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Mile a Minute

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At some point on my walk to the flower gardens, it occurred to me that staying in plain sight was both moronic and brilliant at the same time.  I wasn’t escaping; wasn’t hiding.  Just going for some fresh air.  Yes, I was dressed in Loki’s tunic and boots and looked like a child playing dress up because I had no access to clothes of my own, but it wasn’t as if I were actually running away from him.  And, the warm sunshine was worth it.  It felt different than the heat that beat down on my skin from his balconies.  Air out here had the faintest scent of autonomy, however short-lived it may be.

The peonies called to me and at first I perched primly on the stone bench, admiring the blossoms.  I sat like a lady, despite my masculine clothing, keeping my knees together and tucking my feet beneath the seat.  But, after several minutes, the lush grass seduced me.  I dropped to my knees and spread out on my back.  I couldn’t help but sigh as I ran my fingers through the blades.  The smell of the flowers and pillow of the grass were abundantly more comfortable than the confines of Loki’s bed. 

This was my first taste of legitimate freedom in ages.  I knew I’d pay dearly for liberating myself, but I couldn’t spend another moment locked in Loki’s rooms.  They smelled like him, like winter and power and leather.  I needed a break from the constant assault of his scent; it simultaneously comforted and disgusted me, which was confusing.

When I heard the click of boots against the sandstone path, I closed my eyes and mourned my brief sense of freedom.  The noise grew louder and clearly, I’d been discovered.

The last thing I wanted was to make a guard’s life difficult by evading him.  Well, make it more difficult that I already had.  As I said, I wasn’t hiding and I knew this wasn’t a game.  Though I didn’t want to return to Loki’s rooms, I also didn’t want to torture his staff.  A shadow cast over me and I smiled to myself in bitter surrender, rolling to my side to get up.

"You have the audacity to leave my rooms and the first thing you do is roll around on the ground like an animal.” 

I froze at the sound of Loki’s voice.  It cracked like ice breaking over a lake.  His eyes gleamed with unhinged anger and my attempt at an afternoon jaunt started to seem like an extremely poor decision.  I had expected him to be annoyed, but his fuming rage caught me off guard.

“I know I’m not supposed to be out here, but you wouldn’t listen to me and I’ve been begging to go outside.  I’ve only been away for a short time, I promise.  I doubt anyone even saw me.  I’m not going to fight you, I’ll go back.  I just needed some air.”

Loki’s lip curled in a sneer as he hauled me to my feet.  His eyes remained cold as they raked over my body, lingering on my chest.  After a moment of inappropriate staring, he shrugged a shoulder.  “You ‘just needed some air.’  I’ll be sure to explain that to the families of the guards.  They’ll understand.  When would you like to pay your respects?”

As I processed what he said, my stomach bottomed out.  I squinted at him, trying to decipher his meaning because it wasn’t possible he had done what he implied.  He met my stare with a cruel gaze.  There wasn’t an ounce of the mirth that often lurked in his eyes.  My throat tightened and I swallowed twice to push down bile.  I tried to speak, but had to clear my throat to find my voice.

“What did you do?”

Loki squatted and picked a flower from a cluster of peonies.  His vicious eyes contradicted his wry smile as he stood and closed the distance between us.  Loki tucked the blossom behind my ear and fussed with my hair until it draped over my shoulder.  He tugged on the collar of the shirt I wore and used it to pull me against him.

"Lovely Brynja,” he sighed.  “Deep down, you know you forced my hand.  You knew someone would face the repercussions of your actions.”

“But you didn’t really kill them.  Because that would be ludicrous.”

Ruse exposed, Loki laughed and winked at me.  “No, they still have their lives.  But I can guarantee they didn’t enjoy their whipping in the same manner that you enjoyed yours.”

My eyes closed and I simultaneously blushed and shuddered, cringing as I realized these men endured agony on my behalf.  But Loki wasn’t interested in my remorse.  He grabbed my arm and pushed me in front of him, his other hand on my lower back as he herded me through the gardens. 

After several minutes of stumbling and brutal silence, we arrived at the healing rooms.  All the healers glanced up at the deafening sound of our shoes on the marble.  They quickly shuffled from the room, save for Eir and the two men face down on cots.  They lay shirtless with their backs exposed, littered with rich, red wounds.

