sugar-cube isn’t as fond of cheese like I am. It’s criminal!”

Careful not to stir his sleeping lady, Adrien adjusted to see his kwami fully. “What does Tikki eat?”

“I don’t call her ‘sugar-cube’ for no reason, Adrien,” the kwami scoffed.

Realization dawned on him, his lips parting slight. “Oh! Okay. There’s a stash of candy bars in bottom left side drawer.”

Plagg blinked. “Huh!? Since when?”

“Since my father won’t let me have sweets, and I have to get my sugar fix when I’m not eating Dupain-Cheng pastries somehow,” he stated with a shrug.

Plagg seemed almost impressed. “You’re a sneakier kitten than I realized! You hid those even from me!”

Adrien shot him a flat look. “Because you’re a glutton, and I have no trust for you around any of my food. I know you have a cheese fixation, but that doesn’t mean you won’t eat other things.”

“That’s just rude. Nothing could compare to my delectable camembert,” the kwami cooed, staring off dreamily.

“Are you going to get Tikki a candy bar or is she just going to starve?”

“Oh. Right.”

Plagg flittered off. Adrien could see him in a black blur as he zipped through the drawers hunting out candy and camembert. Marinette had been there for hours… he knew she should go home soon. It was dark. Probably approaching the wee hours of the morning. If there was anything Adrien knew, it was that if his bug didn’t get enough sleep then she’d be awfully grumpy in the morning.

He shuffled a bit, sliding down beneath the covers to be face level with her. He admired the peacefulness of her slumber. It was nice that he could see Marinette so vulnerable instead of fired up and ready for action. She slept with a tiny smile pulling at her lips. Her skin glowed in the moonlight that peaked through his windows. Hair still damp from their heated romp in the shower. It was difficult not to touch her, so he gave into the temptation. He brushed his knuckle gently along her cheek, tucking a stray, wet hair behind her ear. He couldn’t fathom or state enough how much he adored her. How much he admired her strength and bravery. He fell in love with Ladybug, but it was so easy to see now that Marinette was Ladybug every single day. She was so motivated to help others. So kindhearted.

Sometimes he felt this world didn’t deserve such a gentle soul. Yet here she was. And he had her. She was his. And that sent a soaring feeling through his chest.

Her eyes quivered, nose scrunching as her lids fluttered open. “Adrien…?” she murmured, voice thick with sleep.

Adrien couldn’t help the smile that tugged at his lips. “Hey, sleepy bug.”

She was barely awake. Despite her eyes being opened, she seemed disoriented as if she was looking through him. Her lids drooped back shut as a dopey smile etched along her lips. “Hey Kitty…” she mumbled.

Stroking her hair, he watched her fight to wake up. Her eyes blinked open a few times before they’d fall back closed again. She eventually just opted to keep them closed but continued her mutters to him. “Wha time is it?”

“Not sure. Let me get my phone, okay?”

He reached across her to his nightstand, despite her grumbled protests. His phone had been blowing up all day since the article had been posted that morning. However, there were even more notifications than before, much to his surprise.

Swallowing, he idly told her it was about 23hrs before continuing to scroll through his notification bar. Pulling up the video, he gaped and shot straight up with a gasp.

Marinette groaned and sat up slowly beside him. She attempted to rub the sleep from her eyes, as she peaked at him. “What is it?”

“My video… it has almost a million views.”

That woke her up. Her eyes went wide as she quickly looked over his shoulder at his phone. “Holy shit, Adrien.”

He was trending. His name was on every hashtag in his feed. Every model he knew, every stylist, even their classmates were sharing his video. He was reading through the many posts. A few of his colleagues seemed genuinely excited and happy for him. This was overwhelming. The reaction was so positive that it surprised him. The internet was so up in arms that morning about Marinette “using him,” but as soon as he said his piece, the tides were turning entirely in their favor.

“Adrien Agreste really is the sweetest human begin. He’s so gracious and quiet, always polite. Seeing him so in love is a such a breath of fresh air. I hope he brings Marinette to our next photoshoot! #AdrienAgreste #Hesinlove!” it read.

“This is too cute! Every girl deserves that respect! #GetAManLikeAdrien #AdrienAgreste”

“Why are all the cute, sweet guys always taken!? Marinette is a lucky girl! I hope those drama blogs have learned their lesson! #AdrienAgreste #JusticeforMarinette”

“He’s so cute! I want one! #AdrienAgreste”

“I can’t believe someone would make up some horrible stories about this girl just because she is dating Adrien. It’s sad what people will post these days! I’m glad Adrien had the guts to stick up for his girlfriend. That’s a true gentleman! #AdrienAgreste #JusticeforMarinette”

He was utterly flabbergasted at the response. There were so many texts. Way too many notifications from Alya, which terrified him to say the least.

Alya : Adrien! Thank you so much for sticking up for my girl like that! You really are great for her. If I ever give you a hard time, know it’s out of love, okay?

Alya : Well, look at that, blondie, you’re getting quite a lot of attention. You should be pretty proud of yourself, I’d say!

Alya : You’re viral!! Holy shit!! This is so great! Lila is rolling right now! LOL.

That message peaked his interest. He turned to Marinette, cocking a brow curiously. “Alya actually believes that Lila did it? I thought she was all about ‘proving the truth’?”

Marinette gave him a small smile. “She was… but after finding out some of the horrible things Lila said and did to me—you know, like corning me in the bathroom and threatening me—she finally believed me. The entire reason she thought I hated Lila at first was because I liked you, and obviously Lila liked you too. She just accused me of being jealous. Now she sees that isn’t the case,” she said with a light chuckle, “I mean, I have you. And there’s still beef with Lila, so it’s clearly not my jealousy playing any part in it. It’s all her scheming.”

He hummed in agreement. “Yeah, she’s pretty vicious at times.” He glanced at her, a look of guilt etching along his features. “I’m sorry I couldn’t stop her from tormenting you for so long. I honestly just didn’t realize how much she hated you. Or what she was capable of.”

Marinette smiled, patting him on the arm. “It’s okay. You didn’t know. Your effort to see the good in everyone, no matter who they are, is something I admire about you.”

She always knew the right thing to say. He smirked slightly as he looked over her. “Thank you, Marinette. You have plenty of qualities to admire.”

Flushing slightly, she gave a noncommittal shrug with a half smile. “Sure, if you say so.”

“I do.”

As he scrolled through the trending page, Marinette snuggled into his side. They sat in a comfortable silence as she read the praises over his shoulder.

“You really did fix this in your own way, huh?”

Leaning his head down, he gave a small peck to her crown before resting his cheek there. “Yeah, I had to. I couldn’t live with myself if people treated you poorly because of this. Especially if my father was going to make us break up. Instead, I did the opposite,” he chuckled. “I made our relationship very public. Now, I can hold your hand at school.”

She giggled. “Really? That’s what you’re excited about?”

“Getting to be a couple with you? Yes! I’m looking forward to it. I hate not being able to touch you during school.”

Cocking a brow, she gave a teasing smile. “Adrien, it’s pretty scandalous to try and touch me during school.”

“You know what I meant!”

Laughing, she nodded. “I do. I know what you mean. You’re one for subtle affection… I know it burns you up to not have your hands on me somehow.”

“Am I really that touch-starved?”

“…Do you want me to answer that honestly?”

Adrien snorted.

Marinette reached her arms above her head, stretching and hearing the satisfying cracks in her spine. She sighed, slipping from the bed. Adrien reached after her. “Hey, wait. Where are you doing?” he asked, making a grabby hand at her.

Letting out a snort, she shook her head while crossing her arms. “You’re proving my point, you know.”

He retracted his hand as if he’d been burned. He felt his cheeks flushed as he shyly glanced down at his lap, fiddling his thumbs. “Okay, so maybe I’m a little needy.”

She gave him a little scratch on his scalp where his cat ears would normally be. He couldn’t resist leaning into her touch. “It’s okay. I like your neediness. However… I need to get back home. I’ve been here a few hours, and if my parents catch wind of your video, they’ll definitely be sprinting up to my room to question me about it.”

With a nervous chuckled, he rubbed at the back of his head. “Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

Marinette called to Tikki, and the kwami quickly flew down from his collection of video games. Tikki had chocolate smudges on her cheeks. Marinette giggled, poking her kwami in the tummy cause her to let out a squeak. “Someone is a messy eater,” she cooed.

Adrien watched as the transformed, the pink light engulfing her and shimmering up her body. She traipsed over to him and wound her arms around his neck. Ladybug pressed a light kiss to his cheek.

“Love you, Kitty.”

He returned the gentle peck. “Love you too, my lady.”

She brushed her knuckle along his cheek, running beneath his chin tilting his head upward. “We should take a shower again sometime, okay?”

Adrien felt his face flush. “Y-Yeah,” he breathed.

He watched in a daze as Ladybug started towards the window and pushed it open. Turning to face him, she gave a cheeky wave of her fingers with a smile. “See you, Adrien.” She shot her yo-yo out the window, swinging away into the night. He quickly stood following after her and watching as she floated off in the direction of her home. Adrien smiled before pulling the window closed and leaning against it with a sigh. He slid down the glass, biting back his shit-eating grin as Plagg fluttered over to him with a piece of camembert in tow.

“Well, someone had an eventful evening,” the kwami teased with a grin.

Leaning his head back against the window, he pulled his knees up to chest. “Yeah, I definitely did. Not one I was expecting either.”

“At least you enjoy surprises.”

“Yeah, when Marinette is involved,” he replied with a laugh.

Plagg bit a chunk of his cheese, chewing as he spoke. “So, you think your dad will let you and Marinette stay together after all this mess?”

