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I am his mate

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“Ten days…” I stare blankly at the lamp that he bought for me. Who is he you ask? He goes by many names “The Curator of the Sands, General Nasus, and The Ascended”. I on the other hand call him by his actual name.

“Nasus” It came out only as a whisper. I do not wish to wake the hulking mass of muscle behind me. He currently has me between his arms. I tried to smile at the notion of him actually having affections for me. He only did this just to secure me. So that I won’t get out of bed.

You see. It’s been three months since he kidnapped me. And it’s been ten days since he actually let me sleep without any handcuffs on. I managed to earn some of his trust. All I needed to do was stop fighting him and stop trying to get away.

Months ago. I was a normal teenager who got lucky enough to watch one of the League of Legends World Championship Tournament of 2066. There it was. The Summoners and their partner Champions on the center of the coliseum. I cheered for my favorite team and caught a glimpse of my ex-crush and idol “Nasus”.

Everyone screamed and shouted for their team to win and when the whole event was finished. I managed to go to the meet and greet booth of the event. My friend ushered me to go and interact with my idol and even when I told him that I might choke up and faint. He pushed me forward and I got greeted by a dark wall of muscle. It was Nasus wearing nothing but his police officer outfit (minus the top). He flashed those fangs at me as he smiled and flash forward to a few days of getting the feeling of being stalked. Here I am. Trapped in a Shuriman household with the beast himself.

“You’re up early” He strokes my thighs and I admit that it made me feel weak.

“Did I wake you up?” He places his head between my neck and my cheek. He inhales I bit my lip to prevent myself from moaning.

“I sense that you are at an unease. Is something bothering you?” That voice of his is deep and powerful but whenever he talks to me. He does his best to sound gentle.

One large hand soothes my chest while the other caresses my backside. My face heats up and I hid my face on the pillow. His large rod is hard and he rubs it between my butt cheeks.

“It’s only been a few hours. Are you getting this horny in the morning?” I murmur behind the pillow. He chuckles before lathering my neck with his tongue.

“Can we please, just not do this right now?” He stops licking me and I hear him hum. He must be thinking whether to take me right now or heed my request.

“Give me a genuine kiss and then I’ll be content” He laughs a little before turning me around to face him. He draws circles on my waist while staring at me with those alluring eyes.

“I’m waiting” He wants me to give him something that he has yet to take. My first kiss.

“You already took my virtue. Why take my kiss?” My voice failed to sound aggressive. He cups my cheek and licks the tears pouring down my eye.

“You are my mate. Tis a formal sign of acceptance. We have already bonded” He shushes me with his finger when I try to explain myself.

“You’re conflicted. I know how you despise your world. You think too little of yourself” He gets out of bed to fetch something from his drawers. I continued sobbing and dismissed the hand that tried to touch me.

“I see nothing but a star that had been hindered by the ideals that your kind forced down upon you. You are capable of shining so bright and yet you fall into shadow because of your world’s taint. I want you to know that because I care for you. Also, I still cling to my humanity because of you. You make me feel normal again” He holds both of my hands and places them on his chest. His other hand starts to wipe at my wet face.

“This heart, beats for you”


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Makati World E-sports Coliseum


            ‘What is your name?’ That did not sound like a question. It sounded more like a demand. My back hits the wall and I get sniffed by the neck. Warm and large hands grip my sides and I can feel the vibrations from the larger creature’s purr.

A claw grazes my cheek and blood leaks out from it. The white lion laps at the cut and seems to savor the taste. ‘You are not su-supp-supposed to hurt any c-c-c-c-civilians after a match’ my voice betrays me as I wanted to sound stern and aggressive but I get emasculated by his rather deep chuckle.

‘And who can stop me?’ He is right. I am just a newbie Summoner who works for the league and happens to be orphaned at a young age. Since I denounced my citizenship in my world and left it for their world “Runeterra”. No laws would apply to me at this place.

The growling snaps me back to reality and I tried not to scream at huge face of the beast. His glowing eye gazing at my jaw and body, his face contorted into a scary smile.

Closing my eyes seems to anger the guy and he roars at me for not looking him in the eye. ‘You have some intimidating and alluring eyes’ it is true and I am fascinated by it as well as scared shitless.

