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A Shoot Proposal

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Root and Shaw sat in silence for a few minutes on the boat. Root continued to rub up and down Shaw’s back and arms to warm her up from the icy water and chilly sea breeze. Shaw didn’t want to admit how incredibly good Root’s hands felt all over her body, and it just wasn’t because she was freezing from the frigid ocean water.

“Are you getting any warmer?” Root actually asked as a legitimate question without any innuendo. Then she couldn’t resist adding, “Have to say, seeing you take those guys out…definitely got me warm.” Her arms still tight around Shaw.

“Root…” Shaw knew she should extract herself from Root’s body, yet she didn’t and continued to enjoy the warmth it brought inside and outside. Even her stomach felt kind of warm right now which was a really odd feeling.

“Where did you learn to shoot like that?” Root asked still hugging on tightly to Shaw to warm her up and because it felt so damn good. There were two Kevins in Shaw’s lap now while the other two Kevins wandered and shook their fur about the boat.

“I have many skills,” Shaw deadpanned.

After a few more minutes, Shaw extracted herself from Root; her assistant tried to hide her disappointment and failed. Shaw realized it was way harder pulling away from Root than she ever thought and again not just because she was actually cold. She wasn’t ready to admit yet that she just liked having Root all over her. Root and Shaw loaded all the dogs into their boat and took off for the shore. They tied up all the bad guys to the other boat, took their keys and left them to drift out to sea until the Coast Guard could come and arrest them. Sadly, selling dogs for consumption might not be illegal, but trying to murder some activists was and these guys were going down hopefully for a long time.

When they got back to town, they called the local animal shelter and waited until all the dogs were safely picked up and looked after. Except for the four Kevins. Shaw rolled her eyes when Root volunteered to take all four puffy cloud dogs with her. She said they were Kevin’s siblings, so they all needed to be together. If Root thought for one minute she was going to be bringing any of the Kevins back to New York with them, she was dead wrong. Shaw could only imagine Root saying that every day is bring your dog to work day.

As they started walking down the long boat deck back to the big house, Root asked Shaw. “What do you think we should name them?” Thankfully, the animal shelter had leashes so all the Kevins were walking beside them not wildly running off everywhere.

“That’s easy. Kevin #2, Kevin #3, Kevin #4 and Kevin #5.” Shaw swung her hair around trying to untangle it with her fingers.

Root watched this action in almost complete rapture. “Let me warm you up properly for saving the Kevins,” Shaw turned around on the boat deck and stared at Root, who walked up slowly and invaded her personal space and even reached out and put her hand on Shaw’s ass. “Hand on ass. On ass.” Shaw squinted her eyes at Root as her cheeky assistant squeezed her butt cheek. “What? You said no to messy, but c’mon this is just celebratory. I’m thinking…animal rights organizations would want us to celebrate for them.”

“So me…banging you is in honor of animals rights?” Shaw pursed her lips, squinted her eyes as if she was thinking this proposition over.

“Absolutely,” Root licked her lips as she lowered her eyes and lusted after Shaw’s tasty mouth.

“Get me to our room before I change my mind,” Shaw stared back with a blaze in her eyes for Root, who actually looked a little stunned at the outcome.

The ‘our’ room part made Root smile almost more than the possible hook up that might happen. She never wanted Shaw to know, but one time they took this psychology team building test at work and Root hacked into Human Resources and saw her boss’s results. Shaw’s results were a little surprising, yet in some ways not. Her fake fiancée had scored very high in the leadership category and very poorly in the emotional intelligence part, with a side note from the psychologist that Shaw might be a borderline sociopath. And through her sheer brilliance and fortitude she achieved great success because of her extraordinary work ethic and moral compass. Root felt like she kind of understood her boss more after seeing the results and admired her more. Not that she had a disability, because she didn’t; she just had to operate and succeed in a foreign setting without knowing the language really well.

Root had a huge smile she couldn’t hide from Shaw as they both walked back up to the house, followed by the four Kevin puppies around them.

Suddenly, Uncle Harold appeared from the side of the house and stared very seriously at both of them. Root never disliked her uncle more than at this moment. Root unleashed all the Kevins and watched as they ran off into the yard.

“I want to talk to both of you.” Harold ushered them into a horse stable. “You Aunt Grace is never to hear about any of this.”

A shadow emerged from one of the stalls and INS agent Hersh appeared looking directly at both women as they cautiously walked into the stable.

“Told you I'd check up on you two.” Hersh didn’t say it cocky, just matter-of-factly. As if up checking up on them was as easy like going to the grocery store, despite it being on the other side of the country and a nine plus hour flight.

Root had an extremely alarmed look on her face and she looked back and forth between Hersh and her Uncle Harold. “What did you do?”

Harold straightened his back and looked at Root. “I got a phone call from Mr. Hersh, who told me what he thought was going on between you two.” Harold motioned between her and Shaw. “He told me that if you were lying, and he strongly believes that you are, he would send you to prison. So I flew him up here so we could converse.”

“Uncle Harry…” Root looked momentarily defeated, as if her Uncle did this crap all the time.

“Luckily for you,” Hersh looked to Root as he spoke, “your uncle negotiated a deal on your behalf. Now, this offer's going to last for 20 seconds, so listen closely. You're going to make a statement admitting this marriage is a sham or you're going to prison.” Hersh looked directly at Root. “You tell the truth, you're off the hook…” Hersh then turned to motion to Shaw, “…and she is going to go back to Canada.”

There was dead silence, all four people stood very still in the horse stable. The tension between Root and Harold hung over like a dense, thick fog.

Shaw looked over to Root and could see a multitude of conflicting emotions running through her eyes, some fear thrown in with worry and perhaps more than a dash of confusion. She admitted she was getting a little worried for her assistant now.

“Samantha...take the deal.” Uncle Harold urged to Root.

Root stared hard at her Uncle Harold. “I don't think so.”

“Root…make the wise choice,” Uncle Harold put some softness in his voice this time. He was obviously worried about his niece and her possible horrible decision, so much so he used her chosen name.

Root looked defiantly at Hersh. “Here's your statement. I've worked for Sameen Shaw for three years. Six months ago we started dating, we fell in love. I asked her to marry me, she said ‘Absolutely’,” Root glanced over to Hersh then back to Uncle Harold. “I'll see you at the wedding.” She then held the door open for Shaw, who didn’t make eye contact and followed her fake fiancée out while the door slammed shut behind them.

The two men looked at the slammed door with stern faces. Uncle Harold pursued his lips while looking very worried.

Shaw followed Root into their shared bedroom, they were both very quiet as they slowly walked in and then stood awkwardly stealing glances at each other.

Shaw’s clothes were still a little damp and her hair had some real waves going on from the ocean water. She physically felt as uncomfortable on the outside as she did on the inside.

“You sure about this?” She wasn’t so sure anymore if putting Root at risk was worth her personal gain. That part she thought was making her stomach feel really unsettled like too many peppercinis on a sandwich, which was rare.

