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Lock It Up

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Those months leading up to Marinette’s birthday were more eventful than either of them had ever expected. Finding out that Hawkmoth was Adrien’s uncle was… a bit of a shock to say the least. Also discovering that Gabriel had known the entire time and was keeping Emilie in a comatose state beneath the mansion was an even bigger one.

Adrien, understandably, freaked out at these discovers. Gabriel confessed that he had given the butterfly to Emilie’s family, and his uncle’s thirst for power overwhelmed him. Marinette worried their relationship might not survive the situation. Watching her boyfriend go through a mental breakdown at the ripe age of seventeen was—rough, to say the least. He closed himself off. Refused to speak to anyone. Not his father, not Nathalie… and not Marinette. She tried to be understanding, but at times it was difficult. It was difficult watching him shy away and slowly self-destruct.

Once, she came to visit. She knew she shouldn’t have. Gabriel informed her he was in the lair… Marinette stood on the bridge beneath the home. She found him sitting there, knees curled to his chest as he gazed at his mother. Emilie lay there peacefully. Adrien said nothing. She wasn’t even sure that he’d known she was there. He had already grieved his mother once, and now the rug had been ripped out from beneath him.

So, she left. It felt wrong to be there during an intimate time. Marinette gave him one last sad glance over her shoulder, before turning and leaving the mansion. The days without him were agony. She checked on him constantly through Plagg, but the kwami never had a positive update. She was sure Plagg was hiding something, but she couldn’t be sure.

 Finally, after a few weeks, she told him to meet her at the tower. And she was worried he wouldn’t show.

But he did.

Marinette heard the patter of him landing on the beam next to her. She glanced up, eyes wide and hopeful at the sight of him.

An unfamiliar frown was etched on his face. His eyes didn’t seem to light up when he saw her. Marinette’s heart ached, chest tightening. But she didn’t want to push. Or pry. Or ask for too much from him. She couldn’t imagine what he was going through.

“Hey,” he murmured as he came to sit beside her.

She was shocked he spoke to her at all. “H-Hi…”

Marinette didn’t dare touch him. He stared forward out at the city lights. She simply watched him as his shoulders slumped.

“My parents found the peacock and butterfly miraculouses, as well as the guardian’s book, in Tibet. Mom wanted to learn how to use the miraculous to help people… to bring joy to the people of Paris. But the peacock is broken, and when a miraculous is broken it hurts the user. It made her sick… She used to cough and have dizzy spells. One time she collapsed right in front of me, and I immediately ran to Father to help. Not too long after that, she ‘disappeared.’ Or that’s what I was told. Instead, Father put her in a comatose state for her own safety while he tried to figure out how to help. He hoped the book he’d found could lead him to the answers. Uncle found out about the wish when you combine the black cat and ladybug. He hated seeing his wife so distraught over her sister, so he decided that was the only way to bring Mom back.”

Marinette said nothing, she just listened to the hollow and broken tone in his voice. She saw the tears welling in his eyes. She was surprised when he turned to her.

“Plagg talked to the guardian, Master Fu. He encouraged me to come speak to him about—well, everything,” Chat sucked in a breath. She almost jumped when he took her hand. “You can heal her, Marinette. The ladybug miraculous can heal those who have been inflicted by a broken miraculous.”

Eyes blowing wide, she gaped at him. “M-Me? I can—I can bring your mom back?”

Chat nodded feverishly. The gaze in his eyes pleaded with her, and his hand squeezed hers. “Y-You’ll do it, right? I know that’s a lot to ask of you, but I—I’ll be forever in your debt, Marinette. I love you, and I’ll spend every day of my life to make this up to you.”

“A-Adrien… You don’t have to convince me. Of course, I will.”

At last, the light she’d been missing in his eyes for nearly a month suddenly shown through. A smile. He was smiling again. His shoulders seemed to sag with relief. And he finally broke down… coming undone in her arms. Marinette held him as he sobbed into her shoulder. She hated this for him. Hated that they would have to confront his family to retrieve the miraculouses. Of all the odds, he became Chat Noir when his family is heavily evolved in all of this.