‘Flattery won’t save you this time’ I groan as I recall the last time that I ended up alone with this beast. I was talking to one of his allies and he was just there staring at me from a distance. After I finished my interactions with the whole team, he grabbed me and hauled me somewhere dark and humid. I was surprised that time and he merely started to pull my clothes off and told me that he noticed me watching at him during the past matches that he had. I am one of his fans and that much is true but for him to notice me, sent me to a spiraling mess of confusion. I started to compliment him and told him that I needed to go or else I would be fired from the reconnaissance division of Summoners.

He bucks his crotch unto my hip and I feel his hardness under that shorts of his. ‘Hearing you shower me with words of appreciation, gets me so turned on. The first time I noticed you admire me was the time when we lost and I walked on crutches. You looked so worried and scared. You even volunteered to treat me along with the medics but you hesitated when they told you that you were useless’ His nose settled on my shoulder and he purrs when my hand lands on his exposed chest.

Yanking my hand away from his chest, his paw moves them lower until it reached his raging bulge “That did not stop you though, you sat next to the crew and when they finished patching me up you gave them a special salve from Piltover and gave me the best massage ever. I was half-conscious that time but I know it was you when those hands landed on my back. I liked how your hands lingered a tad bit too long on my ass” I tried to correct him by telling him that I was actually having a hard time taming his tail and had one hand lean on his gluteus maximus before securing the tail.

                “I woke up on the clinic and a slice of cheesecake on top of the table next to me” He laughed a little when I turned my face away and his paw squeezes my left butt cheek.

“Hey! Let go of the kid!” Releasing the breath I held, lithe hands grab me and I fall back beside and felt soft glands on top of me. Blushing I may have squeaked a little when realizing that it was Miss Morgana who pulled me away from the hunter.

“Give him back, he’s mine!” The fallen angel did not back down as the white lion roared at her “You really think that’s gonna work on me?” I would have laughed alongside my savior but the terrifying glare that landed on me tells me otherwise.

The hunter gave me one last glance before punching the nearby wall and heading for the exit.

Miss Morgana lets go of me and ruffles my hair while pulling my hood over my face “You better watch out for him kiddo, he’s a bit of mess. Doesn’t take to kindly being denied” I nod at her advice and she waves goodbye before putting an invisible barrier around me. I guess she thinks that Rengar is still lurking around.

Deciding on not wasting her buff, I ran towards the exit and used a scroll to teleport back to Piltover

To be continued

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Day 73

An hour earlier

City of Piltover

Lydia’s Pub


            “So are we not gonna talk about that damn cat above us?” Morgana opens up and she puts down her mug of ale. A fellow summoner and her researcher partner looks up to catch a glimpse of a silent white furred predator. The beast above us ignores them and stares down at me. That gave me chills.

Suddenly, we all felt something surround us and the wave of energy is easily noticeable. Morgana had casted some sort of invisible sphere around us that only we can sense.

“Now we can talk without anyone hearing us” We all nodded in response and she starts to flicker her hands. Blue flames appear and form an image of a huge creature.

“I agreed to help you capture this monster filled with immense amount of mana, but I did not sign up to be this little guy’s bodyguard” The dark-skinned angel points at me and I shrink on my seat.

“Have you reported Rengar’s obsession of you? This could be life-threatening” The researcher beside me said and I told him the league was already looking in to it. Both Morgana and the Summoner laugh and say that the league would only watch and observe the predator’s action rather than prevent it.

“It’s not that he is going to kill me or anything but it’s just scary having him follow me around. It’s been two months and the only reason he hasn’t grabbed me out of the blue is having Lady Morgana around because of the quest we have” Morgana sighs and lets the blue flames disperse. She asks for a scroll from our Researcher and he hands her the roll of paper. Having placed the scroll between all of us, she opens it up and an illusory image of a three-headed dragon appears.

“While we conversed with this elder-dragon, he spoke of a weird disturbance and murder of a fellow dragon near the area that we are heading to. The description of the case is that the victim had been stabbed and slashed several times before succumbing to their injury” None of us interrupted her until I spoke up “And you think that he is responsible for what happened” The fallen angel smirks and I tried not to throw up at the realization.

