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Orange Drabble for whatserface YT2013

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Stacey stared out through the windows of the shuttle at the asteroid field. She could make this, if she just concentrated. The route wasn't any harder than any other she had faced over the years, but this time the challenge was more challenging because of the audience.

And also the great danger involved, because she was literally going to be reisking all of their lives on this dangfool stunt that was likely going to get them all killd.

But if she made it, she would be a hero, and the day would be saved. So there was that.

Taking a deep breath, SStacey grabed the controls and the ship leapt forward. To her destiny.


[TO BETA NOTES: Okay, so like, I realize that this is supposed to be a drabble, but can't it be longer? Like, aren't there drabbles that are over 100 words? I'm sure that's totes a thing. Also, do I have to write for Orange? I know they requested it, but Orange is just so stupied! And I can't even find the canon! Can't I just, like, write them Gold instread? Or Indigo? I could do Indigo.

Okay, and also, I'm totes not sure about this whole introspections thing. Am I doing that right? Because you're supposed to take a thing that actually happened and show the character thinking through it, or something, yeah? So that's what this is? But isn't that kind of stupid? I mean, like, we alaready saw the moment on the show. Do8 we need to know what they were thinking too? Especially for Orange, cause its an audio thingy. So we only hear everything anyway. Shouldn't I be writing about what it looks like and stuff? I know you told me introspection was easier, but I'm just really not sure.

Ooh, hey, did you see the game last Sunday? Colin is totally a hotty McHotterson! So is Ryan! I should be writing about Ryan right now. Did anyone request him? Okay, I'm going to send this to you, and you should give me your feedback real quick so I can write something about Ryan.

Also, are you sure that Stacey is spelled right? I know that's how whatsername put it in the letter, but doesn't the e look wrong? I dunno. Check on that for me please. And on the name of the planet that this happened by. I know I totes don't have room for it if I only do this in 100 words, but we're going to change that, right? Anyway, just figure it out for me, will ya?]