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Once in a Blue Moonlighting

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Agent 92212 wiggled her legs while sitting on the tabletop edge. "So... with that out of the way..." She pounced down and onto the enemy, still seemingly lost in thought. But he was clearly starting to recover his wits since his face was breaking into a definite grin.

She regained the initiative by squeezing against him and locking into his eyes. " about we switch over to some more comfortable and less cramped space?" She emphasized her message by nuzzling the side of his neck and exploring its curve with her tongue and some teeth.

He moaned softly in what was clearly some form of agreement, then proceeded to hoist her over his shoulder. She yelped in surprised protest but barely had time to reorient herself before he had already migrated her to a bedroom that she realized she had not registered before, and flopped her onto the bed.

She moved to rise and demonstrate mock disapproval, but next thing she noticed, he had followed the movement and now sat on her pelvis, which pressed her back down. Another confused blink of an eye later, he had a hold of both of her wrists and held them above her head while staring down at her with a mischievous, even a tad wolfish grin on his face.

Very well then, she was ready to improvise in changed circumstances. She pressed her hip up against him and tested his hold on her wrists. It held, though her movement against him made his eyes gleam with a mix of arousal and amusement.

"Oh dear," she purred, "I seem to be in a bit of a bind, here." She was squirming against him, and felt a flush rise to her cheeks again, possibly from the exertion and warmth shared between the two bodies.

He bent down to breathe in her ear, and trace kisses down her neck. It was very, very distracting, and for a moment she wasn't even thinking of how to get ahead in this game. And that something hard was pressing against her more and more pointedly.

A moment later she felt the pressure around one of her wrists release for a moment, followed by a prolonged 'click'. Still slightly light-headed from the whatever delicious thing he had been doing with his mouth against her throat, she did not react before it repeated for the other wrist as well, and suddenly his hands withdrew from her wrists to wander down her sides.

Yet, she observed absent-mindedly, her arms were still not moving even though his hands were very clearly wandering lower down, and were now working on lifting her shirt to expose her belly.

She was about to make an enquiry to what was going on with him having so many hands when a tongue tickling her belly button took her thoughts elsewhere again.


Agent 1626 paused his ministrations for a moment to observe the delightful sight of a flushed, aroused and slightly baffled Enlightened agent handcuffed to his bed. She was so focused on what he was doing to her other parts, it seemed she was only now starting to realize her helpless state did not end at sexual distraction.

After a quick experimental yank, she fixed a still slightly dazed stare at him and enquired, "Wait, did I just get chained to your bed?"

He shifted further downwards and attached his fingers firmly to her waistband, ready to relieve her of her pants, next. "Yes, my dear, I needed my hands free to do something more fun with them. Would you like me to stop?"

She giggled and helped him by wriggling out of her pants while he pulled them downwards. She assumed a very formal tone and remarked:"No, I figure you may proceed, good sir, with whatever you were up to. I was just making sure!" She tested her restraints a few more times, then opted to grab hold of the chain between them for support as he nonchalantly traced a finger on her inner thigh.

He shook his head in amusement and licked the tips of his teeth.

From waist down, she was stripped to her panties, and her shirt had migrated upwards just below her breasts. Her legs were still pinned under him, slightly parted, providing just enough space for his wandering fingers to ghost against the slick fabric covering her mound. She made hungry, whimpering noises at this unworded suggestion.

He smirked with a satisfied glint in his eyes and dropped his voice to a husky honey. "I fear if we keep this up we'll get these lovely things," he gently yanked the waistband of the panties, "thoroughly wet. Do you have any suggestions on how to solve this, my dear?"


She squirmed and mewled as the fabric rubbed against her sensitive parts. Why was this insufferable man asking her such complicated questions? For a moment she planned grabbing his head from both sides and providing a nonverbal hint on how he could use his mouth more productively, but then remembered her hands were not willing to move that far.

Coming up with words was so complicated! He was tracing a finger idly down the lacy edge, getting closer to parts of her that were definitely moist by now and ready for more than just teasing. She made a frustrated sound and considered whether sign language would be any easier.

Then he slid his finger behind the panties and dipped it into her pussy. She gasped and clamped around it, but all too soon it came out again. He took it to his mouth and sucked it like a particularly fine lollipop, eyes half-closed. She was almost ready to faint at the gesture.

She rattled her restraints and made a consternated face at him, though broke to a grin soon again as not even her poker face was cooperative today. He noticed the shift, though, and looked at her with a puzzled expression.

