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The Once and Future King

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“Thank you again for escorting me. I think I’m ready to take off my wandering boots and start being responsible again. I’ll head off to the Shrinechurch on my own now – no, don’t worry, I think they could do with having a scare with me appearing before them; in all my radiance et cetera. I heard Morgrim has been covering for me all of these years – she’s probably bored out of her mind at this point. Please don’t be a stranger. I’d love to visit MagicaLand with the two of you.

Sorey, I will forever be in your debt.

Mikleo, I hope I’ve repaid some of the debt I owe to you as well.

Please, both of you live happily with the ones you love.

…also, before I head out, I just wanted to pick your brains for a quick minute. What would you think, hypothetically speaking, about setting free an archdaemon and facing off against a bunch of ancient precursors with a longstanding grudge? Be honest. You don’t have to make a decision now – this is a multi-year plan kinda thing.”

On that touching and mildly bizarre note, Maotelus had bid them farewell at the Sanctuary. From there, it was only a short trip to Elysia, where Sorey could decompress and the rest of Elysia could welcome him home. Mikleo had so much to show him once they were back in their own house, their own bed – carefully-kept journals documenting ancient ruins that had fallen to the march of time before Sorey awoke, first-edition books of prose and poetry that he knew Sorey would devour in a single night, records of every argument he’d had with scholars over the years over the specifics of their journey. And he would be there for Sorey when he decided to read the letter from Rose and Alisha.

Then there was the matter of introducing Sorey to the internet, and television, and he was certain Sorey would be fond of video games—

Well, they had all the time in the world to spare.