Marinette kissed his temple as he squeezed her. The cries that left his body were almost inhuman, but she knew he needed this. To finally let this all out. He’d been bottling it up… worrying her tremendously. God, she loved this boy. She felt so bad.

She’d do anything to make him happy again.




Emilie was a kind woman. Marinette was grateful she was able to help her. Save her life, essentially. Which was terrifying at the least. Marinette held her hand and willed her to wake up, and when those emerald irises blinked open, she heard Adrien gasp from afar. Gabriel and Adrien both cried out when she sat up. Of course, she was confused. Didn’t understand what was going on at all.

Marinette didn’t want to intrude in this. As she turned to leave, Adrien caught her hand. She gasped, jolting and spinning to face him. He pressed a light kiss to her cheek. His soft smile was finally back, the love returning to his eyes. Gabriel was pre-occupied, thankfully, and didn’t notice the display. Adrien had created a cover story. She doubted his father believed it, and most likely had figured out they were Chat Noir and Ladybug, but she wouldn’t complain. Even if he knew, he hadn’t let it on that he did.

“Thank you,” Adrien breathed.

Keeping her voice low, she smiled. “Anything for you,” she murmured.

She turned to leave to give him time with his mother… who he presumed was dead all this time. Who he had thought he’d lost forever. And Marinette couldn’t believe what she was capable of.

As weeks went by, Adrien returned to himself. Even happier than he’d ever been in the time Marinette had known him. He spent a lot of time with his mom, so he was at home more. But Marinette didn’t mind. She understood. He had lost time to make up with his mother. A lot of years that she hadn’t been there. All Marinette could’ve ever wanted was for Adrien to be happy. They both knew they had to confront his uncle soon. Akuma attacks had lessened with Emilie’s return… but the effects of using a miraculous incorrectly had already overtaken him.

 Eventually, when Marinette and Adrien recovered both the peacock and butterfly miraculouses and returned them to Master Fu, they were both terrified that he would be adamant about them returning their miraculouses to him… instead, it was the exact opposite. He wanted to train them to be guardians. To take the miraculous box over from him.

After they graduated lycée, though. It was an agreement they all came to. Deciding that it was best not to add any unnecessary stress upon the two teens while they finished their studies. Adrien expressed he was a bit nervous of taking on such a responsibility, but Marinette reassured him that they were in this together. She knew they could do this. They could handle whatever came their way. Just them against the world. Forever and always.

When Marinette awoke the day of her birthday, her eyes slowly blinked open. Groaning, she sat up and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes. She could practically feel her hair standing in unnatural directions. With a pout, she reached for her phone to check the time but was unsuccessful in finding it.

“Looking for this?”

She screamed.

Adrien snickered from the floor as he wiggled her phone in his hand. “I was nice enough to charge it for you since it was almost dead, you know.”

Marinette just gaped at him, a hand over her fast-beating heart as she tried to catch her breath. “Y-You… How long have you been here?”

Climbing up the ladder, he gave a lopsided shrug. “A while.”

“Do my parents know you’re here?”

“Yes, I came in through the front door. I’m not always a heathen, Bugaboo… jeez. Always expecting the worst of me.”

She knew he was purposely being dramatic. But she enjoyed their teasing. She’d missed it in the time where he’d been distant. Marinette was just thankful she was starting to see him regularly again.

Adrien climbed onto her bed and hovered over her. Blinking, she gazed up at him. She could feel her cheeks heating. He smirked, eyes glinting mischievously. “So, which present do you want right now?”


“Which birthday present do you want? I have options.”

“Adrien Agreste, you’re not suggesting the option of us having sex after I’ve just woken up.”

“I am suggesting that option.”

“I’m not even pretty yet.”

“You’re gorgeous always.”

“I haven’t brushed my teeth.”

“That doesn’t really bother me.”


“My lady~”

“Tonight. We’ll do it tonight. When people are asleep and we’re less likely to get caught. And I’ll have showered.”

“I can shower with you?”

Marinette barked out a laugh. “Aren’t you the one who suggested we wait in the first place? Now, you’re this horny?”

