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Sharck of H3ro3s

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"To know about a threat this long and make no attempt at preparing a defensive countermeasure makes his concern hard to believe."

"Yeah Greeny I agree." Pyrona simply followed close behind.

"We must be on guard while we are here. The sooner we leave, the better. For now, let us hurry and find the other two so we can discuss our way back to Princess Lizeea."

Green Ranger, Pyrona, and I were on a search for Rose Knight and Vienna after leaving Atalanta so she could rest a bit. After going on our way down the spiral wooden tree steps, the two ladies started conversing in a low volume about this guy named Pring. Whatever it was that they felt the need to say was obviously something that should not be said out loud. I only caught some of it, but they conversed for a while before we finally caught up to Rose Knight.

There was a large wooden building with enough noise coming from it to keep anyone near deprived of sleep. It was the only noticeable building within a hundred yard radius with its several posts outside where one could lean on for support. There were people standing around outside and inside, some were holding drinks, some were happy and laughed out loud constantly, and one or two looked to be sleepy or sick. This place looked like somewhere a socializer would opt to go.

Rose Knight seemed to be having fun, two women also laughing with him. Pyrona had called out to him, but he didn't appear to hear her. Then she called out to him again even louder and he looked up and then grabbed the two women by their waists, turned around, and started walking in the opposite direction by going into the building. Pyrona stood nonplussed at first until Green Ranger had decided to forget about him and go look for Vienna. "Stupid Rosie. Now he won't know what our plan is." We searched and searched some more, wandering.



"Hey did you happen to see a pony around here anywhere?" Maybe Pyrona happened upon it and weren't sure who's it was. I whispered, as I didn't want to be caught asking about such a thing. "I met this woman named Valkyrie earlier and she said that she lost her pony after she fell off from him. I haven't seen anything that resembles a horse so far so I was wondering if you might've had better luck finding this creature."

"We were at the old man's for a long time so we didn't see any ponies."

We were walking along a greenway seemingly on the outskirts of the village with nothing but tall trees dominating our surroundings. Still, you could hear commotion to our side even though there was no one to be seen as we were out a little ways from the main part of the village. Our feet crushed the still life under us, making a light crunchy sound with each step taken. Pyrona had pointed out a few things with the plants and told Green Ranger and I how some of the colorful ones were deadly if eaten without cooking them properly first. She also exclaimed how excited she would be if we visited her back at her home so that we may learn of some of her customs. Green Ranger had mentioned that she already knew of some of the customs Pyrona shared with her before, causing Pyrona to thrust her lips out and pout.

"Did you see a girl named Rurn there?" I had suddenly remembered Valkyrie and other locals mentioning her. "I don't know her myself, I just heard that she's one of the heroes here."

"Oooh, maybe she's the pony and she escaped," Pyrona gasped loudly, "or maybe she's in trouble and the Kuyman Army got her! We have to go save her!"

"What are you talking about Pyrona? We have to find Vienna. Calm down," Green Ranger said and was probably very used to Pyrona's quotidian childlike behavior.

"Hey Sharcky," Pyrona had grabbed onto my arm and started walking with me, leaning a little into my body, "let's leave Greeny, she's boring." Green Ranger had noticeably rolled her eyes.

"Where do you think we should look?" I asked. I wasn't quite sure if just walking this trail was going to get us closer to finding anyone.

She pulled me close to her as she leaned in. "Actually, I wanted to tell you something."

"Huh, what is it?" I tried to say as quietly as possible.

"We are looking for that pony. I just lied to you because we are not supposed to tell you our plan so I didn't want Greeny to hear me. Atty said that we should find him to fly back to Princess Lizeea and make sure that she is okay. So if you find him, use him to fly back to the castle and check on her okay?" I nodded slowly, trying not to draw attention to us from Green Ranger who was a little ways ahead of us thanks to Pyrona tugging on me to slow down.

The wind was calm and the sun peaked through the trees every several steps. It was very moist in the air, albeit not hot. Pyrona lay her head on my shoulder and kept her eyes closed. I stared at her just wondering what she was thinking about with such a satisfied smile on her face. She was starting to cause me to sweat just a bit on my held arm.