Eir managed to glare disapprovingly at Loki while also looking at me with pity as she went back to tending the guards.  One moaned as she smeared a restorative salve over the lesions and I had to look away.  Loki pulled me close and his lips brushed against my ear, “Do you see what you’ve done, my little dove?  They’ll be healed by tomorrow, but can you imagine the pain they’re in now?  So many wounds over such a large area.  It must be excruciating.”

I managed to utter a soft noise from the back of my throat.  Though I hadn’t willingly injured these men, it was my fault.  Placing the blame on Loki would be easy, but it wasn’t Loki that ventured outside for a mid-afternoon romp in the flowers.  That was all me.  I shoved away from Loki’s side and padded closer to Eir.  “How can I help?”

Brows raised in surprise, the goddess shook her head as she continued applying the cream to the man’s wounds.  “Princess, this work is meant for those of us that serve.  Don’t trouble yourself.”

“These men deserve my service.”

The physician stopped her work and glanced up at me, her eyes full of doubt.  “As you wish.”

As Eir handed me a jar of ointment, I managed to catch sight of Loki in my periphery.   His gaze was absolutely penetrating.  I’ve never seen someone scowl so hard.  He reached for the jar in my hands.  “It’s time to return to my rooms, Brynja.”

I shrugged away from him and watched Eir work until I understood how to apply the salve.  With trembling fingers, I started delicately massaging the cream onto the second man’s cuts.  He winced as I worked and the instinct to stop hurting him was almost unbearable, but I watched as Eir’s patient grew relaxed under her dutiful hands and I continued.

The rustle of clothing warned me that Loki was on the move.  Several seconds passed before I felt the heat of his body behind mine.  I glanced over my shoulder and licked my lip as he glared at me.  The muscle in his jaw ticked and I could see the vein throbbing in his neck.

“Now, Brynja.”

I don’t frighten easily, but his murderous eyes scared me enough that I looked away and down at my patient as I spoke.  “I’ll come to you when I’m finished, Your Grace.  You have my word.  Right now, I need to stay here.” 

Eir busied herself with the shelves of various jars and bottles in the corner of the room, giving us as much privacy as possible without abandoning her wards.

“You will do as I say.”  He snatched my wrist and pulled me to the door.  I locked my knees and stumbled forward, but slowed him down.

I grunted when he yanked me against his chest, likely ready to haul me over his shoulder.  Bracing my hands against his chest, I shook my head, “Wait, please.”  He surveyed me with narrowed eyes.  I bowed my head as I spoke, “I know you’re going to punish me.  I deserve that.  But, this is punishment as well.  Let me do what I can while I experience with the repercussions of my actions.  Maybe… I’ll even learn something about obedience,” I offered.

Still skeptical, Loki looked me up and down.  I fiddled with the hem of my shirt.

“It’s not like there’s anywhere for me to go.  I doubt Eir would just let me leave alone,” I murmured.

“Fine.  Bask in your atonement.  You have until sundown.”

Without a second thought, he spun and stalked from the room.  I trudged back to my guard and took a shaky breath.  Loki’s presence had acted like a plug to the emotional flood lurking within me.  I was too proud to dissolve in front of him.  But my eyes prickled as I returned to the guard’s side, and my vision quickly blurred with tears as I scooped a glob of salve onto my finger.

“I’m so sorry,” I whispered to him.

He didn’t say anything, and I didn’t expect him to.  The man was in and out of consciousness, which was likely a blessing until his sores had been treated.  My nose stung as I stared at his raw back.  After a moment of suppressed silence, a sob tore from me and I snapped my eyes shut in embarrassment.  I wasn’t above crying.  Crying is cathartic.  But crying in front of strangers is humiliating.

I started when Eir’s fingers brushed mine.  Gently she took the jar from my hands and helped me into a chair.  Her kindness only worsened my tears.  I lost track of her while I rubbed my eyes, failing to cease my sobs. 

“Here, child.”  The rim of a hot cup pressed against my lips and after a stuttered breath, I took a sip.  Then another.  The liquid was heated just past comfortable and I swallowed a gulp.  Almost immediately my eyes shut halfway and my shoulders relaxed.  I pushed my disheveled hair from my face and warily gazed up at her.  “What did you give me?”

“Tea.  It will soothe you.  You need it.”

“Thank you,” I hiccupped.

Eir allowed me to drink for several minutes before helping me out of the chair and further into the room.  I followed her to a curtained off area where there was another bed.  Without a hint of hesitation or doubt at handling royalty, she sat me on the mattress.  On the bedside table, she placed my tea.  “Finish this, then rest, Princess.  I’ll wake you before the sun sets.”

