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Time Series

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Break Time

By: Sheltie






I don’t own Fairy Tail at all





A/N: so this is my first ever M Fairy Tail story. I decided to kick it off with a little Natsu/Levy.





Warning this an M rated story





Levy was deep into the book she was reading. She wasn’t paying attention anything really. That meant she never noticed when Natsu sat right beside her. She didn’t feel as Natsu moved his hand touching her thigh stroking it for a while then moving up sneaking under the dress she was wearing. Natsu’s fingers found her panties and began to poke, prob and rub them.

This finally got Levy’s attention as she felt herself get wet. Her head snapped up from her book and saw Natsu sitting there then she looked down and saw his hand under her dress.

“Natsu, what are you doing?” she hissed as quietly as she could so not to draw attention.

“Sit back and go back to reading and enjoy” Natsu said quietly so only she could hear.

Levy bit her lip as she felt Natsu’s fingers push the cotton material of her panties into her pussy providing more delicious friction as more of her juices soaked the already drenched material of her panties.

“Natsu” she whimpered.

“Go back to reading” Natsu said casually.

So Levy did making sure the book covered her face since she was sure her face was quite flush by now. Her breathing was turning into pants for sure. She felt Natsu’s fingers continuing rubbing her and she was so wet, so hot now. Then they disappeared and she was about to protest when Natsu was back and burned a hole in her panties though left her skin unharmed. She gasped at this feeling extreme heat on her quim. It just turned her on even more and she was quite aroused by now. Luckily the guild hall was so loud that no one heard them.

Natsu’s digits then began to violated her pussy with two fingers pumping in and out of her at a slow leisurely pace while scissoring her as well. Levy’s grip on her book was now white knuckle tight as she stared at the same page of her book not even seeing the words any more since her body and mind was focused on her pleasure she was getting from Natsu. She used her hips, riding Natsu’s fingers though tried to do it in a way that wouldn’t be noticed. Her panting increased as did her moans no matter how hard she tried to keep them down. Thankfully the guild hall was at its usual level of loudness so that helped drown out Levy’s sounds.

When Natsu’s thumb began to stroke her now revealed clit her body spasmed. She gritted her teeth as she rode her orgasm. She so wanted to scream out to tell everyone about her euphoric state, but knew she had to keep quiet. Her head fell forward landing on her open book, her breathing was labored and the sweat she had accumulated now stuck to the page of the book via her forehead.

Natsu nonchalantly pulled his fingers from Levy’s honey pot and presented them to her. She took them licking and sucking his fingers like they were a cock. Her eyes locked on Natsu’s who was staring right back at her. Both sharing a very passionate look.

“You look so damn hot” Natsu commented.

This made Levy’s cheeks burn. She was still unused to being called that by Natsu even though he’s told her that on various occasions.

“Lets go” Natsu murmured into her ear.

Levy could only nod as her mind was gone and her body in control. She wanted, needed more. Natsu had revved her up and she couldn’t stop even if her mind protested.

Natsu pulled Levy up and practically carried her away. Levy had no idea where they were going, but didn’t care. She was so turned on and horny. No one in the hall seemed to notice them vanishing since they were busy with their own thing.

“Hurry, please Natsu. I need you” she whined wantonly.

Natsu felt his cock twitch hearing the pleading in Levy’s voice. Then he felt Levy’s hand cup his crotch and it gave him more incentive.

“Don’t worry, it won’t be long” he said.

He rushed them into a store room practically dragging Levy. Wrenched the door open then once inside slammed the door. The dragon slayer then slammed Levy up against the nearest wall as his mouth attacked hers in a viciously passionate kiss that Levy returned equally. Her arms wrapped around Natsu’s neck as her fingers threaded through his pink hair. She lifted a leg up and wrapped it around the dragon slayer’s waist pressing him tighter into her as she felt his hard bulge against her stomach. She then began to rub her belly against Natsu’s groin indicating her need for him.

“Natsu, give it to me” Levy panted breaking the kiss.

“As you wish” Natsu growled.

He undid his pants letting them drop to reveal his erect cock. Levy pulled up her dress and peeled away her destroyed panties tossing them away without a care. Natsu rubbed his cockhead against Levy’s aroused lower lips, which made Levy groan in approval.

“Enough teasing Natsu, in me, I want it in me” she panted.

“What’s the magic words?” Natsu asked with a smirk.

“Fuck me Natsu Dragneel” Levy growled.

“As you wish” Natsu said.

He ceased his rubbing and inserted his member into Levy. Levy moaned, not caring if anyone could hear her. It felt so good feeling Natsu’s thick cock invade her pussy. He filled her so deliciously.

“Natsu, oh Natsu, oh” she gasped.

Natsu grinned then groaned as he felt Levy’s quim clench around him. Levy smirked back this just made Natsu pull out a bit then slam back in til he was to the hilt. Levy gasped loudly at this as her eyelids fluttered from the sudden intrusion. She took a few deep breaths as she adjusted herself to the great staff inside her.

“Levy?” Natsu asked.

“Fuck me Natsu” Levy said.

Natsu nodded as he began to thrust in and out of Levy. He had Levy off her feet as he moved in and out of the script mage. Levy moaned, gasped and groaned as she was being violated. Her fingers ran through and gripped onto Natsu’s pink hair with each of his vigorous thrusts.

“Yes Natsu, oh yes, fuck me, harder, faster. Oh gods yes, fuck. Mmmm, so good, so goddamn good” Levy mewled.

“Such a naughty girl” Natsu commented.

“Only for you” Levy purred as she licked Natsu’s earlobe.

Natsu groaned since that was one of his sensitive spots, which Levy knew about. She knew all of his sensitive spots.

“I’m going to fuck you, fuck you so hard that you won’t be able to walk” the dragon slayer growled.

“Yes, yes, oh yes, do that. Pound me, pound my little pussy with your huge cock. Spew your salty hot cum in me, I want to stink of you inside and out” Levy cried.

Natsu growled as he increased his thrusting til Levy was sure he’d break through the wall and reveal them to the entire hall. And that she didn’t mind if that even happened. Her mind was so addled by the glorious pleasure she was feeling that she didn’t care if they’d get an audience even though if she was in her right mind she’d be totally embarrassed since she wasn’t the kind of girl who liked to be watched.


Natsu roared like he was powering up for a powerful attack which he kind of was. He grabbed a hold of Levy’s ass and pushed her up a bit higher on the wall and really went to town ramming in and out of Levy. Her juices splashed out of her spraying the floor belong them.

“NATSU!” Levy cried as she orgasmed.

Natsu groaned as he felt Levy climax. Her inner walls spasmed around his whole length as he kept going. He needed to, he couldn’t stop. The urge drove him.

“Fuck, Levy” he grunted as he panted hard into his guild mate’s neck.

“Natsu, more, please more, fuck me more and harder, so much harder, I want it all!” Levy wailed.

Natsu found new energy and hammered the script mage to goo.

“LEVY!” he roared as he unloaded his seed deep inside Levy.

OH FUCK NATSU!” Levy screamed as she came again.

The two stayed in their respective positions as they came down from their highs. Levy was glad she had placed the right protection magic over herself. She was sure without it she’d have a swollen belly.

Natsu was breathing hard against Levy’s neck as she gently stroked his sweaty pink hair.

“Thank you Natsu, I needed that” she purred.

“I knew ya did” Natsu muttered as he nibbled on Levy’s neck marking her.

Levy groaned as she felt Natsu’s teeth on her skin. She then gripped the back of Natsu’s head and pulled him away. She then crashed her lips onto his. Natsu kissed her back.

After the bruising kiss Levy motioned Natsu to step away. He did and Levy dropped her jelly legs to the floor. She had to hold onto Natsu til she got her balance back. Once she did she pushed Natsu away feeling his cock slide out of her. She groaned at the loss, but ignored it. She then dropped to her knees to stare at the half mast shiny dick in front of her. She tucked some of her sweaty blue hair behind her hair as she leaned in and opened her mouth and let her tongue slither out. She began to lick Natsu’ member.

“Ugh, fuck Levy” Natsu groaned as he felt Levy give his flesh rod a tongue bath.

Levy grinned as she kept licking Natsu clean. The combine taste of hers and his juices excited her. Her pussy was flowing with not only her juices, but Natsu’s seed coming out of her, puddling onto the floor. Levy kept licking til there wasn’t a trace left then placed the whole thing in her mouth. She bobbed her head back and forth licking and sucking Natsu.

Natsu groaned as he thrust his hips into Levy’s willing and eager mouth. Levy adjusted so he slid down her throat and this made Natsu growl loudly. He grabbed Levy’s head and began to really thrust.

