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Mile a Minute

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When it was time for Gyda to return home, Loki permitted me to ride with him and Gyda to the Rainbow Bridge, but left me with Heimdall.  Despite the infinite leverage he had, he didn’t trust me to enter Vanaheim and return to Asgard at his side.  I won’t lie; of course I was tempted to escape home.  How could I not be?  Every instinct in me screamed to race back to Heimdall and beg him to let me through.  But I didn’t.  I had responsibilities and, to be honest, I was a little afraid. 

My obedience paid off.  Before he left with Gyda, Loki motioned me forward.  

"As a reward, I had a wardrobe made for you.  Gowns, but also riding trousers and a few things… meant to please me.  Surprise me with a new dress when I come home.”

He didn’t have to repeat himself.  Luxurious dresses weren’t foreign to me, but it had been so long since anything but my robe had touched my skin that I was elated. 

He delivered Gyda to my parents himself.  As I watched them go, my eyes stung and I blinked back tears as I turned my horse in the direction of the palace. 

His trip to Vanaheim took longer than necessary, and after a few hours I began to worry.  To distract myself, I grabbed a pen and paper.  I sat at his desk, writing a letter to my family when he blew through the doors to his chambers.  Breathing heavily, he glared at me.  I stared back, too shocked to move.  Something or someone had him livid.  He peeled off the armor he’d worn while returning Gyda and motioned at the bed without looking at me.

“Bend over the side of the bed.”

“Loki, I’m busy—.”

"Get up and bend over the side of the bed.” 

I stiffened at the crispness of his words, which negated his soft tone.  Inspecting him from out of the corner of my eye, I set down my pen, rose and strode to the bed.  I glanced at him when he remained stationary, only to hear the clink of metal.  I did a double-take and realized he was unbuckling his belt.  My breath left my chest as I comprehended his intent.  Aside from rough sex, he really hadn’t hurt me since the flogging.  The belt looked significantly more sinister than the flogger he’d used.

“Wait, Loki, I haven’t done anything!  Whatever you think has happened, I’ll fix it, you don’t have to do use your belt on me,” I pleaded, rising from the mattress.

He sighed and marched forward, bending the leather strip in half as he neared me.  I started when he took the back of my neck between his thumb and forefinger.  His breath tickled my ear as he spoke, “I told you to bend over, Brynja.  Are you bent over?”

“No,” I whispered.  “I’m sorry—.”

“I know you’re sorry.” He squeezed his fingers and I winced as he guided me back down to the bed.  I tried to catch a glimpse of his eyes as I positioned the side of my face on the duvet.  I didn't want to disobey him by lifting my head again.

Holding my cheek against the mattress, he kicked my legs apart and centered his body between them.  I felt his warmth seep through my gown as he leaned forward, laying his chest against my back.  He didn’t rest his entire weight on me; I could breathe, though only in short pants.

Loki slid his hands down my thighs and calves to my ankles and found the hem of my dress.  He dragged my skirt up over my rear, groaning in appreciation at my lack of undergarments.

“Sometimes I forget what slut you are by nature, Brynja.”

I bit my cheek until it bled to stay silent.  The absence of my underclothing was my business.  If no one saw, who cared?

His belt clinked as he tossed it onto the bed.  I stared at it uneasily, it’s possible uses flashing through my mind. 

A shiver shot through me as his cool fingers kneaded the flesh of my rear.  He massaged each cheek as if savoring the temporarily smooth surface of my skin and groaned when he pressed the beginnings of an erection against where my thighs met the curve of my ass.

“Why are you doing this?” I murmured against the duvet.

He didn’t speak, but his fingers idly wandered across the cheeks of my bottom.  Another beat of silence passed before he hummed to himself.  “Hurting you… gives me pleasure, Brynja.”

A whimper escaped me so quickly I didn’t have time to process whether I approved the noise.  Loki grunted and squeezed a handful of my rear, then soothed the ache with the palm of his cool hand.

"Do you like when I hurt you, Brynja?”

I answered without hesitation.  “No.”

"I don’t believe you.”

The fabric of my dress rustled while Loki bunched the material in his hand.  His free hand delved between my legs and I snapped my eyes shut in humiliation when they nimbly tucked between my slit.  My cheeks flushed at the slick on my thighs, resulting from the mere possibility of him whipping me, which he was now surely aware of.