An errant tear dribbling down my cheek, I nodded and curled up on the bed.  “Thank you, Eir.”

She gave me a sad smile.  “You’re welcome, Princess.”


I woke to a hand stroking my face.  Something I hadn’t felt in years, as it didn’t count when Loki did it.  My eyes fluttered open to find Eir perched next to me.

“The sun will set soon.  You need to return to him.”

It bothered me that a single pronoun was enough to identify Loki.  No one else’s name had that unspoken power.  I rubbed my eyes with the heels of my hands and sighed.

My escort cleared his throat in the doorway of healing rooms and I reluctantly rose.  To my surprise, his colleagues had been moved from their beds.  I frowned and turned to the goddess.  “Where are the two injured guards?”

“The salve works quickly.  They’re healed and resting in their quarters.”

Weight lifted from my shoulders and I nodded, my tightly pressed lips briefly curving into a warm smile for Eir.

“Thank you.”

She bowed her head, “Good night, Princess.”

My attendant and I walked in an uncomfortable silence.  When we arrived, I lingered in the doorway until the guard cleared his throat.  He motioned for me to move inward so he could shut the door.  Straightening my spine, I took a deep breath and held is as I strode into Loki’s chambers.

When I heard laughter, I froze.  What could cause him to laugh?  Had he gone mad?  Cautiously, I stepped forward around the corner and my breath left my lungs.  Loki stood behind a lovely woman, fastening the stays at the back of her dress.  She had the classic blonde hair and blue eyes of a carefully-bred Asgardian, the opposite of my golden skin and dark features. 

My face flushed with rage and humiliation and my thoughts fired so rapidly I couldn’t focus.  He had another woman in our rooms.  He had slept with someone else despite our engagement.  And he did so knowing when I would return. 

I knew I’d pushed him, that I’d acted and spoken with him in a manner that most would never dare.  A severe punishment was in my future, of that I had no doubt.  But this… This was something I would never have expected.  Jealousy flamed in my cheeks while I gaped at them.  The girl curtsied, her dress refastened.  She turned and leaned forward, pressing a kiss against Loki’s cheek.  He gave her a knowing smile as she curtsied.

“Thank you, dear.  I expect you here next week at the same time.”

“Yes, Your Grace.”

I forced a cough to announce my presence, eager to see Loki’s reaction.  There wasn’t one.  He merely raised a brow at me and made his way to a table where a nearby wine goblet sat.  The woman, on the other hand, smirked at me as she walked past, giving me an exaggerated bow. 

Vaguely I heard the door close behind her as she left.  As I stared at Loki, I kept parting my lips to speak, but my thoughts were racing too fast for my mouth to keep up.  Setting down his cup, he licked his lip with a cruel smile.

“Do you have something to say, darling?”

I sputtered briefly, desperately searching for some kind of slur to throw at him.

“Who was she?” was all I could manage.

“Kari?  She was no one, pet.  Don’t bother yourself with such details.”

As I stormed towards him, I squeezed my fists at my side to keep from acting rashly.  He hummed as he looked down at me.  I practically shook with rage, as if my body were winding up to strike.

“Was she a whore?”

“Brynja, that’s awfully crass of you, but yes, she’s in the business of pleasure.”

“And what, exactly, was she doing here?  With you?”

His eyes flashed as he smiled down at me, “Jealousy becomes you.”

“I am not jealous,” I grit through clenched teeth.

“Perhaps it’s the anger, then.  I do appreciate your fury.  You’re quite lovely when you’re mad.”

I ignored his complement.  He would’ve had more luck charming a boot than me in that moment.  “We’re engaged.”

He sighed and patted my shoulder.  “I wouldn’t be the first or the last ruler to take a mistress.  I’m afraid Kings do as they like, Brynja.”

I crossed my arms and raised my chin.  “Not in this kingdom they don’t.  Not while I’m ruling at your side.”

When he laughed, I saw red.  I lifted my hand and swung forward, my palm sailing through the air towards his face.  He caught my wrist along with my other arm, pinning them to my sides.

“Now, Brynja.  That’s not very becoming of royalty.”

I panted while I glared at him.  I’d exhausted myself crying in the healing room.  All that remained inside me was wrath.

“I’m going to tame you, darling.  By the time I’m finished, you’ll be so unbelievably sated you won’t have the energy to rebel.”