We came up on a different part of the path. The trail was now more narrow and not as obvious. "Oooh let's go check near the water way over there!" Pyrona let go of me and ran into the woods. Green Ranger sighed and walked after her. Before I started following both of them I heard a noise coming from one of the bushes nearby. I noticed that someone small was staring at me though they weren't doing a good job hiding themselves as they stood out beside the bush and not behind it.

"Hey." Hmm, whoever it was must've felt threatened by my sudden movement of my hand and disappeared. I narrowed my eyes to get a better look and also noticed that the bush was hiding an opening within the woods. I cautiously approached where I assume the person was to make sure what I saw wasn't just an illusion. This person resembled a small child who appeared to be out here on their own. In the ways of a good samaritan of the world I wanted to make sure that this was not a child left behind. Now that I think about it that child was probably one of the girls that was with Valkyrie and may have been lost and scared. I couldn't do much, but I could at least make sure she was okay. I went for the bush and prepared for the child to jump out at me trying to break me out of my composure, however, there was no one. I separated from the others for now, but that was okay as I was in a generally safe area so I didn't have to worry about getting into any fights. So, I ventured into the open space that was somehow hidden behind the small bush.

I stumbled upon a small lake or pond of some sort. Wasn't Pyrona just talking about running toward the water? There were animals here and there and a plethora of plants and flowers scattered about. These plants looked rich and didn't seem to be missing on nutrition. Did this water have something to do with this perhaps? It was beautiful, but very strange. I never saw anything like it.

I looked up and noticed a brownish-orange bird standing on a branch a few feet away from me with its head cocked to one side. I stared at it; it stared at me. I tried not to move much and startle it, but then it flew away as I heard a splash, like a small rock had dropped into the water. There were noises all around, but this was a very distinctive one. I searched and searched until I came across a green gem, a few feet away from the water. This gem was a pretty big one and the sunlight was hitting it just right to give off an impression that the gem was emitting light itself. I wanted to take it to the others to see if they knew what it was or not, but it was surrounded by barbed stems anyhow so I couldn't just pick it up without regretting it. It was just out here on its own near the waterside plant life, but no way I was the first person to come across it, right? Man, everything about this place was just something to marvel at. I leaned in to get a better look at the gem because I couldn't stop staring at the it. Suddenly, I felt my head take on an excruciating throb, so bad that I fell on my side. I tried to get up on my feet, but felt woozy while on one knee, then the feeling of a strong force banged against my skull again...



I was staring at the water I remembered walking up to earlier. The surface of the water was a lot lower, and the top of the trees were not so high anymore. My arms and legs weren't functioning properly and my head was in so much pain. I couldn't move and my hands were stuck to my side.

The water was the centerpiece of this entire little area outside the village and was as reflective as to allow me to only see the surface. It was also very still despite the fact that there were hundreds of creatures out here that needed to no doubt quench their thirst or take a good bath. Birds were singing, bugs were chirping, and little critters were scurrying around. This place seemed sacred at the least and I didn't want to barge in on anyone's sacred grounds anymore than I was already doing. I looked to my right and left focusing my hearing and sights toward all directions. I still could not figure out what was going on or why I was stuck against a tree. Plants that I didn't remember crossing suddenly formed a large barrier around the water.

"Thought you were going to get away with stealing did you?" A young light bluish-green hair colored girl stood below me. She had a very soft-spoken voice. Her hair was fairly long and was did up in the back in a curly twin pigtail fashion. "Too bad. Now what do I do with you?"

"Hey! How did I get up here!?" I shouted. She shrugged her shoulders and then walked under me so I couldn't see her. Something sharp and hard poked me in my back. "Oww! What is that!?" I saw the little girl again.

"Why are you here?" She went under me again and instantly, something poked me in my back again, this time I'm sure it broke my skin barrier. I hollered and couldn't imagine the pain I was feeling on my back.

"I didn't do anything, I'm stuck here!" I wanted the pain to stop more than anything as I tried to break free.

"Tehe." That giggle, the giggle I heard earlier before I ended up stuck to this tree.

