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Killer Roommates (Jeff The Killer x Jane The Killer)

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Deep in the forest near the city stood a monstrous mansion, The Slender Mansion was its name. Owned and built by The Slenderman himself and his two loyal proxies, Masky and Hoodie. The Inside of the mansion didn't fail to impress as its father part. The inner was huge and loaded with CreepyPasta from all different shapes and sizes. Each one was trying to outrun their opponent to be the first to get a room of the brand new mansion.

By the entrance stood Masky, one of Slenderman's proxies. He was greeting all the newcomers to the mansion, noting that it was like a swarm of bees leaving their nest.

"Hey, Masky!" Suddenly called a voice from the distance, sending shivers down Masky's spine. Slowly turning around to meet what Masky could describe as his worst nightmare.

"H-hey Toby." Masky forced himself to form a smile, which was unnecessary due to his mask shielding his face. His voice quavered with insincerity.

Toby made his way towards Masky with a wide grin. "Isn't this great? You, me and Hoodie, all in one place. Just like ol' times!" He exclaimed as he wrapped his arm around his 'friend'.

"Yeah, I'm literally dying of joy." Said Masky sarcastically, which Toby didn't seem to pick it up.

"I know, me too!" Toby joyfully agreed.

Masky needed a way to get rid of Toby and quick before he broke the rules and killed the twitchy Proxy. "Hey, is that Clockwork?" Masky pointed as far away from himself as he could.

"Oh shit!" Exclaimed Toby fearfully before he took off and ran the other direction.

Masky smiled in relief, and this time it was a real smile.

After some time, the number of incoming guests began to decrease, giving Masky a wide empty space to breathe peacefully.

Slenderman swiftly appeared behind Masky. Forming a calm tone, he asked, "Is everything okay here Masky?".

"Yes, sir. Everyone has made it here unnoticed and undetected, plus they all seem to be having a good time." Replied Masky promptly.

"Good," Slenderman muttered in relief.

"Except that we're still missing two proxies." He nervously added afterward.

Slenderman's peace of mind quickly disappeared. "Who could we be missing? This is the reopening of the mansion..." And then it hit him. "Of course, I should have known." Sighed Slenderman as he facepalmed. He knew exactly who those two people were.

Outside of the mansion, in the middle of the forest, but not far away from it, raced two very well known killers. They were mostly known for the fact that they absolutely despised each other.

Jeff was running as fast as he could, acting as if his life depended on it. Not far away from him ran Jane, who was aiming to catch up with him. It was a race of who would reach the mansion first. The towering mansion soon was visible for both of them but it still seemed so far away. Jane pushed herself and finally began to eat up the gap between Jeff and herself. Soon she was neck and neck with Jeff and almost pulling ahead.

"Give up!" Gasped Jeff. "I'll be the first to reach the mansion."

Jane said nothing, choosing instead to charge into him with her shoulder.

Jeff almost tripped but quickly recovered his balance. "So you want to play dirty? Huh?" Jeff shouted furiously as he grabbed a fistful of her hair, causing her to fall backward onto him.

The two quickly tumbled over the grass, Jeff maintaining a painful grip on Jane's hair. "Ow! Let go of my hair!" She demanded. Unfortunately for her, Jeff ignored the command and kept pulling it, causing her to scream out as fiery pain seared across her skull.

Once Jeff had had enough fun, he quickly stood up and tried to run. But Jane quickly reacted and grabbed his foot, causing him to fall face first on the ground. She climbed on top of him and started to choke him from behind.

Jeff gagged out for air. But being the superior with the physical build up, he was able to overpower her and rolled aside, making her lose her grip. This time, he was on the top and face to face with his arch nemesis.

"I hate you!" Jane spat.

"Like I'll ever like you," Jeff replied and punched her. Jane was able to block the strike and tried to fight back.

They kept on rolling and rolling until suddenly, an angry Slenderman appeared from out of nowhere. He looked down and observed the two grabbing each other's necks, trying to choke one another. He facepalmed again and muttered, "Why did I even invite these two troublemakers?"

The two were too busy trying to kill each other to even notice the tall guy standing over them. This clear lack of respect greatly irked Slenderman. Using his tentacles he gripped the back of each of their hoodies and pulled them apart, lifting the two into the air.

"Enough! I have spent a very long time constructing a safe place for the CreepyPastas to live." He told them sternly. "I will not have the two of you destroying that mansion because you can not stand to be in the same room with each other."

"He/she started it!" They both yelled in unison as they pointed towards each other.

Slenderman felt a headache beginning to pound behind his temples. "It is like I am dealing with children." He muttered to himself. Looking at them once again, he saw that Jane was sticking her tongue out and so was Jeff. I am dealing with children!

He sighed knowing that there was nothing he could do, but say, "Listen to me very carefully." His tone shifted to a darker octave that got the two killers attentions at once. "As soon as we enter the mansion, I want both of you to stop with your ridiculous spats. I do not care whose fault it is nor I want to." The two killers turned their head away, refusing to look at each other. "Do I make myself clear?" Slenderman asked them, a touch of warning in his voice. The killers didn't say a word and kept their heads turned stubbornly away. "I said..." He roughly shook them fast and hard as he roared, "Do I make myself clear!?"

