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Sunflowers and Strawberry Cakes

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It was supposed to be a good day.

Yoongi had gone to sleep early that night, satisfied with the last finishing touches on his latest track and having saved it on every usb stick and hard drive in this household—he still has nightmares of his laptop shutting down and deleting two months of hard work, and the three weeks of grief and a continuous breakdown that followed.

Soft and cozy blankets had welcomed him in a warm embrace, the air conditioner left the air nicely fresh, and a lot cooler than the burning heat of summer outside. So it’s no surprise that he had drifted off into what would've probably been the best sleep in years , and it surely would've made up for the all-nighters he had pulled the weeks before.

But that was not happening.

All his hopes and dreams of a long, peaceful night of sleep were crushed the moment he opened his eyes and realized it was still dark. The second thing he realized was the roaring sound of drilling right behind his head. Closing his eyes in a silent prayer, he waited. A minute passed, then five, and after almost half an hour of relentless drilling—who the fuck even drills for that long, seriously—he reluctantly abandoned his previous plans and sat up, limbs aching and head spinning, to look up at the ceiling and curse every deity out there for doing this to him.

That was the exact point in time where things started to go terribly downhill.

Needless to say, Yoongi wasn’t able to fall asleep again even after the drilling had stopped. Ignoring the sharp sting of betrayal in his chest, he stumbled into the kitchen, squinting as he turned on the light and proceeded to make his way to his best friend, the coffee machine.

He opened his eyes in the exact same moment he banged his little toe against a piece of furniture, letting out an animalistic scream as he fell onto the floor. Growling, he stared at the woody pattern on the shelf in front of his face, distracting himself from the pain. If he wasn’t fond of stabbing a man in the guts before, he sure as hell was ready to go on a killing spree now.

Little did he know that this was just the beginning of a terrible chain of events on this very disastrous day.

A cup of spilled coffee and a ruined shirt later, Yoongi was sitting on his couch, aggressively kneading a cushion with trembling hands. Some time passed before he calmed down (read: wore himself out, because Min Yoongi is not a man of overflowing energy like Jungkook).

Sighing, he checked the time and desperately tried not to whine when he read ‘7:32 am’ on his phone. With no concrete plans for this day, he would've preferred to be sleeping right now, but some higher power had decided that he should suffer a bit more instead.

Spending his time in ways he usually never does—watching stupid shit that happens to be on TV and checking out stuff on his social media—is not too bad, actually. Is that what average humans with an average job and an average family do?

Min Yoongi was 24, producing his own music while working several part-time jobs, currently single, and he couldn't relate. Not that he would've wanted to, he was perfectly happy with the way things are now. However, he’s wasn't happy about the ringtone interrupting his highly philosophical monologue.

He picked up without looking at the contact name first and immediate regret filled his entire existence at the sound of Namjoon’s fake laugh through the speaker.

“My favorite hyung!”

For a split second, Yoongi considered to just hang up, but he’d already done it twice this month, and he really didn't want his grave to be spit on once he left the world of the living.

So the only appropriate solution seemed to be a passive aggressive attitude that everyone in his group of friends was already used to.

“I’m having a shitty day, what the fuck do you want?”

Namjoon snorts before speaking up, his high-pitched voice dripping with exaggerated friendliness.

“So, my wonderful Yoongi-hyung, very unfortunately, it just happens to be the case that our beloved dongsaeng-”

“Just get straight to the fucking point,” Yoongi growls.

“Jimin can’t watch after Monie tonight and I need you to look after-”

“Hell fucking no , I’d rather die than babysit your goddamn dog for you. Are you telling me he can’t survive eight hours on his own?”

“Listen hyung,” Namjoon whined, the pitch of his voice too high for this time in the morning, and Yoongi could already feel the incoming headache. “You know I’d always babysit Holly for you, don’t you have a heart? What if it was him, would you leave him alone in a dark and cold apartment, all alone, heartbroken and-”

“Fine! God, just bring him over and leave me alone,” Yoongi pouted, thinking about his own dog back in Daegu and swallowed down the rush of affection he felt whenever he thought about him.



A few hours passed and nothing remarkable happened, much to Yoongi’s delight. His mood was just about to shift from ‘wanting to be dead’ to ‘tolerating being alive’ as he sat at the table, ready to eat actually cooked food he made now that he has an almost infinite amount of time to spend.

