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Twin Chaos

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After Garrett woke up, the twins used the time to catch up with each other even though they have only been separated for a week. They rummage the cabin for food, find nothing, and complain about the world. Then they discuss what happened to him, how he got the anchor, and who's the villain this time.

"And then, sister," Garrett continues his story, raising a finger and narrowing his eyes. "Once we arrived at the temple, there was this suspiciously familiar voice. I swear I've heard it before."

Intrigued, Marian leans in. "What did the voice sound like?"

"It sounded like someone who'd go Mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!"

Her expression turns sage-like. "Hmmm... That does sound familiar."

They have met a lot of villains throughout the course of their lives: the Arishok, Bianca,  Knight-Commander Meredith, Cullen's noodle hair, Bianca, Corypheus, and that one Chantry sister whose name rhymed with petri dish.

The twins think long and hard, rattling their brains for the source of the familiar voice until Marian finally takes an intelligent guess. She deduces, wisely, "It's most likely Bianca. I always knew that crossbow didn't like us."

Garrett perks up. "Bianca's your first guess too? But to actually involve the Divine in her schemes is unlike her. Should we tell Varric?"

Marian is about to answer him when an elf suddenly enters the cabin without knocking. Both twins raise their eyebrow at the intruder which seems to terrify the elf as she falls down on her butt before scrambling to right herself.

The elf squeaks, "You're- You're awake! You are to see La- Lady Cassandra once you've woken. 'At once,' she said." Her voice trembles and she takes a step back. "At once!" She finishes- barely- before bolting out of the cabin, slamming the door behind her.

The twins ask around Haven where Cassandra is because the terrified elf forgot to tell them. At once!  the elf said before fleeing with the speed of someone whose butt was on fire.

Yes they'll definitely find Cassandra at once.

They stop by Varric's place, barely able to restrain themselves from plastering their bodies onto him again, and ask if he knows where Cassandra is.

Varric responds by saying that he's hiding from her and her sword so he doesn't know.

They roam around some more until they find Cassandra outside the gates, near the training soldiers. She is pacing back and forth, fidgeting with the thick book in her hands. Then she'd stand straight, her intense gaze landing on the air in front of her, and murmurs something before pacing back and forth again.

Garrett approaches her from behind. "You wanted to see me, Cassandra?"

"Ah!" She jerks around in surprise and Cassandra almost drops the book. "Champion!"

Garrett and Marian give a little wave.

Cassandra gathers herself for a moment, taking a deep breath and clearing her throat. "I've been meaning to... apologize for my rude behavior from three days ago," she says, her cheeks coloring a soft pink. "It was inappropriate and I even manhandled you, the Champion of Kirkwall no less." She sounds horrified.

Honestly, Garrett doesn't mind. If he saw himself he would probably arrest him too. Maybe even pick a fight. Besides, manhandling Garrett is usually the only way to make him listen. So no hard feelings.

But Garrett says nothing of this to Cassandra because because they're uncool thoughts. He spies the title Tale of the Champions on the cover of her book and guesses that she's a fan so naturally, he has to turn on his charm.

He flashes his debonair smile and Marian helps him by adding a twinkle to his teeth with magic. "It's alright, Cassandra. Besides, I don't mind being manhandled by a pretty lady." He throws in a wink too for extra charm points.

He can almost hear his sister's proud cheers for that smooth line.

Cassandra's face turns an alarming shade of red that both twins approach her in concern.

"Are you okay, Cassandra?" Marian reaches out to touch Cassandra's elbow which Cassandra almost jerks away before controlling herself.

"Yes, thank you." She can't maintain eye contact with the both of them anymore so she transfers her gaze to her shifting feet. She hopes they can't hear the loud beating of her heart. She hopes she doesn't faint in front of them. Possibly embarrassing herself in front of the people she looks up to is the worst thing that could happen to her.

The Champions.

They're here. With her. Talking to her like she's a normal person. Marian Hawke touched her and Cassandra touched Garret Hawke's hand three days ago- even if it was in a violent manner.

Tale of the Champions portrayed them as kind, charming, wise, and honorable people. They handle every situation with care, always trying to save everyone and always picking the choice where, if possible, no one but them gets in danger.

Cassandra's favorite is the part where Marian Hawke defeated three high dragons all by herself to save a dwarf. She came out mortally wounded but still, she smiles so the dwarf wouldn't worry about her. When Cassandra read that scene, she cheered in awe. She even shed tears a little.

To think that these people actually exist!

It was different three days ago with Garrett. The situation that time was dire and there was no time to fangir- no time to admire the Champion. And while there is still a hole in the sky, relaxing is not as dangerous as it was days ago.

Wishing her trembling is not obvious, she gives the book to a confused Marian.

"Will you... If it's alright with the two of you, will you please sign my copy of Tale of the Champions?"