“I don’t see how he wouldn’t. I’m trending worldwide for being a great boyfriend,” he snorted with a half shrug. “I’m kind of thankful for all of this. Now, Marinette and I don’t have to hide anymore. This really makes my life a lot easier. Sure, some people may believe the stupid article that Lila probably wrote, but at least our close friends at school will know.”

“You know, talking about how much better this has made your relationship in front of Lila may instigate some sort of reaction from her. Then you may know if she’s the culprit,” Plagg said as he shoved the rest of the camembert in his cheeks.

Adrien’s brows shot up. “Plagg! You’re a genius!”  

“Thanks, I try.”

“Wow, that may actually really rattle her. That’s almost evil, Plagg…”

The kwami shrugged. “I don’t like Tikki’s bugs being threaten just as much as my Chat Noirs don’t. No matter what anyone tells you, Adrien, you did the right thing in sticking up for her and defending her reputation. It was very Chat Noir of you.”

A smile tugged at his lips. “Thanks, Plagg… You really can be wise when you aren’t shoving cheese in your mouth.”

“Excuse me, I’m an ancient being. Of course, I have wisdom.”

“You could’ve fooled me.”

“I’m literally a god of destruction!”

After a bit more teasing and bantering between the two, Adrien toddled off back to his bed, completely worn out from the evenings… activities. He flopped back on his bed, releasing a breath when his head hit the pillow. He curled up beneath his covers, bringing his phone close to his face. He couldn’t help the small smile on his lips as he scrolled through his hashtag.

Adrien did his lady justice. And that’s all that really mattered.

Chapter Text

Sunday was a bit more of a hectic day than Marinette had originally planned. She assumed she wouldn’t see Adrien again until Monday during school because of their busy schedules for the weekend. Her parents had her working in the bakery all day, and Adrien had a fencing competition.

Hawkmoth had other plans, however. How they were both able to sneak away from their prior engagements in order to battle a rampant akuma was beyond her. They’d both gotten way too good at lying over these last few years, despite how far fetched Marinette’s fibs could be sometimes.

The akuma called herself “Tertiary.” Apparently, she was an art student who was snubbed of a scholarship. Unlike most akumas, there was no weapon to use her powers. She just rocketed colorful blasts of a paint-like substance out of her palms. She coated buildings in the stuff, and it oozed down the walls. Her dress was a river of colors cascading onto the ground.

Chat Noir panted as he raced into the alleyway. His chest heaved, glancing over at Marinette as she held her Lucky Charm in her hands. Giving her a once over, he cocked his head. “Gotta plan, my lady?”

Marinette glanced around but couldn’t find the solution. Her stress levels were so high after the whole Lila incident, after all the attention it brought to her as she worked in the bakery that day… she couldn’t focus. She’d been worrying about what would happen Monday when they returned to school. The thoughts had been consuming her all day, especially when customers in the bakery cooed about how she was so lucky to have Adrien. How he was such a sweetheart, and it was great of him to defend her like that.

Her brain was elsewhere as Tertiary left colorful globs trailing after her. Why couldn’t she think? Why was her vision growing fuzzier as she stared down at the spotted belt? Her chest felt heavy. Breathing felt shallow. What was happening to her?

She could hear Chat’s voice echoing her mind but couldn’t focus on his words. Her fingers shook as she struggled to keep her grip on the spotted item. Marinette gasped when two hands suddenly gripped her shoulders. She shot her head up, the tears she hadn’t even realized weld were blinked away and rolled down her cheeks. Concerned neon eyes were gazing at her, Chat’s brows furrowed beneath the mask.

“Marinette?” he asked. “Breathe.”

Nodding, she imitated the calm rise and fall of his chest. Sucking in through her nose and released through her mouth as he did. Her thumbs brushed comforting circles on her shoulders as she caught her breath.

“I-I’m sorry, Adrien. I didn’t mean—”

He quickly shook his head. “No, don’t. I know there’s a lot going on right now, and this akuma is poorly timed. We weren’t suspecting it since Hawkmoth has been pretty dormant lately. We’ve been focused on—other things. You’re okay, my lady. We can do this.” Chat Noir cupped her jaw, pulling her in for a chaste peck on the lips. “Okay?”

Gulping, she nodded. “Yeah,” she breathed.

“Whatever we need to defeat the akuma may not be around here. How about we get to higher ground?” he suggested with a calm smile. Chat slipped his hands off her shoulders and extended his hand out to her instead. When she took it, he placed her in his lap as he extended his baton.

Smiling to herself, she remembered how the last time he did this so long ago she was annoyed by it… stating she could do this on her own. Didn’t need to be his damsel.

Now, she found that she didn’t mind. That his care for her was very endearing. She’s so thankful for his constant reassurance. Hell, she even admitted to him that she wouldn’t be Ladybug without his encouragement.

“Even Ladybug can be overwhelmed,” Chat sighed, bumping his head to her shoulder. “You just have to talk to me, okay?”

Marinette found herself nodding, smiling at him. “Yeah, I’m sorry. I just—had a moment there.”

“That’s perfectly fine. I’ve had plenty.”

She laughed.

After clearing her head, Marinette finally looked out into the Parisian streets to see the thick coat of paint covering the asphalt. Since she had now gathered her wits, she realized that the akuma wore a pin in the back of her turquoise hair. She quickly pointed it out. “The hair pin! That’s where the akuma must be, there’s nothing else on her.”

“You got any paint thinner?”

Marinette snorted, smacking him on the chest. “No, but…” she glanced around, finally being able to locate the items she’d need to stop the akuma. She turned to him with a grin. “I know what we do need.”

Chat smirked at her. “Lead the way, my lady-love.”




Adrien had followed her into her room after the fight. She shot him a puzzled look. “Shouldn’t you be at your fencing competition?”

Giving a lopsided shrug, he plopped down on her chaise. “They usually post-pone them when akuma attacks happen.”


He tapped the empty space next to him on the chaise, motioning with his head for her to come his way. “I think—I think you and need to talk, yeah?”

“I—uh,” she scrunched her nose, glancing away from him. “Do we have to?”

He gave her a look. “C’mon, Bugaboo. You had a panic attack today… I’m just worried is all. You’ve been bottling a lot up, haven’t you?” Adrien gazed up at her pleadingly. “Talk to me. Please, don’t push me away.”

“I’d never push you away,” she said quickly as she meandered over to the chaise. She sat down, staring down into her lap. “It’s… I’m worried about what Lila will say. She’ll be at her worst, her most vicious. And that—I’m not scared of her. I just don’t want to be subjected to her bull.”

Adrien reached over, gently placing his hand over hers. “Marinette, you know I’ll defend you. No one will hurt you, not on my watch. Ever again. Lila may have tried her hardest to destroy us, to beat you down, but she hasn’t succeeded. And she won’t.”

“I… I hate her so much. I’ve never despised a person before, Adrien. Not even Chloe. And—And as someone who has superpowers, that’s worrying to me.”

“What? You think you’ll misuse your powers or something?” he asked with a snort. She nodded briefly, and he gave a crooked smile. “It’s me we should be worried about. I’m the one with an attitude and the power of destruction.”

Marinette couldn’t help but giggle at that. “Yeah, but you at least have a guilty conscience.”

“Says the girl who apologizes for things she didn’t even do half the time.”


“No. You apologize to keep the peace. You apologize when you’re not even at fault, and you know it. Stop taking burdens on yourself, my lady. I’m here. We know each other’s identities. We’re going to defeat Hawkmoth together. We’re going to take on life,” he squeezed her palm with a smile, “together.”


“Ladybug can’t be defeated by Lila Rossi of all people. Lila can’t manipulate us anymore if we don’t let her. She can’t trick anymore people, especially with Alya and Nino in our corner now. Hell, I think Chloe would even vouch for us at this point, even though she’s not a reliable source,” he snickered.

Marinette snorted at his words, shaking her head. Maybe, he was right. Maybe, she really was just overthinking again. It was a bad habit to have at times, despite how it worked out in her favor as Ladybug during akuma attacks. Tertiary was a rather simple akuma after she regained her thoughts, despite Adrien insisting they just needed paint thinner.

She glanced at him, locking their fingers. “You really think it’ll be okay tomorrow?”

He shrugged. “What can we do? Not go to school?”

“Sounds like a good option to me.”

“Really? Hiding from your problems?”

“I hid from you for… two years?”

“And I chased you, head on. It turned out pretty well, right?”

Marinette hummed. “I guess so.”

“You guess so? I see how it is.”

Leaning her head onto his shoulder, she sighed. “I’m sorry for not being honest with you. I know I shouldn’t hold everything in. I got so use to Tikki being my only confidant,” she glanced up at the kwami who smiled sadly down at Marinette from her bed, “so, I just… got used to keeping to myself.”

His head touched hers. “I know. I get it, Mari, I do. Plagg’s just horrible company, so I was eager to have someone else.”


Marinette barked a laugh as Plagg glared down at his chosen. “You don’t mean that,” she cooed.

“Oh, no. I definitely mean it.”

“I’m your best friend and you know it!” Plagg retorted.

Adrien dramatically rolled his eyes as Marinette continued to giggle at their exchange. There was a beat of silence before he spoke. “I know that you’re nervous. I’m nervous too, honestly. But I’m confident that if she has something to say, we’ll handle it. Who knows, maybe this will finally be the end of it? How about we meet at the front of the stairs, go into school hand in hand…”

“That sounds reasonable.”

“—And then make-out right in front of her.”

“I hate you sometimes.”