Levy closed her eyes to focus on her task. She blocked out everything. Licking and sucking was all she needed to do and she’d be rewarded with a creamy treat. She breathed through her nose though that was a bit hard to do.

“Fuck Levy, fuck” Natsu growled.

He kept going, but held himself back a bit. He didn’t want to choke Levy with his cock or something. He knew that Levy couldn’t handle it if we went all out.

Drooled leaked out of Levy’s mouth as she was being used. It excited her a bit, to be used like such a common whore. A hand trailed down to her pussy and began to diddle herself. She pumped her fingers in time to Natsu’s thrusts.

“Shit, Levy” Natsu growled.

Levy moaned as she came. Natsu’s seed flooded her mouth and she forced her head back letting the creamy treat flood her accepting mouth. There was so much of it that when Natsu pulled out of her mouth that it painted her face and hair. Levy though didn’t seem to mind the white stuff on her face as she moaned in happiness.

When Natsu’s flow ebbed Levy was a mess. She scooped up as much as she could and put in her mouth.

“Mmm, yummy” she purred.

“Damn Levy” Natsu muttered.

Levy smirked as she got up off her knees with Natsu helping her. She held out her fingers that had been in her snatch to Natsu who took them and sucked them clean. Levy groaned as she felt her fingers get cleaned. Feeling the dragon slayer’s tongue swirl around each digit.

“Round two?” Natsu asked.

“Round two” Levy growled.

She then pushed Natsu down onto the floor and ground her mound onto Natsu’s flagpole. Natsu groaned as Levy took control.

What neither had realized or noticed was they had a voyeur. She had watched the whole thing from the beginning. Levy being fingered to her being pounded against the wall and knew she wanted some of that, but how was the question. She’d need to think of something and a devious smile spread across her face.



A/N: yes, I have a sequel planned for this. Originally this was going to be a oneshot, nothing else, but as I was writing more ideas sprung up. Thanks for reading and please review.

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Closing Time


By: Sheltie






I don’t own Fairy Tail at all








A/N: this is the sequel to Break Time.




Warning this is an M story






Natsu yawned as he stretched out on top of one of the tables the guild hall had. It had been a lazy day today. No missions, which was odd since the pink haired dragon slayer was usually up for a job where he could kick ass, but today he felt like lying about the guild hall, get in fights, eat, drink, fight some more and just relax with his fellow guild mates. But it was getting late and several members were leaving the hall for home. Natsu thought it was time to go too, but was too lazy to move. Happy had already left a while ago wanting to make a stop at the fish stand before home.

“Oh Natsu.”

Natsu turned his head to see Mirajane cleaning up.

“Oh Mira, am I holding things up?” he asked.

“No you’re not” Mirajane said with a sweet smile.

Natsu just nodded as he laid there as Mirajane cleaned. The hall was quiet as Natsu seemed to doze off.

Mirajane watched this and waited. This was her plan. She had been waiting for Natsu to stay in the hall and just be rambunctious and not go on a mission. She had seen Natsu and Levy go at it and it got her hot. It had been a while since she got any relief that wasn’t her fingers. It was hard to find any given she lived with her two siblings, Lisanna and Elfman. She loved them dearly, but she just couldn’t get any privacy to do her business. But she was going to get some tonight for damn sure. She also made sure Levy was out on a mission with Team Shadow Gear. She didn’t want Levy to hog Natsu, no she wanted him all to herself.

She snuck over and poked the snoozing Natsu and grinned. He was out like a light it seemed as he laid across a table. So the Take Over mage dragged the dragon slayer til his legs hung off the table then undid his pants letting the drop and catch on his feet. She frowned when she saw he was wearing underwear this time. He wasn’t prepared for any action, but that didn’t deter the Take Over mage. She pulled that article of clothing down too. She stared at Natsu’s flaccid organ then with her hand stroked it feeling it get hard in her hand. She cooed as it got bigger and harder in her hand. It was so hot and had such a heady scent that made her delirious.

Once at full mast Mirajane removed her hand and began to lick the pole. She felt Natsu twitch, but remained dozing. He tasted good to Mirajane so she continued to lick til there was a nice sheen then she took the whole thing into her mouth, well, as much as she could. She had to focus, she could do this. She pulled back then went down again. This time she got it all. It hit the back of her mouth and she directed it down her throat.

Natsu groaned as he was getting deep-throated, but didn’t wake up. Mirajane wasn’t sure if she should be amazed or insulted that Natsu was still asleep. But she pushed that aside wanting to focus on the task at hand, or in mouth in this case. She kept going pulling back letting herself get some fresh oxygen since she wasn’t used to deep-throating. She’d lick the whole phallus and suckle the head before taking it back into her mouth. She kept this up til Natsu’s dick twitched and then exploded all over Mirajane’s face. Her face, hair and neck was covered in the dragon slayer seed.

“Ugh shit, that’s gotta be the best dream ever” Natsu muttered as he woke up. He then realized it wasn’t a dream as his pants were gone, his dick hanging out and Mirajane covered in his white cream.

“Fucking shit” the dragon slayer murmured as he watched Mirajane clean herself of the mess Natsu had made making sure she got what she could into her mouth.

“Oh, hello Natsu” Mirajane cooed as she continued to clean herself.

Natsu felt his member get hard again at the erotic sight.

Mirajane saw this and grinned. She removed her dress revealing her stunning body. Natsu could only stare at all the lovely flesh before him. She had to have one of the best racks in all of Fairy Tail especially with her pink nipples erect like that. Natsu also saw that Mirajane shaved down there too. She was the full package and it wasn’t any wonder she was still sough after as a centerfold for Sorcerer’s Weekly.

Mirajane climbed up on Natsu and presented him with her breasts.

“Suck them baby” she cooed as she ran her hands through his pink hair.

Natsu buried his head into the twin mounds licking, sucking and nibbling on the intoxicating flesh pillows. Mirajane gasped. Sure, she’s had several guys play with her tits, but it felt so different with Natsu, maybe it was because they were guild mates, or maybe it was where they are. Whatever the reason Mirajane was in euphoria.

“Oh yes, suck them, suck them. Feels so good, oh god, so fucking good” Mirajane mewled.

Natsu used one of his hands and snuck it down finding Mirajane’s pussy already slick with her arousal. He sank two fingers into her causing her to let out a loud gasp that changed into a moan that echoed throughout the empty guild hall. She then began to ride Natsu’s fingers as he swirled his fingers inside her. His thumb seeking out her clit that had popped out of its hood.

“Oh fuck, oh yes, fuck me, yes, fuck me. Mmmmm, oh god yes fuck” Mirajane moaned.

Natsu was so hard he could hammer in nails. He removed his fingers making Mirajane groan from the loss. He then grabbed her hips and then positioned her so she was over his meat pole. He lowered her down and Mirajane’s head dropped back as her eyes rolled up into her head. He was so fucking big inside her. He had to be the biggest she’s ever had. Every inch that sank into her she convulsed.

“OH FUCK!” she screamed as she orgasmed as she bottomed out onto Natsu.

Natsu groaned as he felt Mirajane’s pussy walls contract around him. He waited til her orgasm pass and then shifted his body so Mirajane was lying on the table and he was on his knees still buried in her. He then proceeded to pump in and out of the She-Devil. Mirajane whimpered and moaned as she was getting fucked by the Salamander.

“Fuck me Natsu, fuck me, oh yes, harder, harder, fuck me, show me the truth strength of a dragon slayer” Mirajane cried.

Natsu grunted as he increased his pumping as his hands played with Mirajane’s jiggling breasts, tweaking her hard peaks, which caused Mirajane to keen out in sheer bliss. Natsu grunted as he kept thrusting away going harder and harder. Mirajane was sure to get splinters on her backside from the friction, but she didn’t give a damn at all. She was so full of pleasure.

The duo rutted on the table moaning and groaning. Sweat coating their bodies. Finally Natsu expelled his seed deep into Mirajane and she climaxed for a second time.

“OH FUCK YES, FUCK YES!” Mirajane screamed.

Natsu fell forward, but caught himself so he wouldn’t fall on top of his lover.

“Oh fuck, now I know why you made Levy scream like that” Mirajane muttered as she wiped the sweat from her brow.

Natsu looked at Mirajane.

“You saw us?” he asked.

“I did and it was one of the hottest things ever” Mirajane said smiling.

“And you won’t tell?” Natsu asked hesitantly.

“No” Mirajane said.

Natsu let out a sigh of relief.

