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Killer Roommates (Jeff The Killer x Jane The Killer)

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As the gray clouds covered the sky, darkness rained on the city. Small beams of the moonlight managed to break through and provided as little as light as possible. The quiet and peaceful city where thousands of people were sleeping, not even the crickets were a bother. Truly, if it's as one could've heard the silence so loud, it was baffling...

"You'll never take me alive!"

I spoke too soon, didn't I?

Indeed, alongside the street, Jeff was running at his top speed. Even as his lungs were burning, he refused to slow his pace. Gasping rapidly for air, he turned his head and noticed two police officers chasing him not too far behind. Jeff had been running for so long that the blood stains on his hoodie had been dried.

It all happened so fast, not even he could've seen it coming. What started as a killing spree ended with a wild chase. He broke into the house so mindlessly, that he didn't realize the house had a silent alarm By the time he found out about the silent alarm, it was too late.

It all happened so fast, not even he could've seen it coming. What started as a killing spree ended with a wild chase. As he entered the house so mindlessly, the thought of a silent alarm didn't cross his mind. By the time he put the two and two together, it was too late.

Jeff kept on running, passing districts one by one. But after nearly twenty minutes, his mind and lungs started to give in as he slowly began to tire his muscles and lose consciousness.

One of the officers saw the opportunity and quickly got on his knee. He took his gun out and aimed towards Jeff. His finger squeezed the trigger and the shot was fired. The bullet flew towards Jeff, wounding him in the leg. He felt the bullet cutting through his leg and flesh, burning him with a severe amount of pain. Jeff now with an injured limb slowly lost his momentum, but not enough to stop him. Blood started gushing out and Jeff quickly realized that running was no longer an option. He needed to disappear, and he needed to do so right now.

Luckily he was closing in with the forest, and he could've made if it wasn't for his wounded leg.

He changed his direction and took a turn, placing more distance between him and his little dilemma. The officers did the same and changed their course as well. By the time they shifted the streets, Jeff was nowhere to be found. They looked around and observed every spot only to come out empty-handed. It didn't help the fact that the street lights were off and the flashlights were left back in the patrol car. It made it difficult to spot the blood trail that Jeff left a clank sound was heard from the forest. Since the forest was close to the district The two officers amused that Jeff fled into it so they quickly ran into the forest.

Suddenly, in the dark, a clank sound was heard not too far away from the forest. Since the forest was the only place they left out it was easy to assume Jeff fled into it. With that in mind, they quickly ran into the forest and were soon gone.

"That should hold them for a while," a female voice suddenly called.

Back in the district, in one of the dark alleys, two figures standing by the wall. One of them had their hand on the other's mouth, covering it completely and immobilizing their movement.

Quickly getting irritated by the lack of space and the physical harassment, the captive unclogged his mouth and turned towards his captive.

"The hell are you doing here?" Jeff hissed venomously, placing distance between them. Isn't it enough that you got me into trouble?"

The other figure emerged from the shadows and revealed itself to be Jane. She gave him a stern look and crossed her arms silently. Looking down, she noticed his leg and the blood gushing out which she fixed it with an eyebrow.

"You're bleeding," she deadpanned with a low tone.

Jeff raised an eyebrow, irritatingly demanded, "Are you ignoring me?"

Jane rolled her eyes and gave him a light push him, shoving him down. She then took out her knife and used it to cut a small piece of cloth at the bottom of her dress.

Jeff's eyes were fixed on the knife which then slowly descended down at her her dress. With wide eyes, he started down at her dress, specifically at her naked legs now.

Suddenly a cry of pain was let out, only for it to be muffled out as Jane quickly covered his mouth shut.

"Eyes up and shut up." She ordered from him.

Jane then took a tight grip of the handle her knife, which was now halfway inside Jeff's injured leg. She slowly slid and twisted carefully trying to take the bullet out. Jeff, on the other hand, was in an unimaginable state of pain. Between the knife and the bullet, his wound was getting worse.

"Just kill me already would you," He demanded through his gritted teeth.

Alas, Jane was able to squeeze the bullet out, leaving a huge gap of blood behind. She then took the torn cloth to treat and cover his wound. Once she knotted the piece of cloth tight, Jeff released a cry of agony, relieving himself from the pain.

Nodding at what she achieved, Jane got up and took a peek out of the alley. The cops were nowhere to be found and the coast was clear to pass safely.

"We don't have much time, can you walk?" She turned around and asked him.

Looking up from his spot, he smiled and sarcastically replied, "Of course I can."

Closing her eyes, Jane took a deep breath and mumbled to herself, "I know I'm going to regret this,"

She bent down and pulled his arm around her shoulder. She pulled him up until he was back on his feet once again.

Baffled at what she was doing, Jeff demanded, "What the hell are you doing?"

"Saving your ass," She muttered savagely.

"Why?" He inquired in a bossy tone.

"I have my private priorities." She replied dryly.

Jeff groaned and muttered quietly, "Bitch."

"Asshole!" Jane easily heard him and shot back.

They entered the edge of the forest and the path seemed safe enough to pass undetected.

"We are never talking about this... Ever!" Jeff hissed at her, giving her a glare.

"Let's not talk about it now." She commented back without even turning her head to him.

Fortunately, the trip to the mansion was safe and secured, still though neither of them said a word to each other. They were taking their time since Jane didn't have enough power to carry Jeff around, even though Jeff did his best with his other leg, but it was far than enough. Thankfully, as luck with has it, they were able to reach the mansion without running into any further trouble.

Jane slowly opened her front door and took a quick peek, to her relief, not a single soul was found. They crept into the house, carefully, not wanting to disturb anyone. It was one thing being chased by cops, it was a completely different crisis to be found tangled with each other in the awkward position.