Root gave Shaw a weak smile. “Yeah…of course.” She thought how her Uncle Harold was a real mood killer.

“I mean, I am very appreciative of what you've done, but I think that...” Shaw didn’t know how to talk about this predicament they were in. She didn’t want to hurt Root in any way, yet she really didn’t want to leave her home, job and her responsibility for helping her young mentee Gen. And she didn’t want to leave Root. How could she ever find another assistant like Root, how could she find any one like Root at all.

“You'd do the same for me. Right?” Root asked staring at Shaw, who held her gaze intensely but didn’t answer.

Suddenly, Gammy knocked on the door then waltzed into the room. The older woman really was a master at interrupting Root thought, must run in her family despite lack of shared DNA.

“Hope everyone is decent,” Gammy walked further into the room and over to where Root was standing, she gently took hold of her arm. “You need to come with me. Now, tomorrow is your wedding day.”

Root looked at her grandmother confused and shrugged, she turned to Shaw who was just as clueless.

Gammy let go of Root and took the Baby Maker blanket from the bed and carried it in her arms. “You two need to give the Baby Maker a rest tonight.”

“Oh, we weren’t using the Baby Maker at the moment,” Shaw said awkwardly, she really liked Gammy.

“It's tradition to sleep away from each other the night before the wedding. Give your bride a kiss good night and leave her be for the evening.” Gammy motioned to Root then to Shaw. “You've got your whole lives to be together. Go on Root, kiss Shaw goodnight and let’s go.” Gammy nudged Root in Shaw’s direction.

Root shrugged, who was she to disobey her grandmother making her kiss the woman she wanted to kiss. She walked over to Shaw who didn’t move away or even flinch. They stared into each’s other eyes, then surprisingly it was Shaw’s eyes that lingered down and focused on Root’s lips. Root took this as a good sign so she leaned in further and kissed Shaw firmly and her fake fiancée responded immediately by cupping her face, deepening the kiss. Root had to hold down a shuddering moan that wanted to escape, she didn’t think that was a good idea with her Gammy standing right there. And the moan might come out slightly pornographic since Shaw’s tongue had somehow ended up in her mouth, she gripped Shaw’s hips for support. She thought okay, so her boss really liked putting her tongue in her mouth, where else would she like putting that tongue. Root had to shake that thought or she would never get any sleep, ever.

Shaw was so mad at her tongue, was it possible to be completely pissed off at an appendage she wondered. All Root had to do was barely kiss her and Shaw found herself losing all rational thought and tongue control. And she had to stop making out with Root in front of her grandmother.

Gammy cleared her throat quite loudly. “Now, come on. Come on.”

Root and Shaw pulled away from each other reluctantly licking their lips and staring at each other slightly breathless. Gammy tilted her head for Root to follow her out of the room.

Root hesitated and stared at Shaw longingly. “Gammy, I’m going to stay…” she didn’t even care how hoarse her voice sounded or that her pupils were probably completely blown out because all she wanted to do was do Shaw.

“Root Groves we must honor tradition, c’mon on let’s go,” Gammy said more sternly and motioned for Root to exit the room.

Root stepped slowly away from Shaw, knowing if she didn’t she wouldn’t leave the room at all, “If I don't go with her, she's just going to...” Shaw was staring at her and if Root didn’t know her boss so well, she would say that she didn’t want her to leave. At all.

Shaw shook her head, “…to come right back and push harder. Yeah.”

“Yeah,” Root shoved her hands in her pockets. “See you in the morning?”

“Yeah.” Shaw watched Root leave and felt completely torn.

Shaw tossed and turned in the big bed, she couldn’t fall asleep. She did not want to think that the reason she couldn't get to sleep was because Root wasn't there beside her. Nope. She could begrudgingly admit that it might be Root related in that her body was humming with sexual frustration for her fake fiancée/annoying assistant. After three years of working together with whispered corny innuendoes (always tossed out when Root thought she wasn’t listening), too much staring, too many short dresses showing off those ridiculously long legs, flowing brown wavy hair that was tossed around like she was in some shampoo commercial and always standing way to close together; something had to give she thought. Then to add this weekend with sliding down each other’s wet bodies completely naked, three long deep kisses involving tongues, sleeping in the same bed…again, something definitely had to give.

She needed some water. Or something to drink, preferably some good whiskey. She didn’t think it was a good idea to know which room Root was sleeping in, she wouldn’t be able to find her in this big house. She walked to the kitchen, got a glass of water and then heard the faintest of growls. She peeked her head around the corner into one of the smaller living rooms and there was Root on the couch with three Kevins all tucked in around her and two Kevins on the floor next to them. Root looked over to Shaw, with her big, brown sparkling eyes. Great, so they both weren’t asleep she thought. Shaw sighed and slowly shuffled over to the couch. All five Kevins perked up and watched her. One Kevin, probably Kevin #3 yawned then stood up and stretched his paws on Shaw’s leg.

“They all love you now,” Root said while petting Kevin #2 on her stomach.

“I’m getting kind of fond of them…maybe a little,” Shaw reached down and picked up Kevin #3 from the floor and cradled him in her arms.

“Did you want to take a Kevin back to the room with you?” asked Root, with a completely sub-textual meaning to the question.

“Well…” Shaw didn’t know how to say she only wanted one thing to go back to the room with her. She bent down and deposited Kevin #3 on the couch, then all three Kevins clambered over to lick and paw at her face. Shaw petted the pups, then locked eyes with Root who was staring pretty brazenly at her. Especially, brazenly considering she was sleeping on the equivalent of her parent’s couch and she was sending out a ‘take me now’ vibe when anyone from her family could walk by. “…you should probably come to…in case one of the Kevins needs you…” Shaw said a little shakier voice than she would have liked, while adding a little blaze to her eyes.

“If you want me to come…with you…” Root said so suggestively that Shaw was surprised that a Barry White song didn’t start playing over the elaborate house sound system.

Shaw rolled her eyes. “One more comment like that and no…I don’t want you coming at all near me.”

Root gave her a fake pout as she slowly maneuvered to get out from under three Kevins on the couch.

Suddenly, there was a noise of someone walking down a hallway close by.

“I bet that’s Gammy, go hide!” Root sounded completely different in a quick voice turn around, as she shooed Shaw away.

Shaw looked at Root like she was crazy. “I’m a grown ass woman, I’m not going to go hide from your grandmother.”

“Do you wanna get lucky tonight or not?” Root’s eyebrows raised playfully at Shaw.

“You were the one hoping to get lucky,” Shaw shot back to Root.

“I’m not the one roaming the halls am I?” Root volleyed back to Shaw.

Shaw stood up stared at Root with a slight look in her eyes that said ‘fair point’, so she quietly crouched down and moved towards the kitchen.

“Go hide in the pantry, she’s probably just getting milk,” Root whispered to Shaw, she had to hold down a giggle because Kevin #3 and Kevin #5 followed behind her as she crawled into the kitchen.