“Only if I can have access to this every once and a while” Mirajane said as she constricted her cunt around Natsu’s cock, which was still inside her.

Natsu just nodded. He then pulled Mirajane into a kiss, which she returned.

“Natsu, fuck me again” Mirajane cooed.

“Fuck yeah I’m all fired up” Natsu exclaimed.

He got off the table pulling himself out of Mirajane, which made her groan from the loss. Their juices pooling out onto the wooden surface. Mirajane knew she’d have to clean that up, but that’d be for later. She got off the table and Natsu bent her over so her the top half of her body was on the table.

“Oh, I’ve haven’t done this position in so long” Mirajane purred.

“Get ready then” Natsu said as he rubbed the head of his rod against her sensitive lower lips.

He then plunged his hard organ into Mirajane’s wet clam. Mirajane let out a passionate cry as she was being violated again. He was in a different position, but still big and thick. It felt so good. Then her tits rubbing against the pool of their juices on the table. Her hard nipples gliding across the wood due to the their juices already there. It felt so good. Nothing she’s never ever felt before.

Natsu thrust in and out of the She-Devil gripping her soft plump hips tightly, surely leaving marks behind.

“Oh Natsu, Natsu, mmm, fuck me, oh yes, fuck me” Mirajane moaned.

Natsu slid a hand from Mirajane’s hip down lower seeking out her clit and began to rub it.

“OH YES!” Mirajane cried as she climaxed.

Natsu kept going pounding away at Mirajane not caring who’d hear them. It was late enough that it’d be down right impossible for anyone to show up. He then got an idea and proceeded to spank Mirajane. This jolted the She-Devil.

“Oh so naughty Natsu” she said lustfully.

Natsu just grinned.

“Spank me, spank my ass. Get it all red and raw baby” Mirajane purred.

Natsu nodded his head and smacked Mirajane's pale ass over and over using both hands to make sure both cheeks got equal attention. Mirajane moaned at the treatment. She wiggled her throbbing posture wanting more.

Soon her ass was ruby red from the abuse it was getting and that sent her over the edge.

“OH GOD NATSU!” Mirajane screamed as she had the greatest orgasm she’s ever experienced. Her whole body was trembling and shaking like she was possessed or something.

This set Natsu off feeling Mirajane spasm. He unleashed a torrent of seed into his guild mate as he buried himself as deep as he could. He slumped on top of her though had the forethought to use his elbows to keep most of his weight off his lover.

“Mmm, that was amazing” Mirajane cooed.

“Yeah” Natsu muttered.

Both were panting hard from their exertion.

Stand there was a shocked individual. They had come back since they had forgotten something and walked into this. At first she was appalled, but then turned on and rubbed one out as she watched. She had to keep quiet so not to be noticed. Once done she quietly dashed off thinking of a way to get some of that.






A/N: yes, there will be another sequel to this and I’ve decided to make this into a series since I got a flurry of ideas coming to me as I was writing this. I will tell you up front that this series will have a limit unlike my others. I have it pretty much planned out and all I need to do is write it out, which will take a while.

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Bed Time

By: Sheltie



I don’t own Fairy Tail at all



A/N: and here we are again, this follows what I’ve done in Break and Closing Time. Enjoy!


Lucy was squirming on her bed. She couldn’t get it out of her head. She had headed back to the guild hall because she forgot her book when she saw it. She saw Natsu and Mirajane having sex on one of the tables. Mirajane screaming out her pleasure as Natsu thrust in and out of her like a damn beast.

Now if Lucy was being honest with herself she’d say she had an attraction to Natsu. How could she not? She’s been with him ever since she became a member of the guild. Hell, he got her in to Fairy Tail. If it weren't for Natsu she’d probably never been a part of Fairy Tail and have experienced all that she’s had. Sure, she got pissed at him for crashing at her place unexpectedly and causing all the collateral damage, but she knew that Natsu would always be by her side. He’d fight the demons of hell to get to her. Hell, he fought for her during the whole guild war between Fairy Tail and Phantom Lord. And the feeling was mutual. She would do all she could to save Natsu if something happened to him.

“Natsu” she muttered.

Her mind flashed back to Natsu and Mirajane. Lucy never thought of herself of being a voyeur, but this changed her mind a bit. She liked to watch, but she also wanted in too. She just had to think how. A hand trailed down slipping under her skirt she was wearing. Her fingers stroked the fabric of her panties feeling the heat emitting from her core. Feeling the fabric getting wetter and wetter. She let out a soft moan as she stroked herself thinking about Natsu and replacing Mirajane with herself. Having Natsu fuck her like she was a common whore. She climaxed and pulled her hand out of her skirt and licked her juices. She needed a plan.

/Scene Break/

It was another day in Magnolia as team Natsu was walking back after another job.

“Man, I’m starving” Natsu complained.

“We’re all hungry flame breath” Gray commented.

“What did you say ice pixie” Natsu growled.

“You heard what I said flame brain” Gray retorted.

“That’s it your-” Natsu was cut off by Erza.

“Enough!” the Queen of Fairies snapped.

“Yes ma’am” Natsu and Gray squeaked submissively.

The rest of the team was used to this so they ignored it.

Lucy though was plotting. She had been for a while trying to get Natsu, but hadn’t come up with a thing. She was wearing her fingers out every night as she used her memory to think back to that night she saw Natsu and Mirajane, but that was wearing thin and she needed something real, and real soon too.

The group got back to the guild and was welcomed. Mirajane flashed Natsu a special grin and he grinned back. Only Lucy saw since she knew, but said nothing.

They hung out at the guild then Lucy took her leave.

/Scene Break/

“Ahh that was relaxing” Lucy murmured.

She had exited her bath feeling good. She was just in a towel that was wrapped around her delicious frame. She was drying her hair. She sat down on her bed her mind once again drifted back to Natsu and Mirajane fucking. Her hand slowly made its way down to her apex slipping under her towel. She began to gently pet her smooth pussy. A soft moan escaped her lips as she closed her eyes as she kept up her petting.

“Oh yes” she murmured.

Her hips were rocking back and forth as she fingered herself furiously.

“Damn Luce.”

Lucy’s eyes snapped open to find Natsu standing there staring where her hand was under her towel. She felt a blush creep up and rage bubbling up inside her then a thought struck her like a lightning bolt. This was the chance, she had to take it.

“Like what you see Natsu?” she purred.

Natsu was at first confused since usually this was the point where Lucy got enraged and started to yell at him for invading her home. But not this time.

Lucy decided she needed to take more initiative and pulled her towel away with her free hand since her other was still on her crotch. This revealed her nude body to her fellow guild mate. It also showed that Lucy had to fingers stuck in her wet clam.

Natsu got hard staring, how could he not? Lucy had a lovely bod with her lovely smooth skin, firm delectable tits with her nipples getting hard in the cool air. Her tits may not be as big as Mirajane’s, but they were big enough with her erect pink nipples. Then her pussy on full display, which had a fine blond trim around it.

“Show me yours, Natsu” Lucy muttered lustfully.

Natsu obliged dropping his pants and boxers. His cock springing out ready to go. Lucy stared at it. She had never seen anything so big. The fact was she was a virgin. She had lost her hymen due to all the rigorous adventures she’s been on, but nothing had penetrated her yet. Tonight was going to be the night that all changed.

Lucy got up and walked over, kneeling in front of Natsu. She moved her head forward and let her tongue out. She licked Natsu’s dick hesitantly. She had never done this before. Her eyes flicked up to read Natsu’s face, to see if she was doing it right. Natsu groaned as his hips bucked from the contact with Lucy’s tongue. She took this as a good sign. She began to lick the flesh pop some more thinking about to some of the dirty books she had borrowed from Levy for ‘intellectual’ purposes.

“Fuck, so good Luce” Natsu murmured.

This increased the Celestrial mage’s confidence as she kept licking then took the next step. She put the thing in her mouth. She couldn’t get it all in and she gagged a bit when Natsu thrust his hips. She pulled back coughing.

“Sorry Lucy” Natsu said contritely.

Lucy shook her head and went back to taking the meat pole into her mouth. She wasn’t going to give up. She got as much in as she could then began to bob her head back and forth slurping away. With each downward bob she got just a tiny bit more into her mouth, but it was difficult, really difficult.

Natsu fought back the urge to thrust into Lucy’s mouth since he didn’t want to choke her. He could tell Lucy wasn’t experienced in this and didn’t want to overwhelm her. He caressed her head weaving his fingers through her blond hair, encouraging her to continue.

Lucy pulled back needing air to breath, her cheeks flush and her face sweaty. She went to licking Natsu’s member like a lollipop. She’d occasionally suckle the cockhead then would blow him. She created a routine of sorts as she got more and more comfortable with this sexual act.