"Hey! You put me in this tree didn't you!?" She turned and looked around a bit and that's when I noticed that she was wearing big butterfly wings on her back. She stared at me for a moment until she picked up a basket and held a flower up towards me.

"My flowers mean the world to me. If you dare come back here and trespass again, I will not be nice about it." The tree suddenly loosened its grip and dropped me onto the ground right near the girl's feet. My back was still in pain and it was very difficult to push myself up. "Leave." She looked serious and mean up close, even though her voice was still so childlike and soft. Her eyes were green and she had little freckles on her cheeks. Though her face suggested she was really young, her floral clothing argued otherwise. She held one hand on her hip and the flower filled basket in the other.

I tried to look up at her and say, "Sorry, I did not know." I eventually successfully pushed myself up and painfully walked away, not without a feeling of something gripping my chest and making it a challenge for me to breathe. My head was still hurting for sure, but now I was able to focus on another physical trite. I left just as simply as I had come into this sacred area. After passing the entrance bush, I continued on the path that Green Ranger and Pyrona had taken. I had to make sure I found them now.



"Sharcky, where were you?" Pyrona asked me in a manner that said she would not accept anything absurd. I had slowly walked up to Pyrona and Green Ranger after my encounter with the little girl. They were a little distance away from where I last left them so it took a long time to get to them. My back was feeling so much worse that I tried to bend over or something else to stretch it out because it was starting to tighten up badly. All I could do was breathe and give off a light pant. "Say something Sharcky, and stop stretching."

"Ugh! Sorry, my back has been killing me lately."

"What happened?"

"I found a girl."


"No. Some other little girl that had some kind of power and threatened me by holding me to a tree and poking me in my back. I think she might've hit a nerve."

"She does not have power because she is stronger than you," Green Ranger said after continuing to face the water.

Pyrona gasped and wrapped her hands around my face to cover my eyes. "Maybe she was a part of the Cayman Army and was spying on you!" She let me go and bent low to the ground and started circling around me searching around for something while using her hand as a visor. She whispered, "Someone tried to kill our Sharcky and now we have to find them and make them pay." She walked up to Green Ranger and pointed at her. "You look mean enough." Green Ranger only glared in response. "Aww come on Greeny!" I was going to say something, but then my back removed the ability of forming words to escape my mouth. I groaned and Pyrona placed her hand over my face. "Shhh Sharcky, you are in shock. Don't worry we will find the Kooman Army spy and bring her to justice." Green Ranger examined me for a moment, then decided that we should continue searching. "Maybe we'll find her while looking for Vienna," Pyrona said.

I never thought the Cayman Army would be spying on us. That would kind of explain why they weren't attacking yet. Maybe word got out that heroes were here and that stirred up enough from the army to send some spies. Whoever she was, if no one else saw her then I'm going to start pretending that I didn't either.

We were a little further away from the village now and the river was right next to us. It was a pretty big one and we would have been fools to try and wade across it. "This is another path to the village. If someone were to attack from here, the village would not be ready," Green Ranger suddenly said to Pyrona. "Why did Pring not mention this?"

"Because we're visitors silly Greeny. He asked us if we would stay for a little while and help fight, but Atty told him no."

"Maybe this way leads back to the castle." Green Ranger stared across the river. As if to deter her from making a terrible mistake, a big bug flew towards the water and was slapped down by a wave crashing against a rock. "We just have to be very careful going across it."

Pyrona started searching the raucous waters, using her hands to form circles around her eyes. She pointed ahead, "Look, there's Vienna! Hey Vienna!" Pyrona shouted even louder as we walked up to her. Vienna was kneeling down to the side near the river then turned to face us, revealing a big rock placed in her arms. "Oooh what did you find?"

"Hi heroes. Did you find out anything from the elder?" Vienna had asked.

"Pring told us quite a bit of lies," Green Ranger said. "It is as if there is no real threat outside of this village."

"We believe he's hiding something," Pyrona added. "How come you didn't tell us you were leaving?"

"I apologize for leaving, I just wanted to see if I could find my book and some more of my shards," Vienna said.

"Did you find any?" I asked.