Shaw then pushed Kevin #3 and Kevin #5 into the food pantry with her when they wouldn’t walk in on their own accord and stood in front of the door preventing its closure. She shushed them several times, then picked them up and rubbed their bellies to get them to quiet down.

Root then pretended to be asleep as she watched her Gammy from one squinted eyelid that indeed her grandmother was just getting a glass of milk in the kitchen. Kevin #1, formerly known as Original Kevin, ran into the kitchen and barked at her. Then he went and barked at the pantry door. Shaw on the other side of the door was having a hard enough time keeping Kevin #3 and Kevin #5 quiet with Kevin #1 barking and scratching at the food pantry door. Shaw shouted in her head, ‘Dog, don’t out me’. Both Kevins wiggled to get out of her arms.

“Oh no, no treats in the middle of the night,” Gammy said as she grabbed her glass of milk and headed to leave the kitchen. “C’mon on Kevin, let’s go back to bed.” Gammy snapped her fingers for Kevin #1 to follow her which he obediently did. Shaw let out a breath of relief as she heard the older woman leave the kitchen area finally.

After a few seconds everything seemed completely quiet, then slowly the pantry door opened. Root stood on the other side with a sly smirk.

“Wanna come out…of the pantry closet?” Root teased Shaw, who grabbed a box of Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries cereal before pushing against Root to exit the pantry closet. She almost tripped thanks to Kevin #3 and Kevin #5 scrambling to get out so they could run around and chase each other.

Then the puppies started barking which Root and Shaw were both not having that, both shushing them at the same time; since it meant Gammy might come back. Root motioned quickly for Shaw to head towards the back door. Root grabbed the Baby Maker blanket off the couch and thankfully Shaw had on the flannel robe over her black tank top and boy shorts as they dashed out of the house. Much to both of their annoyance, Kevin #2 through Kevin #5 followed them outside.

“C’mon let’s go to the barn, Gammy won’t venture outside at night…unless it’s for a chanting ceremony…but it’s not a full moon so we should be in the clear,” Root said thoughtfully while looking around to make sure. Shaw herded the puppies as best as she could while shoveling cereal into her mouth.

As they walked the short distance from the house to the barn, Root looked over to Shaw and was just about to say something before she was cut off, “Do not say something corny like, do you want a roll in the hay?” Shaw gave Root a fierce stare.

“How about a grind in the grain?” Root whispered as they walked and bumped her arm into Shaw’s shoulder.

“Nope,” Shaw bumped Root back with her shoulder.

“Wanna top in the crops?” Root leaned in again, almost bumping her whole body into Shaw’s.

“Not in your lifetime,” Shaw bumped into Root, at least her assistant was warm out in this chilly Alaskan night.

“Bone in the barn?” This time Root leaned in to whisper in Shaw’s ear while they reached the barn door.

“I’m leaving,” Shaw was about to turn around and leave when Root opened the barn door then found the light switch and flicked it on. The whole barn was flooded with a warm, inviting almost magical glow. The Kevins ran in the barn ahead of them, pushy little creatures definitely intrigued by all the outdoor smells.

Instead of the usual lights coming on, the barn was illuminated with hundreds and hundreds of twinkling lights hung, strewn and wrapped around pillars throughout the entire old wooden structure. All the twinkling lights really did put an enchanting spin over the old barn. Root looked around with a slight wonder in her eyes and Shaw watched her trying not to roll her eyes. Okay, she might admit it was okay looking for an old, musty barn. She gritted her teeth though, because it was also extremely romantic looking. Not to mention all the freakin wedding decorations were already hung up from balloons to streamers to ribbons and banners. The whole barn looked ready to have a very chic, rustic full on Pinterest dream of country, homey weddings. Everything was set up from all the chairs and there was even an altar already constructed for the ceremony, mounted on top a raised platform.

Both Root and Shaw stood for a moment staring a little awkwardly around the barn at the scene of their upcoming wedding. They were broken out of their slightly uncomfortable gawking with the Kevins running around and playing with each other, little growls echoing throughout the barn.

Root sauntered over to a wooden ladder leading up to the hay loft, she motioned to Shaw to follow her.

“I don’t think this is a good idea…” Shaw looked almost nervous as she clutched onto her cereal box and stuffed some more cereal into her mouth.

“Just giving you a tour of the barn,” Root gave Shaw a little smile as she climbed up the ladder with the Baby Maker blanket wrapped around her shoulders.

Root pulled herself up in the hay loft and admired the view down below, especially the view down Shaw’s tank top while she climbed up the ladder behind her. While Shaw pulled herself up, Root went over and stretched out on the Baby Maker blanket that she spread out over a few bales of hay, making a cozy makeshift bed.

Shaw rolled her eyes at Root and the damn blanket, “I’m not having sex on that freaky blanket.”

“Are you worried I might knock you up?” Root raised her eyebrows and smirked at Shaw. “Relax, I just want to show you something.” She walked over and lay down on the Baby Maker blanket and patted the spot next to her for Shaw to join.

“Root…I know what you want to show me,” Shaw retorted and crossed her arms against her chest standing firm, Root leaned on her elbows on the hay in her pajamas and hoodie as she stared longingly at fake fiancée to join her.

“Sameen Shaw…do you want to wait to consummate until we’re legally married?” Root’s eyes lit up with mischief and desire at the same time. “Who knew you were so…traditional.” Root really emphasized the word ‘traditional’ as if it was part of some sexy seduction vocabulary roster.

“I’m not traditional, I’m pragmatic,” Shaw looked over to Root then over the ledge to the Kevin puppies playing below.

Shaw let out a heavy sigh then slowly walked over and very gruffly lay down next to Root; sitting down her cereal box next to her.

“This isn’t that comfortable.” Root then nudged Shaw’s head with her arm for her to lean it up, she then slid her arm underneath for Shaw to use as a pillow. “Marginally, a little better.”

When they both got better situated and comfortable, Root pointed to the ceiling. Shaw hadn’t noticed that nearly the whole ceiling was a mural, a massive painting that was just in spectacular in scope as it was in art. The mural consisted of every aspect of nature with different seasons, lots of animals and a portion that was dedicated to the stars and constellations above.

“Your barn roof has a mural?” Shaw asked surprised.

“Gammy did it as a thank you to the forces of the universe,” Root turned her head slightly to Shaw and smiled. “I used to come out at night and watch these stars without having to worry if a bear or moose was going to wander over.”

They both lay on the Baby Maker blanket on the bays of hay, staring up at the bedazzling mural.

“You know, people usually paint these on the outside of a barn,” Shaw kept staring at the impressive mural, she thought she even spotted a Kevin in it.

“Gammy did it just for us, we could come out and watch her add stuff over the years.” Root leaned over to Shaw, her hair falling over into Shaw’s face filling her nostrils with Root’s delicious apple scented shampoo. “She added Kevin.” Root pointed to the left corner of the mural, her face hovering over Shaw’s face by just a few centimeters.

