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Project Faust

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Part 1 : Professor Satô's 4th Formula.


It's a day in March like any other, really, with its share of routine. Of course since they are both retired Blake and Mortimer no longer live at the same pace as before. Recently it feels as if this pace is slowing down even more. How long has it been since they last went abroad?


Old age is a shipwreck. Mortimer has the feeling that they have already hit the reefs. What a shame ! Mortimer regrets this beginning of the end somewhat, but after all as his body tired, his mind slows.


Today they are both on an outing in town, and at a crossroads in Picadilly Mortimer lingers on the sidewalk while Blake crosses, to look at an unusual object in a window which has caught his attention.


Suddenly Mortimer raises his head at a screech of brakes.


A large, black, American car has pulled up alongside Blake' at the zebra crossing, its doors wide open, while the captain looks at it dumbfounded from the sidewalk. Instantly, two dark figures approach and grab the captain while the third remains behind the wheel.


Blake struggles and Mortimer rushes to his help, ignoring incoming vehicles


But the captain is rendered powerless, despite his years of training. He barely manages to pull one of his attacker’s hood in a last defensive gesture as the other one knocks him out.


Mortimer freezes mid-step, suddenly petrified.


He knows that face.


From time to time when he is tired, he still expects to see it in the mirror despite all the adventures that have taken place, despite all the time that has passed.


This face mocking him, maybe half a century younger... his !*







* No, not Olrik's!