Then his eyes lit in mock understanding. "Oh, you want some too?" He slid two fingers past the edge of her panties, now, deep inside her. Once they were in up to the knuckles, he jiggled them slightly and triggered another burst of urgent squirming from her. She moved her hips against his fingers hungrily, and for a few pushes he played along, even. Then, again all too soon, the fingers withdrew again.

Then he offered them to her. "Here, try it, it's great!" She rolled her eyes at him amusedly but opened her lips anyway to suck on his fingers and play with them with her tongue. Then she suggestively sucked them, wholly concentrated and with enough pressure for her cheeks to show it. She definitely would refuse to be the only one suffering, here.

He did shift his weight on her legs at that, as if to get to a more comfortable position from a moment of feeling acutely the constraints of his own pants.

"I see, I see, you're saying I should rather worry about my own clothes, then?" She grinned in approval at this proposal, and gently stroked his fingers with her teeth to encourage proceeding to implementation stage. He complied, and pulled his fingers to himself to apply them to his belt buckle, slowly enough to allow her to enjoy the view. Then he unbuttoned and opened his pants and rolled off her just long enough to drop them off to the side of the bed together with his shirt.

When he turned back to her field of vision, the sight of his by now fully developed erection made her pelvic muscles contract. She knew she was staring, and cared not in the least. He seemed to enjoy her gaze and stroked his length a few times suggestively.

He then straddled her again, tracing the tip of his cock against the panties, now the only thing remaining between her being thoroughly and literally fucked.

He was operating something with his hands while applying a steady pressure of the tip against her. She was busy wriggling against it to pay much attention before he remarked, "I notice you've developed a preference for nonverbal communication, but am I interpreting you correctly that you wouldn't horribly mind if I take further advantage of your helpless state?"

She giggled; at least he was sounding like getting into business. She nodded, then thought about it, shook her head, then nodded again, then decided she couldn't decide how on earth to respond to a question with a negation and just pushed against his almost-invading erection to make her point.

He laughed and lifted himself long enough to slide on a condom, then aimed the loaded, clearly dangerous weapon at her target again. "I might not be patient enough to remove the panties at this point, I think we have to accept there is no solution to the previous problem." His mock serious voice made her giggle so hard she almost had tears in her eyes. She poked her tongue out at him, then made a 'come on' gesture with its tip, lacking the free hands to do so with a cocked finger.

His grin implied he would be happy to comply, and she tensed in anticipation as he shifted the thin fabric covering her opening to the side. A moment more of insufferable teasing, with his tip just at her lips, then when she was trying to push against it, he slid in fast and all the way. The sudden sensations left them both gasping for a moment, and he made a throaty, satisfied sound as her warm flesh surrounded him.

After a short pause, he began to move his hips, and then released her legs under his to spread wider and curl around his waist as he dove even deeper inside her. Her eyes rolled back and her focus was fully taken by the hard cock moving deliciously inside her after so much teasing her nerves were aching for the release of orgasm. The buzz in her was growing with every firm push from his hips, sinking into her and releasing another wave of goodness through her body.

Then, as if he had nothing better to do, he popped a finger in his mouth for moisture and the sheer gesture, which she almost missed from being busy having her eyes swim in and out of focus, but not quite. The next thing she knew, he was stroking her clitoris through the slick fabric still mostly but barely covering it, and tugging at it every time he moved inside her.

She arched her back and made small high-pitched sounds to encourage him to go faster, deeper, harder, more, anything but stopping there, in any case. He seemed to be done with teasing as well, luckily, and soon his rhythm got more urgent and forceful. She was cast over the edge when she saw his expression, intensely focused on her, his cock inside her, his fingers playing her clitoris like a fine traditional stringed instrument, and his cuffs around her wrists. He had her nailed down in all possible ways, and the realization released her long-coming orgasm with fireworks filling her head.

Her spasming inner muscles seemed to send a firm signal to his groin as well, because soon after he drove himself in one more time, then tensed and relaxed in a series of barely observable transitions, like a ball rolling down a staircase.

Exhausted and sated, the two lay down for a while to collect their minds. Then he pulled out, discarded the condom in a bin next to the bed, and produced a key. He looked at her with a cocked head while holding it for a while, as if pondering whether to leave her like that, but grinned as her eyes narrowed and moved upwards the bed to release her hands.

She rubbed her wrists for circulation as he dangled the restraints in front of her from one finger. "Handcuffs. Really, now?"

He grinned. "You did try to assault me on the street, my dear, it was a very basic precaution!" As she rolled her eyes, he assumed a face of mock horror and teased, "Or are you saying you weren't enjoying yourself?"

She gave his chest a weak slap, at a loss of words. He might have taken this round, but it had certainly been worth it.