Shaw breathed in Root’s hair and everything about her. Her skin started tingling all over just being this close to Root. She knew coming into the barn wasn’t a smart idea, this whole thing wasn’t a smart idea.

Root turned her head to stare in Shaw’s eyes, this was a rare time she could just keep staring and not have to worry about how long she had been staring. She decided to take a chance, since Shaw did come out with her to the barn; she leaned over and nuzzled Shaw’s neck. She placed a few chaste kisses up and down. Then ran teeth over Shaw’s pulse point before latching on and sucking, almost as hard as she could.

Shaw had to hold down a whimper, but then Root bit down fiercely and she did let out a hiss. Okay, that was it Shaw thought, games were over. At this point she didn’t care they were on the freaky reproductive blanket or in some kind of art installation barn or what the consequences might be later. All she knew was that at this moment they were both here in a barn decorated for their upcoming wedding and she still wanted to jump Root and not run off into the Alaskan wilderness. She pulled open her flannel robe and pushed Root over to straddle her hips. This resulted in Root arching up her body for full on maximum contact. Shaw put both her elbows on each side of Root’s head trapping her while she leaned down and scraped her teeth along her neck; nipping and biting. Root let out a shuddering moan that in return made Shaw quiver. Both sets of hands now went into frantic roaming mode which also included a lot of tracing, kneading and pinching. They rolled over a few times, each time the Baby Maker blanket getting more crumpled beneath them. Shaw had no idea how long they had been heavily making out until Root actually moved her mouth off Shaw’s mouth for a moment.

“Ouch…ohhhhh…ouch…wait Shaw…help me here,” Root said slightly breathless as she tried to roll over, she pointed to her backside. Shaw then pulled on Root’s side to roll her over, there was hay all stuck to her back and bottom. The damn Baby Maker blanket had moved and Root had some hay in the exact location that Shaw hoped her hands and mouth were headed; the lower back and then some sticking out of her underwear. Shaw picked off all the hay much to Root’s relief, then she pulled the blanket back up to cover the hay.

“For someone who likes a little pain with your pleasure…that was pretty lame,” Shaw said in a teasing tone.

“Hey…it’s really itchy and pointy,” Root made a fake pout. “I like things bitey and suckey. Let’s put some hay down your pants.” She then reached and grabbed the front of Shaw’s boy shorts and massaged the front, stopping front and center to really give it a good kneading in the most sensitive spot over the fabric. Shaw leaned forward and pushed her forehead against Root’s and started breathing heavily. Root could smell the artificial berry flavoring of the cereal Shaw had been eating and it somehow made her even more delectable.

Shaw grabbed Root’s hand, they locked eyes. Then Shaw moved Root’s hand further up her torso, paused for a moment and then slide it down inside her underwear.

“Someone is eager…” Root moved her fingers slowly over the highly slick area, “…and has a very warm, wet welcome for me.” Shaw covered Root’s mouth with a fierce, deep kiss; obviously to stop the chatter. This time Root was waiting and immediately sucked on Shaw’s tongue which caused her to buck her hips into Root’s hand.

Then she felt a jab of uncomfortable, annoying pain on her butt. Her eyes shot open as she realized Root just stuffed some hay down the backside of her underwear with her other hand.

“Seriously?” Shaw tried to wiggle out of Root’s hold and get the offending hay out of her pants, while Root’s other hand still worked it’s magic up front.

“See it’s itchy right?” Root had a smirk while Shaw scowled at her.

Shaw sat up a little, in one swift move she managed to grab both of Root’s hands.

“Take your hand out of my pants,” Shaw growled at Root, as she gripped tightly to both hands.

“Which one?” Root teased. “This one?” Root then put more pressure right on Shaw’s sweet spot, then slowly pushed a finger inside; which caused Shaw’s eyes to roll back in her head and lessen her grip on that hand. “Or this one?” Root slid her hand further down the backside of Shaw’s boy shorts along with some hay, the difference in texture wasn’t all that unpleasant. However, it was pretty damn itchy. Root asked both questions a little breathless, she leaned in and started sucking on Shaw’s neck. She was definitely leaving a mark there, she had taken a class one time on branding and she wanted to Root Brand® all over Shaw.

Root pulled her head away from Shaw’s neck regrettably and her hands even more regrettably. “Here…” Root climbed over Shaw, then pulled down her boy shorts completely and removed all the hay. “Better?” She also took this opportunity to place open mouth wet kisses all along Shaw’s firm ass and stomach once she flipped her over. “Sameen…” Root said even more breathless.

Shaw had to admit, every time Root used her first name, she came a little undone and especially if Root said it all breathy like she just did. And she was afraid she might have just shown that card a little to Root, who got a cocky look on her face. And that cocky Root face got even stronger and smugger when in a very embarrassing short amount Root had Shaw moaning her name over and over again. Shaw cursed her body for responding so fast and unabashedly to Root’s talented mouth and fingers.

When Shaw caught her breath, she pulled Root back up her body and to her mouth. Root was about to bring her hand up to wipe her lips and Shaw stopped her. She pulled her in for a kiss, swirling her tongue over and around Root’s lips tasting herself all around and in Root’s mouth. Root positioned herself on Shaw’s thigh, getting as much friction as possible while Shaw squeezed her ass this time.

“Sameen…I really need you…” Root croaked out in a raspy, lust filled voice. “Please…Sameen…”

Shaw couldn’t help but smirk, she could tease Root at least she didn’t beg. She pushed Root over, pulled off her pajama pants in one fall swoop and ran her hands up those long legs she had been staring at for three years. She then ran her tongue up Root’s inner thigh, quicker than she would have liked, feeling the urgency from Root. When her mouth finally landed where Root needed it the most she heard her let a moan so loud it startled the Kevins down below. And when Shaw slipped two fingers inside Root she was rewarded with a medley of her name whispered over and over, with the pitch getting higher and higher and more feverish.

Everything kept escalating far more quickly than either of them wanted, but after three years they both had a very short fuse for each other. Going slow was just not an option tonight, there did seem to be a ticking clock. Exhaustion from the past few days settled in after the massive release that just happened between them, several times. They both caught their breaths with heavy eye lids and extremely sated faces. Root draped her arm over Shaw’s stomach and a leg over her leg. She was surprised her boss didn’t move away. Within minutes they were both asleep and thankfully all the Kevins down below got tuckered out and fell asleep too.

When Root woke up in the morning, she had been alone in the barn, even the Kevins were gone. She had been a little worried until she went into the house and was greeted by Gammy and Aunt Grace. She wandered into the house with the Baby Maker blanket wrapped around her shoulders, her hair a wild mess and feeling disoriented. She actually didn’t want coffee, like she always did every morning, she wanted to see Shaw. She looked around but her fake fiancée was nowhere in sight.