Natsu groaned.

“Man Luce, feels so good. Keep doing that, oh man” he muttered.

Lucy's confidence was growing with Natsu's praise. Due to her novice status in the realm of sex. She needed all the moral boosting she could get.

“Lick my balls, lick them” Natsu urged.

Lucy jerked back slightly hearing this, but decided to try it. She’s done a lot so far, why not? She slowly dragged her tongue against Natsu's nut sack and it tasty so salty, but not disgusting. She licked the sack a few more times then went back to the rod adding the nut sack into her routine. She even got up the courage to take one of the balls and put it in her mouth to suckle on it.

All this stimulation finally got to the dragon slayer.

“Shit, here it comes Lucy!” Natsu roared.

Lucy was not prepared as a geyser of come flew up coating her face and hair. She was so shocked by how much Natsu had produced. She licked her lips, getting her first taste of come. It tasted salty and something else she couldn't put into words, but it tasted good. She used her hands to scrape up more of Natsu's come and put it in her mouth.

Natsu watched this and got hard again, which wasn’t a difficult feat given he hadn’t gotten entirely soft.

“Lucy” Natsu murmured.

Lucy looked up and let out a squeak as Natsu picked her up and placed her in his lap. Her pussy rubbing against the throbbing meat. She groaned feeling it against her nether regions.

“Natsu, fuck me” the celestial mage mewled.

Natsu nodded and lifted Lucy up again, but this time lined up her core with his pike. He then gently lowered her down and Lucy bit her bottom lip as she was speared. It hurt slightly given how big he was to her tight small hole.

“Relax Luce, relax” Natsu murmured softly.

Lucy nodded taking a few breaths. She knew it would hurt more if she was tense. Natsu waited patiently and when he felt Lucy slack a bit then he resumed lowering her down gritting his teeth as he felt the celestial’s tight walls envelop him.

Shit, she’s gotta have the tight pussy ever and I thought Levy was tight the dragon slayer thought.

Lucy moaned and wiggled as her body got used to every inch of Natsu that was entering her. She was feeling so full, a feeling she had never felt before. Hell, she was feeling so many different and new feelings right now that her mind couldn't focus on one.

“Natsu, oh Natsu, Natsu, Natsu, Natsu” she chanted over and over.

When she finally was bottom out, sitting in Natsu's lap, his cock fully inside her. She reveled in the fact she was going to have sex. Her first time. She opened her eyes, staring into Natsu's. Natsu pulled Lucy in and kissed her hard and she lost her breath due to how passionate it was. A fire burning in her belly as she kissed back. Her hips began moving on their own as her hands gripped Natsu's arms for leverage. She slowly slid up and down moaning and groaning as Natsu's member rubbed her inner walls so deliciously.

Natsu let Lucy be in charge though a voice inside him told him to dominate her. He ignored it since he didn’t want to hurt Lucy. She was his friend, fellow guild mate. He’d never hurt her if he could help it.

Lucy got into a nice rhythm as her breasts would occasionally rub against Natsu's chest. It excited her feeling that friction so she pressed her chest into it more, wanting more.

Natsu broke their make out session and went to her neck to nip and suck on the flesh. Lucy gasped feeling Natsu orally attack her throat. She didn’t think she was sensitive there, but apparently she was. She tilted her head more letting out erotic guttural sounds in the process. This stirred Natsu up hearing this and he really needed to fight the urge to claim Lucy, but it was a slowly losing battle.

Lucy gyrations had increased and she was going at a fast, but satisfying clip enjoying having sex. She could feel a tightness in her belly and knew what was. She upped her tempo wanting to have her climax. Her breathing became erratic as she was reaching her peak, then it hit her.

“OH GOD NATSU!” she screamed.

Natsu felt Lucy's pussy squeeze him like it was choking him. He gritted his teeth from the pressure. That made him snap. He grabbed Lucy and re-positioned them so Lucy was lying on the bed and he was on top of her.

“Natsu?” Lucy questioned a bit exhausted from the most intense climax she has ever had.

“Sorry Luce” Natsu whispered.

Before Lucy could ask what Natsu meant she began to scream as Natsu thrust in and out of her at a vigorous pace.

“OH GOD, OH GOD, FUCK, FUCK, NATSU, NATSU PLEASE, OH GOD, PLEASE NATSU, SLOW DOWN! PLEASE!” the celestial mage howled as she was getting fucked.

Natsu didn’t slow down a bit as he ravaged her cunt. He went on and on til he expelled his load deep inside her heated depths. He stopped pulling out letting his thick creamy seed leak out of Lucy's snatch. He panting hard. He looked into her eyes with an apologetic expression.

“Sorry Luce, I couldn’t help it” he murmured.

“It’s… it’s fine, just some warning next time” Lucy panted.

Natsu nodded then kissed her, which she returned.

They laid there enjoying the heat from one another as their sweat cooled then Lucy felt her loins stir.

“Natsu?” she asked.

Natsu didn’t need to ask as he saw the lustful look in her eyes.

“Lucy, on all fours” he commanded with a growl.

“Mmm yes master” Lucy purred feeling playful.

Once on all fours Natsu plunged his cock into Lucy and her head snapped back feeling full yet again, but it felt different from the past two times though the same too. Then Natsu began to pump and Lucy's mind was lost to pleasure.

“Oh fuck, yes, fuck me, fuck me Natsu. Fuck me good” Lucy mewled.

“Shit, shit, shit, fucking shit. Lucy, I love ya pussy” Natsu groaned.

“OH YES” Lucy moaned as she pushed her ass back against Natsu.

Natsu's hands caressed Lucy's ass, which made her shiver in delight. Then she got a wicked idea.

“Spank me, spank my ass like you spanked Mirajane” she called out.

This threw Natsu off a bit since this meant she had seen him fuck Mirajane, but he obliged and began to smack Lucy firm derriere. He started off a bit lighter than he did for Mirajane.

“Harder, hit me harder, I wanna feel it Natsu” Lucy urged.

Natsu put more force into his ass smacking and Lucy moaned in appreciation. He never thought Lucy would enjoy this since she was usually adverse to pain.

She’s a weird one he thought.

The dragon slayer kept smacking Lucy's ass til it was bright red and though he wanted to stop since he didn’t want to hurt her any more. But Lucy kept urging him to go. She loved the sting of pain and pleasure mixed together. It brought her higher in ecstasy.


“OH FUCK, HERE I COME LUCY!” Natsu roared.

“YES, COME INSIDE ME!” Lucy cried like a cheap whore.

She felt her pussy filled with another load of Natsu's cream and it felt wonderful.

The two were exhausted and cuddled under the blankets falling asleep.

Meanwhile there was someone watching.

“Fucking hell, that’s some hot shit.”




A/N: yup, set up for the next chap. Who was the peeper this time? Well you’ll have to wait and find out.

Chapter Text

Drinking Time

By: Sheltie



I don’t own Fairy Tail at all



A/N: so this is a sequel to Break Time, Closing Time and Bed Time. Yet again making these up as I write them.


I also thought I’d answer a few questions before I begin this chap to clear some things up. Since there’ll be bound those reviews asking some of these questions.

- No, Wendy will not be in this at all. My mind just can’t wrap around it since Wendy is so young. I might get over this mental block some day, I may not. Who knows? But for now Wendy will never be in these kinds of things nor will she ever be with Natsu or anyone older than her.

- That also means no Mavis either. Yes I know she’s actually older, but physically she looks like a kid and at times acts like it.

- No Evergreen either. For the life of me I can’t fit her into this. Besides, I like her and Elfman.

- Juvia is also a no since in my head she belongs with Gray and that will remain. Unless I get over that mental block in the future.

- No Laki either. Sorry, for some reason I can’t get her peculiar speech pattern down at all. I really did want to use her, but it was too hard to write and decided to give up on her for this.

- No filler characters at all.

- I’m going to do my best to give at least most of the girls of Fairy Tail their own time though you will see in later chaps is when I get more selective i.e. I’m going to play favorites. That means pretty much the girls that are easy to write for. Doesn’t mean I don’t like the others, but some characters are easier to write for me than others.

- This series will be thirty-two chaps and that’s final. I won’t change that at all since I’ve got it mapped out mostly on what girls I’ll be using for the rest of this series. The order may change depending how I want things to flow, but that’s it.

Well that’s it, lets get this chap started now, shall we?