“I’m excited is all.”

She snorted and pushed his shoulders. He obligated, moving back and flopping down beside her. Marinette couldn’t resist running her fingers through his blonde locks. He leaned into her touch, a small smile on his lips. She scratched his scalp lightly, earning a light rumble from his chest.

She smirked. “You’re so cute when you purr.”

“I didn’t purr.”

“Yes, you did.”

“I did not.”

Marinette just shook her head with a knowing smile. “Whatever you say.”

He sat up on his elbow, leaning in close to her face. There eyes met. His gaze boring into hers. Adrien kissed her then. It was a small peck. Chaste and sweet. She smiled against his lips, and he chuckled in response. Grabbing her hips, he rolled onto his back while bringing her with him. Marinette let out a tiny squeak when she flopped onto his chest. He merely grinned before tugging her back into a kiss.

His hand found purchase in her matted, raven locks. Marinette’s arms went around his neck, as he wound his arms around her waist. So, maybe they wouldn’t get too carried away so early in the morning, but she didn’t mind a good morning smooch session for her birthday. Adrien slanted his mouth against her own, deepening the kiss. She couldn’t help but let out a tiny mouth. She’d missed this. In the last few weeks, they’d started to become themselves again… but they’d were still building the physical affection levels back up.

It was a little nerve wracking. They hadn’t been super physically intimate but then that evening they had fully planned on going all the way together. She was sure, though. There wasn’t anything that could convince her otherwise. (Unless Adrien changed his mind, of course, but she doubted that since he’d just offered her the option.) She was excited to be with him. In every way. She’d told Alya of the plan, so she knew she’d be receiving teasing messages.

The sound of a feminine clearing her throat sent Marinette spiraling off him. She yelped loudly as she fled from his person. Sabine held the trap door open, a smile on her lips as if she hadn’t just caught her daughter sucking face with a boy.

“Happy birthday, sweetie!” she cooed.

Honestly, the fact it was her birthday was probably the only reason her mother wasn’t going to scold her or harass her about the current situation.

Marinette could feel her cheeks were entirely flushed. Bobbing her head, she gave a small smile. “T-Thank you, Maman.”

She spared a glance at Adrien who was beet red and completely mortified. It wouldn’t be the first time her parents had interrupted them being intimate… however it was the first time they’d been completely caught off guard like that. Usually, they heard her parents coming and could right themselves before brushing them off. Nope, not that time. They were caught red-handed for sure.

“Your father and I have a birthday breakfast ready for you! You’re more than welcome to join us, Adrien.”

“Thanks,” he squeaked, hiding his face in his hands.

It was very unlike Adrien to not look an adult directly in the eyes when he spoke to them. Something Gabriel had instilled in him long, long ago. It was a clear sign of just how embarrassed he was. Marinette knew she’d definitely need to help her boyfriend gather his nerves before they left her room.

Marinette forced a sweet smile in her mother’s direction. “Okay, Maman! We’ll be right down.”

“Don’t be too long,” Sabine chimed before shooting the teens a knowing look. She shut the door, heading back downstairs.

Releasing a breath, Marinette looked back to Adrien who groaned and flopped back on the bed. She giggled at his expense. “At least it was Maman… Papa would have made it so embarrassing.”

“That doesn’t make me feel any better, Mari.”

Marinette crawled over him, smiling down at him in an attempt to cheer him up. “It wasn’t that bad. Embarrassing? Yes. Horrible? No.”

“Your mother literally just caught with my tongue down your throat, I don’t know how that’s not horrible.”

She ruffled his hair with a giggle. “It’ll be okay. Let’s go get breakfast!”

Groaning, he sat up, wiping his hands down his face. “Fine… But you may want to brush your hair.”

Marinette tilted her head, cocking a brow. “What? I’m just going to eat breakfast?”

“Just… trust me on this one, my lady.”

Shooting him an odd look, she nodded. “Okay…?”

Marinette was thankful she had listened. When her friends popped up in the kitchen for a surprise birthday breakfast, she was utterly floored. She was so stunned they’d been able to keep this a secret from her. Anytime they’d tried to throw a surprise party for her in the past, Marinette had always been able to sniff it out.

