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Authority Figures

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Humming cheerily, Cabanela twirls his keyring around a long finger. It's going to be a beautiful day, the sun sits fat and low in the sky, and the birds sing happily, having awoken long ago. Everything seems to be going well, he woke up before his alarm and managed to make it out the door ten minutes early. It may be only a substitute teaching job, but hey, he's not about to complain. With a stylish argyle sweater vest, and new set of glasses, he looks the part, at least. The building is kind of imposing though. Is this what schools look like nowadays...? 

Hulking grey towers loom over a boxy, concrete structure that looks more like a medieval fortress or a prison than a high school. Nonetheless, Cabanela's not about to let this style-challenged building bring him down. Surely it's a lovely school on the inside, right? And even if it isn't a looker, hey even the Mona Lisa's missing her eyebrows. Yeah, everything's going to be just fiiiine.

Busting through the glass doors with a signature grin, Cabanela crosses the gleaming tile floor with easy, long strides. He can see it already, groups of children clamoring to learn, kids looking on with serious expressions as he reads from a textbook. Oh, he just can't wait. Pushing up his thin-rimmed glasses, he consults the  slip of paper with his classroom. What is that, E-6? Squinting over the rim of his glasses, he frowns at the sheet. That's all fine and dandy, but where is E-6?

Surveying the surrounding area reveals no map or any sort of navigational device, so might as well explore, huh? It's as good a time as any to get to know the place, hey, maybe he'll even impress the boss of this place, who knows. Good thing he left early though since Cabanela sure isn't about to be late to his first class here. That is, if he can find the damn room. After what seems like endless exploration through identical grim, grey hallways, he finally stumbles upon something that seems right. It's the E hallway, anyway. 

And he's not even late! Grin restored, he takes a moment to smooth through his vibrant, brown hair, before reaching for the door. Pushing it forward, he steps into the room. "Helloooo!"