But honestly, he should've seen it coming. As soon as he opened the bottle, sauce went flying in every possible direction, and some of it landed on his shirt, face, and hair .

Slowly, he put the sauce back on the table, and stood there for several agonizing minutes, eyes wide in disbelief, before sitting down and slamming is forehead down on the smooth surface of the table. If some brain cells died in the process, he didn't care enough to worry about it.

To say he was pissed would be an understatement, he aggressively shoveled the food into his mouth and finished quickly, paying no attention to the taste or anything else really. All he wanted was to step into his shower as soon as possible and scrub at his skin until every bad thought (and preferably even his soul) left his body.

Seconds away from turning the water on, Yoongi was interrupted by the noisy doorbell. At some point, he just stopped questioning the cruel universe and silently accepted his fate, throwing on his bathrobe before opening the apartment door.

Two pairs of sparkling eyes greeted him from the other side before Namjoon carefully let Rapmon slide out of his grip and onto the floor and it walked confidently past Yoongi’s legs and into the apartment ‘like it fucking owned the place’ (Yoongi’s words).

Lifting his gaze again to meet Namjoon’s, he took a closer look to the other. The office worker was clad in his usual uniform that consisted of black pants, a white shirt that was tucked in neatly, a blue tie which he had loosened today, and a black suit that was hanging on his arm. He was wearing sunglasses and a cap. His tan skin was already covered by a thin sheen of sweat and Yoongi really pitied him for having to work in this hell of a weather.

Finally, Namjoon spoke up. “Thank you so much, Yoongi-hyung, I owe you one!” He handed him a bag Yoongi didn’t notice he was holding. When Namjoon let go, Yoongi, letting out a yelp, almost fell forward and onto his face from how heavy it was. “The fuck you got in there, your fucking library?"

Namjoon quickly helped him stand properly again and chuckled lightly. “No hyung, just dog food and his favorite toys.” Disbelieving, Yoongi stared at him, trying to figure out just how many cans he put in that damn bag when the dog was just staying over for half a day .

“Anyway, please feed him at exactly six pm, and play with him a lot so he doesn’t get too hyper! Also, he needs to go outside at least once every three hours, and he only sleeps on his favorite blanket. I put it in the bag, just lay it on the couch or something. Thank you again, you’re really a lifesaver!”

“Yes ok I got it.” Rolling his eyes fondly, he ushered the other out of his apartment and gestured for him to leave already. “Now go to work so you can flirt with that Seokjin guy at the reception or whatever, I don’t care.”

He closed the door and barely heard Namjoon’s muffled screams of protest before his attention landed on the big ball of floof expectantly staring up at him with big eyes from where it’s sitting by the shoes, wiggling its tail excitedly.

Squatting down to run his hands through the extremely soft fur and look into those innocent, glistening eyes, Yoongi contemplated that maybe the company of another living being might not be that bad. Animals were the better humans after all.

After taking the blanket out of the bag, Yoongi saw that it wasn’t the cans that made the bag so heavy. Namjoon had squeezed what was probably his entire possession of dog’s toys into that bag.

Shaking his head, he splayed the blanket out on the couch before finally, finally making it to the shower and stepping inside. He sighed under the pleasant stream of warm water running down his back when he shrieked, jumping to the side and almost slipping.

An annoyed frown on his face, he adjusted the settings of the water several times, but nothing seemed to help. The water was freezing. So he waited. But even after minutes of shivering and his lips slowly turning blue, the water was still the same icy temperature.

If the nice, old lady that lived next door had heard the stream of curse words that left Yoongi’s mouth, she would’ve suffered immediate heart failure, probably. The best thing to do now was to quickly get it over with, so Yoongi stepped under the water again and hurriedly washed the remains of sauce out of his hair, as well as it was possible with chattering teeth and shaking hands.

When he got out of the shower, he felt more like a corpse than ever, and was more than just ready to die. Damn, did he regret turning the air conditioner on. It might be hot like hell outside, but it felt like Yoongi was inside a freezer right now.

Trying his best to move his numb limbs, he pulled on a sweater and a thick hoodie, and two pairs of fluffy socks because everything felt like it was going to fall off any second.