She’d nearly had a heart attack when she saw everyone. Tears welled in her eyes from pure elation. She was so thankful to have so many thoughtful people in her life.

“I can’t believe you got me!” she exclaimed, looking to Adrien with a gape.

He gave a shrug and a smirk. “I knew we’d eventually be able to throw you a surprise party that you hadn’t figured out.”

“I’m impressed.”

Alya snickered, leaning onto the island in the kitchen. “Thank you. We aim to please.”




Marinette hadn’t expected her birthday to be so extravagant. But she certainly wasn’t complaining that it was. It was nice to be spoiled sometimes, she had to admit. Adrien, her friends, and parents had pulled out all the stops. Her papa made her favorite cake, her friends had given her such sweet gifts… Mostly jewelry to match outfits she had designed. Her parents bought her fabric, which she especially appreciated.

Even Emilie and Gabriel had given her a gift. A ladybug charm bracelet from the new Gabriel line. Marinette gaped when she opened it, eyes darting to Adrien who seemed just as stunned at the present as she did. Alya cooed over how cool it was. For Marinette… it was just more confirmation that Adrien’s parents knew that their teenage son and his girlfriend traipsed across Paris rooftops at night. (And sometimes made out on them… which pictures tended to end up on the Ladyblog.) Wow. Suddenly, Marinette understood Adrien’s level of mortified. If they knew, then they had definitely seen her in some compromising positions with their son on the Eiffel Tower. There was a note attached: “Thank you. Happy Birthday, Marinette.”

Adrien pursed his lips. The knowing look in his eyes meant there was a conversation with his parents that needed to be had.

Clearing his throat, he slid a gift in her direction. The box was rather large. She eyed him. “You better not have spent a lot.”

He barked a laugh. “I’d never hold back when it comes to you.”

The giggling and cooing from her friends at his words did not go unnoticed.

“I don’t need you emptying out Gabriel Agreste’s bank account on my conscience, Adrien.”

Her boyfriend rolled his eyes. “Okay, first off, we both know that’s nearly impossible. And there’s no way I could even get you enough gifts to do that. And two, this is… more of a sentimental present than anything.”

Squinting at him, Marinette wasn’t quite convinced. While it was true, she and Adrien did tend to gift each other with hand-made gifts or sentimental things like the lucky charm he’d made for her and the sweater and scarf she’d made for him… she still didn’t put it past him to spend big dollars on her for the sake of spoiling her on her birthday. Especially after what they had both been through in the last months.

She tore the bow off the box before pulling off the top. In the box was a picture frame with a collection of photos from the beginning of their relationship to now. There was a selfie from their first “official” date at the arcade. She’d forgotten all about that picture. He even included the picture Lila had taken of them kissing at school, which she laughed at.

Marinette gazed up at him, her eyes gleaming. “Thank you, Adrien.”

There was a soft smile etched along his lips as he pressed a soft kiss to her temple. “You’re welcome.”

“You’re both so cute! Stop it!” Alix gagged.

Marinette couldn’t help but laugh as she looked at the gift. She turned to him, brows rising as she noticed an empty space. “There’s no picture in this one.”

“I know.”

“What’s supposed to go there.”

“Our date today.”





Marinette was entirely too flustered when Adrien treated her to the arcade after her breakfast birthday celebration. The very arcade where they had spent hours and then almost kissed on the Eiffel Tower. It was nice to be back.

Adrien pointed to the hoops machine. “You want to play?” he teased with a grin.

“No way in hell am I ever challenging you to a basketball contest again,” she muttered. There was a bit of resentment there, she had to admit. He just let her pick a game that he knew she’d lose! Yes, it was a long time ago… but she was still salty.

Adrien laughed and followed Marinette over to the air hockey table. She knew he’d probably be good at this game too. And it was just as aggressive as she expected. Marinette smacked the puck as hard as she could to send it shooting past Adrien’s hand and into the hole for the winning point. He groaned as the buzzer chimed and flopped his head down onto his arms that lay on the table. Marinette waved her striker teasingly as the 7-6 score blinked.