"Lying to me only prolongs your ordeal,” he said as he rubbed my folds.

I pursed my lips.  I didn’t like that I liked it.  I didn’t want to like it.  Longing for him to hurt me wasn’t something I could control.  Though I feared the pain, the prospect of Loki lashing my behind had created a generous pool of moisture at my entrance.  Embarrassment turned my cheeks pink and I hid my face against the covers, but I couldn’t help unconsciously spreading my thighs and pressing my pelvis against the mattress, seeking stimulation for my clit.

"Norns, you’re a whore, Brynja,” he murmured against my shoulder.  He bit me and I hissed, but otherwise kept quiet.  “Now,” he cleared his throat.  “Would you prefer that I restrain you?  If I must tie you down, I’ll blindfold you as well.  I know you’re not fond of that.”

The urge to growl like an animal came over me, but I suppressed it.  So, that was the tradeoff: I could take my strapping willingly, or by force, but lose my sight.  Voluntarily holding still for him wasn’t going to be an easy feat, but I preferred that over darkness.  “Please don’t blindfold me,” I murmured.

“Then you better be still, darling.”

Metal clinked as he lifted the belt from the bed and I craned my neck to watch him.

Bending the belt in half, he raised a brow.  “Are you ready?”

I didn’t trust my voice not to tremor, so I nodded.  I knew it would hurt, but I craved the euphoria that I achieved last time.  That blissful, blurred feeling of pleasure that trickled over my body after he’d used me.

“Then face forward.  There’s nothing for you to see back here.”

I emitted a soft whine, but did as I was told.  My breath stuttered when he dragged the belt over my hip and lower back.  The teasing, playful act caught me off guard.  The leather felt heavy compared to its true weight, and I shivered at the mere contact.

“You like this,” he stated.

I chewed my lip.  If I lied, I was certain he’d strike me.  But didn’t I want that?  I supposed it was happening either way, and I preferred a gentler stroke if possible.  “Yes, Sire.”

He grunted and replaced the belt with his hand, sliding it over my hip and stroking my skin.  “Good girl, Brynja.”  I enjoyed the feeling of his hand as my body went lax. 

His clothing rustled and he unleashed the leather, thrashing my rear in a smooth strike.  I tensed and cried out, tears forming in my eyes when the strap collided with my skin.  This was significantly different than the flogging, the purpose of which was correction.  As far as I knew, today I’d done nothing that required correction. Now, Loki simply sought release.

The hot sting made me shiver, or shudder, I wasn’t sure which.  Based on the goosebumps that rose on my skin, I think it was the first one.  I felt the wind from the swinging belt a fraction of a second before another burst of molten pain bloomed on my arse.  Despite the scream that pealed from my lips, I felt my center throb unbearably.  He continued, and with each strike my mind grew fuzzier.

Absently I remembered he was hard.  I had felt the heat of his cock against my skin only moments prior.  Again, the concept that he was hurting me for his pleasure overwhelmed me.  And the fact that I longed for it.  There was something so intrinsically wrong about that, something so forbidden that it made my core throb even harder.

He coaxed a yelp from me on the fifth lash.  Though tears were streaming down my face, I released a satisfied sigh.

“You’re pleasing your King very much, Brynja.”

A moan slipped from me.  Every time he said my name, my heart pounded a little harder.  Coupled with praise and I was giddy.  I mumbled nonsense, just loud enough for him to hear.  He chuckled and I heard the belt swing through the air before I felt the white-hot crack of leather.  He repeated the act four more times, and with each thrash I melted deeper against the bed.  I could no longer hold myself up.  Communication between my brain and muscles had been overtaken by a haze of pleasure and pain.

]When he stopped, I was torn between relief and sadness.  I heard the clink of metal against stone and knew he’d dropped the belt to the floor.  He was finished with me.  I floated, struggling to command my body to crawl up onto the bed before I collapsed into a puddle.  Chilly hands slid beneath my hips and repositioned me so the bed better supported my weight, and I dreamily rested my head against my forearm.  He peeled the dress from my body, making me wince as the fabric brushed against my red rear. 