Marinette did agree to his plan (aside from the excessive PDA, of course). Adrien was there, chatting up with Nino when she approached. She made good on her promise to actually wake up on time to meet him there, despite how tired she was. Nino bumped Adrien gently before gesturing to her with his head. The blonde turned, dazzling emerald eyes meeting her gaze. He practically beamed at the sight of her.

She couldn’t help but pick up a bit of speed to get to him. As she approached, she realized that a lot more students were conjugated on the steps than normal. Most of the time, they would have already moved into the courtyard, but since Adrien was standing there waiting for her… well, she assumed that was the reason.

Trotting up to him, Marinette couldn’t help but smile when she reached him. Adrien smiled softly in return, but his brow quirked deviously. Taking her hand, he lifted her palm to his lips, pressing a light kiss to her knuckle as he often did when she adorned her spots. His gaze never left her own as she felt her cheeks flush.

Maybe, she expected more of a reaction from her fellow classmates, but instead she noticed them staring in a stunned silence. Adrien simply smirked, reaching up and tucking a stray hair behind her ear. “Good morning,” he murmured.

She gaped, jaw slack. “G-Good—uh—Good morning.”

He snorted. “Been a while since stuttery Mari has been around. I was starting to miss her.”

There it was. His teasing that relaxed her. Tense shoulders sinking, she squinted at him. “I’m not afraid to hit you right now.”

Nino snickered at that. Marinette flushed, forgetting that they had a close audience. She and Adrien hadn’t really gotten to interact as a couple in front of Nino and Alya despite how much they were together. Normally, their best friends were with them in public where she and Adrien had to pretend. But now… there was no more pretending. They didn’t have to be out as Ladybug and Chat Noir… They could be like this as Adrien and Marinette. Her heart fluttered at the thought.

The blonde took her hand, intertwining their fingers. That soft look he gave her was enough to reassure her. She squeezed in returned, giving a curt nod. Fellow students cooed as they walked up the steps together. Marinette glanced over her shoulder to see Alya and Nino following closely behind, her best friend giving her a wink.

As expected, all eyes loomed on them as they made their way inside. Marinette was used to this attention as Ladybug, but not quite as herself. She felt herself tense, and Adrien must have noticed because he hummed lightly and started dragging her towards the locker room away from the spectators. He walked her over to her locker, detaching their hands and leaning against the locker next to hers with his arms crossed.

Marinette smiled at him, giving him a once over. “You know, you are being all protective and it reminds me of your bodyguard.”

He barked a laugh, shaking his head.

Alya opened her locker, beginning to pull out her books. “You guys have some fans, it seems.”

“Or enemies,” Nino chided.

Alya shot him a glare.

Adrien gave a very Chat-like shrug. “It’s not our fault if they’re jealous of my beautiful girlfriend.”

While Marinette giggled and felt her cheeks heat, Alya made a gagging noise. “Is this how you guys are going to be?” she teased.

“We’ve earned the right,” Adrien snorted as he draped an arm over Marinette’s shoulder.

She couldn’t resist leaning into the touch with a hum. He nuzzled into her crown while Marinette continued gathering books from her locker. Shutting the door, she turned to him and he slid his hands down to her waist.

“I think we’ll make it through,” she teased with a boop to his nose.

“You’re obnoxious,” Alya sniggered. “At least you’re both cute.”

Adrien gave her an awkward smile and batted his eyes which earned a laugh from all of them. When his attention turned back to Marinette, he squeezed her sides. “When we go back out there, I’m comfortable with whatever you’re comfortable with.”

“I know,” she breathed.

“If you want me to yell ‘fuck off’ I will.”

Marinette gasped. “Adrien Agreste! Such language.”

He snickered. “I’ll do it for you. Anything. Actually, I—Well, if Lila has something to say… I may have prepared a response.”

She cocked a brow. “Oh? Really?”

Nodding, he smirked. “A little birdy gave me the idea. If I don’t properly credit him, he’d be offended.”

Marinette understood that must’ve meant Plagg. Which was even more worrisome since Adrien’s kwami could be quite a handful. And very outspoken. But after having her personal life splayed out all over the internet, she couldn’t help but feel that Lila deserved whatever was coming to her. There were times that Marinette tried to be the bigger person, prided herself on doing the right thing as both herself and Ladybug.

That day was not the day.

Even Tikki wanted Lila to see her comeuppance! And Marinette knew her kwami was the existence of goodness and sweetness. She only ate cookies. If that wasn’t sweet, she didn’t know what was.

Marinette decided the best plan of action was to head to the classroom. Class would start soon, and the last thing she wanted was to be late on a day like this. Adrien took her hand as they left the locker room. There were the stares again. But mostly smiling faces looking at them. A few girls whispering, some cooing about how sweet Adrien was. How lucky Marinette was.

That was true. She was lucky. She could admit that. To say she hit the jackpot on boyfriend/crime-fighting partner was an understatement. He was so tentative to her. Just like that moment. His fingers were intertwined with hers, carefully guiding her through the crowd and up the steps. While he happened to be chatting with Nino while they walked, it was clear that Adrien’s presence was still there with her. He was rubbing his thumb along her skin.

Alya smiled at her, patting her on the shoulder as they approached the classroom. “You’ll be fine,” she reassured.

When she and Adrien entered the classroom, their classmates cheered. Marinette sputtered a laugh, covering her blush behind her hand before hunkering down behind her boyfriend to hide. Adrien, on the other hand, ate the attention up. He released Marinette’s hand to give a princely bow that had their friends roaring.

“It’s about time,” Alix snorted as she casually leaned her face on her hand.

“You guys are sooo cute together!” Rose cooed.

Marinette noticed how Nino slipped into her usual seat before he gestured to his old spot to her. She shook her head. “You are all enjoying this way too much.”

“We’ve waited long enough,” Kim pitched in.

Adrien gestured to the seat with his hand. “After you, little lady.”

She shot him a knowing look before sighing. “Fine, but if we get in trouble it’s on all of you.”

“We’re fine with that,” Alya teased with a wink.

There was continued chattering when Lila entered the classroom. When a hush fell over their classmates, Marinette idly wondered if Alya, or even Chloe, had informed the class of her true nature. Lila put on her cheesiest smile. “Congrats, you two. I just knew you had to be dating,” she chimed.

Adrien quirked a brow. “Sure, you did.”

Marinette chewed her lip to keep quiet, despite how Lila taunted her with her cheerfully fake smile. “Oh, Marinette, I’m so sorry that article said so many horrible things about you. I’m sure no one here thinks you would use Adrien like that.”

Gritting her teeth, Marinette tensed and got ready to speak. Instead, Adrien squeezed her hand and her boyfriend spoke again. “You know, Lila, that article was really the best thing that could’ve happened for us. My father approved how I handled the situation and is thrilled with all the positive attention it’s brought to the brand.” He looked to Marinette with a grin. “Did you know that my fragrance sold out over the weekend?”

Marinette gaped. “Wait, really?”

“Yeah, really,” he replied. “And now that we’re public, Marinette and I don’t have to hide our relationship anymore. Meaning, I can do this,” he leaned over, giving her a light peck on the temple, “any time I want.” He gave her that soft smile that made her melt.

There was a chorus of cooing and awing among the students. Despite how embarrassed she was, Marinette couldn’t help the way her heart sang at the small gesture.

Lila let out a small, uncomfortable laugh. “Right… So, Marinette, how did you feel about the article? Clearly, we know how Adrien feels because he took to the internet on your behalf, but you’ve just never been the type to let someone fight your battles for you. Not that there’s anything wrong with Adrien defending you, of course.”

She was being goaded. Marinette may have had a temper when it came to Lila, but she wasn’t stupid. So, she just shrugged. “It’s just a stupid article.” She responded as if it was the obvious answer. Yes, the article bothered her. It bothered her the entire weekend. Bothered her through the akuma attack. But Marinette could not give Lila the satisfaction of harassing her any longer.

“Wow, you really feel that way?”

“Adrien made it pretty clear that the article was full of lies. I thought Adrien was cute when I met him, but I didn’t even know he was a model so trying to say I’m using him is just silly.”

Adrien snorted. “You also hated me.”

“I thought you put gum on my seat!”

He mocked a gasped. “I would never.”

“I know that now.”

Their classmates snickered at their bickering. Lila stood in front of them, seeming to be at a loss. Marinette figured deflecting was still the best course of action until Adrien opened his mouth again. He glanced at her, looking sickeningly sweet.

“Was there something else you wanted, Lila? Thanks for your congratulations. We really appreciate it.”

He was being noble as usual. Giving Lila an out to not embarrass herself. But, she didn’t seem to know when to quit.

“You aren’t worried about what people are going to say about you? Even if Adrien made that video, people could still believe you’re—”

“I’m what?” Marinette spoke, tone taunting. “People who care about me know the truth. Adrien knows the truth. He knows I love him for him. And that’s what matters. I don’t care who his father is. I’m not with Adrien to get an ‘in’ into fashion. Why are you so curious to know how I feel?”

“B-Because friends are there for each other, of course. I’m just trying to make sure you’re okay.”

Alya actually snorted at that. Lila looked up at her, stunned at the reaction.

“My friends already know I’m okay. Chloe can’t even stand me, and she even encourage Adrien to be me with me if that’s what he wanted.”

Lila turned to look at Chloe, who was looking at her fingernails seeming uninterested in the conversation. She must have been shocked that her lapdogs no longer wanted to do her dirty work. Chloe glanced up at Lila. “Sorry, I’m not interested in people who want to hurt Adrikins. Dupain-Cheng and I aren’t friends, by any means, but if he likes her I guess I’ll have to deal with him wanting to be with someone poor like her.”