He stumbled into the kitchen to make himself some hot coffee to warm up. Suspiciously, he eyed the corner of the counter that almost ripped his little toe off earlier, and put extra care into avoiding it.

He was a little hopeful when he put his mug under the coffee machine, pressing the button. He was still hopeful as he listened to the water splash into the mug steadily.

A numb realization spread through his body and extinguished every ounce of hope when he saw that the coffee’s coming out clear.

Not bothering to try again, Yoongi accepted his defeat. A broken coffee machine to match his broken soul, he thought.

At some point, he stopped feeling his toes and his damp hair felt like popsicles hanging from his head and all he wanted was salvation from his endless torture.

Who would've thought that when he walked into the living room to get some extra blankets, there would be the next disaster of the day waiting for him.

Rapmon, whom Yoongi had long forgotten, was contently sitting on the couch, staring challengingly at the man mourning several torn cushions and eyeing a suspiciously dark stain on the carpet.

It’s ok. It’s fine. Slowly, Yoongi drags a hand down his face and breathes shakily through his nose. He was too stressed to deal with this right now, and definitely too tired, praying to the god who failed him to ease his pain with some caffeine.

For the first time this day, god answered.

Yoongi suddenly remembered the coffee shop nearby that had opened only a few days ago. The icicle that was his body started melting a little at the thought and he changed into some clothes that were acceptable to wear when surrounded by other humans in this weather. That being black, baggy pants, a loose, white shirt and a snapback.

Grabbing his keys, wallet, and sunglasses, Yoongi was halfway through the door when he heard a loud bark from inside. Quickly, he considered his options. Monie had just recently eaten, and judging by the mess in his living room he also wouldn't need to pee anytime soon.

Soft paws clattered across the tiles and Yoongi almost managed to close the door when a big, glistening nose and a pair of shiny, brown puppy eyes appeared in the small crack. Defeated, Yoongi grabbed the leash and put it on the overly excited dog, leaving his apartment and strolling down the busy street that led him directly to the new coffee shop.



Fortunately, Monie didn't seem to cause much trouble on their way, and Yoongi was actually able to relish the way the hot rays of sunlight felt on his vitamin D deprived vampire skin. (It's just that Yoongi was too busy working in his studio to go outside, really. Because contrary to popular belief, he was everything but lazy.)

The door opened with a chime and Yoongi was greeted by an overwhelmingly aromatic scent of freshly brewed coffee. With every deep breath he took, the tension from this morning dissipated until a tiny smile formed on his face.

Only a few customers occupied the seats, the clatter of cutlery and murmuring voices creating a quiet and gentle ambience, and the only person at the bar right now was a nice, elderly lady that seemed to be done with her order by the time Yoongi stepped up to the counter.

“Hi, welcome! What can I get for you?”

A young woman with a pretty apron smiled at him expectantly. Just as he was about to answer, Monie barked loudly. The woman's smile faltered.

“I'm sorry Sir, but didn't you read the sign?”

She pointed at the entrance door.

“Dogs not allowed,” she stated.

Yoongi’s stomach dropped, and he was seriously close to just throwing up all over the squeaky clean floor. It should've been expected, though, considering all the amazing luck he was blessed with this morning. He looked down at Monie to hide his embarrassed expression before muttering an apology, but he was interrupted by a loud “Oh!” right next to him.

Swirling around, he was met with a man crouching beside Monie and eagerly stroking his head and back, making Monie’s tail wiggle in excitement. After the initial shock, Yoongi noticed that the man was wearing the same nice apron as the barista.

“Taehyung! Go wash your hands immediately, and back to work,” said barista mouthed.

The man—Taehyung, apparently—gave Monie one last ruffle before standing up and woah , he was tall . Yoongi had to lift his head to look at his face and he admitted silently that Taehyung was undeniably handsome, gorgeous even.

His skin was dark and glowing like honey, his features sharp and prominent but unbelievably soft and delicate like a flower. Silky strands of strawberry blonde hair fell around a pair of pretty dark eyes and thick eyebrows and wow, the man had the longest eyelashes Yoongi’s ever seen. Shiny brown orbs held Yoongi’s gaze for a few seconds and fuck , he was totally caught staring.

