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 Hoi! Greetings. Howdy! Hello, ummm... did I forget any? Meh… I don’t care… man this’ll be the first time I’m gunna like autocorrect… ANYWAYS this will be about the what ifs for undertale. I just got a but ton of inspiration from a kinda cool-randomish dream.

  Sooooo blablabla I like magiquest, Undertale, and magic magic. Soo this dream happened to combine all of them. extremely futuristic aka a water stair case, made of water, It felt like I could still breath will in that water…. Bla bla bla… Soo the Magic was from the wand in magiquest. I could use a rune a revealing (dunno if that even exists, if it doesn’t it should)… oh wait NEH HEH HEH!.. that’s another… Anyway, I could reveal hidden things including ppl disguised as other things. Soo yeah that’s should be almost everything, except Undertale, which took a while. Undertale I found near the end. I don’t remember how I ended up asking about my S.O.U.L. (take note of that) color. It was orange there, but I was thinking like I would normally… DETERMINED (with a side of tEm). Sooo I asked how many DETERMINATION there where. My answer was very few… soo idk. We shall see... already got Chap. 1 done s0ooo0o0o0o0o


 Yeah, Cya there