“Chloe, I’m not even poor.”

“Sure, whatever.”

Gathering her wits, Marinette shook her head. “Anyway, what I’m trying to say is: I don’t need you to be concerned about me.”


“I don’t need it. I’m fine. I’m happy. It doesn’t matter what those online articles say about me because I have Adrien and my friends who all know better. So, thanks for the consideration, but I don’t need it.”

Lila just gaped. Marinette glanced at Adrien who happened to be biting back a smile. Lila remained in a stunned silence as she started up the steps. If there was one thing Marinette knew about Lila, it was that she tried to manipulate. While Chloe was loud and obnoxious regarding her distain, Lila was more cunning and sneaky. Marinette knew that she was just trying to get in her head, get the reaction because she kept bringing up the article. Lila wanted to play the victim because she was waiting for Marinette to accuse of her writing the article. Her constantly bringing it up basically confirmed that theory.

She was satisfied knowing that she didn’t let Lila win this time. She didn’t let her get into her head.

Adrien leaned his head onto her crown. “I’m proud of you,” he muttered.

Marinette smiled. “She’ll get what’s coming to her.”

He snorted.




Gabriel stood, hands folded behind his back when Adrien walked in. The blonde gulped, fiddling with his fingers as he tried to stand tall.

“You wanted to see me, Father?”

His father turned, his usual stern gaze etched on his face. “Adrien. How was school today?”

Blinking, Adrien was taken aback by the question. His father never asked how his day was… He cleared his throat. “I-It was fine.”

“There were no repercussions regarding your video?”

Oh. So that’s what this was about. Shaking his head, he denied the question. “No, nothing happened. Well—actually… There was some attention, but nothing was negative. Not that I experienced.”

Gabriel hummed, nodding. “Very well. Considering there was such a positive reaction, I’m going to ask that you continue to keep your relationship with Mlle. Dupain-Cheng public.”

“You mean…? I get to take her on dates? And post pictures with her? Like that?”

“Yes. Like that.”

Adrien bounced on his toes while trying not to get too excited. This was still his father… who tended to be stone cold and could very well change his mind any moment. He wouldn’t get his hopes up but just knowing he somewhat had his father’s approval to treat Marinette was progress, at the least.

“I can tell you care a lot for her. It reminds me of how much I cared for your mother at your age.”

Letting out a nervous laugh, Adrien flicked his gaze. “I… I do care about her. A lot. She means so much to me.”

Gabriel gave a nod of acknowledgement before leaving the room. He was silent. Maybe, it was the memories of his mother haunting his father. Adrien wasn’t sure. The man was difficult to read. But instead of trying to over analyze the situation, Adrien left the office. He tried to bite back a smile when he trotted back to his room.

He couldn’t wait to spoil Marinette in the way she deserved…

Chapter Text


The class didn’t see much of Lila in the weeks after the whole “incident.” While the girl was sly like a fox and rather manipulative… trying to attack Marinette directly after the article attempt would be her undoing. It was clear Lila didn’t just like Adrien, but instead had become possessive. Taking to her own personal social media, she attacked Marinette. She claimed that she wasn’t the girl she pretended to be. That she had Adrien fooled.

And Adrien allowed her lies to unravel right before her eyes. He hit back with his own post, after contacting many of those who she’d claimed to know. Jagged Stone? He’d never heard of her. Prince Ali? Didn’t know her either.

Marinette didn’t have a hand in it as herself… but she did enjoy spiting on Lila while she was down when she made a video as Ladybug. Marinette didn’t think of herself as the petty type, but after all the bullshit Lila had put her through: trying to ruin her reputation, cornering her in the bathroom, threatening her, trying to take the boy she loved away… she felt as though she was in the right. Tikki didn’t want her to be spiteful either, it wasn’t becoming of a ladybug miraculous user, however, they both agreed that it was best for Ladybug’s image that she not associate with Lila Rossi at all.

Adrien held up his phone, filming her as she adorned her spots. “Excuse me, Ladybug,” he said. She turned to him, pretending to be shocked to see—gasp—Adrien Agreste of all people. Cocking a brow beneath her mask, she did her best to etch a look of confusion along her lips.

“Adrien Agreste? How can I help you?”

Clearing his throat, Adrien smirked at her from behind the camera. She tried not to smile, attempting to keep a straight face. “There’s this girl, Lila, who is a classmate of mine. She has been attacking my girlfriend online, and I’m just trying to prove that she’s lied before and is lying currently about my Marinette.”

He sure did fluff up the charm and gooey romanticism when the camera was on. Not that Adrien wasn’t usually romantic, but he was definitely playing it up for the public.

Marinette nodded to the camera. “Yes, I’ve heard of her.”

“Would you consider her a friend of yours?”

Despite everything, she was able to keep her reaction under control. “No, I wouldn’t. You recall the incident we already had with her. She tried to tell you she was a miraculous user.” Adrien hummed in agreement behind the lens. “Protecting the secrecy and integrity of the miraculouses is a huge priority of mine, so when I overheard I had to put a stop to it. It was unfortunate she got akumatized afterwards, but I couldn’t have a civilian sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. But considering Lila a friend? Not at all. From what I understood after my encounter with her, it’s quite the opposite. I’d have reason to believe she even hates me,” she said with a shrug and a light chuckle. “Besides, I’m Ladybug. My identity can’t be compromised so having friends is too dangerous for everyone involved. Same goes for Chat Noir too.”

“Thank you for your time, Ladybug. I’m sorry to disrupt your patrol to ask such a minor question.”

Marinette waved her gloved hand. “It’s no big deal. I’d hate for your girlfriend to have her name tarnished over something so silly.”

He stopped recording, hitting the button and slipping the phone back into his pocket. Adrien nearly burst at the seams as he sputtered into laughter. “Oh, wow. You’re way too good of an actress. I could feel you fuming from here.”

Hiding a snicker from behind her hand, she shook her head. “Stop, you can’t act like you know me. We’re in broad daylight.”

Adrien bowed at the waist, looking up at her with a smirk. “I’ll see you later, my lovely.” He winked. “I’d kiss your hand but…”

“Scat, you mangy cat,” she said with a shooing motion of her hand. She tried to hide the blush on her cheeks, but he’d already seen.

His hand went to his chest. “I’m not mangy. I’m completely offended.”


“Fine, fine…” he murmured before taking off towards an alleyway. Was he really going to transform just so he had the right to harass her more? Probably. Did Marinette mind? Not really…



Adrien’s video evidence of Lila’s lies were enough to clear Marinette’s name among the public. At least from what he saw. And that was enough to satisfy him, she noticed. When they went to school after Adrien’s second viral video, Lila didn’t show.

Who knows what she had convinced her parents of to get out of school? They may have even agreed to transfer her. But that wasn’t Marinette’s problem. If anything, she was thrilled to have Lila out of her hair. And now that she was dating Adrien, Chloe was no where near as brutal as she had been before. Was she still pompous, egotistical, and obnoxious? Obviously. She wouldn’t be Chloe without those traits. But at least Marinette was no longer her constant victim of harassment. If Chloe so much tried to attack her, Adrien’s stern glare had Chloe snapping her jaw shut alarmingly quick.

Marinette didn’t want to get her hopes up… didn’t want to say that things were finally falling into place for her, but at times it felt that way. She felt like things were looking up, aside from the—still almost daily—akuma attacks. Though, she and Adrien decided that now that they didn’t so much have their relationship to worry about… they could focus on defeating Hawkmoth. And each other.

She was grateful that luck was finally on her side. Even though being Ladybug should have already helped a bit, it wasn’t concrete to help her life at all times. Marinette couldn’t help but glance at him as she sat next to him in class. He was paying attention to the lecture, taking notes and not even having to look at what he wrote. He was so smart. She was a little jealous sometimes. Not that she couldn’t get perfect scores on her own, but she had to study to get good grades. Everything just came so easily for him! Even when he was writing a poem (for her, even though he didn’t know at the time) he still absorbed information like a wet sponge. It was just one of the many things about him that she admired.

Adrien must’ve noticed her eyes on him because he gave her a sideways glance. His eyes flicked back to the board then back to her when she hadn’t turned away. Turning to look at her, he cocked a brow seeming to question her gaze. Marinette just smiled at him, unable to shy away. His emerald orbs just had her so entranced. His cheeks flushed a little as he gave a small smile, shrugging his shoulders as he shied from her instead.

It was amusing that she could still fluster him. She’d seen him naked of all things! Probably not the best thought to have while sitting in class. In an attempt to hide her bemused giggle, she shot her gaze down to her paper before deciding to tune back into the lecture before her. She started writing her own notes down from the board. She was sure whatever she missed she could get from Adrien later. He hardly needed them anyway.

Noting that, she let her thoughts drift again, even while copying the words onto her paper. Adrien was all she could think about. How he felt to the touch, how gentle he could be with her, what it felt like when he pressed his lips to hers…

Marinette wanted to smack herself. Down girl! She’d never just—worked herself up over him like this. What was wrong with her? Why couldn’t she get him off her mind? She tapped herself on the cheek, hoping to bring herself back to reality, but she felt how flushed she was. That was so embarrassing. What if Adrien looked over at her and saw her blushing? He’d tease her for sure.

Deciding it was best to just get through class, she willed herself to focus on the task at hand. But as soon as class was over, she dismissed herself quickly, leaving a confused Adrien in the classroom as she rocketed off to the bathroom.

Quickly, she locked herself in a stall before fanning her face. Tikki flittered out of her purse, tilting her head at her chosen with a confused gaze. “Are you okay, Marinette?”

“No! I’m not. I keep thinking about Adrien…” she trailed off.