He was silent for a moment.  My eyes cracked open when something applied light pressure my spine to my neck and shoulders.  When he nipped, I realized he was tracing the contours of my back with his lips.  I hummed and his lips spread into a smile against my neck as he moved my hair to the side.  Loki pressed kisses along the column of my throat and I blindly reached for him.

He tutted me and rolled me onto my back.  My whipped skin throbbed, but I also had an exquisite awareness of the silk duvet beneath me.  Never had anything felt so luxurious, and I’d had many silk bedspreads in my day.

Again, I extended my fingers towards my King.  I wasn’t sure what I desired, or what I’d do with him once I’d managed to snag him, but I knew I wanted him.


He positioned himself between my legs and cupped each of my calves, dragging them apart until I felt cool air hit my pussy.  That sensation was all my body required to recall the intense pulsing between my legs.  A dark need interrupted my rapture.  The only sound I managed to emit was a pitiful whimper, but Loki anticipated my need.  His hand grazed the inside of my thigh and I impatiently spread my legs further.  He laughed and shushed me while drawing his fingers through the slick between my legs.  They brushed against my clit and I moaned without shame, my hands scrabbling for something to grip as he toured my wet folds.

“Loki,” I whined, unsure of what I was requesting.

“Shhh, sweetheart, I know.”

In any other situation those words would’ve made me suspicious, if not irritated.  Now, all they did was soothe the anxiety of my needs going unmet.  Loki’s three middle fingers rubbed lazy circles against my cunt and my head tossed back and forth.  When I spoke, my tone was breathy and desperate.  “Please.”

He smirked and crawled over me, resting a good part of his body weight on mine.  “Soon, Brynja.  I’ll give you what you need.  My sweet little whore,” he crooned against my cheek.  Loki nuzzled his nose against mine, then sealed our lips together.  He kissed the breath from my lungs, but I found I couldn’t be bothered.  On its own, my body fought for air, but all I could think about was returning his kiss.  This was one of very few times he’d showed me tender affection during my entire time with him.  I wasn’t missing a second of it.  My cunt pulsed as he assaulted my lips and I thrust my hips with a groan.

Loki casually slipped two fingers inside me and I squealed against his mouth.  His free hand stroked my hair, as if trying to calm my frenzied mind.  All it took was a handful of thrusts and a crook of his fingers and I was screaming for him.  Between the kisses, my throbbing rear, the high from the beating and his fingers, I completely lost myself.

He kept his mouth sealed over mine as a guttural moan tore from my throat.  Sizzling heat wracked my body, causing me to seize as fire exploded in my belly.  I lost awareness of the noises I was making.  Based on the way he battered my pussy with his fingers, they only seemed to encourage him, which urged me on. 

With a choked cry I slumped back, my chest heaving as I fought to take in air.  Loki’s breath tickled against my ear and I vaguely realized he was soothing me.

“That’s better, isn’t it?  The tension is gone from that lovely little body of yours.”

With a moan I nodded, sucking in air.  He propped himself up on his hands, his palms planted on the bed on either side of my face.  He studied my expression, his eyes flashing and lips twitching into a wicked smile.  “Now, I’m going to fuck you, Brynja.”

Still too blissed to process, I simply whined and blinked up at him.  He chuckled and stroked my hair from my face.  “I very much want to fuck you from behind, I would love to see my handiwork.  And the view is always spectacular.  But I don’t think you could hold yourself up, could you?  That look in your eyes... I wish you could see yourself.  I want you to look me in the eye when I take you.  They’re glassy, like you’re utterly sated, yet there’s still a hint of hunger.  Do you want more, Brynja?”

In the back of my mind his kindness made me uneasy, but most of my brain was mush so I buried the thought with ease.  I nodded shakily and he grinned, “I’m going to corrupt you, darling.  I hope you know that.  The process has already begun.”  He kissed the corner of my mouth and pushed up from the bed, shucking off his trousers and shirt.  In my delirious state, I had no filter and a moan slipped past my lips as I watched his muscles flex.  Muscles he overpowered me with, punished me with.  Muscles I clung to when he fucked me.

“It’s okay to look, darling,” he said as he scooped his hands under my knees.  My body had the decency to blush, but I couldn’t look away.  Especially as he held me open.  I arched when he dragged the tip of his cock along my slit, rubbing it against my hard clit until I squirmed.  “Shhh,” he crooned.