“Root, why did you sleep in the barn?” Aunt Grace asked Root as she put the finishing touches on an arrangement of wedding flowers. “You better get started getting ready, Shaw is already up and getting dressed. Use my room, so you don’t see each other yet.” Aunt Grace and Gammy both smiled warmly at Root.

Root felt like she was in a daze, whatever happened in the barn last night almost felt like a dream; well except the part about hay getting stuck in her butt, she felt like there was still some hay stuck in sensitive areas. She smiled to herself then went on to get dressed for the wedding. She felt disappointed when she woke up alone, but then again maybe Shaw did that so she could sneak back into the house before anyone saw them in the barn together.

Shaw was in the bathroom, after having just took a shower and this time getting a towel before stepping in. She admitted that hay was itchy. She woke up with a little rash this morning and hay in places where she didn’t want hay. It was hard pulling away from a sleeping Root, yet she felt almost claustrophobic laying there all entangled together. Everything in her life seemed to be on warp speed since a few days ago.

Later, on when everything was assembled and everyone was situated where they were supposed to be, it was wedding time. Root was instructed to stand by the altar and Shaw would walk down the aisle. Root wished she could have seen Shaw’s face when that was explained to her, once again she was amused that her boss was the bride in this fake scenario.

When it was finally time for the wedding march to start playing, Root realized she was extremely nervous. It didn’t help that Uncle Harold was sitting in the front row giving her a serious look with raised eyebrows. Thankfully, Aunt Grace was next to him and she was throwing nothing but love towards Root. She was left completely stunned when Shaw appeared at the front of the barn in the family heirloom dress. Root’s breath actually did hitch when she saw Shaw. Somehow her boss had managed to get Gammy to take off the sleeves? The dress looked absolutely stunning on Shaw, she really was a thing of beauty. Gammy appeared off from the side and lifted her arm for Shaw to take, which she did and they started walking down the aisle together.

As they got closer and closer, Root felt the fluttering in her stomach get stronger and stronger. She smiled at Shaw, who looked a little confused or constipated, she couldn’t really tell right now.

Shaw felt so discombobulated. She really couldn’t believe she was walking down the aisle with Gammy in a wedding dress heading towards Root. Root of all people. The woman she hired because she thought it would be fun to fire her four hours later. Root looked truly breathtaking in a cream colored dress and her hair swept up in an elegant bun showing off her gorgeous neck. That gorgeous neck that now included, after last night, a few traces of marks that the make-up concealer wasn’t entirely concealing. The dress was slit up the side, showing off one of Root’s best assets, her legs. Shaw knew she was kidding herself, everything about Root was a best asset. Where in the hell had Root been hiding this dress? She had to admit if Root had been wearing a tux, she might have throttled her on the altar. If either of them was going to wear a more comfortable tux, it was going to be her. She was fond of this heirloom dress that Gammy tailor fitted for her, her stomach felt even stranger thinking of that thought. She didn’t want to deceive this family any more, as soon as that thought popped in her head, she couldn’t stop it.

When Shaw and Gammy finally reached the altar, Root leaned over and kissed her grandmother on the cheek then took Shaw’s hand; who looked more confused and torn than ever.

“Thanks, Gammy,” Shaw whispered before turning her attention to the priest, who turned out to be Fusco, did this man do everything in town?

Suddenly, Fusco said very loudly, startling everyone especially Shaw. “Hey everybody! Please be seated!”

Fusco started a speech, “We are gathered here today to give thanks and to celebrate one of life's greatest moments. To give recognition to the beauty, honesty, and unselfish ways of Root and Shaw's true love in front of family and friends. For it is their family and friends who taught Root and Shaw to love. So it is only right that family and friends are all...” He paused when he noticed that Shaw reluctantly raised her arm.

Fusco looked at Shaw confused, “Do you have a question? Or are you objecting to your own wedding?” He lightly chuckled.

“No...and I guess.” Shaw looked serious and confused.

“Your hand is up.” Fusco motioned to Shaw’s raised hand.

“Oh, it, it's not a question, but I do have something I need to say.” Shaw looked to Root who looked panicked then out to Root’s family.

“Shaw…Can it wait till after?” Root asked cautiously and hopefully.

“No. No…” Shaw shook her head.

Root reached out to touch Shaw’s arm. “Sameen….” Shaw patted her hand and then turned to Root’s family sitting front and center only a few feet away from the altar.

Shaw politely smiled at them. “Hi there.”

Someone from a few rows over offered a ‘Hi’ in response and on behalf of the whole crowd.

Shaw then did look out over the small gathered crowd, no doubt seeing lifelong friends, extended family and Hanna amongst everybody. Damn it, Hanna. The blonde woman looked beautiful as usual and smiled warmly at her.

“Thank you all so much for coming out. I...have a bit of an announcement to make about the wedding. A confession, actually.”

Root looked even more concerned, “What are you doing?”

Shaw couldn’t look into those mesmerizing brown eyes right now or she would just marry them, and her gut said that wasn’t right. So she continued on. “I'm a Canadian. Yes, Canadian. With an expired visa who was about to be deported. And because I didn't want to leave this wonderful country of yours, I forced Root here to marry me.”

There were a few gasps among the crowd gathered for the fake wedding. Aunt Grace and Gammy both looked hurt and confused. Uncle Harold sat there with raised eyebrows, he looked over to his wife and mother-in-law.

“Shaw, stop it.” Root realized she would probably have married Shaw anyway without being forced to. Okay, maybe not like this or maybe just like this after they had actually dated for awhile. Well, if she had finally gotten the nerve to ask Shaw out, which her boss probably would have refused. Her brain was going into overload, she didn’t know what has happening and she started getting really anxious.

“See, Root has always had this extraordinary sense of integrity. Something I think she learned from you.” Shaw looked over to Gammy and smiled. “And for three years I watched her work harder than anyone else at our company. And I knew that if I threatened to destroy her career…” Shaw looked at the floor for this, not necessarily proud of herself for this action. “…she would…she would do just about anything. So I blackmailed her to come up here and to lie to you. All of you. And I thought it would be easy to watch her do it. But it wasn't. Turns out it's not easy to ruin someone's life once you find out how wonderful they are.” Shaw looked at Root, whose eyes were slightly teary, she then turned to Aunt Grace, “You have a beautiful family. Don't let this come between you. This was my fault.”

“Shaw...” Root reached out for Shaw, but she pulled away.

“Root, this was a business deal, and you held up your end, but now the deal is off. I'm sorry.” Shaw stepped down from the altar and started walking down the aisle alone. As she passed by Hersh in the crowd, “And you, meet me at the dock. You're giving me a ride to the airport.”

The small gathering was stunned, murmurs started humming around the barn as Shaw exited. Root stood up at the altar by herself frozen. Aunt Grace and Gammy rushed up to see if she was okay, even though they were angry too.

“What were you thinking?” Aunt Grace questioned Root with Gammy looking on concerned.