The kwami giggled. “When are you not thinking about Adrien?”

Shaking her head, Marinette groaned and sat back on the toilet seat. “No, I mean—I can’t stop thinking about him when we, w-well, you know.”

“Ooohhh,” Tikki nodded in understanding. “There’s nothing wrong with that, Marinette. You’re a teenage girl with hormones.”

“Tikki, don’t say that! It’s embarrassing to hear that from you.”

She laughed. “Marinette, I’ve had plenty of Ladybugs over the last few centuries. I know how human bodies function.”

Marinette sighed. “I know… I know. I just don’t understand why it was so, uh, sudden?”

“You and Adrien have been together for a while now, it would make sense that you think about him in that light, even at inappropriate times.”

“He won’t be weirded out?”

The kwami snorted. “You know he’s definitely thought of you the same way, right?”

“Yes… I know.”

“Stop worrying, then! Are you… Could you be wanting to take the next step with him?”

Marinette shot up. “We can’t get married until Hawkmoth is defeated! What if an akuma crashed our wedding? The bride and groom couldn’t just vanish from the alter!”

Tikki pursed her lips, staring wide-eyed at her chosen. “That’s not what I meant.”

“What did you—oh. Oh.

“It’s only natural to continue wanting to progress your relationship further.”

“I don’t know if Adrien’s ready for that.”

Tikki shrugged. “You could always ask him?”

Marinette gawked at her kwami for even suggesting that she ask her boyfriend if he wants to go all the way with her. Sure… that would probably be the most rational thing to do. But rational wasn’t always Marinette’s thing. Sometimes convoluted plans and overthinking were more her speed. However… the way that Tikki was eyeing her made her think she probably was making a bigger deal out of this than she had to.

When Marinette finally gathered her wits, stopped thinking about her hot, model boyfriend naked… she left the bathroom. Only for said hot, model boyfriend to be leaning against the wall waiting for her. He was scrolling through his phone, tongue poked out between his lips like he did when he was deep in thought. Hearing the door open, he perked up, glancing up at her with a smile. He pushed off the wall, tilting his head as he slipped in phone in his pocket.

“Hey, you okay?”

Sucking in a breath, Marinette nodded. “Yeah! You’re hot! I mean, you’re fine! I mean—I’m fine.”

Adrien blinked at her stupidly. “Okay, so you’re clearly overthinking something.”

“No!” she squeaked. “What would give you that idea? I’m cool, you’re cool. We’re both really cool. You’re definitely not hot.”

He chuckled that time, shoving his hands in his pockets. Adrien’s voice dropped to a murmur as he spoke. “I do recall you sneaking into my bedroom and calling me ‘hot stuff,’ so I have my doubts that that’s how you really feel.”

Marinette basically squealed as her hands went to her face that was flushing quickly. Her meltdown seemed to become more concerning to him as his browns pinched in concern. Adrien bent slightly at the waist to be eye level with her and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder.

“What’s wrong, Mari? You can tell me.”

“P-Private,” she sputtered. “We need to talk about it in private.”

“We can… go to your room?”

“Yes, fine. That’s fine. Good sounds, let’s leave.”

Clearly amused, Adrien shook his head fondly as he took her hand into his. Marinette was entirely too jittery as he intertwined her fingers with his. He tugged her along, walking from the school hand in hand. There were people all around, smiling. Some people took pictures of them together, cooing and swooning over the happy couple. How romantic it was!

Marinette had learned to tune people out from her newfound fame as Adrien’s girlfriend. She was used to attention as Ladybug, not as her civilian self. But she knew this came with the territory. She hoped and wished that in the future, she’d garner the much attention for being a designer. A girl could dream, at least.

When the pair reached her home, she greeted her Maman and Papa was she normally would. Each welcoming her home and giving her a kiss on the cheek. They now had started to greet Adrien in their own special ways too. Sabine always gave him a loving hug, while Tom gave him a cheerful pat on the shoulder. As usual, her mother handed him a croissant and sent the two on their way.

Adrien plopped down casually on her chaise. At this point, the boy acted like he lived here. She didn’t blame him. He admitted to her long ago that her house felt like home more than the mansion did. Through bites of croissant, he finally brought up their elephant in the room. “So, my lady, what’s on your mind?”

She tried to give herself a pep-talk, reassuring herself that she could do this. She could ask this question. Tikki was look at her expectantly from the bed as Plagg just nibbled on camembert beside her. Oh, jeez. Would Plagg be disgusted by the question? Probably. Maybe, she shouldn’t do this. Maybe, this was a bad idea.


“I want to have sex with you!” she blurted.

Adrien’s jaw went slack as he gaped at her. The croissant that was about to enter his mouth was frozen in place as his eyes were wide at her. Clearing his throat, he dropped the croissant to his side. “I-I, um, really?”

Hands covering her face, Marinette nodded.

“You’re ready for that?”

She peaked through her fingers. “I…” she dropped her arms. “I know that I love you… And that I want to be with you. If you—If you think it’s too soon them I’m definitely ready to wait until you’re ready. My Maman has already had this talk with me. She told me when we’re ready to just be safe. I don’t want to pressure you, by any means. I want you to be ready too.”

Sucking in a breath, Adrien shoved the rest of the croissant in his mouth, chewing quickly. He held up a hand, signaling her to wait a minute. She assumed he was using the croissant as an excuse to stay silent and gather his thoughts. She realized she did just spring this on him. They’d been fooling around for months.

Sighing, he rubbed his temples. “Okay, so… You really want to—to have sex. With me?”

“I don’t know who else I’d do it with.”

“Aw, c’mon, Mari! Don’t say it like that!”

She laughed despite how uncomfortable the whole situation was. Giving a lopsided shrug, she smiled at him. “I want to. I want you. You’re the only person I’d want to give myself to.”

It was his turn to blush this time. His cheeks went rosy as he shied away from her gaze again with a smile. “I… I appreciate that. And feel the same way. There’s no one else I’d rather be with than you, my lady. I just—I don’t have protection and definitely don’t know how I’d—”

“I do.”

He choked. “You do?”

Marinette sighed, going over to her desk drawer and pulling out the string of condoms. “Alya felt the need to leave these here for us. In case of emergencies, she said.”

“Oh, my God.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“Well, that takes care of that, I guess,” he replied with a cringe.

Marinette smiled, walking over to him and taking a seat beside him. She placed a hand on his thigh as she gazed up at him. “There’s no rush to do anything.”

He sighed. “I just… I always thought when you were ready, I would be too. I thought that’d be willing to jump into bed at your beck and call. But—I’m afraid.”

“That’s okay,” she cooed, leaning her head onto his shoulder.

“You aren’t upset that I’m not ready?”

“Of course, I’m not. I’m not going to pressure you into anything.”

He hummed thoughtfully, leaning his head onto hers. There was a beat of silence before he shifted a bit.

“Wait, so… You were so distracted in class because you were thinking about—me? Like that?” she could practically hear the grin in his voice.


“That’s your lying voice.”

“I don’t have a lying voice.”

“That’s what you think.”

Marinette grunted, sitting up slightly. “Fine. Maybe, I was.”

“Aw, I’m so flattered.”

“Don’t let it go to your head. Uh—speaking of which… I need your notes from today?”

Adrien barked a laugh. “So busy drooling over me you didn’t even take notes?”

“Hey! No one said I was drooling.”

He was doubled over with hysterics at that point. Despite the fact that he was teasing her, she was glad she could make him laugh the way she did. It was a blessing to see him happy. To see that smile. It was nice. She knew his home life wasn’t the greatest… it was nice that he could help him away from that at times.

When he calmed his giggle fit, Adrien rubbed his eyes, gathering himself. He looked to her with a grin. “How about this… Your birthday is in a few months. Let’s—let’s make that the day.”

“The day we, er, do it?”

He snickered. “Yeah. It can be like… a bonus birthday gift.”

“Like the bonus birthday gift I gave you?”

“Uh huh.”

Smiling at him, she nodded. “Okay. It’s a deal.”





Adrien wanted to make sure Marinette knew how much she was appreciated. Every chance he could. Whether it was sweet surprises, holding her hand, pecking her lightly on the cheek… he did it. He particularly liked to spoil her as Ladybug as well. He loved giving her a fist bump then capturing her hand a placing a light kiss on her knuckle.

The way her cheeks flushed every time sent a sweet fluttering in his chest. He knew his lady was a bit shyer when it came to public displays of affection, but any chance he had to spoil her… Adrien knew he couldn’t resist.

When she’d texted him about a particularly rougher evening, he showed up on her balcony. Marinette was a bit shocked to see him as she poked her head out of the trapdoor. He smiled, holding up a red rose that he’d brought along to cheer her up. Her lips twitched at that, face going rosy as she took the flower from his clawed hands.

“Thank you, Adrien…”

He merely smiled in response. Adrien watched as she carefully grabbed a spare pot, taking some soil and placing the rose in the dirt. She was always so prepared… maybe she was just used to him bringing her flowers at that point. He thought it was cute how much she’d taken up gardening and caring for plants and flowers much more often than she used to. Her terrace had always been full of flowers, so she’d told him. But Tikki mentioned that it was normal for Ladybug holders to grow more attached to plants after extended use of the miraculous.

After tending to the rose, Marinette turned to him with a smile. Adrien reached for her, tugging her into his arms. He laid his cheek in her hair, rubbing her back in soothing motions.

“What’s wrong?” he asked.

“A lot on my plate… Dealing with akumas, finals, fashion contests. I’ve started taking on commissions for the girls to build up a portfolio and it’s—well. It’s going, I guess. Not sure how well.”

