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4 O' C L O C K

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Yoongi was chained to the cross facing east, where the sun was about to come out from. The silver chains digging brutally into his wrists and ankles burned. The crimson blood that trickled steadily down his arms felt mocking against his unusually pale skin. He was waiting to be turned into dust in just a few moments.

He turned his head weakly to the left and at his lover who was struggling against the hold of the guards. The dark haired boy had begged his father, the governor, on his knees to free his lover until they bruised. He had sworn that he would never see him again and to just let him live. But Yoongi was never even alive in the first place, he thought bitterly.

The boy used the last of his strength to yank himself away from the guards and ran to him. Yoongi only vaguely registered the governor holding up his hand to stop the guards who were about to chase after his son. The yells of the town people went muted to Yoongi’s ears as all of his senses zeroed in on the crying boy that now stood before him. The familiar blue bubble of their own world formed around them as it always had whenever they were together.

Trembling hands cupped his cheeks gently before soft lips were kissing every inch of his face and neck, smearing warm tears all over his icy skin, murmuring apologies and weak begs.

Yoongi planted his own kisses on his lover’s temple, forehead, hair and whatever part his lips could reach. He thanked him for making him feel as close to being a human as possible. For making him feel alive.

Yoongi wished for the scarlet light of the day to never come. He wished their dark blue dawn under the moonlight to last forever. He remembered his lover singing softly into the quiet cold darkness around them just the night before, curling up against him for warmth that Yoongi never had. He remembered his rosy cheeks, his fluttering long lashes and his expressive eyes painted with pure happiness as he smiled up shyly at Yoongi’s declarations of love.

Yoongi nudged the boy’s temple with his chin softly to get him to look up before kissing him on the lips for one last time, as the sun began to rise.

The boy sobbed into the kiss, desperate as he vainly attempted to shield Yoongi from the unforgiving sunlight.

Yoongi closed his eyes and prayed that he would reborn as a human and fall in love with this person again and again, in all lifetimes to come.


Yoongi kissed the plump lips until he could no longer feel a thing.

The boy held onto Yoongi until there was nothing left of him.



Because their world was always blue under the moonlight.