"Yes. I found a few, and now my stone glows as you can see." The three of us stared at it in wonderment as the gem in her arms gave off a soft glow. In fact, it was similar to the one I found earlier, except it wasn't as bright and it was a different color shade of green. "Everyone will be out of mil before I get my powers back to one hundred percent." We all stared for a little while longer. "I haven't found many in a while so I think I'll put it back." She hugged the stone tightly and it shrunk until it disappeared. I was astonished at Vienna's seemingly immense power. She was a mysterious woman to say the least and it bothered me that someone of her power could be captured and made powerless.

At a moments notice, my back stiffened and went numb as I fell backwards onto the ground. My hearing and vision went away for a bit, but I could still feel a few hands on me almost immediately after nearly fainting. I didn't even realize I was yelling until someone had put their hand over my mouth and I could feel the vibrations. I could feel someone then grasp my face into their hands.



I only remember waking up lying on a hard surfaced bed. I opened my eyes and noticed someone was in here looking out the window across the room from me. They were someone I have yet to meet apparently and they were the only one in the room with me. I tried to move and only managed to turn my head. "Stay with him okay. I'll be right back. Make sure you call Mister Pring if he happens to wake up." The person at the window nodded and then slowly walked towards the chair near my bed to sit down. The hoodie on this person overshadowed their face, but I could tell it was a girl. A young girl by the looks, bandages wrapped around her face. She stared right at me, but said nothing.

The room I was in looked like a log cabin. There was wood as walls, like logs of wood even. The window was just a square and was more of an opening, so I'm sure bugs had free entry, with no glass in-between. There were drawings or paintings of people all around the room on the walls, tools or sticks leaning against them, and a dirty rug right at the entrance way of this room. It was still light enough outside that I could see most, but I did not see a light source within this room.

"...Sir, I don't think it's a good idea to startle the army. Surely they will confess that we sent them."

"We don't have to tell them anything. The angels have blessed us this day... Whoever decided to attack that man in the forest has given us a boost in getting just the type of help we need."

"The King and Queen of Ivalice."

"That's it. Now go check on him." One of them had just entered the room I was in.

"... So, is he still breathing?" A moment of silence. "Uhh, girl! I asked you is he still breathing!"

"He is sleeping." The girl beside me suddenly said. She continued to stare at me.

"Good. Let him continue to rest, but keep an eye on him. I have to finish with the preparations... I sure hope he knows what he's doing."

After he left, the girl slowly reached for me, hand sliding from the edge of the bed, and raised her hand to slowly place it on my leg, only to react immediately after doing so. She gasped and jumped up in her seat. She bowed her head, "I'm sorry, I didn't know ye were awake." She turned her head and shouted, "Sir, this man is up now!"

I could hear him curse as he approached the bed reproached, "How are you Mister Sharck? Glad to have you here with us again. Can you hear me?" I nodded. It was the same guy that directed me to the elder's house before. "Can you speak?" I tried to say something but couldn't at the moment. "Hmm, still unfortunate news. Can you move any?" I shook my head. "This won't do. Did you see who stabbed you in the back? Do you know what kind of spell it was? Could you tell if it was someone from the Cayman Army?" I shook my head. He turned to the girl and asked, "Where is Lady Valkyrie?"

"She had to go take children home. She should be back soon." This girl never really looked at him when she spoke.

"Ah, she wouldn't be able to do it anyway. We need a healer for this poor man." He turned to me. "Don't worry, we will get you the right person for this. I'll go personally to get you a proper healer." He walked out but not before turning to the girl saying, "Keep an eye on him while I'm gone. His life is hanging on a quite thin rope." The girl nodded.

Minutes went by and the girl never said a word. She looked pretty dingy to start with, and it looked like she had crust lines down her face coming from her eyes. She apparently didn't care to ask me any questions or was told not to say anything to me at all. Maybe she was just tired.

Moments went by.

"Hey, Rurn! It's time to go." That familiar sounding voice again when I first woke up. "The children are back home and it's almost dark. Has Mister Pring come back yet?"

"Yes, though I think we should take this man and get away from here."