“But Noona, this dog is so cute! I want it to stay here,” a voice suddenly rumbled. It took Yoongi a few moments of processing to realize that this deep voice was actually Taehyung’s, and that made his heart involuntarily skip a beat or two.

“Nobody will ever know, I promise. Please?”

A tall, handsome guy with a cute face and a smooth, low voice like that? Definitely illegal. Yoongi couldn't form thoughts coherent enough to express just how illegal it was, and how attacked he felt. Apparently, the barista felt the same way, because her features immediately softened and she sighed, nodding.

Taehyung beamed at her with his soft lips stretched into a boxy grin that revealed a set of perfect white teeth and Yoongi had to stop himself from waxing even more poetic gay shit about the man. Even though he had to admit that this is exactly what he was—a poet, sort of, and gay.

Absolutely gay.

After having ordered an espresso and a latte, he strolled over to the booths and relaxed into the soft material of the seats. Rapmon was quietly lying underneath the table and Yoongi took a sip, closing his eyes at the warm pleasure flooding his body. The coffee was really good, he noticed, definitely one of the best ones he'd tried so far.

Contently, he sipped his coffee in relative peace. Relative, because a certain coffee shop employee kept attracting his gaze and it’s very distracting, so much that the coffee had turned cold before he could finish even half of it. Sighing, he rested his head on his palm before throwing yet another glance at Taehyung, and this time their eyes met.

Taehyung stopped cleaning a table mid-swipe, only to smile warmly at Yoongi who forgot to close his mouth and was now gaping like the biggest idiot. Damn his brain’s inability to properly function and the gooey feeling in his stomach, damn him for being so fucking gay. After Taehyung had eventually resumed his work, Yoongi was finally able to tear his eyes away from the stunning young man.

The tiredness from before started to creep it's way into his bones again so he decided to order another coffee for his sanity. Unfortunately, the queue was slightly longer this time, and while Yoongi was waiting for his turn, he lost sight of the man he’s been not-so-decently checking out.



It was becoming fairly crowded in the shop, and a quick glance at his phone revealed that it was already past midday. Yoongi blinked, wondering how he managed to spend several hours thirsting over an employee when it had felt like minutes to him. Walking back to his booth with Monie, he had the pleasure to discover that it was taken.

Growling, Yoongi walked around the shop, praying to find an empty booth for himself. Luckily, he did, settling down into a seat quite far away from his initial spot. Closing his eyes, he took a long sip from his coffee and relaxed immediately, appreciating the way the bitter aroma lingered on his tongue warmly.

“Your doggo is the cutest one I've ever seen.”

His eyes fluttered open to reveal Taehyung, who was sitting in the seat across from him, flashing a warm smile. Slowly taking a deep breath, Yoongi tried his best to keep his cool exterior as unaffected as he could, even though his insides were all mushy and burning. Leaning forward to rest his elbows on the table, he averted his gaze before speaking up.

“Actually he’s not mine, I’m dog sitting for a friend.”

Taehyung hummed in understanding, standing up and rounding the table until he’s right next to Yoongi before crouching down. The latter flinched, heart pounding hard against his chest because the handsome guy just casually dropped to his knees right in front of his crotch.

“Aren’t you working?” Yoongi asked and gave him a concerned look. Taehyung shook his head before turning to the dog at Yoongi’s feet. “I’m having a break right now.”

Monie snuggled his head into Taehyung's big palm and enjoyed all the attention he got from the friendly human, panting happily. Taehyung seemed to enjoy it just as much, the look in his eyes as soft as the fur his hands were sliding through.

Then, without a warning, he looked up at Yoongi with that same soft gaze and smiled at him like a sunflower that beamed at the sun.

“I thought you might need something sweet to cheer up.”

Yoongi couldn't quite figure out what he meant by that, staring back at him with a blank expression. Taehyung chuckled cutely, and if it’d been somehow possible for Yoongi to be even more whipped, he would've jumped right off a cliff because a man could only handle this much.

Taehyung pointed at the table and Yoongi turned his head to see a plate with a piece of strawberry cake in front of him. Fuck it, he was definitely jumping off a cliff after this. Was Taehyung real? Why was he so nice to him? How could this be possible? According to the laws of physics, a guy couldn't be this gorgeous, tall, and friendly. He had to have at least one downside, didn't he? Yoongi concluded that he must be taken, or a ghost, or maybe both.