Warning this is an M story



Cana eyed Natsu. She was now seeing him in new eyes. She had seen what the dragon slayer and Celestrial mage had done and damn, it was the hottest thing she had ever seen. How Natsu fucked Lucy over and over all night as Lucy kept asking for more crying out like a cheap whore. She had just come over to make use of Lucy’s bath since it was great and got to see some of the best sex she’s ever seen as a bonus.

Cana also realized something else. Lucy wasn’t the first. It seemed Natsu was quite the stud. She glanced over and saw Levy was another of Natsu’s conquests as well as Mirajane. Both girls seemed have some kind of glow about them. Also they kept looking at Natsu with little smiles and lustful looks. Her eyes shifted to Natsu who was talking to Lisanna. This made Cana wonder if he had boned his childhood friend, but giving the look Lisanna was displaying it seemed not and it made her wonder why.

“Yo Cana, not feeling it today?” Macao asked.

“Eh” Cana responded.

“Ignore him, he’s just upset that Romeo been taking after Natsu more than him” Wakaba said.

“I am not” Macao muttered.

Wakaba just chuckled at his friend’s misery.

Cana just sighed as she took a good pull from her mug. She wiped her mouth. Her mind began to drift again thinking about Natsu and how she could get a piece of the action. She’s been on a dry spell and needed some damn relief. That itch was getting pretty fucking annoying now. Her eyes flicked back to Natsu. She was going to get some Dragon slayer meat and she was going to get it now somehow.

/Scene Break/

“Eh, why’re we here Cana?” Natsu asked.

He and the card mage were in Magnolia park in the middle of the night.

“Oh, so we can be alone” Cana said with a sly smile.

Natsu blinked, confused. He was then pushed up against a tree. Cana brought her mouth to Natsu’s ear.

“I know you fucked Lucy” she whispered.

“How?” Natsu asked a bit stunned.

“I snuck into her place to use her bath and watched the two of you fucking like animals” Cana said, “it got me so hot, and I want some now.”

She slipped a hand down and grabbed a hold of Natsu’s groin.

“You think you can handle it” Natsu growled.

“Fuck yeah I can” Cana said confidently.

Natsu ignited a small flame in his hand and used it to burn away the crotch of Cana’s pants.

“Asshole, I liked those pants” Cana muttered feeling the heat of Natsu’s flame.

“You got a shit load” Natsu said.

He then dropped his pants and boxers and began rubbing Cana’s slit with his semi-hard member. Cana moaned feeling Natsu tease her entrance.

“Fuck me Natsu” she murmured.

Natsu kept up teasing even when he was fully hard. His cockhead was slick with Cana’s flowing juices. Cana kept trying to thrust herself upon his pole, but he kept her at bay with his hands. This irked her.

“Come on, fuck me already” she snarled.

Natsu spun them around so he was pinning Cana to the tree. He then lined up and rammed his member deep into Cana’s pussy. Cana howled out as she was violated.


She didn’t care if anyone heard her.

Natsu groaned feeling how tight Cana was. He then thrust in and out of his fellow guild mate. His thrusts were so vigorous that Cana’s top fell off revealing her tanned tits. Natsu’s head dove down to feast on the bounty. Cana gasped as she felt Natsu’s mouth on her mounds of flesh. Feeling his teeth graze her nipples felt so damn good.

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, ugh, ugh fuck me, fuck me, suck on my tits, suck them. Oh gods yes, fuck it feels so goddamn good” Cana cried.

Her back was getting scraped against the bark of the tree, but that was the last thought on her mind.

Natsu kept pounding in and out of Cana as his mouth satisfied her chest.

“OH FUCK!” Cana howled as she came.

Natsu groaned as he felt Cana’s pussy clench around him, but he held firm and pummeled through it extending Cana’s orgasm. She was panting hard as she was coming down from her prolong orgasm.

“You’re still going?” she asked a bit surprised even though she had witnessed Natsu and Lucy all night fuck-fest.

“Heh, just getting started. Your pussy’s mine” Natsu snarled.

Cana shivered with delight.

Natsu pulled back from the tree laying Cana down on the grass below. He held her the whole way down and Cana felt a jolt feeling the cool grass on her scratched up back. She hissed a bit from the minor pain, but that pain was erased quickly as Natsu proceeded to resume his pounding. Cana moaned loudly as she was once again being fucked again.

The dragon slayer kept going then he poured his seed deep inside her. Cana sighed feeling the hot seed in her. She laid there content.

Oh fuck, with the amount he’s pouring in I might get pregnant the card mage thought idly.

After the lull Natsu got back to work, but this time he pulled out of Cana’s violated pussy and laid his slick hard-on between her breasts and then pushed the twin mounds of flesh together and began to thrust.

“Ya could’ve said you wanted a titty fuck” Cana said with a lusty grin.

“Why say when doing is much better” Natsu growled as he continued to thrust away.

Cana had to agree with this sentiment as she craned her head down and let her tongue out to lick the head of the dragon slayer’s cock every time it got close. She was giving it licks like she’d lick an ice cream cone.

“Fuck” Natsu groaned at Cana's licks.

The dragon slayer kept fucking the card mage’s tits til he erupted again coating her face and hair with his creamy seed. Cana moaned feeling the hot steam seed splash against her skin. It felt so good. It made her feel like a common slut and damn it felt good. She was sure Natsu's come was just as good as the finest alcohol she has drunk. She cleaned herself up with her hands scooping up the thick globs of seed and feeding it into her mouth moaning every time.

Natsu stood back to catch his breath as he watched his guild mate clean herself up. His dick twitched as he stared. When Cana was as clean as she could get with some of Natsu's come still in her hair Natsu got back to work. This time he lifted Cana's legs up and spread them wide then he rammed his re-hardened pole back into her.

Cana had to fight back the huge scream she wanted to let loose since she had enough sense to know if she did then they might get discovered. Natsu hammered away at her sloppy pussy keeping her legs high in the air, he used them as grips to give him better leverage in his thrusts. Cana was helpless like this, but didn’t give a damn. She gripped the grass underneath her pulling out clumps.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck” she chanted over and over like some kind of prayer.

Natsu let out a mighty roared as he spilled his seed into the card mage.

Cana laid there spent, breathing hard.

“Fuck, I need to cut back on drinking if I continue to want to get fucked like this” she muttered.

Natsu just chuckled since he highly doubted Cana would do such a thing.

Unknown to the copulating couple there was a pair of eyes watching them from behind the bushes. Watching them with great intensity.




A/N: and thus ends another episode of this series. Who was the one hiding in the bushes? You’ll have to find out in the next installment to find out.

Chapter Text

Exchange Time

By: Sheltie




I don’t own Fairy Tail at all



A/N: so here we go, the fifth installment of my Time series. I decided to add in a member of Sabertooth since it’s time to add in a girl not from the Fairy Tail guild. Also I want to give you all a heads up. I’ve expanded this series from the original planned 32 chaps I had intended for this and moved it to 40. I didn’t plan on doing this, but I thought about it a lot and found I needed and wanted to add some other girls into this. I don't like going back on my word when I’ve set something up like this, but sadly things like this change when it’s a work in progress.



Warning this is an M story



Yukino sat in the Sabertooth guild hall. She was quiet as her mind was on other things. A certain thing really. She couldn’t get over what she had seen as she was heading back from doing a job. All that sweaty hot skin that made such delicious sounds when it was slapped together, the grunting, moaning and panting, the cries of ecstasy. All of it was ingrained into her mind. She wanted to look away, ignore the fornicating couple, but couldn’t. Her curiosity got the best of her really. So she snuck closer for a much better view and boy was she in for a surprise. She knew one of the people.

It was Natsu. She remembered Natsu well. How could she forget him? He stood up for her against her guild. He offered her a place in Fairy Tail though she turned it down. He showed her great kindness that she’d never forget.

She was watching Natsu and that girl she had seen during the Grand Magic Games, what was her name again? Oh yeah, Cana. The two were really going at it. Really going at it in unadulterated hot passionate sex that she thought was just for those steamy books she would deny ever reading if asked about them.

It got Yukino so hot watching, but she remained quiet so she wouldn’t be noticed. But that didn’t stop her from plunging her fingers into her own quim to get off herself as she watched Cana and Natsu fuck one another to oblivion and beyond. She never thought she had a voyeur fetish, but she did kind of though a part of her wanted to join in and get some hot meat herself. It had been so long since she’s gotten any real satiation. Any other than a few fingers or a two and those only did so much in tickling her nethers. She needed a real cock to give her what she actually needed.

Her eyes widened when she saw how big Natsu was. She had never seen anyone so big. Not even Rogue or Sting and she had seen both of them naked, but that was on accident and a story for another time.