"Now? Sharck, how are you feeling?" It was Valkyrie who had just walked up to me and tried to sit on the bed only to realize that there was no space. I explained to her that I couldn't really move any part of my body aside from my head. I told Valkyrie what had happened to me while going into the forest and finding the glowing crystal, to waking up next to a tree, to losing feeling in my body. She looked astonished and asked the young girl a few questions about meeting anyone who might've done it only to receive very short answers. "Well, I'd love to try and figure out what to do but I can't do anything for you. I guess we have to find the girl who did this and then figure out how to fix you. You're going to miss the celebration." She walked up to Rurn and placed her hand on her shoulder. "Do you think that maybe Pegasus went there- where this Cayman Army is?"

"I only know that I can't tell." The girl said to Valkyrie while facing up at her. "I am ready to go."

"Are you sure?" Valkyrie asked. The girl reached towards my leg like before, but did not actually touch it this time.

"I am sorry sir." She nodded at Valkyrie, which caused Valkyrie to hold her hand out. The girl grabbed it and stood up slowly allowing Valkyrie to pick her up and head towards the door. Suddenly a sound came from the window, like the wind had blown a branch or something hard at the wall. We all three looked to see a small head pop up. Valkyrie quickly placed the girl in her arms down and stood in front of her. The person in the window jumped in and stared at them while glancing at me. I could tell who it was, and I was scared.

"Who are you?" Valkyrie asked.

The girl looked into her basket and fiddled through it. She then pulled out a flower of some kind and held it in front of her. With not much as a second, some light of dark color, moved towards Valkyrie and the girl at high speed and caused Valkyrie to fall to one knee, groaning. The young girl with the hoodie started feeling around. The girl with the flower looked frustrated. "Ugh- another one!" she fussed. She placed the flower in her basket and jumped out the window. On her way out she cursed.

Valkyrie had grasped her head while mumbling something about not knowing who the girl was and why she suddenly felt so tired and drained of energy. After a little while she seemed fully okay, but she was yawning quite a bit and seemed to need some rest. She walked over to me and said, "Sharck, I didn't like that friend of yours much." She smiled and placed a heavy hand on my chest. "I'll be leaving now to take her back and get some rest. Come on Rurn, let's go." Valkyrie placed one of her arms around Rurn, and they left together.




I knew exactly who this was by now. "Hello again." Her wings were huge, big enough for someone three times my size to wrap up in like a pig in a blanket. She was yet my size, albeit a bit smaller. Her blue eyes stared down at me as she floated casually a couple feet above the ground. The look she gave me was one of understanding, yet authority.

"You have to be more careful."

"I'm trying to. So many things seem to want me dead."

"You must be careful not to wander alone. You are less likely to be attacked again with more of your friends with you."

"But I left their side only for a moment. Why can't you protect me, you said that you would?"

"I cannot protect you if you do not place yourself on the right path. Facing danger with ignorance will not be rewarded."

"How was I supposed to know that a little girl would try and kill me?"

"You have met someone very important. Do not fret. They simply didn't know if you were to be trusted."

"So- you know that girl?" She nodded. "Who is she?"

"This is not important. All you need to know is that you will not have that same issue again. Here." The floating woman of supreme capabilities placed her hands on my shoulders and closed her eyes. "Now you should be able to find your friends. Don't let them get too far away."

"Okay. I understand I think... Wait, what did you just do?"



I had suddenly awoken and was able to move a little afterwards with no issue, almost like I had never suffered a back numbing puncture before. I do remember someone saying that it would take some time. I was able to get up, and the first thing I wanted to do was find the others before that girl with the butterfly wings came back and I was alone.

There wasn't much more to this place. I could see that there were a couple of lanterns lit. There was a table or desk with a couple of unfinished plates and some papers on them. There were a few stools throughout the room exactly like the one Rurn was sitting on and a bunch of things in the shadowy corners and crevices close to the walls. The front door was open and I didn't much hesitate to go through it.