Impatient, I pushed up onto my elbows, staring down at us.  Loki grunted as he pressed into me, and I whimpered as his cock sank in.  He thrust twice before I plummeted back, my eyes rolling.  He wasted no time.  His thrusts were punishing, the slap of skin on skin echoing throughout his chambers.  Each time he rammed into me I cried out, the force of his thrusts causing his pelvis to grind against my throbbing clit.  He leaned over and massaged his mouth against mine, sucking and nipping at my lower lip until I whimpered.  He pulled away and peered down at me, each pump of his hips jarring my body.

“This is where you belong, Brynja.  Beneath me, writhing in pleasure.  Helpless.”

I emitted a choked whine and clutched the back of his neck, yanking his lips against mine again.  He groaned and pushed his tongue into my mouth and I gladly accepted it with my own.  Wrapping a leg around his hip, I bit him.  “Harder,” I gasped.  The smile he gave me was sinful as he put everything he had into plunging his cock into my cunt.  Three pumps of his hips and I was keening again, wailing against his neck as my body jerked.  Clinging to him, I lost my vision as white exploded from behind my eyes.  Raw pleasure pulsed through my entire body and my velvety walls contracted around his cock.  I couldn’t breathe.  My hips stuttered, instinctually thrusting up as he continued to pound me into the bed.

With a roar, he grabbed my throat and forced me to look at him with half-lidded eyes.  His pace surpassed brutal and as his pelvis ground against mine, my mouth opened in a silent scream.  Once more my cunt clenched around his pistoning cock, which instantly set him off.  Loki growled as he pummeled me, fucking me into the bed as I cried beneath him.  I sighed as I felt him bathe my insides with his seed. 

His thrusts slowed until he was lazily pumping in and out of me, half hard.  My pussy was so damn sensitive I pressed a hand against his chest.  With a doting smirk, he pulled out.  I thought he was finished with me until he caught my ankle and flipped me onto my belly.  He murmured something, but I was too out of it to comprehend, so I lay my cheek against a pillow.  Sleep had already started to take me when I felt his hands on me once again.  I wasn’t expecting was the cooling sensation that quickly settled over my flaming rear.  I could feel Loki running his hands up and down the tops of my thighs and ass cheeks.  He must’ve done healing magic.  The orgasm-dulled throbbing lessened to a level that allowed me to shift my weight without whimpering.  When Loki ran his fingers along my skin once more, the bite of pain had mostly subsided.  I was still incredibly tender, but I no longer felt raw.  He sat beside me, running his hands over my ass, thighs and flank.  The sensation lulled me even further into unconsciousness.

My eyes fluttered open as my body shook.  I cracked a lid to see Loki laying parallel to me.  “Don’t sleep, not yet.” 

I gave a sleepy nod and studied his face.  His eyes darted away from mine and I frowned.  It took me a moment to connect my brain to my mouth.  “What’s wrong?”

The sound of my voice coaxed him out of his thoughts.  He gazed down at me, playing with a section of my dark hair before clearing his throat.

“You let me take what I needed tonight.”

“You take what you need whether or not I let you,” I pointed out.

The corner of his mouth twitched into a small smile.  “I suppose I do.  But tonight, I needed more than I’ve ever asked of you before, and you gave it to me.”

“You needed it?”

He hesitated, looking away.  “As you may have noticed, I possess some darker tendencies.  I’ve tried to expel them, to no avail.”  Swallowing, he glanced back in my direction.  “Yes, I needed to hurt you.”

Likely due to my multitude of orgasms, I merely nodded.  The extremity of his declaration may bother me tomorrow, but presently my mind was too placid to be disrupted.  Staring up at him, I wriggled closer until I could rest my head on his thigh.  “Okay,” I sighed.

He held his hands up in surprise, as if too flummoxed to touch me.  “I-‘Okay?’  That’s all you have to say?”

I shrugged one of my shoulders.  “You hurt me, then you made it better.  It felt good.  I’m still breathing.  So, okay.”

“You are a strange girl, Brynja.”

“You’re a strange captor, Loki.”

He grumbled something before sinking his fingers into my hair and stroking.  I shivered with a smile, humming in satiation and nuzzling against his leg.  “Sleeping now,” I mumbled into his skin.  He uttered a noise I assumed meant he comprehended, and continued playing with my hair until I drifted off.