“Rematch, Kitty?”

Looking up from his arms where he slumped, his eye filled with determination. A smirk twitching at his lips. “Is that a challenge?”

“Most definitely.”

“You’re on.”




They’d spent hours together at the arcade. After a few times of kicking Adrien’s ass at Mecha Strike, they eventually teamed up against innocent bystanders. Some knew exactly who they were since their high school had yet been beaten by anyone who had been there since their first date. They dared to challenge them… honestly, Marinette just assumed it was to say they had played Adrien Agreste and his apparently gamer girlfriend.

Marinette returned home, practically floating through the halls. Adrien was going to meet her in her room in a few hours. The anticipation of knowing what they had planned for the evening was killing her. She was nervous beyond belief. Absolutely terrified of what was coming. …Oh, God. Bad choice of words.

When she reached the kitchen, a dopey smile was on her face, despite how nervous she was for later. This had truly been one of her best birthdays ever. She really had Adrien to thank for it. He went above and beyond for her. She glanced at the charm bracelet on her wrist. It really was beautiful. She’d have to go by and thank the Agrestes for such an extravagant gift. …After she banged their son though.

Sabine had a knowing smile on her face as she cleaned the counter. She cleared her throat, catching Marinette’s attention. “You two are going to be safe, right?”

Eyes widening, she felt her cheeks heat. “W-What?”

“You and Adrien. Tonight. You’re going to be smart about it, aren’t you? We’ve discussed this before.”

“H-How did you…?”

Shaking her head, Sabine just smiled. “A mother knows things, dear. You two have been together a long time. And have clearly cared about one another even longer than that. I trust you. And I trust Adrien as well.”

“Y-Yes,” she nodded. “We’re going to be safe. This is really embarrassing, you know.”

Sabine chuckled. “I know. You’ve always been shy about these things. Just… don’t rush. It’s okay to take your time. If something happens, let me know. I’ll keep your father out of your hair.”

“He wouldn’t be too thrilled, would he?”

“He knows what you two are up to, but it doesn’t mean he wants to hear about it.”

Marinette laughed at that. Despite being utterly mortified, she appreciated her mother caring about her wellbeing. And being honest with her. She was almost an adult, and it was nice to be treated as such.

Sabine gave her a hug, pressing a kiss to her cheek. “Love you, hun. Enjoy your evening.”




Adrien snuck in through the terrace. She nearly screamed when he flopped on her bed and startled her. What was with him trying to give her a heart attack on her birthday!?

“Can you not?” she hissed.

Chat smirked, crawling over her. “Couldn’t resist giving you a surprise, my lady.”

“It was definitely a surprise,” she grumbled, refusing to look at him.

Chat quickly called off his transformation. She closed her eyes as the green light traveled up his body. When she opened her eyes, Adrien hovered above her unmasked. His blonde hair was lightly tousled like he’d been rubbing his hands through it.

“S-So…” he started. “How do you want to start this?”

Marinette grabbed his cheeks, yanking him down into a fiery kiss. He grunted a little, seeming stunned at her sudden action. But Marinette had wanted this for months. So many months of them building up only to stop. Only for their lives to completely change forever. For their future to be set in stone. For her to long for him for weeks on end after his life had changed. She missed him. Craved him. And she hoped she expressed that in the kiss.

His lips moved against hers. Mouth slanting as his tongue peaked out to lick along the roof of her mouth. Marinette sighed happily, her tongue tangling with his. She buried her fingers into his golden locks. He deepened the kiss more and more. She almost couldn’t breathe but wouldn’t dare stop this sloppy make-out if her life depended on it.

Adrien pressed himself against her. She could feel the bulge in his sweats brush her thigh. Her breath hitched, making him part only slightly from her. His nose brushed hers. “You okay?” he murmured against her lips.

“Y-Yeah. Are you?”

He adjusted, his growing arousal rubbing against the heat of her core. “I’d say I’m alright.”