She watched as Cana got fucked over and over and how she cried out in pleasure each time wanting, begging for more and how Natsu just kept giving it to her. She couldn’t believe the fire dragon slayer’s stamina. Then the amount of thick seed he expelled every time. So much it coated the grass below them, stuck to Cana’s skin like glaze on a donut. She then knew she needed a piece of that, but how? She’d need a plan, a good one.

/Scene Break/

“You want to do what now?” Rogue asked with a confused look on his face.

“A guild exchange. Where we trade members from other guilds and go on jobs together” Yukino said, “it would help build unity among the guilds.”

“That sounds interesting” Rogue commented.

“Hm” Sting pondered.

As Guild Master he couldn’t go into this willy-nilly. He needed to think long and hard about this.

“This would be a chance to go on a job with Natsu” Yukino said.

“I’m in” Sting said immediately.

Rogue blinked then shook his head, but then thought about it. He might be able to go on a job with Gajeel now.

Yukino smiled. Now she’d get her chance.

/Scene Break/

The announcement of the Guild Exchange was met with a healthy dose of skepticism by the guilds since this has never been done before. Sure there was alliances and stuff, but this was different, it was more of a casual thing really. No one was really sure if it would work at all. But slowly it took off with Lamia Scale and Blue Pegasus being the first with Sherry and Ren teaming up for a job. It then caught fire as other guilds got involved. Yukino waited patiently though. She needed the right job for her to go with Natsu and hopefully just the two of them. She had heard that Natsu had a team and rarely went out on jobs without them. That made it difficult, but she stayed positive. But first she needed to find the right job.

/Scene Break/

Finally she found it, the perfect job to go on for herself and Natsu. What helped was the other members of his team were busy so it was just him. She made her offer and he jumped on it since he was getting bored around the guild hall. Lucy was going on more jobs and the same with Levy and Cana. So that left him a bit in a dry spot on getting sex from them. Yes, he had Mirajane, but she got busy too with her duties being the bar maid for Fairy Tail and photo shoots at Wizard Monthly.

Yukino sat on the train with a groaning dragon slayer in her lap.

“Please, make it stop, please, I beg of you” Natsu whined.

Yukino had totally forgotten about the motion sickness all dragon slayers have. She gently stroked Natsu's pink hair in hopes of soothing him.

“It’ll be alright Natsu, we’re only a stop or two away” she muttered.

“Long, too long, someone please kill me. Why does my stomach hate me so much” Natsu whimpered.

Yukino couldn’t help, but find it a bit cute. One of the strongest mages that wasn’t a wizard saint or guild master was reduced to this.

Soon they reached their station. Yukino helped Natsu off and as soon as he touched the station floor he was back.

“I’M ALIVE!” he cried with both arms thrust in the air.

Yukino looked a bit embarrassed as she felt eyes all looking at her and her teammate.

“We should get going Natsu” she murmured.

“Huh, oh, right, where we off to?” Natsu asked.

Yukino bit back a sigh.

“We need to fight some monsters that have been terrorizing the village” she said.

“Right, come on out monsters. Natsu gonna pound you a new one” Natsu declared.

“First lets go let the mayor know we’re here” Yukino said.

“Fine” Natsu said pouting.

/Scene Break/

After letting the mayor of the village know they headed off in the direction that the monsters have been spotted last. They didn’t find much til Natsu's nose picked up on something.

“We’re close” he said.

“How close?” Yukino asked in a whisper.

Natsu grinned and soon they were ambushed. Natsu fought them off easily with Yukino calling out her spirits. She was actually much more capable in a fight than Lucy if Natsu was paying any real attention. But he was too busy taking out the monster to actually notice. The fight didn’t last too long since there weren’t a lot of them, but they were strong for sure.

Both mages were exhausted from the fight. Natsu turned and saw Yukino had a cut on her chest.

“Does it hurt?” he asked as he glanced briefly at Yukino's breast.

“It think it was poisoned” Yukino said though that wasn’t true, but a spark of an idea came to her when she was hurt.

“Poisoned, we should get ya back then” Natsu said worried.

“I don’t think it’s serious Natsu. Though I think you should suck the poison out just in case” Yukino said trying to fight the blush on her cheeks.

“You mean I have to, um, suck you there?” Natsu asked feeling embarrassed.

Yukino nodded trying keep a calm expression.

“Okay” Natsu said.

He had Yukino get in his arms so he could cradle her. Yukino was doing her best not to blush too much. Natsu closed his eyes to calm himself then he got to the task at hand. He lowered his mouth to the open wound and began to suck. Yukino gasped and Natsu stopped.

“You alright?” he asked.

“Yes, continue” Yukino said.

Natsu nodded and resumed his sucking spitting out bits of blood. Yukino was getting quite turned on having the fire dragon slayer’s mouth on her breast. Her core was tingling and small moans were emitting from her mouth. Natsu tried to ignore the sounds, but it was hard as he was getting hard. Finally he stopped and Yukino looked unhappy.

“Yukino?” the fire dragon slayer asked.

Yukino said nothing and grabbed Natsu's head and pulled him to her, their lips connecting. They shared a hot passionate kiss. Most of the passion provided by Yukino, but Natsu returned as good as he was getting as his brain caught up to what was happening. She slipped off Natsu's vest and her hands ran all over his tight muscled bod. Natsu's hand gripped one of Yukino's breasts and she gasped into his mouth letting his tongue enter her mouth. Their tongues waged war with each other as Natsu gently laid Yukino down onto the ground, him on top of her. They continued to make out as Natsu's hands worked to removed the rest of Yukino's clothing. Soon she was naked and quite ripe.

The dragon slayer removed his mouth from the celestial mage’s making her pout, but groan as Natsu's mouth lavish its attention to her chest. She thrust it upwards wanting more. He suckled on the tit as one of his hands squeezed the other then he’d switch between them, giving each one manual and oral attention. Yukino was moaning with great pleasure. It felt so good having her chest given such attention.

“Oh yes, more, please, more. Natsu oh my” Yukino moaned.

One of Natsu's hands gripped Yukino's hips to keep her in place as the other stroked her stomach making Yukino mewl like a wanton kitty. She had no clue her abdomen was one of her erogenous zones. She didn’t think that was possible, but it was and she was soaking the ground with her flowing juices just by Natsu caressing her tummy. What would happen when he got to her pussy? That just excited her even more.

“Oh Natsu, that feels so good. Please, more, touch me more” Yukino cried.

Natsu's mouth kept working on her bountiful bosom. He sucked on the ripe flesh then let his teeth leave their marks and Yukino just whimpered and moaned not caring how she was being marked. The dragon slayer’s mouth went to her taut nipples and nibbled on the nubs, which just made the celestial mage gasp loudly.

“Oh my, Natsu, it feels so good” Yukino mewled. “I want you to fuck my tits. I want your hot cock in-between my tits.”

Natsu nodded dropping his pants revealing his throbbing erection. He was about to do a good old titty fuck, but Yukino stopped him. She licked his entire length getting it wet so there was some lubrication. When that was done she pulled away and Natsu resumed what he was going to do, put hard cock between the valley of Yukino’s tits.

Yukino squashed them together and Natsu began to thrust. Yukino moaned as she felt the hot piece of throbbing meat running across her soft skin. She could smell the heady smell of his meat fill her nostrils and it was getting her wetter and wetter. She noticed that some of Natsu’s member was within her reach when he moved forward. So she craned her head up and licked it.

Natsu felt Yukino’s tongue and he groaned. Shit. He loved titty fucks, especially when they could lick his dick too. This went on as the dragon slayer felt his balls tighten.

“Shit, here it comes Yukino” he warned.

Yukino moved her body up as much as possible with Natsu on top of her. She plugged her mouth up with Natsu’s mushroom. She felt the surge of his seed flood her mouth and it tasted so good. There was so much that she tried to swallow, but in her position it was difficult. So she pulled away letting the last few jets splash across her face and into her hair. She swirled what was in her mouth trying to stamp it into her memory before swallowing.

“You alright Yukino?” Natsu asked.

“I’m good” Yukino said looking quite flush.

Natsu shifted getting off Yukino so she could sit up. Yukino noticed Natsu’s Dragon Horn hadn’t gotten soft, but she knew it wouldn’t give all the times he fucked Cana without slowing too much. She didn’t wait and pounced on the dragon slayer. They fell over and Yukino’s pussy engulfed Natsu’s cock. She moaned loudly as she was being filled and stretched in ways she couldn’t have possibly imagine.

Natsu was shocked by the sudden assault, but then moaned as he felt Yukino’s tight hole surround him.