“I don't, I don't know,” Root shook her head and looked after where Shaw had left.

“Root, you lied to us.” Gammy looked very disappointed.

Root reached out and put her hand on Gammy’s shoulder. “Let me get my head on straight, Okay?” She then rubbed her hand on the back of her neck. “I'll explain everything later. I'm sorry.” She held onto her bouquet of flowers as she walked out of the barn.

Uncle Harold watched everything from his chair, he looked relieved and confused at that same time.

Root went into their shared bedroom looking for Shaw; she saw the family heirloom wedding dress, Shaw’s flower bouquet on the bed with a letter. Root opened the letter and started reading it.

“You were right. Your idea is special. I lied because I knew developing it meant I'd lose you as an assistant but...” Root kept staring at the letter, her eyes got teary. “…you’re extremely talented…you’re very gifted. I'll make sure we put this into development before I leave. Have an amazing life, Root. You deserve it. Shaw.”

Hanna walked into the bedroom and saw Root standing there with a letter in her hand, fuming, “Well, that was...crazy. You know, people are going to be talking about this forever.” She tried to ease the fury she saw boiling up on Root’s face.

“Yeah. Yeah.” Root stared at the letter in her hand, with misty eyes and anger rising in her voice.

Hanna watched her ex closely. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah. No...” Root stared at the letter again. “I just feel...You know what the problem is? You see, the problem is that this woman is a gigantic pain in my ass. First there's the whole leaving thing. I kind of understand that. It's a sham wedding. It's kind of stressful even for a sham wedding. But then she goes ahead and she leaves this note. Because she doesn't have the decency, the humanity to do it to my face.” Root glared at Hanna who returned a sympathetic look on her face. “Three years. Three years I worked with this infuriatingly hot woman. Never once has she had a nice thing to say, and then she goes ahead and she writes this crap!” Root then took both hands and crumpled the letter somewhat violently and threw it across the room as hard as you can throw paper, which is never far despite dramatic efforts. Root aggressively wrung her hands together and looked wildly around the room.

Hanna had such compassion in her eyes for her friend and beloved ex. “Root,” she said softly.

Root paced back and forth across the room, crazy eyes and anger radiating off her body. “None of that matters. We had a deal!”

“Root…” Hanna said softly with a sympathetic tone. She tried again to try and center her friend and ex-love, she hated seeing Root so upset. She knew she caused Root a lot of pain in the past, now she wanted to help her friend in whatever Root wanted. And in this case, it seemed to her what Root wanted was also best for her; which had not been their outcome so many years ago.

“Sorry. I'm sorry. I just...She just makes me a little crazy.” Root glanced over to Hanna as she continued to pace back and forth.

“Yeah. I can see that.” Hanna went over and put her hand on Root’s arm, she looked into her eyes. “So you're just going to let her go?”

Root looked at Hanna through misty eyes, slightly confused.

“Go after her Root.”

Root stared at her confused briefly then morphed into a slight smile at her ex-love.

“Take it from someone who didn’t go after someone they loved.” Hanna stared in Root’s eyes. “Have you seen the way she looks at you? Trust me, go after her.”

Shaw sat on a boat, watching the big house get further and further away. She was glad to be wearing sunglasses, she didn’t want to make eye contact with anyone let alone this Hersh guy. “So, what now?”

“ that you're leaving voluntarily, it all becomes very civilized. Once we land in New York, you have 24 hours to head back to Canada.” Hersh said with a blank look on his face. He didn’t seem to care he was changing someone’s life forever. Making them leave some place they loved and leaving people behind. He was just doing his job for his country.

Root walked outside where the reception was to have been held. People were milling around, eating food and drinking since everything was set up.

As soon as Gammy saw Root she reached out to her, “Root, what's happening?”

“I got to talk to her.” Root was looking around frantically trying to spot Shaw somewhere in the crowd.

Uncle Harold walked up and barged into their conversation, “Why would you do that?”

“You two stop fighting!” Gammy yelled, so tired of seeing them fight over the years.

“It has nothing to do with you,” Root lashed out at Uncle Harold.

“You two, stop it!” Gammy yelled then got a horrified look on her face as she clutched at her chest.

“I'm not going to let you ruin your life,” Uncle Harold said loudly and sternly.

“I'm not asking your permission,” Root said back harshly.

Aunt Grace noticed that Gammy was having trouble. “Root! Harold! Harold!” She rushed over to Gammy who started to crumble to the ground. “Root! Harold!”

Gammy clutched at her chest. “I think I'm having a heart attack,” she struggled to say.

Root ran over to Gammy and cradled her in her arms. “Somebody get a doctor!”

“Annie, Annie hold on.” Uncle Harold said softly while holding onto her arm, he had a pained look on his face.

Thankfully, since most of the town was at the wedding there was already a small medical plane there to whisk Gammy over to the bigger hospital in Juneau. Gammy was on a gurney in the small airplane, while Root, Aunt Grace and Uncle Harold surrounded her. They were all holding on to some part of the older woman, watching her closely with worried faces.

Gammy removed her oxygen mask and said weakly, “You two need to stop fighting. You'll never see eye to eye. But you are family.” She faced Uncle Harold, who held onto her hand and stared into her eyes. “Promise me you'll stand by Root. Even if... if you don't agree with her.”

“I promise,” Uncle Harold nodded and gripped the older woman’s hand tighter.

“Root.” Gammy then turned her attention to her granddaughter. “Promise me you'll work harder to be a part of this family.” Gammy’s voice sounded very weak and frail. Root held onto her hand too with tears in her eyes.

“I will. I will, Gammy.” Root started crying a little as she held onto her grandmother’s hand and watched the older woman’s eyes close.

“Well, then, the spirits can take me.” Gammy said very softly.

“Oh, Mom,” Aunt Grace held back big sobs of crying at her mother’s last sentence.

Root looked back and forth between her Gammy and Aunt Grace. “Gammy?”

All three people watched the older woman lay still on the gurney with her eyes closed. Aunt Grace reached out and held onto Root and Harold’s hands, they held on tight to her.

Gammy all of sudden, opened her eyes and said with a burst of energy. “I guess they're not ready for me. I'm feeling much better. No need to take us to the hospital. Take us to the airport, please Larry.” She ordered the pilot of the small plane with a playful jolt to her voice.

“Mom, what? Are you faking the heart attack?” Aunt Grace yelled through a snotty nose and teary eyes.

“Gammy…seriously??” Root said angrily.

“That wasn’t fair Annie,” Uncle Harold said as he let out a huge sigh.

“Well, it was the only way I could get you two to shut up and get us to the airport!” Gammy said back in her defense.

The pilot yelled back at her. “We're not authorized to take you to the airport.”

“Larry, don't make me call your mother.” Gammy yelled back at Larry the pilot.

“Larry, stay calm and take us to the airport or we’ll revolt your pilot privileges,” Root yelled at Larry the pilot. Of course she had no authority to do that, she just wanted to scare him and get to the airport before Shaw’s plane took off.

