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Flower boy

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Batter groggily lifted his head after feeling something shake him. "What?" He mumbled, sleepiness evident in his voice. Alpha, the oldest add on, stood in front of him. "That man is back!" The man.

The masked man that Batter met that special day. He came by ever so often and it honestly pissed the biker off. Sure, he was a nice guy but... Did he really need to visit all the time? Besides, batter was in the middle of taking a nap. Batter sat up, groaning, as he rubbed his eyes. "Why?" Alpha shrugged. "Well, bring him in. What are you waiting for?" Alpha scurried to retrieve the masked male before heading out Batter's office, giving the two privacy.

"Hola, mi amigo!" The masked man yelped, sitting on top of the desk Batter was previously laying on. "Zacharie. What is it now? Don't you have a flower shop to take care of?" Batter asked, rubbing his temples.

It has been months since he first met the other and this week hadn't been such a great one. He was annoyed and almost... Heartbroken. Though, he would never admit to it.

Zacharie nodded and leaned back alittle. "Sí pero... It's closed and I've finished all my needed duties." He sighed. "I was bored and wanted to see you, dear Batter. Is that so bad?" Batter leaned back into his chair. "I guess not but..." He let out a breath. Zacharie looked at him. "What's wrong?"

"This week hadn't been the best." Batter started and almost finished but he knew that Zacharie would press on. "Vader... She broke up with me." He let out a slow laugh. "It's funny because when she did, I almost... Felt relieved. Now it's only me and the triplets I suppose." That caused Zacharie to snort. "Well, have fun with them then." He jumped up and swung around. "Batter." He started before hesitating. "Nothing, nevermind." He sighed. That's when Batter noticed something.

"You changed your mask!" He exclaimed rather loudly.

That took Zacharie back abit and he chuckled, nodding. "I got tired of the toad one.. it was starting to see it's ending." Though, that wasn't the full truth. But, batter didn't notice. "Really?" Zacharie nodded. "My friend, Pablo, helped me design this one. Based it off his younger brother."

Batter nodded, not wanting to question anything.

Zacharie waved and started heading towards the door. "Though, I must head off. I just realized I must get home soon." Batter didn't question that either. Even if it raised questions in his head.

"Okay. See ya." With that, Zacharie was gone.

And that made Batter realize, he didn't know that much about the man. At all. So why was this strange feeling rising in the man's chest?

Who knows?

Batter sure didn't.