She giggled, pulling him back into a kiss. His hips rolled, lips never leaving hers. Marinette couldn’t help but moan into his mouth as he brushed against her making her dizzy. She smiled against his mouth as the thrust of his hips grew more desperate.

It was Marinette who started the shredding of clothes. She tugged her top over her head, revealing her chest. She’d opted out of a bra because… well… she knew he was coming and what his intentions were. Adrien immediately attacked the revealed skin. She moaned as he suckled her, knowing he was making red blotches on her skin that she hoped wouldn’t show through any of her clothing. That was the last thing she needed to explain to his parents when she went to visit him.

Couldn’t ruin their squeaky clean public image either.

Next came his top, then her pants, then his. When they both rid themselves of their undergarments, Marinette felt the bubbling nerves returning to her mind. Alya told her this might hurt. That Adrien may not last. That it could suck… a lot. But Marinette couldn’t help but hope for the opposite. Even if it wasn’t as amazing as books and, uh, lewd media made it seem, she still wanted to enjoy this. To enjoy making love to the boy she’d adored for years.

Adrien’s palms roamed her skin. His touch sending all types of tingles down her spin to her core. She loved him. So, so much. Loved the touch of his skin on hers. In any form. His knuckle lightly brushed her cheek as he smiled down at her. “You’re sure?”

Nodding, Marinette smiled. “More than anything.”

He returned the sentiment, his eyes soft as the smile etched along his lips. “Okay,” he sighed.

Their kisses grew feverish and heated. Desperate and passionate. Adrien squeezed her hips, her thighs, before spreading her legs apart. He dipped a finger in her folds, his palm rubbing along her swollen clit. Marinette gripped the pillow beneath her head, trying to ground herself. She was so worked up from all of this. She and the golden blonde before her had been in this position many times before, and yet… she’d never felt hornier in her life.

The dam within her broke. A release overtook her as she let out a quiet cry. Her core pulsed as her orgasm washed throughout her body, thighs twitching and toes curling. Adrien slowed his movements, coaxing her through. She sighed as her body finally relaxed. God, she would be so sensitive now. She definitely needed time to recoup before they moved any further. It was a bit embarrassing how quickly he could coax an orgasm out of her. But she had definitely been on edge, so she was more than willing to use that as her excuse.

She pushed him back on her mattress. He flopped back with a surprised grunt. Adrien hissed when she took his length in her mouth. Her tongue swirling around the bulbous head. Fully aware she was being a tease, she only wanted to keep him worked up as her own body recovered. She pressed her tongue flat along his shaft, giving a languid lick up and down. His bottom lip was sucked between his teeth. Something he often did when she was sucking him off like this. Adrien’s fingers curled into her hair, his free hand digging into the sheets beneath him. He never tugged or yanked her hair. It just wasn’t in his nature to be aggressive with her.

“S-Stop,” he sputtered out breathlessly.

Following his wishes, Marinette released him with a wet pop. The sound made him groan as he seemed to keep his self-control in check.

Reaching into her pillowcase, she produced the condoms Alya had given her a few months ago. She had already checked the expiration date (because she was a bit paranoid). Adrien flushed at the sight of them as he sat up.

“How…” he blinked, gathering his thoughts with a shake of his head. “How do you want to do this?”

It took her a moment to process, but she understood his meaning. “You should be on top of me. I don’t want too much at one time.”

Adrien was silent when he nodded. Marinette carefully tore the foil, pulling the condom from it’s confines. She wasn't exactly sure what she expected a condom to feel like, but the texture wasn’t what she thought at all. She felt herself blush as she helped him roll it on his length. His hands were shaking as his smoothed it along his shaft.

Cupping her head, he laid her back on the pillows. He crawled between her legs and drank in the sight of her. His eyes traveled along her body. And she didn’t blame him. Marinette wanted to take in as much of this moment as she could as well. Adrien smoothed his hand along her thighs, making them part further before he grabbed his dick to align himself with her folds.

He glanced up at her beneath his bangs. “If it hurts, you tell me to stop, okay?”

Nodding, she hummed in agreement.