“You got it,” Larry the pilot yelled back to Root.

Shaw sat on the small plane as it taxied down the runway getting ready to take off. She sat with a blank look on her face.

“You should've given up back in New York.” Hersh said sitting next to Shaw. “See…I'm like Eliot Ness. I always get my person. I'm that good.”

As soon as the medical plane stopped on the tarmac, Root jumped out and ran toward the control tower. It wasn’t a sight they saw every day, a woman in a wedding dress running down a flight path runaway. Root stopped, only a few strands of hair had fallen out of her elegant hair bun. She pulled out her phone and dialed a number, she scanned the runway for Shaw’s plane as she waited for the recipient to pick up the phone.

“Leon! It's Root!” Root waved at the control tower in hopes her old friend Leon could see her down below. “Hey... I have a little favor I need from you, buddy...” She kept waving to get his attention but he seemed distracted by eating something. “Shaw's on that plane. I gotta talk to her. Can you stop it?”

“Oh, yeah! I heard about your lady bailin'. Drag-ola.” Leon said on the other end of the line up above in the control tower.

“Leon! I need you to stop the plane. Please.” Root pleaded to Leon.

“What? Oh, sorry man it’s already taking off,” Leon said standing next to the window now seeing Root waving from down below on the runway.

Root looked out and saw Shaw’s plane take off on another runway. “No, no, no, no! Come on!”

“Oh, no.” Gammy had a sad look on her face.

“What's wrong?” Uncle Harold asked completely confused.

“Shaw's on that plane,” Aunt Grace pointed to the plane going higher and higher into the bright sky.

“And she didn't get to tell her,” Gammy said very glumly.

“Tell her what?” Uncle Harold had an even more confused look on his face.

“That she loves her,” Gammy said in a very wise voice.

“So she could tell her that she loves her too,” Aunt Grace added with a sad look on her face.

“But how does she...” Uncle Harold looked back and forth between Gammy and Aunt Grace.

“If she didn't love her, she wouldn't have left,” Gammy pointed to the sky, she blew a kiss.

“Of course not,” Aunt Grace agreed and nodded.

“Am I the only one not getting this?” Uncle Harold asked.

“Oh, Harold!” Aunt Grace said in extreme frustration as they continued to walk further down the runway to catch up to Root.

Root stood frozen on the runaway looking off into the distance, the plane a small speck in the sky now; the few fallen strands of hair blowing in her face.

“I'm sorry…Root. I didn't know how you felt about her,” Uncle Harold said as they reached Root.

“Honey, it's going to be okay,” Gammy said while she and Aunt Grace hugged Root.

After, two planes, a train and a cab ride Root finally arrived back at the New York office of Thornhill Digital Arts, much later than she wanted due to delayed flights. She ran fast through the building, she was panting and continued to sprint towards Shaw’s office. When she got there she froze, everything was gone. Well, everything Shaw related was gone.

“Claire? Claire!” Root shouted to her friend and co-worker who sat in a cubicle nearby. “Have you seen Shaw?”

Claire looked a little scared, then with a sad smile she said, “Yeah…she’s gone. She called me to have her office packed up and shipped out to Vancouver.”

Root scanned the area, she looked pissed off and sad at the same time.

“Well…well, look at what we have here,” came a smarmy voice that made Root’s skin crawl.

Root turned around to see Jeremy Lambert walking the halls of Thornhill Digital Arts once again with a pompous stride and cocky grin.

“Ding, dong the ice queen is gone,” he continued to walk closer to Root. “You should be happy now. You don’t have to marry that emotionless poisonous woman…” before he could finish the rest of his vapid, stupid sentence Root landed a massive punch on his face. SMACK!

The whole office gasped, then there were some cheers. “You go Root!” was heard shouted out by a few different people. Jeremy cried out in pain and held his nose as blood oozed out.

“Root, I still got the address where I shipped her boxes to,” Claire gave Root a smile, who in return looked a little better with this news.

So now after, another very long plane ride back in the same general direction where she just came from and two and half hour car trip; Root was finally reaching the destination where Shaw might be. Her former boss wasn’t actually where the boxes were shipped to, however, an overly friendly neighbor told Root after some immense charming on her part where she might be. Shaw was going to hate having a nosy neighbor like that, it almost made Root giggle. She was grateful for the nosy neighbor, sometimes people were just as informative as a computer, sometimes.

As soon as Root parked the car, she sprinted towards to the massive ski lodge. She had driven up to Whistler, because apparently Shaw was letting off frustration by skiing. Root was a little surprised by this intel, but hey she was in Canada now and the scenery was stunning. She managed to charm a ski lodge concierge into finding out that Shaw was taking a beginner’s ski class, again seemed odd for Shaw but then again maybe there were a few things about her former boss she didn’t know. Root walked out where several ski classes were talking place, she scanned the area looking for her breathtaking grumpy former boss. Then she finally saw her and she felt her body flush.

Shaw wasn’t happy about being around a ton of people right now, yet she thought it might be helpful after everything that happened in the past week. Hiding away in a cabin for a month sounded the most appealing, then she thought maybe trying something completely terrifying might help the loss of her former life. She was so lost in her thoughts, she didn’t notice at first someone was staring at her, hard. Then she actually felt the staring, then she heard a fake cough coming from Gen next to her. She looked down at Gen, yes she brought Gen with her to Canada; she couldn’t leave the kid in New York. She shook her head, not quite sure how she wound up getting a kid instead of a fake American wife. She would work out the Gen paper work later, for now they were on spring break and the kid was trying to learn how to ski. Suddenly, Gen swatted her arm and motioned for her to look up.

Shaw stood frozen for a moment and not from the weather, but because her former assistant aka her almost wife was standing in front of her. “Root…Why are…” Shaw couldn’t believe Root was standing in front of her. She was momentarily speechless. “…why are you panting?” Is all she could come up with, yet she was curious why Root looked like she just ran a marathon.

“Because I've been running.” Root stared as hard as she could into Shaw’s eyes, boring into them.

“Really. From Alaska?” Shaw asked.

“I need to talk to you.”

“Yeah? Well, I don't know what about…I’m not your boss anymore.”

It wasn’t until now that Root noticed there was a youngish girl standing near Shaw with ski gear on.

Root looked back to Shaw confused. “Wait…is that Gen? Did you kidnap her?”

“No, it’s her spring break. Root what do you want? She’s trying to learn to ski here.” Shaw bent down to check all of Gen’s ski gear properly and to avoid talking to Root.

“Shaw…” Root tried to get Shaw’s attention, it was obvious she was ignoring her on purpose.

Shaw started talking to Gen, “If you get going too fast, just fall over to stop.” Gen wasn’t paying attention, she kept looking to Root staring at them. “Bend your knees…are the boots okay...” She didn’t even want to look in Root’s direction.