“The said dragon was the one who flirted with you remember? Who else would be a viable suspect other than him? The guy had covered his tracks well and no evidence or motive would be held up against him since no one had seen any other creature enter their village aside from us. I’m glad we did not get questioned but still, the league would be able to figure this issue out but until then, we need to focus on getting to our main objective of finding the un-authorized Chimera first. We just need to look out for any other suspicious activity from Rengar while also making sure that you don’t get to interact with any other Alpha or Predators. You tend to attract trouble for some reason. Maybe, that’s what makes us both similar huh?” Morgana punches my shoulder and I could only chuckle along with her.

We gathered up all of our things on the table and the bubble around us disappears

Let’s go up to our rooms and take a long rest, tomorrow we will continue our journey and make sure that finally catch the elusive son of b-“ Our champions stops herself and stares at me. I look at her as she had a surprised expression, my fellow humans had the same face she has.

Had I accidentally done something wrong?

            “He gets to stay with me tonight” My body stiffens and I quiver as warm breath of someone behind me hits the back my neck.

Morgana and the others tried to walk towards me but a large white paw holding some sort of rune appears beside me. I realized what it is and it is a rune of magic resistance. A large blade comes up and gets terrifyingly close to my face.

“What the hell do you want?” Our champion snarls and she orders the summoner and researcher to stand down and put their spell sigils away. I get pulled close to a familiar and warm chest.

“I repeat, he gets to stay with me tonight” Rengar sounds amused at Morgana’s furious face. She knows that the rune the feline has can help him ward off her spells for a few good second until he can do whatever he wants to me.

“And if we refuse?” A chuckle escapes the large beast and he purrs while taking a whiff on my neck. “I take him away and you never see him again” The whole team, minus me of course, had huddled together to discuss our predicament.

“It is regrettable to say that we agree with your proposal but if anything happens to him, that rune won’t be able to withstand my wrath, got it?” The lion nods and carries me along with him. From behind us I can hear Morgana swearing and saying “I thought you said that he stays with you tonight not now, you ASSHOLE!” To show our champion that he doesn’t care. He waves his hands to dismiss her and pinches my butt earning him a squeak.



Present time


Jayce’s Fair


            “I’m not gonna kill you, you know” Rengar says it as matter of fact. I look up from my popcorn and he is staring at me with that lost expression of his “I never said you would” His face contorts from his lost look to an angrier image “But you were thinking it!” I backed away and held a hand towards him with a spell sigil flashing around it.


 He must have realized what he has done and got close to me as he started to apologize. “Look, I’m sorry that I got a little angry” Little is an understatement, I muttered under my breath.


“You don’t have to apologize, I understand that you do not wish for me to think badly of you, am right?” The large cat looks elsewhere and nodded in embarrassment. I smile at this action of his and when he looks back at me I offered him my popcorn.


“For some reason, even if it is confusing, I believe that you never had any intentions of harming me. But that doesn’t mean I wanna do thing with you!” At first, the lion was looking at me with a serene look but it changed when he heard the part of my sentence.


“What thing?” He grins like a fool and grabbed me with his huge paws. His snout brushes against my neck and up to my cheek. I can feel my face heat up as our lips were inches away from each other.


Hunter’s Prey – Part 2 - End

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City of Zaun



                Everything is so soft. I moan at this sensation provided by the comfortable fabrics that I rest on.

Wait a minute. I don’t have a bed…

“Ugh” I feel weak. What happened? Prying my eyes open. I got greeted by darkness. With every ounce of my strength. I lift a hand and place it on my face. Searching for what blocked out my vision.

A blindfold

Just then, a door is forcefully opened and slammed shut. Heavy footsteps makes themselves echo around the room. I imagine this must be some kind of bedroom. A growl and objects being thrown somewhere opposite to my location. My ears picked up metal clanging and slamming down the floor. The noise indicates that it is tiled and which makes me wonder how large the person must be to make such heavy footsteps.

Shuffling and rustling, I can only describe what the person must be doing and I figure that they are holding unto some kind of cloth or taking off their clothes. A few steps can be heard afterwards and I can feel the person dip their body a few meters away from me.