Leaning back, he looked her in the eyes. Using a claw, he brushed a stray lock of hair behind her ear. “You’re so strong, my lady. You can make it through anything. If anyone can handle so many things at once, it’s you.”

He held her close when she cracked a sob. “Sometimes it’s too much.”

“I know, I understand.”

“I’m so thankful for you… You’re the one person who understands. You’re the only person I can talk to about what I’m going through.”

Adrien chuckled. “It’s the same for me. I’m so glad I have you to talk to. I’d probably go insane without you.”

“Don’t say that,” she murmured.

Pecking a kiss to her forehead, he smiled. “It’s true. You keep me grounded. My father isn’t the… well, he’s not the greatest since Mom vanished. I’m glad I have you here for me.”

Marinette surprised him by cupping his cheeks. She pulled him down for a tender kiss. “I’ll be here for you always, Adrien.”

He smiled against her lips. “Always.”

Chapter Text

Those months leading up to Marinette’s birthday were more eventful than either of them had ever expected. Finding out that Hawkmoth was Adrien’s uncle was… a bit of a shock to say the least. Also discovering that Gabriel had known the entire time and was keeping Emilie in a comatose state beneath the mansion was an even bigger one.

Adrien, understandably, freaked out at these discovers. Gabriel confessed that he had given the butterfly to Emilie’s family, and his uncle’s thirst for power overwhelmed him. Marinette worried their relationship might not survive the situation. Watching her boyfriend go through a mental breakdown at the ripe age of seventeen was—rough, to say the least. He closed himself off. Refused to speak to anyone. Not his father, not Nathalie… and not Marinette. She tried to be understanding, but at times it was difficult. It was difficult watching him shy away and slowly self-destruct.

Once, she came to visit. She knew she shouldn’t have. Gabriel informed her he was in the lair… Marinette stood on the bridge beneath the home. She found him sitting there, knees curled to his chest as he gazed at his mother. Emilie lay there peacefully. Adrien said nothing. She wasn’t even sure that he’d known she was there. He had already grieved his mother once, and now the rug had been ripped out from beneath him.

So, she left. It felt wrong to be there during an intimate time. Marinette gave him one last sad glance over her shoulder, before turning and leaving the mansion. The days without him were agony. She checked on him constantly through Plagg, but the kwami never had a positive update. She was sure Plagg was hiding something, but she couldn’t be sure.

 Finally, after a few weeks, she told him to meet her at the tower. And she was worried he wouldn’t show.

But he did.

Marinette heard the patter of him landing on the beam next to her. She glanced up, eyes wide and hopeful at the sight of him.

An unfamiliar frown was etched on his face. His eyes didn’t seem to light up when he saw her. Marinette’s heart ached, chest tightening. But she didn’t want to push. Or pry. Or ask for too much from him. She couldn’t imagine what he was going through.

“Hey,” he murmured as he came to sit beside her.

She was shocked he spoke to her at all. “H-Hi…”

Marinette didn’t dare touch him. He stared forward out at the city lights. She simply watched him as his shoulders slumped.

“My parents found the peacock and butterfly miraculouses, as well as the guardian’s book, in Tibet. Mom wanted to learn how to use the miraculous to help people… to bring joy to the people of Paris. But the peacock is broken, and when a miraculous is broken it hurts the user. It made her sick… She used to cough and have dizzy spells. One time she collapsed right in front of me, and I immediately ran to Father to help. Not too long after that, she ‘disappeared.’ Or that’s what I was told. Instead, Father put her in a comatose state for her own safety while he tried to figure out how to help. He hoped the book he’d found could lead him to the answers. Uncle found out about the wish when you combine the black cat and ladybug. He hated seeing his wife so distraught over her sister, so he decided that was the only way to bring Mom back.”

Marinette said nothing, she just listened to the hollow and broken tone in his voice. She saw the tears welling in his eyes. She was surprised when he turned to her.

“Plagg talked to the guardian, Master Fu. He encouraged me to come speak to him about—well, everything,” Chat sucked in a breath. She almost jumped when he took her hand. “You can heal her, Marinette. The ladybug miraculous can heal those who have been inflicted by a broken miraculous.”

Eyes blowing wide, she gaped at him. “M-Me? I can—I can bring your mom back?”

Chat nodded feverishly. The gaze in his eyes pleaded with her, and his hand squeezed hers. “Y-You’ll do it, right? I know that’s a lot to ask of you, but I—I’ll be forever in your debt, Marinette. I love you, and I’ll spend every day of my life to make this up to you.”

“A-Adrien… You don’t have to convince me. Of course, I will.”

At last, the light she’d been missing in his eyes for nearly a month suddenly shown through. A smile. He was smiling again. His shoulders seemed to sag with relief. And he finally broke down… coming undone in her arms. Marinette held him as he sobbed into her shoulder. She hated this for him. Hated that they would have to confront his family to retrieve the miraculouses. Of all the odds, he became Chat Noir when his family is heavily evolved in all of this.

Marinette kissed his temple as he squeezed her. The cries that left his body were almost inhuman, but she knew he needed this. To finally let this all out. He’d been bottling it up… worrying her tremendously. God, she loved this boy. She felt so bad.

She’d do anything to make him happy again.




Emilie was a kind woman. Marinette was grateful she was able to help her. Save her life, essentially. Which was terrifying at the least. Marinette held her hand and willed her to wake up, and when those emerald irises blinked open, she heard Adrien gasp from afar. Gabriel and Adrien both cried out when she sat up. Of course, she was confused. Didn’t understand what was going on at all.

Marinette didn’t want to intrude in this. As she turned to leave, Adrien caught her hand. She gasped, jolting and spinning to face him. He pressed a light kiss to her cheek. His soft smile was finally back, the love returning to his eyes. Gabriel was pre-occupied, thankfully, and didn’t notice the display. Adrien had created a cover story. She doubted his father believed it, and most likely had figured out they were Chat Noir and Ladybug, but she wouldn’t complain. Even if he knew, he hadn’t let it on that he did.

“Thank you,” Adrien breathed.

Keeping her voice low, she smiled. “Anything for you,” she murmured.

She turned to leave to give him time with his mother… who he presumed was dead all this time. Who he had thought he’d lost forever. And Marinette couldn’t believe what she was capable of.

As weeks went by, Adrien returned to himself. Even happier than he’d ever been in the time Marinette had known him. He spent a lot of time with his mom, so he was at home more. But Marinette didn’t mind. She understood. He had lost time to make up with his mother. A lot of years that she hadn’t been there. All Marinette could’ve ever wanted was for Adrien to be happy. They both knew they had to confront his uncle soon. Akuma attacks had lessened with Emilie’s return… but the effects of using a miraculous incorrectly had already overtaken him.

 Eventually, when Marinette and Adrien recovered both the peacock and butterfly miraculouses and returned them to Master Fu, they were both terrified that he would be adamant about them returning their miraculouses to him… instead, it was the exact opposite. He wanted to train them to be guardians. To take the miraculous box over from him.

After they graduated lycée, though. It was an agreement they all came to. Deciding that it was best not to add any unnecessary stress upon the two teens while they finished their studies. Adrien expressed he was a bit nervous of taking on such a responsibility, but Marinette reassured him that they were in this together. She knew they could do this. They could handle whatever came their way. Just them against the world. Forever and always.

When Marinette awoke the day of her birthday, her eyes slowly blinked open. Groaning, she sat up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She could practically feel her hair standing in unnatural directions. With a pout, she reached for her phone to check the time but was unsuccessful in finding it.

“Looking for this?”

She screamed.

Adrien snickered from the floor as he wiggled her phone in his hand. “I was nice enough to charge it for you since it was almost dead, you know.”

Marinette just gaped at him, a hand over her fast-beating heart as she tried to catch her breath. “Y-You… How long have you been here?”

Climbing up the ladder, he gave a lopsided shrug. “A while.”

“Do my parents know you’re here?”

“Yes, I came in through the front door. I’m not always a heathen, Bugaboo… jeez. Always expecting the worst of me.”

She knew he was purposely being dramatic. But she enjoyed their teasing. She’d missed it in the time where he’d been distant. Marinette was just thankful she was starting to see him regularly again.

Adrien climbed onto her bed and hovered over her. Blinking, she gazed up at him. She could feel her cheeks heating. He smirked, eyes glinting mischievously. “So, which present do you want right now?”


“Which birthday present do you want? I have options.”

“Adrien Agreste, you’re not suggesting the option of us having sex after I’ve just woken up.”

“I am suggesting that option.”

“I’m not even pretty yet.”

“You’re gorgeous always.”

“I haven’t brushed my teeth.”

“That doesn’t really bother me.”


“My lady~”

“Tonight. We’ll do it tonight. When people are asleep and we’re less likely to get caught. And I’ll have showered.”

“I can shower with you?”

Marinette barked out a laugh. “Aren’t you the one who suggested we wait in the first place? Now, you’re this horny?”

“I’m excited is all.”

She snorted and pushed his shoulders. He obligated, moving back and flopping down beside her. Marinette couldn’t resist running her fingers through his blonde locks. He leaned into her touch, a small smile on his lips. She scratched his scalp lightly, earning a light rumble from his chest.

She smirked. “You’re so cute when you purr.”

“I didn’t purr.”

“Yes, you did.”

“I did not.”

Marinette just shook her head with a knowing smile. “Whatever you say.”

He sat up on his elbow, leaning in close to her face. There eyes met. His gaze boring into hers. Adrien kissed her then. It was a small peck. Chaste and sweet. She smiled against his lips, and he chuckled in response. Grabbing her hips, he rolled onto his back while bringing her with him. Marinette let out a tiny squeak when she flopped onto his chest. He merely grinned before tugging her back into a kiss.