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" Jane kept shouting, desperately trying to make him stop, and Slenderman did so.

Slenderman looked pointedly at Jeff, waiting for his answer. "I think I'm going to be sick." He responded while trying not to vomit.

This was probably the best he was going to get. "Good." He put both of them down and they quietly walked to the mansion.

Inside the mansion, every CreepyPasta there had been watching the events transpire through the big windows. As Slenderman and the two killers entered the mansion none of the killers said or looked at anyone. Slenderman walked behind his desk and opened a big account book.

"Ahem. Now how can I help you, young gentleproxy?" He put on his desk clerk voice.

Jeff wanted to scowl at Slenderman but he thought about it twice and decided to go against it. "I want to register for a room." He said politely in a slightly strained voice.

"Room... Room... Room..." Slenderman moved on long finger down the book and finally responded, "Sorry, but there are no rooms left."

Sometimes there was absolutely nothing he could do to keep himself from blowing up. "What!? What do you mean there aren't any rooms? I want a goddamn room!" Jeff demanded.

"Sorry, but you know the rule: Be the first to take it. Otherwise, Suck it." Slenderman replied calmly.

"W-what about the basement?" Jeff hopelessly suggested.

"Miles took it." Slenderman replied evenly.

From the crowd of Creepypastas, Miles spoke up. "Thank god I was the first."

"Come On, there has to be a room left!" Jeff hated that he had been reduced to begging.

Slenderman rubbed his chin in thought before saying, "I think there might a room left." Looking at Jane as well as Jeff, Slenderman ordered, "Follow me both of you." With that, the trio started moving.

Back in the living room where proxies were discussing some business.

"I bet five hundred bucks that they will kill each other on the first night." Ben bet.

"Nyet, one thousand, they'll get punished." Challenged Nikolai.

"Five thousand that they'll get kicked out." Eyeless Jack said.

"Ten thousand that they will burn the entire mansion down." Miles determinedly announced and thumped the table with his fist.

Everyone just stared at him.

"How are they going to burn the mansion down?" Clockwork asked.

"I dunno." He simply shrugged. "They might steal one of my twenty packages of fireworks."

After another pause of silence, Jessica inquired, "Why do you have twenty packages of fireworks?"

"For July 4th. Duh!" He answered casually.

"Wasn't July 4th like a month ago?" Toby wondered.

"You know what they say: Better late than never. Also, I had no choice since I illegally bought them. I'm still banned from Hispanic part of the city tho."

Everyone decided in agreement to ignore his statement due to his history of mental conditions.

Jeff, Jane, and Slenderman were walking down the hallway, passing doors on both left and right. It seemed like it took forever and yet none of the trios said anything. They finally reached the end of the hallway and stood to face their door. As Slenderman slowly turned the doorknob, he prayed that it wouldn't turn as bad as he feared.

When the door was finally open it revealed a big room, probably bigger than the rest of the rooms. It had a big closet, a mirror glued to the wall, two nightstands and a big bunk bed.

The moment the killers noticed the bunk big their eyes widened in horrible understanding.

"What the fuck is the meaning of this!" Demanded Jane.

Slenderman took a deep breath and replied calmly "Since we don't have enough room for both of you, I decided that you two must share a room."

"What!?" They both shouted at the same time and started complaining.

Hoping to soothe the headache that was blossoming, Slenderman massaged his temples and mumbled to himself, "Do not blow up Slendy, remember what the doctor said."

Unfortunately, it wasn't working and the argument Jeff and Jane were having wasn't helping either. Finally, he couldn't take it in silence anymore and he snapped, "It's either this or the dungeon!" That silenced them at once.

Slenderman walked to the door and left. Outside of the door, he breathed in and out a few times until he finally calmed down. "It will be okay. Ten more years and I will be retiring." He assured himself.

Back inside the room, neither one of the killers had made a move or let out a single word ever since Slenderman left. They kept on glaring at each other with narrowed eyes and neither of them dared to make the first move.

"You know, it doesn't have to be this way. We could deal with the situation like mature adults. Agreed?" Jane suggested dryly.

"Agreed." He replied and they carefully shook hands.

For a full minute, neither of them said anything until- "I'm taking the upper bunk!" They both shouted at the same time.

Both of them quickly rushed to the beds and were soon hanging from the ladder. They both held onto opposite sides of the ladder until Jane was able to kick Jeff off and cause him to fall on the ground.

"You're a bitch." He groaned at her.

"And you're a dick." She shot back.

"At least I have a dick." Jeff quickly responded while wearing a victorious smirk.

Jane looked at him with a disgusted look on her face. "I'm going to ignore what you just said." And with that, she reached the top.

Jeff gathered his strength and tried to get up. He walked towards the bed only to fall face first on it. This is going to be a really long eternity.