As I exited the house, I could see the elder standing right at the bottom step. He stared at me as if I had done something wrong. "Your friends have all left you," he said. I questioned him. "I am sorry. They said they were going back to the castle. They were very upset that you were injured by some soldier from the Cayman Army, but there were more important tasks. I promised them that you would be safe here. This seemed to ease their minds enough to allow them to continue without you." I tossed the idea around in my head as he walked up the steps towards me. He grabbed one of my hands. "Wait here." I watched him slowly go into his house. A short while after, he came back with a prudent smile on his face. He grabbed my hand again, "Here." He placed a little orange trinket in my hand. It was about the size of the palm of my hand and it had a little teardrop shape in the middle filled with some fluid. "The girl with the big hat wanted to give this to you before she left." I placed it in my pocket. I didn't feel like any of this was true, but it was only a matter of time. "You may stay as long as you like." His friendliness turned me away. I felt like I had just spoke with Pyrona. How did they leave so fast?

As he walked past me into his house, I looked up and saw the houses in the trees. I quickly ran towards the spiral planks that went upward around the tree to get to the upper level. I skipped up the steps and shoved my way through the imaginary door and noticed that nothing was there. No one was here. It was dark, the only thing lighting up this place was the stars outside. I noticed other houses that were bridges across and checked them. Finally, I found one house with a light in it. Surely one of them stayed back and was willing to wait for me. They wouldn't just leave without saying something to me. I think. The house with the light was not empty, it had some cloths, bloody bandages, and two beds. There was Valkyrie's armor as well. This must've been her room.

"Ello." The voice of a young girl forcing me to jump out of my skin.

"Sorry, I thought- Wait a minute, you are the girl from the elder's house, Rurn." It was surely her. I noticed that her hoodie was still placed on her head and she stood at a window, sort of like she did when I had awoken. She didn't look at me when she spoke, but I could hear her clear enough.

"Ye are that man from before. Mint ye are feeling better."

"Yeah, uhh." Silence. "Hey do you know how to get back to the castle where the princess is?" It was a long shot, but maybe she knew something.

"I can't answer that question."

More silence. "Okay I'll leave now, I'm sorry for invading, I thought this belonged to one of the people I came here with."

"Sounds like yer problem." I waited for about ten seconds to see if she would at least turn to tell me to get out, but she just stayed standing next to the window, staring. Maybe she was sleep.

"Right." I was about to leave and continue my search when I saw flashing lights and the sound of drums. It was dark now so the lights were welcomed for my troubled night vision. A lot of screaming suddenly plagued the atmosphere. The noise was one that only a crowd of excited people would make, that could be heard all below me.

That's right, the celebration! I remember speaking to Vienna about it and wondering if she would go. Maybe the guys were there and haven't left yet. I could see somewhat from where I was as I went to cross the bridge, but I wanted to get closer and actually see people so I could confirm.

I had reached the party moments later and noticed that there were a lot of people here dressed up almost the same. The women wore cloths that wrapped around their bodies and draped over their shoulders. Some of the guys I saw earlier were noticeably here because they still had distinct robes on but mostly all other males were shirtless with what looked like mini-skirts, no one had any shoes on. The celebration had already started before my arrival and there were drums, flutes, and singing and dancing all around. A wealthy amount of food was placed on the large table that sat to the side. The crowd of people was unexpected to say the least. Most of the villagers I had not seen today, but I had no idea there were so many in this place. I watched some of the dancers as they moved in a long line. The elder was at the table eating and laughing enjoying the festivity I'm guessing. People were sitting next to him at one table that was right next to the table with the food. After drinking from a cup, a girl jumped up and joined in the dancing and got in the back of the long line as people cheered for the new addition to their group. I didn't see anyone in particular that I knew. Darn, did they really leave?

"Oh hey there Sharck!" It was Valkyrie, dressed completely different than the last time I saw her. She had on what all of the other ladies had on. "Nice to see you here." She gave me a big smile. "So are you enjoying this celebration?"

"Well, yeah it's definitely different than what I'm used to seeing. So much excitement and joy." The truth was that I was just looking for the others, but I kinda got pulled in seeing all the energy put into this celebration.

"So what do you think?" She did a complete twirl.

It took me a few seconds to understand what she wanted me to comment on. "Ah, it looks great on you."