His hand found purchase in her matted, raven locks. Marinette’s arms went around his neck, as he wound his arms around her waist. So, maybe they wouldn’t get too carried away so early in the morning, but she didn’t mind a good morning smooch session for her birthday. Adrien slanted his mouth against her own, deepening the kiss. She couldn’t help but let out a tiny mouth. She’d missed this. In the last few weeks, they’d started to become themselves again… but they’d were still building the physical affection levels back up.

It was a little nerve wracking. They hadn’t been super physically intimate but then that evening they had fully planned on going all the way together. She was sure, though. There wasn’t anything that could convince her otherwise. (Unless Adrien changed his mind, of course, but she doubted that since he’d just offered her the option.) She was excited to be with him. In every way. She’d told Alya of the plan, so she knew she’d be receiving teasing messages.

The sound of a feminine clearing her throat sent Marinette spiraling off him. She yelped loudly as she fled from his person. Sabine held the trap door open, a smile on her lips as if she hadn’t just caught her daughter sucking face with a boy.

“Happy birthday, sweetie!” she cooed.

Honestly, the fact it was her birthday was probably the only reason her mother wasn’t going to scold her or harass her about the current situation.

Marinette could feel her cheeks were entirely flushed. Bobbing her head, she gave a small smile. “T-Thank you, Maman.”

She spared a glance at Adrien who was beet red and completely mortified. It wouldn’t be the first time her parents had interrupted them being intimate… however it was the first time they’d been completely caught off guard like that. Usually, they heard her parents coming and could right themselves before brushing them off. Nope, not that time. They were caught red-handed for sure.

“Your father and I have a birthday breakfast ready for you! You’re more than welcome to join us, Adrien.”

“Thanks,” he squeaked, hiding his face in his hands.

It was very unlike Adrien to not look an adult directly in the eyes when he spoke to them. Something Gabriel had instilled in him long, long ago. It was a clear sign of just how embarrassed he was. Marinette knew she’d definitely need to help her boyfriend gather his nerves before they left her room.

Marinette forced a sweet smile in her mother’s direction. “Okay, Maman! We’ll be right down.”

“Don’t be too long,” Sabine chimed before shooting the teens a knowing look. She shut the door, heading back downstairs.

Releasing a breath, Marinette looked back to Adrien who groaned and flopped back on the bed. She giggled at his expense. “At least it was Maman… Papa would have made it so embarrassing.”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better, Mari.”

Marinette crawled over him, smiling down at him in an attempt to cheer him up. “It wasn’t that bad. Embarrassing? Yes. Horrible? No.”

“Your mother literally just caught with my tongue down your throat, I don’t know how that’s not horrible.”

She ruffled his hair with a giggle. “It’ll be okay. Let’s go get breakfast!”

Groaning, he sat up, wiping his hands down his face. “Fine… But you may want to brush your hair.”

Marinette tilted her head, cocking a brow. “What? I’m just going to eat breakfast?”

“Just… trust me on this one, my lady.”

Shooting him an odd look, she nodded. “Okay…?”

Marinette was thankful she had listened. When her friends popped up in the kitchen for a surprise birthday breakfast, she was utterly floored. She was so stunned they’d been able to keep this a secret from her. Anytime they’d tried to throw a surprise party for her in the past, Marinette had always been able to sniff it out.

She’d nearly had a heart attack when she saw everyone. Tears welled in her eyes from pure elation. She was so thankful to have so many thoughtful people in her life.

“I can’t believe you got me!” she exclaimed, looking to Adrien with a gape.

He gave a shrug and a smirk. “I knew we’d eventually be able to throw you a surprise party that you hadn’t figured out.”

“I’m impressed.”

Alya snickered, leaning onto the island in the kitchen. “Thank you. We aim to please.”




Marinette hadn’t expected her birthday to be so extravagant. But she certainly wasn’t complaining that it was. It was nice to be spoiled sometimes, she had to admit. Adrien, her friends, and parents had pulled out all the stops. Her papa made her favorite cake, her friends had given her such sweet gifts… Mostly jewelry to match outfits she had designed. Her parents bought her fabric, which she especially appreciated.

Even Emilie and Gabriel had given her a gift. A ladybug charm bracelet from the new Gabriel line. Marinette gaped when she opened it, eyes darting to Adrien who seemed just as stunned at the present as she did. Alya cooed over how cool it was. For Marinette… it was just more confirmation that Adrien’s parents knew that their teenage son and his girlfriend traipsed across Paris rooftops at night. (And sometimes made out on them… which pictures tended to end up on the Ladyblog.) Wow. Suddenly, Marinette understood Adrien’s level of mortified. If they knew, then they had definitely seen her in some compromising positions with their son on the Eiffel Tower. There was a note attached: “Thank you. Happy Birthday, Marinette.”

Adrien pursed his lips. The knowing look in his eyes meant there was a conversation with his parents that needed to be had.

Clearing his throat, he slid a gift in her direction. The box was rather large. She eyed him. “You better not have spent a lot.”

He barked a laugh. “I’d never hold back when it comes to you.”

The giggling and cooing from her friends at his words did not go unnoticed.

“I don’t need you emptying out Gabriel Agreste’s bank account on my conscience, Adrien.”

Her boyfriend rolled his eyes. “Okay, first off, we both know that’s nearly impossible. And there’s no way I could even get you enough gifts to do that. And two, this is… more of a sentimental present than anything.”

Squinting at him, Marinette wasn’t quite convinced. While it was true, she and Adrien did tend to gift each other with hand-made gifts or sentimental things like the lucky charm he’d made for her and the sweater and scarf she’d made for him… she still didn’t put it past him to spend big dollars on her for the sake of spoiling her on her birthday. Especially after what they had both been through in the last months.

She tore the bow off the box before pulling off the top. In the box was a picture frame with a collection of photos from the beginning of their relationship to now. There was a selfie from their first “official” date at the arcade. She’d forgotten all about that picture. He even included the picture Lila had taken of them kissing at school, which she laughed at.

Marinette gazed up at him, her eyes gleaming. “Thank you, Adrien.”

There was a soft smile etched along his lips as he pressed a soft kiss to her temple. “You’re welcome.”

“You’re both so cute! Stop it!” Alix gagged.

Marinette couldn’t help but laugh as she looked at the gift. She turned to him, brows rising as she noticed an empty space. “There’s no picture in this one.”

“I know.”

“What’s supposed to go there.”

“Our date today.”





Marinette was entirely too flustered when Adrien treated her to the arcade after her breakfast birthday celebration. The very arcade where they had spent hours and then almost kissed on the Eiffel Tower. It was nice to be back.

Adrien pointed to the hoops machine. “You want to play?” he teased with a grin.

“No way in hell am I ever challenging you to a basketball contest again,” she muttered. There was a bit of resentment there, she had to admit. He just let her pick a game that he knew she’d lose! Yes, it was a long time ago… but she was still salty.

Adrien laughed and followed Marinette over to the air hockey table. She knew he’d probably be good at this game too. And it was just as aggressive as she expected. Marinette smacked the puck as hard as she could to send it shooting past Adrien’s hand and into the hole for the winning point. He groaned as the buzzer chimed and flopped his head down onto his arms that lay on the table. Marinette waved her striker teasingly as the 7-6 score blinked.

“Rematch, Kitty?”

Looking up from his arms where he slumped, his eye filled with determination. A smirk twitching at his lips. “Is that a challenge?”

“Most definitely.”

“You’re on.”




They’d spent hours together at the arcade. After a few times of kicking Adrien’s ass at Mecha Strike, they eventually teamed up against innocent bystanders. Some knew exactly who they were since their high school had yet been beaten by anyone who had been there since their first date. They dared to challenge them… honestly, Marinette just assumed it was to say they had played Adrien Agreste and his apparently gamer girlfriend.

Marinette returned home, practically floating through the halls. Adrien was going to meet her in her room in a few hours. The anticipation of knowing what they had planned for the evening was killing her. She was nervous beyond belief. Absolutely terrified of what was coming. …Oh, God. Bad choice of words.

When she reached the kitchen, a dopey smile was on her face, despite how nervous she was for later. This had truly been one of her best birthdays ever. She really had Adrien to thank for it. He went above and beyond for her. She glanced at the charm bracelet on her wrist. It really was beautiful. She’d have to go by and thank the Agrestes for such an extravagant gift. …After she banged their son though.

Sabine had a knowing smile on her face as she cleaned the counter. She cleared her throat, catching Marinette’s attention. “You two are going to be safe, right?”

Eyes widening, she felt her cheeks heat. “W-What?”

“You and Adrien. Tonight. You’re going to be smart about it, aren’t you? We’ve discussed this before.”

“H-How did you…?”

Shaking her head, Sabine just smiled. “A mother knows things, dear. You two have been together a long time. And have clearly cared about one another even longer than that. I trust you. And I trust Adrien as well.”

“Y-Yes,” she nodded. “We’re going to be safe. This is really embarrassing, you know.”

Sabine chuckled. “I know. You’ve always been shy about these things. Just… don’t rush. It’s okay to take your time. If something happens, let me know. I’ll keep your father out of your hair.”

“He wouldn’t be too thrilled, would he?”

“He knows what you two are up to, but it doesn’t mean he wants to hear about it.”

Marinette laughed at that. Despite being utterly mortified, she appreciated her mother caring about her wellbeing. And being honest with her. She was almost an adult, and it was nice to be treated as such.

Sabine gave her a hug, pressing a kiss to her cheek. “Love you, hun. Enjoy your evening.”