“Thank you,” he managed to croak out, very not smoothly.

Unknowingly, a smile spread on his face as he turned to face Taehyung again. “But why?” Yoongi looked down at Monie, hiding his small blush as well as he could. This time, a full-blown laugh escaped the other and it sounded too angelic for Yoongi to handle.

“You are too cute to have such a grumpy look on your pretty face.”

It was too much. Yoongi felt the heat creep onto his face, making the air around him even hotter as his stomach did three backflips. That cliff seemed like a legitimate solution right now if he was being honest. He took a few breaths before looking at Taehyung, who was busy playing with Monie again, the faintest tinge of pink across his cheeks.

“To be honest, I just had the worst morning of my life,” Yoongi stated, eyes following the movement of Taehyung’s hand in Monie’s fur. The other looks up and Yoongi grins at him before adding, “but it seems like this day is turning out to be rather great.”

For a moment, they simply smiled at each other,  Yoongi felt his heart slam against his ribcage as he looked into sparkling eyes that knocked every breath out of his body. Was he really flirting with the beautiful man in front of him? Was said man actually the one who initiated it? Honestly, it was too good to be true, it was most likely all the caffeine that made him hallucinate or something. Soon enough, his thoughts were interrupted by Taehyung’s adorable giggle.

“What made it better?” he asked, a sly grin on his face and how dare he pull that on his poor, weak heart now.

Yoongi hummed, as if he was contemplating, his fingers tracing patterns on the table. It was partly for buildup, but for the most part it was to calm his own racing mind.

“The nice weather, probably?” he teased, earning an offended glare that made him snort.

“And the free cake, of course. Who wouldn’t be happy after that?”

Something stirred in his chest when he saw the sad pout on Taehyung’s face before he spoke up again.

“But most of all, it was your cute smile.”

The way Taehyung’s face lit up, a beautiful grin that left Yoongi mesmerized, was worth all his earlier struggles, he thought. Suddenly, his chest clenched, and he felt the overwhelming need to protect this man's happiness with everything he had.

Taehyung stood up then, sliding into the little space left on Yoongi’s side of the booth and folding his hands under his chin, and looked into Yoongi’s eyes intensely.

“I would buy you every cake in this world so that you would always be this happy.”

At this point, Yoongi didn't even try to keep his facial expressions under control anymore, blushing and grinning like an idiot when he heard an alarm go off, only to notice that it was Taehyung’s phone.

“Gotta go back to work,” he said, lifting himself off the seat and stepping next to the table to face Yoongi again.

“Cake sounds really good, how about this weekend?”

Yoongi’s heart slammed hard against his chest and he couldn't believe he had really just asked that. But Taehyung nodded enthusiastically, stroking Monie’s fur one last time before handing his phone to Yoongi, who excitedly saved his number in the other’s contacts.

“Cake sounds good, but seeing your smile sounds even better,” Yoongi almost whispered.

A deep laugh escaped the other and Yoongi felt too many emotions at once to comprehend any of them. Taehyung beamed and waved at him before disappearing through a staff only door.


Effectively ignoring the inevitable doom waiting for him at home, Yoongi happily strolled through the streets with Monie and bought him a ton of snacks from a pet store.





Namjoon, still in his pajamas, opened the door and stared unbelievingly at the man in front of him with half-lidded eyes.

“Did something happen? Do you even know what time it is? How are you even awake at this hour?”

Yoongi snorted, looking down at his shoes and fumbling with his hands behind his back.

“Uhm, could I like, go on a walk with Monie? Just for a few hours, I'll make sure that he’s perfectly fine.”

Rubbing his eyes a few times, Namjoon tilted his head questioningly.

“I guess? I remember a few days ago, you would've ‘rather died than babysit my goddamn dog’ but sure, I'm too tired to be questioning you right now.’

“Thank you, you owe me this one anyway, remember?” Yoongi smiled while petting Rapmon’s silky fur. Waving goodbye, he took his leash and started walking towards the elevator when Namjoon suddenly shouted.

“Are you holding a sunflower?!”