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She's like the wind. He's like a mountain.

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Ginny was lying face down in Mike’s bed wearing only one of his overlong t-shirts when she opened her eyes to look at the clock and noticed Mike had been in the bathroom for a while now.

Usually his showers (when she didn’t join him) were short, five-minute affairs. During the short time she’d started staying over at his place, his morning routine never took this long so you couldn't really blame her for being curious.

She got up to investigate.

The door to the bathroom was half way ajar so she just stepped in and leaned on the wall next to the door. Mike was staring intently at himself in the mirror and didn’t notice the movement at the door.

Ginny took her time to stare at Mike and his bare-ass naked self. She particularly like his lower back and the almost perfectly round curve of his tight ass but before she could get too lost counting the freckles on his back, Ginny moved her gaze to his faze.

At first she thought he was just having a moment of vanity. (She wouldn’t blame him, she got caught off guard by how handsome he was all the time but only told him so on special occasions. Wouldn’t want to inflate his ego.)

But then she noticed the box on the counter. It took Ginny a second but the picture of the bearded man on the front clued her in to why Mike was taking so long to come out of the bathroom.

Ginny started moving towards Mike and that’s when he finally noticed her. He turned around with a deliberate casual air and wrapped his arms around her while she settled her hands on his bare chest.

“Have you been dying your beard this whole time and I just haven’t noticed?”

“No.” His response was too quick and his eyes too wide for her to believe him.

Ginny just raised her eyebrows at him.

“I have not been dying my beard. Its just this small patch on my chin that’s turned lighter than the rest.”


“Fine, it’s turned gray.” He sounded more resigned than anything.

Ginny just hummed and pulled her gaze to his chest, caressing the sparse hair there where she also noticed some graying but decided not to bring that up just now.

“I hope you’re not getting a complex, or that you were trying to hide it from me because turning gray at forty is not a bad deal.” She gave him a pointed look hoping to ease his mind just in case this really was an insecurity of his.

“Yeah it’s not. Except when your girlfriend could start looking for a younger model any day now.”

Ginny brought her gaze up to meet his eyes and was about to get upset for him even thinking something like that when she felt his hands slowly slide down her back to settle on her ass, each hand rounding a globe and pulling her closer, showing her he wasn’t really concerned about any of it.

Ginny decided to tease him anyway as payback.

“You know what, I have noticed the graying now that you mention it.”

“Have you?” Mike took the moment to strengthen his hold on her ass and lift her off her feet, spinning them around until Ginny was sitting on the counter, the cold porcelain against her bare skin making her jump and lean closer to Mike.

“Uhu, why do you think I started stroking your chin so much more often.” She wrapped her legs around his waist as his hands slid up her sides taking her shirt with them until it was bunched around her waist and her bottom half was exposed.

He pulled her tight against him until his torso spread her wide and her bare center was settled against his stomach. She felt sensitive and wet and she knew that he could feel it too.

“Oh, that’s why? I just thought you’d finally admitted to yourself what I knew all long.” Mike settled his face against her neck and rubbed his beard up its length until his mouth reached her ear.

“And what’s that?” Her voice was breathless now, her priorities shifting from teasing him to getting him inside her soon.

Mike pulled back to give her smug smile and she knew what was coming.

“That you love the beard.”

Ginny gave up pretending to care about their current conversation and leaned up to kiss him before one last beard related thought made her pause. She pulled back and looked at Mike’s chin again.

“That stuff is dry now right?”

Mike’s forehead crinkled as he lifted his hand to pass it over his beards once, his expression clearing when he saw no stains on his palm.

“Yup, all good.” He chuckled.

“Good,” Ginny breathed before finally settling her lips on his and licking inside his mouth, her plump lips used to the tickle of his beard by now.

Mike lifted a giggling Ginny from the counter with one arm still around her waist and the other under her ass as he made his way back to his bedroom and onto his bed, Ginny rubbing her face against his beard the entire time. Ginny loved how it made him smile until the apples of his cheeks and the tip of his ears started to blush. 

Sigh. What a man.