As they were heading towards the stairs, the kitchen's light suddenly flashed brightly. Both the killer's heart to skip a beat as their blood soon turned cold. The door slowly opened and Masky walked out by holding a plate of cheesecake.

"You think you can just take my cake and run away." He muttered angrily to himself, too busy to notice the either killers. "Not under my watch mister." He soon walked into his room, still ranting. Fortunately, his room was located on the ground floor as Jeff and Jane managed to dodge a deadly bullet.

Both of them held their breaths, not one of them daring to let out a peep. Once the door was shut close, they both simultaneously gasped for air.

Feeling relieved and weirded out at the same time, Jeff commented, "Let's not talk about that either."

"Talk about what?" she replied, sharing the same mutual feelings.


After being through so much, both physically and mentally, Jeff and Jane were finally able to reach their room. As soon as they opened the door, gravity took action and they both collapsed on the floor, heaving heavily.

Panting deeply for air, Jeff caught his breath and turn his head at Jane. "Okay, first things first. Why the hell did you help me?"

Groaning in pain, Jane turned and looked at him with a stern glare. "like I said, I have my private priorities."

Unsatisfied with her answer, Jeff scoffed loudly and looked away. He came to the conclusion that her reasons didn't matter to him, nor were they a bother to him. That was the case if it wasn't for the heavy lump that was growing in his chest. Something he never experienced before. To the point where his mouth spoke for him. "Thankyou."

Jane's ears quickly caught on his words. She couldn't believe was she just heard. "What?"

Swallowing, Jeff cleared his throat and quickly muttered, "Thankyou."

Jane's eyes widened as she leaned closer. "One more time."

Jeff sighed irritatingly and looked at her. "Thank you, Okay?"

Jane's lips managed to crack a small smile at the every corner of her mouth as she took her time to enjoy the moment. "Your welcome."

The next moment was filled with an uncomfortable silence. In which, Jeff noticed something new from Jane. "Are you okay?"

Jane's mind snapped out and quickly replied, "Yeah, yeah, I'm just... a little surprised."

"Oh?" Jeff raised an eyebrow before adding, "So did you get my package?" Jane quietly nodded and listened as Jeff went on, "So, I hope that there are no hard feelings between us."

She looked at him and finally responded, "I haven't opened it yet."

She turned around and searched for the package that she left on the bottom bunk bed. It was surprisingly still there and left untouched. She reached for it and hesitatingly grabbed the wrapped little box. She looked at Jeff and examined his face only to find it clean from any signs of joke or prank. She looked down and took a deep breath. She finally made up her mind and began unwrapping the package. She opened the box only for her heart to skip a pace. Her eyes widened as she exchanged looks between Jeff and what was inside the box.

Jeff was giving her a small smile as Jane was lost in words. She grabbed what appeared to be her phone, the same one Jeff destroyed earlier, or as she thought.

"I gave it to Ben to fix it. He questioned me at first, but I was able to persuade him." He explained to her. Or blackmailed. Both are the same. "And fortunately, he was able to do so."

Jane would've listened if she wasn't exploding from joy on the inside.

"So, like I said, I hope there are-" He was interrupted by Jane, who had her arms wrapped around him, pulling him into a hug. Jeff's mind went blank for moments as he couldn't comprehend how to react to the situation. Warmblood rushed to his face, as his arms slowly wrapped themselves around her. Jane was sobbing as her hot tears were running down her face.

They stayed inside each other's embrace for minutes only for them to slowly part away. Jane couldn't hold her joy and further as Jeff was lost in finding the right words.

Jane was scrolling down on her phone, with each tap, her smile grew wider. Jeff noticed Jane's smile, something he thought was impossible. For some reason, his chest was warming up and soon, he was smiling along with her.

"I'm guessing that the phone is working," Jeff said, but Jane was in too deep to hear him. His curiosity grew and he couldn't help but wonder. "Can I ask why was the phone so important?"

Jane suddenly stopped and looked at him. She swallowed the recently formed lump, unable to decide whether to tell him or not. "It holds pictures and memories, of my family. You know, before you killed them."

The warm feeling in his chest was slowly burning, quickly filling his heart with guilt.

"I-I'm sorry about every..." Before he could even start Jane held her hand and stopped him.

"It's in the past." She said in a dry tone. "I know that what you did may never be forgiven, but it's in the past."

Jeff quietly nodded, as he tried to ignore the pain in his hard. Jane noticed something very familiar on his face, agony. Something she went throughout a majority of her new life. It hurts, and it's impossible to forget.

Maybe I could... Her eyes brightened as an idea crossed her mind. She started giggling hysterically before looking at Jeff and saying, "I heard that you received some helpful from Miles. And here I thought you had some standers, Jeffery boy."

Jeff's snapped out of his thoughts and looked at her in disbelief. "No, I didn't! Who the hell asks Miles for help. I've seen butt whipping monkey's doing a better job than he ever could."

And this made Jane laugh harder, unable to control herself. Jeff watched her laugh and for some reason, he joined her.

As the laughter slowly died, Jeff stared at Jane and said, "Jane, I know what I did was unforgivable, but I really like to start again."

Jane was lost in words, something that had been recurring a lot tonight. She carefully thought about the words that Jeff just muttered, before finally responding, "Okay."

And just like that, Jeff suddenly forgot all about the guilt that covered his heart moments earlier. "Still, I think we need to keep this away from the others."

"Yeah, Too awkward." She chuckled and agreed with him.

After that, both killers climbed into their own beds and said good nights to each other.

This was the start of a beautiful friendship.