“Sameen! Stop talking!” Root yelled in the most demanding voice Shaw had ever heard from the woman yet. Gen almost giggled because Shaw looked so startled. For Shaw that demanding voice hit her hard, she didn’t want to use a stupid cliché like weak in the knees, yet damn it. Damn it, Root. Shaw stood up staring at Root.

Root then said in a slightly normal voice, “Gotta say something.”

“Okay,” Shaw replied back, she turned to face Root now with her arms crossed against her chest.

“This will just take a second…or are you listening?” Root stared intensely into Shaw’s eyes.

“Fine. What?” Shaw squinted her eyes and looked out, they had gathered a small crowd around them.

“Last week, I kind of loathed you…despite the way too frequent sexual fantasies involving burning you with an iron. Zip tying you to office chairs. Inappropriate use of office staplers on you. Or tasing you while you answered all your own phone calls.”

“Oh, that's nice.” Shaw looked blankly at her former assistant, although kind of disappointed none of those things happened.

“I told you to stop talking.” Root kept staring intensely at Shaw.

“Then we had our little adventure up in Alaska and things started to change. Things changed when we kissed…and you slipped me the tongue…several times,” Root tilted her head to Shaw.

Gen couldn’t resist, she had to tease Shaw a bit by doing an obnoxious ‘Ooohhhh’ sound. Shaw looked so un-Shaw like; she almost looked embarrassed. Root shot Gen a playful glance while she got a stern glance from Shaw aimed at her.

“Things changed when you told me about your tattoo. When you checked me out when we were naked. Or when we kissed again, turning into a heavy make out session in front of my Gammy,” Root continued on despite her speech maybe not being family friendly.

Quite a few people repeated a key word. “Naked?” Murmured many times throughout the small crowd gathering. Gen once again looked like she going to erupt into a giggle fit, she had a huge smile plastered across her face.

Shaw scoffed, “Well, I didn't see anything...”

“Or when we kissed again…because Gammy told us to. And then when we banguhtered…bantered in the barn…” Root realized maybe that part was too much for Gen. “…talking about…astronomy and hay.”

Gen and the small crowd was totally invested in this story now, and knew bantering was code for having sex. There were confused faces over the hay and astronomy references though.

Damn it Root, the entire world and especially Gen didn’t need to hear about our kissing activities and bantering Shaw thought.

“I didn't realize any of this until I was standing alone. In a barn...Shaw-less.” Root looked deep into Shaw’s eyes intensely. “Now, you can imagine my disappointment when it suddenly dawned on me that the woman I love is about to be kicked out of the country. Or more accurately flee the country.” Root stared seriously at Shaw.

Shaw was motionless and stared blankly at Root. To someone who didn’t know her that might think she was just completely blank, to Root she could tell there was a lot going on in those expressive gorgeous brown eyes. Lot of thinking, weighing the pros and cons of everything.

“Sameen…” Root stared intensely into Shaw’s eyes. “Marry me.” Root moved closer to Shaw and did her signature move of invading her personal space. Then she said dead seriously while staring into her eyes, “Because I'd like to date you.”

“Root, that doesn’t apply anymore,” Shaw said staring back into Root’s eyes.

“Yeah, it does. You’re going to make me a Canadian,” Root’s eyes sparkled as she tried to wink to Shaw. “Eh.”

Shaw couldn’t look away from those mesmerizing brown eyes despite the terrible Canadian reference. Then she shook her head no. “Trust me. You don't really want to be with me.”

“Yes, I do.” Root reached and grabbed Shaw’s hand.

Shaw stared back with big eyes, she looked down and then back into Root’s eyes. “See, the thing is, there is a reason why I've been alone all this time. I'm comfortable that way. I don’t disappoint people that way. And I think it would just be a lot easier if we forgot everything that happened.”

“You're right. That would be easier,” Root nodded to Shaw.

“I’m not like other people…I don’t feel stuff like other people…”

“Sameen…you’re beautiful and perfect the way you are. I get it, I really do.”

Shaw said softly looking up into Root’s eyes. “You getting hurt…is not an option…” Root had watched her boss negotiate enough tough contracts to know Shaw meant business on this option.

“That’s not going to happen.” Root smiled, she knew this was Shaw’s way of maybe saying she was slightly scared. The woman didn’t really do scared and she sure as hell would never use that word, she did uncomfortable and this hit that mark high.

“It’s a terrible idea…” Shaw wanted nothing more than to kiss Root senseless, preferably without an audience.

“Those are the best…” Root replied back in a very warm tone.

Shaw smirked, “It’s your turn to get down on one knee.”

Root smirked right back at Shaw, “I'm going to take that as a ‘Yes’.”

“Sure, whatever Root.”

“Kiss her! Kiss her!” Shouted a familiar voice.

Shaw knew the voice but didn’t think it could be who she thought it was. She turned her head and got quite the surprise when she saw Gammy, Aunt Grace and even Uncle Harold along the snow banks waving at her.


“Yeah, Sweetie?”

“What in the hell is your whole family doing here?” Shaw waved while also being shocked to see Root’s family at this particular ski resort in Whistler.

Gammy walked over and hugged both Root and Shaw. “We’re so happy Shaw. Vancouver is a lot closer than New York.” She smiled and looked cute in her snow gear.

Shaw looked to Root slightly concerned, “What about your career at Thornhill?”

“Well, one of the most respected developers in the industry said I was extremely gifted,” Root bit her lower lip and stared at Shaw’s lips, “I’m guessing I can work from anywhere I want as a freelancer…or perhaps a new boss?”

Root then leaned and kissed Shaw, who surprised her and kissed her back ferociously despite having an audience of her family and Gen.

There were some shouts heard from the small crowd gathered around them as they continued to kiss, then Gen yelled. “Yeah! Show her who's boss, Root!”

When they pulled away from each other a little breathless, Root dug something out of her leather coat pocket and deposited it in Shaw’s hand. It was several knobs and screws in a little plastic zip lock bag.

“What are those?” Shaw burrowed her eyebrows.

“Parting gift from Jeremy’s English Regency Egyptian Revival breakfront, should be falling to pieces the moment he touches it.” Root smiled at Shaw who actually returned the smile. “Also, I broke his nose for you. I didn’t want to bring that though.”

Shaw couldn’t help a smile that spread across her face. Oh, she would have loved to see that. “Was there blood?” Root nodded with a wicked smile. “Did he cry?” Root nodded again with an added cocky smirk. “That’s hot.”

“You can show just how hot later,” Root whispered in Shaw’s ears, causing shivers to actually go up and down both their bodies.

Gen was surrounded by Gammy and Aunt Grace now, they were all smiling and talking. Shaw felt her stomach tighten a little, not necessarily in a bad way just in a way that she might be getting into some deep unchartered waters. And she was bringing Gen with her, however judging by the look on the kid’s face, Gen was extremely happy to be setting sail.

“I told you the Baby Maker blanket had special powers,” Gammy shouted over to Root and Shaw with a twinkle in her eyes.