I tried to emit the hate I felt in the moment.  My lip curled and I’m sure my eyes were bright with ire.  He picked up on it I’m sure, he just disregarded it.  Smirking, Loki bent his head, his mouth nearing mine.  Without second thought, I turned my face to the side.  I felt the exhale of his breath on my cheek as he chuckled.

“Evidently there are many lessons you need to relearn today.  Have you forgotten about the prospect of my taking little Gyda as queen?  Or perhaps you haven’t considered who I’ll have whipped this time for your insolence.”

“You don’t want to maim me so you’re going to hurt someone else?  Would you even administer the punishment yourself, or use a lackey?  What kind of ruler does that?”

Loki’s haughty smile melted to a sneer and he shook his head, “You’ve learned nothing from our lessons.  Not a single thing.”  He grabbed the material of my shirt and hauled me against him, then hefted me into his arms.  When fingers wrapped around my neck I hissed at him until I realized he was already holding my thighs with both of his hands.  My hair whipped him in the face as I twisted.  A gasp was all I could manage.  The Loki that stood behind me pressed himself against my back, groaning as he rubbed his erection against my rear.

“Wha-who?  What is this!”

“He’s a clone, darling,” my Loki crooned against my cheek.  I pushed my palms against his chest, trying to dislodge myself as the duplicate’s hands cupped my rear.  Between the four arms supporting me, I could hardly move the lower half of my body.  I kicked, but my feet met air as the pair sandwiching me laughed.  Still writhing, I reluctantly wrapped an arm around each of their shoulders to balance myself.

“Can we undress her now?” the duplicate asked over my shoulder.

Loki nodded with a cruel smile and they shifted me between them, each grasping a handful of fabric, then brutally pulling it apart.  They destroyed my trousers in the same fashion, despite my protestations.

“Quiet, little girl,” the double purred as he pressed kisses against my neck.  A weak whimper slipped from my throat as I felt both of their cocks rubbing against my rear and pelvis.

“Loki, what are you doing?”

“Teaching you, dear.  Reminding you why you obey me.”

“And why is that?”

“Because I’m stronger than you are.  Both in spirit and brute force, and against two of us you stand no chance.  You will submit to us before the night is over.”

My voice was more panicked than I’d like to admit, “To-to both you?  At the same time?”

“Yes, darling.  You’re going to feel so full.”

The bastard kissed me on the nose as if I were a child, then slid one of his hands between my legs.  He rubbed at my pussy and immediately I felt a flood of moisture seep from my entrance.  When his fingers brushed against my rear hole, I stilled.  “Loki, no, I endured the plug but this—.”

“Will be just fine,” he finished for me.  “You’ll take both of us like the good girl you are.  There is no other option.”

Taking slick from my pussy, he smeared it over my arse hole, teasingly thrusting a finger inside me while I stared at him in disbelief.  My hips bucked as I tried to squirm away from the finger in my rear, but the clone held me still as Loki worked another finger inside me.  I could feel my face contort as he scissored his fingers, stretching me in preparation.  It felt better than I would’ve liked to admit.

“There we are, sweet girl,” whispered the duplicate against my cheek.

Loki pulled his fingers from my rear hole and I sighed in relief.  Perhaps he’d give me enough recovery time to steel my emotions so my reactions weren’t so blatantly displayed.

Once again, fingers brushed against my cunt, and at this point, I wasn’t sure whose hand it was.  I’d lost track.  Scooping slippery wetness from me, the fingers stroked over the duplicate’s cock, making it slick.  As I started to spook from anticipation I wriggled again, but immediately ceased when the blunt tip of a cock pressed against my ass.

“Be still, or this may be uncomfortable.”

No longer could I deny what was happening.  I could scream and fight and wail and, either way, I was going to get fucked.  Though the prospect of making things difficult for myself so that sex wasn’t as pleasurable appealed greatly, the salacious portion of my brain usurped the martyr in me. 

I didn’t even try to quell the groan as the clone started to push inside.  I released a shuddered breath as he seated himself, making it hard to breathe.  My Loki stared me in the eye in utter delight.  “Watching your expressions as you enjoy taking me in your ass is akin to an orgasm, my dear.”

I flushed and looked away, only to have my chin wrenched back up.  “You will not break my gaze,” he instructed, forfeiting the grip of one hand to guide his cock to my dripping entrance.  “You will show me every nuance of pleasure you take from this experience.  You will not deprive me of a single look while we fuck you.”

A tiny tear of humiliation streaked down my cheek as I nodded.

