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In Defense of Soggy French Fries

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“Ta-da-shi-kun,” she sing-songs as she places a container on his desk and opens the top. Tadashi can see four slices of homemade-looking strawberry shortcake nestled inside.

“Would you like to try some? I’ve been practicing and need some taste-testers.” She taps the side of the box.

Her friend joins them by his desk and leans over. “Didn’t you say strawberry shortcake was your favorite, Tadashi-kun?”

Tadashi reddens; now with Kei sitting right next to him he’s embarrassed that he had told them that. He shifts uncomfortably, but schools his face into a friendly grin, scratching his cheek. “Ahaha, well, you know…”

He sees Kei glance at him out of the corner of his eye. He’s squinting, and Tadashi knows he’s going to have to answer for this later today. “Can Tsukki try some too?”

“Of course! I brought four slices.” She’s already placing the slices on cotton-candy pink napkins.

Tadashi accepts his piece with a nod and hands one to Kei, who looks at it blankly before setting it on his desk. The cream topping is a little lopsided and the strawberries have bled into the sponge cake, making it a soggy shade of red. Tadashi hopes it tastes better than it looks.

 Her friend takes a bite and starts to nod vigorously. “This is so good!” She looks expectantly at Tadashi, and he realizes she’s waiting for an agreement. “Yeah, it’s really good!”

 It’s not. But he doesn’t want to hurt her feelings.



 Flying_Crow:     Kageyama and I have something to do at lunch today

                                    So don’t worry about waiting for us

                                    We’ll find you guys later if there’s time


YachiH ✿♥‿♥✿: Me too actually!!!

                           I told a classmate I’d help them with physics

                           Looks like Tadashi-kun and Tsukishima-kun are on their own today



YamaTuchi:      That’s okay!

                          We’ll survive. :P

                          Have fun everybody!


                          I have a piece of cake if anyone wants it later.


Flying_Crow:     DIBS!!!!!!!!


Tadashi smiles and stuffs his phone in his pocket. Some of his favorite days are the extremely rare occasions, like today, that he gets Kei to himself for lunch. They had found the perfect spot at the top of the stairs at the end of the third year’s hall, past the science labs. The vending machine at the bottom of the stairwell was perpetually broken, pretty much guaranteeing that other students wouldn’t be coming by.

“Stairwell?” Kei is looking down at him, face just barely readable. You’re excited too, hmm, Tsukki?

Tadashi pushes his chair back, picking up his lunch box and the container of leftover cake. “Of course!”



“I wonder what Kageyama and Hinata had to do?” Tadashi frowns as he tries to situate himself more comfortably on the landing. Stairs are hard. “I really hope they didn’t fail a class. Hinata promised me that they were both doing really well.”

Kei opens his lunch box and lets out a huff. “ Really well?”

“Well for them!” Tadashi snickers. He shouldn’t make fun, they really were doing much better this year.

“I doubt they are doing anything remotely close to studying right now.” Kei shifts, straightening one leg out to rest against the stairs below them.


Kei shakes his head as he takes in a mouthful of rice.

Whatever Kageyama and Hinata were doing it didn’t really matter. Except if they really are in trouble for failing something. Tadashi tries not to let that worry take root. There are other things to be anxious over. First years, the upcoming away games...Kei.


Tadashi glances up from his lunch box, midway through his search for the best looking cherry tomato. “So?”

“Strawberry shortcake is your favorite dessert?” Kei states more than questions, as he pushes his glasses into the bridge of his nose. “Hmm, Ta-da-shi-kun?” he sing-songs, imitating the girl’s tone from earlier.

Tadashi splutters and feels the heat of a full body blush envelope him instantly. Partly from embarrassment at being caught in his lie, but mostly because the sound of his first name coming from Kei was so unexpected. “Tsukki!”

He looks guiltily at the container of cake by his feet. He had known Kei wasn’t going to let him get away with this.

“Because I’m pretty sure strawberry shortcake is my favorite.”

Tadashi groans and looks back at Kei, thoroughly shamed. Kei just watches him with a bemused grin. “They asked me what my favorite dessert was a while ago...that day you were sick, and I didn’t know what to say! All I could think of was strawberry shortcake.”

“Mmhmm,” Kei says, tapping his chopsticks against his lunchbox. Tadashi knows he’s holding in laughter. He also knows that he’s just given Kei ammunition to tease him with for months.

“You’re never going to let me live this down, are you?”


“It’s your fault anyway.” Tadashi pouts. “If you hadn’t been sick they wouldn’t even have had a chance to ask in the first place. They ambushed me, Tsukki. Ambushed me!”

“It’s not my fault you can’t hold your own against two girls.”

“I don’t want to be rude to them!”

“This is what you get for not being rude. She’s baking you dessert.” Kei waves his hand at the container. “Next she’s going to corner you for a confession.”

“A what!?”

“If she only knew the way to her precious ‘Ta-da-shi-kun’s’ heart was an order of soggy french fries. ” Kei mouth quirks into a teasing smile. “Culinary masterpiece.”

Tadashi gasps in mock offense as he grabs the cake container by his feet. “Don’t make fun of my french fries!”  

He plucks a strawberry from the remaining piece and brandishes it in front of Kei’s face, threatening to shove it in his mouth. 

Kei raises an eyebrow and huffs, catching Tadashi’s wrist. “Are you trying to threaten me....with fruit?”

Kei pulls on his wrist, mouth still drawn into a smirk, “Lame.”

“I am not la…” Tadashi starts to retort but stops short, watching wide-eyed as Kei parts his lips and leans into the space between them. Tadashi’s mouth goes dry. He’s going to eat it out of my hand! 

“Whatr’ you guys doing?”

Tadashi jerks back, losing his grip on the strawberry. Hinata!

Kei sighs and releases Tadashi’s wrist.