Adrien held her hips steady as he slowly slid into her. She could feel how wet she was from her previous orgasm and hoped that would dull some of the pain. With fist clenching and teeth gritting, Marinette let out a hiss as he entered. There was a sting of discomfort. Adrien instantly stopped.

“You okay?”


“Do you want me to pull out?”

“No! No…”

“What do you want?”

Reaching up to grip his shoulders, she dug fingers into his skin. “Just—just wait a second, please?”

“Whatever you need,” he mumbled.

He took one of her hands, pulling it to his cheek. Adrien turned, pressing a light kiss to her palm then her wrist. The action sent her heart soaring, momentarily forgetting the painful ache between her legs. She didn’t want to move too much but clenched around him trying to adjust to the size of him. Adrien wasn’t abnormally large or anything. He was fairly average from what she’d discussed with him (and Alya.) However, she’d never had more than his fingers (or hers) inside of her. The feeling of his dick was much different than previous appendages that had entered her.

The sting was slowly subsiding, and she didn’t want to leave her lover waiting much longer. Adrien was patient. And she knew he would wait as long as she needed. But she wanted him to enjoy this. No matter what that meant for her.

“Okay, you can move.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Adrien. Please.”

He sighed at her words, body relaxing above her. Gingerly, he moved his hips. She felt him slowly move forward further within her, before almost pulling out and pushing back in. He repeated this, timidly, over and over. Him hitting deep within her made her head spin each time. Confidence growing, he picked up a bit of speed. Not too much. Not too overwhelming. But enough to send tinges of pleasure swirling within her gut.

The more he thrusted, the more she wanted. Moans bubbled from her lips as she encouraged him. He seemed hesitant at first, but the more she insisted she would be fine, he finally took the hint. Adrien panted into her hair as he quickened his pace. Finding a thrilling rhythm for both of them, he shared his own sounds of grunts and sighs. Marinette clung to him. Her legs lifting to his hips, and her arms winding around his shoulders.

He peppered kisses along her neck before nibbling that sweet spot on her nape. She gasped, moaning the loudest she had. She idly hoped it wasn’t loud enough for her parents to hear, even if they both knew what she and her boyfriend were up to. But she didn’t entertain the thought long as Adrien hit deep inside her. Marinette felt the tingles building within her. Heat coiling in her gut. Adrien’s movements grew erratic, so she knew he was probably way ahead of her. His fingers dug deeply into her hips as his breathing grew ragged.

Adrien groaned as he came, spilling himself into the condom as he stayed sheathed within her. He barely fought to catch his breath as he reached between them. His lips caught hers as he pinched her clit. Adrien rubbed the swollen nub, circling over and over. It was enough to send her over the edge, guiding her to another orgasm.

She let out a hum, clinging to him. Puffing a breath, she buried her nose into shoulder as she made her way back to earth. It was an odd feeling as his length softened within her. Adrien leaned back, pulling out of her with a hiss. His warmth escaped her when he vacated the bed to dispose of the condom. She watched him as there was a bit of a wobble in his walk. She could feel the tingling in her own legs, knowing they’d feel like jelly if she even attempted to get up.

When he returned to the bed, Adrien flopped down beside her. He gathered her in his arms and sighed into her hair. “We’re doing this in my room from now on.”

Marinette giggled at that. “Why is that?”

“Climbing a ladder is a lot of effort post-orgasm,” he huffed.

She snickered, nuzzling her nose beneath his chin. “That was…”

“Amazing,” he cooed.

“You thought it was amazing?”

“You didn’t?

“I did, but you did a lot of the work. I thought you may be tired.”

Adrien smirked with a teasing hum. “Well, maybe, you’ll have to make it up to me later.” He caught her lips in a gentle kiss, taking his time to pull away.

“In your room, right?”

“Yes, definitely.”

There was a comfortable silence between them as they lay curled in one another’s arms. Their breathing finally evened out. Marinette watched the slow rise and fall of his chest as her fingers danced across his skin.

“Hey, Adrien?”


“I love you.”

“I love you, too, Marinette… More than you could ever know.”

She didn’t doubt his words for a second.