Satisfied that I’d comply, he began pressing inside me.  I gasped, choking on air as my nails dug into both of their backs.  As his cock inched its way into my passage, pressing against the double’s, I felt my eyes roll back.  The clone slapped my ass, “None of that, kitten.  Let him watch you.”

My mouth hung open in the most improper manner as Loki eased into me, stuffing me beyond capacity.  I knew they were each in separate holes, but I couldn’t tell the difference.  All I felt was a sense of overflowing completion, like they would set me off if one of them so much as blinked.

“Norns,” I breathed when Loki was seated to the hilt. 

He tenderly stroked my face, “Oh, sweetheart.  We haven’t even started fucking you yet and your eyes are almost crossed in ecstasy.”

I made an honest attempt at glaring, but fell short as they lifted me.  My Loki’s hands cradled my legs beneath my knees as his duplicate’s fingers dug into the cheeks of my ass.  In perfect synchronicity, they raised me.  Their cocks dragged against my walls and I let my head fall back without breaking my Loki’s stare.  It was too heavy to hold up.

The pair let out twin moans as they lowered me.  I managed to make a guttural noise in the back of my throat, but honestly, I couldn’t think beyond that.  It felt like every single nerve in my body was firing, shooting messages of utter satisfaction to my brain one after another.

“Fuck,” I shuddered, my sight blurring as I fought to keep my eyes open.

“Language,” the duplicate murmured against my cheek in warning.  I managed a shaky nod and adjusted my grip on them.  They raised me again, this time a little faster, and dropped me with more force than before.  I panted, desperately seeking the air their cocks seemed to have displaced from my lungs. 

Their rhythm grew faster and I gave up all hope of functional eyesight.  My vision was so skewed I couldn’t see Loki’s face before me, but that was the only way I could keep my eyes open while experiencing such overwhelming pleasure.

Loki leaned forward, biting my earlobe and brushing his lips against the shell, “You’re going to come for us, Brynja.  On both of our cocks while we stuff you the way you were meant to be used.  The princess that can’t keep from exploding while she’s filled in each hole, her poor, luscious body threatening to burst.  Isn’t that right?”

I squeaked some sort of response, my own hips beginning to rock between the two.  My cries developed a rhythm as they lifted and dropped me faster, and my vision exploded into white.  The initial contraction of my orgasm seemed to last for ages, and I’m certain my eyes rolled back again as the pressure in my lower belly erupted.  I was faintly aware of screaming, but not conscious enough to be bothered by it.  Loki and his clone fucked me ruthlessly as my climax continued, forcing me to go absolutely limp after my cunt started pulsing around Loki.

“I can still feel you, sweet girl,” the double whispered against my ear, “I can still feel that divine little pussy of yours spasming over his cock as we both take you.  That’s how hard you’re coming.”

A screech shot from my lungs as they kept fucking me, prompting another smaller, yet still shattering, orgasm.  I could feel myself shaking in their arms, and admit to being vaguely aware of dissonant tortured shouts as each man erupted.  The heat that shot into me made me shiver, despite the temperature.  For several moments, I lay suspended between Loki and his double.  It took longer than ever before to finally catch my breath, and as I cooled down the men did too.

“Fuck,” I muttered deliriously.

“Language!”  Someone, I didn’t even care whose, hand collided with my ass and I jerked from the force of the strike, but didn’t utter a sound.  I was too blissed to care.  I regained mostly full consciousness, and with it, an awareness of being far too wet between my legs, and it wasn’t solely my fault.  I squirmed in discomfort and the double laughed, turning my face so he could kiss me before he vanished.  Loki walked with me to the bed, waving his hand and immediately the sticky moisture disappeared.

“If you can do it with magic, why don’t you always do it that way?” I mumbled against his shoulder.


“Never mind.”  I didn’t have it in me to repeat myself.  I sighed as he gingerly set me on the bed.  He went as far as pulling back the covers and tucking my legs beneath them.  Had I had more energy, I would’ve been stunned at his tenderness.

“She’s an established masseuse.”


Loki slid into bed and yanked me to his side.  Draping his arm over my waist, he lay his head on the pillow.  “The whore that was here,” he yawned, “she’s the best masseuse in Asgard.  In order to work, she had to loosen her dress.  I didn’t fuck her.”

If I had even a smidgen more fire left in me, I’d have pinched him for leading me so easily into a tirade.  Alas, I couldn’t even manage to keep my eyes open as sleep forcefully overtook me.  I remember feeling a faint sense of relief, and then sighing at him.  After that, I must’ve succumbed to sleep.