Adrien snuck in through the terrace. She nearly screamed when he flopped on her bed and startled her. What was with him trying to give her a heart attack on her birthday!?

“Can you not?” she hissed.

Chat smirked, crawling over her. “Couldn’t resist giving you a surprise, my lady.”

“It was definitely a surprise,” she grumbled, refusing to look at him.

Chat quickly called off his transformation. She closed her eyes as the green light traveled up his body. When she opened her eyes, Adrien hovered above her unmasked. His blonde hair was lightly tousled like he’d been rubbing his hands through it.

“S-So…” he started. “How do you want to start this?”

Marinette grabbed his cheeks, yanking him down into a fiery kiss. He grunted a little, seeming stunned at her sudden action. But Marinette had wanted this for months. So many months of them building up only to stop. Only for their lives to completely change forever. For their future to be set in stone. For her to long for him for weeks on end after his life had changed. She missed him. Craved him. And she hoped she expressed that in the kiss.

His lips moved against hers. Mouth slanting as his tongue peaked out to lick along the roof of her mouth. Marinette sighed happily, her tongue tangling with his. She buried her fingers into his golden locks. He deepened the kiss more and more. She almost couldn’t breathe but wouldn’t dare stop this sloppy make-out if her life depended on it.

Adrien pressed himself against her. She could feel the bulge in his sweats brush her thigh. Her breath hitched, making him part only slightly from her. His nose brushed hers. “You okay?” he murmured against her lips.

“Y-Yeah. Are you?”

He adjusted, his growing arousal rubbing against the heat of her core. “I’d say I’m alright.”

She giggled, pulling him back into a kiss. His hips rolled, lips never leaving hers. Marinette couldn’t help but moan into his mouth as he brushed against her making her dizzy. She smiled against his mouth as the thrust of his hips grew more desperate.

It was Marinette who started the shredding of clothes. She tugged her top over her head, revealing her chest. She’d opted out of a bra because… well… she knew he was coming and what his intentions were. Adrien immediately attacked the revealed skin. She moaned as he suckled her, knowing he was making red blotches on her skin that she hoped wouldn’t show through any of her clothing. That was the last thing she needed to explain to his parents when she went to visit him.

Couldn’t ruin their squeaky clean public image either.

Next came his top, then her pants, then his. When they both rid themselves of their undergarments, Marinette felt the bubbling nerves returning to her mind. Alya told her this might hurt. That Adrien may not last. That it could suck… a lot. But Marinette couldn’t help but hope for the opposite. Even if it wasn’t as amazing as books and, uh, lewd media made it seem, she still wanted to enjoy this. To enjoy making love to the boy she’d adored for years.

Adrien’s palms roamed her skin. His touch sending all types of tingles down her spin to her core. She loved him. So, so much. Loved the touch of his skin on hers. In any form. His knuckle lightly brushed her cheek as he smiled down at her. “You’re sure?”

Nodding, Marinette smiled. “More than anything.”

He returned the sentiment, his eyes soft as the smile etched along his lips. “Okay,” he sighed.

Their kisses grew feverish and heated. Desperate and passionate. Adrien squeezed her hips, her thighs, before spreading her legs apart. He dipped a finger in her folds, his palm rubbing along her swollen clit. Marinette gripped the pillow beneath her head, trying to ground herself. She was so worked up from all of this. She and the golden blonde before her had been in this position many times before, and yet… she’d never felt hornier in her life.

The dam within her broke. A release overtook her as she let out a quiet cry. Her core pulsed as her orgasm washed throughout her body, thighs twitching and toes curling. Adrien slowed his movements, coaxing her through. She sighed as her body finally relaxed. God, she would be so sensitive now. She definitely needed time to recoup before they moved any further. It was a bit embarrassing how quickly he could coax an orgasm out of her. But she had definitely been on edge, so she was more than willing to use that as her excuse.

She pushed him back on her mattress. He flopped back with a surprised grunt. Adrien hissed when she took his length in her mouth. Her tongue swirling around the bulbous head. Fully aware she was being a tease, she only wanted to keep him worked up as her own body recovered. She pressed her tongue flat along his shaft, giving a languid lick up and down. His bottom lip was sucked between his teeth. Something he often did when she was sucking him off like this. Adrien’s fingers curled into her hair, his free hand digging into the sheets beneath him. He never tugged or yanked her hair. It just wasn’t in his nature to be aggressive with her.

“S-Stop,” he sputtered out breathlessly.

Following his wishes, Marinette released him with a wet pop. The sound made him groan as he seemed to keep his self-control in check.

Reaching into her pillowcase, she produced the condoms Alya had given her a few months ago. She had already checked the expiration date (because she was a bit paranoid). Adrien flushed at the sight of them as he sat up.

“How…” he blinked, gathering his thoughts with a shake of his head. “How do you want to do this?”

It took her a moment to process, but she understood his meaning. “You should be on top of me. I don’t want too much at one time.”

Adrien was silent when he nodded. Marinette carefully tore the foil, pulling the condom from it’s confines. She wasn't exactly sure what she expected a condom to feel like, but the texture wasn’t what she thought at all. She felt herself blush as she helped him roll it on his length. His hands were shaking as his smoothed it along his shaft.

Cupping her head, he laid her back on the pillows. He crawled between her legs and drank in the sight of her. His eyes traveled along her body. And she didn’t blame him. Marinette wanted to take in as much of this moment as she could as well. Adrien smoothed his hand along her thighs, making them part further before he grabbed his dick to align himself with her folds.

He glanced up at her beneath his bangs. “If it hurts, you tell me to stop, okay?”

Nodding, she hummed in agreement.

Adrien held her hips steady as he slowly slid into her. She could feel how wet she was from her previous orgasm and hoped that would dull some of the pain. With fist clenching and teeth gritting, Marinette let out a hiss as he entered. There was a sting of discomfort. Adrien instantly stopped.

“You okay?”


“Do you want me to pull out?”

“No! No…”

“What do you want?”

Reaching up to grip his shoulders, she dug fingers into his skin. “Just—just wait a second, please?”

“Whatever you need,” he mumbled.

He took one of her hands, pulling it to his cheek. Adrien turned, pressing a light kiss to her palm then her wrist. The action sent her heart soaring, momentarily forgetting the painful ache between her legs. She didn’t want to move too much but clenched around him trying to adjust to the size of him. Adrien wasn’t abnormally large or anything. He was fairly average from what she’d discussed with him (and Alya.) However, she’d never had more than his fingers (or hers) inside of her. The feeling of his dick was much different than previous appendages that had entered her.

The sting was slowly subsiding, and she didn’t want to leave her lover waiting much longer. Adrien was patient. And she knew he would wait as long as she needed. But she wanted him to enjoy this. No matter what that meant for her.

“Okay, you can move.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Adrien. Please.”

He sighed at her words, body relaxing above her. Gingerly, he moved his hips. She felt him slowly move forward further within her, before almost pulling out and pushing back in. He repeated this, timidly, over and over. Him hitting deep within her made her head spin each time. Confidence growing, he picked up a bit of speed. Not too much. Not too overwhelming. But enough to send tinges of pleasure swirling within her gut.

The more he thrusted, the more she wanted. Moans bubbled from her lips as she encouraged him. He seemed hesitant at first, but the more she insisted she would be fine, he finally took the hint. Adrien panted into her hair as he quickened his pace. Finding a thrilling rhythm for both of them, he shared his own sounds of grunts and sighs. Marinette clung to him. Her legs lifting to his hips, and her arms winding around his shoulders.

He peppered kisses along her neck before nibbling that sweet spot on her nape. She gasped, moaning the loudest she had. She idly hoped it wasn’t loud enough for her parents to hear, even if they both knew what she and her boyfriend were up to. But she didn’t entertain the thought long as Adrien hit deep inside her. Marinette felt the tingles building within her. Heat coiling in her gut. Adrien’s movements grew erratic, so she knew he was probably way ahead of her. His fingers dug deeply into her hips as his breathing grew ragged.

Adrien groaned as he came, spilling himself into the condom as he stayed sheathed within her. He barely fought to catch his breath as he reached between them. His lips caught hers as he pinched her clit. Adrien rubbed the swollen nub, circling over and over. It was enough to send her over the edge, guiding her to another orgasm.

She let out a hum, clinging to him. Puffing a breath, she buried her nose into shoulder as she made her way back to earth. It was an odd feeling as his length softened within her. Adrien leaned back, pulling out of her with a hiss. His warmth escaped her when he vacated the bed to dispose of the condom. She watched him as there was a bit of a wobble in his walk. She could feel the tingling in her own legs, knowing they’d feel like jelly if she even attempted to get up.

When he returned to the bed, Adrien flopped down beside her. He gathered her in his arms and sighed into her hair. “We’re doing this in my room from now on.”

Marinette giggled at that. “Why is that?”

“Climbing a ladder is a lot of effort post-orgasm,” he huffed.

She snickered, nuzzling her nose beneath his chin. “That was…”

“Amazing,” he cooed.

“You thought it was amazing?”

“You didn’t?

“I did, but you did a lot of the work. I thought you may be tired.”

Adrien smirked with a teasing hum. “Well, maybe, you’ll have to make it up to me later.” He caught her lips in a gentle kiss, taking his time to pull away.

“In your room, right?”

“Yes, definitely.”

There was a comfortable silence between them as they lay curled in one another’s arms. Their breathing finally evened out. Marinette watched the slow rise and fall of his chest as her fingers danced across his skin.

“Hey, Adrien?”


“I love you.”

“I love you, too, Marinette… More than you could ever know.”

She didn’t doubt his words for a second.