"Thank you. I wasn't going to wear it but I promised Brenda and Frey that I would so here I am." She wore a goofy look on her face as she pulled and pinched at it. "It's a bit tight on me though."

"Where'd you get it?"

"Frey gave it to me and said that she bought it." It didn't look brand new. "I didn't want to disappoint them."

"Well you look nice."

"Thanks." She slowly sat down at a table next to us. This table had food and other waste all over it and a few others were sitting there already, but there was enough space for us to sit down without intrusion.

"Did you happen to see Pyrona? What about Vienna?" She shook her head and shrugged her shoulders. She didn't even know who I was referring to, which means that they never met her though they already knew about her.

She yawned. "What about that little girl that attacked us earlier? What was she doing and why did she attack? Do you know?" I pretended not to know anything and just shook my head. Honestly, I didn't know much of anything except that that girl loves attacking people. "Whatever she attacked me with made me really exhausted all of a sudden. I may not be able to stay here much longer because of that."

"Well, did you find your horse?"

She yawned again and frowned. "I looked everywhere for him and I still couldn't find him."

"Maybe he isn't here in this village."

"I looked outside the village too and still didn't see him. I even called for him and he didn't show up. Usually when I whistle or call his name he would show up in no time."

"Is it possible that the Cayman Army captured him?"

"Huh, I've heard that name before from some of the villagers, but why would they want to capture him? I don't think he would get caught so easily anyway. You see," she put her index finger up to her face like a person who had just come up with an idea, "his name is Pegasus and he can fly." She must have sensed the shock in my expression. "Uh huh, that's why I don't think he would get caught just like that. There would need to be a large number of people, like an army, with bows and arrows to shoot him out of the sky." I was unsure of why she acted like she had no idea that there was such an army that existed, and in fact, threatened to invade. "Yeah I know, he's so amazing."

"I think we need to go to the Cayman Army, maybe he is there; then we can find him, and maybe my way back home."

Maybe she was just tired, but she looked at me with a threatening look about her. "It makes sense now. I know where you're from."

I stood up, "You do!? Do you know how I can get back then!? Maybe who summoned me here!?"

She shushed me, "Don't talk so loud!" She looked all around us. Seeing her so serious all of a sudden made me nervous.

I stuttered for a moment until a loud voice sounded in the air. We all faced the speaker. "Everyone, everyone, we have special guests with us on this very eventful night!" It was the guy that was with the elder when we first arrived in this village, the guy that also spoke to me when I had awoken. "What brought them here, I do not know, they may just be passing by from what I gathered. What I do know is that they are here now and we must celebrate their stay, for they are heroes! Yes that's right, heroes! We have been blessed with the arrival of..." He paused and then looked a little confused. "...Hmm, I thought there would be some new heroes here today. Uh, anyway- you all know of Madam Valkyrie as she has helped a lot of us with our regular boring daily lives." He was very theatrical while he gave his speech which made people laugh. Someone had walked up to him and whispered to the side of his face. He looked over at me. "She is not the only hero here. One of them is at Mister Pring's home. This poor fellow was brutally attacked by a Cayman Army spy. The poor poor thing. This torture, this cruelty of living in fear! This- doubt that we may never see our children become strong men, nurturing women! We live in stress that our home would be destroyed, burned, taken from us! Our children kidnapped, our women raped! I cannot take it anymore, and I know you can't either! This will end very soon, for there is one good thing about that special hero who never had a chance against the spy. He has caused his brothers and sisters to take action against the demon that has plagued his body with paralysis! Yes, they have begun their assault against the 'Demon' Army! They will rid us of this nuisance so that we may finally enjoy our lives, together, in harmony!" The crowd responded positively. The party continued. I turned to face Valkyrie, but she was no longer there. I was hoping that she hadn't left because I felt very uncomfortable with what he had just said. The elder stared at me for a while, so I decided to slide my way out without getting much attention and left to find Valkyrie.

I went up to the treehouse that I expected Valkyrie resided. I came across nothing but an empty room full of unused light. Even the girl was no longer here, the bandages were gone, and the only thing that remained was the cloth that Valkyrie had on earlier. I spooked myself by knocking into one of the beds, causing a little toy to fall onto the floor.