Fucking hell she’s a tight bitch he thought.

“Oh gods yes, I love this” Yukino cried as she threw her head back.

Her pussy kept eating and eating up Natsu’s massive meat.

“FUCK ME NATSU!” Yukino keened loudly not caring if anyone heard her.

Natsu groaned as he hammered in and out of Yukino’s tight snatch. He was loving every moment of it. It felt so different from the others he’s done, but the same at the same time. Was there a word for that? He’d need to ask Levy the next time he saw her.

Yukino was enjoying her fuck so much, it was so better than she thought it’d be. Gods, Natsu knew how to pleasure a girl. His rough hands never stopped touching her all over. She never thought she was so sensitive, but he was showing she was. Everywhere he touched it felt like he was leaving a trail of fire behind. Humorous given he used fire magic, but that thought never entered her mind since it never got that far.

Natsu forced Yukino down so he was on top and he really went to town since he was limited in his movements before her with her straddling him. Yukino yowled like a cat in heat at the new position feeling Natsu’s battering ram bury itself deeper inside her spasming cunt.


Natsu grunted and groaned like a rampaging beast as he took this wanton whore for all she had. She clawed his back trying to find a way to hold on. His back muscles stretched and constricted with every movement he made.

“Here it comes Yukino” he growled out.

“YES!” Yukino howled.

Her slick tunnel was filled with the essence of Fire Dragon Slayer and it felt so damn good.

They laid there breathing hard, sweat coating their bodies.

“That was the best, ever” Yukino commented as soon as she could form words.

“I got more, I’ve got a fire in my belly now” Natsu said grinning.

Yukino’s pussy tingled.

The two went at it for who knows how long. Time had no place really. When Yukino finally tapped out she was sure if she hadn’t taken a special herb that prevent pregnancies while in jobs she’d be. They laid there still naked, cuddling. It surprised Yukino that Natsu was fine with cuddling after sex. He didn’t look to be the type who’d do do that kind of thing.

“Oh gods, I want my sister to have this too, to get this kind of fucking” Yukino said.

“Your sister?” Natsu asked.

“Yeah, my sister. We got separated years ago” Yukino said then explained her childhood.

Natsu held her as she opened up.

“Don’t worry, I’ll help you find her” Natsu said finally after she finished.

“You will?” Yukino asked.

“Yeah, I will” Natsu said.

“Thank you Natsu” Yukino said smiling.

Natsu smiled back and Yukino pulled Natsu into a kiss. They did eventually make it back into town to let the mayor that the monsters were gone and wouldn’t return. They got their reward, but both knew they got something better than money. 




A/N: right, this one doesn’t have any kind of lead into what the next chap could be. That was intentional since I don’t want to do that every chap since that could feel repetitive if done too often.

Chapter Text

Nesting Time

By: Sheltie




I don’t own Fairy Tail at all



A/N: so, here’s the sixth installment of my Time series. Finally I’ve gotten to Lisanna. I know some of you been wondering when I’d get to her and now here she is. Now originally this chap was going to be its own story I had going, but then I decided to make it a part of this series. It worked and I saved a lot of time from having to create wholly new chap for this. All I had to do was tweak a few things to get this to fit into the series.



Warning this is an M story



In the woods there was a big hut made of straw. Coming from that straw hut was sounds, squishy sounds, moans and groans. It wasn’t the normal sounds you’d hear. Inside the hut was a young woman, her name Lisanna Strauss. She had short white hair, and blue eyes. She was completely naked showing off her toned very light toned skin. Her heaving breasts a lovely size C. Her body glistened with sweat. She had two fingers buried in her pussy while her other hand was squeezing one of her tits rolling her hard nipple with her thumb and index finger.

“Oh, oh, yes Natsu, yes, fuck me, fuck me. Oh gods yes, fuck me. Oh Mavis above!” Lisanna cried out.

She had been using the straw hut to masturbate for a while now since she felt she could never get the privacy she wanted at home where she lived with two siblings. The straw house was something she had built when she was a kid when she and Natsu were hatching an egg that contained Happy.

“NATSU!” Lisanna cried as she came.

She was coming down from her climax when she heard someone clapping. She lurched up with her fingers still buried in her pussy to find the object of her masturbating standing there. She felt her body heat up in a full body blush.

“Natsu” she said now in a very embarrassed tone.

“Great show Lisanna, but I think I know a way for it to be better” Natsu said as he entered the hut.

Lisanna was scared stiff, not sure what to do then she saw Natsu removing his clothes and her tongue swiped across her lips. Natsu sure was in damn fine shape. Then he dropped his boxers revealing his cock already hard and ready. Her eyes locked on it wanting to feel it, taste it, have it inside her.

Oh my, will that even fit in me she thought idly.

Natsu got down and pulled Lisanna into a deep kiss and Lisanna moaned as she wrapped her arms around Natsu’s neck. They made out with Lisanna feeling Natsu’s hot rod against her stomach. She shivered as she felt more juices flow from her. She couldn’t believe how excited she was getting. She was so excited she was grinding her hips rubbing her pussy over Natsu's length coating it with her juices.

Natsu groaned as his oldest friend rubbed herself on him. She felt so damn good, so soft in all the right places. She wasn’t as experienced as Levy, but damn she made up for it with passion that was radiating from her being really. He could feel her hard nipples scraping across his chest.

“Natsu, I can’t wait, I want it, I need it. Please put it in me now” Lisanna pleaded, unable to hold any longer.

Natsu pecked her lips and drew his hips back lining up his cock and then slowly eased inside her. He didn’t want to hurt her at all. Lisanna gasped feeling how Natsu’s cock stretched her snatch so much. She had never felt so full and he wasn’t even fully inside her.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh” she chanted in a very breathy tone.

Natsu groaned as he felt how tight Lisanna was then he hit a road block of sorts.

“Lisanna, are you-”

“Yes I am, I’m a virgin” Lisanna said cutting off Natsu.

Natsu looked a bit nervous, but Lisanna caressed cheek.

“Please Natsu, make me a woman” she said softly.

Their eyes locked onto one another and so much trust was convey in one look. Natsu slowly nodded his head.

“This will hurt” he warned.

Lisanna braced herself and she felt Natsu thrust into her tearing her hymen. Lisanna let out a cry of pain. Tears leaked from her eyes. Natsu felt bad for hurting his friend and pulled Lisanna into a tight hug. He murmured his apologies over and over. Lisanna had never felt such a pain before in her life that it took her breath away. But then it began to slowly ebb away and she was just feeling the meaty girth of a dragon slayer inside her and that was stirring back the passion that had briefly left her.

“Natsu, please, I’m ready now” she said.

Natsu nodded slowly and withdrew slowly. He saw his member was smeared with Lisanna’s blood and hated to see it. It was just a reminder of him hurting her. He pushed back in and Lisanna gasped as their pelvic bones met kissed one another. Natsu went about with these long slow power thrusts and Lisanna loved it. She could feel all of her dragon slayer in her.

“Oh Natsu, mmmm, Natsu, it feels so good. I knew it would with you” the young Take-Over mage murmured as pleasure filled her senses.

Natsu kissed Lisanna lovingly, which she returned with the same amount of love.

The two worked together in a slow dance as old as time. Their speed increased as their fervor passion encompassed them like forest fire.

“Oh Natsu, yes Natsu, I love it, please, please, more” Lisanna mewled.

“Always Lisanna, always” Natsu muttered as he kissed her.

Lisanna could feel such love and passion from her friend in each kiss and she returned each one with equal amount. She had moved her legs up and wrapped them around Natsu’s ass trying to force him deeper into her.

“OH GOD” she cried as she had her first climax through intercourse.

Natsu grunted and gritted his teeth as he felt Lisanna’s formerly virginal walls constrict his meat pole, trying to get him to release his load. He held on, but barely. He didn’t want to come too soon in Lisanna, it wouldn’t be fair to her. So he slowed his pace much to Lisanna’s pouting.

“I want to make it last, you deserve only the best” Natsu said sincerely.

Tears prickled Lisanna’s eyes as she heard this. Natsu was always so considerate even if he didn’t look like it. She knew who Natsu was deep down, always did. This was a reason why she loved him so much. She pulled Natsu into a deep passionate kiss.

Natsu’s pace was agonizing slow, but sensual and full of love. Lisanna could feel it all as perspiration coated her body. Her breathing labored as she felt another orgasm building in her. But this one was like a ticking time bomb. When it exploded it was like a fireworks grand finale. She couldn’t find words to describe it at all. Not even afterwards.