“Jake” hearing someone growl my name out, made my breath hitch and I tried not to shake in fear. His voice is deep and powerful. Animalistic if I were to describe it. He knows that I’m awake. Nothing happens for a few minutes and only the sound of our breathing can be heard.

I should be panicking right about now. If this person knows my name then he knows I got a small bounty on top of my head. I know that I deserve whatever punishment awaits me for stealing from people and even food stores. But can you blame me? I lived off of scraps because I never knew who my parents were and I did my best to get decent work but this society has standards and requirements that I don’t have. Education and knowledge of the sciences. I could try prostitution or even joining the underground grunt work for shady gangs but it never ends well for those kinds of people. There would always be news that a huge hulking monster with glowing red eyes tearing apart people from the city’s underbelly and poor districts. Even the most notorious of gangs and groups cower at the sound of it howling, indicating that the hunt begins.

“My Jake” he calls out to me again but this time it came out as a whisper. He keeps saying it for at least five times by now. It felt like my name is some kind of mantra for him. A huge paw lands on my cheek and a wet snout finds its way up to the nape of my neck. I doesn’t take a genius to put the clues together, to find out who this person is. It’s the butcher that stalks the night. “Warwick” He grunts and moans in delight as I found my voice and say his name out loud. His paw roams my chest and rubs circles around my waist. The stench of blood reeks from his maw when the beast rubs his forehead all over my face and torso.

He is scenting me

“What do you want from me?” I asked with no hint of fear. The wolf only mewls in response as he continues his weird ministrations of rubbing his face and paws all over me. There is the occasional sniffing and puffing. Nothing from what he does comes out as him hurting me. It confuses me but at the same time, I am glad that I my body is still intact.

There is nothing I can do but let the beast have whatever it wants from me at the moment. Asking for answers seem to get ignored.  So we both lay there on here on the mattress with the beast doing god knows what. He seems satisfied with just lying beside me and rubbing his scent all over me.

Just then my stomach starts to growl and the wolf stops his actions. “I’m sorry” I do not want this guy to get offend but with his paw rubbing and groping my stomach. It does not give me any kind of relief. Is he thinking of eating me or something? He answers my query when his body dislodges itself off of me. His weight removed from the mattress and paws landing on the pavement.

“Stay” His voice was soft and sounded like a grumble but it made me curious as to why he would say that. Is he asking me to stay knowing that he can just hunt me down if I took a few steps away from this mattress? Should I even consider taking off this blindfold? Why did he even put it on me in the first place?

Warwick did not close the door to this room and I am tempted to just rip the blinds off and start running for the exit. I built up quite the stamina from years of running. The pain in my stomach starts to get to me and I clutch it hoping to ease and grant some sort of relief.

Seconds tick by and I did not realize that I started counting until it reached to two-hundred and six. My hands were about to take off the blinds because I can’t endure the hunger anymore but the door slams shut and I hear Warwick walk towards the bed. He is back and I can hear the clanking of utensils with him. The wolf stops and I haven’t felt his weight on the mattress so that means that he is still standing beside it. There must be a table or desk near us since I can make out some kind of metal being put on top of something wooden.

With whatever deed he did just finished. Warwick puts himself back on the mattress and rubs a paw on my hair and coos at me and sniffs it. “Good pet” The hairs on the back of my neck stood up when I feel his wet tongue lap at my cheek. Did he just taste me or kissed me? “I brought food for you. Do not take this off” A finger rubs at the blindfold to indicate that he doesn’t want me to remove it.

“H-how will I eat?” I don’t hear him answer and he just gets up and the sound of something from the desk gets taken. He dips back down the mattress and the drops something along with him. I was about to ask him what it is but the sudden contact of his snout on my lips surprises me and I am definitely sure that he is kissing me. His paw holds my cheek dearly and the kiss ends with him giving me a lick.

With blood rushing up to my face and heat rising. I can’t utter a word to express myself. Warwick huffs at my distress and tells me to open my mouth. I hesitate and he just waits for me to fully open my orifice. I felt a spoon reach my lip and it gets pushed a little for me to accept what he is trying to offer me.

“From now on. You are mine”