Natsu groaned as he released his thick seed into the youngest Strauss sibling. He loved the way Lisanna’s pussy walls spasmed and clenched around his twitching length.

They laid there breathing hard from their exertions. No words were needed it seemed for what they had just experience.

/Scene Break/

Lisanna wandered home feeling so light and free. She just had sex with Natsu and it was the best ever. Granted, he was her first. He felt so strong and powerful inside her. It made her quiver with delight as her mind flashed back to what had happened not too long ago.

“I see you also got fucked by Natsu, little sister.”

That voice made Lisanna freeze and turn around.

“H-h-h-h-h-hi Mira” she stuttered out.




A/N: hope you like the ending of this one. I got the ending of this before even finishing the rest of it.

Chapter Text

Library Time

By: Sheltie


I don’t own Fairy Tail at all



A/N: HA, fooled you. You thought I’d continue where I left off in the last chap. Sorry, but I wanted to trick ya a bit. Levy is back, I know it’s kind of soon for her to come back, but I don't care. My series I can do whatever I want darn it. Originally going  to its own story that I started before I even got the idea for this series. I decided to morph that story for this series. That means I’ll need to think of something different for that story keeping the same concept.



Warning this is an M story


Levy was deep in the guild’s library enjoying her favorite pass time. Well, one of her favorite since she had two. One was reading, which she adored and the other is having sex with Natsu. She loved the feeling of Natsu's cock buried in her tight pussy. It made her tingle thinking about it. She then shook her head. She needed to stop thinking about that, get back to the book she was reading. Right, she was reading. Enjoyed reading, enjoyed licking and sucking that throbbing piece of dragon slayer meat, feeling the white hot come splash onto her face. No wait, reading, yes reading. Learning new things, deciphering ancient text. Feeling Natsu’s hands on her breasts, squeezing them, caressing them. Claiming ownership over her body every time they fuck.

Ugh, it was no use she wouldn’t be able to get any reading done now that’s she horny like this.

“Yo Levy.”

Speak of the devil.

Levy turned and smiled as Natsu entered the library, not something he usually did.

“Hi Natsu, what can I do for you?” the Script mage asked smiling.

“Eh, was bored and decided to see what you were up to” Natsu said.

“Don’t you have a job to go on?” Levy asked.

“Naw” Natsu said shaking his head.

“Oh, alright” Levy said.

Natsu sniffed the air and grinned. He walked over and sat down, pushing his chair close to Levy. Levy inhaled Natsu's scent and her nether regions got all atwitter. She tried to maintain her composure since she wasn’t sure if and when someone might come down. Though highly unlikely it was still a possibility.

“I can smell you Levy” Natsu said with a bit of a growl, “I can smell your pussy, your juices are getting me all fired up.”

Levy’s eyes shot open she was wasn’t aware she was that aroused. She blushed at this though not sure why since she should be used to this. Natsu getting her hot and bothered. She wiggled in her seat looking down.

“I want to fuck you right here, right now. On the table. You laid out naked wiggling on my cock” Natsu snarled into Levy’s ear, which made her get hotter and hotter.

Damn you Natsu, I want that too, but can’t. Someone could walk in on us Levy thought.

Natsu didn't seem to be on the same line of thought as Levy as he cupped one of her breasts as the other snaked around her waist to pull her close. His lips capturing hers roughly, making the Solid Script mage let out a gasp as the dragon slayer dominated her mouth with his own. She succumb to him without a fight. Not that she really wanted to put up any kind of resistance in the first place. Hell, getting fucked here in the library was one of her grand fantasies.

She slid into Natsu's lap and began to grind against him feeling something quite hard meeting her pelvic thrusts. It made her grin. But their heavy make out session was cut short as footsteps were heard and Natsu broke their lip lock. He got Levy back in her seat and Levy pulled the book she had been reading up to her face to cover her flush cheeks.

“Oh, hey there you two.”

Entering the library was Max.

“Yo Max, what’s up?” Natsu asked.

“Just needed to get some information before I head out on a mission” Max said.

He then went over to look through the books to find what he needed.

Levy tried not to stare daggers at her fellow guild mate, but it was hard not to. She in a very needy mode and she wasn’t sure how long she’d last. She needed Natsu's big fat cock in her. Lucky for Max he found what he needed and then said his farewells. Once the door closed and the footsteps retreated Natsu pulled Levy back to him.

“Now, where were we?” he growled.

/Scene Break/

Levy was bare naked on the table with Natsu pounding in and out of her pussy, her juices gushing everywhere. Small pools were on the table and growing.

“OH YES, YES, YES, YES FUCK ME, FUCK ME! FUCK ME GOOD NATSU, FUCK ME! MORE, HARDER, FAST FUCK ME GODDAMMIT!” Levy cried not caring if someone heard her as she was pure euphoria.

Natsu hammered away on his lover’s pussy never letting up as he felt her pussy walls contract around him signaling that she had orgasmed. He just powered through it and Levy screamed even harder than she had when she hit her peak. Her body was slick with sweat and other bodily fluids. She felt tired, but so energized too. Like she could go on forever.

Natsu as he was pounding away at Levy had his eyes roam the shelves and an idea came to him. He grinned.

Levy’s gonna love this he thought.

He slowed his pace, which made Levy whimper and whine. Then the dragon slayer pulled out completely from her.

“Natsu, what’s wrong?” Levy asked.

“Gotta surprise for ya Levy” Natsu said then he grabbed his scarf, which he had set aside and used it has as a blindfold, covering Levy’s eyes.

“Natsu?” Levy called.

She wasn’t afraid since she trusted Natsu, but she was damn curious since this hadn’t happened before. She didn’t need to wait long then she gasped as she felt something hard, ridge and ribbed touch her core. She shivered a bit since it was cool. Then it began to grind up and down over her slit and she moaned. The the rubbing would shift to grind against her exposed clit sending such pleasurable ripples through her being. They never lasted as it kept shifting in random patterns. It felt so good, so very good. But she wasn’t sure what it was that was giving her such pleasure. Her mind trying to decipher it, but it seemed whenever her brain would begin to work the grinding got much more intense making lose any train of thought she had.

Her head fell back as her body writhe and she came, loudly.

Light hit her eyes as her vision returned. She blinked a few times to adjust her vision then she noticed something in Natsu's hand. A book, a thick book with a ribbed spine and it all came to her.

She had gotten off from a book.

A blush coated her entire body as no words could escape her lips.

“Like your surprise?” Natsu asked smirking.

A flurry of questions rushed into her head. Why would Natsu do this to her? How could he ruin a book in such a way? Is the book alright, can it still be read? Was that book very important? I can’t believe I came on a book like that? Why didn’t I think of doing this in the first place?

“Natsu” Levy spoke.

“Yes Levy?” Natsu asked.

“That was fucking amazing” Levy said smiling.

Natsu smiled, he was glad his surprise worked. He wasn’t totally sure if it’d work since he knew how much Levy liked books and she might not be happy if he used them in this manner with her. But it seemed she did like it, enjoyed really.

“Now that you’ve had your surprise let get back to the main event” Natsu said.

Levy nodded eagerly, her pussy was gushing with more juices.

Natsu re-inserted himself into her lover and she moaned relishing in feeling Natsu buried inside her once again.

“HMMMMM” Levy hummed.

Natsu’s cock vigorously caressed his lover’s tight spongy canal relishing the feel of it.

“Natsu, I want you to fuck me, fuck up against the bookshelves” Levy demanded.

Natsu bobbed his head, he was down for that.

The couple went to the nearest bookshelf. Natsu assumed it’d be standard back up against shelf deal, but Levy had another idea. She grabbed a hold of the shelf and wiggled her ass. Natsu caught on and plunged into Levy from behind, pushing her up against the rows of books. Her height was just right that her breasts rubbed against the books and not the shelves. That wouldn’t feel as good. She shivered in delight as her twin mounds of flesh stroked the books’ spines, her nipples right in line with the two of the spines of the books. Gods, it felt so dirty.

Natsu was careful not to go too hard since it might topple the books on the shelves or maybe topple the shelves themselves no matter how big and sturdy they appeared to be.


“Levy, you sure?” Natsu asked with uncertainty.

Levy nodded vigorously.

“Alright” Natsu said.

He gripped Levy’s hips tightly and then began to hammer home. Levy cried out loudly, her grip on the shelf in front of her turned tighter, knuckles white. It looked like she’d break before Natsu completed inside her.

Thankfully Natsu expelled his seed into Levy before a bookshelf was destroyed.

“Oh god, that was amazing” Levy said after post coitus long sigh.

“You’re welcome” Natsu said with a grin.